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What could you do if you had more influence?

Whether it’s in business or your personal life, when you know how to persuade others in a genuine way, you can take your life to a whole new level.

You could get your family on board with a major move that’ll bring you all more joy.

You could recruit top-notch partners to help you start the business of your dreams.

You could launch a life-changing new product and persuade thousands to give it a try.

The ability to persuade is an invaluable skill, no matter where you want to go in life. And it’s WAY less complicated than you might think.

You don’t need fancy tactics or slimy techniques. You can influence people without sacrificing authenticity or your integrity. In fact, to authentically influence people, you just need… you.

How to Be Persuasive Without Being Slimy

For a change of pace, I’m not just going to tell you how to persuade people; I’m going to show you. (Solid copywriting advice, by the way.) In this MarieTV (and in the post after the video, if you prefer to keep reading), I show you eight specific ways one woman persuaded me to give her a scholarship to B-School — including how she strategically threatened me into action.

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Here are the eight traits I loved about Tangela’s video.

1. Consider the Other Person

We have very specific rules for our B-School scholarship application videos, and Tangela didn’t disappoint.

Her one minute, 45 second video was packed with info and entertainment — and well under our two-minute max. She saved Team Forleo and me time! Here’s how you can take a note from Tangela:

When you’re trying to persuade someone, think about their point of view. 

How can you make their life easier? Grab their attention by focusing on what you can offer, not what you need. This’ll get you so much farther than launching straight into why they should give you what you want.

2. Exude Enthusiasm & Confidence

Genuine enthusiasm is contagious! Effective persuasion comes from truly caring about and believing in whatever you’re trying to convince the other person to do, think, buy, or believe.

I could feel Tangela’s enthusiasm through her words, expressions, and body language. It made me want to keep watching.

Confidence is similar — when you’re confident in your position, it shows. When you’re trying to persuade just for the sake of winning, selling, or being a contrarian, no one wants to hear what you have to say. But when you’re genuinely confident and enthusiastic about your ideas, products, or services, it makes people sit up and listen.

3. Be Specific & Clear

In her video, Tangela told us exactly how she wants to change the world — serious props to her for that kind of clarity.

When you want to persuade someone, you’ve got to show them you’ve taken the time to really think things through. Making stuff up on the spot makes you look untrustworthy. On the other hand, serious preparation shows that you respect the other person’s time, and that you know what you want.

4. Give a Reason WHY

In his book Influence, Robert B. Cialdini writes, “A well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor, we will be more successful if we provide a reason.”

He shares a stunning example of a study: A woman in line at a copy machine asks people if she can go ahead of them, saying, “I have five pages. May I go ahead of you?” With this version of the question, 60% of people let her go ahead.

When the woman gave a reason — simply adding “because I’m in a rush” — 94% of people said yes. That’s over 1.5 times the response!

Persuasive people make it crystal clear why they’re asking for something, because it’s easier for someone to get on board (see what I did there?). To connect with and persuade more people, be upfront with your why

5. Have an Open Heart

I can feel Tangela’s heart popping right out of her video! She’s completely authentic, and she believes everything she’s saying. 

There are so many different persuasion and communication techniques out there, but this one is key. If you want to authentically persuade anyone, you must dig deep and speak directly from your heart. 

That’s the #1 secret to being persuasive, because people can see and feel when you’re heart is open. And when it is, they’ll never forget you.

6. Show Gratitude

At the end of her video, Tangela took a moment to not only thank me for the opportunity but to acknowledge all the other women who submitted scholarship entries.

That hit me right in my heart — she acknowledged my community, something I highly value, and made me feel taken care of in her request. That small gesture shows that she’s not coming from a place of entitlement, but from respect and humility. 

7. Show Them You’re Serious

I don’t usually respond well to threats, but let me tell you — Tangela sealed the deal with a (safe) threat at the end of her video. 

A dance bomb* threat 😉

Obviously, I don’t condone threats of danger or damage of any kind, but Tangela’s warning that she’d “dance bomb” me daily if she couldn’t get into B-School? Well, that’s my love language.

This small detail was funny, proves she follows my work and that she’s not willing to take no for an answer.

*Dance bomb (n): A surprise, impromptu use of dancing, usually in close proximity to someone who may disapprove of the dancing.

8. Don’t Rely on Gimmicks

I think Tangela shot her video in her bathroom — no fancy lights, graphics, or editing. She just poured her heart straight into the camera.

You know I love me some fancy production, but it’s not necessary to be persuasive.

I’ve seen new business owners obsess over the design and layout of their website or overpay for promotional videos because they’re terrified that no one will take them seriously without some bedazzling.

Trust me, you don’t need it!

Focus on the message and you can’t go wrong. When it comes to persuasion, authenticity trumps everything.

Which Persuasion Techniques Will You Use?

Now, you can’t copy Tangela’s video or her script and think you’ll be able to win over the people you’re trying to persuade. What works about her approach is that it’s honest and authentic.

That’s the part you can use. Be honest and authentic in your way next time you want to persuade someone to buy something, support you, or collaborate. Focus on your WHY and how you can serve.

When you lead with your heart, you don’t need special equipment, techniques, or gimmicks to get people on your side. All you need is your message.

Let’s turn this insight into action!

Grab a notebook, and take five to ten minutes to reflect on these persuasion traits and write your answers to these questions:

  1. What’s a specific situation in your business or life in which you want to influence others?
  2. Which of the above traits will help you the most in this situation?
  3. What can you say or do in this situation to cultivate and convey those traits?

You have the power to use your voice and your enthusiasm to change people’s minds — and change the world. Don’t waste it.

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  1. andrea

    YES PLEASE! I loved this behind the scenes thing because it gives us a way to look at situations from your point of view as a very tangible and practical example of what your message is all about. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience to the world!

    • Pat


      • double ditto!

        • triple ditto 🙂

          • Gem

            DITTO BOMB!

        • Shannan

          Love the behind the scenes of your thought process. I learn a lot when I understand the why behind it.

          • Jessica Scheer

            I love it too!!

    • anya

      please please keep the dance bomb on!!!:)))

    • Patricia


    • Sheri Hicks

      Absolutely! Loved it and would love to see more.

  2. “Reason”….the reason why so simple but so effective Marie! Thanks for your thoughts on Tangela (hope I spelt it right) and yes she was real and heart felt but very entertaining, I actually wanted to see more of her she is contagious!
    Thanks Marie

  3. love it! do more!

  4. Love Tangela’s dance bomb!

    I actually had a look at Tangela’s submission before I signed up for BSchool and when you mentioned Marie that there was one video you loved the most I immediately thought of Tangela – there she was!

    I loved that you took the video Tangela did apart and analysed what made it so effective.

    But – you know – what I loved the most from this video was it has reinforced the importance of something that I have struggled with – vulnerability and just being me.

    I have always been the responsible and strong woman in my world, but what I have realised today is that by allowing others to see that I am sometimes silly, that I love to sing (badly) and that sometimes I find it hard to deal with stuff and I get scared too – I draw the people I love and those I interact with towards me even more.

    Thanks Tangela – you really did inspire me when I first saw you, and again today. I can’t wait to see what you do.

    And thanks Marie – you sent me a video that not only gave me tips on communicating, but you also helped me settle into a much more accepting space within me 🙂

    • Pat

      me too – I immediately thought of Tangela & I was so happy for her when she was among the winners.

    • Jessica

      Same here! of all the b-school scholarship videos Tangela’s is the one I remembered and had the biggest impact on me.

      I loved this episode of MarieTV and would really like to see more like it. More videos on the subject of (non-slimy) persuasion would be awesome too, it’s something that we all need to get better at as we continue on our “changing the world” journeys.

    • I agree with ya Clare! I think I’ve reached more people in my healing center from being able to show them I know where they are and what they’re going through than I have with my art (where I am the “skilled expert”). Vulnerability is powerful for both sides!

    • I agree with you Clare. Being true to who each of us are is the most important thing. People like Marie pick up on the authenticity because that is what matters over trying to impress someone.

      I love this community!

  5. possibly my most favourite MarieTV episode, like, evah. xo

    • Agree, Danielle! V xx

      • Susan

        Totally! Vulnerability is powerful and sexy. Love that you rocked that bathroom location, Tangela. 😀

      • LOVE IT! go Tangela (and congrats!!) and Go Go The Dance Bomb!

    • Consider yourself DANCE BOMBED, Danielle! Love you! Love what you do!

      • Congratulations, Tangela. Love your coaching concept and especially love the dance bomb.

        • Love the “Dance Bomb Move” Tangela… You are too funny and you speak very well. I love your energy and God bless you and keep you. There are doors in our life that will close and God will open others… I beleive it opened many doors for you Girl… This is your year (of the Jubilee). LOL!!!

          • Heck yes!!! Well done Tangela, you totally had me rooting for you! Do you have a website up? I’d love to learn more about you and your biz. Congrats again!

      • I just checked out your site, Tangela. I was so impressed by how authentically your voice shines through. I feel like I know you! Hope you post some more videos – I’ll come watch them!

      • OMG, I love what you say about yourself in your website (and your photo too)! You truly inspire me! It’s a good timing for me to watch this Marie TV episode because I am totally out of energy for my business after 8-week B School. Your energy really cheer me up! I am ready to work on my List Building again!


      • Hey Tangela,

        I’m from Owasso too!!! Woop woop!!! Love the Dance moves Girl!!! Congrats on Winning! I look forward to reading your book!


        • Thank you, girl! Woop! Owasso in the house!

      • Hi Tangela! You are amazing. Also, thank you for giving me a reason to sing C+C Music Factory. I’m forever in your debt. <3

      • How can we ever forget the DANCE BOMB??? lol. You were def one of my faves, Tangela, and I look forward to seeing you growing your ministry and spreading the love to the those who need it the most!

        And yes, Marie, I’m totally diggin’ the ‘behind the scenes’ of your mind and how you make decisions…please, keep ’em coming!! (Also, do you think your background dancers can give us a break down of that pony galloping move? LOL.)

      • Congrats on getting the scholarship Tangela – I really loved how open and honest you were in sharing your story! Plus its really awesome that you are using your gifts to help out those who might not otherwise be able to afford these kind of services.

        Marie – my favorite takeaway was when you shared how Tangela connected to you by connecting with your larger audience through the Dance Bomb – I guess persuasiveness really does come down to connection!

        More like this please 🙂

      • Sue

        Congratulations Tangela! Loved your video, your authenticity, and your clarity of purpose.
        Thanks for sharing it Marie! I like the behind the scenes dissection of why it worked for you.

      • Tangela, You ARE the Bomb! Congratulations and Keep Going For Your Dreams! You are a Beautiful Spirit.

      • Congratulations Tangela! Btw I love your name! I’m enjoying some time with my newborn baby girl but in the back of my mind I’m thinking about ways to start my business and introduce some products, e-courses etc. You motivated me big time after a long day taking care of my two kids. Whoa… 2 kids, I still can’t believe it! 🙂

      • Tangela,
        I love how you spoke your message. I feel the same way about sharing what I know (and what I rock at) with people who can’t really afford it. sometimes it isn’t just about excuses but people really do not have money and make choices on not eating for a week so their kids can eat (I know this).

        I want to bring what I know to the latin community to teach the young women what I know so they can stop making the same mistakes.

        You are awesome!!!

    • I enjoyed this video too…for several reasons: 1) It featured someone who presented her fancy self w/o all of the fancy lights…YAY, Tangela!; 2) Marie used Tangela’s video to highlight some very key points (which I plan on using today); 3) Umm…any C+C Music factory inspired anything will win me over 🙂 Come on let’s sweat, baby!

    • Pat

      this was my gut reaction at the end of this vid. and it’s really hard to pick faves of Marie TV.

    • Kat

      Yes, yes! More like this, please.

      And congrats to Tangela for having the guts to a) be herself, b) shoot in her bathroom (love it!) and c) threaten you with a dance bomb. Humor & heart are a winning combination.

    • I agree with Danielle! My favorite episode ever. I think it’s the most useful episode ever! Thanks, Marie!

    • Yes mam. MORE dance bombs please. That was THE BEST!!

  6. I really love that Tangela is just being herself in the video. I totally believe thats the way to go in business, in life, at the grocery store, copy shop, etc. lol! It was so cool to hear why you picked her- I think she TOTALLY deserved the ticket!

  7. I love this video Marie. I was one of the MANY wonderful women that submitted a video for the scholarship and although I didn’t get picked in the final 10, it is SO helpful to understand how I can learn and grow and be more persuasive! Thanks Marie, and for anyone reading this that has not enrolled into B-School, start saving NOW for next year, it is LIFE – CHANGING! If you think these videos are awesome then your mind will be BLOWN and you life and business will be transformed. x

    • Phoebe
      Agreed. B-School is Life Changing! My business and personal life will never the be same. I loved it!

  8. Hi Marie,

    Yes, I did – I loved it. I would like to see this style in among your usual stuff AND I love the interviews you’ve been doing too.

    So great to see Tangela’s submission, she gave me gooseys with her mission.

    Also great to see you telling us why you chose her. And her wee dance was so fun, I laughed. Thanks everyone – loving reading the comments here. Can’t wait for RHH Live.

    See you soon!
    (Come to Tokyo)

  9. Love this, of course. And Tangela is just awesome!

  10. Absolutely love this…. You need to be authentic with your approach. Like Kris Carr said a couple of weeks a go you need to use your own unique voice. It’s time to put some of these techniques into practice. Dance Bomb 🙂

  11. Every-bo-dy dance-bomb, bam, bam, bam-bam, bam… Yes, more like this please! Love the decision-making aspect.

  12. Argh!!!! This vid was so awesome!

    What is total madness is that I watched Tangela’s vid on youtube last week when I was scoping out B-School and her vid really stuck out to me. (Which also gives me great tips to use should you do another scholarship comp!)

    For me, I really want to spend some time really saving my visitors time on their learning curves and giving them the best of what I got.

    I LOVE the breakdowns. Can we do this more?

    Can’t wait to read everyone elses comments!

    Elise xo

  13. Morning!

    Yup. Loved it. Loooooovvvved the behind the scenes into yo’ brain. I love learning what makes people tick – I call it a healthy curiosity and others may call me nosy. But whatever, it’s led to a great many relationships, adventures and ideas. This my friend, was brilliant.

    Plus, I like that you are changing it up and keeping us on our toes.
    That’s super duper cool too.

    xo Johanna

    • Nancy

      Exactly what she said 😉

      (And at 5:30 in the morning no less)

  14. Marie and everyone,

    LOVE THIS! It really helps me to see things broken down like that. So often we respond emotionally and it’s cool to see how the pieces come together and move us.

    Also too: Dancebomb FTW!!

    Please please do more of these! 🙂

  15. Love the new format Marie! Hearing from a fellow B-Schooler is always fun!

    My takeaway is to be specific and clear with my whys. I’m constantly refining both areas in terms of my content. I’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback about my fitness program and I’m super enthusiastic about the effectiveness of my workouts. However, I tend to get a bit carried away when I’m writing about the details of the program, why I created it, and why people should buy it. I’ve never had an issue with being too wordy. I was always the kid trying to write bigger to fill up a page. 😉 So it’s strange to be trying to move my writing in the opposite direction, but your awesome course and MarieTV have given me the tools to improve my communication. Thank you!

  16. Marie, this episode is great! Not only did you provide insight on what makes Marie tick, but you shared another viewer’s insights and her business modus operandi. Very helpful as I am establishing boundaries for my business.
    You did it again Marie – I’ll be back next week for more!

  17. LOVE IT!!!!!! Perfect timing for some pretty perfect advice!!

  18. Your videos are always the highlight of my Tuesday morning routine. YES, I always love hearing how you do your work. Keep these coming… Oh and I think Tangela is gonna be rocking the world as well….keep us posted on her progress.

    Thanks again-to you both- for sharing!

  19. Yes! I loved it! More of these kind of videos please! 🙂
    Tangela is awesome and it was great to hear you break down why her video worked. Thanks for another great vid, you and your team rock!

  20. Adriana

    Great video. My personal take from this is to be enthusiastic. Sometimes I feel I hold back my enthusiasm for what I can provide in the fear that people will think I’m being pushy or over the top.

    Great topic- persuasion doesn’t come naturally to most people so to understand the breakdown is really valuable.

    Thanks so much. x

  21. Marie – Thank you, I love that your entire team gets involved in the making of your video’s , your insights are clear and practical and I really enjoy watching them. I have recently completed Bschool and found the content and information easy to relate to and even easier to apply, I am starting round 2 on the 13th of Aug with couple of Bschool babes. I am so grateful to have been part of this.

  22. This was a terrific format! Go Tangela! She was adorable and I completely “got” the break down even before I have finished my coffee (meaning it was clear since I am still in morning brain fuzz!)

  23. Yes – love the video. I also like the reference to the book – always looking for good materials on how to improve.

    I get a lot of emails every day – too many. But, I always enjoy opening yours up and checking out your videos. Your enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humor always comes through!

  24. I loved the way you broke down Tangela’s video. She’s cool and deserves her place. I also loved her threat, of course your cool too!

  25. Your best video yet!
    Fun, enlightening & inspiring.

    Love from Copenhagen

  26. Thanks again Marie, your content always inspires me. This really helped me to see which areas I need to work on…plus I love a good dance off

  27. shirly

    the lady in the video is so cute!!!! loved her!!!!!!!

  28. This is magnificent video! It totally helps because I feel that in general, women tend to hold back in the “being persuasive” department. Great advice and totally do-able – I will keep Tangela and your tips in mind whenever I am needing to tap into my persuasive persona! Thank you so much for your video – never fail to offer what you know in how we can all create a business and life that we love.

    From a faithful and happy MarieTV watcher,

    Erica xx

  29. Diane

    Loved the videos—yours and Tangelas! When I first saw hers, I wondered why she filmed in her bathroom… I FELT her authenticity. I am so happy to have received this video this morning, as I have to call someone today and ask, essentially, that he act with good will on my behalf. I have been talking to myself about his possible reactions and building anxiety. The word confidence is what I will hold on to when I call him later. (and of course, I will give him a good reason to say yes. ) Thank you.

    • Diane, I filmed in my bathroom because my kids were home, and it was the only place I could go to get quiet and light! LOL

      ~ love and hugs, Tangela

  30. Hey darling Marie. I love it. Love to be invited behind the scenes and get the combo of concrete advice and examples of ‘how-to’ and personal stories. And Tangela is simply wonderful. She made me feel so good and valued even though I dont even know her. Just by her example and her beautiful confidence and authenticity. Thanks for this and for you. You and your work is a very valuable ‘friend’ to have close-by in this time when I’m starting up my own coaching and mentoring business. I really like that you bring in other beautiful and succesful women. Halleluja, girl!

  31. Amy

    Another great episode – it was great to see the breakdown of specific points as I think we sometimes miss the big picture and focus on unimportant details – such as, ‘I need to go out and buy x, and y and z to make this work’…instead of being clear and concise, and explaining your passion in your own words, while hitting all the why’s, who’s, what’s…..

  32. I love this video. This video made me feel like your program might be for me because I am like Tangela.

  33. Ailyn Eida

    What a great episode!
    You truly lead by example and teach by example as well!
    Thank you Marie, and Tangela, let us know what you’re up to….

  34. Love the format, Marie!

    I know I need to work on getting clear and specific. As someone who likes to talk A LOT, I need to get PRO and getting to the point!

    ps. your boobs look aaaaamazing in that top! work it, lady!

  35. Stand in your authentic self, and speak from your heart. That’s my secret to being persuasive. Shining a light, sending some love, this is the way to do that.

    Way to go, Tangela! You rock it liked you mean it!!

  36. Marie – you are just a legend, this video is priceless and so valuable. Tangela’s video was captivating, well done to her. Thank you for sharing Marie.

  37. Hi Marie,

    I found this video really helpful-Thank you. Feedback on why you chose the videos you chose will help me and im sure others in the future. Even though you know why you do what you do, I never considered the importance of making that clear to others along with what you offer and how.

    The lady in the video is full of heart and soul!

    Look forward to next weeks video

  38. Marie – as always a great video. And yes, I love the breakdown of how and why it worked for you. That’s such a great way to learn.

    Plus Tangela was impressive with her authenticity. I’m sure she’ll be able to help a lot of people as a result of creating a perfect business via your Bschool. Thanks once again, Marie for a great video!

    I’d love to know more about how people work ‘virtually’, keeping track of what gets done and how you communicate. Again – THANK YOU!

  39. Wonderful video, one of your best, Marie! The most important point to me, of the eight you gave, was Tangela’s open heart and authenticity. She seems so sincere and nice that watching the video, you want to get to know her.

  40. Loved it Marie. And the dance bombing rocked! 😀

  41. Ooooh Marie, I just loved this video! A big virtual hug to Tangela, her video was excellent and she has an amazing vision.

    My big takeaway from this video was to be more specific when persuading someone or asking for something. Sometimes fear makes us vague!

    I’d love to see more behind the scenes & behind your mind type of videos- I find them to be so insightful.

  42. What a treat!! I love seeing behind the scenes..about ANYTHING! Get’s the creative juices flowing – helps me to identify with others like me and makes me want to get out there and DO something …well..actually I AM a do-er but sometimes I need a prod or two to feel confident in certain areas…so many thanks!

  43. I love Tangela and this video post. Thank you for it Marie. I stepped out of my comfort zone at the end of May and started video blogging weekly. I know they are getting easier to do but this post reminds me to shorten my videos. They’ve been creeping up to 5mins. I’ll also add in a why from now on.

  44. Dance bomb! LOVE IT! Congratulations Tangela!

    I love this site!

  45. Great to have you show us the behind the scenes. It is really enpowering to see how an expert (you) does it. Also using examples makes it so real. Thank you.

  46. This was a great video. I really loved that you shared your decision-making process and makes me want to delve deeper into my own as well. Why do I value the friends I value? Why do I decide to share or hide details from certain people? What makes me want to work more on my business, and what makes me shy away from it? What I realized is that I struggled a lot with making my B-school video for various reasons. One being that I wasn’t confident about what I was doing…I felt my ideas were too wild and I tried to tame them…badass idea, I shall not be tamed, and my ideas are an extension of me, my business is an extension of me… I realize with a bit more confidence and straight-up sharing my real reasons, rather than what I think are the reasons others would want/expect, I will get to the place I want to be. I have felt in the past that sharing “because” was making excuses, but now I realize that sharing that shines a light, creates clarity, bridges a gap…I loved Tangela’s video and MarieTV today, I would love to see more of your decision-making process and erm more dance bombs please! (is that what it’s called?)

  47. Marie, just loved this. Wow! how inspiring was Tangela! A real person, making a real difference in the world and someone who was totally authentic and selfless. I loved her authenticity, but what I loved most was her dance bomb! I think dance bombing should be mandatory at least once a day.

  48. Tangela rocks! Way to go mamacita 🙂 Love this episode Marie – great way to highlight some of the awesome ladies in this community and celebrate wins and great ideas together!

  49. Kim

    The dance bomb is soo fun!
    And I really appreciate the behind-the-scenes view and what you said about how being authentic and leading with your heart is more important than fancy production. Thank you. It is so easy to get stuck there when you are not tech savvy and still need to get your message out there.

    Dance bomb on!

  50. Alison

    Love the video and love tangela. I, too, remember tangela. I watched the submissions bc I find them to be inspiring and tangela was amazing. I specifically remember connecting with her own confidence and her ability to ask for what she needed help with. And the dance bomb was cute of course too 🙂

    PS would love to see what tangela is up to now. Tangela, are you out there? What is ur website?

    • Hello…I’m here! Thank you sooooo much 1

  51. This format is great. If someone doesn’t like behind-the-scenes or in-the-mind-of-Marie they aren’t ready for this level of great in their life. That’s ok! I’m ready and workin’ it everyday. Your business family retreat sounds amazing. Thanks for these 8 specific tips.

  52. Loved this. More psychology of WHY please!

  53. Very helpful, thank you. Working on my first video and this really helps where I’m feeling stuck. I like that she said “I’m about to say something crazy, brace yourself… don’t fall off your chair.” I know for me… I like a heads up when something is coming. This gave me a moment to get ready for something exciting and I liked that.

    PS: Love the dance bomb w/ your team. Nice.

  54. Needs more Dance Bomb!

  55. Olivia

    Wow, Marie this really nailed it for me.

    Tangela is one special lady! I’m so glad she got a b-school spot!

    I have those eight elements in my program and my pitch, I never really thought that they could be do powerful when combined like that and without the special effects, sound etc.

    This video has made a very real difference to my life. Big thanks!

  56. I always enjoy a good “behind the scenes” video that takes us into the minds of creatives. I plan to use some of these techniques today on my supervisor to get some hours switched. We’ll see how they work. 🙂

  57. Luuuuurve it!! Thank you, Marie xx

  58. Marie, I loved your behind-the-scenes breakdown of why Tanjela’s video worked so well for you. More please.

  59. Kate Gratwicke

    Yes – love the behind-the-scenes approach as great to see a mini case study of a piece of communication in action and then your analysis / action points that we can learn from. Especially love the dancing! Everybody dance now ….

  60. Wonderful video and love the new format. Confidence is so very important and something that we can all work on at times. Thanks Marie.

  61. Freaking love the dance bomb Tangela! Made me laugh out loud 🙂

  62. I so believe in this. I am all about being authentic in my sales tactics and even when I am trying to be persuasive. Hard/over the top ways never work. People can see it and feel it when you talk from the heart. Way to go Tangela!

  63. Denise

    Loved Tangela’s video, loved the dance bomb, loved the why’s. Even more important, I loved that Tangela is striving to use her gifts and skills to help others move ahead in the world. I am inspired and humbled by her.

  64. Love it… more please! ~ Karen

  65. Oh I have an actionable item for this one – stayed tuned for my first video. 🙂

    I was just inspired to make a video explaining … well, I’ll let my video explain it.

  66. I did like this video, yes, especially as it featured this lovely lady. Out of the finalists, her video stood out to me the most. She seems genuine and I liked her idea to help those who couldn’t afford to be helped. Thanks for sharing.

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    Tagela’s video was very successful with me and for exactly the reasons you mentioned, Marie. I have always enjoyed your videos and respected your wisdom, however this time you were even more on spot… as always simple, clear, and concise. Understanding is my thing and your explanation was exactly what I needed!

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    Just loved the video with Tangela:) Simple, straight forward with a lot of humor and genuin. I appreciated the way you commented the different parts of the video; a phenomenal way of learning. I would like to see more of this kind of videos and hell yeah! would I like to know how you think!!! Very educative and helpful:) Thanks for sharing Marie:)
    Hugs – Manuela

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    Love how you show us how your values dictate your decision making!
    Looking forward to more videos like this – giving voice to your values through decision making.

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    I like it 🙂 She did a great job. I was one of the submissions not chosen lol but it’s ok because I believe everyone who should have win did. I’m moving forward and about to be featured on Darren Rowse Problogger so I’m moving foward and kickin Boo Tay! It was fun and congrats to her I’m sure she will bless many people with what she learns in B- School.

  80. Lisa Cash Hanson

    Should have win lol typing on my iPhone

  81. Marie, Thank you. I’m blown away. I was just hiding in my bathroom to get away from my kids. LOL! I really appreciate the opportunity to go to B-School. It has truly changed my life and my business.

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    • I remember seeing your video right after you won the scholarship and loved it!!! And I totally understand hiding from kids. The bathroom has to a mom’s favorite place!!

      I did B-School also and it did rock!! Congrats on winning and thank you for being you and wanting to share that with the world.

    • Well done Tangela!!! I have no doubt you are changing lives and paying it forward! Go girl! xo!

    • Tangela, you are amazing girl! Love your passion, energy and courage!!! Thank you for your example shared! :*

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    Total love and acceptance … we love you for that, Marie!

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    Yes – I really enjoyed it! One thought: a skill I’m surprised you didn’t add was humor. Maybe because it is such a natural part of what you do and she does, you don’t see it as separate from “being yourself,” but it adds a lot and might deserve separate mention. Also, I am one of those people who cannot afford coaching, but really needs the help so that, in the future, I *can* afford coaching (and other wonderful things). So I hope to learn how to connect with Tangela once she has completed B-School (or before) and I am so grateful to you, Marie, for recognizing the value of what she has to offer and supporting that mission as well. I celebrate both of you!

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    And, I particularly LOVED the dancing. Oh, and your outfit rocks! Can I please come raid your wardrobe?

    Thanks again!


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    That video was perfectly timed for me today! I have received a job offer and need to negotiate the terms to better accommodate my life as a single mom of teenage daughters and how I won’t desert my youngest daughter in her last year of high school with later than normal working hours. I know if I use your technique of giving a reason, the outcome will be happy for both the prospective employer and my family! Thank you so much! I was worried about this sticking point but now I know leading with my heart and having a reason will seal my deal! MWAH! Love ya! thanks!

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    P.S. I’m signed up to come to RHHLive and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for it!

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    Perfect timing too as I am trying to develop a sales one for my website!

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    I love seeing your behind the scenes thinking. It’s an honor to be given a glimpse of how people I admire and want to learn from think.

    Dance bombing – the new craze coming soon to an inbox near you!


  95. Very effective video Marie. Agree more like these on the thinking behind something is very helpful. I love how you pulled in other resources too.

    As an aside, the “follow directions” point was so key. I don’t know why more people don’t do this. I have posted over 400 jobs for home stagers on my blog. It’s amazing how many applicants don’t follow the directions to apply and then lose out on the opportunity.

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    Giving a reason- that is so powerful, so easy and something that we can all use immediately.

    I look forward to every episode of MarieTV and this is one of the best. Thank you Marie!

  98. I remember this woman, and her story. I was impressed that she wasn’t worried about it. It was so natural and genuine. I do like the new format because while I new I liked her video, I didn’t know the “why” behind it. Thanks for breaking it down and giving me something to aim towards!

  99. Marie this video was JUST what I needed! I have been waiting for this topic for months!

    Tangela was inspiring and raw. I loved her video when I saw it for the 1st time and still love it today. She is genuine, silly and smart – all in one package!

    Congrats again on winning the scholarship to B-School Tangela and thanks Marie for making this video!!!

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    I loved the whole entire video, it’s something that some of us struggle with is how to go about doing a video of the authenticity, the value, the creativity, and just being yourself and what it takes to give that kinda video. Bringing somebodies video to show what that takes also is something that shows to just relax, be yourself, and open your heart to that which is inside of you, instead of being uptight, and uneasy of what your talking about to get your point across or just not of FANTASTIC value of how you’re coming across.

  101. Hey Marie!

    So Great! I entered the B School contest and…omg…it is so clear to me why did not get one of those coveted 10 spots. I was trying so hard to be good that I forgot the heart and soul of my business. After going thru B school and watching your video…girl, did I get a kick in the pants…I now really get, on a cellular level, what you mean about vulnerable and authentic….about just being you and not manipulating. Here we all think we have to jump thru a million hoops when all we have to be is ourselves…you have changed my life marie…and this video today was the cherry on top….love to you, Timothi xxooo

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    I got ONE juicy take away that I will etch in my brain (really, this is for communicating with my husband) – provide a reason when you ask for something… that’s GOLD Jerry, GOLD!!!

    As well, great tips provided for how to get your message across and persuade people, she was fabulous… love the robot dance (kinda surprised me with her quick wit there :). Good news that you don’t have to create the worlds best video in order to get your attention – really, the message is really what this is all about.

    Thank you


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    I LOVED the behind-the-scenes commentary. And keep the dance bombs coming. What a great way to start my day, with a humourous kick in the pants for me to shine my own light in the world. 🙂

  107. What I learned from this video is the need for me to have fun. To be real, genuine and simply have a good time. I agonize so much over being in front of that camera and it doesn’t have to be that difficult. I love getting inside of your head, and I especially liked that you took a video I loved and broke it down with the “Why”. Why did I love it? What drew me in and made me listen. You help make sense of it all. Thank you!

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    and YES! to the power of enthusiasm!! Thanks Marie!

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    I share that dream — I also just don’t know how to “connect the dots”.

    Thank you again for sharing such an inspirational dream.


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    I actually teared up a little bit at Tangela’s video. I definitely could feel her authenticity. Great example of someone asking for help with heart.

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    I also dig getting into your noggin Marie. I watch your videos every week and seeing HOW you tick is great insight. THANK YOU!!! xoxo bschool babe

  113. LOVED your guest’s video, and indeed what a beautifully full heart! Interesting that this seems to be a different approach for you; seems more authentic Marie to me. I guess your other work is more focused on relaying others’ experiences/words? It’s subtle actually. But go fer it! Love your voodoo.

  114. YES PLEASE!
    Loved it, Tagelas video is brilliant. She absolutely deserved the B-school scholarship.
    You are inspiring, Tangela.

  115. Yes! Yes! Yes! Loving this episode too. Tangela and Marie Tv gang. Your dance bombs made my summer! Great Info. Totally dig

  116. Dance like no one’s looking – that’s exactly what I get when I see you guys dancing on camera!

    I love seeing how you think (or sometimes feel) through these decisions. As a previous contest winner, I really appreciate seeing the breakdown and also just getting a glimpse of how you come to your winning decisions. 🙂

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    I was really struck by her raw honesty and bravery to put herself out there on such a level. I can totally relate to being in a tough spot, not knowing how to connect the dots and struggling to pay bills – wanting more for myself and my life but not knowing how to get there. So she totally nailed it by giving us a real, human story to relate to.

    I also LOVED her pay as you wish idea, I would love to do something like that. She’s totally right that people who need help the most are the least able to pay for it. So not only is she telling us of her own struggle, but at the same time showing her humanity by wanting to help out others despite being in a tough place herself.

    We need more videos like this out there in the world to inspire us all, thank you for sharing, I am so glad I found your site!

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    This video is perfect and comes at a perfect time. While I am thinking about approaching my manager to ask for what I need to make more money it was extremely important to hear not only what I need to do but also to realize that it’s actually DO-able as Tangela proved. And to realize that she could be this successfully persuasive from her BATHROOM is proof that these tactics work. MOST important for me are the element of confidence. My reason for possibly not asking my boss for what I need is mostly because I’m afraid she’ll think and say I don’t deserve it. Now, I plan on re-watching and taking notes on this video so I can sketch out my ideas before speaking to my boss. Also, as proved in this comment, I needed a reminder to work on being more concise ;). Thanks a ton!

  121. Love Tangela and her sassy, authentic and persuasive self! I’m sure she’s getting her gifts out into the world in a VERY BIG way with B-School!

    Marie, when I read your email I thought you were going to highlight Paloma, one of the winners from last year’s RHHLive scholarship contest.

    I remember being blown away by her offer to give back the amount of the scholarship in the form of a donation to The Fistula Foundation, and how she offered it as a “challenge” — to herself, you, and your community — to pay our gifts forward.

    The contest fell around my birthday and I was so inspired that I asked my community to join me in raising money for The Girl Effect, a movement that focuses on the lives of girls in developing countries in order to address the root causes of broader societal problems.

    I promised to match up to $420 (I was turning 42) and my birthday wish was that 42 friends would give $10, and we would raise $840. We ended up raising over $1,200! (Nothing like the power of community, right, Marie?!)

    For me, the upshot of your post is that when we offer our gifts from a place of authenticity and love, there’s a tremendous light.

    Thanks again to you and your AWESOME community!

  122. Yes, more like this please!


    Thanks so much Marie!! This video amongst all your other awesomeness was extremely helpful… And OF COURSE we like getting into your behind the scenes! Your next give-a-way should be Win A Day with Marie Forleo! Wish we could have seen this one before submitting entries for B-School! lol… Either way, super helpful and so happy for Tangela and her success with winning B-School!

    Go get em girl!

  124. Awesome! Love the behind the scenes look and a glimpse inside the carefree, and brilliant marbles rolling around in your head, Marie.

    I’ve been viewing your videos for a while, but have never left any comments. It’s high time for me to start leaving “comment bombs” and contributing to your conversation.

    Yes. Please. More.

  125. Hi Marie and everyone,
    I abosolutely LOVED this video!!! That is because I really, truly need these skills in how to be more persuasive. I found that when I went to sell anything for my 2 home businesses and my Life coaching I was not having the success I had dreamed of. Now I see why. I’ve been authentic and open-hearted. I’ve been considerate, but I need to be more specific and clear and give a reason why. Now that I see the list of skills I feel confident to make a short video for my business website. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie! You are the best!!!!

  126. ali

    Loved it. What I loved most was this very real authentic person who was so sincere – not glitz just heart and just think how you and her and your community can touch folks that would other wise not have access to this info. Love it. Thanks for inspiring me today. Needed to kick up my persuasion tactics today. Off to close two deals today. 🙂

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    Yo, Tangela, wussup, Woman? How’s your biz going now?


    (…and I love my SF Bay Area Ladies especially….Mwah!)

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    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for teaching this information in such an effective way. You presented the information in three different ways which really helped it sink in for me. I love how you shared a real life example (video), gave theoretical background (Influence book), and then broke down how the concepts were applied by Tangela (she rocks!) to show how you made your decisions. Viewing someone else’s decision making process is so helpful in honing my critical thinking skills. Thank you for this video and reinforcing that we should always be true to ourselves and believe in our message. B-school has been life changing!

  130. laura

    Excellent choice. I remember her audition and knew she would win. Couldn’t tell you why but now I can. These bite size success stories are just what we need. More PLEASE! Rock on, Marie. You are the BOMB!!!

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    I actually couldn’t concentrate on what you were saying because I couldn’t see your left eye. I know it’s a silly thing, but it was distracting and I just wanted you to move your hair away and square up.


  134. Absolutely LOVE today’s episode of Marie TV!!! And congrats Tangela! When her video first started, I admit…all I could think about was the bathroom location. But then again, where else are we so completely authentic! 😉

    Please continue the “behind the scenes” videos where you show us examples of great marketing.

  135. YES!! I love anything ‘behind the scenes/smoke screens/closed doors/frontal cortex’ sort of stuff!! It gives us valuable insights into how you work, make key decisions, and ‘normalizes’ you for us…meaning, we see how you (and others) do it so we believe we can do it too. Gives me that little boost of confidence to get things done. And on that note, back to catching up my B-School classes!! 🙂

  136. Renate

    I love it. This is real, and This lady rocks with her clear statement. I belive that, like you Marie- that this is the most importent in life. To be autenthic. This is my challence, to be real and grounded. This was so inspiring. Thanx:)

  137. Manuela

    Hi again Marie and all of you:)
    I was a little bit quick earlier on and simply forgot to tell you what I will take with me (and share with others…) from Tangelas video and your comments: To give the reason why and to be specific and clear. I have experienced that being only open hearted tends to, at least in my case, lead my focus away and I actually forget the point at the end…..So: SPECIFIC and CLEAR mixed with GIVE THE REASON.
    Thanks everyone for useful comments as always:)

  138. Hahaha thanks Marie, you are so funny. And the information is valuable, like always! Indeed, it’s a confidence boost!

  139. Spot on!
    Great video, great topic and great advice … and yes, it sure did serve me.

  140. yes please and thank you. It is so helpful to breakdown those mysterious It qualities of charisma and persuasion. We assume people have IT or don’t. Nice to get specifics we can each practice if we don’t just ooze Tangela’s natural charm and clarity. I like especially that her enthusiasm is so grounded and calm.

  141. I love how you put your awesome fans in the spotlight! I would have been convinced, too. Great post today!

  142. I loved this. Once again, so simple but so effective. I will be sure to give a reason when asking for favors all the time, from now on. Tangela was so authentic. I can see why she fully deserved a scholarship. Can’t wait to see how her business evolves as a result!

  143. I am in LOVE with Tangela! My takeaway, which takes a close second to the brilliant dance bomb, is to give a reason. So simple, yet so effective. Consider this implemented for life! Thanks Marie and Tangela for being such inspirations! xo

  144. I loved it Marie! Keep the yummy vids coming 🙂


    Fan + B-Schooler

  145. Sunny

    Loved this video. It was business with a lot of heart. Tangela is so inspirational. She is passionate, authentic and humble. Made me care greatly for what she does. So, right again Marie, real life lessons that touch your dance spot!

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    Congratulations Tangela! I remember watching your video during the competition and loving your mission. Way to go!!!

    Yes Marie, I definitley loved this episode! Please continue to share more information like this. Thank you!!

  147. Love this for two reasons:
    1) So enjoy getting into your mind and discovering the process by which you make decisions. It’s great to think from the perspective of what moves someone to take actions. If the actions that Tangela took move you for specific reasons, it is likely that it translates when we all speak to our audiences.
    2)All of the things that Tangela did right are exactly what I share with my audiences. I was just in Miami speaking about Social Media and told the group the same things. It is affirmation for me that I am on the right track!
    Thank you Marie, you da bomb! And you are so fun, thanks for making this so entertaining.
    Oh yeah, your team are so fun too, it was great to get a glimpse of them dancing it up!

  148. Awesome with awesome sauce! So valuable and who can resist a dance bomb!

  149. Marie – yes hearing more from you behind the scenes is wonderful. The psychology of influence was great. Thanks for such a great video and for showing us how Tangela won the scholarship. Sending you big love.

  150. When you speak from the heart, you never go wrong, IMHO. I resonated very much with Tangela’s approach. Thanks for sharing her video as an example of heartfelt authenticity. Thanks for the mentoring about the asking & reason aspects with persuasion too. Yay! 🙂

  151. Yes, this video was helpful! #3 is the hardest but most important for me right now. I am trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with this life of mine but am trying to figure it out at the same time I am trying to make some money. Being specific and clear in this situation is rather hard I am finding.

  152. Big Up to Tangela for a great video and for sharing herself so effectively and efficiently. (That’s what I need her coaching for now that I think of it….) I usually get emotional seeing folks be so authentic and successful at it and she got me laughing enough that it stayed “light” ….and Marie the last 10 seconds completely got me cracking up BEYOND all control with your “skellership”. Love you g/f! Thanks to both of you for sharing your hearts…I feel like you both are just blowing kisses to the world and I want you to know I caught it all the way down here in Nashville Tennessee!!! xoxo, Chapel D.

  153. Yes! This was great Marie! How beautiful that not only does Tangela recognize the needs of the impoverished in a unique way, but that you have given her a scholarship to bschool. This means that ultimately you, my dear, are giving from your heart to those people too 🙂

    Huge hug,

  154. Marie… You make this crap look so easy!!! I love you and your entire show, website, and emails. YOU ARE the Mama-Freaking Bomb!!! LOL!!!

    Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for allowing all of the pretty, beautiful, and sweet people to comment and share their thoughts. I love your videos. You break it down so easy and interesting. I take away from your video each time.

    Thank you… Thank them… I thank you all!!!

    Keep it up Marie

  155. Ceidre C

    I think that people are at the stage now in this life time that there is a curiosity as to getting from A – Z and by you breaking everything down makes it more “bite size” deliciously understanding in how the brain works……………………Go For It!! it whets the taste buds of the mind…………………..

  156. Aditi

    Marie- I really liked this type of video. I like to see how other people are doing it and what is good/bad about it. I think you should do more like this and feature great but everyday people like us who are starting to change the world!

  157. Loved the format, loved the lessons, and loved the dance bomb! This is good stuff, keep it coming!

  158. This week’s vid was amazing! I really appreciate the behind-the-scenes, the whole crew dancing and being inspired this morning by Tangela’s authenticity. Thanks for keeping it real.

  159. Loved this video! Besides the fab dance bomb session, it was great to see a concrete example and then have you walk through it explaining your thought process – the reasoning behind it all. Please keep them coming!

  160. A great video and an ice departure from the norm. I learn best from real examples so this was perfect! Tangela was spot on perfect as well with her clarity, humor, honesty and openness; she completely deserved her spot 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

  161. Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your thought process. I find that to be most insightful in what to look for and how to share authentically with class, fun, style, and results! Woot! XoOx, Ahhna

  162. Hey Marie.

    Loved the video. Are there any I have not? Of course not, no!
    But this was very insightful and good life application of your wiz-dom. Humor is the complete best–yours and hers. The dance bomb thing was Expialidocious.


  163. Congratulations, Tangela. I loved your video.

    Marie, I would definitely like to see more behind the scenes, how your mind works videos. I love what you teach….. thank you! Emma x

  164. Hey Marie,

    Great video, and great concept! My favorite piece of advice was when you talked about saving people time i.e. Tangela’s video was 1:45 when it could have been 2:00. I’ve never given this much thought before, but it totally makes sense and has inspired me to cut my sales pitches down further to make sure that I don’t waste a second of anyone’s time including my own. I’ll catch you on the next episode of MarieTV. Enjoy the Hamptons with your team.


    Hadley Gustin

  165. Marie!
    ABSOLUTELY loved that video! I wrote every point down and will definitely use them! Love the dance bomb ending, you always mix everything up..never a dull moment:)


  166. I’m with so many of the others–this is definitely one of my all-time favorite Marie Forleo videos. Loved the ‘behind the scenes’ thought processes, love Tangela, loved the dance bomb. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Thank you. And a special shout out to all of the readers who regularly leave comments; I always read the comments and get so many great take-aways from them each and every week.

  167. Your video snapshots are always so engaging – I can’t help but want to click on this week’s video post after seeing that opening screenshot!

  168. Hey Marie and Co.

    Two thoughts here:

    I think that so many aspired to be just like you Marie…”be like Mikey” remember the cereal ad….anyways, I digress – because people LOVE and admire your brand and how you’ve created it, any insight into your process and how you make decisions is a seller. keep going..

    2. I’m shooting some video for some of my projects next week, specifically one to raise moula for a documentary projects and I’m going to use this formula you’ve outlined as it is going out to my colleagues in the Feldenkrais community who are sleeping and walking when it comes to marketing our fab work. I have been pushing the bar on this and I’m excited to try this out…


  169. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode for the fact of celebrating a really deserving winner, Tangela, and for shedding light on the way to sell well….which has little to do with force and everything to do with sharing your humanity. And the really good news is that each of the 8 points is a truism for every sales opp, from the highest level VP to your neighbor. And it really is about the dance, babeeeee!!!!! : )

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    I will follow you till I’m fully me….thanks, Marie!

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    I loved this episode. Why?~ Because you highlighted a simple point and simple I believe is where the details lie. Tangela said what so many of us are in fact thinking…. How do I connect the dots? (exactly why I enrolled in B-school) I have a message, it needs to be shared with whoever I am meant to be connected to! Yes!!!!! I love this. For me personally, it’s not about the number of digits and figures (although cash flow in what you love, I mean Love would be SWEET). What really motivates me is simply Not getting caught up in the Overwhelm that in fact may not exist with keeping it 1- Real and 2- Simple.
    So again thanks for who and what you are and do!!!
    Ps I’m going to start saving now for next years RHH live event :). I will be there and I can’t wait!
    Getting Real Life Coaching w/ Kristin ~~.

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    I often worry about formalities and saying the right things, whether to potential or existing clients, or anybody! But I think it’s more important to speak from the heart. My goal is to run my business with kindness and honesty, yet still with awesome business sense, knowledge and persuasion… this way will win out in the end!

    • I totally agree Erin! It’s hard not to hold back or sensor yourself. It’s also hard to maintain this kind of energetic enthusiasm when things get tough.
      Here’s to thanking our lucky stars for the chance to be ourselves in business, life and love. It’s the only way to live!

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  199. Agree with all of your fabulous ladies, Marie. The behind-the-scenes is the most helpful frame for me at this stage of my business. I also loved the topic. I teach persuasion to women who want to use public speaking to build their business, as you would say, in a “non-slimy, non-douchy” way, and I took oodles of notes. My favorite tip was how to use clever, cheeky manipulation. Thanks!

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    ~Rose Marie

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    My takeaway: just freaking be yourself! We spend so much time trying to emulate-almost-copycat-but-not-totally-but-maybe-just-a-little, why why oh why?

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    Thanks for great inspiration again this week Marie.

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    • Carolina

      Marie, I got to say I’m touched. I got the meeting w my boss, and i really felt a bit down with my resoults. She told me something I never spected: “when you do things from your heart you and your work shine”. I’m gald I got here cause that’s what you do and that’s what the lady in the sumisión vidrio did: you put your heart otu there too shine.
      I’m amazed by the number of responses you get frome every one everywhere. TNx!!!!

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    Love the behind the scenes vibe to the video! I don’t usually leave comments, but I had to this time – it was all great and inspiring…

    Thanks to both of you (Tangela and Marie)

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    Thank you both

  242. This was totally helpful. Business is all about dealing with people, which in some ways used to be a massive weakness for me. I was an introvert my whole life and always felt this huge disconnect, which is why I found my home in art and creative processes. The problem was once I was making things I needed to sell them in order to be able to keep making them. So for about 10 years now I have been a bit of a student of human behavior – trying things, watching what works and what doesn’t, and trying to get more in touch with my fellow citizens of earth. I have to say it has really been an education and I am a better person for it!
    I love hearing the detailed lowdown on analyzed reasons that people change their minds. Just simple stuff like having a reason, or knowing how to speak in a way that isn’t “me-centric” and honors the needs and loves of the other person is fantastic. This is really what I’m all about anyway so if simple changes in how I speak can change what happens as a result then I’m all over it.
    Makes me think of the “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it” video.
    Keeping things emotive and enjoyable…. now I just have to hit that more in my own work. 🙂

  243. Bonjour Marie! I’m new to your newsletter but by reading the 290 comments about this video, I find the community you’ve built around your vision of life just AWESOME.
    Tangela shines on her own and you’ve just given us a chance to be the next Tangela by sharing great stuff with us. Thanks. I find that being specific and clear the most difficult to do.
    One of the most generous videos I’ve seen lately. Brilliant.

  244. Marie, I love it! You always impress me with your insight. I also loved seeing Tangela’s video and her awesome passion. I appreciate that you shared what’s “in your mind” behind the scenes.
    This is perfect timing. We have been trying to figure out how to create a video to tell people about our awesome restaurant consulting business. If anyone out there is looking for help with starting or maintaining a restaurant, check out our website!! (
    My husband is great at getting to the root of problems and knowing what works–and he really sees everything. I’m a great trainer and love helping people. We also have a book on management and we are almost ready to publish another book on customer service. Another book will be out on training techniques.
    Marie’s advice has helped me get confident and get out there! It’s also been great for our relationship–getting this business going.
    I can really use this information on how to market our business-I needed it! Thank you Maria! And thanks Tangela!
    There are so many awesome people here, and I agree–loads of great advice and information!

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  255. Marie, I love, Love, LOVED the “behind the scenes” insight of your decision-making process. Many thanks for sharing and for spotlighting Tangela’s video. Tangela, I’ve enjoyed rocking it out with you in B-school – as a fellow (and very grateful) scholarship recipient. What I appreciated most about your submission video is the reminder to not let “perfection” – be that in the form of perfect setting, lighting, etc. – get in the way of the work that needs to be done. The message of ‘don’t wait until’ is so critically important. Kudos and thanks, again!

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    When describing your strategic get-together above, I thought, “how amazing it’d be to be there!” Have always had a fascination with how the people I admire do things.

    And if you need an INCREDIBLE guacamole recipe, try mine:

  258. Tangela! you did rock it out big! I check out your blog and subsribe:) looking forward to watch u shine all the way to the bank and helping thousand of women to shine too!

  259. I loved the Behind the Scenes video as it gives more insight to your process, Marie. I don’t think the method or the details are a mystery, it’s just that few of us give ourselves permission to have conviction for our passion, knowlege & experience. What I believe in and what lights me up may not have the same affect for someone else and that’s ok. My challenge is to stay in flight those others may not want to fly with me. Sometimes I let their disbelief clip my wings. I keep practicing so that this happens less often. B-School has helped tremendously. LOVE you and The Babes!!! Thank you!

  260. I loved this video! And I loved meeting Tangela…it was proof that someone like me could actually succeed!

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  262. L

    I completely agree with Marie’s 8 reasons this video is persuasive!

    I’d like to add one: I like myself while watching it. (as oppose to watching 2 minutes of “The Maury Povich Show” where you feel completely drained and nominate yourself as worst-person-ever)

    The “I like me while” indicator is how I gauge all of my decisions- from what I eat, who my friends are, what I wear, which job offer I accept, where I decide to live etc. Tangela’s approach was likable and genuine, which are the qualities I value. That comes through her message- fancy lighting/graphics/edited not required.

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes episode of “Marie TV.” When will you reveal the books next to your flower vase? I find myself pausing the episode and applying the “I’m back” technique ala Josh Pais.

  263. Athina

    I loved your behind the scenes thinking and would be keen to see more.
    Tangela was a great reminder that you do not need all the bells and whistles, lighting and technology to be fantastic, which she definitely is!! What I leave with is lead with your heart and enthusiasm, be clear and acknowledge those who have given you an opportunity to shine. Thank you Marie

  264. Jeanne

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  266. Tangela’s mission sounds like mine except I’m not published. All the people I want to help don’t have the funds, so I need to make money to pay the biz bills so I can help more people. Can I follow Tangela and glean the clues from her success?

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    LOVED this video. Very real, very heart-felt, and learned a lot.

    Loved Tangela too… such a beauty.

    And the Dancing… digging that on all your vids!


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    I LOVE the new format. Love knowing what goes on in your brilliant babe brain. Just finished bschool and am still rocking from all that I have learned. Love ideas and possibilities so keep them coming girl!!! Jules

  269. Tangela, you are a sweet soul. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us through Marie. Some people try to “learn” how to sell, but it’s really all about offering value from your heart and soul. I can’t wait to see how far you go.

    When I work with my branding clients, it’s all about building a brand that is authentic, one they can actually deliver on. That starts with knowing your strengths, passions and what YOU bring to the party. It’s amazing sweet and simple when you get right down to it.

    Marie, fab video. Your tips are always golden, girl. This made my day!

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    Loved this video! I am so happy Tangela was picked! I love her heart to help those who cannot afford coaching but need it! I think you are pretty amazing too for choosing her! The dance bomb had me smiling from ear to ear! Made me wish I could dance, lol…. Great job to both of you!!

    Love and Hugs,

  271. Praying for another round of B-School =)

  272. Julie

    I loved seeing Tangela’s video. She really reached me and inspired me just as you do, as you mention, she shows her open heart, that is something I work on. I always thought you had to be ‘professional’ and ‘removed’ to have people take you seriously but I have been seeing lately how being yourself and being open is way more fun and real. I also liked seeing you analyze someone elses message, your specifics helped me.
    I am also praying for B school in 2013, I am saving up!

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    Loved it! I love the FAQ sessions but this was great and I always love to see you dance, you crazy girl!

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    I would love to see more videos like this. I believe these reminders are so helpful for many of us bringing our passions and services out into the world under the guise of “small business” or as “solopreneurs”. Many thanks to Marie and her team for bringing us weekly videos that help us stop, think and strategize in new and more efficient ways.

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    We can all only be who we are. As soon as we try very hard to be more authentic, we’re just gonna fall flat on our butts. Because most of us aren’t hip hop dancers… Me, I prefer flamenco, for instance. I love stamping my feet. (Can you tell?)

    That said… just in case someone misunderstands my authenticity… I know that that is exactly what you are trying to say, Marie. 😉

    Keep it coming, baby.

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    Fire underneath me to finish up my own videos, and launch and learn!

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    I help people clear the clutter/downsize. I have to give them many reasons why it is important to live with what you need, like and love.”Why would you keep a X”?? “What is the purpose of keeping X”??
    I also love cooking for people I love. Just had a party for 52 people to celebrate my 50th.

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  344. Amazing! One of the big ones for me when I “try” to convince someone is “not convincing at all” but just speaking from the heart. Main benefits:

    1) When you speak from your heart you are being your 100% authentic-self.

    2) When you are 100% authentic-self people FEEL it. BAM! They are convinced. Major MAGIC! 🙂

    I LOVE how Marie broken it all down though! 🙂


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    I also love the behind the scenes of your mind idea. I think it is always good to get perspective on what makes you think the way you do. You accomplish this very well. Thank you.

  347. Marie! I normally see all your videos, but missed this one for some reason. I just came across it today while deleting old emails. Here’s the funny thing….

    I’m just about to tape a video in my livingroom where I am trying to pursuade my target audience of something. Great timing or what?! Now I’m all inspired and ready to rock the video clearly and from my heart.

    Thanks so much. This was a terrific video and I love l-o-v-e love to hear your thought processes and how you do things.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Tangela’s mission feels similar to mine. I want to help athletes in training and everyone knows Athletes start off kinda broke ass 😉
    They give up everything (especially money) to live their dream. I am finding ways to sell certain things to pay my bills so I can accommodate prices for the new young athletes.
    Thanks again for the rockin content!

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    Thank you so much for breaking down the reasoning behind the scene – it helps tremendously!

    Very grateful for each of your videos,

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    I watched this video again and it’s timing is right on.
    I’ve been struggling with getting on board and learning all about social media. After attending this morning’s SMMOC group meeting (Social Media Masterminds of Orange County), I surrender. My new goal is to learn all that I can about social media, personal marketing, and business promotion, so as to best serve the clients out there that need me and my special skills.

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    looking forward to see more like that.


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  363. Greetings Marie!

    I totally love your video! I know I can learn some skills from you! I produce comedy shows and I want to take my game to the next level! Thank God I found you!!!

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    2 thumbs up.

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  370. Hi Marie.

    Thank you for what you’re doing for all of us!

    Yes to behind the scenes! I am now a fan of dance bombs too! Hahaha!

    You’re the best- thank you!


  371. Holy new beginning for me! I never saw this but this was so absolutely moving, fantastic, and inspiring. Tangela..holy brave heart for filming yourself in your bathroom and being filled with passion, conviction, and dedication. Oh yeah Marie, thanks for seeing this beautiful lady of being the real dealio and knowing that even though the $$$ isn’t there right now she is saying and doing all the right things to bring it big to her. So much gratitude to Tangela and Marie for being so real and showing us all to get up and dance, smile, and believe in the biggest part of us and then woohoo the universe with deliver. Loved this so much!

  372. Rea

    Adding my voice to the throngs of gratitude givers. This is a wonderful use of Marie TV!
    I love that you’re about substance over style.
    And Tangela, and so many in this community too!
    We reap what we sow.

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    Love this video! very refreshing and inspirational.

    Hope to see more “Behind the Scenes”.

    Go Marie TV!

  374. HILARIOUS! I needed a laugh! Content was great too. Everybody dance now!!!

  375. Awesome Marie!

    I LOVE the behind the scenes perspective. It is so helpful to know what you’ve done, how you’ve done it, and what you’re thinking about that influences the decisions you make.

    Thank you thank you for all the open hearted, big love work you do for us. It opens our hearts right back!

    Much love!

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  377. I loved this video. Definitely enjoyed Tangela because she was authentic and real. And… I want a DANCE BOMB up in here (my studio)!

  378. Thanks Marie Forleo for sharing your insights as to how to be a powerful persuader 🙂 I was reminded to lead with my heart and felt regretful that I selected to publish the video I did for B-School. It was my second favorite video that I made and picked it because it was a bit more polished. I knew in my heart though that the other option was my favorite, even though…no because it was more vulnerable and flawed…like me 🙂 Oh well…. I rose to the challenge of submitting a video and will continue to learn and grow. Thanks for your valuable teachings.

  379. Very informative! Love your videos!

  380. Hey Marie! First, yes I absolutely love getting inside your head -it’s really fun in there! Of course it’s incredibly brilliant and informative, and I have a really good time at the same time!!! I can totally understand why you chose her video to outline the incredibly authentic and simple, without being simplistic ways that she was so persuasive. I absolutely love her reasons why – I’m huge Simon Sinek fan, and she definitely knows her why.
    So happy that you shared this with us, and so happy that you chose her! Thanks again always -love Elena

  381. Love this new “behind the scenes” style. And can’t tell you how much I love this woman’s video!!! She and I share a concern: serving the underserved, and she NAILED her ask. Can’t wait to see her around B School!

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