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Do you ever wonder how successful, inspiring people got to be where they are? I know I do.

Most of us see success after someone’s made it. We see bestselling books, TV appearances and beautiful branding.

It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice. @Kris_Carr Click To Tweet

But what about the early days? What’s the story before the success?

How do people get started, make enough money to fund their dream, get over their fears, deal with rejection and naysayers, overcome self-doubt and all the spiritual and emotional hurdles we human beings must go through in order to become who we’re meant to be?

If you’re interested in knowing how one courageous woman turned her cancer diagnosis into a movement that’s inspired millions of us to lead healthier, happier lives, that’s exactly what you’ll learn as I interview Crazy Sexy Kris Carr in today’s episode of MarieTV.

While Kris has been on Oprah, the NY Times bestsellers list and nearly every media outlet you can imagine, most of the time she’s teaching us to live like we mean it through eating more veggies, drinking our green juice and moving our God Pod.

Today, however, Kris reveals her journey to becoming who she is today.

It’s a behind the scenes look at how she she stumbled upon her calling, and the shocking truth about how many years she worked on Crazy Sexy before it became a sustainable business.

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This one even surprised me and she’s one of my dearest friends!

As always, my mission is to help you turn your inspiration into action.

In the comments below, tell me ONE specific insight you gained from this Crazy Sexy MarieTV interview and how it’ll help you along your journey of growth, impact and happiness.

Please share as much detail as possible – you never know how your comment could help someone else with a breakthrough.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing!


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  1. Babe – love these interviews.
    I cannot explain just how much you helped me on my journey to prosperity.

    I’ve got urban Zen on my google street view and I can see myself walking throught that front door now.

    Bring it on.

    By hook or by crook.

    I’ll be in that Rich Happy and Hot crowd October 26th 27th 28th.

    See you there.

    • OK – now I’ve watched, here’s my answer to your call to action:

      It takes a long time to get to a prosperous place. Stay on point. Use the money. Stay focussed. Be yourself. Lay foundations. Step one today.

      And the tweetable is flippin ace.

    • I loved your comment! Have an amazing time at RHH Live – I wish to be there one day, when I’m older and have a business that I can be proud of! xx

    • Yes, yes!! Put it in your calendar and tell EVERYONE you’ll be there!

      See you there!

    • Hey Sarah,

      Just wanted to say I did the Urban Zen program three years ago with Rodney and Colleen, in New York, It changed my life and put me on my path. One day at a time, one student at a time, one health care facility at a time- I’m igniting a self-care revolution.

      Rock on with your google street vision.

  2. The ONE specific thing I got from this, was to follow your OWN vision. (Yes, there are more, but, you asked to limit it to one~ the last few minutes of this interview were exceptional~ thanks to you and Kris).

  3. This was a great episode Marie! I finally realized that this goes up at 12am, so I thought I’d jump right in.

    ONE specific thing that I took away from this is the ‘tweetable’. Right now I’m working with a writing coach to help me bring my voice into the copy for my site which is under-construction. But what I’m finding is that it just helps to talk to someone in the online world about my specific ideas to get positive feedback. That’s where the permission comes in.

    Once I shared some of my ideas with her, she GOT it. It clicked and she said I sounded genuine, that makes me feel completely prepared to keep putting myself out there. If one person resonates with you voice, others will soon follow suit.

    The key is to keep voicing yourself and I’m doing just that!

    • LOVE this Jessica. Who’s your writing coach?

      • Her name is Jessica Morrow – you can check out her site here:

        • Meg

          Both of you Jessica’s rock! Good to ‘see’ you Ms. Newell : )

  4. “Give yourself permission. Stop thinking that you are not enough.” I want to raise awareness about young women’s health because of my young experiences and those of older women I know who suffer from osteoporosis and breast cancer because they never felt empowered in the doctor’s office as young women. I keep not wanting to talk about it because of the shame of getting into cycles and hormones and women’s issues but that’s exactly why young women are sick and not getting help. If someone had spoken out about their “gross” experience, it could have saved me a lot of time alone with no direction. No young woman deserves that and I have to be bolder. If people don’t want to hear about it, young women included, they are simply not my people.

  5. Loved this episode – you and Kris are two women I have huge amounts of admiration and gratitude for! Look up to you both immensely.

    I just launched my fashion label, and I loved what was said about things taking a long time to grow and build. It’s way too easy to get sidetracked when we see other people “making it”, but so important to remember that we never know what things go on behind the scenes, or leading up to success. I actually started to feel a little bit like a failure when I started to see my bank account go down, month by month, to fund my fashion line, and then having to dip into credit cards – all because I underestimated the amount of time I needed to really get clear on my voice, and in the fashion industry specifically, my design mission, philosophy and “brand”, which all comes back down to the one big thing I really am most pumped about as a designer, and that can get clouded when we try to be too many things, or emulate other successful brands.

    I think we all know that that building a business and a dream is a big, life-changing undertaking that takes time – every temporary bout of “failure” is just another step towards that big dream. Sometimes, we (I should say I) just forget and think we can skip the steps to get there.

    So I would say..the one big thing I got from this was learning to trust, to keep going when things get tough, and to follow your voice and passion like it’s the GPS to success!

    • My favorite takeaway was what Kris said about dreaming big and really inhabiting that space. When I am able to do that and maintain it somewhat, I act from that intention to really make it and I end up taking the kinds of actions that will lead me there. I take those big strides and ask for the big stages (I’m a musician) as I’m aiming for a higher place than I might be aiming for on a typical day when my ego is running the show, and I’m in a more fearful state.

    • Annching, I can totally relate! I started my busoness when I was unemployed and hardly had a penny. I learnt veru quickly that it will cost twice as much and may take twice as long to build your business but in the end you’ll have developed into an amazing person, a fighter and leader. You’re doing something brave and courageous and thats amazing.

      My one takeaway is that success takes time. there are no magic pills or quick fixes. Building a successful business involves making mistakes, learning from them and constantly evolving. I’m learning everyday that evolution is essential.

      • I completely agree with you Victoria and know exactly what you are feeling Annching! Like Kris, I’ve had a dream that’s taken 10 years to just now come to the surface. It really takes so much more than we realize not just to make the dream come alive but to be come the person we need to in order to carry the brand.

        If you don’t have the strength you can’t carry the weight that comes along with the success of your dream. Both Marie & Kris are great examples of ‘being’ their brands in order to fulfill their goals!

  6. There are two insights that really made a difference to me. 1. to dream big, let myself be in the clouds but then ground myself to do the things that I need to do and to take the actions that I need to take right in front of me. Pretty much dream big, but take simple important actions. Another insight that made a HUGE impact to me and I know will make an impact for my business is giving myself permission to be me, to be my voice. This is so relieving to know that I don’t have to go out there and find it, I just have to give permission to what already is within me!

  7. Jennifer

    Fantastic video! I left my fangirl comments on YouTube so I can focus on the real-deal here 🙂

    I think the insight that stuck with me the most was about getting my head out of the clouds. I really have to zero in on ‘what I do’. It’s super hard though because day-to-day life details pull me in so many directions that I can’t hunker down and git-er-dun! I’ve got something big in me and I KNOW I’m not using it to it’s full potential (and I could have a relatively large audience pretty quickly if I could just narrow things down! – oh, there’s that darn exclamation point you two were joking about). So, as I mentioned, getting my heads out of those clouds would really really help.

    Again, great video. You’re both so inspiring! Thank you for keepin’ it real.


  8. The tweetable is GOLDEN. When I first started blogging, I remember “trying on” other styles of writing until one day, I finally just started writing for myself and like myself. Since I started doing that, I’ve received such amazing feedback and emails from people who are inspired or touched by what I write. The most humbling and rewarding part of my business is having people thank me for sharing my mind and what I think/feel… something I always feared wasn’t good enough.

  9. …knowing Kris’ (medical) story definitely hit home because I’ve come out of a ~2 year setback due to illness that literally stopped my business and made it such that creation, building my client base, and even the simple act of writing blog posts was virtually impossible. I saw the odd client, but it was hard. Sleep was almost non-existent. Hard.

    Things have totally shifted in the past 5 weeks, all the efforts to heal have finally come to fruition and biz is slowly coming back, I know it will come back, I have a story to tell, people to help, so far I haven’t met ANYONE with my skill set. No One! I know I’m unique. It will unfold, but money IS tight, and all I want to do is take my new body, my new health, my new husband (who has stood by and literally been my nurse – Thanks SETH!) and take a month off with him, enjoying each other and life, without being sick.

    This means going into my line of credit (yikes, something I always poo poo), cashing in some bonds (something that is suppose to be kept), and not knowing where rent money will come from in the Fall.

    I was having this thought today, and yesterday, and last week – but, as crazy as it seems, when Kris mentioned that her and her hubby made a choice to live and do what they are passionate for, and not go back to Brooklyn and get “work”, it sent a twinkle through my body.

    It was a Crazy Sexy Sign that I’ll be OK if I dip into credit and my savings…the universe will provide is I keep following my gut.

  10. So many take-aways! I love Kris (and you Marie)

    Main takeaway – NOBODY can be ME.


    It’s about embracing that. I can do it with my clients – I can make them see how amazing they are but when it comes to stepping out there on my own I need a lot of reminding that I am enough, actually I am more than enough and now I need to go out there and not just dream a bigger dream, I need to make it happen.

    Gorging on other people’s creations is dangerous for your voice and your business – step out, be you and sing it loud and proud.

  11. Bea

    My big takeaways were:

    1. Giving yourself permission to use your voice. It’s such a great reframe from finding my voice. It helps me find peace in knowing that it’s already there, it’s already enough – just tap in and let it flow!

    2. Disconnect from the distractions of what everybody else is doing. This is also a big one- there is so much good content out there- which can def be overwhelming and lead to self-doubt and comparison. Will def be streamlining my subscriptions today.

    Love love love your videos and message, AND having both you and Kris together in one place is such a treat. Your message today was def a gift and just what I needed to hear.



  12. Crrrazy Sexy Life! such an extreme insperational definition !
    Allow that for yourself girl!

  13. LOVED this video. Kris has been a fav for several years now…I tell all my friends about her & her experience [you too Marie].

    The one insight [gosh there are so many, I need to re-watch this] I gleaned today is: no matter what you always have to bring it back to your product and mission.

    This insight can be applied in so many ways-in your businesses & life- and Kris then talks about ‘how’ she’s done this. Beautiful, crazy, sexy.
    Gotta go watch this again…

    P.S. Marie, what’s the little orange dot on the bottom of your shoe? Get those babies on sale @ Barneys? They are PERFECTION with that dress.

    • I’m with Mary. I love the platinum media advice about interviewing. I haven’t done interviewing – YET – but I am so glad to be reminded of this. And when I listen to people being interviewed, I admire the ones that can bring it back to themselves in an elegant and powerful way.

  14. Bex

    The impact I had today when Kris said ” When I Look to others is the minute I lose myself”.

    I tend to look at others for inspiration and sometimes I’ll find I take on their mannerisms etc. Knowing this, really gears me into the ME drive and makes me remember to flow as myself and NOT a borrowed version of me!
    Thanks Marie and Kris!

    • Amen Bex! It’s good to recognize and self-correct.

      • Yes! This is such a golden reminder of the pull to follow what others do and what “already works” – but it implies that we are not enough just as we are…

        • Dea

          yep, that was rich

  15. Thank you so much for this video! So…The most important thing that I take out of this is finding out what exactly is MY thing I wanna share with the world!

  16. I just loooooove the tweetable, thank you so much, Marie & Kris!

  17. Thank you Marie and Kris. Another inspiring video and I love the Tweetable too! x

  18. Thanks so much for this interview Marie! I love Kris and have learned so much from her already through her blog and book. However, one piece of advice that I’m going to take away from this video is patience. While growing my online fitness video business, I often get impatient with myself. Women constantly tell me how much value they get from my workout videos, so I assume that means my business should grow fast. I need to remember that even the very best businesses take time to grow!

  19. Jo

    Loved this episode!

    1. The advice on working with the media: this is your moment and bring it back to YOU!

    2. It’s ok to be vulnerable and still teach people.

    3. Get clear today and DO little actional steps.

    4. STOP thinking you are not enough…..

    Thank YOU for todays episode…. Jxox

  20. Laura

    I latched right on to the idea of being my own voice and allowing myself permission to use it. As an introvert I have an incredible dialog in my head that I am terrified is not good enough to let out. I am working on a plan to use my voice to help share with my sisters – and to see how my voice sounds in the world. Thanks for your great inspirations.

  21. My biggest insight was Kris’ tweetable “It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.”

    I’ve heard the “be yourself” advice over and over again, but this time it really clicked!

  22. I loved this interview! I am a US Citizen living and entrepreneuring in Germany. They don´t have any of this inspiring stuff over here. I am constantly battling to stay up and not let the negativity that comes with this culture get me down. The one thing that inspired me was to hear that you both are sensitive to your intuition and that this sensitivity can knock you down. I am so sensitive and think ALL THE TIME that I might be too sensitive to be the boss. My sensitive intuition has me crying and asking myself if I should continue. Now I realize I just need to embrace it because its a part of what makes me …me! Its also the reason why I can touch so many people with my voice and show ideas. Sensitivity is the reason how I came to this show/bussiness concept in the first place. I am asking myself though, is it possible that when things really get cookin’ and finger lickin’ good, that you get more senstive because your baby is growing?
    Anyway…I have just realized its good to be sensitive even if it makes you down sometimes!!! You know all Stars shine but its sensitivity that lets someone notice the one star among the millions.
    BIG FAT CREATIVE KISS to all the sensitive girls out there.

    • Romy

      hey Fawnie, here’s another sensitive girl, half german, half swiss, living in the north of Switzerland, right at the border to Germany. Where in Germany are you and where can I find you? Reach out, if you feel like connecting. I’m not online yet but will be soon.

      My big takeaway from the fabulous show today is: when I look to others is the minute I loose myself. and of course the reminder to just be ME.
      I teach this stuff, yet for myself I always catch myself waiting for someones blessing to be me. Time to leave that behind. Thanks ladies, you both are absolutely beautiful.

    • Fawnie and Romy, you are not alone. I am French, living in Belgium, sensitive I don’t know but definitely trying to change the way people do things over here. We are pioneers in Europe ladies, don’t forget this 😀

      Anyway, my big takeaway is also: when I look to others is the minute I lose myself, oh my! So maybe I should try to remember what I wrote above, yup yup.

  23. Nancy

    Great interview! I can relate so much with it.
    I am hearing all my life “That’s easy for you” and “You do thins so smoothly and easily”. It bothered me for quite some time because honestly that is not true. And I often was arguing or defending from such speech. But finally last year I stopped and accepted that everything is easy for me. And guess what? It became easier. (even if it’s quite hard sometimes)

    The one insight I got is: Give yourself permission to use your voice. Stop thinking that you are not enough.
    It is time for me to shine brightly. Thank you girls!

  24. OMG I love Kris. SO. MUCH. Through Kris I found you Marie. Now I’m in B-School. So naturally this video makes me very happy 🙂
    Now – action steps for me: Try, try, TRY to use less exclamation marks. Hmm, this one’s gonna be hard…

  25. Such an amazing interview!!! Lots of goodies to get from it…

    But the one that stuck more deeply with me is that good things take time and work to happen. We just got to keep on going and don’t give up at the first difficulty!



  26. Omg, I can’t believe the wealth of information discussed here. Its funny because I posted something about all the mess that goes on before someone puts out a work of art or anything creative.
    Im working on a downloadable for my blog and things went completely wrong. It made me realize that people don’t see the sweat, tears and frustration that goes into putting out a piece of work.
    I came across a beautiful post and shared that – as a reminder to everyone that people go through tough times before they get famous or successful. Thank you for sharing your story. It really is inspiring for all of us . It reiterated to me that everyone started at the bottom of the ladder.

    • Lakshmi, your comment is great! I should ad that we all started at the bottom of the ladder, climbed a little bit and fell. Got up, tried to ignore the ladder and walk away, to just come back, look up and try it again. In every try there’s a learning, there’s another step, there’s optimism, faith and joy. I always say, my only frustration is to be afraid of trying but when I fail and fall, I learn.

  27. “You are so much better as yourself” – yes!

    Thank you for such a great interview. Perfect timing for me. I bought Kris’ book, Diet, a few months ago and have just now embarked on major lifestyle changes based on her book.

  28. Milena

    Dear Marie,

    I receive your newsletters since probably more than a year and I must say that I love them. This video was just fantastic! Want more, please! Your dress is gorgeous:-)


  29. Marie and Kris I loved this video so much. I’m right at the beginning of my journey and I’ve been mulling over about finding my voice. But the one specific insight I got out of this video was the ‘tweetable’ give yourself permission to use your invoice. How fantastic is that. This is exactly what I needed to hear and it’s just provided me that clarity and confidence to go forth and go conquer this world.

    JUST BE MYSELF! I give myself permission!!

  30. This was a great interview. I took the concept of only doing 3 things a day! That sounds so good. I could definitely benefit from that! Off to choose my 3 things for today (does watching Marie TV count as one of them? It’s business-realted after all, isn’t it?) Sarah

  31. Such a great interview! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Ok, be as specific as possible!

    I want to be more authentic, be more the person I truly am. I realized that I am always trying to hide myself and if I honestly ask myself why I am hiding, what comes up is that deep inside I am not sure if I am good enough.

    This is the turning point! I know that I am a crazy good online personal trainer and I am able to motivate and support people to achieve their goals.

    I want to show the world my own uniqueness. It is time to wake up and shine 🙂

    Thanks again for the video – really helped me to sort some things out!

  32. I’m almost afraid to admit that I’m one of those people who has not heard of Kris. So i’m glad to be introduced by yet another inspirational woman..


    1- “it’s okay to swear” if that’s who you are. There’s only one you so be you.

    2- don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing and go home and get some clarity on your message THEN spew it out to the world.

    3- Don’t try to please unicorns and the world. Focus and start small or you’ll get overwhelmed trying to please everyone on every subject matter.

    4- Having cancer doesn’t mean you are weak and helpless..

    Thanks Marie and nice to meet you Kris

  33. Christy Szkola

    Thanks for the great information in this video Marie and Kris!
    The part when Kris talked about picturing yourself doing what you want to do and doing it touched me. It brought back a memory of how I felt a few years ago when I pictured myself opening my own clip art/artwork business, while I was making the pseudo business plan in a small business class I was taking in college. I lost sight of that vision and those feelings, but I will work to get that back. I also love the tweetable.
    I am finding that being authentic and having your own life is a key to happiness.

  34. Beautiful!! I looooooove you both, Marie and Kris! and the blissful friendship between you two…
    Fully resonate with what Kris said: give yourself permission. It doesnt really matter if it is your voice, your passion or your creation, many people think it is something missing and must “find” it or make something up, actually it is more about ALLOWING to unleash it and tap into the flow…

    About 11 years ago I must go out to the world and “find” myself and freedom. So I took my luggage and harp, left China and came to the UK…looking back actually the REAL “I” and “freedom” are always within…The only difference is that I allow myself to be me and free now.

    p.s I am an intuitive too. I love use sensitivity to create and inspire people, but I am also very careful to create a boundary so that I only “observe” not “absorb” – hope it helps for anyone else who is also sensitive…

    lots of love

  35. Loved the image of Kris giving her outrage to the trees. Copying that one.

    The one specific insight I got today (there were many but this was the biggie): It takes time to build a successful business.

    I’m just hitting the edge of my ‘thing’ – The Soul Caller Training – the work that, as Kris says, “makes my cells vibrate,” and it is bringing me such joy. Supporting other women as they bravely step across the edges in themselves to reveal their true selves – what magic! It’s like chugging joy juice. I never want to stop – and I won’t.

    I am working HARD to bring it to the next level – to clarify my soul/heart connection to the work and get the word out. Thank you for today’s does of inspiration.

    PS Marie: Make a space for me in your next class. I am there.

  36. silvia

    both of you are great great teachers for me – one thing is: find your own voice – how generous and intelligent from you – please come to europe some times!

  37. Kris & Marie, I think the best nugget (as there were many) was the nugget about walling off from other voices and simply allowing yours to transparently run through your veins and out to your audience.

  38. K

    Just tuned in to the first 3 minutes, and noticed how you did 99% of the talking. Is this good / proper interviewing technique? xo

  39. Thanks to both of you, Marie and Kris, for this chat. What I’m really taking away from it is something that resonates for me on a deeply personal level: I’m creating a voice of indulgent wellness for women with chronic illness and pain, which stems from my own journey, so Kris is a kindred spirit.

    I get what it’s like for the labor of love to be so intense, and at times it’s necessary to be really naked to the public, but the rewards from that authenticity and vulnerability cannot be matched anywhere. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Kris! I hope to see you both in October. 🙂


  40. So many GREAT take-aways! (including to stop using so many !s)

    But the main one, and the one I keep hearing from you, Marie, in B-School is Be Authentic. Be Yourself. So my #1 nugget today, that you Kris, is:

    Give yourself permission to use your own voice.

    It’s there. Always was. Not need to go looking for it. Just let it jive!


  41. Love the interview!

    The one insight that impacted me (out of lots!) was to stop thinking ‘i’m not enough’ or the work I do ‘is not enough’ – it’s so draining. And i’m best as myself : ) yey!

    Powerful stuff.

    I’m off to action 3 things today, stay focused and enjoy them, and feel like they are valuable parts of the bigger picture.

    Thanks Marie & Kris x

    • Today’s interview with Kris and Marie was very informative. I learned that the road to success begins with being clear about the big vision, and then enacting the courage necessary to take the steps to achieve that end.

      I am taking my steps now, and what I find is that it’s not all challenges. At some points along the way you are propelled forward. In other words, each action provides leverage for subsequent steps. I am going to savor the moments along this journey, and I expect the difficult ones are ahead. However, understanding that I will be leaving a legacy not for myself alone, but for others as well is the greatest driver, going forward.

  42. My insights on this vlog well
    – such a beautiful vlog thank you so much Marie and the dress!!! beautiful beautiful
    – i love how power & light just come out of this woman! amazing, & she is just sitting there!
    – your friend chemistry is also a testimony to be supportive between women, i can feel how much you admire her it is palpable beautiful
    – oh so much to say….. : investing money, not listening to : “no you can’t do it”, taking the time, having a purpose a goal beyond the ego,
    the media stuff so good it can be used for any conversation i find when people get you out of track when you have a message to say or just when you speak YOUR voice, get back on track and say my stuff still
    – you need to learn things you don’t know, be pro, learn,
    omg i need to listen to it again so good it is like a delicious meal i want to take another bite of
    blessings to you ladies,

  43. Hey Marie,

    This video is a cream cracker! Thanks so much for sharing it! In a time when my business is new and I am struggling to organise my thoughts and ideas and trying to conquer the world in 24 hours, this has really helped me take a step back, and then start taking baby steps day by day keeping the bigger picture in mind but setting intentions each morning before I start to work. Lovely stuff, right when I needed it. Thanks so much xo

  44. Janelle

    My key takeaway was when Kris said that she can only metabolize 3 things a day. I can dream big but always try to do to many things at once and end up being inefficient. So I will focus on 3 things I can do to move my goals for slowly. Very encouraging

  45. Suzette

    Thank you for a wonderful funny video, I loved it! I want to start my own business but will have to take my time and still keep on working to be able to finance the venture and pay the bills. So, the most inspiring takeaway for me was the fact that it took Kris 10 years of which only the last 2 years were in business itself! I have my answer! The second best thing was to give myself permission to use my voice and stay authentic – yay!!!! Thank you so much to both you wonderful ladies, I adore you both!

  46. I can only metabolize three things in a day. Brilliant!

  47. Candace

    I was wondering if anyone knows what was meant by Kris saying ‘I can only metabolise three things a day’? Sounds interesting.

  48. Just 3 things / day is more than enough : )

  49. Melissa T.

    There are so many great messages in this video (yes, that was me scribbling down notes and rewinding the video 10 times!). The one that really stuck with me was Kris’ tweetable about giving yourself permission to use your voice. We all hear too often that our voice needs “refining,” i.e. that our voice is not good (cool, witty, edgy, what have you) enough to get you out there in the eye of the people that you want to speak to. Truth is, your voice is already fantastic and it will resonate deeply with people that want or need to hear it. Nail down your message or purpose or mission and use that voice. Evolve and grow. We can do it!

  50. I am grateful for sharing this information with us all. Everything you both spoke about is exactly what I feel right now. Building a business is long and slow. It seems that I am only able to complete a few small tasks a day. It’s especially hard now because it almost feels as if no one is listening. Also, I find my family projecting their fears of money on me. We will all have doubt. I’m so glad that Marie and Kris didn’t quit! I think about how Jonathan Adler mentioned in an interview how he couldn’t keep down a job. He was fired from virtually every job he had. He used to be unsure of himself and curl up in bed in the fetal position and cry in the early stages. Imagine how different the world would be if he or if Kris and Marie quit! They are so inspiring! We can’t see the future but it feels bright when we follow our soul purpose it life. Doubt and fear are small obstacles we can overcome when we tell it: “shut up cause I’m gonna do it!”

  51. Skye

    Marie, Kris. (note the lack of desired explanation points) This was so great. The best take away for me was dream big & then take your actionable steps, but as Kris said, I can only digest a few things a day. I know that I have realized that before, but inside I (just today had the revelation) I have not really wanted to go at my own speed. I was thinking “I should do more, blah blah blah” which just depletes my essential energy &makes my voice fade out into a whisper.
    So giving myself permission to use my voice means using it for the things that really feed me.
    Thank you, ladies!

  52. Linda Ann

    Hi Marie,

    I’ve been following your blogs for a few months now and really enjoy them, finding them inspirational when I need it most. Todays interview was really insightful for me regarding allowing myself permission to use my own voice. I want to be a writer and blogger and find I spend too much time reading everyone’s else work that I feel nobody would ever be interested in anything I have to say. Well, I’ve learned today, that somebody somewhere will like it. It won’t be everybody obviously as we are all different, all unique and have different tastes. So thank you for giving me permission to use my own voice. And one last thing….in my own voice… Marie, I always love your videos, and I haven’t heard about Kris previously but I’m going straight over to her blog after this. I was disappointed that I didn’t hear more from her, I feel that in this particular interview, you dominated the conversation. Please don’t unsubscribe me for saying this as I feel perhaps it might be a good one for you to heed in the future. However, all said, keep the inspiration coming, I’m loving it. Linda Ann.

  53. I love the insight that being vulnerable and putting yourself out there is empowering. I think that people value true authenticity and honesty, much more than a rehash of other people’s ideas. It takes guts and determination to keep at it, so it’s great to have these kind of reminders. Thanks ladies!

  54. Arielle

    This resonates – “when I look to other people I loose myself.” Inspiration is not emulation.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  55. This interview really spoke to me; I’m an actress and trying to find a pizza box to call my home in the city and I’m looking at Brooklyn 😉 because I’ve transferred to NYU to finish my acting degree.

    I’d love to hang out with you gals; you’re just having so much fun being authentically YOU and sharing your message and that’s crazy wonderful!!

    I think this helped me clarify that I want to get PAID to be totally, unabashedly, unapologetically me. That would be so other worldly. It also reminds me that I got a lot of work to do…

  56. Kris Carr rocks! Love the message about staying on track, dealing with nay-sayers, and being true yourself. Woo hoooo! Way to rock it like you mean it 🙂

  57. Molly Kidd

    You are speaking to my soul! I loved the point about dreaming big, and writing down a plan that you can do now to start working toward your big dream.

  58. The authentic voice segment 🙂

  59. Heath and wellness is my passion. And it took me 7 years to get my act together to start learning how to make money doing what I love.

  60. AshleyAnne

    It is so helpful to see that you guys had beginnings also. I’m currently training as a health coach after studying nutrition for 7 years, and I get alot of the “what are you nuts?” I am determined to build a life out of what makes me different and share that with others. Thank you guys for being you and sharing it with us. MWAS! -AshleyAnne

  61. LOVED this video! Three insights:
    1. Aiming for 3 things a day.
    2. Rising above the negative voices, especially the ones who cannot understand what I am doing with my time when I am “just” selling my self-published book all over the world.
    3. Giving myself permission … to believe that when I am on TV (Marie TV?) I won’t need to buy a super high pair of shoes, which, although they look fabulous, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to sit in them, let alone walk in them! I am a fun platforms gal and I don’t need to change 🙂

  62. Love you both! Yay for green smoothies.

    As a life coach with a focus on health and wellness, this week’s video totally resonated with me. You ARE what you eat and as business owners, we are our own money maker so it’s super important to be on top of our game health wise.

    My huge takeaway, which I tweeted, was “It’s not about finding your voice. It’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.”

    xo Johanna

  63. Thank you so much both of you! My two inspirations!!!! I am on the verge of getting my work (and voice) out there via a rebranded website, blog, book in the making etc., and today’s interview was very motivating to keep on going, staying extremely focused on the vision and message and to give permission to myself to have my voice heard. (And yes, excellent tweet!)

    As Ayn Rand said, “The question isn’t who’s going to let me, it’s who’s going to stop me!”

  64. Mo

    Thanks Marie for the inspiration early in the morning- its a great kickstart to the day always! I loved 3 points from todays interview:
    1. The reminder to all that we are all best as ourselves. Its so easy to forget that in todays world with the media etc.
    2. There are going to be nay sayers, there are going to be people that tell you that in some capacity you or your message isn’t good enough, but don’t listen to them and just stay focused.
    3. The importance of following your passions and doing what inspires you and the rest will fall into place if you stay focused and keep taking actionable steps.

    I am the author of a self-published book called Solitary Genius: discovering the gifted child within. I had and have many nay sayers about this book- book agents, publishers, family etc. and I am afraid alot, but I keep going with it and you know what, this book (which is about when I taught autistic children) is now starting to be used by Universities in their course curriculums. It makes me soooo happy that its slowly making its way and being used as a learing tool, but I still need the cheerleading sometimes and your video did this. I’ll just keep focused on my intention and take your 3 reminders from today and keep trucking and i’ll get there. I promise you. Thanks again! Chugga, Chugga.

  65. Awesome interview!

    If I had to choose one specific insight from the video, it would be to respect and honor your own voice. Which seems to be the consensus of alot of folks in the comments here — proof that that insight really resonates.

    One of the best things I ever did was create my list of “Commandments,” ala Gretchen Rubin, after reading her book, “The Happiness Project.” First on my list of commandments? “Be Kimberly.” I keep that list nearby, and whenever I need to check in with my most authentic self, or navigate some difficult situation and don’t know what to do, I check the list. “Be Kimberly” turns out to be the best and most logical answer to just about any kind of question or indecisiveness. And damn, is it ever liberating! : )

  66. “you can be vulnerable and still come from a teaching place”

    I’m a young spiritual teacher/healer/coach (27 as we speak) and I have a little voice inside that says that I need to be strong and wise and compassionate and all of that good stuff. Maybe that voice even wants me to be older, lol.

    In the last few months I have started to become more open, found my voice and just write as me. Since then things have been flowing like crazy and I’m writing one article after the other.

    This interview is a great reminder to continue to be open and vulnerable, that vulnerability is indeed a strength, not a weakness.

  67. Chris Koelker

    Dear Marie – Gorgeous set and lighting is awesome! I’m a film gal so those things are way up on my list of pluses. You both literally glow from the inside and that’s the truest recommendation for Kris’ books, vids, sermons. The three phenomenal take aways I got:
    1. “Finding your true voice” is actually giving yourself permission/ having faith that who you are is enough and will shine through. Very tough to do but right on target.
    2. Kris’ focus (mind, body, spirit, finances) on her vision/intuition/outcome. Lately, laser-like focus has been the message I’ve been getting to replace the confusing “law of attraction” mindset.
    3. Have the big, beautiful vision (visualization) and then break it down into actionable, daily steps.
    Last year I sent in a video for a chance to win a place at your workshop in NYC. This year I have a business raising the 2.5 mil it will take to produce the movie I talked about in the vid. That’s because I took day-by-day steps (still taking them) and have been true to my vision.
    You have been generous enough to allow all of us to see you evolve Marie, that’s very courageous. Your show helps me stay focused every week. A big gift from a brilliant girl.
    I know you want to have feedback to be even better. You might ask your sound person to mic you so your voice doesn’t have an echo. I assume you don’t have a lav on. It would be so much easier to hear you if the echo was fixed. It’s the producer in me talking to the business person in you. Your set and lighting are perfect (as is your outfit!!) Fixing your sound would bring you up to compete with the big “O” and I mean that sincerely. 0x0x0C

  68. It has been three days now my mind is circling with healthy lifestyle + juicing stuff. Love the video ever. I am going to subscribe now with Kris Carr, she so sweet and inspiring.

  69. What great timing for this video. I’m going through B-School and redoing my Website, I decided to give the site my voice instead of making it ‘generic corporate’. I’ve been wondering about this move for over a year and so nervous to do it. But after b-school and now watching this I do think it’s the best way to go.

    Can’t wait to launch it in a few days!

  70. Give myself permission to use my voice, at this stage of my new business I am networking, calling many people, yes it is scary to pick up that phone and hear my voice. When I do, I often feel surprised that I get positive responses. Give myself permission to use my voice and expect a positive response as a result.

    Give myself permission to use my voice, to voice my own words, ideas with my passion, from my own heart, to share and receive response with acceptance and joy.

  71. The biggest thing I got from this interview:


    To rule the world we need Love & Health.
    Juicing gives me both.


  72. Lori

    This video really exemplifies why I love Kris and Marie and why I feel so connected to you guys! There was a ton of great insight in this interview, choosing one is really hard. I think my favorite lesson was to *BE ME* because I am better at that than anyone else. It is hard to always believe in yourself but when I do that is when the best things happen. Thanks ladies! Loving getting loved on by you-

  73. The tweetable really resonated with me. I’ve found that I’ve kind of lost my voice and in business don’t even speak like I normally do with my family. So giving myself permission to be me and using my voice is golden.

  74. Oh wow, big aha moment to stop comparing my voice with others! It’s like when ever I get a lightening bolt idea moment the first thing I do is dissapate it’s energy by googling to see how many others have “done it” when really like you two said no-one can replicate you and your voice! love it! my new mantra for this week! use my voice!

  75. Melody

    Giving myself permission to be who I really am – that’s my takeaway from this video.

    I have already run out of money and have not yet landed a job that will support me while I do my music. It’s hard to keep the faith right now.

  76. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is, “What have you done TODAY to move towards and closer of your dream?” If there was no “action” taken TODAY, then it was just another wasted day…

    My wife met Kris Carr a few weeks ago (women network), she really kicks ass, and so do you Marie!!!!! (Exclamation point worthy)

  77. I love love loved when Kris said, “I can only metabolize three things a day…that’s it.”

    My whole body relaxed. I tend to get so trapped in the thoughts about everything I need to get done, that my ability to take action gets a bit numb with anxious overwhelm.

    Yay! Making my list of three priorities for today right now:)

    Great interview!

    • Catrice

      Hi Marie,

      One of the biggest insights I took from today’s video was being yourself. I loved when Kris said she has herself covered. All of you are so inspiring and it’s a gift to us all to have you beautiful sistahs encouraging us to be our own glorious selves. THANK YOU!

  78. I loved that you shared it doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve had some amazing success pretty quickly but there is so much more to do. Thats a journey. I’m learning to fall crazy in love with THE JOURNEY 🙂

  79. What if you have a feeling that your personality might be a bit BORING! If you want to do a video blog, as I do, I am concerned about that!

    • I’m sure you are not boring 🙂 Everyone has a gift it’s called their unique DNA you’ve got that 🙂 So make a video & jump in!

      • Thanks for the faith Lisa!

        • That’s a valid concern. Some personalities lend themselves more naturally to video. If you are more introverted + soft-spoken, it might take a little more work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. But the bottom line is when you’re clear and speaking from the heart, the outcome will always be a thing of beatuy =)

  80. well Marie, I am so GLAD you asked!! While watching this very video, I opened up an email, and wrote the following to my boyfriend ”
    its not about finding your voice its about giving yourself permission to use your voice” Just like you said… this is IT. I am currently working towards opening up a physical location of my business, and I am, like Kris, in the health and wellness business and this means everything. I have given up my corporate job, put all my money (and relationship it seems at times) on the line for my calling, which is to empower others, but so often you get caught up in what others are doing you forget that you are valuable as well. It has taken awhile for me to get here and it is a constant practice, but the truth is that you cannot compare yourself to others you can only focus on yourself. Now I use that as a daily mantra, and try to keep myself from following too many other people, so that I can truly grow MYSELF and my Voice 🙂

  81. Hard to pick just one insight – but I think I liked how firmly she sticks to her demographic – that in many respects is people just like her.
    In my case my target demographic are not people like me – but who they are is still clear to me.
    Persistence over time – that is the other thing.

  82. Stephanie

    I am so happy to hear you talk about how much it takes before a successful person is successful. It all seems so easy… and it’s not. At least, that’s my experience.

    The last piece of advice from Kris was really a good one: keep the faith and the dream but then focus on one, two or three things you can to today!

    Thanks for the positive energy 🙂

  83. Jen

    One of my favorite quotes was …”its your time, and you have to own it”

  84. What????? Take it down a notch?????
    Just kidding. I loved this video.

    My take away is the reminder that I’ve given myself permission to use my voice. It helps me to keep it real.

  85. Carmen

    I think lot of entrepreneurs want to do something but don’t know were to start. Kris talk about a TEAM (I guess financial, web, social media, editors, etc) TRAINING (media training to highlight HER message), LISTEN and giving PERMISSION about using your OWN voice. Underneath, there is a lot of ORGANIZATION and DISCIPLINE. People told me because I’m a writer things are EASY for me… but I always say, for example, to WRITE or BLOGGING it’s not a thing of TALENT, is a DISCIPLINE thing. Thank you!

  86. As always, I looked fwd to Tuesday mornings’ Inbox with good reason! Thx Marie!
    My big take-aways here:
    -Just be ME
    -Use MY voice
    -Keep going, following my inner guide

    I sometimes feel too old to be starting my “real” life, that I should just keep being and doing what everyone else expects. It’s that nagging inner voice that tells me I have something valuable to share and it’s the real me that can, and in fact, needs to do it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  87. Two things hit home to me…
    “It’s not so much about finding my voice as giving myself permission to use my voice.”
    This quote articulates reflections that I’d been having in my mind. Our voice is one way that we demonstrate our power and learning to allow ourselves to use our voice is a way we use our power. Our individual power is our gift to the world. If you hold your power back, you limit what you can give to the world. If you are a great giver now, imagine the magnitude of the giving if you free up the power you are afraid to loose. Voice can take many forms and appearances. Voice isn’t just what we say or write.

    Thing two. It isn’t easy for anyone. Everyone has days that suck.
    I do tend to live in the myth that people who do great things skate through life and never have any problems. The books always arrive. The dress is always neat and pressed. There’s always enough money. Good people never do crap things to other people… Even though I know and can site many examples that disprove that personal mythology, somehow that is the story that I learned and to which I compare everything. Having that story as a frame of “normal” leads me to get really, really frustrated when I hit obstacles. Hearing Kris tell her story about how she goes out and yells at the trees made me feel completely normal for yelling at my windshield that I just can’t take it and I just don’t want to play anymore.

    My little actionables:
    continue to develop my voice and practice sharing out loud on my own blogs, on forums like this, and with my friends.
    practice going easier on myself when I melt down because “I just can’t take it anymore.” And appreciate my friends and family for listening when I need a friend.

  88. awesome wonderful inspiring stuff – two of my favorite people – Love the way you lead by example and support me to be my self and live my purpose, so I can lead by example also – thank you women!

  89. jane

    Hi Marie
    Your shows are awesome and after stumbling for the last 7 months to really get out there and start my business I’m diving in…head first!

    “Find your voice”…. usually I listen and absorb but stay very quiet and in the background ….how will anyone every know that I design fabulous jewellery and have style if i don’t tell anyone.
    There will be people that don’t like my style but there will be others that love it…
    Thanks for your great enthusiasm its catching.
    jane x

  90. Love it. Thank you. I really resonated with giving myself permission to use my voice and be my true, unique self. I am definitely unique and as an entrepreneur, wellness and women’s health advocate, etc, sometimes I worry about freaking people out with my “out-there”ness. So I also liked your encouragement to KEEP IT TIGHT, while also letting yourself be vulnerable. Right now that’s a big lesson for me. How am I going to incorporate this more into my life? I think just having this awareness is a first step.

  91. Stacey

    The one insight that is sticking with me today – hmm – can I say two? Well, I’m gonna!

    1. Permission to speak with your own voice
    2. I can only metabolize 3 things a day!

    I’m so crazy enthusiastic about ideas that I want to implement – that I feel people look at me with a ‘bluh-bleh-blub what?’ look…it stops me in my tracks when they don’t catch my enthusiasm so I start to soften it, slow it down – which in the long KILLS my momentum. I need to constantly give myself permission to be the believer and the inspiration!

    I also – have to remember to keep my enthusiasm focused on a few things at a time because I am in love with life and can get absolutely distracted by the littlest, coolest thing!

    Thank you for putting Kris on! This video gave me a couple of great ‘aha’ moments!

  92. Rhonda

    Loved her tweetable, give yourself permission to use your voice. I often get stuck in the mind set of who would possibly care about what I have to say and does it sound good enough. I put that in my journal as a reminder to allow myself to be open and know I have gifts to offer the world. What I loved the most, that will help me take action in my life, were the last comments about dreaming big, but getting clear about what can be done today. I like what she said about only being able to “metabolize” 3 tasks each day. I get overwhelmed with the hugeness of trying to create something out of thin air. I’m in the process of creating a site that helps parents with school choice and enrichment programs for their children. So each day I will get focused on what I can do toward my goals. This was a great interview, I love watching and this new format is awesome.

  93. Rosalie Guard

    Hi Marie,

    One thing I got out of your interview with Kris Carr was that its important to distinguish myself with my own voice. Recently I did some creative writing and remembered how funny and charming I could be. 🙂 Of course others want to experience that! So my next career goal is to find ways to incorporate that into my life work, which will be teaching, once I finish the Masters program I’m in currently.

    Thanks for the upbeat, real, inspiration!

  94. Layne

    Great interview, filled with golden insights! One insight that resonated with me was Kris’ revelation that when she reads too many other voices, she loses her own. Amen! It’s time for me to purge some of my email subscriptions and be intentional about choosing the voices that will teach and guide me, and unsubscribing to the rest.

  95. Erin

    This was awesome ladies!! Kris, I have only dipped my toes with your work. But have to say I am so very inspired by you. Thank you for sharing yourself.
    The one big take away I have is the tweetable! Give yourself the permission to USE your voice. So interesting!! I literally got permission to want what I want about a year ago from my instructor. And forgot to give me the permission to use my voice. LOVE IT!!

  96. Thank you Marie,

    I just cannot tell you enough, how much I LOVE these videos.
    I get sooo much out of them!!!

    What I got from today’s video was how to dream & really feel all the good things happening. And then getting clear on what you want.

    BUT what was really important for me to hear was when Kris gave an example of “Getting Really Clear on What You Want”
    I have heard this phrase so many times but no one has taken the time to explain HOW.

    I can hardly wait to put this into place!
    Love always.

  97. Thanks for this interview. I learned to be patient with how long it may take to make my dream my reality. I tend to do so many things at once to get my vision income producing that I feel overwhelmed and impatient. I need to relax, stay focused, and be consistent in my actions. I have a clear vision, I just need to get it income producing.
    Yes, I am a B-schooler, and that is teaching me to put everything necessary into place to make my dream my reality.
    Thanks Marie!

  98. Joy

    I appreciate your videos and interviews. The insight for me today was giving myself permission to use my voice and to be myself. Thanks.

  99. Ashleigh

    Two of my favourites in one room *squeal* – you have no idea how many exclamation marks I want to use here 😉

    It was all gold but I love to love people and there are so many I admire so “when I look to others is the minute I lose myself” really resonated with me. While others can be the spark plugs of inspiration the fire needs to burn from within me – fairly obvious but easy to lose sight of when you’re tempted to compare. I am quicker to remind myself these days that there is only one me and I am enough. I don’t need to look like and sound like others. I give myself permission to honour my own voice.

    My cells are vibrating and I’m smiling so thanks for all the wisdom, Lovelies! (one exclamation point where merited)

  100. First of all, LOVE the dress.

    My biggest take away was about being authentic. I think people don’t always intend to emulate other people, but if you are so caught up in what other people are doing, you can lose your own voice.

    My action step is simply to make a list of all of the personality traits I like about myself, and make sure they are reflected in my marketing.

    Btw, it was Kris who introduced me to you, Marie. And now I’m a Crazy Sexy Dieting B-Schooler! As you say, boo-yah! 🙂

  101. Wow!! Loved this interview ladies. Both of you are so inspiring. I just started Kris’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet Adventure Cleanse. I’m on day 2, so I think it’s very timely that this interview came out. Marie, your interviews and videos help me sooo much, thank you for the great content!

    Lots of Love!
    Katie Hoffman

  102. loved this one! that it wasn’t a business it was from the heart and took work but effortless in a lot of ways because it was a calling I resonate with this and love this.

    my actionable is allowing my heart to be my calling and not focus on the details just yet and just keep serving.

  103. There was so much to be gotten out of this interview I need to watch it a couple more times!

    ******* Focus on only a couple of things in a day ********

    ******* I’m enough, be who I am, find MY voice *******

    Thank you Marie! Thank you Kris!

  104. Love the interview. I am about to write an email for my upcoming Rustic and Relaxing Gentle-Restorative Yoga and JourneyDance Retreat in October: and I have been wanting someone else to write it for me. Hearing Kris say that your treatable: It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.” gave me a huge boost. I am now going to write the email from my voice. My experience, why I LOVE these retreats! Why getting away from the everyday city life and into the high desert with loads of trees and kind people, tuning off all electronics, eating together as a group, talking face to face for 48 hours, being REAL in a group is so healing. Thanks Kris for and Marie for the inspiration! (really needed that exclamation point)

  105. Isabella

    This was a great interview, thank you! The idea of giving myself permission to be me was what really hit home. I feel I’ve been stifled in so many ways as to expressing who I am. Part of the reason I want to leave my career as a school teacher is that we are constantly warned not to speak, blog or do anything in our private lives that is not totally G rated as it reflects on our school/profession. It shuts down a whole part of who I am. I’ve also had the shutdown from family members who don’t want to see how I live and have been disowned by several family members for choosing friends from other cultures. Totally crazy and I’m done with it. Now my work is finding my own voice and living from the heart. Thanks for illuminating this for me!

  106. Loved this interview, Marie and Kris!

    What I gained from this was to DREAM BIG. What if you could do whatever you wanted to do? Time to go marinate in my big dreams 🙂

  107. Marie, I’m still keeping tabs on all your Marie TVs but had to stop for a moment and comment on this one. GREAT interview! You ladies totally hit this one out of the park.

    It really resonated with me because I’m close to the 8 year point in pursuing my biz/multi-passions. I can totally relate to investing every spare penny and minute in my business. I have felt for the last 1-2 years that things are about to explode big time and they are. 😉 I’ve been meaning to send you a quick update, I will do that.

    My call to action? Keep doing what I’m doing, don’t give up, because I’m really close now!

  108. me

    Nice, inspiring interview. I went to Kris’ website and posted a comment under the blog post entitled “Yes, I am a Vegetarian. No, I Won’t Shove Tofu Down Your Throat.”

  109. Angela

    Giving myself permission to use my own authentic voice.
    I need to find it first though. That is what my life journey is about hey…
    Thank you.

  110. Best insight I got in todays Marie TV episode was to be the best at being you, don’t feel like you need to be like someone else. I sometimes get led astready when I find someone who I absolutely love their style and want to be just like them, I need a good reminder that I am perfect as me and the world wants that. Loved to see Kris today on the episode, its great to see two of my fav gurus together.

    Cheers !

    • me too, me too

      I love being ME- I have to constantly give myself permission though. I come from a place of always following someone else’s rules/times/schedules… Now I am on my own and I don’t have to listen to those old voices in my head anymore.

      Sometimes that’s scary.

  111. Thank you both so very much for the amazing inspiration – I feel nourished! I’m still presently in ‘starving entrepreneur’ mode, I do visual marketing / graphic design, have been in the industry for 7+ years, but fully independent since last year, its a tough spot to be.

    I’ve been strengthening my unique voice and have recently realized I have something to say that I don’t hear other creatives bringing to the table, which would be of real benefit to business owners to know and understand. Less that two weeks ago I’ve made the decision that what I have to say can make a difference and needs to be heard, so I am going to write an e-book, first one! ( …because I don’t have enough on my plate, LOL! )

    Today’s vid was another confirmation that I CAN give myself permission, and I do.

    Thanks again and keep up the awesome teaching !

    • Inga,
      I am totally in tune with where you are in your business. I’m 7 years in with having just finished my first year full time and fully functioning.

      Different field- totally, but there isn’t anyone in my industry saying what I’m saying.

      Today was awesome wasn’t it? My voice is ready to sing with you – of course my own way/melody/industry… but together we can:)

  112. I LOVED this interview. It’s so comforting to hear that it takes TIME to build a business and she’s been through all the stressing and worrying and freaking out that I’ve been through.

    Insights that are valuable to me from this interview are letting myself freak out and having a day or two to just bounce back and that it’s OKAY to do this. And that I don’t need approval from anyone else about what I’m doing. I am me and I don’t need anyone’s okay but my own and my voice doesn’t need to vibrate with everyone and can still touch people’s hearts in a very deep way.

    Thank you Marie for this interview and post. 🙂

  113. Absolutely inspiring! I need to see role models in business like the two of you to give myself permission to keep going. Take away: keep my eye on the prize (I’m spreading the Love), be patient with my process, and I’m the only me that can do it my way. Yeah baby!

  114. Marie,
    Over blessed- that’ how I feel watching this interview. I look forward to Tuesdays in a remarkable way- yep, blah blah blah more accolades and appreciation from me to you for the awesome stuff you give every week.

    As for today’s interview. I’ll be honest, I don’t know Kris. I’m a relatively new follower of yours, but the next thing I’ll do i open a new tab and find her.

    For today- the tweetable of course-
    I have been on an ongoing adventure to, what I thought was “find” my voice. I had hinted around with “allowing” my voice, but never really settled on it.

    I sooooo want to just be ME!

    My husband and I even talk about me being “careful” about how I post things in the world because I have a business. He, on the other hand has no cares in the world and is TOTALLY himself. I have often felt jealous of his freedom, his ability to be him, and the interaction he receives.

    This interview was just terrific- I HAVE to be ME. I HAVE to get my voice out there. I DESIRE to be me and let my voice sing…

    Now, question: How do you keep from stifling? How do I banish the fears that “professional” people won’t hire me because I am me?! Gurl- I have so much soul work to do!

    thank you for today and every Tuesday!
    (yep- I’m like you, so energetic about the whole thing that the exclamation marks pop up everywhere- I purposefully took out 5 in this small post LOL)

  115. “You are so much better as yourself.” Love that!

  116. Loved this interview! (oops – need to hold back on the exclamation points). I’m so glad to hear that Kris Carr has 3 actionable items each day. Too often I make a list of 10-15 things that “need” to get done and then I start to feel overwhelmed by the end of the day when I rush to get them done or feel there just isn’t enough time. I’m going to start creating 3 Must-Do Items each day that I know I can check off my list. This will keep me productive and less stressed.

    Thanks a ton!

  117. It was eye opening for me to hear about how Kris struggled while getting her business going. I am one of those ppl who always thinks that people build a successful business overnight. It gave me motivation and inspiration to continue to move forward with my dreams and ideas. Thanks Marie and Kris!

  118. Elizabeth

    My actionable insight is to take the time to let myself dream. I am at a pause between careers and I get so focused on trying to just move forward that I have not taken the time to truly get clear on what it is I want to move towards. I will also be making my list of 3 items to accomplish today and plan to do this everyday to see how it works for me.

    Thank you Marie and Kris for being so authentic and inspiring us all to use our own unique voices!

  119. Meg

    I am exactly where I need to be, my intuition whispers that and taking it one step at a time is the way to reach my goal, I will arrive when the time is right.

  120. The biggest lesson I learned from this (above many of the gems already mentioned) is… perseverance.

  121. I love the reality check on how long it takes to create a community & an empire. We see all of these successful women and forget that they worked long and hard to get there. Ironically this makes it seem MORE doable, not less, while the overnight success story is illusive… maybe because it doesn’t actually exist!

    Love ya ladies!

    BTW I just edited out 3 exclamation points…

  122. Rae

    that was overflowing with good stuff.

    love the part about getting 3 things done a day & the permission to use your own voice.

    feeling more and more like i can TRUST in my purpose and who i was created to be instead of how much of my to-do list i can get done or what my resume says. God will never call you to do something and then not equip you to do it. right?!

    thank you for what you do!
    xo . rae

  123. Rebecca

    The biggest thing I took away from this is that there will be naysayers. My parents, ironically. It was nice hearing that you have to be resilient and tenacious in your efforts.

  124. This is magic! After watching this, I gave myself a big ol’ sassy guru talk centering around the fact that I AM ENOUGH-tears and laughter both involved. I doubt myself more than I should, more than I care to admit. That said, after watching this interview, some switch inside of me flipped. Something turned on that I now feel brighter, bolder, and more able to embrace my power. I have a tattoo that I got when I was in what might be my most sacred place in life, Hawaii, two years ago that says ‘dream out loud’. It’s full of not only beautiful script and colors but also the promise that my dreams are worth it and that I am worth my dreams. Today, I’m re-creating my story to fit my shining, powerful self. Out with the doubt! Thanks for this amazingness Marie and Kris! 🙂

  125. Emily

    Great interview. Really concise, helpful advice – particularly loved the statement about only being able to metabolise 3 action points a day. That totally makes sense in terms of the right balance of pressure, focus and enough space for inspiration/spontaneity to appear. Thank you.

  126. Hi, my name is Julie and I have an exclamation point problem!! Seriously, I loved this video and I loved seeing the relaxed way you and Kris interact. It’s obvious that you are both so genuinely YOU. The tweetable is perfect.

    I’m going to clean out my inbox today and spend more time doing, and less time reading. The idea of seeing what it is you want to do clearly and taking simples steps every day is SO helpful. I’ve been in a fog for several months, unable to figure out the next step and my husband has been so patient with me. I’m done with that – time to get clear and take action.

    Thanks for another great video Marie!

  127. Two things: first is the tweetable and second is no one can be YOU. I’m going to use these to make my blog posts better. I start to censor/edit myself as a write trying to find the perfect word and ways to say things. But really if I just write free-flow things sound OK. I’m going to start with no judgement, let the words flow, and then edit later.
    I was making a vision board recently and found myself struggling at first. I realized it was because I was judging the things I was cutting out as I went along, essentially editing myself, and it really tripped me up. When I went back to it, I gave myself the advice I gave my friends which was “don’t judge yourself, just cut out whatever speaks to you even if you don’t know how it fits into your life just yet.” It was amazing how many more things stuck out at me the second time around–even though I was going through the same magazines!

  128. AurorA

    What would my Tuesdays be without some of this always rocking amazing inspiration! Not only am I reminded to get back on my daily green juice train, but the bit on being true to my voice is something I need to remind myself of daily. We all need it. Our bodies crave that sort of goodness like the green juice. It nourishes!

    And I love the part about taking action but only a few at a time. Very helpful. I needed that too!

  129. I woke up a bit down. Listening to you today made a difference. I have a big dream and not an easy task. It’s not people telling me I’m nuts but my inner voice yet my soul is screaming out for me to do this. I won’t stop but how in the world? Chris inspired me and I think we will see more of “us” out there. I really admire you for going for it. All my blessings.

  130. Thank you for the awesome interview!

    What helped me the most in this interview was Kris mentioning to take little steps each day to nuture your dream/business.

    I just opened a Community Acupunctue & Wellness clinic less than two months ago. I’ve worked my butt off for the past 10 years completing my education & building my dream clinic.

    Now that it’s open, I’m in a whole new ball game with building my practice. I dream & have large visions, but I feel the need to do everything now. So giving me permission to let things unfold as they will & just take baby steps relieves a lot of pressure.

    Plus, as Marie said in keeping your faith when things aren’t going your way is HUGE for me! I am working on this.

    Thank You for all of your support Marie. Xo


    When I started BOBB, a nasty little demon kept saying,
    “Who wants to read your stories?”
    “You are so not funny.”
    “Do you think you have anything unique to say?”

    And I would freeze.

    But, then I realized I only had my voice.
    Hey, I would read what I had to say.
    I thought I was funny – that had to be enough.

    I believe that I can make a difference in people’s lives. My stories will give you a 3-minute vacation when you need it. The stories will make you smile, remember, sigh.

    I could only do this using my voice.

    There are other writers on my website, each with their unique voice.
    And, mine is among them.


  132. The one thing I’m taking away from this video is to BE ME!!! 😉

    yup, yup. There you have it.

    Thanks for the goods!

    Shine on Marie!

  133. What a worthy watch! Thanks ladies!

    Here’s what I found specifically fit me with such synchronicity, I can’t help but jump on that s**t:

    *I’ve been signing up for everyone’s newsletter lately – and it isn’t helping me retain my own voice (as much as I LOVE the information)…actionable step: finish writing my site COPY and THEN read the newsletters!

    Thank you again for such fantastic wisdom being shared and reminding us all we are fabulous, lovely snowflakes. I was starting to get a knot in my solar-plexus chakra and didn’t know why – now I know it’s ’cause I was unbeknowingly being a bit of a poseur.


  134. Wow, this one really hit home. Like button times a million. What really resonated with me was the advice about taking all those good feelings and day dreams about your aspirations and getting clear, and then taking action! For me, at 21, big dreamer, and just stepping into my true power this is SO helpful to know. I’m excited about putting these words into action and getting things going, woop woop! Boo yah, thank you ladies! YOU’RE BRILLIANT!
    -Much love,
    Alyssa Danielle

  135. Great interview! It takes so much pressure off knowing that I just need to listen to my heart & be myself in my business. ~ Thanks Marie & Chris!

  136. Cat

    Woah. I still feel like I’m just about to bawl. The Tweetable REALLY hit me. I spent my youth craving permission to do the things I wanted, because those things (like ballet, performing in a school show, being a cheerleader, and now, being a singer) were always contingent on parental approval…something I rarely got.
    I only recently gave myself permission to do these things, and though I’ve actually done very little toward my goals, I am so much happier in my day to day life. So, I guess the actionable piece I’m taking away from this soul-satisfying interview is the “I can only metablolize 3 things a day” idea. For me, it’s probably more like two things, but it makes the goal far more attainable for me. I’ve been slogging away at my book for over a month and for the first time, it feels like it may actually get done!
    Thank you both for rockin’ my world!!

  137. Thanks Marie & Chris.. just being my authentic self & following my heart in my business is right on!

  138. Sherri Hayter

    Great interview! My takeaway was the discussion on authenticity. Our local church has a sign up right now that says “might as well be yourself, everyone else is taken” – I think it is apropos to this interview. There is only one me in this world, time to give myself permission to show myself to the world!

  139. I learnt, to pause, take breath and give myself permission to be happy and share me with people and how I can help them. It is good to be me, I’m enough. x

  140. Gina

    Absolutely loved watching this interview. I’ve just recently finished the trifecta of breast cancer treatments. I had a slight detour in my life path and ready to get this party started and live my passions.

    Given my cancer diagnosis, my perspective on life has changed tremendously. I’ve worked in environmental conservation for years and want to take this knowledge and meld it with nutrition and health into a career. Although I have extensive skills, my knowledge in this arena is very new and I’m a bit intimidated at starting something new. Kris’s mantra “Dream Big” really resonated with me. However, I really appreciated her advice to take small steps to get to make your dreams a reality. It is so easy to get overwhelmed as I make these changes. Making sure that I keep my eye on the prize while celebrating the lil’ victories at moving forward will help me to attain my goals.

  141. I loved loved loved this video. I keep watching you Marie every Tuesday like crazy because I feel it is like meeting with a wise, sexy and fun friend that has a lot to say and to give. My lesson for today is definitively about being yourself and find the courage – because sometimes it takes courage to be “different” – to be in your own shoes and anyone else’s. It takes time, maturity and openness. It is liberating and scary especially for us women that are so good at self doubting. But then, when they are ready they kick the world’s ass. Love it! Thank you Marie.

  142. Permission. Yes. That’s absolutely it. Freedom to choose/create/radiate. Express it. Thank you for this great confirmation.

  143. Marinela Esteves

    My one insight is to imagine/feel/see that vision, but then take one or a few specific small steps. I need to make sure I remember, that i’m on track, even though sometimes I feel like i’m crawling like a tortoise! Its about small measurable steps taken each day to build momentum. 🙂 thank you.

  144. Dana

    This was a great interview. I love you both.

    The one insight that meant the most to me was the fact that we have to truly listen to ourselves. If we start tuning into everybody else, what everyone else thinks and does, we loose ourselves. Be yourself and be authentic. “When I look to other people I loose myself”. Letting yourself flow, real, vulnerable, without being a victim.

    thank you ladies!!

  145. Dawn

    I love what Marie said about being your own person… the world wants you! By the way I like exclamation points too.

    I’ve been kind of broken into pieces by looking at what others are doing in my field as an independent consultant (User Experience Design). I’m trying to deliver something along the same lines to help make me seem credible. Now I know I need to change gears. As I scramble to get things going I realize it doesn’t happen over night and I need to listen to myself. Thank you!

  146. Loved the video, as usual. The biggest takeaway for me was to use my own voice. I’ll take your word that it will make me more successful. At this point, I’ve realized, it’s just easier. I end up sounding like cardboard when I try to figure out the right “business” thing to say in copy.

    I love the interviews you’ve been doing lately. Great!

  147. Kris said something that really hit it me on my head. It was the fact that she doesn’t read a bunch of other people’s stuff or follow a lot of people – and that – when she does, she can lose her own thoughts.

    I devour everything I can get my hands on and I’m always left so confused and bewildered. My husband is scared of my reading because, when I finish a book, I run to him and tell him how I’m changing my life because of the book. (Not exactly. He’s a little over-dramatic!) Honestly though, I never thought of it that way.

    I’m going going to clean my “house” right now and remove all those that don’t add value to my mind, body or soul. I’m also going to be more selective of the books I read and not read so often (or fast) – allowing my own thoughts to align with the spirit of who I am.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! (exclamation point implied) 🙂

  148. LOVE LOVE LOVE the interview.
    Giving yourself permission to use your voice was my takeaway. I also loved Kris business advice: dream and then take action today.
    Thank you Marie and Kris!

    • Wasn’t that, awesome, Tisha? 🙂

  149. The insight that hit me right in my heart centre was Kris’ point of nurturing your own voice instead of trying to find it in others.

    While I’ve been in business for 5 years already, I still get tripped up on this one. I get caught up in old stuff about not feeling enough or less than others in my field…which just makes me smaller and stunts my business growth. I’m DONE with this cycle of hiding.

    The action I’m taking is hiring a branding coach who works specifically at helping you uncover your authentic voice. We have a meet-and-greet set up for next week. Yay!!

  150. LOVED when Kris said:

    “be in that place where your cells start to vibrate and you have that inner smile”….

    I’ve had this feeling many times in my life and that’s always when the best stuff happens for me – when I’m in that flow. That’s the sweet spot to be in for the most successful outcomes for me. Knowing and following your bliss is key!

    Awesome interview ladies!

  151. Stephanie

    The specific message that I took away was to stop apologizing for who you are and what you believe and just to “own it” because it is important to you. Very often when things get complicated it my life I feel very insulated, as if my problem is only happening to me. When people in your life don’t approve of what you are doing, it may be time to put your efforts towards those that support you….and move on. Thanks, Kris, for sharing that not everyone in your life was completely behind you. It takes courage.

  152. Though I love your videos, I am usually not much of a commenter, but this interview rocked my world! Kris Carr has proven that there is a huge demand for natural health education out there! Who can argue with the religion of veggies and green juice, it can be a spiritual experience once you start! I am in the very early stages of starting my own health revolution. When I was younger than Kris I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it was really, really bad and the doctors told me it was incurable. It took me years and years of being my own health advocate and “wellness warrior” and trial and error explorer of every alternative health treatment and diet out there. I am happy to report that I have been completely symptom free for more than 7 years after finding a healing solution that worked wonders for me. During those years I wanted to be in a healing profession. It became my life and my passion and I could talk about natural forever! But I didn’t believe I knew enough to be an expert/though leader in this field! I know a ton of women suffer from digestive issues right now and if I can make a difference in their lives I feel like I will be fulfilling my life purpose and serving in a truly meaningful way! It was beyond fascinating to hear Kris speak about her business which like mine is a heart felt mission and passion! I am so happy that she trailblazed the way and has opened up this conversation in a world that so badly needs to get back to nature, whole foods, simplicity and happiness. I am so proud to have such a dynamic colleague in a field that is so dear to my heart and I hope to impact as many women as Kris has helped with her message! Thank you so much Marie for this inspiring, behind the scenes look at this journey and process! I love you both for being such positive influencers in the world!

  153. Don’t ignore the burning tug in your heart. This is where the passion comes from, and you know it’s real. Follow that , as it comes from God, and you will be of service to others in your work but your work will never be work

  154. Wow – first I LOVE this interview, as well as your dress. (note: exclamation point withheld per Kris advice). My takeaway – the world needs my voice, and it’s time for me to let it outta the box. I’ve been squeezing myself into shoes that are 4 sizes (or more) too small. Time to get the big vision shoes out of the box and allow spirit to walk in comfort. Thank you. PS: love the new white set, too.

  155. Amazing interview..definitely my favorite so far! The biggest thing for me is fear of what those closest to me will think or do think of what I’m doing / working on. I want everyone to love what I’m doing and high five me all the time! Which is obviously unrealistic. Loved hearing that it’s not just me, and that it’s ok for relationships to suffer along the way “if it’s not right” – that got me. If it’s “right,” then that person will be supportive of you on matter what, right? Love it.

  156. Love this!!!

    I resonated with EVERYTHING! AND… picking one main focus:

    My unique voice.

    I love my passion, I love how I say it, and I love how (w/Bschool & this vid) how I can remind myself DAILY to give myself permission to USE my voice!

    Thank you to the both of you beauties!

  157. Julie

    I love all of your video interviews, this is my favorite so far, I love Kris.
    The best insight for me was about giving myself permission to use my voice. I am a natural health practitioner, I work with my husband who is also one, but I am also looking to branch out on my own and create my own thing around health. I have always struggled, even in our current business, with being myself, wanting to please others, etc. I come from a very conservative (not religious, just midwestern, lol) family and town and I find it hard to be who i want to be sometimes, I seem to drop to pleasing others, esp older people who might have known my family. Kris inspired me to really strike out on my own, I am going to take this into my new (and current) business and work to give the world more of me!

  158. Thanks for a great interview!

    I’ll be honest, it’s not often I watch a full video – with an extremely active 8 month old crawling around it’s a bit difficult staying focused for very long. However, my son enjoyed listening to your voices and stayed put for a while 🙂

    The insight I gained from this video was to be true to myself & stop looking around at what works for everyone else. I have a unique voice that needs to be heard & I need to remind myself of that. If I don’t believe in myself how can I expect anyone else to? So, thank you for emphasizing the importance of being true to yourself & giving yourself permission to use your own voice.

  159. Julie, again

    I am struck by how many commenters here talk about being afraid of what others think, and not giving themselves out of that fear.
    I say lets all start a revolution and go out and give the world our genius!

  160. Love Marie TV!
    My take-away was becoming more and more myself with my audience. Sometimes I hold back so that I am not too “over the top”. Doesn’t serve me. I need to be who I am.

  161. listening to Kris is eating an authentic sandwich…but add in Marie and I’m satisfied at every cell.

    Big vision —–> today’s actions

    this spoke to my big picture visionaire who sometimes gets overwhelmed with my wild creative inputs.

    ever grateful to all you incredible women holding the torch of self love and expression!

  162. This video was chock-full of biz bites. This is definitely a video that I will come back to again and again.

    When Kris talks about the no train and only metabolizing 3 things a day, that just made shoulders melt in elation (if that visual makes any sense). Having just finished my 11 year tenure of menswear design, I am now into week 2 of doing my blog/brand full time. Metabolizing 3-4 things a day, which includes my daily posts, really is a great work ethic and allows me to do each thing well…instead of going through my tasks like a gremlin after midnight!

    Great vid! Thanks Marie and Kris!

    oh, yeah and I need to get a handle on my exclamation points…I so need to get rid of my cheerleading bloomers 😉

  163. LOVED this interview. My favorite part was when she said “for me, when I look to other people I lose myself. The evolution was not in finding my voice, it was in giving myself permission to use my voice”…I know this touched many people as per all the comments above mine. But this is something I do struggle with, thinking who I am is somehow not enough. Marie, I love how you constantly remind us that we are all unique and have our own blend of talents and experiences that make us one of a kind.

  164. I got some amazing nuggets from this episode Marie, so a BIG Thank You! The most important takeaway I got is that like Kris, my target audience is really people like me and I no longer have to feel guilty about that.

    I no longer have to feel guilty about excluding people who may not want to wear jewelry that I currently make and that I dont need to make jewelry for everyone, but instead I can make it for cool gorgeous women like myself who want to express themselves in a unique way by their jewelry style!

    I can just keep being my fabulous self and keep making jewelry the way I want for people like me who want to wear it. I totally LOVED that!

  165. 1. I loved the lighting and the white background/chairs in this video–my favorite set yet. So beautiful and relaxing and welcoming. The 80’s throwback pinkish cloud background from the past couple of videos hurts my eyes (and I love pink).
    2. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Loved hearing how it takes time, patience, and a decade of one foot in front of the other to make it big. So true and something I don’t think successful business people stress enough.
    3. I can only metabolize three things per day. Oh, Kris, thank you for this delicious permission slip to focus on digesting a few choice morsels rather than trying to ‘eat the whole elephant’ in one day.
    Thank you, Marie, for bringing it each and every time. Your dress is stunning!!!! (And worthy of many exclamation marks.)

  166. Dawn

    Thanks for a great interview.

    I think the single most important point for me was “stop trying to be every thing for every one.” I just opened a small holistic practice and there’s so many things that I want to do that I find myself getting overwhelmed and not doing any of them as well as I could. I’ve also had a tough time deciding on a demographic because I don’t want to put limitations on who I can help. As I write this I see that it’s not about limitations, it’s about being the best I can be for those that get the most out of what I have to offer.

    Thanks for such an informative and eye opening experience.:-)

  167. Thanks so much for this Marie and Kris. I can relate to a lot of what Kris says that she faced early on, with my business, Live Well 360. I like hearing other people’s stories of how they faced adversity or challenges along the way but stayed committed to the dream despite the moments of doubt.

    I think everyone who eventually “makes it big” or however you define success, has those moments and must learn how to handle when they pop up.

    I also love what you both say about staying true to your own unique voice. I’ve actually stopped reading most other blogs for this very reason – paralysis by analysis and comparing oneself to others is such a creativity zapper and while you can get ideas from other blogs, it’s hard to not get caught up in the “I wish mine was as good as theirs” type thoughts.

  168. Allowing myself to use my voice… I like that.

    For the longest time I’ve been afraid to just be like “follow my workouts so you can look good in a bikini and short shorts!!” But since following you I realized that of that’s who I am and that is the true intention of my online training business, then I need to own that.

    I’m not here to tell granny how to do chair workouts. I’m not here to help men look like muscle heads. I’m not here to help you with your cholesterol levels (although that’s an added benefit.) I’m here to help you look and feel your best. So thank you for helping me realize that.

  169. Kandra

    The number one thing I got from this/ the thing I will carry with me is to give myself permission to be myself. I’ve suffered from social anxiety for over half my life so this i something I struggle with. Is there any affirmations or mantras i can use to help?

  170. Awesome interview. The part about being true to yourself and your vision and voice really resonated with me. I’ve found as a blogger that my posts that really give people a window to my own life and beliefs create a connection with readers and have helped to build a relationship with an online audience.

  171. I’m enough. That’s my take away. It’s been a take away for me before, but I need to be reminded. Thank you for that.

    What a great Tuesday. You two are so amazing.

  172. Jacinta

    Hi Marie, loved the interview – and the tweetable! (yes, exclamation) This interview, for me, was like a spark, you know, when you light up a fire… I have been very frustrated due to being in recovery from a concussion, and am going at the speed that my body is letting me. Though I feel like I want to just jump right in with an idea and run with it, I also feel cautioned to go slower…so watching such an inspiring interview/ video keeps the fire inside alive and also adds to the fuel that is building for my eventual take-off.
    Like what Kris says, about doing three things in a day, I can only do one thing at a time and so I give myself just one small thing to do in a day and I feel good. Some days I do nothing and I tell myself I love myself anyway : )

    I have a distance to go, but I am inspired by your positive video interviews.
    Cheers : ) Jacinta

  173. Wow stay the course, always be just you. That is so powerful & important in your own business, never lose site of who you are and don’t bring things into your business that don’t belong! Love it, thank you.

  174. I’ve been a fan of Kris Carr since the summer of 2010 when she first began Vlogging (video blogging) her genius. I think she’s just pure gold and began to video blog as well. Doing so greatly increased the number of subscribers to my YouTube channel, as well as video hits. And all I did was make a video a week and share the link with my newsletter as well as on Facebook & Twitter!

    Then I found you, Marie, earlier this Spring, (2012) and was like, whoa. Seriously off the charts. Your energy is contagious and words super inspiring.

    The blending of the two of you in the same room, having this brilliant conversation, gives me the tingles, and LOTS of energy to move forward with my project…which I was honestly just about to give up on (a hard to make enough money to qualify it as a business niche).

    I just came out with an ebook, and after all the work it took writing it, I needed a break. After watching this video, I am finally feeling the energy to move forward once again with something I am really passionate about: home birth (and birthing rights for all women, everywhere – this just might be my big “worldly” goal).

    I really appreciate both of you. Thanks so much for being such great leaders for women in this age bracket. 😉

  175. Kimberly

    Hi Marie…you always inspire me remind me that I can do anything if I believe. Thank you with all my heart.

    I enjoyed the interview and being a holistic healer and starting a new website…I can not look at other “nutrition/healer” sites. It clouds me and take my personality on a joyride. So, like Kris Carr says which is quite juicy, give myself permission to have my own voice. Love that quote, but wrote down another quote on my chalk board, “Everyone wants YOU really bad.”

  176. Juliette

    It’s a great relief to know you just need to sound your voice, and there’s no need to actually go out of your way and find it! Out of your way and off your path…
    The thought of sounding my voice is helpful and lets me take a new perspective, in speaking, but also in writing. Again and again, faith is a great friend and advisor.

  177. Love–Insight without action is worthless. I completely attest. So true. (Self help junkie confession.). But action take away: it’s in the day in day out DOING and it’s gotta come from the heart ON THE DAILY. Like Woody Allen says it’s in the showing up. So I feel reminded to take respnosibity for that. I’m in charge of the energy and faith of my business.

    By the way I was a cheerleader too and a job I had a couple of years ago had me doing a lot of correspondence with buyers, media and customers alike. I was prohibited from showing any type of emotion in my communication. I thought they were completely horrible and heartless butI have since found it was so perfect for me to have learned that. I am uber enthusiastic as well but it is a good lesson in self mastery to hold on to that energy and disperse it in a more balanced way. That way I think it reaches way more people. Not everyone enjoys an exuberant boisterous being.

    Anyway thank you for another intimate insight interview. We ate lucky to get to know the people that you do. We feel connected and that’s a powerful thing. Thanks Marie!!!

    • So true- not everyone enjoys an exuberant boisterous being… I live with one of those. We make it work, but I do reach him much more effectively when I tone it down a bit… 🙂

    • So important for me to hear that it takes time to build a business. Only 3 things a day? That’s about all I can do too but I thought I was just not up to par and that ‘successful’ people do way more than that. I deeply appreciated hearing that.

      I love the tweetable too, it’s so easy to get lost in trying to find something when really it’s right there. Makes me think of that saying: “Looking for God is like a fish looking for water”

      Absolutely loved and appreciated this video and omg, that is the prettiest dress I’ve see on Marie yet, and she has a lot of pretty dresses. 🙂

      • I never heard that before, but I love it…”looking for God is like a fish looking for water…”

        I agree, great outfit, Marie!

  178. Kris’ comment about giving herself permission to use her voice really resonates with me as I begin to pursue my own writing projects. And it doesn’t just apply to voice. It applies to everything. So much of our lives is guided by how much “permission” we give ourselves to live it.

    Keep being you!

  179. Love a Marie/Kris combo!

    Takeaway: Nothing more powerful than being yourself.

  180. That was a fabulous video. I think I was inspired to the moon and back…and then some.

    I love the message of DREAMING BIG. Then bringing it home to some actionable items.

    Thank you Marie and Kris for inspiring us all!

  181. LOVE: Insight without action is worthless. I completely attest. So true. (Self help junkie.) But TAKE AWAY ACTION TIP: It’s in the day in-day out DOING and it’s gotta come from the heart ON THE DAILY. Like Woody Allen says it’s in the showing up. So I feel reminded to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for that. I’M IN CHARGE OF THE ENERGY OF MY COMPANY AND BRAND.

    By the way I was a cheerleader too and a job a couple of years ago that had me doing a lot of correspondence with buyers, media and customers alike. I was prohibited from showing any type of emotion in my communication. I thought they were completely horrible and heartless BUT I HAVE SINCE FOUND it was so perfect for me to have learned that. I am uber enthusiastic as well but it is a good lesson in self mastery to hold on to that energy and disperse it in a more balanced way–which allows you to reach way more people.

    Anyway thank you for another intimate insight interview. We are lucky to get to know the people that you do. We feel connected and that’s a powerful thing. Thanks Marie!!!

  182. It’s funny that we need a permission to be ourselves. .. For me the absolute gem was “You are enough…” That is so profound.

  183. Although I’ve been a fan and a loyal viewer for some time, this is my first comment! This morning when your site crashed I thought, “I bet the Marie Forleo/ Kris Carr combination blew the circuits!” That is a great breakdown to have; it means one hells of a lot of us are hungry for what you both have to say! Thank you for the difference you make!

  184. Marie, I met you through Tony Robbins (The New Money Masters)…or something like that. I met Kris through my search for health. It doesn’t surprise me that you are connected. Kris Carr is my hero, not only for how she has approached cancer and brought it back to help others….but for her ability to tell the most boring and icky information in such an entertaining and sweet way. I love reading her books. (I have told writers that I want my stuff to be easy and entertaining to read like Kris Carr’s) The other thing I love about both of you is that you give your “people” so much more than you are required to. When we buy a program or a book…it is like our birthday…but then you throw in Christmas and Easter presents too! There is no way that I could ever be either of you. I am older than you…and pretty straight laced and if I said @#$& no one would laugh…lol, my family only hears me say it on the golf course…and it doesn’t bring happy vibes. You are cute and sweet and good and a little raunchy…I would just look like a sleazy old broad, so you don’t have to worry about me copying you in that way. I do think that you are both amazing business people and you have put yourself in a position to teach others how to approach this internet industry in the right way. I admire the (is there a limit on wordiness here)…..sorry, I have done a couple things and gone back and looked at it…or seen something of yours that is very similar to mine…and I know you aren’t copying me. So, I think you are modeled, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. It is because you do it well and it stands out and you also put yourself out there as mentors. I am at the point now…that Kris talked about…where I am not getting paid and I am putting my own (immense amount of) time and money into it so that everyone who is working for me keeps on working and does get paid. Luckily I have another business that is profitable. I KNOW that the work that I am doing with this new business offers the world something that it needs badly…so I am going to keep doing it. I have had glimpses of profit and future abundance. So thank you. I enjoyed every word that was spoken today. AND…I get the vibrating cells…that is what gets me doing the monotonous stuff and keeps me in business. (LOL…this is good…I didn’t have time to finish my 750 words this morning…I think this may put me over the top)…any way…thank you Marie! I was so excited to see your guest was Kris Carr today! (I have given her book to 10 people with cancer)….and…one of my …no #1 on my list of big shots to woo was Kris Carr…if you are reading this…will you please contribute a recipe for my recipe book to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association? [email protected]…there, I learned, always bring it back around to my project! Thanks!!!

  185. Hi Marie and Kris! Amazing Interview!
    I’m planning my to do list with JUST 3 projects in a day an having more faith!


  186. Hi Marie, Long time listener, first time commenter here. Love, love, love what you do – and greetings from a rainy, London summer!

    There was lots of juicy goodness in this episode (thank you so much Kris – so much food for thought!) but what is resonating the most for me is to do with finding clarity. I’m, to use your oh-so-apt turn of phrase, multi-passionate. But I’m finding it hard to decide what out of all the things I do, which one to focus on. I guess I need to draw back a bit more and see what the purpose is which unites all the things I’m interested in. I do have that in part, but it’s not all totally clear yet.

    The thing is, being multi-passionate but not having clarity is giving me “option paralysis”. I’m not sure what to focus on, so I end up focusing on nothing, doing little bits of some things and nothing on others.

    I think if I can find the clarity then that should help me focus and move forwards with everything. So I guess what I’ll be doing next is looking for resources to help me achieve that clarity. Any suggestions for a craft educator and writer with too many ideas and not enough time to implement them all?!

    Take care, and thanks again.

  187. J Morrow

    Love today’s episode. I actually didn’t know Kris Carr so nice to meet her and hear about her business. I think its so true that it has to come from a place of in your heart or else it will dissipate as soon as it gets rough. When it comes from your heart you keep going because you know its right.
    And loved the giving permission to use YOUR voice.

    Thanks ladies!

  188. Tiffany

    I love how she says to be yourself… When I read other people’s work, it all seems perfect, funny, witty and amazing and I have a hard time letting myself find my version of that… and not comparing myself to others…
    I guess it’s just finding “your” voice and going from there!!!

    It was a great interview!!! Love you both…

  189. Patricia

    Hi Marie,

    Great interview with Kris Carr. One of several lessons I took from this interview is to “trust” my own “voice” and use it.


  190. Okay, Marie, gotta say that this is my fav video to date! Yeh, I know, I say that about all of them. But this is MY thang! I have turned my pain into my purpose and now I work with other women to help them do the same. I had to tweet this video and add it to my brand new Facebook page. It was awesome! Thanks for all you do! You rock! Exclamation point… exclamation point… excla-freakin-mation point!

  191. LOVE this interview. Way to keep it real ladies. There were actually two insights that impacted me. 1) To give myself permission to use my own voice and 2) To stop thinking I’m not enough, that people want me, what I have to share so badly. This was liberating and empowering to hear from Kris. Many thanks for all you do. You are a blessing to the world – Marie and Kris. Much aloha 🙂

  192. Like the discussion of money as it relates to the projects over time. Sounds like there were ups and downs and conscious decisions at various points. Really like the allowing our voice part (not finding our voice) and how we should be our unique selves.

  193. Yeah Marie! Absolute fave video so far….so inspiring, so juicy, soooo good. I’ve been on the crazy sexy train for a minute now so Ms. Karr is no stranger to me. I totally agree with you that remembering how special our own voice is so crucial. In fact I was immediately flooded with ideas of how I can bring more of that into my communications with my peeps. However my own personal hallelujah moment was when Kris said “It’s your time and you have to own it.” It was in regards to being interviewed, but I see it applying to LIFE and our respective businesses. I actually say this in my song BlackFolkRockStar, and yet it’s so much more affirming to hear it from the lovely and sassy Kris Carr. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  194. Amy

    wonderful advice – do 3 things a day…my to-do list just got shorter! I know I try to do too many things at once, this will allow me to focus & prioritize what needs done and what can wait…having a day job, I try to come home and do a ton of biz stuff, and then burn out….no more…

  195. Thank-you so much Kris & Marie. I have a contemporary jewellery business and whilst the design flourishes I’ve been struggling to find my own voice in interviews and in written form. Your interview has helped me to understand that I have been reluctant to share my own voice as it is more spiritually inclined and I fear that people won’t take my label seriously. I’ve just realised that’s what makes my label unique and special.
    Love & Magic (!)
    Nicole x

  196. Marie – thank you SO much for introducing us to Kris on such an awesome & more intimate level! I love her spirit! 🙂 My favorite was the tweetable and the discussion on women’s voices, for sure. (I promise not to use any more exclamation points. lol.)

    I have felt like the phrase “find your voice” has been over-used for quite some time. I LOVED what Kris emphasized about giving yourself permission. I think this is extremely difficult for women and especially women entrepreneurs when they’re first starting out.

    Not only is there one expression of us in all time (thanks for that quote, Martha Graham), but there is also a group of people (who knows how large?) waiting on that ONE expression. Each and every woman and woman entrepreneur has an expression of herself that is unique and can literally alter the life of another. My heart & passion is to help women “step right up” into it, and assertively hand it out.

    Beautiful video, Marie. 🙂 Love, love, love…

  197. Thanks for this video upload! One thing that stuck out for me is to be totally clear on what it is I want and break it down. Then it becomes easy to put it together… start with the flour in order to make the cake! Blessings!

  198. Loved the interview! Action items for me: unsubscribe to those newsletters that are filling up my in box! Yikes! Keep my mind clear and creating my OWN vision. I am enough. I am unique. I’m giving myself permission to be heard.

  199. My favourite quote has always been:

    “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

    Yet sometimes it’s really hard to not get sucked into to trying to be someone else or trying to resonate with everyone. Thanks to sexy Kris that lesson on being your own beautiful unique self got hammered home again for which I’m thankful


  200. Ahh, the perfect synchronicity of much needed messages. *Thanks universe, heard ya loud ‘n clear*

    “When I look to others, is when I lose myself” – damn Kris, I love that quote.

    #1 Action from today – Give love and space to my inner critic through kindness and a deep breath so she can stay calm in the background while I get on with my life’s work. Amen.

  201. I loved this interview.

    The best insight I got was “be you; bring to life that special gift you have for the world”.

    Thank you Marie and Kris. This just came in the most perfect timing. Love you both big time. Big hug from Peru.

  202. It did my mind and soul good to be reminded that there was time, long times of hustle when no one knew what you were doing and you just gotta hustle and do the good work until something pops. That was very much what I needed to hear.

  203. At 20:23 is my favorite nugget. You say it differently than I do, but it’s the same premise: “having the ability to endure the extra mile.”

    Success is not about the race to finish line. It’s about showing up every day and doing good work when you do.

    I’ve been following my calling to help others get back their life spark and have been met with as much resistance as I’ve been embraced.

    Either way I feel blessed to have the level of consciousness to know I’m doing exactly what I was born to do. And even though I fight the beast of worry and anxiety every day, I know that the challenges cannot break me. They’ll only make me stronger.

    Thank you Marie and friends! You’re truly ACE!

    <3 ya!

    Berni Xiong (shUNG)
    "The Shin Kicking Life Spark"

  204. Samantha Letoile

    Tkae it one piece at a time! Dream the big dream but do the work, small steps, to get you there. Feel how great it feels, but also be prepared to focus on wht needs to be done.

    I get very overwhelmed by my passion and dreams that I stumble when trying to determine where to start, which then has me either not starting anything OR starting many things and finishing none. Pick 3, and go forward.

    Awesome stuff, thank you so much!

  205. Thanks for sharing this video. What I got out of the video that most impacted me is the statement that Kris made about it is okay to be who you are don’t try to be someone else. I was editing a book that I am going to be publishing in a few weeks today and was thinking I wish it was more profound or something like that and thought about sending it to another editor. The editor I am working with makes corrections, but she allows my voice to shine through. She doesn’t completely re-write my work. After hearing Kris’ statement I am good with accepting me where I am at this stage in my career. Blessings to the both of you, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  206. Melisa

    OMG!!!!!! You ladies are A-mazing!!!! (There is a couple of exclamation points in there for each of you). You are both smart, articulate, authentic, beautiful women.

    What I learned: Use my own voice, which is always a struggle for me. I know I have one and I know I have intelligent things to say but I am also a bit quirky and I’m not sure that everyone will get me. Taking action: As I move forward with my business and blog I will write from the heart and not write what I “think” people want to hear.

    A big THANK YOU to you both.

    P.S. I love, LOVE everything you are BOTH wearing. Kris those are some awesome shoes and Marie, that dress is fabulous. Hot damn.

  207. I loved the piece about VOICE and giving yourself permission to use your voice. I think that there is a spiritual piece to my voice that is yet to come. The idea of speaking with my true voice is exciting and scary, and it will probably take courage to do so! And that exclamation point was for you, Marie.

  208. It was amazing hearing how long it took Kris to build a business. I also resonated with her not starting with it as a business but a movement. I struggled for some time with not seeing quick results. I thought something was wrong with me, but now I have a better perspective on how to grow my passion organically.

  209. I so love the idea of being totally yourself. So, so love it! There is this clarity and truth that comes through when we are being ourselves that is NOT there when we are busy “being” someone else because we think that’s just how it’s done. I’ve been toying with having my online videos starting off with “Hey y’all!” but haven’t done it because for 1) I’m not from the South, 2) I’m not Paula Dean and don’t want to be Paula Dean and 3) I’m a serious gal with a serious business. But you know what? I ALWAYS say “hey y’all” to all my friends. And it’s me. So I’m doing it.

    Thank you to you both. You are so lovely and so seriously beautiful inside and out.

  210. The insight I gained today spurs from hearing about how Kris was spent every last dime she had into her passions. I personally have done the same and it has been paying off. Our Record Label Both Records is flourishing and though we are still a very new company things are looking up. Even though I have my down days where I am frustrated and like Kris may want to yell at the trees I get though the challenges and push forward.
    My own saying is “Be found and go for it” this taps on how giving your permission to use your voice like Kris said is so important. Yet in order to give yourself permission you much find your voice and have enough faith to dive in. It was nice to hear her talk about how she had to work on figuring out her own life to get to know her self better. Now she has got it down being herself and I love that about her and YOU. So inspiring. Keep shining on and I have been sharing ideas with Louise from RHH live too. I hope to be able to go to this years RHH Live. Great interview and shine ON.

  211. Thank you so much for this episode,

    I think for me my biggest takeaway was staying hyper-focused on my vision, even though I am at the beginning phase of my business and it sometimes feels like things aren’t moving “fast enough”. It’s great to hear that, indeed, it takes time for the ball to really get rolling and for the snowball effect to happen.

    You ladies being totally real about this is beyond helpful. I feel like there is so much talk about building a 6 or 7 figure biz in just 6 months, etc….it’s refreshing to hear another viewpoint that says “hey, sometimes it’s uphill for awhile…just stay the course and it will unfold.”

    This inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing, come from a place of purpose, and trust, trust, TRUST! 🙂


  212. I LOVED this video. I’m going to watch it again!
    My biggest take away was that tweetable comment Kris made about giving yourself permission to let your voice be heard. As a vegan blogger and health coach I’ve struggled with the thought that my voice is not good enough, so let me see what so-and-so is doing because maybe that’s what I need. I feel like a teenager going through an identity crisis at times. When Kris said she doesn’t subscribe to a lot of other newsletters because she loses herself, that really resonated with me. I too often get lost in what I think are the gifts of other people. How am I going to find my voice and let it be heard?

  213. Every week I say this, and every week it’s true: This was the best episode of MarieTV to date. To me, Kris Carr is the ultimate; she really is. This woman alone inspired my healing journey and desire to build a business based on holistic service. In many ways, I owe her everything. Thank you, Kris for being no one other than yourself. You are pure gold, sister. The biggest take away that I got from this video was exactly that: Be yourself and no one else. I am so glad that you guys addressed this because I could totally relate and still can to feeling like I have to be a replica of Kris, Marie, Danielle, etc… However, with each passing day, I grow to love myself and what I bring to the table a little more, and that is the gift. Keep on inspiring, ladies! I can’t wait to see more episodes like this one from you.

  214. My greatest takeaway is that even those with worldwide popularity and recognition have been through the crazy sexy struggle to “make it” that is part of the epic yet long journey. Hold the vision – know your message and what you stand for – and do something every single day toward activating your new reality. Hooray for perseverance! 🙂

    Love & sincere appreciation to you both.

  215. So grateful to be reminded that sometimes, even our closest friends, family, etc. may not be our avid supporters and we can/will/do continue to dream big and take action in spite of it! It invigorates me to stay committed to my dream, be me, and do it!

    Love both of you. Thanks for the great interview.

  216. Debra Evans

    Marie, I’m probably not the first to say that you’re like the Oprah of the entrepreneurial business world…a deeply joyous inspiration. I love seeing your evolution.

    I loved every radiant second with you and Kris, but the thing that’s standing out for me right now is the part about getting laser focused on what I’m here to do right now and take those daily, perhaps measurable steps. I’ve got a LOT of irons in the fire working with others to write their books (an extraordinary process, for sure). But I’m running a spiritual fever inside with the desire to offer the workshops, trainings, and books of my own that have been gestating for so long.

    I’ll re-watch the video to keep me moving in the right direction.

    in gratitude,

  217. My biggest take-away(and there were so many) was the part when Kris talks about allowing yourself to dream big, and journal and see yourself in those shoes and then come back and work on what you can do right now. I’m a head in the clouds kinda woman, and I struggle sometimes with doing too much, or planning to do too much, and rationalizing and taking the validity away from my dreams. I realize that my habit of dreaming is a great quality I have, and I just need to balance it out by expressing it then letting it go to faith and keep hustling on the things I can do right now…

  218. I am going to stop trying to metabolize twelve things in one day because I feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished! Instead, I’ll start with two or three.

    Also, I’m going to let my voice shine. I often doubt my voice and stop myself from publishing my materials. It’s all about confidence and self-belief. Does anyone have any suggestions for handling this?

    Thanks! xoxo to the Marie Forleo community!

  219. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, Marie! I was so excited when I read in the e-mail update that your guest would be Kris Carr! I think you are both amazing women who I admire a lot!

    There were so many good things to take away, but I think the biggest thing for me was to learn that you are both sensitive people who allow yourselves to cry when you are having a rough time. I know this will help, but I have a difficult time with it because I’ve always had this idea about needing to stay strong and not show my vulnerable side. I think I am getting much better, and starting to let go, but it is still something I feel I need to work on to grow and allow myself to be who I am.

  220. Priscille

    My biggest takeaway: I have to stop using so many exclamation marks!!!!!! (Ooops, I’m not quite there yet, am I!)

  221. Wow – what a great interview – I really got that it takes time but you have to have a BIG VISION for what (and why) you’re doing.

  222. This video was so inspiring. Thank you so much I have listened twice.
    Kris is lovely and good on her to be making it big. What I remember most is her advice on doing just three things a day – it is so easy to go off into dreamland doing thousands of things – the idea to focus and the three things to do a day is very very good. Again thanks.

  223. That’s a lovely interview Marie.

    Every once in a while i’m stuck in DoubtMeLand because my field can be a bit crowded. So I do wonder if my voice is “good enough” to stand proud & tall amidst the crowd.

    Your interview with Kris was just what I needed to hear today. Lots of love to you, Kris & your community.

  224. Katia Palacios

    This was amazing as usual but I a little bit more special because I love Kris Car she is such an inspiration. What I got from the video is what she said about giving ourselves permission for our own voice to come through, When I try to be original I get so lost because I forget to trust my inner me I tend to think what I have to say is not good enought to voice it and share it with other people. Thank you for the reminder!

  225. Marina

    Before watching this interview I had never heard of Kris Carr. Blasphemy, I know!
    I am so glad my friend Rachel Luna introduced me to Maria. My takeaway from this interview is that I am enough. That MY voice is IMPORTANT.
    I know now that I need to sign up for the next B-school.
    I can’t wait!

  226. So loved to hear what it’s really like. And that you’re human. And living big anyway.

    Real. Honest. Beautiful.

  227. Sharon

    Such an awesome interview and hearing from two wonderful women that changing the world. I love this show!! Thank you Kris Carr for so much wisdom you shared. 3 things i got are:

    1. You’re just letting yourself flow- being so real and being you makes a difference
    2. Give yourself permission to use your voice- I believe that God has given us all the talent and gift that we can use if we just allow ourselves to use it.
    3. You are so much better as yourself, stop saying to yourself that you are not enough- yes I am enough

    Thank you so much. It’s really empowering.


  228. Vanessa

    Aaaahhhhh! A video with two of my favorite people…..awesome:)

    The biggest tidbit I took away from this lesson was to remember that “I am worth it”. It’s so easy to get side tracked and play the ‘so-many-other-people-could-do-this-so-much-better-than-me’ game. It takes a strong heart and courage to tell yourself that you ARE worth it.

    Also, the bit about giving yourself permission to use your voice…golden. That really struck a cord with me. The last few months I’ve been focusing a lot on “finding my voice”, but I love the reframe here; you voice is already there inside you waiting to sing. We just have to love ourselves enough to allow ourselves to sing our song:)

    Thanks, dolls! You kick ass:)

  229. Can I just tell you how excited you make me? SO EXCITED! You’re my peeps and I love your messages, enthusiasm, support and teachings to help people be their best ‘them’ possible. Don’t ever stop – EVER!!! Too many exclamation points, I know 🙂

  230. I first have to say, I love, love, love looking forward to your videos every Tuesday. I make sure to take my 15 minute break, grab a snack and watch the awesomeness that ensues.

    What I have learned from this video is to be myself. Just being myself and believing in my brand is what will get me further in my business then trying to be someone I’m not.

    Thanks as always for the awesome insight. :))))

  231. I love at the 10:27 mark “It’s really cute what you’re trying to do…” but try and get a real job. I can totally relate to this now so its great to have a guest who can talk about the early phases.

  232. liz

    Love this video I learned that you have to “give your voice permition to talk”

  233. I love Kris and her inspiring vision of self-reliance and strength. I think the biggest take-away for me today is to stay true to your self, even when people are negative about it. I don’t often hear negative comments about my work as a designer, but last month I was exhibiting at a show when an older couple came by, admiring some pieces. The man said “these are nice, too bad the designs are so wacky and stupid” and they walked off! Ouch. Gasping, I thought, “Jeeze old man, I’m right HERE!” 🙂 But you know, they are not my audience, and that’s ok. Finding who you are probably helps to find who your best audience is, as well.

    Thanks Marie for another great episode!


  234. Adrien Plavsic

    You guys are great together!
    The things that struck me the most is about being yourself which i feel has led me into becoming a life coach.

    The funny thing is at the age of 42 and going through a divorce, my wife thinks i lost my marbles but i never felt better emotionally even with all these changes going on. I found the courage to be me and i feel i am on my way to bigger things!

  235. The really helpful insight I got from this fabulous interview was that it can take a long time for the business to “pop” and that that’s OK. Oh, and, not so much with the exclamation points!

  236. Girls,
    the content is supersexy like always, That is not what I want to talk about.
    What i want to talk about is: Your LOVE blew me from my chair while watching. You are LOVE agents from the universal superchange experts team. Start with love and end with love. You did it! I love you girls and you make me smile happily !

  237. Barbara

    Yes! One can’t be all things to all men….unfortunately. It’s like spreading the butter too thin. Load it on thick and yummy in the place where you’re gonna take the biggest bite.

  238. Loving the media strategy tip – Keep the focus of the interview on the product you are pitching not just the reporter/interviewers interests. That’s a big one to keep in mind!!

  239. Jessica Scheer

    I loved this video! I really admire both you and Kris and need to remember to be true to my voice!

  240. this was such an inspiring interview! thank you! loved all of the talk on meltdowns, resilience, and focus on helping others. but the bit of your chat that really hit home for me… was kris saying she can take 3 things a day…sometimes i feel bad that i can’t handle more, but i’ve realized if i focus on too much each day, i’m really not being productive on a whole and it’s not good for me on a wellness level.

  241. I’m so grateful Marie mentioned that part about her Intuition being also her ‘achilles heel’.

    I feel exactly the same way. My sensitivity allows me to spot things others’ can’t, but it also makes me ‘Feeeel’ the naysayers to the extent where I feel completely knocked out sometimes! It’s like an emotional hangover and I have sometimes needed 2-3 days to get back to feeling myself again! I think 2-3 days is unsustainable when running a company though so I tend to then feel bad about the 2-3 days ‘wasted’ then also! (Good times all round!!)

    I’m working on it though – I try to do only menial tasks on those days or if possible take one whole day out for a complete change of scenery and go somewhere like the beach.

    It’s a work in progress!

    My big takeaway: Serious relief to hear even Forleo has days like that too!

    I abso love Kris Carr too – Thanks this interview I’m Juicably Converted!!

    Kris’s mention of disowning a family member as a result of living her truth and starting Crazy Sexy reminded me of Mastin Kipp’s story about ‘Breaking up’ with his parents.

    He said “to be truly self-actualized you have to be free of the good opinion of other people (and that includes your parents).”

    I so Love how Forleo herself and her gang of interviewees are all about Serving People / the world / a higher purpose!


  242. The 1 thing I got, because there were so stinking many!! Is that “no one can be me, i got that ish on lock!”. It speaks to never having to worry about replications of my brand and my movement because there is only one me. I bring something very unique and special to the forefront that can’t be duplicated. Thank you!

    Great interview. thanks.

  243. You both shine, no doubt, but especially together. What I got, truly, is watching two genuine women exchanging energy and information in a loving, supportive way. I am inspired by Who you both are being in the world. We are what we surround ourselves with, and I am choosing to surround myself with good things- this conversation was one of them. Thank you!

  244. What a great interview. It’s amazing how when we are open to receiving, the universe always gives us exactly what we need, when we need it, and I needed to hear the reminder to be myself.

    I often times return to the old thinking that tells me I am not good enough, that someone else is better, and this thinking keeps me very small.

    I loved the comment Kris made about being really good at being herself, she’s got that s*** nailed down. I’m REALLY good at being me, and if I can remember to be connected to ME and not who I think I’m supposed to be, or who others want me to be, or who others are being, then I will excel.

    If I continue try and be someone else and do what they are doing I will always feel inadequate, a step behind, trying to play catch-up and never really fulfilled.

    Thank you for an awesome interview and the inspiration you continue to provide women to be the best they can be.

  245. Heyy,

    Loved this vid so much! So many insightful tips, as always. Two of my fav success stories! Love you both. You inspire me so much I can’t even put it into words. Love love love your work 😀 The tweetable was amazing!

  246. Holly

    What really stood out to me was that when she started listening to other people, she would loose her own voice. That has happened to me so much. How validating to give yourself permission to have your own.

  247. Awesome teaching yet again. Had a very rough week in business and very nearly threw in the towel yesterday…until I sat down with a cup of tea and had me some MarieF time. Got back into my shop with new-found energy today and that energy got my staff super positive. Had a long discussion with them about our goal of the business ect – keeping the eye on why we started this initially.
    So thanks for keeping me motivated!

    • You keep join Estie. It sounds to me that you have exactly what it takes to be successful. And a cool boss to boot.

  248. another awesome video. yesssss. the major take-away (there were many) was to own what i know about me and what i do best without any apologetic, people pleasing, validation-seeking silliness. in moving forward, i’m ignoring the naysayers and honing in on my turn of phrase and powerful intuitive guidance.

  249. I love hearing you two talk about authenticity. I don’t have to cut parts of myself off to fit into a box and I also don’t need to grow by feeding off of someone else to fill a box. Thanks!

  250. Valerie

    I am just starting to watch your videos, and LOVE them. There is big transition happening in my life right now. The most inspiring thing I picked up from this video was Permission to use my own Voice. I have yet to really define what it is I want to do, but I really want to get started doing it.

    Thanks for the inspiration today!

  251. Marie Lauridsen

    I love the simplicity in it all. It feels calming to mee, though not nessecarily easy. I took notes about: Clarity.One step at the time. And FEELING good…your whole interview is soo juicy and goood-feeling. Uhm..LOVE it. Thank you both for being you. Love the feeling of wanting to be ME<3

  252. Jennifer

    What an incredible video this week (as with every other Tuesday) full of juicy words to think about for the rest of the week. There were indefinitely a lot of ‘aha’ moments, however the greatest insight I received out of this was not only the importance of dreaming big but to return to the here and now, to tackle the present moment and maintaining focus on no more than three things at once. This really resonated with me, as I am currently smack in the middle of a massive transition stage, graduating at the end of this month  from a one year program in holistic nutrition and having all of these doors suddenly open. It’s amazing, overwhelming and exciting all at once. Thank you to you both for continually inspiring me after all of these years to stay true to myself! (a total necessary ‘!’) 

  253. I have just returned from a motorcycle vacation to visit friends and family. During the trip I was trying to share all the new insights I have been learning from Marie and Kris. I got in response, “that is nice” and “good for you” and “I could never run a business” and many blank looks.

    After watching this video I am now even more determined to find my voice and continue looking for the business that will allow me to help people in my own unique way. My friend’s and family’s responses seem to prove that I am unique and that I do have something to share with the world – that I am one of the ones who are different.

    I’ve had my eyes wide open looking for a “business” and with Marie’s advice I decided to take action and start a website and a blog my passion. As a result of that – a company has asked me to be their ambassador for heated motorcycle clothing!

    I don’t really know what this will mean for a business for me – but I know it is a step in the right direction and action towards building a life and business that I love!

    Thank you once again,
    Tammy Perry

    • Hi Tammy

      Thought I’d let you know about a dear friend of mine. Her name is Sherri Jo Wilkins and she is currently living her dream of riding around the world on her motorcycle solo. She left from Australia, been through parts of North Asia, most of Europe and is now in Sth America. Her blog is

      Hope you enjoy it.

      If you contact her, tell her Clare from Australia sent you 🙂

      • Tammy Perry

        Thank you Clare! I lived in Brisbane for a few months back in 92-93. Love Australia!

  254. Jen Shultz

    I loved it! What called to me was simple: be yourself, not anyone else. I find as I begin my new business and take my baby steps I start thinking about how I can BE someone who has already “made it.” However, when I do that, it takes me out of the game. So, no more trying to be someone else or trying to do what they do. For now on, its me, me, me and, me. BRING IT!

  255. I agree with what other people said, it’s so refreshing to see two confident amazingly talented and beautiful women. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.

    What really resonated with me was that it took a lot of time and money to build the business. It wasn’t an overnight thing. That helps me stay grounded and keep moving forward. I think more than anything, I love hearing about the struggle. It makes the dream ever more rewarding.

  256. Thanks sooo much Marie and Kris – awesome interview.

    You know what I loved most about this vid is something quite simple –

    I loved seeing the genuine camaraderie and mutual love and respect between the two of you. How nice is it when you meet a kindred spirit who you love AND who can teach and help you as much as you help them.

    Bought a twinkle to my eye

  257. Three things a day – and do them well. Gold!

  258. Emma Gwillim

    “When I look to other people is when I completely lose myself” – I loved this nugget from Kris.

  259. *Love it* Thank you Marie for bringing on Kris – what an inspiration and energy.! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  260. My favorite frame….giving yourself time to really dream big….I find it easy to get overwhelmed with the ‘to do’ lists and not enjoy the dream and desire enough. Thanks Marie and Kris!

  261. Hil

    Thoroughly enjoyed today’s video – especially the tweetable.
    Your own voice & giving yourself permission are SO important.
    Some parts of watching today were quite challenging…imagine yourself in my shoes…I had one spaniel (Cyd) sprawled across my lap & was throwing a rubber duck for my other spaniel (Dave). Great fun had by all.

  262. Chi

    Hey Marie!

    Kris said “I cannot metabolize more than three things/day!…”
    I feel like I have a sense of what Kris meant when she said that but would like to know if you can elaborate on that a bit, because for someone like me who consumes an abundance of info on a daily basis, I think that insight was meant for me?

    • Hey Chi,

      I know exactly what you mean, I’m constantly absorbing information and I think it definitely gets to overload status.

      The lesson I’m learning at the moment is quality over quantity. I think what Kris is trying to say is that she can only really achieve or take on 3 important things a day. So whenever you find yourself overwhelmed by information or your to do list, perhaps take the 3 most important things and focus on those. Everything else is noise.

      I know I’m not Kris, but I hope that helped 🙂

  263. Oh, I’m so grateful to both of you for this video! I heard so much that really helped me. I can’t actually pick just one favorite frame/point, so here are my tops:
    1) When Kris said she doesn’t read a lot of other people’s newsletters and that when she looks to other people is when she loses herself – this was a lightbulb moment for me, and the action I’m going to take from it is to unsubscribe from a bunch of the lists I’m on.
    2) The practice of taking a walk in the morning and feeling the desires, dreaming about wouldn’t it be fun if, and then asking what specific 3 things you can do TODAY – and the accompanying comment from Kris that she can only digest/process 3 things today. Thank you! So I’m going to try both of these practices.
    Overall I got a clear message about simplifying and clearing mental space for MY voice to develop and come through, which I REALLY needed to hear. And I had a lot of aha’s this week about things I’ve been doing that clutter my mental space, which I can start to clear out and become a clearer channel for my own voice. Amen, sisters! Thank you!!!!!

  264. What I found most interesting is the comment about not subscribing to many newsletters (outside sources) to maintain her own voice. In my writing and work with individuals, I struggle with the pull of trying to remain true to myself with my own voice and at the same time wanting to learn from the successful folks out there.

  265. What was so beautiful to watch was the genuine support, admiration, humility, grace and friendship between the two of you… Your honesty is refreshing and your compassion about your journey is an inspiration. Thank you for the great work you both do and the HUSTLE and LOVE you have to share it with so many.

  266. The nugget I got from this interview today was to just be myself. I had been contemplating a new project and it wasn’t sitting 100% right with me. I realised half way through this video that it’s because it wasn’t 100% me. A couple of little tweaks and I am super excited to start. Thanks to you both for the amazing insight.

  267. val

    I loved the “I can only metabolize on thing a day”. That is a huge insight for me – how related the body is to the energy of the work and how they both must be cherished. The penny just dropped…..

  268. The one piece that really spoke to me was when Kris said to know your demographic, “get really clear about what you want”. I teach yoga to adults and children and I often struggle with how to engage men in my classes. After watching this video it made me realize that I should be focusing on the demographic that is working for my business and market to them. Thank you! Great interview.

  269. Thank you so much! Beautiful interview and so much insight! I’m so empowered by Kris’ advice to 1) Be myself, 2) Focus on helping others first 3) Do 3 actionable things each day towards that goal.

    I’m on it! Thank you!

  270. Long time listener, first time commenter.
    Like how you have updated your production – looks great and really helps keep the focus on you and your guest.

    The one thing I got out of this interview was when Kris talked about “Little Actionable Steps”. This has been on my mind lately and the approach I need to take to get my business launched. Ideas are great, but one must take steps toward the goal. Thanks for reinforcing the idea with me.

  271. I have been a fan of Kris for years, ever since my close friend got breast cancer (and survived–no doubt thanks to uplifting assistance from Kris!)

    I liked the insight about just using your own voice and not trying to imitate the communication style of other successful people. Kris is sooo charming when she titles her newsletter: “Light Warriors!” or “Heart Singers!” or whatever she calls us, just as Marie can somehow get away with calling everything “juicy.” But I have been around a few circles overlapping with these ladies and when everyone starts talking like this, it can just come across as inauthentic.

    I pretty much would never call someone a “Sun Surfer” (ala Kris Carr) but I’m glad she is out there to do it! And she had gained my trust to call me that. 😉

  272. The thing I took away from this is how Kris came up with the money to go what she does… being financially secure FIRST, having your own assets and money resources is key. If you are someone (like me) who is self employed, a writer, a consultant and a single mom, to be able to afford being a successful entrepreneur is challenging w/o the money to invest.

    I love Kris, she indirectly helped me with my on healing journey and now I’m hooked into MarieTV.

  273. I finally had a chance to finish watching this video–really great stuff. My takeaway from this is to speak with your own voice. I struggle with this as I’ve spent years looking to others to form my opinions and not giving myself enough credit for my own insight and views. Now, I speak from my heart–oftentimes with my hands–and let the naysayers have their say, which mostly just fuels the fire for my own growth. Thanks for this..

  274. Vanessa

    So thank you Kris for your sharing inspiring life and words. Very appreciated 🙂

  275. Kristen Suzanne

    I loved this and took lots away. The two things that stand out are:
    1) the nugget of keeping the message on point for interviews. I have a slew of them lined up next week for my new book and this tip will be great.
    2) Permission to use my voice. I have the passion of a cheerleader and the mouth of a truck driver. Sometimes I feel like I have to reign it in but I don’t want to anymore. 😉

  276. It’s ironic, since I’ve spent the entire last week unable to talk over a silly little cough. And I know it’s something deeper than just catching a chill!! When you’re aware of what’s really going on inside of you, you can see with more clarity what you’ve been holding back, and then take those steps to shift and move forward.
    What I’m taking from this is… more proactive, loving communication. Trusting my ‘voice’. And BELIEVING. Put it out there heart and soul, and trust that what you’re doing is building now and for the future.

  277. Dear Marie and Kris, I love you.

    That interview was so powerful and had so many amazing jewels of wisdom. I love the fact that Kris talked about being people not feeling worthy enough to express their own uniqueness. I’ve been teaching my students since 2007 to be authentic with everything they do online. I found my voice online, and it’s really helped me to tap into my passion as a writer. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to stifle your own creativity by trying to be someone else.

    Loving and trusting in your own voice is so important.

    Keep these amazing videos coming Marie! They’re so good.

    Come and visit Sean and I soon in Australia. We’d love to see you. xoxox

  278. Kim Harne

    I loved what Krus said about not losing your unique voice among many others. I have been a self-help junkie for the last couple of years and subscribe to every newsletter out there! I know I need to take action, but keep getting mired in LetMeSeeWhatSheHadDid Swamp. I also get in SUCH a funk, honey. I also have a LOT of ideas but have no clue how to refine them into a business. So, starting tomorrow (yes, Self: Starting. Tomorrow.), I going to go for a walk, do some plus-size dreaming, and come home and write some shit down. I will do this every day. (Every. Day. You.)

    • Kim Harne

      Omigod, I mean “Kris”! I knew I shouldn’t have typed that mess on my phone!

  279. Susie

    Great interview Marie!
    The 2 things I got from this interview are No.1 That it s time to realise that being myself is enough, and that many people will actually want exactly what I am about or what I have to offer.
    Secondly, when the dream seems too big and I lose my way and begin to procrastinate, I can slow it all down and just focus on small easy steps to get me closer to my dreams and goals.
    Thankyou Kris and Marie!

  280. Biggest take away? Be yourself.

    I started going through old emails to friends and family and looking at my voice when I’m not trying to “be anybody.” I have a definite style. Never noticed that before. Now I can really hone in on my own voice and make sure I never stray into being “somebody else.”

  281. Thanks so much for the amazing chronicle of your story! Marie–love being in B-School—it totally rocks! I have hooked up with many amazing women (not like that!) who share my passions and vision for making this world a better place. I love the place in the interview where you are talking about the fact that each of us cannot be anyone else and cannot mimic someone else’s voice–that we have to give ourselves permissions to use it–not just find it.
    Super yummy juicy stuff, yo!
    Lots of love, Dana

  282. Sarah

    Most inspiring point: It started as something for herself that she wanted to share. Her original currency was love.

    As a publicist I found the most useful point, for all of those starting out in their business: ALWAYS BRING IT BACK TO YOUR MESSAGE. You may only get a 1 min slot on radio or TV, but really if you get your message in that is all you’ll ever need.

  283. I love that you both encourage us to use our OWN voices and promote being our authentic selves. I think this is so important. For many people it is easy to get caught up in what others are doing and trying to emulate them, with no success.

    I also love the point of not receiving too many newsletters from others so as to keep your inner voice alive. I love that!

  284. No matter how crazy people think I am, nor how hard it is, nor how long it will take, I will succeed. Because what I have to say is important, and when you have that belief, and the will to make it happen on your own terms, it will happen.

    That said, to reach my goal and help everyone I want to, I have to think of my passion and desire to help others as a business. If I do not, I will be too busy helping myself pay the bills to really help anyone else.

  285. I want to hear more about being a squirrel and squirreling away her nuts!!! That is awesome!!!!

  286. Jennifer East

    Just for the record, I’m a pushing-60 artist, designer, weaver, and educator — NOT your typical demographic — but I stayed tuned to both Marie and Kris, as well as Danielle! I get a lot out of these newsletters, blog posts, and videos, I forward them to friends when the spirit moves me, and I refer to them when working with my students on art, business, life and health.

  287. Hi Marie!
    Loved that you reiterated to always use your own voice. I’ve been letting myself out more and more and things are flowing much better now! Also, unsubscribe to all those newsletters that you don’t absolutely LOVE! Besides being clutter in your inbox, they can start to change your voice without you even realizing it.
    But, all that aside….Girl! Who designed your dress?? It is georgeous! 🙂

  288. I think the biggest thing I gained from this interview was the awesome reminder to allow your voice to be heard and to be 100% Authentic! It’s not that I don’t know these two important qualities but boy is it tough to maintain all the time. Thanks for the reminder. You both Rock!

  289. Jennifer

    I thought this interview was great and contained so many actionable nuggets of information. The two things resonating with me are to be as authentic and precise as possible in my quest.

  290. The biggest thing I got from this video was that I don’t have to have it *all figured out* before I begin….or even after I’ve already started. I always thought that I had to have a Goal/End Result/Destination in my sight before I started anything. The interview with Kris helped me understand that all I have to do today is the Next Right Thing, and see where that takes me, as it may be better than any of my super-fabulous planning could have expected! Many thanks!

  291. Leigh

    The BEST thing I took from this interview is that I need to make little actions to start making my dreams come true. I currently know that I want to change my career and I have an idea of the direction, but I haven’t quite refined it. I will start taking little steps (actions) in that direction so that I can figure out what it is that I want to give.
    I recently spoke to a friend who is also a life coach (an amazing woman – and she told me about the “behaviour triangle”. It applies to everything: I need to change my behaviours if I want to change my thoughts, which will then change my feelings. This statement affirms that taking action will change how you think and feel about your life and business. Thank you Kris and Marie!!!

  292. Ok, so I’m way late to the party (part of how I roll!). The ONE specific thing I took from this is how long it can take. I know it, I’m living it! But it is so great to hear that other successful people have had that same tough, loooooong journey! x

  293. Kira

    I love that Kris said how many things she can metabolize each day. Recently, I was asked “What’s your number?” Meaning, how many things can you handle each day. The person who asked said, his was 4 – at 5 things he gets overwhelmed. At 3 – he’s bored.

    I’m thinking my number is 5. What’s yours?

  294. Marie, you asked for one specific insight, I have two. The idea that I don’t have to find my voice, but I DO have to give myself permission, is brilliant! This has been my biggest challenge. My voice is multi-passionate, (and can be shy in large groups) but I notice that my message always comes back to the same fundamental place. Commitment to small changes, makes the space for a synchronistic, healthy life. (I’m a personal trainer/health coach).

    The second is THE one I have most trouble with. I’ve had clients who are men, and women, and don’t know how to narrow my demographic down to a level that I’m always speaking the language that is best understood.

    I need a dose of BHH live, to help teeter me to the tipping point!

  295. Oh man. The voice thing really resonated with me. I’m much more true to myself than I was when I started out, but I can pinpoint spots in my business where I “borrowed” other people’s voices when I was just beginning. This week (today?) I’m gonna go back and make it me!

  296. Lauren

    Wow!! (I would add more exclaimation points, but, ya know, I don’t want to be excessive 🙂 Two of my absolute favorite female powerhouses in one awesome video- best 23 minutes ever!!

    One key takeaway for me was to dream big, to really get comfortable in it and clear with what I want, and then break it down into actionable steps. This also ties into Kris’ other words of wisdom to stop thinking that we’re not enough. When there is a to do list a mile long of things I want to accomplish for my business and I’m overwhelmed and only get to half (on a great day) of those tasks, I feel like I’m letting myself and others down.
    So my actionable step is to lighten my load each day to 3-5 to-do’s to feel more accomplished and confident, which will give me the motivation to keep moving forward.

    Thank you to everyone for their posts and insights. It’s both helpful and comforting. What an awesome community Marie and her team have built for all of us to be part of!

  297. Paula

    Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring interview, Marie & Kris!

    It really hit home when Kris said she had to give herself permission to use her voice. I have systemic lupus and the past year and a half it has involved my nervous system, causing seizures that have ultimately resulted in brain damage. I now struggle with memory and word recall. So, I tend to filter much of what I’d like to say and feel insecure about some of the stuff that has come out of my mouth in the past year, lol. I guess you could say I’m getting acquainted with my new voice.
    The other great nugget was to take the big vision and break it down into little actionable steps each day. I’m not the most patient person. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I intend to learn, share, and make the most out of this one life I’ve been gifted!

  298. Love your videos Grrrrrl! I guess I must be that one Marie Forleo viewer who has NEVER heard of Kris Carr. Will go check out her site for some Crazy Sexy Strategies!
    Quick tip for future interviews: Don’t assume your audience knows who your interviewees are. I still don’t know much about Kriss Carr other than she had cancer and wrote some strategies on how to over come it. An introduction about the interviewee would be very helpful. Give the viewer a quick overview on who the person is and why we should listen in.
    Keep up the great work! I am a big fan of your work!

  299. Olga

    Dear Marie and Kris,

    thank you for and absolutely amazing and exciting video!

    I wanna share my insight.
    For the time being I am looking for a new job, I wanna start to work as a lawyer, since this is my profession and I really wanna know what it looks like form inside. I also know and Feel (capital letter is not a misprint here) that this is right on my life way and it echoes my big dream. So I practice seeing myself in those shoes as Kris says. At the same time, I do some little different steps to find the job I want. And know I am gonna go for a test and interview for a job that might probably fit my personality and likes and skills so well, bu I am gonna do this, since I know, this step is gonna bring me closer to what I truly wish. And I am gonna get ready for it, read literature and legislation, and it will strengthen my professionality and propel the headway.

    I hope, this illustrates the insight Kris shared – dream big and act now! (exclamation mark)))

    Love you,

  300. Cecelia

    This was a very inspirational interview. Thank you for sharing what it really takes to make it all happen. The level of commitment and time only a true entrepreneur would know. I especially LOVE that you shared the fact that you finally gave yourself permission – that is really moving on to a new level. I felt a REAL connection. Thank YOU BOTH!

  301. Thank you, Kris and Marie! I loved the reinforcement that is “your voice” (my voice) that the world is craving and wanting and needing. Simple and true. Just be you. This action alone serves the world in ways we cannot comprehend.

  302. Emma

    The kicker; getting to know who you are and fully committing to being that AWESOME person. “The smile inside”. It’s been the uncontrollable in my life that has gotten me down in the past, but I’m consciously changing that habit of letting it get to me. At the end of the day I’m really beginning to know ME, and the smile inside is getting brighter and brighter. Thank you Marie and Kris <3

  303. Pearl Klein

    I’m focusing intently right now on giving myself permission to use my own voice. One trick I’ve adopted is to stop saying “try” and “but.” I’m writing in my own voice, speaking in my own voice, and whether or not anyone likes it, singing in my own voice, in public, in the park, in stores. Metaphorically too.

  304. omg LOVE your outfit. perfect for you! xo

  305. Most important insight? Even very successful persons have doubts, got a lot of critics, even someone from you family can turn his back to you. Success stories are usually presented as a clean and beautiful stuff, but it is good to know, that behind the scenes there is a lot of criticism and doubts.

  306. Ana

    You’re so charming and the interview is lovely.

    One question: who’s the designer of the dress and what’s the dress’s (sssss 😀 ) name, if there is one?
    It is fabulous.

  307. Being brave enough to ‘do you’ and share your unique voice is huge. You girls make me cry with gratitude & remind me what an amazing opportunity we have with the internet to share our gifts in such an authentic way. Awesome interview.

  308. It’s very american, and as an “European style raised woman” being “crazy” like Mary and Kris is not my way.

    …as I’m currently on the journey to find my own voice the teaching it inspired me.

    Particularly the tweet able sums up perfectly my learning
    It‘s not about finding your voice, it‘s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.

    So, I’m curious to see where my journey goes and what an “European style women voice” really is…

  309. I love when you said that there are people out there that love you the way you are. This makes me feel better with myself and I’m going to be more brave with my unique voice on my blog.

    Thanks for the video :))

  310. Shannon

    The value in having the faith in ones self as a unique marketable personality and to stop looking at other peoples material as inspiration when looking to create my own material. I instinctively know both of these things are supremely important and am now giving myself permission to do both. Faith, ladies, is paramount. Eye on the prize. 😉 Thank you both for being YOU. Makes me also love being ME.

  311. Mia

    “Stay on your hustle” big time!! Love you Marie and Kris! Thank you for putting some really “crazy sexy” insights together in this amazing video interview! The tweetable is ohh so tweetable too!

  312. I had an experience today where I became aware of how much I allow other people to dominate the space, energy and rhythm of my experience. As if what they are saying is more valuable than what I have to share. I know that I have a completely different rhythm, cadence, processing style, spirit, kenesthetic sense and purpose than anybody else. I have been stuffing my spirit into a tiny little tight wet suit wearing a name badge that says “normal” repeatedly trying to fit in. “FIT IN” as if I am holding all of my deep supernatural force inside. I actually heard myself inside yelling “hey I am talking, I am here, stop interupting me and trying to control everything around you including me”.
    I flashed on the reality that the intense frustration I feel is sourced by the calling of my inner voice begging to be liberated……thank you for sharing

  313. The thing I wrote down and will carry with me is to give myself permission to use MY voice. I loved when Kriss mentioned that when she begins listening to others voice, reading their newsletter, she knows she is off. I experience the same thing; trying to gather info like a a hungry squirrel gathering nuts…feeling like if I can just gather enough voices, perspectives and information, THEN I’ll know what I need to do. When all I really need to do it become quiet, and listen to my own voice.

  314. Catching up on my Marie TV this afternoon =) Thanks for another awesome interview Marie. I had a couple big insights here. 1. Success is a marathon, NOT a sprint. I loved what Kris said about only metabolizing 3 things a day, and what you added about keeping the faith. I think the reason why I’ve had trouble with this in the past is that somedays I let the fear take over. This causes the 3 things to take more energy than necessary. One of the things I’ve started doing recently is committing to a 10min morning meditation practice and setting an intention for who I want to BE each day. It sounds simple, but it’s working for me!

    Insight 2. When Kris said, “Stop thinking you aren’t enough” my insides went, “Yeah!” This is the no.1 deterrent I’ve identified that stops people from using their voice. Because it really isn’t about “finding” your voice; it’s about rediscovering what’s always been there.

  315. Wow – I feel like I got a shot of wheat grass ! Great interview – energetic, informative and empowering ! Great to meet you, Marie…I just subscribed.

    Having heard you and Kris talk about finding that nugget of what you want, I’m going to dust off that children’s book manuscript I shelved and get crack-a-lackin’ to get it published !
    Thanks !
    Three Exclamation Points – too many ?
    Anne Elizabeth

  316. Very interested to see this interview. I am a follower from Amsterdam and I just starting my company as a Quarterlife Expert. And I am writing a book about the Quarterlife Challenge. This interview is inspiring me a lot. Especially doing it your own way and persist.

    I wish that one day, my book is in the USA 😉
    I keep following you and follow my heart! Thank you.

    Mariette Schouten

  317. I JUST discovered you tonight. Wow – it’s serendipity, because I am also starting out on a new beginning with my very first business. Very early stages! So I’m very grateful to have connected with you and Kris. Thank you.

  318. So great to start the day with this archived interview between such Goddesses sharing the best gourmet soul food!
    Lovingly giving self permission to USE my voice is just what I needed to hear.
    Being at a beginning phase, it is a process of shedding old cloaks of conditioning by dancing the striptease to authenticity. This is the number one ingredient driving my decisions and actions as part of building the foundation of my business temple of soul quenching service.
    Now I am inspired to let me dance with the words of my heart’s message right into the hearts of those who want to hear it an dance for themselves!

  319. WOW! Love love LOVED this video! My one big take away was how important it is to use my OWN voice! Lately Marie you have been the main life coach I’ve followed, and trying to keep my voice, instead of wishing I could be one of the “cool kids” with you has been something I’ve been running into. That, and really listening to you, I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with just being ME, and not this “professional” person. I so much more prefer it, though it’s a little more scary =)

    The other is a nice little reminder to start juicing again…..


  320. I loved this video because I follow Kris Carr and often ask the very same questions in my head that Marie asked. THANK YOU! “How was it when you first started?” for instance. I am new in my business and dream big so it gives me excitement and inspiration to watch you ladies. Thank you for sharing and connecting. Bless.

  321. Hi Marie,
    I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while; love your energy.

    I watched this at when you originally posted, and have kept this flagged in my mailbox ever since. I love Kris Carr’s story, so thank you for making me aware.

    What resonated with me most: your lovely tweetable (although Twitter is not a vehicle I use) quote from Kris about “… giving yourself permission to use your voice.”

    As an emerging visual artist forever (12 yrs now) trying to firm up my own visual voice, I painted yesterday with no other reason other than to experiment with a style I’ve been thinking about.

    Not for an exhibit, not for a patron, used scrap leftover paint and panel so I wouldn’t feel guilty about use of valuable materials; just for me to see what would happen. And I LIKED it! And I got positive feedback from others as well. <–(validation that, as someone who works in isolation most of the time, helps to fuel me)

    So after this gushing, freedom-releasing breakthrough I'm cleaning out my emailbox and I rewatch your interview again, and it rings even truer today. (What's the saying…. "the teacher/lesson appears when your ready to learn it"?)

    Anyway, thank you for all you do! (made it thru this post w/ only two !'s)

  322. I love this video great information and now I feel as if I know more about Kris Carr. I signed up for her newsletters now to, can’t wait for the information!

    I am going to be meeting with the guy who works on my logo and promotional gear tomorrow. Going to finalize my logo and start getting some promotional material and t-shirts I can wear to my personal training sessions.

    Thanks for all of the information and I can’t wait until B-School!!

  323. Monika

    I love that interview, and from it i would like to take the words that: People want you the way You are and I’ve decide to try to do so.

  324. Melissa

    Hello Marie, Isaw this video , after passing by Kriss Karr page and decided to see the interview. It was really good actually! thanks.
    I will say the actionable step I took from this video , To see successful people have also struggles and rocks on the road during their journey, at the end , we all need FAITH. and also DREAM big, to then get a plan, and do the little right things each day to get closer to that dream.

  325. What a great video, this is the first one I’ve watched ( am living under a rock:)

    It’s reassuring to hear of the struggle, how the grinding in anonymity is part of the course. I’m rapidly gaining success, yet hearing this does cause reflection on those character building days, every skyscraper starts with a hole in the ground and a plan.

    Keep hustling. Hard work and determination pays off!

  326. Nicola

    Hi Marie,

    I’m sooooo glad I watched this video. I have actually just enrolled in B-School and am going through the Start the Right Business module, the section on business models. It has helped me answer many of the questions but the thing that resonated most with me in this video was to give yourself permission to use your own voice. I can see how it can be so easy to be influenced by other peoples style and finding yourself imitating them. A thought that I have had on a number of occasions, and I know that this is a common one, is how can my business be different when everything has been done before? Well did you hear that ding? That was the light bulb going on in my head. My business can, and will be different because I have something no one else has… my voice. This is one of the most important things I have learnt so far. Although, B-School hasn’t even started yet so I’m sure there are going to be many more ‘ding’ moments yet to come.

  327. Carla

    Marie and Kris,

    You both are so inspiring. Everyone always wants us to take a “realistic” approach on everything but what they are really afraid of is failure. We keep hearing about how much competition there is out there, how we must be perfect at what we do before getting out there or even starting.

    The first step is to just start and then evolve as we go along. I love how you encourage us to be real and allow our personality to shine through. Not everyone will love you but most people respect and appreciate genuine-ness… (if that is even a real word).

    Thank you for being positive shining stars in the world!

  328. Manuella Évoa

    Hi Marie, I´m from Brazil, and I´ve being following you for a few weeks now, and believe me when I say that you won´t be able to sake me off in this life time (laugh).
    What stroke me the most in this interview, was that we should feel free to dream about anything, but to be very clear and objective about our actions and work on all the little steps to get where we want. Also and foremost not to try to please and reach out for everybody, but find who are the people that resonates the most with our message.
    I know you hear that all the time, but as I learned from you, this time it will be unique because you haven´t heard it from me yet…Thank you very much for everything you are triggering in me to make me find and follow my dreams.
    Manuella Évoa

    p.s. I don´t have a website yet, but I will very soon, and I’ll be in B-school 2014 you can bet on that girl!

  329. Natalie Bailey

    Thanks so much for your insights Marie and Kris.

    I’m going to meditate right now on being me and afterwards get it all down on paper x x x

  330. “Stop thinking that you’re not enough”. It’s a good way to start everything you want. I will try to not forget it….
    (Thanks a lot from Spain)

  331. The most important insight I gained from this video is to be me. To do what is my passion in my style is the most greatest gift I have to give this world. My voice is mine, and that is enough.

  332. Awesome interview Kris and Marie. Really inspirational. What stood out? Owning the interview, bringing it back to the reason why I am there, why I am doing what I am doing and the vehicle for how I can getting it out into the world. Speak from my own voice and let it Shine! I am the only me there is and that is pretty [email protected]# important! Important enough for it all! And, do a few items a day, not 10 or 20. I put so much on my calendar and then wonder what I was thinking! Was I thinking? I don’t think so. So l like that. I am not running a marathon, I am building a foundation for a life of service to all! Love and Light vibrations to YOU All! Sarah

  333. I really got that I can dream big, as long as I bring it back to center and focus in order to take action towards those big dreams. Maybe don’t try to do it all at once, but pick a few things, every day, and do them to get closer to that big dream.

    Also, it’s important to have MY own voice. As much as I love you Marie, and Kris, and Gabby, and Danielle, I’m a lot more eloquent at sounding just like Meagan. Thanks for the killer video!

  334. Katie

    Soooo… I get so hyped up when I see like minded-mamas taking steps to make this world a better place! (and yeah I’ll now be watching my over-usage of exclamation points..guilty as charged) I loved Kris’s point about how when her title “Crazy Sexy Cancer” came to her, that she just knew YEP this is it! I feel like there’s this Universal path that once you just start giving in and being thankful that all of our true purpose just lays down in front of us! The past little while I’ve been jiving and shaking to pay the bills and keep doing what I love with the dream to make my vision become a reality. It also helps to know that you’ve done WHATEVER it takes and then some to go against society’s grain to stay true. I’m left with a genuine warm feeling after watching this video! Thanks for sharing the love.

    Katie Thomas-

  335. Ooh, I loved this video. I’ve been following Kris Carr since I was diagnosed with Cancer last year. I’ve been in remission for 8 months & started my own business 5 months ago. All of this information is so helpful but I think the thing that really hit home the most was “Only take 3 small steps each day.” I am one of those dreamers who has huge visions and that, for me, has translated into trying to get everything – 5 – 10 things done – every day. After a couple of months of that, I’ve gotten burnt out & my business has suffered and I’ve lost my way a bit. Seeing this video has come at the perfect time. Thank you Kris and Marie!

  336. I got chills with two comments from this interview.
    First: Stay vulnerable from a TEACHING POINT!! That is brilliant and worthy of two exclamation points in my books.
    Second: It isn’t about finding my voice, rather it is about giving myself permission to USE my voice.
    Love it and what a delight to see two friends spurring each other on.
    Thank you.

  337. Christine

    love you girls, love your authentic voices. Today’s take for me is ….Allow my authentic voice to come fully into her rightful being! not exactly Kris’ words, but it works for me. Brought back all the memories of my older sisters trying to mold me into how they wanted to see me show up in the world, now it is time I take back my own voice and be the best me around town 🙂

  338. LaQuana D.

    Nice video!
    What I loved the most was the tweetable of the day, giving yourself permission to use your voice/be you etc. I struggle with that personally but this interview has inspired me to get out of that nasty habit of self deprecation and just be me and know I bring something to the table as well!!

  339. I signed up for B School so I am doing the pre work & I dont know if I am doing it right but i just gave that up and am asking other people and really seeing what they did to get their business started or how it became a business. I relate to Kriss Carr. I have food allergies and have a website & a service but just didnt have all the pieces so that led me to B School. I got from this interview is to be myself and let that come out in the website, emails, blogs, etc. That my passion and sharing will make a difference for others and reach future clients.

  340. My biggest take-aways from the interview were when Kris said to give myself permission to use my own voice, and also when she mentioned that she doesn’t read other newsletters so that she doesn’t allow her voice to morph into someone else’s. I already write in my own voice, and her comment reinforces what I’m doing. I also don’t read a lot of other newsletters and sometimes feel like I should be, yet don’t have the time. Her comment about not reading a lot of other newsletters, etc., told me that it’s ok not to, which allows me to spend more time on my own work. Thank you!

  341. WOW 🙂 Thank you so much for posting this interview with Kris Carr. You both are very inspiring, Ladies. The nugget that really shines was that it is all about giving myself permission to use my voice. There is doubt that seeps in that sounds like “It has already been said before.” But, if it is packaged and filtered through my lens, it is new and can be accessible to a different person.

  342. Amber-Rose

    The greatest thing that I took away from this video is that it’s possible to lose your own voice to other people. I REALLY struggle with this and have been battling ‘research your industry’ with ‘don’t let yourself copy other people.’ I’m too easily influenced by others in my field and so I think I just need to cut it out and just try to be the best I can be, innovate and create more vs. old me, rather than battle against others in my field.

  343. Marie and Kris this is a beautiful message for me today. I have watched you both for months but today I felt you were talking to me directly. What I took away from this video; I need to find and flow with my unique voice. I was falling into the trap of comparing myself to people and losing myself in the process thinking I was not enough.. that we all have doubt and bad days.. I know I can give and acomplish so much but there are days when everthing seems dark and I feel totally alone asking myself? What am I doing? is this really woth it. But I learned I am not alone, you have felt that too. I learned that focusing on little things I can do TODAY makes a bit difference and eventually something will happen.. I am giving all my heart and soul to my project I just started and have no much feedback.. the fact that it takes a lont time, even years in the making for something amazing to come out, gives me peace and hope and allows me to focus on TODAY and give my all today no matter what. It also made me feel great to see that you guys also made mistakes and typos.. I dont have a team right now and little mistakes happen.. I beat myself up even though I am working so hard.. but to hear that from you made me feel so connected to you and not alone. THANK YOUU
    PS: I have sent a question to you for your Q and A and you have not picked me yet. I will send it until you do!! I need you girl!

    Diana Olave

  344. Andrea

    Loved this interview. My favorite insight: “You need to dream big and see yourself in those shoes doing that thing.” I’ve got to tell you two ladies that I love you both. I’ve been a subscriber to Kris’ newsletter for almost two years, and it was through Kris that I discovered Marie and B-School. I’m in B-School now (through Kris) – Yay! Tonight, I’m home alone waiting for my ‘neshama’ (I live in Jerusalem, Israel and love that beautiful Hebrew term of endearment which means “soul”) to come home, so I decided tonight was the night I’d watch this interview. I turned on the interview, turned up the volume and just had you two chattin’ in my living room as I made dinner in the kitchen. I loved it because I felt like you two were sitting in my home with me, having a cup of tea and talking while I made us dinner. It was such a pleasure having you both over for some girl time tonight. xoxox

  345. Jenny

    Give yourself permission to share your voice.
    Projects that come from the heart shouldn’t be about business. They should be about sharing a message.

  346. In one of my pages I have copied a phrase or two from another without acknowledging her…
    I didn’t trust my own voice ~ that others wanted to hear it or read it.
    How healing to remove these phrases from my website…and how freeing too!

  347. Best video ever!
    My impact is – I want to define the quality of my unique voice.
    I want do this next week.
    And I want to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters 😉
    I love you Marie
    I love you Kriss
    I send to you both love and gratitude.

  348. Lisa

    What I learned from this video is to always use my own authentic voice and what Kris said about when we look to other people, that’s when we lose ourselves which when I self-reflected, I noticed I may have done that often where I will look at people’s Instagram that I follow or look up to and imitate their voices in a way. Also, importantly, I learned that it was more about giving myself permission to use my voice rather than finding it. So from this video, I have finally understood what it means to be myself and use my own voice in every aspect of my life.
    Truly insightful and helpful video.
    Thank you Marie for your thoughtful, probing questions and Kris for sharing insightful valuable tips.

  349. My favorite thing from this interview was hearing Kris say ” it’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.” I absolutely love this, it’s the exact reminder I needed to hear. When you give yourself permission everything not only flows much smoother, but you fall in love with your own language.

    chelsey marie

  350. Anna

    You two ladies are brilliant- I thoroughly enjoyed this interview! The insight that’s a great reminder is about giving myself a permission to USE my voice and that nobody can do a better job at being me than me 😉


    “It’s not about finding your voice, it’s about giving yourself permission to use your voice.”

    Best advice ever! I will never forget it 🙂

    heartfull thanks! x

  352. Ashley Shoemaker

    The insight I am savoring here is that I too can be a LifeHustler: Faithfully doing the Good work, day in and day out.

  353. “Nobody can ever be me. I’m really good at that. I’ve got that sh*t nailed down. But you out there, are so much better as yourself.”

    Love it!

  354. Marie–

    OMG you interviewed one of my all time favorite people! I’ve been delightfully following you for sometime, but just found Kris a week ago and was so entranced that I watched and watched.

    My take away is the little actionable steps every day towards that big vision.

    I’ve a question about this interview. You got a way lot more air time than Kris. Was that intentional? Is this a recommended way to do interviews? Is it because you were introducing the business factor, whereas that is really not her main thrust?

    Thanks, Marie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind note, Don! We’re thrilled you are a fan of Kris’s and checked out this episode.

      Regarding your question, there actually isn’t one single recommended way to do interviews. What an interview looks like can differ quite a bit depending on a number of things like how well the people know each other, what the goal of the interview is, and where the interview will be shared (video, blog, magazine, etc).

      In this case, Kris and Marie are good friends and work in similar areas, so it was more of a dialogue involving both of them and their expertise rather than a question and answer kind of interview. In some of our other interviews though, Marie sometimes has more questions for our guests, so it varies quite a bit even within our MarieTV episodes.

      Since you enjoyed this episode, I thought I might pass along this classic older episode with Kris Carr as well if you’d like to see that one too:

  355. Hi Marie!
    I’m Florencia from Argentina.
    Now that you’re on vacation, i’ve been watching old videos of MarieTV. I’m in the fase of trying to turn my new passion into a real profitable business. I’m stressed, and sometimes it feels overwelming to be juggling too many bubbles in the air. And, when that happens, there you are with these kind of interviews.
    Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Florencia, we’re so happy to hear you’ve been exploring our archives during our vacation and especially glad that it’s been a source of inspiration to you. Keep up the great work — we’re cheering you on!

  356. I love your show, and this is the first episode I’ve just HAD to comment on, because it really hit home – When you said you know so many successful people who worked so hard for so long with nobody knowing what they were doing until they “made it”, and when Kris said she worked for so many years until her business really happened – that gave me so much encouragement. Thank you for this gift! I have been working for six years on my art and promoting my art business, putting it out there, and the response has been wonderful and beautiful, but so small, and so slow. I hope some day it will be a huge success. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kellie, thank you so much for your sweet note. We’re so glad you’ve been tuning in for a while, and that this episode inspired you to leave a comment.

      It’s so true that we often only see people after they’ve been successful, and few people are open enough to share just how long it can take to make it there. It’s so refreshing that people like Kris are willing to talk about the work and time that goes into being successful.

      Small and slow can be a beautiful way to start, and keep on getting your work out there. The world needs the gifts you have, and know that we’re cheering you on! <3

  357. Tonjala

    My one take away was to relish in the dream, to really identify what is feels like to do your thing then actually take a step towards manifesting it.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YES, beautifully said, Tonjala. xoxo

  358. Nobody can ever be me. This isn’t a new idea to me and yet the interview today showed me that this idea runs like a thread through so many of the places where I work and give energy. I teach art to elementary-age students and am very proud of the colleagues I work among, and it’s because we all value the individual voice. People ask how we get such amazing work out of our students, they frequently say “I could never do that” and the answer is that we give students room to use their own voice, and they’re willing!
    This video helped me to find something I can put into action that’s already a practice for me and not yet integrated: make space to use my own voice and then let ‘er rip! Thank you both!

  359. The one thing I would like to bring forward is: PEACE.
    As this is a subject everybody wants (or not?), nobody really believes in it.
    And it is true it is kind of Idealistic subject I am in. I try to get my voice over with concepts helping to go there. Peace is no something it is absence of something like abuse, war and many issues to clear.
    There is already a lot of material out there and as you always say, nobody does it my way … this gave me the power to go for it.
    Soon a e-book will be out there as well as a children book on emotions. One of the building blocks for peace.

  360. Linda

    My takeaway from interview with Kris Carr is “to metabolize three things a day”. I love that! I try to cram way too much into one single day. I love the idea of lovingly allowing myself to limit my expectations in any given day!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So glad that idea resonated with you, and hope you enjoy putting it into practice. It’s one I love!

  361. You girls rock!!!
    I love the 3 actions a day …I’m always trying to schedule too much and have recently scaled back to 3 things and get more done. My 4th book is now on its way and my seminar is almost ready for engagement! Keep inspiring girls…you do it so well. Blessings Kerrie

  362. Kris Carr is so sweet, I love the way she talks. Thank you Marie for having her.

  363. Zanna

    I love how she explains how she has herself covered and in order to be successful, be you. Too many people are trying to emulate what is already out there, and they have so much to offer within themselves.

    Thanks, great interview. Love you both!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview, Zanna! Thanks for tuning in and sharing the love.

  364. Maya

    I love the 3 steps. Dream big; define your thing; take action. I love where she said “ I can’t digest more than 3 things a day.” I always think I didn’t do enough today, so this gives me comfort 🙂 Love you both inspiring ladies!

  365. I love your blogs, it is very useful. Today I understand more about how to take care of myself. I feel better every time you view your blog. great.

  366. Erin MacDonald

    My takeaway is that I have a unique voice so use it! Not everyone is compelled to blog about the issues or has the perspective I have (definitely not). Thank you!

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