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Hey, what’s up? It’s Marie, and you’re watching Marie TV, business, and life advice that works. And today’s question, it comes from Kia, and she writes, “Hi, Marie, I love watching your videos. You always inspire me to change something either with my business or myself, which leads to my big dilemma. I’m a successful award-winning interior designer, and last year my husband joined the company.”


“At the time, it seemed like the perfect solution. However, although I’m great with clients, can make gorgeous homes, and good business decisions, I’m a crappy teacher and a terrible motivator. No scrap that, I am the worst. My patience for teaching my husband the business is close to zero before we even start, which in turn leads to me getting annoyed and him feeling undervalued. Then he doesn’t want to ask too many questions, as he may get his head taken off with a smart mouth comment from me. He’s extremely smart, has the most wonderful sense of humor, and really gets along with the clients, but I need him to learn about the business, and clearly, I’m not a good teacher. How do we break this vicious cycle?”

Ooh, girl, this is quite a pickle you got yourself in. Here’s the thing, Kia, mixing marriage and work is pretty tricky. Now you might’ve hired your husband because it was convenient, you love him, and you trust him, but you need to get honest here. Did you hire him because he is the most qualified best person for this job? So, in other words, if you put out an ad to hire someone and you got a whole bunch of resumes, would you have picked him from everyone else? But if not, you guys need to make a change right away.

Here’s the thing. He’s clearly a talented man, and you are clearly a talented woman, but if he’s not the best person for this job, you are both wasting your time, your energy, and your life. And if you’re not careful, you could land yourself in divorce court.

Get out of here, Wapner, that’s The People’s Court.

Remember this, don’t hire anyone, that goes for spouses, friends, or family members, unless they’re the best, most qualified person for the job. Don’t hire people because you feel bad for them or because they need a job, and don’t hire people because you’re knocking the boots.


It never works out, and it causes so much more harm than good. Remember, you’re running a business, not a charity. Now Kia, let’s say your husband is the best person for the job. Then you need to grow up, girl. Give up this whole story. It’s a BS story anyway, about you being a crappy teacher. Now, of course, some people are naturally better teachers than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. That doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself a better teacher, now does it? And here’s a really important part, and it’s a Tweetable. “Patience isn’t a talent, it’s a choice.” As a business owner, it is your responsibility to train and empower your team. It’s also your responsibility to be patient with them if you choose untrained people. If you do want to keep him on staff, forget he’s your husband, except for nookie breaks.

Oh yeah, nookie breaks. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

And treat him with the same kindness, respect, and courtesy that you would treat everybody else. That’s what I got for you, Kia. Hope that helps you out. Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Ever mix business with your marriage? You got tips, do’s, and don’ts to share with the rest of us. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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