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[Censored 00:00:00] [singing 00:00:00]. Boob shaking helps. That’s all we got. Take it or leave it, folks. Take it or leave it. Hey, what’s up? It’s Marie and you are watching MarieTV, business and life advice that works. And today’s question. It comes from Margarita and she writes, “Hi, Marie. I create cloth diapers and baby products. And there are lots of people out there offering the same things. How do I differentiate my product? How do I stand out from the competition when we really don’t seem all that different?”

Margarita, that is a great question. Many of us, especially women entrepreneurs, we undervalue our uniqueness and we shy away from sharing very important details about our business that would otherwise make them stand out from the crowd. We think, “Oh, no one wants to hear my story. Or everyone should know what I value already. Or I don’t want to brag.” Ladies, get over that BS. Even though there may be thousands of other people selling the same thing that you do, you have to communicate how your company is better, different and more awesome than anyone else in the market. Here are five tips for standing out from the crowd. Tip number one, tell your company’s story. You want to tell us why you’re in business, what’s the bigger vision, and how did your company come to be. Stories have a lasting impact. They’re how we humans learn and remember best.

In fact, when it comes to business, facts tell and stories sell. Most people suck at telling their company’s story. So if you give this just a little bit of effort, you’ll totally stand out from the competition. Number two, tell us what you value and believe in. Do you use all organic materials? Or maybe you give back to a particular nonprofit. Do you have a secret team of magical diaper fairies making each diaper stain resistant and smelling like cotton candy? Kind of like Oompa Loompas, but purely focused on poop instead of chocolate.

That’s not chocolate.

Enough said. Number three, create a distinct voice and tone. Think about your email copy, your website copy, and even your blog posts. Are you friendly and conversational? Are you formal and fancy pants? Or maybe you’re a gangsta. Diapers, mother [censored 00:02:17]. Do you have a sense of humor about your product descriptions? Is your business voice light as a feather or stiff as a board? Honestly, most people’s are way stiffer than a board. Whenever possible, add a little personality and you’ll really stand out from your competition.

Number four, leverage your visual communication. The way you visually communicate your brand from your website to the quality of your photography, to your videos, even to your invoices can really help you stand out from the crowd. Number five, give outstanding customer service. This one is huge. Think about the billion dollar behemoth, Zappos. They sell a lot of the same shoes as department stores, yet they are crushing it, and it has everything do with customer service. Now, before I wrap up the A to this Q, I want you to remember one thing and it’s a Tweetable. Nothing will kill your business faster than being lost in a crowd of sameys. So you better rock these five tips to standing out from the crowd and show the world why your business is the

Now you are a smart cookie. Now I bet you have even more ideas to share with Ms. Margarita on ways to stand out from the crowd. Leave a comment below and tell me your best stuff. I can’t wait to see what you share. Did you like this video? Yes? Then subscribe to my channel. And if you would be so kind, share it with your friends. If you want even more great resources to grow your business and your life, plus some personal insights from me that I only talk about in email, come on over to and sign up. Thank you so much for watching MarieTV and I will catch you next time. B-School is coming up. Want in? For more info and free training, go to I’m not going to say that line. This eats a lot of pizza. It’s an educational family show. What can I say?

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