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Do you ever wonder why some people and brands stand out from the crowd while others remain unknown?

What makes one person or business remarkable, while others all seem so “vanilla” and forgettable?

Nothing will kill your business faster than being lost in a crowd of sameys. Click To Tweet

I’m fascinated with this topic because, on the surface, many people appear to be selling the same kinds of products or services.

But as you know, there are always people and brands that rise above the rest and become leaders of their industry.

If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those people who stands out in a crowd, today’s episode of MarieTV is for you.

You’ll learn five simple, but key, areas to focus on to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Now these five areas aren’t the only things you could do, so in the comments below I’d love to hear what else YOU suggest for standing out from the crowd.

This is a really important topic if you’re committed to making a big difference in the world.

I’m so excited to see your contribution in the conversation below.

As always make your comments as specific as possible so that other people can benefit from your genius. What you share might be just what someone else needs to hear to have a breakthrough.

With thanks and love,

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  1. Spot on Marie! This is something SO important for entrepreneurs.

    Embracing your secret somethin’ is crucial to standing out! At the end of the day, no one can be ME as well as I can!

    As you’ve said in the past – competition doesn’t have to be an issue, there is plenty of work and crazy cash to go around … the trick is to communicate you amazing abilities, your uniqueness, AND value.

    It’s a case of turning the frown upside down and realising that even if you do sell a similar (or even the same) product or service you DO have a point of difference and rather than mute it you need to be shouting it LOUD and PROUD!

  2. Hey Marie, Great info and tips. I think it’s key to have your personality captured in your words and copy. I’m learning how to best do this and your tips help make it easy!! Thanks Girls! LOVE what you do!!!

  3. Vidette Vanderweide

    Mmm, hmmm! Spot on, Marie.

    I find many businesses in a similar category are “same ‘ole, same ‘ole.” I personally do business with and follow the ones that stand out, for sure, therefore, I do my best to ‘show up’ as me in my business.

    I’m not always ‘put together’ and fancied up, however, I allow my passion for what I do communicate who I am and why I do what I do. I also feel that when we stand out with who we are, we attract clients more like us, which allows our jobs to be much more fun!

    • I agree with you Vidette. For the longest time I tried to be what I thought others wanted me to be or similar to what I saw others be (not wanting to rock the boat). Then I noticed how I was following businesses that let their personalities show through and it gave me permission to do the same. It feels better that way.

      • So true. Stefanie and Vidette. I am an artist and I even though I started off as ‘me’ I got caught up into making the kind of work I thought others would like me to do. Big mistake! I got so unhappy I almost stopped painting. Now, I have to start over in a sense, and convince my clients that I am who I say I am. But at least now I know so much more about what I am really meant to create. Lessons can be hard but so important for our growth.

        • Wow Stephanie and Annamaria, thank you for sharing;
          sometimes I am sitting in a corner feeling excited about things I am going to do as an artist making surfboards beautiful and then I find myself starting to wander off and thinking about what other people will think and whether they will love my work or not, and get too caught up with wondering how to ‘get’ people to come to my facebook page.
          Stephanie, I agree with you completely because when I think about the people whose work I follow and feel really happy to support, these are the ones who seem to be happiest doing their thing and not spending their precious time worrying about ‘competition’..
          MArie, this is where your lessons come in so handy because I remember to practice being in the moment…”I’m BaCk!!!”
          Annamaria, congratulations on your journey and knowing who you are; I am just starting out myself and hoping that I will remember who I am along the way..I guess it is a practice, there is no..point where I will get to and have someone tell me ” this is it, you are you , you have arrived”..I wish you all the best and would love to see your paintings!

          <3, Candace a.k.a Dila Tawn

    • SPOT ON Vidette!!! P.S What a pretty name!

  4. We know the importance of having a Unique Selling Proposition.

    I love the idea of having a Unique Soulful Proposition — the intersection of what your gifts/talents are and how you can use them to *help* people live better and happier.

    When you operate from the question “How can I help more?” before “How can I sell more?”, I think you will stand out from the crowd.

    • Great advice Jayme – not everyone is super motivated by just earning money, most people are really motivated by how they can help people with their unique gifts. I like the idea of a Unique Soulful Proposition!

      • John

        ‘Unique Soulful Proposition’ What a wonderful way of expressing it Jayme.
        Can I copy and use this in my story?

        • Hi John! This is my personal spin of the idea from “Cracking the Millionaire Code” by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. They called it Unique Souling Proposition — “adding a soul of uniqueness, originality and differentiation” to your product or service. Read their book, there are lots of ideas there about having an *Enlightened Business* which I think is good for all entrepreneurs to have.

      • Thank you Carina! Yes, helping people is always a great motivation. And everyone has unique gifts that can complement other people. That’s why I’d like to think about collaboration more than competition. 🙂

        • Joe

          As someone who was always fearful of showing my real self, I never trusted in the value of it to help other people. Once I embraced that approach, everything changed. I went out on a limb to do something out of the ordinary and people loved it. They frequently say that I’ve given them the courage to try things they’d always been afraid of. So, give it a shot. You have no idea whose life you may be influencing by being yourself.

    • Very true. Whenever I can quit looking at the bank account and spend more time researching solutions from my clients…the bank account increases 🙂

    • Love this thread 🙂 “What can I give; how can I help? How can I contribute?”
      Concentrate on giving more, and we naturally get more in return…I am just starting out with my art ( and this is a very valuable lesson as I am finding myself starting to worry about how to GET more people to like my work and GET more ways to make $$ with my work…this is a great reminder for me to remember what I was feeling when I was painting…it was NOT “gotta get $$”…instead..I dug in and did it with LOVE and I hope it makes somebody smile 🙂
      Surfing means the world to me, it represents me facing my fears and chasing my dreams, going from depressed, shy and low-self-esteem to going for what I want and making people smile along the way.
      I am starting by making surfboards beautiful and I hope to find other ways to beautify people’s lives…

  5. Wonderful video Marie – not sure what I would do without your advice each Tuesday! Storytelling can be such an important tool in making your brand stand out – especially your unique story (why you started your business, how you work, etc). A tip when creating your business/brand story is to really remember that the conflict is really important – without something that grips the reader and brings out some emotion, your “story” won’t be interesting to read.

    • Carina, thanks for the awesome tip about adding the conflict to the story. People want someone to root for!

  6. Helena

    Great tips, I tend to be a little stiff and one great tip I got is to stop toning down your posts, etc, because it will take away your personality.

    I think one great thing to stand out from the crowd is having awesome content in your blog, that really gives value to people.

  7. Brilliant video Marie- the oompa loompas had me in hysterics 🙂
    I love the tip on upping visual marketing as that is something that seems to really have a big impact. I’ve noticed that brands/businesses that do well have are able to use images to convey their brand really well. People are visual creatures after all.

    Another tip for standing out from the crowd is to find out what your current competitors aren’t doing and do a much, much better job. For example, there are a million internet service providers out there but I know for sure that the company I use are slow as snails. If a company came out and did broadband 100 times faster and had amazing customer service, I’d check them out.

  8. This has really helped me get clear that I can sell diapers!
    Great stuff, baby.

    • ha!!

    • Josh, when you’re ready, call me….I am always looking for joint venture partners that support the work I do and vice versa!

    • GO JOSH!

  9. Another way to stand out from the crowd in a busy niche is to be first to market with news, tips, industry developments and insights. Be a curator of helpful advice to position yourself as the go-to gal in your game!

    • Spot on, Victoria!

      I also find that coming up with creative ways to engage your audience in fun challenges, competitions and events (online or otherwise), will have your peeps choosing YOU over anybody else times and again :).

    • Absolutely Victoria!!! I love buying the most up-to-date product and everyone noticed how I brag about it. Some even ask me if I am getting the new electronic device, or the new ipad, or the new app…

      I need to focus and deliver helpful tips and continue to be that “go-to-gal”!!!

    • I agree with you, that very crucial in online business approach.

  10. Spot on Marie! Great advice! I agree with all that is said and would like to add one thing. In my experience as a business coach you have to know your target group really, really well to stand out in a way they can appreciate.

  11. Thanks for the awesome reminder to be yourself. Such a simple strategy, yet so easy to conform to how things “should” be done. I was recently told that my site “stood out from the crowd” from my local competitors and I wanted to do a backflip! (except I’m really uncoordinated). Anyway, I’m always trying to do just that but need a kick in the butt reminder to stay away from “the samies”. Thank you!!!

  12. Great video. You’ve already given me an idea for adding to the launch of my new business website. I work in a very niche market and the way I try to stand out is by acting in a professional manner, building relationships with my customers (many of whom come back to me for new scripts) and adding personality to my online presence. Oh and I also try to enrich the experience of performing my plays but providing extra free advice on how to raise extra funds on top of ticket sales.

    Thanks for sharing such brilliant advice.

  13. Love this episode Marie! I think showing your personality in your copy is one of the best ways to make your business stand out, because you’re right so many businesses are very stuffy and don’t show that there’s a person behind that website! As soon as I changed my copy into first person and said exactly what I wanted to say rather than what I “should” say, I immediately got more enquiries for my teaching services.

    Thanks again for the entertaining and spot on advice.

  14. Super advice as always! Loooove these videos 🙂

    I would keep it short. All the info that you put out should be short. It’s a killer to get email that are packed with information, even though it’s good.

  15. Women, a portion of why we undervalue ourselves in business is the legacy of having of been undervalued throughout history.

    Vision growing up in a world where intuition, empathy, integrity and heart-centered communication were what was valued as the highest commodities. Imagine seeing faces of brilliant women filling up most of the history books. What if we grew up seeing 99% (yes it’s the latest stat) of the world’s wealth in the hands of women. And the majority of companies and countries led by women?

    Would this help you feel a bit more confident to stand out?

    • Totally 🙂 It feels so exciting to know that we are all part of HUGE change and finally giving ourselves – en masse – permission to play and do things on our own terms! Wooooo-hoooooo!

      Thanks Marie once again for great advice 🙂 Can totally see how I’ve been trying to conform and present myself in a way that others see fit! Will be sorting that out pronto…

  16. Hi Marie and everyone!

    I have had a personal blog for going on ten years now and a copywriter friend told me that my tone there was *the perfect* one to carry to my new business. I was shocked because, well, I’m a dorky goof on that site (and often IRL!) but didn’t want my clients to know that. But guess what? It’s who I really am. Yes, I’m an amazing teacher and yes, I can do lots of crazy cool stuff but showing my dorky-ass self to the world helps me stand out. So, I added a dash(ish) of that to my site and posts and voila! Me!

    Great video – I’m sharing it around liberally!

    • Lisa,
      As someone who reads and enjoys your blog, I will say that you don’t come across as dorky, rather as someone who genuinely loves her work. Your passion for what you do also shines through your voice and your blog posts. I’m a fan, girlfriend! 😉


    • Dorky goofs unite! I have been slowly infusing more dorky goofiness into my business. Fly that dork flag, comrade.

    • Love this! And, in my experience, we’re never as “dorky” as we think we are.

  17. Great tips as always!

    What else can I say? Be truthfull. Be YOU. Then you’ll be UNIQUE and capture attention on it. There’s no one else like you.

    Oh! And don’t misstreat your competitors! “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” they say, although a competitor doesn’t really need to be an enemie! Competition is always good, when healthy, for it makes you want to go further and do more for yourself and your biz! So, take it like a major challenge you can overcome! (And if you’re the one on top don’t rest… That’s when you have to work harder, to keep it up, otherwise you’ll be easily overpowered by others who are doing so…)

    Hope you find these tips usefull and on point as well!



  18. Holy sh*t you crack me up!! Love you x a million!!!

  19. I love this Marie … such practical steps! Thank you!

    I know lots of people follow our blog because they connect with me personally and my story 🙂

  20. these were such awesome tips! I know I have to work on all of them hard! Taryn made a great point that I totally feel. Being the middle child, and only girl to parents who made it abundantly clear that they never wanted a girl, its always been hard to feel like I can stand up and be brave, outgoing and really ME. I’m trying now but its alot to overcome as you don’t even think about it, just shy away from it.

    ps. Its awesome to hear someone else use Yo as an exclamation like I do lol

  21. You just have to shine your light like you really mean it.

    Don’t be afraid to be authentically YOU!!

    You are the only one who can bring it in the way that you do. So, why be anyone else?

  22. Hi Marie,

    Your videos are entertaining and full of great advice.

    I have a website full of information on yoga, and we all know how saturated the market is. I teach yoga, and there are thousands of us, so it is super hard for me to be heard. I am in the process now of sharing my own personal stories and developing products. Since yoga does not work the same as other modalities and the whole process involves going inward, it’s hard for me to be out there jumping around like a cheerleader. It wouldn’t work. So finding a balance for me is challenging. How to be out there and heard, dynamically, yet keep that calm and introspective sense … that is the question. I will stay tuned for more of your videos!

    • Hi Giselle,
      I know yoga can turn around health,mind and soul, but it requires patience and focus, in today,s scenario when 20 mins can cut 2 inch fat is the message, you making your way can be tough, I totally get that, but here is mind set, as you already said yoga is still not made it’s way in and taken seriously, what you get is what people has just heard, now let’s take simple example on your website.

      1. When I visit your page I see you doing one asanas, my first time of yoga impression is lot of handwork and flexibility required to do it.? Which you can argue is not the case, there is starting stage to it. Now my suggest change would be.

      2. Enter your audience on website choosing the stage, new, intermediate and advance, they by first been on page knows yes there are stages, person like me will click on New, in which I should see just basic posture and style if sitting for you.

      3. New introduction should focus on breathing techniques, you know that moat of us don’t breath right, teach them how to breath right, that first step in yoga, how to focus. Tell them to do this for 10 day and they will see result and right kind of breathing can do wonders, in yoga there is another way to do yoga breathing called Alom- Vilom, take one step at a time.

      your job is educating them and telling them to go step by step. Do the change above on website and you will see the difference.

      let me know if you require more tips on updating site approach, will be more than happy to assist you.

    • Julie

      hi Giselle, I will check out your site, I love yoga! One my the yoga people I love who has done an awesome job with marketing herself is Tara Stiles, if you haven’t heard of her, check out her videos, blog, etc. She really brings a lot of personality into it. I’m not a yoga teacher (yet!) but she has really helped me, along with Marie, in seeing how much infusing our personalities into our business can work.
      Best wishes!

  23. In my business, the only difference is service, so my personality has to shine through. Clarity in what I offer and my “why” make a big difference in how I differentiate myself from other Realtors.

  24. Hi Marie,
    thanks for your inspiration. I love it. Greeting from Germany!
    Love, Nohila

  25. Great Marie!

    So true, that being yourself and authentic is so key. It can feel very vulnerable in the beginning but gets easier and very rewarding! No one else can be you! Each of us are unique and how exciting it is to live in this time when businesses are growing through uniqueness and personal avenues!!!

  26. What a way to begin a morning! You always crack me up woman! xxx.
    One of the ways I have found to really make my brand stand out is by leveraging what I really believe. I once felt my rebel spirit in the legal world was a problem, and I tried to dress like, be like everyone else — so therefore, I was a mediocre attorney (plus energetically zapped) because I really was just acting like and trying to be the same.

    Now, I am wearing that “different,” and talking about that “different.” I know that what makes me ME is AWESOME and why clients are now finding and seeking consultations with me. YAY!!!! Be YOU, it works…..

    Thank you Marie!

  27. This is great MARIE! And this is a topic I talk a LOT about when I work with my students in my Hot Brand Action class. It’s a combo of our stories, our bat signals (what we do and why people come to us) and the unique way we work with people that makes the BIGGEST difference. I find that when people get super focused on their stories and why they decided to go in business, they don’t feel like they are in competition.

  28. Thanks! I’ve told my “so, tell me, how did you become a personal concierge?” story so many times, and yet after 8.5 years I haven’t even put it on my website! Duh! I am now writing it as we speak, and because I’ve told it so many times, it’s really not that hard. Thanks, once again, for an actionable video!

  29. Loved this video. Second the customer service! Especially in the online world – a returned email…on the same day? Priceless!
    I was in the beauty industry for years, and there is no shortage of competition out there. You had to find that something that made you unique, the one thing you did better than anyone else – and then do it really well on a consistent basis.

    Don’t be afraid to be open about what you suck at, and offer referrals. It will come back to bless you.

    Oh an offer perks and little things that the competition didn’t – shoulder and head massage, glass of wine…little things go a long way.

    Loved that this made me think about that concept – I don’t think I have been nearly as effective with it on my online business.

    • Yes, Destri! Your comment is on point about being honest about what you suck at. In my private practice I suck at treating patients with certain diseases –Got neuropathic pain in your feet? I’m not your woman, while I shine at treating other disease- Having trouble conceiving? Call my office you’ll be pregnant in short order!

      My front desk staff is trained to know what I am great at and what I suck at, AND they offer phone numbers for practitioners who are more qualified than I am. Callers LOVE our honesty and that we take an extra moment to steer them in the right direction.

  30. Great video! I work in an incubator for entrepreneurs and I have seen time and time again that women are more likely to undersell their products or be shy about how awesome their idea is. In fact, I’ve fallen prey to this myself.

    On thing that has helped me is my mantra “Be on a mission.” Don’t just have a mission statement – be on a mission, dedicate your success to something bigger than yourself. I work with young women of color, coming from a specific background and demographic and whenever I feel like giving up or I feel shy about expressing my product’s value, I think of my target consumer – not in a general sense, but a very specific profile. I imagine her, what she looks like, what she’s doing, what she’s been through, what she’s worried about right now. And then I think about how I can help her. And how I’ll be acting like a punk if I have something that could make her life better but I’m too shy to put myself out there and let her know. It really helps me!

    Also, your dress is awesome! ‘Tis all.

    • I LOVE your business name!

    • Lauren

      Wow! So inspiring LC! I copied & pasted your comment in my inspirational quotes section. What you said really hit home for me & I know I’ll be rereading this often when I start getting down on myself. Thanks for the great advice and wisdom! PS_Love your website!

  31. I love that you said to inject your personality into all of your communication. I left a stuffy corporate environment due in part because I’m more of a free spirit. Even though I help others through career change, I keep the tone of my communication very light and conversational. It’s just me, I’d feel like a fraud otherwise. Why hide behind some professional corporate speak when you be your true, wonderful self?

    Thanks for the tips.


  32. You’re videos always give me a good giggle, but that helps to communicate some really useful stuff. Thanks for being you and sharing your kick-assedness with the world. The world needs more kick-ass women. Your boldness and willingness to be yourself inspires other awesome, fabulous women to do the same and stand in their power. Thank you. 😉

    Evelyn Bourne

  33. I’m a big fan of that visual appealing tip—I’d add, hire a graphic designer! We know what we’re doing. If you’re too new in the biz to afford one, go to your local college and see if their design classes want to take on your business as a class project. You’ll have the option to look at ~20 directions—some not worth looking at, but some with fantastic potential that will be guided by an instructor.

    My question after this video was… Awesome! I’m doing all that (wait, that’s not a question. Here’s the question!)… Why won’t my press releases get picked up and push my story further to the public?

    • Hi Anni,

      What are you trying to promote in your news releases? An event? A feature about you? Some kind of business venture you’ve created?

      Are you sending them to large newspapers or smaller local ones?

      I’ve been in the newspaper business for many years so I may be able to give you some insight. 🙂

      • I’ve tried only promoting the client/NFP I’m working with, I’ve tried promoting my personal business story (for my first year of launching my design business I’m offering free marketing to 12 NFPs—1/month. I’m 6 months into this initiative and business plan of monthly service—it’s awesome!), I’ve sent the releases to small/large/local/those who take interest in the topic, I’ve had a publicist review my press releases to make sure I’m not leaving something out or doing something wrong… I basically feel like if I don’t personally know someone, it won’t happen.

        Any insight you can offer will be welcomed with open arms in a puppy-like fashion 🙂

        Thanks for reaching out!

    • Barbara Snyder

      Hi, Anni —

      This may directly answer your question, but have you considered signing up for b-school? Registration closes this Friday. I joined last year and wasn’t really ready, but this year I think I am. It goes way beyond press releases etc, but if you want to take your business to the next level and beyond, it is worth every penny.

      • Barbara

        I meant, this may NOT directly answer your question. duh

        • Thank you Barbara—I have been checking out what B-School has to offer, and it’s very exciting. But because I’m halfway through this initiative, which I do after I work 40+ hours a week at my paying job—I can’t (I need me some non-work related Anni time!).

          I’m hoping to be able to do it next time it’s around though!

  34. Hot damn – you’re on the money Marie! BLAH language is one of my pet hates and to use day-to-day “what people really say” lingo gets and keeps attention on ‘your thing’! Thanks for the great reminder Marie.

  35. Marie,
    you are so right. It’s so hard to talk about yourself. it feels like you are boasting or showing off. I’ve found that it takes a lot of practice to tell your story in a way that show people you want to help them. But slowly as i’m honing my skills, especially my writing skills i’m getting a laser focus and i’m learning what makes ME different.. It’s amazing the power of self belief. Mainly i’ve had to stop comparing myself to others and just look at myself and how i can help people.. This selflessness has really helped me gain a lot of clarity…
    love your funny videos… so cute and charming.

  36. Hi Marie,
    As a journalist by trade, it’s so true that having a compelling story will draw readers in. People love to hear about how others have overcome, transformed, done an 180 on life, etc.

    I would add that it’s ultra important to embrace the notion that no idea is too “out there.” DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC about what tickles your fancy because it could be the gem that sets you apart!

  37. Rochelle Haynes

    Marie –

    I love your videos! In the words of Tamar Braxton, you’re over the! My business partner and I started our company two years ago and over the last past nine months, we decided to change directions due to low sales and not enough of contacts besides the fact we foolishly chose NOT to have a website (UGHHH!!) We have since hired a professional web designer and photographer to display our pixs as the face of our company as well as display our brand (what a novel idea!) We were so afraid of people knowing about what we were doing that we lost out on a lot of business and I mean a lot. If people don’t know your story or why you’re in business, how can you possibly stand out from others? We’re now shouting our story about why we’re in business and what our business is all about so that people can know we’re out there and so that we can stand out from the “samies”.

    Thank you for always giving sane advice and keeping it real! You!

  38. I keep a pinterest board of my sheroes and whenever I think I don’t have the guts to be authentically me when writing my copy, I take a look at them. That smartens me right up.

  39. OMG! It’s TUESDAY! Where’s that little sugar, Marie??

    Dear Marie,
    Burst. Of. Laughter. at the ‘Smart Cookie’ reference! Girl, THAT’S my branding!!
    “Self Publishing for Smart Cookies” … The yummy product comprised of a mix of persistence, quality and humor, that yields success.

    Your Smart Cookie reference is the biggest excuse in the world to forward this Tuesday video to all my up-and-coming clients.


  40. three days and change..
    (my time frame for catching the strings to tie the knot for enrollment into B School)
    additional and copious crossed fingers welcomed..

  41. Wondeful video Marie! You pour through easily, brightly and boldly and i think THAT answers this question more than any words.

    As I’ve been sharing your B School launch videos, it is getting clearer and clearer to me that it really is about a ‘transmission’ of energy & information. No one can ever say that you only teach information… the same as everyone else… it’s goes WAY deeper.

    So, thank you for putting out THAT into the world!

    So whoever you are, whatever you do, sell, love and create… take the leap and dive in… deeper into your story and your YOU-ness, becasue that is magical and magnetic 🙂

  42. You know, Marie, I think your intro sums up the point of this video to a T: Be yourself, un-apologetically.
    For some reason, I’m good at this in my blog, but terrible on my web copy. sad face.
    B-School will help me with that, I’m sure! Wooooooot!

    • Psst: Jess, your b-school buddies are pulling for ya! I have a feeling that web copy sad face is going to be SMILING!

  43. I’m gearing up to shoot videos to upload on my website. As part of that process, I’ve been asking myself how to best represent my personal style, substance, and sass on screen. I sent an email to a large cross section of clients, friends, and family members, asking for three words that best described me. (Thanks, Marie, for that idea!) I’ve been bringing more of the sass, drive and compassion that people referred to in their responses onto the “stage”. It’s making all of it more fun, more hair-raising, and more engaging.

  44. I always encourage my clients (and myself) to BE yourself in a crowded marketplace. Most of the reason why people want to work with you is because they love YOU and adore your work/products. Trying to imitate someone else is a great way to get lost in a sea of people.

  45. Marie, I seriously love your videos. Shout out to you and your team for the amazing work and wisdom that you provide. I’m not kidding, I get excited when an email comes in; I click it immediately, coffee in hand.

    And thanks for providing the first laugh of the day. 😉

  46. Outstanding customer service is a great tip! Here’s the thing that I feel is crucial: GREAT communication. In other words, respond promptly to emails and phone calls. Don’t let people hang. If you (or your assistant if the case should be) is right on top of the communication, clients appreciate it so much. They feel respected and they sense that you really are excited to do business with them.

    There is nothing worse than a company that doesn’t respond in a timely manner…..and unfortunately, I come across that problem more than anything else.

  47. Yes, yes, and yes! I tell my entrepreneurial clients all the time not to shy away from the bumpy road they’ve had getting to their business. It’s all those little funky twists and turns that makes their story unique and their copy so compelling!!
    Why be vanilla when you can be Rocky Road?!

  48. I am lovin’ your advice on this! Indeed… I am gonna wrap my story into my offering. (How did I miss this????) And I’m gonna pump up my style in my posts etc. All great information as always, Marie!

    But I gotta say… GIRL… you are rockin’ that dress. I ADORE polka dots and that dress is the bomb and YOU are the doubly delicious goddess in it! Talk about makin’ your brand stand out!

    Sooo flippin’ happy to be in B-School!

  49. Great video Marie and a good reminder.
    I’ve been putting so much effort into this recently and I find that as well as standing out from the crowd I am putting a good ‘filtering’ system in place for people who are not my perfect customers, so they can see right away if we’re destined for good lovin or not. I’m a teacher of shamanism, healing and spirituality, so one of the first clues to how I roll is my talking about the work being ‘bullshit free’. Some people run a mile (not because they were consciously looking for bullshit, probably, but because they think spiritual types shouldn’t say such words) and those who are looking for someone who keeps it real know they have found the right place.
    I also like to make a point of blogging on subjects that a lot of people who do similar work won’t talk about publicly. Like: teachers who pretend to be perfect are fibbing to you, it’s ok if you don’t want to do healing work for certain type of people, and hopping into controversial debates around our professional training. Some people do *not* like this (I recently got called a so-called spiritual Nazi – what a delicious insult!) but I stand out from the crowd and it gets people talking. Plus, it’s fun 🙂
    Keep on standing out baby x

    • I am a psychotherapist and am part of a field of people who try to show that they are perfect. It’s stupid and offensive. I think that the public is too sophisticated for this crap ( at least the public that I want to attract).
      Keep being real, it is soooo refreshing.

      • I agree Laura. I’m from a group of traditionally stuffy Accountants. Totally get it. Are you incorporating “refreshing” into your sales copy, website, etc? Love to see it.

  50. Amy

    Today’s vid was perfect for me. I own an Eco friendly cleaning & landscaping biz in a small town with lots of competition. This is something I think and worry about as many of my competitors are willing to lower their prices in order to get the job. I refuse to do that so I have to really convince my customers that my company is worth paying for. Love getting your weekly Q&A’s!

  51. Fabulous video, Marie! I just found out about you (and B-School), and I’m so thrilled!

  52. Amanda Page

    This was one of those “right when you need it most” messages. It seems like lately ALL I see are people with offerings similar to mine. I do believe in that there is no such thing as competition and that there’s enough for everyone. But, I’m not immune to thoughts like, “There’s enough for everyone…except for ME.” I think telling your story is important…and what can be a big obstacle is sorting out your story to find the keys or most important pieces to reveal to potential clients. Connecting those pieces with other people’s pains in a clear, concise way is a stand out strategy for standing out, certainly.

  53. Hey Marie,

    Oh boy, do I love you! That white-polka-dots-on-jet-black dress made me swoon as soon as I saw it!
    One lucky dress, that one!!
    You always look and are beautiful, but this is waaaaaaaay beyond …

    OMG, I still can’t believe what I just saw in the video. Incredible stuff. Phew!

    Beauty, entrepreneur, gifted gab, on a mission, focused … that’s what I love about you. Boy, you outdo yourself every time!

    Again, LOVE U !!!!!!! 😛


  54. Hey Marie

    Loved this one…I mean I am always telling individuals I work with to focus on their unique value and integrate to people’s needs in a way that they can only do it best!

    I would love get some valuable opinion from everyone here. I read ALL the comments and loved what everyone had to say.
    I am currently traveling across South America, about a month ago I was in Ecuador during the “semana santa” (Holy week). I went to the precession that has been a tradition there for over 50 years…Anyway, I was really taken in with the whole thing, so, I had this spark inside to write about my experience and how much I learned from it (in our everyday lives, nothing religious:))..Now, I had mixed comments about this. Some people advised me NOT to go there, it was risky!
    I did it anyway…what do you all think about this, just curious:)

    • Hi Antonia. I can understand you wanting to write an article about your experience during the “semana santa” and that you learned things for your everyday life. My thoughts are, that if all the layers are peeled back, and you did not experience spiritual or religious enlightenment, it was just personal entertainment. And that is what could be considered as ‘risky’. Religious festivals in South America are not usually held for Westerners entertainment.

      • Hi Sally!

        Really appreciate you taking the time in sharing your thoughts:) Absolutely agree!!!

        My experience was of spiritual enlightenment towards forgiveness, suffering and humility, I actually took part in it for a while:)

        You are right, not a source of entertainment….hmmm…thanks Sally!!!!

  55. Great tips Marie!

    This is one of the areas I work on with clients. I call it Flying your Freak Flag high and proud!

    I see so many people that get caught up in the idea that there is a “right” way to be professional and be in business. They try to cram themselves into that box and hide everything that makes them interesting.
    I say that the things that are different, quirky and freaky about you are your biggest assets. Let people see the real you so they can connect with you.
    Besides, being yourself is so much easier than trying to “fit in” and get it “right”.

    Rock on!

    • suzanne houck

      Thanks Leah. I needed to hear your comment today!

  56. OMG YES! Excellent customer service is a MUST. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves and as my business grows bigger and bigger, any vendor who doesn’t provide ME with excellent customer service is gonna get kicked to the curb and lose a lot of business. I at least want to provide the same excellent experience to my own clients. The piece about what makes you unique is a key one as well…especially in my industry (coaching) where everyone’s website and message feels like a clone of the next. It’s rare that I find a coach who really stands out as completely unique. I’m in the process of re-doing my website because the current version is V 1.0 which I built myself with no budget and almost no knowledge. V 2.0 is going to be a seriously awesome user experience on every level and have my personality injected into it clear as day. It’s what has gotten me this far for sure, and I’d love to see more fabulous entrepreneurs take this ‘uniqueness’ element more seriously in their biz. Thanks for a great video!

    • Do I ever agree with you and it is one of the many reasons I am doing B school. I KNOW my site is cookie cutter. I am a health coach who needs uniqueness on a massive level along with the guts to use it.

  57. Great advice. Thanks, Marie!

    I have recently learned that another way to stand out is with your post-sales support. I sell my gift book for new moms to baby boutiques. I offer each store lots of marketing materials (graphics, videos, free chapters from the book, etc), which they can post on their own websites. I also offer advice on how the book can be used to further connect with customers who visit the store — by using the book in support groups for new moms. They may sound like obvious tools and ways to sell the book, but with so many products in the store, the store owners appreciate my extra effort.

    • Great website!! Great tips.

  58. Once again, spot-on AND well-timed!

    What I like to do is if I see people start to do the same thing I’ve been doing… I change it up! Nothing spurs me on to changing up my game faster than a copycat. This video fits in so well with my opinion of ideas. A lot of people may have the same idea, but it is the EXECUTION of said idea that matters.

    PS—Love the background music for the B-School Is Coming teaser… especially since I’M IN IT!!! 🙂

  59. Another great way to make your business stand out from the crowd is to add a signature mark to your products and services. For example, taking Margarita’s business, you could sew in special designs or trademark symbols on your cloth diapers to make them unlike any other cloth diaper on the market. There should be some sort of “staple” to what you are creating, something that expresses your unique flavor and personality through the products and services you are putting out into the world.

  60. Super video Miss Marie. Thank you.

    One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned is that it’s ok for everyone not to like you and what you are doing. In fact it’s necessary. My default position is to try and please everyone, but if what you’re doing isn’t unique enough for some people to be turned off by it, then it’s probably not going to turn anyone on either.

    The needing to brag thing is also a huge lesson. It’s much easier to hope that someone else will sell you, but you’ve got to sell yourself too. I definitely need to work on this one.

    Bring on B-school.


    PS LOVE your dress too. So 50’s cute.

    • Oh man, your comment is so true!

  61. “It’s an educational family show!” – Hilarious Marie!

    I would say that if you’re working with a web designer, it’s great to have web sites you love that inspire you… but you want to let your designer come up with things that will be unique for you. As opposed to copying fonts, colors, badges, styles, and placement.

    Really let your website stand on its own!

    • Hi Nathalie,
      As a visual designer, website strategist I urge all business owners to ask these simple things before hiring them this is blogpost I wrote and I want mind shift for business owners. Not matter what budget you have for your website or aim, a website designer will do justice to your website once they understand simple factors- that it’s not for them or you, but for your audience.

      no matter how great looking website is but if it doesn’t reach audience than it’s of no use.

      We all business owners need to answer and plan these simple question listed on my blog post. There are tips on planning a website.

      First plan a website and than execute it.

  62. Hi,
    Marie, how to approach crowd for the very first time, introducing your new services. Crowd who has never seen you or heard you? How to reach when you are behind the scene and want to introduce new training product to the crowd.


  63. Hi Marie, Thanks for the great hints and tips on Tuesday’s.
    I do stand out in the crowd, because, just like my clothes, my business is a genuine personal expression of myself. My motto is simple… “If it’s perfect, then it’s good enough!”

    My business story is a personal story of new beginnings, but to the audience, it’s a story of discovery, adventure, survival and ultimate personal reward. While I’m telling the story my listeners stand gob-smaked, as they ‘feel’ the experience.

  64. LOVE this video – your gangster stylee had been rolling around! Gangster diapers….. Now that’s different! x

  65. Find out who you are and do it on purpose. ~Dolly Parton

  66. Loved the great tips! This is what I am going through and implementing with my new business as an administrative consultant. I know I have a great personality that doesn’t always shine through in the written word and I believe one can still show great personality and be professional at the same time.

  67. My style of writing is personable, casual and conversational. But when I submit my guest posts, the “editor” changes my wording to fit her style. Part of my appeal is my personality. How do I get her to leave my style alone?
    Also looking forward to B-School!

  68. Catherine Ruddell

    This mornings to do list:
    sign-up for B-school – check
    settle in for Q&A Tuesday – check
    realize that everything that has ever happened or been created in my life has prepared me for sharing my gift with the world, and is exactly what will set me apart from the rest – check and check!

    (Thank you for introducing me to Marie! You are both exactly what I have been looking for!)

  69. THIS made my morning! gangsta diaper positioning, classic Marie 🙂
    I would build on tip # 5 (customer service) by reinforcing the power of listening. Get on social media channels (twitter, facebook, blogs, youtube, etc) and look for patterns in what people are saying about your industry, company, brand, product, category. This will not only build insight around how to create content and new market opportunities, but also is a great way to conduct research and development for new product opportunities 🙂
    It’s like doing a digital ethnography on your business or market.

  70. I would also say that talking about your business to everyone and anyone. So often, especially as women, we put our wares out in the world… and wonder why no one is calling. Network, network, network. Talk about what you do with passion. 🙂 You never know where your next client is going to come from.

    As always, awesome tips Marie. There are areas I do need to pull up my pantyhose in, for sure. 🙂

  71. Marie,

    I am right in the middle of wading through tons of resources trying to figure out the best way to launch my business and then bam, I find your excellent tips! Your 5 suggestions are helping me to write my pillar content which is what I have been really struggling with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  72. As always, Marie, you give stellar information for all of us to follow. I love the 5 steps to Stand Out. Thank you, love your videos!

  73. Kat

    Marie…I swear that you live inside of my head and come out every day to tweet, vlog or facebook exactly what I’m wondering or thinking about!!!!! Thanks so much! For someone who’s peddling coochie pleasers…I worried for a long time about getting lost in the crowd…but knew that what would set us a part was us(my partner and I)! As always…THANKS! Kat

  74. Once again Marie this is a brilliant video. I am an artist and have struggled with being me, just because my work tends to naturally be so autobiographical which made me bith question it’s value and feel vulnerable. Does that make sense? And yet the blogging world has been very sweet with me. Then I decided to take a direction which I though would be ‘better’, ‘more what people wanted’, easier to market, bla bla bla, and I almost stopped painting altogether, which was nuts! Now I am getting back into it, with a stronger sense of purpose and identity. I really, really value your videos and advice and great sense of humour! Thank you so much:)

  75. Love today’s video Marie! As a designer I think your personal style and unique branding is an easy way to set yourself apart, especially when everyone and their brother is online now. EVERYONE has a standard WordPress site or theme site and when you really invest in your visual brand, it immediately sets you apart, and above, the competition.

    For me, I think my story and personal journey is a big factor in setting myself apart as does my passion for personal responsibility. People are always saying “I love your story” or “I agree, personal responsibility is so important” so I know that I’ve made those two things clear.


  76. I totally agree the tip of storytelling. When I had my pottery studio and gallery 6 years ago, my customers LOVE to hear the story how I changed my career from a financial analyst/accountant to a pottery studio owner. I put a sign of my story at the shop and every customer read it!

    I totally forgot to use this tip for my current new business, Money Coaching. Thank you Marie to remind me!

  77. Heraldo Gomes

    Hi, Marie, you are the greatest! Thanks for sharing so many valuable and practical tips and Ideas.

    Heraldo Gomes – Porto Alegre, Brazil

  78. Gangsta Diapers!?! You are killing me! I am one of a bazillion speakers, but what has gotten me speaking opportunities lately is just being authentic…being me. Before, I approached it too much like every one else. I stopped trying to be everyone else, and started being me. Adding your voice to your business is the key.

    Great vid, Marie.

    • Plus you DANCE BOMB people! That’ll get ’em every time.

  79. It’s nice to hear you say, be yourself. I’m a bit of a goof and I always wondered if I was doing the wrong by thing acting like that in public, on Facebook. On the boudoir photography Network Facebook group that I run I used to host virtual happy hour. It takes mad talent to get people excited about invisible alcohol ;0) . Happy hours usually lasted an hour and a half and would have 150 to 200 posts before it would wind down. Was it a waste of time? Maybe, but it helped make the group a fun place. It was entertaining and different. People got addicted to the group. I would receive PM’s saying OMG that is the most fun I’ve had all day. A large audience on Facebook helps you advertise your products and workshops. I have about 1,700 members in that group now and adding more every day. I noticed when I stopped interacting as much in the group the posting slowed way down and I felt the group was dyeing. I’m back on there now posting things that make people say… “what the hell did she just say?!” and activity is back up again. But, you have to be very careful about wasting too much time on Facebook. It can be a big time suck.

  80. These are the ways in which clients have told me I stand out:

    Honesty — I tell the truth even when they might not want to hear it — but I always bring a solution along with that truth!

    I make hard stuff seem easier and communicate it in ways that anyone can understand — without talking down to them.

    I use humor in my presentations and to lighten situations where people may feel guarded, tense or overwhelmed.

    I always deliver more than they ever expected.

    • And as a very satisfied client of Vanessa’s, I have to tell you she is not yanking your chain here. I am learning so much from Vanessa (copywriter extraordinaire) and from you Marie (marketing goddess extraordinaire). Rock on girls!

  81. Ack! In the world of health and fitness standing out from the crowd can be an intense order to follow through on. I specialize my workouts by hiring a DJ to custom mix music that fits my signature workout format AND every month I give away one of these ‘solid gold’ mixes to everyone on my e-mail list so they can download and rock it out for free. I also offer seriously simple and fast weekly workout videos to follow (workouts that can be done in 10 minutes or less) and try to infuse as much fun and flare into them as possible. Moving your body is meant to be fun and something you LOOK FORWARD to. Loving your body is meant to be easy and exciting. Every part of this needs to include great music so you can DANCE DAMMIT! I stand behind that with my brand.

    • Lisa,
      You don’t know me, but I LOVED the video you made for the B-school scholarship competition. I wish I lived in your town so I could work out with you. Best.

  82. OMG love this! Especially the diaper fairies. Genius. My favorite tip was that facts tell and stories sell. I have not really tried storytelling to sell yet, but I think its something I’ll experiment with.

    I am all over #3 have a distinct voice and tone. I use humor to talk about a very dry topic, business plans. In fact I built my new product called Business Plans for the Average Human with that in mind. We use humor and plain english to help creatives get through the business planning process.
    Thanks for the fun post today! Awesome as always.

  83. Marie, obviously you are doing incredibally excellent in tip number 3 – Create a distinct voice or tone.

  84. Zoe

    Woo! Thanks Marie! I’ve been thinking about this the past couple days and this is just going to take me forward a little bit more! I’m a party, my tools are yoga & dance and I want people to join me and find their empowerment and full love for themselves! Yay! Can’t wait for the next video!

  85. “That’s not chocolate, that’s poop!” THIS is why you are killing it. And I’m not kidding. I so enjoy how your brain works (and your enduring sense of potty humor!) If more entrepreneurs were as genuinely silly and fun while they bestowed their knowledge, products and services on the world? It’d just be a much happier and more fun place.

    Thank you for being memorable. So so memorable.

  86. Patricia

    Thanks Marie and friends…I’m new to the web market. The tips are great. I’m looking forward to B-School.

  87. Amy

    B-E-A- utiful! I could not agree more. Samey’s and copycats are boring. Love ya Marie!

  88. Woo hoo, Marie! I feel like you just ripped open my brain and took a leaf blower to the self-doubt corner. I often wrestle with the “it’s been done” demon and one of the most valuable gifts you give and that B-school has given me already (and we’re still only in the ramp-up phase) is the permission to thrive. I didn’t realize I was looking for it, per se, but the energy and inspiration pouring out of the RHH posse is a tsunami of support, encouragement, actionable practicality and aspiration abundance that has me doing virtual high-kicks (holding off on the real ones til I limber up a bit more).

    Mwah, mwah, MWAH! xo

  89. Thank you so much for another awesome Tuesday video!!! I love them!!! This was particularly great today, as the world is bombarded with ocean of the internet and most people feel like tadpoles. I am trying to learn the world of social networking to spread awareness of my production company, thanks for these tips. I also recommend joining a community of woman, I just joined Woman in Film in Los Angeles and it has been life changing for my business.

  90. I think what you said about personality coming through is powerful. Maybe you could create a very funny video with a story on why you think cloth diapers are so much better then non cloth diapers or how you can to create cloth diapers. One that’s entertaining and informative about your product. People love to laugh and learn at the same time.

  91. Love it, Marie! I’m lucky that I have good visuals, since I’m selling art. But you’re right — my website could use some personality. I’m towing the line between selling artwork direct and selling artwork through galleries. The galleries prefer formality, and the customers would probably like to know the real me.

  92. If we all just be who we are, and not try to be anyone else, this will differentiate us from the others sharing a similar message or selling the same kinds of products and programs. I think this is the best way to do it – be the absolute best of who we are – bring it and do this fully – and watch people build the “know, like & trust factor”.

    I love everyone’s ideas here! 🙂

  93. I’ve found SIMPLIFICATION to be what makes me stand out. Too many folks in my industry make it all sound so complicated when it just really isn’t and anyway, complicated stuff usually won’t work for long ‘cuz it’s not sustainable. So I simplify and add my bubbly effervescence and it seems to be working! (well, I’m happy with it, anyway!)

  94. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Extremely valuable information Marie AND love the polka dot dress 🙂

    I would add to not be scared to get out the the box, to be daring and push the envelop!

  95. Oh yes – to be YOURSELF! This is actually an aspect of the definition of health, in Ayurveda – the ancient system of healing and health from India – sister-science to Yoga. The word for well is SVASTHA which means “To be established in the self.” Hard to do when you are busy trying to be someone else…!
    Seeing women restored to their authenticity is a foundation of our approach to healing at Rasa Ayurveda, where we welcome women from ALL OVER the WORLD…! women come from all over the world –

  96. Natalie Garay

    OMG, I’ve found my long, lost twin! You’re amazing, hilarious and just the right amount of wrong and I am honored to be a part of B-school with you.

  97. Judy

    Love this, Marie. Thank you.

  98. Hey Marie
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your step 1 – that’s what I’m about, the Story Coach!!!
    And SOOOO excited for B-School – can’t wait to get started.
    Stories really do make ALL the difference, and so many people I talk to say that they don’t have a story, or at least are not sure of it. We all have a story, and are ALL storytellers…it’s how we define our reality! Thanks for your amazing videos. Love ’em!

  99. Thanks for the tips Marie! I think the one I struggle with most right now is creating a distinct voice and tone. I think naturally I would want to be more entertaining and “over-the-top” in my product descriptions (think Seinfeld’s J. Peterman stuff), just for fun….but my serious and less secure side holds me back. Something for me to work on and break through.

  100. I want to take it!

    All is within you. Believing is seeing.

    Much much gratitude to you Marie!

    Trust Love,


  101. Yep. I JUST created a new eCourse for entrepreneurs that want to take their websites, blogs and headshots to the next level by learning how to create kick ass photography. When I watched your video and heard you say we can stand out with the help of photography I thought ” yo, this Marie Forleo gets it! ”

  102. Marie, Marie, Marie!

    As always, you’ve nailed it.

    I *know* that because I infuse my unique personality into my site, every piece of copy, my offerings, and into my overall brand, I am not only making sure that I “stand out” but I am being totally true to myself….my authentic self. And when I was working for one employer, that somehow got lost in the shuffle. I felt this need to be what you wanted me to be. Ick.

    My current (and future!) clients + fans are not only drawn to me for who I really am (because I am being “the real me”), but they are getting the best that Aimee has ever provided, because I am being 100% authentic. When I am being “the real me”, my true gifts shine and are freely given.

    xo to you and your authenticity, Marie!

  103. This is fabulous!! I have some work to do….thank you:):):)

  104. OMG – before I did B-School and met Marie, I was soooo polite and nice to everyone – there are a MILLION life coaches doing what I do…

    Then I called my book Lucky Bitch – total game changer – but B-school gave me the courage to do it!

  105. Kristie B

    GIRL. You crack me up.

    My schtick is awesome because I will help you get organized AND show you how to stay organized in the way that is best for you and ONLY you. It’s not a formula. It’s a conversation–a long conversation that can be HIGHlarious even while being about overcoming your chaos–that I start and you finish, and the end result is a soft spot for you to land at the end of the day.

  106. Thanks, Marie!
    I watched this video before going to a local networking event. Tip 1: Tell Your Company’s Story really hit home with me. After everyone at our table had given her 1-minute spiel at the event, someone asked me how I got started as an Animal Intuitive and Pet Medium. Well, on the drive over to the event, I had clarified my company’s story so I knew exactly how to answer this question. I had the whole table spell bound (other conversations stopped and everyone was “eavesdropping” on “our” conversation). It felt great to have everyone drop what they were doing to learn more about me and my business! Telling a story – what a great business tool!
    Thanks again, Cara

  107. I find myself playing it safe in my writing and that’s just so blah. When I do “let loose” I feel vulnerable, like I shouldn’t have been my feisty self. Your video, Marie, came at just the right moment for me. I can embrace my style instead of wanting to apologize for it.

  108. Its so spot on, my partner and I want to help entrepreneurs launch their business, and your advice has come on spot on.

    I also realized I need to take advantage of my personal blog, and been trying to go through the post so I can tell a story of my adventures.

  109. Hi Marie,
    This episode of Marie TV is a keeper!
    I will get to work on each point you mentioned.
    I know my method delivers something different than the rest, which is why I have written a book on it. But I also realize I need to find a way to deliver that message so that it stands out from the rest, in a way that people
    HEAR IT. That’s very important.

  110. Gangsta Diapers! LOL. Only Marie…


  111. Hi Marie,

    Just discovered you and absolutely love your message! You are so right that women often undervalue their uniqueness. I would add too, that women often wait for someone else to tell them what is special about about them. Valuing who I am and what I do has been a big lesson for me, not just as a writer and budding entrepreneur, but also in life. Plus, as a mother to three strong teenage daughters, if I don’t walk the walk, it makes it so much harder for them to believe the talk.

    Thank you for providing such great content!

  112. Candace Loy

    Dear Marie and all B-schoolers, hooray and so excited that B School is starting so soon!

    Unfortunately it is not a good time for me to do this, as there has been a few big (and wonderful) changes in the last few weeks including moving to a new , beautiful country!

    I now will be able to save up to join the next B School ( a long wait, I know).

    Marie I have been following your work for years since before the Bootycamps 🙂 and your stuff is always the one thing I turn to whenever I need a perspective re-adjustment and a little boost…it has helped me come a LONG way and.
    I am now a happy proud multi-passionate scientist-artist -surfer-model -stingray feeding guide-surfboard designer-

    Who seriously needs guidance on how to put everything together and ” sell them what they want and give them what they need ” with LOVE !!

    I CAN NOT wait to be part of the next B-School so that I can learn how to market my beautiful designs to people who would love them!

    Have a wonderful time everyone and I hope you make wonderful business connections and friendships and have alot of fun ♥.

    Feel free to stop by my pages to say hello and keep in touch while I start my own journey with my online business !!

  113. Yup! Love your points about “story” and “visual communication” and I would throw in “energy”. If everything looks and sounds right but you feel like crap about it, you’re likely not gonna be producing a whole lot of results. I’m all about the “woo-woo” or the mindset piece. Mastering that is mastering everything! (Here’s my shameless self-promotion:

  114. Hi Marie…so glad I found you. Sight unseen I knew your vibe was for me. Your video made me laugh and think about how to stand out. I bake all things fabulous and can’t wait to transition my business into a retail space (Spring 2013). Like lots of women, I tend to stand in the background and try not to draw too much attention. It’s not my personality…it’s conditioning. When I have been ME it feels good and I get great compliments. I’m ready to go balls to the wall with being ME and to stop standing in the background of MY business. can’t wait to see more of you. Thanks.

  115. Aghhhhh I love all your videos. This is very timely, because I have been wondering how to marry my passion for Intuitive Eating/Body Image/Loving yourself – with my irreverent and comic writing style. I had a site/business that I became dispassionate about, only because the voice that went with the “treat yourself well, la la la” vibe was so sappy sweet I wanted to punch myself. I think I have found better footing with….. wait for it…. The Fuck It Diet. It feels so much better … THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO

    • Barbara

      Re: “The Fuck It Diet” – love it! You will certainly narrow your niche to the right people with that one!

  116. thanks for sharing these great tips.
    a good tag line makes you stand out as well
    Rowena……………The only LIST you need

  117. I’ve found sharing my personal journey and what’s in my heart are great ways to connect with my community and friends.

    Thanks for sharing

  118. Marie,

    Great video as usual! One thing I’ve found over the last couple of years that has helped me standout is to simply do the things within my business that the majority of others aren’t willing to do… Often, doing things that are considered ‘mildly crazy’ such as bringing a video camera around my city (Toronto) and shooting random videos in my favorite sushi restaurants, at my gym while working out, and just doing things that others don’t and aren’t willing to do.

    I think this dose of ‘unique craziness’, in addition to the info you’ve just discussed is what can help take someone’s uniqueness to the next level and really help them become an authority (such as you’ve done with your type of content delivery here).

    Thanks Marie 🙂


  119. Pascale Derose

    Awesome video Marie!  Each one of your points are attainable.  And I love that you talk about tapping into our own experiences, values and beliefs.  In the business world, it’s easy to  believe that we are not enough to achieve success, consequently we fear to be ourselves (it’s true for me).  And that’s why it’s so encouraging, uplifting and motivating to hear from you that looking to ourselves IS a crucial element in getting that unique edge. 

  120. Pam

    These are great tips, thank you! I am on the shy side, so sharing my story was so hard for me. I finally put it up on my site, but I need to add before/after photos. I’ve got some more work to do now!
    I love your video posts, I really need to offer the same on my site.

  121. JB

    Lots of us in that sameness type of business. Many artists competing for a small market. Started doing transformational workshops using creativity through painting to communicate & handle stress to individuals,groups, and conventions about 12 years ago. I have one coming up on a small island in Maine in August.
    ( )
    and I adore the experience of helping people get back in touch with their uniqueness. Thanks for all the great tips.

  122. Hello Marie,

    I bet you never dreamed that when you made this video – it would get so many responses. The (USP) unique selling proposition is what makes you “you.”

    I am a Professional Web Copywriter, and in my articles, I teach my clients the very same things. People will always love a great story – and the truth be told – “everybody’s got one.” It simply takes a little creative writing to make it interesting, and personable.
    Loved your video.


    Stephen Monday

  123. Hello Marie,

    I bet you never dreamed that when you made this video – it would get so many responses. The (what sets you apart from the crowd) is what makes you “you.”

    I am a Professional Web Copywriter, and in my articles, I teach my clients the very same things. People will always love a great story – and the truth be told – “everybody’s got one.” It simply takes a little creative writing to make it interesting, and personable.
    Loved your video.


    Stephen Monday

  124. I LOVE the customer service tip – think it’s the best of them all! And it’s my biggest challenge after all the goodies and yummies have been delivered.

    You rock!!

  125. Masha

    Great tips! I especially agree with the personal story advice. In the past that always captured me when I chose a professional to work with! Now I need to write a good story about myself without a false feeling of “who cares about my story?” 🙂

  126. Marie, I just wanted to let you know that girrrllllll, you are the business. 🙂 You are always on point, know your stuff and I love the bubbly personality. I have taken my notes and I agree with all of your tips. When first starting out with the decision to make jewelry instead of telling my own story I got sucked into creating what I thought other people would want/like but I have learned that if I don’t tell my own story and really believe in what I’m making I will just get lost in the shuffle. Thank you again for your great insight!

  127. Hi! You are so goofy and funny. I love the Oompa Loompa’s. Great reference. My sis Kim usually checks out your info. It’s my turn. You do you very well. I enjoyed your tips. You are the ultimate on standing out in your industry. It takes a lot of work and effort to get it. Congrats! Kristine 🙂

  128. Luci

    Love your tips, Marie!!! Greeting from Switzerland/Brazil!

  129. I really think this can be applied beyond business branding. Women/people in general are nervous to stand out (yet secretly want to!) – but if you apply these tips to your day-to-day life, you’re creating an impression that compliments you way of life and whatever business you’re building.

    Start standing out in the daily routines and activities (and fashion choices), and watch how that spills over to your ambitions and endeavours.

  130. Love the reminder to + PERSONALITY. It’s such a key component. Being yourself instead of “trying” to fit some mold of a cookie that’s not you. Watching your videos and reading your copy has helped me to remember! Thank you, thank you! I believe we all thrive best when being out authentic self. Your tha bomb digity, Marie. Much love, Michele

  131. Marie, love this video and branding is so undervalued when women start up their new businesses. That’s why I decided to change my slogan to: Martha Stewart has more money than you!

    Just to rev up the engines in these ladies to show them the power of branding 😉

    Letita – your go-to girl for learning why no branding means no success

  132. Thanks thanks thanks for making and sharing this valuable videos/information to us Marie!

  133. Delicious episode! I love business tips! Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Nicoleta! We love business tips too 🙂

  134. You are so right! My husband and I own a termite and pest control business! Ladies hate bugs, but love the bug jewelry that I wear. I have received some really cute blingy rings, bracelets and pins from my friends and customers! My job is to market our business so I walk and talk and wear bug bling! I defintely have the best part part of this business. I do a lot of handle holding, consulting and educating the women who call about the invaders coming across their welcome mat. Our business is TNT Termite and Pest Control and we provide “Dynamite Customer Service.”

  135. Marie – I loved this and it is SO true – NO ONE can be the YOU that God created you to be. I heard a saying once that if you are so busy trying to be someone else, then who will ever be YOU? People out there are hungry for what we each have to offer and the uniqueness we bring to the table. It’s so refreshing to be around people who are free to be themselves – these people also help others to do the same. You are always such an inspiration and I consider you one of those people who are authentic to who they are.
    Thanks for everything you do!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep shining like you do, Michelle. The world needs it. We’re so glad that you’re here with us and we appreciate all of your support. xo

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