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When’s the last time you had one of those idea-to-reality moments?

You know, when you thought about something you wanted to see, do, create, experience, or become — and eventually, you actually did it?

This is the manifestation of our desire.

Manifesting (n): Cultivating the experience you want to feel — and then living and believing in that experience so you can allow it to come into form.

~ Gabby Bernstein

I’m pretty comfortable with the word “manifesting” these days, but a few years back I couldn’t stand the word. I thought it was waaay too passive and airy fairy. Not the kind of thing that worked for my highly action-oriented demeanor.

Over the years, though, I’ve heard the term more and more, so I thought it would be useful to get schooled on the topic. What exactly is manifesting? How does it work and what, if any, manifesting mishaps do we all need to look out for?

What Is Manifesting?

My favorite definition of manifesting is co-creating with the universe.

I love this, because it means manifesting is a creative process. All you’re doing is using your creative energy to co-create with the energy around you. We all put out vibrations, from super negative to super positive, and your vibration attracts good or bad things into your life.

When you’re open to experiences the universe brings your way, you can receive anything you want. (Note: you can call this God, spirit, love, Smurf faires or whatever else you want.)

Airy fairy or not, a lot of us receive manifestations without even realizing it.

A few years ago, a friend whipped out her computer over brunch and asked me a series of questions, then voila! generated an analysis about how I create results in the world.

It said right there: I’m a manifestor. Like, a power manifestor. Meaning I’m someone who is a great catalyst in life. Wherever I go and whomever I meet, it seems I’m a trigger and cause for activity.

Makes sense, given what I do, right?

This activity doesn’t happen because I’m pushy or lucky. It’s because I stay open and receptive to what the universe calls on me to experience.

Life is supposed to be easy — if we could just stay out of our own way. Negative beliefs and fears block what the universe has in store for us. Manifesting is about actively removing those blocks so you can see what you want and become receptive to the gifts the universe provides you to make it happen.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the principle that manifesting puts into practice.

If you’ve read, watched, or heard of The Secret, you probably know the basics: The Law of Attraction says your positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

Mention the L.O.A., and critics will probably come out of the woodwork.

Don’t let them steer you wrong. It doesn’t mean you can sit back and let fortune roll in in the form of gold bars and round-the-world vacations. It just means you get back what you put out.

The idea was around for about 200 years before The Secret made it popular. We’ve been talking about concepts like mind over body and the power of positive thinking since the early 1800s.

What Do We Mean When We Say “Miracle”?

If you look into manifesting, you’ll hear folks throw around the word “miracle,” which can feel intimidating.

In this case, a “miracle” is simply a shift in your perspective, a moment when you see something more clearly. It’s a moment when you break free of resistance and become open to receiving what you desire.

For more on manifesting miracles, watch this MarieTV: How to Make Big Shifts This Year w/ Gabby Bernstein

It’s a big deal, but the clouds probably won’t part, and some holy force won’t come down from on high to hand you a new MacBook or big promotion. It’s an energy shift. A new way of seeing and being in the world.

That shift opens the door for everything you need to fall into place.

How to Use Manifesting to Get Anything You Want

Nothing exists in our world that doesn’t first exist in our mind.

In this MarieTV with my friend, manifesting expert, and bestselling author Gabby Bernstein, we learn three steps to manifest anything you want:

  1. Get clear about what you want and why.
  2. Release your limiting beliefs.
  3. Have patience, and know the universe will bring you what you desire.

Keep reading after the video for more tips to use manifesting in your life.

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There’s no secret to manifesting. Nothing works unless you do.

It takes daily action to listen to your inner voice, stay clear about what you want, remove your blocks, have patience, and be open to what the universe brings.

Follow these steps to start manifesting anything you want.

Step 1: Get Clear

Before you can manifest anything, you need to know what you’re aiming for.

If you’re unclear, you welcome in things you don’t really want. This is how you wind up following a path that doesn’t feel right.

Don’t know what you want? Ask yourself — deep down, don’t you really know your heart’s desire? Most of us do, we’re just afraid we’re not good enough to get it, or that we’ll fail if we try.

The real challenge isn’t getting clear, it’s owning the fact that you already are clear and being courageous enough to name that dream.

Next, ask yourself why you want it.

When your why is connected to your highest self and being of service to others, you’re aligned with what the universe wants for you. But when your reasons are self-serving, competitive, or fear-based, you’re fighting against your bigger purpose.

Step 2: Release Limiting Beliefs

Once you know exactly what you want, you have to remove the blocks — negative thoughts, fears, and disbeliefs — that keep it from manifesting.

Beliefs are the hidden scripts that run our lives.

To manifest something, you must believe you’re worthy. That’s why Step 2 requires you to release the limiting beliefs that tell you you’re not good enough. 

This is going to take courage and time, but the great news? You can manifest the guidance you need to heal those beliefs. Recognize how you’re blocking your manifestation, and trust the universe to give you exactly what you need to grow — because you might not be ready to make the change on your own yet.

Just watch! Books will jump off the shelf at you (okay, maybe not literally), you’ll stumble on just the right YouTube video, or you’ll meet your new best friend at a conference.

This article you’re reading now may even be a manifestation of your desire to start manifesting the life you want! Trippy, right?

Here’s an exercise to start challenging your negative beliefs. Come back to it as often as you need. Grab a journal, and write your answers to these questions:

  1. What’s the most important change you want to make right now?
  2. What negative or limiting beliefs have stopped you from figuring this out until now?
  3. Now, cross out each of those limiting beliefs and write “BULLSH*T” next to each. (It’s fun!)
  4. Write about why each of those negative beliefs is, indeed, total B.S.
  5. Who would you be without these limiting beliefs?

The expectation isn’t that you’ll feel good or have a positive attitude 100% of the time — that would be impossible. Instead, commit to realigning yourself whenever you recognize those negative beliefs holding you back. 

Because when you change a belief, you change everything.

Step 3: Stay in the Know

Challenging and letting go of your limiting beliefs is daily work.

Manifesting isn’t something you do only while you’re journaling, meditating, or in yoga class. Sure, those things can help reinforce these practices, but manifestation is something you take with you throughout every day.

Gabby calls this step “staying in the know” — meaning, knowing the universe has your back.

This is important, but your manifestation might not be what you expected.

Manifesting isn’t about getting what we think we want, but about knowing the universe has a higher plan, and being open to receiving that plan. For example, what if you spent all your time hyper-focused on landing a promotion at work, that you blocked yourself from receiving an even better opportunity at a different company?

Actively stay in the presence of believing in yourself, knowing the universe has your back, and being certain you’ll achieve your highest purpose.

How Long Is This Supposed to Take??

If you’ve been in the knowing state for a long time and have started to wonder, “When is it gonna come?” please have patience.

Being anxious and afraid, or grasping for control creates a negative energy and blocks your manifestation. Patience lets you stay open and positive, which will help you receive gifts as they come.

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety. 

~ “A Course in Miracles”

Manifesting doesn’t work like a genie in a bottle. Achieving what you desire may often feel  messy and twisted. Stay patient, and trust that you’re on the right path.

Can You Manifest More Money?

Two questions I can hear you asking about manifesting:

  1. Can you manifest money?
  2. Does wanting money make you unspiritual?

Let’s tackle the second one first: Are you working against becoming your highest self if you want to earn money?

Absolutely not! I consider myself a very spiritual person, and I l o v e making money.

Now, it’s not about earning money for money’s sake. Money can create opportunities for me to contribute to others, create experiences, and enjoy my life.

To keep your money goals from working against you, stay in touch with the deeper reason you’re trying to earn it in the first place. Is it to find freedom for yourself and your family? To donate to causes you care about? To create jobs for talented, creative people?

The more successful you are, the bigger difference you’ll make in the world and the more people you’ll serve — and that’s plenty spiritual, if you ask me.

Now for No. 1: Can you manifest more money?

Let’s be clear: You can’t expect anything to just drop into your lap — manifesting isn’t magic. This is a major misconception.

Manifesting is about being open to the opportunities the universe presents and letting the universe guide you — not trying to force an outcome you think is best.

Yes, earning more money can help you be your highest self and have a greater impact. But if your goal to earn more is based on an ego-driven scarcity mindset, you’re putting up all kinds of blocks to achieving your dream. 

Adopt an Abundance Mentality

Money in your bank account isn’t the manifestation of you putting in an order with the universe for $1 million.

Peace and satisfaction with your finances comes from a mindset of abundance. That includes:

  • Appreciating what you have. Reality check: Over 1 billion people in this world live on $2.50 a day or less, according to FINCA International. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but true abundance starts with appreciating what you have right now.
  • Spreading the wealth. When you feel a lack around money, shift your mindset by giving some away. Donate to your favorite charity or pick up the tab with family or friends.

Money’s like you and me. It’s attracted to respect and appreciation. If you find yourself battling a scarcity mindset, try these two weird money habits to train your brain for abundance:

  1. Never say no to honest money. Let me tell you a secret: I’m not too good to pick up loose change off the ground. It’s a reminder that the universe is always there to give me what I need and to not be too arrogant to accept the small blessings.
  2. Keep your money tight and right. I keep my physical money tidy and organized. Probably a habit I picked up working in restaurants. All the bills are faced the same way, organized by denomination, and laid flat in my wallet. It’s a sign of respect for myself, and a way to be a good steward for the money that comes into and flows out of my life.

An abundance mindset not only invites more money into your life, but it also lets you appreciate what you have and give more.

What Will Your Manifestation Look Like?

Manifesting turns your desires into reality.

We all have a higher purpose in this world, big dreams we want to achieve. By getting clear about what you want, releasing limiting beliefs, and trusting in the higher plan the universe has in store for you, you can achieve anything.

Now it’s time to turn all this insight into action!

Grab a notebook and spend five to 10 minutes answering these questions:

What limiting beliefs are you willing to let go of right now? What blessings will you welcome into your life without those beliefs to block them?

Remember: The universe has big plans for you, but only you can take action. I hope this inspires you to adopt an open and abundant mindset and receive the gifts the universe has waiting for you.

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  1. I go back and forth between believing in manifestation and thinking it is BS. I will try the tips Gabby presented and see if I get different results. I believe small manifestations have occurred in my life, but, there has also been ‘manifestation mishaps’~ (feeding the opposite outcome, than that which I wished to occur).

    • I just thought of one specific manifestation that occurred~ I made a mistake on my taxes and the IRS sent me a $700 check unexpectedly- does that count?

    • Try suspending disbelief for a set period of time & then testing out your manifestation muscles.

      Focus on manifesting things that seem small & doable (a phone call from an old friend, a FREE fifty dollar bill), so that you can build up some faith with solid evidence. Belief is key.

      Best of luck to you :O)

      • CLJ

        ^ That’s a good idea.

      • effing love this thought.

      • I agree with this.

        It’s important to gain a few “wins” early on, so to speak.

  2. I think manifesting works…sort of.

    It works because it helps get in the mindset of actually getting what you want. E.g., to manifest stuff you have to be positive. Positive people spot more opportunities than negative people. Thus, if you are positive you may be “manifesting” just because you spot opportunities that you would have otherwise missed!

    At the same time I feel that “manifesting” is tricky, as it implies that somehow people have control. Well, people are never in control! No one can control conditions. So yes, we may influence conditions, but we may not control them. So, as I said…it’s tricky.

    • Fajr

      I couldn’t agree more Maria. I think that God, the universe is always in control and manifesting opens us up to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.

      • That’s sounds like what I need in this life, I have not been positive in to much in my life so iam going to try thanks and have a good day?

    • Marla

      She did say that control & manipulation are blocks, though, and that we have to be patient, relax, release, & let the Universe (to me God is BIGGER than the Universe) do it.

    • Victoria

      I’m with you, Maria. What about those “weirdo” blissful dreamers we’ve all known who have spent their life waiting for the manifestation they KNEW would come… and have died without it? They’ve lived happy and some of them have died happy, sure, and that’s huge in itself, but the argument doesn’t entirely convince me….

  3. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Two of my favorite ladies in one place. 🙂

    I have been in the flow since late last year. One amazing manifestation (and show of support from the universe) was when I made a money mindset shift, released my doubts/blocks and stated that I can making money doing the work that I love. Not two hours later I got an email from a website offering to pay me for me two blog posts a month! Unbelievable.

    I have been in the practice of saying, out loud, “THANK YOU, more please!” every time the universe delivers the right client, project or awesome anything into my life. Patience is definitely key. Knowing that the universe has a plan in store for you and it will deliver what is best at the right time. One of Gabby’s vlogs has helped me tremendously… “I am trusting, I am releasing. I ask for what is of the highest service to myself and to the world.” Love it. xo

    • FaerieD

      Lurve the “Thank you more please!” attitude!

    • Yes, Stephenie! The gratitude thing is also key. I literally kiss every check I get in the mail and say a big, smiley “thank you…keep it comin’!” to the Universe. It feels good and definitely helps to keep me in the flow of abundance and welcoming whatever magic comes my way. 🙂

      Awesome video, Marie and Gabby – my favorite to date!

    • marie

      Great story Steph!

    • what a fantastic idea! good for you and thank YOU for the great idea! 😉

  4. Oh wow! I LOVED this! Thank you for introducing me to Gabby!

    I just realised that I was manifesting seriously late last year – I knew I needed a creative outlet and I wanted to combine it with my business – I told my little voices to shut up when I kept hearing “oh but you’re not a great artist” – instead I kept focussing on that feeling of sharing my visuals with the world – THEN I stumbled across Marie TV and well – my life changed 🙂

    You then inspired me to leap, embrace being multi-passionate and ride the awesome wave I’m on.

    It does take a bit of practice but I’m learning to be patient with it!

    I know I’ve thanked you for being such an inspiration AND motivation (and even sent you your own Brand Identity Visualisation) but I want to thank you again! Thank you Marie 🙂

  5. Another week, another great video Marie 😉
    I sometimes go back and forth with the idea of manifestation but as I’ve grown I’ve come to realise that it’s one key component out of dozens that help an individual to be happier & more successful. Thinking positively, being grateful for what I have now and having a vision for my life are all essential components in achieving true happiness & fulfilment.

    • marie

      Exactly Victoria – well said.

  6. Cheryl

    Unfortunately I can’t watch this until I get home (will very much look forward to it) but I’m a big believer in the power of manifestation. As a past cynic I have compltely changed my life and my happiness levels and manifestation is part of that. I think a lot of people would rather be cynical and right than take the chance on something and be proved wrong. It’s crazy really as there’s nothing to lose.

    Interestingly when I read the super duper fabulous ‘How to Make Any Man Want You’ a couple of years ago it really felt like you were a big believer in manifestation, law of attraction etc even if you didn’t mention it. I think it has many names, but the key quality is a belief that anything is possible if you back yourself which seems to be the message in so much of your teaching.

    Love your work Marie. It’s fabulous.

    • marie

      Thank you Cheryl! Excited for you to see the interview, I think you’ll love it.

  7. Love this video Marie (and Gabby)! I originally learnt about manifesting in my late teens/early twenties but after the cracks started to show for my manifesting teachers it all seemed to be a big fat lie. After giving it the cold shoulder for many years I have recently started to warm up to the concept in the past 6-12months…and that’s because I’ve somehow turned into a power manifestor. And after hearing Gabby’s steps I now understand why. I’ve gotten really clear about the things I’m wanting in my life AND I’ve been taking massive action to meet it halfway. Plus I’ve been open to the form it’s delivered to me trusting that the Universe always has my back 😉

  8. Zoey

    So glad you posted this- I have a chip on my shoulder about manifesting!!! Whenever people talk about it I feel a little nauseous and roll my eyes inside in a big way. I just don’t believe in it. I think it is because there was a time I my life that I devoted myself to ‘the secret’ in a big way, and it didnt work- largely, i think, because I was quite young, not in tune with myself and likely manifesting on a superficial level. I think that gave me the impression that there are tons of people running around with false hopes about what manifesting can do for them. I meAn…I pray. I visualize. But I don’t yet feel comfortable with the term ‘manifest’ yet- it just isn’t my thing, too broad and buzz-wordy. Would love to repair my relationship with manifestation…

    • marie

      Hey Zoey, read the comment above from Victoria. I think that will help you reframe the idea.

    • Udo

      Zoey, the other part is that… sometimes it takes YEARS to “manifest” what you want.

    • Udo

      Something else I’ve learned, Zoey, is that when you are trying to ‘manifest’ something and its not coming, there is something you’re believing that is blocking it. Or there is something you are not willing to let go of or do to attain it. Everytime my manifestation doesn’t “work”, I realize that there is something I’m doing that’s blocking it. I accept that manifesting that thing is NOT something I’m willing to hustle for right now so I put it into the hands of the universe to bring to me on its own time.

  9. Just loved this video – thank you so much from rainy London. I’m manifesting sunshine!

  10. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! YOu ladies rock!! 🙂 I love manifesting and go through times of GREAT SUCCESS with it … and other times where I slack off and forget how good it is!!! I have had some amazing manifesting results doing a group art class run by a beautiful manifesting lady ( where we did group meditations and artworks and I manifested one of my dreams – to perform on a big outdoor stage at a winery – I was focussed on a specific winery down south – and ended up playing a much BIGGER one close to home opening for a very famous band – SIMPLY RED.. so Yes!! I definitely believe in it and believe you also gotta do the footwork to make it happen while beliving it will happen.. I am now overseas living and touring in Europe which is another big dream! the next step for me is to manifest way more ABUNDANCE 🙂 and I know it’s on its way… !!! xx big LOVE and thanks for sharing this great clear and simple adice! Love what you do!! xx Prita. (

    • marie

      Nice Prita. Enjoy the tour!

  11. I only learned about manifesting in the last year, and it has already allowed me to get closer to what I really want in my life and let go of my crazy control. It’s so powerful and necessary for a successful online business.

  12. I’m not sure how I feel about manifesting. I don’t really believe in the power to change the will of the universe. I do believe that by having clarity over what you want, then you can better strategize and look for useful opportunities. You can’t always tell that something will be helpful, whether it be now in the future. Someone you meet now may wind up helping your business in a few month, you never know.
    I reckon I do have a manifesting story anyways, though. I was starting to get serious about my art, opened up an online shop for it, and made goals for what I wanted…I happened to go to an antique store where I wound up talking to the owner. He said he would sell my art in his shop on consignment! I also met one of his friends who wants to work with me now too. You never know what the universe will throw at ya!

    • marie

      It may just be the word that’s throwing you off Jin. But the practice of having clarity, investigating conflicting beliefs/ideas that get in your way, taking action and not stressing out about it is plain smart living.

  13. I am of two minds on this topic.

    When I go back home to California and people talk about the law of attraction and manifesting I find myself annoyed because at face value it seems like a lot of airy-fairy magical thinking.

    At the same time, I see how this has worked in my own life repeatedly. From everything to getting good jobs, fantastic travels, to finding a great apartment and most markedly, my husband showing up.

    Two points I think are key:

    1. Clarity, which you discussed in the video. As Oprah says, ‘Nothing happens until you decide’. I believe this 100%. This is also HARD. Knowing what you want is, I think, really really difficult. I have been totally wishy-washy on my financial goals this year (partly out of fear that they won’t happen) and it is showing up. I know I need to get clear on this, and remove some of my blocking fears.

    2. Meeting the universe half way. A dear friend of mine is very successful in her career, she talks about how she is a good manifester. Yes, that’s true, but I also remember in college how she studied like mofo, would freak out of she got an A-, graduated summa cum laude, went on to grad school, took any job she could get in her field and crushed it and worked her through many high profile firms to get where she is today. Yes there was inner work, but there was a lot of ‘outer work’ to help manifest where she is today.

    I guess what I’m saying here, is that manifesting should not be confused with passively sitting around and doing a lot of affirmations and positive thinking. That’s only one part of the equation.

    One thing you’ve said Marie, that has been like a mantra to me, is ‘Action is magic’. It helps me to think that taking action is a way of reaffirming my vision and helping to keep in ‘the know’ and show the universe that I’m doing my part.

    Thanks for this great video!

  14. l-o-v-e -i-t.
    totally believe and practice this stuff & it’s absolutely necessary for me still to have daily reminders like this. love the way gabi presented the content.
    Love the quote ‘syncronicity and flow is how life is s’posed to be – we get in the way’. So, so true. some quotes from here about to reside on my vision board.
    i truly love this stuff and have had both results showing up as a direct result of clarity, faith and allowing and also some muthas of mess-ups bcos i got royally in the way. i need to practice every day as a meditation to remind myself.
    thank you both of you – really enjoyed that -helped kick-start my ass today.

  15. Thanks for this video, Marie. When I first saw it, I have to admit that I was skeptical but since I look forward to your videos every week, I had to at least give it a try and I’m glad I did. I’ve never really given much thought about how to “manifest” something – growing up in poor and sometimes homeless, I was focused on much more tangible means of survival. But there is one link I do see that flows from my survival tactics back in the day and the concept of manifesting and that’s faith. It’s prayer. It’s a belief that there is a greater power out there who can provide me with what I need, deep down in my soul, no matter how dire or unlikely the circumstances might seem. Some people may say that they two really have nothing in common – with manifesting, you are relying on your own vision and conviction and with prayer, you are trusting in God’s, but as I see them as part of the spectrum. As my grandma always says, “God helps those who help themselves.” I am really excited to supercharge my faith and prayer routine with a lil’ manifesting on the side! I’ll let you know how things turn out. 🙂

  16. Jen

    So much goodness in the video! I’ve been reflecting on manifesting lately. I used to hate the word too. I am somewhere between practical action and woo, so there was a little bit (a lot a bit) of a battle. I think one of the keys is separating identity and outcome. If the outcome isn’t happening in the time you set and you make it about you being a success/failure, then the blocks come as you try to manipulate (as Gabby said and I love) the outcome in your favor.

    I have a few manifesting stories. One major one was that I was a newly wed and new mom. I actually believe I manifested that, but I when I got what I hoped for, I was totally overwhelmed and wild with fear that I would lose everything. It was making for a tense situation. I finally decided to actively let go of control and breathe every time I wanted to control something. I told the universe that I trusted even though I was scared. I pictured the life I wanted and the woman I wanted to become (there’s a story behind how I discovered who she was) and I moved toward that. 10 years later I’m a different person, happilier married than ever w/a happy kid and a puppy. It’s still work, of course, but different work. It taught me to live life with open hands — to be open to give, receive, and surrender.

  17. interesting. I think I unknowingly used this technique in the formation of my current business… it has been successful beyond my wildest dreams – or maybe just commensurate with those dreams. 🙂

  18. Hi ladies! Thanks for sharing your insights.

    To feel the vibration of abundance when your mind isn’t actually allowing you to ‘see it’ is the greatest gift of love for ourselves. I have watched it create my life these past few years… take me from ‘loosing everything externally’ to a living the life way beyond my dreams. I used the phrase “The Universe is NOT going to drop me on my head!!”

    And thanks to that experience I now so much more deeply that my feelings of passion, creation, abundance, beauty & love do not come from outside of me. I can be them in each moment. That’s freedom!

    The other piece that I LOVE is the absolute truth that ‘like frequencies’ attract, and it’s been incredible to see people and pathways intersect. It helps us to remember that we are not ‘manifesting’ in a void, in our own little bubbles, but rather in the co-creation with those around us.

    And therefor a big YES to the patience part because we are participating in a much bigger story that we are all weaving together.

    The beauty and fun for me is seeing the interconnectivity of all things. I love supporting people to recognize the power they have to create powerful change.

    I also know that it needs to be realized in the physical body fully. It can then get more specific that just feeling ‘abundance’ and then you go around the rest of your days with your old patterns of instability…

    Aspects of abundance are feeling supported, feeling free, trusting in life and it’s situations etc. These all take place tangibly in the physicality. For example, no amount of thinking support will replace feeling your ‘built in’ support that is coming from my feet, pelvis, spine etc..

    Obviously I’m passionate about this beautiful topic (and I could go on 🙂 Thank you for putting it out into the world on MarieTV! Love you ladies, and thanks for manifesting this episode & I hope my comment helps others who are wondering if this is real. It IS

    I am living my dream. Fully, tangibly. I am blessed.
    xo Laura

    • I love what you said Laura! Very inspiring

  19. This was the video I needed to see this morning Marie! Thank you so much for a great video with Gabby. I took so many notes, and I plan on doing a quiet self-clarity session this morning. I have heard the – ask for what you want “or something more” before but this time it really resonates for me.

    I manifested owning a home last year. Now, I love our home but need some more space. First and simply put, I need an office separate from my daughter’s play room — tiny animals are taking over here. I should have been clearer and also let go of the limiting belief that I couldn’t own the “or something more.” Now, I will put it out there again, grateful for what I have now, and patient for what is next.

    I can’t wait for B-School again!!! Looking forward to it so much, Marie!

    xxxx, Candace

  20. Interesting… I never thought about it this way, well, not out loud, you know;) But now that I am thinking about it, I realise that my manifesto has been living inside me for a while and it’s time to bring it out to public. Thanks Marie and Gabby for making me think out loud.

  21. Great video! Love you two! ~My comment on manifestation is manifest then ACT. She obviously would not have become a published author if she hadn’t written her book. Action with belief manifests.

  22. Would like subscribe

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. We would love to have you on our list! Please just pop your name & email into the green bar at the top of the page and click on “get it.”

      All the best,

      • Jots

        I had forgotten about manifesting, until today; I woke this morning really needing something or someone to talk to, my first follower on instagram happened to be called law-of-attraction so I started following them, hey – I could do with good motivation first thing! but it didn’t seem enough, then as if by magic a therapist friend I met recently just appeared while I was about to cross the road, after speaking to her I nearly cried with gratitude! I got home and came across this site and in particular this video, OMG thank you so much Marie and Gaby, now I just need to get my act together and believe, and of course, i am going to subscribe, love from the UK – J x

  23. Perfect freakin’ timing for me!

    Manifesting is something I’ve been working on for a little while, but I never called it that.

    It a journey, not a destination, I’m finding. You won’t get to place where you’re like Houdini manifesting rabbits, fat contracts and a best-selling author status out of a hat at a thought, but there’s a huge lesson in the journey. Each journey.

    I love that Gabby talks about patience. Her quote was an AWESOME tweetable, Marie! She had quite a few that could be used to promo this video via social media. 😉

    I think patience and the ability to dwell in the belief that the universe has my back are the best rewards for me…but then when I get the thing I’ve been hoping to manifest, that’s a nice reward too!

    Loved this video, Marie & Gabby – you are two of my favorites. I’m a proud ~ing lady! Whoop whoop!

    ‘Bout to go make myself some “tea nuggets,”

  24. Xu Xu

    Very interesting. Well, I guess I am still struggling in the first step, make clear what you really want…. e… I seem to still need more time to figure out it.

    • Put Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell. Or anything by Brian Tracy to really focus in. And of course anything, Marie 😉

  25. Oh! I loved this one. 3 years ago I had a major house fire. lost my 12 year old job & was completly lost to where to go. I decided to do the Manifesto with Jack Canfield. Went to see him, had a great time & especily lived a break thrue. So here I was for 4 months after that on the top of a Canadien snowy montain. For this time, I search for my life perpose & how was I to redirect my life. I’ve got my vision board & daily affirmations. After two years of hard & fun dreamy work, this summer EconoGeo will be brought to light. I’m dreaming my dream! ;0) Love & light to you Marie

  26. Ash

    This episode came out on the most perfect day. I am 24 years old and since I was 22 I started an all girls painting business. Just a few months ago I descided to quit my job that I was counting on paying the bills and go all inn with the painting. As you know it is scary at times and your videos and esp this one have kept me in the right state of mind to be possitive that this is all going to work out, so thank you and as well as introducing me to these great authors on your show so I can expand on getting more knowledge on running a business.

  27. Love This! Thank you beautiful goddesses of manifesting!

  28. Thanks so much for this awesome video, Marie and Gabby!

    Since getting clarity seems to be hanging up a few of the folks here, I thought it might be helpful to share the prompts I give my clients,

    Complete the following. Be detailed.
    What will it look like, how will it feel?

    I want…

    I am in the process of creating my ideal…

    I love how it feels knowing…

    I’ve decided that…

    I’m excited at the thought of…

    Then trust (with that lovely patience Gabby talked about!) that the Universe is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring you your desire.

    Keep reading your affirmations until you get to the feeling place of knowing that what you want is already yours. As you said in a video recently, “It’s already done.” Love that!

  29. Nancy

    Until today I would have had a difficult time to say which of your videos I’ve learned the most from…but, not any more. I learned so much from today’s video. I believe, I believe, I DO believe.

  30. samantha Mitchell

    Amen Marie, Amen!
    Manifesting, as a word puts people off, because it suggests something beyond their control. That just isn’t true. To me ‘Manifesting’ really means a LACK of self-sabotage, you really need to be your own watchman…..self-sabotage can be as subtle as a bit of doubt, creeping in which has the effect of stunting your actions. You may NOT send that email, you may NOT research that course, because the motivation AND the belief in the purpose of the action is diminished.
    You limit the outcome and complicate a simple task, through your own mental fog.
    So what should be a simple, effective, highly beneficial task becomes a bargaining exercise with yourself…….you know………”What’s the point, what if nothing happens as a result? ooooh this is so stressful…..bla bla bla”
    If you behave like you CANNOT fail, your behaviour and therefore, the OUTCOME is very different. You just do it and eventually one of those avenues is a success. You just try more options because the self limiting behaviour has gone…..I dealt with my crap and realised I had literally wasted hours, bargaining with myself internally every single day, instead of the pure doing and achieving which leads to success
    : )

  31. Kim

    Hey Marie…
    I’m in…it’s just that manipulation piece that’s SOOOOO hard for me to overcome! I must have a “limiting belief” about manipulation…must dig deeper…must get to it!

    It was a little lightening bolt to me on the “limiting beliefs” front because this phrase has been popping up in my life since July of 2011. I need to smack myself on the head to cure my limiting beliefs!

    • marie

      Hi Kim! Go easy on yourself. Also, manipulation is not always bad. While manipulation can mean to control or use something to your advantage, it ALSO means to manage or utilize skillfully. Understanding how to manage your mind and emotions more skillfully is a wise thing to learn!

  32. Fabulous video. I have been introduced to manifesting recently and I believe it really does work. I wanted to attend a conference a few months ago but didn’t think I had the money for airfare. accommodation and the ticket to the conference. I went ahead and purchased the ticket and told everyone I was going and 2 weeks prior to the conference I managed to find enough money for the airfare and I was given free accommodation.

  33. I gave a talk in March about manifesting in business and beyond. It is a great practice, but like any practice it has to be done with dedication. And when it is done with dedication the results are astounding!!! Don’t be fooled-YOU do have the power to create the exact life you want! Keep it positive and along the way, help others. I’m so glad, Marie, that you are talking to so many people about this practice.

  34. Fabulous! I’m definitely a big believer in the power of manifestation. When I left the day job a year or so ago, I kept the belief that everything would work out and the universe would take care of me, because I knew that it was the right decision to leave and I had stayed too long. I left on a Friday and on Tuesday I got a call for a contract job, and I didn’t even have to interview.

    Manifestation can be a very powerful thing; it’s just very important to stay in the space of “its going to happen because I KNOW it’s going to happen” and release your intent out to the universe and trust.

  35. I started learning about manifesting 20 years ago with Abraham Hicks and I love that Gabby is putting her own modern, fun, Goddess twist to it.

    This video is refreshing! I shared it with my clients and friends: many will benefit from this.

    I have a TONE of amazing manifesting stories from meeting amazing people, the man of my life, creating 3 awesome businesses, travels, my dream home, my amazing furry kids, great health and a new transformative coaching business.

    For those of you who don’t believe in manifesting (how can you not? You have manifested connecting with Marie and Gabby!) try on something new and get help, get coaching! Hook up with Marie or Gabby!

    Manifesting works even better when you have a coach to cheer you on, help you break through limitations and keep you focused on your goals.

    Even with all my practice with the law of attraction, allowing and manifesting I still need a coach. Why? Because life will always throw you a curve ball and it’s all about how you will deal with it. And having jouful, loving support is a sure way to success.

    • Susan

      Hey there divineyoganista! I popped in to leave a comment and realized that you already said everything I was going to share. COOL 😀

  36. Great post!! I totally agree that clarity is the first step, and the power of this is too astounding to be contained in this comment box! Aren’t we all having fun making the most of our world!?

    Meanwhile, to the skeptics, I remember too my first exposure to the power of manifesting. Try this: my first teacher on the topic used to say, “Practice on the small stuff.” It’s a way to build your belief in the process, and as she would say, prepare yourself for the times when you might need bigger belief to co-create what you want.

    Look forward to learning more about you Gabby; and thanks Marie for introducing me to another great resource.

    • Kerry

      One way I practice with the small stuff — every week I bring my own shopping bag to Trader Joes so they enter me into a raffle to win a $25 gift card. Every week I write down my name and number and I KNOW I will win. I haven’t won yet, but I can see it coming!

  37. Today’s video: Heart stopping.

    In 2011, I went through an internal clean-up that brought to surface arrogance, pride, and rebellion like a nasty Gulf oil spill. The process of cleaning up such a mess was often a brutal one, but it helped me realized that I had allowed these nasty critters to block me from expanding in all areas of my life. At first, I was MAD because I had allowed these things to have control over me, but then my anger turned into, ‘”Enough! Let’s fix this.” I will never forget the day I wrote in my journal, “Lord, I need help. Please put in my path mentors who will help me avoid these struggles from surfacing again.” Wouldn’t you know, that same afternoon, a woman who I had never met before said to me, “You should check out these women: Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte.” For real.

    From there, an ocean of clarity came into my life. Within months I accomplished what I had not been able to in years and what was once confusing all of a sudden just made sense.

    Today’s video helped me understand a new level of clarity. Thanks, Gabby and Marie for helping me see that manifestations come not only through clarity, but also through faith and patience.

    Forever grateful,

  38. I just realized that manifesting has been happening in my life for… well, just about forever. I’ve had LOTS of manifestation mishaps but as I’ve gotten clearer about what I want my biz to be, things are falling into place. Slowly. And that’s ok, cause most of my manifestation mishaps have been from me pushing too fast – I get so excited about my biz that I have a tendency to try to go from step 2 to step 50 (screw steps 3-49) because I lacked the vital element of clarity. So after many, many manifestation faceplants I’m perfectly fine with a slow & steady wins the race sort of approach!

  39. It really works!! Last September, I was thinking about selling my hats (side business to my children’s boutique) in Hudson, NY. I was debating whether to open a retail shop. Fast forward 2 months and an amazing milliner opened a hat shop, B’s Hats, and was open to selling some of my hats.

    Gotta love the Universe.

  40. Laura

    AMAZING video! I completely believe in manifesting. One tip that has helped me (along with your wonderful tips). Be clear on your intentions and MEET THE UNIVERSE HALF WAY. Have faith, be patient, AND put in a little sweat equity.

  41. First off, love Gabby Bernstein! She’s such a spiritual rockstar!

    I think the biggest takeaway for me is to get clear about what I want. It’s difficult when there are so many things coming your way to block out the noise and solely focus on the things that you want. Hell, it’s difficult to narrow down your list of passions to one or two things you can pursue. I know I struggle with clarity and staying clear.

    Any advice (or vids) or getting clear and figuring out what you want?

    • LOVE that my two favorite powerhouses are on the same couch!
      As a yoga teacher I learned about visualization years ago, and absolutely believe that we create the world we live in. I’ve manifested everything from private clients, to selling 1,000 copies of my DVD… to winning a huge prize at my son’s school last month!
      When soccer season started for my son, I started visualizing with him before each game- envisioning himself getting the ball, running toward the goal, making the goal, and MOST importantly, how he would feel after he made the goal… He’s scored a goal in EVERY game he’s played so far- all the parents keep asking what he does, and without fear of them thinking we were crazy, I shared our technique- they loved it! lol
      Start ’em young!

  42. Great video, Marie and Gabby. Many thanks to the two of you!!
    I’ve never heard of the term manifesting in this way, and I just love it!!
    I’ve always been a perfectionist mysefl and never confident enough to think that I could achieve my goals. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever had my goals so clear as they are now. Recently I’ve experience a complete internal transformation. I’m absolutely certain that I’m going to succed in all my language projects. I can’t explain why, I just know they will work. It’s a powerful feeling : ) I must admit, though that at times I freak out and look at my new self with disbelieve.From now, though, I’ll tell myself: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

    Un abrazo : )

  43. This absolutely works. I study and teach Classical Tantra, and one of the principles is: “As Within, So Without”. In my experience, this is totally true! And about relaxing and having patience – movement, yoga, exercise is great for relaxing the nervous system to allow receptivity.

  44. Great video! Haven’t really thought about manifesting! Need to learn more thanks Marie

  45. Marie:

    I just love your videos and today’s shifted me instantaneously. I have manifested amazing things in my life and as I have looked around at the most precious things that I possess; my children and my marriage I keep saying to myself; this is enough; I don’t need to go out and be rejected, ignored, walked all over. Today, I take responsibility for all that; I have limiting beliefs that I have been working through but what Gabby said today: Patience; was the cherry on the top of my success sundae! I have been so impatient; wanting to be the 6 figure in 10 minute coach that have not allowed t to just manifest. I have not relaxed, released or allowed; until today.

    When I first saw your videos; I knew that I could do videos like that; but have been holding back; but no more.

    I am ready willing and PATIENT now; thank you!

  46. I have some great manifesting victory stories. I have to be vigilant to stay in the flow and keep the good stuff coming, and to take responsibility for inviting all the not so good stuff, too.

  47. Hi Ladies, loved this video. I truly believe if we surround ourselves with like minded positive people we can achieve a lot of awesome things! Be nice to others and karma will be nice to you too!

    🙂 Love, TNy

  48. Niamh

    Love this; thank you Maria and Gabby!

    I have realised that I am grasping, clutching and manipulating my situations. Ugh, it’s not feeling so nice!

    Do you have any tips on Step 1? How do I actually get clear? I think I find it difficult to see past the limiting beliefs and so try to ‘fit’ my ‘clarity’ or wants and desires into what I actually think can work, you know?

    • Meditating with the intention of gaining clarity–while also releasing the attachments–has worked again and again for me. At the same time, intelligently trying different things that “might” work (i.e. getting experience) has also helped to shape my vision.

    • I can’t find the vid (maybe someone can help me out?) where Marie says “action brings clarity.” You should check that one out!

  49. Great video, and a topic I am passionate about! I can’t remember who said it, but I’ve heard time and time again, “Manifesting works, whether you believe in it or not.” So if that’s the case, it would be better to focus on all the great things you want to happen in your life and in your business, even if you don’t fully believe it works. ; )

    I do believe, but I’ve had periods of deep impatience, so I’m glad Gabby addressed this in the video. Impatience can be viewed as another form of resistance, and I try to keep this in mind.

    Acknowledging limiting beliefs and cleaning them up is of key importance also. Long before I started to do this cleansing process, I was goal-setting and visualizing and saying my affirmations, but feeling “stuck” alot of the time. Once I added rooting out limiting beliefs and clearing them away (and replacing them!) to my daily practice, I noticed a shift, a kind of ease that made opportunities appear more effortlessly.

    A recent example of this: I saw a job that really interested me a few weeks ago, but because I launched my freelance writing and marketing business a few months ago, I decided applying would be counter to my goal of having a thriving, creative business of my own. But because the job really interested me (which is odd — the very last thing I want is an actual “job!”), I thought, “what the hell, I’ll apply.” Something in me kept telling me I should, I’m not sure why. The other thing about this particular gig was that it was with someone pretty high-profile in the marketing world, so I thought, applying will be a waste of a few hours, because this guy will get hundreds of people responding, and how much chance, really, do I have of getting this gig?

    Anyway, I did apply, and never expected to hear back. Well, it turns out the guy did get hundreds of people expressing their interest. But somehow I got on the short list of people he wants to talk to further. Yee-Haw!! : )

    Whether I get this gig or not, I fully believe there was reason the universe kept nudging me to apply, because if nothing else, it’s a helluva confidence booster! And if I hadn’t done the clearing work to root out some of my limiting beliefs, I would never have applied. So now I get to have this confidence glow, which in just the last few weeks has helped me step out of my comfort zone and reach for bigger things still.

    I fully believe in manifesting, but for me it’s work in progress, and the thing I need to work on most is the patience thing. When I get out of my own way and do that, great things come into my life. : )

  50. Great video and interview!

    I think I’ve forgotten about my manifesting power – and am ready to pick it up again…

    Thanks for breaking it down into practical steps – I needed that!

    • Hey Anne! Marie! & Gabby!

      I’ve got a really funny manifesting story… As I was sitting on my couch, that is sized a bit big for me, I had my feet extending straight out as if they were propped on a stool. I had other people sitting by me and we were all involved in something. One of my visitors in my home walked by and finally asked me…”Why are your legs stretched out?” and I laughed. I said “Oh, I have them on my foot stool.”

      The next day, 2 cute ottomans arrived to my house!!!

      And I have other stories, but that one was really funny & super exciting to me. I LOVE my ottomans.

      Hope all you ladies (and gents!) have a wonderful, happy day….


  51. Sue

    I love the way Gabby explained the manifestation process. I remember roughly 15 years ago when this language first came into my consciousness and recognizing that I have been a manifestor all of my life….getting into a small liberal arts college when my parents told me there wasn’t enough money for me to go where I wanted to go; finding my husband when I just wanted someone to have fun with during the summer—and 12 years later we are having fun year around!!! In 2002 when the economy was in the tank, I stated that I wanted lake property. He challenged me and said if I could find it under these “outside conditions” he was all for it…four months later we’d bought property on a lake and within the year had built our dream. That was followed by finding my passion in terms of work—wanting so badly to leave my day-job and be creative but not knowing what I could possibly do to earn as much money. As soon as I found clarity around that, everything fell into place and I now own my own graphic recording and visual coaching business and LOVE what I do. For anyone who doubts the power of this thinking, I invite you to think again about how your thoughts are reflecting your experiences. Every single thing in this world we live in is a thought before it becomes a thing (like the computer I’m typing on) or experience (like love and fulfillment and joy!).
    Happy manifesting!!!

  52. I manifest. I am a manifester. I am manifesting. When I was in grad school, I was SO over my advisor, my department and my wanting to be in the lab all day. So I told mySelf (+ out loud on the streets of Adams Morgan in DC), “I will not be here in the fall”. I wanted to be and do something different.

    At the time, I wasn’t sure what that would look like. I was just very clear…and did I say over it. So I sought out opportunities to do something different, graduation or not. A couple months later, I was invited to teach in Japan. #score It almost didn’t happen. My invite was lost in the mail. I got my final invite by email saying that I had to decide within the next day if I wanted to go.

    So I put things into high gear and gathered all the documents, got my physical exams, applied for the visas and went to Japan. I ended up spending 2 years there. I eventually came back and completed my degree. However, I had a LOT more clarity about ME, my life and the type of things I enjoyed doing.

    Like Gabby was suggesting, as you manifest you end up getting a whole bunch more than you planned. I got clarity, I got to travel a whole bunch more, I made some life long friends, my Japanese got way better and I realized I was a great educator.

    Manifestation includes the mental and spiritual work PLUS action in service of your desires + the willingness to accept when the Universe drops that blessing in your lap. Sometimes that blessing floats down like a feather. Sometimes it falls into your lap like stacks of books. Either way, be ready to carry it.

  53. THANK YOU! Thank you. Thank you Marie and Gabby for this awesome video. I am a firm believer in the power of manifesting. Everyday I’m sharing this with my world and I’m so excited that you are sharing this with your world. Thank you.

  54. Marie,

    I should have commented on this video earlier. The fact is, the methodology described in this video is not new. The concept in every detail stems from the Bible. The only difference is that the version in your video removes every reference to God or the Bible. Let me give you both versions and you will see how EXEACT they are:

    Your version:
    –1 get clear on what you want
    –2 get clear on what inhibits it
    –3 “know” the universe has your back.
    — there are possible manifestation mishaps
    — Don’t let the outside world dictate your internal condition
    — Those who are certain of the outcome wait, and wait without anxiety.

    The Bible’s version:
    –1– God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the world. They were to bring Godly order to the world. But God also allows us to figure out how to make the world a better place. (Genesis 1:28)

    –2– God wants us to enjoy our work and life. (Ecclesiastes 3:22)

    –3– Get the facts, be open to new solutions, then solve the problem (Proverbs 18:13, 15, and James 1:2-4)

    –4– Bring our supplications to God (Phillipians 4:6)

    –5– God is in control (Ephesians 1:11-12)

    –6– All tat God does is for our own good. (Romans 8:28)

    The Bible doesn’t guarantee success or that we will get exactly what we want. Similarly you mention “manifestation mishap”. (John 16:33)

    Also, the Bible teaches us that we should not allow the world to dictate our actions, but rather our actions be dictated by our beliefs. (Acts 5:29)

    Finally, Psalm 27:14 and Isaiah 40:31 talk about being patient, and waiting patiently for what God brings us. In fact, the first commandment (you shall have no other Gods before me) in Deuteronomy 5 starts “I am the Lord your God who brought you up out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery…” which teaches us that we should trust in God, and know that he wants to bring us what is good for us.

    If there is no happenstance or coincidence, as your video states, (and as is taught in the Bible in Ephesians 1:11-12), then assuredly this video was made for my comment.


    • I share your beliefs Jeramiah, I took what was shared in the interview and applied the biblical principles. I simply inserted God where they left Him out.

      “Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” James 1:17 NLT

  55. Dee

    Another great video! I actually read a book about this a month or so ago, but the author called it “wish sense”… same basic principle though. I’ve only just started the process, so no cool stories as yet… but it’s great to have this refresher (and all those memorable lines Gabby was coming out with) to keep me on track. 🙂

  56. I always wanted to attend culinary school and never believed it to be possible. One of my dear friends Juanita, asked me one day “if you could don’t anything you wanted to and money was no options, what would you do?” I immediately told her that I would love to go to culinary school and then followed with a string of “buts”. She said no “buts” are allowed, you must move forward and set into motion the things that need to be done to make it happen, there are no obstacles. She followed up with a card, with a picture of a chef on it, telling be how great of a chef I was and that she looked forward to my graduation. I looked at the card and thought, “she really believes”. I began that mind-set and the doors began to open. Today I am happy to say that I graduated from culinary school with honors, began working in the restaurant industry, and am starting my own catering business! Because Juanita believed in me and made me clear my mind of the obstacles, I was able to move forward and accomplish what I never believed could be done!

    I truly enjoyed this interview, it reminded me that I still have lots to accomplish and I must go through the process of getting clear, heal my limitations, and release my disbelief. Thanks for the refresher course! I truly enjoyed Gabrielle!

  57. Joshua

    Is there a link to gabby tv?

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. Gabby is at

      All the best,

  58. I manifested my wife, who is the absolute perfect one for me!

    Before I tell you how I did that, you should know about the decade of “serial monogamy manifesting mishaps!”

    I got really clear on what I wanted, and I got *exactly* what I wanted every time.

    But I was stingy with myself.

    “I want smart, athletic, funny, and sexy.” Got it! Holy sh!t was she all those things! I found the one! But she did drugs and was not present. Not the one!

    On and on like this for a decade.

    Then I took a break. I planned a 5-year break, but, after some work on myself, by the end of one year, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I absolutely want a partner in life! And I deserve the absolute best for me! And here’s what it looks like! I went on and on for pages! Including:

    -for a marriage relationship
    -is okay with my piece of crap attribute #185
    -is indeed good for me (this is key)

    About a year later, forgetting about my list, I went on a blind date. My first one. What did I have to lose?

    It took me three months to realize I in the relationship on my list!

    Here’s the real key: I had to clean up my side of the street to be the kind of person that could be in the relationship I had described. That took some work.

    We married one another in a super-fun, party-atmosphere, wedding on September 5th 2010.

    Then, my creation was complete.

    • Thank you for manifesting me into your life.

      Forever grateful. xo

  59. Manifestation is something many driven and successful people are doing naturally but not aware of it. (Ahem, Marie.) I have manifested so many incredible things in my life, sometimes instantly, so I know without a doubt that manifestation is real. However as Gabby said the big culprit that will block your manifestations is doubt and trying to control the timing & nature of the outcome. It is a learning process like everything. I personally think manifestation is quite masculine by nature and that the feminine way is co creation. We as women are natural co-creators because we naturally are more able to allow things, surrender and work with other energies/people. Yay Universe! That’s why we are starting to here the word “wo-manifestation” whispered in certain circles & on social media… wo-man! 🙂

  60. Simply a Big Big Masterpiece in the right Time.

  61. Love the video, ladies! It’s very helpful for me to think about manifestation as a reflection of my yoga practice. The two foundations of yoga (and I’m not just talking about the physical practice, here) are Practice (Abhyasa) and Non-Attachment (Vairagya). And they work together: Practice requires effort, clarity, and focus while being Non-Attached to your goals allows you to relax, clear up your internal crap, and be very, very patient. All of this paves the way for Manifestation. Brilliant!

  62. sarah

    Hey Marie,

    I’ve never written a comment before (like really, ever) – but i loved this video SO much that i felt completely compelled to say THANK YOU!

    I completely believe in manifesting – and think most people do it without realizing their doing it (either for good things or not…). The part i struggle with (and i mean, REALLY struggle with) is patience. My impatience tends to poke holes and leak belief out of my journey towards getting all that i want. Any more words and thoughts on how to manifest more patience into my life would be great…

    Thank you for all your inspiration and guidance,
    my best,

    • marie

      Yay Sarah!! I’m SO happy you spoke up here and left a comment 🙂 You don’t need to manifest more patience, you just need to be patient. Patience isn’t a talent, it’s a choice. Each moment you get to choose again. ox M

      • sarah

        YES – Thank You!! I’ve always believed that we make things “options” or “not options” and if you really want something (like right now, I really want to learn how to be patient – like what Gabby said “those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety”) – so I just have to make it ‘not an option’ to be impatient… if that makes sense…

        Infinite thanks!
        have a wonderful weekend,

  63. Abby and Marie,

    Great clip. I discovered A Course in Miracles over 20 years ago – my first intro to the first law of the Universe – the Law of Attraction, and the beginning of the realisation that I/we live in a loving and abundant universe. Scroll forward many years, many teachers, teachings and techniques (e.g. Science of Mind, Abraham-Hicks, Power of Now, CLEAR, Byron Katie, flower essences, etc, etc). I have manifested much, including my own, thriving business which is virtual, so I can work (play) from practically anywhere in the world. I also am so clear that my wealth goes so beyond money.

    A manifestation about to begin, a one month trip – to Florida, St Croix and Antigua – just one of many examples of the miracles that as you quote Abby are natural.

    Loved the clarity of your presentation. I would add one more thing to the point about patience. Sometimes when it seems that progress is taking FOREVER – it is good to be reminded that it is just the Universe orchestrating things so that we can be in resonance with our desires. The more we pay attention to the small redirects, the more easily things will flow, we will be awakened by little taps on the shoulder (and not need the cosmic two-by-four) We may even look forward to the dissonance that arises as an opportunity to discover what is left that is out of alignment with our true nature.

    Thanks again, Caroline

  64. Amy

    The “universe” is not looking out for you; the “universe” doesn’t care what you want; the universe a combination of molecules reacting to measurable physical forces.

    On the other hand, people do respond to you, and if you act confident and present yourself as successful they will treat you as if you are, and so you will become successful. If you are confident you will take risks that you might not otherwise have taken, and often they will pay off. (And if they don’t, your confidence will give you the strength to get back up and try again.) Once you have made up your mind to do something you’ll respond to opportunities that you wouldn’t even have noticed the day before. So in that sense, manifesting is real. But there’s no need to pretend it’s somehow mystical or magical – it’s simply psychology.

    So if you’re put off by the woo-woo-ness of manifesting, try to look past that and see how you can make the power of intention and confidence (even fake confidence) work for you. Like acupuncture, you don’t have to believe it for it to work.

  65. I adore this post because like you Marie, I was not always about manifesting. It felt woo woo and put on. However once I got clear and honed in on my innate power and gifts, my desires have come fast and furious! For me, manifesting is all about confidence and out of control trust that my wants will be fulfilled. Of course it has not ALL showed up yet, and I’m being patient with deep knowing that its on the way. Thanks again for the post!

  66. Lee

    thanks , needed this today!

  67. I’ve had quite a few moments of what I would consider miraculous manifestation. My favorite though is when I first learned about Nichiren Buddhism & started chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” with my focus on getting my first paid gig as a songwriter.

    Within weeks I landed a $100/hour song-writing gig that evolved into a 3 year working relationship with that band. It all happened SO quickly & manifesting that particular thing was so out of the realm of what seemed possible for me at the time that I was truly amazed.

    I’m not a Buddhist & I’ve since learned that the chant was NOT the key. It was my focus & belief. I could have been chanting “I wear happy under pants” &, if I’d had the same level of faith, I’m sure it would have had the same result.

    I also want to add that I took ACTION. I found an ad on Craigslist (of all places!) & submitted my writing samples. “Faith without works is dead”.

  68. lisa

    I want to share a little about manifesting. I love saying ” I manifest” but I love how life is always responding. Life is always fully engaged and co-operating even when I am tuned out. Just this past Monday I was watching an infomercial about an at home NuBrilliance microdermabrasion system. I needed this so I called for the full price,and the operator informed me that it was $250.00 . I said “well I wanna do some comparison shopping before I place an order” her response was ” your not gonna get a better deal anywhere, can I place your order? You’ll have it by Saturday.”!!! I said ” no, I’m gonna do what I said I’m gonna do and look around”. I thought damn I really want that system but I’m not gonna pay $250.00. I’ma find it on sale!!! This Sat. I went garage sale shopping, and low and behold what did I see!!!!! A NuBrillance system new in box staring back at me! lol I paid $20.00 for it!!! Yeaaaa……We get what we ask for everytime! I put my order in on Mon. and the universe delivered it to me on Sat. I manifest! I’d love to hear about how God winks at you through similar experiences please share! Life is God!!!

  69. Fucking love it, Marie!
    Yes yes yes to EVERYTHING you ladies spoke about.

    I could give a million stories, but yes, I’ve manifested my dream business, my dream man and my dream reality using these principles. And of course it keeps on EXPANDING… always. Always.

    Great to see two of my favorite women leaders come together on the same piece of screen!… I also love the teachings of Abraham-Hicks – the original source of the knowledge about the Law of Attraction.

    Keep ’em coming girl…
    xxxx Ronja

  70. So freakin’ awesome.
    Was a pleasure to see you both at Danielle Laporte’s book launch – I’m manifesting lunch with Gabby and Marie in my near future…

  71. Hey, Marie!

    Thanks for the great interview and topic. I 100% agree that when I am clear with my inner self, my life shifts in the most amazing ways. And when I am not (even when I *think* I am), they are stagnant.

    Here’s what I think about the “manifestation” debate:

    1) We humans get *so* hung up on words. “Manifesting”– “God”– “Spirit”. Just like “Simple Living” –“Family”– “Successful” — Semantics! We all have different interpretations and expectations of these words. It’s important to take a word with a grain of salt. Take a word that works for you, and own it!

    2) When catch myself thinking that something is silly / is stupid / can’t work for me, I force myself to set it aside, and use a word or thought that works for me! If I don’t, it is going to block me and make my life much more challenging than necessary. I want the easy way — the simple living way 🙂

    3) I trust my basic intuition to lead me in the right direction. It’s gotten me this far, right? And I freaking *love* my life! My intuition strongly points to simple living and ensuring that natural beauty & sanity thrives in the home.


    P.S. Can’t wait to see the NEW B-School vids. Hot Hot Hot!

  72. SarahA

    Hey Marie,

    Like the Sarah above I have been watching MarieTV since the early days – and yet have never left a comment! This video, like all of the wonderful content you put out, is such a (lovingly delivered!) kick in the ass for me. Your work has helped me through a trying time this last year as I struggle to get clear on what I want. I am so grateful.

    Before this video, I definitely thought the idea of manifesting was pretty ‘out there’ and too woo-woo for me, but Gabby speaks with such complete faith and trust that she makes it impossible not to think – damn straight, I can do this. I am also coming to realize I am a pretty woo-woo gal at my core, and I need to step into that power and light and not fight it. Doing some work to clear up my limiting beliefs! I am also seeing that a ton of rad stuff has been finding its way into my life if I would only ‘get out of the way’ and let it happen. Consider your wake-up call heard!

    My sincere thanks for all you do to help us live our best lives Marie!

    x Sarah

    • marie

      Hooray for you too Sarah on leaving a comment. Thank you for watching for so long and thank you for sharing your voice 🙂

  73. lisa

    serendipitously, I received this video as a post this morning! I happened to be just thinking at the time ,” what could I share about manifesting everyday miracles,” with a group of very courageous women??? I scrolled down and BAM… there was your video!!! The universe responded to my thoughts immediately!!!! Thank you for creating this episode, I love your hustle Marie!!! Keep up the God work!

  74. I just manifested my first client. Every night before I go to bed, while I’m in that half sleep state, I repeat “I am” phrases over and over in my head. “I’m a deal closer. I’m successful. I’m a go-getter. I’m financially stable. I’m a benefactor. I’m generous. I’m an amazing lifestyle coach. I’m at my body’s perfect weight.” Whatever comes to mind, over and over until I fall asleep.

  75. Bell

    With all respect, I think while it is important to have a positive energy and clear vision for what we want in life, it is God’s will that ultimately reveals in our life. It is significant to take responsibilities and decisions for the attaining of our goals but the will of God prevails.

    • marie

      Hey Bell, we honor everyone’s beliefs here, including yours. This is a space of love, learning and encouragement. So while you may use different words than other folks in our community, we’re all here to do our best work, love unconditionally, lead happy and fulfilling lives and make a difference.

  76. Best Marie Tv Episode to date! loved it
    I am trying to practice this more in my life and it has actually been the mishaps that made me realise its effectiveness is you are sure about a certain outcome.
    Need to keep improving my skills but I am a strong believer in manifestation!

  77. I think I manifested your video today because it’s exactly what’s been on my mind. Had a cool manifestation last week. On Friday I told my business partner that I wanted to write a PR article for us and get published in some trade mags. On Monday an acquaintance emailed me out of the blue and asked me to write an article about “improv skills for business” for her trade newsletter. What?! I know, crazy. So yep, this stuff works. Especially when you don’t think so hard about it.

  78. Loves it!

    Two of my fave manifestation gurus on one couch chattin’ it up about a major element in entrepreneurship – state of heart + mind!


  79. Shelly

    THIS IS THE BEST MARIE.TV EVER!!!! Wow, I live this stuff, and have found myself in a slump like no other ever.. and after watching this, I realized I have just lost touch with my clarity and what I want to do next. Anything is possible.. so, thank you..

  80. Love the topic this week! Exactly what I was looking for and the Universe (a.k.a. Marie Forleo :)) delivered :).

    I’ve manifested a lot of stuff in my life. The part I am usually struggling with is being patient. When I let go I get anything I want.

    One of the most vivid stories, probably, is the one where I manifested my life partner.

    I was struggling for the longest time to find the right for myself person. I even took a piece of paper, divided it into 3 columns and wrote down what character traits I wanted in a partner, what I didn’t want and what I could live with.

    But then life happened – I moved, changed jobs and my attention got totally shifted from my obsession to find THE one.

    3 months later I met someone, who didn’t really seem to match ‘my type.’ At some point the relationship got serious. Fast forward another 3 months. I am lending someone a book of mine. As I am checking to see that there is nothing in between the pages, a piece of paper falls out. The one, that was divided in 3 columns.

    I was blown away how accurately it described the person I was/am with…

    Later, when I shared my story with my guy he said that he knew I was the one from the first moment he saw me. He added: “I also remember what you wore – you wore a t-shirt that said “I always get what I want.”

    Funnily enough, I did not remember that part 🙂

  81. Gabby and Marie, I love you beautiful manifestors of self-love and the healing, strengthening movement you represent. These 4 steps are huge – thank you for putting them in video form.

    In my own clarity work yesterday I thought of this little metaphor. I pictured a scared little bird poised to fly out of the nest (from nest to next). Except my wings were tightly around me and I was anxious. But as clarity expanded, my wings released little by little until I started to feel little flutters of wind beneath them and realized that it was just me leaping into the ether all by myself – the wind was there (all along) to help, lift me. And as I felt its uplifting, gentle presence my wings unfolded more and more until the leap from the nest that had seemed so scary wasn’t a leap at all, but just a move into a different, equally tangible, and much more uplifting, inspiring, broadening kind of support. The core of that little epiphany is that we are *not* on our own.

    • Oops, I left out the “not” in my comment above – “it was NOT just me leaping into the ether all by myself!” The wind and its thermals are there for birds, parasailors, hang gliders, and all sweet peeps! I loved what Gabby said from A Course in Miracles, that “your internal condition will support your external experiences.” So, I guess what I’m saying is that, when we are in that place of knowing, having cleaned out disbeliefs, the external reflects that clarity but also supports it, eh? 😉 XO

  82. This video comes just at the right moment! Like many of the the other people who have posted, my faith in manifestation is in between: this is the Truth… and… this is woo-woo crap! Now that my husband got laid of and the pressure is on me and my art business to bring home the bacon. As you can imagine it is all too easy to let doubt creep in and wreak havoc.
    I am typing this as a reminder to myself of how good I am at manifesting. In 2009 we got a notice that we had to leave our perfect little cottage that we were renting, because the owner had to sell it. Every day after my meditation session I would imagine the perfect house for us to move into and stay at for a long time. Only five months later we moved into our first home which sports so many of the details I imagined during my visualization sessions.
    Thank you for reminding me of the importance to believe again!

  83. Thanks so much! I love this video. I keep running into resources about manifesting lately. Hmmm. I am clear that I am manifesting out of fear often and I need to stop. When I’m afraid, I try to work twice as hard in a panic. My business is such a mirror for this. When I’m grounded and clear and see myself as successful, I get orders in my business. When I’m working hard, but in a panic, it’s like I’m repelling customers. It’s sounds bizarre, but I feel sure that’s what happens.

  84. Marie and Gabby.
    I LOVED this video and it was just the thing I wanted in my life. So in essence I manifested it into my life.

    I quickly picked up on “cleaning up your crap” and TOTALLY agree with that. We all make mistakes and its key to move forward after cleaning it up otherwise any good stuff will just smell fowl 😉 haha

    Also, I loved the line Gabby repeated about being patient without anxiety. I have been in that space for a year now. I know my journey in reaching Best Selling Author will take time and do not feel bad about the time that has passed. In fact, I have done so much in this time to build the foundation for the many ideas/dreams I will build.

    BTW I want to say how fantastic it is to see two female authors who both do great videos. It is an example of abundance in the world and how we can work together to uplift one another, not push each other down. Love it! Love you both!

  85. I feel like this video is just perfectly made for me! I actually want to be a published, best-selling author. I have been working on clarity and belief for awhile now. Also, I’m writing a little short series about this right now!!! It’s called: 6 Things You Can Do To Attract More Positivity into Your Life.
    Here’s a link to part 1 of 3 if anyone is interested.
    Part 2 and 3 will be shared in the next couple weeks.

    Thank you so much for doing this video and sharing it with us! I will be sharing it with my friends!!!

  86. Hey Ladies, I loved that and will continue to manifest the things I want from life. The energy you both ‘give off’ is amazing I’d love to work with you both really soon and create an energetic triangle.

    Thank you both for being exactly who you are JK x

  87. Manifesting is great, and we use it all the time to create lots of products in the marketplace. That being said, I have one pet peeve about some of the teachings and that is money does not come from the Universe!! Money comes from people. In business, you either help MORE people (get on a bigger stage) or you help people MORE (provide a better service, product etc). I encourage others that want to start a business to go ahead and get that dream board but don’t forget to ALSO have a functioning on-line shopping cart! My three simple rules for manifesting are 1. Feel the vision 2. Stay out of attachment and 3. Take guided ACTION. Good luck, it really does work.

  88. I am a believer in Manifesting. Just last week I was thinking about how I wanted to get a bike but didn’t want to drop a lot of moola as I have been saving to invest in my Business. The next day I went to throw my garbage out in my building and low and behold what was waiting for me but a purdy PINK bike up for grabs clearly being thrown out. I do a lot to clear my beliefs. The first “thing” I actually ever consciously manifested was a relationship. But get this, I had a major belief blocking me. The belief was I had to be perfect to have someone in my life. I used a technique called ThetaHealing to clear this belief and two weeks later I had my first love. Awe….

    It does take faith, trust and patients and a knowing that you are connected to God/Creator and how to allow the Energy of All That Is into your life.

    Thanks Marie, I do this work for a living but it is alway incredibly helpful and inspiring to hear it from someone else!

    It reminds me of all the miracles that happen in my life.

    Much Gratitude, Sarah Faith

  89. Juliet

    I manifested this video coming to me exactly when I needed it most. I was put right here to learn exactly what Gabby taught today. I was starting to lose my focus and belief in my own personal power of manifestation. Now, I feel hooked up. Thank you so much!

  90. Thank you Marie for yet another awesome interview, and Gabby for her powerful clarity!
    It comes just at the right time, I am working through some inner issues and I am so happy to draw some positive reinforcement from the ideas here. I have believed in ‘manifesting’ for the longest time but I am still learning . Some things seem so easy to manifest-how sweet that is!- and some are really frustrating. It is an ‘inner job’, definitely, but some beliefs are so deep and seem so ‘obviously real’ that they become our ‘blind spots’ …

  91. Marie, this is my favorite video from you ever!

    The way you broke down manifesting with Gabby makes SO much sense to me, and I know I can co-create a beautiful career marrying life-coaching with painting and writing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only being a living example of manifesting but also now teaching me exactly how to do it. Much love! 🙂

  92. It is true, be available and clear on what you desire – moments of clarity and synchronicity will be abundant! As beings of light we are so much more powerful than we could imagine – tapping into these innate abilities can awaken our truest and brightest selves.
    Trust in the universe, we are all made of stars

  93. Yikes

    I think I had a recent manifesto but what happens if it occurs a little too late?
    So for years I really wanted to receive a nomination on the board of directors for our association, and it recently happened, but I’ve started to have doubts if I even want to be in this job! Part of me thinks this could be the universe telling me that I should stay where I am but then the other part is telling me that the same universe says that it’s time to get out.
    I need to tell them today, plus…I’m out of vodka!

  94. I absolutely believe in MANIFESTATION. I have seen it work in my life over and over again. thanks to Gabby for reminding us of the power of intention and words. I manifested a healthy back after 3 back surgeries and implementation of artificial discs. 6 months after the surgery I became a yoga teacher doing back bends (yeah that’s right) and forearm stands….my surgeon almost fell off his chair. Then to become a yoga therapist. before I graduated from LMU I already had a J.O.B. as a yoga therapist – the first in the class to actually work in the medical system. Whenever I taught a yoga class – I would say, “I am Maureen, I am a Yoga Therapist” before it even happened….Now I am a “Mindset Management Coach” and yoga therapist wrapped into one. I am a powerful “MANIFESTOR”

  95. I have been working with manifestation intentionally for over a year and have seen some legit miracles. Clarity is key. Gabby is awesome and you two are super cute together.
    Have a great day.

  96. P.S one “material” miracle example. I was manifesting a certain piece of furniture for my living room and it literally showed up in perfect condition, free, in front of my door.

  97. Hey Y’all!
    I love the world ‘manifestation’… always have. Recently, I watched Brendon Burchard’s promo vid for 10XNYC. “$10,000?!!” I thought. Then he said “If you buy a ticket now, I’ll give you a free ticket so you can bring a guest.”
    “Okay,” I thought, “I’m going to manifest that someone is going to invite me.”
    The next morning, the very first email read, “Hey Brodie. I just bought a ticket to Brendon Burchard’s 10XNYC event. I’ve got an extra ticket. Do you want to join me?”
    I love manifesting, because it opens the way for anything and everything. Total abundance at our service.
    Now I am working on manifesting an interview with *Marie Forleo* for my book on Re-Defining Success and a Guide for Youth to Launch into Life!
    I’m interviewing 100 youth age 17-29 around the world right now and it’s a mind-blowing experience what people are sharing. Would love you to be part of this Marie.
    Thanks for today’s awesome vid!
    Friekin Awesome,

  98. I once heard it said “pray and move your feet”, and this has become my mantra.

    I don’t feel as if I’ve ever been really successful with manifestation but will also admit that becoming clear on what I want is the most difficult. Because I want so much…a thriving business, a book deal, a small waistline, a busy store…and I never get it down to one main direction.

    Great video! Thanks for always having helpful tips!

    Maria from Fargo

  99. I am a manifestator as well! And it’s so much fun!
    From attracting clients, to a wonderful boyfriend (now husband!), to easy place to park when the street is packed, to getting traffic fluent on a traffic jam…

    But it’s SO important to be extremely detailed when asking for things. This weekend I needed beautiful weather to be able to take this balloon ride. My husband and I asked for a sunny Sunday (it was a cloudy and rainy Saturday and the weather forecast didn’t bring any hope at all). Well, we woke up for the ride and surprise! There was a clear sky and a lovely sun rising. But… we forgot about the wind and in the end it was too windy for the balloon to fly safely. So no balloon ride after all. Oh!
    Anyway, we’ll do it some other day and we’ll make sure to place a better “order” ; )

  100. I manifested like a crazy women for about 6 months by writing down the exact qualities I wanted in a man after years of bad relationship, a failed marriage etc. And I found him! Marie if you are reading this, yep, that is how I found Seth.

    As I was manifesting this I was on a major road trip thru the USA, I didn’t realize that I was searching for him, but lo and behold towards the end of the trip there he was working at one of the retreat centre;s. I followed my gut eventhough he lived in a different country, told me outright he doesn’t plan on leaving where he was living, and within 4 days of hanging out he proposed and a few months later he was living in canada!

  101. I keep on building my portfolio of manifestation stories. Recently, I lost a set of very important keys and was freaking out about what would happen if I couldn’t find them. However, in the midst of the freak out, I called upon my angels, fairies, archangels, ascended masters and spirit to help me manifest those keys. I tried to keep the vision of those keys top of mind, and sure enough, 4 hours later, they appeared out of nowhere it seemed; and I was certain that outside forces had helped me bring them back. How cool is that!

  102. Mel

    I totally believe in manifesting. I have seen miracles happen.

    However, in human design terms only 8% of us are true manifestors… What happens for those of us who aren’t? How do we harness that power?

    • Hi Mel,
      It’s not about our design. You, me … we are all ‘The Universe’!
      The process of manifestation is not only us as individuals making things happen. We show up, do our part, and at the same time, we act as a channel or partner to the Divine or the Genius that is right here with us helping us along.
      Check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s TedTalk on Genius.
      That will explain more of what I’m referring to.

    • All the types in the Human Design system can manifest but it happens in different ways. Each of the 5 types have a specific strategy they can employ that helps them to manifest. For instance, Generators manifest by responding while Manifestors manifest by informing (which would explain why this site works so well for Marie!). And then you can keep breaking it down from there based on profile and gates etc

  103. Jen

    WORD UP LADIES! The best part about this video – besides the “tea nuggets” rap – is the break down of steps. I don’t think you know how much I needed the step by step! It’s a beautiful thing! Rock on. Whoot!

  104. Marie: dig the interview format!
    Gabby: miss you, girl. =)
    awesome stuff as always — thank you both!

  105. I have manifested awesomeness for many years now, the thing i’m not as good at is recognizing that something i wanted is now in place. I was much more mindful this year (than in past years) about my awesome manifesting successes and I have had a great year to show for it (new house…which I had at one time been convinced I could never get without a man, 3 months off to travel and reflect in Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, and a new fabulous man to share my new life and house with!).

    My next manifestations? This year I want to get clear and make money with my business…

  106. Cat Virzi

    Great comments.

    Clarity is sometimes so hard. If you’re unclear, do what is needed to GET clear. Explore. Take imperfect action! Your GPS can only guide you once you are moving. Small steps. A personal manifesto will help you to get and stay clear, and can be tweaked as you become increasingly focused and clear (notice the word manifest in there?!).

    Gratitude for what already IS is important. Even if those are small things right now…AMPLIFY and CELEBRATE those small moments. What in your reality already matches what you want to manifest? These are your little bridges to that place you want to be.

    Thanks, Marie and Gabrielle. I love being on this upward spiral w/you ;>)
    cat virzi

  107. Noelle

    Loved this video and love both of you! One of my most fave vids in a while and came at a good time. Gabby, I have your fave Course quote taped to my mirror. Could not be more true….
    BTW-where did you get that awesome shirt you are wearing in the video?

    • I know, right!

      Marie should have fashion/beauty credits on her videos! I’m always peeping the fashion.



  108. My sister wrote in her journal she needed a marker board. The next day she at her office there was a post it note: FREE! on the marker board.
    A series of events occurred and the universe delivered it to her!

  109. C'mon


  110. Clarity is the Can opener of menifestation. I love that.
    Menifestation is just a word. Some people have resistance towards it as some people have resistatance towards “God”. It doesn’t matter. Our resistance towards anything doesn’t tell us about “anything”, but about us.

  111. Kat

    Marie & Gabby, FABULOUS video! This is exactly my line of work, so I DEF believe it. In fact Marie, watch out cuz I’m manifesting a seat next to you in the upcoming future. True story! See you soon, Ciao Bella~~

  112. Natalia

    Marie and Gabby,

    I freakin’ loved (!!) this video (the format, the conversation, the questions) and its content.

    Here are a couple of my stories …

    1. Seven years ago looking for a location for my business. It was grueling and frustrating. Thirteen months into the process almost gave up, until one day, my husband (who is my biz partner) and I decided to be very CLEAR about what we wanted. We made two lists, the “must have” and “would be nice”. Must have list included plenty of parking, great natural light, storage space … and then I said … “oh, a couple of skylights would be nice”. A couple of weeks later, a former client called and said “I bought a building and I’m looking to lease it. I know you guys are looking for something, will you come see it?”. We went and agreed that it would be perfect. Here’s the crazy part … the building was in worse shape than the owner realized which required him to renovate (and build some from scratch). Since they were doing a full build out, they invited us to give them a full list of all our requests, and they would be included (free of charge – this was on the list as well). I remember asking shyly: “do you think you can add two skylights”. NO PROBLEM, is what we got. I will be forever grateful for that amazing relationship. We’ve outgrown that space, but for five years it was a home, safe haven, a dream incubator. It’s where our business started and took off.

    2. At some point during doing RHH bschool 2011 I crystallized this idea of embracing my writing. I recall telling my life coach and dear friend Stacy Parson, that everyone who is a someone seems to have had a mentor at some point in their career, and that I need a mentor. She asked me who I would want to have as a mentor? Without hesitating for even one second I said, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – a writer I have loved for many years.)

    I honestly don’t know how the rest unfolded, but quite literally three weeks later I was on the phone with SARK. I am now in her WINS class working with her. Again, nothing but gratitude and love for her and the Universe!

    Thanks Marie and Gabby for this sweet conversation. I am deeply grateful for your work!

    Love to you both,

  113. Okay, I may be stating the obvious, but I believe Gabby and Marie captured the clarity of WOmanifesting? I love the comment that patience is one of the necessary components. Patience is the ability to bear time and trust in what lies on the other side.

  114. Wow!

    That was amazing! would love to see more interviews like that, you two were incredible together. So insightful!

    Here’s my question ~ when Gabby spoke about ‘letting it happen’ , ‘not pushing, controlling, or manipulating’. Can you clarify for me, if I am clear on what I want and I start reaching out to people to move myself forward, get information, get started, etc. Is that me trying to control the outcome? Should I be taking a different approach?



  115. Great interview ladies!

    1) One of my favorite affirmations to help with the last step about releasing CONTROL is ….
    “I say YES to unexpected joys, miracles, love, money and more!”

    I have used this to help me and my clients manifest $500 ‘out of the blue’, a phone call from an ex to get full closure after not hearing from them in months, parking spots and a lot more!

    2) I also posted a paper on my wall and every day before I go to bed, I add another miracle to the list! It can be something small or big, but when we honor it all and put it on paper, it’s real and our subconscious believes it (that’s the real trick…believing that what you asked for is not only possible…it can be an everyday reality!)

    Much Love,
    Diana Dorell
    The CEO Psychic

  116. Leshaun

    I do believe in manifesting and I agree that we are our own road block. What technique (s) can one use to suspend their beliefs, get rid of the negative thoughts and to maintain the feeling of what they are trying to manifest??

    I have manifested things that I initially wanted and completely forgot about until I finally got it. Like the house I currently reside in. I had put it on an old vision board and was denied for renting when I first applied. A year later I had completely forgotten about this place until I started looking for some place to live. I applied, got the house and moved in a few months later. It wasn’t until I was unpacking that I came across my old vision board and saw a picture of the front of the house on it.

  117. I love this concept and believe in it whole heartedly.
    This is the basis on how everything works.
    This if The Secret! The part the I find challenging
    is maintaining this positive attitude through the ups and downs.
    Patience, patience, patience.

  118. Marie, aka: manifestation-can-opener, thank you for all that you share on your site! I’m working on removing some limiting beliefs from my life and clearing space for some new miracles. Thank you, thank you!

  119. LOVED this interview and I actually love your interview videos like the one with Danielle. What I loved about this video was how you had Gaby break down it and how you answered all of my questions before I even asked them! 😀 I found that so useful.

    I remember a concrete moment in my life struggling in my post graduate studies in NYC, interning as an assitant designer, living on friends’ sofas, in roach infested hostels just to hold on to my dream. I got to a point that I said very clearly to myself that my life will not be like this, that I will become a succesful designer, travel the world, and live somewhere tranquil by the beach. My vision manifested and started to take off in less than a year.

    I can say that whenever I expressed my goals and visions with pure intentions to my Creator and then let go, I have seen them take shape–over time. It’s only when I get in the way, get impatient and try to “speed” things up, or not taking a moment to realize what I do have, or even worse when I allow myself to get into the nasty cycle of negative self talk that I have sabotaged my own blessings.

  120. Anah

    What the information neglects to share is the greater Hidden on your way to manifestation. There are Hidden realms that love us unconditionally and support the deeper evolutionary journey of the soul that is beyond cognitive mind clarity, believing, affirming or intending your way to co-creative manifestation. These aspects come through in the form of challenging life lessons here on Earth as a school. When these life lessons become conscious and fully integrated and assimilated into the life and shared with others, become great healing gifts that can ultimately transcend our cultural conditioning and re-turn us to unity and wholeness within. I agree that FEELING is the bridge.

  121. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes your forget how important manifestation is. I will tell you my story when I first started manifesting. I didn’t “really” believe so I tried to think of something that could be attainable but not common so I would know. I thought hey how about manifesting a $100 US bill (I am Canadian). Now that would be rare!

    So I visualized and believed I would have it for weeks, maybe months. About 3 months later I was picking up my Mom and stepfather, Bob from a trip and Bob insisted on paying me for looking after their dog. I was equally insistent about not taking the money. He ended up being sneaky and putting money in my pocket. I found the crumpled up stash the next day after they left.

    Shaking my head that Bob did that, I unfolded the money, counted it as it was a mix of Canadian and US and put the money in my wallet.


    About a week later I was sitting in my office and BAM! My heart started pounding, I even started perspiring a bit and ran to my wallet and looked again. There was the $100.00 bill! I could have missed the sign. Easily…… That was a bigger lesson for me than manifesting.

    Thanks Marie for the reminder!!! I spent the $100 but before I did I photocopied it and it is on my vision board.

  122. Thanks Marie! Ya did it again. For years, I’ve referred to this concept and process as WOmanifesting ;)! You got it. I’m often a catalyst too and can totally relate on this level. I am so frequently in a situation where I am the hand turning over the forever unmoved stone, and what’s underneath, ain’t pretty. It’s easy to get a bad rap. The good news is change comes, ready or not. Keep up the amazing work lovely lady!

  123. Manifestation is so powerful. Just when I think I am not believing in it it proves me wrong. Do not mess with manifestation!! I like to manifest my ideal clients. I go to bed thinking about my ideal client and then within a day or so I get an email or call from a new potential client. It is so cool.
    Got to love manifestation.

  124. Alyxandria

    I used to be better at manifesting. About ten years ago I decided I didn’t like what was happening in my life, quit my corporate job, sold my stuff and cruised on out to the San Francisco area where I starved for a while, but somehow always manifested exactly what I needed right when I needed it. But then I went overseas to Korea and later China and lost my faith in humanity because all of the negativity and opportunism I saw around me there. It’s been an uphill struggle since then because now I’ve been in Latin America for two years. It’s tough in that the environment around you, even in the more developed of the countries, is one of poverty, stress and using the people around you as much as you can to get what you want without giving anything back in return. I know that the outside environment shouldn’t dictate your inner feelings, but it does affect you. For instance, I can do a load of yoga, meditation and qigong, wake up refreshed, head out for my day. I get immediately bombarded by people trying to use me and then I’m just worn-out and tired afterwards. What’s the solution to that, besides moving, because I’m in the middle of a project here?

  125. YES! Manifesting… our lives are a direct reflection of the choices we’ve made (I can’t remember who said this one). But so true. Our lives are ours to carve out exactly as we want them! Choices on where we put our energy and thoughts and what we allow ourselves to dream about…

    Quick example of ‘manifesting’: Read an article about the founder of TOMS and his book ‘Start Something That Matters’. Clipped out the article and a picture of him, added it to my vision board. 6 Months later, was sitting in the TOMS offices in Santa Monica meeting with his team and placing an order for our boutique in Hawaii. Forward to now, TOMS on our new Sutra Lifestyles Website and working with them on blog posts and spreading their movement of ‘One for One’.

    Manifested this, was totally on my radar even though I didn’t really make any extra ‘effort’ toward this… it unfolded effortlessly! Love it. I bask in all the little synchronisities of life & just try to remain open to what they could possibly lead to. You just never know.

    Aloha! Love this vid, thank you Marie!!

  126. THANKS A MILLION. Just what I needed to be reminded. I have co-created some amazing experiences, I know the Universe got my back. I am loved so much that I got this video right on time just to show me that ALL is well. I am abundant, I will move to the perfect place, I will start school this Summer. I have more clients than I can handle, I am well paid for my expertise. :)))))

  127. Wowza! The MarieTV fans are amazeballs! Thanks for your comments everyone. I feel so blessed and honored to be a guest on this incredible show! Continue to trust and know that the Universe Has Your Back!

    • You’re the best that NYC has to offer!! Great stuff Gabby, really inspiring me to keep going and love what I do.

  128. Cassie

    What a great video Marie and Gabby! I definitely believe in this! There’s been so many instances in my life where manifestation has popped up:
    – buying a house (my offer was accepted on the perfect home after being rejected on other less ideal houses)
    – getting a scholarship to the college I really wanted to attend, but probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise
    – meeting my bf and so on

    I’ve been having some limiting beliefs lately, and I appreciate the reminder to not let those get in the way! Thanks ladies!

  129. Clare

    Where do the concepts of “planning” and “action” fit in to this theory? They aren’t mentioned here as far as i understand…

    • Marie is all about action. I recommend checking out her other videos. She’s a very practical woman.

  130. Rae

    Love this. Sounds so much like what my man James says in the Bible “he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does”. Errr, I guess that would be the opposite, but to the same point. We must stand firm in what we know even when what we see doesn’t line up or things will be unstable.

    Funny story. I prayed and believed for a MacBook Pro to start doing graphic design on. At the time I was a stay at home mom of 2 and a half, trying to start a business while my husband waited tables and tested to be a fireman. (totally insane) When the money was saved up we went in and all we could afford was an iMac (mobility was huge for me but I settled anyway). A couple months later my iMac was stollen and guess what the insurance money was enough to buy? The MacBook Pro I wanted, with a bigger screen. Miracle, right? Amen!

    Sorry, can’t help but get excited about that!

    XO, Rae

    Ps – Love what Gabrielle said about patience! Hate having to wait, but love the truth.

  131. ishaque

    MANIFASTATION, MANIFASTER, MANIFASTRUAL activities depends the desires or some one, It require deep/minutly into the result comfirmation or superlative extension in appreciations, any how why are you/you moulding contest becuase devotions are not available please & Timeless activities resulted fruitlless please.

  132. Thank you Marie for this – a wonderful reminder how powerful manifestation is and I am now very excited because as a result of your video with Gabby I have just booked to come and see Gabby on her lecture tour at Alternatives in London.

    Yay for you both!

  133. OMG – I totally believe in manifesting – I wrote my book Lucky Bitch about it!
    I’ve manifested bank errors in my favour, my husband, scholarships and an all expenses paid 6 month gig testing luxury resorts. I’m a believer!

    As Gabby said, you have to continually clear the clutter and it’s like getting fit – you don’t go to the gym once and you have a hot body for life – manifesting is a daily process of building the manifesting muscle.

    When I’m in the flow, I have to be very careful what I think about – I can manifest too easily sometimes. When I’m out of the flow, I have to remind myself to monitor not only my thoughts, but FEELINGS matter more.

    Happy Manifesting Everyone!

  134. Love it! I see manifesting happening in my life all the time and whenever I feel stuck, if I take a step back, it’s fear getting in the way. Faith goes a long way.

  135. I believe in the power of our human brains to do miraculous things. It’s as simple as that.

    I am blocking almost all negativity and bringing in what matters, the things I WANT.

    Some people are turned off by the word manifest because our brains think in pictures and when they hear that word they see magic and think hocus pocus. Like something just shows up…

    Think about it like this, we are energy and obviously more than flesh and blood. There are electrical currents and waves being projected into visuals and feelings. Why is it so hard to believe that we can draw in energy from the rest of the world?

    You are a miracle already because of how amazing the human body is and how it operates. This is about harvesting that energy and realizing you hold yourself back.

  136. Hi Marie,

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time. It was a great reminder to step back since letting the world dictate what I want. I’ve had a few occurrences when things have happened when I completely believed in myself and was patient.

    For example, I’ve always wanted to get published in a Trade Magazine but I wasn’t sure how to go about approaching one. Instead, I kept it at the back of my mind and focused on my blog. The year after I started the blog, a Trade Magazine, a bigger one, approached me to write two feature articles in the next issue. It was the hardest, most emotional and best experience I’ve had in awhile. As a bonus, my articles were due the night of my birthday.

    So thank you again. You’re always an inspiration when I need it most.

    ~ Jennifer

  137. Rachel

    Awesome video with Gabby! I’ve been fascinated by the concept of manifestation since hearing about Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization back in college.

    Thanks for sharing this and bringing us to a whole new level. 🙂

  138. Yvette

    I really appreciate both Gabby and Marie and I’d like to add two opinions about patience while manifesting. One is that there may be some preparation or some step that needs to be done before your desired outcome can manifest. You may need to prepare yourself in some way to be best able to take advantage of what you desire. Perhaps you need to lose weight or learn to believe more in yourself before you can find that special someone and those things may take time. Another thing, you may not initially believe in the concept of manifesting but sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. You may have fallen into the habit of thinking and using negative self-talk instead of thinking and feeling like you already have what you want. So every time you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative gently remind yourself by saying or thinking in a positive way. After a while the positive will become the norm and you’re on your way.

  139. I so agree with this! If you really get into the feeling of what you think you will have, the thing will come. SO if you think money will give you freedom and security, really feel freedom and security and the money will come. You can have the state of mind you’re after without the physical and once you get into that energy, the manifestation magic happens. It’s all about how you perceive the world. Be grateful for all the hard stuff you’ve gone through too, they are gifts that teach a beautiful lesson. Look at your life as a whole and see the amazing path you’re on….

  140. Manu

    How to get your dream horse –
    and how to manifest a dream you didn’t even know you had it:

    The Horse
    When I finally was allowed to start horseriding at 12, I KNEW, I just KNEW that one day I would have my own horse. I did not expect to wait for 20 years, but I didn’t matter neither.
    The day came when my dad told me that the very tall 3 year old grey gelding in the stable my dad went horse riding to was for sale.
    It was a very special horse that did things no other horse would do. For instance, he was able to leave his box without damaging the iron chain that should have hold him inside. He would run into a herd of cuttles and almost laugh by watching how the herd split apart by the cuttles literally thundering in all directions.
    I went to see him. I did not have to make any excuses, the owning family was well know to me and I could just glimpse in. There he was – MY horse. But there was not enough money. I decided: if he was to be mine, he would wait until I could pay him.
    What happend then was – yes, it was a miracle.
    I witnessed dozens of sale meetings where this gelding was presented to people, in the stable, in the horse riding hall, anywhere. One person that was interested got off him at the farest end of the horse riding hall and he followed her like a little dog. The owner looked at me and said: “Now he is sold.” I thought, such a pitty, but there you go. The next day the gelding was still here.
    The owners had so many sales meetings with no result that they finally decided to let the gelding have a thourough basic education in classical dressage. He was away for half a year, staying in a sports and sales stable with the deliberate intention to be educated and sold – and came back.
    He was six when I bought him under the condition that I could leave him in his old stable until I had found a good place for him. Two days later I had found a box in a stable that was only a 10 minute walk away from my flat.
    Another two days later the old owners allowed me to use their horse transporter to actually move my gelding to the new place.

    The Unknown Dream:
    Before, I had started sailing on the Cutty Sark Tall Ship’s races, getting addicted to sailing very quickly.
    In one race I got seriously ill and my skipper had to alarm the race control. I was transferred to the nearest ship of the fleet that had a doctor on board.
    It wasn’t less but N.E. Sagres, the official sail training ship of the portuguese navy (I am not portuguese). After I got better, I was greeted by the officers as their official guest.
    Thus, I became first women EVER to sail on board of N.R.P. Sagres from the middle of Bay of Biscay to St.Malo (France).
    But it was not until the following year where I went to see the Ship and my portugues friends in Lisbon, until I realised that I had always dreamed of once again sailing on Sagres, and if it was only for a few days.
    When one of the officers on duty took me accross the river Tejo and allowed me to the naval base on the other side of Lisbon, I almost couldn’t beleive my eyes for the beathtaking beauty of this ship. She was in a dock de be completely refitted, all sails and masts taken down, comletely downrigged. And still she was such a stunning beauty I couldn’t take my eyes of her.
    When I was let into the officers room where I had spent many, many hours the summer before, I had to touch the walls to be sure: YES, I WAS BACK.
    That was the moment I realized, that I had alway been dreaming of sailing on this ship again, and if it was only for a few days.
    Sagres had been built by Germany as a sail training ship and – towards the end of the second world war – sank with her cadets.
    There is a high probability that I was one of them.
    Even today, almost 20 years later, the days I spend on Sagres are the ones I treasure most.

    • Manu

      I could tell you a lot more stories – the latest one is that I had to get a new flat, and one person offered me one within 2 days. 2 days are the actual manifesting cycle that I have. 🙂

  141. Jean

    I use to think that it was just way to far out there but for years believed in it’s value as an athlete. It wasn’t until the past few years have I realized it’s value in our daily lives.

  142. Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes. I am a mighty manifestor! This was a fantastic video, I love you both and I am recently so in the thick of manifesting. Why? Because I have decided to. After years of frustration listening to The Secret, The Power, etc. etc. I finally GOT IT! It is about unconditional trust in the Universal power of abundance.

    It is such a subtle shift in mindset and that is the tricky part. It is creating and not efforting. A tiny shift in perspective. So deceptively simple and yet once it shifts it is profound.

    From the smallest thing like an immediate parking spot in the busiest Vancouver neighbourhood to co-writing a book, to manifesting an amazing new product in my business. This is all happening NOW since I suspended my reluctance to fully let go and believe. It is about patience for sure but when you start receiving affirmations of your manifesting, no matter how small the stakes keep getting higher and higher.

    Thank you Marie and Gabby. xoxox

  143. Here is my most successful manifesting story to date.
    The desire to get pregnant and have a child became really intense for me.
    Even though by the odds, the idea of me getting pregnant after 40 naturally
    was slim. I decided I am going to be one of the women to beat the odds.
    I released weight, did affirmations, visualized telling my boyfriend, mom and
    friends that I am pregnant, even pretended to walk in my house as if I am pregnant. After a year of this, I got discouraged.My boyfriend told me to continue and have faith. With his added boost, I continued. Lo and behold,
    I got pregnant naturally at 42. My son, Jacob, is now 7 months old. I will celebrating my first mother’s day this year. And my former boyfriend who is now my husband are happy with our son.
    So manifesting works, my friends. I say you meet the Divine halfway and The Divine will work with you.
    Believe and you will receive.

  144. Hi Marie,

    In the kitchen making tea…. 🙂

    I am so delighted that you and Gabby got together on the topic of manifesting! You two are miracle-minded mamas and so inspiring!

    I’m thrilled you got introduced to the Human Design System info which shows how we can uniquely align with our natural ability to manifest and flow with Life! Life-changing miraculous stuff!

    Now is a powerful time for manifestation…. Let’s enjoy the ride!

    (And apparently I am quite a manifestor too… if I got you to share your Human Design gems on MarieTV!!! Woohooo!)

    As a proud B school grad I am happy to share a link for those wanting more info on manifesting…

    Aloha, Suzanne

  145. I am a super manifestor! I have manifested a lot of things in detail and the secret is believing that you will get it and then letting go. I remember when I was a broke student I wanted to live within walking distance of the beach, instead of the rough neighbourhood I was living in. Everyone, including my mum, said I was crazy and that only multi-millionaires in condos live on the beach in my city. I didn’t listen to them, and started house-hunting. Sure enough within two weeks I found a cute little fishermans cottage on the most sought after street in the area, two minutes walk from the beach and CHEAPER than my house in the dodgy area. To top it off the name of the street was James St and James is my last name, I knew it was a cute way of the universe telling me that house was mine! Loved it…
    Also, funnily enough, a few years later my mum saw how cool it was to live near the beach and she found a house for herself too!!

    • Niamh

      Oh My.. I’m SO glad that I saw your comment Sharee! I’m a student who wants to get out of ‘typical student living’.. though those pesky limiting beliefs keep cropping up about not being wealthy enough to afford something super nice blah blah blah. You’ve inspired me! Thank you! I’m off to house hunt! XO

  146. Absolutely!

    From a young age, because of family crisis, I quit going to school to help my mom support the family. Being of Italian background, I was taught to keep secret family crisis’s…
    Anyway, I started working and finally worked my way up the ladder to management in a big Corporation for ten years. I was what you call a “people-oriented” leader. I worked with individuals to develop their strengths and reach their full potential…I loved it! I managed several teams from different platforms, ALL producing breakthrough results.
    About 2 years ago, a structural change lead to a change in the vision. I was being given feedback for not giving disciplinary actions to my teams. You see, because I encouraged individuals to try new things, different projects, they were exceeding their limits. Now, they made mistakes, however, I lead them to learn from their mistakes and did not reprimand them. I did not believe in this, it would only bring on resistance for them to try new things.

    It was the best thing that could ever happen to me! Since then, I quit that job, sold all my belongings and am currently traveling across South America, doing on line coaching!

    All this to say that, I always believed I had so much more to offer to others. However, I did not see it at first, but, I felt it. I needed for the universe to give me a rude awakening! Furthermore, all my past experiences from growing up, have given me so much strength and courage. Things happen in our lives, challenges, sufferings, I have learned that you are never given anything you can not handle. They are there for you to strengthen yourself and gain courage for something more! Like you said, Gabby, the universe knows:) When you truly believe, you open yourself, the universe will conspire to work with you. Along the way, obstacles will continue to come in your way. However, you become stronger, you see them differently…at some point the dots connect!

  147. Hi Marie! I always look forward to your weekly videos! I just had to comment on this particular video because I have been experiencing these and now I know what to call it. Lately, I have been heard quoting things like “you know, the universe will respond to your desires if you put it out there and work hard towards that goal”. It’s weird because I don’t normally say things like that. But I used to feel lost and since starting my own business, I’ve never felt more alive and engaged. I simply love the process of being creative, designing and most especially the business aspect of marketing, building my brand, etc. I just love it! There were times when I would literally think of making a phone call and surprisingly enough, I would receive that phone call first.

    Right now, I am happy slowly building and growing my business. But in the future, I would also love to be able to share my experiences being an entrepreneur to other women as well. I love how you are able to connect with a lot of women and share your knowledge and experience as well. Thanks a lot and more power!

  148. Marie+Gabby = ALL KINDS OF AMAZINGNESS! You two go together like cookies and milk! Or…green juice and spirulina! This video couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Instead of asking “why” and “how” in the eye of the storm I’m facing right now, I’m now saying “Please” and “Thank You”. I’m understanding that what I thought I was ‘losing’ was just being cleared out of the way for what I really want.

  149. NERI


  150. Hi Marie!

    A little over a year ago I set out to write my book, Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. I said my goal was to have YOU, Marie, as one of the successful people interviewed for the book. When you agreed, I knew I was onto something major with this book.

    I decided to go the self-published route and my goal was to hit the Amazon Best Seller’s list for at least ONE hour! Though I didn’t have a large list to start out, nor did I have affiliates or people with big lists promoting me, I still knew in my heart it could be done.

    For months I was consumed with the thought of hitting the list, I even took the suggestion of Denise Duffield-Thomas and set an alarm on my phone to go off every day with the phrase, “YOU ARE AN AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR.” Again, I remind you that I was scared sh*tless, I had NO clue how I was going to make it happen, but I just knew that it was going to happen.

    And then it did!

    Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. hit the Amazon Best Seller’s List! On launch day and for 48 hours the book rose to #11 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Self-Help and #26 in Success!

    I made the space for it in my life, I focused on that goal, I told people and asked them to spread the word and I surpassed my goal of just making the list for 1 hr and stayed on the list for 2 days!

    Since then, the reviews have been amazing, and I’m looking forward to manifesting even more achievements.

    I know I’ve told you before, but I just never feel like the words express it enough: YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. And because you have changed my life, I am now in turn, changing the lives of others. Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie Forleo!


    Rachel Luna

    • Great manifestation story + hilarious, catchy book title (Now, of course, I’m going to have to hop on over to Amazon to see what C.R.A.P. stands for)…

      ROCK ON, Rachel!

  151. Love the energy of it and the soundbite phrases – very memorable!

    Would LOVE to know more about the background work Gabby did to reach the point where she believed in herself fully. What did it take to get there?

    What does Gabby and what do you recommend for peeps who can struggle for years to get rid of negative & limiting belief systems and to really believe in themselves and in the value of what they offer … ? .. So that they can manifest the good stuff and not the ‘manifestation mishaps’ (such a brilliantly evocative phrase!)

    What’s the work, babes?

  152. Jo Ann

    Hi! This was a great video wake up for me! I was in the manifesting zone for a while and in that time I got a great new position that I love, I sold a coop in Brooklyn that I trying to sell for 2 years and my family life got great……then I lost it……..Thanks to your video I am back on track and will begin again today. I am starting a business as a Health system staff coach…..I am going to make the health care system more pleasant through training the staff the providers, the managers and the patients! I am going to become the go to person for health care training!

  153. We’re all magnets based on our thoughts. That’s the truth! I co create with God- HOWEVER, not ALL the things I want are manifested. What I want and what I need to grow can be two totally different things. Tears are the water that fed the seed of my dream. I have had things work out BETTER than I wanted too, which is always fab.o.lous.
    The key is exactly what Gabby said. 1.Release 2.Affirm and 3.Relax
    For me its 1-let go, 2-reprogram and 3-Let God.
    Awesome post!!!

  154. jay


    I love this video. Such an awesome message, with my two favorite gals.

    Okay, so I really have been trying to implement manifesting techniques in my life, but realize that I have some serious blocks. After you have identified the blocks, how does one go about clearing those blocks?

    Thank you so much. Keep up the fantastic work Marie.

  155. angela

    Hi Ladies – I have to say, I have been studying metaphysics and manifestation for many years and you did a beautiful job!

  156. I didn’t think I believed in manifesting until I was moving a couple of years ago and came across a random list I had made one day that spelled out my ideal work situation. I had written it and completely forgotten it. Two years later when I looked at it I realized that it was what I had been doing for the past year! After that I realized how important it is to spell out to the universe what it is I want, and then I actively work on it! Many more things have come in to my life since I’ve been “trying.”

  157. Love this vid! Manifesting completely works! Not only did I manifest an upcoming speaking opp, but I was also presented with two consulting opportunities that will allow me to leave my day job and go pro! I also manifested an amazing man who treats me like gold. My secrets: A vision board and daily morning meditation walks/runs in Central Park.

  158. Giving thanks for this manifestation integration video!! It is awesome to witness how you two ebb and flow delivering your content in a very clear and expansive way.

    My jaw dropped to hear that one of Gabby’s past limiting beliefs was that she was not a writer. I dropped out of high school at 16 and have always felt a tremendous block around ‘structured’ writing.. i’ve also had an old belief that I am not ‘smart’ in the collegiate, intellectual kind of way. Knowing that Gabrielle worked through the ‘i’m not a writer’ belief and now has two books with a third coming out is HIGHLY inspiring to me, because i’ve always known I will also be a published author and wondered how in the heck that will be when I have such hang ups around writing!!!

    Right when you got to the part in the video where you spoke about the women who’ve been doing the work, clearing the old limiting beliefs, writing new stories and integrating the future self and full being experience into the now and still feeling like ‘When is this going to gain traction?! When will my mission have legs?!’ my interest peaked and as I sat on the edge of my seat saying.. ‘yea, yea.. ok, super stoked to hear your relfections on this part’ the video stopped uploading for at least 60 seconds… and then it came… PATIENCE!!

    Giving thanks for ever more opportunities to deepen into patience as I trust the process and allow it to unfold in divine aligned time.

    Highly bless you two and the community worldwide!!

    Your Co~creative Evolutionary SiSTAR,

  159. I BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE in this and here is my most recent manifestation.

    I want a Mercedes. I want to drive one. Every time I see one go by, I blow a kiss. Literally blow a kiss to the pretty metal star 🙂

    I have moved, meanwhile, from a townhouse to an apartment, in a not-so-reach neighborhood, with the plan to save my dough and buy my own place downtown. The cars in this building are not-so-new, not-so-clean, not-so-maintained.

    However, after a lot of kiss-blowing, guess what appeared in the parking lot? A frigging Mercedes! Not a visitor, but a tenant 🙂 So I am thinking that, if I kiss a little more Mercedesized air, the view in my parking lot may change too 🙂

    It’s so much fun!! Try it!

    Lots of Love, Marie!

  160. Lillian

    Marie and Friends!
    So interesting that this episode is about manifesting. I was looking for a new apartment several months ago and just couldn’t find anything within my price range that wasn’t run down and way off the beaten path. Then I went to the east coast to attend training for work and stayed in this beautiful hotel room that was a corner unit with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. I felt very tranquil while I was in that room and even took a picture of it right before it was time to leave. The first weekend I returned home I was poking around all the usual high rise buildings seeing if any units had come open. It turned out that a brand new building within walking distance of my work had an apartment coming open 3 weeks later. It was the perfect corner-unit apartment for my needs with all new appliances, hardwood floors, and-get this-floor to ceiling windows just like that hotel room I had loved so much. I signed the lease that week and have since moved in. I feel very grateful for this gift of abundance in my life and had to share this news. Still haven’t gotten the hang of manifesting yet–not sure how to do it consciously, but its definitely something that seems to be operating in my life now. Its pretty exciting stuff!

    Take care,

  161. Marie! This is my first time here, and my students recommended I check you out, so did Derek Halpern, so did Tony Robbins, and so did Jonathan Fields.

    Also I exchanged a brief personal e-mail with Gabby over a year ago, and here she turned up again.

    I felt compelled to watch and comment 🙂

    And I love what I’m hearing — I’m a huge fan of intention manifestation and law of attraction, and in fact, I just posted a tool to help people with this, if you wanna check it out:

    Great community here, rock on and ryze up!

  162. Andrea

    I once sat down with a good friend of mine and we both made a list of desired characteristics that our dream guy should have. We discussed it and then just put the list away. A couple of months later, my dream guy came – but I’ve realized that there some really important stuff missing from that list. So that dream guy wasn’t as dreamy as I had thought. So yes, you definitely have to make sure you manifest what you need and not what you think you want.

  163. A couple years back I started a blog to test the law of attraction. I decided to put the Universe to the test and ask for a billion bucks. (Interestingly, I did end up working with a former billionaire and got some crazy stories, but that’s a tangent.)

    Anyway, I started out with little tests. For example, my first test was to hit the casino. I ended up winning a few thousand. It wasn’t enough to prove anything, but it was enough that things were getting interesting.

    I started to write little blog posts of all my interesting adventures in intuition and intention. The weirdest one, and I do mean weird, is when I had orange biscuits on my mind, and low-and-behold, I stumbled across some in our kitchen at work.

    The more I focused, the crazier my results got. I finally stopped blogging, and instead just started sending little emails to my friends to keep the adventures going. I would not some crazy and ironic mash ups when intention met reality.

    While there is still some stuff that goes beyond a practical explanation, the part that was useful for me was this … a little intention + action go a long way. It creates congruence. Action without intention is a lack of focus. As Zig Ziglar said, nobody ever wandered around and found themselves on top of Mount Everest.

    The other thing I learned is similar to a lottery lessons … you have to be in it to win it. So while I don’t bet on manifestting my results, I don’t want to preclude the possibility. Some times lady luck throws a smile my way, but for the most part, I set my eyes on the prize, dig in my heels, and work towards making my dreams come true.

    The most important lesson there though is tha the journey IS the detination, and that finding a way to make the most of the journey is the real *secret* of “the good life.”

  164. THANK YOU!

    I was such a huge skeptic of this kind of stuff before I met my current partner. He LIVES this manifesting lifestyle without thinking twice about it- and it is so amazing to watch. It’s like doors of opportunities just fling themselves open for him- meanwhile i’m still trying to figure out where the door is!
    I couldn’t figure out if he was arrogant or what. But now I know. It’s just about BELIEVING.

    I have my eyes opened now and am sooo open to having things come my way. I look forward to practicing and reading more about this. Not just to fulfill my life’s wishlist, but to just live life from a positive place…

    I want to walk into a room and be the sunshine for everyone’s cloudy day.
    It starts now!

  165. Two of the most inspirational women I know talking together – love it. Great edisode and thankyou for sharing Marie!

  166. Marlene101

    Thanks for sharing Marie & Gabby just awesome!! There are no coincidences in life and all those little miracles are there just waiting for us!
    We need to clear away the “crap” before we can see the truth. My personal journey has lead me on a path that is manifesting for me in the “now” and your video is one of those magic moments. Small steps make GIANT rewards and I know that manifesting will make those dreams come true!. Love your videos Marie.

  167. This video was awesome. Thanks Marie! You rock!
    I’m new to this concept and I really liked how you broke it down into simple actionable steps.

    Thanks again!

  168. WCR

    Now this is my type of subject..

    Here’s one story of manifesting i went through: the beginning of last year i used manifestation techniques I was and am still feverishly learning to attract a particular woman and it seemed she would pull me in then abruptly push me away very often which I later learned was a tactic called fractionating. My last draw was the day before Mothers Day last year when she invited me into her room with doors closed and curtains closed but pushed me away?!

    So then I used Nlp techniques to try getting her out of my mind completely then out of nowhere earlier this year she just showed up at my house many many months later which I couldn’t figure was if the manifestation finally came to be or what. However, I didn’t even invite her inside and really don’t understand why. I guess it was mostly because I was not sure of her angle and desired not to go through any more bs especially in my own house plus the fact I did so many mental things to try getting her out of my mind.

    The only thing is NOW she’s back on my mind but it’s just been too long for me to do anything about it.

    I guess the moral is the same as the old adage of being careful what you wish for or you just may get it. Sometimes we desire to manifest things which really are not in accordance to what is truly beneficial and then at other times there are things we desire to manifest which we are not quite ready to handle. It can be weird so please be careful because manifesting does work.

  169. Oh, so aligned with this beautiful message… All I can say is you both ROCK my world! I was a person who had many upon many of limited beliefs, I grew up in poverty, lived in poverty up until 20 months ago. Not because I did not work hard, I simply did not have the “manifestation power” down. I allowed limited beliefs to run my life even though I fought for more. At times through out my journey, being a young Mom, delving into whatever I could to make a better life for my children, I found abundance lift through my spirit through those supposed failures (I call them learning experiences now). I knew it was there since I was a young girl just could not find the pin point of what would lead me to that life I had felt was already destined. I also knew I had this ability to impact incredible amounts of lives, it was my purpose, it was in my heart.

    As I grew into the Entrepreneur I had always envisioned myself to be, the limited beliefs rose up straight in my face, in my soul, saying “Hey you, you have got some work to do!” I found about 2 years ago, after reading through some incredible books and following incredible women like Marie Forleo my inner power rose out. It became so simple to see but did realize the journey I was about to embark on.

    The process you just shared was exactly what I went through and now is who I am, is what I guide others to remember. Because of KNOWING my inner power and the true essence of my manifestation abilities I came from a Single Mom in poverty (serving tables), spending 8 years in online and network marketing failing miserably… to a multiple six figure income in less than 12 months. In the next couple of months my dream of making a million a year is already done. And now for the first time in my life the belief and knowing that I AM a Multi-Millionaire is completely and fully there.

    There was a time in my life I could only focus on how I could get food on my table and pay my bills (let alone the thousands of debt I had) and now I am able to focus on what truly counts, which is impacting other’s lives, bringing my heart and presence to their journey so they too can become aware to make those changes and choices to “MANIFEST” what they desire. Time and financial freedom flowed into my life because I finally “allowed” it to.

    In addition to that, Marie… when you said there were so many times within your life that it all just came together. That has happened for me over and over again since that day I became aware of what my ability was. Life has never been the same in the most incredible way.

    I want to say such an incredible thank you to both of you for passing along such a beautiful message, this is so very needed in this world. We all have the ability to allow into our life what is ready, available and waiting for us. It is simply a choice to work through the motions and let it come forth.

    You are beautiful! So much love ladies! xoxo

    • One of the most beautiful, heartfelt, uplifting comments I’ve ever read on a blog.

      Keep shinin’, Jenn.

    • Give thanks for sharing your story here Jenn!!! It is just the motivation inspiration that I needed this morning. Will love to connect with you!
      Highest blessings & Love your way..

  170. Olá! It was an amazing interview! I took “A Course in Miracles” here in Brazil and a couple of weeks ago I fineshed the book. Something called my attention to this interview. Nothing happens by chance… Thank you girls!

  171. Love this! Definately will be looking for more. I’m a newbie to your stuff.

  172. Thank you for posting this video! It is wonderful to know that this way of thinking is not only taking seed but blossoming into the world so beautifully! I have always lived my life by these principals, and felt a little like an odd duck sometimes. One of my favorite phases has been “Once you change your internal world, the outside world has no choice but to follow; and the doing becomes effortless.” It is your strength of expectation, your willingness to take massive and inspired action, and your capacity for joy that will cultivate the life you truly want. This stuff works! Big Love to all!

  173. When I turned 18, I said to the Universe and God. I am ready for THE man.

    I met him 5 days later and have been with him for 27 years.


    • 27 Years! That is awesome. CONGRATS & here’s to many more :O)

  174. Loooved this! :)) FAB stuff, Marie!! Just what I needed to Hear this morning – I’m a published author…is the current mantra hahaa!! xoxo

  175. So, I’m a new fan of MariaTV and I’ve been a student of this whole manifestation thing for about 5 yrs- so have many stories about it and a whole system that I’ve worked out for myself. Too much to go into here, but it started with reading this book, Overcoming Underearning- I read it with a group – KEY.

    To tell you the truth, I could not even allow myself to say out loud want I truly wanted at the time b/c I thought if I focused on affirming that everyday that I would somehow not be prepared for the “reality” of dealing with my situation which was making me unhappy at the time. My friend, whom I can not thank enough, encouraged me to let go of my worry and just affirm for 3 months.

    I was even resistant to that, but having a short time line helped- shit, I can do anything for 3 months I thought. And I did. But 3 months turned into 6 and then to 9 months (here’s where the patience part kicks in). It was literally at the last second b/f my affirmations became a reality- at that point every other thought was positive and the next one was “what the hell, why isn’t this working? But, at the last possible moment it came in a shocking and radical way- I’d call it a manifestation mishap for sure. I got EXACTLY want I wanted, but NOT the way I would have wanted. In fact, it was life threatening.

    But, hey, I’m still kicking.

    The lesson for me: state what you want. Be clear. Don’t say it and then have a million negative thoughts. That’s confusing the universe 🙂 Then- and this is important…. Ask for it with this clause… “in a safe and healthy way for me and my family”. Amen.

  176. Khalid

    This is great…but I really would like you to cut to the chase. How do you release the negative beliefs when a negative reality is in front of you?

  177. Sian Stargazer

    I have several manifesting stories. Here’s three of the best examples:

    1. I was experiencing money problems at the time, and my credit card bill had gone up to $115 a month. Obviously, I didn’t have $115, and the cc company suggested begging and borrowing from friends and family. Not gonna happen!!! So I visualised myself paying the bill. The first time I did this, money arrived in the post from someone who owed me money, then a friend bought some of the nutritional products I had been selling, and another friend hired me to clean her flat. I had the money for the bill a week or two before the bill was due, so I could pay it just as I had visualised. I did this for FIVE MONTHS until I got a job.
    2. Same period of time. I wanted A Course in Miracles book, couldn’t afford it. Then lost my keys, and had an adventure round the city that day to find them. When I came home that evening after having found my keys, there was a pile of books in the foyer of my building (being given away for free), A Course in Miracles was amongst the pile. I had my copy for FREE! It was in great condition as well.
    3. I manifested $12,000 to go massage and bodywork school. Didn’t have the money, but decided to suggest to myself that I did, and the money turnt up. I enrolled in school and the rest is history.
    I have many such stories, and I could go on and on and on. But those are three of the best ones.

    • Vi

      Obviously you do not understand coincidence. Maybe you should have used the $12,000 to get an English degree. Turnt up?

      • Violet

        I was under the impression that this website was supposed to be encouraging and supportive. If this forum is truly a safe space, why was this insulting reply not taken down? This post is about how words are powerful, and this comment used words with the sole intention of making someone feel inferior. Words hurt, and I expect more than this from Marie.

  178. This is fantastic – thanks for breaking it down into steps!!! I am a firm believer in manifesting, and have done it countless times – but very rarely with true clarity, and focus.
    My most successful manifestation… Years ago, I made a very specific list of what I was looking for in a partner/husband after years of bumping along & dating so many wrong men. the list had over 50 specific things I hoped to find. I wrote it over the course of a few days, with great thought and attention to what was really important.
    A few months later, I met my husband! and he fit the list – to the last detail!
    amazing stuff!

    I keep coming back to listen to this video while I paint as it helps me clear my mind, and focus on the future I want to manifest. thank you for the wonderful reminder!!!!!
    You are both truly awesome! 🙂

  179. Sorry for my English because I’m French. But I’m getting better every day.

    First of all, I love your blog I discovered. I will immediately felt at ease. Thank you.

    I really loved this video. Gabby Bernstein has shown that when using the manisfesting the right way, we can have everything and do everything in our lives.

    Thank you for your valuable advice.

  180. Absolutely fantastic conversation!! If you had told me years ago that I would be talking about manifestation… I would say mani-what?? Thank you both for being so fun yet serious about it all. xo

  181. Number 2 was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. One of my mantras has been to “act as if”. So when Gabbi said she was a published author 3 years before it was true…in my book she was just “acting as if”. The idea about manifesting is so powerful. My internal belief is, if I don’ t have something it’s because I haven’t wanted it enough or asked for it. Like my quest to lose weight. Ive read the books, I know what to do…I just haven’t wanted it enough to make it happen. Slamming video…you rock!!!

  182. Hi, I am a total big fan of manifestation. I have been doing it for years and ended up making a bucket list with the things I wanted.

    With time, I realize I have been able to make my things come to life.

    The latest thing I am manifesting is the launch of my company online webinars are a huge success, and we are able to build a tribe which we can support one another.

    I would also like to meet marie forleo, and launch our full length program online which will be awesome.

    Lots of manifestations 🙂

  183. Karen

    I’ve often struggled with the patience aspect of manifestation, and have often felt I’ve made many manifestation mishaps, but then finally last year I started to manifest some big things I had visualized for many years. I realized with hindsight that so many of the mishaps were actually the path to the big things. I perhaps drew the path out though by not always receiving it with patience and grace, and so resisted what was still coming. It’s taught me so clearly not to cling to what I think is a mistake and instead to stand back and watch what unfolds beyond that.

  184. Christina

    Help! I am a manifesting newbie and my brain is a swimmin’ with all of this info.

    I have a HUGE question and I need an answer – wah! wah! wah! – okay I am better now. Tantrum over!

    Say, for instance you do want a Mac book Air like the girly girls talked about, right? How does it come to you?

    – Does someone give it to you?
    – Does the money come to you so you can purchase it?

    Help! I need ans-uhs!


    • paz

      The how is not important, all you need to do is concentrate on the feeling of already having it, right now, maybe visualize it, google it, see it a lot, and as said, really believe it. Then the way will appear, ( in a x amount of time) who knows it can be anything, a friend lends you the money, or you find easy to save or someone gives it to you a present. The how is not really important.

  185. Lina

    Hi Maire!
    I have followed you for a couple of months now and thanks to your videos my way of thinking has change. I’m not saying that I quit my job and started my own company – yet… but I think I am in the process of discovering who I am and why I am here and how I can help the world.
    But I have some questions for you…

    I think I am betraying myself, I am working for a company that does not challenge me at all and don’t value my job performance.

    What should I do?
    When do you know is the right time to move on?
    How should I do it?
    I have all this amazing ideas but I loose interest very easily… how can I just DO IT for once and for all???

    And could you please give me more information on the IRA I want to get one but I would like to understand it better before I set it up.

    PS – I love all the info you give us but sometimes is hard to keep up 🙁 I am a new mommy so my time is very limited

  186. Sheri

    Love this. I’m a big believer in manifestation and despite going through a dark and troubled time recently, am back into the light of manifesting my destiny.

    It all began when I was a young, very very poor teenager who was told by many adults, including guidance counselors, that I didn’t have the grades or money to go to college. But i had a complete unwavering belief that I was going – boy did I have lots of critics on that one. I went to so far as to drive to school, 6 hours away, with no money, no housing, nothing except a vision in my head of me in a career after college. The money showed up….I got a full ride after I got there, thanks to the Pell Grant.

    I then decided I was going to have a certain career after college. I was again told that this specific career was really not possible for just anyone. But I had that unwavering belief of youth…and ended up with just the right connections in college that lead to the small jobs that proved to be the stepping stones for the exact career I had envisioned.

    Now I’m ready to switch to another career. I have a vision of a business in my head. At first, it was very hazy. I had a lot of blockage in the way…I stopped believing that anything was possible, I stopped believing that I am worthy of anything I desire. Did some clean up work and that vision that was hazy is now crystal clear. Since I got back to the business of believing anything was possible and that THIS particular thing IS going to happen….I’ve been unexpectedly reconnected with people from my past who all needed something from me, but also who each posses a skill I need to learn or connect with for my dream business. I also was struggling with the small business and start up aspect when a conference notice landed in my lap with a hugely discounted fee for students (just started back to grad school and low and behold, on that grad school thing…could never afford it before but the money…just showed up….and I am paying cash this time around 🙂 ).

    None of this happened without lots of stops and starts, complete uncertainty and learning to just trust in myself and the universe. Get out of my own way and out of my head and get moving. I didn’t KNOW it was manifesting. I just knew what I was going to do…and it happened.

  187. 40 years of Manifestation thinking . . . I wrote this story, my story, that speaks to ACHIEVING my DREAM. Enjoy!

    To Dream, Again ©
    Following a dream with Shinazy

    I’m standing in line at Starbucks dreaming about ordering my current favorite. Behind me are two young women discussing their future. The tall one tells her friend, “Why don’t you just give up? No one’s going to publish your poems.” To this, the poet sighs, “But it’s my dream.”
    Dreaming one thing, doing another – being a poet laureate, published author, a professional writer.

    I, too, wrote poems during those brooding adolescent years. On lined binder paper, secured in a black plastic spiral notebook, I deposited lyrical expressions, images of the torture of being misunderstood. I had dreams of publishing my work. But, then my focus changed. Boys distracted me and I postponed my dream.

    In my 20s, I started writing a novel, “Imprisoned Shadow”, a tale of a young woman who had yet to discover her identity and her strength. However, this time, it was the joy of raising a family that distracted me and I blissfully postponed my dream.

    Then, the worst day of my life occurred, I had my 30th birthday! Remember, we couldn’t trust anyone over 30. With my years of parenting experience, I decided to write a child user guide – an updated version of the Dr. Spock’s Baby & Child Care™.

    It was an encyclopedia, providing all my practical “know how” of what to-do and when-to-do its, such as placing a plastic wading pool under the highchair when teaching a child how to drink from a cup; or laying a full-length mirror sideways on the floor so that a playmate was always in the room. I typed and typed, and typed, one copy for me, one copy for my publisher. But soon my “job” became a “career”, distracted I became, postponed became my dream.

    In the prehistoric days before Starbucks and Pete’s Coffee became as essential to the very function of my life, I was introduced to espresso. As this new love affair began, a new problem presented itself: where could I find great coffee outside my neighborhood? Ah, ha! I saw a need for a coffee travel book. And, of course, I was the perfect person to write the “Latte Highway.”

    But, alas, as time passed, the promise of the next best-selling travel guide became more and more faint, and then stilled altogether as the emergence of a new diversion reared its head: the birth of the Starbucks Reward Card. The almost sinister lure of endless ounces of this steamy black elixir had tempted me away from my original purpose. I heard it whisper, “Why write when you can simply drink and enjoy all the rewards?” I took the bait. For years afterward, my caffeine-infused mind occasionally would ask. “Now, where did I put that dream?”

    Fast-forward and my dreams of publishing had morphed into jotting down fragments of information. No published poems, no great American novel, no guides, nor tales. Instead, I composed concise memos, well-crafted business strategies, procedures, emails, texts.

    Then one day I wondered, did my desire to write – really write – ever fade away? Or, did it remain crouching behind my memories and to-do lists. Can a dream be resurrected? Is it ever too late?

    Nay, it’s never too late. Today is a new day and here I sit at my computer typing, writing, telling stories. Living my dream, again!

  188. Melinda

    In the last two weeks, an external event was the catalyst for me having to do an audit of everything in my house and get rid of everything that I didn’t use or need anymore to prepare for major changes that I am trying to manage.

    During this process, I had the most shocking realization. Every tool I believed I needed over the last 20 years to help me realize all those dreams I had is in my house.

    While clearing out what I don’t use/need anymore, I can’t count the number of times I’ve uttered: “I can’t believe it. Everything I needed has been here all along.”


  189. I just love this video, anytime we are feeling stuck we come back and watch the video. We have a cool manifesting story that just happened this week. A few years ago we created a short book with illustrations for women who were going through a cancer diagnosis. We self published and sold a handful of copies but that was about it. Well this month, we are so excited, squeeeeeel, those book images were turned into a calendar and available for purchase at Costcos nationwide for the Susan G. Komen Think Pink Calendar! It’s just like they said, sometimes the universe delivers even more than you can imagine but we think we removed a lot of blocks and self doubt and that’s ultimately what helped us reach so many women with our work. Great work ladies. We love you!

  190. Eileen B. Dorsey


    For YEARS now I have held onto this idea, this faith I have that it is just within me to do great things. It is not an egotistical idea; it is just something that I have always known and maintained certainty of. I am going to do great things.

    “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and to wait without anxiety.”

    Thank you so much, Marie and Gabby, for bringing that clarity.

  191. Yep, when we relocate to my home state this summer, it will have happened. But the whole family is on board, and that’s the presence, knowing stage. I feel patient, because I know it will happen.
    The thing is, it feels better to believe, to look for the good things. Whether they come now or next month or next year, it feels good in the mean time to look ahead to them and work toward them. mmmmmmm, anticipation! 🙂
    thank you both, love this vid!

  192. Marie and Gabby, I Love This! I’ve actually manifested a Lexus ES, my Harley Davidson Road King, a Blue Minivan for the fam, paid off house, corner office in the corporate world, have 2 books on Amazon, and other nice things. Amazingly I used to be a drug addict on the streets and have little more than a 9th grade education! You did a great job of laying this out. As you know We Are All Manifesting All Manifesting All The Time! Doing it on purpose is sooo much sweeter! You Rock! Thanks for the great post and for your awesome work in the world!

  193. Awesome, awesome video! I’ve experienced just about EVERYTHING you’ve talked about here… I especially loved when Gabby talked about how miracles should be the norm. That was powerful, and true. I saw you both on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and both of you were amazing… Here’s my manifesting story… hold on to your seat belts:

  194. I manifested a car in 1 month, with no savings and the exact make & model I wanted (that was as specific as I got). I said, I will have this car by the end of the year and 12/30 I was driving it home. I just kept telling myself it was going to happen every time I started to doubt and let go and let Universe as it were.

    My current manifestation mishaps center around the first and last steps – being clear on what I want & being patient. My excuse for not being clear is that I have never been given the opportunity to express what I truly want. So I have to train myself to ask that question and to answer it honestly and without fear. Maybe what I think I want I really don’t, maybe I want things I don’t want to admit. There is a lot of fear surrounding clarity I think because when I say I want something it sort of drives home that I don’t have it (otherwise I wouldn’t want it). Then there is the impatience…I am *terribly* impatient. I hate to wait for anything. But that’s that control/Type A poking its nose out. Even if I were to have all the “raw materials” I wanted for something it would take time to make it, to get them, to piece them together. Well when something is manifesting in your life that’s kind of what’s happening. The Universe has to build the experience for you to receive and you have to be willing. 😀


  196. Barnabus

    My 28 year old Teacher’s Handbook for A Course In Miracles was set in front of me by a friend I had loaned it to the other day and I started to re-read it………and then here You two are!!!!!!

  197. I have been going back and forth with all of this, learning about manifesting sometime last year. And I’m pretty clear on what I want, just not clear on how to get there. I keep feeling discouraged or annoyed by things in daily life. Even if I believe that I can do it, I know there are tons of blocks in my way. Like fear, and such of not being able to do it and other things are getting in the way. How do I stop this?

    • That is all part of the process. I remember it well. discouragement, annoyance, fear, frustration…it was like that movie “Shawshank Redemption” when Andy has to crawl through that tunnel of (poop) to be free of prison.

      I guess my answer is don’t try to stop the tunnel from being there. Stop your thoughts from keeping you from moving further ahead. know its a phase. know your actions, little by little, will soon get you to where you want to be and how you want to feel…FREE.

  198. Aimee

    late post! anyway, i really believe in clarity. and learned it the hard way. 🙂

    i was around my very late teens where everybody else was getting bfs and i, as a late-bloomer, was freaking out about not having one. in my desperation, i prayed/manifested that i have someone (anyone honestly) to call bf; consequently, i got exactly what i wanted… just anyone to call bf. and predictably so, the relationship ended after 4 years (i’ve had tons of other issues then too. lol. )

    nonetheless, i can look back and smile – it was probably one of the best gifts I gave myself. the experience was the biggest wake up call i needed to change for the better and to contribute something to the world.

    also, i made several experiments in manifestation. (maybe i’m a manifesting junkie at heart?) i think out 65, 59 came true (most are pretty minor, i.e. rest days, safety, mentors, work, etc.). the other 6, i made a mishaps in steps 2,3 or 4. hehe.

  199. Krista


    I am a HUGE fan of both of you!! I have a question about step one: getting clear on what you really want and desire. I have an issue with this, because I just feel like the only time I can “get clear” is in moments where I have nothing else requiring my attention, when I am sitting down by myself and meditating/writing/reading. How can you get clear when you’re busy with work, doing day to day things, etc.? Really what I’m saying is that… I just got a new job, a good job, and I am finally making money after looking for a good job for yeeeaaars. There are many things I like about this job, mainly the awesome people I get to work with. And I want it to work out, because I am just flat out exhausted from struggling to find a good job, so I focus on doing my best and making the most of it. But now I am second guessing it, wondering if this is what I am truly meant to be doing, and if it is my calling. So how can I “get clear” about what I really want and desire, while at the same time trying to focus on my job?

    • Congrats on the job. It is my opinion that who we are is carried through our every day experiences, even work. We are who we are no matter what the circumstances are around us, say a “good” or “bad” thing.

      I want to share a story on how a great friend of mine got really clear on what she wanted and desired after having a premature baby she adored and loved. The thing was, she wanted to remain who she was as a person, a woman….not easily defined as one thing: a new mom. Luckily she had help around her, but even so she made the time. She hardly slept at night, she was pumping or with her beloved baby. So she got up very early in the morning when she could have 45 minutes to do a workout. Every day she did this. It was her time and her time alone. she was tired but she did it. the baby sat and watched (or slept). she made it work. Before the baby she was always slightly overweight, never slender. Since then (5 years later) she remains a very active slender, athletic woman….and Mom 😉

      the point. be grateful for the job you searched for. also, there is time for you to do what YOU want to do, don’t blame your job. 🙂 I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  200. My manifestation mishap? Two years ago I started writing a food blog, in a result (somewhat more to this but not going to share) I quit my “high-powered” styling job and moved to France to live on a farm and cook for a family. Not speaking the language, not knowing anything. When I was there I met a girl who mysteriously came to stay on the farm for one night. I told her that I had passed the book “Autobiography of a yogi” so many times on the bookshelf at work and every time I had told myself, it wasn’t for me. I told her I wanted to become a yoga teacher and open a wellness center (a dream of mine since about age 24, I am almost 30 now). I decided to leave the farm, against my will and intuition. A week before I left though, I received a package. I didn’t give anyone the address, what could this be? I opened it up to find the book and I began to wail. This was my “book falling off the shelf”. Well in that time I have gotten my yoga teacher certification by will of the universe and me just letting go. However when I got back from TT I began to manifest other things as well. Something I think has misshaped. I started to follow my old career of being a hairstylist again. I had come out of France so clear that being a wellness coach, yoga teacher, writer, foodie and author. I am now working as a hairstylist. Although I love certain aspects of this career, it is not where I feel most connected. What happened? How do I start over. I know if I ask, the universe will give. As I am writing I think I am beginning to get a better grasp. If nothing else, just writing it down here has helped. Thank you Marie and Gabby for giving me the little wake up nudge I needed. As one of my yoga teachers says, “the universe is always knocking.” xo

  201. R L

    My question is simply can we manifest for others? If we are clear on seeing and experiencing loved ones as non depressed, positive and even sober, can we manifest these aspects of life for them?

  202. Marie! I have the COOLEST manifestation story, and it’s all happened within the last 3 weeks! The abridged version would be that I decided on a whim to rent a cheap little booth in the variety mall where I get my locs done- those who love me were concerned I wasn’t thinking clearly or taking into account some very important points: namely, I am a full-time teacher, I am not in the best financial space right now, and after 11 years in my career as an educator, I am still a novice with money matters. I told them I loved them for caring, I was going to do it THAT DAY, and that I wanted them to take all that energy and channel it into helping me figure out how to make this work. I do tarot readings and reiki sessions in the booth, and I planned on doing yoga classes in my home, but I have housemates…and they have puppies…and I live in an urban area, so it’s loud, etc. Well, the woman in the rental space next to me has a much bigger area that she is using to open her own church. She is allowing me to rent the space from her once a week for 90 minutes in exchange for whatever offering I can spare. This means I have a place to hold my yoga classes that does not require me to divulge my personal address, making it safer to market on a larger scale, I have more control over the atmosphere, and I am only paying what I truly can. So I have my own yoga studio in an urban flea market now, essentially. Not how I saw it happening, but a start much greater than I could have envisioned.

    • Malika, that’s a beautiful story and thank you so much for sharing. I really needed that inspiration and now today I’m going to hold space for my own manifestation while my energy is up and “roaring” *_* ! Many blessings & my best wishes to you in your endeavors! <3

  203. Stephanie

    I’m working on two things at the moment and I think it’s going to work. I’m at the place right now where I need to be patient. But the resistance I have with that is not being proactive enough. How do you stay proactive when sometimes there is no way of action?

    • Being patient does take a lot of action, internal action. I too feel like I need to keep busy and be doing something, so what I know I have to do in the moments of calm/patience/waiting…for me, I devote time to the things I love for which there is “never time for.” That way I am taking action on rewarding myself with the things that bring me joy, while letting the pot of water boil without feeling like I need to stand there like a cheerleader for evaporation 🙂 🙂

      what do you love to do, but feel like you never have time for?

  204. Serious manifestation mishap:

    It is very important to get all the “crazy crap” out of your life.

  205. nick owens

    Before i even knew about the concept of manifesting i went head first into opening my third eye and ran across a site that said u can have anything u want after its open (thought that sounded far fetched but decided wth). i started meditating on a guitar and sure enough a week or two later one was brought to me without me saying anything to anyone about wanting to play. i wrote it off as ironic and kept on about my life. and then one night of high energy i decided i wanted a blonde haired girl with black hilights to show up at my job and ask me out at 3:00. and i’ll be damned there she was at 2:45 with blonde hair and black hilights staring at me lol.coincidence? starting to think not. Tip: be very specific about what you want and meditate at night on it. however you have to have a lot of energy in your heart in able for you to pull it through. Also there can’t be ANY doubt in your mind on whether it will happen or not. throw the other possibility out the window and KNOW wat ur meditating on is going to happen.

  206. For those of you who hinted that manifesting, is just opening your eyes to new opportunities, I don’t think you believe in the Energy or spirit. I am a christian and believe in Jesus as the son,He is the master of manifesting also. at the same time I also believe in manifesting, Jesus said ” ask our father and believed ye already received it and ye shall have what you asked”
    I once prayed for a white round table for my apartment porch, I had little money at the time, After praying I also visualized the table, then thought ” God if you don’t give me my table I pryed to you for I will go to home Depot and buy the cheap wood and build and paint it my self. ( so in a way I was determined that I will have and have already recieved my table,) then a couple weeks later I was shopping at a thrift store for clothing, and found a round wood non painted table for around 2 $ dollars and change.$. I thought nothing of the table and left came back home then sat on my couch and a thought came to me, “weren’t you looking for a round table, and your willing to do some of the work”I though wow,! I was compelled and went back to the thrift store and bought the round table it was non painted wood” I put it in my back seat, and went to home Walmart and bought some water proof white paint and came home spray painted it ( so I did part of the work ” painting it”, and walla God and his power worked with my desire and my thoughts and faith and there was my white round table perfect sized for my small apartment porch. that is true manifestation, not seeing just and opportunity, that table was there yes about 2 weeks later, I have a similar story about wanting and having a forest green, Blazer SUV.

  207. Monique Bellows

    #1. I am so amazed with the new stuff that has showed up in my life after listening to Christy Marie Sheldon Unlimited abundance tapes. Yesterday, I manifest 17 pairs of free name brand jeans for my daughter. My daughter came to me a week ago and said that she has out grown all of her long jeans, they were all too short & she needed some new ones. I told her that I would make sure that she have new jeans before she return back to school after her summer break. A few days later a friend of minds who works for a model drop off a box filled with jeans, some still had the tags on them. She said the model could no longer fit them after having her baby. My friend said that she couldn’t think of anyone but my daughter who can wear a size 1 tall.
    #2. I was looking for a small couch to place in my 16 year old son’s room so that he could enjoy his room while playing video games with his friends. I couldn’t find a suitable couch any where. I suggested to him that perhaps we can go to an auto junk yard & use the back seat of a small vehicle as a sofa for his room, he thought it was a cool idea. The very same day after speaking with my son, I was driving down the street and it was a yard sale. “Guess what was sitting up front.” The back seat of a small jeep, I brought it for $10.00. I would have paid 100.00 for it. #3. For the pass 2 years I really have been wanting to go to Rosarita, Mexico with my family of 8, but it was a bit too costly for us. My husband vacation time is coming up so I called my brother who travels often to ask him if he new of a vacation spot that would fit into our budget. My brother said that he has a voucher with 50% off from on an upscale resort in Rosarita, Mexico that he earned for staying at the resort many times before. I used the voucher & I reserved a two story penthouse that sleeps 8 with an ocean view . #4. For our trip, I asked my husband to see if his friend would owns a car rental company if he would rent us an 8 passenger van at a very good discount price. My husband friend loaned us a free 8 seater SUV suburban Chevy. WOW, Manifesting is so much fun. Everyone should try it on for size. 🙂

  208. Fred

    Love thsi stuff but cant watch the video. computer wont update flash player. so where can i go to hear this or read it? The comments have helped me too.

  209. Thanks Marie and Gabby for being an inspiration! This dialogue is so important at this time in the world. Manifestation is such a powerful concept that really works! I’ve been fortunate to be able to manifest many of my goals using a variety of tools from visualization to using flower essences.

  210. Kaitlin

    Working on Intentions and really like the idea of manifesting. I feel like they are both on the same level, but manifesting I feel likes is setting my intentions in motion.

    It has been a long time dream of mine to educate the family of Veterans on understanding how combat may change a person and on how we can be supportive and loving instead of being frustrated. My intention and manifestation is to create an organization to help with this. I have been defining and clarifying what I believe in and would like to accomplish. The next step for me is getting rid of my thoughts of doubt-mostly I am not a good as others, and I am lacking in certain business areas.

    Thank you for sharing this video and helping me continue to process.

  211. Paul Maddams

    Thank you ladies for a fantastic,simple,common sense approach to the subject of manifesting/law of attraction.I have been having considerable trouble with negativity in my personal and work life over the past few years and I have done a lot of research on this subject,but I must say your video is probably the best and simplest description I have seen by far.Keep up the good work,god bless you. Paul Maddams

  212. SAJ

    I tried manifesting for a position of a Manager in my company. I acted talked like i have already achieved this position. Infact i also went for an interview for the same and then guess what? This post was given to someone else. I cant explain the disappointment i got. What could have gone wrong?

  213. I love this vlog, I only came by it recently but since then I watch it everyday…
    I love it when Gabby says ‘when you are certain of the outcome, you can afford to wait..and wait without anxiety’ its so true. I have 4 clear goals at the moment which I know will happen and slowly I’ve lost the anxious feeling I had about attaining them.. I just know they will happen.

  214. Skippy

    The biggest example of manifesting I’ve had was when I was looking for a new apartment a few years ago. I wanted it to be in a good neighbourhood, not too far from where I was going to school at the time; spacious, newly built, clean area, safe, pretty on the inside, and for $625. This was in Austin (recently named with some of the highest rent rates in the country), and when I told my boyfriend (now husband) about this, he simply said “Ha. Good luck.” “I believe I can find something that fits all of these things! I really do!”

    And I did! My favourite apartment was this apartment that I manifested! What’s even better was a sign inside of the complex said “Make a great day!” How perfect that I should live in a place that not only met my desires, but also has a permanent reminder for me to seek out the good in my day?!

  215. Great topic and some great ideas there thanks ladies!

  216. jenny ryan

    I just found and watched this videoi have researching manifesting,since my Husband left and i have been asking, visualizing living if was already here,But i still have an issue
    Trying to eliminate the fear in my mind i do not understand how to get that too go away ssdi the knowing that i have can come front and center and my Husband will come back…please help Marie ,Gaby lived the video just wish you would have give more examples on how to get rid of the fear.

  217. Egle

    This is brilliant! Loved it, it reminded me and clarified the manifestation process 🙂

    Last year I manifested our new home! Thinking about it now, I’ve no idea how it happened, almost impossible. It all came at the right time and place 🙂 It’s been a dream come true.
    Now I am manifesting my raw food tea-room 🙂

  218. Narelle

    Great piece, awesome video. Thanks Marie!

    Just wondering – the friend who did the analysis of your birth date, etc – can you tell us the website that she used?

  219. HOLY SHiT Marie! LOVE you! and I want more! I am also a “marvelous Manifestor”. My whole life I had the power but didnt REALLY get rolling until 2007 when I met my MAN Michael( a great manifesting story-that!) and together we changed our lives…and it just keeps on getting better. I KNOW for a fact that there are NO coincidents…We ALL just have to be on the right path and be clear about where we are going. My most recent Manifestation was really cool. I had qualified my hoofed partner Kryptonite, the most BADASS horse on the planet, to the finals held in California. This would set me back about 1000 big ones for the weekend.However I knew I would win this back once we got there. SOOO on Tuesday my awesome friend Patricia asks me if I want to go to the POLO match in Scottsdale Saturday with her so she can cheer on her team.The only Gay one on the tour! I say Hell yes lets go.I go online to buy tickets to the event AND lo and Behold, I see they are HOLDING the first Canine Couture Fashion Show that day! I immediately sign up and get to work creating an awesome FASHION statement for my Papillon TURBO! We have the most awesome day, meet a ton of FUN people and I WIN the title of First annual Canine-ista out of 100 other dogs and their people!! I Dogwalked the Catwalk and WON!The judges are people I have loved and admired too! They had unanimously chosen Turbo in all his feathered and sequined finery- WOW so cool.Guess how much I win?YEP 1000 bucks! My dog is NOW famous and He loves it! SO the next Friday, we load up the horses and head to Temecula to compete at the Barrel racing Finals-guess how much I win? YOU know the answer already! IT is even better though because My Husband,Michael wins the mens calcutta on his white stallion Boston and the lady who wins the Jackpot of $910 has had a terrible weekend and he makes her day because that morning he told her “I am winning this race for YOU” AND HE DID! He outran many excellent Pros on horses that have been competing for years! His horse has only been running for a few months(Michael is the world best horse trainer IMO).Michael is just learning how to manifest and is off to a hella good start!He also wins his division! YAY AWESOME! I have many stories like this, but the best is yet to COME!!Lori Lewis

  220. This video absolutely inspiration, it also make impact to someone about need to know exactly what people want by clear and clear about it then have wake up mind about what happen in life to follow right direction.

  221. I have had the SAME EXACT reaction to the word “manifesting”!!! I used to haaaate it. But then I realized that there is something to it. And I wrote a whole blog post about it here:
    Love this video. Thanks Marie + Gabby! xx Ritu

  222. I’ve been doing law and attraction on and off over the years, but after really putting it into practice, one of the biggest things I manifested is the most perfect house after my divorce. It has a beautiful sunroom where I placed my office and I have an almost 360 view. It is open and airy and the sun rises in one corner of the room and sets in another, so I have a beautiful wave of sun around me each day. On top of that, I look out onto a beautiful wooded yard with a pond and no neighbors to the back. I can even see the dogs sunning themselves on the deck in the summer. It is absolute heaven for a freelancer working from home!

  223. I think what trips people up is the idea that they can just visualize something into being. There is action involved, but it is inspired action. By being in a receiving place, more opportunities come to you, connections are made, you run into someone who has a piece of information you need. Some stuff can take a long time. But the more you soften your thoughts, the more you soothe and encourage yourself, the more the little things add up. And appreciating what you already have is also a big part.

  224. Anne-Lise

    I’ve never heard the concept of manifesting so clearly explained in a way that makes me want to DO it!! So I’m manifesting the scholarship to B-School!! SOOOO excited to work through all the limiting beliefs that are going to come up over the next seven days before the winners are announced. This is life-changing stuff! 🙂

  225. Thanks for all the great reminders. I teach this but sometimes fail to practice all the steps fully!

    Manifestation mishap: I wrote a check to myself for a certain amount and fixated on it for months. Then, I got divorced. After we split up everything, I ended up with nearly that exact amount. It was not an enjoyable way to acquire that money. Now I have a check written to myself with a note in the memo box: “For the positive use of my passions, skills, and talents.” I plan to manifest money in a much more enjoyable way 🙂

    Manifestation Mojo: I created a vision board about visiting Africa, specifically going on a safari. I had no idea how or when I’d get there. Within two months of creating the board and visualizing and FEELING as if I was in each of the pictures, I was there. I cried with awe and joy when I was in the safari truck looking at a lion right outside my window. When I got back home, I cried again as I realized the pictures had come to life for me.

    I have countless other examples and now lead Vision Board workshops in which I help others to focus on what they want to be, do, have, and give in life.

    Thanks for sharing this ancient wisdom Gabby and Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Sara, keep us posted on the manifestation of your visit to Africa. It sounds like something truly extraordinary that your soul deeply desires!

  226. Marie, great interview. I wanted to share that I have great parking lot intention. I drive into a parking ramp, garage, or lot, and state out loud to myself, the universe, and whomever else is in the car, that i will find a parking space 3-4 spaces from the entrance to the building, etc. I usually pull into the exact spot I claimed I intended to find, much to the amazement of others in the car. I call it being intentional or living on purpose, but I think it does the same thing as manifesting. If not the same, then being intentional and manifesting are certainly cousins in the same universe.

  227. Hi Gaby + Marie,

    Loved the video.

    I agree that there is an internal process. We have to clear our stuff.

    Whenever I am super clear and the universe has my back, things happen. Last November, I told the universe I needed money. Bring me clients or a job. Anyways I signed a new contract within 8 days. I knew two things: it wasn’t going to last long, and it would be my last contract. I started in January. Ont he day that I started, budgets were cut. I worked for 10 days. It was my last contract. The universe had my back.

    In terms of mishap, I once told the universe i was opening the doors to dating. When I got home I had an email from a guy in one of the meetups that i was in asking me out on a date. Date night comes around and it turns out he can’t make it. Second night comes around, I show up. But he doesn’t. I hadn’t been specific enough in my quest.



  228. I manifested a successful business in a very short period of time. I focused on being successful at selling something that I made by hand. I allowed the universe to show me what would work rather than insist on it being a specific item. I didn’t even know what I was going to sell when I started my business so I just called it Creative Works. I remained very confident even though I had been a struggling artist for years. When I started believing it happened so easily.With in months I was inspired to paint a mailbox and they took off in no time..

  229. I have been doing this kind of many years because of a 12 step program, we just never called it manifesting. Love you Marie and Gabby. 🙂 Just ordered Gabby’s book and start my 40 day program tomorrow.

  230. tumi

    so I’m staying with my parents and I want a place of my own so bad I asked the universe for a house but know I keep on coming across ads people wanting flats to let or places to rent and again people come to me telling me stories of how their families wants them to move out and so fourth what I simply want is a house and a home for my kids am I manifesting the opposite ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for checking out this episode, Tumi. As Gabby shares in this episode, it might be helpful to get really clear on what you’re looking for, but also be open to whatever else the universe might bring your way. Sometimes the solutions we seek look a bit different than we expect.

      Perhaps you might find a great place to rent, or maybe you’ll make connections you don’t expect.

      For more on manifesting, definitely check out this other episode with Gabby and Marie for some other tips:

      Thanks so much for watching!

  231. Teri

    Just the other day I had a thought I needed a more comfortable car to commute to work. Two days later a fellow asked me to trade my cute little Tracker for his Buick. I wasn’t clear that first of all I didn’t want to give up my Tracker and that really a minivan is more useful to me. LOL clarity is really important.

  232. Che'

    This is really true and it works. I made a vision board of the jobs that I wanted and I looked at that vision board daily for a wek. I hd submitted a application to one place 8 months ago and the other, 3 weeks prior. I was asked to interview for both jobs on the same day and offered both jobs as well. You must believe and Take Out The Trash, meaning All Negativity!

  233. I’ve tried different exercises for manifesting – vision board, affirmations, etc. What I’ve found to be most effective is to take a few minutes after meditating to picture the outcome I want. I see it and feel it. That has made a dramatic difference for me. I think when you meditate, you connect with that creative force within, so visualizing right after is powerful.

    As an example, I wanted to increase my sales in my biz (I’m a medium & spiritual teacher). I picture my inbox full of orders. I clearly saw the bold text of a new email from a Paypal payment and SendOwl order. I saw several pages of orders. The same day I do that visualization, I have more orders in my inbox. It happens so quickly.

  234. Safiya Robinson

    I have a great manifesting story that is still going on! I only came across this video today, and the funny thing is that I never believed in manifesting – even listening to the video I felt that it was something I didn’t believe in but the truth is that its happening currently in a path that I am stepping into regarding my career. I made a decision late last year about what I want regarding career and moving forward. Literally from the moment I made that decision, I realise that persons are appearing in front of me who can help support me (moral support) and mentors who can guide me. Sometimes people just sit opposite me and start talking – its crazy!!!!! I believe that once we are open to solutions not only to letting go of limiting beliefs but also solutions to help us achieve the things we want that they are there and we can grasp them if we are open. Loving Marie TV, and since I only recently discovered it I have loads of back episodes that I can catch up on!! 🙂

  235. Needed this great video today! I love Gabby’s clarity. But man! Staying in my lane is freaking brutal! I wonder if it’s an actor mentality thing; wanting to experience everything, try everything, be everything. My monkey mind chatter sounds like this:
    I know I have to commit to my writing work, but should I pursue teaching, and what about the auditions that come up, or maybe I should focus on commercial writing? You know what? Forget it! Let me just find that special man and snuggle for the rest of my days and hope to God things work out! But no, we can’t just let things happen! We have to make them happen!
    And around and around…
    I love this video because it allows me to meditate on clarity and what it means to be sure and without doubts. Like love, it can’t be forced. Despite the mental chatter, and despite the fact that I don’t use the word manifesting that much, I believe in internal work and what it can do. I’ve done a lot of internal work, last year in particular, and I’m already shocked at what has turned up in my life thus far.
    I’m grateful for this comment space to share some thoughts with a beautiful community! Any thoughts or ideas on the impact that getting clear and specific in your lives are much appreciated!

  236. Hanna

    I’m 25 and almost finished with my Master’s degree. It seems like every three months, I find a new dream that’s completely irrelevant to what I’ve been pursuing and I want to start over! I don’t know if I want to work in the field that my degree is in. I don’t know what I want! And I am looking for help in figuring out how to visualize my career path that is right for me!

  237. Amanda

    Yes ladies, I can see its those jolly limited beliefs and fears that are getting in the way of everything. More work to be done.

    Thanks for your time.

  238. Chloe Weston

    I find it difficult to have certainty and belief in being abundant when don’t feel it at all. i don’t know how to trust a force that i feel has abandon me when i need it the most even when i am praying to feel it everyday. i also struggle to sit and wait for things to come to me if i am not actively trying to make things happen. i need a job and i want to work somewhere that alligns with my values and brings light into my life but how can i manifest that when i feel heavy, tired and depressed? i don’t know if i have time to heal these things before i need the money to pay the bills.

    the inner knowing is something i struggle with constantly and dont know how to blindly have belief in something i cant feel.

  239. I lost my orientation for a long time to find myself. As you said, I totally agree, how do we live better, healthier and happier. I ruined my sleep too much during the nights at Bar. Now I have to change and start a new life. I can do it

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