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As you likely know, we’re in the midst of our B-School launch video series.

Starting small doesn‘t mean thinking small. Click To Tweet

I’m humbled and grateful for the overwhelming response: over 1,242 inspired comments plus countless tweets and Facebook messages – all in less than five days.

In today’s brand new MarieTV episode, we’re staying on our business theme to talk about info products and online programs.

If you’ve ever dreamed of inspiring or mentoring people online by sharing your knowledge, expertise or advice via an info product or program, today’s episode is a must-watch!

Learn one of the biggest mistakes many of us make when launching our first info product and, most importantly, how to avoid it.

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In the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts about info products and programs.

Tell me:

1.  Have you ever struggled wondering “how long should my program be?” How did you handle it?

2.  Do you have lessons, wisdom or experience to share on creating info products or programs?

As always, please be specific with your response.

It helps us all share wisdom and ideas in a meaningful and actionable way.

With love,

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  1. Yeah…I made a rookie mistake and launched a program that was 12 weeks long, mid-priced and I had ONE person sign up! Doh!!!

    It was such a bummer…at first! But, then, I changed my thinking and realized that whether I delivered the content for one person or 1,000, I was honin’ my skills! Plus, I learned a TON of technical skills that took me forever to learn on how to record, edit, upload, package, blah, blah, blah in order to turn into a product. It was all good in the end, and needless to say, my next course was only 4 weeks, a lower investment and I had over 50 people participate…


    • Great feedback! Thank you for sharing your experience.
      “The greatest oak was once a little nut that held it’s ground.”~ Author Unknown

    • Wicked lesson learned. Yes, agreed! One or 1000, you are still learning and growing and massaging that skill set. So great to hear your success story Vidette!

    • Awesome learn, Vidette! Thanks for sharing.

    • Great story Vidette, It only takes one! I love your site!

    • That cracked me up! Thanks woman!

    • Yea, I have heard about some great courses out there but my website would be a informational website for families wanting to relocate to Orlando, FLorida. I don’t think I can have a course for that but I was thinking of selling my consulting. I have been in the Real Estate field for a long time and lived in Orlando for 16 years and I get so many people asking about finding a home or apartment. So I want to put the information to work.

      Let me ask you guys a question if you were to relocate from another country or state would you pay for a consultant to help you learn the areas and give you all the details you might need.


    • Jennifer

      I like your 4 week idea and the fact it sold well for 50 people is great! Do you mind me asking how much did you charge for the 4 week program? I think it is a perfect amount of time to kick start people into action! Thank you for your reply!

  2. So timely!! I am working on my first program now and I am so glad I watched this video because I was shooting for 6 months too. Fail! Now that I know 6 months is too long what is an appropriate time frame??? 30 days, 90 days?

    My goal is to utilize my market research expertise to help first time solopreneurs launch a business. You know helping with researching target markets….competition…their industry..

    Thanks Marie, I am sooooo glad I saw this video before all those crickets were chirping and tumbleweeds rolling at my program launch lol!!

    • marie

      Summer – it all relates to the results you can get people and how deep your content goes. But generally speaking start with a smaller time frame so you can help people get wins fast (we all love that!) and test your process/system. Good luck!

      • Makes perfect sense, thank you Marie!

      • Summer, I’ve been doing project-oriented training/coaching/mentoring programs for 90-days. Not too long, not too short. Enough time to have the client get results and in movement and anticipating what’s next.

        • Thank you Adela! 90 days is what I was thinking as well.

          • Lilla

            Come on Summer. 90 days is 3 months. An eternity. Start with 1 week coaching with different topics: 1 week to setup your business plan, 1 week to setup your marketing research, etc. You can upsell the other 1 week programs to the people once they are hooked. But if something goes wrong you can get out of it quickly – and so can they…

      • Nicole

        How do you test your system? Where to go to study “how to” test system? Maybe I should say were should I go to get system tested 🙂

  3. Such perfect and elegant timing, Marie. I’m in the midst of putting together my first tele-class — The 40-Day Feel Good Challenge!

    I launched my business, In Her Element Life Coaching, back in January and held my first face-to-face class in February while visiting Las Vegas. I’m proud to say I had 7 women attend The Sexy 6Es Workshop. Doing that small program gave me some great feedback & informed me about what I truly LOVE to do — build community and teach women how to be HAPPY + have FUN, in order to produce magical results in their life!

    I realized if I changed formats from face-to-face to tele-class, I could reach a larger number of women + build a sustainable community.

    I designed the “teleparty” to be 40 days long because of my own personal experience with 40-day time frames. Each year I celebrate my own season of K’ent (Kerrie’s Lent) during the 40 days leading up to my birthday. It’s a time of self-reflection and renewal.

    With these two new pieces of information in place, I’m thrilled about sharing this new offer!!!

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom, Marie. I can hardly wait to see what discoveries I make this go around — hopefully it’s tumbleweed free! xoxo

    • marie

      Nice Kerrie! Sounds like you have a lot of experience with the 40 day time fame. Let us know how it goes!

  4. Kim

    Hi Marie!
    I am so glad that you posted this today! I am a “Teeny Tiny Empire” in the making. I think starting small can be your BIGGEST asset. Starting teeny tiny gives you lots of room to make way for bigger things while giving yourself the freedom of having a little bit of extra time to learn while you are starting to grow!

  5. Udo

    Haven’t launched anything yet, but I definitely think a 6 month ONLINE program is waaayyyy too long lol. People will lose interest and forget about it.

  6. Thank you for your advice, Marie!

    I had a Napoleon plans for my first online program too, but in the end, just like you said, decided to do something small as a beta test – test the content, the format and see how satisfied my attendees are – and then roll out a modified and more solid version.

    Launching does take every single bit out of you – I do that for my clients and see it first hand – so, if you are to put in so much work into rolling something out it needs to be worth your time and energy.

    Natasha, a.k.a. Systems Chick 🙂

    • marie

      Exactly 🙂

  7. I definitely wondered and you lovingly kicked my butt when I thought up something way too big! 😉

    Seeing your point, I ended up creating something much smaller, simpler and more targeted for my gals. After having it on the marketing for the last few months and getting feedback (and doing some more list building!), I’m ready to ramp that baby up and turn it into a group program at a higher price with even more juicy content, while still maintaining it’s clear focus and impact. It also guided me into the next great program idea that is a natural progression for me and my biz.

    Keepin’ it simple and highly targeted/focused at first is a wise move!

  8. I originally made my program 30 Days long (, but since I have collected feedback, the content is now available all at once. Everyone seems to love a little instant gratification!

    • marie

      Great example Vic. PLUS with your content/topic – people need it at one time to get going fast!

  9. I’ve definitely learned that, while you could create something that tells your clients EVERYTHING they should know, it’s much better to create something that tells them the few things they MUST know.

    This way it’s not overwhelming for your clients, so they can actually digest it and use it. And when they’re ready they can come back and learn how to get to the next level.

    It’s also less overwhelming for you to put together because you can really focus on the important stuff and actually get it created and out there.

    Thanks for another awesome video Marie!

    • marie

      Exactly Megan – always about the critical few!

    • If you told your clients everything they’d never need to return so you have the right idea. I love your approach Megan. Start with the basics. Offer more as people gain a comfort level with the material. You could also call the levels something like “intermediate”, “master”, etc, building on the material and making your clients feel like they too are “mastering” the concepts and practice.

  10. Great advice wow. I started with ebooks so didn’t have that problem but when I made my first bigger programme I learned a ton about this.

    One of the best tips I discovered was that you don’t have to complete your programme all in one go.

    You can launch it and create the content as you go so if no one signs up or you need to make adjustments it’s much easier to test and tweak.

    Love the ‘first is the worst,’ so true!

  11. Last summer I started 37 weeks programme in teaching metal clay jewellery. I wish I had watch this video earlier. It is a big commitment and as my first attempt is really hard. The good thing is that is almost finish and my students are really happy.

    • marie

      Nice Meropi – I’m sure there are awesome lessons that will serve you and your students next time too!

  12. Oh Girl, how do you do it? You have literally looked into my head and pulled out EXACTLY what I was working on. Not only do you wear fab dresses and wink like a pro, but you’re a mind-reader too.

    Thus far in creating our online course, my b-partner, Cary, and I have found it pertinent to do two things: 1. watch as many of your videos as possible. It’s true we’re Marie TV junkies now. And 2. Create a bite size manageable program (4 weekdays or 20 days of content spanning four main topic areas) working with our small subscriber list right now. The first launch will serve as the beta group and allow us to work out the kinks before our list gets humongo gigondo. You know what I mean 😉 😉

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    sistas 4-eva,

  13. Loved this post!

    I arranged a detox and yoga course in January. It was “live” not online and it lasted 3 weeks. 3 mondays in a row we met up, did yoga and eat healthy food. They got a plan for each week, what to eat, what to stay away from, recipes, superfood samples, etc. It was way to long for most of the ones that participated. It was their first meeting with super foods and detox. So next time it will be an intensive weekend course instead 🙂 But I did learn a lot 🙂 One lost 10 pounds just by removing what I recommended from his diet, and it has stayed off.

    • marie

      Nice example Kristin and congrats on the client win!

    • Awesome Kristin! I have had a similar experience. Based on what I learned, I have a “Summer Superfood Detox Weekend Intensive” retreat for 2 full days on a Sat & Sun and a couple hours on Friday evening as a sweet taster for what’s to come.

      If you’d like, you can see what I mean (details are at

      Sounds like we’re sharing a similar message and I’ve found that even though I’m immersed in this community and have been for a long time, it’s BRAND NEW to 99% of the people I encounter outside of my superwoman world. By taking an initial group survey (for all groups signups) or asking deliberate questions at the beginning of a class you’re teaching, you can figure out exactly what material you’ll cover (more intro or advanced) based on how people answer.

      Best of luck to you!!

      • Thank you for your reply!

        I had a look at your website and you have some really good stuff there 🙂 I live in Norway so it will be had to do some work together, but I would really, really appreciate it if I could contact you for advice later on?

        By the way, I was wondering if you went to IIN? If so, would you recommend it?

        I have a ten year background as a chef and restaurant owner. But sold everything two years ago, and was so feed up with how the traditional restaurant scene is. I was starting to feel really bad about what I was serving people, even though we made everything from scratch. We had a lady that was a regular. A big lady, that one day had a gastric bypass surgery. She lost a lot of weight, whitch was very good for her. She still came in to our restaurant every day. Now she was able to eat very little, but what she choose (every time) was either one of our delicious home made cakes or something fried! I just knew that no one had taken the time to educate her about health, and it was really sad to watch. So, back to my point 🙂 I know food, I know cooking and I have read loads about health and super foods and experimented a lot with raw food etc for the last 3-4 years. But I still would like to learn more in a bit more organized form so that I’ll be able to pass on the knowledge better. Any good advice?

        Thank you!

        • Hi Kristin! I went to IIN … happy to answer questions about the school if you have any, you can reach me thru my website. be well! Kerry

        • Kristin,

          I spent 2 years deciding on which school was right for and ended up going to Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition (I did distance learning which was ideal for me – an online course w/ a personal mentor). I must say though, that most of what I know is because of self-study and continual learning with leaders in my field. My decision came down to IIN or Bauman – both are excellent programs!

          My advice for delving in deeper to the world of raw foods and superfoods is to begin adding things in 1 at a time and find multiple ways to use each ingredients in a super fun, dee-lish and definitely palatable way. The more super nutrient-dense foods you consume, the more connected and awakened we become and eventually you’ll know where to go from there – something will open up as a result from wanting to expand your options. Refine your tastes, and personally I feel that all nutrition (especially when getting into raw superfood nutrition) teaches us lessons of discernment.

          The archives page on my website has nearly 4 years of articles, recipes, advice, etc that you may find helpful. Stay inspired!!

          • Thank you for great advice! I will dig into your website 🙂

  14. Hi Marie!(that’s me again 🙂

    Perfect timing. I’m creating my first info product. Not a program though. Thanks a lot for the video and I’d love to know more info-products!


  15. Oh yes…. the best ever advice! I wrote an ebook on skin care last year it was huge (very long) thought it had to be BIG for everyone with some much stuff packed in…. WRONG!
    So this time I have written with my heart and personality injected into it, it’s smaller with super dopper stuff and a target audience. Stay tuned it will be out soon!
    This is thanks to you Marie for the advice and motivation.
    PS love all the fun, crazy stuff!

  16. Whew! Great advice, as always.

    I am in the midst of designing my first product launch which will be a thirty day program for women who want to turn their current blah-relationships with friends, family, and co-workers into a nurturing and strategic network. While this is my first online project, I know from running programs offline that not only is prep and launching a b*tch but you pretty much never get the amount of interest you think your awesome product deserves!

    Plus, I’ve seen price points for online services range from 15 to 1500 bucks. I want to create a product that I can sell relatively inexpensively because my traget audience is mostly younger women who are broke like me! I’d like to go the more accessibe, higher participation route if I can.

    For these reason – and the ones you mentioned above – it’s important to me to start small and tumbleweed free. Holla!

  17. I did and am doing a year long series on my blog is it is horrible! I completely understand now. I do have a small group of people and doing small should’ve been the better choice. Changing it up! Thanks! 🙂

  18. “Starting small doesn‘t mean thinking small.”

    I love this! I’m just starting out as a mompreneur and I am drawing up plans for an ecourse. This is a great reminder to keep things simple at first and just get it out there, get something done. Then review and refine.

    Thank you for this Marie!

    And I’m looking forward to learning from inputs and ideas from other ladies who are already rocking this business thing. 🙂

  19. I WISH I saw this last week!
    I just started a 6 month program. Although its in the format of an ecourse so a bit different.
    There will be minimal need for myself, all I need to do is make sure the lessons are sent out each week and answer one-off questions via email.

    This will be a great experience though and will help to define the program for the future.

  20. Mary

    Hey Marie,
    I found you lask week thanks to Derek Halpern and I’m already in love with you. (…….)

    I’m in the fitness niche, for the Spanish-speaking audience. I have a blog with growing popularity (1500+ visitors a day) but miserable conversions.

    I launched my first infoproduct last year and you’re totally right: I put all my heart to it, I though it was a GREAT product, and it totally blew up in my face. Now I want to save from it what I can to not having to consider it completely lost (I sell it at $27 and get maybe one sale a month).

    Someone I really respect recommended me to turn it into a membership site style product (it’s a step-by-step guide so it’s possible) but I just don’t know how to charge for it because it’s not so long as to last for months (so it would be profitable). I’m thinking maybe same price, two months of training throught a website, or something like that.

    What would you recommend?

    • marie

      Hey Mary – it’s tough here because conversions are conversions. If you’re having a tough time selling right now (and all of us experience this at some point so you’re not alone!) I get a wee bit nervous about a membership site format. You still have to convert. If I were you, I’d talk more with my readers and find out what they want and what they are willing to pay for. What are their pain points? What frustrates them with other fitness solutions? You may need to tweak your offer and get conversions up before investing a ton more money into a new format.

  21. Thanks for your short and sweet video, which reminds me to keep what I’m planning for short and sweet, too.

    I taught a series of face-to-face classes about celebrating Jewish holidays. Each class was 1-1/2 hours, the perfect amount of time to allow for plenty of discussion and Q&A.

    But I’m thinking that a tele-class should be broken up into much shorter chunks — maybe 5- to 7-minute segments that explore different elements of the holidays and viewers can choose which ones they want.

    If you’re a busy Mom and want to bring more celebration into your home, but aren’t sure how to do it simply and easily, how much time would you be happy giving to a video like this? After you’ve seen one, if you love it, the next commitment is easy to make. But that first one??

    All input gratefully appreciated 🙂

    • marie

      Talk with your audience Ellen. At least 30 of them and drill down into what keeps them up at night, what THEY are looking for. And read my reply to Mary above 🙂

  22. I totally Agree, and slow, no rushing and relax, that is my way, here is my latest song all nice and relaxed.

    Marie helped me locate my passion and now I am doing great


    Elainee xxx

  23. I really like your style, Marie! Funny and goofy (just like moi)! I feel good about the direction I’m moving in bc I’m starting slow–I’m doing an empowerment seminar for teen girls and their moms (my first paid gig is tomorrow!)….will be taking it to schools, libraries, churches, temples, girl organizations etc….eventually I’d like to have an online “tv style” group talk show (like Oprah but for teens)…..
    Wish me luck!!!!
    Thanks again for all the great nuggets of information!!

  24. I literally laughed out loud watching your advise. I did the exact opposite of it. One year long e-coaching about how to get your home organized, lovable and create new habits. It is lucky for me only running in test mode and I have two woman who I coach for free. For me it is an excellent lesson and for them a journey in decluttering and creating a fab home. But you are SO right! I will launch a shorter and easier version of it online.

    • Adrienn, that is actually a great idea for a yearlong program. I think your idea compared to others is different because of my personal situations. I really want to unclutter my home but feel that it is a lot to do at once. If I had someone like you that can send me an email a day with one verrrryyyy small item to do to get to unclutter my home and then at the end of the year see the great difference, I would be so happy. I think an email newsletter in the form of very small steps each day is the best format for your idea. But this is just my opinion based on what I would like to have as a customer of that type of product.

      • Agreed. I signed up a for a course once that was a daily email for a year and I loved it because it gave me something actionable each day to do. I still go back to this course 2 years later to revisit advice that I couldn’t apply then but can now.

        I also think you could repurpose some of your material Adrienn into say a 30-day program that identifies and solves ONE big problem for your audience, but poll them for sure and figure out what they are really seeking….and you have to read into it because as Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘A Faster Horse’.”

        • Thank you Mikita!
          30 day program sounds great! Do you want to give it a try? For FREE? I’m learning here!
          Love the quote: “A faster horse!” 🙂

      • Emily, do you want to give it a try? At the moment I’m learning my trade, so I could help you for FREE if you are in for the challenge! You could provide me with some feedback about my product and I will send you 4 or 5 emails a week with little tasks to accomplish. Let’s see how long you will need to get your home into shape again! Just contact me on my blog or facebook page.

        • Thank you Adrienn, I will contact you. I didn’t see your reply because I didn’t check the box for notifications. My inbox would have been overflowing!

      • Emily, check my reply below!

      • Emily, somehow my reply’s to you get side tracked and appear at the end.

    • Adrienn, This sounds exactly like something I need!! LOL! A year does sound like a long course, but if I had a clean and organized house a year from now without spending my vacation getting it that way, I’d be one happy chick.

  25. Oh so totally right, Marie!! My very first one was just three weeks long and it was the perfect size.

    I am running a six month one-on-one coaching intensive and feel that was right for the kind of program it was but one I’m creating now about blowing through barriers that keep you stuck might not even be linked to time but to results!

    Agree that starting small is best in case because you can always build from there. Starting big and not having it work out and then going small might feel like you’ve done something wrong and have to go back to “smaller” and the energetic implications of that are huge.

    As always, thank you so much for your advice and for making it so entertaining!

  26. I’m still working out the details of my informational product so this video was quite timely. Thanks Marie. Do you want to talk about squeeze pages?

    • marie

      So glad it served you Tracy! We talk a lot about squeeze pages in B-School 🙂

  27. Yes, size and length of your program is critical for your first program. More than anything starting small will give you confidence and momentum to go BIG.

    I started doing live programs (1-4 hours) and drew in between 7 – 20. It was a bit deflating to have a 4 hour program with only 20 people but the lessons I learned were invaluable! Now I consistently draw a crowd that fills the room and have confidence and a process that really works for me.

    Thanks Miss Marie for the gem of a vid!!

  28. Good stuff! I’m getting ready to launch my first program too, so timely. I had written it to be a six-week course but think I can make it just as valuable by shortening it to four weeks. It’s a course for women to discover what they’re passionate about so they can transition into the career or business of their dreams. So many women want to find more fulfilling work but have no idea what to do or where to start!

    Thanks so much for the sage advice, ladies. I’m looking forward to learning more! Would love to connect on FB,


  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Brilliant timing.
    Merci Beaucoup!

  30. Hey Marie! Great topic + video. I do a few things with info products:

    1. I frequently survey my audience to see what they want and then develop programs around those micro topics. For example, I asked my audience what type of publicity they “most” wanted and it turned out about 75% of my folks wanted magazine coverage. So I created a product that’s uber-specific in that category. I have launched programs in the past where I “assumed” I knew what people would want and…they didn’t 🙂

    2. For my Anonymous to A-List course, I did a beta test and then took the feedback I got and gave my current course a hot makeover. It’s totally rockin’ now and I get such gratification by just listening to what people want and implementing accordingly.

    3. I follow a rule of thumb in my business – everything should be as juicy as the cover of a magazine. If your program sales page isn’t something that people would “rip off the shelves and plop down their cash” then it’s probably time to revamp your content.

    4. Another rule of thumb from my nudgy PR brain, clear always beats clever. I love using fun words and expressions but if people don’t know what the shit you’re talking about, then you’ll hear crickets come launch time. So I always teach people to write out the clear benefits first and then worry about plugging in fun words and expressions.

    • Stacey

      I love these tips!, As an old advertising biz girl, I have found that modeling your ad/marketing copy after magazine covers as a great starting point. Cosmo is particularly catch-phrasy and call to action laced.

  31. Morning Marie from Mattapoisett,

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. I need to remind myself of this frequently due to my sky high aspirations leading me to believe I am ready to lead large, year long mastermind programs.

    It totally comes back to size of list and community. And starting with a smaller sized, shorter group will allow you to have a great first program. That in turn will lead to a larger, maybe longer one next time around. And as you continue to build your list along the way, that will be reflected in more people signing up. And more people signing up. And then some more people signing up.

    A great example of how starting small doesn’t mean thinking small. You go girl.

    xo Johanna
    PS Marie – loved the winks this week 🙂

  32. I’m a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and she’s a huge fan of you, so I thought I’d check you out. I am happy to say that Danielle has yet to disappoint me with her recommendations and that you are tops!

    I’m lovin’ the video series and this video is exactly what I needed to watch this morning (and it looks like it was for other women, too!). I’m getting ready to launch my site and was struggling with this very question. The feedback I got was definitely along the lines of shorter being better and now that you’ve confirmed, I’m ready to rock and roll.

    • Hey Woz!

      Both Danielle and Marie seriously rock! I saw that you were getting ready to get back into coaching and I’m thrilled for you….can’t wait to see Cup o’ Kismet start to fly!

      • Sandi! Thanks for coming and giving me some love! 😀 I’m super duper excited about it, too!

  33. First the tumbleweed made me laugh it reminds me of home- Vegas 🙂
    Yes I have some tips I launched my first info product “Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet” and I’m really thankful I’m getting a ton of great testimonials both on Amazon and on Mompreneur Mogul under testimonials so it means like you said I’m on track.
    BUT here is a tip that goes with what you said. I’m also about to create my online course.

    Recently I watched a killer pitch for a video course. I loved it. BUT when he got into the actual course and kept saying how “deep” it was, I thought “Yea way too deep.”

    Too me it looked like WAY too much info WAY too much work and it was really overwhelming to be honest. And right then I realized, “People are hungry for solutions, but they don’t want it university style.” Long, drawn out and too complex.

    If I can provide like you do Marie, which is why your videos are awesome, EASY to understand, quick solutions that RELATE to my audience they will be very motivated to buy. Plus they won’t feel like this will take them two years to figure out. When people want to change their life they want to know it can happen right away.

    So I think when creating a program, excellent content is a must but it also has to be simple to understand and easy to apply.

    At least that’s my 3 and a half cents- because this tip was pretty long. LOL

  34. Hi Marie

    I just luuurrrvve your videos. They always make me smile. And this one was one I needed to hear right now because I am ready to turn my business up a notch. I haven’t been in a hurry to sell anything yet on my site because my focus has been to build an email list first and develop trust and credibility with my readers. I am getting some good feedback from my readers about what they’re struggling with right now, which I an turning into blog posts but also ideas into information products.

    • Hi Miss Sassy, Do you have any tips how to build an email list? I just launch my money coaching business and have hard time to build a email list.


  35. Great advice, Marie! I launched my first program months ago, and of course, there were plenty of mistakes to be made. There was such a learning curve for me, though, so overall, I was grateful for, not upset by, the experience. If you are doing any kind of coaching program, the number one thing to keep in mind is your current topic or sub-topic of the day, week or month. When you have a clear-cut outline for yourself of what you want to teach, at the very least you can stay organized without a problem. Tech mistakes will happen, but organization is key!

  36. There’s a meditation centre here in Vancouver that hosts three-day non-residential retreats and if you want you can come just on the Friday night to check it out, the cost is $10. If you like what the teacher has to say, you can then sign up for the two full days that follow for an additional ($75). I love that concept. You can dip your feet in for $10 and then decide if you want to commit. I suspect something like this will be my approach…start with a taste tester and then put more on offer.

    • I recently launched a class entitled “Shift Your Money Myths”. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to present, EXACTLY the results I wanted and EXACTLY how long I wanted it to be (4 weeks).

      Amazing thing happened on the way…my participants were SO amazing and inspiring that I changed most of my content as we moved forward and even ADDED an additional week, at no charge to them. I even grokked how I could take an entirely different, more fun and creative approach and add a sixth week!

      I cannot tell you how glad I was that I started small….fewer weeks and fewer than target participants. It allowed both me and the course to grow!

      • Oooh, Sandi, this is so inspiring! Way to be super clear about what you wanted and then flexible enough to adapt as the situation evolved!

  37. OMG. My first info product was 12 MONTHS long. It almost killed me. By the end of it I was burned out and blubbery (blubbery as in from not working out and blubbery as in an emotional wreck.) 🙂

    Would have been cool if you had made this video for me about 3 years ago!

  38. Ah, this is such perfect timing! I’m in the process of starting a second business this summer, teaching other women how to do what I do (sell products online), and I basically was setting out to reinvent Harvard Business School. Perhaps it’s time to scale it back just a teensy bit and get the first version out there already.

    Thanks for the fab advice, Marie!

  39. Marie, you have been one of my online mentors since I learned about you from Ramit about a year ago. I love this approach towards info products. I’m one of those “analysis paralysis” folk so it has taken me forever to put together just one info product for helping people start a business, especially since I have ideas for days of what I can say. I’m inspired to go with an info product I already have, reformatting it into a small ebook and putting it out there as my first info product. It’s not the 6 week course I want to offer but it is a derivative of the information and I can use it as a steeping stone towards offering more info to more people. Thank you for bringing me down a notch and making this seem more attainable.

  40. Thank you I needed this! I’m currently putting together my first ecourse and have been stressing over how long/expansive I should let it become! Thanks for the OK to make it concise, yet still awesome!
    Loves, Laura

  41. Erin

    I love that you can wink with either eye. That is a talent so underrated IMO! 🙂

  42. Claudia

    Hi Marie,
    I am researching and thinking about starting a blog for moms and was wondering if you have any advice. I just want to help moms with the dilemmas and issues that I face everyday and that I know that they do too. But how do I get this from a though tO a reality? Do I need to be a certified coach?

    • Hi Claudia, I think you can start blogging about parenting starting now even if you are not a coach.

      If you do choose to be trained as a coach, that would add another dimension to your blog and services, but don’t let a lack of it hold you back from starting.

      You can start with a free blog at or to test the waters and then when you feel ready, you can move forward to a self – hosted blog.

      I think one of the first steps to take is to determine what you can offer that is unique to you and your style of parenting. Like a unique selling proposition. That would serve as a foundation for your blog’s brand, content and everything else you do with your site.

      Hope this helps! If there’s anything else I could help you with, let me know. 🙂

  43. Marie, you are so awesome! I look forward to your videos every Tuesday! I woke up this morning searching through my email for your next B-School video. I can’t wait to learn more! Keep doing what your doing! Your so inspiring!

  44. As a trainer I know how tempting it can be to try and overdeliver on a program. It’s done for the best reasons – you want to give your audience good value and therefore tell them every last little thing that is in your head, every piece of knowledge you have gleaned, every secret you have ever learned. MISTAKE! The truth is – people feel overwhelmed by too much information. They need space and time to digest. I can’t remember who said it, but I once heard you should take your content and then (gulp…) HALVE it. OOh feels so scary and bad, but it seems to work.

  45. Tali

    I have made the same error I see so many others making…creating a program that is too long for a small audience. I work in PR but I am also a Yoga Teacher. I have put together yoga series that seemed like they make a lot of sense as a 4-week series and then had 1-2 people sign up. It’s a lot of work for 1-2 people and a huge time commitment that kept me from engaging other opportunities.

    I’ve switched formats to mostly intensives/workshops now. It works much better and I always learning something new with each round.

  46. David Hamilton | Everlution

    Size and length matters. Marie you were killin’ it (and me) in this vid.

    Perfect timing for this video in that I’ve been wondering if my program is too long.

    I do believe I have made the rookie mistake and far as length I think. Too long! But I’m planning to break it down into a two part course. I also didn’t do enough research in as far as length.

    But this is all good news and brings me more passion to fine tune the process and make a difference in the world with what I have to offer.

  47. Marie- Thanks for this video. Love the winks and outtakes. Hilarious.

    I’ve been struggling with this topic for some time. I designed my first online program and felt like it needed to be seven weeks with daily emails and weekly coaching in order to really fulfill the objectives, which were all related to “transforming your life.” Wrote the sales page and email announcements, intent on following the “create it as you go” model. But then I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t try to “sell” it without a finished product I was proud of. I procrastinated finishing the 47 emails, I think because the process felt so inauthentic to me.

    Now I realize that it would be better to create smaller programs focused on less lofty goals with more targeted, specific objectives that can actually be accomplished! This feels more authentic to me, so I don’t think I’ll procrastinate “doing the work” like I did with the longer one. And when I create the sales page and marketing info for it, I will feel aligned with what I’m selling… because it will be DONE so I’ll know what I’m selling! I don’t think I will ever be able to follow the “create it as you go” model, although I know it works well for many people.

    So psyched for B-School. So ready to “start small” in a hugely powerful way and build a strong foundation for BIG growth. 🙂

  48. Mark Whittlesey

    Exactly! I started small with Whit’s Heavy Artillery (BBQ) and made a committment to grow the biz without ever borrowing money. Insane? Hell yes! Two great lessons came out of this. 1) it forced me to be small for a while, which gave me plenty of opportunity to make (and easily manage) “rookie mistakes” and 2) I’m debt free. The combination of these provides the peace of mind needed to make bold decisions and take bat-sh*t crazy risks!

  49. Marie,

    Thanks so much for discussing this topic! I’m launching my first Info Product series in August, and I am so relieved to know that I’m headed in the right direction! I’m designing a 4 week program that walks business owners through the process of writing a business plan that doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust. My goal is to make the process fun and teach people how to write a plan that they can consistently refer to and use to leverage their time and efforts to get maximum results in a shorter period of time.

    Also, just wanted to say that you make me smile! I love your sense of humor and all the sound effects you use in your videos. Love it!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Candys Houfburg
    Your Online Business Manager

  50. Marie, Ever thought about stand up? You are hilarious. Although I have no desire to start an online business per se… I do use your great tips to market my graphic design business as well as my husband’s building contracting business! Thanks a million!

    Here’s to starting small and making it BIG.

  51. HI Marie,
    I am a money coach and just launched my business A month ago. I have started to advertise a face-to-face Working Women Money Coaching workshop for 6 weeks long (every Saturdays). Of course, I haven’t got any woman to sign up yet (it starts on 6/9) even I have been like a networking butterfly all over the places in the town. It’s a great idea to launch a tele-class, so I don’t need to rent a board room at the hotel. I have NO ideas how to launch a tele-class. Could you give me some suggestions?

    P.S.: I love your energy!


  52. Oh yes, this is great advice. Marie, I have learned so much from you over the past 5 years. You were the original inspiration for my first online program, The Firebrand Academy. Four weeks was perfect for that, the class size was perfect, the learning experience was perfect, and now I’m ready to ramp that sucker up! 🙂

  53. Marie. So true. Right on. My first eCourse was priced low and I actually gave some spots to friends of mine for free so that I could test the waters with a small but loving group. It was amazing. I got to see what my strengths were and my weaknesses and tighten the ship for round 2.
    I raised the pricing a tad and had a few more sign ups. And again. Learned more about what was working and what wasn’t. Third time is much more of a luxurious and value packed course. I’ve added downloadable forms to fill out during certain segments, and have given more thought to the way each lesson is planned out. I would NEVER have known this if I didn’t just DO IT with my small little AMAZING group. I’m planning to only offer this course once a year so I can really give them 100% of me instead of offering it several times a year. I give so much during the launch and the Course that I don’t want to burn out before I even begin! Thank you Marie! great advice.

  54. Hi Marie-

    Thanks, as always for a timely and informative video. I’ve just started my health coaching practice and am working out my basic programs. The school where I was certified encourages us to do a 6-month program, but I always thought that was too long. I think starting smaller with bite size pieces will allow potential clients to find out if they like what I’m offering and leave them wanting more!


    • Hi Rebecca! You’ve must’ve gone to IIN?! In my experience I’ve found the 95% of my nutrition coaching clients prefer to commit to my 3 month-long program vs a 6 month one. I’ve had 1 commit to a year-long and a few people commit to a 1 month program which I didn’t used to offer but decided to at a higher price point so they can see value and potentially continue to work with me.

      3 month has been the magic # for me… Best of luck to you!!

      • Gretchen

        Hi there! I’m an IIN student as well. How many times a month are you meeting with the lient in the 3month program?

  55. Thanks for the video Marie! I am in the process of creating a program and this is a great info to consider when I start working on it.

    BTW i love you dress! 🙂

  56. I appreciate you talking about this topic Marie! I’ve spent waaaaay too much time trying to figure out the magic numbers and time frame that will work feeling that starting small will not make the impact I have in mind. But, I have to consider that we all start somewhere and that a smaller group expands to a bigger one, and on & on like you say. In retrospect, I’m grateful that I started with smaller groups and have better perspective now! Thank you!

  57. Jenn Burton

    Hey Marie,

    Such a great topic. Time frame is super important, I definitely struggled with this at the beginning. I was in the process of launching my then strictly digital program, when a very wise coach of mine asked me what the hell I was doing launching a merely digital product when I was still relatively unknown.

    She also convinced me what women were craving was real connection and guidance something missing in a strictly digital format.

    So I reworked my program The Courage Kit, the step by step process to be an adored woman by creating the most delicious dating adventures. The next thing I knew, my class was filling, my ladies getting amazing results, Fantastic testimonials, and I was doing what I love most.

    I highly recommend creating group coaching programs with a cap on how many participants u have especially when ur biz is still small. It’s really a win win situation, and with all the digital media madness out there, so many women really crave more personalized support and community.


  58. Hey Marie,
    Such a great topic. Time frame is super important, I definitely struggled with this at the beginning. I was in the process of launching my then strictly digital program, when a very wise coach of mine asked me what the hell I was doing launching a merely digital product when I was still relatively unknown.

    She also convinced me what women were craving was real connection and guidance something missing in a strictly digital format.
    So I reworked my program The Courage Kit, the step by step process to be an adored woman by creating the most delicious dating adventures. The next thing I knew, my class was filling, my ladies getting amazing results, Fantastic testimonials, and I was doing what I love most.

    I highly recommend creating group coaching programs with a cap on how many participants u have especially when ur biz is still small. It’s really a win win situation, and with all the digital media madness out there, so many women really crave more personalized support and community.


  59. Phew! That totally puts things in perspective and suddenly it feels a lot more manageable. Can’t wait to learn what “quickie” programs people put together 😉

  60. This actually gives me great confidence. I’m working on launching a very, very small product right now that I think will sell well based on customer requests but I don’t know if it will make me a bundle of cash (but that’s not really why I’m making it anyhow…I have wanted to hand this product to a client practically every day for seven years now when they ask one particular question, so it’s kinda for my benefit, too).

    I’m suffering from big-launch-depression: watching other launches of huge, pricey programs and feeling like I have to come up with a high end program ASAP, but I just don’t know what that would be right now. So, knowing that small is fine is super helpful.

  61. Marie, its like you are a freaking mind reader! My business partner and I are getting ready to launch our first group program in 3 weeks and we debating the ideal length *wink* just yesterday. You’ve definitely confirmed our thought that 4 weeks will be perfect for our first group and that starting small doesn’t mean we can get HUGE later:)

    Thank you!
    ps- can B-School please get started already? I cannot wait!

  62. still working on what kind of program to offer…but I love hearing what you all have done…those that failed & learned from.

  63. You’re so funny, Marie. I love these Tuesday videos, you’re sooo crazy! BUT, the info is always right what I need when I need it. How do you DO that?
    I’m launching a 6-week program, but I have tiny list. Yes, I committed the biggest sin of them all, I stopped doing newsletters two months ago because of something an internet guru said. I’m going back to writing them this week though, I had a subscriber or two ask me what was up. I was flattered! I thought no one was reading them!

    Anyway, should I wait until I have more than 500 subscribers before I try to launch a 6-week program?

    OR, would it actually be better to write just the book part of it (I have the whole outline done), and then create a program around the book later?

  64. Hi Marie,

    Looks like someone hacked into my video…. but at least I can hear the voice is clear… the picture is mixed up…
    Just thought you should know.
    I really benefit from your videos!

  65. Great advice Marie! I ran into this with my first program — when I launched The Yogipreneur’s Guide to Conscious Business Design — it was a BEAST. Seriously. 12 weeks long PLUS PLUS PLUS. I ended up taking that program down to 6 weeks + creating 4 Techy Training to Attract Your Tribe mini-programs. But I didn’t realize any of this without just putting it out there and testing it out!

  66. Marie,

    Loved todays’ topic – what a key learning curve! My partner and I started with a 5 week offering. When this turned out to be too short to get all the content in that we wanted – at the depth that our clients wanted – it was easy to add two bonus weeks. We looked generous, and everyone was happy. Then though, given the depth and progress of 7 week flow, we jumped to 24 weeks. Too long!!! Even with great content, this was a continuity of attention that was too much to ask, even for me!

    So…. start small, and grow with care!

    lookin’ forward to what you bring on next!


  67. oh Marie Forleo, your timing is uncanny.

    I am launching my beta exactly 1 week from now. Last year your RHH environment set my standard for an online community. There were sooooo many beautiful and connected women in there 😉 I still follow many on FB, twitter etc.

    Goldilocks and I had a long heart to heart about length of my first time program and 6 weeks feels just right this time around. Last time I tried it (a year ago) I had only 2 takers. 🙁 This year I have 40 with a week left to go. The momentum feels good, like it could carry us through 6 weeks. Less momentum – less weeks. More momentum… more weeks, more $ 🙂

    I appreciate your timing and ability to connect incredible women.


  68. Wow I had no idea so many people were entering into the info-product market! So cool! I am a BIG user of online training materials so I too am releasing my own class.

    Mine launches in a few weeks. We are turning business planning on its head. We want to help creatives get over the fear of business planning and take the leap from wantapreneur to entrepreneur.

    We did a one day workshop and found that there was waaaay too much material for one day. But the good news was that we had people beating down our door to get into the class. We decided to turn it into an 8 week video class. It’s been literally the hardest thing I have ever attempted, but I really think it will be worth it in the end.

    My list is small, but I’m ok with that for now. I have faith that this product will continue to sell for years to come. But thanks for the awesome video as always! You rock girl!

  69. GREAT ADVICE! the first workout program I started was 12 weeks long….WAYYYY too long but it taught me a lot. I’ve recently been focusing on4-6 week programs and things are going GREAT! It’s long enough to help people form healthier habits and in 4-6 weeks they can start the next phase!
    Love these videos- so helpful.

  70. I really appreciated this video Marie! I’ve been struggling over my product lines for a bit now, but you really cleared things up for me. I want to make all these glamorous things (handpainted scarves, blouses, skirts, dresses) but right now, I only have the space to do smaller scale works (jewelry and handkerchiefs). I’m gonna start small and start busting my butt to get a few things out there and online, then once I have make some tweaks and have some success I can scale up. Thanks!

  71. Thank you SO much Marie for all you do. I look forward to Tuesdays and your rockin videos!!!!! Looking forward to B-School too!!

    And thank you to all of the ladies who posted here today with your words of wisdom. There is a goldmine of information here.

    I too, am in the process of creating my program…and the time frame has been killing me too… 4 weeks it is! 🙂

  72. Whoa, she is so right. Go small and let it be a fun learning experience! Yes, I am speaking from experience. I didn’t even like my first program!! It lasted 8 weeks (6 weeks too long!).

    Oh, and they continue to get better, and shorter…


  73. What I love about starting small is that you can only go up from there! I recently ran a 4-week attachment parenting seminar that was a weekly meeting for 90 minutes. My facilitator and I only thought 15 people would be interested. Turned out, we had 50 parents every night, and it was the most well-attended series the facility had held that year! So starting small can lead to good surprises. (Though we did discover that kinks that need re-tooling before the next one, just like Marie said!)

  74. OMG. So I’ve been watching these q & a video’s for a few weeks and learning a ton of stuff on the bschool video series and I’m so overwhelmed by the technical stuff. Packaging, uploading ???? Who does all this ?? How do you even get to that place – Yikes, but I’m not giving up.

    Marie, love love love all your video’s.


  75. I have an eight week Self-hypnosis for weight loss program. This summer I’m doing it 4 weeks… Will see how it goes.

  76. Happy to be watching this today, Wednesday, when I (re-)launched yesterday! My first online class launched last October and while I loved the material I just did it all wrong. It wasn’t a total bummer because I had a small group participate – all people who already know and love the live programs and coaching I’ve been doing for years. So they were a very supportive audience. But you’re so right on about the learning! I created it w/ voice-over/power point presentations…. SNOOZE-FEST!! And I included live group calls – which of course brought very few of the same people together because of schedules and folks in different time zones. So I’m very happily excited about my re-launch ( to see intro search #VibrantLifeMasterClass) I just did with short videos (SO much more engaging and I look fabulous <-; ) and replacing group calls w/ one-on-one coaching. Probably the BIGGEST lesson I learned is about my level of willingness to GO THERE now that this is the next iteration. I feel emboldened to create a lot more firsts in my biz so I can get to the fun second helpings!

  77. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for all the great videos in the B-School launch. I have a pretty large group of entrepreneurial friends that I would like to share it with. Is it too late to become an affiliate for this launch?


  78. I’m not even close to being ready to launch my first program but I loved this post, Marie, and everyone’s comments – incredibly helpful and now bookmarked for reference. Thank you. Your inspiration is a lifeline.

  79. Great topic Marie, right up my alley. I am a Cert. Product Launch Specialist and I help my clients get ready to launch their programs online. I must say, that one of the biggest challenges I see my clients struggle with is that they want to launch a program tomorrow and want to set-up everything at the speed of light.

    It’s important to remember that launching a program, website, or product involves a lot of moving parts in the back-end and it requires planning. A product launch has 3 phases (pre-launch, launch, and re-launch) and there are tons of bits that need to be done to make your launch a success.

    I recommend that anyone getting ready to launch a program should consider blocking out at least 4-6 to get ready (more if you are starting from scratch) and work from you launch date backwards.

    Example: if you plan to start the program on July 1st than you need to start mapping out your launch and start setting things up at least 6 weeks in advance, in this case it would be around May 28th.

    Also, for a first launch, keeps things simple. Don’t invest in expensive systems just yet and make sure that your launch fits into your current lifestyle and work load. I see way to many people think that they can become a superwoman in 6 weeks because they are launching a program and then realize that its too much to handle and their launch fails (due to stress, anxiety, unpreparedness, and not having a clue what needs to be done.

    • Alba,

      That’s awesome advice, thanks so much for sharing it. I’d love to check out your services. I’m getting ready to launch my first 4 week program.

      Thanks again!

      • Thanks Alison! Just visited your fanpage and left you a message on your comment.


  80. I agree with you. 4 to 6 weeks is the longest time frame for a online class. Think about night school ( ok I know that was in the darkage) but all those classes were 4to6 weeks long.
    Good luck to those starting out.

  81. I am a dance instructor and own a dance academy in South Florida, I am thinking in launching a coaching program on how to become a professional dancer and live of your hobby 🙂 However, I am a bit confused with the way I should present it to my clients. Meaning, if I should do it in video modules, or downloads PDF files that my customers can print out of their computers. I think this video is a great way for me to realize that I don’t have to have a long program but the right content. However, i am still confused about pricing and packaging. I am well known in my industry and have a great mailing list, but I want to make sure that my coaching program turns out to be something helpful for every dancer out there, and have useful information 🙂 Any advices?


    • Hi Nathalie,

      I think that you would benefit from doing videos. That way your customers can see the dance move in action and pause the video when they need to practice and review it many times to master what you are teach. You can use a membership plugin on your site and feed each video to your customer one by one. the membership plugin will allow you to control the access of your content as only paid members will be able to view them. maybe you can start with teaching the basics at a low investment and then work your way up.

      hope this helps.


  82. Love this one, Marie because I’m right in the middle of this process. Love the advice to “start small and make it amazing!”

    Also love the choicefully tactless double entendredes! (Just cuz I’m dirty like that!)

  83. I’ve made a hundreds of thousands of dollars with my online courses but the first one was very small when I started a few years ago. It was 4 calls and I had two people sign up. The great thing is that no one knows how many people are in the course so they all thought I was speaking to a big group. For years later, I sold the recordings of that product and then used it as bonus gifts for clients, other products. So, my advice is just do it. Start small, you learn so much just by getting out there, getting practice speaking on your topic. Audio only is actually better b/c your customers can download onto their mp3 player and listen to lessons over and over. Videos require them to be on their computer so the replay rate is not as high. Don’t worry about getting fancy, people are waiting to hear you!

  84. Phewf, so glad I just watched this video and read through the comments! I literally had in my planning notes – launch 6 month program – which though I only recently wrote that, now sounds completely laughable and ludicrous given what now seems like the most common of sense. Thanks!

  85. What do I think of your vid? Well you put a smile on my face and got a wee chuckle out of me. 😉

    I was more focused on your facial tics… errr winking, more than I was on what you were actually saying…

  86. Hi Marie
    I always look forward to Tuesdays. Yours is always informative and entertaining. But today I have to leave a comment since “size do matter” hahaha. I loved the show and laughed alot.

  87. Hey Marie – thank you again for the timely advice here. (I think you must be psychic too!)

    One of the big pieces of feedback I’ve been getting from doing my online marketing/branding classes is that my peeps want self-directed modules with worksheets and at the same time want to be part of a mastermind tribe so they have the benefits of the collective for feedback on their ideas.

    I’ve never done this but am considering doing a “hybrid” asynchronous digital experience and holding live teleconference/videoconference sessions for those who want a “group” experience. I’m looking forward to B-School to have you and the other participants be my masterminds in finding solutions that will make my tribe happy + satisfied and help me make my mark in the world too.


  88. OMG I frigging LOVE YOU! You are awesome, and I cannot wait to learn more;-)

  89. Reese

    This weeks video is spot on! It is said that every beginning is hard. Anyone creating an information product and marketing it for the first time will undoubtedly make mistakes. Someone once told me that life is like an EKG. You know you’re alive when the lines are moving up and down and you know you’re dead when there is a flat line. Business works the same. There are ups and downs, but being totally present in your work and appreciating those ups and downs makes it all worth while. That’s how we learn!

  90. Great advice that has somewhat sparked my motivation, but the questions I have really were not addressed. As a florist who specializes in floral design and decor for weddings; having a program would be really great for brides who are cluesless about flowers.

    Any feedback you could provide to my questions would help steer me in the right direction.

    How do I put a program together? how do I find a video producer on a low budget? how much should I spend to put the program together? how do I advertise my program? where do I advertise my program.


  91. you crack me up Marie. xooxox

  92. That was awesome!

  93. Thanks Marie! Great video! Starting small does not be thinking small, love that! So ready for the next session of B School and learning tools to make it less scary to me. Ever since B-school last year, Ive been wanting to and then scaring myself out of creating my first offering. Sheesh, I can stand on my head on a paddle board in the ocean…I got this, I got this, I got this

  94. As with most (if not all) of your videos… how timely is this A to this Q??? I’m in the midst of launching my first info product and doing a little hemming and hawing about the timing of it all. Should I release all the content at once or drip it out over the course of several weeks? (It’s a QuickBooks workshop).

    Ultimately, I’ve decided to accommodate more learning styles by releasing the content all at once (for the fast, I want it this instant learners) and create a companion 7day e-course (for the hold-my hand & hold me accountable for doing my homework learners).

    Thanks for giving me the confidence to continue to be a little bit different than the other accountants/trainers… 🙂

  95. Marta

    Hi Marie,

    My secret to write faster is using a speech recognition software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It allows me to write everything much faster than I would by typing!
    I know the discovery to one of your B-schoolers, Nathalie Lussier, who shared that in one of her blog posts.

    It also saves me a lot of time for my e-mail, as it allows me to save pieces of text that I need to repeat a lot and I can get them written down just by saying a key word!

    Being myself a Spanish speaker, the program understands me much better when I’m speaking in Spanish, but it works quite well when I’m speaking English as well. However, if I have a cold the recognition is not as accurated as usual! Ha ha!


  96. I’m glad I came across this question, I’m getting ready to setup my 1st membership – thanks for the info!

  97. Aargh! Chalk me up as an online rookie (even though I’m not…) I launched a major program under my newly branded company last fall. It was a 10 month!- all-the-bells-and-whistles program for $5K. Ummm… I didn’t have anyone sign up. :/ Thing is, I was planning to launch it again this fall just with JV partners this time. OK, you’ve woken me up. Looking for a shorter opt in for people to step into it.
    Thanks for the heads up. As always, you rock!!!

  98. Omg- I almost fell off the stepmill laughing at your “length does matter” wink*wink* comment!!!!

  99. Finally catching up on my MarieTV episodes!

    Don’t forget that people also still like to consume info products as books, whether they’re e-books or physical books. I’ve been able to self-publish two small books with narrowly focused topics for free or low cost with Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace resources. So now I can offer both an e-book and a physical book. These can be sold alone or as part of other programs such as video, audio or training. Offering multiple ways to consume your info can help people buy into your programs, too.

  100. Hey Marie,

    Awesome content – as usual 🙂 I have been thinking about an info product in the back of my mind for a little bit, but I’m not sure exactly what I want to do yet. BUT I do know that I was questioning how long the program would need to be and have definitely heard the first is the worst.


  101. Ashley Anne

    Thank You Marie! Me finding this was perfect timing. I’m launching my business this year and often struggle with this. MWA X1000!

  102. Wow seriously perfect timing!!
    I have had so many ideas is been overwhelm ing. The main project now is an informative ebook. I am struggling with how long it should be. 20 pages? 50? Over 100? I have written a book before but on a different subject. This one is suppose to encourage and uplift. I am afraid if it is too long, it will sound like I am babbling. Is there an ebook guideline for information product s? Thanks for everything Marie! You rock!

  103. Joy

    I love how you are 100% YOU in every video. Serious chutzpah and real all the way through.

  104. That was hilarious!! Thanks Marie! Content was, as always, spot on. What would we do without you? Thank goodness we don’t have to find out…xo

  105. Very good to know! I’ll keep in mind for my next program.Thanks so much for the info. I love your videos!

  106. Right on, Marie! I work with coaches and really entrepreneurs of all stripes that need to get their expertise out there. I help extract and shape their brilliance into awesome content for everything from a keynote speech to a half day workshop to a simple or multi-tiered online program, and much more. Most people have so much they want to share right out of the gate and consequently think their program has to be 1) all encompassing and 2) lengthy and complex. That may be true if you’re trying to create something like B-School (which was awesome, by the way). But when you are new to creating offerings like these, you really should start small for all the reasons you mentioned in the video. I’d also say that often once people get their first offering under their belt they tend to get a lot clearer about what they really want to share with the world and how to share it; they get clarity in their voice. Also, most adults want their info in bite sized chunks, which does not equate to tiny and meaningless. It means they can really take it in, chew on it, swallow and let it nourish before moving on or being drowned by something bigger. I think that it is great to start with smaller programs for your own sake as the creator, and also to always have a smaller program for people new to you to get a little taste without making a massive commitment. 🙂 My two cents. Let me know if I can help anyone get clear and create! [email protected].

  107. Oh Marie you so funny 😉 love your videos!!

  108. Hi Marie

    My team and I have done a lot of user research on course length and structure in the online magazine and e-commerce industries. We use a combination of face-to-face and remote online research. When we have the results of those tests, we apply persuasive psychology and neuroscience techniques to test if we can get better results. Then we launch when we know that we’ve got a winning formula. I’m a user experience and content strategist by training and was lucky to work on Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping.

    Remember that your readers have different personalities and needs. Rather think about what they need and create a course around them. We target different kinds of personas with different course lengths, structures and availability.

    Persona A has an urgent desire to do a course that can make a difference to their lives right now. This person wants a course that costs less than $100, that they can start right away and apply quickly, typically within 30 – 60 days. The problem we found with 30 day programs is that they scare people who don’t have the commitment to work on it every day for 30 days. Every day commitment feels like too much hard work and will cause too much effort in their daily lives. To overcome this, it helps to break the course into weekly tasks, so run a 4 week course instead of a 30 day course.

    Persona B is value conscious so they want a bit of extra value for their investment and usually look for a longer course, like 8 weeks, because if it’s longer, the perceived value is higher.

    Persona C is serious about making a long-term commitment to improving their knowledge and will patiently wait to begin a course at a much higher price, for a longer duration. The happy medium is 60 – 90 days.

    If you want to run a longer course, it helps to break it down into beginner and advanced chunks, with a small break in the middle. Bring in an incentive discount if both courses are paid upfront.

    I’ve just left the corporate world of online magazine publishing and e-commerce to launch my website and first courses. Based on that research, I am creating a 4 week blogging course and 8 week online business course. My aim is to help people get started online with a short course, then help them grow their online business over the longer course.

    I hope this helps everyone 🙂
    If anyone needs some more help around this, I’d be very happy to chat more.

  109. Thanks Marie! I’m developing my first program. I decided to start small and engage directly people who already knows me or attends my free events. I desingned a 4-6 weeks plans and discussed it with one person. She was excited about it. I plan to get 3-5 people for my test launch. Do the work with them, work through the potential issues and better ways of work as well as to collect testimonials I need. They I will do a proper launch to the wide audience!

  110. You are such a great inspiration Marie!

  111. Hi Marie
    Thanks for making this article, after reading this article I am more excited to make the article for my Personal website.
    I really admire you.
    Thank You

  112. I definitely would have liked to start my first e-course at like 5 or 6 lessons, just so my students would stick it out to the end and I could get good feedback! My first e-course was 4 weeks and 15 lessons, and even though 50 people signed up (yay), only 4 people were still giving me feedback and interacting in the community by the end (mreh). I understand these percentages are pretty par-for-the-course, but it was deflating for me, especially since I wanted testimonials and a vibrant community already there for the next round.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Alexis, although your first program may not have gone perfectly according to plan, it does sound like you were able to learn some important lessons, and determine an easy way to course-correct (literally!). Marie always touts progress over perfection, so be sure to give yourself some grace here at the beginning, and time to allow things to build. We’re cheering you on!

  113. Marie, I am currently in BSchool. I have previously done successful 4 week group coaching programs and this year I really want to launch a 3 month program. I am trying to decide if now is the right time (end of next month), after my free 7 day meal prep challenge and get 40 participants to sign up. Weight loss habits to be lean for life with stress management,exercises, meal plan and recipes.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This sounds awesome, Annick! Marie is fond of saying “start before you’re ready” because anytime you’re doing something new it’s going to be a little scary. We also recommend getting beta testers to try out your offerings before launching them live for everyone, that way you can get feedback and make sure you’re serving your people to the best of your ability. If you’re feeling called to launch, we encourage you to trust your gut and go for it! 🙂

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