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I’m not gonna front. I’ve been dying to share this episode with you ever since we shot it. In fact, the whole team has been rubbing their hands together in anticipation of this day.

Of course, the topic is awesome, but it’s the – how shall we say it – “fire” that this question inspired in me that none of us expected.

If you’re drowning in work and still not making enough money in your business, then this episode of MarieTV is for you.

You see, when people say they’ve got too much work, but they’re still broke – I know it’s one of three key issues: Crappy time management, you’re spending beyond your means, or you have no idea how much to charge for your products and services.

The good news here is that all of these issues can be fixed, fast. Watch this one-of-a-kind episode of MarieTV now to learn how.

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As always, this wouldn’t be a party without your expert contribution.

In the comments below, tell me:

What specific challenge from this video can you use right now?

Have you ever had too much work and not enough money?

What did you do to turn it around?

Add your feedback below – I’m pumped to hear it.

Thank you, as always for reading and watching and if you enjoyed this business smackdown, let me know and we’ll consider doing more in the future!

P.S.  If you found this video useful, share it with at least two friends – they’ll thank you for it!

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  1. Kim

    Marie –
    I could use a Business Smackdown! I believe I will Smackdown my business this week and WRITE down how I am spending all of my precious time. BTW you were cracking me up in your mask I don’t know how you made it through the Q&A – I would have been laughing too hard!

  2. Aahh, yes…lots of work for little money for me typically was a direct result in me not standing my ground on price. So, I’d discount my pricing, be pissed about it, (and …being pissy ain’t hot!) then have more work for less money.

    So….after a few too many of those experiences and a few “choice words” from my mentor, I finally got ballsy enough to simply stand my ground, charge higher prices and stand in my power.

    That made all the difference for me…oh, keeping track of the non-revenue building activities is GREAT advice. I know I fall into that trap, so I’m going to implement that, for sure!

    • Vidette:

      Same boat as you here. My largest problem is being too nice with people.

      For example I met someone making close to 6 figures monthly on their business who was interested in potentially hiring me to help double their income. When it came to looking at the payscale the salary was in the teens of thousands and my “bonus” would have made my work worth it – and I have a Masters in Internet Marketing, so after thinking about it for a while, I realized it wasn’t worth the work I was putting together and I passed the opportunity up. You want something, you pay for it, and as business owners, especially in the beginning, we seem to forget that we’re worth what we ask for – or that if we’re not, the simple trick is to become worth 10x what we’re asking for to begin with.

  3. That was quite the headlock you had on the Bieb-don’t be too rough on the kid. 🙂 I don’t really have the issues brought-up by the topic, but, rather issues with seed money; maybe you have addressed that topic in Q&A before?

    • Hi Chas,

      If you would like to submit a Q for Q&A Tuesday, just shoot an email to [email protected] and I will put it on our list for possible future questions. Would love to hear Marie’s take on seed money so I hope hear from you soon!

      All my best,

  4. Hi Marie,

    I still work 12 hours a day. And yes, my number 1 issue is time management. And I work on fixed prices as much as possible, not hourly fees. So sometimes it’s hard to track hours on a project. I’m a business consultant in a marketing firm… so your mileage with these tips might vary.

    Here’s what I did to help fix some of my over working/underpaid…

    #1) I started adjusting my prices for all the time I REALLY spend on a project. And I really had to kick my self in the butt and NOT take on a job if it didn’t pay enough. Making sure I was working on the RIGHT jobs was critical for me. Every project you take on, means some other project you can’t.

    #2) I started scheduling my time. Every hour, of every day. Email. Meetings. Actual working on projects (I really hate this part). And selling (my absolute favorite). By scheduling my time I ended up working on all aspects of my business instead of just the parts I liked.

    #3) I bill people. If people want to talk with me, I always give a free 1 hour consult. But after that I bill them. And if they want changes to a project. I bill them. No questions asked. And I charge late fees if they don’t pay up within 30 days.

    #4) I have employees or outsource agents do everything I can possibly send their way. Time is my most precious asset. Freeing it up means having someone else do all the small stuff… and having to pay them for it. I hate paying them… but I love having time with my family, and freeing up time for other ventures (like a new business).

    Manage my time. Manage my money. Manage my energy. Manage my health. Manage my clients. It all comes down to management.

    • Jeremiah,

      Your 4 principles of business sanity are in the direction I plan on heading. #3 is my favorite. My phone bill climbed to nearly $600 one month being on the phone with people. Now I’m tired and backing away, I can’t be on the phone all day unless money’s exchanging hands. Seriously!

      • Thanks Lauryn.

        I learned the hard way by not billing. I thought I was being nice. I wasn’t being nice. I was just throwing away money. Bill early. Bill often.


    • Good tips for fixing the time/money issues, Jeremiah. It’s made a big difference for me, too, when I stand by my pricing, no questions asked & feel confident in billing. It’s actually sooo much easier to get paid when there’s no messin’ around in that area. You’ve reminded me to “just do it” on scheduling some of the things I don’t like too much & “working on all aspects, instead of just parts I like”!

      The one thing I noticed that could up your game even more is in your #4 when you say: “Freeing it up means having someone else do all the small stuff… and having to pay them for it. I hate paying them… but I love having time with my family, and freeing up time…”

      To follow Marie’s lead, I challenge you to Love paying them! Getting rid of the feeling that you want or need to withhold your money. As you prosper, everyone around you prospers, which makes you prosper more, & so on – IF you manage it properly – which it sounds like you are.

      You can even send your electric bill off with love – the fact that you can pay it is a sign of your success & prosperity!

      • Kimberly yes….I too challenge Jeramiah to LOVE paying instead of hating it.

      • Kim,

        thanks for the reply.

        I have 3 employees. And I pay each one with love and gratitude. I simply couldn’t di it without them. I don’t really hate paying other people. Its just part of the cost of business. I guess what I should have said was “I don’t like having my account go down… but I pay them because it’s a more efficient use of my time.”

        Thanks for pointing this out to me.

    • Simone

      Jeremiah, I like the part about scheduling your time for everything you do. That is something I will be doing as it is much needed in my biz. Sometimes I find myself going on FB with the intention of making 1 or 2 post to stay connected with my audience and I get trapped on their and my time is eaten up. Of my own doing of course, but knowing that I have a scheduled time slot will help me better manage my time when it comes to social media and more. Love all the responses on here. Really giving me some great insight for my where I need to put more focus at within my own biz. Thanks everyone and thank you for doing this topic today Marie!

      • Simone,
        Thanks for the reply.
        I get distracted easily. So I understand your FB frustrations. Scheduling my time, including breaks and entertainment, and even putting alarms with it, has helped become much more productive.

        I use google apps and google calendar. This allows me o easily sync my schedule with my laptop and cell phone… and if it’s on my cell phone that means I always have my schedule right there yelling at me.

  5. Oh Marie ~ you crack my ass up! AND I feel like you read my mind.
    I was just on the phone talking to a friend saying that I was spending WAY too much time on unprofitable nonsense. Great timing (and topic) as always!

    I can definitely use challenge #1 and #3 — I need to track my time wasting activities AND update my services to reflect the new offerings for my biz.
    Way to whip me into shape girl!!

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the shiny, new B-School when it launches, yay!!! xo

  6. omg. You recorded this video for ME! I can’t wait for another round of b-school to really smack down my profit clarity. Yes on the travel time. Eeeks. Gotta adjust lots of my stuff! Dang! Ok. I’m on it.

    I cannot WAIT to get REAL on my profit clarity, Marie. Laughing my bootie off watching you in your mask!!! LOlololol. Thank you as always Marie for your entertainment, laughs, good time, and business smackdown.

    • PS My fave part was when you kissed your biceps!!! YEAH!!! LOLOlolol.

  7. Ameena Falchetto

    This cracked me up Marie!!

    This is one of the first things i do with clients. Time management and pricing is crucial to really understand in your business yet so many neglect it.

    Being super realistic about what you can get done in a day is important to. Personally I align my business and goals with the life I want and I make it happen that way. No working like a busy fool for me!!!

    Thanks Marie, i want your mask 🙂

  8. I think time management is my biggest issue. I also have an employee (okay, really my daughter) who I have a hard time keeping her on task (okay, both of us on task). But I’m motivated to get real and do something about it! Starting today I am going to find where I am leaking profits in time management and fix it!

  9. Awesome video, Marie! Great point about getting clarity on how much prep time you spend per client and adding that to your rate. Many new biz owners don’t consider that– but time is money!

  10. Hi Marie

    I started watching this new video and thinking to myself – yeah my time management skills are great. But then you hit me with ‘unprofitable activities’.

    And there it is in plain site. I need to step up the game and think of everything I am doing online and whether it is helping me improve my profits.

    So with that I am back to work – have some enquiries to follow up.



  11. Hi Marie (and everyone!),

    Thanks for this! It reminded me to look at what I’ve been spending my time on. This is the first business I’ve owned and have spent the last 30 years in an office. The wide open boundaries with just me being accountable to myself is a bit of a challenge!

    I think I will keep track of what I spend my time on and see how it could be better spent.

    (That mask is scary, btw! Cute video!)


  12. Great info about how to structure pricing, Thanks Marie

  13. Hey Marie,

    Loved this video! After drowing in a pit of overwhelm wondering how I was going to do everything I needed to I just recently sat down and looked at what I was doing and whether it was bringing in money. Great to see I was on the right track with this. Now I just need to improve my time management skills 🙂

    Tabitha 🙂

  14. Wonderfully well-placed smack! Loved it Marie (quite dig the mask too)!

    Preparation time is actually a selling point, so I recommend including it in your what’s included/what do you get for your money bullet points on your website. Shows you care and personalize each session!

  15. Debora

    Hi Marie,
    I like your videos and I am always wathcing the new stuff… but this whole mexican wrestler thing makes you look a little crazy in my opinion. i like the fun-fearless-natural-goodlooking-smart Marie, not the out of control one. 🙂

    • I agree. It was just to gimmicky for me as well. I enjoy seeing Marie’s beautiful face and then the fun add ins/pops adding in editing afterwards. That strikes the right balance for me.

  16. Besides the brilliant content, that’s such an awesome video, Marie!!! Your imagination how to present your advice does not have limits 🙂

    And so-so-so true – it all comes down to self-management and setting up structures that support what you are up to.

  17. This is too funny. Thanks for reminding me to put all my prep work into my prices. I always forget that part!

    Looking forward to round 2 of Bschool!

  18. Morning from Mattapoisett.

    It’s funny because I’m in a situation where time is my resource and I know that I am not using it to my benefit. I am not busy enough (for real. i am dying to be busier) and figuring out ways to better use time to my benefit while I have the freedom to do so.

    Of course marketing is the numero uno way to spend my time wisely and just always looking for ways to fill my time with things that are fun, beneficial and ultimately biz development opportunities. It’s odd, I feel like I don’t have enough to do – yet I have started my own business so clearly that shouldn’t be the case. I know I know – I am totally not connecting with potential clients.

    I just feel like I have hit a stage where I have run out of people to connect with. Trying to build my biz locally and that’s been proving quite challenging. Moving to do it via the internet but that’s not proving as rewarding as quickly.

    So then I thought to myself, I am letting life pass me by and doing a disservice to this world but not connecting in other ways that make me happy and allow me to use my talents. Because I am super kick ass and fabulous as a coach..I just feel like no one knows about me!

    But always thinking about those activities in a way that potentially could bring in income.

    Love the theme this week. Nothing like laughing my butt of at 7am!
    xo Johanna

  19. True that… time management is an issue. Being the only one running the show and carrying the weight of everything involved around… some days it’s seriously overwhelming, that’s for sure. Thank you. Will be looking at a Time Management & Productivity class that I paid for and never dealt with. Makes sense, huh? Y’think?

  20. Good stuff Marie! I definitely have some time suckage I need to eliminate to be more profitable.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  21. Damn, girl! Only you could pull off wearing such a mask and still look good. 😉

    Out of dire necessity, I began a website development and internet marketing consulting/services business at the ripe age of 54. And although a lifetime of entrepreneurial endeavors hang beneath my belt, the points you make on this video hit home. I’m gobsmacked, actually.

    After 5 years I recognized I needed to charge more per hour; but working (really!) 12-14 hours per day, 6 days a week hasn’t lightened up the work load so I shall implement the “to do” challenge presented for Jill and track hours and work for a full week.

    As always, Marie… you rock! And the video is hilarious yet rich with excellent points…. giving this 60 year old (happy birthday to me!) plenty to reconsider and think/act on. Thanks, mucho!

  22. Kristen Mallette

    haha~That was so fun to watch, Marie! I almost spit out my coffee at “Bieber, your time management sucks”! Hilarious. And way to break it down, as always. Loved your suggestion to record the way time is spent for an entire week to see what’s really in the way of “not having the time to” target new casting directors, create new content for youtube, and actually resuscitate my lame website WITH that content–tasks that SHOULD be my entire focus but somehow always get swept under the rug.
    Ok, I just busted myself. Will let you know what I come up with. Your work is so awesome, Marie–inspired! THANK YOU!!!

  23. Great video, Marie!! I can really relate to this one. For years I would justify all of the extra hours spent on my business as it was a ‘labor of love’, but it would leave me burned out and frustrated working so hard with nothing to show for it. Thanks for the tips on time management and profit clarity. Looking forward to the next Smackdown!!

  24. ishaque

    Geo Jee Mairee Jee,

    It is very clear and charmable mode of change, I appreciate you and your team for making these such kind of fintastic way of green line to extend their day to day activites on your given intimations but we the people of under limit income and Employees are not up-graded till now to overcome in millions/billions, You because of International Standard,come in to the circle of the persons who can approach you by buissnes lines in their own respective arreas,
    Therefore please up-gradation in changing of buissness and lines of life is wholly solly on monitrical basis which is totally equell to zero percent please.

  25. Wow, didn’t really realize I was throwing away so much time doing non-profitable things. Thanks for the heads up!

  26. Excellent episode of MarieTV! Time management is my nemesis, and just like Jill, it was easy for me to think I was overwhelmed with the amount I had on my plate while wanting to move on to more. I found a great online management tool for freelancers called Solo and it has changed my world! It lets me enter each project, plan tasks for each project and then lets me TIME MYSELF on how long it takes me to do the work! Some may not think this is groundbreaking but it really helped me get real about how long it TRULY takes for me to get my stuff done! I was spending waaaay to much time goofing off and didn’t even realize how awesomely efficient I can be when I’ve got a timer going.
    If you’d like to check it out, they offer a free trial for 14 days (I love this about them) after that it is $12/mo. If you’re ready to go all in on a membership for a year they are running a promo until 4/13/12 SOLOEASTER that gets you a full year for $54. This is a bargain! Copy this link to check it out:
    Thanks again for the awesome video Marie!

    • Now that I think about it, Solo has been like Weight Watchers for my business life! It’s amazing how well I behave when I’m tracking what I do! Just like in Weight Watchers for each meal I had or exercise activity I did; I am entering into Solo every webinar I watch, every phone call I take, the time I spend project planning .
      I have had significant results from just paying attention to what I do and taking action on the plans I have set in Solo. When I get a moment of planning brilliance, I enter it in the software and then follow directions the rest of the week!

  27. Sue

    Awesome advice as usual! I really wanted my business to be running so that I don’t have to keep working side jobs to survive…but working a “part time” job 30-37 hours a week has made it nearly impossible to keep up with all I wanted to do to become self sufficient with my own business but the necessary income from the job is keeping me there. Balancing TLC time for me, seeing my clients which I can no longer do in the evening because of the part time job, etc etc…I charged more, charged less, I just don’t have enough clients for it to matter right now…would love to apply this video to that but just can’t see the light right now….
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  28. My #1 problem has been time management.

    Time management is something I’ve wrestled with because I was never sure exactly how much I was worth or whether or not I was giving value. Right now, I’m over it. You can afford to pay my prices, or you truly feel as if I’m not qualified – and should it be the latter, let’s part amicably so that you can find someone that is.

    Not respecting myself as a business that needs income is my largest issue. I have a Masters Degree in my field of work as well as 5-6 years of media experience and publishing. However, I’ll be nice and end up on the phone or giving away so much information that I lose track of what’s important. 30 minutes MAX is my new “Free consultation” price. Anything over that, I’m going to bill.

    And as a previous episode showed me, if tightening my ship isn’t bringing in money, then I need to tighten up my offerings and the quality of my service. Overdelivering on customer expectations speaks volumes.


    • Same here. I’m consistently struggling with time management (or task management). Knowing what tasks are the ones that will move me ahead in the right direction.

      Need to go back and review some of the past lessons from RHHVM.

      I think that definitely having structured policies and procedures in place as well as systems for client work and marketing help. That’s what I’m working on this week. Next step is to hire someone to help me with the day-to-day stuff that is sucking my time away from the higher income producing activities.

      • Jenn – you too?

        I’m notorious for taking on too many projects at once and going nowhere with it. Let’s just say I’ve narrowed down to 1-3 things I’ll work on during any given month and the rest is really just on my waiting list. Now I have time to reflect on my life and how supportive my business is in conjunction with the life I want to lead.

        (Can you tell Lifestyle Design is becoming very important to me?)

        • very bad habit of mine also (taking on too many projects)
          i’m learning to say No, or charging a Rush fee now.

  29. Loved the video and boy coud I relate! I’ve suffered from the feeling of overwhelm, overwork and underpayment and it’s always boiled down to using time efficiently. I loved your idea of keeping a work log to see where time is really going!

    One thing I’ve found to be really helpful with maximizing my time is to block out chunks of 30-minute intervals dedicated to specific tasks. And things like social media marketing are set for a 20-minutes AM session and a 20-minutes PM session. Sometimes it’s tough to walk away from social interaction but I remind myself that time is money. 🙂

    Keep rockin the awesome videos!



  30. I definitely have this issue. Which I know is partly because I’m recovering from my last business venture which… crashed and burned… hard. BUT. HUGE but. I would guess that if I tracked my time, I will be able to better locate areas of time where I’m easily distracted, focusing too much on cleaning up past messes, bouncing around like an ADD puppy from task to task without completing anything… those sorts of things. And maybe once I can find a pattern, I can identify a solution activity. GREAT advice, Marie.

    This shouldn’t be too hard to fit in because recently I got a HUGE job and I’ve been tracking every last second of time last I work on it. Already, only three weeks in, I have a ton of data to work with. I felt like I quoted my clients with a really fair, smart price but it will be interesting to see if I was right when all that data piles up on me at the end!!

  31. As always, great advice. I started keeping track of my time about 3 weeks ago and it was very enlightening. What I found most useful was the psychological effect. I was always stressed out about working too much and not making enough money. But just by seeing it “on paper” I realized that I’m doing okay. And I also committed to getting part-time help so I can focus on “the big picture”. Just that one simple thing made a big difference.

    Thanks for the great advice. I always share your stuff with my Facebook and Twitter community.

  32. Yay, it’s up! This video is our magnum opus 😀

    And to anyone wondering how Marie got through it, she is just a CHAMP. I believe most of us had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard between takes!

  33. HILARIOUS! And really helpful, too!

    I gleaned a ton of great info from the vicarious smackdown and would LOVE to have my own! I’m not brand new to having my own business – but pretty darn close. I’m doing a lot of things – coaching, teaching yoga/Pilates, painting, writing, and building my business – squeezing most of it into 15-25 hours a week that I have childcare for my two toddler sons (who also LOVED the smackdown, by the way – we had to watch it again…and again :).

    Thanks, Marie! Hope to see more of these!


  34. One thing that might help with the intern…instead of feeling like you have to train her on everything, make a list with all the steps of the process or things you repeat over and over. Then, delegate one task at a time. As she proves her efficiency and skill, give her more responsibility. We all have to start from somewhere – if you give her ownership of her tasks, she will feel like a real part of your team and vested in your success!

    We all like to have control over everything – but you’ll never be able to grow if you can’t outsource or delegate to others. I’ve had an intern grow into a valued asset to my business – she even sends me solutions on her off days if we’ve run into an issue we can’t resolve during the week.

    p.s. Marie..I vote for a sumo suit for the next vid…

  35. Marie, I’m honored to be the recipient of the first business smackdown! Thank you 🙂
    I’m happy to report I’ve landed a few speaking engagements since submitting my question. But it only occurred me to last week to add a speaking tab to my website. DUH! It is now on the top of my list.
    Also, I am definitely spending too much time on unprofitable activities – what is difficult for me is figuring out which things are worth doing / may lead to a profit i.e. a free talk, a donation to a charity auction, etc.
    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jill,

      Hopefully Marie’s Smackdown was not too rough for you 🙂 Sounds like you’ve got another great Q about activities you may not charge for but that could lead to profit in the future. Please submit your question and maybe you’ll have another Smackdown in your future!


      • camila

        It’s supposed to be rough, ladies. It’s a smackdown! LOL!

        Marie can smack me any day…

  36. Marie,
    Hilarious and informative at the same time- as always.
    Since launching my business i’ve discovered i have a focus issue, which completely distracts me from getting work done in a timely manner. I searched for a way to curb my computer habits, and thankfully i found RESCUE TIME.. it’s the best 9 bucks i spend each month- i set 30 minute intervals for writing and it blocks me out of any social and shopping sites that are distracting. You can set goals for how many hours you want to work on a specific project, and it will create a graph of where you spent your time each week. The first time i saw how much time i spent f#*king around on the computer I realized how much more I could be getting done, and it’s helped a ton!
    Thanks again! xo

    • I love RescueTime. It had definitely opened my eyes to where I was “wasting” time in my day. I’m vastly more conscious of what I’m doing when I’m on the computer.

  37. HILARIOUS! OMG – this was awesome, Marie! I love how you guys provide valuable information in such a fun manner. That lucha libre mask was a great touch!

  38. Loved the Beiber touch. And was that a Transformers mask? Great tips, some of which I can use myself. Thanks for another entertaining and enlightening show!

  39. That was the second best smack down I got this week! Thank you Marie! This has inspired me to manage the time I spend responding to client e-mail. Like doing it every other hour instead of keeping the computer in front of me when I work and responding immediately, although the customers LOVE the quick responses. AND it is time to hire someone to do the desk work….as usual, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you!! And

  40. Eleanor

    Perfect timing – for 1 week, I’m going to jot down everything I do to see where I’m wasting time & not earning. Thanks Marie!

  41. I look forward to Tuesdays more than I should admitt 🙂 Marie, you rocked this one! I teach local businesses how to use social media for marketing, which can be the BIGGEST time suck of all unless you have a clear plan, an editorial calendar and good friends (to pull you back into the real world). I always recommend your YT Channel and have used it in examples in my books. I also tell your story about finding your authentic voice and having your business take off when you did! Yes, big fan.

  42. So guilty of the time wasting 🙂 This has been one of my biggest challenges this year with the start of two new businesses and awesome projects I want to get out into the world. So I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel productive. Well, after taking note of what I did throughout the day it turned out email and Facebook were the culprits. I would constantly go back and forth answering emails and posting things. I would think oh just one more post as it is inspiring or one more quick email that turned out to not be so quick. So I now am on strict schedule and only check them at certain times. This way I can have two to three hour chunks of time free to work on things that will propel me forward. 🙂 Great video Marie, and super advice!

  43. Hi Marie,

    I’m a Spanish teacher and I’m working on a great project right now: I’m creating a mobile application to learn the Spanish irregular verbs.
    I’m overloaded with work at the moment, and I haven’t seen any money yet, but I know it’s going to be worth it!!

  44. In the big corporation that is my day job, there is something called “2 to do”, which is basically 2 things to focus on improving for the year. If I apply that to my business, I think time management and pricing are mine for this year. So thanks so much for this! Yet another good kick in the pants courtesy of Marie! 🙂

  45. Love it! I know I’m guilty of the time wasting. I don’t do it intentionally, but who does? LOL I’ve found that I’m guilty of spending way too much time on social media for the profitability my business is at right now. So I’ve decided to limit it to 30 minutes a day, split into two 15-minute sessions (one in the AM, one in the evening). I find this really helpful, because I’m still showing up for my peeps, but I’m not letting it take over, which gives me time to do what I love and create my art, thereby giving me more to sell.

    Pricing is something that was really hard for me for a long time. But I’ve come to realize that my time is worth money just as an accountant’s time is worth money; just because I’m doing something I absolutely love doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get paid. This is something that can be hard to do for creative professionals, in my experience.

  46. Starting a time tracking journal right now, and adding the 5 minutes I spent watching this video in the revenue generating column! Thanks for continually pushing the envelope with your videos and pushing us to do the same with our businesses.

  47. Such a valuable post! I often find myself spending more time than I would like on social media and marketing for my business. However, recently, I carved out several revenue-making projects that I am getting really laser focused on. The marketing/social media stuff still needs to get done, but I don’t go overboard as much any more. I found that by putting my attention on these new projects, I don’t feel so restless or stuck anymore. Whenever you are creating something, it gives you life and vitality, making you more productive, efficient and happy. That is my best advice: Create! You’ll feel really good and attract more dollars your way.

  48. Marie this was fabulous. I love this one and it spoke to me. Time management and focus are two things I am working on. I’d love to have you answer this question – do I focus on finishing my digital manifesto or focus on the product that I believe will be a hit? I am focusing on both but it slows me down. My goal is to have the manifesto written end of June. Launch the product in the summer (soft launch) and big launch in the fall. What would you do first?

    • Hey Sherold,

      I’m not Marie, but your question stood out to me. What do you think would give you the biggest return in the happiness & cash department, long term?

      If you don’t want to work on more than 1 major project at once (because it’s slowing you down or because you feel scatterbrained), your options may be: Hire someone to help you write & organize the content of one of the projects or experiment with putting one of the projects on hold for a month or two.

      Another thought would be focusing on the creation of your product, while committing to write a page a day in your manifesto (maybe mornings or evenings). And not a brilliant, perfectly polished, ready-to-print page — just the words, on the paper =)

      Great question! I struggle with project management myself, and would love to hear Marie’s take.

      • I would love to hear Marie’s take as well. Just submit your Q to [email protected] and I’ll put it on the list of possible Q’s!

        Have an awesome day,

  49. Simone

    This was absolutely a gem for me and I will be sitting down to give my business a SMACKDOWN this weekend and learn the hidden cost and upgrade my prices! Thanks for the tough love Marie! This was so great!

  50. You had me at Mexican wrestling mask! Great video, great advice, cute pup. Lost my largest contract this week – as that venue folded… so I’m having to re-tool a bit, and decide what’s next for me moving forward. Thanks for the great tips… Trying to “smackdown” my business this week.

  51. Enne

    Hey Marie! That smack down was intense! What intrigued me most about this video was the fact that, for the first time, you revealed a detailed topic of what you cover in depth in B School (profit clarity) and it sounded really interesting! I’ve often wanted to attend your BSchool program but was never convinced of what specific skills or knowledge I’d walk away with. I’d LOVE to know more about those details so I can be convinced that I’d not only be learning more than what I already know (afterall, I’ve been a professional for over a decade) but that the amount of really valuable information would offset the high cost. Any chance you might be able to share a little more about what specific skills and topics are elaborated on in B School?

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. YES- we will be going into more details about B-School and what it contains during the launch in May. Hop over to and sign up to receive the latest news! We are also available to answer any questions you might have about the course.

  52. Hilarious! Thank you for putting together another amazing MarieTV. Lots of nuggets in that one !

  53. I have the same complaint, but I already know mine is ALL about crappy time management. I just recently cut out a couple activities that were sucking up valuable time but not getting me anywhere. I will keep trying to give my business a “smackdown” though until I get where I need to be!

  54. This video was hilarious! I absolutely loved it! Thank you Marie for always being so creative with your videos! They ALWAYS keep my attention and explain everything in a way I can easily understand.

    I’m in a tricky spot right now, I’m currently working an administrative job full-time while trying to grow and increase sales (plus make the cakes!) for my online cake decorating company (which I run solo). It’s tough managing my time since working and commuting to my full-time job takes about ten hours out of my day that can’t be used towards my cake business.

    In addition to this issue, calculating my costs is a true nightmare since selling cakes = overhead. From the initial email responses to the creation of the cake contract to the cake testing, then to the cost and time spent picking up ingredients, supplies & packaging to commuting and paying hourly to rent my commerical kitchen, to my time baking, assembling and decorating to the cake, to the client’s delivery, even the cost to run the energy for a second refrigerator in my house, there are so many expenses!

    All these expenses make me feel so discouraged because at the rates I am charging, I am hardly making a profit. And although I LOVE making cakes, not making a profit is a total bummer, especially when it takes up the only two days off you have a week. I know the answer is to stop working my full-time job but the cake business is not even close to bringing in enough income to pay my bills right now.

    So long story short, this video had great timing! It made me feel motivated to crack down on the feared task of calculating my costs and looking at raising my prices. I also really loved the last section about if there is something you want to do, then “walk your talk.” I have so many unique ideas for revenue streams for the cake biz but always find myself pulling back from them, thinking it would be better to concentrate on just a few products or services at a time. I can see now how just having something up on your webpage about your ideas, can help manifest those ideas into a reality.

  55. I soooooooo needed the smackdown girl! THANK YOU!

  56. Thanks for the smackdown, Marie! Looks like lots of us struggle with slaying our time vampires, huh? Even reading business books and “educating” yourself online can be a waste of time if you are not IMPLEMENTING what you learn into your business. Alrighty…time to FOCUS!
    As always, thanks for “doin’ YOU” ~ excited for BSchool 🙂
    High fives & bootybumps,

  57. Hey, even a man can benefit from this advice.

    • Hi Ken,

      Yeah. I think so. I deal with these issues every day in my consulting business. But Marie gave me a new approach to handling my clients…

      My take aways:
      1) wear a mask
      2) drop kick my clients when they need it.


      • I agree too Ken – I have been getting Marie’s emails for over a year and she often hits the nail on the head for me. I am grateful for the advice and her sharing her experience.

  58. Marie, LOVE this video! You are so right on with this. We all need a little kick in the bootie once in a while 🙂

  59. Awww — Kuma made an appearance! I’m up to my ears in work + trying to get stuff ready for my first trip out of the country in a really long time. This morning in the shower, I was thinking about the “hidden costs” you mentioned. I asked myself, “Is it REALLY OK to factor those into my rates?” And you answered me!

    Thanks Marie!

  60. Wow, I needed this smack down! I was just out with a friend last night complaining that my receptionist takes home more money than I do. Turns out I am building not only my practice but also the others in my clinic without proper compensation I am going to write down ALL of my tasks and hours this week and come up with a plan. Thanks!

  61. This is great. I used to waste a lot of time doing things all hap hazard and unorganized. Now I have systems for everything and plenty more time to do the work I love which is with my clients.
    Sometimes you don’t realize the necessity for systems until you are in the thick of it. Focusing on what you are doing and doing one thing at a time, makes things move quickly. Something that would normally take hours, might take maybe a half hour at most with concentrated focus and it feels better and more accomplished that way. It’s quite fun when systems start working and you are so proud of yourself! YAY

  62. I couldn’t agree with you MORE Maire!!! I sold my profitable massage biz (excluding my personal client list front the sale of course) and this was the #1 thing I could not deal with in a positive way with LMT’s struggling to make the real dough. I’m happier now making my own killer salary without the woes of the weary. So many would cry a river everyday about not having enough money, not having health insurance, complain about who didn’t tip them, whah whah whah….meanwhile they wanted to work a few hours a week, their reliability and time mngt stunk, and they relied on working for other people instead of themselves to keep that other 50%. Not to mention they resorted to coupons and discounts to get people in the door with them. I remember a talk by Suze Orman once that always stood in my mind…”You’re Not For Sale!” And so I charge clients extra to see me, don’t take coupons, have a waiting list, and stay fully booked always…..BUT I PROVIDE THAT EXTRA VALUE THRU DELIVERING OF THE GOODS! Charging higher rates is great advice as I think most who are worth more don’t charge enough. HOWEVER…keep in mind ladies charging more comes with the price of always bringing your best foot forward with every dollar exchange;) Keep it real, build your confidence if you know you’re worth it, think bigger, and start taking charge of those lost hours. Llike Marie said, you have the time, just have to choose it wiser and make it profitable. If you’re in demand, CHARGE for it.

  63. OH MAN – time tracking was the most insane eye-opener I’ve had in my business to date! I actually started doing it as a reco from a coach about stress management – and it really proved where those little chatter box times go, how much time is spent on ‘business development’ like watching pretty little inspirational videos like yours, and so on. After getting in the swing of tracking to the 15th minute for a few weeks it really helped me start tracking job specifics, which has made it WAY easier to charge more!

    Epic Business Smackdown – just EPIC!

  64. As always another fantastic video and lesson!! I’m like Jill in most ways, except I have actually taken the plunge and hired my first help (on a contract basis). It’s scary but I think it’ll work out okay. It definitely has given me more time to prospect for new work!

    I was reading some of the comments and found my story to be so much like theirs. I too don’t stick to the plan when it comes to my prices. If I had I wouldn’t be just barely getting by each month. Crazy kid. Time to grow some balls and just ask for what I’m worth.

    Thanks Marie, you are always such an inspiration, and a great laugh on a Tuesday morning as well! I look forward to your Q & A’s every week!

  65. Marie —

    This is awesome!

    Sometimes the truth hurts, but if you’re not confronted with it, you’re not going to change. Great way to introduce this!

  66. Love being SMACKED DOWN by you, Marie! You are always on the money. Seriously…yet hilariously.

    It doesn’t even matter if I’ve heard a tip before. There’s never really a time when I can do without reminders. It’s all about balance & as I excel at one thing, another may go a bit out of whack & I need to pull back to center again. Getting a rope out now to wrangle time management…again.

  67. Love love loved the video! I am currently going through these things myself. It’s easy to lose focus on the importance of keeping your own ish together when you are working at your own business. If you aren’t polished, why should other people think you can make them polished. Great advice as always Marie!

  68. Marie
    I think this was one of the best videos ever! So much TRUTH!
    I call this a video that cuts you DEEP! ……………..You are truly speaking to a lot of us, including me! .

    Keep It Coming!

  69. I spent my 30th birthday sick as a dog in Guadalajara, Mexico, but I dragged my ass out of bed to go see Lucha Libre. I’m so glad I did because it was HILARIOUS! Thanks for the smackdown, Marie, well played, well played….

  70. Vanessa

    Hi Marie! I love this video…you are so funny and entertaining! Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh. =)

    When it comes to time management I’ve always written everything down of specific things that need to be done on specific days at specific times. I include reminders and even color code different tasks. There are so many things that need to be taken care of throughout the day that if you write it down in an organized calendar (I call it my bible) then you eliminate the clutter in your head that tells you there is ‘so much to do.’ Because even if there is, you can be sure the most important tasks get taken care of and you can begin to prioritize what needs to be done by you, and what can be handed off to someone else.

    I think you brought up a great point about logging everything that you do in a day. It’s like a food log…you don’t realize what you are actually eating until you see in on paper. The result can be eye opening! Great business smackdown!!

  71. Ann Moller

    Hi Marie,

    This is great advice. I’ve done the time-tracking before — actually did it for 6 weeks — and was shocked by how little time I was spending on directly income-producing activity. This clarity was so helpful and I’ve been gradually ramping up the number of hours I spend each day on income-generating activity. Now where I’m challenged is getting myself to spend the hours on that work when it’s my “day job” business that I’m not really that passionate about. What’s helping me so far is: 1) opening up to the possibility of a part-time job working for somebody else because, frankly, the all-freelance, all-solo work is just not very suited to my temperament, and 2) setting up study hall dates with other freelancer friends where we meet at each other’s apartments or at cafes or coffee shops and get work done together to break the isolation.

    From the other tips you suggested, I’m going to try: 1) raising my rates where appropriate/feasible, and 2) putting stuff on my website to indicate my availability for, and experience with, the types of work that I’m more interested in doing, i.e., in my editing business, writing coaching, and then with my acting and singing business I’m revamping the whole website to make it more clear what I offer. I may also do some email marketing regarding #2 while I’m in the process of updating my websites.

    Thanks for the smackdown. I love your honesty and savvy.


  72. joe

    Marie, enjoyed the video, but some of the comments are off the wall. These folks need a good old ass licking not a smack down. They were not charging for travel time. Really. Your in business and need this kind of advice. I got an idea for a whole new business.
    What the basis for so many of your commenter being woman. Is that the only folks that need this advice.Still a creative video, but please some folks need to get real.

  73. joe

    ass kicking not licking. Although……………………………

  74. The subject immediately spoke to me. It was good that I was able to laugh on this heavy subject because of your light way of presenting. Your are genius as always Marie.

  75. You are FABULOUS!!!!!! Keep spreading the love and smack! GREAT way to call what is, what is… and being super hysterical! Love the mask!

  76. I wanna B-Smack! Loved this video. I would pay for you to call me out on my mistakes. I too work a ton and not brining in the dough. Time management is a killa! Nice work Marie. You are inspiring.

  77. So funny! We liked the part about Profit clarity, so true that you can end up spending hours on things that don’t bring in profit. We plan to be more focused on what activities are best suited to build the bottom line!

  78. Time management is definitely my downfall… and everything just seems to spiral out of control from there. Using my family as an excuse to not have a good grip on time management isn’t helping either… but, as per usual, Marie, your video makes perfect sense and is fantastically awesome 🙂

  79. Thanks, Marie! I absolutely loved this video!

    I think one of the hardest aspects of working for myself is being honest about how I spend my time. I finally had to realize what activities were directly bringing me money (selling!) and how much I shied away from it.

    Thanks to B-School, I now love selling and marketing which is something I NEVER thought I would say.

    Thanks for your loving business smackdown — l always appreciate it! 🙂

    Josie Bouchier

  80. Yes! I knew you had it in you, girl! I’m all about the Smackdown – Tough Love works like a charm for me. I’d love to see this be a part of your repertoire. (just like Redhead Ranting’s Bitch Slap!)

    Sometimes we need to be called out – and you’re just the lovingly tough one to do it!

  81. LOVED this Smackdown! Hilarious and super-great content. I know I waste too much time on social media and don’t spend enough time creating my own content.
    Can’t wait for Bschool!

  82. Everyone loves a makeover. I see the full length TV series!
    I’d like to see their businesses and get personal while focusing on the smack-down action specific to their needs.
    It could be hugely empowering to many similar businesses and you could track the overall business improvements where your show is aired.
    It would make people be better customers too. Whole states will change their bottom line…

    Do you know “Dragons Den” TV series in Canada? Different but addicting show about entrepreneur funding and business evaluation by a group of very diverse investors.

  83. Liz

    Hi Marie

    Great video! Loving the concept of a business smackdown 🙂
    I think the tip on recording what you do with your time every day is awesome, will definitely try that out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  84. LC

    Yesssss to the idea of a business smack down! Everyone needs a little tough love every now and then and this was just the right mix of humor, hugs and a kick in the pants. Lately I’ve felt like I have a million things to do and not enough time to do it when the real issue is a mixture of time management and feeling burnt out which leaves me unable and unwilling to perform effectively.

    Le sigh. Time to to get cracking!

  85. Love MarieTV!!! Can you believe that I have a photo of me in that same mask? CRAZY!!! No way to attach or I would. lol.

    I JUST started my own TV YouTube series called Tech Tuesday and would love your thoughts and of course, your loyal followers:

    Ok, so I have no video team but one day I will and they will look as awesome as yours! That is my goal!

  86. Wow thanks you liven my day : )

    Totally agree I have the same issues, always “working” doing lots of “social media marketing” ha ha, wastes so much time.
    Thank you

  87. Ever inspiring this week…there is no doubt humor is the pivotal component to effective communication and once again Marie nailed it with the business smack down… I am excited to develop and add to “business smack series” to my workshop on my site…Thanks Marie for spreading the good word here and giving such valuable info!! YOU rock! Can you get a Drake cameo please!! LOL xx

  88. Hey there! As a former business consultant for a top tier company, I was able to learn from the best on time management to be able to implement like crazy. I wish I could say I was perfect at time management, but I can’t. I know when I need to turn off the distractions and get to cranking on the work. The best tip I would have to offer my fellow ladies would be to think about charging per project rather than by the hour. You’ll find when you are charging by the job (fixed fee), you can get really efficient and make better margins as long as you (or your outsourced agents) are cranking away. Fixed fee is not for everyone but something to consider since you only have so many hours in a day.

  89. I love this vid! I know that as a one person show there’s alot of non-profitable things I do a day. I’m also a creative biz person so not anyone can do what I do but I’m wondering what types of things could be outsourced and what might be the best things to have someone else do?

    • Hi Kristy,

      Please submit your Q to [email protected], that;s the best way to possibly get Marie’s incredible insight!

      All the best,

  90. YES. Freakin’ LOVE the business smack down!! I’m continually working towards raising my rates as I do more and more design projects. I’m figuring out all the hidden costs involved and taking a closer look at the average time it takes to complete a specific project. It’s AWESOME. I’m moving towards a place where I won’t have to be so stressed and overwhelmed, because instead of undercharging and having too many projects in order to “make enough,” I’m charging more accurately, at a higher rate and have more time to breathe. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m on the right path.

    I’d like to think I’m pretty awesome at time management, but I’m going to do your smack down challenge and record my full day for a few at minimum. For one, I KNOW I’m still doing things that my PAID assistant could be doing for me, I’m just not taking that step back to really think about what time I’m wasting on things that don’t directly generate income or allow me to use my genius. LOVE. THANK YOU! xo

  91. Great Info Luchadora! I really liked the bit about walking your walk… think I’m going to add a tab on my site ASAP that says “Hire Us for your business team building events”. I also like the part about writing down exactly what you do every day… I’m rather scared to do that cuz I’m not sure if going to the gym and doing dishes qualifies as work. Right now is the perfect time for me to be doing some Profit Clarity – gonna revisit my RHHB-School notes.

  92. Once an entrepreneur has cut past their concerns of hiring help, they can hire a virtual assistant to take on some of those tasks that they don’t care for. That’s half the fun of being an entrepreneur. I don’t care for accounting, so I have 0 intentions of handling that process. There are people who are in love with math (weirdos! lol) so I’ll leave it in their capable hands.
    VA’s can help with anything from answering forwarded phone calls, to handling emails, to setting up social media profiles, to researching travel destinations. Consider them an administrative assistant, personal assistant & concierge service all rolled up in one super-awesome bundle.

    Marie, I gotta tell you girl, I got totally lost in your website yesterday! I’ve been having a few down on myself days & I went on a Marie-bender and watching video after video after video, and got myself all good & boosted back up. And I woke up this morning ready to kick butt! 🙂

  93. Sometimes I don’t know if I watch your videos for their brilliant business advice or your wacky antics. Suffice to say this one has a whopping dose of both. Thanks!

  94. Marie – you are a hero and have a model I aspire to replicate in my specific work. My Time Management has always been a challenge. I really need to focus on the time and effort that brings in income and that which does not. I travel a lot and am on the road speaking and doing trainings so when I am home it feels like catch-up which is often a lot of non-paid work. At least that is the story I tell myself

    Would love to hear anyone’s experience with this (and thanks for letting a guy be a part of this, it is really valuable whether you are a man or a woman.)

  95. Gry

    YES the best ever! LOVE MARIETV!!!
    And gotta look at what I do with my time! hell yeah.
    thank you Marie!!!

  96. Hahah it’s like the Power Rangers! *Busts out into song/dance* Go go Power Rangers!!

    Ok, for real though, excellent tips Marie, thank you for sharing. I’m having the lack of profit issue, but to be fair, I’m just starting up. I’m aiming to release some major programs and more information products in the coming months, when I hope to see things grow.

    Do you have tips about e-marketing in regards to making sure everything I post on my blog/website appears at the top of a google search? So far, I’m in the top three for “raw vegan coach,” but the views on my YouTube videos (recipes so far, more discussions coming soon) are lacking. My blog gets a lot of hits some weeks, and then very few during others. What’s up with all this?? I thought I had SEO marketing down.

    Btw, that’s one sexy dress, lady! 🙂 Would love to have one myself, lol.

    • Yay to Raw Vegan Coaches! If you would like to have Marie possibly answer your Q, please submit it to [email protected].

      You rawk!

  97. great smackdown advice! I need to look at all the areas mentioned…time management, walking-talking, etc..
    i’ve made some gains in the past couple years, but..stuck big time with the health insurance issue.
    still doing a 3/4 job and 1/2 time private practice; cause I need the benefits. I at least cut down from full time…need to make the leap somehow, or management my time better at the .75 job so I’m not so drained, have more energy to focus on my own business. Also, need to stop sliding that scale for folks, and/or attract clients that can pay full fee, and this can feel incongruent as I am a psychotherapist. psychotherapists need marketing gurus!! spent so much time and buckage on education, but no one shows you how to bring home the bacon; financial health is so related to mind/body /spirit health! Can you really work with certain populations and get paid well?? or do they have to be the wealthy??

  98. Gut punch, pshowww. Are you watching me? This content grabbed me by those short hairs at the nape of my neck and it hurt!
    I have really been challenged with the leap from an actual manufacturing plant, to the world of coaching a client to bring a product to market and charging for the time to do so.
    When I bring my physical products to market, I know every minute detail in managing my costs to manufacture; the best suppliers, communicating with my team, a simple unnecessary turn of the wrist for an operator is recorded and the costs is considered. Hard costs… There is no one better and more strategic than me. I get this to the tinniest detail. But I am seriously hack when it comes to accounting for all that I give to my clients and creating a business model with consulting to bring a product to market.
    Believe me, no one was more surprised by this little fact than me! Good Grief! I built a 10 million dollar company and since I sold I’m like whoa?
    I simply love the invention process. Its the easiest thing thing in the world and I find it an absolute blast! I take on a client, and what I do does not feel like work, so before I know it, my little inventor protégées that came to me for my assistance are skipping off to seven figure success, again, and I’m scratching my head feeling like a jack ass.
    I give everything to my clients and I don’t have my own system that is sustainable or scalable in the consulting business model. My system is not duplicatable, I am exhausted and worn out. I am trading time for pennies and its gotta stop. Since selling my plant, I no longer make my income from the making large quantities, now its all about my time and service and connecting dollar sign on my hours. I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to bringing a product to market, but wheres my own product?
    Thank you Ms. face mask.
    You have created a new groove in this broad and it is much appreciated.

    • Jude Anker! You are a #1 Stunner in my book always. Love ya girl.

  99. I am the queen of going to FB for 10mins and it turns to 1hr. Precious time which I should be spending on my business. Sometimes I feel like these Social Media were solely designed to make us procrastinate and waste time.

  100. OHHHHH Marie, do you sneak a peak into my windows each night and watch me work?

    That actually used to be me until I fired a few clients, fell in love with my new rate and packaged up the goods the right way.

    Business is booming honey!

  101. One thing that I know really helps is being organized within your working space. Weather that is your office, the car you drive to go to appointments, the kitchen where you bake your goods or the work room where you create your products either way your work space has to be clean, functional, & organized, and that is what I do as an interior stylist. Below is my April newsletter has a bunch of great tips for getting organized. I find that once i am organized and set up nicely to function, I am then able to think a bit more clearly and become more efficient with my time.

    Organizing Tips (sorry link is so long) I hope you guys find it helpful!

  102. I just lourrve the video, you crack me up…please keep them coming. The advice as always is really sound.

  103. FANTASTIC video as usual! Great energy…and I would definitely recommend doing the Business Smackdown more often. :o)

  104. LOVE this smackdown! I know as a business owner I try to make excused for myself + you tell it like it is – I appreciate that SO much.
    This video cracked me up!

  105. Ooooo, I’ve been smacked down . . . thanks (I’m sure . . .) Marie!

  106. Man oh man…do I need a smackdown….

  107. Ugh! I saw this and wondered how you knew.

    I am in private practice as a psychologist, and, after 8 years, finally have a full practice. But full is working out to 30 client hours a week! Eek! I also teach on Thursday nights.

    I’m ready to take this challenge, though I already know what it will show. Hire my biller back, work my way off insurance panels that pay 1/2 my full fee, and get out of the teaching thing. I also need to charge more for assessments, as they take time to write up- up to 3 extra hours of my time.

    Thanks for the giggles along with the straight talk!


  108. Thanks Marie,
    A big bowl of ‘get real’, just what I needed!

  109. Hi Marie:

    This advice to log-in everything I do is excellent!! This will be a great habit for me, because I am not getting the business I want because of time management AND I seriously have a hard time keeping focused. I seem to dance around all my responsibilities while convincing myself “I gotta get this done first, then I’ll tend to my business.

    Writing everything down will make me take a hard look and answer my own hard questions. I’m not even sure it isn’t just a procrastination issue with me, but there’s also fear that I’ll %$^# it up! Okay, I’ll do it, Marie, I just needed a little nudge! Funny, the advice I give my teenage daughter to get her room cleaned and control her spending is to log everything in her calendar. Then when she goes back and reads it, especially the spending, she’ll be shocked and will know how to fix it. Guess I need someone to give me ‘permission’ to control my day. Thanks, arrrrrrhhhhhh (that’s sound effects without the mask) -Jeanie

  110. Erin

    Marie…you crack me up.

  111. LOVED IT!!! so reminded me of those WWF days back as a kid. I learned from you + b-school how to solve this with profit clarity. It got me clear. What comes first is whatever brings in profit, then list building (potential clients) and creating content for my perfect clients. On top of that is how I want to feel. SO after owning up and hiring a right hand person + intern I knew that it was worth it to do what I LOVE to bring in the cash. (and have fun!) xo Hillary

  112. Sadruddin Mitha

    I just could not comprehend why you have restricted your site for women only in the sense it is being projected for women as if it has nothing for men. to be honest and sincere, just by co-incidence I came across your site and to speak the truth, instantly I fell in love and admiration with your physical apparnce, your charming personality and your intellect and your mission and vision to make life worth living and enjoying what you are doing and how to accept challenges and how not to get too much stressed. your site is too good for all human being whether male /female or anyone. I indeed admire your charm and frankness. you have become a source of inspiration and courage and determiinataion and how to over come challenges in a grandeur way. Iwish you all the best.

  113. Great post, Marie. You’re a hoot. 🙂 I definitely saw myself in all of this… time management is a big one for me. And I LOVE the ‘profit clarity’ concept. Thanks so much! 🙂 xo

  114. That was the best episode yet! Thank you for turning it up even more than you already do. You rock, Marie! Thanks for the insight and wisdom!

  115. Elizabeth

    This was awsome! The material was presented is a way I really understood – I NEED a business smack down! ‘Can’t wait for the next episode!

  116. Where did you get the mask – too perfect!

  117. I think the world would be a happier place. If everyone was allowed to bring a Lucha Libre wrestling mask to work and put it on when ever they felt stressed out.



  118. Marie,
    This is really relevant to me. You are a beautiful person.
    Thank you,

  119. First of all, Hilarious! Thanks for this video. While I’m not quite ready to fully run my own business this did help me to further acknowledge the fact that I’m not being paid enough at my full time job. I know my creative skills are simply undervalued in this market by this employer soooo yeah, I need to do something about that.

  120. True words – it’s amazing what a difference basic prioritization can make. It’s so easy to get sucked into doing those things that don’t add to the bottom line. Thanks for the vid 🙂

  121. Marie, I can’t believe this. With a heavy heart I opted out of getting emails from you today. I felt I spent way too much time watching videos and reading blogs instead doing my actual work. The content I read is amazing but I was getting overwhelmed and distracted.

    Truth be told, I was probably also a little sad about not being able to afford B school right now, and didn’t want to be reminded of what I’m missing every time I get an email from you. I know that a sad-panda thing to do, but I did it.

    Anyways, the link to your smackdown video was in my inbox after I unsubscribed. I clicked the link. Watched it. And subscribed again right after.

    LOVED IT! Very actionable steps with a bit of an ass whooping. What was I thinking?! Opt out of your hot-diggity wisdom? Hell NO!

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    You are entertaining, and bringing the tough love of business all in one! Loved this video. It got me thinking about my business. Being a Realtor, I don’t have billable hours and work tirelessly until the sale is complete. While I have hired a Transaction Coordinator and a Virtual Assistant to accomplish smaller tasks, the hours still add up. On some sales, especially short sales, after it’s all said and done I’m scared to think of what I might have made per hour.

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    Great advice Too!

    Do men come to bschool? I find your stuff is business across the board and love learning in bite size q&a

    Question- what do you think about a man entering a women’s dominated niche like menopause? Hook me up Marie!



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    It’s Louise and I work with Marie. YES! Men are absolutely welcome in B-School. We will be kicking off the launch in early May so sign up at to receive all of the news & updates. It’s going to rock.
    All the best,

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    It really is a matter of time management and remembering that we do have enough time, it’s just about how you choose to use it.

    Marie’s videos are so informative and easy to watch because she’s so upbeat and funny! LOVE IT

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    I think my business needs the profit clarity smackdown, but I have a question about that. As a writer, SHOULD I be looking into other sources of revenue than selling my book(s)?
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    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Rebecca, so glad you enjoyed this episode! I think the answer to your question depends on a number of factors, like if you need another source of revenue and what your larger goals are for your writing career. You might even find that there are natural sources of revenue related to your books (like if you write about certain subjects and want to create online courses around those topics, or offer consulting in those fields for example).

      Wishing you tremendous success, whatever you decide!

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  142. Bill

    I started a cabinet business 6 yrs. ago. We currently have 23 employees and almost more work than we know what we can handle. Our probem is we have to finance the next job with the proceeds from the previous. Customers are notoriously late with payments, which puts us in a financial hole. Sometimes we struggle to make payroll, but are owed upwards of $200K. How can we adjust to pad the bank so were not robbing Peter to pay Paul?

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Bill, congratulations on your successes with your cabinet business so far! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with your finances. While we don’t offer one-on-one feedback for businesses here on the blog, we have an entire playlist filled with episodes dedicated to helping you with your money, you can find it below:

      I hope this helps! Thanks for being here with us, Bill.

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