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Do you ever visualize what’s possible in your business or life?

Of course you do!

Whether you call it visualization, creativity or simply making a plan and following through, whatever goal you’re working to achieve first showed up in your mind’s eye.

But here’s the problem.

You have to believe it to see it. @DanielleLaPorte Click To Tweet

Most of us visualize the wrong way. When we’re in the process of mental creation, many of us make a crucial mistake that creates a ton of unnecessary stress for ourselves and others.

If you’re a regular around here, I know you’re up to big things in the world.

That’s why I’m challenging you today to master your ability to visualize so you can make the impact you’re meant to make.

In today’s special episode of MarieTV, watch as my friend Danielle LaPorte show us the simple-yet-genius-shift in our thinking that creates 10 times better results.

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Click here to get strategic worksheets straight from Danielle’s brand new book, The Firestarter Sessions (which I highly recommend!!), to put this idea into action now.

As always, my goal is to serve you and provide world-class training every week for free – but DO leave a comment below and tell me how you’re putting this into action.

Specifically, tell me how you’ll use this strategy on something you’re creating now.

This one will make a big difference in your life so I’m pumped to hear your feedback.

Stay on your game and keeping going for your dreams.

Remember, the world needs that special gift only that YOU have!

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  1. What great timing! Last night I was actually just reading up visualization. I haven’t ever really done it as a conscious practice, but something in me just felt like it was right to start learning about it. Going to download the worksheet and take some time tonight to fill it out for some clarity, and getting down to the bookstore to get my copy of the FSS tomorrow. Time to get cracking on my done deal. Thank you for the inspiring vid and practical wisdom – love you both!

    • Love those “little” moments of synchronicity. I always see them as The Universe giving me a friendly wakeup call- like “Ding! Ding! Ding! You’re onto something here, Jo. Pay attention!”

      Best of luck with your Done Deal :O)

  2. Adding this into what I know from Flowdreaming (a visualization process with emphasis on the feeling you want from a situation). I love the idea of seeing the end result and planning on the end before you even get there. Can’t wait to get the book too!

  3. Marie,
    I’m glad you brought this up. It’s an issue of confidence. And we Entrepreneurs exude confidence… in public.

    People often think I can do more than I can. As an example, I had to give an impromptu 15 minute presentation about price flux at ConocoPhillips the other day. I only had 5 minutes to think about it and plan it out. But I left with everyone telling me that the presentation was simply awesome. If only they knew what I was REALLY thinking…

    I’m not as confident as people think. I don’t go out into the world thinking “I can handle anything.” Instead I’m in it for the ride. For the adventure.

    I visualize an awesome future. And then I sit back and enjoy the ride as a hurtle towards it, like an asteroid blazing towards the Earth. And yeah, sometimes I burn up, burn out, or simply hit bottom. I just get back up and keep going. Because it’s all about the adventure.


    • beautiful! xo

    • love that image. bold powerful & sweet release. tx

    • Exactly! I feel the same way. The main difference I’ve made in my outlook is not letting negative thoughts create obstacles for the adventure. Whenever a hesitation about money, career choices or even friends creeps in, I switch it over to something positive. This small change has made a tremendous difference in my success. I do like Danielle’s idea of reverse engineering it from the big picture standpoint, so will be trying that on for size next.

    • Yes! This describes the creative process of staying the moment… but with a plan of enjoying the Adventure! Thanks for sharing.

    • I love you ladies!! Thank you for gifting the worksheet, Danielle. Your enthusiasm and conviction makes me believe my dreams are a done deal! I’ll be buying the book (already have the Spark Kit) 😉

  4. I have visualized for years and have seen some manifest and am still working on others. All my visualizations end with, “I release this to the Universe knowing its already done…and so it is.” Done! I take action without anxiety.

  5. Thanks for jiggling my consciousness and reminding me of times when visualization evolved into actualization. This isn’t the practice of visualization, but, once I had a dream(an actual dream) of being in these incredibly majestic mountains, and a few months later I was in the mountains I had seen in my dream, in Montana. I also entered a painting into an art competition on a whim, and to my surprise it was accepted at a Museum in Great Falls- I had no idea as to how I was going to get it there(it was 48″ x 72″), but, in the end it all came together.
    I like the idea of setting three outrageous tasks to implement as steps to your visualization and the idea of reverse engineering your dream.
    @asraidevin, I would like to know more about ‘Flowdreaming’.
    Thank you Marie and Danielle for reminding me about ‘practical visualization’.

  6. Jalanda James

    Visualizing is very helpful in lifting spirits. I’ve started to begin everyday with a gratitude journal. Then I spend a few minutes imaging my path.

    The best thing that has helped is having quarterly goals instead of lofty dreams.

    I wanna be the talking head video Queen. One day;)

    • Jalanda, I love reading everyone’s comments here, but this has just totally resonated with me:

      “The best thing that has helped is having quarterly goals instead of lofty dreams”

      Why on earth didn’t I think of that?! I get so caught up in “this year I will..” and forget that actually, *why* does it need to be a year? It doesn’t! So quarterly goals make perfect sense to me!

      Thank you!


  7. Visualisation is sooooo important! We all think in pictures. Our mind doesn’t retain words in the same way.

    I take it a step further and actually draw it out for myself and my clients to help them stay focused and get to where they want to be in their business through my Brand Identity Visualisations. Having a physical visual reminder keeps me focused and helps me tell those little voices of self doubt to shut up!

    Awesome interview with Danielle! LOVE it!

  8. I am so excited about Danielle’s book! The whole concept of “it’s a done deal” is brilliant. I’ve been operating with this (well, something similar) in mind for the past few months and I can’t even begin to tell you how seamless and easy everything has become. Of course I take action and do the work necessary too. 🙂 Money coming in, projects taking off, life getting even more awesome… all a done deal and I’m loving every minute of it!

    THANK YOU for these awesome worksheets. I can’t wait to have your book in my hands! xo

  9. I love the idea of saying it’s a done deal. It definitely makes you feel open, calm and confident. I can’t quite remember who says it but, someone once said that rather than focusing on how something is impossible, focus on how to make it possible. In other words, remove obstacles by paying attention to how amazing things can be achieved. It’s right in line with Danielle’s teachings. Love it! Marie, this is an amazing video! Would love for you to interview more authors.

    One thing I do is that I keep a visualisation journal. Each page contains a picture of something I dream of having or achieving. Whenever I feel doubtful or uncertain, I turn to my little book for some guidance.

  10. Heather Heliger

    There have been a number of times in my life when I sat down, wrote down very clearly, what I want and/or drew a clear cartoonish picture of what I want with a short description and shortly after got exactly that. A specific house for rent that I coveted, meeting the man of my dreams who I married, a drawing of a studio space to teach private voice lessons in. They all came to me. Thank you universe and thank you Marie for your wise words and sharing your wisdom. I’m looking forward to using the worksheets as I am currently visualizing something new and important to me! I add candles and incense too to add some woo-woo in there. Why not, I like it!

  11. I love this! I’ve been reading Danielle for a couple of years now, and I can’t wait to get my copy of the Firestarter Sessions book (pre-ordered it a few months ago).

    One great technique I use all the time, which really helps with the “done deal” feeling, is from Havi Brooks of the Fluent Self – when I’m planning a thing, I talk to *the Me who has already done it*. She’s able to give me all kinds of information about what I should be focusing on and what I don’t need to worry about.

    It’s a great way of accessing inner knowledge that can be hard to draw up to the surface otherwise.

    Anyway, congratulations on publication day, Danielle, and thanks for another great video, Marie – keep ’em coming!

    • yes! the ‘future me technique’ is a great one.

    • Oooh, love this comment. It really makes the connection with what is happening here. You can talk to the future you or you can use visulization to become the future you.

  12. Marie, thank you! I actually preorder Danielle’s book and downloaded it to my Kindle this morning! I’m so excited to use this to grow my custom cookie business. I am going to use this to make my 9-5 job unnecessary because my cookie biz will be ON FIRE and need my total commitment and attention!

  13. Thanks for the worksheets!

    I think to get anywhere growing your own business you have to visualize and plan….

    …and then take action!

  14. Thank you, love the vibe. High energy is detoxifying!!!

  15. kathy

    I made a vision board just after my divorce. I have never been on a vacation and wanted to go on a cruise. So on my vision board I put a picture of a boat and a picture of a view on an Island. Don’t you know that THAT YEAR I went on a cruise for $200! with a friend AND i took a picture of the exact same view I had on my board, but didn’t realize it till I got home.

    In the past year, I knew I had to start a business and was working on it. I began to visualize the life I wanted to live, not the business I wanted to run, cause I just couldn’t I didn’t know enough to do that.

    I began to get ideas to do things, so I did them, one thing led to another thing, information began to come to me and ideas to do things. One idea was to put up a video on youtube. About a month later I fell into Eban Pagens “Guru” class and spent every dime I had in the world on it.

    Not only was I on the right road making videos, but I was able to be steered in the right direction so as NOT to run off and crash from fear and ignorance.

    I see the happiness I want to live and the life I want to have and Ideas come. I have done this for years, but it has only been in the past 5 years that I have moved on to DO the ideas that came to me.

    Few things happened for me, until I learned to push through the fear, not tell a soul what I am going to do, and just do it. : )

    Good luck with the book. I will buy it 🙂

    • love reading your story

    • Wonderful story! I love how you said you “learned to push through the fear, not tell a soul what I am going to do and just do it”. I’ve often found that the whole ‘sharing your goals with others so they can encourage you’ was the quickest way to kill my dreams and goals especially if it meant change for one of them.

  16. What a great video! Glad it was long. I’ve read a lot about business but I’ve never heard of visualization before, oddly enough. However, I recognize that I’ve always done it, and from what I can tell I’ve thought about it in a “done deal” sort of what. Now that I know a little about what it is, though, I can apply the technique more firmly. I’ll be checking out the worksheets right now, thanks so much!
    I’ll also be adding the book to my “to-buy” list 🙂

  17. mila

    I just watched Danielle in San Jose with Hay House and I’m so excited and just have to get the book! I AM born ready!

    I am a highly visual person and usually I can manifest quite easily if I just can imagine clearly enough in my head, but I have never had a process for it as such. This would be so helpful. Debbie Ford’s The Best Year of Your Life has been very helpful, but Danielle’s approach is crystal clear. Loving it!

  18. I have seen visualization work & not work. I think that truly believing it’s a done deal is a key, another is handling the emotions that come up along the way (like fear — what if your dream really does come true?? can be kinda scary or uncomfortable sometimes). With emotions in check + actions taken ==> done deal! Thanks for the video & congrats Danielle!!! I look forward to reading the book!

  19. Oooo – my book is about to arrive today! I can’t wait. Danielle is a bright star and brilliant thinker.

    One of the things I often will say when I visualize is “it’s inevitable”. And then I start thinking about how I am going to feel when I manifest my desire – and then I do something NOW that catches that feeling, which anchors it right into my consciousness. Works like a charm.

  20. Kim

    Marie and Danielle –
    I have been visualizing something for about two years. A teeny tiny stationery store. I wanted a community based outlet for my stationery, but couldn’t afford a traditional retail store…I opened the teeny tiny stationery store of my dreams about 1 1/2 months ago and it looks just like what I thought it would when I visualized it! What a great video and congrats Danielle on your book!

  21. Great video, girls! It’s such a fine line between the visualization of something “out there” and that feels like longing for what isn’t. Visualizing the “done deal” does relax you. When I get glimpses of that “done deal” I wonder why I doubted myself for so long, why I wasted so much energy with anxiety about it.

    I’m teaching a class of high-anxiety MD’s this afternoon and I’m sure they will relax with me and have a blast in our class.

    xo from the Pearl of the South

  22. I love the “done f*cking deal” comment. As soon as I made the decision that I would open a yoga studio with total certainty, the universe pushed me off the edge and it all happened faster than I could have expected. Three years later I’m growing and have several more dreams for the future, but there’s a lot of uncertainty around how it will look, and I feel very much in transition. I’m looking forward to tackling those worksheets and getting really clear on my vision, instead of future-tripping.
    Thanks ladies!!
    xo Jamie

  23. Woot woot! So excited for Danielle’s book to drop today. I, like many others, pre-ordered this book and can’t wait to have it in my hot little hands!

    I think I visualize without realizing it. And now will really milk it for all it’s worth and use it as a tool to help me make things happen. Have been coming into my own lately in terms of creativity so that’s awesome. I too walk around with my moleskin!

    See you ladies tomorrow in NYC at the book launch!
    xo Johanna

    ps it’s super duper sunny in Mattapoisett today!

  24. Ken Clench

    Brilliant! Two of the most amazing people with the most amazing ideas (and hot as hell too, if I may be so bold) together in one video! Done f***ing deal! Yeah… I can work with that!

    Thank you so very much for this, and yes I have ordered the Firestarter Sessions!

    Cheers and peace,

  25. Thanks Marie for bringing Danielle to your show! I’m def. a believer and have had great results when I do it! I am not the type that likes to do the same thing everyday either, so I found it quite liberating to hear Danielle say she does the one big visualization then hands it off to the Universe! Also it was a great reminder that I need to get more into the details…how I want to feel when it’s done, who I will call etc.
    Ok, gotta go viz the outcome of the FREE teleseminar I’m doing in two days!!!

    Many thanks!!

  26. Gemma W.

    Thanks for the video with proper closed captions! It meant I could follow along. I intend to use the worksheets to help make my dream lifestyle and career a reality. It’s something I’ve been visualising for the past few years, and it’s taken me that long to work up the courage to get the ball rolling. Now I’m literally a couple of weeks away from it all becoming a reality in my life.

  27. Powerful & Awesome. Beautiful Marie TV synthesis of butt-kicking ‘feel it in your body’ reality & mind-set reboot.

    THIS is my vision for my/our planet! Communities & waves of people are embracing & emboding the reality & power of imagery. But really. It’s time for the full story…

    I love that you questioned some of the common mistakes… and my part in this picture is to take you to a more refined and sophisticated resolution that can addresses other challenges that everyone has to navigate.

    You are getting what you beleive… (not what you want) and of course most of our beliefs are in the sea of unconsious… and our physical body parts (organs, endocrines, systems etc) have their own BS. If your shoulders are tense, you won’t be able to feel relaxed & supported unless you can effectively get your shoulders to shift ‘their perspective.’

    It gets really exciting when you start putting the connections together between the worlds of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. And also how our visions relate to other people and their visions… and that’s a whole other story of imagery!

    Ultimatley, I feel in the depths of my being that we must come into this understanding and resolution if we are to all uncover & live our evoling visions fully.

    So thank you Marie and Danielle and every person in this most beautiful community for your bold honesty and bravery to step into, and share new visions and new worlds for yourself and others.

    It really is a beautiful creation and I am honored to be a part of it.

    • “You are getting what you believe.” Absolutely! I also like what Wayne Dyer has to say on the subject- “You get what you are.”

      Love that you added the bit about our physical bodies having their own BS :O)

  28. Oh my! Such a LOVE BOOST – Thanks ladies <3

  29. I’m going to order this book today. I see how practical visualization would help people with chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure. These techniques can help people change their lifestyles and get out of their own way.

  30. Love the video and getting the book!!! Danielle you make so much sense!! It all resonated with me especially ” the done deal” I hold on do tight the energy Doesn’t move I need to relax into it! I so needed this for all areas if my life! Thank you I am super grateful!

  31. Thank you so much for this video! I used visualization to get my first apartment (huge step at the time) but I sort of fumbled into it and forgot to go for the other things I wanted. Now I can see what I want and how to get there, and I especially like your comments about showing up and taking action! Even with all the planning and thinking it’s so easy to let myself be lazy and afraid and not DO anything about my goals.

  32. In December 2011, while feeling so overwhelmed at the prospect of starting to write my first ever “business plan” for my dream business – a new “mobile yoga studio”, I think I googled “inspiration” and somehow found my way to Danielle LaPorte’s website. When I subscribed to her weekly newsletter, I received a free download of a similar but slightly different visualization worksheet. Filling it out was honest-to-goodness the first and MOST INTEGRAL step of me moving towards where I am now…

    Less than 6 months later I have established my business, assembled a team of soulmate teachers to work with me, am already offering up our services to the world (and getting business!!) and on May 5th we are having an official launch event that I’ve had to request RSVP’s for because the turnout is looking so good, we’re afraid we’re going to go over capacity!

    THIS is what deep, true, soulful and specific, grounded, no bs or “woo woo” visualisation a la Danielle LaPorte style can do for you, if you’re willing to work and follow through with your dreams.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to both of you for being my weekly, no make that daily, inspiration and motivation.

    • Meghan Marie!!! So fun to see you on here. How amazing that there was just 6 months between you and the realization of your mobile yoga dream.

    • success! so happy for you xo

  33. Udo

    I was not going to get this book, to be honest. I figured that I had enough self-help for now.

    But it looks really good. Danielle Laporte’s insight is just really refreshing and useful!

    And the fact that you are touting it makes me want to get it. Thanks!

    • I recommend doing it with a friend or two. I get stuck with self-help books because the fact is, I’m not going to sit there and do it on my own.

      A friend and I meet every Thursday for 3 hours to work on The Spark Kit (the original e-version of The Fire Starter Sessions) and it’s so rich. Things have been changing big time since we started in February. Can’t wait to see who I’ll be 3 months down the line. 🙂

  34. Done f****** deal. LOVE that. Thank you Marie and Danielle for this interview. I can’t wait to get the book! I’ve known about Danielle for a while (it’s hard to not know about her!) but I didn’t feel like she was speaking to me – not in a bad way, just that I wasn’t her perfect audience.

    Lately, though, everywhere I see her, everything she says, I’m blown away – I see life like she sees it. We have different missions but we’re driving the same car. Even though I’m not there yet (I know I’ll get there, right ;).

    Danielle, HUGE congratulations on your book! Marie, thank you for MarieTV. You make me smile every morning.

    As for visualizing reality. I saw my way to sobriety, a college degree, a dream marriage, and homebirth. I’m currently visualizing becoming a successful digital pastor, and ultimately, the restoration of shalom on earth.

    Go hard or go home.

  35. Yes I believe and engage in visualization all the time. Everything that I have achieved is because I visualized it clearly. For example this month – I wanted to land a new contract project by 4/1. I wrote down all my requirements: rates, hours, location, length of contract. I pinned this up on vision board (which I hang in my closet and look at daily as I get ready in the morning). I’m starting this new project on 4/23…almost exactly like I visualized. The location is downtown instead of midtown NYC like I visualized – that is the only difference. I’ve noticed when I get crystal clear on what I want and need that is when my visualization becomes reality. When I’m wishy washy and in the state of “this would be nice to have” – it doesn’t happen!

  36. Wow, what amazing tips on visualization… I am a huge believer that if you visualize it helps you get where you want to be, but to have Danielle explain how specific she goes into feelings and what exactly she’ll do is something that I never heard of and I will definitely start doing that too. Thank you for this great episode of MarieTV.

  37. I actually have used visualization for the past few years, and when done right, it’s really powerful. In my experience, it’s crucial to visualize yourself as if your goal has already happened, and you’re living in your life, living out that goal.

    I love adding the idea, though, of how I want to feel when I’m there, exploring it alittle more!

  38. I have used visualization to manifest amazing life experiences and goals for my kids and my family. I never thought of it this way, but this is what I have been doing.

    Now it is time to channel this powerful energy into my vision for building a successful, authentic coaching practice.

    I look forward to meeting you vivacious ladies at the book launch party tonight!

  39. This video is so essential to helping others realize their hopes. Thank you for the tip, “It’s a done ****ing deal”.

    I have been using positive visualization for the last 5 years and it has made a world of difference. I thought for a long time that it was silly to do and that it was really just a way to keep me from sinking into a depression about the break up of my marriage and becoming single with 2 young children. I thought I was creating a way for myself to cope.

    Many of those evenings I sat up late and wrote in my journal about what I wanted for myself and my boys in the future, how I would feel when those things happened and ways I thought I could make those events a reality. I would go to bed feeling relieved to have got it all out and that the next day I would be on the road to having those things happen for me.

    Fast forward 5 years and I have achieved many of the things on those journal pages including: meeting and marrying a wonderful, caring, supportive and stable man; moving to a different city to live in a beautiful home; having a career that allows me to spend more time with my children and be involved in their school and finally to start my own business.

    The creation of my business plan really helped meet the needs of my visualization of my next big feat. It helps me see how exactly I plan for my business to work and how it will grow. From there I am able to see myself in the day-to-day of being that business owner and how it will feel and what it will mean to me.

    It IS a done ****ing deal! I’m making it happen every day and on the days where I don’t stay on track with getting there I ask myself if this is how I plan to get to my destination or if I need to get off my @ss and do more.

    Thanks Marie and Danielle for the wonderful video.

  40. Emily

    Yes!!!! Love the both of you ladies…and all of you ladies above getting your comments on!!!


  41. Great stuff ladies! Thanks for sharing.
    I use a vision board for the day-to-day stuff. Reminding me to be grateful, to be playful, and to keep a state of wonderment. Your strategy for goal setting and visualization is terrific.
    I’m going to go get the book now. 🙂

  42. I’ve had tremendous fear stepping into the dance studio after being out for quite a while. For me, going to the studio and getting the paper schedule is much better at getting me to go get the shoes, setting up a time line, and getting my butt back there than checking out the website.

    Actualization is my goal. Its visualization that moves it all into being 😉

    Thanks Marie!

  43. Awesome video! Not to be a wet blanket, just to interject some of the resistence I get when I represent my ideas as being mindfulness-based stress-relieving techniques. “Where’s the proof?” “Where’s the Science?” I can appreciate that folks hear about every new “self-help” (I don’t know how that got to be a bad term: Isn’t it good to help yourself?!) trend, and there’s a certain burn-out and skepticism. How do you get past that? Educate people more? Show them studies that prove how helpful these techniques are? Ditch the unbelievers (but don’t they need this the most?).
    Thanks for all you offer, Marie, I’m a faithful fan and RHH B-School grad,

    • Emily

      how about this? ask them if their way is working? if it isn’t then whats the harm in giving it a shot?
      also, attraction, not promotion.
      show them how it works for you and thats the proof!

  44. Love Danielle & Marie & Love visualizing it’s done. So much power in that.

    At the same time I disagree that you have to believe it or see it to make it happen. The universe is way more creative than we are and can often dream bigger than we can – as long as we’re not blocking those dreams we’re all good.

    I love what Bubba Watson said after he won the Masters “I never even dreamed this big.” And there he was, putting on his green jacket.

  45. As an energy reader/healer myself I give a big thumbs up to visualization as Danielle is describing it in her new book. It DOES totally work and actually is what it feels like to move energy too. When you visualize you are REALLY doing something – i.e. bring possibility into form. It’s real, it works. Gotta have it.
    Thanks, Danielle for waking up business women to the joys of conscious creating. Love it!

  46. Exactly what I needed to hear today!

    I have a couple of projects I am working on and this “Done Deal” tip will help tremendously.

    Thank you Danielle and looking forward to reading your book.

  47. Ahhhhhh…what a relief to hear you both say you don’t force yourself to do the same things every day. I’ve spent more energy beating myself up for not being “disciplined” with my visualizations. So silly! I’ll save that energy for when I feel inspired to imagine my “done f*cking deal.” Thanks, ladies.

  48. I’m so glad this came up. Ivisioning is something that I have been seeking more information on for the past year. I’ve come across many who have tried to explain but I was let feeling like “what the heck”. I’m downloading the worksheet now!!!

  49. Love the chat, girls! It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known Danielle, I’m forever inspired. She’s way ahead of her time, and perfectly ON time all at the same time. FSS is, truly, the new, bad-ass Artist’s Way. Just ordered 3 more copies. And, thanks for the weekly entertainment, Marie:) Your videos are too much fun! Looking forward to meeting one day soon. xx

  50. Marie, You are so Badass and Sexy! and this is coming from a Gay Man so you know it must be true! 🙂

    I so enjoy hearing all of the empowering comments from all of you beautiful woman! I hear a lot of you discussing the importance of transforming the “imaginary” into the “reality” Yes! I completely agree! Taking the power of the mind (and heart) and putting it onto paper makes it REAL and that much easier to push into your Life!

    I totally understand the skepticism around visualization. Looking into that Beautiful mind of yours takes courage and conviction. Its not exactly easy to look yourself in the Heart so when you do take the time to try visualization be gentle and keep it simple. Love is the key to all success in Life weather it be business or personal and it is Key to Visualization.

    If you are having trouble looking into that big beautiful Heart of yours send some fluffy tufts of LOVE to that heart. One thing I like to imagine when faced with a closed heart is: Picture a heart in your minds eye and imagine beautiful French Double Doors on it. When you see those doors, just open em up! and step inside! This is one of my favorite starts to a meditation and I use it my meditation classes too!

    I love you ladies! Thank you for inspiring me this morning! <3 <3 <3

  51. Susanna

    Hi Marie – wasn’t able to pull up Danielle’s worksheet. Is there anyway to repost this? Thank you.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. If you are having trouble grabbing the worksheet from the link above, email us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up!

  52. You gals are fab! I love everything you do. Wish we could hang sometime and visualize. Marie, this comment should be read in your voice to have true effect, Ya know, the way you say”viiisuualize”?! So proud of you both have done. Danielle, I’ve been in from style statement days. I refer you both to all the positive peeps I know. Can’t make the launch this week, :(. Didn’t visualize this one soon enough. My new acquaintance Lisa O will be there! Lots of love- Current sacred.

  53. Jingjing

    Hello beautiful girls Marie and Danielle!

    It’s a sensational experience to watch this cute cute video! I couldn’t stop the urge of sharing dream-come-true my experience with you and other wonderful people on this site!

    I recently got to know the fabulous and much loved Danielle through other spiritual teachers, and I’m feeling like I’ve got yet another great fortune! – or maybe yet another wonderful wonderful manifestation! 🙂 And I so can’t wait to read the book The Fire Starter!

    It occurred to my family and me especially in recent years that, I seem to be a lucky, blessed girl that always gets what I want! I started to look back the wonders of life, I begin to seriously understand what a real deliberate creation life is! So to make the story efficient 😛 just with my “dream” and “silly” visualization (then I thought…:P), I got admitted to my desired university in my desired city Shanghai out of a highly competitive crowd in China (you girls probably have heard some about my amazing country, with its unique situation, at least our people “think” we live in a much different reality as you can imagine); and then when the study finished, I got a desired job in the desired work environment just as I often “dreamed” of working in, the people, the office building! – it just sounded funny to me when I later thought about it..but didn’t realize it’s much bigger than that!

    Then a few years’ great experience working for this company, I knew I really wanted to come to Europe to study, but often it means high expenses on everything..And then…I just saw this information about an European scholarship that fully covers everything, a generous offer! So I applied for it while “visualizing” the feeling of me Literally already studying there (without even realizing that I was actually doing this master, magical process!!!)…so, I got the offer! And now in my second year of master study on the subject I’m really inspired about! I’m having a fabulous time of my life, awesome experiences, meeting wonderful people, beautiful inspirations everywhere…I can’t stop praising and being thankful for life everyday! It’s a dream come true life all through and, I now know, with this Knowing, I am so excited about what’s coming ahead of me, the fulfilling of my mission, vision and purpose of life, of course, through my passion and bliss following 🙂

    So I highly praise your work Danielle for inviting the light of deliberate creation to the world out there – it makes my heart bubble to think more and more people are having their dreams come true! What a beautiful life! Thank you Danielle and Marie for sharing this!

    Much love

  54. marie/danielle,
    i can’t tell you how much i LOVE this video. as a visual person, i always create a painted picture in my mind before i tackle any big vision. i think this is something that olympic athletes do very well.

    i always knew (and visualized) that i would have my own store one day… it was just a matter of when. i was at peace about it and learned as much about the industry as possible. i got some amazing experiences & opportunities along the way as a buyer for bloomies, saks and barneys. now we will be celebrating our 5yr anniversary for Pink Olive on 5/5.

  55. Brilliant Interview Marire! I have always questioned that as well. Just knowing that gives us a state of “calmness” comforts me. That is already a plus!


  56. Freea

    You gals are GREAT…Just bought the book. Thanks for putting your amazing work into the world! Happy Spring

  57. Hey Marie. Love the discussion promoting Danielle’s Book. Can’t wait to see her for her book launch in 2 days in Toronto!

    Here is my story! (a must read! :)).

    I was living in a hideous town with my boyfriend (hanging with him as he attended school… I basically put my life on hold for this?), I had no money, or job. I knew it was time to head back to Toronto. It was hard to go, cuz I thought I’d lose him, alas, it was meant to be (my spiritual healer friend helped me be brave enough to make this decision.) We also made a decision to live together, but, I had no money. But I knew I would make it happen. It was time to get out of Dodge! So, I used my artistic talents (+ my background in custom framing) and decided to make my own small frames (cut the wood, nail them together, etc.) and hand paint them. After a month or so, I had made around 40. It was around Christmas time.

    At the same time, I started ‘crafting’ my resume. When I say ‘crafting’, it was a visual work of art. I used CorelDraw (is this still around?). It was completely different from a standard resume (this was almost 17 yrs ago btw). It was a show-stopper.

    When I finished my frames, I found a craft show I could enter in Toronto (Annex). I borrowed my boyfriends brothers suv (I left my car for my boyfriend while in TO), stayed at his parents house and set up a booth for 2 days (outside in the winter). My frames looked nice and I also included a little picture of an angel in each one (just black marker and gold pen for the halo, cute, but just filler for these frames…). I ended up selling all of them and made $1,300.00. Enough for first and last months rent for an apt. (Ironically, my customers thought I was selling pictures of angels… in cool frames:)).

    Back in Dodge, I printed out my resume. I made 2 copies and stated, “I will get a job with one resume.” I meant it. (I said this to the guy working at Kinko’s copy place where I printed my resume back in TO – he thought I was nuts!). I also wrote a list of all the qualities I wanted in a job. Not so specific, but a really cool list none the less (fun, creative, cool people, nice studio, good pay, etc.). I also wrote down all the qualities I wanted in my new apt. (2 bedroom, dishwasher, bright, laundry, balcony, near a park, fireplace, parking)! I set my intention, again and again. Turns out, my friend and I found the best apartment near High Park! Just steps from the park. (We were one of many who wanted it… don’t ask me how we got it ;). I called 5 employment agencies in TO and set appointments the day I landed in TO in my new apartment. 3 appointments one day and more the next. During my 2nd interview, I got a call on my cell from the agent from my FIRST interview saying she found something I may be interested in… Turned out it was a job working at Walt Disney Animation Canada (who was working on sequels for feature films – Hercules and Peter Pan). I went from sad and broke in Dodgeville to dream apartment + dream job (really, it was unbelievable!) in a matter of weeks! and Yes! I got a job with just 1 resume!! :).

    I first visualized, set my intention and wrote down what I wanted. I never looked back. Now I’m married with 2 kids (with the boy I left behind)!

    All my love!


    • Thanks for sharing this story. I love hearing specific examples. It’s empowering.

      • Ooh. You’re so welcome. So do I!
        Even writing this story down made me remember to apply it again right now… it’s easy to forget how powerful we truly are!

  58. Great video, ladies! Danielle – love the “done f#&$ing deal” comment. After you said that my entire body shifted and it felt like my body was more aligned than ever with my mind. Book is ordered and can’t WAIT to read.

    It’s also great to hear how you apply the entrepreneurial feeling of ‘freedom’ by not having hard and fast routines everyday. I have always been the same way but it’s not a popular approach with experts. So THANKS for that extra bit of business goodness.


  59. It’s so important when you talk about “feeling it” because you can picture all you want but the universe works on energy. So I do focus on how it feels to get that job, that man, that wave! And knowing what you want ( or think you want) is a done deal, you have to have that feeling. And it does bring you closer to clarity.
    I do things like preparing for a commission even though the deposit isn’t in the bank yet, even if it’s cleaning and clearing out the studio so there’s room for the next big order.That’s believing! and usually the order comes in that day!
    I look forward to Danielle’s book, because a new and fresh way to look at visualization is a wonderful way to to keep the juices flowing.
    thank you both,Laurel

  60. Thank you for this. I REALLY needed it. After being on Danielle’s pre-order list ( I haven’t been THIS excited about a book in a long time, if ever!), I have The Fire Starter Sessions on my laptop and NookColor. I’m in Texas by myself, hammering away at making my freedom (like Danielle wants, so do I) happen. I just can’t thank you enough because I’ve felt down since I woke up. But, I am now feeling much better after watching you two, my new positive online friends, share your excitement with everyone today. Thank you. Thank you for supporting all of us who are sick and tired of people telling us who they want us to be. THANK YOU, for real.

  61. Loved the video – I think you two totes rock.

    Last year, I visualized my perfect relationship. I wrote it out in detail, even. It was interesting that even though I was married for 26 years at the time, I wasn’t attached to my husband being part of that dream! In fact, it seemed like that would be impossible. But when I got into what I will forevermore call “done-effing-deal-no-matter-what” status, lo and behold, it is here. WITH my husband of now 27 years.

    Thanks for all you guys do. Off to to order the book!

  62. Thank you, Marie, for bring Ms. LaPorte onto your show — love her!

    “Done Deal” technique for visualization.

    Yup. That is it. Bingo.

    Playing all of the if/than scenarios as a tool to try and “figure it all out” before making a decision is literally a killer.

    Earlier this year, I was sitting on that *really* uncomfortable fence trying to “figure out” whether or not I should launch an online program this summer (“Have The Best Summer of your Life”) for my audience consisting of really busy Superwomen . It was the most painful two months. Not just for me, but for everyone around me.

    But then something miraculous shifted.

    I made the 100% gut decision to GO FOR IT (in DLP speak “done f*ing deal”), and I immediately felt free and joyous, and the anxiety in my body disappeared, and all of the ideas of how to succeed (because it will!) started flowing out of me like my pick struck gold.

    Thank you for putting words to what I just experienced, Danielle.


  63. About five years ago I decided I was going to be a Naturopathic doctor. Not that I was going to go the naturopathic medical school, but that I was going to be a doctor. During the application process I tacked up a photo of me in a cap & gown (from undergrad) and wrote ND (Naturopathic Doctor) on the gown. I then began getting things ready in my life, like discarded unnecessary stuff because I knew I was going to have a long move to Portland, Oregon. In 74 days people will be calling me doctor!

    This is the biggest life event I’ve consciously visualized, but I do it all the time. Even with just scoring an awesome parking spot. If I’m in the zone, I’m successful, but just like what was said in the video- anxiety will work against you. You’ve gotta be relaxed and see it as a done deal. So, I’ll be starting a practice soon. And I’m going to keep on following Forleo’s tips and visualizing my done F’n deal!

    PS- I bought the book about 5 minutes into the video!

  64. Oh my goodness, now I’m even MORE excited that I pre-ordered Fire Starter Sessions! Let’s get my visualization ON!

  65. Graciela DeFraia

    You are inspiring. Each time I listen to you Marie Forleo, I feel better and better and better and stronger. Thanks for doing what you do! I’m telling everybody.
    Graciela DeFraia Frangipane

  66. Thanks for introducing me to Danielle. I’m off to get her book. I had a great “visualization” experience a few months ago. I visualized opening a hat store in Hudson. Fast forward a few weeks…B’s Hats opened in Hudson and has several of my hats in her store. It REALLY works!!

  67. This whole concept of using visualization to ignite your dreams is instrumental for me. My family and I actually started our own manifestation group not too long ago where we actively help each other manifest our dreams together. It is one thing to visualize individually, but as with most things in life, the power of a group drastically multiplies the power of your intentions.

    I really liked when Danielle highlighted the difference between possible and done deal. I trained myself to think in the realm of “done deal” a little while ago, but it is still something I have to continue reminding myself of. Negativity will always try to creep back in especially when what you are doing seems totally outrageous, but that’s definitely a sign that you are on the right track and need to keep moving forward. Visualization and meditation are great ways to release any fear and angst you feel towards your dreams and allow attraction to organically happen.

    • So cool that your family works together that way! Very inspiring.

  68. A firend of mine did a vision board on manifesting a love relationship after a long dry spell after her divorce. She found an image of a gorgeous guy dressed in jeans and a leather jacket that she cut out from a liquor ad. About two weeks later, she met a gorgeous guy with the same rugged looks and they were head over heels excited about each other. However, as it turns out – he was an alcoholic! Hmmmm! Go figure!

  69. Fabulous video with two kickass women! What’s not to love?

    I use visualization all of the time. I’m a major vision board junkie & am also big on scripting. I like to write out whatever scenario it is that I intend to create as though it just happened & will often write as though I’m emailing my mom or a good friend to share my exciting news!

    I’m a writer & just naturally creative, so, another thing that works really well for me is to write my own (future) press in the style of whatever magazine/blog I am aiming for & shshshshshsh… I might have a recording on my phone of “Oprah” introducing me to her audience for my big interview. LOL.

    • Joanna,

      I LOVE the idea of scripting as though writing an email. Gonna definitely use that one!

      Thanks 🙂

  70. HUGE believer in visualization! That’s how I got a chance to interview YOU, Marie Forleo for my book and in fact, that’s EXACTLY how I got my book on the Amazon Best Seller’s List on launch day!

    Not only did I visualize hitting that goal, but I also set alarms on my phone to remind myself that I was going to make the list (a tip I got from Denise Duffield-Thomas).

    Sure enough, I ranked #11 on Amazon in Hot New Releases in Self-Help and #27 in Self-Help/Success categories.

    Here’s to visualizing an even bigger, brighter future where I get to help women all around the world change their lives and achieve their dreams!

    Happy visualizing every one! xoxoxo

  71. HOLY MOLY!! I love it when I get to be in the presence of my “tribe”. Danielle and Marie, your effervescence and kicka$$ approach to life make me move my dream forward. Thank you for the gift of your worksheets and the karmic push towards where I need to be.

    I am so grateful that you ladies have found what you are good at and chose to share it with us.

    TIme to get my Fire Started!!!!

  72. Sue

    Thank you so much. The universe is so cool! I am teaching a course RIGHT NOW on mindful awareness. This weeks topic is visualization. I have been up to my elbows in it for days. I had a breakthrough on Sunday as I was giving my lecture. I know all about visualiztion, heck, I’m teachin’ it…..but I just figured out that I have always stopped at conceptualization…then yada yada yada. Yesterday I actually followed through to complete the exercise with certainty, confidence, and clarity. It felt good, and I did back away from a couple of things I thought I wanted.

    We often want “things” but don’t articulate (or visualize) exactly what “things” are or why we actually want them.
    Thanks so much to both of you for all your work on empowering us! I will be ordering that book ASAP!

  73. stephanie

    Thank you Marie and Danielle! I LOVED IT! And yes, visualizations for little and bigger things – I did and do them. The easier I can leave them to the Universe (and on some level *forget* about them), the faster they come and sometimes in most surprising and even better versions than mine…yeahyeah 🙂
    Love from Switzerland!

  74. Thank you both so much for this video and Danielle for your generosity with sharing the worksheets. Can hardly wait to get your book!

    I will say that I’ve always been a great visualizer and that even if broke, broke, BROKE ASS, as I’ve been many times, I was miraculously able to do whatever I imagined doing. YES! And you can, too.

    One suggestion – Instead of saying I “WANT” this or that, replace it with the word, “allow”. “I allow myself to…” Or “I HAVE…” The reason for this is subtle. The word “want” puts things into the future and therefore a bit out of reach. Make sense? Try it and see the difference.

    Thanks again for all the work you both do.
    Peace and love and happiness to you!

    • Chea, thank you for pointing out the subtle difference between “I want…” and “I have…” or “I allow…” and I’ll be sure to keep this in mind. 🙂

  75. Yay! I am so not surprised to see this video this morning in my inbox! I love it.
    I have been a believer in visualization for many years.
    When I was new to it I used to see what I wanted and it was always in the distance so it never felt real.
    It wasn’t until a terrible divorce that landed my ass on the curb with my life in 3 garbage bags and zero dollars, not even a credit card to my name did I put the “this shit is already done” into action.
    Less than 6 months later I had opened a restaurant, traveled to Aisa and Europe (something I always “saw in the distance” in my what seems now like my Past life), and met someone awesome who was deserving of my love.
    On paper, I am not qualified for the career opportunities that have been given to me (and that I have succeeded in) but with “this shit is real and it’s now” reality, it didn’t matter – that wasn’t even a thought that made me question what I was doing.
    I am now putting this to work in other areas of my life and everything is flowing just as it should .
    Thank you Marie for this episode and thank you Danielle for writing this book! I’m ordering it today and looking forward to reading it! Lots of love. Molly

  76. I love this kinda anti-woo-woo way to approach visualization, because honestly – it’s something that usually puts me off in practice. Buuuuut when I think about it as just seeing goals/dreams as a “done deal,” it actually makes me realize I HAVE been doing this already, I just didn’t call it “visualization.” Mostly around travel, or making a move to a new city, or getting a job I want – when I really want something, I know it’s gotta happen and I make it happen. It’s a done deal from the second I decide it needs to be. But here’s the other thing – I haven’t been doing it as consciously, with as much direction as I could be. So, that’s my new task. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Awesome stuff.

  77. I had a vision in April of 2008 that I was called to go to Colorado in August of that year. By August I was in Colorado for a visit. From there I had a vision to move. Two years later, I moved and now call it home.

  78. Anna

    Who knew!? I have taken two Zingtrain seminars at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor MI. both of which had a large focus on “Vision”. We where asked to write a vision in “Done Deal” format, big or small, in about 10-15 minutes, put pen to paper and just go. I did. Discussed it a couple of times in the weeks after with co workers, took a couple of action steps, then lost focus of it.
    After seeing this video (I watch Marie every Tuesday while eating lunch at my desk) I grabbed my training binder, flipped to the page where I had written my Vision and there it was. I had done it! A few details I have yet to meet (due to losing focus) but 10 months later, its reality. After this video and seeing proof I am going to follow these tips and live the changes that come with it. No longer Woo Woo for me!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  79. Oh man… SO much of this coming at me this week! I heard the greatest affirmation in the world, that really speaks to me and gives me that whole fully relaxed, open heart feeling:
    “I am safe in the Universe, and all life loves and supports me.”
    It may not speak to anyone else the same way it speaks to me… but damn. I love it. And really, it seems as soon as I am clear on what I want and need everything falls into place to provide it. It is the clarity that is key, and visualizing the end result and how you want to feel is just SUCH an powerful way to feel sure that you really do want what you think you might want. No lingering doubts to hold you back.
    I have used that sort of done-deal visualization to attract jobs, apartments, and my personal favorite… lovers 😉 Works like a charm every time.

  80. I used to think that visualization was woo woo, but in the last 5 years I’ve adopted it all. I do Vision Boards, I have something called an Ideal LifeVision where I have recorded my ideal life, and I listen to it. And I’m all about it. I think we have to begin with the end in mind. If we don’t know where we want to go and like Danielle says, “How we want to FEEL…” how can we create that for ourselves. I think about long term visions, but I also think about things in terms of the next 12 months. It’s so exciting to set fantastical dreams for the year and then look back to see all that I have created! Dreamers and Visionaries UNITE!

    • P.S. I absolutely LOVE the Fire Starter Sessions. Thanks for having her on MarieTV and everyone needs of copy of this book!

  81. I love love love BOTH these talented gals and all the good they’re creating in the world. And anytime I can ground the woo-woo stuff with a strategic action plan, well, I’m all in! We can’t just leave our vision boards hanging on the wall or accordion-folded in our wallets. We have to bring those visions to life by first “acting as if” and then second by “doing as if.” I love that Danielle spoke of meeting her vision half way. In my own life there’s been times where I’ve succeeded at remembering that second step {and then got to reap all the benefits}. But, admittedly, there’s also been earlier times where I waited on the Airy Fairy. And, let me tell you, OMing can only get you so far. My refusal to wait, and my choice to keep moving, has made all the difference. A big thanks goes to these two chicas. Congrats Danielle and may the Fire Starter Session success meet you right where you are today!!! Much love & gratitude.

  82. Bex

    Marie and Danielle! I love this so much…AHHHH- big sigh!
    This is great and something that I will be sharing with my tribe of performers! I’m such a free flowing visualizer too so hearing this and seeing someone kicking as big goals as you two endorsing this, is just amazing! Thanks so much for the free content too! xoxooxxoox

  83. Thanks for the phenomenal insight today with Marie–fantastic on every level–intellectually, spiritually, and more–opened another window 54 seconds into your talk to buy your book on Kindle–many thanks!!! Can’t wait for the results–but then again–I don’t have to wait because they’re a done deal:)

  84. Thank you Marie and Danielle!
    I have been stuck in Visualization Land for over a month now. I took a course to become a Certified Online Business Manager about a month ago. I have been stuck in the “letting go” stage with my previous clients and know that is what I need to do in order to grow to my next step.
    Luckily, I will be going on Maternity Leave May 1st, which will be a great time to refresh.
    I set a goal for myself to make a specific amount of money by July 15th or else I will have to go get a big girl job. I am determined not to get a corporate job and be able to continue to work as an Online Business Manager.
    After watching today’s video and doing the attached worksheets I realized just how close to my goal I am. I am only 3 small steps away from reaching my goal.
    My goal is to set up VIP days and to book 5 a month. I know my VIP days will be a great success because people love the work I do for them. I always get new clients through referrals. I no longer have any space for new on-going clients but want to continue to help entrepreneurs get out of ruts in their business and continue to grow. During these VIP Days, I will figure out what keeps the entrepreneur up at night, where the gaps are in their business and plan out how we will fix it. It is a one day quick fix that will help the entrepreneur get moving on what they do best.
    I have to get my website content up to date to promote my VIP days. I already have all of the content mapped out, just have to start promoting and booking. I am living in the now and will have everything up on my site by this Friday! Including a session to book a VIP day.
    Consider this my announcement. I would love if anyone wants to hold me accountable for it! That is some of the best advice Marie has given me. Put it out there and you will accomplish it. If you want to help me out, send me a message on FB. ( I would love to hold you accountable for your goal too!
    Cheers to the ripple effect and getting our goals!

    • You´ve got a message Theresa!

  85. Ron

    F*cking awesome review. Thanks so much for this free help. I truly appreciate it.

  86. Jane

    Yes! This is one of my fav topics! I have used visualization to help with difficult family members. At one point I was at my wits end with a family member who was headed in a dangerous direction. Every day I visualized happiness, and peace, with the best outcome for that person. After a couple of weeks she called me with the news of her new direction and reported, “I don’t know what happened, it is as if I was being lead”. This happens over and over again when I remember to visualize instead of getting all wrapped up trying to CONTROL everything!

    • Jane

      OH, and I forgot to say, I also visualized and felt the feeling of my own relief as my family member turned away from the danger.

  87. Visualization? In 2005, I started working with a book by Paul McKenna and using the CD that came along with it.

    A few years later, I suddenly realized that I was really moving in a particular direction, in several ways, becoming who I had visualized myself as. Along the way, I had also realized in what kind of surroundings I really wanted to live. I could feel myself living there, and go “Ah!” with relaxation and contentment. Joy! (Sort of like you will go when you have that cold Corona, Danielle.) In any case, it was very close to the sea and with little restaurants, coffee shops, and so on all around, places to take some of my work to and sit and chat and look up from time to time, which I always really enjoy. I pictured myself going into such places, having a bagel and all that. I didn’t do that consciously, as an exercise. I just enjoyed the idea so much that I could not stop myself from picturing me that way.

    And I desperately desperately needed a different home. I couldn’t find anything suitable for close to two years. Then all of a sudden, kaboom, I had a home in the sort of neighborhood I had pictured and then found (actually, on a day when I had forgotten to bring my map and just wandered around). And not just that, it was also in the street of which I had thought “Oh, I would like to live here!” the first time I had walked into it, and with the sea literally around the corner, with great spaces for daily running and walks. I felt like I’d fallen into heaven!

    It all started falling apart very shortly after I moved in, sadly, and I did feel cheated, but you know what? That is the second time I found what I consider paradise. The first time, I had planned none of it, in fact had dreaded some of the adventure I went on. That first time taught me what I really wanted to have in my life, including things I had never known before – such as the proximity to the sea – but enjoyed tremendously. So, I sure as hell can do it a third time! And I will!

    So, thanks for that encouragement to keep dreaming my done deals together! The timing is perfect!

  88. Andrea

    Thanks Marie! I am excited and just got it 🙂 Can’t wait till it arrives.
    I grew up in eastern Europe and I did the visualizations in my teens as I wanted to live in the USA. No idea back then how its all gonna happen.
    Well, in 1995 I did not end up in USA (well they rejected my visa) but I did not give up….I ended up in Canada for 10 years! Now I am in the USA for the past 10 years 🙂
    I have started last year on my vision board (again) and also my 8 year old did hers. Its amazing what happens when you truly feel it and you shift!
    I don’t think at all its woo-woo. I believe we are more spiritual then physical, so it all makes perfect sense. It all happens on the energy level first 🙂

  89. I love visualizations and my biggest of course is my vision board. My first vision board, I wanted a romantic relationship so I cut a picture out of a couple dancing barefoot on a wooden dock.

    A few months later I was with a partner on a scuba diving trip. At dinner time, he asked which restaurant I wanted to go to, and I said anyone with air conditioning. Long story short, after dinner outside Margaritaville as we watched the sunset, a song came on the loudspeakers and he picked me up, swept me off my feet and we danced barefoot on a wooden dock!

    Visualization works girls! For boys too!

  90. We use visualization all the time in our art licensing business. We create, draw and discuss products “as if” it’s already a done deal. We’ve created over 1,000 items in 3 years so this process really does work. Does every project we visualize make it to a 3 d reality, of course not, but the process does work well.

    I love how directly she said “Done F%$#ing Deal” Blah ha ha, maybe we’ll make it our new corporate mantra! Thanks for sharing ladies, great great stuff.

  91. it’s a done deal. looking at my white board…they are not to do action items…but done deals 🙂

  92. I love done deal meditating. I had a done deal miracle just last week. I have been meditating for the last few weeks using the Abraham-Hicks app on my iphone (great meditation app btw). I had been focused on meditation to bring a hunk of cash in for my biz. Within 9 days I got a check for $14, 000 that came to me with very little effort. I am now a believer baby. Thanks Marie for another great video.

    Salts Organic Clothing

  93. Can’t wait to get the book, Danielle!

    I had the “done deal” feeling about my line of premium fitness and yoga bags… a year and a half in the making, but worth every minute of visualization.

  94. Love this discussion! Danielle is such a mystic, without the wooo. I’ve floated around in woo-woo-ness and have done a lot of research and different practices based on alchemy, esoteric magic, and lots of teachings by Doreen Virtue. I find that when I visualize done, things mysteriously fall into place or I may stub my toe and when I scream “Shit!” and look down at the ground I’ll see a message. Once, even, I got a fortune from a random Chinese restaurant in LA that said, “You will soon meet a short stranger.” I thought for sure it had to be a typo! My friends and I laughed our asses off for about 10 minutes. I’d been looking for a relationship and was online dating. All of the services were matching me up with a lot of guys that were shorter than me!

    This is true, I SWEAR; later that day I got into an elevator and about 2 floors later the doors opened and the little midget guy from Austin Powers, Mini Me, walked into the elevator and began to hit on me!

    I remember thinking to myself, “What the hell have I been visualizing/affirming? That I’ll attract a ‘little’ love?”

    Be careful what you visualize as done. You’ll get it!

    • “a mystic, without the wooo” i’ll be quoting you on that! xo

      • Hi Danielle – sending you BIG love today and I’m so grateful for the mystic in you.

        I wrote a blog post by expanding this comment.

        May your blessings continue to flow TORRENTIALLY!


  95. As an artist, I always visualize – but my experience is that often times in the past I’d share that vision and watch as it got whittled down by nay-sayers and people who said, well, you should do it THIS way, or you can’t do it that way, or….

    so I have stopped telling people expect the ones who I know would support the dream in its entirety the way I see it.

    I love what Danielle says: hand it over to life and show up” – perfect! And
    as always, this was perfect timing for me, bcz I have a huge outrageous vision to create –

    I LOVE your spirit, Marie! And your groundedness, Danielle!

    aloha –

  96. The video was a lightbulb moment – whenever I have really visualised what I wanted the difference between achieving it and not… it now appears to come down to my personal belief and whether I saw it as a “Done Deal”. I kind of knew that, but I love those two words, so easy to clarify. I have been trying to teach my daughter this for her swimming and I think those words are going to get a work out! Thanks for the clarity, you ladies rock, Annie,xx

  97. I love to do my visualization while I am skiing. There is great quiet time while riding the chair lift or zooming down the mountain in the fresh sunny air.
    Thank you for sharing.

  98. Aaaahh! this was so wonderful and timely for me — I have been thinking about the power of intention / visualization for the past few weeks as I’m in the process of moving & dug through some old journals where I had written down my goals as though they had already happened. I also had made a list of qualities I was seeking in my ideal mate, following a really horrific break up. Totally forgot about doing either of these things, so it was pretty fun to look at… and guess what? 3 years later, I am doing 80% of the things I had listed for my life and career, and I was smiling so big as I sat down to read the list of qualities to my current partner… and he matches every. single. one. There is so much power in this, and I love the phrase “done deal.” This video absolutely solidified what was swirling around for me with the idea of visualization, and I’m excited to grab a copy of this book and get started on my next round of goals! Thanks so much, love this site and the empowering feelings you generate. big love!

  99. I cannot think of a better show than to watch Marie & Danielle! I really appreciate the comments you make about time management and not doing the same things every single day because it doesn’t make you feel free. Hallelujah!! I feel the same and it’s reassuring to hear this from you girls. I am living a life of freedom with a clear visualization to become and feel even more free. 🙂

    Have Danielle on the show again – your energy is so fun together and of course I’m getting the book, right now!!

  100. Visualization is definitely in my tool box. My favorite is spontaneous visualization as in information being downloaded into me seemingly from somewhere else. It’s my road map. I’ve probably been doing it my whole life without naming it.

    If you’re in the mood for something girly and fun enter my giveaway Marie + Danielle. The prize is pretty sweet

  101. Marie,

    This was great. Have been watching a few interviews with Danielle today…I loved your approach and the topic that the two of you covered.

    I had a really powerful experience with visualization several years ago. (Before I had always tried to use it–unsuccessfully–to “manipulate” the universe). However, in about 2004, I began thinking about buying a house.

    Like Danielle described, I started thinking about how I would *feel* in the house. I remember visualizing the feeling of my feet on the carpet, walking through the house the first night after moving in.

    I visualized the feeling of sitting in the living room with all the lights off, next to a glowing Christmas tree, watching the snow fall on the street outside.

    I visualized my house being full of love and warmth as I hosted friends and family for cookouts.

    The interesting thing is that I had no clear image of what the house was or would look like, just the feelings and experiences I would create there.

    Within 6 months, I had bought the house and went on to experience each of those feelings *exactly* as I’d experienced them in my mind before I even saw the house I eventually bought!

    Thanks again for the great share. I’m at a place in life where I needed to remember this story and do some more “done deal” visualizations!

  102. Excellent! Thank you Marie. For years my wife had been telling me how awesome your videos are, and yes they ARE!!! Thank you! Keep it rocking girl! Abrazos desde Mexico

  103. Thank you Marie and Danielle!

    I love the phrase “Done Deal” ….and the way it makes you feel when visualising. I shall add it to going for a run and meditating, as ways of getting into a relaxed and positive emotional state …….for me, this makes all the difference!

    Feeling free and creative and able to move forward with whatever the project is beats fear paralysis every time!

    Good luck with the book! – looking forward to reading it 🙂

  104. Eleanor

    Marie, love the interview!

    It’s like she said, when you are able to get in the feeling/seeing it happen, somehow magically, it’s like it becomes a no-brainer, things fall into place and then I wake up one day & it’s a done deal, so I start inching up to the other projects/ideas/things I want. Can be scary, but when I can get into that calm space (usually when I’m traveling – no outside interferences), things become crystal-clear.


  105. Maralee

    This is awesome stuff! I’ve visualized so many things, since a little girl I would drift away into “day dream mode”, lala land or what ever you want to call it. Just to find out that it’s a form of visualization. I first learned about visualization from the book “The Secret” and “The Teachings of Abraham Hicks”. My biggest dream of all was to become a doctor. A pediatrician to be more exact. I’m now working to make that dream a reality. I already graduated from med school (outside the US). I’m now studying to take the board exams and it’s been difficult for me to just sit all day studying and not working in an hospital doing what I really love, make people feel better.
    You have no idea how your page and book “Make Every Man Want You” have helped me out. Thank you so much! It’s even better that I’m now going to learn how to correctly visualize! : )

  106. Hi Marie and Danielle,

    I just ordered my copy of the Firestarter Sessions and I can’t wait to get it. I graduate with my Master’s in May and this is a graduation gift to myself. I’m building my career coaching business and this is a must to get myself in the right frame of mind. I’ve used visualization before many times but I’ve stopped since I’ve been in school. Now I’m ready to fan that fire inside! I’m looking forward to learning more.

  107. Debbie G.

    Marie (and Danielle),
    This was just the boost I needed this week. I have used vizualization off and on over the years and I KNOW that feeling – “it’s done” “it’s happening now” – and that sense of simultaneously letting go and stepping into the new reality. Whenever I have felt that feeling, that knowing, it has happened in my life. Period.

    You both reminded me that I am in control of creating that feeling. I think in the past I thought it was a gift given to me when I chose “the right thing” to ask for… I think I finally get it now – live the feelings I want to feel, act from those feelings and it’s gonna happen, baby!

    Thank you both for your generosity of spirit. I’m inspired and I can’t wait to read your book, Danielle. Marie, I have read yours and loved it – even though I have been married for over 25 years… a girl has to keep her guy happy and wanting her, right?

    Thanks, Debbie G

  108. Got my book in the mail yesterday and bought the Audible version too!

    Visualizing has always seemed cheesy to me, but perhaps Danielle’s brand of cheesy is just what I need. 🙂

  109. Marie and Danielle –
    My Fire Starter Sessions book just arrived — along with the 2 I ordered for friends… can’t wait to dive in (and next month is BSchool – rock on!)

    way back in the early 90s a friend called it Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism – SVM … and I think of it like that— that like magnets we are drawing to us what we see we put in our minds – I love the idea, Danielle of “core desired feeling” — that’s what I pay attention to – then think even bigger – put the magnetic vision out there – and then GET BUSY!!
    … so that’s what I’m going to do now – off to get busy with my FSSessions now!

  110. I’ve been watching this over and over. Love it! Got the book! I love how Danielle says to reverse engineer (not the first time I’ve heard it, but never really practiced it!). So helpful.

  111. I’ve watched client after client validate what I’ve also experienced: this works. And frankly, it doesn’t always take very long to manifest. The real work is in getting clear and accurate. Typically, within two weeks, we get a bigass nod from the universe that we’re heading in the “right” direction, if not the full thing we’ve envisioned. It’s truly magical and has played out as people, money, animals, and things that I’ve envisioned and now have.

    I’ve decided that the type of visualization Danielle describes, truly feeling as if the “wish” is already done, is the real meaning behind “Living the Dream.” Feel it first, step into all open doors that are stones on the path to your vision, and watch it all fall into place. Dream big Mariepals. It’s our very own blank slate!

  112. Got my copies yesterday – sent 1 out to my mom and another to my dear friend who just found Danielle. Wonderful, beautiful interview…

    It’s a done deal…

    Thank you.

  113. Visualization! Yes! After my rather ugly icky, just plain awful divorce I imagined, saw, visualized a long table lit with candles with a man sitting next to me that loved me for ME and all the people that cared for and loved me where so happy for me. Well, it happened EXACTLY like that when I married my new husband, Tom. My family and friends were thrilled. AND girls, the reason I could not be in NYC tonight to celebrate the book is because my sweet husband scheduled a spa getaway for the two of us. So I gifted my 2 tickets to the book signing and I am with you all in spirit! I am busy with my “visualized” man ( he is better than I could ask of or think!)

  114. Liz

    Love this topic Marie & Danielle! I named my company Manifest because I love playing with how to bring things from thought and idea into concrete physical form.

    A fun and recent example for me of a fast manifestation: I recently decided that I wanted a fancy girl Easter bonnet to wear at Easter service next year. Got really grooving with how fun it would be to walk into church and cause a stir with a big feathery flowery number. Found my perfect hat yesterday on sale in a store I never go in – $249 marked down to $35! It even came in a giant hot pink box! I am ready for Ascot, tea with the Queen and Easter 2013 🙂

  115. Thanks for the great video!

    I have been using visualization in my personal life – why the hell have I not thought to use it for my business?!? How many more people would benefit from my gifts if I would to begin visualizing some crazy awesome success for my new workbook over at

    Two months ago today I moved to a new city after I started visualizing and writing affirmations about moving here just two weeks prior – it was smooth and supported by friends and family and I LOVE living here!

    Ok, I’m gonna start visualizing some crazy wonderful stuff over here – love to both of you beautiful ladies <3

  116. Loved this episode of Marie TV ! Thanks for introducing me to Danielle’s work. I honestly forgot how powerful visulization can be and how affirming what i want for my life can change the course of my thoughts and decision-making. I frequently tell my friends that I’m “living the dream” and it is quite literally true because of actions I took with courage after I visualized what I wanted and took the time to listen to the cues from the universe. I’m thankful. And grateful for your reminder of tapping into visuization.

  117. “Aaaahhhh…. Isn’t that great?” –Love.
    Reverse engineering from ‘Done Deal’ –Love.
    Marie, thank you for this book review.

  118. Just ordered Danielle’s book, Fire…., and discovered you, Marie! Very excited about “Reverse Engineering” and learning how to visualize more effectively. I do believe we “visualize” and “set into motion” ALL the time — negatively and positively. For me, I want to be more conscious of this phenomena and start creating visualizations intentionally and postively!

  119. Now I know EXACTLY how I’m going to use a large portion of #Pinterest! I have a ‘Vision Book’ that I put together for inspiration and law of attraction and now I’m going to #pin the heck out of that thing.


  120. What a lively discussion? So many fun stories and cool viewpoints.

    How do I see visualization? As unifying our mind with the Mind of God. Time/space is an illusion, so if we transcend ego consciousness, we can literally see anything that has ever happened or will ever happen.

    So when we are in that deep meditative Oneness space, often we can access that, and it does often feel that we “created” the future, when in fact we may have just merged with it! 😉

  121. Loved this video. To me, it’s all about connecting to the big vision and then have a strategy. When both of it aligns, magic happens x

  122. Abby

    Great video, Marie. And Danielle too. I have read about visualizing before, and tried it, but never quite got the Done Deal part! And the part about visualizing my feelings to see if what I’m dreaming about really is a Dream is a great tip. I plan to put that to work right away, as I have way too many ideas to pursue them all. I have been struggling to figure out which one to focus on, now that we are moved in to our dream house.

    I managed to do it right on that one, by chance, after years of thrashing around. Clipping pictures didn’t do the job because I didn’t really care what the house looked like, but once I wrote down the qualities it had to have, we found it within a few months.

    And of course I rushed right over to Amazon and bought the book!

  123. Loving the video and both of you rockstars!!! I am a HUGE believer in visualization, countless things, people and situations have been positive results in my life and business when I visualize.

    I love what Danielle said about feel the feeling of what it is that you want…that is HUGE …

    Thanks once again for this amazing video!! xo

  124. Are you wearing pants?

  125. Karina

    Thank you Marie and Danielle, for being the spirited sages that you are. MarieTV and The Firestarter Sessions have come at a time in my life where I find myself feeling stuck. Before I resisted (and lamented) feeling stuck, but actually I see it now as an indicator of a deep desire to take my career and my personal life in a new direction. This video is part of a series of coincidences that are pointing me to create a new vision for myself, and just go for it. Using focused feeling to fuel my goals has me on fire. It’s a done deal. Bring it on.

    • RE: “Before I resisted (and lamented) feeling stuck, but actually I see it now as an indicator of a deep desire to take my career and my personal life in a new direction.”

      I LOVE that kind of paradigm shift… the feeling doesn’t actually change, but the meaning that you assign to it does. That actually helped me overcome stage fright & now I see that fluttery, rollercoaster feeling in my stomach & the urgent need to pee(!) as excitement rather than nervousness. It helps :O)

      Best of luck with creating & bringing into manifestation that new vision of yourself!

  126. Yes, it absolutely works. I realised it many years ago when I caught myself ‘daydreaming anger scenarios in my relationships’ . I guess this would be ‘negative visualisation’ but I saw how it related to what actually
    was happening in my life, so I consciously started focusing on positive ‘scenarios’ and things finally attracted happiness in my life. I also used visualisation when I quit smoking (almost twenty years ago). Yes, it absolutely works on all levels, and thank you for reminding me, and for spreading the word. Congratulations on the book Danielle, I better go order it! And Marie thank you for all the inspiration and wisdom you share here.

  127. Fantastic. I always know I’m in the right place when I hear words and phrases that have really entered “my lexicon”.

    Stand out phrases in this video =
    * finding your truth
    * how do you want to feel
    * whatever practice you have, it has to feel good

    So I take the process of visualisation more into the realm of “mood-isation” and as Danielle says, I really tap into the feelings that are attached to the outcome.

    When I get laser-sharp-clarity around how I want to “feel about the done deal” then I can cultivate a mood surrounding it, and then embody it. When I remember the mood and feel it in my body, everything else falls into place. I can show up, get the work done, and practice gratitude when I accomplish my life work.

    • I was so excited when the book arrived this past week. Can’t wait to get into bed with Danielle again tonight. Yes, visualization is powerful. People usually think of it only in terms of creating a future possibility, but I wanted to add that it is also a powerful tool for being conscious and present in the present and as a tool for healing the past. One of the most amazing visualizations I’ve done involved an image of myself as a newborn baby coming into the world. In whatever the form and for what ever purpose it allows us to experience and step into a more fully integrated and whole experience.

  128. Danielle,
    You are my new Wayne Dyer! Your new book is my bible. I am carrying it with me everywhere, it just feels good to have it with me.

    Thanks Marie for a great interview.

  129. I love the idea of “who am I going to call when it happens” ! That really takes the done deal visualizing to a REAL deal next level.
    I have the digital FSS, but this book lover is definitely springing for the hardcopy.

    Many thanks to both Ms. Forleo and Ms. LaPorte for making this work feel so fun :)!

  130. Theresa Stevens

    I love when moments like this happen…I started an interior decorating and painting business in November of last year and have pretty much have done nothing with it! I would have a visualization of how I want it to be and the negativity would take over my dream. I was drawn in to check what Marie had to say this morning and I am super happy my ~ing brought me here! This is exactly what I need…I’m going to print the work sheets and pick up this book and finally take action on my dream!

    Thank you!!!!

  131. Hi Guys,

    nicely done explaining what is a really powerful concept. In the business world when people talk about plans, mission statements and blueprints (which can get really complicated) the one tool I always found really powerful was a simple but very clear vision statement.

    As a coach, I use visualization (which is effectively the same concept) an awful lot – it’s just one of the most powerful things you can do.

    You’re right it can get a bit ‘woo-woo’ and I’m not a big fan of going too far with that side of it (Law of attraction etc) HOWEVER there is some truth in it, we do have more power than our present conscious mind alone and if you have visualized properly, even when you’ve put that aside, your sub-concious/semi-concious/unconscious (call it what you will) will help you get there.

    Plus it simply helps, as Danielle so rightly pointed out, to have a really clear vision of your desired future state and answer as many questions as you can for yourself about it.

    great job guys…

  132. This I visualize steady stream of appointments on my calendar, which is exactly what’s happening.

  133. The law of attraction, and conscious manifestation are not ‘woo woo’ concepts because they are a basic fact of life.

    But, as usual I love all the uplifting and empowering positivity in this blog, and all the comments. ♥

  134. I ordrered this book as soon as I watched the video. I’m still so young (still a baby at 21!!) and just trying to learn from the best and soak up the knowledge! I agree, visualisation can be a powerful thing and can ignite some of the greatest ideas. I started my own blog last night because I visualised it.

    Thank you Marie! Great interview.

    Erica (LifestyleTea)

  135. Patience…what an interesting concept. Thanks for the reminder.

  136. Angie Kellogg

    I bought Danielle’s book last week and received it Wednesday. It is everything she said it would be:) I can’t put it down.

    Loved your talk today! Keep doing what your doing!

  137. Curious what you think about the difference between being convinced that you will prosper (and being clear about what that looks, smells, feels like) and having narcissistic tendencies.

    No judgment implied here – and this is presented only as an illustration – I heard Martha Stewart say last weekend that even when people don’t think that they like her, they actually do – because they are sleeping on her sheets and using her towels and recipes.

    Clearly, not everyone in this world is using M.S. sheets and towels, and not everyone likes everyone else. Equally clearly, M.S. Omnimedia is a wonderful company (70% women!) that makes great products, so, no issues there! But in a world of fashion and media promotion, maybe it’s important to be convinced that everyone likes you.

    Just an illustration to ask for your opinion – where do you draw the line between grandiose future vision and pathological self-centeredness?


  138. Thank you for the amazing interview. I’ve been giving Danielle’s book to all my clients and friends.

    I’ve worked with Gabby Bernstein the past year, and visualization for me now is this total surrender to what will be of the highest service on this planet–anything that I desire, knowing it’s backed with service + FEELING as it’s here already–just like the two of you spoke about, creates the space for it to manifest. And let me tell you, I have miracles every day now.

    Thank you for being your strong, beautiful, powerful selves and sharing your gifts with the world!


  139. Marie & Danielle~
    I’ve not yet experienced the famed Moleskin, but I do love my papermate! For a while I found a pen that actually topped the papermate… the Planned Parenthood branded pens that they had a bunch of next to their clipboards. I wrote those pens dry in record speed 🙂
    Loved the video… the “it’s done” is like a circuit breaker for the fight or flight response… we tend to fear things yet to come waaay more than things that have already happened. And, as we all know, not much in the way of greatness comes from the fight or flight response, does it? Marie, I signed up and look forward to more of this deliciously right-on goodness <3
    Brandi H

  140. Great formula to follow:

    Manifestation = Visualization + Emotion x Repetition

    In gratitude,
    Congrats on your book Danielle!

  141. I manifested an apartment after visualizing in just the way Danielle describes. After a nasty breakup in the middle of a very cold, dark winter, we left the apartment we had been sharing. I had a stressful job as a new teacher in a very small town, and it seemed impossible to find an apartment that A) wasn’t an ex crack den, B) allowed dogs, and C) was affordable and flexible about the first/last/deposit deal. I scoured Craigslist daily and found nothing, which made me despair, which I swear led to an increase in sh**ty apartments showing up online. I could see myself spiraling, so I took a forced break from apartment hunting and focused on how I wanted to feel when I put my hand on the doorknob of my place. Forget kitchen size, forget the dog, forget how much money I did/didn’t have to put down…I focused on how I wanted to feel when I came home at the end of a long day. I saw myself twisting the knob with a sigh and a smile…ahhh. At last. I’m home, I’m safe, I’m warm. After three days of feeling this, I checked Craigslist again, and bam. There was my apartment. I called and fought back the “this is too good to be true” feelings from past disappointments, and the lady ended up saving the apartment for me because she liked how I sounded on the phone. It was the perfect place for what I needed in that moment, and I was warm and safe for the rest of that winter.

    • What a great story! Congrats on making this dream come true. May there be many more:)

  142. I bought the Fire Starter Sessions just because I got led to Danielle on the web and she seemed like the real deal. And also very positive – which is important to me. I haven’t had the chance to start reading yet, but when I do I’m sure I’ll be wowed.

    I’ve always been able to make things happen – I just didn’t realize it until one day a friend pointed it out. You know how to make things happen. Huh. Well yeah, I guess I do. That’s the reason I was able to rescue six shetland ponies and trailer them across the states, it’s the reason I live in a funky old 1800s farmhouse in Vermont, it’s how I know my writing career is on track after only two books.

    I can see now that I’ve always looked at the done deal. Or at least a part of it. I think the push for the house was far to frenetic to have been coming from a place where it was already true, but almost. And I got it done. So now I’m going to read FSS and see how I can improve my process. I’d like to release some of the tension, and also be able to make the big moves without all the second guessing. There is STUFF TO BO DONE, and I’d like to do that stuff with confidence and no regrets and an inner sense that I’m not damaging anyone in the process.

  143. Mad good stuff, yo! Seriously though, I love it, and I agree with all that was said on visualizations. and happy to be reading the Firestarter Sessions to support my dreams and goals as a personal development blogger and coach.

    I agree with what was said about once you have a direction, that feeling as if it’s here in the present is crucial. But if someone doesn’t know where to go, then sitting in the space of possibility is a very practice, in a space of lightness, creative and play. Then ideas start coming in, going out and something will resonate.

    And if someone isn’t experienced with visualization, there might be some dedicated practice time required. I do some type of meditation or visualization everyday, but not at any specified times.

    The most important point being, have fun with it, relax and know you have what it takes to get there already within you.

    Thanks M & D!

  144. I totally get visualising stuff and it happening. I sat in my garden and didn’t just dream but actually saw the my artists studio and how I thought it would look at the end of the garden for quite a few years. I had a sudden illness and it spurred me into action and now my studio stands and has become know as the Shed with the Chandelier. I get to create my artwork there, play my music, music has been recorded there, movies projected – I visualised it as a hub of creativity and now I speak to people all over the word about creativity and real living. So I am so glad I have found this website – brilliant thank you and I looooooove Danielles new book xxx

  145. I love visualization. I have taken an active step with that by listing out my bucket list and focusing on some of those things at one time.

    I have climbed up Asias top mountain, mountain bike in the worlds toughest mountain bike race and moved to Spain.

    I would love to lead and grow a global organization to empower women and very inspired by Marie Forleo. I started following her videos and find them super empowering. I am still trying to figure out and be very clear on my offerings. I bought Danielles book last month, still waiting to get it mailed to me,

  146. Ola

    Thanks for your video! I discovered visualization a few years ago through vision boards, affirmations and such. I used it to receive $15k in local scholarship money for college (from orgs like the Rotary Club, private donors, etc.), which was pretty incredible. Then, I used it to transfer from my first college to an Ivy League University. (From really blue-collar, working class public schooling, without fancy counselors or private advising… what!)

    And the beautiful things is…. once you witness visualization working, and you remind yourself of your achievements, you feel pretty damn powerful, unstoppable even. There are no ifs and buts — once a dream sparks in your head, its conversion to reality is definitely ” a done deal”.

  147. I do “Daily magic” from Get the edge by Anthony Robbins 🙂
    I’m a guy and i’m 17, but the way you explain things really REALLY make sence to me!

    Thanks Marie for all the awesomeness

  148. Awesome post thank you!

    My visualisations come true a lot of the time.

    I visualised becoming a yoga teacher… 3 years later here i am. I visualised having my business… it’s now in the beginning stages.
    I visualised getting a particular scooter. One day in a shopping mall… I sat on a red Italian malano, because I knew that soon I’d be needing my own wheels. I did not have the money to buy one and I had never even bought an expense as exspensive as the scooter. Anyway, i climed onto it and told my huby to take a picture of me on it. I was just goofing around.

    3 months later i went in to buy a completely different scooter because it was cheaper than the Milano… But the shop i went to sold out on the scooter i really didn’t want to buy and there was this red milano, the last one on the floor and I got it for the same price I would have bought the cheep-ass one.
    How’s that for manifestation. LOL.

    I have a plan to get into the line of work where I can take the “whoo-hooo-airy-fairy” shit out of the yoga aspect. By that I mean I’d like to study the neurophysiology workings and science behind the effects that the practice of breath techniques have over the body, the science behind the brain and how coming into heart coherence can relieve anxiety, bring more clarity, balancing the limbic and cortical brain and teach these things to those who need them. I want to study techniques to relieve old traumas that effect our day to day behaviour, relationships so that we can get out of our own way to live more of the life we dream of.
    There is a lot of scepticism about why these things are beneficial, because we rely on so much of the airy-fairness of it all and no one bothers to explain how it works.

    I was totally sceptical about yoga and when i did it I could feel the effects. But i want to make that more readily available to others and bust all the myths about yogicness!

    So in short, i’d like to study the brain and the body. I’d like to become a life coach… and who knows what else will spawn from that!

    cheers from the
    Head Mad Yogini
    Mad About Yoga

  149. jef

    sound like another coalburner

  150. Dee

    I went to get Danielle’s Strategie Worksheets to get clear and it was totally white blank sheet. Can you please assist for I was so excited to take the steps to seek. Thank you for your kindness first time checking you out… Blessings

  151. Thanks for this video, it will help many people. I do resent a bit the “airy-fairy’ label even as an initial joke. It’s considered part of yogic science that where you put your mind, there your energy goes. So. I have used visualization to manifest a five figure fellowship that I didn’t even know existed when I did the visualization and the vision board which included it! Other desires on the same vision board came into being, even without my focus on them. I really believe we are in co-creation with Spirit, but the first step is to believe that that’s so and the gates open..

  152. Funny enough, I had my first “real” visualization happen today in my cubicle at work! And, it was clear – clear as day, and I wasn’t anxious, and I wasn’t asking “how?”, I was calm, peaceful and effing excited! So thanks for this – can’t wait to buy this book and get my party started!!!!


  153. I know I’ve watched this before…and for some reason I didn’t download, I doubt I tweeted and basically I entirely slacked off on getting this done. Now I’m back, I’ve downloaded and I’m subscribed to both you fantastic ladies and I can’t wait to put those awesome worksheets to use! I know from reading Danielle’s Daily Truthbombs that she is no joke with the direct and to the point wisdom!

  154. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give
    you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

  155. This was so good! I am buying the book today. Thanks for all you do Marie!

  156. Karen

    Thank you, Marie. I had to watch this video multiple times. Your excitement and enthusiasm for your friend is so wonderful to watch.

  157. Dottie

    HI Marie!! Hi Danielle!! I know this is a replay of an older video but I LOVED IT!! I use visualization in everything I do because I know it works! I’ve manifested the sale of my house, my new place, my weight loss, and my new business. I also teach Feng Shui Intention Boards which are visualizations put on paper like a vision board!!
    I also signed up for B-School thru Danielle LaPorte’s site so I am getting The Firestarter Session Book sent to me as a gift!! I can’t wait to get it!!

  158. M

    YES. I was in a BAD car accident several years ago. (I really felt for you when you had your accident in LA!) 14 broken bones, brain injury, the works. Hospitalized for 3 months but the whole time, I said, “of course I’m going to get better,” even when I was loopy and terrified I wouldn’t be able to walk or ride a horse again, and when one of my surgeons said I’d probably never get 100% better, I set out to prove him wrong, KNOWING I’d hit 100% and more because I had to work at it.
    I didn’t consciously visualize it, but it was like this inherit knowing that I was going to bounce back from the accident. Maybe the brain injury was a blessing because it kept me super positive and kept all the fear and worry at bay, but whatever it was, I know holding that vision of a full recovery has taken me to where I am now! There’s still little things I’m working on, but to meet me, you’d never know what happened aside from the scars I have.
    Love what you do, thanks for all the inspiration. xo

  159. Pen

    thanks for the book review Marie!! Where do you find time to read, much less breathe, with your schedule and looking so fabulous??…thats what I wanna know! 🙂

  160. Tammy

    I learned about visualization the hard way. I was driving my car on boxing day, the weather was snowy, slushy and cold, the roads were in bad condition. I kept thinking about my car going off the road, and I was visualizing it in my minds eye – and of course, I went off the road almost exactly as I envisioned it. My car was totalled, but I barely had a scratch.

    Now when I drive in bad weather (often in Atlantic Canada) I visualize staying on the road, my car sticking to the road and handling well.

    I have often applied this to things I do physically, and now shall start applying the same methods with the rest of my world. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  161. Visualization is THE reason why I have a seat in B-school right now.

    Fresh out of culinary school, my income as a natural foods chef is sparse and sporadic as I build my clientele. I had a strong feeling B-school would help me get my business rolling and that the investment would pay off in no time, yet I just needed to come up with the money up front. A week before the deadline, I wrote in my journal: YOU ARE GOING TO B-SCHOOL! and I celebrated and jumped up and down as if it were a “done fucking deal”. I imagined signing up online, watching Marie’s videos, and connecting with other B-schoolers.

    A couple days later, my mom “found” an old Cartier watch that had been hiding in her closet from an old boyfriend she had no attachment to. The watch was given me to sell. I put that sucker on e-bay and within days I sold it for almost exactly the about I needed to cover my B-school tuition.

    Hell to the yes!! The universe works in beautiful, mysterious ways.

    • I LOVE this story. Thank you so much for sharing. I wanted to do B-School, but had just spent the same exact amount of money on a different course ONLY because I didn’t know about B School. So, how is it? Have you been able to apply anything yet and make a return on your investment?

  162. Oliver


    My done deal visualization was buying a place to live. It took many years to plan, but it finally happened. After moving out on my own at 27 in 1999…I eventually realized it was cheaper to own then rent. In the meantime I lived in one rooming house after the other. So I set about visualizing (figuring out at 30) how was I gonna get to a certain place in life so I could buy a place to live

    I knew I had access to inheritence money at 37…I also knew by 34 I was gonna need more then that…

    In November 2007 I joined the military…for financial assistance (enlistment bonus), to build my level of technical skills and gain exposure to different life management tools (education opportunities, etc.) also often, (war veteran’s receive access to preferential treatment)

    Fortunately, I was deployed to participate in OIF(Operation Iraqi Freedom) after joining the military…this allowed for earning additional money which I used towards a down payment on a home purchase…..Deployment also indirectly affected where I was living, (Washington, DC, moved in with Mom) after returning from deployment
    Where I lived affected where I was working..migrated from VA to DC
    Where I was working impacted who I met in the neighborhood (laundry mat), real estate agent (Lola Pol), and where I decided to move, (Trinidad, Washington, DC)
    In July 2010, 1 year after getting back from deployment with help from Mom (tolerated living with me), financial assistance from the Washington DC Urban League, Home Purchase Training from the DC Government, money earned from a deployment and money from an inheritance, and slightly less than three years after joining the military I was sitting in a new one bedroom condo…

    My experience is by no means a reflection on how long it will take to reach goals when using visualizing techniques
    I am sure Danielle LaPorte’s FireStarter Sessions, Strategizing Visualization Techniques help increase the rate,”calls to action” (CTAs) at which goals are reached…

  163. Thank you very much for this video. When my daughter was in elementary school, I envisioned that by the time she was in junior high, I’d have work that would allow me to be home when she got home from school — so I could be there for her during some really important years of her life. It took my 5 years to do it, but I did it: just in time for her to start junior high. I cobbled together some online teaching, freelance writing and in-person teaching, and I made it work. And … I was living in a small, rural city where work was scarce — this was back in 2000, when there weren’t so many online opportunities. Fast forward to today: I’ve been working at a full-time job for 6 years, and I’m ready to work for myself again (I had to make the shift to full-time work due to some financial obligations). With that one success years ago, I know I can do it again. Only this time it will be easier, because there are so many more tools available to me. I’m envisioning what type of business it will be and, thanks to everything I learned in B-School, I’m ready to make it happen. Or should I say, “It’s a done deal!”

  164. “we all want to get beyond foreplay” – yes!

  165. Love Danielle and love you!
    You ladies have inspired my latest service: epic success vision board portrait.

    It’s amazing hoe simple yet revolutionary visualization is!

  166. Lex

    Creating my earning, working, loving done deal framework for this coming year and Be – Do – Have is going to be at the core of how it all comes together. (including B-School and Desire Mapping!)

  167. I’m writing an article on Visualizing for business + life and thought this would be one necessary spot to check out to get my creative juices flowing. Something that I’ve done in the past is use my marble notebook (because I always have to have something to write my thoughts in) and name it my MAGIC BOOK. In this magic book I write down my life as I want it. It could be my lover, my career, ideas for my next blog post, a vacation…ANYTHING. I will write and re -read what I’ve written and write some more when the inspiration hits. Guess what? A lot of thoughts and ideas have become a reality in my MAGIC BOOK. That’s why it’s magic. My form of visualization and belief in myself and what I want.

    Thanks, Marie + Danielle

  168. I love how the worksheets encourages me to put it all out there- hopes, dreams, fears- so that I know what I truly want and why. I also love the last question about persuasive and possibly outrageous actions that will help me get things going! It made me realize that I don’t have to wait to live the life I want to live. I can start practicing right now.

  169. I love this video! I use visualisation a LOT in my work and have had amazing results from it. I like to work with cacao, drink some and then meditate on my perfect business in it’s most successful manifestation….who my clients are….my beautiful beach house….my sense of freedom and satisfaction….and my beautiful jewellery studio which I adore working in…..I feel them as if they are happening now. Many times I have come out of these meditations and had some great news such as a big sale or an interesting email relating to the furthering of my business.

  170. The is an amazing and inspirational article, thanks for sharing

  171. Amazing fashion tips. Will be visiting most often here.

  172. Kaushal

    You’re great… I am in the last year of my graduation and I am in search of what my purpose I am going to use it to find my passion and achieve what I love to do

  173. Jorge Correia

    Hi Marie,
    I must say that only recently came across of your existence, and man, your energy is amazing!!
    On topic, I’ve actually manifested some desires through visualisation, and i give you a few examples:
    – My wife
    I met her in 1998, in a bar i used to work, and I felt drawn to her the 1st time I laid eyes on her. We talked a few times, had a couple of coffees together, but I was married at the time, and soon we stopped seeing each other and we never spoke again for over 2 years. This may sound bad, but i couldn’t stop thinking about her, and visualised us having dinner, riding a car, travelling and even making love…my marriage ended eventually, and one day, out of the blue, she called me! She kept my number when I discarded hers…we met, and we’re still together to this day, 18 years next August.
    -A car
    i used to travel to that same very job in a bar, by train. That meant, I had to wait 3/4 hours at a train station to go back home every morning. I saw this BMW that i fancied, and everyday, going to and coming back from work, while travelling by train parallel to the road that would take there as well, I’d visualise myself driving that BMW. I ended up buying that car 3 months later.
    This happened a few more times, mainly work related. When I really wanted THAT job.
    But, although I’ve visualised and achieved some (important) desires there’s one I’m not able to get manifested, and that is money.
    I try really hard to visualise myself financially free, out of debt, living and providing to my family a comfortable life, without money worries, but I just can’t…in fact, it’s the exact opposite, the more I visualise and meditate about it, the more bad situations I seem to attract and I’m drowning in debt at the moment. One example is, that my wife always got new jobs easily and she’s been unemployed for 8 months now, which got us relying on credit cards, all maxed out, to pay for our bills.
    Why can’t I manifest the financial abundance when I clearly can manifest, love and happiness, cars and jobs?
    What am I doing wrong? Can you help me or advise me what to do?
    Thank you for any guidance you can give me and I wish you all success!
    Much love

  174. Sheri

    I’ve been studying how to change my brain to change my life online with neuro-scientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. Many of his meditations involve the visualization process Danielle describes — with a vital extra step. After visualizing what you want and how you will feel when it happens, express gratitude for it happening. Be thankful that what you want to happen is going to happen and live that future. Brilliant!

  175. Just discovered the Oracle for all the episodes today. Been following Marie for a year now. So changed my life. Going to try visualizing from now on. Thanks Danielle and Marie! Firestarter Sessions is another book for my shelf next to Everything is Figureoutable and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. 🙂

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaaas! We love the Oracle here on Team Forleo, too. It always serves up exactly what you need, right when you need it. We’re delighted you’re planning to check out The War of Art (game-changer!). We’re sending you lots of love and good energy for your journey, Tammi!

  176. Totally the weirdest thing ever!! I just got done watching/listening to your interview with Sunny Lenarduzzi with BossYouTubeStrategy! Hmmm…. I am researching visualization for my first course I am creating using my own created by method, which I know is going to be HUGE in standing out from all the others. I am just blown away that I was just listening to you, and honestly…also folding laundry, lol. So I didn’t even hear that you do visualization. I have no clue what this means right now. Maybe just a way that I am going in the right direction in what I am doing and listening to the right people!! You are awesome! Sunny is awesome! and wow…. I am speechless….

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Melanie! That’s some incredible alignment going on 🙂

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