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[Zuri 00:00:07] writes, “I have a client who’s chronically late for our appointments. How can you enforce a no-show rescheduling policy without fear of losing the client? Can you provide some examples of policy copy that is tactful and professional without sounding too harsh.” You mean like, “Stop (beep) being late?” “Thanks so much. Really love your videos.”

First up, Zuri, good for you for recognizing that you have to have your policies clear and in writing. Whether it’s your no-show and late Nick policy, your refund policy, or your payment policy, it’s a really good idea to have everything clear in advance so you can give it to your clients, and they can agree before you all start working together. No misunderstanding. No “but you never told me that” BS. And you don’t have to worry about sounding too harsh when you lay down the law. And if your clients are late, it should be on their dime, but they need to know that from the start. I’d suggest having a clear policies page on your website. I want you to check out what my girl, Laura Belgray, has to say, owner of

Here’s what she has to say on refunds. “When you buy a package of time with me, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. That affects how many other clients I can take on. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds. If you want to make sure my style is right for you, I suggest booking an hour to start. If you end up wanting a package, I’ll apply the fee for that hour towards the total price.” Now, Zuri, you asked specifically about lateness and no-shows. Here’s a sample script I wrote just for you. “My time is valuable and so is yours. If you’re late for your appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, I promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well.”

Now that you’ve got that copy. I want to tell you a little story. Last year, I had a client in one of my coaching programs that was chronically late for every single coaching call. And I called her out on it, lovingly, yet firmly. I said, “Look, I am really expensive, and you are frustrating the hell out of the person that you’re paying a shit ton of money to, to help you get your business and your life together. I’m not angry.” I said, “But as your coach, I know if you’re late with me, you’re likely late with a lot of other people in your life too.” It’s just plain disrespectful. And I bet you it’s creating mischief in your life that you do not want. I’ll bet it pisses your boyfriend off, your friends off. It creates unnecessary stress in your life that drives up your cortisol level. Finally, Zuri, remember that you train your clients on how to treat you. So, get your policies up and Chubb Rock it. That means you got to tell them to treat you right.

That is my A to your Q, Zuri. Be sure to come back and let us know how it goes. If you like this video, subscribe to my channel. And of course, share this with your friends. Send it at least three people who you know could use this video. If you want even more great resources to kick ass and business in life, come to, and sign up for email updates. Trust me, you don’t want to miss them. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll catch you next time.

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