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I’m knee deep in the rebrand of our flagship training program, B-School. Words can’t describe how pumped I am to share this with you in a few short months. It’s seriously gonna blow your mind.

When I’m holed up in my woman cave deeply focused on a project, I sometimes worry that when I come up for air and connect with others . .  I’m annoying people around me with all my business speak.

Which brings me to today’s MarieTV episode.

Do you ever wonder . . . does your marketing annoy people?

More specifically, does your Facebook marketing annoy people? With the ever blurring lines of our business and personal lives, it can be tricky to strike the right balance, especially on Facebook.

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If you’ve clearly separated your business page from your personal page, this may not apply to you.

But if you’re just starting out and have personal friends and business “friends” on the same page, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a marketing shit pickle.

It’s important to get this right because Facebook ain’t just for baby pictures or checking up on old flames.

Watch this video to learn my take on Facebook marketing and more importantly, a few key principles about marketing in general that will serve you across any platform.

I’m the first to admit that I’m no expert on Facebook, but I do have a great resource to share with you who is. This gal is the BOMB dot com and you’ll see her in the video.

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There are over 800 million people on Facebook (that number is growing every day), with over 500 million people clocking in as daily users.

Most of your customers are on Facebook and when done right, Facebook marketing can be a highly effective tool for your business.

Leave a comment below to weigh in on Facebook marketing ideas.

I really want to hear your specific do’s and don’ts. What’s annoying and what’s not?

As always, be kind, but be specific and actionable so that everyone reading can benefit from your wisdom and experience.

After all, no one is born knowing this stuff.

Thank you for reading, watching and contributing to the conversation!


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  1. Remind me to turn down my speakers before clicking play! High Heels and Hardwood floors! ( that should be a song 😉 )
    This goes against the grain of thought of the masses, but, some major retailers have shut down their Facebook page, because they are just not seeing a ROI ( monetary & otherwise). To be blunt, it can be a little like trying to sell herbal tea at a cocktail party.
    What really annoys me are the twitter feeds of my connections on my home page on LinkedIn- if anyone has a clue of how to turn them off, I would appreciate it. I don’t get any response from the LinkedIn ‘Support’.

    • Hi Chas, Unfortunatey I don’t think that you can stop them from appearing on your feed. It depends on how your connections have set up their twitter settings for LinkedIn. I have mine set so that only tweets with #in or #li show on my LinkedIn feed. So if they’ve turned that function off it means you’ll see all their tweets! Hope that helps.

      • Hi, Chas! As for those retailers shutting down their page, I think people jump ship on Facebook before the “good stuff” really starts to build momentum. Marie was spot on in her video – building your brand and real engagement on Facebook takes time and patience – and a lot of hussel! But there are many success stories from big brands and small businesses – I am certain that you can generate quality leads and convert fans to customers when you get a solid strategy together.

        -As for those annoying Tweets in your LinkedIn stream, I think GrowTalentRo’s idea on that is a great one!

        • I hate when I have silly typos (they drive me crazy!) – I meant “hustle” of course!

          • Amy,
            Most marketer’s I find put the typo’s in purposely as part of their copy ;D but I see you’re not one of them

        • Juicy topic. I agree that most of your Facebook posts should be about adding value for free to your followers (tips, blog posts, inspiring quotes, etc.).

          In terms of the return on investment (ROI) on the time and effort put in, it takes time to determine if Facebook is a viable Internet marketing (social media) solution for your target market. You may find that your LinkedIN connections are more engaged that your FB followers/fans.

          The question is when do you stop beating a dead horse– if your fans aren’t engaging with your page.


      According to your kind vidio about Face Book is an effective tool for effecting of customer but on initial stages it is too difficult to approach them whole of the concerned articles participations.

    • GRATEFUL xo

  2. Facebook pages that are not active on the fan-part of it (no one is liking or commenting), I usually ignore what they say. I see it as pathetic that people are not interested in the company. I don’t MEAN to think this, but something in me knocks the company down a little bit on the value scale. And if the facebook page is not updated regularly, I completely unlike it.

    Companies that I ALWAYS check their facebook always post photos of what’s going on (especially love beautiful locations, fashion, fun random things), videos of what’s going on, or have some cool facebook app that I have to use to get free content. AKA it is FUN to be on the page. Have more than text updates and links. This makes it way more interactive. And I see that you take it seriously and are real. IMO, a company should use fb page to post things you need to SEE. And then use the twitter page to post quick tips. No one likes to actually READ on fb.

    I’m launching a blog and I have decided I am NOT going to get a facebook page for it until I have a decent following for it to be worth the effort (I hate facebook. Call me a hipster, but I am waaay more into tumblr, pinterest, youtube and twitter. Its pretty much fact that anyone who is “into tumblr” stays away from FB lol).

    It is annoying when friends are constantly promoting their stuff. Every once in a while is fine. Like if they are having a sale or if it is something super awesome, but on a regular basis is annoying. I ignore what they post or roll my eyes. And see them as a hustler (only interested in hustling… can I chat with this person about regular life things without it being turned into a business opportunity? I have a friend where I seriously cant’).

    • It’s a bit of a gray area – you can’t post on your Profile for “monetary gain.” I am like Marie, I really only use Facebook for business. But I try to mix in my personal life (to give people a little peak behind the business curtain). But now that Facebook has added the SUBSCRIBE button for Profiles, they’ve changed the way most use Profiles. Sometimes I even think that some people don’t need a Page if they add the subscribe button to their Profile. (It REALLY depends on what your business is all about.) My good friend Mari Smith wrote a GREAT article about this – check it out here:

      • Oh, awesome! I didn’t realize how useful that subscribe tool is. Yah, thats the other thing I hate about FB. It changes like everyday!! Too much. I will use your friends tips, thankyou! I think it fits my blog much better.

      • Ava

        I’m not gonna beat around the bush.
        Here’s the only way to use Facebook for business:
        1.) Have your personal (main) Facebook profile account with your friends, family, long lost elementary school pals, etc. Feel free to share your baby and dog photos, comment, like, post updates, etc. Keep that personal stuff THERE. Make sure you have your privacy preferences set to ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Public’ depending on the updates or posts you share. Most people like to keep their status updates to ‘Friends Only.’
        2.) Keep your business and brand separate from your personal page. (Or, have a marketing team create and manage a business Facebook Page for you and stay off Facebook completely.) Create a business Page through your personal account and post all of your business-related stuff there. Do not invite your friends and family to Like your page. Do not add them to your Group page, either. Keep your business separate from your personal Facebook page. Nobody on your friends and family list wants to feel like you’re always selling them something. This will ruin your trust with them. On your personal Facebook profile, under ‘Work’, by all means, add “Works at My Bad Ass Self (a.k.a Your FB Business Page)” and if people want to click there to follow your biz page, awesome. Otherwise, don’t bother your friends and family unless they ask. It’s annoying and inauthentic to your relationship with them. You wouldn’t call all of them and say “hey, you wanna buy my sh*t?”

  3. As far as I know it’s against Facebook’s rules to promote a business on a personal profile, you need to have a Page set up for your business and use that. Otherwise Facebook could shut down your personal profile at any time.

    • Completely right, Megan. I advise all my clients about this. Not to mention the fact that, on a profile, you have to read through all your ‘friends’ posts. It’s much easier to manage a business page and now there are great new tools with Timeline too.

    • This is true, it is against Facebook Terms of Service to use a personal profile for strictly business purposes. I’ve combed through
      the Facebook TOS alot, because I have one client who is still using a personal profile for business, a page which she set up
      for that purpose before Facebook Pages were an option. I’ve counseled her that she may lose this page at some point, and we’ve set
      up a Business page as well, so that’s all good. Now I just need to get her to switch over to the new Page entirely. One of the sticking
      points for her is that she has several hundred friends on the Facebook profile she’s been using for business, so she’s
      understandably reluctant to let it go.

      If anyone else is in this situation, by the way, there is the option of converting a personal profile to a Facebook Page, which is what
      I’m going to do for my client, soon-ish. You can’t convert a personal profile to an existing Facebook business page, but you can
      convert it to an entirely new page. There’s scads of info online and at Facebook on precisely how to do this and which items will
      convert in the transition and which will not, FYI. : )

  4. I have a FB page for my business. And I try to update it on regular basis.
    I notice that when I post pictures, even if it’s just a sneak peek of my projects, I get more responses than just status updates.
    So, I try to post at least two pictures a week.
    And if I have something important to say, I’ll put them into pictures 🙂

    Annoying things from people who use fb for their business are:
    Tagging –> specially when you’re no interested with the products. You’ll get tons of notifications, thus you might miss the important ones.

    Adding me to a business group –> specially when you’re not interested with it. Again, tons of notifications. Luckily you can leave the group as soon as you know it

    People who link their twitter account with their fb, and they keep replying/RT-ing. Seriously, I don’t wanna know your conversations, or I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    Well, that’s just my opinions.
    Didn’t mean to offend someone 🙂

  5. Yeah I just use Facebook as a page for my business, and also share any interesting things I find to do with photography and DSLR beginner tips. Cos I want to share a wide range on the subject and not just what’s going on directly with me!

    That way my page will be a useful resource!

  6. I’m really happy with the way my business FB page has built up over the last 18 months to 9200+. I never set up the page to ‘sell’, it was really to offer inspiration and tips about self-love (which is what my business is about). I figured that if people resonated with my energy and message then they would naturally be drawn to look at what I’m selling. However, it was more important at that initial building stage to create a rapport with the self-love community and share insights. I only mention or link in with one of my products about 10% of the time… I have made some incredible connections with awesome women around the world who are doing similar work and that has been really wonderful. I am respectful to NEVER spam or just blatantly do the ‘hey come like my page’ when there is no link whatsoever with the theme/subject. The one thing that DRIVES ME CRAZY is when people do the ‘saying hello’ and then tag 20 pages – please don’t do this people. It is one surefire way to p*** off, get deleted and reported for spamming….. It’s a great tool for marketing if you use it with respect for people’s space and time – just like at any other time xxx

    • So true Michelle. Just being an inspiring person naturally draws people in.

      I do have a tip about one way of tagging that actually WORKS:

      My boyfriend and I lead workshops around sex, love and intimacy. Our company is called Tantric Living and as a part of that life style we like to go out and dance a lot…

      Whenever we’ve been to a dance party or conscious clubbing event we post a photo from the night before and tag all our friends who was present at the event/party, as well as giving thanks for shaking it with us and creating such a magical evening together.

      This way the photo shows up on their personal wall/timeline for all of THEIR friends to see = nice exposure for us.

      Now, we’re pretty new in building our following, but these posts always get the MOST response, NO ONE removes their tag (happy to be associated with both us and the event), and we always get a bunch of new likes and email sign-ups. 🙂

      And Marie, great vid, as always. Thank you and keep on shining!
      Michelle – I liked your page. Super that you’re spreading love that way 😉


  7. Jordyn Maultsby

    From personal experience I have done both sides of the spectrum of posting too much on facebook and not enough.

    My #1 DONT for promoting on facebook is to keep posting the same shiat every freaking 30mins or even every hour. Over the summer when I was trying to get more business from Seniors in high school I resulted to facebook and letting them know my deals. I was posting like crazy THINKING that if I posted a lot more people would see my posts and come running my way. WRONG. Fortunately I have truthful friends and there was a point when my friends where saying that I needed to back off the posts. I was constantly in every ones feed more than once and that gets annoying. Think about that annoying facebook friend of your who is updating there status and all you see on your feed is “Eh im bored” or “OMG best night ever with my girls!” over and over. You just want them to shut their pie hole! Dont they have a life?!

    So yeah, take it from me who lost a few customers cuz I was too busy on facebook and not reaching out in the community more. I have a rule that I will only post 2 posts that concern my business and 1 that concerns my personal life. I like to do my 2 business posts at 4 and then again at 9 or 10. Thats when I think people are the most on facebook, after work and before they go to sleep.

    • Jordyn:

      I agree with you about not flooding your stream with business posts every 30 minutes. Overall, people love to be entertained, so as long as you’re entertaining 95% of the time, people will come to your page and interact with you.. even if it doesn’t lead to a like.

      I made a page about an area of the US near an Air Force Base I hated. The name alone grabbed about 200 fans in 6-9 months without actively doing anything… I have even got fans who communicate with each other actively on the page.

      I just haven’t figured out how to monetize this page. lol.

  8. Thanks for the info, Marie. It IS a fine line – I have a fan page and post a couple times a day maybe. Some days nothing at all. Every now and again, I share what I post there on my personal feed but the ratio is probably 15 personal to 1 business. I figured if my friends are interested in what I’m doing, they can LIKE my fan page.

    Thanks, too, everyone for the really truthful comments here. It’s good to know what pisses others off – I know what aggravates ME but it’s really nice to hear some perspective. 🙂

    Love your Q&A Tuesdays Marie – you are so dang cute. I want to be you when I grow up.

    • Lisa, I take the same approach you do! I post semi-frequently to my business page. I will be working on this more after I get some other basics on my blog completed. I am more of a curator on Facebook where I post articles from other people that I think would be of interest to people. My personal page is mostly personal posts and every now and then I share from my business page to my personal page.

  9. “Companies that I ALWAYS check their facebook always post photos of what’s going on (especially love beautiful locations, fashion, fun random things), videos of what’s going on, or have some cool facebook app that I have to use to get free content. AKA it is FUN to be on the page. Have more than text updates and links. This makes it way more interactive. And I see that you take it seriously and are real. IMO, a company should use fb page to post things you need to SEE. And then use the twitter page to post quick tips. No one likes to actually READ on fb.”

    I found this really inspiring DOKA! Thankyou.

  10. Vidette Vanderweide

    Mmmm, such a great topic because there are some Facebook “yahoos” out there! I mean, annoying marketers…a-hem…excuse me, Facebook marketer-wanna-bes who are doing it all wrong!

    There is such a fine line, however, Marie, you’re spot-on with the advice….TONS of value with the occasional ‘Here’s what I’ve got going on…’ post is the way to go!

    • Vidette – all great feedback. And I’ll say this about promoting vs. sharing valuable stuff. I COMBINE the two regularly and have some great success. What I mean by that is this: I use my Facebook Page to move my fans to action in the form of signing up for my webinars or signing up for my blog updates. Meaning, I don’t say “BUY THIS” but I do say “CHECK OUT MY LATEST FREE TRAINING” – and after they have experienced my free training, I give them opportunities to check out my products and programs. So in a nutshell, I use Facebook to market my business daily and I do promote – but in the form of valuable content first 🙂

  11. I have had this fear too. Its like being friends with someone who only talks about their kids.

    I have a business page on facebook so my “friends” can hear about that stuff when they want to, but I will tell you, most of them signed up for it anyway 🙂

  12. Sensational advice Marie! Thank you. I love your advice and your work. Having so much fun never looked so good! Gotta lovya stuff!

  13. Hi all 🙂 Thanks for the awesome-as-always vid Marie. I’m a big fan of the fb page… as it really does leave you free to express yourself and connect with your people in a way that you can’t really anywhere else.

    I make new friends there and people ‘find me’ in the most interesting ways. My fb page is more of an interaction and community with a touch of ‘online dance party’ with great content… kinda like the connection that you have with people here on MarieTV.

    Just love it up and it’ll love you back 🙂

  14. Get yourself a Facebook Page and use that for all your promotional messages. Don’t forget you can customise who sees your posts too, so you can send more promotional posts to just your Subscribers or Colleagues. And I agree that Amy is the best!

    • Great stuff, Victoria! For anyone that does not know Victoria just yet, she’s the “go-to-girl” for all things Facebook Advertising. Check out her blog posts for sure to get some valuable advice on taking advantage of FB ads….

      • Wow, thanks Amy! You’ve introduced me to TWO awesome women in the field today! Only 2 because I know Mari Smith well 🙂

        I just want to point out that this is a great tactic. People want to know “how do I post without shilling my products” See how generous Amy and Marie are being here! Doesn’t it just make you love them more?

  15. I agree w most comments. Keep rapid fire feeds on twitter. Advertise only pertinent event business news or. Ganges on LinkedIn. I have a Facebook page that only caters to a small group but I get great feedback from my ‘clients’ about it. Instead of posting. Business stuff on my personal page, I sometimes share the post, to expand my audience.
    Thanks for the comment Doku – I was wondering why a few clients who love my work didn’t like my page. perhaps they are using your filtering system.
    I catch them on direct mail so that’s alright.
    Ps – thank you all for reminding me to post more pictures!
    Thank you Marie for this topic discussion. Super.

  16. Thanks Marie! Awesome content as always 🙂 One thing that Rory Vaden also pointed out is the use of “FB lists” that allows you to post to certain people on your friends list.

    I have separate lists for my coaching clients, coaching content, family, local events, etc. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

  17. Oh yes I love that phrase “life gives to the giver and takes from the taker” – love it!

    Thanks Marie 🙂 xx

  18. Hey Marie-
    Completely agree with your suggestions on this topic especially around being sensitive to how much she markets on her personal FB account.

    What I find particularly annoying is when someone “friends” me and then all I see is a steady stream of their promotions…it drives me nuts. In one case I know the person and like her but I’m now considering unfriending her.

    Absolutely agree about the business page but there’s a fine line with that. If it’s promo’s all the time then that’s a turn off too. Learning to strike the balance and really engage is the key and that takes time and practice.

    Looking forward to hearing the scoop on B-School!

  19. Amy Porterfield does have fabulous advice, free webinars and will explain everything in great detail. I have 2 aspects of my business my artist/design side which has a Monica Lee “page” and now my web TV host side Smart Creative Women which has it’s own “page”. So I have 2 professional pages and then my personal FB account. I think it’s overkill and I try (and do) to put separate news on each one but still! It is hard (and maybe slightly ridiculous) to manage all that. Ack!

    • Thanks for such a nice shout out, Monica! And I can see your challenge. When at all possible, I urge my clients to keep it as simple as possible. If at all possible, one FB Page and one Profile is ideal – any way you cna merge the two pages? Do the brands compliment each other enough? If the audience is the same and the value-add content you post is the same, then it might make sense to merge the two pages – and then use your custom applications to highlight the TV show and the artist/design side of things. Just my 2 cents!

  20. I read the first comment about some retailers shutting their pages down because of low ROI and I believe there is more to the story. Really, have you seen some of those retailers? All they do is post their offers and then they are surprised when nobody chats with them?

    I believe that the way to keep a good page is provide value. If you are always selling, you are not going to go anywhere. If you share insights about your company or the products themselves, like, if you have an ingredient in a product that has a quirky story, or one of your staff members just came from Peru, that makes for a much more interesting page. Make the page about connecting, not about selling. If people like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

  21. Marta

    Hi Marie!
    I like the fresh air in today’s post! Your usual coaching advice is great, but getting a bit into the “technical” part is a good way to break monotony at some point (not saying you are monotonous, though, not at all!).

    I have a FB page for my tourguide business, but I’m still figuring out how to approach marketing there. I just post whatever I feel can be interesting for travellers coming to Barcelona, but I don’t really have an strategy yet. I’m reading books on social media marketing and getting good tips from it – and it looks like pictures get much more response than any other type of post. Even more than video! So now I’m focussing more on that.

    I also noticed that since I activated my page Timeline and added an attractive cover photo, I’m getting many more new “likes” than before.
    Hope that helps!


  22. I think it is really important if you are in business to have a Facebook page separate from your profile. Before I made my own page, I, too, posted everything on my profile, and my friends were not all that thrilled about it. Marie is right. Pages are 100% about your business which makes them painless and a no-brainer. The nice thing about having a page, too is that you can login, post and interact with others as your page. When you like something on comment on it, you can do so as your page and not your profile. Thus, when people read what you write, they can click on your avatar or name and be taken right to your page, not your profile. Pretty snazzy!

  23. Good morning from Charlotte (not Mattapoisett this time around!)

    I have both a personal FB profile and a page. I do like to mix things up and keep ’em both posted with fun, engaging, entertaining and enlightening content. They have different followers on each which is cool. And it’s fun to see my fanpage on FB growing with strangers. Love that!

    I am turned off when people post things that they are selling on their facebook personal page and it’s clearly something that is just copied and pasted on. Yuck.

    xo Keep up the great work.

  24. I’ve got a personal FB page as well as a business page; I can’t imagine having it all rolled into one. I usually only post once a day, unless I have something really interesting to share beyond that. But I have a rule that I never post more than three times in one day, no matter how interesting it is. One thing that drives me crazy on FB is when someone posts to their account like 15 times a day!!! It clutters up my newsfeed and I miss things other people are trying to say because of it sometimes. I think we’re all busy and need to be able to pop onto FB to scroll through our updates fairly quickly, and overposting makes that difficult. If you’re going to do something on FB, you need to be making it easier and better for people, not just be another post someone has to read or ignore.

    I’ve done both overposting and not posting enough, and have really hit my stride in the last six months or so. This is what has worked for me. I don’t have a ton of FB followers just yet, but its picked up and I’m getting more quality interaction.

  25. I agree that facebook pages for business should stay separate from your personal page, if someone likes your business and wants to receive updates and information about it, they will ‘like’ the page – your friends don’t always want to see all your business updates!

    I quite often find it quite hard to know what exactly to put on my business page, I’m not the best at writing engaging content, and some people can write just a few words on their page which sounds really friendly/cheerful or whatever, but I find it hard to write like that! I try to post pictures of what I’m doing / new designs, or random pictures of things I might see while I’m out and about.

    I also did a competition a while ago which got a lot of interest, and I think things like this can get more people to interact, as long as you don’t repeat the same thing again too soon.

    The hardest bit about having an updated facebook page that keeps people engaged is being able to keep it constant with interesting things – for example if there’s a period of time when I might not be that busy, or am working on new designs/products but don’t want to post about them yet, it can be hard to come up with something to post to fill that gap, without just writing something pointless that won’t interest anybody!

    • Michelle Doetsch

      I hear you loud and clear Helena! I’m extremely kinesthetic, and the words don’t flow so easily when I’m sitting in front of a blank status update. As a massage therapist, I’ve found that I can do 1 healthy/inspirational type quote a week, repost an informative article once or twice a week, and publish 1 blog post a week on my facebook page and my clients tell me they like it (unfortunately they often tell me in person at their appointments and not on my page). And yes, I know having a blog kinda goes against me not being much of a writer, but I set up “themes” for each month like “neck pain” with blog titles like “why your pillow is a pain in your neck”. People love them. I guess it’s more accurate to say I have a hard time writing in “sound bites.” Perhaps that’s an issue for you, too. I know lots of people who can’t write in sound bites & I think we do ourselves a disservice if we try. I also had better luck when I stopped trying to write “engaging” content because I put too much pressure on myself to be witty or clever or whatever else I thought “engaging” should look like on my page. I started addressing the common questions and comments that I get from my clients – like “my neck hurts, I think I slept funny” and started having an easier time. It still isn’t easy but I don’t struggle the way I used to.

  26. Ooh! One of my pet peeves is having people friend me, and then friend all of my friends to send them promotional messages. I truly believe that social media is about relationships, and when the first message you receive from someone (or see someone send to your friends) is “hey, buy my stuff” it seems a little off.

    That being said, I have bought things and signed up for stuff via Facebook, but usually the interaction came out of a Facebook page or a Facebook group. Personal profiles are best for personal stuff, in my opinion. 🙂

  27. It’s tricky when all sorts of people you don’t know in person send you a friend request. I’d love to send them a message to point them to my FB page instead, but I heard Laura Roeder mention that FB might detect multiple identical emails as spam… Then they could delete your profile. I love + hate Facebook all at the same time!

    And yeah – I definitely separate personal profile from professional page by posting accordingly. Then foster my close relationships by phone/text/in-person.

  28. i’m with you marie,

    i try to get people to STOP being what i call Facebook Wallflowers. If you’re gonna go to the party, bring the party. SHOW UP, share, give, and stand UP for whatever it is that makes that turns that growl in your gut into a howl in your life.

    and a tip — don’t get bogged down in what time of day to post, should i auto-post or not…all that crap. If you’re not making yourself useful to your audience you’re most likely boring them to tears anyway. What time of day you post isn’t nearly as important as what you say!

    there’s no need to shout — unless of course there is. give people a chance to celebrate with you, and you celebrate with them right back. for realz.


  29. Fabulous topic, Marie! Facebook is one of my most favorite things, so it’s always fun to learn more and jam about it. 😉

    I agree with having a Page for your business instead of a personal profile. That really is the best way to go – and there is sooooo much more you can do with a Page that you can’t do on a profile, like custom tabs and some other very cool stuff. It really is like having your own website within Facebook!

    I like what you said about sticking with it – how maybe she wasn’t getting the results she wanted because she just didn’t give it enough time. I just recently did a complete re-brand for my business, and as a result needed a new Facebook Page. And it’s been a bit discouraging trying to get the new Page going – not as much interaction as I had on the old one. So this was very encouraging and a good reminder for me to just keep going and trust that it will come. 😉

  30. One of the things I use with clients is my Dinner Party Analogy: If you wouldn’t do it at a dinner party then don’t do it on Facebook! If you’re sitting beside someone at a dinner table and they ask what you do, it’s unlikely you’ll start to flog your wares in that setting but you would tell them a bit about your business and they may ask questions. Mainly you’ll be being friendly and social. It’s the same thing on Facebook. Be friendly, be social, share photos, stories, other people’s stuff. When people find you interesting, they’ll want to know more – just like at a dinner party (or any other social occasion, of course!).

    And ALWAYS have a Page for your business, not a Profile. It’s worth the effort you put in, that’s for sure!

  31. Hi there! First time reader (through Mogul Mom). Great material – I’m signing up for the newsletter when I finish this comment.

    I’m curious if you think these same tactics apply to Google+. They’ve recently added the business page feature, but since most Plus-ers are there for business and content purposes, do you think a different approach is needed?

  32. I think that the most important thing to remember is that Facebook is regarded as “Social Media” because that’s exactly what it is – a place for socialising and not for business. I don’t really understand why people accept friend requests from people that they don’t know. Almost all of the time, business should be kept to pages rather than profiles.

    A really bad example of how to use Facebook is someone I know personally who works as a “life coach” of sorts. He has a group that he added me to which adds no value (all he did was post quotes a few times a day), and is always trying to pitch to people, even pitching on people’s statuses. He needs to realise that friends and customers are ALMOST ALWAYS two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT groups of people. Needless to say, I unsubscribed from his updates and removed myself from the group. That sort of approach just makes you look pushy and desperate.

    Personally I think that Twitter is a much better tool, but I have much more experience using Twitter in a more business-orientated way.

    My advice for using Facebook as a business tool is to create a page that, as Marie was saying, adds a heap of value to the people that like your page (and also gives them several compelling reasons to join). Today marketing is all about creating a pull by adding value rather than pushing your message down people’s throats.

  33. I have a facebook page for my business and then when there’s something I think my actual friends, not just my “fans” would like, I share it to my profile. I do see a little bit of an issue though with different types of marketing. For example, I have a clothing line that focuses on marketing to the snowboard industry in the winter and more on biking in the summer… if I post too much of one thing, I lose the fans of the other. I definitely don’t want to create 2 different FB pages as it’s the same clothing line. Any suggestions to avoid this?

  34. I have to admit I do get a little annoyed by constant marketing on FB and email, but I really appreciate the weekly or monthly updates with valuable content. In this fast paced world I especially love the Vblogs. I have to be careful what I let in so it’s really just the cream of the crop. Congrats Marie.

  35. Marie,
    You are hilarious. The dress dance lifted my spirits today and your advice was great. You have inspired me to pay more attention and effort to my business/fan page, as I’ve felt frustration over the lack of love over there vs. my personal page.
    And it has been super helpful to hear from all the other peeps on this! Love this topic!! Thanks for all you do.

  36. Rhea

    Great advice,

    The only thing I’d like to add about annoying people on Facebook, is to not post too many things in a row. This is from my experience of being overwhelmed by people promoting themselves continually.

    I don’t have a lot of posts that I let through on to my news feed. I keep it personal with my close friends and to businesses etc that I really like. However, there have been times that although I liked a business they would post 5 things (such as videos) in a row. It would take up most of the page and cause me frustration. I unliked them.

    My advice is don’t post more than one thing a day… I would even say once a week is better because who wants to watch 5 posts in a row?… as if I had nothing else to do with my time, and the quality of these posts turns out to be quite low. I love Marie’s videos that come to my email only once a week… it always makes me wonder “what does Marie have to say this week?” not “Oh god not her, AGAIN”.

    Quality not Quantity.


  37. Marie – a huge thanks for the amazing shout out. I NEVER miss a MarieTV episode, so this was an extra special one for me today! And I want to give a shout out to my two wonderful co-authors, Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl. Our Facebook book was a beast (over 600 pages!), and I could never have written it without their genius! xoxox

  38. Love the video, great job and we concur. We give away a lot of stuff via our facebook business page but our fans are loyal and keep coming back to our online shop. You get what you give! Another great tool, sign up for you get 50 free points a day and that can translate to a few hundred followers over time and it builds up your follower base and it’s free! They may not be real active, but wouldn’t you rather follow a business with 300 likes instead of 30!

  39. I like the added idea in the comments of posting more photos. I have a few, and they are always well received. I try to limit my posting to just things that are directly relevant to my business. I almost never post about my business on my personal site.

    Another great video, Marie! Thanks!

  40. shantala

    Hi marie as usual i’m a huge fan…love your style, my goddess!

    i’ve got dual careers…set up my personal profile with my actress info and set up a page for my life coaching business. and i get a ton of interaction on my actress page from people who are interested in me and my brand. i have less interest in my life coaching page..but it is also the one that gets the steady 2 or 3 new people EVERY day. i post awesome quotes, photos, inspirational posts etc. i haven’t tried tagging people, but i might. of the 54 fans on my page i have 7-10 people chatting about it a day. not bad for something started in january 🙂

    much love this spring equinox…

  41. Gary Cunningham

    Love your stuff, Marie. What is the best way to promote this program. It has the core capability to ACTUALLY change peoples financial lives. I’m talking about lifting people out of deadend jobs and minimum wage into financial stability. It also fits the governments concept of Auto IRA for small businesses and the self employed. Worldwide they are 302,000 members strong.

  42. This is a great topic. I have a lot of connections on my personal page from places like Bschool or meetup groups, but I also have a fan page for myself. I do more “marketing” on my fan page… I share a tip, a quote and an articles for my fans every day. I also promote my program and my blog posts. On my personal page, I shared my program launch once and occasional testimonial quotes. I also promote my blog post each week. I haven’t had anyone say I’m annoying them or posting too much, I assume that they just hide my feed which I’m fine with. I try to very sparingly share business things on my personal page. I also make it a point to post a link to my fan page on my personal feed every now and then to let people know what I’m up to and where they can learn more.

  43. I’ve got a personal + a business page and have found that with my work, some overlap to both pages works well. I post ridiculous food porn pics of my chocolate superfood desserts and people go wild… therefore liking & commenting like crazy (especially on my personal page where it’s at 5000 – but it’s not in the numbers, it’s all about the ratio of how many of those peeps reaaaaaaally are your tribe – even on your personal page). People will ask, do you sell these dee-lish treats or have a book with recipes? Oh, well yes I do 😉 So I tie it all in and for me it’s FUN b/c I love sharing pics and ideas of what I’m whippin’ up at home and it seems everyone goes wild over my “raw food porn”! 🙂

  44. I work with coaches to help them develop their practices, and one of the things I talk about is having a “a purpose” for how you engage with social media. Is it to start a conversation? To inspire? To offer how-to? To entertain?

    I’m not a “social media person,” which is to say that I don’t hang out on it like it’s the work water cooler. I needed to define another way to have a “purpose” for being there, and so I asked myself what I loved most about the people I follow. The answer came quickly: I like following people who will offer that one quote that just totally lifts my day.

    Much of what I post are short bits that someone can take with them throughout their day, something that’s supportive and encouraging. I use HootSuite to manage all of my social media accounts, which makes things easier, but I agree with others who have been saying that it’s annoying when someone sets up their feeds so that everyone is seeing them arrange lunch plans–I try to make a really conscious effort never to fall into that camp.

    In essence, I guess what I’m saying is that I try to keep the focus on the fact that anyone who follows me is a person, not just a random number, and that I want to provide value for them wherever they show up, including on Facebook.

    I post between 3-5x daily, on average, and have found that that’s a nice number that seems to work for steady growth. More than that and I have fewer followers.

    BTW, one thing that is really helpful? Once a week, sharing a reminder that I have an e-letter that you can subscribe to. It’s not straight-up “buy this” promotion, but it is another way to engage with people.

    • Hi Kate,

      I love this concept {& I think you shared it on a blog post maybe? I remember reading something like this from you & feeling a little better about how to shape my own SM posts}!

      I know share a daily inpirational quote, a daily wellness tip, & a try to promote others work I adore. I give away free content & valuable info {in the form of videos, Vlogs, & pdfs/worksheets}.

      This strategy {of adding value & inspiration to people’s lives} has helped me from feeling ‘icky’ about the whole SM thing.

      Thanks, Marie, for the great video!

  45. Great video topic! I have two separate pages – I like to keep my personal interests totally separate, but I tend to only post valuable information for each periodically. For instance, I may shout out friends or clients on my business page as well as posting links to informative articles or inspirational quotes. But when I post a pic of my fabulousness to my personal page, I get mad comments – but that’s because I don’t inundate my friends with every little thing I’m doing.

    Being authentic is the way to go. Post when you have something of value to add and don’t go post on people’s walls, “Happy Birthday from [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE]” That is hella tacky and drives me nuts! Just my two cents.

  46. I only post when I have a project I’m working on or have just finished a project. That’s my marketing. My contact info is all there and I readily respond when comments are left. The page is still new and only has 9 likes, but I only plan on using it to share the art I’m working on. Most online sales I’ve ever gotten were from people contacting me. None were made from listing and promoting that listing. So that’s one thing you’ll never see on my page. I may post a reminder or two to visit my website over the coming months, but for the most part my page is there for people who like my art. If you’re interested, I’m Hedgehog & Rabbit. I make things. 🙂

  47. Some really great practical tips – thanks Marie!

    When I started building my Facebook presence, I did it all under my personal page (I didn’t know any better), and I’ve got a much smaller business page so I’m working at getting everyone changed over. Very annoying!

    I’m on FB a LOT – I post a couple of times a day but I comment on a lot, it’s a bit of an addiction for sure!

  48. Facebook is so polarizing in so many respects. I guess that’s why I like G+ so much more lately. You have so many more options with circles and have much more flexibility with profiles and the like (no pun).

    What’s funny is some of the best marketers in the world have said if you’re not annoying someone by 11am you’re not marketing hard enough. However, facebook is a social site and I know at times we can get carried away but Marie as always hits it right on the head (and you too Amy) that if you just put out a lot more value than you get and keep the business posts to around 20% no one will have much to complain about. Ya know… the 80/20 rule; 20% about yourself and you should be good.

    I understand there should be a balance and most people here have had tons of great feedback. I get tons of great info on here from you gals 🙂

    P.S. Lindsey… I’m heading over right now to like your page LOL!

  49. Less is definitely more.

    And it’s not how often you say it, it’s what you say.

    I’d also take into consideration just how many people have subscribed to your FB page. If you only have a few hundred followers, they aren’t going to want to see you pushing your stuff every other week. But they will want to see articles and links to other sites that talk about something related to your business. If you had thousands of followers the rapid fire machine gun approach to posting might work though. For a while.

    I agree 100% with Marie…offer information up for free and do it often. Timely advice too. Dave Navarro, formerly The Launch Coach ( just sent out an email today which spoke about this very thing.

    • THANK YOU for sharing this info about Dave Navarro (yikes, all that and he plays guitar, too? Just kidding).

      I just wish his 8 workshops were still available.


  50. Love that dress Marie!

    Also love this info about Facebook. I’m so glad you didn’t say ‘keep it separate’. So much of my business is mixed in with the person stuff. And I LOVED how you framed up how to feel when someone ‘unsubscribes’. You’re so right about that one.

    Love, love, love
    Sarah xoxo

  51. I’m a webmaker, online marketing gal… A semi-related, important piece of info that has adjusted my Facebook marketing and that of my clients is this: Facebook’s algorithm is such that each post you make that gets no interaction (likes/ comments/ shares) causes your page to “lose value” and is therefore less likely to show up in people’s feeds. It’s is a spiral down from there – less visiblity, less engagement…. Finding ways to inspire interactivity is the name of the game! Quality or even slightly provocative content, inspiring pics, questions and requests.

    It’s also helpful to my clients to get help. Spend an afternoon coming up with a bunch of posts and then get an intern or assistant to post them for you on a schedule to build consistency. Timing matters too. It depends on the nature of your work, but there are definitely days and times that get better responses:

    • Wow! There are just so many variables to think about. I had no idea that unsuccessful posts lessened your value to Facebook and calculating your average post lifespan wasn’t even something that had even thought to be on my radar.

      Do you think this is something that is valuable enough to be worth the time to do for someone who is already running everything else for a business? Or is this like a, at some point, it might be good for you to do it kind of thing? I guess I am somewhat tracking the lifespan when I notice that I’m not getting any more responses (page notifications), right?

  52. Mag

    Dear ladies 🙂

    What do you think about leave a comments on somebody’s Facebook page from FanPage? You know what I mean – the autor of post is “X design” not “Kate R…” It can be good for generating leads, but don’t you feel spammed? And do you think it’s a annoying advertising?

    • It’s a good idea to post as your page on other pages, as a way of being noticed. Ideally, you want to do it on pages where your potential clients might be but the only way to do it correctly is to not be ‘selling’ but be interesting and communicative. Get yourself noticed for witty or interesting comments on something that’s been posted.

  53. Mag

    Maya -thanks for answer! But is it good that interesting comments will be posting by “company name” not a person? When I see something like this I feel a little confused, because I don’t see person, I see logo and this is a little bit annoying ad for me.

  54. As a Sagittarius, I like my fingers in a bunch of different pies.

    I coach through intuition. I am a voice over actor. I raise Percheron draft horses. I buy and sell heirlooms. I like m beats funky, and my oatmeal lumpy. Though all of that makes .:perfect:. sense and cohesion to me, I cannot expect my friends OR clients to comprehend it all. Ergo, separate facebook pages.

    Twitter just does not strike my fancy, and I don’t care for blogs that do not also have a facebook page.

    And yep! I read through all of your comments, and have visited sites/pages that resonate with me (seriously, do NOT have music load automatically on your page, I am pretty sure that even the Amish know that). I’d love to connect.

    Thanks, MF.


  55. Kimberly

    Love your information. I am a Mom of 4 with lots of interest and little time. Would like to learn more about on-line anything. You give great information in a small amount of time. I even signed up with Pinterest even though I am not sure what to do with it.

  56. I completely agree with your philosophy that we should be givers first and foremost; offering an enormous amount of value to our readers, fans and followers. It’s the whole idea behind “givers gain” and I subscribe to that theory wholeheartedly!

    We should also work to be authentic and transparent in promoting who we are and what our intentions truly are. This definitely speaks to your quote of being “balls to the wall” (still giggling…love this!) with our business and building out an FB page where we can eagerly and enthusiastically sell our biz!

  57. Ron

    Completely random, but you sound a little sick, so I Hope You Feel Better!

    Your info and *free youtube vids rock!

  58. CynthiaRC

    Hey I appreciate the good content. Meanwhile, I could not help buy say….your hair is really pretty!!

  59. i luv you i luv you i luv you x 100000000 times.
    great great great what u do (i like number 3 alot)
    lots lots lots of great energy.
    be sure i will write my storyyyyy soon soon soon ;;)

    take good good good care of engel Marie,ok? she is soooo pretious. now i go to sleep. it 2 oclock in the night in vienna (i live&study hear) 😉

    lots losts lots of kisses (don’t worry, i’m never writing like that…now i’m so excited to write u….but soooo tired.
    bless u! 🙂

  60. Pam

    Thanks for much for the great info! And I love your style, you are making me laugh :).
    Be well,

  61. Love this Marie. One thing I would add is to tell your friends (like, seriously, they’re your friends, TELL THEM about your business!). But then get them to join your business page…I love my business facebook page, I like the engagement that facebook offers, and I much prefer to keep them seperate (while remembering to let friends know my business page exists every now and again). It gives your friends a chance to support your business AND just be your friend too. x

  62. Way back a long time ago I made the mistake of having a profile for my business & myself. It came to my attention that this was a BIG no-no and what the repercussions would be. At that point I also had a page for my store set up but I updated it a little sparsely. So what I did was change management to my personal profile, make sure it was all set up and deactivated the other one making sure I posted a few times saying I was closing down the profile page and even unfriending people and shooting them a message to check out my actual page.

    I take the route I learned from Laura Roeder, former partner in crime of Marie, about how I deal with my page. I try to spend 10 minutes a day (1x a day because that’s all I have time for) and engage. In this time I check out messages, any posts made to my page, comments, likes and put up a status or two if I have something to say in the moment. Then I always try to make sure I Engage as My Page! I will comment on other page’s posts or on their pages, show my thanks, and share when I find awesome content!

    I’m also trying to get in the habit of supporting (liking) only people & things I would really recommend. This can be a major problem for a lot of indie brands. People will be desperate for likes & interactions so they’ll just like a ton of people who they may not really support in real life and this can leave a bad taste for people if they check out your page etc.

    As a product based business I see the MOST engagement when I post pictures. At this point I am nearing the end of a massive re-shoot so I was posting pictures a lot and now it’s going to decrease a bit so I’ve been trying to figure out other ways to post a picture at least every few days…my ideas:

    *I have a WIP folder, so I show a real time update of where I am on a specific project. (I’ll admit sometimes my pictures are not the greatest because I keep strange hours and daylight isn’t always available, but my “for sale” pictures I always make stellar!) This can get people interested and have them perk their ears up because they want to know what that “thing” is you’re making.

    *I make sure that when I’m posting a finished & for sale piece it’s the best pictures. So sometimes I may have finished a project and won’t shoot it for days after waiting for good weather or time to get a great shot! (For me this is part of delivering value, no point in posting a less than stellar photo!)

    *I blog a lot more than I used to, but I keep my posts SHORT & TO THE POINT! And I ALWAYS add a picture – I have it set up via my Hootsuite to post from my blog’s RSS too. But many times I’ll manually share the post then too. My blog shares tips, how tos, features craft & art forms, interviews, and book reviews for crafters & artists as well as pow-wowing with other creatives for tips on branding, packaging, photography etc…

    *I also ask questions with a picture, so maybe I’m considering this design or that – I ask my audience. People LOVE to chime in and give their opinion so this is a great opportunity for engagement! (There is a poll option with Facebook from your “Home” area, but I usually use the upload a picture option and post the question as the update or description.)

    And like it’s been said, a lot of times your Real friends don’t really want to hear about your business all the time. If they did…they’d like your page. So ask & engage your followers, post pictures, and realize that it’s about quality not quantity. You’d rather have 50 who love you than 500 who don’t pay attention.

    • ^O my that was a lot… o.O

      I did forget one thing though! I never have and don’t really plan on ever trying to promote on my personal profile. The one thing that I do (that I feel is okay and isn’t annoying) is when I’ve been working on my business for awhile during the day (perhaps more than usual). Then I will put an update like: Spent half the day editing some pictures for @Aradia’s Hand (this hyperlinks to the page), really excited about the new pictures!

      It’s authentic because I really am excited and it gives people a little peep into what I’ve been doing without being overly sales-y. However I don’t do this all the time. While I almost always am doing some work every day for my store, I only post to my profile every once in awhile. And for me it’s worked, because I’ve gotten a few likes from people who didn’t even know I did my work (ps I’m awful about talking about it on a personal level because I don’t want to sound too pushy.)

  63. yes, you are annoying the HELL out of your friends if you straight up market to them on Facebook, Text, Twitter, etc. Take it from someone who has been there! Growing up has taken a drastic toll on my social life. I have lifelong friends that I barely see and if it wasn’t for technology…I would barely hear from them. However, I have a lifelong friend and the only time I hear from her is when she is trying to sell me something on Social Media. I love her to death, but now I simply block 80% of what she sends! I do buy things from her to support her business, but I want our friendship relationship to far outweigh the business one…

  64. Hi Marie,
    Great tip. But I really have to say if you are coach, mentor and provide service that has more of your personal expertise than skillset than you are more bound to get more interaction, as people connect with people, say for instance Marie and Amy both has their fan page and personal page as their name an so does Mari. In this social web it’s easy to remember faces and connect with them than just expertise or services. I have tried and tested that personal profile will get more interaction, if you invite people to do survey from fan page than it is less likely to get even read, but if you do it with personal, than I can bet you will get better results. Without over ruling the facebook rules, one can smartly post and interact through personal page. Experts above has done it. 🙂 I know there are business that are doing good with their brand name including small business but that takes physical interaction and community building people with consulting , coaching and mentorship do well with their names. Do you agree Amy and Marie?

  65. Kristin - Team Forleo

    Hi Cheri, this doesn’t seem to be a problem on our end so it sounds like it’s probably browser-specific! I’d recommend accessing our site from another browser, like Chrome or Firefox, to see if the problem goes away.

    Good luck,

  66. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing the great info! And I love your style,Its also helpful for all,
    Be well

  67. I like to follow a version of the 10-4-1 rule for posting on my personal profile. For every 15 posts – 10 personal, 4 shares and 1 business post. Mind you, I don’t track every post with tick marks to make sure I’m following this rule precisely, but it’s become such a habit that when I do a review, I’m pretty spot on.

  68. A fantastic post and very informative also.

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