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It’s a question millions of people around the world struggle with. When I was first starting my career, I wrestled this hairy beast too.

People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it. - Dale Carnegie Click To Tweet

Safe job vs. DREAM job.

Do you take the “sure thing” that’s going to pay the bills, or do you take a leap of faith and follow that small voice inside that has a direct line to your heart.

This is an important issue to me because I envision a world where every human being is doing work that is meaningful and rewarding.

Click play and hear my advice to Patrick, a member of our community who is going through this exact struggle of safe job vs. dream job right now.

Last weekend, Josh and I were discussing this very issue as it relates to my step-son.

He’s in his first year of college and feeling stressed over not “knowing” what he should do for the rest of his life.

Isn’t it strange that we spend so much time in school, and yet we’re never taught how to “figure out” what we should be when we grow up?

Similarly, we’re never given training on how to get what we want once we do know.

I’d love to hear your take on this safe job vs. dream job topic in the comments below.


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  1. Hi Marie!

    I totally agree – fresh out of college is the BEST time in most people’s lives to go after their dream. If they miss their early -or late- twenties things will only become harder. Kids and mortgages tend to do that:)

    I guess the 30,40+ people that want to pursue their dream job should read “Uncertainty” by Jonathan Fields.

    • Its crazy! My family is from the slums of Nigeria, so they HATE this idea of 20-somethings pursuing their dreams! At least they hate the idea of their children following this. They tell us to follow our dreams after we have our medical degree that will get us money. By then, you have way too many responsibilities. I tried to tell my parents this, and they called me CRAZY and FOOLISH! So it really helps me stay strong in my beliefs when I hear some awesome people who think its a good idea.

      • Hey Doka, I had to respond to your message because I’m Nigerian and my parents had the same reaction when I wanted to start my business. I was so nervous because I thought they’d hate me. But I knew deep down that I had to pursue my dreams and that once I started to do well, they’d support me (and they did!). Totally agree with you and Marie that 20s are a great time to after what you really want!

    • I admire those who are fresh out of college and know what there dream is! It is taking me into my late 20’s to get it figured out what my dream is!

      • I think that’s pretty normal. 🙂 Most of my friends all got into the workforce after college and then decided they didn’t like their jobs. LOL I taught middle school for 3 years then took a risk and quit my job to become an Internet entrepreneur. Scary! But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

    • Erin

      Shoot! He is lucky he has a dream! Do you realize how many people have no clue what they want to do when they graduate from college? I didn’t…or if I did they had been so squashed by dream stealers by then that I pushed them down. If you have a CLEAR dream, you have a responsibility to the rest of us you were soo unclear, to go after it!

  2. This reminds me of a speech given by one of the World Champs of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine:

    Too many people settle for good. Good job, good life, good house. Instead of working towards Great (i.e. their dream job, dream life). Of course, I’m summarizing here. But, he makes a similar point!

    I’m in my 30s, and I am working towards my dream job! (Finally! Ha!) Having just that goal in mind has really helped me focus my attention on what is important! Thanks for the advice, Marie!!

    • I think the problem is we go to college WITHOUT having a goal in mind. We don’t know what we want to do. And people in their 30s and 40s shouldn’t feel bad at all about just starting to get going on their dream job because who knew what their dream job was in their 20s?

      I think a sure fire way for someone in college to figure out their dream job — without having to wait years to gain life experience to know — is to major in something that interests them, do internships, and change major as needed (consistently applying for related internships).

      That’s just my theory. I wonder if someone could test it.

      • Diane

        I personally sometimes think that college is wasted on the youth. (In my case it definitely was.) Of course that’s a sweeping generalization, and the older you get, the more responsibilities tend to pile on, so I know it’s not particularly realistic for people to get their formal education in mid life. What I really mean is that so many kids out of high school going directly into college, and even people in their 20s, are still becoming who they are, still haven’t found their passion, and since higher education is becoming increasingly financially out of reach for more and more people, it sort of makes more sense to me to get that education when you know with certainty what it is you want to pursue so those dollars (and years of your life) aren’t wasted. The education you really need to achieve your dreams may or may not come from a University, too! I know people who learned directly by working in their chosen trade, moving up in the ranks, learning by doing, and college in their case would have been a waste of time and money.

        • Diane,
          In my opinion, college is not wasted on the youth. Yet I see what you are saying. I believe the education system is flawed and missing an important factor called guidance.

          Other education systems are far less expensive. They are designed to challenge the appropriate students. They allow for each individual to be the best they can be in the area they will best make a difference in. For example, if a person doesn’t have science aptitude then the science route is not an option. Education that is about book knowledge but also hands on experience. Education becomes not only a learning towards a career but a deeper clarity of one’s passions. I have seen the education systems in Japan, Ecuador, Spain, and Germany which are far different from the system in the USA.

          I could go on and on about the education system. 🙂 I really feel like a proper structure could help people be the best they can. And if we do that then this nation could be much greater than it is. 🙂

          • Diane

            Totally agree, I think hands-on and mentoring would be a great adjunct. I can’t speak to educational systems outside the U.S. because I’ve never seen or experienced them, but I just know so many people that went deeply into debt to pursue an education they wound up never using, having to start over in something else. For myself, my degree was in Fine Arts, with a concentration in metalsmithing and jewelry, which was a wonderful experience, but I was so underwater financially when I graduated with a BFA that I had to go full time at the day job that put me through school (in a medical office), and ended up starting my own business as an independent contracting medical transcriptionist. Got attached to the paycheck, sidetracked by financial concerns, and 20+ years later I’m still doing it, not at all where I thought I’d find myself at 45. Given that I’m now trying to grow my own jewelry design & manufacturing business (in an increasingly competitive environment for that), I realize now I would have been better off taking inexpensive community art center classes to develop my skills, spent a few years working as a bench jeweler, apprenticing with a traditional goldsmith, and taking some specific business and marketing courses when I was older and prepared to really use what I learned. I DID at least know I was a creatively minded person back then, but how to apply it in a practical sense was not taught to me, and I was still too young and inexperienced to know where to go for help. If I could have a do-over now, my approach would be totally different, much more focused and single-minded. 😉 But that’s the hindsight and wisdom of mid-life that I wish I could impart on my young 20-something self. So, I agree 100% with Marie’s advice to Patrick!

    • That’s so true! In fact I think what you said about people settling for good and not great should be a Tweetable!

    • marie

      You are so welcome and thanks for tuning in!

  3. Yes! I am in Josh’s position, only worse! I have NO job offers. At least he has something.

    To be honest… what is my dream job?
    – Dance awesome choreography
    – Give nutrition advice
    – Blog about the cool lifestyle

    That’s basically it. If we strip it way down to the bare minimum, that is my dream job. As you can imagine, I am kind of stuck. I feel like I have these stepping stones that may or may not get me my dream job. I am getting my master’s degree in nutrition. I am aimlessly dancing in my room, in class, and feeling unconfident to start auditioning. And I’m JUST now starting getting serious with my blog.

    In the mean time, I need to make money SOMEHOW! And right now, NONE of my dreams can make me money. *sigh*

    Hey! Can you help me a little bit? I entered a scholarship contest for a web-design course that will teach me how to launch my website! It’s really easy and will take 5 seconds for you to help me. Just go to:
    Click my photo (red glasses) and “like” the video!

    I hope I get to enter this course, launch my blog, and be one step closer to my dream “job”! IN the mean time, I’m trying to figure out how to get a job that will pay my bills. I have seriously looked into Ramit’s stuff. I’m seriously considering joining his Dream Job program. I know it will be expensive, but if it works, it will pay for itself. I know Ramit makes you pay on the honor system for as long as you need, so I should be ok!

    • By the way, another stepping stone I’m taking is getting my fitness instructor certification. I figure that even if I don’t make it in auditions, at least I can TEACH dancing, right? Stepping stones, stepping stones… I guess all I can do is my best.

      • We checked out your video and think your blog idea sounds great, so we hit the ‘like’ button and hope you get the scholarship.

        But we also think you’ll succeed in creating your own dream job soon enough (with or without that scholarship) because you are out there making it happen now!

        (from the tiny angels)

    • Doka~
      I’m in the Jetsetter version of the GGTWD class and Amanda’s a knowledgeable, clear, and fun teacher – you get my vote for asking for what you want! Best of luck as you embark 🙂

    • Doka, your blog is awesome girl!
      I love fitness as well! Last year I got certified to teach Zumba for fun! 🙂

  4. Marie is soooo right! I can’t comment on everything she has said, but I know that when I was out of university, I could have done exactly what I wanted, but didn’t. Now I am trying to do what I want (and loving it!) but having kids, a house and all that jazz just means I have to be more considered in my approach to things! Patrick is at the point where the ONLY thing that matters, really truely, absolutely, is what he wants to do. He doesn’t have to consider anyone else. And like Marie says, you can follow your dreams anytime (like me!) but when you are young, you have the whole world ready to make your dreams come true!
    all the best Patrick – you are so going to hit big time!

    • marie

      thanks for encouraging Patrick Claire! Makes a difference 🙂

      • Thanks Marie! The great thing about this community is just that – encouraging people when they can’t quite see their next step – I love it!

        Just wondering though, how do I get my picture up? (not that it’s amazing or anything, but would be nice for me to be there instead of a grey background head!)

        • Go to and sign up! Upload a picture and associate to an e-mail account. Then everytime you comment on ANY page with the e-mail adress you registered on Gravatar, the picture associated with it will appear! 🙂

  5. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I watched this video and felt an overwhelming desire to scream “you go get it!” at the screen, the same way I do when the hero is going to catch the girl before she, the love of his life, gets on a plane or whatever at the end of a movie!

    In an age where so many young peeps don’t know what they want to do, someone who does should really go after it! Go go go Patrick!! What are you waiting for!

    • marie

      I hear ya Hattie. I feel like screaming at videos too sometimes 🙂

  6. To know hash at your passion is in your early 20s is a gift. I wish I had realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur then. I could have lived with my parents and built my dreams. I’m doing it now in my late 30s with the responsibilities of children, a husband and a mortgage. Possible, but more challenging!


  7. Doka, if you don’t audition you will NEVER get the part!!!

  8. When I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do and just got the first job I could find. Which ended up with more jobs that I didn’t like?

    It took me nearly 20 years to figure out I did know what I wanted to do. I just talked myself out of it because of the risk of the unknown and the money involved…

    I wanted to be a photographer but I was scared off by the lack of successful women in the industry and the price of the equipment you needed.

    Now life has taught me better, and I’m a photographer working at being successful!

    I wish someone like you Marie had been around 20 years ago to give me a kick up the behind! Because it’s scary taking the plunge and going for it. I’ve done it the hard way but I don’t regret it because I’ve learned a lot along the way. Better late than never!

    I know with a stepmom like Marie, Patrick will make it!

  9. love this advice!!!!! What an inspiring video to wake up to!

  10. i like Ramit. I don’t think he is an a-hole. I have had an inner Ramit-like voice in my head for the past 3 years. By the time I found Ramit, the dream job wheels were already in motion. I’m not kidding that I got contacted to apply for my dream job in December. Yes! I didn’t even apply, they invited me to apply! Now I work on Park Ave, for reals!

  11. Ditto on Suzanne’s comment! If you know what you want in your 20s GO FOR IT!!! Wish I had know back then what I wanted to do… it would have saved me years of misery working at “good jobs” that I hated. Then once I did figure it out I had this cockamamie idea that I had to be “successful” in a “real job” before I could start my own business. Marie’s right – suddenly you have major financial obligations that you didn’t have in your 20s, and your standards change… At 24 I would have been happy living in my mom’s basement, eating whatever I could scrape together and making it all happen. Now I have a husband, student loans, car payment, 2 (step)kids… It’s a whole different ball game! BUT as Marie said, it’s never too late to start & I feel lucky that I figured it out in my 30s and now I’m on a happy path to living MY dream 🙂

  12. Love this video! I had forgotten how great the ‘get anything you want’ training was as I was reminded that ‘the decision comes first’. I have just launched my new jewellery business on Etsy and have been having thoughts like ‘am i good enough?’ ‘will I ever be as successful as x,y or z?’ – ok decision made – I will be successful at my dream job, I just need to keep taking action. Thanks for a great vid : )

  13. Congrats on moving to LA! So much fun!

    Thanks SO much for sharing this Q! I’m totally in this spot right now but I’m making the transition into my dream job. I graduated last December and went straight into a safe job where I was comfortable because I’m 25 and married with a mortgage and I wanted to be able to contribute as much money as my husband does. Now I’m learning that even if we have to be a little broke for a while I KNOW I’ll regret not taking the chance to follow my dreams before we get too tied down.

    So excited for what the future holds!

    • Mariah, it’s so so good to see your face here! And to read your reply. You are so very talented and I’m blessed to have found you through b-school and hope others here find your great skills, work and passion for what you do. Keep living your dreams girl and don’t worry about the money… it comes! Listen to Marie and keep doing what you do because what you do rocks. Much Love, Jill

  14. Marie, you are a trip. Love the message and just had to comment. I work with teens, children and parents all the time and one thing I notice is LACK of dreams… in parents first but surprisingly in teenagers even more. It’s a sad sad fact that kids can be stifled so easily by so-called “advisers”, parents, teachers, media and more. We need more people out there singing the DREAM song like you!

    Thank you and keep folding your dreams and sharing… all the way from LA!

    • Jill, my little brother is definitely in that boat. He doesn’t have any dreams. To be honest, we were raised to NOT have dreams in this household. And there’s no one in our immediate circle (no advisors, no friends, etc) who has real knowledge about how to discover your dreams. To my brother, it’s hopeless and a waste of time.

      Fortunately (or unfortunately), I am a bit of the rebel of the family. So when I was told to forget about my “dreams” that made me more determined to discover what they are!!

      I want to create a site called I’m thinking of eventually creating… some kind of program or online course to help girls firstly be OKAY with ALLOWING themselves to dream. Then the practical steps to discover the dream. And the practical steps to begin achieving it. I’m excited!!

  15. I agree with you completely. Life is about going for it. Seriously. What other option is there? That is if we want to be happy.

  16. Funny, none of my dreams have the word job in them =). I echo the sentiment of many of the other ladies here that the pressure certainly increases as you get more and more responsibility. I spent my twenties working the “good job” that I got as a result of earning a degree in a “good field”, one in which I had absolutely no interest in. Right now as a business owner doing what I am passionate about, I have never been happier in my life!

    As always excellent advice Marie!

  17. Hey Marie! Another great video, full of empowering information and of course, fun! I definitely agree with you. Follow your heart! I’m doing that right now myself. I’m starting my own business (never thought I would) and it’s a little overwhelming because I never thought of myself as a business person, I have trouble on my tax forms! But I know I can learn, because the dream is to spread love and empowerment to kids and their parents, and to help me with the business side of it, I’m taking Ramit’s Earn1k course. He’s also a very funny guy.

    thanks again Marie! You are TOTALLY AWESOME!

  18. Morning Marie from Mattapoisett

    I hope by the time this video has come out and Patrick has seen it, he has already contacted his lead for the dream job!!

    I am 32 years old, following my dream and loving it. Are things tough? Yes, but I would much rather live like this, happy and being my own boss and knowing there is nothing I would rather be doing vs being stuck in a cubicle thinking…”I should have. Or I wish I…” Time will just pass you by my friends.

    I started my own coaching business ( and work with other female entrepreneurs/small biz owners who struggle with time management and as a result are sabotaging their health and sanity. I have been there, not taking care of myself and therefore not reaching my full potential. So I made some decisions and turned my life around. I truly believe that the love of what I do and my enthusiasm for it makes my work that much more authentic and creative and fabulous for my clients.

    Life is most definitely too short to not enjoy your work. Good luck Patrick and enjoy the sun Marie!

    xo Johanna

  19. You are 100% on target! I have experienced… this first hand in the last few months

    I love my concert and music sites, but my new site about houses is in my heart, soul and being. You know how most people swim with the stingrays in the Caymans? My idea of a good time is checking out the new condos!

    So after Google slammed my primary concert site and 95% of my income came to a screeching halt, I thought “I am SO over Google.” And for the first time in my four+ year internet career, I actually selected a niche with zero regard for the money (altho I know it will come because this is MY area and I can add big value)..

    I’ve been live 4 months now and all my stats across the board are practically a line straight up! Forget doubling; in some months I’m tripling and quadrupling. Why? I think because my readers can sense this is really my thing and I genuinely care (and can truly help them.)

    I cannot tell you the difference between working on sites I like and working on a site that I absolutely love!

    NOTE: Another thing about Josh being in his twenties.. People are typically more inclined to help a young person get ahead. (Non withstanding his ‘buddy’)

    Dee 🙂

    • Wow, you made me feel a lot less fearful about launching my own site. 🙂

  20. I’ve spent over a decade since college trying to “figure it out.” I love Ramit’s advice to just take action!

  21. Go with your young, un-indebted, and free from most major responsibilities (for now anyway) self, Patrick! Do you really want to wait until you’re 35 with three kids and a mortgage to land that media mega job?

    Welcome to Los Angeles, Marie–when’s the meet-up?

  22. Once again, your video/advice was spot on Marie! I’m long past college and I’m in the process of pursuing my dream career. I love your tweetable and did retweet it. I am a firm believer that you can do what you love and love what you do. I’m also on that end of the spectrum where I have a mortage, student loan etc. It’s very frustrating sometimes knowing what I want to do, but knowing I can’t just jump up and pursue it full time because I have “grown up” responsibilites. 🙂 So Patrick go for it now while you aren’t tied into any debt, etc.

  23. Yay what a great video Marie! Loved it.
    Im studying (the last 5 months of a 5 year long education in fashion and textile), and want to start up my buisness as I finish it, so I can continue to play and have fun. Thank you so much for sharing just exactly this today!

    xoxo line

    • Are you addicted to internet, like me? If you live in California or NYC, you have a lot of opportunity to go viral with your fashion if you buddy up with the youtube girls or tumblr people.

      • Thank you Doka, I live in Denmark thou:) Your site looks beautiful!

  24. kathy

    I am 52. just lost the person I thought I would spend my life with. can’t make enough $8 to cover bills. Have been self employed most of my life abd would just love to work at a job I love and destress for a while. But I do not have the luxury of time. Feel completely alone and stuck. HELP.

    • You should visit Ramit’s site (that she put in the links). He has a lot of great insight for you to take action. But the most important thing is that you are taking action AND tracking your results.

      Also consider looking at Ramit’s Earn1k information.

  25. stephanie*

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Thank you Marie! That’s just what I needed to hear – and quite synchronistic! HA! Thank you for sharing and ALSO for being a living example, how to really support each other (especially women and women – I just thought of you the other day, because of your juicy support and how to grown this in tha world with the women around me. and men as well of course 🙂 )
    Big hug from Switzerland! Stephanie.

  26. I have always taught my daughter to follow her dreams and told her that she needs to get up everyday and LOVE what she does (preferably in her own business, but there are also some dream jobs too). She is currently filling out University app’s in US and Canada and it is VERY difficult (especially in Canada anyway) to have flexibility in your program choices. Wow – they want to put every student into a BOX and put that box on an assembly line so you can come out at the end of 4 years, as a ‘product’. The system MUST evolve and keep up with the times. Our next generation needs a BETTER, flexible education system! But that’s a post for another day!

    My actual point is – Always, always fight for your dreams and go after them with everything you have! Even with side trips and bumps in the road, it’s what make the journey all worthwhile!

  27. Josh, your buddy may want what’s best for you but with a bias. We tend to think in terms that what is best for us is best for others. This presumes two things. One that we actually know what’s best for us, not always the case (we lie to ourselves a lot to avoid discomfort), and two that what’s good for the gander is good for the goose (or in this case other gander). Seldom the case. We are all so different we are the only person who can carve our path in life.

    The fact that you know what your dream job is awesome, so many people don’t or won’t take the risk of having a dream. Having a dream means that we risk being disappointed by either the realization of the dream or by the failure to realize the dream. Fundamentally however, if you avoid disappointment you avoid joy.

    Jump josh, right into the midst of that dream and have fun with it.

    • Patrick, I mean Patrick. Blush! I think I was thinking about some other thing and was not paying attention. But if there is a Josh that needs to hear this too, follow your heart.

  28. Run, Patrick , run! Best advice eva!

  29. I love this. I know for myself as an entrepreneur now and when I just started, that there are only certain people in my life I can really talk to about my fears. I know when I am just frustrated and need to vent or cry that I need to go to someone who will just hold the space for me and not make excuses or give me advice from their own financial fears.
    Many people can’t fathom thriving in a non- standard career but it is totally possible!

    • Vanessa- where did you find these people? I have owned a small business for over a year, but I am the only one of my friends who has chosen this path. Since my friends are 9-5ers they don’t understand what I am going through or why I have to work so many hours. I would love your advice on where to find an emotional support team! I’ve gone to networking meetings around my hometown and almost everyone is there representing a corporation- not their own business.

      • Hi Anne,

        I can totally relate. I find I can bounce ideas off of certain friends, but when it comes to money, my husband is one of the only people who will just listen and then encourage, instead of making excuses, or saying that times are touch blah blah.
        I think places online like this are a great place to find people to talk about business with.
        What type of business do you have? I am a Massage Therapist, and I have a local business and ideas for online products. I also met with others in my field locally who I can ocassionally talk to……

        • I own a company that creates handcrafted inspirational jewelry based in Indianapolis.

          I’d love to chat sometime. anne (at)

  30. I’m a firm believer in the adage that when you start pursuing your dreams, unexpected doors will open easily. For 12 years I worked in Corporate Entertainment because my family, although artistic, was about having 9-5 jobs and doing your passion on the side. Today I am starting my own film production company, and would you know? Once I made this decision, top people at Dreamworks and Disney said,”It’s about time. Now that’s what I want to hear!” Follow your dreams. You’ll meet your supportive people too, and isn’t that the only kind of people we should have in our life?

  31. Needed to hear this. Thank you.

  32. GREAT catch on the “friend/advisor!” That was such great advice for Patrick. “If only’s” are not in my repertoire, but if they were, I’d say to Patrick, “If you have the inkling to do what you love at such a young age, freaking GET AFTER IT!”

    It takes people YEARS to figure out they have a desire and go after it, so realizing that at a young age is a gift. Take the gift, be grateful, and listen to your heart….”not friend/advisors!”

  33. Rene Cerrito

    Hi Marie… Great advice! It reminds me of the story that Gregg Levoy wrote about in his book “Callings” ( one of my favorites) …. He was describing a similar situation in his life. While he was driving he was mulling over if he should take a good job offer that he had no passion for, or follow his heart with what he really wanted to do. The Eagles song Desperado came on the radio. The words “Don’t you choose the Queen Of Diamonds boy…she’ll beat you if she’s able… The Queen Of Hearts is always your best bet” were what he heard just before he pulled into a parking space…got out of the car … and stepped right onto the Queen Of Hearts card!!! He got the messsage and went on to follow his dream. LOVE IT! Thanks for Marie TV and all you offer…LOVE that too…… Rene Cerrito

  34. Great advice for anyone, Marie, at any point in their lives – move towards what you REALLY want. In fact, I’d advocate that we should only EVER do what we wholeheartedly desire.
    It takes just as much effort to get and work at a job we that doesn’t thrill us as it does otherwise. Even more, most likely! This applies to all areas of our life – no paying your dues to the gods of lesser loves. Live audaciously!
    And yes, Ramit is an incredible value-provider! Throwing my rec in the ring for him, too.

  35. As always thank you Marie and everyone else’s great comments. I follow my dreams and am always doing what I can do teach others to do the same! How else will you be happy unless you do what you love..I know doing what others want is not fulfilling. Be Happy!

  36. Lindsay

    I LOVE this video, thank you! It comes at such a perfect time. I just basically decided not to take a safe job that would provide enough money, benefits, stability, etc…and also stress, unhappiness and no time for myself. I just kept feeling like I would lose myself and not have any time or excitement to put into what I really want to do. And I just know i would get farther and farther away from me. I recently moved and while I know I NEED to find something to keep me afloat, I just kept thinking, should I follow my heart or my head? I followed my heart and the last week I have been on an emotional roller coaster but I realize deep down inside I did the right thing. Thanks again for this!

  37. Hi marie! love all your sh*t. 🙂

    Hey so I am not 22 by a long shot but I am looking for a career change. Does that mean you would advise me to be more conservative in my job search? I have so many different ideas about what to pursue next and am in a deep personal inquiry, as I want this new direction to count.

    Thanks for any insights!!!

    And keep on rockin….
    my friends call me Jup (aka short for jupiter)

  38. This is SOLID GOLD advice. The advice about the 20’s being the best time to go for it is sterling silver. But the advice to be CONSISTENT is 24 karat! I got a ton of offers/opportunities in my 20’s because I was responsible, consistent and proactive. It really does go a long way.

  39. Tim

    When we are young – it seems like we have all the time in the world to pursue what we really want – when in fact, we discover it is actually a short time as we hit 40’s or 50’s. I think we get caught up in what is responsible, etc. We can waste a lot of needless time. Take chances. Life is short – pursue your passion. Have the courage to go for it and don’t mess around with anything less. Good advice Marie!

  40. BabyBoo

    Hi Marie

    I think that was a great video, thank you!

    Three months ago, I decided to go on an “undetermined sabbatical” right after graduating in order to pursue my dreams of being a singer/songwriter and author. But my mother is now kicking me out of her apartment and I can’t find support in my family.

    So my dreams are gonna have to wait a little, as I first need to find a job and a place to live. I just hope I’ll stay focused on them and won’t get caught up in a mediocre life.

    Do you have any advice as to how I can stay positive and motivated to achieve my dreams despite the adversity that I’m currently facing and the major changes coming for me?

  41. Ninette

    I graduated with a degree in Journalism & Creative Writing. I was so sure that I was become one of the few Journalists that disclosed the unperturbed truth at all times! Instead of going straight from my BSc to a masters, complete with NCTJ certification, I tried my hand at obtaining work as a Journalist.

    Was great to begin with, even though it was voluntary. I was doing what I loved. I completed voluntary work for a few different companies but on my last work experience as a Journalist, I felt I was being pushed too hard into other areas of the paper. The owner of the newspaper really wanted to keep costs low. This in part, took away a great deal of my drive to work as a Journalist.

    I tried my hand at something new as I have the tendency to get bored easily sometimes. Events Management was exciting and I enjoyed talking to various different people to help breathe life into the events I co-produced.

    I have been working voluntarily for over a year in events. I have only been successful in obtaining two short temporary roles. How can I convinced an employer that I am a suitable match for this line of work even though my degree is not entirely related to events management?

  42. LOVE this Marie! I wish I had you when I was in my 20’s to set me straight! I had a great job for 28 years as far as pay went, but I was SO not living my passion or IN my passion. Thanks to you and a whole community of awesome women, this past year has been rocking….in more ways than one!

    Thanks for sharing your love, humor, and nakedness….!! Yee-ow!

    xo, Tina

  43. Ughhhhh, I so agree! I’m an Artist/Author who lived other people’s dreams for about 11 years until I ended up in the ER with anxiety attacks, kidney stones, and a sleeping disorder… wow, THAT was really fun, as you can imagine. It was def my big wake up call… I made some changes and within a year was living in Southern California, divorced and a Single-Mom, pursuing my Art and Writing career full time. Whoop! It’s hard and a craaaa-zayyyy ride, but it’s worth it. Live your life, yo! High-fives all around, to youandyouandyouand yes you!

  44. Totally agree, on the safe job vs. dream job question, ab-so-lute-ly, positively, go for the dream job Patrick, *especially” since you are in your 20’s! You deserve to do what you love AND get paid for it, and like Marie says, “you’ll never regret doing what your heart tells you to do.”

    As a person in my 40’s, I l-o-v-e that Marie says to pursue your passion at any age. I wholeheartedly agree with that too, despite hearing from friends and loved ones that rather than launch a business in this economy, one should just find a stable job with benefits and consistent monthly income. Sometimes I’m in danger of believing them, so Marie’s msg today is especially timely. ; )

  45. oh Marie! I love you. Such great advice! (as always!)

    Oh to be back at fresh out of college…I actually got a killer job, in my field for a dream company. It was one of the best working relationships I’ve ever had!

    It’s so much harder to go after what you love and possibly take a paycut when you have kids, the mortgage etc. BUT get a great spouse that will support you and you can make that change to go after your passion…my hubby and I seem to tag team at this (thank heavens I married an entrepreneur who gets this!). Life is too short not to follow your dreams!

  46. Its funny. When Marie was reading this boy’s question. I could hear that he had already made his decision and that what he was looking for was just permission to follow through on his desires. (Marie provided that permission in spades :). It can be tough to go in an obscure direction that feels against the grain. In those situations we often seek permission from anyone that will tell us something opposite to the status quo…. seeking out just one voice amongst the masses that will give us permission to turn around and walk in the opposite direction of the crowd… I echo Marie’s advice… don’t walk… RUN!

    • Alishia, totally agree. Most of the time our heart has made up it’s mind and it waiting for our brains (or others) to give us permission!

      Marie, loved what you said abouce consistency. I see this inconsistency problem with many older business owerns as well, especially those treating their business like a hobby. They don’t put their whole focus or energy into it, bring on too much drama and whatnot and the client suffers. So this can happen at any age!

      I’m 39 and have followed great opportunities in my work life. I’m still not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up yet, but in the meantime, I’d doing what I love doing RIGHT NOW. That may change in 10 years, it may not.


  47. I love this advice.

    I don’t think anyone should ever settle for good enough! Go for Kick-Ass every time!
    That’s the way to get the juicy goodness flowing!

  48. Jennifer Aderhold (@jjaderhold)

    Amen, Marie! I love, love, love your answer! I wish somebody had drilled that into my head when I was just out of college. Now, quite a few years past that time, I’m finally really going for doing what I love to do! I’ve never been so excited about what is happening every single day to make it happen. Kudos for this fantastic advice!

  49. “This is an important issue to me because I envision a world where every human being is doing work that is meaningful and rewarding”.


  50. Great Q & A Marie – definitely one that resonates with me!

    I initially studied finance and accounting because it would get me a ‘good’ job. And it did. But I didn’t enjoy it. And at the end of the day I just became a clock watcher.

    So I jumped off the corporate ladder and into a marketing position where I could polish my copywriting skills, took some courses, started freelance writing, worked as a reporter and finally merged my head for business and passion for writing into a PR & Marketing career!

    Now I’m happily building my own business (with the help of all your advice!) and living my dream.

    Thanks for all your support from afar!
    Emma x

  51. There was just an article on the Huffington Post about starting your own business after 50 It’s not just for 20 year olds and recent college graduates!

    It’s liberating to know really anytime in our lives we want to follow our dreams, it’s very much possible as long as we believe we can!

  52. Marie, I cannot agree MORE! You never regret the things you do, but you often regret the things you don’t. When we’re young we typically have more flexibility and less responsibility — meaning we can afford to work our passion even if it doesn’t throw buckets of cash our way or offer huge benefit packages for our family. As we get older, our responsibilities change {both with our available time and our required earnings} which can put parameters on *some* {NOT ALL} of our choices and needs. That said, it is NEVER too late and ANYTHING is possible if we’re willing to hustle. Make a way out of no way.

    To Our Dreams,
    xo Karen

  53. Everytime I watch your videos, I feel so inspired. Thank you so much for all of your words of wisdom! I went over to Ramit’s site and signed up! I’m currently in graduate school to earn my MFA in Illustration, so after class tonight I will get a chance to watch. But thanks for making my afternoon inspired and amped-up!

  54. Love your advice — you should mentor college guidance counselors, so they drive you to pursue your passions and not just ‘secure a gig’.

    You rock my socks!

  55. Rebe

    If I knew then what I know now….i would have done it all so much differently. No regrets, tho! Follow, always, your ♥ , your dream.

    Marie…you are so damn funny! And right on with all that wisdom and insight emanating from your heart. How about a visit to Costa Rica? Maybe set you up as a keynote speaker for a Networking Group of Working women – English speakers.

    Pura vida!

  56. AMEN! I am the type of person that always knew I wanted to be my own boss and was, with the exception of a brief period of 2 years when I took a job “for the benefits” b/c I was the only income maker and mother of 2. I was never more poor, my time was owned by someone else, I never had a moment to generate more business of my own, 2 weeks of vacation a year-are you kidding me!!!….it was the pits! I left the job and had my life back. And now, thanks to RHH BSchool my business is growing each week, I am moving into a studio 4 times the size of my current one and hiring employees. And I’m not stoppin’ there! Marie is dishing out the truth! Thank you Marie!

    • Bridget,

      Congratulations! You do beautiful work and I’ve signed up to be in your mailing list. I’m always on the look-out for great presentation/gift ideas.

      Have a nice day,


  57. Hi Marie! I just found your website and of course the first video spoke volumes to me. I’m currently having difficulty finding fulfillment in my job and I fully believe in going towards your dream job vs. one that just pays and may be more stable. But..what happens if you don’t know what your dream job is yet?! I know that there’s got to be something else out there – but I’m just not one of those people that knows what they want to do. Any tips??

    • Hi Jenny,

      You’re not alone. As you’ll see in this video (, I’ve made a few turns before I am where I meant to be.

      For me, it took a lot of soul searching, while being on my corporate job. I did ask myself the question whether it’s the work itself or the people in that environment that I dislike. Mind you, I once thought I found my calling doing what I did. And I did stay in the profession for a long time (and learned/developed tremendous amount of skills to benefit my business now).

      Many people asked my how I found the “talent” in photography (for gods sake, if there’s any :p). I said it found me. It just happened at the right time until one day, the desire was so strong that you know you’d be obeying your heart to not pursue it.

      I have many friends that are still in the financial industry, feeling unsatisfied and yet don’t know what they want to do. I always suggest to give themselves time and room to explore and be exposed to different things and people.

      Good luck with your soul-searching and hope my experience was helpful!


      • I would like to add onto what Jean said simply because I was in, somewhat, the same boat. At one brief moment I found my place in the military. I gave them 10 dedicated years and they gave invaluable knowledge, wisdom, and skill that I have taken out into the civilian sector as an independent.

        Just relax some and go with the flow. Dreams often find you! 🙂

        • Thank you for sharing your experience as well, Kamina! Look forward to seeing your around in the community and good luck with your new endeavor!


          • Thank you Jean! Happy to be here! I need ALL the support I can get…trust me! 😉

  58. Alia Poonawala


    I’ve always been a fan of your videos but felt left out because as a recent college grad, I’m new to all this! So your video today inspired me to try to go for my passion as I’m fighting what people tell me to do (RATIONALLY) vs. what I really want (the problem is I don’t always know what I want and it isn’t always consistent…regardless! I’m happy to start SOMEWHERE). Also! Thank you so much for Ramit Sethi’s links! VERY excited to dive in!

    Best best wishes,

    Alia Poonawala

    The heart, the heart is WHERE IT’S AT!

  59. Marie, besides the face that your hair is enviably super-shiny (smile) you have some awesome advice here – not just for us peeps who are pursuing our passions and/or figuring out our purpose, but for our KIDS as well. I shared with vid with my 15-year old daughter – I always tell her if I had made different choices and followed my heart instead of my family and friends (who although had the “right” intentions as far as they were concerned) told me, I would have avoided the pain and struggle in my 20s. And I definitely want her thrive right out of the gate as she enters adulthood.

    I think this video and your words of wisdom should be shared to any teen/college aged student we can get the info to. I have a dream that we can get the schools to adopt life and business skills that are so NOT text-book by bringing in mentors (like you and other entrepreneurs) so we can move the world forward.

    Thanks for another hot topic and wishing you lots of sunshine while you’re in LA!

  60. Love the bit about being young and finding it difficult to be consistent Marie.



    • Rosemary I couldn’t agree more! I used to look at myself in the mirror and wonder if I would EVER get my priorities in line. I do think inconsistency is a killer for a great deal of driven young people.

  61. yes! yes! yes!
    follow your heart patrick…. i left a successful career as an architect to become an artist and have never looked back. your so young! go for it!! when you do what you love it does not feel like work…. i would wish you luck but i don’t think you’ll need it….

  62. I just turned down a big marketing job with a massive salary so I could instead apply for a literary bursary to finish my book. Not only did it feel hugely liberating but I took the plunge and asked some famous people to be my referees for the bursary. They gave me AMAZING references, which just confirmed for me that I am doing the right thing. Fingers crossed I get the money to pursue this dream. I am visualizing the money coming into my bank account as I write this….

  63. Loved yet another video of yours, Marie! And you always have fun doing it, which goes back to the quote at the end of the video “People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it”. I’m going to share with the class that I’m teaching tonight. 🙂 Yes, in addition to photography, I also teach. It’s my way of spreading my impact to this world. 🙂

    The only thing that I wanted to caveat is that we want to make sure the person picked the “dream job” for the right reasons (not for the flashy and/or superficial stuff, for example).

    On the other hand, it’s great to know what your heart desires at a young age. It took me a few “turns”. I’m glad to be where I am now and feel grateful for all the experiences along the way.

    Keep up the great work and hope you are enjoying the SoCal weather!


  64. Hi Marie,
    You are the poster child for living your dreams! Thanks for being such a consistent reflection and mirror of this in my world! So grateful. I am having a flashback to RHH Live where you were introducing your dad to us and celebrating just how far you’ve come…. into creating your dream life. This is the time for all of us to GO THERE and claim it!
    Warm Aloha,
    And, as always, your bloopers totally rock. 🙂

  65. I agree 1000%.

    So many people tried talking me into finding a “real job” after I had my son because they said that starting my own business was too risky. I felt like working a 9-5 was “too risky” (I can’t imagine)-lol

    I went with my heart and have been thankful ever since.

    Check out my video about how I brainstorm business ideas and I hope that it will help some of you!



  66. ALWAYS bet on yourself! Your dream job is to be made with your own hands, your own mind and your own heart. YOU have what it takes to create your dream job for yourself.

    Anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur and there are so many resources and people available to aid in that out there. You have something to say that’s valuable. Find that thing and make it into something that takes care of customers and you! If you do it right, it will take care of your heart at the same time, and we all know the world needs more of that!

    • Arthur

      That’s spoken like Athena the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration.

  67. Had been given an opportinity last year but it didn’t feel right to me. Great chance of work but I didn’t feel it was the right fit so I passed it by. While the money would be nice, it would have stopped me developing my own business which is now kicking ass! I say follow your gut instinct, it’s telling you something for a reason!

  68. Welcome back to LA Marie! Woot!
    Yes, run to your dream job NOW!!

  69. Great video Marie!

    I had more than 50 jobs before 30…. yes FIFTY – and really, none of them were my dream job!

    I’m so happy I’m doing what I love now – and yes, it’s so much easier when you’re having FUN!!!!!

    • Arthur

      That’s encouraging Denise, being 22 I did more than 15 already… Thanks for sharing your website

    • Arthur

      Thanks for sharing Denise, I like your approach. I’ve been looking into some good old american motivation guru’s at Nightingale Conant for advice… Like Brian Tracy or Dan Miller

      While I found their programs to be helpful (strategically), I like that you also learn to make peace with the past failures(emotionally)… Great blog!

  70. Jeannie Spiro

    Love this clip this week mostly because I recently had to make the same choice and I only wish I was still in my 20’s. But I decided to not settle and keep pursuing me dream once I realized that giving up on it would be one of the worst decisions I could make.
    My advice is not to wait, whenever you feel your calling at any age you’ve got to go for it!

  71. Even though I always knew I was an actor it took me a while to get clear about my own vision for myself within the field. I just wrote about a big risk I took professionally last year and the HUGE pay-off.

  72. How did this vid slip past my radar? This stuff is so up my street!
    Marie, you are so RIGHT. DO IT NOW. Chasing the ££ can be tempting, but it is a soul destroyer. It may give you some of the nice things you want, but it will keep you playing small, not fulfilling your TRUE potential + always feeling slightly empty. Steve Jobs said that the illusion we have something to loose is the biggest destroyer that stops us from bringing our dreams alive. Follow your passion + your heart + you will never look back. It’s funny but I often find that when you don’t chase the money + are propelled by a deeper, stronger purpose + passion, the money always comes in the end…but better to earn it doing something you love, right? xx

    • Great points, Beth! Years ago, when I was on a corporate position, being unhappy, I did a soul-searching. The conclusion was that from then on, my “simple” goal in life was happiness. And that comes down to pursuing happy at any position because I held the same belief that when you do stuff that you truly love, you tend to do a great job (and not just an OK job). And the money and title (i.e., promotion) and even fame will naturally follow.


  73. Oh my this was such a great video. I was in the same position months ago and the I took a leap of faith that was completely worth it! I even wrote about it ( You must watch the video 🙂 )

    • Loved your story, Carolina! Happy to see that you are cruising along in your new journey well.


  74. Great article and video. I’ve been struggling with this myself for the past several years, and I just made a bold step to leave my existing position to pursue my passions as a designer and business consultant.

    From 2004-2010, I went all the way through graduate school and complete my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. Though it was academically interesting, and I was progressing in my field, I just didn’t feel passionate about the work.

    At the same time, I had been freelancing in web design and development (on nights and weekends) while pursuing my scientific career during the day. I enjoyed the mixture of creative and technical aspects involved in this field and felt more and more drawn to it as time went one.

    After I finished the first year of my post doctoral fellowship in August 2011 I knew I just couldn’t continue on that path. I just didn’t love it. I wanted to do work that I loved because I knew that would be the only way I could ever do work that was truly great, not just good.

    If anyone is interested in more details about my story, you can read them at

    In short, I’m very happy with my decision. Even though I have been working much harder since leaving my research position (starting a business from scratch isn’t easy!) it doesn’t feel like work because I’m passionate about it and I know that every hour I spend is in the service of something that is personally meaningful for me!

    • Being someone transitioned from “the technical side” as well, I wanted to congratulate you! It’s funny how my last corporate position offered “the clunky methods of collaborating on complex projects, and the general lack of creativity, playfulness, and teamwork in the daily routine”. In my own words, “my soul was dying” there.

      You certainly have the intelligence and capability to generate great results – don’t we all (generally speaking) want to leave a dent in this universe and, yet, only do it in a way that’s meaningful to us? Borrowing from someone I’ve read about, hopefully, we can all say one day that we “leave this world a better place than when we came”.


      • Thanks for the support, Jean! I am glad you managed to escape the soul-killing corporate world as well.

        I definitely felt my soul dying too, but I thought I would be a little more diplomatic about my language in my “official” story 🙂

        I think the only way to make meaningful difference with your work is to genuinely care about it. It’s got to be something that you have an intrinsic drive to do, or else you won’t have the willpower to continue on when things get difficult.

        I am glad that we both seem to have found things that we care about. If nothing else, we are on the right path. What more can we ask for?

  75. I think that I may have a very different spin on this. I have lived a very nontraditional life.

    I was literally on the streets by age 15. My destiny has always been to change the world. However, once I started getting that stable military check at age 22 I started to rethink my path.

    It’s always true that you should go with your gut. I ALWAYS knew that I was not destine to retire from the military, but it was easy to get lulled into that sense of security that a stable check offers. There was nothing like having full coverage insurance and always knowing what your check will look like on the 1st and 15th.

    Breaking away from the military last June was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do! I can not lie to you. In fact, even though the military was not where I was supposed to be, I found my place while I was there, always offering a helping hand when I could.

    I believe that not all is lost if you have veered from the path that you are destined to travel. Keep the faith! Nothing we experience is in vain.

    I have been in business for myself since last February now and it is still a day to day struggle. However, I would not trade it or give it up for the world. This is only a stepping stone to where I want to be, and I am mature enough now at 33 to know that there are several more steps to take. Sometimes you just have to do what is right for you…go stable or follow the dream. My heart won out in the end!

  76. jeonseungha

    hi, i’m a student who is studying english.
    nowday, i watch your movie to study english, but
    it is too hard to understand the contents. because, you talk too quickly by my standards. so, i want to recieve the script of this movie. can you send the script to me ? plz…..

  77. Marie! You are such an inspiration!
    I recently made the choice to go from the safe job to my dream job. It takes hard work, but it’s not without it’s rewards!

    I left my hometown, then I left my country and now I’m back and taking every chance I get to thrive. I wrote something I hope can help other women in my place.

    All love and positivity,

    • Arthur

      Susanna, your link doesn’t work on my computer, try share it again?

  78. Erin

    This is absolutely inspiring, thank you so much!!

  79. Here’s an observation I made that I was reminded of by this video:

    Those who discourage your dreams either aren’t pursuing theirs or don’t know what they are. And both of those ends can be related to one four letter word: FEAR.

  80. I’ve been trying to figure out my dream job and working towards finding it out since college- I sometimes feel bad about the 6 years that’s passed (wasted?) since college. I think I always knew what I wanted to do- but it wasn’t ever practical, and I have a very practical head for an artist!
    I’m 28 and on the road now. My gut tells me by naturally drawing and writing exactly what feels right, I’ll naturally do my bit for the world that way. Completely unpractical, but resonates as completely true.

    I think people like me have to be kinder to themselves when they’ve spent time taking risks and trying to find their way- and not feel like it’s time wasted. It’s all experience

    • Arthur

      Thanks Klara, I’m just turned 22 and find your advice very useful…

  81. Wow, this video totally resonates with me! I graduated college a couple years ago when the economy was terrible with a BA in Journalism / Communications. I dabbled in a few 9-5 jobs, only to find that I was bursting with passion & creativity and definitely wasn’t getting it by sitting at a desk.

    That’s when I quit my job to go back to school for health coaching and pursue my career as a freelance writer. It’s definitely been a lot of work, but it’s the kind of work I can go to bed with at the end of the day feeling good about & PROUD. I have found my purpose.

    I am a firm believer that when you are passionate and dedicated to what you do, the success and the money will come in a matter of time. Big thank you for this video!

  82. Arthur

    This was really a helpful video, thanks!

    Are there any personal developpement programs you would recommend?
    (a program to help young people figure out their passions, defining with more clarity the ideal job situation, and figuring out ways to create that job?)

    European greetings ;-D

  83. As always, Marie, you’re a rock star. I love this so much! I don’t have my dream job yet because I’ve only very recently discovered what my dream job would be… to do what you do, basically: to inspire and share wisdom with an incredibly dynamic, intelligent, open minded community of women and to kick ass doing it. And I’m so gosh darn tickled that I finally settled on a career (or even a vague, floaty notion of a career), that I have total faith in myself. After a lifetime of trying different things on for size, I finally feel like I’m dreaming in the right direction and I’m super pumped!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do. You have truly changed my outlook, Marie 🙂

  84. Rosa

    I agree on following your dreams and at a young age don’t hesitate! You may find your passion and get paid for it or you may find your “dream job” turns out not to be as dreamy as you thought and may lead you on a different path you like better. In any case, doing what you enjoy and building on that foundation only leads to new and greater opportunities because your into it and you will be motivated to go bigger. I always loved my work and grew into positions that I never even imagined would be on my dream list. It took work and the desire to constantly learn new things but I don’t regret any new path and got to literally see the world.

  85. Ere

    Hello everybody!

    I’m 28 and I haven’t had a job for 4 years. I’m desperate in finding something that could help me to get through my bills because right now my mother is the one supporting me with my expenses. Of course I still live with my mom and brothers, I have almost finish my English courses and next week I’ll start studing French, I also take dance lesson and all of those extra activities is money that I’m investing.

    The thing is that someone offer me to be his assistant but this requires all my time and the paid I’m not sure is the best for the moment, although it has great opportunities in the Public Relation’s field.Should I take it or should I pursue a new career? this time doing what I really want… I’m really confused O.o …

  86. ashley

    RIGHT ON. I totally wish I did this years ago. I am struggling hardcore with having a family to support and getting my dream off the ground. I will share this with everyone I can, in hopes to pursuade younger 20somethings to get a freekin move on! Great topic today.

  87. Astrid

    Hi Marie,
    I loved the video, but it did make me just a little bit sad, thinking of missed opportunities in my life.
    Opportunities that i did not take. Now i`m 40 years, no kids, and divorced. I did not have a job and because of the economy, i still live with my ex. After 2 years of beeing unemployed, and applying for jobs, i finally found a job, and i am grateful, but it is not what my heart desires to do.
    I have to go back to school for 3 years, i don`t want to sound ungrateful because it is hard to find a job in this economy and at my age. But I am just scared that i wont be able to do what i want in my life anymore, half of my life is over so i went for a job that would give me security. I just wanted to share this becase i feel some what lost. Best regards Astrid (the netherlands)

    • ashley

      Dear Astrid,
      Keep your head up. A dream is always worth going for. Even Alice got out of the rabbit hole. You CAN do it. YOU can do it. You can DO it. You can do IT.

  88. What will it take for you to live the life of your dreams? How many days should go by before you take that step forward? How many moments will be spent afraid of failure?

    What if there was no such thing as failure; instead growth and wisdom? Every choice you make is a win no mater how you slice it. The choices we make are never wrong, as there is no “right” road in life. Every path we take leads us in one direction for as long as we follow it. This path is neither right or wrong and comes with its own unique set of circumstances for learning.

    On the path you are currently on, there will be wins and losses, joy and sorrow. If you choose another path, the one which you are dreaming of, you will have all these same experiences, just different circumstances creating your story. There is no “one right road” to travel, as life didn’t come with a map. This was purposeful so that we could choose our lives and make them into what we wished them to be.

    We are being called to live. There is no risk in living the life of your dreams, as nothing is ever set in stone. Risk, according to the dictionary, means a chance that something bad could happen. According to our definition, there is risk in ALL of life. There is really no such thing as a safe path, so why not travel the one your heart and soul desires?

    Life is an infinite road with many twists and turns, unfolding with every step. You were given this life to live it fully, so what are you waiting for?

  89. I say pursue your dream job because eventually that is going to make you happy; a dream job that allows you to do what you love and add value to people’s lives. At this point, I’m working at a corporate job that I don’t like but I understand I have to “pay the price” first and consistently pursue my goals and dreams until I reach them. My dream job is to write and provide value to people through my writing and I know one day I’ll become full time at it. Thank you Marie for helping people break free and go after what they want. I think Steve Jobs quote fits this video:

    “Almost everything: all external expectations, all pride all fear of embarrassment or failure. These tings just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs-

  90. Cathy

    Hi Marie,

    I love, love, love, looove all your videos, keep up all the great work you do! I have a dream, a dream business, I know what it is, I know deep down it will be fulfilling and incredibly satisfying!! But I feel stuck. Let me explain, last year I took a lot of time and financial recourses to start up my real estate career. Now that I’m in the “thick of it” I don’t like it. Yes, it will have a great financial gain out of it, but it just feels like I’m in a relationship for the wrong reasons. I’m told I’m good at it, good with clients, and to stick to it, to never give up! I’m afraid that friends and family if I take a drastic leap to drop something I just started for starting up my own business. I keep asking myself “when will it be the right time to leave real estate?” 1, 2, 5 years? Do I jump in right now? Or should I be realalistic and wait to gain money and respect in my new career field?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is a really good question, Cathy! And I bet getting in the thick of a new career then discovering it’s not what you want is something a lot of people have struggled with. It sounds stressful, so we’re sending buckets of positive energy your way. If you want to write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, we’ll be happy to help you submit this Q for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday episode.

  91. Carmel Navarro

    Hello.. I’m a fresh graduate of highschool. I have a problem. That problem is that we are financially unstable yet my mother still wants me to go to college even if the tuition is very expensive and won’t be able to pay our house that is in debt for 1.5 million amount of money. I am worried. My mom is in a lot of burden and it is very hard for my part because the most difficult part of me was to make a big decision in my life. That decision is that in this situation : my mom says that she will send me to school and pay for for the expenses but… We can’t still have an aircon in the house, a car, a computer or even be able to pay the house where they gave us only one month to grow money and pay for the house. After that, she is sending me to a school where it is a speech therapy course for four years and it was a last minute decision made by mom and me… But I couldn’t picture out whether if I wanna become a speech therapist Bec. It is what is practical to have a degree to be able to be accepted in this world and gain money and have a stable living with a very nice title you can bring with in your entire life. The only thing is that Everytime I go back to that certain school, I don’t find myself happy Bec. It wasn’t a cheerful environment to be in. I wanted a campus that I always dreamed of but don’t have the money for it. Now, my mom mentions a question that bothers me the most.. and that is what if you for ONE YEAR, I will not go to college and just figure out what I want in life… And then from there I start thinking I do not know if that will lose alot for me considering that my classmates will be ahead of me and I might be left behind and thats my fear what if I don’t get into anything I want. That’s my greatest decision I have to make and I guess I think I never have been able to make my own true decision for myself. Can you help me? Should I stop for one year to try to strengthen and work for myself? Bec. I really want to be a model, a person who is in music videos and a influencer and dancer . I want to be on TV or I want people to see me? and at the same time make people happy.. Bec. Eversince this social media thing is a thing now, I fell in love in it and I want to be like a mini star on social media? like the people I see on my phone so remember. It’s I don’t know might be a impossible dream but I love it but don’t know where to start where to get an agency.. like that.. but that would mean stepping aside college life? So I don’t know… Should I stick with college or try to figure out for one year and in one year I will be working on myself and think if it will work.
    Thank you for hearing my most confusing story ever?
    I’m Carmel Navarro by the way and I’m only 19 years old.
    My Instagram account is @carmel_carms12 if you wanna see a glimpse of who I am? so that you will be able to know me in a way.
    I actually just knew about you now and you inspired me and I downloaded the audio and I love the fact that I have to be committed to the want I really want?
    I just wanna hear from you with this cause I don’t know I wanna hear it from you personally if you can.
    My email is [email protected]
    Thank you again.

  92. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message
    home a little bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.
    A great read. I will definitely be back.

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