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I love answering questions for Q&A Tuesday on MarieTV.

98% of the time, I answer the question that was asked.

But every once in a while a question comes along that reveals a much bigger and juicier set of topics for me to dive into!

That’s exactly what happened today with Mo, the owner of a very specialized product based business that you HAVE to see to believe.

In this video, Mo asks me about a common marketing dilemma. But she’s in for a whole lot more of an answer than she bargained for!

I’ll highlight four simple, yet important opportunities she’s missing right now that will help her increase traffic and sales for her online business.

In the comments below, tell me the biggest insight you learned from this video that you can implement in your business right now.

Doesn’t matter whether you sell products, services or a combination of both because these simple marketing ideas can apply to any business.

If you found this video useful, be an awesome holiday elf and share it with your friends, OK?

Thank you, as always for tuning in, and Happy Happy Holidays!


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  1. Hi Marie! Thanks again for another incredibly useful video. Two big insights I gained from this video were:

    1) Form strategic partnerships
    2) Assess your competition

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesomeness! YES! To all of that! I’ve been trying to explain it to my clients but some just can’t give up the sexy/cutesy titles …

    Biggest “A-Ha” moment in this video was the “bait” for the newsletter needs to be in-line with what you do … I thought for a moment that I didn’t have a giveaway but I so do … (my content, my secret newsletter tips etc …) just because you can’t hold it doesn’t mean it hasn’t got value!

    Happy happy holidays … Joyeux Noel from France

  3. Massive Video Marie
    Two biggie insights is
    1. Matching free offer to what you are selling.
    2. Getting someone in the industry to look at your website with fresh eyes. It’s amazing what you miss when you are continually working on your own project but how someone else can see how you can improve your conversions and sales.
    Thankyou Marie.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Thanks Marie! And love the mini stuff.
    I had one idea coming from an artsy girl as well. If you need to fulfill the creation of a pdf – I know I sometimes just NEED to make something – you could create mini paper character cut outs! Another thing I have been playing with lately is board games – check out my latest board game Wolf Gut for inspiration –

    Good luck!

  5. Merry Christmas Marie! I travel in the world of creative art and handmade and I think we do have a tough time using straight forward language (after all, we think being clever is what it is all about) but that may not be the best for search engines. So that was lesson 1! And lesson 2 is right smack on my website…! A terrible location for my opt in, Argh!! I think creative people don’t desire to be viewed as “in it for ourselves” and that’s just silly, we are not running a charity…moving my opt in today! Thanks!

  6. Morning Marie from Mattapoisett!

    This video has to be one of my faves. Your laser like focus on her website as a potential customer was brilliant.

    My takeaways are:
    1. Use the same language on your website that your ideal client is using to search for you/your product/service.
    2. Have another set of eyes look at your website.

    Happy holidays!
    Johanna xo

  7. Hey Marie –
    Great video – your advice mirrors something I tell my PR clients – “it’s always better to be clear than to be clever.” 🙂 xo Happy Holidays!

    • This is definitely something that needs to be better circulated around the handmade market! Up until the last few months I hadn’t been utilizing keywords in my tags or even in my copy now with all that going on I’m focusing on naturally adding relevant words, and those I can’t that are still super relevant I will put in tags for my work!

  8. Wow, Marie, this was so useful for me as I am in the process of building my site and my goodies.

    My two takeaways –
    a) partnering with strategic partners
    b) checking on the keywords for more clarity in such an overcrowded market

    Have a super-duper festive season.

  9. Biggest insights for me:

    1) Google Adwords to spruce up my writing
    2) Ideas for Opt-In (So over pdf files for services)

  10. I love u Mama Marie:)

    -hello bar! Gonna add that.
    -realizing that even though I offer 2 things the people aren’t that different. Gonna do a google add word search to get specific and find the overlap.

    As always, thanks for dropping the knowledge. Xo Erin

  11. Thanks Marie! I so need to do more with the keywords too, and maybe even use the hello bar. Thanks for the great vid, and love her site!

  12. Loved the video and a Very Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

  13. Thanks for another rock socks video! This one was right up my alley and perfectly timed too. (LOVE it!)

    The two biggies I got from this are:
    1) Create an Opt-In offer that fit my customers
    2)Placement of Opt-In offers & use a “hello” bar

    Thanks Marie & have an awesomesauce holiday!

  14. An especially fun video!

    1) Know your audience and give them what they want.
    2) Do your homework with keywords and your competition.

    You’re right, Mo has one creative niche going.

    dee 🙂

  15. hey marie,
    great advice!! as a product-based business, i was so happy to see this post 🙂 i am always telling my designer clients to keep it simple – stick to wording that people already know (esp in the header links) so they don’t have to think twice about what it means. it’s also great to create a site that google can crawl into…. sometimes our creative minds want to get fancy like having flash site- no, no!

    love the idea of strategic partnerships. you can’t grow your business by yourself – surround yourself with like-minded businesses from different fields and collaborate on win-win ideas! 🙂

    merry christmas!! hope you have an awesome holiday! xx

  16. Damn girl! You brought it today fo sho!
    My 2 big takeaways ~
    Take advantage of strategic partnerships…

    Thanks Marie! Happy ho,ho,ho

  17. thanks Marie –

    2 biggest takeaways – give something to your market that is really in sync with what you offer and form strategic partnerships with folks who have similar niches but not “dead-on” competitors.

  18. Rachel Berdan

    Marie, there were a lot of great nuggets in your As, but I think they really boil down to three things. Well, really, one BIG thing with three sort of sub-categories.

    Make it easy for the people you want to attract:
    – to find you
    – to give you money
    – to stay connected with you (and keep on giving you money)

    The only sort of “yes, AND” (vs. “yes, BUT”) I have is around the keywords. I totally agree. It’s SO important to use the language that people are using, especially if you want to GROW your market. The reality is that people new to whatever it is you’re doing will use the most basic language, because they don’t know the lingo. Those are the people who MUST be included in your copy, because if you keep talking to the people who know exactly as much of the lingo as you do, those are the people who will keep buying – the ONLY people. And they’ll run out of disposable income OR eventually get everything they need.

    Now, I say that, and totally agree about using the clear and simple language. I would add that that doesn’t mean you can’t use ANY of the fun and creative language and slowly bring the newbies into the fold. I think this is particularly true when you’re trying to forge a new path in a saturated market and really identify how what you do/what you make/what you sell is different. In order to bring people in, you have to speak their language. In order to get them on board with what makes YOU awesome, unique, different, you have to teach them YOUR language through just a little bit of immersion, slowly over time…in my humble opinion. 🙂

    Sorry to editorialize – your vid really got the gears turning and all that stuff just flew out! Thanks for lighting the spark today, Marie!

    • I think your response was great. I have a similar issue that you talk about – I tend towards being creative over clear and I’m working on that to fix my copy. For example: my job title is “Artisan Crafter”. Those are usually not two words that are associated with one another. I “coined” the term if you will because of how I feel about what I personally do. I don’t just make a hat or a scarf, I put my own spin on it, I really put a lot of thought into the colors and fibers I use to suit specific markets that would be interested in my work. Unfortunately to someone who has never spoken to me the depth of my creative process isn’t as obvious, the heart & soul I pour into my work can get “lost”. But that is not necessarily a search friendly phrase. Artist, Artisan, Crafts, Art sure. So while I won’t surrender my title, I can definitely work on clearly defining it in the “About” on my website and let more of my why shine through. All the while still maintaining clear language for newbies. 😀

  19. Kim

    Thank you, Marie. Your videos are always so insightful. My two takeaways: forming strategic partnerships and offering giveaways that your customers want.

  20. 1. location of opt in
    2. ths xmas at on your head 🙂

  21. Marie, LOVED IT! The two best takeaways for me were #1, the ever important reminder to keep it simple and use those juicy keywords that people are ALREADY searching for, and #2, always match your opt-in offer with what people want — not what every other entrepreneur is doing. I think when biz owners embrace the fact that one size does not fit all when it comes to business models, they are free to do what is best for their business and target audience. 🙂 Great stuff! Merry Christmas!


  22. Hi Marie,

    I always love all your videos, but this one is just awesome!!

    I’ve never heard before about the hello bar. Many thanks for the tip, I should say tips.

    Feliz Navidad from Barcelona, : )


  23. The idea of an opt-in offer aligning made so much sense, and yet I have a product-based biz that was thinking of offering a pdf. Whoops! Time to fix that.

  24. I love how you recommended she give away coupons or free shipping instead of PDF giveaway thingy. So appropriate. And also that she buddy up to other sellers who cater to her audience. Something we often forget to do.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Marie. Love ya!

  25. Mic from Princeton New Jersey checking in!

    Appreciated this video so much. As a fine artist, I offer my artwork and art classes – so finding the common denominator in my perfect clients is really key. I always thought the art collector and the art class participant have totally different needs, but I can see how they share a common trait: they want to be inspired by art & the creative process. Now I have some direction for my vlog.

    Thank you for providing clarity & Merry Christmas to you!!

  26. Crazy delicious information!
    Love me some Google AdWord advice; Who should use PDFs; and Hello Bar.

    Very Merry Christmas to you, your sweetie, and Kuma!

  27. Love the bloopers!

    1. Using Google Adwords
    2. Partnership

    I love how you helped Mo with her business instead of just answering her question! That’s soooo kind of you Marie!

    Merry Christmas or like we say here in Quebec: Joyeux Noël !!!

  28. A fabulous video as always….and seeing as I am just about to launch my new jewellery business – great timing for me.

    I loved that you mentioned google keywords. I often use it but sometimes wonder if I am doing the right thing or whether I should just concentrate on writing content so it’s good to have conformation from you that it is a useful tool.

    The opt in offer ideas were so great, I will defo be using those on my new store.

    Thanks so much or all of the awesome vids this year, have a fabulous Christmas. I’m off to find some scented candles as those you described in your email sound divine : )

  29. Great video.Like your stuff because it is to the point without a lot of filler. However, you explain things completely. Two points that were excellent:not so cutesy; appeal to search engines, and something compelling for the shopper. Really appreciate all your info. Thank you.

  30. 2 key insights for moi:
    – more google keyword searching to define target market, audience, and key phrases in online marketing material & blog headings
    – offering a sign-up incentive that’s in line with what’s being sold

  31. Marie,
    This is SUCH awesome advice for product sellers…daaaaaamn!

    Loved these two things:
    -Be clear, not clever
    -Offer a deal/opt-in that matches what she’s selling (physical product vs. digital product)

    One more suggestion I have for Mo is to break into the wholesale market – she should find stores/boutiques that do big dollhouse business and pitch them on carrying her line of dollhouse miniatures. She can then create an opt-in list for her wholesalers and send them special offers too (free shipping, advance notice of new products, baker’s dozen, etc). Back in my baby blanket slinging days, I had a consumer list and a wholesale list and the wholesale list was a REALLY easy way to make consistent income – they just keep ordering + reordering and buying NEW products. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Marie!!

    • Thanks for the wholesale insights, Heather! I’ve been hesitant to move in that direction, because my pieces take so stinkin’ long to sculpt, but I’m definitely filing away your suggestions–never know when things could change!

      • You’re so welcome, Mo!!

        Wishing you MUCH success! 🙂


  32. Hisies Marie!

    I have 4 takeaways from this glorious vid (some more relevant than others).

    1. The google keyword tool, I had completely forgotten about this service and I need to take advantage of it ASAP.
    2. I really liked your tip to offer free shipping and/or a discount ONLY when your customers subscribe to your newsletter.
    3. THANK YOU for doing a video on a product based business, I am trying to get mine started and your advice on this topic is invaluable.
    4. Fraser Fir candles are the BEST! I love giving them out as Christmas presents because everyone loves how they smell!

    Merry Christmas!


  33. 1. Don’t just automatically offer a pdf. (gets my creative juices flowing m mmm)
    2. Adwords and searchability. Learn to speak the lingo of your prods!


  34. Hi Marie!
    I love when your A’s relate to products as well as services, since my business incorporates both.
    It was interesting to hear you talk about what words people search for in a specific combination, and i had never heard of google keyword- so i am definitely going to check that out for my website; right now!
    Also, because my yoga business offers a service i have been going with a free ab-video opt in, but i am curious to see what would happen if i switched it to a free shipping code for my new DVD..
    Lots to research today- Thanks!

  35. Love this video!

    Used the google adwords tool and going to
    1. use simple words on my site that people are actually searching 🙂
    2. make giveaway easy to see perhaps in the hello bar that you mentioned!

    thank you MARIE! loved this blog

  36. Seriously great advice!

    I’m gonna head on over to the google keyword tool right now! Totally forgot that baby even existed. Also I love the part about giving your customers something they really want!

    Thanks again + Merry Christmas!


  37. Love this! Relevant information for ANYONE!
    What I learned:

    1) PDF freebie needs to be relevant to your audience (info vs product)
    2) Free Google ad word search – WOW!

    Lots of Love and Ho-Ho-Ho!


  38. LOOVE IT! Thanks for the
    1. google adwords/use basic language tip
    2. hello bar

    merry xmas!
    shannon falkenstein dot com

  39. Anna

    Loved the miniature sound effects and gestures!!!! haha so good

    Two great tips I learned:

    1) AdWords Tool (so useful)
    2) Relating free offers to your products

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  40. I loved your video! First time watching and you gave some brilliant advice 🙂 I am trying to build my online store as well. The google keyword point was huge and I already ran my report…I’m missing the boat on so much!
    The networking with partners is also a goodie. I’d love any input on my site so feel free to give me some “A’s”

  41. 1. simple language
    2. hello bar! love that.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Marie!

  42. Michelle Doetsch

    Another awesome A, Marie!! You always give my Tuesday a great start.

    The 2 big insights for me were:
    1. Make sure your opt-in offer is something your clients are really gonna want
    2. Partnering with complementary biz’s

    Happy Holidays,

  43. Great video as Always I enjoy your Stuff! Merry Christmas!

  44. Love this post about a product based business!
    I’ve been thinking about partnerships; now I’m going to get working on it. And simple, clear language…yes!

    Happy Christmas from France !

  45. Ron

    Super video Marie, I really like the Hello Bar idea,
    and was thinking that it might work even better,
    if there was a little animation within the bar.
    Maybe something like a tiny spotted dog or cat.

  46. Connect with my client Toy & Miniature Museum of Kansas City – maybe some alliances there for your business. At the least, they have a gift shop if you’re willing to sell wholesale.

    Thanks for the keyword reminder; launching my blog tomorrow, and been honing categories and keywords for this Phase I kickoff.

    Have a great holiday, and thanks for being such a happy sparkplug all year round.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Dodie, and good luck with your blog launch!

  47. Super great Q&A! Makes me want to send you a Q.

    Best takeaway:
    1)Google keyword tool (info=power and I feel stronger now!
    2) Other ways to give it away. Not everything has to be a PDF.

  48. Loved it – I am creating my freebie right now and you helped me feel like it really is the right thing to be offering (eCook Book: Cravings Rock! Now what?! an intuitive eaters craving companion…)! I also need to go in and goolge word myself up the ylang ylang – speak to the people who need what I am offering.

    Happy Week, Caryn

  49. Pearl Klein

    1. Use simple language people will actually search for
    2. and test it using Google.

  50. Thanks Marie!
    I’m getting ready to launch an online support community for beginning runners and am finalizing the site right now. They keyword search provided so much insight. Keep is simple. Top 3 keyword searches: About running, Running for beginners, Starting to run
    This is so helpful as I design the content AND it gave me some good insights for upcoming blog posts and opt in offers. Thank you!

  51. E L

    A two minute lesson on web site marketing that was worth a full day. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas!

  52. Tha Biyoch

    1) Business is super fun
    2) Keywords are key (not really news, but still!)
    3) The business I am starting/working on has over 50 million people searching for related keywords per month! YAY! W00p W00p

  53. Hey Marie,
    Great video! LOVE Mo’s site and niche. While SEO is a good place for her to dominate with her great jewelry, I suggest she explore Google Merchants too in order to get to the first page of Google for some of the more competitive keywords like “Dollhouse Collectibles”.

    This is a fairly simple way to get in the Search Engines quickly, get more visibility for targeted traffic, and get more customers as a merchant with some bangin’ stuff to sell!
    Thanks again for the awesome vid! Happy holidays!

    • Thanks for the tip, Mia!

    • Mia,

      Great idea! It seems that the fees are similar as if you have it processed through PayPal, except that it boosts your ranking in Google Search. I’m looking into it right now!

      Thank you for the tip!


  54. Keywords. Placement above the fold. Top of site for opt-in.
    Connect with others. Have more fun.
    Thank you!

  55. Hey Marie,
    This was so interesting because I love poetic imagery and language and get bored with the obvious, and imagine many women do also-
    yet, being creative and clever can also be potentially confusing or unclear…

    I will continue to create sensual, beautiful imagery that instantly gets women out of our heads in my marketing graphics and photos, yet keep the copy more clear and elegantly simple = balance that won’t dilute the essence and aroma that inspires me and other women who crave that flavour.

    Thank you for sharing your special flair!
    Wishing you all the love and magic of the season!

    • I know what you mean, Shakaya! It’s such a tricky balance for me…

    • I totally agree with your approach – keep part of it true to your authentic voice & offerings, but keep the words – what will be most searched clear! I need to use this in my products with Product Titles (creative) & Product Description (clear)!

  56. Hi Marie,
    Merry Christmas!
    The 2 tips I got from your video were
    1) The free Googe Adword Keyword Tool to find how many people are searching for your product. Wow what a tip.
    2) Placing Opt-in offers right where it hits the eye when you first go to a website.
    Love them both. Thanks Marie

  57. Wow, what a great video.

    #1 – If your website caters to multiple niches, your opt-in offer can be something that plays to what they all have in common (and is relevant to how you’re actually making money)

    #2 – Just a little bit of basic snooping can help you LOADS. I thought I needed to do a SEO course and all this stuff, but it just takes a bit of snooping and testing.

  58. OMG, Marie–what an amazing surprise!!! I think I just had a mini heart attack when I saw the topic of your vid today. Thank you SO MUCH for breaking it down and giving me so many juicy insights. (And “mini gravy train”? Heheh. Loved it.)

    And now, I’m off to get crackin’ on these awesome changes you’ve suggested–so excited!

    Merry Christmas!!

  59. Great tips for web marketing…like the Google Keyword tool search idea- and
    connecting with other business that will push/pull you along.
    Thanks Marie

  60. Another awesome video! I love helping my VA clients come up with and execute their opt-in offers and it was great to see some ideas for businesses that are product-based rather than information or coaching-based. Thanks for keeping me thinking each week about new stuff. Love it! Merry Christmas!

  61. Jen

    It’s tough to narrow it down cause Marie only provides golden nuggets of info, but if I had to share what I’m taking away from this one it’s 1) I’m one o those food nerds that would google miniature food, 2) I just started using a HelloBar and think it’s great, haven’t checked stats yet but what a great plugin or websites and 3) I nee to make it more obvious or state the WHY people should subscribe. P.s. I think they should subscribe cause who doesn’t want a freebie to start with? Thanks again Marie!!!!!!!

    • I can’t wait to give HelloBar a try!

      And I’m glad you’re one of those miniature food-Googling nerds. 😉

      • Jen

        Hahahaha…yes I and HelloBar is definitely fun. Let’s see how it does, if nothing less then the fact that it’s kinda cute on top of my site. 😉

  62. Hey Marie, Thanks for yet another great Q&A Tuesday!
    I think the best reminder I took away from this weeks video was to check out Google Keywords. I had heard of it before, but have never checked it out in relation to my online biz. I am heading there right now to see what I find!

  63. I have to say that you crack me up Marie. I think the thing that I have learned that has been the most valuable for me (being a B-school grad) is that I always thought you had to present yourself very seriously to be taken seriously.

    Every single thing you put out is fun and unconventional and reflects your great personality. The best part is that it doesn’t take away from the weight of your message, but it enhances it!

    Thanks for the lesson that wasn’t even part of the “lesson” for today!

  64. Two most important clues: Google words and placement of opt in.

    I like the sound of a “Hello Bar” but don’t really know what it is. I have research to do now.

    Thanks, Marie!

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. The Hello Bar info is at Let us know how it works for you.

  65. Amy

    Fantastic info re. opt-in enticer for product based businesses. Thank you, Merry, Merry & Ho.Ho.Ho!!!

  66. Love this vid Miss Marie. I think the two most valuable things I learned here was to optimize your opt in offering specifically for what your customer wants. Loved the idea of a $20 off coupon. Very cool. Also, the reminder about buddying up to other people in the industry. It seems that this day in age, so much of business is about having a great community of people who support each other and compliment each other’s businesses. Awesome A today.

    Love to you boo boo

  67. Hey Marie,

    I thought this was one of your best videos yet because of all the great, useful advice you gave! The two most valuable insights I got were the Google-Adwords tip and the location-for-your-opt-in-offer tip. Great stuff, and I will be sure to use them both! As a holistic anxiety coach/motivational speaker/self-help writer, I can definitely apply the Adwords tip to my business to help my SEO results improve. In addition, I can definitely test different locations for my current opt-in offer. Right now, it is towards the top of my page. However, it never hurts to test out different locations to maximize customers, fans and subscribers. Thanks again for this fabulous Q&A Tuesday video! Can’t wait for the next one!


    Hadley Gustin

  68. Thanks for another great Q&A Tuesday Marie!

    As usual, your video was packed full of juicy tips – the two I’m going to focus on this week are the Google keyword tool, and implementing a hello bar at the top of my site.

  69. Hi Marie!

    Great vid! My two takeaways: Uno – Love the idea of a bonus coupon/free shipping offer to subscribers. Dos – simplify those words using google adwords.

    This is super helpful, since I have a coaching biz but also sell my art and I never thought about adding some sort of coupon or incentive to my subscribers in the pdf that I have already!!! Cool 🙂 Okay, now time to add that in! Thank you Marie!

    Happy Holidays and Fab New Year!

  70. Loved today’s A! And even though I am not into dollhouse food or mini jewelry I totally adore Mo’s site too. What a GREAT niche market! Inspiring.

    today’s tips helped me focused on what I was already doing right while building my hypnosis audio blog site. keeping focused on what is already “right” really helps me keep from getting overwhelmed with the work yet to be done. so BIG THANK YOU MARVELOUS MARIE!

    (does anyone else get that overwhelm thing??)

    Happy Holidays All!

    • Thanks for checking out my site, Chel! And yes, I totally know the feeling of overwhelm. Recently, I’ve started taking all that crazy, butterflies-in-my-stomach energy that gets churned up when I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I use it to help me tackle projects–it’s better than 20 cups of coffee. 😉

      Good luck with your blog!

  71. Anitra

    This video was tremendously helpful. I sell multiple products, and I am meeting a few challenges on how to market (address) multiple audiences/customers, and increase revenue. Every video is always so helpful! Thanks Marie for always giving us your “rockstar” A’s to our Q’s. The 2 things that you mentioned/suggested that I am going to do are: 1)Google keywords
    2)Include an opt-in on my website
    Thanks Marie. You rock girl.

  72. Gina

    LOVED today’s vid! LOVED the mini food/jewelry idea! LOVED Maria’s rap and great info! I SPECIFICALLY learned that you only need to give your clients freebies they’ll actually use! Wow…what a novel concept. Can’t tell you how many times I’m offered a freebie that I really don’t want, and I’m sure I’ve offered things in the past my clients don’t give a flip about. Well…NO MORE! Lol. From now on…it’s only wise marketing!

    Have a great holiday all!


  73. jamie

    Great Morning “pick me up”. Love it . 2 things I learned is Klever Keywords my Keep you from Katching Attention…. use Correct Keywords and Keep them Coming as well as ALWAYS think of the customer and what they want.

  74. After a year of watching these videos Marie, I STILL get SO much out of each and every one. Thank you, thank you!
    Great reminder to utilize Google Keywords – I forget that it’s such a great tool and FREE!
    Also loved your reminder that Opt-In’s should be customized to what your clients wants/needs. It’s easy to forget that and just do what everyone else is doing.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & Josh!!! xo

  75. Thanks Marie! If anything this video helps reaffirm that my business is on the right track. It was also helpful hearing your advice for a niche product since I sell leather skinny ties–also very niche! The Google keywords tool is so great too.

    After watching this video I can see a gap in my business in that I don’t offer any incentives to new subscribers, for fear of ‘cheapening’ the brand, although I think it’s something to consider! Thanks again for your wise words.


  76. Happy Holidays, Marie. I watch each and every Q & A video and have found them so-o-o-o helpful and inspiring. I have sent them to friends, too, now they are fans.

    In today’s video, I greatly appreciate learning about the Google Keyword tool. That is a great bit of information to know.

    And the placement and offering of ‘opting in’ details on one’s page is wonderful knowledge to bring over to my site.

    Thanks to you and the crew for all the mega-entertaining vids. Please keep it up, and best wishes for a Happy and Profitable and Exciting New Year!

    Karen Wolfer

  77. Marie – Thanks for the great pre-Christmas video. I’m just getting started in the whole online presence thing, so two things I can use right away are:
    1. The Google keyword tool; because I love me some clever plays on words, but that isn’t the best marketing idea.
    2. Placement of things on your website. I’m still playing with my blog to get things positioned correctly. Wisdom noted.

  78. Hi Marie – SEO is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO important. I’ve learned to do a little research before crafting my blog posts so they get page 1 ranking. I love your idea about signing up for flash sales notices and will be adding this to my website A Little Indulgence. I’ve been wondering what to do with my children’s special occasion dress samples. Now I know.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  79. Kent

    1. I did not know about the keyword search tool on Google. This was perfect timing as I am contemplating starting a blog but was unsure what topics to focus on (or even if my topics would be of interest). This is exactly the right tool to help me make those choices.
    2. The comments and ideas on what to offer for free to new subscribers will also be very useful for me.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  80. The #1 thing I got from this video is the idea that her customers may not be as different as she realizes. It’s a great point to reflect for anyone (myself included) when we think we are serving 2 different groups of people. Maybe they aren’t so different….

    Thanks, Marie!

  81. I learned to think from my customer’s point of view- what kind of rewards to music-fans want? free MP3s, or good deals on the album, or perhaps signed albums for a bit higher price.
    also, i learned that some people are into itty bitty yummy things!

  82. Very insightful review Marie! I love how you pointed out how similar her customers were. It’s always interesting to see someone who’s not your “ideal avatar” but that really does share the same psychographics. xo

  83. Not only do I think miniature food is adorable, I’ve actually purchased it in the past. I never would have thought to search for miniature food catering, but yes, I did use every other search word Marie mentioned. And Mo, might I say that your stuff is FAB–I’m definitely a future client! Love the reminder to Keep it Simple and Straightforward, because I also have a tendency to get “too cute” with my website copy. Also, loved the hippity holiday greeting! Finally, I appreciate the subtle reminder about scoping out the competition and learning from them. I’ll be checking out hellobars too! Thanks for the great info!

    • Thanks for checking out my minis, Charlene! Always happy to meet a fellow tiny food fanatic. 😉 And good to know that you’ve used the keywords Marie mentioned when searching for dollhouse foods.

      Just set up a HelloBar account, and it’s so simple! Hope you find it useful, too.

  84. Marsha

    Heyy Marie!
    I love love love your vids!! You’re amazing, entertaining & funny!
    Two things that hit home from todays vid:
    *google keyword tool
    *clever wording vs using basic simple terms
    I don’t have a biz as yet but I’m working on it. Your tips are wonderful!!

  85. Fantastic Video!
    Like a little mini-webinar-Christmas-present. 🙂
    First thing that struck me was the search engine query as a way to figure out what keywords people are using to look up what I do. That I can be clever-as-can-be but it doesn’t matter if no one is using those clever terms to search for my stuff. So once again the big lesson is Keep It Simple.

    Second thing that I got is ideas for simple opt-in offers, and to offer discounts, etc. to “subscribers only.”

    Thanks so much – I’m off to do some keyword searches!

  86. this totally rocked my world in a Jay/Kanye H.A.M. kinda way! 🙂 Two takeaways:
    1. I’m not using keywords effectively… so I’ll be rectifying that ASAP!
    2. The product tips are awesome!!!
    As always, FABULOUS Q&A tuesday Marie!!! xo

  87. Hi Mo

    Love your site so cheery. I never thought about such things before!

    Anyway, great niche, as Marie says.



    • Thanks for checking out my teeny food, Rosemary! 🙂

  88. hi Marie,

    Awesome video and my biggest a-ha’s were
    * strategic partnerships
    * opt in w/ coupon or free shipping
    I too have a product to sell and not something that anyone would want a PDF about. Now I just need to figure out how to get that “Hello” Bar at the top of my blog 😉 Merry Christmas and thanks again!! 🙂

  89. Great A’s to the Q! And such a fun topic. I wish I had a dollhouse so I could buy some miniatures 🙂

  90. Love the keyword tool and making relationships in your niche.

    I do well on the keyword front just need to work harder on the relationship side!

  91. Loved this Marie! Top two things I learned:
    1. Edit my website text to use simpler, search friendly language
    2. Use a header bar to make offers so visitors don’t have to scroll down

    Thanks 🙂

  92. I love your style! Fun, informative but not stuffy! What a wonderful combo!

    My take aways…
    Keep it Simple Silly! I am the queen of the clever tags; it’s a shame they don’t work!

    Google adwords work! Use them!

    Thanks . I’ll look forward to this video every week!

  93. 1. Who knew there were so many people searching for mini food?!?!! I had no idea.

    2. Sometimes it is so eye-opening to hear feedback to those outside of your own industry…it makes you notice more pertinent topics that are so easily missed when looking at your own website and competitor’s websites in the industry.

    Great a’s to Mo’s q’s!

  94. Marie – super amazing vid today, you gave us so many gifts, talk about value!
    I took away 2 things:
    1) Collab with your peeps in the industry, start sharing the love and bringing in more clients – win-win for all
    2) Love the Hello Bar – been thinking about implementing it but it does catch your eye on the top of the page.

    Thanks again for the super-hot Christmas goodies via your blog today – best gift I’ve gotten so far this year! 🙂

    Happy holidays to you, Josh and Kuma and the rest of your Ohana.


  95. Hey Marie,
    You elfin self you. Another fantastic video.The two points I loved the most (apart from the fact that there is such a HUGE market for teeny tiny food) are:

    1. Research what people are looking for and the words they use. So they can FIND you.
    I had a conversation with one of my clients the other day about it when we were choosing her domain name for her new website. She does 2 things. One thing people look for a LOT, the other thing – not at all. So we have only put the thing they look for a lot in the domain. Once they get there they will see the other thing!

    2. Aligning your offer with what your clients want. That was a “oops moment”. I have a service business, but I think people may be more interested in a discount or a bonus on the service than the education I have up on my site right now. Time to switch that up and see what happens.

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays whichever works for you!

  96. Ginny

    Wow, what a fantastic session Marie!

    You have made keywords simple – use of language, positioning of the product made so much sense and seems do-able!
    Also the partnering with other like buisnesses was gold.

    Practical, do-able, fun – perfect!

    Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas,

  97. Loved it.

    1) Think about incentives that the CUSTOMER would appreciate (rather than what I want to give them).
    2) Think about who else in my space I can “partner” with (e.g. what can I offer their customers).

    Thanks again, Marie!


  98. Marie — that was so awesome! Thank you — I am looking forward to making my site less “cutesy” and more searchable via SEO, and I am going to change my opt-in freebie to be a time sensitive coupon for a discount on the installation of my Raised Garden Beds at a discount!
    Merry Christmas!
    PS Mark my words….now EVERYONE is going to be writing you to review their website! 🙂

  99. Google keyword tool… gonna share that with my friends. And Mo your website is great! Not something I would be usually looking for, but after I got there I wanted to buy half the stuff on the site:)

  100. Siobhan

    What a great video! I loved it because I’m looking at setting up my own products based business too!

    Two biggest insights (so simple yet SO effective):

    1. Google keyword search.
    It makes so much sense to look at this and include key words in your website. I really love this tip!!

    2. Providing a product-related opt in offer
    Again so simple but such a no brainer to get people to sign up!

    Marie – thank you for your inspiring tips! 🙂 Keep rocking!


  101. Dimple Arora

    Hey Marie!

    Great vid! Biggest insights for me:

    1) Love that you’re so authentic with your audience! We love you because what you see is what ya get!
    2) Forgot about Google keyword search tool. Exactly what I need right now!
    3) Great advice for Mo’s opt-in!

    Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas! Luv ya! xoxo

  102. This was very helpful, I didn’t even think to do a keyword search on my actual products that I advertise on my blog sometimes. I believe I can optimize the amount of people who visit my blog by using words they are searching for more often. Thanks girl!

  103. Blaire

    Marie, girl! I love love love Q&A Tuesday. Best part of my week. You always bring a smile to my face and love how much fun you have making the videos. Biggest take home pointers: google keyword! Great tip and such a “duh” moment for me. Also, strategic placement for opt in and using simple wording. We always try to use big fancy words to make more of an impression when writing as we would to a friend works just as well. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  104. Learn something new every video! Love the idea of Google Adwords (keywords). Just learning about this stuff, I find it fascinating and such a helpful tool when trying to find what people are looking for in terms of the words they use for searches. Very helping in using in your website blog and promotions.

    Much thanks and happy holidays (ho, ho, ho!!)

  105. Dear Marie,

    What I learn is:

    1. Use simple words in my website… 🙂 –> Google keyword
    2. PDF is right for me!! Because I offer knowledge and knowhow’s..

    Thank you!

  106. Helen McKenna

    1) Keep the language simple
    2) Google Keywords:)

  107. Hello Bar! Thanks so much, Marie! I was wondering how to add that awesome widget! 🙂 xo

  108. Sarah

    1 Google stats
    2 Make changes based upon Google stats

    Simple straighforward no-fluff brilliance.

  109. WHOOOOOEEEEEEE. That was so much fun and oh my golly that sparkly purple shirt. FANTASTIC Marie! I did not know about:
    1. Google keywords. That is brilliant. What a way to find your hiding market. Thank yew. AND
    2. I have a product based biz and the concept of no PDF’s and yes coupons, free shipping etc. makes sooo much sense.

    Happy Holidays! xoxo

  110. Ooh Marie, thank you so much for this one, finally I get to sit here and watch a happy tuesday Q&A, having vacation! yaaay, I love your work, and have been following for a long time from denmark:) I’m a student, and also just wanted to say what I learned here is super great, that google tool, yaaaaay, thank you so much!:)
    I have a blog called “little Universes” and its on a website that’s called createroflittleuniverses, oh such long one, anyway, I made this blog to let people follow my work, as I graduate next summer as a fashion and textile designer, I make video’s with my work, write about the process, the raw food and juices I make, which is a huge thing for me, to be able to create every day,etc, etc, and I’m testing out what my target group is like and could be like, and what I think is the most fun. As I’ve followed you and your way about buisness.
    My buisness have been products for a long time, and it’s been a little frustrating, as i like information buisnesses like yours so much, writing, being at home so I’m able to eat healthy, do my dance lessons and all. Which I feel, you never have time for, when working in fashion.
    I also learned in your video I need to zoom more in on what the purpose of my blog is, so I can reach some specific people, as I wanna work after I graduate, and rely on my self, and not on the unions that come to our school and tell us how we should rely on them and search for jobs, when we graduate(!)

    Thank you, for you:) and you look so sweet and fine in your lilla lurex top, make’s me wanna go get some glitter my self for christmas:)

    xoxo Line

  111. Wanda Rice

    Greetings during thiis wonderful Yuletide seson!

    I love the entire video…you sparkle more than that great shirt you had on! Google keyword search is something I had no idea existed, so of course I have to say YES! and putting opt-in before the “fold” is another priceless idea. I don’t even have a web based business, but would love to get started in the blog world, so I can imagine putting these two tools to work in the future!

    Thanks Marie…Blessings!

  112. 1. To have opt in offers at the top of the page on my website! Gotta do this sooooon.

    2. Use simple language – language people will be searching through google, rather than “clever” language. Keep it Simple.

    Thanks Marie. Always an inspiration to me.

  113. 1. Use those google keywords baby!
    2. Make your opt-in what your customers MOST want/need right now.

    SO need to get my a– in gear and create and put up a new opt-in! Thanks Marie, as always!!

    Love you you and happy happy happy holidays!!

  114. Marie,

    I love your videos and how you fly your freak flag sister!

    My big take away…..offer above the fold and keywords…Google keyword tool.

    I’m guilty of making up my own fun terms for things and I think it bites me in the ass.

    Rock on!

  115. Tori Foreman

    I love your videos and advice! I’ve been trying to figure out how to apply your principles to my business, which is a service rather than a product. The product is me :), and my technical and educational advice and supports. Any ideas?

  116. Barbara

    Oh yes, Marie, key words are SO important. And your suggestions about Mo’s website were great. Nutritious food for my thoughts on online marketing!
    Merry Christmas from Bali..ho ho

  117. Carmel

    Wow – what a Christmas gift we all got .
    Greatest 2 takeaways were:
    1. Keep the language simple
    2. Use Google keywords

    Thank you!

  118. Love your videos and ideas as always! Thanks for a great year, and I’m excited to hear what you have to say for 2012!!

    Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to you and yours Marie!

  119. I love Q&A Tuesday! I get so much great information, just like in this video. The two pieces of info most crucial for me right now were the reminder to do key word search research and the hello bar as an opt-option. I also appreciate the message that it’s okay to give a discount to attract clients. Thanks!

  120. OMG this Traffic Estimation is a revelation! TXS!

  121. Awesome Q&A as always Marie!
    Best take-away for me was the opt-in at eye level.
    Verrrrry smart.

    Happy holidays!

  122. This was my first Marie video and I loved it so much!! I took away quite a few insights, but the main one was to think more and more about my keywords and USE THEM, which means BLOG MORE! ::LOL

  123. loved it! Your energy is contagious (considering it is actually the thursday before christmas and feels like a friday!)
    @ best takeaways:
    offers above the fold (in a banner)
    kISS (keep the marketing language to include what people are really searching for)

  124. Didn’t have time to read through all the comments – but in case this has not been mentioned yet –
    Mo, if you are still reading, there is a dollhouse challenge going on right now involving some popular design bloggers with substantial audiences. You may want to offer one or more of them some of your product to get some visibility.

    Here’s a link- and ignore the deadline date – it’s been extended:

    • Hi Lianne! Thanks for the comment. I actually participated in the challenge a couple of months ago, and I sent Emily some of my minis, but I had no idea the date had been extended. Thanks for reminding me about this, because I’m going to offer her a special discount for her readers–hopefully she’ll go for it! 🙂

  125. Hi Marie,

    This is perfect. I actually was about to send you the same “Q”! I love Mo’s business BTW. The 2 tips I loved were the Google Keyword tool and keeping the language simple. Now I wish I had asked first to see if my site is in plain enough terms. 😉 Thanks again for being the awesomeness!!

  126. 1. How to utilize the opt-in offers better (product or PDF) – tailoring the opt in to what you offer

    2. Using the Hello Bar for the opt-in!

    I am looking to revamp/streamline both of my sites during the Christmas break!

  127. Wow! This was great! I got some great insights on how to better market myself and attract more google searchers! Things I had not even thought about are trying to form alliances with those that have related products or services! So excited!

  128. Nancy Hauschildt

    Hi Marie,

    I’m a little behind schedule and just saw your video today (30th). This does not pertain to me as I don’t have a business (yet!) but I love watching you for future reference and I think you’re just plain fun (and funny just like me!). Any-who, I had no idea that miniature food jewelry or dollhouse miniature food existed. What a concept! Great tips you gave her! I am so excited for Mo. You gave her some great info and guess what? I have a 12 year old and a 2 year old who’d love both things! I am checking out Mo’s website after this!

    • That’s so awesome, Nancy! Can’t wait to see what you and your girls pick out. 🙂

  129. Top two things I learned…….
    1. product based bizs should not be offering pdf opt ins. Sounds totally obvious when you think about it but I’ve been tangled up in this for a while!

    2. Hello bar – what an awesome idea! Looking into it right now!

  130. Pen

    Loved the video, Marie!
    Here are my two things:
    1) Clever vs. simple keywords…its a no brainer, but being the wordy wordsmith I am, I think if its clever, it will attract attention – not so in the online marketplace!
    2) Google Ad-words – didnt know that the feature existed! Excellent – thanks!!
    As always, entertaining and fun video…cant wait for the next one.
    Happy 2012!

  131. Moe

    I’m currently working on building my website and this video had AWESOME advice for me that I can use RIGHT NOW! Especially the Google key word trick! I’m so glad I save all your Tues Q & A and watch them when I have my alone “computer time.”! Big up Marie!!! xoxo

  132. Kim

    Two biggest insights learned from Miss Marie’s video.

    1. Use words that are frequently Googled.

    2. Link up with sites who have similar interests.

  133. That Google Keyword Tool tip is all too often over-looked! Doing a little bit of research on what your target market is searching for is one of the best things you can do to increase your traffic.

  134. Hi Marie,
    The 2 tips I got from your video were
    1) The free Googe Adword Keyword Tool to find how many people are searching for your product. Wow what a tip.
    2) Placing Opt-in offers right where it hits the eye when you first go to a website.
    Love them both. Thanks Marie

  135. Hi Marie,
    The 2 tips I got from your video were
    The offer right where it’s at eye level.
    The google adword keyword tool.
    Thank you

  136. This video was awesome! So many creative makers & sellers need this guidance. I’m thrilled to see you cover the topic, and go above & beyond offering your research & expertise!

    I had a product-based business for years and learned a lot about what it takes to make it a success. Here’s one post I wrote all about inventory management and streamlining sales channels:

    Rock on!

  137. Key word tool is awesome and so cool to know about and I have a service biz so offering them a PDF is great for my biz!

  138. I’m glad you talked about this Marie! Like Mo, I was wondering what I could offer people who sign up for my newsletter. Great ideas you had there! Thanks again!

  139. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for that.

    The biggest message for me is to make sure that my opt-in offer is congruent with site visitors and what they’re looking for.

    Great stuff, thanks again,

  140. Hola, Marie!

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I actually watched this video a couple of months ago. I watched now when I saw you tweet it a couple of minutes ago.

    I revamped my site fixing up some booboo’s on it and have been taking in your suggestions. I still need to fix some other things though. I would love it if you gave me your feedback on it.

    See you on Tuesday girl!

    Thank you and have an awesome evening, Jennifer 🙂

    PS: If you visit Puerto Rico I would luv to meet up with you, seriously! 🙂

  141. Hey Marie & Mo! I love this question, and not just because it’s something I’d ask but now I get to meet a new artist who I can stay in touch with on Twitter! The other reason I love this Q&A is that I have a similar issue – trying to reach two different markets without over generalizing.

    But beyond that…I have to say this is actually the Second time I’ve watched this video and my business has grown so much that where I couldn’t see what I could do with the info before now I am brimming with ideas! Way to go Action Steps List!

    For me I offer a lot of random sales because they’re very targeted to a niche market I serve, but I don’t have a lot of extra offerings for people who fall outside of that market – who at least 85% of my products cater too! *headdesk* moment! I know I used the Google Keyword Tool before but I didn’t really put effort into it or explore it fully because I wasn’t working on copywriting at that time. Now I’m definitely going to look that bad boy over more closely!

    I did luck out in having my opt in above the fold everywhere I have it up. However I just have this discount code for my opt in but I don’t really sell it, and I do more than just give a code – time to change the copy there! I’m drawing a blank at what to offer because I was actually considering doing free shipping on my entire store from now on. The ideas of special flash sales & instant coupons for newsletter subscribers only does sound like it could be worth while, especially on seasonally relevant product Before one might typically see it on sale…

    Collaboration is another thing I’ve been kicking around and I’m currently working on making an amigurumi (crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) of a fellow artist’s logo – she uses this adorable owl.

    P.S. I’ve been making notes while reading through all of the comments and I just came up with this mega list of single keywords that I feel are relevant to my business and I know some of them I’m not even using in my copy!

  142. Hi Maria,
    Just joined your newsletter after coming across your insights through Derek Halpern at socialtriggers.

    Messages that ring bells for me from the video are keep on top of your keywords, using the adwords tool is great.
    My newsletter signup box is in A1 position, top right of homepage but still don’t get many takers. I offer an instant 10% coupon code when you sign up but don’t say exactly that above my subscribe box. I will in about 5 minutes though!


    I know this vid is not brand new and you’re likely not going to see this comment. But Giiiiiiiiiiiiirll, I wish you did so I can express my gratitude and what I learned not only to your audience, but to you! Look, that one tip you gave about Google key words changed everything! Add that to SEO and I have very high hopes to finally get some free traffic on my website! Not only that, it opened doors to some other much needed SEO improvements and I finally learned how to used SEO engines, something that was eating at me!

    Thank you so, so much!

  144. Loved this 1.5 yr old video; Got some great stuff from watching again.
    First, I learned that Google Adwords are a great place to test words from an article I am writing before I upload to my site. Next, I learned that I should always match my opt-in offer with what my customers most want. In my business, this is a free assessment, versus what I had been doing…a newsletter blog. Thank you so much,
    Kerri A

  145. So I know I am several many years late replying here…was reading old
    entries.In 2007, 2008, and 2009, it’s absolutely doable to live on 40k in NYC. Many individuals in NYC do not have cars I used to be able to live on 40k/year from 2007-2009, in an $1100 studio within a really good Brooklyn community, Park Slope. It’s completely feasible.

    I even experienced sufficient income to buy furnishings,
    groceries, subway pass, entertainment, even a brief trip in ’08. I had been not insane low cost both, definitely afforded myself some unnecessary clothes, spa times, and so on. I could have even experienced a 1br additional out in Brooklyn.Unless of course you happen to be super intent on living in a tremendous fancy community within the metropolis, 40k is okay for a single individual.

  146. This so great – it can be tricky when you’re selling physical products to know what kind of incentives to offer your customers, but you’re right, it’s unlikely that these kind of customers would want a PDF.
    One thing you could try to encourage people to sign up is to only offer a certain product to your email list. E.g. you could have a limited offering of a ‘mini french food picnic set’ which you can buy only via a link supplied in your emails. You can do pretty funky things with Mailchimp – like use sites such as to create a product listing which will be hidden from your main site, and then link to that listing in your emails. This way you’d be encouraging people to purchase before the offer is up, and also sign up to your mailing list so they don’t miss out on other exclusive offers.

  147. Hi Marie Forleo, great video.
    I love the keyword tool and the hello bar.
    I think using these tools are a great idea.

  148. I use Google Adwords and it is a great tool.

  149. very informative post. I will use the suggestions discussing here for optimizing my new blog site.This post will be very helpful for the begaineer SEO worker who are new in this field.

    Keep posting this type of helpful post.

    With best wishes.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Brilliant, Sehrish! We’re thrilled that the advice in this episode is helpful, and we’re wishing you all the best in optimizing your new blog. We look forward to making even more content that’s useful for you, and in the meantime, make sure you check out the rest of our business-building episodes over here:

  150. Hello Marie, I just watched your YouTube channel for the first time.
    I love your style and energy!
    I need help. My website is and

    I want to add products from Affiliates to sell on my websites however, not quite sure what I am doing. Can you take a look and offer suggestions. Thanks!
    Sherry Bowser-Seward

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Sherry! Welcome! We’re SO glad you’re here and enjoying Marie’s energy 🙂 You may find this episode of MarieTV on how to make your website most effective helpful:

      We’d love for you to email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom with any specific, personal questions you may have related to your business or our MarieTV episodes, as we’ll be better able to get back to you there!

  151. Hi Marie,
    Great video!!

    I can not seem to find the right Google Adword site, the same as the one you showed in the video. Can you please post a link to it?


  152. Marie you are so generous. I love that you over-deliver, like always!
    My two takeaways:
    1. Use that free Google Keyword thang!
    2. Add a Hello bar, it’s the new pope-up 🙂

    I’m searching for your audio opt-in that Amy Porterfield raved about.
    So new, so now, so good ?

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay, Kelly! We’re so delighted this episode was helpful to you. Hello Bar & keywords will help make your site unstoppable –– woohoo! And here’s the free audio training if you’re still looking: Enjoy!

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