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It feels good to be back in the saddle after a week of relaxation post Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

The event was epic, and I left it all on the stage. The overwhelming response has been “….best event ever!”

I consider that a huge compliment coming from hundreds of people who’ve been to every damn conference and seminar under the sun.

Check out what this husband from Denmark felt compelled to tweet after his wife got back home.



If you want to see more reviews, search #rhhlive. Amazing stuff…

Now onto the topic of this post. Let’s talk about a really important aspect of building the business and income you deserve: your ability to say no to clients.

In this video I’ll teach you 5 different scripts for saying no in a straightforward, yet classy way.

Saying no isn’t ever easy, but when it comes to your business, it’s even harder when you’re saying no to clients.

In the comments below, let me know how using these scripts will impact your business.

Of course, if you have more classy ways to say no, add them to the mix too!

P.S.  Check out pictures from the event here- Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.


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  1. Hey Marie,

    Sterling advice as always. Tuesday’s are always good days…!!

    I am just starting my business and I find saying ‘no’ to clients that are not ideal quite difficult – however, it must be done. Mostly, the fear is around not having thr income

  2. I’ve started so I’ll finish!!

    The fear is around not having income I need to keep the business going. However, I have 12 month’s worth of cash to keep me going. This is important as not having a cushion AND not having many clients puts you in a place of desperation, which makes saying no all the more difficult. Kinda like going food shopping on an empty stomach!

    – Razwana

  3. As usual helpful and hilarious advice. I think it is important to be polite in saying no and not completely pushing that client away – another time they might actually have something that is relevant for your business/skills/expertise. However, if it is a client that you just don’t mesh well with…I guess that is advice for another Q&A tuesday video! 😉

    • Yes, do create a video about that!
      Sometimes it’s just tooooo hard keeping your composure when you have to deal with unsuspecting, yet extremely annoying clients!

  4. Oh what a challenge this is but well worth the effort as in the end it will save me so much energy to invest where it matters.

  5. Love the outfit! :-)))

  6. Marie – spot on as usual. I was just thinking abou this, this morning. I particularly like your point about emphasizing what you can do as opposed to what you’re not able to do.

    Very useful.

  7. Marie – loved this Q&A Tuesday — great advice with lots of laughs. Always brightens up my day while providing practical advice that I can use instantly. Love the outfit too!!!!!!! Classy!

  8. Marie you look beautiful and I loved seeing Elsa there with you. She is divine!!!!

    • Fabulous advice! I love teaching my clients how to “let go” of things in their homes that others gave them…when it’s time to make space.

      Here’s a sample script for any of your readers who may struggle with this! (I know, it’s not the EXACT same topic, but my brain was sparked & my inner guide said…share what you’ve got!)

      Hey (Fab Friend/Family Member),

      I’m in the process of cleaning out my house and decluttering, so I have more spaciousness to enjoy, and so I feel lighter and open to doing more things in life I really want to do.

      I keep coming across gifts from my favorite people, like you, and feel so guilty about passing some of the items along. I know this may sound ridiculous, but I feel like I need your permission to let go of the thoughtful gifts you have given me. They have definitely served their purpose in my life and my attachment to them is because of YOU. It’s not like I’m passing YOU on! I simply can’t stand the thought of hurting your feelings.

      Have you ever felt this way when cleaning out spaces in your home? (Please tell me I’m not alone!!!)

      I’m sure someone else will love these items. I’d like to pay ’em forward (without feeling so damn guilty!)

      Would that be okay?


      P.S. You have “guilt-free” permission from me to do the same thing with items I’ve given you, lol. Any pangs I may have will fade.

      • KerryAnne Nobbs

        I love what you’re saying here, it must ring true with so many people. I can certainly relate to the feeling of guilt. And the fading pangs, so funny 🙂
        It is wise to pay it forward, as you say, rather than ‘regift’. A friend received a gift from her cousin which she had previously gifted her with. It was an awkward moment 🙂

        • LOL, KerryAnne, if I mention re-gifting, my ladies usually cringe and have that fear of being busted! I bet that was an awkward moment… my response would have probably been “I figured you loved it so much when you got it for me that I wanted YOU to enjoy it!”

          I do buy things I love for myself 🙂 haha

          Of course, the script can be adapted for personalized “why statements” and more! Glad you enjoyed it.


  9. Sound advice! As usual, Marie! Thank you!! Great outfit!
    As a creative person I found people never hesitating to ask for a lower price or try to take advantage of the ‘Starving Artist” label. I don’t wear that SA shit, I wear the Sassy Ass one…saying no in a kind way disarms people, but it also lets them know that they are barking up the wrong discount tree.
    It is empowering to say no and ultimately you end up doing work you want to do with no resentment or fear of not being able to produce the product a client wants.
    I find saying “no” has not closed doors, it has opened the doors for many great jobs that pay well and that I love creating.

  10. Saying no is definitely hard, but I’ve learned to do it! There are just some customers that you can tell are going to be problematic from the get-go, and no matter how much they’re willing to pay, it’s not worth the frustration!

  11. Ooooo do I struggle with this one! Thank you for the scripts.

  12. When I say NO to someone who isn’t a good fit, I get other clients that say “YES”, who pay more and are happy to do it. I used to say yes to everyone, a promiscuous coach, now I am selective and get the cream of the crop. It is all about trusting when you let go of the old, that something better will come along. Like breaking up with an loser boyfriend! Marketing is so much like dating 🙂

    Thanks Marie. It took me a long time to say NO, but it feels good now to say “Hell no!” You are actually empowering your clients to say “no” as well.

  13. Hi Marie! I love Q & A Tuesdays!

    I think it is easier to say no to a client if you are not in “need” of their money. Think about how quickly we tell an ex to get lost when there is a new man in the picture versus when we are lonely and desperate for some lovin!

  14. I just had an exchange with a client related to this Q&A quite recently. The client asked me to review her book for her.

    This is how I responded:

    Hi (Fabulous Client)!

    Thanks so much for your email.

    I’m sorry, but I can not review your book. I hope you understand that any work outside the forum or our one-on-one calls is beyond the scope of your group membership. My personal reviews are one of the many exclusive benefits I offer my private clients, so if you ever decide you want to “upgrade” your mentorship, just let me know. 🙂

    Thanks again for your kind note, and I look forward to talking with you again soon!

    This was her response:

    Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You are excellent at stating your boundaries. May not agree with all of them, but I appreciate your strength of character.

    You have developed an excellent proto-type of coaching that I really like.


    (Fabulous Client)

    It feels SO good to remind my clients of our agreements and to be clear about my boundaries. It feels equally good when my clients get them and see the value of them.

    I think it helps them see how honoring agreements benefits everyone…and how they could apply this principle in powerful ways in their own lives.

    • marie

      Stacey, just a quick thank you and SHOUT OUT for always adding such value here! GREAT work on this response, and all the others 🙂

    • Stacey –

      Awesome, share with the letter and great way to handle it!

      -Christine : )

      • Thanks for letting me know you appreciate the share! Now I’m going to go over to Facebook and “like” your page and watch the video you mentioned below!

        • Thanks, Stacey!

          Do you have a FB page for your business? I couldn’t find it on your profile. I’ll be thrilled to follow you. I spend more time on FB most days than other places. 🙂

          Have a great day!

    • Thank you for sharing this example. It is so clear and concise and that really is the best way to say no to clients. It’s so obvious that the way you handled this left your client feeling better about you as a business owner rather than leaving her with a bad taste.


  15. Wonderful, as always. I actually just started up a new FB page after closing my balloon business and one of the videos I put together had to do with saying “No.” Not how to say it well but how when we don’t say No, it steals our own peace. While my video was more toward personal life advice, it applied to my business as well.

    Here is a link to the video on FB:
    I am going to share yours!!! I’m thinking RHH Live next year! Woo hoo!!!
    Thanks for your awesome videos, Marie!

  16. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for another fabulous video, as always!

    Staying on the topic of this video, I have a question for you. How do you say no to a client who comes in every month asking if you are offering a special discount on your services? Or how do you say no to a client who is asking for a discount when you are not offering them? I offer promotions every few months for clients in my newsletter or in my blog but I don’t like feeling as if I’m forced to have to comply when they contact me out of the blue needing a life coaching session or personal reading and want a discount that’s not being offered that month.

    Look forward to your feedback and advice 🙂

    • Zuri –

      I would encourage them to be on your newsletter or blog and say when asked, “Thanks so much for asking! I know life is super busy and it is for me, also, which is why I post all of my current promotions on my blog and in my newsletter. If you visit my blog before you come in – you will be as up to date on my promotions as I am!”

      Stay firm. They’ll respect you and if they aren’t on your newsletter, they’ll get on it! 🙂 Use that as a way to funnel them into the newsletter. If they just aren’t reading it, you could always have a spot in your store (it sounds like you have a store front) where you post your current promotions and encourage them to read them. Just a thought.

      • Christine,

        Thanks for your advice – it was exactly what I needed to hear today!
        I’ll definitely incorporate it next time I find myself in that situation 🙂

        I don’t have a brick and mortar store front – my services are on my website but I will definitely create a category in my blog to post all the current promotions so they can be found in one place. And of course my newsletter subscribers will get them as soon as they’re offered 🙂

        Thanks again!
        Much love to you,

        • Zuri –

          Thanks for letting me know it helped you. You just made MY day. : )

          I think if you have either a page on your blog or even a side widget with “current promotions” on there… and when you don’t have them – a fun note that to come back often and check there will work for you.

          Have a fantastic day!

          • Hi, Christine
            I like this idea about the widget with the current offers.

  17. Michelle Kimbrough

    Hi, Marie.
    Thanks for letting me see your shoes. I was wondering what kind of shoes you were wearing.

  18. Big L

    Love this! I’ve put most of these scripts into action myself, and this was a great reminder of how important they are! We all have limitations, and admitting them is usually a better route to meeting our clients needs and truly supporting them, I think.

  19. Love your videos Marie! Thanks for the fab advice and humor too! This one really made me smile 😉

    Wish I had seen it yesterday though. I lost several hours trying to please a client by fulfilling an unreasonable request, and maybe did so by working it out without finesses and making myself look bad – instead of just saying: Hell No! What you want can’t be done with the given resources.

    Oh well, a girl must live and learn, and keep on with watching your vids to prevent future blunders! Thank you!

  20. Alina

    Marie, your Russian is brillaint !!!
    From Moscow with love =)

  21. Hi Marie ~
    Super helpful advice! It’s so challenging to say know when you want to help people. Sometimes in the end you find that by helping them you’re hurting them and your own business. Ugh!
    And thanks for the scripts ~ it’s nice to have a starting point to work from.


  22. Love these tips! Can we get those “No” scripts in text so we can copy, paste and save for future reference?

  23. Marie, I think your suggested scripts are very helpful. I like how you are able to craft the wording in such a way that it prevents the client from feeling like they were turned down, well done!

  24. Marie — I’ve been watching your vids for a little while now and I must say that this is my favorite one yet. As my business has grown (and my skills and work preferences with it), I’ve found it SO hard to say no. These are fab responses! So professional, yet direct.

  25. You are hilarious my dear! I am listening and cracking up at my desk! Thanks so much for the great prompts to say no. Saying no is definitely something I struggle with, but am getting better at it. I think for me it’s giving myself permission to say simply because I don’t want to do something. I don’t need a huge reason or excuse to say no, other than it’s not something that I feel will be good for me.

    As always, love your videos!

  26. Thanks for reminding us! My family needs to move & the other day I was seeing this not so perfect place. I had to take a quick & clear decission and…could not fall asleep. Then I woke up in the middle of the nite & remembered what you said once: if it is not ‘hell yes’ it is ‘hell no!’. I think that was one of the clearest decissions I took in a long time. That apartment simply was not ‘hell yes’. Loved this vid. Thanks so much.

  27. I love your outfit Marie! Elsa seems like an amazing stylist.

    I think saying no is always hard, especially because as small biz owners we’re trying to maximise profits which means that it’s tempting to take on every job that’s offered to us. It’s still an issue I deal with at the moment and haven’t quite managed to become accustomed to the NO word. I’ve definitely learned that it’s important to not wear yourself too thin and become a jack of all trades and thus you simply can’t take on everything. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing things half-heartedly and losing the passion you have for business.

    Ps. love the comments from everyone here. It’s great that everyone’s sharing their experience and offering support.
    Perhaps a Marie Forleo forum is in need?

  28. Love those scripts, Marie! I’ve had to say no to clients in the past and have used some form of those scripts. It works well. 😉

    I’d also love to hear what you have to say about saying No to a potential client, someone who really wants to work with you but you feel they are not a good fit for whatever reason? I’ve had a couple of cases like this recently and I think I’ve handled them pretty well, but would love to hear your take on this, as well. 🙂 I’ll send it in as a Q for Q&A Tuesday… 😉


  29. Argh, if only I had watched this yesterday, before I turned down a (potentially lucrative but certain back-breaker) job. No way was I going to take it on with the terms that were being offered, but I might’ve let her down with more style.

    Love these videos, and the inspiration to keep on aiming for the best.

  30. Love this video. It is funny how hard it can be to say no. Ultimately though by saying no you open up opportunities to say yes for you and the potential client. They get to say yes to someone who’s a better fit and can better serve them and you get to say yes to clients that best serve you! It’s a win-win. Having a super easy script to follow makes it even more of a win by taking out the drama. Thanks Marie!

  31. Great tips Marie! This video will help lots of people find the courage and refuse with dignity!!!

    Btw, for those of you who still have a hard time saying no, check out this video to learn how you can use it to your advantage…

  32. Hey Marie,

    Dig your attitude/humor in this video… (In fact, just about all of ’em).

    Anyway, the part that stood out to me the most was the bit about renegotiating fee structure – oh so important when you’re running and growing a business! There’s a part of you that wants to do everything for your clients to deliver a high level of service, generate referrals and grow your business. When you’re first starting out, you want to be a “yes man!” But if you don’t put your foot down and draw the line at some point, you really start do develop some bad habits and that ultimately ends up hurting your business…big time!

  33. Haaayyy Marie,
    Great video on setting boundaries! I’ve recently started doing this in my business and it’s been such an eye-opener, free-time expander, and happiness-booster! Thank you for demonstrating some great, classy ways to stay on the RHH side rather than the “hells no”, edgy-bitchy side where we can give up our power and possibly lose clients. 🙂 I love checking in with my gut and listening to that first before even considering a project!

    I forget who said this, but it’s so profound, it’s worth repeating! Saying no, is saying yes to you!

    Thank you for being sassy and fun, Marie!

  34. I’m getting addicted to your Q&A Tuesdays, Marie!

    As a private tourguide I often get asked for things I cannot do: No, I’m already booked (when too busy at the moment to provide a substitute). No, no discount price for 2 tours. No, I can’t travel with you to other regions of Spain (my license is only for Barcelona and surroundings). No, the balance must be paid cash on the day of the tour… So I have developped good speaches to manage this NO-NOs.

    But my favorite ever was when I was asked why was I charging them for the time we’d be having lunch during the tour (not exactly a NO question, but somehow it’s “No, I don’t spend money with you for free” (at least, before we become real friends!). So here is my letter and my client’s answer:

    I perfectly understand what you mean. Thank you for having expressed your concerns because now I see I must have misunderstood the type of service you where requiring, but it can be easily solved.

    Yes, I do charge when my group stops for lunch during a tour, and there are good reasons for it, but I can also offer you options and alternatives. Please take my words as sincere and honest as you have been with me. : )

    At first you asked me a tour with lunch, and to me, that means a tour starting and finishing at the pier where you need me to be with you all the time. Since you’ll be using my time and I’m suposed to be there with you, certainly eating but also translating for you, reccomending specialties and of course answering as many questions as you want about our local culture, traditions, habits, history or whatever else interests you, this is why my time has a price: it’s not just lunch, to me it is still part of my job (a pleasant part, but still work).

    It is true that, sometimes, at the end of a tour some people will want to invite me, and then if I decide to stay of course I won’t charge that time (even if I’m likely to keep “working”). And the main reason is that I would have the choice to either stay or not. If I had another tour later or some other kind of commitment, I would just be free to excuse myself and leave, and it would be fine. However, when I’m told in advance I’ll have to stay for lunch with a client, that means that I have to block this time in my schedule and I cannot dispose of it for either other tours or personal matters. This is why, when lunch with a client is not improvized it stops being an invitation and becomes duty, and therefore it must be charged.

    The restaurant that you said is a place where lunch takes long because, as you said, it is an experience. So if we are having lunch there, that’s the time we’ll need: 1.30 to 2h. If it was less, great! we’d have more time to tour. I’m there to work and do what pleases you, so I won’t really try to make lunch take longer than it should or than you’d like it to take. If you’re ready to go, I’m ready to go!

    But it looks like there’s been some confusion and you don’t need me there. In that case what you need is a tour without lunch (but finishing somewhere where you can have lunch). So let’s see all our options:

    – 4h tour finishing at the restaurant. You get back to the ship by your own means.
    – 4h tour, at the end the guide leaves you at the restaurant but the driver waits for you another extra hour (or two hours) to take you back to the ship.
    – 6h tour finishing at the restaurant. You get back to the ship by your own means.
    – 6 hour tour where the guide has lunch with you (drivers always stay at the car since hardly ever there is places to park), and after lunch we take you back to the ship.

    Whatever you choose, that’ll be fine for me. My goal is to keep you satisfied and to give you what you really need. Having clients feeling cheated is no good bussiness for me. So feel free to tell me what you really need, and I’ll be more than pleased to give it to you.

    Dear Marta,

    Thank you for your wonderful explanation (I will print it and put it in a frame, i mean it). We liked it and decided to get 4th option to have lunch with our educated guide during 6h tour to mix pleasure with education, and with pleasure again.

    Please, accept my apologies.

    (I removed the pieces of the email that were’nt relevant).
    But isn’t it great?

    • Marta, that is one of the best pieces of business writing I have ever read. I completely agree with your client — I want to print it and frame it, too.

      I hope I can visit Barcelona someday so that I can hire you as my guide!

    • Wow, this is an AMAZING, kind, firm reply to a client request! And I LOVE their response! Hooray! I agree, one of the best pieces of business writing I’ve ever seen — and straight from your heart. 🙂

  35. EXCELLENT advice as usual! The timing is perfect as we are needing to say “no” to some work because we’re swamped. People want what they want and they want it NOW! What is a great way to say “no” for now and still keep the client interested?

    You’re a doll Marie!! Thanks for your great advice!

  36. Ooh what a great video this week Marie, and always helpful advice. It’s tough to think that you can’t say yes to all client requests (overachiever over here) but saying no is a much better way to stay true to your strengths and mission too. Thank you! 😀

  37. Marie,
    Love your Q to her A becuuuuz your answers are so clever!
    Thanks for the good advice!

  38. I like it Marie.

    In particular, never give an outright ‘no’ without ‘and’.



  39. Ana

    This is such a great video! Saying no to a client has always been my biggest challenge. I find my self saying yes, and later saying what the F? Why the hell am I doing this? This is a great reminder. And thanks for the tips on how to say no.

  40. Thanks for the video Marie! After trying to do a bit of everything when I first started out in my business (PR & Marketing), I’m now looking to trim down my services and specialize in a particular niche. However, is this still a wise move when you have competitors who claim to be able to do it all? Sometimes clients like the convenience of a ‘one-stop-shop’ (I hate that term, but it’s kinda bang on!)… Thanks again, Emma x

  41. Holla! Great advice Marie. As I teach branding clients, saying no to the wrong work/clients/customers is just as important to protecting your brand as saying “yes” to the right ones.

    Customers and clients are an advertisment of your business. If you keep saying no to the ones that don’t value your skills, don’t reflect well on where you can shine or who are just plain a pain to deal with in an emotionally healthy well, that reflect poorly to all those OTHER perfect potential clients who might think, “Oh, she only does that kind of work? She’s not the one for me.”

    It’s hard. No one ever said entpreneurship was easy or everyone would be good at it. Choose your clients and customers just as carefully as they choose you and you will be shocked by the abundance that comes your way once you are crystal clear about the kind of work you do and what value you offer.


  42. This is a great question and advice. In my online marketing business, as much as I would love to sell everyone on my awesome opportunity, it is not a match for everyone who inquires. I find that having some sort of application or sorting process works best when you need to find a good match for both customer and client.

    I am so sad I was not at your event!!!!

  43. These are really great scripts Marie! I’ve learned that providing a referral for something we can’t do has really allowed us to maintain relationships with some prospects and clients. xo

  44. Yes, people that I wanted to give them money had to say no for time-reasons, but they always emphasized on someone they thought would be great for me or something else they thought would be great. So this is what I have come to expect from everyone who does business!

  45. Since I’m just in the process of starting up my biz, I’ve learned a lot of things I’ve had to say no to. Primarily because time is a most valuable asset when every penny counts. Already I’ve learned how important it is to be clear about what I offer so that on the rare occasion that someone expects something over the top, I’ll have policy’s in place to deal with this that I can refer to.

    Having experience in a startup prior to this first venture, I know how much of a mess it can cause when the expectations are not set for the client. Right now I’m strictly offering affiliate products, then I’ll move up to my own e-products, then services, then e-courses, etc. This way I’ll have room to make small mistakes without setting expectations of myself that I’m not sure if I can deliver.

    One thing I have learned is that after you have done your best to resolve any issues with your client, the best way to say no is to not let the criticism leak into my work with other clients and let the venom spread. Times are tough. People don’t trust businesses these days. Setting boundaries ahead of time is the best way to establish that KLT with your clients. If everything is clear and you aren’t hiding anything, if you respond promptly when they reach out to you, hopefully there won’t be enough space for nos.

    And if there are one customer’s no won’t be big enough of a dent in my business for it to be worthwhile for me to be rude to them.

  46. OMG Elsa’s website is SO MUCH FUNN!! When I start my online business, I want it to be as fun as hers 🙂

  47. This was a great one Marie! I definitely am guilty of having a hard time saying No, but thanks to you and all of your great advice over the last few years that I’ve been watching/reading your posts – I’m definitely getting better at it! The scripts are super helpful – thanks for sharing!
    And YAY for Elsa!!! Love that girl and she is mad crazy talented. You looked SICK at RHH Live Marie – loved every single look. Talk about a power duo!

  48. NO WAY, JOSE. I certainly don’t have a hard time saying no. Are you crazy, chickie?
    Ha! Well, really, you got me good… and I’m glad you are reminding me AGAIN to get on the NO train. Thanks for that.
    It is true that if you focus on getting your client what they really need + want, even if that is from another source, that they will love you even more. And a bonus: it gives you the space to do what you really want with the people you REALLY want to serve. Amen!

  49. Des clous! Marie, I recently turned down a writing job with a combination of #1 & #4, but, I didn’t add referrals to others, as stated in #1, but, that’s a great idea & I will next time. Anyway, it worked & the person still communicates with me, so, I don’t think I burned any future bridges, which I think is an important thing to consider when responding.

    • PS- love the outfit; hope a compliment isn’t out of line. 🙂

  50. Marie,
    You are funny, vibrant and wise as usual. Thank you for the script. I am a life coach and have empathy for people, so saying “no” is sometimes difficult. I will need to say “no” to sales people selling me things I don’t need for my business. I need to say “no” to people who cannot afford to pay for my services, even with a sliding scale. Thanks!

  51. Brilliant. I love these videos. Saying NO is one of the hardest things for new folks to do, especially to work, but it’s something we have to get good at. Thanks for the wonderful advice, as always!

  52. brilliant! I love the one about the fee structure …good one… one of these days I’m gonna flip my lid and simply write. “No. why? because I don’t want to. how about them apples?” That would be so sweet!

  53. Marie you are the BEST!!!
    I love the fee structure one too! Such a gracious way to say that.

  54. and mine would be
    Ah non, ce n’est vraiment pas possible… I will be busy eating snails 🙂
    Just kidding

  55. Oh if only I had this video last week when my answer to an unreasonable client request was, “Of course, no problem. I can do that for you.” Then I hung up the phone and said “Why did I say yes?!!!??? UGH!” and spent several hours doing what was essentially free work. Next time, I’ll whip your reply out of my back pocket. Thanks!

  56. Katie Armstrong

    I wish I had watched this last night. I spent about 30 minutes constructing an email to client saying NO, kindly. I found it very useful to write everything I was feeling and then cut out all the superfluous or emotional parts. Additionally, I was careful to stay in my power in the final draft, and to emphasize the positive. If I had watched this video last night I would have slept better knowing that I was in the right by acting in my truth and that this is to be respected.

  57. In my corporate life I was trained that the customer is always right and always accommodate their every wish…so when I first became a solo business owner it was ingrained in my mind that I’d jump through hoops to offer what my clients or prospects needed. I soon found out that by doing that I wasn’t valuing myself. I changed that very quickly and have never looked back.
    Great tips as always Marie…if I head down that slippery slope again I’ll refer to your suggestions.

  58. What? I’m not supposed to tell clients “Have you lost your mother effing mind? Hell to the no!”? Now you tell me! 😉 Love you videos, Marie.

  59. Eleanor

    Hi Marie,

    As always – great content as always! A 2-letter word should be all right to pronounce! Thanks for reminding us that it exists for a reason, so use it (diplomatically).

    Listening again to the Booty Camp recordings & loving it!

  60. Cindy

    Nooooooooooooooo !!!
    Love it !

  61. Holly Ralston-Oyler

    I am so tempted to go with the first five ways – however, being southern limits me to the great five ways you gave seriously. I am new to your Blog thanks to a referral by Debra Marrs. You have started my day with a smile and laugh, plus great information. Thank you.

  62. You are so darn funny, I absolutely love how you are so authentic and true to who you are. I think we’d all like to say “Hell to the No” and “Are you out of your Mother effing mind” once in a while and I know I’ve taken things when I knew better because I couldn’t say no. Your scripts are definitely an elegant and gracious way to say that and get out of creating our own trouble. Ha! Appreciate the love. 🙂

  63. kathleen

    great insite but you look 59 in the still frame! above!

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  65. Marie,

    I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years, and ROCKED it! I’ve been a brand spankin’ new entrepreneur for 5 months and totally SUCK at it (for now)! I serendipitously crossed paths with the fabulous Amber Rae – who’s helping me to get on course – and she insisted I abso-freakin’-lutely check you out!

    Holy crap – I totally dig, dig, dig! You are AWESOME! Love your guidance, all the great mojo you exude and your insanely quirky humor sister! And YES, I’ve completely snorted up my latte once or twice watching your hilariously inspiring videos.

    THANK YOU for sharing all your good stuff with those of us who are just learning how to find our way!

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  67. Cecilia

    Outstanding! Hells yes!

  68. Hahaha, you’re awesome! These are classy and kind, exactly as you say. You’re made for tv. *webv*
    I just found you today through Derek Halpern, and am so happy I did.
    Your videos are the perfect mix of entertainment and education. You really do change lives; I’m sure of it.
    I work at my bench making jewelry all day and I played many of your videos so I could listen and learn while working. There were a few times I had to get up and watch you /and your guest because your videos are so captivating. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
    Keep it up! Because I just now jumped on the band wagon!

  69. just would like to say you are very nice person

  70. Marie

    Great Video and topic! Just today I had to say no, in a nice way, to a potential client. He wants me to allow him to attend one of my presentation training programs so that he can watch me in action before hiring me to train his employees. You might think, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, I teach people to transform stage fright and fear of public speaking and I need to keep my groups safe from observers so my participants can relax, connect their tensions and release fear of judgment.

    So, instead of saying NO to my prospective client, I praised him for the idea of wanting to do a pilot program. “Great idea!” I then suggested that he allow me to offer a section of my program for a group of his employees at a modest fee. He would then be able to experience my program and see the results in his employees for himself.Then, if he found it really valuable, we could negotiate a fee for the entire program.

    Finally, I finished my message by explaining that part of the magic of my program was in making it feel safe for my participants so they could relax and open up to being comfortable and authentic in front of groups. That means I can’t allow observers in my classes.

    I don’t know yet if he will be willing to go for this option, but I was happy with how I handled it. Your video has confirmed my thinking about how to say no graciously to clients.

    Thanks for your great work, inspiration and the opportunity to share.

    Sandra Zimmer

  71. Dawn Ingram

    Marie you are hysterical!!! Thanks for keeping it so simple and straight forward. This helps take the emotion out of it. With a script you can quit torturing yourself and do what is best for you and your client – sans drama and nausea. FANTASTIC! Way to keep it real. Thank you!

  72. Thanks again for this video, Marie. I came back to it again today when responding to a client. So useful!

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    I crafted an email with a very polite no thanks to this video!

  75. Wonderful video as always! I had someone ask me today by email if I would teach them to code for a particular forum software I’m known for coding for. I remembered Marie had a video and hunted it down to view it. I do not think the lady asking will pay after visiting her blog where she discusses financial difficulties she and her family are in. As training her the skills would take up a lot of time, I didn’t think it wise to say yes due to return on investment (in this case my time). A training webinar has been on my schedule for a while to teach it, but I shouldn’t rush into something before I’ve finished some of my current commissioned projects and have time to dedicate my attention to that fully.

    Thanks for the video, Marie! Very handy!

  76. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video, I just wrote you a comment on another video you put out… It is all I doing these days. 🙂 Anyhow, I watched your video on HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION WHEN YOUR GUT AND LOGIC DON’T AGREE. Then I did that excesise — So after that I wrote a text using this video. Whoosh . You rock.
    thank you.

    Wow!! –Thank you! you are amazing.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Stephen, we’re THRILLED these two episodes you watched helped!

  77. Good advice like always.

  78. Yassssss!!! Thanks Marie. Great info / advice. Really tricky trying to say no to people when it just doesn’t work – but keeping them on board 🙂

  79. Dear Marie,

    I accidentally landed on this video while I was searching for some other videos with the keyword ‘client’. IT WAS SO HELPFUL. I’ve noted down all your scripts in my notepad and also got to try out one today. “My client load is really full right now and I wouldn’t be able to give your project the kind of attention it deserves.” It was so relieving to have a go-to script instead of having to calm my anxiety down and then write an email and keep editing it to death to make it sounds perfect (and then hitting send only to realise that I was again, sounding like push-over or desperate or rude or all those things that none of us wants to sound like). Anyways, I am sure you get the point. Your pre-written scripts are life savers!

    Much love to you and Team MF

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words, Anusha! We’re thrilled this episode sparked so many great takeaways for you. Building boundaries in your business takes time, but by practicing saying “no”, we give ourselves more freedom to say “yes” and pursue the things that feel aligned with our goals. We’re thrilled this was so helpful for you!

  80. I’m really excited by the “new fee agreement” way of reframing the conversation. I’m currently struggling with the languaging in my field, because we typically call our clients students, and I wonder how this phrasing impacts their willingness or desire to commit financially. I need to be better about understanding what an actual “full” client load is as I find myself pretty consistently overworked.

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