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Have you noticed that no matter what’s happening with the economy, there are always businesses that thrive while others get trapped in a feast or famine cycle?

Inconsistent cash flow can be really stressful. You have a few months of steady, flowing revenue, then BAM: zip. zilch. nada.

Thankfully, creating steady income is something you can take control of in your business.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to make it rain during a business dry spell and why you should never get too complacent in your business.

I’ll also talk about how, ultimately, YOU have the power to keep the cash faucet running steadily.

HINT:  Pay special attention to tip #2 and implement it exactly as shown for best results. (You’ll see what I mean when you watch.)

Of course, these are just three simple ideas to get you started.

There are many more sophisticated tools and strategies to put in place to further support a steady and consistent income depending on your business model.

In the comments below, answer one or both of these questions:

1.  What’s the best strategy you’ve used to get out of the feast or famine business cycle in your business? If you’ve got a great strategy, please include a bit about your business too.

I’d love to create a nice list of tactics and ideas for different businesses.

2.  What’s the biggest, actionable insight you gained from watching this video?  Tell me what you can implement right now in your business.

Of course, if you liked this video, share it with your friends.  Thanks, as always, for tuning in to my how to start a business ideas!

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  1. nocte foemina

    The best strategy I find effective so far is to keep one or two long term clients, those who will constantly need your work in months or even years. That way, even when there is a slow down of work coming in, you’ll never go 0% income. And yeah, the first tip also works. I constantly work for possible clients each time so I really don’t run out of work. It’s been a year now since I’ve gone full time into freelance writing and I’ve been busy as hell since then! And the best part is, I’M LOVING IT!!! 🙂

  2. 1. Don’t have a “legit” business, but I was president of a Hip Hop Dance Club I created. When attendance to our weekly class was low, we had to hustle. Connecting with more students and getting more PERSONAL with students. We realized that people come to these things because their friends are going or they feel close to the people running it. We had to get inside our “customers” heads and see how we were not giving those needs attention. Okay, having a team that understands this and is willing to hustle with you is REALLY important. Because it got to a point where my teammates were not in it… then I didn’t want to be in it… and the thing nearly died. I had to find some younger, fresher kiddos to take it over.

    2. I loved the bit spending 1 hour ever week connecting with dream clients. I am keeping this in my fore-front forever. I mean, I’m currently on the job hunt, but there is a company I really want to work for… I should spend time every week to see if they’re hiring or get to know them.

  3. LOVE ABMB!!
    Aside from running my own hustle, I’m never shy about asking my current and previous clients to hit the forward or share buttons for my newsletter and Facebook page. People are more likely to hire someone a friend refers over someone they randomly stumbled across. So I do my best to get my peeps involved in my marketing campaign.

    Right now I’m trying to get on the Twitter bandwagon and hit that avenue up as another marketing street to connect with people and generate biz.

    Thanks for the wisdom, Marie. Love what you do!

  4. This is why I’m so glad I studied marketing in university and not graphic design. The theories I’ve learned are invaluable, although not always the best to put into practice. Marketing is so important, and is probably the one thing that can affect all the other areas in your business (by this I mean for example, it has effect on your hiring initiatives, HR and operations, etc). ABMB is super advice and I would probably go so far as to say 1 hour per week is not quite enough marketing!

  5. I always find that some dedicated 3-2-1 time DAILY!! makes all the difference:

    3: Call or email 3 people and chat with them about what’s going on in their life and yours and also let them know what you do in your business. Maybe agree some time to meet for coffee.

    2: Send two thank you cards to people you have worked with, people you have met, anyone who’s helped you out… this is a very personal touch and they will remember you for it.

    1: One face-to-face meeting a day. Have a coffee or lunch with someone to talk business. If you don’t know who to meet with face to face, then think Internet, think Skype, think village/town shops were you can ask for joint ventures, referrals or leave your business cards on the counter.


    • That’s actually really good advice Jana, will have to try that.

    • Jana, I LOVE this technique! Most especially I love the idea of sending thank you notes. It really is such an unusual thing for people to receive anything in the mail these days that is not a bill or a credit card offer. So to receive a hand-written note is really special and makes an impact. When I do this I always try to include a personal detail, like asking about the kids or following up on an event they’ve just experienced. This takes your note from a marketing gimmick to a more authentic level.

      Ali x

      • Ashli

        Jana and I have a similar approach. My goal is to have at least 3 business development conversations and/or outings each week – even during the busy season – which is hard. But, it’s worth it to keep your face out there, pipeline full and your name “on top of the stack.”

        I send thank you cards all the time – to everyone! This give you an opprotunity to be kind, but also, provides one more opprotunity to communicate with potential clients so they can see your value. And, one of the most important things is listening to future clients and figure out what value mean to them and focus on that.

        I have a question maybe you can help with … I have a client that is steady business, but feel like it’s time to move on. Not only is this client wearing me out, but I think she could be hurting future business within one of my core companies where I have many clients. What should I do?

        • Ashli, I’ve been there!

          I’m not sure about your industry or the specifics with this client, but hopefully this will help. Here is what I would do to make moving on a positive experience rather than an abandonment:

          First, find a replacement for yourself. Maybe someone in your industry less established who can deliver similar services at about the same price (or less) and is willing to put up with the extra time/hassle this client takes.

          Next, contact your replacement and make sure they have the availability and willingness to take on your client. Let them know you are interested in referring a client to them who could benefit from their services and be up-front (in a kind way) about any challenges.

          Finally, contact your client and let them know that you have a great relationship with Jane Replacement, find her very talented and want to support her as she grows her business and you feel that your client and Jane Replacement are a good match. Let her know that you’ve appreciated her business over the years and that [craft a polite reason why your time commitments or new business focus, etc, mean that you regrettably have to say goodbye to a few of your loyal clients in order to focus on X, Y, Z.] (This might be more challenging to word depending on your industry and if you are still working with her good friend, etc.) Before you contact your client, you may want to run your script by a trusted friend or two (no relation to your client) to make sure that they wouldn’t be offended in any way, and find a way to soften the delivery if it still needs some polish.

          Hopefully you can make it a win-win-win for yourself, your replacement, and your soon-to-be-ex-client, and foster some goodwill in the process.

          • Yup, love this reply; I’ve done this in the past. Ok I haven’t found my replacement, but I discussed with the client waaaaay ahead of when I wanted to ‘getouttathere’ that I needed to move on (you need to find a way of expressing that is truthful but not hurtful to the client) and helped THEM find a replacement for me. This way you don’t burn any bridges, and you’re helping them with a smooth transition. In my case, the client grew exponentially and I simply couldn’t commit all the additional hours (family commitments) so we went from there.

    • Love this Jana! I’m a big fan of the networking/brainstorming coffee hour (although it’s tea for me!) Sometimes I have to remind myself that I AM working when doing such activities…

      • Networking/ Brainstorm coffee- that’s a great idea! Sounds relaxing yet productive. Thanks!

      • Pat

        ooh! I love that idea Rachel, I have never done that.. great tip!

    • Great video, Marie and terrific advice, Jana. Helpful and inspiring. Thanks for the share, guys!

    • Thanks Jana, your 3-2-1 matches my style. I’m starting it today!

    • Shirley

      Great advice! Thanks for sharing your 3-2-1 formula.

    • omg, you’re legit. The thought of calling people and making face-to-face time with different individuals on a DAILY basis overwhelms the hell out of me!! Are you a full-time freelancer?

    • Thanks Marie, and great advice Jana – it makes so much sense. Now where do I find the time… eeep! Right now I am in ‘freelance season’ (graphic design) and the work is flowing but soon it will be Christmas, New Year and Easter where business comes to a standstill so preparation now is key.

    • Oh YES! I lead a community of soulpreneurs in doing this from time to time. 3-2-1 is super sonic! Join us!! at

    • Great advice! I just ordered my thank you cards earlier today!

    • This is such a good idea. I love it. I want to attract more customers to my mobile hairdressing business. I love the personal side to my work. How I can absolutely bring someone from low to high by pouring into them life giving positive words and compliments while having their hair done. I actually want to attract more customers that love the counseling aspect of my services. Meeting for coffee is a FABULOUS IDEA! They can invite a friend or two and the snowball rolls from there. Writing a thank u card also is a fabulous idea. In my industry here in the UK people are obesess marketing through discount sites constantly and im feeling the pressure to constantly slash my profits. I know in my heart that this only attracts the wrong kind of client and I want to honour the clients that have remained really loyal to me for years by staying true with my prices which are reasonable anyway and most of all full of value.
      Do u have any suggestions on how to reward my customers loyalty?!
      Taking them out for a cocktail occasionally maybe?? I want to get them talking about me more often!? thanks huny

  6. Love your top Lady!

  7. thanks Marie. Here’s one way I’ve gotten out of feast or famine: hook up with other amazing business owners and offer to partner with them in a way that TOTALLY supports their business while also supporting mine. This often means giving a little extra but it’s worth it.

  8. Thanks Marie 🙂 Sparkling as ever!

  9. 1. The best strategy that I’ve used has been ‘getting out there and being bold about it!’. It’s a practice to feel the importance of your message and how it is going to really help people… and to share from that place. I certainly notice that as I am able to do that more and more, I see it coming back all around!

    I am just want that to keep growing cos it feels so good!

    2. From this video: it’s a great reminder to keep keeping on… all the time!

    The more I learn from you Marie, the better I get at communicating, and the more I ‘get’ how this interaction is such an essential part of what I do.

    Because what I do is share and inspire others… and that’s what marketing is! Doh! Brilliant! Can’t believe it took me so long to ‘get this!’

    Off to do my weekly email now. Thanks for your part in getting me to do that! I just put it out there, and then there are all these people who’s lives are changing across the world! Are thanking me for it. So I have to pass the thanks on to you 🙂

    ACTION IS MAGIC 🙂 Thanks lady xo

  10. I think you hit the nail on the head Marie and I can’t think of anything I am doing currently that tops the ABMB!

    You are a scream and you truly have transformed my Tuesdays!

    Thank you for pumping knowledge, love, energy and laughter into the universe.

  11. Hey Mare ~ Thanks for the vid! A super reminder to just keep putting one foot in front of the other… I love the “hustle time” concept. Definitely going to implement this week! xoxo

    • Melissa Ghedini

      In the PArty Rock song I’m replacing “Shufflin'” with “Hustlin” in my head when I sing it day in and day out! HA! Anyway, I’m scheduling my “Hustle time” too!

  12. Thanks Marie, I looove your videos, they are so fun to watch.
    I do need to start sending out a newsletter once a week but I am never really sure what to write about…have to go through that step from B-School again 🙂

    I also love step 3 but dont really know how to implement it with my business as a fashion designer. Any advice on that? 🙂

    Thanks a lot ♥

    • Hi Erika, since in your line of work you can’t really shout out about a client’s success maybe you could do one of these two things:
      1. Get clients/customers to shout about your amazing designs and how they’ve changed their life/fashion style etc (e.g. in-depth testimonials)
      2. You could shout-out about the success of people in your industry e.g. by interviewing people who’ve done well in and around the fashion field. For example a PR exec who works for an independent brand or the editor of a magazine. Those are the types of people who are behind the scenes in the fashion field but often get overlooked. Ask them about prints/styles they love as well as their job etc. This could be a great way to build connections and get exposure for your business at the same time.

      BTW your website and designs are gawjuss!!!

      • Thank you so much! 🙂

  13. My Best strategy for out of the feast or famine cycle so far has been PR. When I first started my business, I threw money into advertising (eventhough I was broke and barely had a penny). The advertising bought in little to no return. I ended up changing my focus and started to get a few PR mentions/features here and there, initially they were interviews with blogs and online publications but soon enough I scooped two magazine mentions- one of which was a big feature. PR has really helped to bring in some lovely customers, show the personality behind my brand and made me realise that consistent PR is key for my business. PR is also usually cheap or even free (unless you hire an agency of course).

    My biggest actionable insight from watching this video is that marketing consistency is key for short and long term business success. Always have marketing strategies in places irregardless of how good or bad your business is doing. ABMB!

    • How is business given the vast amount of competition you have. It seems like everyone and their mom is opening up a natural hair product line.

      • Hi Doka, things are going really well. When I first started it felt like everyone was hopping on board the bandwagon but I realised that competition exists in every industry. PR also helped because it opened my business up to previously undiscovered niches. Thanks for asking, nice blog btw!

  14. Marie,
    I keep waiting for your wise words every single week and I’m always so amazed with the content/advice that you share.
    I’m also a member of Video Traffic Academy and it was Awesome to know you jumped in!


  15. As always wonderful information! Thanks Marie & team! My company is brand new and I’ve really seen great results from the advice 2 or 3 video’s ago to offer your services for free or steeply discounted. I’ve been trying to break into the market in my town (as opposed to driving 1 hour toward Atlanta) and I currently have a recommendation letter ready to send from a “free client” to over 25 of her local friends! whoo hoo!
    The thing (s) I need to work on from todays video are 1- sending my newsletter regularly and 2-making time to hustle my business. Which for me is less about time and more about confidence. I’m getting there! Thanks again Marie!

  16. The strategy I use to keep my businesses humming is having several “client attraction structures” in place that feed us a steady flow of high quality leads everyday. We manage these structures on a Google Marketing Calendar. For example, we do two JV’s every month, plan them out three months in advance and put them on the calendar. Another example, I do at least one speaking engagement every month. I have those scheduled 3-6 months in advance on our marketing calendar. We are always looking ahead at least three months and filling in our marketing calendar.

  17. Ana

    ABMB!!!!!! I have been sending out my newsletter once a month, and found it wasn’t doing what I would like it to do. I have been thinking about taking it to once a week. No more thinking about it. Once a week as of November 16 😉 Thanks for the news letter kick in the ass!

    • I missed your videos! The never-done-this-before ring idea was so awesome!

      • Ana

        Thanks so much! They are coming back soon.

  18. AHHH! Marie I LOVE this! I actually tellthis to my music therapy colleagues! (Although not as eloquently as ABMB). Thanks for validating what I knew in my gut!

  19. Blaire H

    Hi Marie. What a great video! Love the dance portion and singing at the end. Brightened my day girl! I am in the process of making a major career change and this video will be put into practice ASAP when I am up and running. ABMB will be my motto!

  20. Nathalie

    Where do you go for vegan food?!

  21. You do the best videos on the planet Marie!

    What you say about taking massive action and from that things just come to you I have found to be the case. I’m on a 90 day plan of massive action up to just before xmas and I know that will position us for 2012.

    Love the woo woo stuff & for others that do I recommend reading a bit of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ every morning. You can’t help but get into a good space. 🙂

  22. Hi Marie! 🙂

    The feast and famine cycle has started to even out for me finally, and it feels good. 🙂 You’re absolutely right about A.B.M. The reason it’s starting to even out and I have a more steady stream of incoming clients is because I have gotten much better at marketing and getting myself out there.

    Number 1 is something I need to get more consistent with, though. I *usually* get a newsletter out every week, but lately it’s been more like every 2 or 3 weeks, and it’s time to get back to being more consistent with it. 😉

    Thanks as always for the tips! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I should also mention, that the reason I’m much better at marketing and getting myself out there, is mostly because I have been listening to YOU for the last two years. 😉 I’ve learned soooo much from you and I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much, Marie! 🙂

  23. Great tips and loved the out takes!

    I also might add that it’s easier to go back and request business from previous clients, so when that famine time comes, it may be a great time to spur a referral letter from previous clients and your sphere of influence and drum up some referrals!

    • Hello Vidette ( great name by the way – love it!),

      You make a great point… going back to older clients is always great! Thanks for reminding me of doing just that! Have a super day!


  24. This really came just in time for me. Things always slow down for me during this time of year. My best tactic is to use the down time to develop and work internal projects that are always on the back burner during busier times… updates to my website, new newsletter designs, new products, etc. Use the time as a way to grow my services or products. I have to admit though that I do slack off on marketing when I am slammed. Not really due to being complacent, but more related to time crunch. My plan for this week… be more provocative with newsletter communication and find a new networking source in my area. Wish me luck!

  25. Awesome video as usual!!

    I do have to say I am a big fan of the ‘putting it out there’ theory. I had to take a break from my freelance business due to family reasons and when I was able to come back I started a newsletter to all my past clients and soon enough clients I hadn’t heard from in years were handing me projects (even ones that I didn’t have on my email list).

    So just get it out there everyone 🙂

  26. Love the hustle time
    Every business is a relationship business.
    Relationships can be built on the web and it doesn’t hurt to cement them in person or some 1:1 format (skype, phone, etc).
    Thanks for sharing and keeping it fun!

  27. LOVE the coast analogy, Marie.

    Since you already covered the physical/strategic tasks, I would just add:

    “Change your mindset from scarcity to abundance.”

    Off to go mark my calendar for “hustle time.”

    Thanks for the inspiration Marie:).

  28. Jessica Kupferman

    I saw that singing at the end. Where’s Minnie when you need her? LOL Seriously, these are great tips, thank you so much!!

  29. AWESOME. I love A.B.M.B (yes, I’m sassy and I know it!) Most actionable for me: Taking the time to connect an hour a week with people I consider my dream clients…that makes so much sense, but I never thought to do it before. The biggest challenge for me in the past year has been to STAY marketing and STAY hustling as I rebranded and worked to figure my biz and what I was selling out. Marketing when I was unclear about my offering was painfully hard (I didn’t want to look like a total flake or put myself out there *too* much.) If you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear Marie. But now that I’m clearer: it’s hustle time baby!

  30. Hustle time!

  31. Just realized I’m on an all women entrepreneur site, as I hopped on here from Facebook.

    So I’ll comment and then you can boot me off and say “Hey, no boys allowed!)

    I watched the video though and definitely goes with my own thoughts so…

    …You Go Girl!!!

    Especially the take action consistently part. Things open up for you that you could never have predicted or been told how to do.

    The newsletter deal is a good idea too. The only thing I do differently is email daily instead of weekly. And, if appropriate for your business, an entertaining email that tells a good story and then has a light offer for your service at the end can be a game-changer for your business…

    Have a great day all!


  32. Marcia

    I’d also suggest taking the time to develop deeper personal connections with clients or people you do business. Then it can go beyond what have you done for me lately in business. For example, I sent a partner in a real estate venture a birthday card on his birthday. He told me that mine was the only real paper card he received. Think that made an impression?

  33. Yes, the slow downs are a great time to focus on marketing, especially the deeper projects like considering the kinds of projects and clients we most want and then going after them. I work in the photo industry as a stylist and set designer. When the economy slowed down in 2007 and 2008 many people in my industry were in a panic, afraid to spend money on marketing and and nervous about the outlook. A friend of mine, a great photographer and business role-model, said to me “NOW IS THE TIME TO GO BIG.” Against the advice of his agent he produced a gorgeous and expensive promotional mailer. He later told me that 2008, when it seemed like everyone else was working less, was his biggest year to date. NOW IS THE TIME TO GO BIG is such a great mantra for the slow times.

  34. I bought my very first piece of art ever at a charity auction this summer. ( which felt like a very big girl move btw..hahaha) It says “HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE” in big color block letters. It’s framed over my desk.

    Every morning starts with tea, green juice, meditation, journal, then tap the “HUSTLE” frame before I sit down to the desk or head out the door. 🙂

    Everyday I’m hustlin’. Thanks Marie

  35. teresa staiano

    I loved it !!!!!

  36. Marie, two things: you are so right and you are SO right! Sometimes, the hardest stuff to hear and do are the things that we know deep down we should have been doing a long time ago! You menioned in a video way back that you realized you didn’t have to focus on just one thing, that you could dance and mentor and do all that you love to do. So I’ve adopted that theory and it helps with the feast-or-famine cycle. I have writing/editing clients and I also sell on etsy. The good thing about etsy is that I can put a lot into it when writing is slow and then ease up when I have a bunch of deadlines. Still, I should be marketing both businesses much more. (Thanks for the reminder!) When I hit a dry spell, I do 2 things: 1) Go back and read blogs/watch videos from favorite gurus like you to get my energy back up & my mind in a better place and 2) I ask myself what I love doing most and I go do that for a while. Becuase I throw passion into it, it always results in something good. : ) There was tons of great advice here from you & others–thank you ALL!

  37. One of the best things I ever did was to begin offering monthly services as opposed to “one off” services. This means my clients get ongoing value and I have guaranteed monthly income. It’s a win-win!

  38. Great advice Marie! I always get asked where I get my clients, and I think “always be marketing” is where it’s at! Thank you for the little jolts of humor, entertainment, and the kiss. 😉 Blowing a kiss right back atcha! 🙂

    I’d also add that once you know your ideal clients it’s easier to create content for them, and that goes back to constantly putting stuff out there that’s valuable to your people.

  39. Have I mentioned how much I love Tuesdays now? I look forward to them every week!

    I’ve just come out of a famine and into a feast, but this is such a good reminder for me to keep hustling! My famine-time lasted about 2 months, and it was AWFUL. Thanks for all the great advice – in the video and in the comments – I made lots of notes in my sketchbook 😉

    THANK YOU!!!

  40. Loved the Hammer cameo!

    I kind of love marketing *now* but I didn’t always…what really changed it for me was thinking of marketing (which seemed sales-y and sleazy) as COMMUNICATION. Now I look forward to *communicating* the unique transformation that I have to offer to prospects and anyone else who wants to listen.

    I also think asking for referrals is a great way to keep the pipeline full. I used to find it really hard to ask for referrals, but then I took John Jantsch’s advice (from Duct Tape Marketing). He provides a template for the “Perfect Intro Tool” and you can see mine on my Facebook page (, if you want to model it. (Just go to the sidebar, click to Photos, then Wall photos and you’ll see it.)

    Now I give the tool to my ideal clients and prospects and they know exactly who I’m looking for (down to the “You can recognize my ideal client because they say…”), and that makes the process easy for them. Easy is so good when you’re asking for help, don’t you think? 🙂

  41. Robert Sams

    Excuse me ladies, I had no idea how end up here…

    I appreciate this Q&A … sometimes the answer is so obvious and simple
    we get lost in technical words. like Always Be Marketing! It is too technical for me to understanding. It all comes down to this …

    Marketing is giving more in useful value in a profitable way based on the their needs, desires, and wants not your own.

    It’s simple, Marie is demonstrating this right here for you with Q&A Tuesday
    Model this, she does not make videos from what she thinks we need. She ask the audience and subscribers … Just imagine applying this format for your business.

    Here is the real kicker, the answer is right here, right in front of you. Study the email you got from Marie, how she pulled you to watch this video.
    study the headline, study how she allow others to participate in the conversation.

    Just think about it:
    “If you tell me, I will forget.”
    “If you show me, I will remember”
    “If you involve me, I will learn” ~ B. Franklin

    It’s simple to do, and simple not to do this.
    I would rather learn the art of engagement, then you will have advocate that will promote your brand. However, don’t take my word for it.

    One of the best advice I have received is from Donald Trump as you can see in “How to think like a billionaire”… page 87 “How To Promote Yourself”
    … I’ve never thought myself as a good promoter. I think people get confused. They think I am successful because I’am a great promoter rather the reverse… I get a lot of promotional credit because my buildings are the best. The buildings make me a good promoter, not the other way around.”

    It all comes down to this… Promotion comes naturally form doing what you’re good at.

    Here is Steve Jobs’ secret:
    “A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”
    Steve Jobs

    Just as a quick reminder, Marie has given the environment and the content for you to model. The great tips is here. Study this page.

  42. Can’t say as I’d actually do my OWN hustle dance (but yours was great!!) — but ya, I’ve definitely learned this lesson the hard way. This is my first year as an entrepreneur, and after landing my first set of clients I coasted. Now I have to hustle like a crazy lady to just pay the bills. I’ve learned the hard way that ABM(B) is MANDATORY!! Thanks for more great weekly value Marie!!

  43. Here’s what I during dry spells.
    1. Use it as a reminder to check in with former clients or people I haven’t heard from in awhile. Merely say “hello” and “is there anything I can do to help.” This is great for anyone in a service industry like coaching, web design, social media support, etc.

    2. Use it as a reminder to see where I’m holding myself back from doing something that I’m scared of. Usually I have ideas in the hopper to keep growing my business, but a dry spell reminds me that I’ve stopped challenging myself to do new things.

    The biggest insight I had from this video is the tip to go after the ideal clients I’d love to work for. That was a kick in the pants for me–I need to do that!

  44. Great tips, Marie! I am currently building up my Membership Program at the moment. It takes me anywhere from 8-15 hours a month to run (yes, a MONTH!) to get my stuff together and set it on automate (for the most part).

    Hello! No matter how many clients I have in the program, it’s the same amount of work, and running specials at $9.97 a pop, then giving them quality info keeps them coming back for more. Plus, tons of referral. No one has told me less than $10 a month is “too expensive in this economy” yet! My goal is 500 peeps, which is (*da-da-da-da!*) 5 large a month. Boo-yah, baby. 🙂

  45. This video applies to my business at the moment. The summer was feast, and the fall/winter is famine! I am a self-employed musician, so if I don’t hustle, I don’t get the gig!
    Instead of sitting back, I decided to make sure I’m contacting all of my fan base personally via email/facebook etc. Aside from the odd irritated customer, the response to my emails has been great! I’m so glad I decided to take action and lay the groundwork for my next feast!

    Thank you Marie!

  46. LOVE this, and it hits a principle I’ve always believed and seen…no matter what “the economy,” some people are always making money. YES!

    The best tool I’ve ever learned for getting money flowing in is:
    Call – Send – Call

    It’s a version of “dialing for dollars.”
    CALL – Basically, you call a few people you know, and say, “I have this cool new thing I’m doing. May I send you some information on it?” (Oh, and you give them a heads up about what it is, like “I’m teaching a new class,” or “I’ve got these great new eBooks.”

    SEND – Email, snail mail, get a brochure, article, web page, or other promo material about this new thing out to them, with a sweet note…that says you’re going to call them in a few days to be sure they got it and see how they like it.

    CALL – Call to check in. See if they got it. Catch up. And ask who else they suggest can use it.

    Works like a charm. Gets that energy going.

    Gotta go do some CSC now…

  47. Loved this video!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I need to get my hiney in gear to produce a regular newsletter. It’s a major missing link for me. I just have to make the time to do it.

    … ABMB!

  48. Michelle Doetsch

    Awesome vid, as always, Marie. YOU are the reason I LOVE Tuesdays!!
    I’m a massage therapist and almost always find a drop in clients when there is something I’ve gotten behind in – like my bookkeeping (blech!) or my Continuing Ed or sometimes even the housekeeping (it doesn’t have to be work related). At these times, the Universe sees fit to give me the “time I need” to catch up. If I’m on the ball and recognize it right away, I get caught up quickly and the client dip is minimal. If I start the whole “woe is me” thing, my dip lasts a LOT longer – basically until I get my act together and get my stuff caught up. Oh yeah a lot of ABMB doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  49. Just Sit There

    Ok. You lovely ladies.. you leave great comments and “Yoda” (instead of Lord) Knows we all adore Marie Forleo

    Here is a thought. WHY IS EVERYONE POSTING COMMENTS NOT POSTING THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES right here? Yo BEE-AH-CHEZ.. WHAT UP? why don’t you just put the title or one line of what your biz is here along with your comment and your email or website or heck phone number.. I might need YOU! LOL! I have no clue what any of you do .. why not start right here? LOL! What up Sistahs? Helloooo…. lol

    My new saying is “Heaven-o” instead of “Hello”.. there is just too much hell on Earth and chaos going around why do you wish to pass on more of it by saying “hello”? Try saying Heaven-o and see if that will start a conversation with someone.. catchy conversation starters are great for introducing yourself and your biz. HA HA!

    PEACE and prosperity to all! (((HUGS)))

    [email protected] 604 764 2631 in Canada – Therapist. (Tada)! Try it see what happens… just a thought eh?

    • Marie – Love the video! Fab advice!!
      Jana – Such a smart and straight forward approach. Implementing immediately!
      Just Sit There – Why not network?? We never know when we may need each other.

      That said: [email protected] 503.314.3866, Portland, OR – Jewelry Lady

  50. when you feel like you do not have any money to invest in your company that is the time to do it. Have faith that what you are investing will pay off. It was a very quiet summer for my biz. I hired a new web team/marketing team. I worked on my biz and now it is paying off. I am back on track with paying clients. Thanks to

  51. Amy

    Love it when you said “consistent action creates results”. It’s so true! It’s amazing what a little effort every single day will do! Even if you don’t know what the hell your doing, do SOMETHING! It works!

  52. Great reminder Maria. You are always so right on with your tips. I am inspired by your hustle time idea. I can sometimes get side tracked into thinking I need to fix me in some way when business slows down and I go into “processing” my inner world. Sometimes that is important, but a friend recently reminded me to remember to also just “take action.”

    • Ms. Roberts, sounds like your friend’s a keeper. Look what time it is! It’s half past Go-O’Clock, Action Jackson. Checklist items: Boom. Done! Tomorrow’s checklist? Whoa! That’s done, too. Sleep in late? Done. Introspection gets 15 minutes while I’m getting ready for my daily walk. Education gets at least an hour every day. Lather, rinse, repeat. I’ve been getting a 15 minute training video written, shot, edited down to fit, uploaded, promoted every day. Only 27 more in the series. Wrote and published my first book in 2 days. If you can do any fraction of that, you’re good. Really. Most people don’t make it as far as, “Make a checklist.” You can do it.

  53. Great video and I totally agree with what Amy wrote, do something even if you’re not sure it’s the “right” thing to do. One marketing activity that has really paid off for me is networking. It takes a while to build relationships and I think the trick is not expecting the people you meet to become your clients (although some of them will,) but as you become friends they naturally put the word out to their buddies about your business. Cheers, Laura

  54. As always, just what I need to hear.

    I’ve been studying how to succeed at blogging, and I have learned consistency and marketing time every day will get you where you want to go.

    Thanks, Marie!

    PS, I’m LOVIN’ this new blogging service I’m doin…

  55. Thanks Marie.

    I think we all go through flat times – and it is good to know what to do (keep going!) and to kno we are not alone in this.



  56. Clara Gabrielle

    Great! I’m definitely implementing strategy #3 TODAY and congratulating the director of a film I worked for his DGA award! As I ‘m still working through my own quesy feelings associated with self promotion, I love how this not only solidifies relationships and attracts new ones, but is also a great way to to get some PR in without feeling like your tooting your own horn.

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Clara

  57. I Love me some Marie Forleo. Especially when she is dancing!

    Thank for you these tips. I do wonder what the heck to do when it’s s.l.o.w.
    Now I’ve got a few tips.

  58. Reduce debt and loans with talent to create wealth and not create debt, as no debt in business will cause you to have the cash flow you need to survive.

    Work, and make money, invest wise, pay down loans and compete with good customer service.

  59. Great video. I find that consistent action PLUS consistent mindset in alignment with that action is a powerful combo. Don’t just work yourself to death in fear, but enjoy your business and focus on what you want, not want you don’t want. My business rides with my wave of thought more than anything else. But you have to get off your butt and do some work…yo!

    • Ruth

      Well said!

  60. So true, Marie. So true! Great ideas;)
    Another wonderful principle for relieving financial stress is the practice of “contribution.” Be generous! I find, if I’m not generous when I have little, I’m surely not generous when I have lots. It’s tricky not to let the fear of financial insecurity rule us, but there is no better antidote than giving! Love you, Marie! xoxo p.s. I blogged about this in October Joy Blog if anyone is interested in more on the subject:)

  61. emily

    You crack me up!! This is the first time commenting. I just discovered your channel and I am hooked. I love how you have integrated your quirky personality and yet are still relevant.

    I like ABMS! It’s easy to get caught up in the business and not work on building the business. This is where a good team and delegation come in to play

    ALSO, I was at the JayZ/Kanye concert on Monday and oddly enough thought about you for a sec. LOL. “That sh** is cray”.

  62. Hi Marie,
    A friend introduced me recently to your website and I love your sassy wisdom and sparky energy! Watching this video, I thought to add a few fundamental points or ‘strategies’ for smoother sailing through the dry patches … they may make all the difference.

    Trust, Faith & Patience!
    We all get tested on our truth and actions, so walk your talk, believe in yourself and what you have to offer. And have some faith in God/the Universe..whatever you want to call it. It’s easy to start thinking negative when things don’t immediately materialize and go ‘your’ way. Beware, it’s easy to get stuck there and then you’ll get what you worry most about. Some things are simply about timing, some things about lessons to learn. Whatever it may be, as a woman you have the great power to support your business with your peace & patience. That’s business run with wisdom!

    Be inspired and share your inspiration! (Just like Marie does! 🙂
    Because conviction from the heart and soul is contagious. It inspire others and greater heights of success.

    Be flexible!
    It’s very possible you will discover that you need to adjust and improve your products or services because YOU have evolved and things around you, and it’s perfect time for just that. Any dry spell is also a great time to prepare and get ready for better things to come. Be open, flexible & creative!

    sending warm wishes from Bali,
    Shivaloka Soul Jewelry

  63. I think the dancing seals the deal!

  64. I love this video! I am going to add a recurring ‘hustle hour’ to my calendar right now. If you’re currently IN a business dry spell and need out fast, I think individually checking in with current/past clients is a good way to get cash-in-the-door. Sometimes people just need that reminder that you’re there. To be more direct, maybe include a special discount/new service offering in one of your upcoming newsletter emails.

  65. Hi Marie – love your stuff – love the energy – which is funny, cuz I wear a lot of cardigans and dress suits…you’re like my alter ego! 🙂

    Okay, actionable items…

    1) Keep a good program with a database of clients – like ACT or Salesforce, where you can log details on your conversations with clients and reninders to follow up.

    2) Work it, network it…get involved in your industry association and help out – even if you are shy, working the reg desk will help you meet people fast – and have them coming to you – from there, you just develop a nice friendship. (my industry is heavy on relationships) We just did a service day for food banks with one of the associations I belong to and it was a great way to get to know people and give back.

    3) Cooperate don’t compete – in your hustle and your networking, give credit to others, and if you rise above competing and just celebrate what you have to offer.

    4) keep a notebook (as you likely do) and have a tab called leads (or on your smartphone, wherever…) and jot down clients or people you would like to work with – say you are walking by a building and you think, that would be cool, would love to work with them…jot it down and let it percolate – the universe will help you – you will bump into someone at a party, on the subway, etc..

    Great advice Marie – thanks! N

  66. Dear Ms. Forleo:

    I am obviously not a woman that more appropriately falls into your niche market, however, I came across your site from googling infromation on alternate marketing techniques and such. I am helping my mother who has been in business for 10 years but recently opened a new location 29 miles from her place of origin. As such, I enjoyed your videos which helped to tweak my learning curve and consolidate it with my knowledge of marketing and nusiness development. At any rate, I think your information reaches across gender lines.

    Harry Z

  67. Easy-to-follow, solid advice. Love the “Always Be Marketing, Bitches!” – LOL. Really like the “action is magic.” – awesome. And I LOVE the “hustle time” dance!!!

  68. Love the whole “Hustle Time” Concept…. I know I sure as heck can’t do the dance as well as you or MC. And again thanks for the Love 🙂

  69. Hmm. Do the Hustle.. Always like to get my dance on. Good word.

  70. This is great advice. My line of business is cyclical and sometimes unpredictable. Keeping the foot on the gas, like you say, is super important.

    And super client relations. I love the people I work with and make sure they are happy and bring referrals. That’s a big part of running a successful business.

    Thanks, Marie. 🙂

  71. As always, on pointe, which might be one of your best selling points along with your approachable attitude!

    For me starting out, all the time seems like a slow time and my struggle with marketing I can say is the big deal. I read through nearly all the comments and someone said she thought of marketing as communication – then I think to your B-school freebie vids and you say the same thing – communicate the value of your offerings! When I think about it like that marketing doesn’t seem like a monster or this yuck thing I want to avoid.

    As part of my former struggle I have been stalling about a newsletter. I blog pretty regularly but I didn’t want my newsletter to be a complete rehash of my blog or vice versa. I kind of freak out at the prospect of sending or more than monthly because I’m still battling what to say working in a product based business.

    Hustle time is something I’ve just recently started doing without realizing it. I’m a chatty Cathy (as one might notice from my verbose comments) so I can always carry on a conversation even if it’s not about anything in particular. I have recently gotten 2 clients for side projects that relate to my work just from chatting about what I’ve been up to!

    I haven’t really taken the time to consistently give shout outs over sales or orders, but sometimes I will mention that I took on a custom project on my blog. Just need to amp it up…and you know what during a dry spell is a great time to up the ante!

  72. I thanks .. Mrs Marie Forleo kissing hands .. but know situation , anyway

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