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Can I let you in on something?

I feel fear and self-doubt about my business and passions every single day. That’s feel, present tense — and I’ve been running this business for over 20 years.

In my early 20s, when I made my living doing many things — coaching, bartending, waiting tables, cleaning toilets, personal assisting, teaching fitness and dance — I was terrified of being judged by others.

I had self doubt out the wazoo, especially when it came to talking about my work with family and friends. I started my life-coaching practice at age 23. What did I even know about life? What would people think? Most people had never even heard of a “life coach” in the nineties.

When you forge your own path and step outside of the norm, you will be judged by others. And often, that judgment can feel harsh.

Often, the more unconventional you are, the more you can expect to have that “nobody gets me” feeling and all the fear and anxiety that comes along with it.

Especially in the beginning stages, when the people around you may not even understand what you’re trying to do, it’s crucial to get this fear under control.

Today I’m answering a question from Shannon who wrote in to ask:

I often feel like my family and friends don’t understand me, my passions, or my business. How do you get over the fear of judgement by others, especially from your family?

This is such a common question, especially from those of us following a different path than our friends and families.

How do you get over the fear of being judged by others so you can stay true to yourself and keep on truckin’ toward your dreams?

The Psychology Behind the Fear of Being Judged

To get over your fear, you should first understand where it’s coming from.

Let’s start with some A’s to your Q’s… 

What Is the Fear of Being Judged?

We all have moments when we’re afraid of people’s judgment, no matter how confident we are.

It’s that feeling of stiffening up before you speak or biting your tongue because you’re worried what someone might think.

Sometimes this fear manifests as going along with something you don’t agree with just to be liked. Or feeling indecisive when you know you can’t please everyone.

You can’t be an important and life-changing presence for some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others. Here’s advice from Mark Manson how to stop caring about things that don’t matter and get on with what does.

An extreme fear of being judged in social situations might be a symptom of socialized anxiety disorder (a.k.a. “social anxiety”), which you can learn more about from the National Institute of Mental Health.

These tips for confronting your fear will help you build confidence and reduce your fear, but you may want to talk to someone about mental health treatment if you think you suffer from social anxiety.

Why Do We Care about Other People’s Judgments?

Have you ever felt insecure talking about what you do for a living? Or worried that everyone thinks you’re a fraud?

Your specific fear usually points to what’s most important to you, not necessarily to other people.

For many of us, we fear others will judge us for the things we judge in ourselves. We internalize critical thoughts like:

You don’t make enough money.

You should be married by now.

You have no idea how to run your own business.

You’re not good enough.

When you tell yourself these nasty lies, it’s easy to believe everyone else is thinking them, too.

I’ve been there.

When I was working several side jobs and launching my business, I was so scared people would think I was unfocused, flaky, or unprofessional. Why? Because I believed the myth that successful professionals stick to one thing.

Now, instead of trying to force myself into a career box, I embrace the power of being a multipassionate entrepreneur.

Caring about what others think of you doesn’t mean you’re weak, immature, or broken. It means you’re human.

Why Do We Hate Being Judged?

Humans are social animals. We crave community. Not in the way we crave mint chocolate chip ice cream, but in the way we crave broccoli. It’s essential to our well-being.

In psychology, our need for community is called “belongingness” (which sounds like a word a blogger invented, but it’s the real deal).

According to researchers, the need to belong “is so basic to human behavior that the first premise of virtually every theory of social or cultural behavior could be that people have a pervasive drive to form and maintain at least a minimum quantity of lasting, positive, and significant interpersonal relationships.”

On a biological level, feeling socially anxious stems from our need to be socially safe to survive.

And judgment = threat to your belonging. No wonder judgement is scary AF.

6 Steps to Get Over the Fear of Being Judged

Fearing the judgment of others is natural, normal, and no one escapes it entirely. So what’s the big deal? Especially if you do unconventional work or have unusual life goals, this fear could be holding you back.

Don’t let it. The world needs what you have to offer.

In this MarieTV, I share four action steps to help you get over the idea “Nobody gets me!” Keep reading after the video for two more ways to dissolve your fear.

DIVE DEEPER: Setbacks happen. Here’s how to stop feeling like a failure, get back up, and keep moving forward.

You’ve got important work to do. Take these six steps to let go of self-doubt and avoid being paralyzed by the fear of being judged:

  1. Don’t invite judgment. When we’re insecure about what we do, we might unwittingly nudge others to judge us for it. Like when you steer the conversation toward what you do for a living or nudge someone to ask you about your dreams for your future.
  2. Stop judging yourself. When you stop judging yourself, people will miraculously find less to judge about you. This doesn’t mean you have to be confident 100% of the time — all of us feel fear and self-doubt regularly. To keep working anyway, turn your focus outward to the people you serve, and away from your inner critic.
  3. Don’t assume people are judgmental a-holes. Sometimes, what you interpret as judgment from someone is just a lack of understanding. Have you ever taken the time to explain to them what you do? Give them a chance to get it before dismissing their lackluster response as judgey.
  4. Stop chasing people’s approval. OK, so maybe they are judging you. So what? You can’t change what people think about you, so don’t waste energy trying. Be true to yourself to achieve your true purpose.
  5. Be happy. I know that sounds trite, but here’s the thing: It’s hard for people to judge or criticize you if you’re happy, making money, and enjoying your life.
  6. Get a power posse. Pull together a group of people you can hang with and never have to explain what you do for a living. For me, that’s a group of other online business owners. When I’m with them, I never have to explain what a “funnel” is — that’s how I know I’m home.

Let Go of Judgment

The fear of harsh judgment can be creatively and spiritually debilitating, but only if you let it.

When you surround yourself with people who get what you do, let go of your own self judgment, and learn to love your life without others’ approval, you can let go of the fear and get on with sharing your special gifts with the world.

Now it’s time to turn this insight into action.

Grab a notebook, and spend five to 10 minutes writing your answers to these questions:

  1. Imagine the criticism you fear actually happens. What are three constructive and healthy ways you would deal with it?
  2. Write down 10 things you’d do if you had absolutely zero fear of judgment or criticism. Then pick one — and do it!


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  1. I was talking to my friend Michelle and telling her that I was a life coach–you know, so like, I help people? You know, who like, maybe want to leave their husband? Or lose weight?

    It was bad! When I got over the fear of being a flakeazoid, I started getting awesome responses to telling people I’m a coach. People take my cue and believe what I believe about what it means to be a life coach. Few were surprised (I’ve been coaching in some capacity for years). Many said they needed a coach or knew someone who needed one. Even more people think it’s awesome.

    Because it is. Boom.

    • Yes. Yes it is!

      • Agreed, totally awesome! 🙂

      • So much wise stuff here Marie as usual 🙂 Something I’m very mindful now is what I call the ‘justification trap’. On the outside it looks like we’re trying to explain to others what we do but actually it’s almost like we’re trying to justify it to ourselves. Once we’ve found peace with what we’re doing and are cool with it, everything changes. As with all things it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, and if there’s confidence and conviction is there it will transform people’s reaction to you. But really, it doesn’t matter- all that matters is that passion and desire you have in your heart- stuff what the others say! X

        • Traci

          I was saying this at the playground today with my daughter, to another mom. More people are giving an explanation ( Justifying), who they are, choices they make. Does everyone have that family member, when buying something, have to explain Why, each time. I truly love watching mothers, fathers, aquiances, friends , feeling free to be themselves and not Worrying , or looking for approval. Even if I might have done it different, I learn something eachtime, I see others be who they are. When a child is playing a sport, they will say I do gymnastics, play soccer, baseball. You usually respond, do you enjoy it or that’s great. They don’t explain why they signed up. How they signed up , etc. Yet as adults, an explanation is made of why we go here at twelve, decided to stay in, not cut the grass, change professions. If we all just relax and remember we’re all people, succeeding and yes have failures in different things….Always remember, the person next to you is usually AFRAID of the same judgement….or they have already accepted themselves, to not care

    • Talking of criticism, what about when it’s not fear of possible criticism, but when you actually RECEIVE an unsolicited full and frank appraisal of one’s life and one’s worth! Google my name or that of my father, Nick Crews, and you’ll find out what happens when a father lets rip on his children for their apparent failures in life!

      Wow, that was a searing letter my father wrote to me, and to my brother and sister. Even more so was the judgments I received from the general public. I HEAR YOU!!!!

      Happily, I was already on the road to turning things around when I received the email. I translated Daniel Allemann’s book. Please have a look at this site and tell me what you think.

      Emily Crews-Montès

    • First of all, I love your spunk and enthusiasm! Here are my comments…
      1. What specific insight from this video helped you most, and why?
      Just simply feeling confident about my business and letting go of the need for others’ approval is key for me. I know that it’s not wise to need others’ approval, but I didn’t really stop to think how my own lack in confidence in what I’m trying to do with my business actually attracts the questions and judgments I’m actually trying to avoid. Step 1 for me: removal of doubt and avoiding the dreaded “what do you do?” questions before they arise!

      2. How do you overcome the fear of being judged by others? What do you do to manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with going against the grain? Tell me your best tip.
      Honestly, I use various meditation and spiritual clearing/cleansing techniques. I have a sort of spiritual mantra I recite regularly that invokes the 8th chakra (the soul star) it goes something like this:
      I am the Soul.
      I am the Light Divine.
      I am Love.
      I am Will.
      I am Fixed Design.
      It’s hard not to feel empowered after you recite these words to yourself. I also visualize a bubble of light surrounding me from above my head. This is a protective energy that helps absorb and block negative energy before it seeps into my physical field. 🙂

      Thank you for the great resources!

  2. This was hard for me a few months ago too. What really helped with my family judging my business was telling them about it. Explaining why and what it could entail later on if I was successful, really seemed to help. Showing examples of people and businesses in my industry who were successful helped as well – people are sceptical because they don’t know anyone with success in what you do. Also involving your family in your work (if possible) – get them to read your blogposts, talk with you about your ideas and telling them your future plans (that e-book you’ve been wanting to write or courses you are setting up).
    As for the fear of being judged, most of my acquaintances and friends think it is awesome I started my own business so young. I have gotten such an amazing response from my friends, that I just remember those responses, and it doesn’t seem like something to be scared of. Remember the positive responses when you tell people, be proud of your business and brand – it is insanely awesome that you had the courage to start your own business!

    • hey Carina!
      I love your comment because those are great tips on how to deal with your family and are definitely worth a try. I’d like to add that unfortunately it doesn’t always work despite our best efforts and sometimes you may have to distance yourself from them if they continually judge/disapprove of what you do.

      In a perfect world our families would be totally into what we’re doing and excited about it and our biggest cheerleaders, but I’d just like to point out that when that just isn’t going to happen, that’s when a whole lot of self love and self care on our parts as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs/multipreneurs is crucial.

      And that’s why the “power posse” that Marie mentions is critical. When we’re surrounded by like-minded people it totally takes our game to a whole different level. So thanks Marie and thanks, Carina! And thanks all you other ladies who have commented – I totally love this community of women!

      • Good point Ali! My parents were quite opposed to the thought of me starting my own company. However, after a month and after getting work, they seemed to understand I wouldn’t be stopping my new venture anytime soon. I’m very thankful that they started supporting me instead, since it was really hard the months before that where they weren’t fully supporting my idea. The best thing I could do was draw support from other places instead and visualise my goals happening.

  3. “BE Happy” is my biggest take away. I mean, you’re right. If I called my parents daily, seemed to be happy, weren’t asking them for money — they would stop worrying about me. Part of being happy means taking to heart you first point, stop judging yourself. Even though I am following my dreams, there’s a bit of judging going on. “Will I have enough money for XYZ??” comes up a lot.

    When I am getting afraid of what my parents think, I be sure to hold on to the core value that my actions are based on. So… yah, I had to spend some time figuring out what that WAS, but after I figured out what core value I am living, judgements cannot hurt me. Because if you really do believe in that ideal, then pursuing it against odds will be much easier. I had a big tiff with my parents about a video on meditation I posted 2 weeks ago. I stuck to my guns because I believed it with all my heart. What else can they do?

  4. Oops, forgot to ask my question!
    What do you do when you’re having significant trouble finding the right power posse for you? Just because I hang out with other dancers doesn’t mean they share my ideals and understand the business I am creating around dance.

    Where can I find other young entrepreneurs around me who believe in the power of intuition or following their dreams?

    • Doka,

      I call my power posse my “F.I.R.E.” team because it’s a group of my
      Fabulous Friends who are
      Reliable and
      Eager to see me succeed

      I find other entrepreneurs by hanging out where they hang out online. So for example, I signed up for Marie’s RHH B-school and have met a super cool group of like-minded entrepreneurs. I also connect with people on the Entrepreneur blog and other Facebook pages that speak to entrepreneurs. Not only do you get to meet cool peeps, but they all get your main goal. 🙂

      Be blessed,

      Rachel Luna

      • FIRE team! I love it!

      • OMG, yes…. F.I.R.E. team is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I am getting better at finding these people online. I’ve got a new online buddy and we’re keeping each other accountable (granted, he is a boy, but that’s fine by me). I just wish I could meet these people in REAL LIFE, you know? But I am going to start paying more attention to the comment section of blogs I read to meet other people my age who are looking for more online buddies.

        • DOKA – a soul purpose coach told me about “savor the success”. it’s a networking group that empowers women enteprenuers and they have meetups. if you check them online you can look for a chapter in your area. hope that helps! 🙂

          • z

            But sometimes you are alone and just have to forge ahead thats the truth .

    • Doka, thanks for asking this question (and thanks Rachel for the F.I.R.E. tip)! I’ve been wondering this exact same thing lately. I am positive, resourceful and successful, and realized recently that I need more of the same around.

      • Mhm! I think as I build a network online (using all this great advice), I need to let people know I am in DALLAS, TX. I live in a big city… surely someone can connect! Good luck to us!

  5. One more thing (it is LATE, I’m sorry for flooding the comments)

  6. I’m happy to say I’m not afraid of the judgement of others. I guess I got over that in high school 🙂 Can’t say I have anyone entrpreneurs to hang with IRL, but that’s because I live in the countryside.

  7. Thanks Marie. All good advice & something some of us have to hear regularly, especially if our business offends people. While I have the most ultruistic intentions (since my brother committed suicide years ago woke me up to what’s really important), some people still don’t like my alter ego of

    And as you asked for our tips here are mine:
    1. Other people’s oinions are none of our business
    2. Think BIG! When I get upset because someone hasn’t responded the way I’d like I realise in the BIG scheme of world poverty and peace that it’s a small thing.
    3. Adopt Abraham Lincoln’s saying of “I do not like that man. I must get to know him better.”

    Lastly, if you’re being true to what you firmly believe is your purpose this time round, you can’t go wrong. & yes, my name means the “happy & joyful born again carpenter” so I figured I’m meant to be crucified for my beliefs anyway 😉

    Love your work – thank YOU!!
    Larissa (from Down Under – Australia)

    • Hi guys,

      Having posted near midnight (here), as I head off to bed I realise others aren’t putting links to their online personas – have I breached an unknown protocol? Apologies if I have but I’d like to see the person behind some of these comments (some sound REALLY interesting).

      • Larissa, I love you’re Lincoln quote. Hadn’t heard it before but I think it has an excellent take away. So often the reason we don’t like someone is that on first impression they hit some comfort/self judgment buttons. Getting to know them better can help us see ourselves and others differently.

        As to online persona, every name that shows up pink is a link to that person’s web site. Click them and you’ll meet a lot of interesting people. Happy Exploring.

        • Or your Lincoln quote. Clearly I need more morning coffee. A detail person I ain’t.

        • Jane

          Thanks for the tip about names in pink linking to websites! I am relatively new to the Marie Forleo way 🙂 and although I excitedly await the Q&A video every Teusday I havent had the courage to post a reply until todays chance of an ice-breaker.

          Thanks loads, I’m off to check out everyones profiles now…


      • Our photos will link to our websites if we’ve got ’em!

        • Well, learn something new everyday. I didn’t know that. ;D Cool beans, as they say.

    • Glad I startde that conersation now. Felt silly at first but there you go. As a trainer I say there’s no such thing as a silly question. Yes I know the smart response is “just silly people”. So.. thanks for admitting things you didn’t know either guys. xx

  8. Hi Doka and Linda,
    I live in the country too Linda! I’ve actually found and connected with more like-minded-entrepreneurs via Marie + Lara Roeder’s B-school group this year than ever before. I’m also taking another course online, and the community is awesome.

    A lot of training courses have private Facebook groups these days and truly, those connections, the love and support of other women in particular, is worth the investment (+ of course the value and content of Marie + Laura’s stuff is AMAZING).

    So even though I live in the country, this week I’ve had mastermind calls with new friends, skype calls with women I haven’t even met but who needed help with some techie aspects of their biz and made new connections. Those new friends have helped me enormously through their encouragement to put myself out there and eased my concerns about being judged.

    First there was no community, then BOOM, there were more awesome ladies than you could fit into a tea-shop.

    • Man, sounds like I need to save up some money for Bschool next year!

  9. Fiona Campbell

    You’re so right. And in working on how I judge myself I am empowered. Thanks!

  10. Yes yes yes, Marie! A power posse is absolutely critical. I have grown and transformed exponentially in the last six years because I have a solid crew of fellow priestesses whose wisdom and judgment I can always count on.

    And, when all else fails, I listen to the little voice inside that says, “Just
    brazen it out, mama!”. She s been taking me through adventures with style and poise since I was 15.

  11. RENZ

    I am a final year student Attorney, next year I will be the real thing. I love what i do but it seems as if i am always messing up things………i love advocacy i thought it is the one thing i would be great at but last week at a presentation one of the judges tore apart my presentation and other students who i felt were were so mundane in their presentations she praised so highly, my style is so different but no one seems to approve, i feel like a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There are a few different issues going on for you…if I may respond.
      First, you are allowing yourself to feel a failure for one judgment on your presentation. Now maybe your presentation and communication skills can be made better (after all you are a Student, and you should always look for opportunities to learn and grow. We ALL should as students of life.), and you should really assess the feedback and the source of it and then take what is good. BUT sometimes a judge/prof/teacher/whoever is wrong or their feedback is not significant. So you have to figure out what to gain from the experience – while NOT feeling a failure about it. Feeling like a failure from someone else’s judgment, will set you up to actually fail…meaning you will lose all confidence and passion and leave the profession or seek to follow another part of it. ALL because of someone else’ onetime judgment of you. Don’t let that happen. Post notes/affirmations on your mirror or screen if you have to, but learn the practice of daily valuing and appreciating the good qualities you bring to your world. Your confidence will be a very attractive and attracting quality!

    • You shouldn’t feel like a failure because you are in SCHOOL. School rarely reflects the real-world. Take this as a learning experience. If you can, DEFINITELY talk to your professor and get inside her brain. What makes her tick and why is she attracted to the presentations she likes? Find out if the way her mind works is the way your target audience’s mind works. If they don’t match, then you definitely have nothing to worry about. Now you know how to speak to someone totally different.

  12. hey there! the other way to phrase this whole question is to judge yourself the way you want others to judge you – like, “I’m so beautiful. I do such a great job in my business. I am awesome!” It’s totally not natural for most of us but why not? If we see/judge ourselves in a positive light, we could really rock it.

    • Vanessa

      That is awesome advice!
      Thank you so much, Daphne

  13. Hi Marie!
    The thought that helps me is “Don’t try to please everyone”. There will always be someone that is looking for something totally different from what you offer and they won’t appreciate what you do. No problem, the world is more fun the more variety there is! I focuss in my market, I pay attention to feedback and learn from it and I’m always trying to make things better, but I don’t let people’s opinions to affect me emocionally.
    Thank you for another great post!

  14. I SO agree about attracting that question when you feel insecure about your biz. Coming from corporate land, I used to feel like I had to justify what I did, but now I embrace it! When I hang with my RHH ladies, I am out and proud – and we can talk Squeeze Pages ’til the cows come home 🙂
    Thanks for all your guidance, Marie xxx

    • I’m totally on the same page as Victoria here. I feel like this year I got super clear about how to talk about what I do, and now it’s no sweat whenever someone asks me what I do. Before that I used to hem and haw and try to avoid it because it was so hard to explain.

      My new test is being able to explain what I do to customs officers when I cross the border. If they can understand it, then it’s going to be pretty clear to anyone else I come across. 🙂

  15. Don’t be afraid to be honest about what you do. It can lead to really powerful connections with people. (Yes this is a lesson I am still learning ;p). How do you know your justifications and excuses for what you do aren’t offensive to the person you are talking with (ie potential ideal client)?

  16. Jessica Kupferman

    So as usual, your video hits me right in the arse. I’m in the process of rebranding and my new blog title is a little unconventional – so it’s been hard when I talk to more conservative business people and they ask “but what’s the name of your BUSINESS?” and I’m….going to be going without one. Yeah. People are just hiring ME and not a bogus company I own, since it’s always just ME anyway. I know this is a little off topic from the point of your vid which is more about industry or job title – but I have more issues with the future name of my blog than I do my title. It’s been freaking me out but from now on, the “be happy” is going to help me forge ahead with confidence!

  17. I totally agree that if you are insecure about what you do you will attract people -especially friends and family!- to challenge you. Ultimately those challengers are here to help you get clear on your mission and how you go about presenting it to the world.

    The last business I officially started, even though I had been doing it for 11 years, was to get it out into the world that I do intuitive Tarot readings & coaching. When people ask me about it, I explain with confidence what I do because I know that I’m good 🙂 but also because I want to present something “woo-woo” in a modern and comprehensive way.

    Bottom line; the more confident you are about yourself and what you do, the less challengers will be coming your way to test you.

  18. 1. What specific insight from this video helped you most, and why?

    “Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself” … specifically the notion that we invite others to judge us based on how we judge ourselves.

    While not directly related, I had someone recently tell me a truth they felt about me that was surprising but didn’t hurt. It was shocking and bold, but for whatever reason I felt it was untrue. I tend to … ask for specific details… when I’m not sure what it is people have to say about me … because then the clarity of those details can give me an insight to that perspective. She didn’t say anything specific, so I dismissed it emotionally and told her that if and when she sees it, feel free to hit me about it.

    Another friend – this one much closer to me – ended up echoing her sentiments. I asked why nobody said anything and learned the “defensive” and “dismissive” is strongly aligned with my reactions.

    IMO defensive = “immediate refusal to listen, even with clear explanation”
    dismissive = “I don’t want to hear you”

    When I don’t agree and explain why, and push back… sometimes a little, it’s seen as defensive. I didn’t realize it, but 5’4″ I’m the smallest of my siblings, but the one with the strongest personality. I’m a sexy sweet firecracker – in other words you will only go so far with pushing my boundaries after a minute… and while these ladies never did that – at least not intentionally – in general I guess the strength can be seen as overbearing or …”aggressive” especially if I’m defending my stance.

    (I’m also a New Yorker, something that I guess also furthers the in your point appearance I have)

    So… it almost made a confrontation bigger than it needed to be with one person, because she didn’t seem to understand my reactions aren’t immediately rejecting her thoughts, but compartmentalizing the issue and moving forward, and if I end something because I don’t agree, “it is what it is” because I value the friendship more than the “back and forth”… later on that day, another sister of ours came in and said the points she felt were important on behalf of both of us… and gave me the message in a more digestible way… and this allowed me to “get” that at least someone “understood” where I was coming from or the place I was acting from, while showing me in clear terms… how and why it didn’t look like I had thought it looked.

    2. How do you overcome the fear of being judged by others? What do you do to manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with going against the grain? Tell me your best tip.

    In the end we all basically have made peace and moved on. I learned a long time ago that it’s powerful when you recognize the importance of letting judgement be a place where you begin to understand and polish yourself … instead of running for the hills. I know it looks like I’m running, but I actually ruminate deeply on things people say about me… and if there’s a strong disconnect and lack of agreement, then I really permanently dismiss it for the situation.

    “In my experience, the fear of being judged harshly by others can be creatively and spiritually debilitating, but only if you let it.” – quote of the day

    I have a heart of fire… but I am an Aquarius if it makes sense. 😉

    • Nina

      Hi Lauryn Doll
      (BTW, I remember you from LHCF). As I was reading this post I KNEW you were an Aquarius.

      My boyfriend and I used to argue a lot. Often he would repeat his points over and over, and I would think/ask, “Why are you repeating that? I already heard it”. He would also sometimes get very frustrated. This was explained to me after a few months, when he said that he felt as if I always just dismissed his point of view without fully understanding or considering it. My perspective was, “Of course I did. I understood it, considered it, digested it, and here is my response to it.” As Aquarians, we tend to be very analytical and opinionated. What people often do not realize is that when we give our opinions, we are not dismissing or rejecting theirs, we are just giving OURS, and we DO NOT mind if they continue to hold their own opinions contrary to ours. Instead they have this very strange idea that we are shoving our ideas on them (which in fact is completely contrary to our nature, because we are very “live and let live”).

      Anyway, just wanted to say, I completely feel you.

  19. Hi Marie

    Your videos were recommended to me by good friends of mine in the Tarot community, Theresa Reed and Donnaleigh de LaRose who I guess count as my power-posse! As a man who left a lifetime IT consultancy career for a spiritually rewarding life as a Tarot teacher, the one thing you said that really hits the mark is the self-judging. Never leave a gap for people to exploit – and neither should you, if you feel inside a total congruence with what you have chosen to do.

    I have always “normalised” my own interests and pursuits, whether its Tarot or esoteric spirituality and speak about them exactly as I speak about anything else – as such, I have rarely encountered any judgemental behaviour from others.

    In fact, out of all the experiences of my life, nothing compares to my father bursting into tears when my first published book on Tarot arrived with him this year (the first of many, as I picked up a contract) and he found the dedication to him on the first page.

    Thanks for all you do for people, it is pretty darned cool, and I’m a cynic!


  20. olívia Peltier

    Technically we spend half our time thinking about making other people happier, we just forget about ourselves and what we like. I do this (I have to admit) and I know it is very hard to live without worrying about what other people think. In my school has a girl who has a very own style of dress and every time I look at her I think “she does not care about the opinions of others” and that’s what I Deich embarrassed by it, because most of the times we spent hours in front of the mirror trying to find people’s approval when we go out on the street and this is wrong. She is a typical example of how we should act and put people’s minds in the trash (even if negative) and live as we want.
    These videos always show us the other side of the problem or issue to discuss and that’s what I like!

  21. Good answer! With my first business, now decades ago, my parents first thought I was un-employed instead of self-employed. I’m not sure when that shifted. Maybe my first national media exposure or being featured in the local Raytown News that got Mom’s friends talking? But I’m certain what you point out here, Marie is part of it! I also like what you’ve shared about having like-minded friends to support the biz you’re in. It’s essential. Most of my friends are entrepreneurs, and therefore not weird at all!

  22. Nathalie

    Hi Marie !
    A big bravo for all your inspiring videos! Fantastic job 🙂

    I am a 42yrs old mom of four, had to undergo very tough surgeries in the last two months, which eneabled me to do a h… Of a lot of thinking about my life (past & present)! Anyways, I took a big decision :
    Find a part time job, so I can go back to school and then to med school!
    This was one of my dreams since a little girl, but my family consistently told me I was useless, and basically too dumb to aim so high… And I believed them…
    So, now my spirits are elated and eventhough no one in my family knows, I will go forward in my life, although I would rather prefer to share this with them, I know they would judge me as a total nutcase, and do not need that!
    Do you have any advice that could help?
    Thank you
    Much love & keep up the wonderful work,

  23. I am a shamanic healer (& teacher, writer & broadcaster on shamanism) but I used to work as a Reiki teacher & healer. In the world of energy healing here in the UK, Reiki is pretty mainstream. Sure, I still come across some people who don’t know what it is but anyone with vague interest in yoga or meditation etc will have come across it. I recently gave up teaching Reiki because at my heart I am a shamanic practitioner, not a Reiki person. Thing is, that’s a lot less mainstream. Frankly, it’s seen as a bit weird.

    After committing to taking all the Reiki info off my website and announcing I would not be taking any more classes, I got the opportunity to work at a new healing clinic. I did a session there, the clinic loved me & asked for more info to give to their clients. I told them all about the work I do, they thought it sounded amazing. However, they thought the public wouldn’t get it, it’s too weird, too deep, too whatever. Can’t they just say I do Reiki?

    I stuck to my guns about putting the shamanic info out there, despite the temptation to just pick up any old clients because I need the money and you know what? I haven’t had one person at that clinic ask for Reiki. Every week I pick up a new client and they always come for shamanic healing. They read my information & my story, from that they assume just what you said Marie, that this stuff might be unusual but it is clearly working for me. So they are prepared to take the plunge and do something a bit different.

    Thanks for your great videos, I watch every week, and for putting the positive message out there that it is essential to be proud of who we are and put it out there!

    Kay x

  24. Eleanor

    Hey Marie, Love your shirt!
    Ok, here goes:
    1. What specific insight from this video helped you most, and why?
    Don’t judge yourself, #2 don’t chase approval & the get a power posse.
    When I was judging myself for what I saw as a long, way to curvy path to get where I wanted – it seemed like I was sending out radar for folks to criticize me, remind me that I wasn’t “doing what you want”. Basically I’d tuned into the “punchbag” radio station since I was doing it myself. When I relax and let the self-judgment feeling pass through me (no matter how weird & like being possessed it might feel), oddly folks no longer tuned into my punchbag station, but seemed to accept me and I felt like I was surfing.
    #2 goes with what I wrote above since chasing approval is a recipe for disappointment. This one goes hand-in-hand with #1 for me. How to get over it: remember to keep my nose out of other people’s business & in my own. Weird but it works.
    #3 – the posse – at the beginning felt lonely since where I was heading was unknown territory, but new people pop up who are great power posse pals – you learn from them & are no longer attached to how things were. Loved ones & family will catch on, and usually end up being curious & excited too. Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art is a great resource.

    2. How do you overcome the fear of being judged by others? What do you do to manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with going against the grain? Tell me your best tip.

    I accept that I am going to be shy and that I need to keep concentrated on my own beeswax. Like speaking for TV representing an event & that voice going off hollering who the heck do I think I am, voice caught in throat, etc. It FEELS like a poltergeist possession but when I was able to label it and feel the sensation coming, I knew it’d be over in a few secs or die down. Basically, I just take a deep breath and focus on doing the best I can (my beeswax) + having fun with people while I’m doing it.
    Yep, fun can be the best remedy possible – when I’m having fun, I meet more positive-energy folks, am no longer worrying and am in the moment.

  25. Yeah, even in creative industries, there are still constraints and judgmental perspectives flying around. When I started working on my own, I felt like I had to conform to one kind of design work, though I offer print, illustration, murals, graphic design, and web design work. I think for me, to stay on point is to get clear on my pricing, contract, and the kind of services I’m providing. Then the portfolio on my site just fell into place, and easy to navigate and get what I do.

  26. Great advice…I just got that it doesn’t matter what people think of me and wrote this in a note to myself last night!
    I get what I do and my customers get what I do, so that’s all that matters.


  27. Yeah this is a juicy one! I loved your point about stopping judging yourself. Simple but profound.

    I’ve always felt like a bit of a misfit ever since I started my first business some years ago. Network Marketing, Coaching, Writing from home and Internet Marketing can be very confusing for people to get their head around when they’ve only ever had a job or done traditional things.

    My book has just been published in paperback and finally my family get what i do a little better as that seems to give me more credibility in their eyes! Either way I just went ahead and tried not to worry about it too much. When you’re a game changer you’re bound to stand out from the crowd in a good way…

    So my advice is do what you love and don’t let ‘dreamstealers’ or anyone else stop you moving forward.

    Thanks Marie for your uplifting message.

  28. HAPPY!!! Sums that up pretty well. xo

  29. A couple years ago my Mom kept trying to get me to get a ‘real job’ with benefits. I finally told her off and that I would never fit into a cute ‘normal’ little box and that she was just going to have to deal. I think standing up for myself made me work harder and smarter. In 2011 she became one of my paying clients and it was HER idea because now she really gets what I do. I think all the press, website, and happy clients helped motivate her too!
    Great issue Marie!

  30. Great Q&A.

    Stop judging yourself! So easy to say. So hard to do. But the number one thing we can do to get out of our own way.

    I think one of the things I try to remember is that self judgment is inevitable & can be instructive. Judgment is s neutral word, really, it doesn’t have to mean beating ones self up. For that, I use the term self flagellation. Self flagellation, however, is neither inevitable nor instructive.

    How do I tell the difference? When I learn something and feel more powerful at the end it’s using my critical evaluation (judgment) to grow. When I feel smaller, weaker it’s self flagellation and I need to stop.

    Using meditation techniques, become aware of the the thought and let it pass, helps me avoid getting stuck in self flagellation mode. Rinse/repeat as often as needed.

    • Beth,

      I like your comment. Straightforward and a simple difference between judgment that we can learn from and self-flagellation that hurts us.

      It is a practice to discern when we are getting stuck. And yes, judgment is something we do on this planet, so we might as well use it to learn from.


  31. Thanks Marie! You are on point with the judging ourselves and looking for approval from others. Everytime I look to others for approval, doubt creeps in and I get off track. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter if people get me. As long as I see my vision, those who are supposed to get me and what I am doing will. 🙂

  32. Georgina

    Hi everyone!
    This was a very good video and it came right on time- it was just this morning that I was thinking how other people’s opinions affect (or don’t affect) me.
    Actually, I’m planning a Tarot business. Tarot- as well as metaphysics and psychology in general- is a field that has helped me a lot in matters of getting in touch with my inner voice and come up with solutions to problems and curious situations.
    What I realise though, is that just because this has been so helpful to me, it doesn’t mean that other people can really understand it as well. I’ve met very sympathetic people, but I’ve also met skeptical people who think more of Witches’ tales, black cats and weird cauldrons!
    The truth is that sometimes, when you come to meet people you estimate, you generally want to share things with them- and your business is something you definitely feel close to, as well as you sense it as a fun-factor of your life.
    So it can be really frustrating telling someone about something you trully adore and receiving a clueless/apathetic nod in response!
    My biggest default is that I sometimes get angry, because of some people’s “incapability to see somebody else’s point of view without jumping into conclusions, before they even let them finish what they have to say!”
    However, I guess that it’s way too much expecting from everybody else to change before we can express ourselves freely.
    So, I guess I’ll take a page from Marie’s book and her advice about not being judgemental towards ourselves (and what makes us happy, I’d add).
    What calms me down most of the times, is to close my eyes and imagine myself sending a smile to both the other person and myself. This even helps the other person change their minds as well sometimes! Just don’t forget to send equally big smiles to yourself as well, and not to focus too much on the outcome- it’s more like an act of forgiveness and acceptance of the situation as it is. You just decide to go with the flow and smile! You don’t try to force the other person to understand! 🙂

  33. Of course people will judge you.
    Marie is right on – when we’re judging ourselves other peoples judgements hurt. When we’re not they don’t.
    Like Marie says, if you’ve explained it to them and they don’t get it. Move on. You don’t have to convince everyone. Not everyone will get it. You’re not a jerk whisperer. Stop worrying about the haters.

  34. Great post! This very issue is at the heart of why so many of us live SMALL! We let our fear about what others think of us, fueled by our own fear of failure/success/change, direct our path. That path leads to a life of mediocrity. The path to mediocrity is littered with fear and judgment. The path to greatness requires taking big steps going upwards and leaving that kind of baggage behind! Not easy, but worth it!

  35. Hi Marie!
    This was huge, huge, huge for me and caused me a lot of heartache in the beginning of my career as a performing songwriter. 2 things got me through this – surrounding myself with a few people who really did understand me – actually better than myself. The second thing was just having a very powerful vision for who I was and where I was going with my creativity – which came from a very wise industry mentor.
    These 2 things combined helped keep me centered and moving and plowing through the awkward phase where everything is new. And now the people who didn’t understand me are way back on my side.
    I did another thing you said also – just stayed happy and didn’t get too far into details with the ones who didn’t get me. I kept conversations general and upbeat.
    My CD release – “Reluctant Rockstar” is November 27!!! 😀

  36. Mo

    I sculpt teeny tiny, and inedible, food for a living (no, seriously:, so I TOTALLY understand getting WTF looks when I explain what it is I’m doing with my life, but I agree 100% with what Marie says about putting the brakes on self-judgment first, because doing that has really transformed the responses I get from people. Now, instead of skeptical, confused looks, I get more of the, “Really? That’s so cool, tell me more!” response, which is so much more fun to answer.

    And, hands down, the number one thing that has helped me cultivate non-judgment toward myself (and other people) is a regular meditation practice. Seriously, it might sound a little woo-woo to some, but even just committing to ten minutes a day will begin to transform your mental outlook. One of my favorite tips for getting started: Get some sort of timer–they have great meditation apps for smart phones–because if you know you’re only sitting for a set length of time, you can start to let go of that, “OMG, has it been five minutes yet?” and R-E-L-A-X. 😉

  37. Power posse? CHECK! Having weekly calls with my accountability group (aka “The Trinity”) and being a part of the RHH community has been huge for me. It’s so great to have friends who get what you’re doing and are actually cheering you on.
    I often run into that awkward feeling when I tell people in conventional corporate jobs what I do, but I have to remind myself that even when I was in a conventional corporate job nobody really understood what I did anyway, so who cares if they do now?!
    Thanks Marie for addressing a very common issue I run into!

  38. Marie,

    I love how you said people will judge us with how we judge ourselves. It is so true because I know I am so hard on myself.

    What I do to overcome fear are a few key things that work for me:
    3-Music (Listening to it or moving to it, specifically S Factor style.)

    When I do these things then I let go of my fearful thoughts and allow my body and soul to get connected with who I know I AM.

    I also love when Marie is shaking all those hands around her!!!! I totally get it. I am a super multi-tasker and nobody ever knows what I am doing or what I will be doing next. Sometimes I do not even know.

    It would be easier to find a 9-5 job and go to the same place and do the same thing and make the same money. But I have chosen to do the things I love to do, every day is different.

    Thank you to the community here because it is much better to have a power posse. I’m going to end with a quote:

    “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Apple Inc.

  39. good info. – this was actually good for me on a personal level as well as business/professional level. thanks!

  40. POWER POSSE = great tip! Being a nutritionist who is into raw foods and detox I am very, very used to people thinking I’m weird and too extreme.

    I find so much strength in people who value the work I do and the lifestyle that I believe in – both clients and colleagues. Without them I would have given up by now.

    I’m slowly getting better at getting over my fear of judgement. It’s been a big deal for me these past three years, but I just keep in mind that if this was easy, everyone would do it. Sometimes we have to risk our feeling of security for great rewards, deep happiness, and fulfillment.

  41. I just want to add one more response, had an aha moment at the gym this morning.. Live your life, if you base your life around your families expectations, you’ll never be happy. Just Ike they wouldn’t want to live up to your expectations either. “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” is the perfect way to say this;-)

  42. Although your dad still doesn’t understand exactly what you do, he was able to witness at RHH live that lots of people are loving what you do!!!!! That was priceless.

  43. LOVED IT! 🙂 You have the best swagga sista! 😉

  44. Gillian

    Hey! GREAT video, Marie!

    I totally get how this feels. I graduated with a degree in Economics and watched a lot of my friends secure Wall Street jobs and begin rather comfortable lives right out of college. This option was totally open to me, but I chose to hold out because I had other interests, a passion to write, etc. At first I judged myself really harshly but then I had a realization–

    What would I rather put up with? The pain of “being judged,” or the pain of doing something I didn’t want to do? When I envisioned myself taking the “more traveled” route, I felt queasy and like I wasn’t living my best life. The pain of being judged hurt so much less when I looked at the other option – not being true to myself.

    Best of luck, and in the words of Jay-Z – haters gonna hate! 😉

  45. This is a great Q & A ! Its amazing how strong the crippling fear of judgment can be sometimes. I am just in the process of starting a new business, and it takes a ton of happy positive thoughts some days to keep my confidence on. Thanks for the great tips Marie!

  46. Kam-B

    Great Q&A – lovin it!
    We are working like “gangbustas” on our soon to be live on-line business, so this topic totally jives with my situation. I find the more I figure out WHAT exactly our business is evolving to be (can’t wait!), I get excited and that passion then gets passed along to friends/family that are curious on what I am working on.
    I am no longer care about what others may think about what I do – I instead take that energy to push ahead on the tasks before me.

  47. Word Marie – love the bling + top girl! Thank you – breaking away from ‘desired approvals’ was super challenging for me but so essential for me to hear for growth… even though it is TOTALLY ‘On The Couch’ 101. Once I no longer went to ‘exterior’ approval or acceptance of my achievements or thoughts I owned my ‘internal’ sole + Soul purpose. Which is Divinely given to only me! I realized that as long as I was rooted authentically to my mission, even if that didn’t gain exterior approval, I would be ok.

    I lovingly, fully + internally embrace ALL me.
    And that is totally chiggidy checkin’ my Self, NEVER wreckn’ my Self!

  48. Liz

    Hey Marie

    This is an AWESOME topic and so what I needed to hear right now! The insight i really got from this is the reminder that often when we feel judgement from people it really is just a reflection or magnifcation of that fearful judgemental voice we have within ourselves. I used to worry (and sometimes still do) all the time about not fitting in or being conventional and that no one got me but now I overcome that fear by deciding I don’t give a crap and embracing the random, crazy, unique individual that I am!

    And you are SO right about a power posse: this concept has been jumping out at me over and over again in the books and blogs I’m reading and the vlogs I’m watching and it really does make the biggest difference when you know you have a group of people who not only ‘get’ what you do and who you are but get excited with you about your dreams and vision!

  49. LOVE your clothes!!

    BE HAPPY! is the BEST advice of all! I know people are confused because I’m walking the beach everyday, living on the coast and enjoying life. They’re afraid to ask or make assumptions (as I’ve found out) because they might find out that they could be doing the same thing if they chose to jump outside of their comfort zone!

    I love the F.I.R.E. concept! So important in every area of life! Thanks Rachael, thanks Marie!

  50. chris

    Great Q & A! I was just laid off by a female bully (psychobully–fits all the worst descriptions) boss. Funny thing is that I was the best at the job, everyone that I dealt with in the business respected my work ethic and abilities which drive the bully boss and a few incompetent collegues crazy to the point of writing letters filled with lies. I believe integrity matters and in following your A, #1 laid off but #2 who wants to answer to anyone about what or how you do it especially if they have no ethics….and praise poor performance. My power posse all clapped with relief that I never had to be at the receiving end of this bullies lies, anger, etc again!! Now to regroup and go forth in a new venture.

  51. Jen

    Marie – this was supah-hot stuff! And so timely, you know that works right?

    This is an issue I deal with ALL the time. First it started when I was working my corporate job and transitioning to my own media company. The people around me were stuck in “traditional” marketing and strategy and it drove me bananas. They looked at me crazy when I would talk about modernizing their marketing tactics, having an authentic brand, and working with vendors who rolled like that…

    What I LOVED about this topic today and your reference to your parents. Many of us fear that rejection from the mama and papa, and I was in the same category. Now, my mom doesn’t bug me. But I realized the reason she was so confused about what I did was that she was worried about me. Now, she doesn’t have to!

    How do I overcome the fear of being judged by others? Truth be told, I still care what people think. HOWEVER, The key I learned (what works for me anyway) is followup and keep agreements with myself when it came to my so-called unorthodox business. Then no one could say a damn thing…well, some still did, but I became bulletproof.

  52. I so needed this! When you’re in the sex ed industry this topic is SO spot-on. People hear “sex” and its like “OMG you’re dirty/slutty/etc.” and I get all defensive and try to explain I’m doing more that peddling vibes and then it all goes downhill from there. I crave acceptance from others and love my biz so fiercely that I want to share my knowledge with everyone! Especially those who fear and don’t understand it.

    As for number 2, I’m still trying to figure that out…

  53. Finding a power posse of people who are doing what I’m doing and GET it, that’s been the biggest game changer for me. Mastermind as well as meeting ladies at RHH Live… before that, I always felt like an oddball and that I just didn’t fit in. For managing fear when it pops up, saying “I’m back” per Josh or just telling myself, “thanks for sharing” and carrying on anyways has been key.

    Great post! xoxo

  54. I found reading Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields very helpful. He deals with the judgement issue and a whole lot more.



  55. Thanks Marie! This is brilliant. I especially loved the reminder that we attract what we judge in ourselves from those around us. It’s a gift that they’re showing us our insecurities, so we can see where there’s room for us to grow our confidence. I like to see judgment as a test–like the universe is testing my commitment to my truth. Will I choose to be authentic, or will I conform to the expectations of others? Once I recognize this, the choice is obvious 😉

    • stephanie*

      debby, i love what you say – it is so true! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  56. ella

    This is good advice in general, but for my family, there are deeper issues involved, and they judge me even though I am happy. In this case, I have three Aunts who want to see their older sister’s daughter (me) as a failure, no matter what. I am happily married and not working outside the home right now, but I ran my own business in Silicon Valley for over ten years (with an art degree). One of my Aunts recently retired, and I think she is frustrated with her own daughters lack of ambition. Out of my sister, my cousin, and me, I had the professional career and they didn’t. They are not working outside the home either. And some how I’m singled out as a failure. In this case it is a toxic situation, and I want as little to do with my three Aunts as possible. The other Aunt is an addict, and the third has made her career her whole life and doesn’t have friends. I think it might be a case of sibling rivalry among my Aunts with my Mom. I know it really doesn’t have anything to do with me. Its a sad situation. The only thing I can do is be happy with my life do my thing. Right now I’m trying new things creatively and going in a new direction.

  57. I need to hear this today. I find myself feeling judged, “Why don’t you have a real job? Who would buy your clothes if they can go to JCPenny?”, and judging others also. These feelings have caused me in the past to be needy with others. I have found that once I put aside the animosity and my need to defend what I do it is freeing. I try to embrace my differences, flaunting them with a smile. Referencing my quirky nature in my marketing and products.
    There have been times when those in my family have seen my risk taking and felt the need to call me out on them. I just tell them that they are welcome to work with me and see how fulfilling my work is.

  58. “Stop judging yourself” is by far the most important thing for me. Or, to put it another way, “Challenge yourself to be completely confident in what you do.”

    People sometimes gauge insecurity as guilt. Like, if you’re not really sure of yourself, you must be doing something wrong. It’s a vicious cycle!

    My niche is small but extremely dedicated and passionate. It’s also relatively hierarchical, and I stand out via unconventional means. Some people reaaally don’t like that. The more I can honestly say, “Yes, what I do is valid,” the more successful & happier I am. And to boot, I perceive that people judge me less.

  59. So Funny!
    Just last night I faced this with some friends who haven’t seen me in a while!
    (I guess it might help if I figure out a way to efficiently convey exactly what I do.) I know this online guru who used to tell people that he was a drug dealer, then say “just kidding” and tell them that he made his money online… crazy. Funny as hell, but crazy. lol

    It took my husband almost a year of observing me and listening to me explain what I do before he finally understood it and started actively supporting my marketing efforts. Woo! Let me tell you–those were hard times when I had no one that could relate to what I was facing. Hubby and I even had a few fights over it. I totally know how it feels to have to fight your way to success.
    Until I felt more confident, I had to watch a lot of motivational videos and stay in a good mental place. Slowly but surely, as I am now confident of what I do, I am attracting supportive understanding people into my life.

    …and Hubby and I are all good 😉

    As always, great video!
    Thanks, Marie!
    I tweet you always!
    🙂 <3

  60. I still get weird looks when I tell people what I do (boudoir photography) and in fact a lot of people think I shoot porn! haha! I don’t!

    Truth is, I ADORE my job and if people don’t get it then I’m not usually bothered by it too much. The VIPs in my life understand what I do and support me.

    I think this was a great video Marie, thanks for sharing 🙂

  61. Love the “stop judging yourself” piece. In my early twenties, I was the only person I knew with a biz of my own and everyone else seemed to be in the tech industry. I didn’t know what an xbox was, but my friends had no clue what Rolfing was or why you would ever do it to a horse. I was super insecure so every comment or joke got under my skin. When I gave up and was like, “Ya know what? It freakin’ works and it changes lives!” that’s when the weird jokes (Rolfing? Like ralfing? Like throwing up?) stopped completely.

    • Cass

      omigosh ur a rolfer! great I just finished school for massage therapy. I definitley would like to further my skills. Where did u go to school?

  62. This topic hits SO close to home!
    I am a professional belly dancer & belly dance costume retailer. My family & random folks totally don’t get it. I fight stereotypes all the time that I’m an “exotic dancer” (ie. stripper). Adding to that, much of my family doesn’t see my retail business as a “real job” because I don’t sit in a cubicle all day & I’m still in the building phase (no income).
    I try to combat this my debunking the stereotypes & showing them my websites to “prove” that what I’m doing is not just valid, but has the potential to be lucrative. More importantly, I am happier than I’ve ever been. That’s my biggest selling point 🙂

  63. Cass

    Great vid! I just luv listening and watching your advice delivered in a just baked brownie way that I lUUUVVVVV!!! 😀 This vid. def. reminded me that I have to always be at my supreme best..and let others who arent vibing with me just roll out of my life. I remind myself that fear is only going to block me from my success soo i shld have my faith and my luvly friends will be at the top with me.

  64. Marie-
    #2! #2! #2! chasing people’s approval is a total WASTE of energy!
    i was so concerned with this when i first started teaching yoga. my mentor said that nobody was going to come to my class if i cracked jokes and played hip hop music- but that was who i was- i don’t speak flowery, i don’t listen to enya, and i teach the sutras through eminem lyrics..
    i worried about having to pretend to be someone i wasn’t in in order to get more people to come to my classes, but then i said eff that- i will draw people who resonate with my message, and there are other teachers for people who want to find a traditional “guru.”
    i am happy to say that almost 10 years later i stuck to my true self and have students who tell me that is exactly the reason they connect with me and how i teach.
    AND i am completely grateful for finding my POWER POSSE in B-SCHOOL! xo

    • I’m really interested in you because I love your website. It seems to be similar to what I want me online business to be (only you do yoga and I do dance ;D). I just want to affirm that ya… There are so so so many “flowery” yoga studios and instructors. You separate yourself and get to have a whole lot more fun. I forgot how I first found out about you, but I’ve been following you for maybe 2 weeks now. You’re on my role-model list for my business. Your site is in my visionbook. 🙂

      • doka
        thank you SO much! i sent you an email yesterday hopefully answering your questions- but please feel free to email me anytime as they come up.. it’s been a wild ride, but the tools i have gotten from marie’s work are priceless- as is this community! good luck.
        ; )

  65. Marie!
    You are da figgedy-bomb! LOL! You truly inspire me because you do what you do the way that YOU only do it.

    This current topic SO speaks to me! Most of my friends are workers/ employees, so they don’t really get that I am building my business, even though I work full-time at a different job so’s I can pay my bills. I’ve learned not to look for them for “approval” anymore, and am working to find and get into a “power posse” myself! I need the group dynamic of other chicks who get what I do and are working and succeeding in their respective businesses. SO over the naysayers, secret haters, and the gals who just want to use Facebook as their baby album. blech…. (sorry, did I just say that?)

    Thanks, Marie!

  66. I must admit, I expected the usual “stop chasing the approval of others” response, but Marie once again proves her mettle by asserting that one should look to thine own ass first …

    and then stop chasing approval.

    <3 ya Marie.

  67. I got teased a lot years ago when I left the corporate world and started doing hypnotherapy for living. Hypno-what? Ah, the jokes were endless. But, my old teacher used to say “what other people think about you is none of your business” so I ignored them and kept on building my little empire.

    They are still at the office in their cubicle working for the man and they aren’t laughing at me now… yo!

    • I love your stuff, too! Glad you didn’t let them get you down!

      • “What other people think about you is none of your business” is brilliant! Thanks for the share.

  68. Ele


    1. The specific insights that helped most was the validity of being a multi-faceted person with a lot of skills and interests, all of which could generate income. Last year I had a hard time doing taxes and had to go to an accountant b/c I got money from my “day job” as an attorney, and “side jobs” as a model, actress, and dancer/dance teacher. At first I felt guilty or ashamed because it seemed like I was all over the place but when I listened to what you did, I felt validation. F all tha haterz, nah mean? 😉

    The other thing that resonated with me was the idea of hanging with a power posse. This is an area that I have to develop because i’m surrounded by people who are either straight up attorneys or straight up dancers and I don’t fit in with either model so in comparison with them I feel less than when in fact I should embrace myself and feel awesome for being able to delve into what seems to be disparate worlds!

    Finally, your “deep” comment re attracting those who judge us as we judge ourselves was spot on and deep. 😉 It’s true, the people I get mad at for judging me judge me in the same way I judge myself. Holla, time to work on full self-acceptance and love!!!

    2. I overcome the fear of being judged by others by tyring to be self-aware and reading a lot about self-improvement and reciting positive mantras to myself everyday. I also try not to take things personally and have been able to successfully (lately) create a space between a trigger and my usual reaction so that I can think about the trigger, digest it and ultimately not react the way I usually do because I have been able to see this was not personal or realize that I really don’t know what the other person meant by a particular comment or forgive and let go. I manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with going against the grain by listening to awesome multi-faceted women like you, trying to maintain a mindful/spiritual practice everyday so I could ground, and trying to self-care more and more — balancing my desires to serve and help others with self-love and self-care (so as to avoid burnout and remain grounded).

  69. Hi Marie!
    I love your videos. You are mucho inspiring. I make my own line of Eco friendly clothing. My family sometimes does not get it at all! After 6 hard years they are coming around though. I live in a part of Canada where there is a lot of eco friendly people but when I go home to Alberta (home of the tar sands) for holidays I definitely feel like I get a few glazed over stares when I talk about what I do.

    I think its so important to stay true to yourself and your uniqueness. “Your People” will find you when the true you shines through. xoxoxo and thanks for all the great content that you share.

    Designer @

  70. Right on, Marie!!

  71. Hey

    When someone asks me what I do, I often give such an airy-fairy answer that there is no room for them to judge me eg “I work on the internet” or “I help kids with the same problems as mine” etc

    Works a treat. If they’re interested they ask more, else they just leave it at that!

    Shelley 🙂

  72. Nothing will shut people up faster than making money and walking up with a “cat that ate the canary” smile on your face. It took me a long time to learn they were not judging me when I left Corporate Life. They were just wistfully wishing they had the guts to do the same!

    Grazi, Marie!

  73. Great vid! I couldn’t agree more, when I embraced what I did it no longer became an issue for others.

    One of the things I do is listen to Pink “Raise Your Glass” which reminds me to celebrate and draw power from the fact I am different…

    And I also got used to saying “I help couples use threesomes, foursomes and moresomes to create a deeper connected relationship and a sizzling sex life” so now it rolls off my tongue and it’s a game in my head to pick which reaction I might get lol! There aren’t too many relationship coaches in a swinging/alternative relationship who are out in the public eye talking about how to do it the best way possible, so why not celebrate that fact I say 😉

  74. The best thing I have found is just “getting naked.” I just put it out there. And yeah, some judge, but it also attracts peeps who need what I’m serving up. And if someone is getting served, I let the rest go. The other thing that’s made the diff for me: Power Posse. Seriously made a difference to hang out with people who “get it” and spend waaaaaaay less time with people who do not.

  75. John

    🙂 .. gooood stuff… and awesome touch

  76. Cyndi

    GREAT stuff again Marie!
    I especially loved the “stop judging yourself” bit. I often felt others were judging me negatively over my chosen career path/s, until I did some reflection and realised those around me are more often than not very supportive of whatever I do, it is actually ME who is doing all the judging…eeek…of myself! (GASP! OMG!) Thus I’ve wasted a lot of time wondering what others will think and changing careers often to what I “think” others will approve of. This of course has seen me have LOTS of career changes (ie – nothing is ever good enough). Now I’m at a “pause” stage and torn between a few choices and am making a conscious effort to do what I want, NOT what I think others will approve of. Now I just need to work out how to overcome the fear of being judged by my own self!!!!!

  77. Marie – I LOVE this vlog! At first in my business I would totally care what others thought but over time I started to NOT care, I would remind myself that the only thing that matters is to make positive changes for my clients and in the world. Surrounding myself with my power posse “like minded peeps” has made a HUGE impact in my life!

    Kelly Lynn

  78. Did this come at the best time for me or what?! I was just asking Shannon’s question myself over in Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame group. Everyone had super awesome advice for me, and then TWO of them recommended this video after you posted it this morning!

    And you know what struck me about your video? While I like to say I’m upset that some of my closest family members don’t get where I’m headed (and it’s true), I think you’re right that deep down it’s my own insecurities that are letting their words get to me. I need to become comfortable with where I’m headed. And the only way I can do that is by pushing my business as far as it can go! I need to feel comfortable telling people what I do because I’m successful and happy. Bam!

    Thank you thank you, Marie!

  79. This makes soooo much sense! I can totally relate to having tons of people ask me the same questions. Now I know why… Thanks Marie! 🙂

  80. I super duper crazy-love the message in this video, especially the bit about evoking a response that mirrors our *own* insecurity. It arrives at a time when I’m building up to go public with my own thing and break free from the norms and judgments of a rather buttoned-up industry. But guess what!? The truth is that I need to break free from my own self-judgment. (Ooooo, sssssssss, hotness.) Thank you so much, Marie! I’m so encouraged to position myself to calmly stop and explain what I do with an open heart, release any lingering need for approval, and step fully into my massive happiness. How liberating. Much love. X

  81. Marie-
    I loved this video. I’m transitioning from a career in education to entrepreneurship, so it’s easy to slip into the “old” answer to this question. It takes bravery and a leap of faith to leave that old description behind, to put it out there into the universe and “own” the person (and career) I see myself becoming. Thank you for making this video and sharing your experience, especially your message to stand in our own light and OWN who we are.

  82. Okay, I am googling what the hell is a squeeze page now 🙂
    I learn things even beyond what the incredible message of your Q&A is!
    Thanks Marie!

  83. The judging yourself part of the video was brilliant, especially the fact that people will continually ask what you do when you’re unsure about yourself. LOL Exactly my experience. Now, I never had a problem telling people I’m an artist, but when I decided to make a business of my tarot and astrology skills I thought that would just be too much for others to swallow… So they constantly asked what I do! Realized that due to family disapproval I was projecting that onto others. The remedy is just to be bold, say it and know that what you offer is very valuable to those that “get it”. Thanks Marie!

  84. Marie,
    This one speaks to me. With a background in communications I get that you need to clearly explain yourself and sometimes people don’t understand what you’re saying so you re-phrase. But not long ago I joined a networking group to build my biz and not a single person got what I do…even after weeks of dumbing down and twisting my pitch every which way I decided it was a poor way to spend my precious biz development time. Best decision I ever made!
    Not everyone is going to “hear” what you’re doing but that’s okay, they’re likely not in need of what it is that you offer.
    Thanks for the great Q & A Marie!

  85. Loved this one! I need to stop judging myself asap!

  86. So I guess my new title should be “happy weird multifaceted entrepreneur.” Thanks for sharing Marie.

  87. This is a great post!

    It made me realize how lucky I’ve been in my chosen career field. Just about everyone understands when I say “I’m an online marketer. I help clients with websites, emails, and social media.” Almost every one of them is super impressed that I actually took my fate into my own hands and dared to try something non-traditional.

    Most importantly, my mom tells me on a periodic basis how happy I sound compared to where I was 2 years ago at my soul-sucking corporate job. My mom and I are about as non-touchy feely emotionally as you can get, so to hear that she’s proud of me and can tell that I am happy is a huge boost!

  88. This is dead on!!! Stop judging yourself first… Didn’t even realize I was doing that and clearly inviting others to do so. Just yesterday someone super close to me made a serious judgmental comment and I surprised myself & them when I said “My life is great and I’m happy, lots of positive things going on in my life” and I started listing them and they we so taken back that they actually said “Wow, I guess I’m clearly not seeing the whole picture here and who am I to judge?” Now that was a huge moment for me. Put forth positive energy and you get it back. A la Oprah you are responsible for the energy that you bring, so no more Negative BS in my world. 🙂

  89. As always, wonderful info, Marie! This is one of my biggest challenges and learning experiences with running a business and your no-nonsense advice makes me feel proud of my unconventional approach to making a living. Thank you 🙂

  90. I LOVE this video because this is EXACTLY what I went through just recently!! I realized my desire to “I’ll show you” was actually “I’ll show ME”!! I’ve been in and out of network marketing for so long with no results that I was almost blaming my family and friends and their lack of support for my downfall. In truth, it really was all about ME and the fact that I didn’t believe in myself. Well, once I came to that realization everything has changed! I’m now with a great company that I LOVE and believe in, but more importantly, I believe in MYSELF and that I can and will be successful with this company!! I love that you GET it!! 🙂

  91. Amy

    Hi my name is Amy and I am addicted to approval. I love this post. So many of us stay stuck because we think we can read minds. We think that people will judge us but the truth is we can’t read minds. When I launched my new biz as a life coach I was convinced that people were going to think I was insane. Most people were happy for me. I was shocked! Now I write about approval addiction as a living. In fact I just wrote a post about being judged. It’s all about “apology energy.”

  92. That’s Moxie baby! You will become all that you long to become when you have the moxie to stand naked, centered in the truth of who you really are – no matter what.

  93. My favorite part of this video- the idea that we bring up judgement from other people based on our own insecurities. I can’t count the number of family functions that I’ve been to where going into I thought, “Great, let the comments and judgement begin.” And of course it did. Imagine that. I think next time I’ll try going in with a more positive attitude and see where it goes from there.

    Two things that has helped me deal with the judgement of other people:
    1. I realize that my value is not attached to other people’s idea of me
    2. Sometimes other people’s comments have nothing to do with you, but are a projection of a problem that they are dealing with within themselves.

  94. A motto I try to live by is this: What bugs you the most about other people is usually something you need to fix about yourself. How does this tie into the video advise? Stop thinking people are judging me just because I have the tendency to judge myself. When I published Here Comes Trouble, I was so proud of myself. I wanted the whole world to read it and laugh out loud. Then “reality” set in- “Oh, you self published? That’s really not being published. Anyone can do that. You need a big publishing house to represent you to be ligitiment.” I first I was crushed. It went from something thrilling to something I was almost embarrassed about it. Almost.

    My attitude now is, “You don’t think my book is ligit? Well, it’s more ligit than yours. What? Oh that’s right- you’ve never published anything.” Here Comes Trouble may not be a best seller yet, but I have faith in it. It’s too funny not to! 😉

    • Nancy, just between you and me, I decided to publish my first book because my brother said he was writing one. There’s motivation! Cranked that puppy out in 2 days. I couldn’t just let him win, you see. You’re more likely to become a millionaire than to ever publish a book. (Not counting the 3 million or so ebooks.) So you can check “become extraordinary” off your bucket list. IMO, Asking anyone’s permission to publish a book is like asking for permission to breathe. The “backing” of a big-name publisher can be replaced by a stack of postcards and a cheerful PR specialist gladly working for 25 Philippine Pesos an hour. This is not to denigrate competent PR, the need for clearances, connections, and know-how. But you don’t have to let anyone mangle, neglect, and reject your work to sell it. You might do a search for Michael Senoff’s “Jill Lublin Interview” for the PDF on selling your book via radio interviews. And remember that a book’s only the front end of your info business. Hope it helps.

  95. Great video and advice, Marie!

    Love the Ice Cube in the beginning! “Check yo self before you wreck yo self”
    Goin’ over to YouTube now to listen to that song…

  96. Thank you for great insights and great presentation, Marie. Those are all good points you made and they make sense. I definitely need to stop judging myself.

    I am recovering from being a “people pleaser” and being sensitive to how what I say and what I do effects people around me. For a “people pleaser” it is especially hard to be judged, because you are doing your best to make people around you feel good. It was stressful for me when I would sense that I might have hurt somebody’s feelings and it wore me out. If I feel like I might have touched the sensitive spot I would ask that person or if the person tells me they did not appreciate what I said I will apologize.

    Dealing with judgmental attitudes of other people I try to keep in mind that:
    1. People judging me don’t know what I know and what I am trying to accomplish.
    2. Can’t please everybody. I never know when I am going to “rub” somebody the wrong way.
    3. 99% of the time people think about themselves & some of time about their families and friends. I might be a subject of a conversation for 5-10 min (with family members maybe half a day) and after that everybody goes back to thinking and talking about their problems.
    4. I can laugh it off and out.
    5. I say inwardly or in some cases outloud “Whatever…” and brush it off – for me, saying this word relieves frustration when people don’t get it. No need to waste my time and energy to try to explain my point of view especially to somebody who might never get it after I’ve tried to explain.

  97. Hey Marie,

    I really loved this particular post. I have a hard time with my family and friends. My hallucination is that they don’t believe the internet “how-to” business is a legitimate industry…

    Your post really help me – get back to center – so to speak on what originally inspired me to make this career change / leap to start.

    You are such a great inspiration. thank you!


  98. Thanks for such a great topic, Marie!! I always feel like people give me a REALLY weird look after I tell them I’m a photographer…I totally think I’m projecting my insecure vibes onto them and that they’re giving them right back!! Such a vicious cycle. Just finally got my husband on board with my business after 2 YEARS of trying to convince him it’s a great idea…it must be me finally feeling confident with what I do! Lots of XOXO to you, Miss Marie!!

    • Hannah,

      Tried to check out your website and it says “invalid address”. Even when I opened a new tab ? Hope you biz is still going strong.


  99. Thanks, Marie! I’ll answer your questions backwards. Look, no hands!

    First, my tip:
    99% of people reject a successful life filled with fun, daring adventure and simply accept the mundane, fear-filled fiction of life. They live inside a cardboard box. They never dip a single, naked toe into the lake of unlimited success, despite mountains of evidence. You can simply decide to make your dreams come true. Go along with the crowd if you want everyone else’s stressful, hopeless life. Instead, you’re here with the swimmers. I find it financially and emotionally devastating to ever follow big, dumb, crowded herds. I’m sure all the parties, recklessness, debt, ignorance and utter lack of introspective, constructive self-doubt is rewarding, comforting, and addicting. If you sold your soul for that kind of life, you should have held out for a better deal.

    But how does conformity qualify anyone to question your decisions? Have they ever questioned theirs? Any 4 year-old can tear straight through an adult’s illusion of certainty by asking “Why?” about 4 or 5 times in a row. “Because I said so,” didn’t satisfy the good Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or any other of the most valuable, productive, and legendary 1% who decided to rewrite history as it happened. Does “I said so” satisfy you? I hope not.

    Now, my adoration:
    Marie’s right. Our own insecurities can prompt others to judge us. Wow. The rocker Henry Rollins haunted me by saying, “When you start to doubt yourself the real world will eat you alive.” I never knew what he meant until Marie explained it here. It’s like wearing a big “Pick on Me” sign. I ‘attracted’ bullies the same way for years.

    Today, it’s not my linebacker size that backs down bullies and 3-ton SUVs in the street. Why? Because of the authority and certainty that crackles and radiates through every bristling tip of my being. Why? Because I’ve seen straight through these silly mass delusions. Why? Because I asked. Why? Because I carry a divine gift (Or stole it from the gods. Whatever.) no greater or less than yours. Okay, I may not be “worthy” of it, but in my opinion, as its chosen and only protector and administrator, my gift is more than worthy of me. Because I said so.

    Kevin Nations explains it a little better, but imagine a world where Dr. Martin Luther King plopped down after his 9 to 5 with a six pack and a remote control. Can you imagine how bad that world sucks? He died so you could live, breathe, and walk in a world he could only dare to dream about. You have the choice to bring Dr. King’s daring dream to life: Break free of the rusty, rattling, chafing chains of superficial judgment. Just like you’ve chosen the path of success by being here, you can choose to swim barefoot and happy across a lake of success with us unconventional mermaids and sleek, leaping dolphins, or you can keep your cheap shoes on and stay in your little cubicle box with the other livestock. 😉

  100. Hi Marie,
    As usual, lovin’ the video! I am living my passion and La Vida Loca as a professional intuitive, AKA, Psychic. For the most part, people are receptive but I’ve had a few peeps, especially within my own immediate tribe, who do not support my work. At all. One bit. Ouch… It hurt like a MoFo but hey, whatcha gonna do about that!

    Well, here’s what I did. I went behind enemy lines and I took a real, hard look at MY own beliefs and attitudes to see if those around me weren’t just mirroring what I believed. Guess what? As much as I didn’t want to admit it, they were. They were just handing “it” back to me, in my face, on a big, fat silver platter.

    Truth be told, for so many years I was worried and was constantly in hiding. I was worried about what people would think. So much so that I lived a dual life and I hid behind my left-brain job. I was terrified of the day that someone would confront me about my psychic work. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that those around me couldn’t love me for who I was because I couldn’t do this for myself.

    So… I had to dig deep. I mean to the middle-of-the-earth deep and excavate the inner landscape, commonly known as the truth. After a whole bag of Mother’s cookies, a 1/2 bag of comfort chips and some pretty serious self assessment — sometimes it takes all of THAT to get real — I decided to make a contract with myself and it goes something like this:
    — I shall love myself unconditionally for who I am, where I’ve gone, and where I will be going. NO. MATTER. WHAT.
    — I shall own who I am ‘cuz that’s what makes me passionate, joyful and happy.
    — I shall rise to the occasion and own it.
    — I shall stop hiding and share my vision with the rest of the world.
    — I shall not make decisions based on how someone thinks of me but rather how I can serve others.
    — I shall make big gurl decisions that empower me even though it may not jive with someone else’s path. Knowing full well that some of those decisions may cost me someone’s friendship or their love.
    — I shall love them for who they are knowing that it’s not my job to change them.
    — Above all, I shall respect & love myself and stick to this contract because its all about and up to me.
    Then I sealed it with a kiss. Mwahhhh!

    That being said, being true to this contract nearly cost me my 20-year- old marriage. As Oprah would say, “It was my Ah-Ha moment” but in reality, it was the scariest, bravest thing I’ve ever done.

    At least now, everyone knows the truth. This is who I am and I so mean business.

    Now, I am living my life to the fullest and I know that:
    — I can positively, absolutely and without any doubt, detach from the negative noise, the inner & outer judgement and speak & live my truth.
    — On my terms.
    — Oh… and make it on my own knowing that all will be provided and I have to say that it’s a beautiful thing.

    Merry Street
    Intuitive Alchemist

  101. Jessica Gonzalez

    Marie, I found your site over a week and half ago and still can’t remember how I connected to your site. I am a very passionate woman working towards my dreams of one day having my own business with a lot of struggles. I downloaded your book and been slowly listening to and jotting down everything that connected to me. Sad to say but not embarrassed to be open about I sadly got a DUI this last weekend and it finally hit me today that this might affect my dreams and my confidence. I just watch all your Q&A video clips and just feel I found my mentor someone that I could look up to and help me on my endeavors. All I know that your bright amazing spirit has up lifted me and got me back on track to think clearly that I still wanted my dreams to come true. I may not ever get the pleasure of meeting you but your amazing attitude and passionate messages have helped me. Thank you for the new found brilliance I found not to give up on myself.

  102. Soo refreshing to hear other people have this same problem! When I first quit my 9-5 stable job to pursue my passions I got some very strange comments. I found that people truly did not understand what I was trying to do. I think most people thought I just didn’t want to work anymore…. I get mixed reactions when I try to explain what I do to others, some are supportive while others are not. I find it difficult to explain what I do to others because I have many different projects and passions. I just keep truckin along because I know in my heart what I am doing is right!

  103. Nicole

    Wow! Marie, I’m so glad I found you! A little later than I wished for but better late than never!
    All my life (I’m 32 this yr) I’ve been struggling with my multiple interests. So many things interest me: media production, arts, environmental conservation, adventures, travel, blogging and doing social work, and I’d love to do all at the same time because that’s me – I need to work on a variety of things and meet different people to feel energized, inspired and motivated. Having a normal 9-5 job hasn’t worked well for me but I stuck to it for practical reasons until recently. Plus, I always thought there is a problem with me…that I lacked focus and discipline, which might be true to some extent…I didn’t put in the extra effort. Juggling multiple passions is no more easier than focusing on one thing and becoming an expert in it.
    I’m happy to know that there’s nothing wrong with me! Being multi-passionate is okay and is doable! I just need to work extra hard on each of the things that I wanna do to make it happen!
    And oh yes, I love the way you talk about all these serious topics with a sense of humour! I am actually very serious about my life but people around me generally can’t tell because I’m always laughing about it! Haha!

  104. Kira

    So refreshing. Those that will get it, get it. Those that don’t, don’t. And there’s plenty of both. I just need to focus on those that do!

  105. O-oh , are you saying that people will judge us if we do not ooze self confidence then?
    Let us put our self assured, “we are star material” personality out then…
    Nothing wrong with having several passions and assets

  106. Hey Marie! I love this video!!

    I so glad I caught your Mixergy interview – that is when I began following your work 🙂

    All the best!!

  107. This was a big thing with me in the first few years of my biz. Since I work with energy healing and other “on the fringe” therapies I was super afraid of putting myself out there. I didn’t want to be the woo woo chick in the purple dress. lol! Definitely agree that you have to stop judging yourself and not to try to convert people that are skeptical. My clients are usually naturally drawn to the type of work I do so I don’t try to convert the skeptics. The more confident I am the more comfortable they are. It took just getting out there and risking the rejection to gain the confidence. Then I saw the fear was bigger than what was actually happening.

  108. When I first became a life coach I was still personal training. People looked at me funny when I told them I was changing over and asked “so now you only, like, talk to people?” “Yup” I answered…I really didn’t know how to describe what I did so how in the world would anyone actually trust me with making changes in their life?!?!?! My level of confidence was low from the off.
    Having since added the word Holistic to the title of Life Coach it opens up a conversation and they ask “So just what exactly does a Holistic Life Coach do?” To which I can answer “Well, I have the opportunity to work with a client on five areas of their life including nutrition, career , physical activity, relationships and spirituality to bring them into energetic balance for optimal health and wellness.” The questions continue with “Wow! What got you into that?” Then I have the space to tell them my weight loss story and how I overcame many illnesses and depression which peaks their interest and we now have a connection!
    Now, I don’t get the funny looks anymore which is super cool 🙂

  109. This video showed up in my Inbox at the perfect time, as I launched a new publishing business this week. Many people (people close to me) who I’ve talked to about it have questioned what I’m doing. After listening to Marie in this video, I realized it’s not that they’re being judgmental; they simply care about me. I think they’re worried I’m going down a path that may not work out. I need to let their concerns be their concerns, not mine, as I push forward.

    • Maggie,

      Just bought your book. I LOVE! my Kindle and love the genre you write about. Your story sounds very interesting and certainly worth the price! Glad to have found you! Congrats on your pushing forward. Did you self publish the book ? With Amazon and Kindle who knows where it’ll take the publishing world and let everyone who has a cool idea get it to market in perhaps an easier manner than traditionally (although there was probably a lot about the effort you wouldn’t call easy) . Would love to connect with you on facebook and twitter!


      • Hi Yvonne: Thanks so much for the follows on Twitter and FB and, most of all, for buying the first 2 stories. That is SO awesome, I have no words to thank you. Yes, I wrote and published both of them myself and am writing the third in the series right now. I don’t know if I’ll be super financially successful at this venture, but I’m enjoying the process immensely, and at the moment, that’s worth a lot. Thanks again, Yvonne.

  110. Oliver Rojas

    The most importants insights I got were that we judge ourselves before giving a chance for others to judge us. That having a power posse can lead to good self esteem and personal growth by working with people who believe in you and who share similar interests.

    Normally I try to ignore the fear of being judged by others. That only works so well. A better response is to love myself. To love myself for who I am, the experiences I have gone thru and respect my own tenacity for facing life’s challanges despite my shortcomings.

    I am embarrassed to say I have limited my social exposure, because I am conscious how wrong of a tool this is for coping with social judgement.

  111. Hi Marie

    The part that I got most out of was that we give unconscious signals that we wish to be (adversely) judged. I will be working on this!

    Over the last few days I have been judged in the press in the UK following a judgmental letter from my father being published in the Daily Mail. What I don’t understand is why my friends think I should be hurt by this! I’m not, as my father’s original judgment hurt so much more – and if I got over that, I can get over anything.

    I’m more hurt that my brother and sister are upset – but I want to get on with my life.

    Loving your videos, and hopefully see you soon on B-school! (Goodness knows my website needs it!)

    Emily Crews-Montès

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  113. thuy

    may i ask how are live performances and the importance of pursuiting your dreams related?

  114. I have been going through this when explaining my crystal kandi/ bracelet business. A lot of people don’t know what kandi is or why you’d sell it, let alone the crystal aspect of everything but I’m working on my self confidence, passing out my business cards and building courage to market myself every day thanks to Marie’s videos and tips. It’s a sigh of relief ot know that I’m not alone in my feelings!!

  115. Oops I made a typo in my web page in my previous comment! Irony! 😀

  116. Kelly

    I am grateful for a supportive family and friends, being in college and working towards something, a sister, a dog, food to eat and water to drink, exercise, my work-out DVDs I like to follow, a house, having options in my life, to have a nice car, a summer place in Cape Cod. What I took from this video is that physical well-being and positive thoughts can really change the health of a person in a positive way. Someone who might be ill with a cold can really start to feel better if they think positive and do something that can make them feel good. I used to worry about being judged by others, but now I am starting to put myself out there more and not really worry about what other people might think. I am who I am, love me or hate me. I always say what Nike says and JUST DO IT, because you will be thankful later that you did.

  117. Kelly


  118. Hi Marie,

    1. What specific insight from this video helped you most, and why?

    Your example. You just being you, multifaceted and having fun, not seeking other people’s approval, and letting go of the self-judgment, especially the ‘So… what are YOU doing…?’ (and that it’s totally ok to also say:’You know… I don’t know!’)

    2. How do you overcome the fear of being judged by others? What do you do to manage the fear and anxiety that comes along with going against the grain? Tell me your best tip.

    Staying out of figuring out (if possible) and getting into creative inspired action (even if that’s just clearing my space). Creating a collage and journaling always gets me back into my higher Intelligence and that way I receive my next steps and am inspired. The time it takes to make a collage or journal is a perfect time for laser focus on what’s beautiful and magical – and that shifts everything.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration,
    You’re awesome,

    miracle vortex & royal muse
    ☆ Tanya ☆✩

  119. Hi! New to this site, love it. I really really needed to hear that I need to stop judging myself. Also, not wanting others’ approval, I have major issues with wanting others’ to approve of me. I just did an improv show and I heard a lot of other people being praised but no one said anything to me and I felt as if I was completely unfunny and no good because no one said I was. And, then, to make matters more painful for myself, I am now upset with myself because I’m wondering if I can only feel good about myself when others tell me to. Any help welcome.

  120. Christy El-Ayazra

    Hi Marie! I just love what you are doing to help guide all of us floating out there. I am so much like you used to be. I have so many passions and artistic abilities, but favorite love is physical fitness and nutrition. i really am trying to keep it going, but i have a lot of let downs. People cancel a lot, so therefor they aren’t getting results and i’m not getting paid. augh! So then I resort to photography and or sewing for people. Those are my back up incomes. I’ve just finally accepted the title of “jack of all trades”., but I like to think I am a master of some. I really would like to build a lucrative business in the fitness and nutrition industry, but I feel like i’ve hit a wall. Would it benefit me to take your b-business program?
    Thank you for your talents and your awesome spirit!!! Christy

  121. Marie, you are brilliant. Thank you for being you.

  122. Haha! This made me laugh.

    Try telling your family and friends that you are starting a soccer supporter t-shirt company for people who call it “football”…in Boise, ID.

    My mother tried to pay my mortgage for at least a year after we started the biz because she didn’t believe people actually bought our shirts.

    I finally stopped telling people because I was tired of explaining that, yes there is a market, no we don’t do kids soccer shirts, yes I get to travel to England a lot.

    Your advice is 100% spot on.

  123. Brittany

    Marie, I’d just like to say thank you! I was literally just talking about this with a friend last night, trying to figure out how I can get over my fear of judgement. So it’s so crazy that you re-posted this! But to answer your first question, what helped me the most in your vid is the simple, be confident in what you’re doing. And my plan on getting over it (which is extremely hard since I have major anxiety issues) is remembering that people don’t normally like what they don’t understand. And they REALLY don’t like truth that throws em out of their little self denial bubble. So I’m working on meditating more often so that I come from a calm and collected place when people respond to me in a non approval way.

  124. Thanks Marie, I’m glad I found this video because I needed to Check Myself! I love what I do and if others don’t get it – they’re not supposed to. It’s great that my clients do 🙂

    Keep shining your Brilliant Light with Joy!


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  126. Daniel Hughes

    Recently I have found myself sleeping in the back of my van for 6 weeks working away from my home in Wales. I am in the process of building my own business and working on London Heathrow I can accelerate the amount of capital available to invest in other areas of my business faster than I could otherwise.

    I have short, medium and much longer term ambitions and am absolutely determined to continuing on my journey. I love everything about what I am doing except one thing. The people around me continually judge me for what I do.

    The problem for me is often that I dont necessarily understand the motivation behind all of my actions. For example when I ended living in the back of my van it happened quite quickly, I saw the job advertised on the Wednesday, and was at a site specific induction on Friday to start on the Monday!!

    During that time I have never once considered the real emotional motivation which is what I feel people want to really understand. Having thought about it its a combination of absolte determination to succed and an element of impatience and desire to accelerate my growth.

    None of which 99% of the people I know are going to understand!

    And so until recently I couldnt really give an answer and now that I do understand the true reasoning behind my actions explaining it to most people is just not appealing because they arent likely to understand.

  127. This video has helped a lot, but it still tough for me to deal with my situation. I’m trying to build a website to talk about my one and only passion (and use it as a way to get $ on the side) and no one from my family or friends get it. It’s extremely frustrating and it makes me want to quit sometimes. I haven’t made a single dollar on it yet, and i think that’s why everyone thinks I’m dumb for trying something none of them have tried before.

    I suffer from lack of confidence (It comes and go honestly) and they aren’t helping.

    Anyways, i hope you get to read this mini rant, Marie. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    – Johnny

  128. Hussain Fahmy

    Kind attention of Marie Forleo

    True story, I woke up this morning feeling a twinge of apprehension and the subject heading on my email – You are awesome Hussain Fahmy! – just made me feel good. Thank you.

    We forget that we humans need this reassurance everyday from our loved ones. Today, I am going to remind my friends and family that they are awesome even if they are not.

  129. Adriana


    I found step 2:”stop chasing their approval” really helpful…I realized that I actually got stuck there…now I will do something about it:)

    My way of fighting their judgement was: 1.really believe in me, my abilities and what I do, 2.ignore them :)) if it makes me feel bad and disbelieve myself then…I don’t want to hear it. It just stands in the way of reaching my goal. That is because most of the people I know don’t understand me so..their comments are not constructive.

  130. Mayan

    When others do not except my thoughts I tell myself that most of the time is due to their luck of awareness and I am on the higher level of spiritual or love awareness then they are. And then they will get there Eventualy hopefully. . Cause everyone is growing and progresses sooner or later. And also tell myself that they have a right to have whichever thought they choose to hang on too even if it is not too loving… Cause God gave all free will. And if I judge them for it I am not being love in this moment.

  131. Jay

    The insight helping me was, get friends surrounding you who get you. My method is to use higher self techniques like meditation to clear my mind/breathing and emotional upheavels of feeling bad from other’s judgments. Also, I cling on to main rough concepts for process mean time to pass time while waiting to achieve goals and have very specific end goals (I must be this in ten years), very specific….

  132. When I wrote a blog about women finding value in household chores and how one should consider outsourcing when times get tough in marriages/relationships.

    It involved what a man really wants from his woman- which is *ahem* love from his wife, connection, etc…- rather than clean socks.

    Let me remind you that this was my first attempt at putting myself out there and it just so happened to be a s*** show.

    This was obviously a controversial topic.

    I was totally torn apart, I felt so scared and I felt like a complete failure that someone did not like my post!

    I caught myself arguing and explaining myself to a “critic” of my work and letting their guilt trip totally get to me.

    I was told I was a “bad” christian and everyone would be so disappointed in me.

    Growing up in a Christian community and family, this was a hit below the belt.


    This was about a month ago and I can still feel the sting.

    I felt my spirits get higher when friends and other bloggers were absolutely on the same page as me and gave me significant support.

    I am still suffering from this ONE person’s opinion made almost a month ago and I need to “check myself before I wreck myself.” (Thanks Marie 😉 )

    I do this by continuing to write about what I love and getting positive feedback from friends.

    Also, by watching videos like this one, reading amazing books (A Return to Love is what’s on the coffee table now), and meditating.

    I still have fears, doubts and road blocks that get in my way every day that I won’t be cut out for it.

    I want to become a writer, dancer and coach. And a million other things. (That sounds familiar!)

    I can’t pretend I have this whole “not caring about what people think” thing down for a second.

    I can tell you that surrounding myself with people who are a match or challenge my energy/personality, give me inspiration, and challenge me to be the best form of myself, is why I am able to continue working towards my dreams today.

  133. Jasmine

    What a powerful message! I’m so glad that I’ve found this site and miss Marie. This is definitely a unique and profound experience. The thing that resonates most for me is the fact that so many other people have this insecurity and self-doubt. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one. We have learned to mask our “hurt” extremely well, so looking around at others who seem to have it all figured out can be very misleading.
    I am a recent college graduate embarking on an amazing new career. As excited as I am, I am also nervous about performing well and fitting into the new environment. I’m worried about judgement from my coworkers and especially my boss. I take things so personally sometimes, its really frustrating. On top of that I struggle with anxiety, so I know all about how those negative thoughts can set in. Those things can seriously come in “like a wrecking ball!” lol. I worked so hard to graduate and find a great job, I don’t want to spend so much time worrying that I cannot enjoy this huge pay-off.
    However, similar to what a couple of other people wrote, I’ve noticed that meditation, yoga, writing and listening to motivational speakers really help me let go. Its seriously effective.
    I wonder if anyone could recommend other great motivational speakers? I love Marie of course and also people like Les Brown and Anthony Robbins. These guys talk about this idea of self-doubt and judgement and its really inspiring.

  134. alohajerseygirl

    Your video made me realize how fortunate I am; I have a very supportive posse. My sister, who is an entrepreneur herself, is my biggest cheerleader. My mom is behind me 100%. My husband supports me, and I have a network of people in my online and geographic communities who are saying, “Great! Go for it! I would take a class from you!” My problem is, despite all of this support and encouragement, I have days of self-doubt. I wonder how I am going to generate interest in my classes in places where people don’t know me. I wonder how I’m going to pay the bills. I wonder how I will come up with the money for a laptop or for B-School. At those times, I use meditation and mantras to help me, but it’s scary when you get into that place of fear of failure.

  135. Jan Oliver

    I would love love love to get a Power Posse, where can I get one? I’m hoping at Bschool which by the way I am signing up for this Monday! Booya!!! I have always been dancing to a different drummer, so if I do something different, no one is really surprised. I am really looking/hoping to surprise a lot of people with this new thing I am about to do. I call it “getting off of Baltic Ave” which is a property in the game Monopoly.

  136. Some even come with silicone gel leg grippers that pedals avokid the legs from your effort.

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  137. candice

    Hi Marie. Im a 30 year old single mom from South Africa that has started my business a year ago. Its going well but im not where I want to be ofcourse that takes time, courage and focus. I just want to thank you for you videos and excellent tips in all aspects off the business world. You really are an inspiration!!!! I love your videos you just freaken ROCK! Lotsa love from South Africa

  138. Amber

    I really enjoyed this video. Short, sweet and hits it right on target. I actually came to this video from googling: how to stay true to yourself when you fear others judging…
    Recently, I was made to feel like I did wrong to a friend by applying for the same job and taking the interview as a chance to hone my skills, get to know the company, etc. I reacted in concern for her feelings and then out of fear of judgement, I cancelled my interview. It has continued to make me feel awful because I gave up on a chance to improve myself and my chances in the job market. It’s important to not judge myself as how others would see me, or fear it. The old adage is true: others will always have differing opinions of you and what you do. It was also important to listen to your FIRE team. I really liked the definition this brings to your Power Posse.

    I’ve realized that by this definition, my friend who made me feel so terrible…doesn’t really fit in this FIRE team I want for myself.

    It’s amazing to have friends that do fit in this team, I just wish they were physically closer for more accessible support.

    Thanks again for the video and the great comments.

  139. Person

    Dude, I bet this advice can qualify for a lot of religion too. I have noticed that I have a sort of “flashing red sign” that sort of gives it away. The problem is, im just a realy expressive person, and even if I do calm down, I eventually come back out with the same flashing red sign. It realy sucks sometimes, cause I still live with family. But hey, I should just stay persistent with it, and eventually I’ll go back to my “normal” self, right? Or should I just follow my artistic instincts and express everything? When I express myself, it feels so natural and right; but it comes with a side of nervousness. It is very hard for me to contain anything without getting depressed or complexed, but when I do express my true self, I am afraid that my family (specificly my freakishly intuitive dad) is judging me. He says he will accept me no matter what, but for some reason, I don’t believe him. What should I do? (Do I have SAD or something?)

  140. Chrissie

    I am grateful for that video and I am also highly impressed with many of the comments. It’s inspiring t hear other women with new found confidence and a desire and faith to be successful!!

  141. I can relate to this on so many levels. My business is not a “new concept idea” business but the niche of it is, as there are only few businesses in the USA that do what I do (me being one of them). Gift baskets are everywhere, and usually when people hear that they go “oh, stale crackers, tacky ribbon”, UNTIL I explain that I deal with Organic and Eco-Friendly product line and all of a sudden there is an interest to hear more. So I almost dread to answer that question “what do you do” and saying “gift baskets” and watching secret “eye roll” until I get to the good part. Finding a way to explain what I do has become some what of a challenge, but having that trust in yourself and what you do is super important. If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be really hard to convince other to do so. Be in love with your business, and other will be too.

  142. Thank you so much for the article! You are absolutely right that the more unconventional you are, the more you can expect to have that “nobody gets me” feeling.  I recently wrote a post about being embarrassed to talk about your business.

  143. Rachel

    Hi! My issue is this; whenever I’m drawing in public, like at school etc, people are always coming up to me and looking over my shoulder whilst making comments like “Uh.. What is that supposed to be..?” I either remain silent and concentrated and see if they stick around to see the final product and find out, or give them a simple answer and get a reaction such as a frustrating look or “Really? Doesn’t look like it…” What people do not understand is that they have walked in on the beginning stages of it unfolding but I do not know how to stop this from happening. I’m not judging myself or anything, they just come up to me. I know I should be able to just shake it off and don’t mind them, but it really crushes my self-esteem especially when they just sit there and watch over my shoulder. Thanks!

  144. It’s so sad that so many people suffer from this! Listening to what others have to say about anything!

  145. I don’t have the 2 things to answer,but I’m 10 years old,and I’m afraid people will judge me because I have a crush on a certain person. I don’t want my best friend to laugh at me! What do I do? Please tell me!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, Renece! We hope your best friend will honor what you shared and not laugh. But even if things don’t go according to plan, remember that no matter what you’re smart, talented, strong, and beautiful and nothing can change that. Marie has another episode about how to not let fear of criticism get you down that might be helpful for this: And she has another on how you can make a comeback when things don’t go as expected:

  146. Sarah

    While I am a small business owner and Reiki teacher/practitioner, and have had a fair share of experience learning how to let go of fear of judgement through my years of doing that, it has really been in the process of planning our wedding that I feel I am learning to be truly okay with family/friends who are disappointed with the choices we’re making. We are unconventional in many ways, and that is reflected this upcoming celebration, and man, oh, man, do most people (and their mothers) have expections for what getting married and having a wedding means. I tell ya, learning to really own it, and know that our choices are in alignment with who we are, and foster our happiness, has been the thing I’ve been grounding in. Other people can enjoy it, appreciate it, or maybe they won’t, but that is not our responsibility, because only they have control over their own experience. Like Marie said, some people may need some explanation, because they really just weren’t aware, but anything beyond that is not our issue. It feels very liberating to stand in that place of knowing that this what your path of happiness looks like, and that people can join you if they like, but if they don’t it doesn’t affect that happiness at all.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Sarah! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding– it’s wonderful that you’re planning such a special day that reflects your unique values. As you know, few things tend to bring out other’s opinions more than weddings and small business, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you stay true to who you are.

      Often, our loved ones unknowingly project their ideas onto us out of fear, and we tend to fear what we don’t understand, so sometimes the best thing we can do is let them into our process. By sharing our individual desires and goals, we can also let them know how to best support us along our way.

      Thanks for being a part of our vibrant community! Wishing you the very best with your wedding and beyond.

  147. Sophie lomas

    i am scared all the time i always feel like someones talking about me behind my back or judging me. I was bullied alot and it lasted 8 years so im very scared about it starting again. I may seem like a confident person but under my smile i will be thinking OMG tey hate me theyre gonna do something to make everyone hate me. so i guess one of my phobias id that history will repeat itself. how do i get over my fear?

  148. I totally feel like nobody gets me. But I also can see myself from their point of view and can see why they might be confused. Even trying to explain who I am and what I do here I’m afraid cause it’s not impressive. I’m very ordinary which is tough for me to admit cause I always wanted to be extraordinary. But am trying to come to terms with my mediocre ordinary life which I am grateful for…I just like to dream. Who I am, I guess is a dreamer since what I do for money is no way connected to what I would’ve liked to be doing for money. But the not making money thing hasn’t stopped me. I write stories and songs. I sing the songs at open mics. I try to figure out how to afford recording equipment in the hopes that maybe someday I’ll get my shit together and figure how to make posts. I really do love musicals – writing them. I even wrote a whole full length one once and it was in a festival. I so hoped that that one experience would’ve filled my cup and then I would abandon my musical pursuit but alas here I am lamenting on some message board. But I write. I have so many songs. Are they any good? I don’t know. But they sure do sound good when professional singers sing them. If only I had the money or that extraordinary someone to see the potential in the stories I have to tell and the songs I have written. I think people get confused because I love writing fiction. And each story is vastly different from the next. I have one that’s a dark fantasy and another that’s an upbeat after school special type and then another that’s more wacky. I have been told that maybe I am afraid of success – maybe that’s true. I guess I have defined success as (not necessarily money) but something big that everybody can see and point at and say ‘oh boy success!’ Which I guess is just ego. When I’m not dreaming I’m working as a customer service representative, paying my bills, trying to pay off credit card debt and hanging out with my friends. I love my friends – they are literally the best people in the whole world. They get me – more or less. And when they ask me ‘how’s work?’ and I talk about my day job – they then go on to ask ‘how’s your real job’. I feel like that’s real love people. Accepting you as you are and still holding a place for who you are striving to be. What was the question again? Oh yeah other people judging me. It’s more me judging me for where I think should be by now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m really glad you did! A lot of creatives struggle with feeling misunderstood, hustling to make money from their creative work, and feeling like they’re behind in life. It’s tough out there, but I wanted to reassure you that you’re not behind at all. Marie has some encouraging wisdom on this that I think you’ll find helpful:

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