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I’m about to go into my creative cave to prep for my event, RHH Live. It’s three weeks away and we’re near sold out, which I’m both humbled and grateful for.

If you asked me how we get these kinds of results, I’d say it’s because I’ve built a reputation over the years for truly caring about my customers and working my tush off to over deliver on value and experience.

Which raises an important question.

When you’re brand new in business, how do you establish social proof, ‘street cred’ and build a reputation when you don’t have happy customers yet?

For most of us, it can feel like the chicken and the egg.

It definitely felt that way for me the many times in my career I’ve been brand new in an industry.

On this week’s episode of MarieTV, I’ll show you five simple steps to establish credibility and build your reputation fast – especially when you’re the new kid in town.

To be honest, these tips are important, even if you’ve been in the game for a while.

(Pay close attention to the email tip at the end of step one. It’s one of my BIGGEST business pet peeves!)

Press play to watch it now.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear YOUR best tips for establishing street cred and building your reputation when you’re new in business.

Whether you’ve seen it done, or you’ve done it yourself, leave a comment now.

As always, a huge THANKS for reading and watching.

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  1. Hi Marie! 🙂

    That email thing is one of my pet peeves, as well. I cringe every time I see someone using an unprofessional email address! My man feels the same way, so we often roll our eyes together over that one… lol!

    LOVE these tips! Especially the one about having a professional online presence (one of the things I tend to “preach” the most) and the one about getting reviews as quickly as possible by giving your service away, or selling it at a discount. This one has worked very well for me, and it’s great to see those testimonials come in! 🙂

    As always, I’m lovin’ the Q&A Tuesdays! 😉


  2. Great point about media and logos. Has got me inspired!

    • Same here! Never even thought of putting it on my page. Just rectified that. Thanks for the awesome tips, as always, Marie. You ROCK!! 🙂

  3. What a great Q and as always straight, to the point, get it done answer Marie. Perfect timing for me as well to get out there and take the leap! Love Q&A Tuesdays!

  4. I started by doing projects at discounted rates. But first I got these initial clients to agree to send a referral letter to all of their contacts, IF they were pleased with our work.

    I made sure they were thrilled with our work, and then I wrote the referral letter for them. Once they approved the letter I had them send over their contacts and we printed and mailed all the letters for them.

    This strategy has worked well for us. In the past 3 years, despite the fact we have spent less than $200 on advertising, we have grow by over 200% annually.

    • I really love the idea of asking up front for clients to share *their* contacts if they are happy with your work. Thanks for sharing!

      • Great tips in the video Marie. And I love this tip Wayne. Make is so easy for them to hand over referrals to you, that it’s almost impossible they would say no.

        Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I love this idea and i actually have 2 new clients who I am offering my services to for free in return for referrals. I am working on crafting the letter and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to a good format for this? Any ideas/tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

    • Excellent strategy Wayne! Making it easy for them FTW!

  5. great reminders Marie! Your vids are always so awesome!

    excited for RHH Live sister!

  6. Great tips, as always.

    Would it be possible to have a section on your website for ‘Q&A Tuesday’ videos so we can go back through the archives?

    Love your work Marie.


    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. Thanks for the suggestion! A revamped will be coming your way soon and we’re definitely shaking up the format. (Marie’s YouTube Channel) is always a great, fast way to watch the videos one after another.
      Stay tuned,

      • Marie (or Louise), if you don’t already have one, a “video sitemap” that is search engine and visitor friendly will help visitors find and scan all your videos, while helping you get found for your videos in the search engines.

        Great tips, Marie. I used these when first starting out as well. I tell my clients that the first thing they need to have is a professional presence if they want to be taken seriously, then offer free services for testimonials to show social proof.

  7. Great tips, Marie! I started my first consulting business the week after I graduated from college and used step number 4 to build experience, support, and a clientele. It definitely works. One more sub-tip I’d suggest: Know what you can do well. It will help support all 5 steps because you are super clear about how you can help people. Thanks, again, Marie, and good luck, Gillian!

  8. Strategy #4 has helped me so much.

    I created a template to make it easy to request a reviews from my clients (even from the very beginning when, as you mentioned, it makes sense to offer services for free or at a low, low investment).

    Here it is:

    Dear (insert name here),

    After I’ve worked with a client for a while, I love to get feedback about what’s working and what I could do differently to make your experience more wonderful.

    If you could, I would really appreciate answers to the questions below:

    1. What problem were you facing that you hoped working with me would help?
    2. How has working with me helped you?
    3. What do you like about the experience of working with me?
    4. What is the most important thing people should know about working with me?
    5. Would you (continue to) recommend working with me to your friends or family?
    7. What could I do differently to make your experience of working with me more wonderful?

    Other thoughts or comments?

    No rush on this, but I look forward to receiving your feedback!

    I then take their responses and craft a review and ask permission to use them on my website. I’ve gathered lots of awesome success stories that way. You can see them here:

    I hope this helps!

    • Thank you so much for sharing that, Stacey! I’ve been wanting to develop a method for getting feedback that made it as easy as possible on the client. I will be using your example for drafting something for my Playbook (what I call my Policies & Procedures Manual).

    • Thank you for sharing the letter. Great advice.

    • This is great Stacey, thanks for sharing!

    • Jessica

      Stacey – that is a perfect idea, thank you for sharing! I will be doing this NOW!

    • Thank you, Stacey, for the template for testimonials from clients! It’s perfect for what I want and I will be using a modified version for my life coaching clients. Great work!

    • Stacey, thanks for sharing this awesome testimonial outline. I will totally be using it.
      Best wishes,

    • Mary Beth Spann Mank

      Thanks so much for this! Just what I needed!
      Mary Beth Spann Mank,

  9. osun

    Great job! So concise but power packed…. thanks!

  10. You nailed it (once again), Marie. Awesome suggestions for entrepreneurs just starting out and a good refresher for those of us who have been at it for a while.

  11. Hey there Marie,

    Great video. I’m actually redoing my website to make it simpler and cleaner. So thanks for that.

    Another way to start building cred is building relationships with the folks you admire in your field – through Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also review their stuff on your site and if possible, have them write you a guest post!

  12. Chi

    Hey Marie,

    Im VERY interested in your video subject’s business. I would love to feature her on my blog. Is there anyway I can get in contact with her?

    • Gillian

      Hi Chi! Thanks so much for reaching out and for thinking of me. My email is [email protected] — would love to speak with you more about this opportunity!


      • Chi

        I’ll email you shortly!

  13. I would also say that finding your target market and offering them a free or low cost way to work with you in exchange for feedback and testimonials would help you get that side of your business going. It’s also a great way to fine tune your offering and make sure you’re the best at what you do, while being in integrity and feeling good about your work.

    Once you’ve got a few “guinea pigs” or case studies under your belt, it’s much easier to branch out and make it happen. 🙂

  14. Marie!!!
    We must be on the same wavelength this week… Just posted about how Posturing is key to creating credibility with potential clients, especially for newbies…


  15. Really good advice particularly tip 5 – logos impress!
    Me likey!

  16. Here is another way to build reputation…

    If your business is local, you could host an introductory workshop. Spread the word via your website, and by pitching other local businesses to promote you.

    • Good idea! I’m working on a soup to nuts self-publishing consulting package which might be a good fit for one of the local community education organizations.

    • Great tip Maria!
      My hubby & I are doing exactly that for our local services. Hadn’t thought about going to other local biz for promotion. Good one 🙂

  17. HI Marie,

    I love your Q&A’s…thanks for the tips!

    Ellen Pouw

  18. Thanks a million! This Q&A is slamming perfect for me as I have just started my business Earthsprout – Awesome natural nutrition & Holistic health! All about inspiration:)

    I do have another tip! Gather a group of friends for like a dinner or something where you tell them all about what you do and what you offer in you business. Then ask them to bare this in mind and spread the word! Nothing like loving words from friends to spread your magic!

  19. Great tips! i JUST launched my biz, and it is very special in that not only do I help empower folks to use social media for themselves and feel comfortable with it, but I also give back to Entrepreneurs with disabilities. One way to get some cred is to have a charity or something you give back to in place while you launch yo biz! I know, we all can’t afford to give money, but its possible to give training as well. just give. That looks GREAT to prospects. they love to see ‘the heart’ of a biz.

  20. Hi Marie,

    I LOVE Q & A Tuesday!

    I also especially love your tip about being clear on what you’re offering, on your site and in person. At the moment it’s one of my biggest stumbling blocks.
    When people ask me what I do, I stumple, trip and can never think of what to say.

    I’m going to work on this straight away!

    I’ll get back to you when I know what I do

  21. Hi Marie!

    I help women get over heartbreak through community and unique tools. So! When we first started, I wanted to convince people that Pink Kisses was an authority on getting over heartbreak. I found it really important to do research right away. Even though I couldn’t pay thousands of dollars for a research company to step in, I wrote a survey and sent it to 40 girlfriends around the country of various ages and in different stages of relationships. I could then say things like, “I’ve heard from women all over the US and so many of them say a bad breakup is one of the hardest things they’ve ever gone through in their lives.” It’s a powerful tool for getting you ahead of the game right out of the gate, especially when you’re trying to gain the trust of potential clients!


    • Ellie, this is SUCH a great tip! Thanks for sharing it.

  22. Marie,
    Great tips!

    I had a journaling challenge for 31 days and I didn’t require anyone to sign up I posted the challenge on fb and twitter. In addition I created a forum for the participants to connect and I responded to every single comment, asap. The participants expressed their gratitude and said some really great things about it. Now I know I can use those statements for reviews.

    Thanks Marie!

  23. When I started my biz, Nutritional Style, I reached out to everyone I could think of who might be interested in healthy food, feeling better, nutrition, weight loss, etc.. I sent a nice email letting them know I was just beginning this new biz, and would they like a program with me at a greatly reduced rate. I heard back from almost everyone I reached out to! And I still use some of those fabuloso testimonials!
    I will add I think it’s really important to charge something; FREE can appear that there is NO VALUE, and they will be less inspired to make it work. . So charge a little something that makes sense- but will not prohibit their joining you.

    Holli xo

    • Holli, I love your website! You are an inspiration.

  24. another great tip marie! i get product pitches for my shop all the time and #1 always gets me! it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. NO JANKY EMAILS and UNPROFESS websites pleasse!! when i see this, it shows me that you are not taking your biz seriously! xo

  25. Awesome tips, Marie! Yes yes yes about doing stuff for free in exchange for feedback and testimonials.

    Even though my business is up and running (for 6 years), whenever I start a new project, I *still* let key people in for free. The exchange is for feedback and testimonials. The people I let in for free are people who I admire, and people who have “been there and done that.” Works like a CHARM because then, those leaders that you let in for free do the promoting and marketing for YOU, since they freakin love your product. And since they get questions from their customers….. they can now just refer your customer avatars to YOU! =) xoxo

  26. Great tips, Marie, and I appreciate your short videos. I was able to quickly jot down notes as you spoke. Getting information to me quickly, so as not to waste my time…I love that! That is why I always open your emails.
    Thanks! xo Rhonda

  27. Hi Marie,
    Many thanks for your tips. I agree with you, looking professional is EVER so important. As the saying goes, at least here in Spain: Cesar’s wife should not only be chaste but appears to be chaste. Which means: One should not only be professional, but look professional.

  28. Love this Marie!

    I volenteered on another blog for 2 years and created so much traffic and buzz by inviting celebs to contribute articles or gifts for me to give away in contests, plus I created products and 2 online summits where I interviewd Byron Katie and Marianne Williamson and dozens of other superstars that attracted tens of thousands that it became a full fleged website.

    So when I opened my doors for business a year ago (this month!) which is in another genre, I was already an established Leader in the Raw Food/ Natural Health community and now get invited regularly to be interviewed on TV, radio, magazines and other people’s telesummits.

    Writing articles is a wonderful way to establish yourself and your expertise- share your knowledge as if you are sharing your brand new puppy- with love and enthusiasm and people will notice you 🙂

  29. I recommend training yourself to be on “testimonial patrol”. Every time someone compliments our product and/or our business, I have learned to respond with: “Thank you so much for your kind words. Would you mind if I share them with in our newsletter or on our website?” When they say “Yes!” (and they always do), I’ve got even more testimonials to use as marketing tools. Also, remember, that people can give testimonials for things that aren’t your core product or service, but still matter, such as how organized you are, your follow-up skills, your professionalism, your ability to explain things clearly, your passion for (insert passion here). When we did our first trade show, we got lots of testimonials on how great our booth looked, of all things!

  30. Great Q&A Marie! Love that you said “janky”…one of my fave words! In the beginning it’s vital to get quoted in publications & blogs. This has helped me get noticed faster. From this opp, I was chosen to be sponsored by The Laughing Cow Wellness Campaign. Their logo looks gorg on my site:-) Another great way that helped me get established online was adding video to my blog- same as you have done. Having your followers/customers read your blog is great, but it’s WAY better to have them watch & listen to you…that is IF you have camera presence. I started out with janky little vid’s that I shot on my old blackberry video and now has grown to a full-fledged webseries. I’ve invested in a light kit, amazing HD cam and editing software. This will open the doors for bigger, better segments on nat’l network shows. Then voila- you are a bonafide expert in your field= bigtime street cred!

  31. Ok, fair warning, another “Coming to New Zealand” story!


    OK, when I first got to New Zealand, I had one little problem. I’d never been in New Zealand. I didn’t know any one here. And hence, tah-dah, no testimonials, no street cred. Heck, I didn’t even know the streets (got lost many a time).

    But here’s what you do have.

    You have yourself.
    And you’ve had yourself for a long, long time.

    And this means that you’ve had others who’ve known you for a long, long time. This includes teachers, some people you’ve worked with, neighbours etc. And the way to get those early testimonials is to get testimonials that talk about YOU.

    Yes, you.

    Most of us believe that we hire people who are experts. And we do. But we also hire people and are interested in people who have the right attitude. And if those testimonials have the right tone, then you’ve got it made. That’s what I had to do. I had to get testimonials from everyone about who I was as a person. And they spoke about how friendly I was, how diligent I was, etc. The point being that it had NOTHING to do with my business, and everything to do with me.

    And it worked.

    Not once, but twice.
    You see when I started out, I was a cartoonist. But two years later I turned to marketing at Was I green behind the ears when it came to marketing? Absolutely (back in the year 2002, that was the case alright). But again, I used the same technique.

    Get yourself the testimonials. Believe me, they are critical. People are interested a lot in seeing what others have to say about you.

    Because when people read testimonials, they’re not reading just testimonials.
    They’re looking for:

    1) Details.
    2) Tone (There’s a tone to everything that’s written or said and we detect it)

    And you’ll probably never realise how much this plays a role until much later when someone comes up to you and says: “You know I read that testimonial on……” and you’ll realise how important testimonials really are.

    So go out there. Find neighbours, teachers, people who you’ve interned with. And get testimonials that talk about YOU as a person. And you’ll be amazed at how well that works. Once you get testimonials about the business itself, make sure you keep the others as well. Just add the new ones 🙂

    And yes, take Marie’s advice about being confident. When I started out (and that was a while ago) the best advice I got was this.

    Sales is a transfer of ENTHUSIASM from one person to another.
    Read that again.
    Transfer of enthusiasm.
    If you’re acting all coy, or uncertain, I get that. So be enthusiastic. Very! I used to play a song in my car (yeah, Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” before I went to any meeting. And I’d play it over and over again. Do that, it works).

    And yeah, never give up 🙂
    All the best.

    • Ashley

      Thanks for sharing your story Sean. I love the Tina Turner idea. Haha, I’ll have to try that next time.

      • Tee

        thanks 🙂

  32. Hey Marie,
    YES! Thank you for saying a professional web presence!

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a website that will work for you and it’s the BEST way to show your professionalism.

    If you have a crappy site it will seem that you will deliver crappy service!

  33. Thank you for today’s Q & A!! It was very much needed! Xo

  34. Non-profits are always looking for sweat equity donations. Because they are struggling with the current economy, creative ideas that showcase your skills are another way of building social proof. Women are so creative in problem solving with they gather for the good of any community.

  35. Being confident and responding quickly to customer inquiries has proven to be my number one technique in building a freelance business, literally, overnight! 🙂

  36. Carol

    I got client reviews and portfolio pieces and clips by doing work for non-profits in my area (yes, mostly for free – but it was worth it!). I love the tips you gave, Marie and I am logging off to focus on my website now.

  37. Thank you as always for the tips. I think I understand my experience and will go revamp that. Also need to go back and get those testimonials I have been aware that they are important but it seems to slip my mind to ask people to put them in writing. Love the idea of obtaining the client/customer list of my clients and sending out the letter of satisfaction.

  38. I found your site via Heather Allards’s Mogul Mom facebook page and wanted to thank you for the great video. I was impressed by the quality of the video itself. I have been using video for my business as well (mostly for product reviews) and I know how much time it takes! The content was also great and I think you were right on with your suggestions, especially about presenting yourself and what you do with confidence so that others will have confidence in you.

  39. Hi Marie,

    This one is a keeper for me. My mind started churning while reading through the comments then my ‘good-idea’ machine popped out a DOOZY for early sign-ups to my membership site (for female entrepreneurs) Hubster! I’m psyched! Thank you for the AHA moment! Awesomeness abound!

    Love that your site is being re-vamped your vids will be made more accessible! Forward progress always good!

    All the best!


  40. The other way I build my cred is by offering LOTS of tips and tricks around health, nutrition and cooking on my FB business page and in my newsletter.

  41. Great tips Marie + I used all of them and they work! A couple of tips:

    1. After working with clients I have offered them a special bonus or even free entry into my next program for a testimonial.

    2. To build relationships with top bloggers to tweet + comment on their blogs has really helped to build relationships.

    3. If you are looking for press, find a mag that is a fit. Then read a few journalists writing that would be a fit for your story. Send them a note or call to say you really loved their article. You can tweet or reach out on fb or linked in too!

    Can’t wait for RHHLIVE. xo H

    • Hey Hillary, great additional ideas! Sorry I’ll miss you at RHH Live – was planning on going for sure, but turns out it’s the same weekend as my grandfather’s funeral 🙁 Do some dancin’ for me!

  42. Hey Marie,

    Timely tip, for sure. I’m parlaying my expertise into a new-ish niche. It’s not a new biz but I’m going to be doing things differently so it feels like a whole big leap of faith, and since I have hundreds of satisfied customers for my old services but no testimonials for the new biz structure, it’s a little intimidating. Your tips will definitely help.

    And the email thing – it’s a pet peeve for me, too, but my even bigger pet peeve is NO ABOUT PAGE on the website!!! I recently started working with the best personal trainer EVER (seriously, there is no one out there doing what this girl does) and she has no about page on her site. Crazy!

  43. My tip is similar to Sean’s – you don’t have to ask JUST clients. Actually, my best “starter” testimonials came from creating a Google Docs form similar to what Stacey describes above, and then sending it around to colleagues, including several people I had taken a month-long intense business/branding course with. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it earlier (especially since my classmates voted me most supportive/helpful forum member) but they were more than happy to take a few minutes to fill it out, and it got my praise page off to a nice start!

    Thanks for the video Marie, long time watcher but first time commenter 🙂

  44. Profeshhhhh… Yes! Haha. Thanks for the tips AND the laugh 🙂

  45. I totally identify with this! I think that building quality relationships has really helped me with my business.

    I also found that having a site and a point of view were super important.
    Once you have a good point of view, the rest just seems to fall in place and the momentum builds! 🙂

    And the email addresses! AH. I use gmail for mine and I think that might be the only passable one you can use nowadays.

  46. Diana

    Hi Marie, Thanks!

    P.S. it fells like to much sound effects in this video

  47. Just to add to the email tip. If you have a website, use that email address. I don’t understand why clients pay money to have a website that includes FREE email accounts and they use a yahoo, hotmail or whomever email address.

    Other than being a pet peeve this helps people to remember your site. I can’t tell you how many people have gone to or remembered my website because they saw my email address.

  48. Lina Maura

    Hi Marie!
    I live in Mozambique, and at this right moment i cant go to see your show! x(. I would love to be there. But anyways… who knows next year maybe! Loved the Q&A Tuesday.


    Lina Maura*

  49. Great advice as always.


  50. Sue

    Good stuff! I have used social media to build credibility. It just looks good when you have lots of friends and a fan page following. Plus it’s a great place to share info that is valuable and you can connect with mentors!!

  51. fantastic – all great tips, all of which I needed right now! Thank you so much – and thanks to all the comments too, which are pretty much a whole books worth of brilliant pieces of advice!

  52. Great tips, as always, Marie! Thanks so much. I’ve already been doing some of these, but some of them I’ve never done, so you got me thinkin’! Onward and upward.

  53. Hi Marie!

    Beautiful! Clear! Sparkling!

    Thank you.

  54. This is exactly what I needed, thanks so much.

  55. Thanks Marie! This is extremely helpful. I’m starting my own vegan personal chef service in NYC, and I love the idea of offering discounted rates and freebies to people in exchange for reviews to put on the site. It’ll also give me helpful experience & feedback. Also, contacting bloggers and media is an terrific idea.

  56. Nicole Colquitt

    Wow Marie that segment was very inspirational. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out this very issue. A couple of my beginning business endeavors fell from the very lack of street cred and presence. You have me happily returning to the drawing board. Thanks.


  57. I wrote a post recently on this exact topic titled: How To Be Credible Without All The Credentials.

    Check it:

  58. Hi Marie,
    Congratulations on RHHLIVE! That’s awesome. I’m sure you’ll sell out.

    I must have followed these steps from B-School and simply modelling other women’s websites who I loved. Thanks for sharing and breaking it down so simply. Now, off to get some more press…. xxx

    • Debi

      Great Nicola, Modelling is truly a fabulous.

  59. Cyndi

    Hi Maria,
    Another GREAT segment! And rather relevant to where I’m at myself right now! I would have LOVED to have come to RHHLIVE, but alas I’m stuck “downunder!” So here’s a SUPER suggestion… get your toosh down here to Australia and share some of your magic with the Aussies! We love you too!!!! xxx

    • Renee

      Another thumbs up from down under. i second that suggestion. You Rock Maria xxxxxx

    • Yeah, a lot of fans are in Australia or New Zealand!! She should do a world tour!

  60. Fazal karim

    Dear Marie

    I like your presentation for this kind of small business. Things become more important when someone starts his/her business on small scale & your presentation will help them to start with.

    Since i started watching you on these vidio, i started liking you.

    with love,

    [email protected]/5.10.2011/Patna/Bihar/India

  61. Hey Marie
    As always another great tip – well five this time! I completely agree that one of my pet peeves is people that don’t have an email address at their own domain especially when they have their own website. They must miss the next step which is so easy to set up and really makes a big difference.
    I would like to add one more step which is an expansion of step one. One of the great ways to build your credibility is to share your knowledge online. Like you do each and every Tuesday! So either blog regularly or set up a Facebook page (if your market is there) and share you knowledge with the world.
    Thanks again Marie, keep up the great tips, I love them!
    PS I agree with Cyndi – get your toosh down to Australia fast.

    • alison

      I’m with you on this one, Natalie.

      Sharing information with your followers/potential customers, whether through a written blog or a video blog is a GREAT way to establish your credibility. If you know what you’re talking about it will be very effective.

      i’d also add providing ebooks, white papers, reports or any other informational product to your followers – whether free or for a fee – is also another weapon in your credibility arsenal.

      Weapons? Arsenals? Don’t know where the warmonger language is coming from but you know what I mean!

      Another bow in your quiver!

      I did it again.

  62. Ladies, it’s soooo easy to get press!

    My very first press event was by offering a “open to the public” presentation. When you do something for free for the public, then call the newspaper and tell them! They’ll put you in the paper.

    AND…what happened to me is… a reporter showed up (I had no idea she was in the audience!) and participated in Q&A. Then…she grabbed her camera & the rest is history.

    By that Friday I had HALF PAGE coverage in the newspaper.

    That would have cost me big bucks if it were an advertisement, but it was free! And that’s how I made my big splash when I moved to a new town.

    This method is what I call – underground advertising! Win-win all around.

    • Really like this tip Melody – thanks 🙂

    • Will have to try the underground advertising technique. Thanks for sharing, Melody.

  63. Amy

    Good Q and A — missed the outake at the end though!! 🙂

  64. Another fab Q & A! A great little Introduction Formula for informal settings is this: (i) “I help…” (e.g. “I help students/graduates looking for overseas jobs”) (ii) “Do, Become, Create…” (e.g. “create stunning CVs) (iii) “So that…” (e.g. “so that they stand out above all the other job applicants!”). This little formula can, of course, be used for any business/niche. This helps create curiosity. In this example, I’d expect the other person to be wondering “wow, I wonder how she does that exactly!”

  65. Great tips (as always) Marie! Thanks 🙂

  66. Really great stuff Marie!

  67. Great advice, Marie! The latest research supports that establishing credibility is the #1 communication challenge all entrepreneurs face because of TMI. xo

  68. Marie, I love your Q & A, especially today! Great ideas for establishing credibility when just getting started. That is exactly where I’m at. I’ve gotten 2700 visitors to my website through great exposure to social networks and blogging my butt off. I’ve joined groups in LinkedIn and commented there, sharing my blogs and asking for comments. I’ve made sure my keywords are frequent in my website. I am a weight loss and prosperity life coach and offer a free session so people can get to know my work and feel comfortable before committing to a series of sessions. I really appreciate your tips and I’m going to use them!! Thank you!!

  69. ali

    Hi Marie –
    Love you and Tuesdays Q&A.
    I would like to ask for your recommendation. I need to help my client’s with a total make over for their web site. They are B2B, highly complex technology services selling to enterprise companies and their target audience is the CIO’s, CFO’s, and CMO’s. What web site solution/tool do you recommend that is now totally dialed into a CRM/Social Media and blogging applications?
    Also do you know of someone who can help, the content is dry and complex. We could use someone who is also good at technical writing (for the marketing side).
    Thanks again for all you do. You’re a real rock star to us Solo Entrepreneurs!
    Best, Ali Regli

  70. So simple, but awesome! the website is soooo important and I’m with you about the email address:)
    A great website can lead to lots of greater things so never short change it. Thanks Marie!

  71. Gillian, I’m a ‘young person’ (aged 23) interested in living/working & travelling abroad. I’m just back to Ireland (home!) after 4 amazing months working in Kolkata, India. Would love to check out you website. Could you share a link?

    Marie, great video as always. I wonder would it be possible to share the website url of the questioner in the Q&A Tuesday videos. Many of them have really interesting businesses that I’d love to check out.

    Just a thought.

    • marie

      Hey Clare! Great suggestion – thank you for that. Gillian left her email in the first page of comments – [email protected] I don’t believe she has a website up yet, but do reach out to her 😉

      • Gillian

        WOW. I cannot even begin to say thank you for all of the great advice and discussion here! While I wasn’t planning on going live until next week, I’ve decided to put up what we have so far 🙂 :

        Clare – I’d LOVE to interview you for my blog! Please get in touch so we can talk about your amazing experience in Kolkata.

  72. Barbara

    Loved all the tips, but want to add something about giving folks something for free or discounted in exchange for a review. It’s really important that you or they clearly mention this somewhere in the review. Full disclosure and all that. Some BIG online companies have gotten terrible press when people found out that some reviews were subsidized but that fact wasn’t mentioned in the review.

    • marie

      Great point Barbara – thank you for sharing that!

  73. Mandee

    Another thing to remember is to set up a Facebook account! If I see/hear/read about any company, I am almost immediately on my phone/ipod/laptop looking it up and adding them as a friend on facebook. It is a great chance to establish a connection with your clients that feels more personal to them.
    Love the Q&As!


  74. That was a great question and answer video. I feel a lot of those same sentiments. I recently took the reigns of our home business and made it my own. I have formal education in Business Marketing, but have yet to exercise those skills. Now as a stay at home mompreneur, I am running my own business from the dining room table. Hang in there, that business sounds kicking. Thanks Marie for making your content online relevant and funny.

  75. Marie! Why have I not commented on your awesome videos yet?!? I watch them each week, and they inspire me to leap and ‘do it.’.

    There’s the voice, of ‘not being ready to be seen…’ / I have’t finished my…” excuses… I realized that connecting publicly is something I still hide from.

    Today is a new day for us all. A new beginning. The torch has been passed through technology and Steve Jobs has left us to create and express through his incredible dream. After watching his speech today (I posted it on my facebook He has passed over the torch you us- to you and me to lead the way on the next evolution of this planet. We have been gifted this incredible technology to interface to our world with. He has opened up our mind’s and Universe, to be able to think and create beyond what has come before.

    You are doing that. You inspire me to share my message. You remind me to ‘just do it’… and so, I do. Because I LOVE it. I cried today when I watch Steve’s video, because it made me realize more places where I am holding back and not exposing myself fully… and it started here with expressing my thanks to you for your inspiration and belief that you share with the world.

    “I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything. All external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure. These things just fall away in the face of death. leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to loose.” Steve Jobs

    I am dedicating my Weekly ‘Action Ship’ video to the inspiration and passion of doing and communicating what you LOVE. As feeling it and keeping it inside isn’t enough. It has to be shared. And I want people to comment on my videos… so I am committing to comment every time I watch and am inspired by your message.

    Thanks Marie
    With gratitude and love,

  76. Wow! I think your amazing! Marie You do good videos! But have you thought about taking them into a private setting and getting away from ” allabouteveryoneelsetube ” I can also show away to have a great web show and so much more! Take your business to a whole new level!

  77. Great tips!
    How do you really get in the media? I am so glad you shared about this.
    It really is easier than you think. I found that lots of women know they need to do this but are not sure of how to go about it.

    You’ve inspired me to share my insider secrets of how I got on The Today Show, NY Times, Huffington Post Column, and an ongoing spot as an expert on CNN.
    Be Your Fabulous,
    Eli Davidson

  78. Marie,
    Love that you’re enforcing how to get out there and not letting the fact that you’re not an “expert” to stop you get in the way. The only way to gain confidence, credibility and clients is to get out there and do work that you are good at and love. When I first started I took on unpaid clients to get the experience and learn who I really was meant to serve. Just getting out and doing it is the best approach!

    Always great and relevant posts.

  79. I’m defenetly getting my cards designed next week 😉

  80. Awesome vid as always & fantastic suggestions Marie for all the newbies out there!!

  81. I would also add creating a profeshhh, frequently updated blog to the list. My blog posts actually brought a local reporter to me rather than me begging them for a story. The blog also has been a way for me to show my knowledge of food and nutrition and post pics of my food. Having a professional looking website and blog has swayed some people to choose me over others in my area.

  82. Hey Marie,

    Great tips! I can use them all. I just have one question for the email address is [email protected]… to generic and should it always be your name @ ([email protected])?

  83. Fantastic tips, Marie! I recently launched a coaching practice that helps women entrepreneurs discover their appetite for business and life by building systems and processes that leverage time for enjoying both. In addition to offering a beta version of your services for free or (at a discount) to gain testimonials — where appropriate, consider using feedback from former co-workers to kick start your credibility.

  84. As always, simple, relatable and doable advice. Your videos are the highlight of my Tuesdays.

  85. Hey Marie,
    Love your work and style. Thanks so much for all the great advice and fun delivery. Anything is possible,

  86. I find in all my businesses the best way to get more customers is word of mouth. At women tell their friends about the Yoga Jeans or amazingly comfortable yet elegant clothes. Great service and having fun with our clients is a major key to our success 🙂

    At the studio students will invite their friends to try the classes for free which many times translates into sales as well. Great teachers and a fun atmosphere is key here!

    As for my latest endeavor I did a promo with a reputable newspaper who advertised my Intuitive Tarot Readings. Even though the promo means I am giving a major discount on my services my intention to get the word out on my business was a great success and brought me tones of new customers. My intention now is to give 100% amazing customers service to everyone who come for their reading, to uplift and empower them to create a magnificent life. I know that when you are in service to others you reap tremendous benefits.

    I’m open to your comments Marie 🙂

  87. Great video!! I thoroughly love watching each one you produce and have learned an incredible amount of info since linking up with you a couple months ago…keep up the good work Marie.

  88. Great tips, and great advice. Always a fun outlook on it too! Thanks!

  89. If you are going to do “freebies” to get up and running, one of the best ways to do that is by working with a non-profit (if applicable depending on your service). 1) It can possibly be tax-deductible 2) You’re helping more than just the client and 3) If you find the right non-profit, they are very appreciative and will help promote you however they can. =)

  90. I am SO happy I was stalking your blog today and found this! I’m in the process of launching 2 businesses, both that I have experience in, but no actual clients. This was perfect timing for me as I’m building my websites for both. I especially liked the tip to add a media page and pitch to other bloggers to do a story about my business and then credit them on my site. I’ve already had success pitching guest posts on other blogs so getting my websites perfect is really important to building my reputation when those other readers come to check out my offer. Thanks for the tips!

  91. I love these easy, to the point tips – but Marie that’s just how you roll with everything and that in and of itself is part of your brand/work! <3

    Something else to put in there – Focus on value & quality first. Lots of reviews is great, but if they're bare and don't really say a lot it's not much help. And don't be shy about putting yourself out there – waiting to get found or discovered could leave you wanting. People like go-getters, show your passion. I know I like to help people who are emblazoned in what they do and it shows confidence even if they aren't banging out product/services all the way yet.

  92. cnatraining

    Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! Just want to write I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your articles! Keep up the fantastic work!

  93. Hi Marie and rest of community!

    I have recently launch my website and still looking for a good CRM system both effective and not too expensive. Any suggestions?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Pachi! Email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be glad to help. 🙂

  94. lata giri

    great tips (as always)

  95. Tumi Afrika

    Hi Marie. you are freeking awesome.
    I have a question more than a comment. I have launched my Spiritual Enlightenment Coaching business. Its going great but I’m not sure how to charge. When am I charging to little for my services.
    Another question is how many clients is too many clients, if you know what I mean?
    Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Tumi, thank you for stopping by and sharing your questions with us! In terms of setting prices, I thought I might share a couple great MarieTV episodes about that:

      Your question about how many clients is too many definitely depends on a lot of things including your business goals and the time you have to devote to each client. Some people are very comfortable with a large number of customers, especially if your business doesn’t require a lot of focus or preparation time for each customer. Some people might prefer to just have a couple higher-paying clients that they can really focus on.

      The most important part is that you have enough time to offer a great customer experience to your customers, no matter how many you might have, so that’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. For some more thoughts on attracting the right people, here’s another great MarieTV episode:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for watching!

  96. Very good tips. Testimonials are very important. Thank you.

  97. Hey Marie,

    I have a very small email list under 50 I think it’s actually 49 at the present time, but I email them and ask them simple questions about the freebies I gave them but I have a very low opening rate. How can I get them to open my emails up and respond, I am trying to offer stuff to people to build my tribe but if no one responds back- if they, in fact, had opt-in wouldn’t it be simple to respect the person enough to at least tell the person giving them your opt-in sucked or it helped me out or this would be better? for the offers how can I improve and serve better… Not that I created things for free to get anything other than a tribe together, to begin with- BUT my tribe and I should be Comm Un I Cating!! Sorry trying to stress out the word there!! Anywho….HELP! I am literally at the point I’m going to be giving up on anything. Just reaching out to others is not helping me, as I get their interest then I have been pushed aside like yesterday’s trash!

    Can I call myself left high and dry here?


    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Hi Pam! We’re so sorry to hear you’re feeling frustrated. So many entrepreneurs go through something similar as they build their business. Don’t let it get you down! Marie always says consistency is key, so keep offering them value and steadily growing your list! (And this is also exactly the kind of thing B-School helps you work through if you’re looking for some support. We’d love to have you join the 2020 class if it’s a good fit!) You’ve got this, Pam!

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