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Ever struggle with knowing what you should hire out and what you should do yourself?


It’s a tough one that almost every entrepreneur wrestles with.

I certainly have.

While there’s no reliable formula to follow, there are some basic outsourcing guidelines that will help, especially when money is tight.

Watch this video and learn four simple steps that will help you make the smartest choices for your growing business.

I promise that it will change the game!

PLUS, get some opening musical entertainment, me doing a really bad French accent, two outsourcing resources and random shoulder shaking too.

Pay close attention on step number three, around the 3:08 mark, for my contrarian take on the conventional “what you earn per hour vs. what it costs to hire out” philosophy.

Action jackson time!

In the comments below, tell me your two biggest insights from this video on outsourcing and how you can implement them in your business this week. Be as specific and detailed as possible, your share might be just what someone else needs to see to have a breakthrough.

Can’t wait to read what you share.


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  1. lol…I just HAD to say, Marie, I have a big, black woman inside me, too.

    Thank you so much for this video, and all the free advice you give. I tweet you chronically. Keep it comin’! 🙂

    • marie

      thank you SO much for your chronic tweeting Krista! 😉

  2. Hi Marie! 🙂

    GREAT topic! And thank you for the fab tips. 🙂 My two biggest insights were #1 that it’s okay to continue to do the things I love. I already *knew* that but it was a great reminder to really focus on what I love and look for ways to outsource the rest.

    #2 insight was about trusting my GUT to be able to tell the difference. I’ve been doing a lot more of that lately and it feels GOOD to tune in to how I really feel about something, how it feels in my body, when making a decision. Thank you so much for teaching me that, and for all the reminders about it throughout your videos. 😉


  3. Great advice. I don’t think I’m at the point in my business yet where I will need to outsource much. EXCEPT I have just outsourced my web design, for the first time. All these years I have been doing it myself, and then I realized how much time I waste on it, trying to get it right, which hinders how much time I actually spend on my business. So I went with my gut, even though I could’ve done it myself, and handed it over. Will definitely take your points into consideration in the future!! Thank you!

    • Wow – I totally agree. I would spend HOURS trying to figure out web design and although I enjoyed learning it, I found someone to design stuff for me SO CHEAP, I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago.

      • Suzanne Kingsbury

        Hi Denise, who did you find? XO, S.

  4. The Q&A’s just keep getting better and better!

    It’s amazing that I often do many of the things you suggest quite naturally, and I love the way you break everything down so simply and clearly. Mostly, it helps me understand that I am definitely on the right track.

    Thank you, Marie!



  5. Thanks Marie! It is very common for entrepreneurs to want to do everything themselves. This is a great reminder that outsourcing/delegating is a great way to do more of what we love.
    Another great site is for virtual workers and for graphic design. Keep on Keepin’ on Marie!

    • marie

      Great resources Laurel. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Thank you for the great tips yet again Marie. I have been struggling with this issue in my business and I am glad that you addressed it. I find that when I try to do EVERYTHING I eventually become overwhelmed and end up doing a whole lotta’ NOTHIN. I am seriously considering hiring help and I will check out the websites that you suggested.

  7. One of the things I also learned about gettting things done by other people is that there’s a hidden cost that most people don’t take into account – the time (your time) it takes to explain a task to someone else.

    If the task is something that only you know how to do, even though it’s very simple, it may cost more of your time to explain it than just do it.

    But if it’s something that you need done a lot and could really be done by someone else easily once they knew how, you should take the time to teach them how, and document it so that in the future, you can have anyone do it and just point them to the instructions you created.

    • marie

      Terry! THANK YOU. I’m SO glad you brought this up. I actually started to write about this issue in this post, but in the interest of keeping things short and sweet, I didn’t. What you’re sharing is essential if you want to create systems and a truly functional business that works without you. It’s REALLY worth it to take the time to write things down, create checklists, etc.

    • Great point, Terry. I know I can easily fall into the “Oh I’ll just do it myself rather than teach someone else how” trap, but I love the reminder that if it’s a repeated activity, it can be worth outsourcing.

  8. LOVE this one Marie! I’m a big fan of hiring it out – especially after realizing how much time I was wasting trying to “learn” things that I had absolutely zero interest in learning. Am hoping that by this Fall I’ll be ready to hire a VA part-time. Thanks for those resources you mentioned in the vid.

    See you in October – RHH Live baby! yeah, yeah!!

    • marie

      Excellent Stephanie – keep us posted. And, I’m thrilled to see you at this fall 🙂

  9. Thank you for being so real and open about your beginnings. I am creating a video for the first time for my site and I will be the director, camera woman, and editor. I’ve been shy about not having the film crew so thank you for your honesty and inspiration. xo Carrie

    • marie

      You are so welcome, and, 99% of people I know start off doing everything themselves. You’re in great company 🙂

  10. Love the “bloopers” at the end of your video!

    (And the great advice. Some things are just too much fun to turn over!)

  11. Thanks, Marie, for another fun video of useful tips!

  12. Heya Marie, thanks for doing these videos! I feel like you’re keeping on track with the things I’m interested in hearing about. Especially this one. I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I hate answering emails and phone calls. Today I’ve convinced myself I can finally handle hiring someone. Yipee!

  13. Vidette Vanderweide

    This is such a hard topic for me personally. Can you expand on another Q&A Tuesday on how to “let go” of responsibilities. How do we get over feeling like we are the only ones that can do a good job. That said, I realize the importance of outsourcing those tasks I really don’t like to do, but am so afraid of turning responsibility over to someone else who will be “behind my brand!”

  14. Oh Marie!

    I am SO looking forward to meeting you in October at RHHLIVE!

    I took your advice from a few pieces I’ve learned from you over the past few months (esp. your 6-7 vid from bschool – your tears got me as I’m the one who scrubs the toilets and switches the laundry when I take a “break” from writing and creating – and it just plain sucks!!)….anyways, I digress..

    I JUST hired a VA starting September 1!

    Not exactly sure how this will be molded into my budding biz, but I know I need HELP. I figure that since my livelihood is based on others having the guts to “ask for help”, that by me actually doing the same it will just bring more karmic love to the entire equation.

    And, the next step is to find a good housekeeper to come in and do some deep cleaning every 2 weeks or so!

    Irene xo!

  15. Great advice. Totally agree with you. I love the techy stuff with my website and Infusionsoft. It makes me feel good to know the back-end so my hands aren’t tied when I want to make a quick change. My problem is that I am a control freak and it isn’t the money that holds me back but letting go of the control to another person. I had some bad experiences with VAs, but now finally found a company that is helping me out with VA and web stuff. Little by little I am outsourcing and it feels good. I feel like a CEO now.

    • marie

      Nice Debi! The control piece is huge, and, essential to ‘let go’ of in order create something that lives and breathes without you.

  16. I love it! As mean and lean as you can. I just started a new freelance writing business, and I finally came up with a plan because of this exact same question. For example, once I reach certain landmark goals, I’ll upgrade and consider outsourcing (like, when my blog gets 1,000 hits a month I’ll upgrade the site to its own domain and a Thesis theme). It’s something to look forward to. 🙂

  17. Love this topic! I’m a graphic designer and I really wanted to learn how to build custom WordPress sites. I had basic HTML experience but was determined to learn so I build my site myself as well as some other client sites. But now that I’ve mastered it and have that skill set, I’ve realized that it’s not something I want to do ALL the time… it’s something I love knowing how to do and makes me of even greater service to my clients. But for the most part now, I hire that piece out because it’s not my passion.

    Thank you for another great video! xo

  18. Thanks, Marie, for this great post! When I first started out I had a hard time trusting other people to do the work that I could easily do (even though I didn’t enjoy all of it). But with time I realized that I felt so much more creative and free when I did hire out someone to help me with my accounting, customer service and website maintenance.

    It made such a difference in both of my businesses and I couldn’t imagine doing everything myself now. And, as a side note, because I hired other people to help, I was able to sell my company – had I still been doing everything myself, there’s no way I could have sold it.

    • marie

      Hey Andreea! Did you sell your t-shirt company? So exciting – do fill us in on the scoop 🙂

  19. awesome video. glad I finally got it thanks to you. having help for simple tasks and what I cannot do that stresses me out was the best thing i ever did. LOVE the bloopers… Odesk is a great resource, love it.

  20. They key really is delegating to people who can do it better than you.

  21. People are always so worried about what they SHOULD be doing they forget that it is okay to do the things they love doing just because they love it. Owning a business doesn’t mean you always wear your poker face.

    Another great way to find some snazzy freelancers AND get your brand in front of the noses of some folks is to crowdsource.

    Here’s some more sites to add to the plethora of hire-a-freelancer resources already mentioned: (for tedious tasks)

  22. Great topic! And I love your answer, it’s a smart way to look at it! It wouldn’t make sense otherwise… let’s say an artist starts a blog to promote her work… she can’t outsource the making of her art… and anyways that’s what she should be enjoying the most!

  23. Thanks for sharing this, Marie! I will definitely bookmark and refer back to this video as a reminder that (as much as I’d love to) I can’t do it all myself.

    One thing I’ve learned being self-employed, is that it is OKAY to hire someone else to do things (that’s if it fits in the budget). It’s taken me years to accept that, yes, someone else can do the books and make the fliers and business cards (and can probably do a better job at it, and be more efficient). Also, a big thing for me, is reminding myself that, yes, I do deserve and can afford a part-time design assistant when things get overwhelming.

    I guess there is a fine-line, and trying to create that balance is challenging, especially with a limited budget. Allowing yourself to hire others/outsource is a huge challenge. But then, again, allowing yourself to keep your sanity and inner peace is what’s important at the end of the day. Thanks again, for a fun, insightful video!

  24. Another great video Marie!

  25. How timely! My friend and I just had lunch and this topic came up – what to do ourselves and what not to, when it comes to writing website and blog content, marketing, videos, etc. Great advice and especially agree with learning it yourself first and then outsourcing when your business is more profitable and/or deciding on what to outsource so you can spend less and still get the best return. Cool video and thanks for sharing your own examples!

  26. As a “recovering control freak” I’ve gotten pretty good over the past couple of years at outsourcing and letting go – and yes, it does feel mighty fine to have folks in place that support my biz so I don’t have to work 24/7. Loved your point #3 re: doing the stuff you enjoy – I will still have the occassional “geek out” night doing stuff that my team should be doing, but that I actually really like doing sometimes… almost like a brain-break from regular biz.

    Curious for your thoughts Marie re: outsourcing stuff at home – when i think of things like getting someone in to help with meal prep & cooking it makes me feel guilty/wierd… not quite sure how to explain it. If I could outsource anything in my world getting some help with cooking and such would be it – yet i’m resisting this in a huge way. For some reason i’m good at outsourcing in my biz but suck at outsourcing/getting support with stuff on the homefront.

    • marie

      Hey Tina! You bring up a fantastic point here. Many women feel guilty and weird about this, and I suspect it has to do with old, genetic, gender role programming. Ancient ideas and beliefs – many subconscious – that we’ve inherited. Many women (I’m raising my hand here!) were brought believing that we need to care of the home – cook, clean, shop, decorate, keep the household running, etc. Having someone else do the home stuff can evoke a strange sense that we’re somehow “failing” as women. Weird, uncomfortable and of course, not true at all. I will tell you that getting support on the homefront is well, well worth working through the funky guilt issues it brings up 😉 Please keep me posted!

  27. Thank you Marie – HOW do you make these blogs so timely??!!!!!

    I recently started outsourcing some tasks to virtual PA’s in India – instruct them in the afternoon and the time difference means tasks are completed the next morning – we like-y efficiency!

    – Razwana

  28. Terry makes a terrific point about the hidden cost factor of the time that it takes you to explain a task to someone else.

    And I, too, tend to be a curious person who loves the entire process of learning and in fact, built my first website myself using WordPress and a few tutorials. The beauty of learning to do things for yourself, too, is that you won’t be sold a bill of goods. Particularly in the technical arena, if you don’t have a clue about the web – about WordPress or social media or email marketing – it makes it easy for you to be taken advantage of, price-wise.

    Fabulous video Marie, as always! Thanks.

  29. Hi Marie,

    This is a great post! My business partner and I are currently working on some new content after completing blog posts. I currently use for webinars. Laura referred me to Screenflow and I have been experimenting with that. I would like a more professional set up. I love the brick background and quality of your videos. When looking to hire out for this, what should I ask for and how much should I be willing to pay? Is this something an intern could possibly do?

    Thanks! Barbara

  30. So entertaining as usual. Who knew dodgy French and Chinese accents could reel me in to watch a video…But they do! You’re hilarious and brilliant. Thank you!

  31. Marie: I new to watching your Q&As. I’m a reluctant video watcher, but today your topic grabbed by the jugular and wouldn’t let me walk away.

    Biggest insight: I’m on track! Yippee! I’m outsourcing some simple stuff and have help with stuff I don’t want to do, and I’m looking for new activities that I don’t want to do to train up on someone else.

    Second insight: It would be useful for me to review what i really love to do and find ways to do more of that!

    To get on the implementation train: I’m going to make a list, chat it up with my mastermind buddy and then find ways to outsource the other stuff, even more!

    Thanks for your fun enthusiastic approach to all this business stuff!

  32. Hi all

    Two excellent resources to source cheap help for internet ‘stuff’ are:


  33. Your Q&A just helped me confirm that I do need some support with my new business. However, as you mentioned, with a new business funds are tight and I’m not quite there – in terms of income – to hire out yet.

    Lucky for me, I recently had someone contact me about doing a services trade. What a gift to me! As a holistic practitioner, I can give her acupuncture treatments, and in return she’s willing to help me with my business tasks.

    I thought this idea may be helpful for those who realize they need to outsource, but cannot quite afford to do so yet.

    Thanks Marie!

  34. Brenda Coleman

    I am launching my business and the one task holding me back is web design. I don’t want to learn WordPress beyond the very basic info. I am not a creative person. I decided to seek out a web designer today. Now I can move past Module 2 of B-School and focus on content, list building & creating programs.

  35. Hi from ‘Down Under’ Marie!

    Thanks for this video. You’re so gorgeous. I’m preparing to launch my first training program ‘Veggie Patch: From Scratch’, and while it’s coming together I’m reminding myself to jot down how I do things. I made a ‘Procedures’ folder on my desktop and each new process, such as ‘Uploading Video to Youtube’, ‘Formatting Blog Post’, ‘Setting up Follow Up Sequence in Infusionsoft’ gets documented as I go. So I’m creating procedures on the fly to be able to pass on to a VA once the money starts coming in and I get too busy to do these things myself.

    I also love knowing the back-end of everything, but I know with my ‘maximiser & learner’ personality I’ll quickly tire of doing them myself. I don’t usually like to repeat something I’ve already learnt. So the procedures documents should come in very handy when passing that stuff on.

    Thanks again for your video and all the goodness you and Laura shared in B-School. You totally rock. And… speak French! :p xxx

  36. Hey Marie – fabulous vid this week. perfect advice and what I needed to hear – as always.

    Love the French accent……….xoxo

    Oh and the end of the clip – precious!

  37. Marie,
    Can I say you are awesome? I so appreciate your format, content and your execution is clear, concise and totally digestable! Thank you. You rock! Please come visit the PNW.

  38. You know what’s amazing? When you wake up on Wednesday morning (because you live in Seoul and have to wait a whole extra day for Q&A Tuesday) to see that Marie Forleo answered your question and filled it with amazing advice.

    Thank you thank you, Marie! I really loved your points about doing something because it’s fun, and, of course, the ever-magically trusting your gut. A few decisions I’d been struggling with seemed so clear after watching your video. And it reminded me that I can always *try* something (like doing video myself), and if it stops being fun, then I can go ahead and hire someone.

    You’re the best!

  39. This is a grat question and one I think a lot of us wrestle with daily. There is also the issue of control, fear of letting go and trusting personal judgement about who is s suitable replacement for us. Not easy elements to deal with, but they do need to be tackled when deciding about delegation.

  40. Nicole Rowan Holt

    Hey Marie. The timing of this q n a was perfect. Thank you thank you thank you. I look foward to Tuesday every week. It keeps me focused on ME, profit and the fulfilment of my life’s purpose (being a Entrep and a Mum). Sending you pleasure filled vibes from Down Under

  41. Thanks so much for this video. Here’s what I loved:
    1. Thanks for sharing that your book was self-published first. I didn’t realize that. I’d love to hear more about that process and how you went from small publishing to major.
    2. Thanks SO much for saying that if you love doing something you should keep doing it, and for using the video example. I LOVE playing around with website design and html coding and can spend HOURS/DAYS -until my butt gets sore from sitting- working on my website. And I LOVE learning it and the big AHA moment of figuring out something that seemed impossible. It makes me feel like a freakin’ GENIUS! Even though I know some coder could have done it in 5 minutes. 🙂

  42. This is perfect timing!

    I just hired my first V.A this week – just for two days a week and I’m thrilled. It’s a learning curve hiring someone else, but I need to learn to give up control as I did EVERYTHING in my business myself for so long 🙂

    Can’t wait for RHH live – I’m coming over from Australia!

  43. Marie,
    Funny – I almost didn’t watch this week’s vid, because I thought it wasn’t relevant to me. Outsourcing sounds so…’I’m already in the middle of my business,’…and I’m still at the beginning stages. Well, I’m glad I did, because you talked about your first videos, and I realized there are a million things I don’t know yet, but could be fun to learn. What’s empowering at this point is actually NOT having the money to invest all over the place, because it’s making me resourceful, creative, and curious to find other solutions. If I just went around paying others for everything, I wouldn’t learn as much.
    One quick Q – what kind of Flip camera did you use as a neophyte?
    Thanks for your clarity & spunk! See you at RHH!

  44. Marie, I absolutely love what you are doing. I agree with you on the fact that it’s sometimes enjoyable to do some things that you could have just have easily hired out. I am in the process of learning and becoming better with iMovie for my videos and it’s great to have a break from all the other business activities that I must do.

    I know that after I am satisfied with what I’ve learned/accomplished on iMovie that I am going to hire someone to handle all of my video editing but at this point it’s still fun.

    Another website that I’ve used for outsourcing is Craigslist and I’ve also hired local college students for smaller tasks. It gives them good experience and we can sometimes get them to intern with us for free so that could be another valuable asset to your viewers.

    Keep up the great work,

  45. Hi Maria!

    Fantastic video! I enjoyed all your tips. This is something that I have been looking into myself. I need to free up more time to create! Thanks for the suggestions of where we can go to get help.

    You ROCK!!


  46. Nerd alert: I love tweaking my web design on a Friday night. Not gonna outsource that one!

  47. Great video!

    Definitely need to understand the budgeting aspect. If it makes sense and can get you a real return on Investment, then you can choose to do it or not. But as Marie says, if it’s something you enjoy don’t let it go to someone else.

    Let the menial stuff or stuff you just can’t do go to someone else to help you with it. That’s what outsourcing is for…

    Again great vid.

  48. Jennifer

    I finally hired a PT assistant in June and have been so happy to have experienced more freedom to get more important things done. However, recently in working on a new project and knowing that my resources are limited, I decided to forego hiring someone who wanted more money than I felt was reasonable to put together a simple website for my new project. So, I found space in my calendar and am taking the steps to put it together now. Thank you for reconfirming that sometimes you’ve still got to do something’s yourself!

  49. Hi Marie,
    This is my first comment on your blog. I have only very recently stumbled upon it. Thank you for sharing these great tips . I’m re-starting my biz for various reasons- so I’m exactly in that place . I have to do all of it ..when I would love to outsource some of it. But maybe in the future .. when I roll in all that money, honey !! lol 🙂
    BTW, you do a sleek chinese accent !!

  50. thandi

    Hi Marie
    I’m loving these videos on Q&A. I’m on a process of building my own business, my challenge is I’m really scared. I’m so passionate about this business and know once it’s started it will flourish. Q: How do I overcome this very overwhelming fear and just start?

  51. Yes, yes, yes! I’d add to that when growing a business, it’s also helpful to think about what aspects of your personal life can be outsourced using your same criteria for return on investment and passion. Grocery runs and other errands, house cleaning, home maintenance, and other chores are more easily/affordably delegated than work that you perform for your business which may require tutelage or more expensive skills. So I recommend delegating first from your personal life, then start peeling off responsibilities in the biz as you can afford or wish.

  52. Thanks, Marie! Sage advice, as always : )

  53. Man, I love experiencing your feminine radiance!

    Don’t know if Eben turned you onto some o that supa dupa fly David Deida shit but it seems like you embody what he professes when he talks about how magnetic women are when they shine love.

    And if you haven’t exposed yourself to the awesomeness that is Deida, I HIGHLY recommend it. It add a whole new level of deeper-than-your-average-marketer insights you could lend to ladies and gents who are your raving fans.

    Keep beaming Girly!

  54. Thank you for giving me PERMISSION to do it because it’s fun or because I like it! That’s probably been my biggest mental roadblock around outsourcing. Rock on lady! 🙂

  55. Oooh, first week of my virtual assistant over and it’s addictive to delegate. I find it’s given me more energy and less procrastination as well!

  56. You must somehow have super special radar to know exactly what questions I need answered each week! How do you do it???? My biz partner and I were discussing this very thing this week, you offered some awesome insight. I just taught myself imovie and am filming on a flip cam 🙂 but I am enjoying that process, even if it means that’s the work I get to at 2 AM. I do see that some administrative tasks that I spend hours on could be done by someone else.
    Thanks Marie, loved it today!!!!

  57. Love it Marie. I’m gonna keep on keepin on with my home videos!

  58. Suzanne

    Thanks, Marie,
    As usual great insight and advice.

  59. Thanks for tackling this topic. Delegating and outsourcing is sooo important for stress management!

  60. Fabulous. I’m sitting here doing something I enjoy that I could have outsourced but quality control is important to me. I admire you for learning I-Movie – I haven’t done that yet – my sister is a very successful film producer and when we get a moment she’s going to give me some tips on all this. I am meeting an outfit this week – so another dilmemma, choose the relative or the alternative? And don’t get me started on collaborating with friends – I do, and I am passionate about it, but it requires careful handling to keep friendship and work on the track! I do my own tax returns as well, rather than outsourcing them to – one of my best friends who is an accountant and very good but very busy. If things expand, in-house will have to change, tho’. I love the kitchen table origin of so many businesses, and keeping the ‘family’ analogy – the important thing is not to overwhelm yourself with the stuff you do keep in-house. Balance is all!

  61. Marie,

    Thank you. You continue to be a tremendous resource for me and my biz. I <3 you!

  62. Marie,
    Love your videos, I have a question, what camera, microphone lighting and editing equipment do you use? I love to know… Ingrid

  63. Marie, this is so important for us. I hired an assistant back in December and it has given me so much more time to focus on building my business and holding the vision of where I want to see it grow.

  64. Henna

    I love the way you started yourself with. Though you can allocate that time some of your resource to other people to work it out clean but out of curiosity, you learned! I agree. First thing that an entrepreneur should have is the experience on the things you want to have business on. Not a thorough experience but an experience of how to maximize and improve it. This leads you to understand who you would want to hire and explain the things needed for you to edit the way you missed on doing by yourself.

  65. Awesome Marie! I agree, let’s keep doing the things we love…

    And to those who do want to delegate their video work,
    check out my website at
    [email protected]

    I’ll keep an eye out for the next video!

  66. Harry

    I really enjoy watching on your video and I learn so many things about outsourcing tips, dos and don’ts. I carefully watch everything from the start until the end because I know that every detail is very important and connected to each other.

  67. Excellent advice Marie. I also think there are some things it’s just really worth learning to do yourself especially if you have an internet based biz. 🙂

  68. Brilliant, Marie. These are the exact filters I’ve been using to decide what to outsource and what to do myself, but once again, that “beginner insecurity” kicked in and I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing or not. Thanks for the confirmation. I really need to trust my gut more!

  69. Jo

    Great insight and always a question to keep asking. Love the first bit….. OVERHEAD! And I too think its important in the beginning to know how things are done then when you can afford to outsource, you can outsource and brief the properly, otherwise things can get a little confusing AND expensive! Jx

  70. Claire


    Just wanted to say Hi from the UK! and that I found this really useful Ive been struggling abit with should I outsource my website and copywriting. Im not very good at either but thought that I should be able to do this but after watching this I have decided this is best for me

    Thanks again


  71. Marie, great advice once again but it was the last line that had me crackin up! you are a pretty funny girl who happens to be pretty.. and funny.. 😉


  72. By delegating responsibilities to another person we can wash our hands off functions that are difficult to manage.

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