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Are you one of those people who have a lot of passions and have trouble knowing which one to choose?

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Click To Tweet

When you’re multipassionate, it can get hairy fast. For example, when it comes to your website, do you put everything under one umbrella or keep them separate?

This, my friend, is a struggle that I’m intimately familiar with.

Not being able to just choose that ONE THING to do with your life can be really frustrating and painful. Both for your psyche and for your net worth.

In today’s video, I’ll share two key frameworks that helped me get out of the grey zone of indecision and move ahead as a multipassionate entrepreneur with clarity and purpose.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear two things.

First, tell me how you can apply the frameworks from this video to improve your business right now.

Second, let me know if you have other tips to move out of the grey zone of indecision that I mention.

Because whether you’re multipassionate or not, making clear and fast decisions when you have a lot of options at your fingertips is an important skill for us all.

Please share your experiences and insights in detail as your story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Thank you so much for reading and watching!


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  1. The 10 year question. LOVE IT.. This is what I need to ask myself.. I’m the same. I have 100 interests, 100 skills sets, 100 passions.. but I understand the focus niche piece.. that’s what I teach. Thanks Marie, no idea how I found you, but love these videos..

    • Nicole

      I agree with the ten year question. That’s awesome. I’d love to know how this can apply to genres of photography- which is what I am passionate about pursuing. I love weddings, boudoir, glamour and fashion (ie. models). Some say you should have a separate website and/or blog for weddings versus all of the other stuff you do. What do you think?

      • Teresa Downing

        I think one website with links to the different types of photography you do would work really well, because this gives people an opportunity to learn about your style. We have an amazing photo studio in my town, and the photographers feature their work online for potential customers. They do all types of events & occassions, and I really enjoyed getting ideas for my daughter’s senior photos from perusing the specialty links on their site. Their company is so dynamic, diverse, and excellent, that they are getting invitations to do photography all over the world! Having a portfolio online is a venue for them to communicate their talents doing 4-5 key types of photography.

    • I agree! It’s my favourite question and one I ask myself and clients all the time. It makes such a difference.
      Great Q&A Marie, loved it… as always!

    • TShaw

      Hi Marie:

      Great Q&A. I’m loving the videos!! I so believe that when you are ready to push forward into your destiny… the books you need will fall off the shelf and the people you must meet will appear in your path. I’m in my early 40s and am just getting it. Whether I pursue my passion or not based on my age… not doing so wont stop time from passing. Time invested in me is NEVER time wasted. I love it!

    • This is an interesting twist on Suzi Welch’s 10-10-10 concept that she included in a book (and first in O magazine) for decision making: Will it matter (or make a difference) in 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years? It takes the 10 year advice and adds a couple of dimensions. Nonetheless Marie – this was a great video!

  2. First!!! Love this Q and your A as it’s something that I’ve been dealing with as well. While I have a lot of different passions, for me the way I deal with indecision is to work all of my different interests from a similar angle. I love fashion, writing, travel, blogging, social media and content marketing so I’m taking those passions and rolling them into different sites and blogs under one large umbrella.

    However, I am totally with you on building out one area before moving on to the next, so I have my main site as my focus and once that is going well, move on to other areas and apply similar techniques for success.

    Thanks for a rocking Q&A Tuesday

  3. Fantastic ‘A’ Marie! This is an issue so many of us struggle with… I have to remind myself from time to time to STAY FOCUSED on my key message ~ thanks for the refresher and for bringing even further clarity to this ‘q’! Love ya!

  4. I learned from Gay Hendricks to spend as much time as I can working in my zone of Genius. That cuts down on too many passions and narrows it down!

  5. Bre

    You’ve got to niche if you want to get rich!

  6. Great video. What I found is that by simply taking action in one area, i was able to incorporate all my passions into my business eventually. I didn’t even realize I could do it, so I think it just naturally comes forward for you if they are TRUE passions and you don’t force it to work all at once. I feel so fortunate to watch it unfold nicely without me getting in the way.

  7. Sonal

    You had me at “felt like I was schizophrenic.”

    I have a business that I am passionate about, however, at the moment I am in the midst of the grunt work on 2 separate projects (plus I have a related job that keeps the bills paid) and just trying to keep up with them has me switching hats constantly–it’s less enjoyable now, but it’s something that I have to see through. Then on top of that, I have a creative pursuit that I would one day like to do full-time, but am right now still working on. On top of this I try to have a life.

    Schizo? You betcha.

  8. This Q&A came at just the right time. Thank you, Marie! Tweeting this, as always! 🙂

  9. Zinger, Marie! This topic seems to be coming up a lot lately and has been a real sticking point for me. Just because I CAN doesn’t mean I SHOULD…oh, but the temptation is so real!

    FYI: my 93 year old father believes that indecision is the cause of more unhappiness in the world than almost any other state of being.

  10. One of my favorite MF quotes is “Clarity emerges from rolling up your sleeves and just doing the damn thing.” Specifically it helps to go with what “seems” to be the right step, moving confidently even though you don’t have a guarantee. No duh, in all the important things in life, there are no guaranteed immediate outcomes. But if you keep working at the damn thing, you do get what you want. xo

  11. Thanks Marie, again, for such a timely Q & A. As a writer with the creative faucet fully flowing, it’s not writer’s block that I struggle with, it’s whether to write the memoir, the business book, the e-book, the blog, or the freelance magazine articles first. I put the blog first, although it generates no income, but it is building me a platform and keeps me toned & juiced. OK. So what next? Books or magazines? Freelance will provide income, which I need short term, and the books are a larger investment of time and will provide a greater payoff, both creatively & financially. Both/and I say!
    Therefore, based on my gut, and your wise words, I will keep up the online writing (10/hrs/wk – for me), focus intently on freelance work as my main source of income (20/hrs/wk – making that my main ‘job’), and work on the book (10/hrs/wk – the business one first) on the weekends. My decision is to say YES to my writing, and specifically those 3 for now, and keep the boundaries between them firm, so that each prospers, not suffers.
    As for tips on moving out of the grey zone of indecision? This I know well. It doesn’t matter WHAT you choose, it’s THAT you choose. Of course, this shouldn’t be willy-nilly, but the law of inertia can take over: objects that are stuck, stay stuck. You can alter and re-evaluate at any time, so just choose, and get the party started!

    • camila

      “I have all the time in the world”. I said it out loud. Do you have a twitter? Would like to follow.

      • Camila~
        Thanks! On Twitter, I’m @offpeaklife. You?

    • Thank you Marie for this great video! The Q&A fits me like a glove, so thank you for discussing this topic.

      Hi Kellie,
      Love your comment! I am a blogger and have dabbled with freelance content writing. I also struggle with ‘I’m going to write a post, wait I’m working on ideas for my memoir, what about a self-help book or should I start my own business, I have an interest in spirituality’ and so on. So yes, I can relate to that feeling of being all over the map and almost scattered like Dory the fish. lol
      I’ve been researching the likelihood of freelancing and/or submitting articles to magazines but am scared to pieces by what I read online about how close to impossible it is to get published. So besides the multiple ideas, there is the element of fear. So yes, I am in that grey zone and have been for a while. You’re absolutely right about it’s time to just choose!

  12. Thank you, Marie, good stuff as usual.

    Actually, I’ve been trying to choose the right way to move forward as well lately, so this advice in really needed.

    I totally agree on ‘acting instead of thinking’ framework. The thing is, I think, indecision comes from being afraid of starting to act in the wrong direction. What do you do then? What if you start a serious project and THEN realise it’s the wrong thing?))

    Thank you again,


  13. I agree with Debi, I think that you can find yourself incorporating all of your passions if you just take the next step that you feel inspired to take. Move forward with what you feel in your heart is your next step and don’t worry about how it’s all going to work out. And perhaps some passions are just for ourselves, just for us to enjoy. I have a passion for yoga but that’s for me….I would never want to teach it or do anything else with it other than enjoy it for myself and my body, etc.

    I also think that it’s important to really be honest about our true desires, what’s really in our hearts, versus what we “think” we want to do because we’re motivated by money or something else. As long as we follow our trued desires, I think money and everything else will follow.

  14. I live in my head way too much! and I love how you said that to make decisions you just have to take action. That’s something that I have been working on over the years and can still work on some (actually a lot) more. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Loved this Q&A! I have lots of interests and although I have managed to narrow it down for the time being to launch a business, this is really helpful for all the other ideas I have floating around in my noggin’!

  16. I recently learned (but I’m sure you’re not surprised, Marie) that researchers at the University of Michigan’s found that the ability to make decisions quickly is a dependable predictor of well-being. As you said in the video, it’s also KEY to business success.

    I’ve crafted a new offer and I’ve been *thinking* about launching it in October. After watching your video I’ve decided to hand select 3 potential clients and ask them, straight up, if they’d like to join. Nothing like a little engagement to get some clarity, right?!

    In moments of decision I also love to remember what Teddy Roosevelt once said: “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

    Thanks again for another awesome video, Marie!

  17. LOL, this sounds a LOT like me!

    Some thoughts:
    – Look for ways to combine. Can you be a social media marketing expert for musicians? What about for athletes or personal trainers? The more you can combine passions in a business, the more likely you are to maintain interest over the long term.
    – How productive and focused are you in a given day? While I agree with Marie that for most people, picking one is the best solution, there are those (like me) who do better with more on their plate. If you find yourself cycling through projects in a day and find your productivity declining the longer you have to work on something, then you may well be able to handle more than one online business. The key is to focus on making sure every action is in that 20% that gets results, and to find others to help you with the other 80%. You do slow down progress on individual projects somewhat when you take this route, but it is an option. 🙂

    • z

      Your advice helps me a lot. It was more helpful than the video. Thank you!

  18. i remember the first time i heard you say ‘clarity comes from engagement not from thought.” it made such an impact on me because i SO tend to live in my thoughts but i was afraid of doing it wrong. this is such a hard habit to break but today’s video was the perfect reminder of why it’s important to take action. thanks mama!

  19. Thank you! I have been struggling with this Q for quite some time, and you offered up immediate clarity. This is information I really needed :].

  20. John Shiarella

    Excellent Video… (for guys as well 😉

  21. AWESOME! Great info – as a multi-talented, multi-passion’ed’ person, I can so totally relate to this problem. For me the golden nugget was: “Clarity comes from engagement not thought” – WHEW!!! Thank you!

  22. You always seem to have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with me personally – how do you do that?

    Love what you’re saying and I’ve so found that it’s true. As I grow my business I’m definitely learning where my strengths are and what I’m good at – but I had to actually DO to get to this point.

    Thanks for all you do, Marie.

  23. You’re always helpful! “Clarity comes from engagement not thought” – very powerful! Thanks for all your insight 🙂

  24. Great vid and advice Marie! I totally GET the multipassionate thing! I thankfully figured that out a while back, and have narrowed it down on my blog. I still tend to do multiple things on Facebook and other social media though, think I’ll re-work that and see if there are any significant changes that occur!

    You are always so fun to watch, and learn from! You make it fun! Thanks for everything you do!

  25. Marie, you have taught me sooooo much about this over the 2 years that I’ve been following you. You are a wonderful example and role model of how to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and do it in a way that gets me where I want to be, and brings in the money, without getting lost wandering around and dabbling in this and that and never really doing anything. 😉

    Thank you for modeling this so well and sharing your tips and strategies! 🙂 You rock!

  26. I love this question, too! I’ve always wondered about the same thing, because I have a gazillion interests and passions.

    Problem is, I didn’t get advice and now I find myself with a handful of blogs I’m juggling. I struggled for months, but I’ve finally found a rhythm I’m comfortable with. I feel now that I’m able to pursue most of the things I love without getting frazzled or neglecting any one of them — well, not for too long anyway.

    I think I’m too far along my path to use your frameworks so let me add a tip:

    The key is not to compartmentalize ourselves. For example, I’m not just a Mom. I’m a Mom who’s also a copywriter and marketing consultant. I’m not just a copywriter and consultant, but I’m also a baker and crafter.

    I’m so glad you tackled this question. I’m sure the frameworks you provided will help many.

  27. Great Q + A, Marie! I definitely struggle with this one and I know a lot of other entrepreneurial types do too! Thanks so much for the advice!

  28. This quote from a true artist seems appropriate here:

    “It is good to love many things, for therein lies strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done with love is well done.”
    – Vincent Van Gogh

    Thanks Marie. I believe sooooo many of us struggle with this. We are not two dimensional; humans are juicy, 3D creatures with many facets. It’s had to flatten ourselves down into 2D for the digital world. It feels confining.

  29. Great stuff Marie, I struggle with this as do 99% of the entrepreneurs I work with. I like to remind myself that I can do it all but just not necessarily on the timescale I have in my head! Slooooow it down….


  30. I love “You have to take action, in one direction or the other, and start to feel your way.” (literally backed it up 3 time to make sure it really sunk in). I’ve felt like I’ve been jumping around, throwing my ideas out into the world, and making a huge mess. But at this moment I can see I was simply “taking action & seeing what feels right”. And Eureka! I think I’ve found it with my most recent ebook. It’s creating chatter on the ‘inter-web’, bringing up lots of fears inside me (good sign I’m on target) and this one little ebook has people asking “what’s next?” – and I have the answers! It feels like it’s falling together, embracing a lot of my quirks & passions (not all). But is also focused on a niche I love to work with.
    I think this is the “It” for the next phase of my business life. Knowing full well I can start on something new again, after really sinking my teeth into this one. Love, love this topic! Thanks for giving me a little extra peace of mind this morning. ~ Loralee

  31. Vanessa

    You’re awesome Marie! I can totally relate to you and this particular topic. I too am a hip-hop dancer, I love marketing, fashion, and have many passions. I too at one point wanted to become a professional hip-hop dancer around the same age and had the same thoughts. Focusing on one niche has been the biggest struggle for me. But you are absolutely right that ‘clarity comes from engagement not thought.’ Continuously thinking about something and never taking action will lead to the repeating of these thoughts in your head and drive you crazy. When you take action and engage, you answer your own questions, relieve anxiety and decisions are made.

  32. Ashley

    Loved this video! Because I’ve been there.

    I’ll be asking myself this more when it comes to the big decisions — If I don’t do this NOW, will I regret it in 10 years?

    Just bought my ticket to RHH Live! Yay – no regrets =)

  33. in a word….SUPERDUPER!

  34. I was struggling with this until recently. Now it’s all about getting organized.

    On Hedgehog & Rabbit, I used to post my business struggles and discoveries along side my crafts. I even wrote it into my about page as if anyone who came to see my crafts would also like to see how I worked as a business. They didn’t. But I did discover through all that, that I love helping people create a cohesive brand across all platforms, so I removed the business aspect from the blog and started a whole new venture with it. Since I already had a little content to start with, it’s been easy. The hard part will be pricing my product for value and figuring out what to offer for free. *sigh*

    Anyhow, this was an awesome question from Ricky and, though I already knew about your multiplicity, it’s always refreshing to hear about it from someone I admire. Thanks a bunch.

  35. I have been in “schizo” mode for awhile. I have so many passions in life and I have struggled with this same issue. I love the advice…thanks!

  36. Good point, Marie 🙂
    Can I put my own spin on it? 🙂
    Imagine a one-year old child that is focused.
    Imagine that one-year old is on a focused mission.

    That mission is to ‘learn to walk’
    First I shall walk, it says.

    Forget everything else. I’m going to learn to walk, and that’s it.

    And then I shall learn to talk.
    And then I shall learn a language. But only one language at a time.
    And no one-year old does that at all
    One-year olds have complex behaviour.
    They’re learning to walk, talk, balance, fall, speak, laugh.

    And do it all at once.

    Because one-year olds don’t read books on focus
    They don’t have some sage old guru whispering ‘focus thoughts’ in their ear.
    And so they do what the brain does naturally.
    So what does the brain do naturally?
    It does the same thing you do when you’re driving.
    It can enable you to change gears, listen to the radio, eat a banana, speak to a passenger, and still enjoy the stunning scenery.
    All while pumping blood to your heart, and helping the body fight germs, among other things.

    And that’s brain function in a nutshell.

    The brain network is like a complex bunch of highways, that crisscross, and yet meet.
    The more the crisscross, the more the activity in the brain.

    We think that focus is all-important
    But in fact, that ‘intense-one-thing-focus’ is actually counter-productive to the brain.
    So how do we know this to be true?
    Imagine if your brain only focused on what your feet were doing while driving.
    Imagine if it only focused on your hand-movement.
    Or your head.
    Maybe it figured that peripheral vision was a bit of a distraction.
    You’re getting the picture, right?
    The picture about focus is horribly um, unfocused…

    The most intelligent people in the world don’t concentrate on just one thing.
    They work on many things. But not simultaneously.

    And when I say ‘simultaneously’, I don’t mean ‘all at once.’

    The most intelligent people on the planet (both past and present) usually have a zillion projects going.
    Yup, at the same time.

    What they learn to do is compartmentalise

    And compartmentalisation is different from focus.

    Focus (at least how we’re taught) is to keep our heads down and master one thing till we get it.

    And compartmentalisation is doing many, many things in the course of one day, one month, one year.
    Knowing of course, what you’re going to do. And then setting the hours, weeks and months–and years
    aside to do what’s needed.

    In any given day, here’s what I do, for instance
    Let’s take today for instance.
    I’m learning about RSS Feeds to iTunes.
    I’m learning about Photoshop techniques.
    I listened to a presentation about how we’re asking the wrong questions about ‘cancer’.
    Based on something I heard, I’m listening to classical music (something I never did before).
    I’m writing this article too, as you’ve figured out, on an abstract topic of ‘focus.’
    And then for good measure I’ll draw some cartoons and learn some colouring techniques.
    And people would consider me talented.
    And focused. Like as if I was born with RSS in my brain.

    Ho! Ho! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!
    I had to laugh you know.

    Because the smartest people on the planet are considered talented
    But they’re not.

    They’re compartmentalised. They learn lots of things. And then apply lots of things.
    And then their brains put five and seventeen together and makes forty-four.
    Where as those that focus, put those numbers together and make twenty-two.

    You think Steve Jobs is focused on computers?
    Go speak to him. See how many topics he has a complete mastery over.
    You think Warren Buffet is focused on money? Go speak to him as well.
    You think the top brains in the world are focused on one thing?

    Uh, huh…
    The smartest people know that single-minded focus is counter-productive
    They know that the understanding of sound can improve a golf game.
    Or an understanding of music can improve their timing in a presentation.
    Or an understanding of cartoons can improve their knowledge in the world of search-engine optimisation.

    The smartest people do lots of things.

    But don’t believe me.
    Find the smartest person in your town.
    And go see the proof for yourself.

    It’s focus that causes us as individuals; as business owners; to lose our way
    We’re so focused, that we’re blind to every thing else.
    Focus isn’t where it’s at.
    Compartmentalisation is where it’s at

    A child does compartmentalisation.
    As in:

    I’ll learn to walk right now.
    Then I’ll say some goo-goo-gaa-gaa things.
    Then I’ll crawl a bit, because hey, I need to work on my balance so I don’t fall over.

    And I’ll do all of the above in the next twenty minutes.

    Compartmentalisation of many, many activities is what’s important

    Ask any one-year old. Or really smart person.
    And they’ll tell you.

    In three different languages, probably 🙂

    • Tahina McPherson


  37. When I saw this week’s question, I wondered for a moment, “Has anything changed since 2008?”

    2008 was my first attempt to work solely for myself in a full-time capacity–as a Coach/artist/writer/photographer.

    I was trying to get coaching clients, create art and book and hang art shows, write and get my articles published, and book photoshoots.

    Nope, nope, nope.

    In 2010, I entered the market again, this time just focusing on what I was most passionate about–Coaching, and doing it full-time instead of just part-time. This time, I’ve actually seen momentum!

    With that said, I’ve found that my Coaching focused has moved away from just one-on-one clients–I’ve been able to use my “other interest” in writing to create downloadable material. Sometimes when I’ve felt a bit tapped out on writing, I’ve updated my blog with a quick but fun photograph. There are lots of ways to incorporate the things that we love into a main passion.

  38. Most people want to do everything. 
They want to do blogs, websites, video, Twitter, Facebook and add another twenty thousand things to that list. What’s worse is that they get bad advice. People giving advice tell you, you should branch out, do different things. And that you if you do different things, you can become good at all of them all at once.

    I agree—only to disagree.
Yes, do twenty thousand things if you wish.  But understand that it’s like spinning plates.
If you spin one plate, then you can indeed put another plate. But that assumes you then are still in a position to spin the first plate.

    At all times, the plates need momentum. The more you put on, the more you have to watch. If one stops, then the whole thing crashes.

    This plate spinning isn’t marketing. It’s management. 
It becomes a nightmare in management more than anything else. If you can be brilliant in one field, then you can indeed go on to other fields. But would I recommend it all at once? I’d be very un-keen to do so.

    And I take my own advice.
I stopped cartoons to do marketing. And now that my marketing sites are well and truly spinning, I’ve gone back to cartoons (not commercially though).

    Now I have the ability to spin several plates without losing momentum.
    If you’re just starting up an online or offline business today with a store and no staff, etc., you could still do a few things  but nowhere close to what you could do in the future. Always make sure you have resources in place, before doing several things at a time. And there’s a bit of a caveat too. Not only do you need the resources, but you also can bet that dozens of things will go wrong. And you’ll need chaos time as well.

    Spin all the plates you want. 
But first get started with one. Then even as that is spinning, add another. And another. But make sure that you can keep them all going. And you can see that Marie probably writes her own scripts, gets involved in the strategy, and delivers the video to the audience. And at the same time she’s probably crazy busy with the upcoming conference (which I’m sure will be verrrrrry cool).

    This plate-spinning is multi-faceted, but as you get better at it, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard. Or you can get help (as Marie does).
    But you can manage it. And you can do it faster than ever before.
So what am I saying? I’m strongly suggesting you spin plates. But don’t try start with eight at once, will ya?

    • Kate

      Great advice

    • Tahina McPherson

      Great advice!

  39. Thanks Maria! terrific advice – and exactly what I needed to hear today!!!
    The 10 Year question answered it for me. I could’ve stopped there cause it truly hit the nail on the head.
    But, also needed to hear that focus and kill it in one area first – to be successful in online biz! and a great reminder that focus doesn’t mean ignoring your other passions.
    A million thanks!!

  40. Wow Marie. That’s exactly what I needed to hear 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  41. Hi Marie,

    I’m definitely multipassionate aka ‘schizo’ as well! I’m a dancer, a teacher, a math & science geek, an entrepreneur, a coach, and so much more. I’m always doing ‘too many things’, but that’s the way that my personality works. If I ever focus too much on one business or job, I get depressed and a lot less productive.

    I really like your distinction of taking action to see how it feels rather than trying to work it out in your head. I’ve found that to be so true – gotta start moving forward on something, and then you can always change course once you’re going.

    Thanks for a great video! 🙂

  42. Hi Marie,

    I am new to your site and to the whole RHH concept, but so far, I really love what I see. This latest post really resonated with me because I am just starting to build my holistic and metaphysical healing practice and in the process of doing that I am also continuing my education and going after several different healing certifications. I never really thought about it much until now, but practicing all of these different modalities means that I won’t be focusing on the 1 or 2 that I love the most and honing my craft. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but your post helped me to see the light in this area; for that, I thank you.

    In terms of what else people can do to get out of that “gray zone,” I will share something that I just came to terms with last night: Take baby steps. I tend to be the type of person that is impatient and wants what she wants right now, and I’ll be honest – Giving into these instant-gratification impulses has always caused me problems thus far in life. Therefore, I am challenging myself, and I’ll challenge anyone else who is up to it to take baby steps each and every day towards what we want our lives to be. I have a strong feeling that when all is said and done it will be well worth it.

  43. Great video! PS- You look totally skinny!

    The biggest thing I’ve learned when it comes to indecision is just DO IT! You might fail (multiple times) but then you learn what you like and what you don’t like. You might think you’re passionate about vegan food and want to start a coaching business and teach it to the world. Try it. You might realize that’s really not what you want to do for a living, but at least now you know. Or, you might absolutely love it and start bringing in the cash.

    Action is the key! Then you really figure out what you lovvve to do.

    • Hi Karie,
      You’ve got a great point. It’s better to make the choice (and risk possible ‘failure’) than to never do it at all. You could end up loving it.

      • Thanks, Jennifer! We can all drive ourselves crazy with ‘thinking’ about what we want to do. I have learned SO much through just doing, doing, doing even if it doesn’t work out exactly as I wanted.

  44. Shirley Savage

    Hey, Marie

    Great advice! I’m right at the same crossroads as Ricky, so this Q&A is great for me.

    Thank you for your positive outlook, your spirituality and your passion to help others.

  45. Way to tap that A Marie! 😉

    Just recently I had to reign myself in again because I wanted to go off and start creating on an old project… but I have this big dream project that I know will change people’s business lives, so I’m just going to put my energy there until it’s ready to blossom. Yeah!

  46. I happened to be watching this video with my husband who happens to struggle with indecision paralysis as well. He found your approach very amusing to say the least! Personally, I agree…when I’m torn on a choice, I often realize that I need to make some sort of movement and see how things feel. Thank you of the great reminder that this is a legit approach!

  47. Thank you so much once again for this great video! I love the idea of asking myself if I would regret not to do something in 10 years… While you were speaking, I tried it with a few things… and there are some things I wish I was doing now but I know I wouldn’t REGRET not doing them… It helped me clear my huge list of passions!

  48. Thanks Marie! What a great question to keep yourself in check…asking whether you’ll regret “not” doing something in 10 years. I am going to use that often!

    As far as being multi-passionate, awesome advice too…notice how you feel about something. I ask myself: Does this give me energy or drain my energy? That’s an immediate indicator on whether to go forward or not.

    I think that in order to move out of indecision you have to learn to be very truthful with yourself when something isn’t working. A lot of times, resistance to change (lack of self honesty) will keep you from making a decision to move forward.

    I LOVE Q & A Tuesdays! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  49. Hey Marie,

    So THIS is my niche… Multipotentiality. 🙂

    I agree with a lot of what you said, but not everything. You actually can include many topics in one business IF you have a strong overarching theme. Take Chris Guillebeau, for example, who writes about travel, productivity, personal development, self-employment, etc. These topics do not seem disconnected or out of place on his blog because he has a strong overarching theme: non-conformity.

    Tyler Terveroon writes about everything from mountain climbing to business to dating. His overarching theme? Risktaking. It works. It feels cohesive.

    I call this model the Renaissance Business (just wrote a book by the same name).

    Your advice here is helpful for some, I’m sure. But this type of advice is actually the reason that many of my clients come to me. I’m known as the coach who’s NOT going to push you to “pick a niche”. My main focus (talent?) seems to be helping people come up with strong overarching themes to bridge the gap between many different passions. (I totally have a thing for synthesizing ideas. So nerdy. Heh. 🙂

    Anyway, wonderful video and great topic! You’re awesome.

    • marie

      Hey Emilie – supa fast, I don’t disagree with you NOR do I push people to choose a niche (umm..have ya noticed my business? There’s a best-selling relationship book, hip-hop dance videos, business advice and personal development, social entrepreneurship, etc.) So… I agree AND it’s impossible for me to convey my entire philosophy on this complex topic in one video that’s under six minutes long. Plus, one approach does not work for every person. The strategies change depending on the individual, their unique strengths, etc. Some people thrive working on multiple things and, others will never gain traction unless they get one area cookin’ first. Great conversation though and I really dig what you shared!

      • Yeah, we’re in agreement. And you’re totally right. Your biz is an awesome mishmash of interests. Didn’t mean to be accusatory, it’s just a sensitive topic for my puttypeep. A lot of the business gurus out there do like to encourage us to deny our multidimensional selves, and it drives me crazy. I always feel like I need to stand up for ’em/us.

        But yeah, clearly you are one of us. 🙂

      • Tahina McPherson

        Great great great!!! Thank you!

    • z


  50. OMG can I relate! And as an expat trailing spouse I can do whatever I want – which was a bit intimidating at first…now I am coaching others through similar situations…and still doing my food thing as a club, which lets it happily reside on the side, not pressuring me but just available for my lovin’ when I choose! Great sifting process…love the 10 year question for that. DANKE from Switzerland!

  51. Rhonda

    Oh, I could have written this question myself. As a B-schooler (who loved it btw), my life came to a complete halt trying to figure this all out. I’m still working on it and gaining more clarity at the time. Biggest problem is that I just didn’t want to undo all the work I had already done and leave behind the little bit of following that I already have especially since it addressed my target market.

    Yep. I am a seriously multi passionate person and I felt every bit of this question. Every bit!

    • what I keep in mind is that marie is multi passionate, but i have only ever seen her promote ONE PROGRAM/EVENT at a time. You can have it all, but not all at once!

  52. Great Advice Marie.
    I’ve been in this same exact struggle! Many tools and pieces that I have knowledge and training in, as well as the variety of person I work with…..and JUST KNOWING that others struggle as I do is good for the soul. The whole “knowing I’m not alone” is HUGE!

    As per what I’ve done to help myself, this is it:

    What I’ve been focusing on now is taking an inventory of those that I AM working with and which ones really JUICE me up. Which area of my expertise am I continually going back to – so in essence, I’m observing my own actions and where I am the MOST useful for people. Then, when I have a great session with someone I say “I need MORE of that!” – and this is slowly forming how I am going to present myself and my services on my website.

    Irene. xx

  53. Danielle Ford

    Totally needed to see this today.. I’m gonna stop referring to it as “ADD” and start calling it “multi-passionate” 🙂 Again thanks for the great advice!!

  54. Love your work Marie! Found myself in the same predicament as your letter writing dude earlier this summer, and before I started panicking, I found myself just diving in, taking the actions necessary to “find a real job” like applications, call-backs, CV, resume and cover letter connecting, while I stormed ahead with making a website for a “sideline” business, doing the word-of-mouth work, AND made physical room by clearing out space in my home and setting up a work space for “passionate” silversmithing activity. Well, guess what? Even though I did not secure a “real job”, the action I took to get one sharpened my skill-set enough that I was more successful lining up clients for the “sideline” work, that provided funds which included a few materials for the “passion” silversmithing work. I hear things like, “Wow, could I hire you to help me do what you do?” and “What in the world would you want to have a cubicle job for, when you have all this great stuff going on?” So—long story short—-the action helped bring into focus ($$$ & otherwise) what was going to work for me at this time, and what people were happy to pay me for. Be bold, be passionate, be in motion—thanks Marie!

  55. You totally kicked A** with answering that question! HA, loved it!!!

    The quotes were pretty smokin hot too!!

    Thanks Marie, I get asked this question a lot by students. Your answers gave me more ways to help them! You ROCK!!

  56. AGain…You are reading my mind when you chose this question of the Week!

    I am exactly doing this…both equally passionate business products…Seems I’ll have to listen to the Advice, “He who Chases 2 Rabbits…catches None”…!!!

    Keep hearing that “Clarity” comes from “Action” as mentioned by our mutual friend and amazing mentor Katie Freiling…& Also you State once again the same major Message…”Clarity comes from being Engaged”!! Makes me want to just make some forward steps….regardless…& see what opens UP!

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. & Thanks Ricky for the Great Message!!

  57. Cannot put a price on that 10-year question. Kills months/years of ruminating in less than 60 seconds. Brilliant, as always.

    As an expressive arts therapist, the most rewarding flow where it doesn’t feel like work is when I share my gift of encouragement. My grey zone comes from also being a writer/artist who is passionate about wellness, spirituality & parenting-in-the-city. Applying the video frameworks feels clear, integrative & whole. Focusing on encouraging others ‘through’ my writing, art, coaching instead of feeling “Ok, now I have to create art. Now I’m writing an article… ok, now it’s time to be a consultant/educator…”

    Thank you, Marie for showing me that chasing two rabbits was just so not the way to go. xx.

  58. Glad to see I’m not the only guy who gets lots of value from the Q&A videos. Love the advice on action being required for clarity to surface. That’s definitely what’s help me hone in on my business concepts and determine which one I wanted to go “balls to the wall” with. Keep up the great work!

  59. Gieselle "Gigi Poveromo

    Oh Marie,

    I just adore you. We have a very similar style how to talk etc. Anyway, I have struggled with this for awhile now. I love Coaching and Facilitation of Self Development Work and I love Fashion and Art etc. Great advice. My focus is going to be Coachin and Facilitation but gosh I am going to weave in coaching on fashion etc! You are wonderful! While I want to sit and meditate on things, I am also going to just DO alot more!

    Love your stuff! A fellow coach… Gieselle/ GIGI Poveromo

  60. Love, love, LOVE! Have had this conversation with a few friends lately – and just tackled it for myself. For years, I tried to figure out how I could be a branding consultant AND still write restaurant reviews AND still talk about cool wine finds AND still be an actress AND still write aritcles and books.

    As of YESTERDAY (crazy timing, eh, Marie?!) I relaunched my business and site to get further in that direction. After years of mulling it over in my head, I too got tired of indecision and finally sought help with a coach to get feedback, clarity and objective advice. This pushed me farther along than I ever could have gotten on my own.

    Two things: First, absolutely, you need to start from a core base first and then its easier to expand out. For 3+ years, I separated my branding business from my food/wine writing. Now I’m in Phase 2 of combining those loves. The trick (putting on my brand consulting hat) is to FIND THE THREAD. What ties all these passions together? For me, branding, marketing, writing, acting, etc was all about “storytelling.” And that is now my framework: How to tell a good story – in your biz, on the page or on the stage.

    Second, YOU CAN DO IT ALL, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME! For me, this meant maintaining a separate personal blog for a while that I will now fold into my business blog. I had to establish my expertise as a brand strategist first, I wrote a book last year and now I’m in a place where I can integrate my passions more fully into my work. My ideal clients are not repelled by this: they are actually attracted to this multi-dimensional and personal persona. And those are the people I care about.

    I hear that all the time: Will I repel business clients by talking about (x)? Truth is, you need to establish that credible base first and then expand outwards. This may mean separate threads for a while that you will at some point combine into one powerhouse brand that is uniquely YOU.

    Thanks Marie (and Ricky) Super groovy question!

  61. Vidette Vanderweide

    Great question. I’m in the midst of wanting to do all I’m called to do right NOW. I’m the mental schizo at this but you reaffirmed my decision to do just one for now!

  62. The most helpful piece in there, for me, was your observation that clarity comes from engagement, not thought. So good.

    I’m stuck at a bit of a crossroads right now, and I need to get out of my own head! None of us has a crystal ball (so sad!) and it’s so hard to know which passion to follow. Which one will lead to happiness, fulfillment, and success? Time isn’t infinite, and by choosing one path, you have to leave some things behind (or on the back burner). But I think instead of endlessly stewing and thinking about it, it’s important to get out there–like you said: engagement! Throw out a few little pilot projects and see what kind of feedback you start getting (both external and, probably more importantly, internal)…and start heading in that direction. I think if you’re open to the signals, you’ll be shown the way. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.

  63. Yes! Exactly! Time to get out of my head and start taking action. I agree that the more actions I take the clearer the answers will be.

  64. Marie! you hit the nail on the head! I was thinking early on that I was schizophrenic too!! Now thanks to YOU, I can refer to myself as “multi passionate”. Today’s video makes total sense and while I have discovered that I am wanting to add all of these additional aspects to my biz – my true passionate and niche lies in being a Stylist! Focus on that number 1 and all else will fall in line right!? Truly Marie! What would we all do without you!? If you ever need a stylist – hit me up 🙂 although you do a mighty fine job on your own. Love everything you wear in your Q & A’s!
    P.S. Thanks to the gent that asked the Q!

  65. This was so helpful! Goodness, I used to be in the throws of big depression with the multi-passions issue! What I’ve gleaned is that online I’m doing the right thing – focusing on Etniq Minerals and creating an awesome brand and company with it. In the rest of my life, I can focus on my dance career – I’m like you – if I don’t push myself to do the great things dancewise that I know I can (salsa is my genre) – I’ll definitely regret it in 10 years – no good at all:).

    Thanks Maria!

  66. Thanks Marie, what a happy, refreshing start to my day. I have a similar question I ask myself when racked with doubt: when I’m 70 years old, will I wish I had done this?
    It gives me courage and perspective. Also loved your take on clarity!

  67. Great advice Maire. First, if we spread ourselves too thin nothing gets done and second, better to set out to be an expert in one field and then let your reputation and credibility take you onto the next passion.


    Rosemary Breen

  68. Hi Marie

    Great info, I’ve been struggling with this subject for a while!

    Thanks you.


  69. Marie ~ LOVED the Q&A this week and seriously look forward to watching your video’s every week so freaking funny, inspirational and educational!!!

    Thank you for all that you do!!!


  70. Kathy

    Like everyone else on this list, I totally needed to hear this. And, coincidentally, I was going to ask the SAME question for Q&A Tuesday last week. Then, this morning, before watching this video, I saw this quote on Facebook “‎”One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” – Tony Robbins

    I guess when the Universe wants to hear you, it gets really frickin’ loud! Today’s message was unescapable.

    Thanks Marie!

  71. I struggled with being multi-passionate for a long time and I wanted to share what helped me move through it.

    I knew I had a love for alternative health and healing, spirituality, counseling, connecting with people, dance, yoga, food, etc. I remember going back to school thinking that I’d feel “complete” after my degree was done. But I always felt even more lost and unsure how to combine my passions.

    So I thought I’d get little certificates and degrees here and there to combine all of my loves (homeopathy, counseling, acupuncture, herbalism, yoga, spirituality, nutrition, chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, etc, etc) and somehow make up my own business because just doing one of them never felt complete.

    My mentor told me to ditch that idea and just get one degree with a doctor title. So I chose to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. She said that with that degree I would have earned the freedom to CREATE THE PRACTICE I WANTED. By bringing all of my passions under the umbrella of being a practitioner – I could pull on any of my resources to help people.

    So you don’t have to choose.

    Get this, my accountant calls himself a HOLISTIC ACCOUNTANT. He chooses to only work with clients he has a heart connection with and wants to help guide them spiritually to be the most successful they can be. He is amazing, successful, and genuine.

    You can be it all. Define your own life. Don’t let your job title define you.

    • This is so great, Tara. Thank you for posting it. I’ve struggled with my umbrella, which is very similar to the things you mentioned in yours & am just beginning to pull it all together. I help people integrate their Whole Self – spiritual, sexual & everything in between. I do this through my practice as an intuitive spiritual guide, combined with my years of experience as a musician/performer. I do energy readings & use music & movement to integrate the energies of body, mind & spirit (the Whole person). This process creates magic – joy, freedom & passion within a person. From that base, she/he can create love, money, contentment. People can really step into their power when they begin to integrate, instead of having all their energies segregated & compartmentalized.

    • Manal

      Wow, Tara. I actually had to re-read the beginning of your post, thinking *I* wrote it. I haven’t met ANYone into the same things as me, right down to ayurvedic, tcm, nutrition, everything!

      Looking forward to hearing more from you. Off to check out your site
      We may be kindred spirits!

  72. Your inappropriate is the new appropriate!

  73. Marie you gave me permission to be multi-passionate by example – and it’s working well for my sanity!

    I’m so enthusiastic about my new biz (helping people grow their own organic food, at home) I wake up every morning with passion.

    I’ve been a contemporary artist for ten years and when I let my old list know what I was up to, over 1/3 of them signed up for my new free weekly newsletter Sprout! Just goes to show, people who love you will follow you through different phases of life and often times, even seemingly ‘different’ passions can link in with each other to help serve your customers.

    thanks so much for all you do. xxx

  74. Thank you Marie for adding a new word to my lexicon! Multi-passionate is such an empowering word for what I’m sure most of us beat ourselves over the head for – it’s always great to reframe negativity. I suspect you could find a positive wherever you look 🙂

    Like some others above, I love the “clarity comes from engagement, not thought” comment, and find this has been so true. My passions currently run in four directions, and while I spent so much time putting the first three of these together, I forgot to notice if they were actually working. And so I added a fourth which was more in line with what I know I can do right now, and it has made all the difference. So the others are on the back-burner, but I still intend to give them a little focus when I have the fourth rolling.

    I would add to those who are also going through so much indecision some advice that I got myself which has helped my focus enormously, especially being someone who has stretched all my resources to breaking point while being distracted by my multi-passionate-ness – and that is, during my ‘work’ day I ask “Is this aimed at producing immediate income?” and if it is not I take up one of the things on my list that is. When this focus brings me some bucks, I then do one thing on the list of non-immediate income tasks. That way I satisfy my multi-passionate side while also keeping the landlord happy! And my husband can stop asking me when am I gonna get a real job 😛

  75. Great advice Marie! I have been dealing with this too. I have several passions and I am doing my best to focus on one niche in my website. My blog focuses primarily on helping Moms cook healthy foods for their kids but I feel I have been getting off subject lately and not getting as much done. Your advice was just what I needed to stay within my niche and keep my passion a float by helping others.
    Once I build the foundation of my information, I will expand on other areas.

  76. Another great video Marie!! That’s one of the things that first attracted me to your site: you weren’t just “another” ‘Internet Marketing Coach/Guru/Expert” – but you had all these creative passions that you were successful at in the past and present. Plus, I love that you are yourself in your videos, and you’ve found a great way to effectively integrate your many gifts into each lesson, without making it confusing.

    I genuinely look forward to EVERY article and EVERY video you post because of that. Keep doin’ your thing pretty lady! You give us recovering scatterbrains and multi-passionate folks hope 🙂

  77. “You’re gonna get into trouble if you try to do too many things at once.” Amen Marie.
    I’ve got 5 things I’m focusing on right now…building my private clientele, getting corporate clients, promoting my group classes, applying to a teaching job, and oh, I’m directing a play too… AAH!
    Putting these in priority order now and tackling one thing at a time. There is time and there is space for it all.
    Thank you Marie!

  78. Wow this was my Q and A today – I am very pasionate about marketing, technical “behind the scene” website building, video,, social media, product creation, buisness building, coaching, spirituality, animals, kids, relationships, making money online… the list could go on!

    My biggest obstacle has been focusing my online business on one nich and it has been for a long time. And you are right… you can’t domminate if youare all over the place.

    Great advice… I have one more:

    If you are down to 2 or 3 choices, you can try to: 1) Try to combine them into a “blue ocean nich” or 2) Imagine if you had to choose only one, which one would give you the most pleasure to focus on or… which one would it hurt the most to let go…


  79. What a great question. That was an even greater answer and a killer video with a Confucius animation to boot! Love the saying about chasing two rabbits! This makes me think about people such as Da Vinci & Ben Franklin and the many interests they had. Of course there was no electricity and the various distractions that developed because of it. Wonder if Mona Lisa would have had a Facebook page? Great topic- thanks for the article & video, and thanks to Ricky for asking the question.

  80. Marie, your advice is 100% spot on, and what a great and tasty topic. When I was young I struggled with this a lot, as we all do when making career and life decisions. I had many avenues open up to me, and I knew that whatever I did I had to succeed in it. The problem was choosing. In the end, I focused quite narrowly on becoming a fashion designer, and made that my goal. I stopped writing, didn’t go into the sciences like it was suggested to me, and let go of all other creative pursuits I was interested in to pursue the thing that had always held my interest the longest, which was fashion. Glad to report that today, my career path has morphed into something that is 100% me, but it only came as the result of putting my foot down and making a decision in the first place. Had I decided to put some of my energy into writing and some into fashion, and some into whatever else I was interested in, I don’t know where I would be right now, but it wouldn’t be here!

    Everything I like and am curious about still informs my work, but focus really creates momentum and velocity. I think that’s definitely how I gained so much clarity in my career path so young, simply from making the decision and committing to it.

  81. Lynn

    Wish you’d write a post instead of video. Who has time to play a video?

  82. One of your best videos ever–made me laugh and made me think. I agree wholeheartedly with your thought of deciding your niche through experience. Just try it and you will know…thanks for all you do to inspire!

  83. Hey Marie! Yup I’ve totally been in this situation. In addition to my PR Consulting, I also work as an actress and a TV Spokesperson. I used to keep this separate, but I found that people would actually contact me and even hire me because of these other “passions.” Instead of doing a complete re-brand, or mix-brand, I just updated my About Me page with this info and also added my TV clips and modeling tearsheets to my Press page. This has worked well so far until I revamp my brand in 2012 with some exciting new things 🙂 xo

  84. This is the best answer ever. Action, movement, trying things out – this is such great advice and so many people need to have it drilled into their heads. Thank you for your insight.

  85. Thanks, Marie! I needed this like 2 months ago at the start of B-school!! Anyhow, I am in a more “centered” spiritual place right now, so the timing is perfect…. as it always is, right? I have some writing to do on my passions…..Goal: by Friday decide which direction to head in andTHEN listen to my feelings after I go balls to the wall!

  86. I have a tip!!!!

    I get that we need to make a choice and totally go for it but how do we actually decide which passion is the hottest?

    Here’s what I ask my clients when they need help choosing a focus: “What do you actually want to do every day?”
    1. How do you want to spend your time?
    2. Which of your passions will get you there?

    More often than not, the other passions will still get worked in there.

  87. Hello, Marie, ladies and gents

    This video helped by confirming that what I did was right, doing something every which direction I could, until something materialized, started to bring money and keep me busy.

    I also think that each passion can be developed in a different brand. If there are a few passions that work together in one brand, organically growing, great! If not, there is always another brand, completely separate, that can be developed. As long as it is coming from love, it will all come together.

    Thanks Marie, as always!

  88. Coline

    I LOVE this line: there’s no requirement to marry your career. You can fool around or even take a break. You are so right and I have certainly lived it.
    I stared as a HS English teacher because that was one of the acceptable careers for women at the time. After all you needed summers off to raise your kids, except I wouldn’t have any. Then off to corporate management, commercial horse breeding, and owning an art gallery. Entrepreneur ism was calling along the way, it just took a while for the moth in me to find the scent. When I did, I’d found my mate.
    Thanks for an inspiring message with all the particulars to help it connect.

  89. Oh how I struggle with this!! Forget for a minute that I can do, and love to do a bunch of things almost as much as photography (particularly writing)….let’s just go with the photographer thing. Because yes, in 10 years, I know I will still be doing it.

    I have been photographing weddings for 20 years. I am at the top of my profession, and it has been a lovely ride. But I love so many MORE kinds of photography and I struggle with this balance between breadth and focus.

    I shoot weddings, lifestyle portraits, interiors, children, maternity, fine art, travel, fashion, and more. Honestly, I can shoot almost anything, with generally great results. But in this age of focus and specialization, I find it very hard to move in any new direction when I love them all….and I find it hard to be ‘known’ for anything when I am not putting enough energy and focus (no pun intended) into just one thing. Ironically, I learned about you from a woman who shoots just one thing: boudoir. I love that too, but I would find it so limiting.

    Last month I shot 2 weddings, a couple of family portraits, lots of interiors, fashion portraits for various bloggers, some underwater maternity photos, and just the random travel stuff I love (which is now being sold as fine art). I am exhausted, and I feel schizophrenic!

    How do I survive as a Jack of all trades, master of none?

  90. On, we typically have people listing a lot of passions/plans. That said, we’ve found that the people that are ultimately successful in achieving their goals tend to put one of those goals in focus. Being multi-passionate makes for a balanced and fulfilled life but if you want to see that passion become something more, perhaps a career, it might be worth focusing the time/energy in one direction for some dedicated period of time.

  91. Let me tell you from experience that trying to focus on too many things at once never brings multiple successes, it only brings multiple frustrations.

    Focus on one thing, get it working, then move on to one other thing. Rinse, repeat.

  92. that this video came in just now is really amazing, because I’ve just decided to choose. As a multi passionist I understand that it’s better to commit to the one niche, since a niche really needs to be discovered and even created. This takes more then just thinking about a subject, it’s about involving yourself in to other peoples way of thinking – really that’s the only way you can work all the different channels such as social media etc. What helps me clear the grey zone is a combi of head an heart: what makes me happy to think and communicatea lot about?

  93. Just testing my new gravatar LOL

  94. Michelle

    I just turned 16 and I read Marie’s book last year, I must say…
    She is a complete inspiration for me! Seriously, Im not working right now, Im studying but I would like to be succesfull In the future 🙂 Im a really good student and Marie’s tips have helped me alot, I am super confident right now and its all thanks to her 🙂

  95. I totally know when I was there. Great question. I found that using the profit clarity exercise from RHH B-school helped me to see where the $$$ was coming in help me to focus where to put my energy. Then I do not have to run in circles. Taking action from feelings + using the feedback helped. Failing fast + having fun. Lastly, I found that by integrating my yoga teaching, coaching + love for personal development set me in the right direction especially when I found that many peeps on my list are into yoga. Oh, second exercise from B-school was my customer avatar, that helped me a bunch. Can’t wait for RHH-Live, it’s gonna rock. xo H

  96. Such good advice, as always. And hilarious too lol. Anywho, this helped me with my many passions in the art world. I am currently developing one and asked myself a lot if I should do all simultaneously. But now listening to your Q&A, I have a sense of direction in regards to what to tackle first. Thanx Marie, keep rockin.

  97. Hi Marie,

    No disrespect meant by this… Like I said in my comment, I believe we’re ultimately in agreement. My response video is meant more for the multipotentialites who are in the audience, than it is for you. Non-the-less, I did feel the need to put my thoughts out there:

  98. hannamay

    I do love this post! The quotes were pretty smoking hot too! I’d love to read more.

  99. Marie!!!! i LOVE this answer. This was the A I was looking for at the LWL event last month, and it is as I suspected. Thank you *so* much. I’ve been waffling a bit on my new direction, and the way you “tapped this A (from many different angles)” just closed the back door. Hah Ha 🙂 I wish more people had the heart and insight to tell multi-passionate entrepreneurs this.

  100. I think when I first came across you I breathed a big sigh of relief, because OMG I’ve had the most random career ever – 50+ jobs in my life – talk about being multi-passionate.

    However, I’ve had so much success this year because I’ve been working from my strengths PLUS what I love doing. I realised that just because I’m good at stuff, doesn’t mean I have to make a business out of it. Being a multi-talented Virgo means that I’m a little bit good at everything – Jill of ALL trades and it was exhausting mentally and emotionally.

    B-School was a great kick up the butt by the way!

  101. So basically what you’re saying is that all of those business books were right about narrowing down to one thing. You have successfully blended your writing, relationships and online marketing pretty darn well though! You’re such a great example of being passionate about many things and building an online brand. Love it.

    • marie

      Hey Rachel! This is one of those areas that doesn’t have one, clear cut answer. To be clear, I’m not saying those business books were right. The only way for me to eventually discover my focus was to be UNFOCUSED at first (i.e for many years) and pursue all of my passions 😉

  102. Marie, I appreciate the clarity in your response. The video was a little confusing based on what you’ve created!
    I am also having a challenging time with this subject! I’ve got an established styling business ( that appeals to both men and women and a new, much wilder FunFashionFairy blog ( which is turning me on and unleashing my creativity! I can see myself creating tremendous information products with both of them. I don’t want to kill the established business but I have definitely created some confusion in my 5 years of growing a business and now, finding new ways to express myself more fully.
    They are both inter-related and I have no idea right now how to “umbrella” them. I’m hoping you’ll feel inspired to do another video on this subject. 😉
    Auretha Callison,
    Image Coach, Sexy Stylist!

  103. One thing I am finding about doing my site is that it’s almost encouraging me to explore most of my interests: creating graphics, 3d graphics, writing… I’m even finding a new passion or two like video editing (Guess what? uses some of those others ;). I’m glad I got to find your site and see this because it does give me hope.

    Also heard your story through Amazing Self (which is why I sought out your site in the first place). I can definitely relate to having several passions pulling you in different directions. My biggest problem, to date, has been not really engaging them, but I’m going to start doing more, starting today!

    Thanks for sharing!

  104. Follow your bliss. Or “blisses,” as the case may be!

  105. I’ve just recently figure this out. DUH! For 3 years, i’ve sent out resumes to catch a job that would cover my costs while I build my freelance business. But my mentors all said pick a niche, and base it off your past experiences.

    The ultimate question: WHAT AM I REALLY?

    Recently decided to ‘let go and let God’, so to speak. Came to see that I can build on my lifetime passion of healthy living and really pull it all together.

    I must admit that it’s fear that pushed me to try and be all things to all people. Or should I say: Be all things to all potential employers and clients. It made sense, but it didn’t make me happy or make me any money.

  106. Ben Kaplan

    Great advice!

  107. Loved this and love your style Marie. I always smile all the way through your videos and take so much away from them. Thank you.

  108. Thanks for the fun vid – it’s one I had not seen! I am VERY proud of myself for narrowing it down to my 2 passions: social media consulting (makes me $$) & recording voice over tracks for businesses around the world. I’d like to concentrate more on the latter & move everything over to it – but it will still take some time to get there…Best to you Marie!

  109. hanzy florentino

    great advice marie 🙂 than you so much ..

  110. Mary

    Wow…finally an answer, something to think about to my question – 3 passions, which one do I seek?

  111. Kelly

    Thanks Marie!!

    I’ve struggled for years with feeling like a scatter-brained failure. Now I can label myself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and stand tall!

    My biggest take away from this video was “take action”. Projects that I started and moved away from are not failures but crucial test cases on the road to finding my niche.

    I plan to quickly work through things in real time so that I can make it to my sweet spot and avoid analysis paralysis and self-doubt. Whilst keeping each opportunity as its own discrete offering of course.

    Mostly it just feels good to know I’m not the only one!

  112. I have a very very painful problem which Marie had, I am a multi- passionate entrepreneur. Humbly my manic creativity literally hurts my brain. I am a choreographer, comic, writer, poet, life and wellness coach, single mom and not a label. I KNOW THAT anything I put my time, mind and energy too I will be extremely successful, I just keep switching it up. I get success fast and then quit. I don’t know what to do and it SUCKS! I had to create a blog called “The Many Multiple Personalities of Manic Mary” because there are two many artists in my head. My safe business is I currently finished a bz class and founded “The Creative Arts & Wellness Warehouse.” It would be a studio and I don’t want that either, chained to a building.

    I don’t know it all but I know a lot and my hustle gets quick results and then I quit. My therapist said I should do a one woman show but where’s the cha-ching in that? I’m a single working mother on welfare raising two young boys who went from privilege to poverty. Showgirl to Sash chains. Really. Glamours world traveling dancer to shipping in our local hardware store. Can I sell joy and wisdom cause I have been through and once you lose it all, life is nothing but a game.

    The safest path is to teach dance and wellness but I’m a writer/humorist with so many skits in my head. I can’t stay on one path and like I said it is painful. Now I want to choreograph and produce small show stoppers in local casinos… it just goes on and on and I follow… then switch.

    That’s my comment. I’m glad you figured out your work Marie. We are similarly big on talent and personality. Oh and I’m 45 years old and starting over… again

    Tragically tormented,


  113. Great video. The 10 year question is spot on. Thanks for sharing.

  114. I love the quote: He who chases two rabbits catches none. Moment of clarity for me!

  115. As always, I got so much from this Q&A video. Thx so much for all of your knowledge and for sharing it!

  116. WOW awesome video!!

    I loved the quote: He who chases two rabbits catches none! – have to share this video!!

  117. Hey Marie, ran into your site via FB today, and I am loving everything about it. Here’s my dilemma; I got laid off 3 months ago, and quite honestly I almost think I manifested it. Might sound like a horrible thing to say, but after 6yrs I knew it was time to move on and that I had way more potential than working a 9-5. Naturally, I am a very goal getter type person. I have so many ideas, but can’t seem to get one off the ground because I have a hard time seeing the viability of it. What do I do?

  118. susie mordoh

    I have always said I’m a bit of a ‘Renaissance Girl” with many different interests, but I am LOVING the term multipassionate entrepreneur.
    Thank you for that!!!

    Let’s here it for B-School Start the Right Business Guide!

  119. This is “kinda” timely for me as I kind of skipped picking and just said to heck with it I’ll do it all and see where the chips fall! If nothing else I’ll have learned SOMEthing. All the comments that suggest not being as just one and exploring connecting or going more than one route I agree with, but there are tons of other great views and kudos to you ALL for sharing!

    This is MY take on it, going along with connecting them. Ask yourself – what is the common vein? The simplest answer is you (if these are all true passions rather than hobbies, interests, etc). So relevance can be seen but you need to then go a step beyond that because your audience needs to be able to see the connection too. For me “me” was the answer for a long time, until recently, where I found it was something at my core – my beliefs/spirituality/philosophy on life. In one business, that I call an “eclectic boutique of gifts” (, I create arts and crafts. A good number of them are spiritual or inspired by some Otherworldly element, or useful in spiritual settings. The other ( I do healing work, intuitive and spiritual counseling.

    Originally I had two separate stores, but I felt it divided my interests a bit since the “store” was more one venture and just an afterthought for the other. So in the last month I consolidated to one store and focused my energy on exemplifying the services I offer for the other. I can say I feel less divided and more focused with a clear cut set of parameters for each.

    Sometimes you just need to “go for it”. Then if you don’t still feel that passion blazing inside your heart, let it go and focus elsewhere.

  120. Tim

    Hi Marie,

    Loved this Video!

    I’ve encountered a lot of what this guy talks about and loved what you said about “Choosing One Passion” and “Engaging” vs Thinking and Feeling your way through it. That one paragraph says it all.

    Both my girlfriend and I were self employed for 10+yrs before we met each other, She’s a CPA and my background is Internet marketing /auctions,we both went back to corporate once our kids were grown and absolutely hated it, the 1 1/2 hr commute one way, not seeing each, corporate bs etc,,we both only lasted under 1 yr.

    The thought of another corporate job gave me that “contracted” feeling you talk about however, whenever I engage in an entrepreneur conversation I feel like I can fly and come alive” Expanded” like you talk about, just after losing that past salary the sting is a little fresh and makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing, however were both biting the bullet and pursuing our dreams.

    We both have at least 3 passions online in addition to our main consulting income and focusing has been the biggest challenge. Being in our late 40’s kids no grown/gone were both working to combine our love of travel and online into a 24/7mobile business.

    My girlfriend had to leave for family and travel overseas and not having the finances or business setup to accomodate her just about killed me and I cannot imagine my life in 10yrs not setting this up this dream would kill my soul..

    Sorry to be so wordy, but this video really struck home..

    Tim Hansen
    San Francisco, CA

    Her passions: Yoga, Travel,Fitness
    Mine: Online Marketing,Travel,Fitness,Relationship/PersonalDev.

  121. Hello & thanks Marie for this video. The content is so stimulating AND your presentation style never fails to make me giggle inside (& what’s greater than that:))

    What I was most drawn to in your video was when you said that you just have to choose one of your passions to focus and become an expert on, but that that does NOT mean you have to give up on your other passions completely. Some of my clients also struggle with having too many passions and I work with them on figuring out which of their passions will allow them to live their ideal lifestyle AND in turn also allow them to engage in their other passions from a hobby/ volunteer/ special project perspective.

    To put it back into your language: find clarity by engaging with your different passions while keeping different outlet options in the back of your mind (ex: does X have to be my main occupation or can it be an extremely satisfying hobby?)

    Hope this adds some value to the conversation.
    Lovely Monday evening to everyone.

    • Caroline – I love your last bit:

      “(ex: does X have to be my main occupation or can it be an extremely satisfying hobby?)”

      That to me is a great question that really hones in on the issue. I have also found myself expressing interest in things as of late that I enjoy but saying, “this would be a good hobby” (rather than trying to immediately think of a way to monetize it)! Yay for progress!

  122. This is also something I’ve struggled with, but I noticed once I made the decision to focus on one area – an area that I knew, loved and had skills in, things got much easier. I felt more streamlined and less stressed knowing I only had ONE thing to master. Plus, it was easier to figure how WHO I was doing it for!

  123. omg, Marie!!! After all the wandering around I’ve done, collecting bits of wisdom here + there, your site feels like home, or maybe more like a one-stop shopping Mecca, like Target only better quality. 😉 just the word “MULTIPASSIONATE” alone is enormously healing for me–you make it sound like such a good thing! Thank u for that. I don’t feel schizophrenic anymore. 🙂

  124. jen

    hello marie,
    fab site and videos.. thank you!
    i’m just wondering if the link for this one has gone down, as I can’t seem to access it any longer?

  125. Eline

    Great video Marie. The key question for me was the 10 years time frame. I am currently phasing out of a business and getting into one that I think I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. I am engaging myself in that to see where it will lead. Organization and Discipline are the key factors for me right now.

  126. Yoli

    Ha! Thank you for this.. My one woman show, offline biz has been incredibly gratifying for me, but has also morphed over the years to the point of wtf? .. I felt so blessed, passionate, talented, and so gifted, and so skilled in so many areas, that I felt cursed! .. When I decided to go online, I wrestled with which part of my biz should be showcased? So, I took myself to the “wrestling mat,” and gave myself a “Super Fly Jimmy Snuka,” Until I finally “tapped out” (surrendered). I chose one little niche that’s going to make it online. I’m going to give it all I’ve got, and my hope is that I’ll crush it! Thank you Marie. Your inspiration keeps me grounded and dreamy at the same time. I’m in the process of building the site now. It’s amazing what one little decision can do.

  127. Nataghia

    Thanks Marie for this timely tidbit of advice. I am glad I engaged to gain clarity, because I absolutely loved your point of “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. Nice! I’m new to your videos and site, but love what you do and how you inspire. Each time I click I gain a better perspective on how I am feeling at at this point in my life. Many thanks again.

  128. I was certain your answer was going to be, “yes, you can do them all.” Now I see how valid my decision is to start my business with one single focus rather than trying to wear all the hats at once. I became a minister in July, and launching my new ministry, I thought I had to do everything a minister does. I have narrowed it down to a ministry called Soul Custody, performing only Marriage Memorial Services. But before I saw this video, thoughts nagged at me: “It’s not enough to support a business, you’re going to ignore all your other projects, this isn’t what you planned to do so there you go off on a tangent again.” Poof, gone! I had the right idea, just needed validation for it. Thank you!

  129. So, I’m a few months behind on the videos, but I wanted to thank you for this one! I struggle with the same indecision as your questioner and it really helped hearing you tell it like it is. Confusious helped too! And the 10-year thing. I’ve been on the fence about something and you just helped me get to my answer. Thanks!

  130. jacqui

    Sooo needed to hear this!! I am a multi-passionate person with a zillion interests and have been in that grey zone for years it seems! Thank you for the tips to help move out of it and onto a new path of prosperity! …and peace of mind!

  131. I love this video. Sometimes we are so deep in the forest we can’t see the trees anymore.
    I was at this point earlier this year and couldn’t quite make up my mind with which passion I should run and if I should put something on ice.

    What helped me was input from a very dear friend who looked at it from a fresh angle and showed me how I can so easily combine everything I love to do.
    Sometimes stepping out of the rink for a minute puts the fight back in the game. 😉

  132. This is so me!! I just decided to let go of acting because I wasn’t as passionate about it as other things in my life right now, but I’m still doing a lot. I do voice over, teach kids acting, am a beachbody coach and am studying to be a life coach. The problem is that they all pay the bills and I love them all so it’s hard to give them up.

  133. COMBINE … Use all that we are and we will be happier.
    I write, therefore,

    In 2013 BOBB will publish an e-book = my love of business.

    I laugh, therefore,
    Website launched with the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS viewed by ALvin

    I help, therefore, – under construction. Here I’ll publish stories written by children.

    Yes, COMBINE is the BEST

  134. Oh hell yes, this is a good one. I thrive on many projects/jobs. I’ve always had at least 3 (even in high school!) At one point, I had 7. I’m finally starting to whittle down what I want to do and think it all falls under one brand. I’ve gotten as far as I have by jumping in- as you say. I started a local TV show and learned I LOVE it, and that has led me to other projects I never even dreamed of- like writing a book on home decor. So, when ya don’t know what to do, just pick one of them and dedicate yourself to it for a certain time period- like 1 yr. Then, I promise, you’ll know whether to carry on or pick something else. Life’s a journey, enjoy it.

    • Benjamin Butler

      Thanks for the words of clarity, perfect timing as well, Because I am writing a book now but in my head i m like what about x y and z
      i want to do this and that, not knowing what to do first is frustrating, your advice along with Marie has help BIG. thanks

  135. Thank you for all your wisdom and providing an incredible resource for so many people (and me!)… I’m so glad Derek Halpern introduced me to your site. It’s life changing – your energy is contagious!

  136. Sarah


    I have been trying to figure this out for YEARS. Every time I think I have a direction, I’m taken off course by another idea and start doubting the first decision I made. I thought I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted, but in reality, I haven’t been giving myself enough of a chance.

    You’re awesome and I’m so glad I stumbled on your site!

  137. Elena

    God, I know I’ve mastered standing on one foot for a very long time and then standing on the other, kinda like a flamingo. Great quote! *Clarity comes from engagement, NOT THOUGHT!* Bless you…

  138. Tal

    I’ve just been catching up on your previous videos, and I really, really like this one. I have many passions and sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in different directions by all of them! When job searching, I get drawn to a job description, but then when I find it too restricting to only ONE thing I want to do, I end up tossing it out the window and never even applying. Mind you, I haven’t exactly regretted any of these decisions so far, but I’m starting to get worried that I’ll never be able to just apply for something!

    I think this video was a good reminder to myself that I do need to just focus on one passion (probably the one that uses my skills and knowledge best and where I’m able to have some financial stability), but that doesn’t mean the others are locked out – I can bring them all to the table in different ways too.

    Thanks soooo much Marie!

  139. Sapna

    I thought your advice about figuring things out through engagement as opposed to in your head is really good. I tend to get all wrapped up in my head for long periods of time and not making a move, but when I eventually do, I figure out what I like and definitely don’t and that helps me carve my future plans from REAL experience versus just my thoughts. Thanks for another insightful video!

  140. I have just recently tapped into this site and love it! My website is slowly crawling along, but I love what it is and am patient with its progress.I know I’m not doing everything to satisfy each customer, but working toward changing this to excite each customer…

    I have to say, I really find the use of the phrase, ‘killing it’, not inspiring, expansive or spiritually exciting. Maybe this comes from my vegan reality.

  141. As a comedy writer-actor-producer, I truly need to focus in on the one thing. The 10 year question was amazing. I would not regret producing. I need to hire a producer. Right now I am working with a script consultant on my TV sitcom pilot Sex and the Single Vegan. Getting a producer on board is something we have been discussing.

  142. Jane

    That 10-year question did it for me. The answer popped right into my head. Thnx!

  143. How empowering to see SO many multipassionate people light up the screen! I have struggled with this for so long, argued with my loved ones, turned on myself and turned, what I consider now to be, a HUGE positive into a negative! How frikkin awesome is it that I love absolutely every endeavour I set out on – yes there may be 2-3 things on the go at once but I put my heart and soul into all of them!

  144. asha

    that q was great marie.thanks for the you!
    will try one by one till i hit the nail,is that ok?

  145. Sam

    There are so many top tips within a short space of time, I especially love decisions through engagement – feel your way, the instant internal response to the 10-year question and focus focus focus to begin with.

  146. Cheryl

    My challenge is that I’m stepping out at an age where I feel the need to DO IT ALL NOW! But it is excellent advice and I will do my best to focus on one thing at a time.

  147. Jeff Celentano

    Here there, Marie. So, how’s this as an example that there’s no such thing as “coincidence” in the universe? I’ve been studying internet and attraction marketing for about 7 years now. Mostly in the network marketing niche. Up until about 2 hours ago, I’d never heard of you before in my life. Just so happens that I’m looking to have a new blog designed and I’m talking with someone from the company that apparently designed your site when they directed me here to check out the design. I gotta tell ya, I’ve seen and heard ALL of the gurus out there and even know a few of them personally but I’ve NEVER been as drawn to someone’s message as I have to yours. In the first 10 minutes visiting your site, your articles and videos on “How to Name Your Business” and “Should You Combine Your Many Passions or Just Chose One?” gave me more clarity and focus than ANYTHING I’ve seen or read online in a loooong time. Very glad I “stumbled” upon your site. You’ve got a new dedicated follower. Sorry, I’m a dude. Hope it’s still okay to hang with the cool chicks! Great content!

  148. I have learned that there is only ever one passion – life. The rest are details. Yes they are glorious details but they are still only details. We make distinctions between things by emphasising their differences and in doing so we forget their deep similarities. Take social media marketing and music. Forget their apparent differences for a moment. They are both forms of expression and if you were to follow the disciplines of music in marketing, you would have most of it sorted.This is why Einstein said that he knew when his equations were right because they were “beautiful”. And what about Leornardo da Vinci – was he not equally an artist and a scientist? Could he really have been one without the other?

  149. Gerri

    I have been struggling with this for years. I always thought I had to figure this out in my head. Oh the frustration! On my way to puttin’ some stuff in motion. Gonna see what feed me back. LOVE you Marie, so glad you are here.

  150. I also struggled with this for years, and in this International Women’s Month I finally had my light-bulb moment! I have now combined all my different personalities that my multi-passionate nature would not compromise on – I have launched my ezine which was created to inform, inspire and support women in many diverse areas, and am now interviewing subject matter experts to feature on my project. It’s the most positive outcome I could wish for and I am ridiculously happy about it! If you feel you are an expert in any of the topics featured and feel you’d like to contribute, do touch base with me. xx

  151. Edna Ng

    Currently, I ran my own small little furniture designcum carpentry workshop. I’ve been doing this for the last 16 years and I am not giving it up anytime soon.
    Right now, I wanted to do something else which is a totally unrelated field – health supplements.
    I had an amazing all natural health supplement which I truly feel that it could help improve the life and health of modern people.
    Like what you’ve said, he who chases 2 rabbits… catches none.
    Therefore, I had planned to start by doing it online first.

    I’m glad that i know what i want to do, hence I don’t really experience the grey zone of indecision.
    If I were to name one indecisiveness, it will be the Domain Name. I’ve been thinking so hard for the past 2 months. Now i know – FOCUS ON ONE BRAND, ONE THING.

  152. Thanx Marie. I’ve been soooooo beating my head against a brick wall…and it’s now clear that it’s because I’ve been trying to catch 2 rabbits!!!!! Thanx Confusious!!!! Funny that the super rabbit is our family crest!!!! You gotta laugh!!! So, now it’s full steam ahead for my writing, and the inspirational speaking will emerge magically from this. Yay!!! Feel a huge load lift from my shoulders (should -ers!!!!!). Watch this space…a whole lot of clarity is on the way!!! <3

  153. Meg

    I love that Marie discusses that we must focus on 1 niche first… Once that niche is successful and stabilized, we can start to include our other passions. Although I have too many passions to focus on at one time, I am grateful to be in this position and experience life to the fullest rather than not be interested in pursuing anything. Love & Light!

  154. Tom

    Thanks so much for this one, Marie.
    I didn’t think the subject sounded all that interesting, but in fact, this post made me realize this is a major question for me and your answer was so refreshing.
    Haven’t heard this addressed succinctly before.
    You rock…

  155. Thanks for another helpful video! Asking myself the 10 year question is one of the best tips I’ve heard for honing in on what I really should be focusing on. If I don’t write my book, I know for a straight up fact that I will regret it!

  156. ‘Clarity comes from engagement not thought!'(lightbulb moment) Marie you have just conquered the biggest problem I have. Even deciding whether to leave a comment after Marie TV caused me a lot of thought! Not anymore! Thanks Marie, Happy Easter x

  157. You are an awesome speaker-teacher-communicator. I have a
    website but haven’t put it together yet. Have found experience brings understanding and wisdom but I have zero experience in putting
    together a website. Hope to build it as a blogging platform.

    Someone like you could probably put a website together in your
    sleep now I love the way yours is laid out. So functional and easy to
    look through. Would it be possible to trade being an affiliate or
    advertise your site on my blog website for your help setting mine up?

  158. I feel a lot like your dude who asked the Q. I am a passionate writer, but I also love the image consulting part of what I do–equally, really!
    A wise friend asked me last week about my “big dream” and which avenue (writing vs. image consulting) would get me there faster/more efficiently…and the image consulting part stood out.
    Your ten year question does the same for me. I can always write, and always will. But, to get where I want to be down the road, establishing myself as a stylist/image consultant NOW will open the right doors and get me in front of the right people.
    I don’t really want to be any more of an “expert writer” than I already am, anyway. My passion is helping women, so image consulting will get me there.
    Great clarity, thank you!
    P.S. My only “tip” would be what my wise friend asked me to do: figure out where I can see myself down the road and figuring out the best avenue for getting there.

  159. Hi Marie,

    this was awesome! You answered every question plus more. Additionally, please don’t change anything – your sense of humor and intelligent approach to expressing your thoughts are wonderful.

  160. Toya

    This totally speaks to where I am. Right now going from working in Accounting to being a Fashion Stylist at 36. I am excited and I am putting myself out there and engaging in experiences interning at different fashion weeks, went to Styling school, and leaving for Milan in May to do a Fashion Business Internship for the Summer. Would I regret not giving this a shot? H*ll yeah! This may be my only shot! I think that you know when things are right for you, because you feel full with purpose its like a scavenger hunt gaining one small clue to the next not even realizing you are building a treasure! Gotta do it otherwise I would just be sitting in this cube for the next 10+ yearss. Ain’t happening….

  161. I am seriously relieved that you said you felt like you were broken and had multiple personalities because of all your interests! I totally identify with that. But the rabbit quote rocked. I will try to catch one rabbit at a time so that someday I can have a big bunny farm 🙂 woo hoo!

  162. Lisa

    Hi Marie, and Marie followers,

    I often wonder about this question, of following and putting our energy into two (or more) passions at the same time. I’m doing it (multi-passion-ing), even though I tend to feel that perhaps putting the focus on one, might be the smarter way to go.

    And then I saw this! A video of Astronaut Chris Hadfield, singing his rendition of David Bowie’s, Space Oddity, in space! In his spare time!

    Oh my goodness! Talk about multi-tasking and multi-talented. And just makes you think “heck, if he can do that, surely I can do this”. What an inspiration! (as are you!)


  163. Hi, Marie! I love your Tuesday Q&A and this episode is one of my favorite because I can totally relate to the problem. Thank you for the great tips and awesome tweetable.

  164. Hi Marie,

    So glad to be catching this episode! I’m totally one of those multi-passioned people. When I left the corporate JOB, I felt the gate to freedom was all of sudden open. I actually had a list of 6 things that I wanted to do and I am so glad that I focused on one (and dabble with others on the side) and ’till today it’s still what makes my heart sing. 🙂

    I agree with what you said – until you start doing it, you don’t know what makes the most difference to you.

    I’ve always enjoyed your episodes. Keep the fun coming! 🙂


  165. The ten years question is excellent and helped me to eliminate distractions. Focus on one thing now and it will make room for other ideas.

  166. Thanks for helping me be okay with trying to drill down on what I truly want to do. The 10 year question gets me motivated to just start taking small steps at a time to get moving. It’s that fear of picking the wrong thing. But I do think you are right that you can not think your way through it. I love that you said to FEEL your way. Thanks again!

  167. Shubham

    Yo Marie! I’m from INDIA. I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazingly sweet(cool), realistic & thought provoking videos. I love motivating people around me in a very funny way & relate a lot to the human side of your cool videos. You are spreading some of the most vital information by balancing your imaginative & creative side with your inner need to find a meaning and purpose in life. I feel that you are destined to use your imagination and creativity to educate, inform and inspire everyone. I’ll always pray that you keep up your amazing work. God bless & don’t forget to keeeeeeeeeeeep smiling. he he….

  168. I am bounching with 2 things: 1. to take up my previous profession (project director/ reseacher) or chinese medicine doctor/ qigong teacher .
    the first one pays much better/ is quite stressy , the second one is more rewarding/ and super for my health (big time).
    we need more money to sustain ourselves. the only thing i see to get this done is do another project. …
    And YES I knew I should focus!

  169. Wow, great tips! Love the one about taking action instead of trying to figure things out in your head. I’m a very good at trying to make decisions in my head, but not at finding decisions that way. When I started painting without a plan, just painting trees or whatever without thinking about my approach or style, that’s when my paintings came to life. I’m now going to try the same with writing: I’m gonna write stories and experiences down without thinking about whether ít’s ‘real’ literature or written in a good style. Just wild writing whilst paying attention to my feelings during the process and afterwards. Thank your very much!

  170. This is some good stuff. Yet, I’m still stuck. Currently I’m
    Tutoring kids which I make a decent income. I also tattoo on the
    Weekends. However, my passion has always been in IT. Recently I just
    Launched a humor site hoping that I can blow it up to sell it
    to a major company when it gets big. So, here’s the thing. I’m juggling
    3 things in my life which I can’t seem to further advance in any of
    those fields due to lack of time and energy. I really don’t enjoy teaching,however, it’s what’s making me good money. As for tattooing, I love art but I have 3 herniated discs which really bothers me when sitting
    For a long period of time. Finally, my humor site, I love managing this site, but I’m not making any money from it, instead, I’m using money to manage it. It’s also a lot of work which I’m really getting deterred and thinking of giving up on it. I guess it’s the greed of making it big and this is really killing me cause I’m 34 now and really stressed because I can’t make up my mind. I feel like I’m going to be 50 tomorrow doing the same thing. Any suggestions? I would appreciate it a mil.

  171. M.J.

    I have to say I almost “went out” and had some drinks with a friend tonight- and ended up cancelling. I then decided to use my time wisely and googled “How to choose a name for your business” and just so happened to come across your website. I have to say I really admire you!! You my friend are an inspiration 😉

    Im currently aspiring to start my own business and I have a friend who I turned to earlier this week asking him what he thought would be a good service or product to provide. His exact words were “Well what are you good at?” with which I responded ” exercise, healthcare and natural medicine, clothes, Cleaning, childcare, poetry, music, promotions….” and the list goes on!….. Your strategy today along with my long conversation with him has helped me conclude that the best investment would be to open up a cleaning service- however, I feel Im basing that more on the financial aspect of things and not because thats my main passion. Is that the wrong way to go? Should I focus more on what Im most passionate about or what would bring in the most money?

  172. What a great question (from Ricky) and what great information. I have been very torn between 2 choices that I am very passionate about and now I understand that I can choose one but still have them both. The 10 year question is so very helpful. Marie you help me clarify every day. Thanks for that. I feel I can breathe easier now…

  173. I have been multi tasking doing many things under the umbrella of nutrition. I am burning myself out and have been stubborn NOT to choose. I realise from your video and “choosing the right business” from B school, that if I focused and became known as an expert in nutrition education FIRST, then I could add all my other expertises and passions under the same umbrella but NOT NOW.
    2. Looking at all the successful businesses I see and am attracted to, I see that they ALLLL specialise! Thank you for clarity.

  174. Selange

    Wow I’ve spent the last few hours immersed in your “Start The Right Business” plan… It’s not been easy to condense my passions, skills and ideas! Phew getting there….. I’m an interior designer by trade but jumped ship and currently work as an event planner and marketer for a reinsurance company. I have a charity that focuses on sustainability and planning “Parties for A Purpose”. My passions hmmm well I have loads of them… interior design, event installations, DIY workshops, finding unique spaces, creating bespoke environments, sourcing products that give back, promoting others, inspiring people to be creative and helping people through creative development… You can see its heavy on the creative/give back theme. So I’d like to start a lifestyle business (web/blogging) that incorporates all of these passions and services (Interior Design, Eco Events, DIY Workshops & Kits, promoting give back brands). Similar to Brit+Co or A Beautiful Mess. Stuck on if I move ahead with a “Lifestyle/Creative Living Business” or focus on one area. Most creative living/lifestyle businesses are a mishmash of things. Note I live on a very small island with only 60K people no one else is blogging or offering a “one stop shop” service in the creative lifestyle/living arena. However, I need a business that is global and offers services online! I’m nervous I’ll be spreading myself thin by not focusing on one area… Is the blogging/ DIY/Creative industry a viable online business?! Would love love love any words of wisdom!
    I know I’m getting close to selecting the right idea… I can feel it! So blessed to be at this stage in my life… Like all of you awesome BSchoolers I’ve made the choice to believe and move forward.! Appreciate the support.

  175. AWESOME! Great info – as a mufti-talented, multiplication’ person, I can so totally relate to this problem. For me the golden nugget was: “Clarity comes from engagement not thought” – WHEW!!! Thank you!

  176. Awesome video Marie! I’ve struggled with this for a long time too and felt a lot like the guy in the letter. I finally approached it from the angle that I’d focus on one or two things (like you said) but USE the other things I’m passionate about IN my business in the meantime. That way I don’t feel like I’m neglecting the things I think are fun while I’m focusing on the other things.

  177. Para

    Hi All

    I’ve a question – Will be very helpful if one/some of you could add your thoughts:

    I’ve been extremely passionate about media, communication and writing. I’ve always wanted to find myself doing creative roles in media companies and traditional studios and I have a lot of community/practical experience since childhood around this area.

    But, I’ve had an affair with industries of fashion and retail for the past 5 years officially as a consultant and would love to work on that too. Now, although I’ve an opportunity to move to my dream roles in communication and media, I’m also equally enticed by creative and fascinating sides of merchandising and planning process in retail industry.

    How do I go about here?

    Thanks & Warm Regards

  178. Shizuka

    Thank you so much for this video! Thanks Rickey for asking this question! I feel like you were talking to me directly! I often felt schizophrenic and indecisive also because I have multiple passions that I want to enjoy as my business. This indecisiveness has haunted me for years! I knew since I was 20 that I wanted to become a business owner, but I couldn’t focus and decide on what passion to move forward with. Analysis paralysis, man! Thank you again! This has helped me so much!

  179. Benjamin

    Marie Thanks a bunch for the advice after watching your video I just had to subscribe. Its like when you were stating the obvious, (that my mind didn’t want to see because i was stuck on my many passions), i got a glimpse vision of my future: Me succeeding as i focus on one thing, and master it.
    I get it now and its thanks to you.
    No the question arises which of my many dreams do i pursue first?
    LOL… seriously tho.

  180. Thank you for more great advice Marie. I’m wondering how to apply this to my path though b/c as a freelance make-up artist and small business owner, i have to do many things within my field to stay afloat and relevant and i LOVE doing them all. I give DIY workshops on non-toxic beauty at various locations around Toronto, do make-up for photo shoots and beauty videos, do make-up for brides and running that business alone takes a LOT of time and am creating my own line of cosmetics while selling another brands’ line in stores and yet another MLM product in my ‘spare’ time. PHEW! Forget two rabbits, i feel like i’ve fallen down the rabbit hole! How do i prioritize which rabbit to ‘chase’? Thanks for being such an inspiration and for generously helping so many of us around the world!

  181. Pixi

    oh goosebumps -huge ass smile and happy tears…
    thru my admiration and love for your dear soul sister Danielle la Porte I ‘found’ you …and it took while but finally last month i knew it my time to join your BSchool.
    now i’m a totall “feeler” – i jump in heart and soul first often without exploring all the info (sometimes none of it) and your school was no different… i didnt care to go researching who you are or what you offering..i just knew it was what i had to do to take my life next level.

    and i havent regretted a minute- every workbook i read and video i watch i take away SOOOO much. thankyou.

    but this video. phoar. as i said goosebumps and the realisation that hell yes i followed my intuition totally RIGHT on this one!
    I have always been a jackie-of-all-trades .. wanting to try everything and do everything and never “knowing” what i should be doing. i set myself up for multi let downs because i would be sucked into following what others though i should do, and i ended up with trail of many things started not much finished.
    so you saying you felt Schizophrenic and the gorgeous term Multi passion just totally resonated with my soul and i cried a little – cos yup. im totally meant to be here.

    thank you thank you thankyou.
    you have already changed my life in numerous ways..and its only module 1!
    Holy sheet!!

    mmmmmwahhh from this excited Pixi Soul to you xx

  182. Thank you Marie,

    I truly took on board the chasing two rabbits quote.

    If I am honest, I have to say I have learned in the past 2 years of building a new business, that I can get distracted all too easily. Call them passions or other talents…they need to wait until the first job in hand is complete otherwise I will just have 20, 50 or 100 half built bridges which are no good to anyone, least of all me.

    I also think a lot of non entrepreuners think that “following your passion” means sitting at home in your pyjamas, sipping a coffee, while having free and immediate access to a direct telephone line to magical website builders, content creators, customers, social media campaigners, newsletter writers, video makers, kindle book writers, photographers, designers etc. Hey, you’re following your passion…the universe will surely support that…it will all come together by magic!

    I have also learned I am a good starter. Not so good a finisher. It is easy for me to lose interest or focus about 75% way there. I cannot be alone in this. And, then the enticement of other “passions” can give me the excuse I need not to finish because, for me, that last bit which I try to avoid usually involves the real grunt work.

    As Stephen Richards says “Doing the tough things sets winners apart from losers”.

    Your advice is spot on Marie. I have been convinced many times that I have Multiple Personality Disorder.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this resonated with you, Rosaline. And I can assure you that you are SO not alone in having trouble finishing projects! That’s a super common issue and Marie actually talks about it in more depth here:

  183. I like this video. Though it can be distressing, engagement definitely promotes clarity and her question about whether you will regret not doing something in 10 years is on point. I do wonder what advice she would have for someone that is in the same boat as the letter writer but that also has a fair bit of anxiety in the mix too.

  184. Monica

    The one thing that I Always ask myself and friends in a dilemma (or not being able to make a decision) is this: What is the worst thing that could happen if you decide to…… It puts everything in a new perspective. I find it to be very helpful. Loved this video because it gives ME a different perspective:)

  185. I loved re-reading choose the right business and watching this video – 4 years ago I was all over the place and NOW I am REALLY clear on what I want to do and slowly am taking the steps and re-doing b school to get there – thanks Marie and team! Kelly Alexander

  186. Amanda McCormick

    I’m in the very, very beginning stages of entrepreneurship and the 10 year question is very valuable to focusing down what I’m interested in and whether or not to turn it into a business or part of my business. I’ve also been able to use it a bit in reverse, looking at things I have been interested in for over ten years, but haven’t fully delved into–i.e. psychology, relationships, human interaction, emotional intelligence, and that is also helping me figure out a more solid direction for my business idea.
    Also, I LOVE your tweet able: “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” I’m always in my head about what to do, and just tossing my ideas around with my roommate has given me more of a drive to talk with other people and set some things in motion instead of remaining indecisive and in my head.
    Thank you!

  187. Hi Marie! I found out about you through my wife years ago but it wasn’t until I watched your interview with Chase Jarvis that I truly connected with you. Talking about being multi-talented or multi-passionate is something I have felt all my life yet no one cared to explain things from my perspective like you you have done. Thank you!

  188. I have to say this totally addressed an issue of mine! I write a blog about surfing, travel and adventuring for moms and I am totally obsessed with web design, content marketing and social media. I’ve been scouring the internet for a way to combine these things and have found none. Then I watched this video. “She who chases two rabbits catches none.” Indecision 2016 is over!

  189. Issiah

    What if one of your passion requires you to devote all of your time in that one thing like being a pro basketball player or an engineer. the struggle I’m going through is deciding weather I should go all in for 1 talent or do multiple things I know I’m talented at and be apart of a broader community. Like deciding to do cinematography, acting, and drawing. There are from what I’ve experienced such a vast amount of projects when you do art like that, where I assume it feels like your doing something different and new all the time instead of slow hugely rewarding projects like in the field of engineering or something that doesn’t tests your imagination as much like sports but it pulls from your love to compete. It feels like someone telling me what is my favorite food of all time. Name one. I have many, its impossible to choose just one. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      This is such a great question, Issiah — I know you’re absolutely not alone. We’ve done a couple other great MarieTV episodes about this, so definitely check these out for a few other tips and nuggets of wisdom:

      We do believe that you CAN find ways to do everything you’re interested in — it’s all about finding the right blend that works for you. For some people, that might mean that all of your focus is dedicated to one project at a time and you later move on to focus on another one. It could also mean that you allow some things to just be hobbies so you can dig in more fully to one or two top things you’re the most interested in. And of course, for some people, it’s possible to do many things at once, though it’s important to be aware that the more things you take on, the more time you’ll need to dedicate to each.

      Even for jobs that require a lot of time and dedication, such as being a professional athlete, it’s possible to do that while still working on other things. Many pro athletes have side jobs or go to school while they’re training, it’s just about being solid on your priorities.

      There’s no one right answer here, but I hope the tips Marie shares in those episodes above are helpful. We’re cheering you on all the way!

  190. Hi Marie,
    I so agree!
    In our world, thoughts are too separated from feelings, but, actually, mind and emotions are within the same “body”: the psychic body. That’s why using also our feelings to take decisions may help a lot. In my business I merged marketing and yoga/meditation in order to help my clients to better understand either their value proposition or their customers.
    Thank you for the advices,
    Take care,

  191. So I recently found myself asking a similar question! My own dream job would combine tech, international affairs, and public policy. I just launched a search engine specifically to help people like us find jobs that combine our different passions. Hope it can be another helpful resource. Sorry, really not trying to spam!

  192. Jake Ramatici

    This is an issue so many of us struggle with… I relate it to the world of youth sports. There is such an emphasis on year-round training these days that kids are pressured into focusing on one sport ~ thanks for the insight!

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