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Do you ever start questioning everything you’re creating, everything you’re working on and everything you’re working towards?  Do you sometimes wish you could just stay in bed all day long?

First, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.   Millions of highly successful people go through periods of questioning what the heck they’re doing and crave a few days off the grid and under the sheets.

If you’ve been so busy that you’re pondering giving it up on it all, remind yourself of exactly why you’re doing this thing in the first place.

As we’ve talked about before, knowing your “why” is key to both success + longevity in any endeavor.

But once you’ve got that handled, you also need to proactively build in “NNT” time, which I quickly explain below, if you want to make sure you stay consistently on track and engaged. (Warning: you’ll hear me rap in the video below, kind of like I did here.)

Since I shared my core daily NNT activites above, I also want to share my weekly NNT too.  It’s made a huge difference in terms of my productivity and happiness.

I take at least one full day every week completely disconnected from email, cell phone and the computer.  No business advice or self-help books allowed; just pure non-work related activities.

I can’t even begin to describe the massive impact this small change has made in my own well-being, and for my relationship.  I strongly recommend you give this a try too.

Put this into action now!

In the comments below, tell me your three NNT daily activities.  If you’re ready to go buck wild, outline your weekly, monthly and or yearly NNT activities too.

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  1. I totally agree with you. To have one day per week which is a true rest from work is vitally important. It is all too easy these days to feel that you are not working hard enough if you take time out. Yet if you do allow yourself that time to recharge, you hit your desk in way better shape for the rest of the week.

    • Dear Marie…Love it…You just gave me permission to go back to bed…Loving it!

      NNT = 1. weekly Marie Q and A Tuesday. 2. the gym (2 mins from home)
      3. Reading sunday morning.

      • Oh one further query I am a solo mum (mom) with gluten intolerance and sometimes getting enough energy to keep going and be everything everyone wants me to be is tough going? Am i making excuses or do I just need to set up life right for me?

        • If you’re like me Amanda, it’s always a bit of both! I have been a single mum since my husband died 9 years ago and my boy is now 14~ wow talk about needing energy AND I’m 58!! so yeah, we DO make excuses about setting our lives up and putting ourselves first. The oxygen mask is one important lesson to learn or you will get a bit ‘off’ and start to Fade… You’re not alone though and one day at a time, we start each day getting it a little sweeter than before! XO to you and the effort to create a strategy that supports YOU!

        • My 3 NNT’s are

          #1. workout time in the early am with my daughter
          #2. Morning Shakeology!!!
          #3. My daily Reflection/PD time

          These all keep me in line and sink with my goal! 🙂

  2. Wow! I had to laugh when I read the heading of your post today. I have been falling down that rabbit hole for a week, struggling to get back out. I’m about to launch my own web-based business and I wanted everything to be “perfect”. Is my website perfect, do I know enough about marketing, am I tweeting enough, etc. etc. Completely lost track of who I am and what my voice is saying. So, last night I decided to as I say – Let It Be – big difference between letting go – Let It Be just allows you to give yourself a break, back off the problem, or situation and gain some clarity. Here are my NNT’s
    1. every morning without fail I write two pages (no more, no less) of my waking thoughts without editing.
    2. solo walks in the park to commune with nature and get centered.
    3. weekly “dates” – I take myself out on a date, treat myself to a little “me” time.
    As you say Marie – it needs to become a habit – we all know how difficult bad habits are to break – so once GOOD habits are created – they stick around!
    Thank you again for being in tune!

    • Claire

      Just came across this blog post and it hit a nerve. I’m always working so hard it can be difficult to give yourself permission to have time off. I LOVE your weekly date idea Jill! To take yourself out on a date and treat yourself. Brilliant! When you look after yourself you can look after others. Great idea.

      • Milda

        This date idea is amazing. Really trying to give myself time, but it almost always is either when I am exhausted after working days, or interrupted by my two lovely girls. Even I love them very much, I need to love myself as well 🙂 So I will also take myself on a date – without self help books, NB, phone, without worries about work, future plans, kids, life 🙂 Will be just me, myself and I 😀
        Thanks Jill for a great idea.

    • Someone’s read and followed The Artist’s Way!! Me too, Jill. The writing and weekly dates are still part of my habits, and what I find to be SO important to keeping me centered.

      • Lyv

        Haha, that’s what I thought too. I’m on week 7 of the Artist’s way, and morning pages are definitely my non-negotiable.
        I’m still working on artists date, but when I can’t do something ‘fun’, I just book 2 hours for myself, when I do exactly what I feel like doing, i.e. reading a good girlie novel, watching a tv-show, etc. without thinking that I should be doing something ‘productive’ instead.
        Now I am trying to add exercise to my daily routine. I think N.T.Ts are a brilliant idea!

    • Suzanne Rogers

      You inspired me! Thanks for the great post!

  3. I totally agree about NNT (and the song)! Working from home shouldn’t mean having to work 24/24 – 7/7… I mean, yes it is but like any other work, some free time is needed!

    Here are my NNT’s:

    1. Yoga
    2. TV time (a few times a week)
    3. ? … I don’t have a third one but I’ll work on it!!!

  4. Perfect timing! In fact, I started to feel burned out just before I went on a week-long vacation. THAT was also perfect timing! I scheduled a bunch of online posts and blogs and completely relaxed on my vacation.

    My NNT’s?
    1. breakfast (granola or oatmeal with cranberries or other yummies thrown in)
    2. morning walk or run with my happy black labrador
    3. afternoon sit with tea, coffee or wine
    4. Coffee or lunch with a friend, once a week
    I’m working on making meditation an NNT as well.

    Thanks for the inspiring reminders!

  5. Definitely – healthy breakfast, lunchtime with the hubbie and at least two daily walks with the puppy 🙂

  6. I love this one Marie. I vow to not to HAVE to work on the weekends, which is my NNT time. Weekends are for family, catching up on tv shows and fun activities. I will only work if I WANT to.
    Other NNTs for me are locking myself in the bathroom and having a nice hot bubble bath for about 45 minutes in the quiet and also cuddle time with my son in the morning. Keeps me going!

  7. Oooohh, yes, my NNT time is super important for me – and I definitely notice it when I miss it or ignore it! 😉

    My NNT time looks like this:

    1. Writing or reading first thing in the morning, often with some self-care in the form of a warm castor-oil pack on my abdomen and a cup of green tea. 😉
    2. Hot baths, sometimes daily or at least a few times a week – whenever I feel like it.
    3. One day a week completely unplugged – no computer, no email, etc.

    And one that I really need to put into place is daily walks. I always feel better when I take a daily walk, but I haven’t been very consistent with it. Time to make it NNT! 🙂

    • Jessillicious:
      I LOVE #3! Thats a great one. How many times have I found myself on my computer on some random page wondering how I even got there in the first place. I was innocently checking my email and now whats this?? Underwater dogs!! SAy Whaaa!? haha
      My 3 are:
      1. Exercise! Love it, need it. Running or workouts mostly, walks are great too.
      2. Read/watch something inspiring to do with career
      3. Write a list. Im a list person, its easy to follow and feels great to check off

  8. Boy oh Boy… Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed today.

    I would love to know what’s in your “GREEN JUICE” Marie? Also, how long do you meditate each day?

    Here are my NNT’s:
    1. Daily Exercise (my Jillian work-out OR elliptical – 30 minutes) OR Bike ride/walk with the kids
    2. Prayer
    3. Read

  9. 1. lemon water upon waking
    2. meditation
    3. sending out compliments each day

    • julie

      i love your idea of sending out compliments as a regular practice–i’m going to try that. thanks!

  10. I agree!!! I had to be willing to go through the detox. The first time I unplugged, I was pacing after 15 minutes…. I had to go through what I call the ring of fire and get to the other side.
    It was wonderful was I made it there.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  11. My BFF and I walk our dogs every morning at 5am–which gives us exercise AND girly time. I need to two more NNTs, meditation/prayer and…?

  12. 1. Morning Pages
    2. Reading an inspirational/practical book for my Biz.
    3. Pausing, releasing.

    For the Summer, it is swimming at the beach 3x/wk.

  13. Absolutely agree with you! We have to take care of ourselves so we can rock the house!!

    My top 3 NNT’s
    1. Daily morning meditation before I even go downstairs to my office
    2. Sunday’s off doing something fun with my hubby normally outside – motorcycle ride, boating, walk on beach….
    3. Breathing time…get up from desk, walk over to back slider, look at lake, breathe!

    Have a GREAT day!

  14. Thank you Marie! Why is it when you work for ‘THE MAN’ it’s TGIF and I’m off for two days… working for ourselves we push 24/7. Craaazy.
    So my NNT
    daily: light a candle and sit for 15 min. quietly with cuppa tea before day kicks in.
    30 min. walk
    60 min. husband and me time (dinner, talk, more…)
    weekly: FULL, disconnected day off.
    Remember to play… Jude

  15. Oh boy! This was a GREAT ONE for today. Running three businesses can lead to frequent and rampid burn-outs, so I have my NNT boundaries of the following:

    – Daily Morning Meditation/Journaling (includes my coffee outside on the patio with nothing but Nature)
    – Daily Exercise (includes walking my little pups!)
    – Weekends are a No-Fly Zone!!!- no matter what I make sure that my weekends are truly weekends, and if I can help it I don’t do any “work” at all.

    Thank you Maria, for reminding me that I absolutely deserve to set these very important boundaries for myself.


  16. Definitely need my NNT to keep me grounded.

    Morning Pages
    Gratitude List
    Kundalini warm up routine

    And then I add in the greens & green tea all that good stuff.
    Thanks, Marie!

  17. My three non negotiable time activities include:

    1. exercise/physical activity
    2. My 10 minute reflection time before I go to bed
    3. reading for at least 20 minutes per day

  18. Love NNT 🙂

    Just made my list …
    1. Grounding time ~ outside, barefoot in the grass, preferably walking circles. (clockwise for taking in, counter clockwise for letting go)
    2. Intuitive painting or sketching ~ whatever feels good
    3. Calling my sister ~ so good to just hear her voice.

  19. Three NNTs:
    1. Dance class twice weekly followed by jacuzzi and book time
    2. Horseback riding three times weekly or MORE!
    3. Daily morning walk with my dog.

    Interesting to notice my three NNTs are physical – not by conscious design, but it makes sense that given the mental/emotional nature of my work, that I need this physicality to neutralize.

  20. erika

    Thanks Marie!!

    1. Exercise.. yes, love doing pushups against the bathroom wall stall if need be 😉
    2. Breath of Fire..natural high..releases stress..opens up the body, mind, and spirit
    3. if can’t focus, shift gears to something creative or non work for a little while..tap back into myself, my why and get moving!
    4. Kombucha :)/ Morning Shake!

  21. Marie, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 22 years and I totally agree with you. If we let it happen, we’ll work 60+ hours a week because there is ALWAYS something left to do.

    I recharge with:

    – Walking the dog
    – Daily afternoon naps
    – Hitting the gym to work with a trainer 3 days a week
    – Preparing dinner with a glass of wine and some tunes
    – Eating dinner by candle light, TV off

  22. Dara

    Totally agree with you! My NNTs are:

    1) yoga 3x a week
    2) prime time tv
    3) and a little booty shaking on my living room every evening for about 10 minutes (tho I may have to start incorporating your song!)

  23. I love this Marie. I totally am need some NNT. Its what I been working towards for life balance. Thanks so much. I look up to you as a mentor and love Q&A tuesdays

  24. Hi Marie. Fab as always you are! Here are my three daily NTTs:

    1. morning ayurvedic routine (tongue scraping, self body + scalp massage with a cooling oil blend)
    2. morning DoMatcha green tea in a beautiful handmade japanese bowl (also gets the mind + metabolism pumped!)
    3. an afternoon 1km swim + 20 minute siesta (we operate from Spain!)

    ***Question: why has NO ONE put “romance” in their NTTs??? LOVE people…it fuels the mind and body in a way nothing else can! 🙂

    • Sharon M.

      OOoh, Katharine. I agree catching a little romance should play into it. Maybe no one put it because it’s a “given.”

  25. Great video– can’t wait to see your full-length film! My NNTs are: getting 8+ hours of sleep, swimming 2-3 times a week (that’s the 1st thing I schedule each week) and about a half hour each morning of me and my coffee to daydream or just to be an early morning vegetable. You rock!

  26. TinaTheVA

    Love this video and like many have said…it is SO right on time for me!

    Right now I only have two weekly NNT’s (sorta):

    1. Church on Sundays
    2. Church (Bible Study) on Wednesdays

    I say sorta because, truth be told; I have neglected both at different times (which is the ANTI-definition of NNT right??)!

    Time to re-evaluate! I’ll have daily’s and monthly’s soon!

    Thanks Marie!

  27. Sad to say, I’m not down with NNT. 🙁 I don’t have NNT consistently. I guess I need to get on that habit because I can see how much benefit it can bring. I would like to incorporate the following NNT:

    1.) Exercise
    2.) Reading (since I’m always behind with my book club books)
    3.) Breakfast on the balcony (when I do eat outside, it’s always relaxing and gets my day started off right)

    Thanks for the reminder to keep ME in mind sometimes.

  28. Hi Marie and thank you for every inspiring video!

    My three top NNT’s:

    1 – Exercise.
    2 – 60 min what I call “Inner jog”, in other words self development. 🙂
    3 – Practicing music, either on my guitar/bass/with my voice or writing songs.

    Cheers Norway!

  29. Marie,
    You crack me up. The “me” time is hard to find everyday for me. I have a two year old and her father is no help from Afghanistan. Sometimes I just lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes. Lol. However I have increased her days at pre-school so I can have one whole day to myself. Funny how on her school days I get up extra early to drop her off.

    When my husband comes home for his 3 weeks a year, I demand (yes DEMAND) he take me on a little vacation, just the 2 of us. The only reason we bring our phones is in case of emergencies with our daughter. Other then that it was awesome being unplugged. (I highly suggest the Wynn in Vegas).

    Before my vacation I had just started my website after 6 months of working on it and being a full time student in college. I was worried about leaving with the site being so new, but I knew I was going to be worthless to my business if I kept burning the midnight oil.

    Burn out sucks. Selfishness is good and healthy, even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom to hide from your toddler for a couple minutes. Just hide the markers, or anything else that the tiny twister can use as a spontaneous art project.

  30. Perfect timing Marie,
    I am launching a new business based on my passion, while working 2 jobs. My daily morning NNT keeps me going!
    Here we go:
    1. Start the day with prayer (my own version), gratitude journal for about 15 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes of yoga/meditation.
    2. Run or dance for an hour 4 times per week.
    3. Mendatory quality time with my girlfriends once per week.

    If I don’t stick to it, I see red lights everywhere, if I do it is all green for GO forward:)

    Thank you Marie!

  31. While NNT is helpful for those burnout type issues, there’s another related issue that can creep up:

    One of the things I’ve found is that many entrepreneurs hit this wall on a bigger scale. They’ve put in a LOT of effort to reach a level of success, but then things start to get really hard for a stretch – and maybe even some unexpected “stuff” starts coming up. As part of the hero’s journey, I call it “The Faith Crisis” – which I’ve experienced first hand just recently.

    It takes a LOT of faith (in yourself, your industry, your work and clients) to build a business. When it feels like things are about to completely unravel, but you KNOW you’re on the right path, that’s when you’ve got to really hold on. It’s like boiling water. It just gets hotter and hotter until you reach 212 degrees. THEN things start changing – but you’ll notice that the water gets a little bumpy in order for that change to happen.

    Great vid Marie!

    • Sjorcha Daynes-Todman

      Great comment Lisa!. Having gone through total burnout, my doctor suggested I needed a ‘break’ from my business. I thought he meant a holiday, which we took, but came back to the same exhausting issues. Hadn’t learnt the lesson.
      I have just recently started to ‘close’ my business on Fridays. Weekends was my NNT time, but its not really, as I spent that time looking after my rather large brood and catching up on domestic chores.
      Fridays, with my family all at school, uni or work, I am not on call to their needs. The first Friday I spent going through withdrawal & anxiety symptoms – pacing, is this good for my business? what happens if a client wants to speak to me? an urgent order request?
      I changed the answering machine message, created an email auto responder to reflect “we are not open Fridays”. The 2nd Friday I spent at the one my kids school engaging in volunteer work. I spent time laughing with the other mums that I met only fleetingly at the school gate. I had so much fun, that at the end of the day I skipped home with my Little Miss Mischief, I felt that good.
      3rd Friday had a movie & lunch date with an old school friend.
      4th Friday went to a gardening Expo with a friend. (I love gardening) Totally inspired with ideas not only for my garden but ideas started to flow for my own business which is baby related.
      Friday’s I don’t go near the computer, I turn off my business mobile. Disconnecting from the business this way has helped me reconnect with my business, my family and myself in more postive ways than anything else. I highly recommend this

  32. I never struggle with burnout. I struggle with my family taking so much of my time: they are my priority. But I struggle with how few hours there are left in any given day. I love my business. Regardless, I love your tips. I am going to create my own NNT’s right now. Which means I’ll think about it for a few minutes, get distracted over making breakfast, and forget all about it. LOL OMG! I need focus factor! I’m only 44, but that’s how it goes here.

  33. Cathy

    God had your idea too! 🙂 He called it the Sabbath Day! ….He commanded on the 7th day rest. Also get in community and feed yourself SPIRITUALLY. If that’s not confirmation… What is? Funny that resting can be so hard. Many

  34. One of my NNT’s is to take time every morning to meditate/pray/read. I have to make a point to get up early in order to do this, but it makes a difference in my day. Another NNT that I am working on implementing is to write every day–even if it is just for five or ten minutes. My third one is to work out–somehow for at least 20 minutes. I have a 20 minute DVD workout that I love and I’m trying to do at least that every day because I know what a difference it makes in my life. My final one is to create something (other than my writing) every day. I paint and weave/spin/knit–so I’m trying to do one sketch or paint one picture or work on a weaving project every day. Thanks for reinforcing how important this is–I need to be reminded and encouraged.

  35. Great post, Marie! Here are my top 3 (I have a few more, but I’ll just share my top 3).

    1) Daily Meditation
    2) Exercise (preferrably in nature… I have some amazing trails right by my house that turn exercise into a spiritual experience for me)
    3) Body Balance- my favorite liquid aloe/sea veggie drink that I would not be without!

    Have a fabulous day! xo-A

  36. Catherine Just


    1. Meditation
    2. Exercise
    3. Hmmmmmmmm still thinking about #3

  37. 1. Figuring out my exercise plan each day… for example, what trail I’m going to get on and then carve out a random time for this.
    2. Putting on some soul-touching-searching music and singing along with it. I find I get my angst out and connect with the artist that wrote the words I sing.
    3. Putting on my jewelry. It’s a natural high to look at the beautiful gemstones/metals and how they get their start deep under the ground..

    p.s. everyone should “steal” the last NNT 🙂

  38. Great vid, Marie.

    My NNT:

    Somehow I always manage time for my mid-afternoon treat – cup of tea, toast and sitting down with my book du jour.


    Helps me get through the children’s return from school (aka mayhem.)


  39. Jo

    My new NNTs are mediatation and gratitude and reading daily The Secret tip for the day in the morning, Chakra meditation in the evening, 45 to 1 hour workout either on my bike or dvd three to four times per week, going to bed early every evening by 12:00 midnight which would be a big one step in the right direction improvement to 2:00 to 4:00 am.

  40. I absolutely agree with you Sexy!

    1. Yoga, meditation, pranayama (BREATHING! OMG so necessary)

    2. Play with my furry animals; nothing better then cuddling & playing with Lucas and Maurizio 🙂 See how cute they are:

    3. Enjoy time off chilling, laughing, eating good food with my fabulous boyfriend & my super fun friends!

    4. I would add that traveling and seeing the world is a must. Getting out of our own little world can help gain a new perspective on things; what’s important and what is not.

    5. Helping others, volunteering, raising money for something you believe in also helps recharge my batteries as it helps me get out of my business once in a while and think about something else.

    You asked for 3 but I had a little more to say 🙂

    Love you!

  41. 1. Tea – loose leaf, brewed properly, Paris tea by Harney and sons…
    2. Walking my dog.
    3. Exercise…even if I do 30 minutes of Yoga by my desk.

    Long-term NNT…moving back to the coast so I can go to the ocean every day. My husband and I are hoping this will happen in about a year 😉

  42. Amy

    As always… right on time with this one. My NNT’s:
    1. Play time with the kids
    2. Exercise
    3. Meditation

  43. I wish I had my three NNTs in place. I don’t yet. But I will. Life is hectic. Even more when you run your own business.

    I think it’s funny though that when I think of all the things I let creep in and should say no to, what bull crap that is. I say no to other things all the time. But not by choice. I simply run out of time. And it’s more of a “sorry I didn’t get that done for you”, rather than “sorry, I can’t take that on right now” When I first get asked.

    I need to stop filling up my schedule for everyone else and allowing myself to be one of the ones I tell “sorry, I didn’t get to your stuff.”

    Thanks, Marie!

  44. Great Q & A. In the past I have felt guilty when I would take a weekend to just lay around in bed. However, everytime I do I am recharged and ready to go again. NO MORE GUILT! Thanks for your sage advice on NNT, daily, weekly or otherwise. I have started an early morning ritual this summer:
    1. Wake up and read something inspirational for 30 mins
    2. Then I go hiking for 30 mins
    3. Finish off my early morning ritual with a healthy juice concoction
    My days go better, which turn into weeks and now I going on 4 months.

  45. I like to lace each of my days with some NNT. My top three are brewing tea and sipping on it while I work, cooking lunch everyday (and being creative with it as I’m trying to collect my own recipes for a possible cookbook in the future), and at the end of the day, reading inspirational stuff that I genuinely want to read. I do these things everyday as a way to increase my productivity. It can be called productive procrastination or even making everything that I do productive. All I know is that it works. Stress is at an all-time low for me these days.

  46. So wonderful to see so many women implementing some form or NNT. Great role models. Thank you Marie for reminding how simple and small some of the NN moments can be. Quality versus duration is definitely key especially if you are a mom or carrying a big load for your family.

    1. Meditation/Breathing Techniques
    2. Yoga/Dance
    3. Art

  47. Carla K.

    My Number 1 NNT – Pajama Day on Sunday abosolutely never get out of the pj’s and just rest.

    #2 60 min. Nap around 2:00 daily I sleep the heat of the day. (Learned this one from my cat.) – I wake up refreshed and ready to do MORE1

    #3 – 30 min of reading something inspirational… I do this in the late pm. – It helps me to wind down and gives me something to think about when I wake up in the morning.

  48. Oh heavens! I just got back from my morning walk around Trout Lake, (Vancouver) and was feeling GLUM! Why? Burnout! Another balm on the soul from your video Marie and I am already feeling re-set. THANKS!

    One of my 3 NNT’s is #1 my morning walk around Trout Lake with my hubby, watching the dogs diving into the lake with boundless glee and energy make me soooo happy. #2 is my “Haddasa Hussle” my 20 minute dance/weights routine after my walk to ward off those hanging “Hadassa” arms (haha). #3 I go at least once a month for a 90 min. massage. Crucial.

    So what’s missing? I know I feel BLUE when I do not connect spiritually, mostly through meditation. My biggest challenge to sit in silence. That is the one practice that always makes me feel centred and connected to my core.


  49. Hi Marie–

    Love the videos every Tuesday!

    1. Inhale the good and exhale the bad (several times per day)
    2. Read the Los Angeles Times (no matter how crappy you feel, your life is never as bad as the front page headline)
    3. Afternoon nap


  50. Hmmm… I started to write my 3 NNT’s and stopped at # 1) Exercise. Looks like I have some work to do because the other stuff I do must be negotiable.

    Thanks for the heads up that it takes longer to change a habit than we may realize.

    Awesome job with the video Marie. I genuinely appreciate this advice and will think of it when I’m asking myself: Why don’t you just get a regular job like “normal” people. It would be so much easier! : )

  51. Great post Marie!! It’s so important to lay a strong foundation in order to build your life to reach your fullest potential!! & I always keep in mind that what gets me healthy keeps me healthy. My NNT’s are:

    1. Morning pages – (a Julia Cameron technique) where you just write 3 pages of whatever you hear your mind saying 1st thing in the morning – a sacred practice.
    2. Meditation – I too am a huge fan of my inner work & moments of profound grace that come along with that:)
    3. Movement – exercise falls in this category, but even if it’s not formal gym time – moving my body, releasing tension, getting things flowing can look like lots of different things:)

    Love you!! Thanks for the inspiraiton!!

    • vanessa

      @Heather… “THE ARTIST’S WAY” great books and workbooks 🙂

  52. Hey Marie,

    great advice, love your energy and ADVICE!!! It was timely, I woke up this morning trying to make a major decision about the direction I am taking in my business, and I wanted to hide! I have 3 brands right now, 2 in development, and so I am feeling major overwhelm, you know, that feeling when you are treading water as fast as you can but you can barely keep your nose in the air! Yup, thats me, and I know that taking some time off is important to avoid burnout, so I love that we jive on that.


  53. 1~ One I’m putting into practice is getting up every day and just doing a 20 min walk around the neighborhood, before I do a THING! It’s not totally a habit yet, but I’m working on it! I’ve invited my friend/neighbor to join in so it keeps me going. A great way to connect and get some exercise.

    2~ I also have Monday & Wed nights set aside for gym time ~ my hubs and I go together ~ it’s helpful to have a buddy to go with. We’ve had this in place for some time now so it’s def a habit!

    3~ I make sure I eat a healthy robust breakfast every morning of protein and veg. Non-negotiable.

    Great vid! I’m totally down with NNT!

  54. Current trend
    – hanging at the cottage w/my fam
    – a cup of tulsi tea (holy basil leaf), fab for de-stressing
    – stretching or walking and lately cycling (love)
    – gardening
    – juicing (a la Kris Carr)
    – spirit guidance cards (Sonia Choquette)

  55. Marie, I remember hearing this advice before on a B-School call last time around – the one about allowing yourself to veg out if you were reaching burnout. This was exactly what I needed to hear at the time, and helped me be a little bit kinder to myself. It also got me thinking about how our lives are very seasonal – sometimes we’re in periods of high creation/output, sometimes we’re in periods of replenishment/nourishment. I was comparing myself to people who were in a different season than I was and feeling bad about it. After all, if you’re working in the flow, it should feel somewhat easy. If it’s constantly feeling like your pushing, it’s time to step back and reassess.

    Anyways, my 3 NNTs:
    1. At least 10 minutes of meditation
    2. Yoga – sometimes high energy, but always theraputic
    3. Reading something fun and non-work related for 30 minutes.

  56. This has me thinking that I want to completely revamp my NNT’s. I’ve been feeling a tug between my habits and what I actually want or need for a few weeks now.
    1. Like, instead of coffee or a latte, I want a smoothie.
    2. A recent addition: I quit email when I’m starting to think about winding down. Or, if I’m watching a movie on my laptop, I turn of the wifi connection.
    3. Lastly, and this is hard to admit, I do need some form of exercise. I loathe it, but my body has been screaming at me to move lately.

  57. Sundays are non-negotiable for me. I used to date a guy who worked Saturday’s and I had a typical M-F 9-5. So, Sunday’s were our only time together. We agreed to reserve Sundays for us – no work! Even though we have long since broken up, I still keep to that. My other 2 NNTs are reading just before bed – fiction or whatever calls to me, no research – and dance class on Saturday’s. I get very cranky if I don’t get my booty in motion at least once a week!

  58. Jill

    N.N.T.s for me:
    1. yoga
    2. make a meal (any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner)
    3. creative output – I realized recently I spent time playing stupid games on the computer as a brainless break. Now, I pick up knitting, beading, or something to do with my hands rather than chasing little green men with a mouse.
    4.5.6.-workout, phone time with friends, walks

  59. Such great advice. I once was a total workaholic type A personality. I did therapy in grad school to get over it b/c I was waaay too stressed out. Now, I feel I have a much more balanced life. But I DO have to work at it cuz I love to work and tend toward obsessive about “gettin’ stuff done!”
    My NNTs
    1) yoga & meditation daily, even if for just 20-30 minutes. (I teach these but do my own practice for ME)
    2) I swim in the Atlantic Ocean at least twice a week sometimes more 🙂
    3) I chill out with my husband every evening from 8 or 9 pm until we go to bed. And we have Friday night date night and Saturday or Sunday playtime!
    4) We make sure we go on a mini-vacation once a quarter at least to play and once a year on a rejuvenation vacation of 7-14 days.

  60. Hi Marie! Loved the vid & am so excited to hear news about RHHLive. My 3 NNT’s are eating a delish breakfast, stretching in the morning, and exercising (although this needs some consistency). I needed the extra motivation. Thanks!

  61. Meditation~first thing in the AM to get my day started right.

    Exercise~This is something I do every day (I mix it up with walking, running, dancing, stretching, yoga, toning, swimming–like, right now when the pool’s open!) This is something I do whenever it suits me. I don’t necessarily have to it first thing but I know I will fit it in because if I don’t I know my world will fall apart.

    Drinking lots of water~I drink a ton of water throughout the day. It’s just an ingrained habit at this point. Helps the digestion, skin, etc, etc., well, you know…

  62. What a great vid!
    You just assured me for stuff i’ve been guilty about doing.
    For example like doing nothing when burned down.

    Three things i do on a daily basis:
    1. Pray twice a day.
    2. Surf on the web just for fun and inspiration for a spesific amount of time.
    3. Talk to the phone with a beloved friend each day just to “psychoanalyze” one another. That is to talk about how we progressed on our goals and targets. What went wrong or right.

  63. Love this! And what a timely post, too, because I’m starting to feel the first stirrings of burnout–bleh! So, my three daily NNTs are 1) meditate in the morning before I jump into crazy work mode 2) fit in a yoga class to keep my achy breaky shoulders from getting angry and 3) shutting off email alerts except during scheduled email checking times.

    I’m off to share this post now!

  64. Wow! I totally just had an insight because of today’s Q & A! After I posted my NNT’s, I thought of adding one! I’m going to add ART TIME to my NNT list YAY!!! I have been soooo busy implementing all the AMAZING things I’ve learned in RRH b-school that I haven’t been painting. So now, every weekend, I’m going to have some Non-Negotiable painting time!
    Thanks Marie, you are the best!

  65. Superior Self Care is UP!! Thanks Marie!!

    NNT – Morning Affirmations & Connecting with my SOURCE to get tuned in to the overarching energy and intentions for the day

    Go Outside!! – Especially now that it’s summer here in New England – and connect with Nature

    – I just set up my own group program for peeps that

  66. Great advice and such a fun approach to sharing !

    My 3 NNTs are:

    1 – Coffee and paper in the morning
    2- Half Hour walk during the day
    3 – Making dinner, sort of grounds me and prepares me for kid time afterwards.


  67. Kam-B

    My three NNT’s: #1 reading Course In Miracles with my hubbie at night. #2 doing something to get sweaty 6 days a week. #3 finding a new sassy recipe every Meatless Monday!

  68. Love this! My 3 NNT’s are:
    1) Meditation
    2) Exercise
    3) Eating breakfast!

    And all three are normally in that order. This starts my days off right and in the best frame of mind to tackle my day!

  69. 1) meditation and/or unhook time from tech world
    2) be outside
    3) time with kids, babies, family and/or friends

  70. Self Care is UP!! Thanks Marie!!

    NNT – Morning Affirmations & Connecting with my SOURCE to get tuned in to the overarching energy and intentions for the day

    Go Outside!! – Especially now that it’s summer here in New England – and connect with Nature

    Movement – more than just exercise – movement is about not getting stuck in any particular position – so I make time each day to step away from the machines and just move – sometimes I move into my sacred space and sit down to choose a few oracle cards or do some yoga to stay flexible – sometimes I move by turning on some sexy drumming music and doin a little dance – sometimes I move by unplugging from the business and plugging back in to my personal life by getting some laundry done or unloading the dishes from the dishwasher (side bene to working from home – all that commuting time can be utilized for stuff like laundry and dishes!)

    It’s funny that you just sent out this about your NNT – I just set up my own daily accountability group program for peeps that encourages them to engage in SSC (Superior Self Care!) through the “Our Daily Practice” Momentum Studio, which we run in 28 day cycles – because you are so right 21 days to build and solidify a sustainable practice just isn’t enough!

    Thanks for being such a RED HOT ROCKING BIZ Mama and for sharing your fine self with all of us!

  71. I love this!
    My 3 NNT:
    1. Run or Dance
    2. Sit down to read or journal
    3. Me time to explore the city or cafes once a week.

    Thanks for your videos! Keep them coming!!!

  72. William Moroney

    1. Guitar Playing & Songwriting – mostly this is everyday, and I will Never Deny myself that opportunity if that’s what I want to do. However, I often get busy with my online stuff and My G/SW NNT becomes instantly variable in frequency and duration. Basically, my Main NNT is: I do what I want whenever I want to.

    And…Thank You! Marie for supporting me in this NNT paradigm. I have been doing it for some years now, but, coming from someone as successful as you is Empowering to me, since I respect You. PS – I got the B-School mug today! Now I drink from 2 mugs at the same time: my red Ferrari Mug and the white B-School Mug. Thanks!

  73. Excellent video, as always! Thank you.

    My 3 NNTs are:

    1) Exercise – minimum 30 minutes
    2) Green smoothie
    3) Make a painting

    I’m in a show where I have to make 50 paintings in 50 days so #3 is a new NNT. I was pretty good already at this, but being in this show just may become an activity that sticks. I’m loving it as part of my NNTs.


  74. Yup! Good ol’ NNT time! Today it was a moment of gratitude upon awakening, followed by a comfortable dose of jogging, wrapped up with a little stretching and peaceful chatting with the universe.

    Yup, I agree, there NEEDS to be connecting, movement time in my day- everyday!

    Thanks for your awesome reminder, and the cool acronym to sum it all up!

    With gratitude & connection,

    Something else our body needs to be in the flow? Check this out:

  75. Oh, I needed to hear this today. I set up some NNTs for myself a few weeks ago (although I wasn’t calling them that!) and have since let them slip in the face of a busy, busy schedule. That stops today! Mine are:

    1- Morning exercise. Walking in the park, hiking, hitting the elliptical, or some nice chill yoga.
    2 – Gee-tar! I just picked up the guitar again after almost a decade away, but spending an hour in the middle of my work day clears my mind and reminds me how much I love to play.
    3 – Reading for Pleasure. I love ending the day with a good book. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s not business-related.

  76. My 3 NNT are
    1. eating a hard-boiled egg for my morning protein
    2. mediation & prayer time
    3. exercise

    When I do all of these I can take on the world and when I don’t my mind is not focus at all and everything seems harder!

  77. There are some simple things that I like to do and makes me feel more relaxed.
    1-doing my own nails
    2- Blogging
    3- Going out with my Boyfriend
    4- Watching a movie at home
    and ocasionally I teach my friends how to make up nicely and do some origami art, or having ice cream.

    I feel happy with small and simple things =D

  78. Thanks Marie!
    Three of my daily NNTs are:
    1. Goofing off with my 3-year-old son Keane.
    2. Walking with some of my fav tunes for at least 30 minutes.
    3. Getting inspired (note: not intimidated by) by other women in business online, e.g. you, Laura Roeder, Gina Bell and Stephanie Pollock.
    Love your videos, Marie. Keep ’em coming!

    • I liked your web site Nadine~ I signed up for your newsletter…
      Are you a RHHB school grad like myself?

  79. Jennifer Rohner

    Such wonderful suggestions, as always! My NNT’s:

    1) Exercise (especially running)
    2) Reading books for fun
    3) Enjoying wonderful meals

  80. Great vid Marie! Thanks for recharging me today!

    My daily NNT’s are:
    1) Meditation and/or Shamanic Journeying – love the “Financial Well-Being” 15 minute guided meditation from Abraham-Hicks, love SjpielseWolf YouTube Clean Drumming for journeying
    2) Exercise – yoga, trampoline, biking, swimming, walking OR if time seems tight I’ll do squats while brushing teeth, put my leg on the counter for a stretch while preparing dinner, do a down dog in a whim, and jump on the ab roller here and there – most of which gets a laugh from family members!
    3) Reading & Writing – so important for my sanity and my business

  81. Nice 🙂

    Not many days where I like to stay in bed, but then my wife does call me ‘unusual’ 🙂 Even as I type right now, it’s 5:09 AM on a winter’s day (yes, I live in New Zzzzzzzzealand)

    But I do have my NNT:
    1) Coffee. I have work time and coffee time. And when I say I’m not available, I’m at the cafe drinking tea 🙂
    2) Cartoons: I’ll sit and draw a daily diary. Yes, draw. So I have my whole life in pictures in Moleskine diaries.
    3) Cook: I make some prettttty good Indian food. And with good cookin’ there’s good music too.

  82. Meditation, Movement & Mashing (the last one includes lovin up of all kinds: dog petting, husband kissing, girlfriend hugging and generally smiling from the inside)

  83. My NNT are more weekly in nature. I have to go out dancing at least once if not more, play tennis and bike ride at least once if not more, play volleyball (on beach in summer) at least once if not more…that keeps me happy and fit. The spiritual is more fluid…is always in my mind/being/heart but I regularly journal, meditate, pray, at times more intensely than others…and do different transformational workshops on weekends a few times a year.

  84. yes!! wise words sista!
    I love the NNT rap……
    For me, it’s exercise….hike, yoga, or run, every day.
    meditation…either sitting or tonglen or a kundalini meditation….
    and literally time to just BE…..staring off into space if that’s what I want to do!

    Other things that help HUGELY…..working in a way that feels super luxurious to me….right now I’m on the couch on my patio working in my bathing suit! Sometimes I work in the bath tub, in the woods, on the beach, wherever!!

    Also my FAVORITE green drink that is the mutha of all green drinks, that is my biz…..Body Balance. Sea veggies + aloe juice + black cherry for the yum factor….delivers massive vitality + clarity right to my cells!

    Life is GOOOOOD! thanks for the tuesday love!

  85. Maggie Hollinbeck

    I have just been thinking about this, so your video comes at the perfect time, as usual. My NNT’s are:

    Morning Pages
    Movement (this is the hardest for me to prioritize, being such an overthinker)
    Creative Practice (writing)
    Homework for a program I’m in

    Artist Date
    Weekly Walk
    “Walking In This World” weekly homework

    Having recently realized how much alone time I need in order to keep my batteries charged, I’ve been thinking that a weekend retreat once a month would be great, and doesn’t have to cost a ton. One night’s hotel stay, plus a drive no more than two hours away. I live in Sacramento, CA, so that radius gives me TONS of options.

    A multi-day creative retreat. A few years ago I hit the spring offering at Squam Art Workshops and those four days inspired me for months and months afterward. This is a more expensive proposition, but if I set aside money every month I can make it a priority.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Marie!

  86. Oh yeah!
    ~5am … yogurt bowl with fresh fruit, hot tea and my daily meditation journaling
    ~~ 6am….an hour hike into the nearby wilderness park
    ~~~ 7am …a decent, healthy breakfast…..
    Only then am I ready and willing for the day to present itself!
    Marie~ Your videos are so much fun~~

  87. My three NNT’s :
    1.) Meditation followed by cup of coffee
    2.) Jog/Weights in the pm
    3.) Reading before I go to sleep

    Love the vids Marie! Keep it up!

  88. thanks for the Video Marie,
    It is a good reminder that I have to make my NNT really be that-non negotiable!
    as of now I have a couple in place and a few I am working on:-)
    1. Yoga at least once a week, but i’ve upped it to 2;mondays and wednesdays
    2.Reading a book for fun-I try to read it everyday with my tea so I don’t jump on the computer first thing
    3. I need to make one-day off purely work- free (email free, self-help book free etc.) but on the other side of that, I need to make sure i’m getting things done the other days of the week. Otherwise, I don’t feel deserving of the full day off.

    thanks for sharing and reminding me that there’s no need to feel guilty!


  89. Maria,
    You make my Tuesdays … your energy is contagious & it jumps right off my computer screen!
    1) Kundalini Yoga or Nia Dance
    2) Delicious Green Drink to GO
    3) Meditation


  90. Ooohh…juicy one Marie (PS, just spent the weekend wine tasting in Northern CA with a gal who took your RHH B-School online this past May and we talked about how much we admire what you’re doing.

    OK, I’ve tried so valiantly to do this and the biggest thing that has helped is PUTTING IT ON MY CALENDAR. Doesn’t always work, but helps a ton.

    Mine are:
    – Cross fit on Wed mornings. No meeting until after I get home and shower. Period.
    – Having a decent lunch every day. After recovery from a health scare, I was working 8 hours straight and not stopping for lunch. Uh uh. I work for myself so I need to stop being a horrible boss. I shut down my computer around 11:30 or Noon and head out of my home office to make myself some lunch and watch some bad daytime game shows. That one hour boost my energy and gives me the break I need
    – Make hubbie time a priority: My husband still works in the corporate world, so his schedule is not as flexible as mine. When he’s free, I try to be free. I try to shut down for the day by the time we’re ready for dinner and I DON’T LOG ON AGAIN until morning. I also do this on weekends – although I check my phone for emails. Unless it’s urgent or there is a deadline, people now know how much I value this free time and that I won’t be available at a moment’s notice. Amazing how quickly people will adapt!

  91. Marie, your timing is impeccable!
    When I am at my peak performance, it is because I am involved daily in my meditation practice, keeping a gratitude journal, and exercising. It takes discipline but the payoff is huge. I run my own nonprofit organization and I am basically a one-woman show trying to raise funds and work with children in Africa that have been raped. My self-imposed schedule is grueling. Not long ago, I adopted my own “Sabbath” day where I did not cook, clean or use the phone or computer. It was sacred time, which I loved but it suddenly gave way to what I perceived as more pressing issues. After hearing your video today, it was a wake-up call that taking time off is essential to my body, mind and spirit and I am reinstating it as NNT.

    Thanks for this nudge . . . much needed.

  92. I never thought about this… I think I currently only have 1 NNT

    8 hours of sleep every night… does that count?

    Hm… I’m going to work on my awake NNTs this week…


  93. Sheri

    1. Exercise. 2. Go to bed on time 3. Journal.

  94. LOVE IT. As a health coach, this is always the biggest challenge for my clients. Learning to take time to recharge. Heck, sometimes its a problem for me to. My 3 go to NNT activities:

    1) green juice baby!
    2) yoga . . . om
    3) playing with my dog Skippy

  95. Hatty

    Really good idea, although 2 months to get a habit ingrained is LONG! but worth it. I think my three will be exercise, meditation (almost typed medication – and that would help too…lol) and practicing my dance steps.

  96. Hey All
    New to the community and very happy about it.

    My NNT’s are
    Snuggle time with my husband in the morning before starting the day. Good to connect
    Journaling and my Americano style coffee steaming hot on my favorite corner of the couch (now well worn)
    Going for a walk with my dog. She is full of the sweetest and most loving energy ever!

  97. 1) Morning pages (3 pages in my journal, longhand)
    2) Green smoothie and lemon water
    3) WORKOUT

    These three things keep me sane, but I’m not good about making them NNT. I’m also bad about letting things get crazy busy and having no real sense of routine. I’m scheduling them now! Thanks for another great video! xo

  98. My 3 NNT activ-u-ties ARE…

    #1 Hour of Warming Up to My Day…Ev-er-y single day!
    #2 Soaking up some sun rays & enjoy the outdoors for computer breaks & giving my mind a break – On every single day that it is sunny! (or at least not raining)
    #3 Turning off my phone, even locking it up in my car on days I just don’t wanna go there!

    Nice rapping Marie!

  99. karen k

    So timely, how is it that you are always able to come up with something that is so in sync with what is going on in my life?
    I have been planning to start swimming again, I love it, it feels good, but with all I am doing to get my business up and running I keep saying..tomorrow! Now tomorrow really WILL be tomorrow and this will be my new NNT 4-5 days a week.
    2. Take time to make and eat a good breakfast.
    3. Practice tap dancing one night a week-total beginner-just for fun. You can’t help being happy when you are tapping!

    Would love to know what is in the “green drink”.

  100. Marie, here are my NNT’s
    1. Study
    2. Give Thanks
    3. Read an inspiring quote and really think about how it applies to me, at the exact place I am that given day.

  101. Marie I absolutely love you and everything you have shared with me. Tuesdays have become one of my favourite days of the week!

    My NNTs
    1. Yoga: I will wake up and go to yoga every morning that I work from home. Yoga has become apart of my life and I don’t even want to stop. It grounds me, allows me to grow emotionally, gives me balance, and makes me feel alive.

    2. Evenings: Every evening I will allow myself veg-out time. Lay on the couch with my sweetie, watch a movie, play a game, cuddle, go for a walk. I need quiet time everyday to recharge and settle down. The computer goes off at dinner time and does not turn on until the next morning.

    3. Meditation: I do a simple 10-15 minute meditation everyday. Mostly in the mornings or at the end of my yoga practice. This really solidifies all the internal work I have done on myself and allows me to get out of my head and connect to my heart.

  102. Wow I did not realize people do the same things I do.
    1. I have to walk, no matter what, I can miss brushing my teeth, but I gota have my morning walk and some stretching. My body demands it, even pushes me out of the door. The fresh air in the morning..ooh and the birds, the birds, the songs, the chirps and the tweets and the fresh morning breeze..I wish I was near an ocean somewhere.
    2. Time with my children, the great women in my life. This is the way I see it. I may not have the money temporarily for now, but I cannot shortchange my children. I have to read for them, cook healthy meals, give some motivational talks. Yah I just did that this morning and their 7 and 5 year old eyes were looking at me like..are you for real..We need to know we can do it..I have to read for them daily and pray with them, they also do presentations, poems, songs, dances and Sunday is a special thank you day for all of us.
    3. I have to write. I have to write. I have to write. I must, I really must write. And this writing can be affirmations, prayers, healing, meditation or finishing my novel. Seriously I have to finish the novel for real, this year and it is going to be read green is that.
    4. Did you say three, how come. I drink my 10 item smoothie in the morning. If I can just pack everything early then I can be full 3/4 of the day and keep healthy.

  103. LOVED today’s message. MY NNTs:

    1) Walking/spending time with my dogs. They help me to put everything in perspective (ie: live for and IN each moment). Bonus: being herding dogs, they make it a work out.

    2) Yoga. I recently found a place that I can not get enough of! I leave there, feeling like I am walking on air. It’s the first thing I’ve done SOLEY for myself in a long, long time. And darn it ~ I DESERVE IT!

    3) DISconnecting. I disabled texting from my mobile phone, and avoid the computer on weekends.

    • Your NNTs sound like my NNTs! Time spent out roaming as a “pack” with a herding dog is definitely a work out and if you throw some hills in there, even better! 🙂

      I still don’t receive emails on my phone and I plan to keep it that way for as long as I can.

  104. Loved the video! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

    My top 3 NNT activities:
    1. Reading. I have had a life-long love affair with books.
    2. Exercise. Specifically group classes like Zumba, Body Pump, Body Combat, bootcamp, and kickboxing.
    3. Cooking. It may seem like catch-up time, but I totally lose myself in 5 or 6 hours of cooking.

  105. NNT by Maria = so simpe, just do it!

    My personal 3 NNT = pushing the stroller outdoor with my child, in the nature and in silence so I meditate and excersice at the same time; drink pure water!
    Thanks MaRiA! xx

  106. 1. Tickle my son until he pees his pants. He’s eighteen months old, so it’s usually just a matter of time.
    2. Coffee and crossword in the sun before ANYTHING else.
    3. Large beer no later than nine every. single. night.

    You rock.

  107. A timely video as last week I was contemplating scraping everything and starting over. I hit that wall of doubt that I was going down the right path for myself. Disconnecting really helped me get clear. For me my NNTs are exercising, playing with my kids (w/o checking my phone 😉 ), and doing some reading.
    Thanks Marie, as always you rock!

  108. Great advice! It’s so easy just to keep go-go-going, especially if you’ve got kids! My two boys (ages 6 and 1) would easily occupy all my non-working hours…but I know I need to recharge for me (and for them!). I kinda think of it like this: you know the safety instruction video in airplanes when they say you have to apply your own oxygen mask before assisting anyone else (including your children)…yeah, it’s kinda like that. You’re no good to anyone else if you’ve passed out from lack of oxygen.

    So my daily NNTs (okay and admittedly I do these after the kids have gone to bed…how else am I gonna squeeze it in?):

    And weekly? Date night with hubs!

  109. Loved today’s Q&A 🙂

    So my NNT activities are
    1. Pray
    2. Drink a proteín shake or Green juice
    3. Exercise

    Hugs and best wishes to you and all the wonderful so en from the community.

  110. Hey Marie and everyone else!

    This video could not have come at a more relevant time! I am completely burned out – I literally could not get out of bed on Sunday! Needless to say an entire day of doing nothing sorted me out. I DID feel a little bit of guilt, however – is there any way of getting away from the guilt?!

    My NNT’s:
    – Meditation in the morning
    – At least 20 mins of exercise – whatever that my be ;0
    – Writing down everything I am grateful for

    It’s taken a while to build these habits however. Discipline is the word!

    – Razwana

  111. marie,
    i absolutely LOVE this post! i love that i get to see your videos on my “happy tuesday” day! when i opened my first store in east village, my “day off” was always on tuesdays. to this day, i still call tuesdays my “happy tuesday” since it’s technically my day off. 🙂

    my NNTs:
    * morning QT (quiet time) and pray
    * make my green juice (i actually crave it in the mornings!)
    * organize my thoughts in my composition notebook


  112. Great video, Marie! I started out with a few NNTs, and now they make up a solid chunk of my day. I may have to cut some of them out in the future, though. Here are some of them:
    -Daily Meditation/Reading/Stretching
    -Daily Exercise (Ballet or Weights)
    -Daily Learning (Usually Japanese + an Educational DVD Lecture)

    These routines do take up quite some time every day, but if I do them early, I still have lots of time left. Of course, when I start college I suspect I will have less time. That’s okay, I’ll make it work 🙂

    Josh Lipovetsky

  113. Love this edition of Q&A Tuesday! My 3 daily NNT’s:
    1 – Moving my body. This can = gym time, trail running or just riding my bike around town.
    2 – Quiet morning time. I use an hour or so each day to get my thoughts together on paper, look at my calendar and to write blog posts, etc.
    3 – Focused conversation with my husband. Active listening is tough sometimes, but I make sure I give him my undivided attention every evening when we get home from work.

    I feel pretty good that I’m already down with NNT on a weekly basis! I try for two, but can’t live without at least one day per week where I’m unplugged and focused on NOTHING!

  114. Hi Marie,

    Another terrific video from you!

    My 3 daily NNT’s are:

    1. Ask my power questions: I start my morning drive off with a series of questions about my life that make me grateful for what I have and open me up to allowing more great experiences to be created in my life

    2. I drink a super healthy protein drink

    3. I get some reading in every night to feed my brain good mental fuel

    Every week I take a long walk to disconnect from everything electronic.

    Goes a long way toward getting rid of any stress and recharging my batteries.

    Thanks again!


  115. 1. Meditation – MUST GROUND myself before i start my crazy day otherwise i get overwhelmed and then reach burn out veg mode super fast!…:)

    2. Check my Calendar – Review what is a priority what is not and get them done ASAP (get Organized)

    3. practice awareness and mindfulness while doing every single little thing… eating healthy and consciously sounds easy but it isnt…. try it!!
    These are the three main things that i do no matter what every single day i have a list of more but i cant say i do them religiously…;) thank you for making me think about these things and remember to take things one step at a time !!! your awesome….;)

  116. 3 of my NNTs (amongst others!)
    1. Kefir smoothie – with my daily greens!
    2. Playing the ‘thank you’ game with my boys (what we’re grateful for)
    3. Getting to bed on time!

    Take it easy

  117. To keep out of trouble, my NNT’s are:
    1. Coffee- I am not a coffaholic but I really enjoy one or two cups first thing in the morning.
    2. Walking with my dogs, Lewis and Clark.
    3. Sitting on the couch in the evenings reading, preferrably with the TV off but since in usually the time I have with my husband, he has it on (I am converting him to a reader).
    Love your stuff Marie!

  118. 1. Mind-clearing walk
    2. Cup of tea
    3. A Lady Gaga hit of choice blared at least once

  119. Jen

    I’m totally down with NNT!

    My 4 NNTs are –
    1) A minimum of 2 complete getaway vacations a year – at least one super fun and crazy-kiddie like with my two brilliant daughters and at least one overseas where I can get all cultured. This year, the Philippines for major shopping and resort-life…oh yeah.
    2) My supah-green smoothie every morning. I didn’t realize how much this would change my energy but making it an NNT really has made my digestion, emotions and focus much more balanced throughout the day. I’m a believer!
    3) Spend at least 5 hours per week engrossed in a book. I like finishing a book at least once a week.
    4) Girlfriend-time with the sistahs at least once a month – whether we’re just doing brunch by the beach, hanging out and making dinner or even going to a chick flick, with my busy schedule, making time to hang out with friends and being completely present while doing so, makes me a better business person, better friend and most of all, a better mom (and my baby girls love that!).

    Thanks Marie for an outstanding Tuesday Q&A as usual. Jen Kem

  120. Thanks for the juicy advice.
    My NNT’s are:
    1.Playing my kalimba while sitting in my front porch garden.
    2. Writing 3 pages in my daily journal.
    3. 30 minutes of movement at least, every day. Could be dance, walking, yoga, something to get the blood flowing and the mind present.
    Thanks for the wisdom and keep it comin’.
    With gratitude, Trudie

  121. Great video Marie. So needed this reminder. My NNTs have become a little too negotiable recently!

  122. Tanya

    My three NNT:

    Mornings with my honey (meditation, walk and breakfast)

    Exercise (barre or yoga)

    Weekly massage

  123. Vidette Vanderweide

    My NNTs:

    1. Spiritual Hour in the a.m. before my fam wakes up…a little inspirational reading, meditation, and journaling.
    2. Time to totally get dirty (not in a weird way, just truly get dirty….with dirt) and play with my boys…no biz thoughts are allowed in my busy little head.
    3. Wine!

    Love you, girl!

  124. Marie, how do you always know exactly what I’m going through?? It’s weird! This has been a HUGE issue for me lately, and my new commitment to myself is to create some NNT! Thanks for your insight and wisdom, as always. You rock.

  125. Hi! Love your video & your rapping skills. I’m new to your site & I’m glad I found you . 🙂 My NNT are prayer, reading my daily devotional, & eating my favorite Greek yogurt from Chobani. 🙂

  126. Very timely video for me because I was getting BURNT out – not from overwork but information OVERLOAD!

    My new NNTs which are saving my sanity:

    * When I get up – NO computer for an hour. I’ve suddenly got all this extra energy, I even did yoga this morning!

    * Green smoothie every day

    * Leave the house EVERY day. Even just to go for a drive down to the ocean, sit in the car-park and watch the waves.

    xxDenise DT

  127. Esperanza

    wow! Sometimes a girl just needs permission…now I can practice balancing out taking care of me with the hustle of creating a new business! Thank you!

  128. My three NNTs:

    1) Daily meditation (started in January so I think it’s a habit!)
    2) Morning smoothie
    3) One non-purposeful (ie not work or wedding related!) vacation per year, preferably out of the country and for at least a week

  129. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for this video and healthy and sane reminder!! I have often had to offer a meaningful no to something in order to say a meaningful yes to my daily non-negotiables!

    1. Morning meditation time first thing (ok, after quick bathroom visit, but nothing else, no “what am I wearing?”, “where’s that meeting?”, cleaning the cat box or quick peeks at the calendar.) Even if it is 5 minutes, it is always, always worth it. 30 minutes practically guarantees a wonderful day. Then 30 minutes of exercise any time before 10 am.

    2. Bedtime hang out with my son – snuggle time, review of the day, challenge of the day or joke of the day, sometimes, all of the above.

    3. Bath time or Laugh time – this means by 9:30 pm I am either in a sea salt and baking soda bath deeply exhaling OR laughing with my husband or a friend or watching something that makes me laugh. If I get both, that’s like a jackpot day!!

    Thanks Marie and hooray for honoring NNT!

  130. Thanks for the vid, and your energy – it was a great reminder how we often forget to give ourselves permission to make ME a priority. And yet if we don’t do this, then we have less of ourselves to give ultimately and it can even be the road to ill health.

    My top three would have to be:
    1. Meditation – I always make time to put some positive programming into my brain to counter the negative sh*t that comes from different directions, so I do a super-quick 15 minute guided meditation.
    2. Stretch – taking a cue from my cat who stretches every single day, and he looks pretty pleased with himself most of the time.
    3. Letting my husband make me breakfast in bed on a Sunday – I feel super-spoilt and he loves being able to do stuff for me after I have looked after him during the week. Can’t underrate the importance of receiving, and being women it is sometimes the hardest thing for us to do!

  131. Ha! I loved this video Marie. You crack me up. I’m an opportunist when it comes to exercising to … my favourite is a kind of runnning/cycle thing I do, when I sitting down at the computer.
    My Main NNT is spending time with my family. With three daughters there is lots of chatting, hugging and kissing in our house. Without that, I would feel derailed! My other daily NNTs that keep me moving forward without burning out are:

    1. Prayer and reflection
    2. Green Smoothies and popping Super-foods
    3. Micro work-outs

    Thanks Marie!

  132. Lizanne

    Loved this short video on burn out and NNT’s. Makes me think about my own NNT’s. Hmmmm… coffee in the morning NNT, going to the gym and working out NNT, can’t think of a third one but I need to! I love the idea of when you are feeling burned out, just STOP and let it happen. So important.

  133. How do you ALWAYS know JUST what I need to hear Marie?! The last three videos have been spot on to where Ive been at, love it!

    My NNT:
    YOGA – Every morning I start my day with a sweaty Ashtanga yoga class. If you can stand on your head before nine am, what cant you do that day?
    EVENING DOWN TIME – As soon as its dark, work day is over and its time to make a healthy fresh dinner, and watch a movie or some really good bad TV.
    WEEKENDS – Two FULL days off. Saturday I dont even turn on my computer. And I try to spend as much of those days out of my apartment as possible, since I am there all week!

    Thanks everyone for sharing all your inspiration as well!

  134. 1 – Morning pages followed by 20-30 minutes of meditation.
    2 – Daily movement – yoga, walk my dog or just bounce on the rebounder.
    3 – A super clean diet.

    When I do these three things each day, my work doesn’t ever feel like work because my head is in an ideal space.

    Thanks for the video Marie – I hang out for your awesome Q&A Tuesdays!!


  135. Love this Marie!
    My top three things:
    1. Meditation and movement in the morning
    2. Resting and taking naps when my body is tired during the day
    3. Daily exercise whether its dancing, biking, hiking, swimming in the ocean or even jumping around

  136. 1. Exercise – this is the first thing that gets me up when I’m feeling a bit blue. An intense weight lifting session.

    2. Followed by a ten banana smoothie and a shower.

    3. Brainstorming away from the computer, old school style, with pen and paper.

  137. Great advice! And so important. My three NNT’s are:

    1) massage (weekly)
    2) my last 2 hours of the day are spent reading non-work related things like good fiction novels, or spiritual books, poetry etc…
    3) getting outside for at least one hour for a good walk or cooking/baking

    Loved reading all the other comments, and thanks for sharing!


  138. My NNTs:
    1. At least one hot yoga class a week
    2. At lest one zumba, spin or some other cardio type class a week
    3. Listening to my guided meditation CD daily (for 15 min a day)

    I slipped on my NNTs for awhile and was feeling it…but now that I’m back on track, I feel so much better!!

  139. chris stark

    NNT daily=work out!! Friends think I am crazy going to the gym and working out daily but what a bonus pay off!

  140. Hi Marie and Ladies!

    This came at the perfect time.
    My top 3 NNT activitays!

    1) Singing and playing the guitar
    2) Yoga-ing
    3) Super duper green juice drinking!


  141. More great wisdom Marie! Particularly giving ourselves permission to take those 2 days (or whatever is required) “off” rather than trying to push through!
    My 3 NNTs are breakfast always, no matter how early I have meetings or conf calls – typically a fruit and veggie smoothie and sometimes oatmeal; Sundays to spend with my wonderful husband as we are so busy all week long and yoga once a week, at home or at studio, in hotel room, on the beach, wherever I am.

  142. Marie… thank you! love the easy concept (& the RAP!) of NNT. Thanks also for the new tidbit about how long it REALLY takes to integrate a habit.

    Now… the truth is, I am so THROWN OFF MY LOOP from creating my new webiste & B-School that I am a MESS! Its been a CRAZZZZZZY WILD ride! So much FUN & steep, steep learning curve… and all consuming! I haven’t been this whacked out since the last time I was in school and my 3 sons were under the age of 6!

    So what to do??? Seize the reins and make the following a reality:
    !. daily walk/run in the canyon and/or yoga
    2. creative expression either with paint, movement or writing
    3. talking with my long-distance lover or friend or fam in the eve

    Desperately need this. Thanks for the nudge!

  143. Sarah Hopkins

    Love & adore this Marie, thank you!

    Hmmm… my top three NNT would have to be:


    And you are so absolutely right–I really do feel a huge difference during those times I fall off track of my daily indulgence in NNT. Positive daily rituals are empowering and FEEL SO GOOD 🙂

  144. Marie, thank you, thank you, thank you for NNT. I am living in Italy where the only accepted NNT is mealtime. So my top three are meditation and self help videos and reading, my music and hanging with my co-writer musical director and power posse inspiration (the other half of BLAV). Working on getting image transformation and FUN exercise on my list.

    Have a groove day, Bev

  145. My NNT:
    1)I do yoga almost every day. If not-I will go for a walk, swim, and or ride a bike.
    2)I watch Six Minutes for Success with Bob Proctor.
    3)I acknowledge myself for 5 things I did the day before that I want to celebrate.

  146. Hi Marie. Thanks for that reminder.

    I wrote about taking Sundays off last year. It was the slowest day on social networks and on my blog, so it seemed like a good day to take off. Then, oh then, I started making excuses why I needed to work on Sunday. Now I get burnt out regularly. When I feel it coming on, I don’t wade through the shit. I get out of there in a hurry for some NNT.

    1. long, I’m talking loooong, shower. (45 mins at least)

    2. Gardening.

    3. Cooking.

    My 6 month old isn’t even allowed to interrupt. It’s me time to the fullest. Not my favorite activities, but they’re necessary, so I try to enjoy them while I’m doing them.

    I would like my list to say journaling, yoga and snorkeling. But I have yet to put the first two into regular practice and snorkeling is halted due to the youngling. 😉

  147. Karen

    My daily NNTs definitely include yoga and meditation – I do quite a flowing active yoga, so for me it takes care of a large part of my physical, emotional and spiritual needs in one hit, bringing me back to ground zero. EVERYTHING goes better in my life when yoga is happening.

    Then I take a little bit of time to appreciate something beautiful each day, and to laugh, because when I stop seeing the funny side of life, it’s a VERY sad day! And Marie, your videos always bring a smile to my face – they’re awesome!

    And on the weekends, I take at least one half-day and preferably a whole day of completely unscheduled, floating, wandering, dreaming, spontaneous time.

  148. Hello, Marie!!!

    I’m from Brazil and I love your videos!
    My 3 NNT:
    Going to the Gym: I do like to take care of myself!
    Take a day with nature: I like to breathe fresh air and do trekking!
    Travel around the world: To know people, culture and to open my mind!

    Other NNT:
    Drink a glass of wine alone
    Play with my dog
    See my boyfriend
    Going out with friends
    Read a book
    …and so on…..

  149. Hey Marie,

    Loved the video, as I love all Tuesday Q & A videos! Here are my 3:

    1. EVERY morning I wake and before I do ANY work, I read a chapter of whatever book I’m reading (and no “work” books aloud), as well as write in my “grateful journal” while relaxing with coffee and breakfast…THEN I begin work.

    2. I do NOT answer any work related phone calls in the evenings on weekdays.

    3. Every summer I leave the country and visit a new country somewhere in the world. This summer was Indonesia. Stepping out of my world ALWAYS helps me recharge both my physical and creative muscles!

    I’m a BIG believer in making sure to maintain BALANCE in my life! It’s hard to do sometimes but ALWAYS worth it!!
    😀 Julie

  150. Hey Marie~
    Such a great reminder that by putting our needs first, we can be there for our creativity and each other.

    My 3 NNTs:
    1) Yoga. If I can’t get a full 1 1/2 hrs in, I at least do 10 minutes of poses morning and evening. My body demands movement!
    2) Writing. Morning pages, lists, a few pages in one of the books I’m penning, a blog post, letters to friends, you name it, I must write it down.
    3) Nature. Listening to the birds, staring at the trees, going for a walk, a paddle in the kayak, planting an herb garden, sitting by the bay (gettin’ my Otis on!), smelling the flowers, snowshoeing, hiking…I absolutely need to GET OUTSIDE!

    Thanks to all the commenters for your ideas & practices, too…

  151. 1. Exercise. It took more that 66 days to make this one a habit, more like 1 year, yikes! But now I crave the good feeling I have every day from going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. This is not negotiable, I make appointments around this time.

    2. Sunday morning coffee in bed with my computer. This is when I sit for a couple or more hours getting the reading done I’ve saved on my computer and updating my website, writing, etc. I love my bed/office!

    3. Friday night movie. Every Friday for going on three years now, we have our friends and their two kids over for a movie on the wall outside. We have a projector and love sittin outside watchin movies. We do it inside on the family room wall when it’s chilly outside. We take turns making dinner. Sometimes it’s a bigger crowd, we can fit about 30 people outside. I don’t always even care what the movie is, just sittin with friends relaxing is great as a regular gig. And hey, popcorn and red wine go great together!

    • We do Friday night movie night too but out at the cinema – can’t wait to have our own cinema room. Addicted to popcorn too!

  152. My daily NNT’s are: Exercise – I do 5 minutes of yoga stretches when I first get up, and walk the dog every day, then also do more exercise 4-5 days a week wherever I can fit it is. Meditation – first thing (just after my yoga stretches) I do 5-15 minutes, then perhaps 20 minutes in the afternoon when I’m getting a bit dopey! I’m also just starting the habit of ending the working day with a relaxing sunset video. And the 3rd NNT is the morning pages – that’s my planning, bitching and brain-dumping time and it has become essential! x

  153. My NNT:
    1- I treat myself. Lately, that treat is a bowl of ice cream. But other times it’s a bath.
    2- Guilty pleasure TV. Although my guilty pleasure TV is probably way different for other people’s (Ghost Adventures or other paranormal research shows), but for 30 minutes to an hour I close the laptop when it comes on.
    3- I read positive quotes and blog posts. Several of my friends are on they’re own journeys to attract the lives they want/deserve and post affirmations in they’re status. I also read blogs of people who are journeying or ‘there’ to help my motivation.

  154. Certainly, we feel this a times..we feel so down ,,,as if nothing will work out right anymore…and then we wake up one morning and realized we just wasted days sleeping ….but it’s all, part of the realization..but your post can do a whole lot of difference by not being in that phase.

  155. Best advice ever, Marie!

    Had a client say to me just yesterday: “Better health picked up my mood and made me want to practice even BETTER self-care.” Just goes to show that self-care is a self-sustaining practice once you make it non-negotiable.

    My NNT’s? Hmmm…

    1 – Exercise, at least 4 days a week.
    2 – Daily meditation (of sorts…my own special type of meditation, really just being 100% present for 5 – 10 minutes each morning to get out of my freakin’ head!) 🙂
    3 – Eating. Healthy meals are definitely non-negotiable for me. I always stop what I’m doing to eat, and I try NOT to do it in front of the computer.

  156. Love this Marie!

    1. Grounding myself literally barefooting in the forest and in radiant raw cuisine

    2. Nightly love festies with my gorgeous husband and brilliant boys

    3. Exquisite Self Care ie Every afternoon I lie down on my lavender cloud with feet up for 20 minutes, eyes closed, heart open…dreaming time

    Staying soft, open and juicy!

  157. My 3 NNT activities are: 1. My workout (The Bar Method, Salsa Dancing, Barry’s Bootcamp) 2. Walking my dog (Irish Wolfhound) 3. Protein Shake That is what keeps me feeling recharged.

  158. LOVE this video, Marie! My NNTs:

    1. Exercise. Every day. No matter what. No matter where.
    2. Proper Nutrition. Including vitamin and fish oil. =)
    3. Sleep. Sometimes I’m golden with just six hours, but sometimes I need more. I’m learning to listen to my body and brain for cues on this. Most importantly, not looking at any tech gadgets in the bedroom. No iPhone, iPad, laptop, tv. Harder to do than I first imagined. =)

  159. great video marie! learned something new and otherwise just good advice! thanks!!

  160. Great video Miss M. Love reading everyone’s NNTs.
    NNT is challenging for me with my day job and passion job at night. But I have 2 very strong NNT and my third one is now on Day 53
    1. Morning pages
    2. Work out at gym/run
    3. Video of my daily present moment for my blog aka Judith’s Moment

    Love your videos!

  161. Thais

    Love ya Marie!!!


    Daily 1. Play with my darling puppy Vito…what joy! 2. Daily Prayers and meditation at a chapel and labyrinth near my home which is located in a desert oasis…so grateful! 3. Chat with, or at least a quick text to a girlfriend.

    Weekly 1. Thursday night Gal’s movie night…awesome fun! I love my girls! 2. Puppy training class 3. Sleep in at least one day a week 4. Watch some great stand-up. Bill Burr is my current favorite

    Monthly 1. Have a good cry, if needed. It’s really fabulous to let it rip once in a while!

  162. Marie!!

    LOVING the vlog this week!! My 3 NNT activities are:
    1. Meditate
    2. Exercise
    3. Read

    *BONUS: Tune into some reality tv on sunday nights haha my favorite “jersey shows” Jerseylicious and Real Housewives of NJ!! Woot Woot

  163. Marie,
    All about the NNT, it’s a must. Suffered the effects of Super High Achieving Working Mom Syndrome several years back. Vowed that upon recovery my mission was going to teach others how to not go down that painful slippery slope. So it’s all about balance for me and I check out and slow down regularly for lots of Working Mom Pampering, it’s the only way I can work and do it all.

    Mine are:
    1. Keep stress to a minimum
    2. Exercise or some movement daily
    3. Family first


  164. justine renson

    3 nnt activities (i actually have a few others too!)

    * weigh and measure 3 meals a day off my food plan, commit them to my sponsor and eat up every last delicious morsel

    * pray to my goddess which includes talking out loud to her at home

    * yoga

  165. Mel

    I really have to add some NNT to my life.

    I guess at the moment my NNT is the daily cooking time which I enjoy.

    I would like to have my NNT though as:
    exercise for 30 minutes
    write journal

  166. Hi Marie,

    I totally felt out of it yesterday…so your video was right on time!
    My 3 NNTs consist of:
    1. Prayer and worship
    2. fun between the sheets w/ my hubby
    3. Exercise
    Thanks a bunch!

  167. Loving this Marie!
    I used to feel really guilty for those times when I didn’t want to do anything. But I’ve come to embrace them and allow myself to recharge. To be honest, I’m not sure if this will ever go away. When you’re moving and shaking, you will always need that time to recuperate. The key is accepting it as part of the awesomeness process 🙂
    Well, we have the same 3 NNTs, but I’ll add a few more:
    – Spending time appreciating nature. I’m lucky enough to live close to a forest and have a beautiful backyard, so I get out as much as possible. Even when it’s pouring rain, or just a crazy day, I take time to look out the window or just step outside for a couple of minutes and breathe in the energy of the plants and trees.
    – Enjoying a pot of green tea when I get my afternoon slump
    – Diving into an inspirational book, even if I only have time to read one page.

  168. Connie

    Great post! Love it!! I haven’t heard of NNT before, so I’ll have to think on it a little – I can say, however, right off the top that the evening wind-down time (usually with a glass of red) is definitely N.N. almost daily.

  169. Amber

    N.N.T. Is so on the money! My daily musts include yoga, meditation, and brushing Mr. Xaque (my awesome wannabe himilayan). And forget about not doing my nails weekly! If I don’t break out the nail file and cuticle oil it seems like I let everything else slide too. Strange? Guessing not. Thanks for all the great insight Marie. Love your stuff.

  170. Love this video Marie — you have the best tips every. xo

  171. My 3 NNTs are: Morning Pages – I read something from ACIM or another motivational thing and then write 3 pages. Nothing happens until this is done. I take my vitamins – there are a lot of them, and it is totally possible I pee them all out, but I attribute my energy, fast-growing hair, and good skin to my handful of vitamins! Giving gratitude – every night, before I shut my eyes, i think of at least 10 things I’m grateful for and give thanks. Some days this is effortless and some days a struggle, but always I sleep like a baby!

  172. My 3 NNT’s:
    1. exercise
    2. connecting with spirit
    3. making good meals that I eat in a peaceful environment

  173. Thank you for this awesome reminder Marie. Mine are:

    1. Eat/drink something green, usually a green smoothie or green juice first thing in the morning.
    2. Spend 10-15 minutes quiet meditation time, though this isn’t scheduled so it doesn’t always happen. Going to put it on my schedule.
    3. Walk barefoot at the park with my dog Millie. All kinds of inspirational stuff comes to me then.
    4. I’m an overachiever so here’s another: go to hot yoga at least twice per week to sweat and be in active meditation. It totally helps me sleep better too!


  174. Great video, Marie!

    My NNTs?

    Silly giggles with my four year old.
    The Young and The Restless – yes, I admit it 🙂
    Meditate daily – need this as much as I need to breathe!


  175. 1. Sleep 8 hours every day.
    2. Exersize at least 10 minutes every day.
    3. Learn or do something new every day towards my goals, at least read on my subject for 10 minutes minimum.

  176. susan

    In addition to exercise, sleep and eating healthy, I have found that the following three things help me stay feeling grounded, healthy and strong—and therefore running like a happy woman.

    1. transformational bodywork—talk about getting it all worked out, inside and out! Highly recommend finding someone who does this.
    2. acupuncture—keeps the energy flowing right
    3. chiropractic/applied kinesology—so useful in knowing what in your body specifically could use a little more attention

    and two more: laughing and deepening my intimacy with my man on every level.

  177. My NNTs:

    1) Daily walks (2x) with the dog where my feet say, “Yes, yes, yes, thank you, thank you, thank you” to the earth.

    2) Drinking a cup of white tea, just gazing out the window or sitting under our oak tree. Taking some belly breaths.

    3) Saying this to myself (adapted form Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap): “I expand in consciousness, clarity, creativity, prosperity, success, health and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

    Thanks Marie!


    Milissa Link
    Tree of Life Yoga

  178. Satya

    Every morning!
    Big ol mug of green tea in the tub
    those are my daily NNT
    yearly a winter holiday
    long weekends off
    summer study & time off Min 3 weeks

  179. Katrina

    1. Exercise
    2. Traveling and discovering new places wherever I am.
    3. Meditation.

  180. Nadirah


    My NNTs are:

    1. Monthly New Moon rituals with time for dreaming, planning and getting excited about future goals and plans.
    2. Reading and watching inspiring books, blogs, videos, films- I’ve noticed a huge shift since becoming more deliberate about what I feed my mind and spirit.
    3. Massaging oil into my skin every day after my shower or bath. This is absolutely NOT negotiable. I’ll let the baby run around naked and pee on the floor, but I’m getting my rubdown!

  181. Patricia Anne

    I agree me too, i wanna stay on bed at week end i want get up late.its my rest day the week ends,i not even go for my walk and have exercise.for me it’s is the happiest day if i sleep more than 6 hours.and i love to hang out with y friends every Friday night its really fun,it is always good to unwind sometimes.

  182. Katrina

    Sometimes when I have had too much information come my way I just want to shut down and stay in bed or just bury myself under a rock for a while in hopes that it will all go away. I know this is not the reality of life and the universe but sometimes I just want to wake-up and everything taken care of. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

    Many thanks,

  183. For me it’s in the Spirit, in the Sport and in the Scribe.

    In the Spirit – time with God to just refocus and rejuvenate

    In the Sport – exercise and beauty to rock this temple and have some fun doing it–(a walk, Zuumba, steam room, etc)

    In the Scribe – since I am a writer then I have to have my creative time with words writing and live performances – it seems to re-excite me about the simplest parts of life.

    @Katrina – I go through the same thing. When I have Too Much Information, I go for a “dream walk” and just dream about something fun in the future and clear my head. I use it shift my focus from the details to the big picture (and when it’s over I feel better–and I think I look better 🙂 hope it helps Diva).

  184. Katrina

    @ Jamillah
    Yes this helps greatly. I was starting to think that I am the only one who goes through this. Part of me knows that this is not true but my head tells me this.

  185. Love this idea, Marie. My daily NNT’s:

    -quiet “connect to something bigger” time
    -visit with an animal
    -get/give a big hug

    When I do these things, everything else is a breeze.

  186. Revitalize with my children
    Walk the dog
    Rosemary Breen

  187. Marie, this is such an important topic. It’s also one that I’m re-exploring in light of new demands on my time.

    Here’s what helps me restore myself each day:
    –Enjoying my morning coffee in the backyard
    –Going barefoot in my garden so I can feel the earth
    –Using my body… whether it’s walking my beasts, Nordic walking, playing tennis, doing yoga or something else

    If I have time to prepare a home-cooked meal for my family or squeeze in time for just-for-fun writing, then life is even better.

    One more thing: I loooove the way your videos ENTERTAIN as they dig in to the problems that can keep us from fully enjoying our lives. Thank you, grrrrl, and keep the good stuff coming!

  188. Merri

    My NNT’s — AM coffee/latte, “Morning March” — at least 15 minutes
    of exercise of some variety, meditation & prayer.

  189. Go Marie, Go Marie ~ HUZZAH!!!

    1. Meditation & setting my Intention for my day – connecting with spirit-likeminded others & reading self development/spirit psychology – this is total NNT daily juice.
    2. Yoga + movement. 5 minute a.m. stretches count & so does having a dance-off with myself in front of the mirror.
    3. Working on business daily: art / writing / website development + building / social networking, et al. And acknowledging my steps every day at the end of the night.
    Bonus daily points: Starting & ending the day with fresh air rather than just living capsule to capsule (house, garage, car, grocery – repeat + rinse). No iPhone/computer – dancing, playing, reading, making music with my son.

    1) Detox bath: super hot water, raw ginger, epsom + celtic sea salt, aloe vera & lavender.
    2) Farmers’ Market – conscious shopping/nourishment of myself & my family, plus it’s fun.
    3) a) Self date: (bookstore, ‘artsy / foreign’ film that is more a treat for me than the mister, tea, hiking), b) Husband date: movie, hiking, a meal out, improv/comedy show c) Family date: brunch, parents + me music class, family vegan ice cream shoppe night
    BONUS POINTS: Must watch certain teachers’ videos, listen to teleseminar calls (self-development & spirit), connect to coach/healing group – NNT!

    1) Treat myself: mani/pedi, facial, thai massage, a hat/a piece of jewelry I’m jonesing for, an eyeshadow or lip gloss that helps me feel glowing or a sparkle from the inside. Usually, they’re boho pieces, or treatments at a small studio that don’t cost a lot – but I feel like a million bucks after.
    2) Girls Night Out. Enough said.
    3) Step outside my box: (especially getting my mojo back after raising my 3 year old before he graduated to preschool) –> a new gallery or museum exhibit, a classical concert, getting to the westside = OCEAN. Very easy to get stuck in Hollywood & take the beach for granted.

    1) Travel. Paris. New York. Haven’t done it yet post-baby, but starting with the Berkshires next week! Traveling is important for me and most especially my child.
    2) & 3) To Be Continued…

    Thanks always, Marie. Your videos are an NNT for the mister & I. It’s been a chill weekend, so ironically we watched your video about Just Wanting To Say In Bed while we were lounging around awaiting takeout in bed. Ha~

    • shantala

      love this post! i totally used your NNT’s as a guideline to write mine. xoxoxo!

  190. scar

    i actually feel this thing often especially when i am just alone and everything isn’t going right… it’s kinda depressing you know, when you start to question about things, why things are happening… but i know that this is not healthy so i gotta be more positive and it would be best if i’ll just focus on the good things instead of the bad ones

  191. scar

    i actually feel this thing often especially when i am just alone and everything isn’t going right… it’s kinda depressing you know, when you start to question about things, why things are happening… but i know that this is not healthy so i gotta be more positive and it would be best if i’ll just focus on the good things instead of the bad ones 🙂

  192. Jacky Rose

    Can i do too?i wanna spend time on bed this week ends.I been working 24\& and i really do love lay down and no worries for deadlines and phone calls.hopefully i get opportunity to spend time for my self.Enjoy spending week end!

  193. Great ideas Marie and great comments from all. In my business, burn out is common so NNTs are a must. So here are what keeps me sane:

    1) Exercise – 3-4x a week (I hate feeling sluggish when I don’t workout!)
    2) Eating Healthy – daily (This definitely affects my mood. Every now and then I would splurge, i.e. ice cream or molten lava cakes but that’s only on special occasion. And I’m ok with that.)
    3) Family time – quality time with my daughter & hubby daily, family outing weekly/monthly and definitely annual grand vacation.

    Have a great day ladies,

  194. Great stuff Marie!

    My NNTs are…

    1) Excercise – Morning workout 5 -6 days a weeks and a walk around the block after lunch.
    2) Green Smoothies – 3 x daily. I feel crappy, if I eat crappy.
    3) Getting in bed and reading before sleep.
    Bonus) Anything art when time permits. Drawing, doodling, painting, or creating.

    Love & Success to all!
    Julie 🙂

  195. I think, for me, it’s got to be going unplugged (I love to do two days a week – I know – really pushing the boat out 😉 ) and then after that exercise. Even if I just get the chance to do a quick ten or twenty minute walk or run I feel much better for it.


  196. My NNTs

    1) walk with my husband each morning
    2) supper with my family every night
    3) reading to my kids before bed

  197. fantastic post! thank you!

    i’m down with NNT (ya, you know me)!

    1. walking my dogs in nature (i always turn off my phone)
    2. daily stretching (everyday, especially if i don’t make it to yoga class)
    3. morning smoothie (i do my best to keep the ingredients stocked)

    it’s true…if i don’t do these things, then my day is just not what it could have been and i find myself unproductive and lacking energy.

  198. I just had a huge conversation with my boyfriend last week and got him on board with this concept. I told him, “There are 5 things that I have to do every weekday in order to feel great. I need you to help me get to these 5 things (or at least get out of the way) and this is how you can back me 100%.

    1. Exercise
    2. Eat tons of veggies
    3. Work uninterrupted on my incredible projects and career
    4. Sleep 9 hours per night
    5. Have great communication in my relationships

    That’s me!

  199. 1. Do my morning journal pages
    2. Stretch and go for power walk at least 3x a week with ipod and uplifting music
    3. Meditate – at least 5 to ten minutes
    4. Eat and or Cook healthy Mediterranean/California Meals (organic whenever possible)
    5. Do appreciations and backrubs with amazing and devoted hubby at end of day.
    6. Have our weekly date night – that often includes a Mediterranean/California meal made with love. You can find tips and food recipes on my site

  200. Hi, Marie

    First, I’d like to tell you how grateful I am that you said in an interview that you had always found yourself to be slightly inappropriate, and being self employed fully expresses yourself. I am just that, and I love it, and starting next month I will be 100% self employed, baby!!!

    Secondly, I love this video!

    My non-negotiables:
    1. Diaphragm exercise when I wake up
    2. Vegan diet
    3. Walk my dog (actually, my dog imposed this one 🙂 )
    4. Sunday complete grooming
    5. Monthly facial (almost-ly)
    6. I re-discovered swimming, so I do that almost daily, at community centers for $17/mo. I Love my Life!
    7. Started Balinese meditation before bed
    8. Daily video posts on my Youtube channel
    9. Almost weekly DVD watching with non-dairy ice cream
    10. Weekly/Monthly budget – relaxes me better than a good massage 🙂
    11. Yearly: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking à la Martha Stewart

    Ha! I’ll stop at 11 😉

  201. Robyn

    Dear Marie,

    My daily NNT activities do include yoga (to get bright awake & in good physical shape in the morning) and meditation (to calm my mind in the evening) – still looking for a third one!

    My yearly activity would be (though somewhat neglected in recent years) a week of retreat to a very calm place I love (mine is in the mountains of Umbria) to have some distance to look at my life. My favourite place is very frugal – without running water or electricity – and so gets me in contact with the bare essentials of my life, too.

    Keep on going, Marie, your work is awesome!!!


  202. erika

    Hello!!! So… NNT?

    Number 1; coffee in bed when I just woke up…
    2- walk everyday
    3- read a few pages of a good book

    Take care of you all!

  203. Val

    My non-negotiables:
    1. Long day sleep – about 12-15 hrs straight! o.O
    2. Every second and forth Saturday I go to Salon – Complete treatment (facial, hair treats..)
    3. Movie marathon once or twice a week before I go t sleep.

  204. You rock lady! My extra NN’s daily are (and if I don’t do the basic stuff like eat often and sleep long and solid, I get VERY ill VERY quickly with severe anxiety, fatigue and lots more nasty stuff:

    1. Sing & play guitar and/or piano.
    2. Read/Watch, and learn something new.
    3. Dialog with myself journal style.

    All helps to keep me in touch with myself, and feeling like I’m moving forward in some way.


  205. NNTs:

    1-Tea and morning me time
    2-Walk / Dance / Move this hot body
    3-Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

    Thanks, Marie. You’re an inspiration…and so fun!

  206. My 3 NNT’s:
    Journal Writing/Morning Pages
    Hydration: at least 64 ounces of water each day
    Candles and incense while I write

    Thanks, Marie.

  207. This girl’s NNT’s…
    – fresh daily organic veggie juice
    – 30-90 min walk/jog/hike and/or roller blade w/ my sweet dog
    – tonic herbal tea and/or beauty elixirs

    Yay, I love my NNT’s (and there are more). Thanks Marie, happy you’re getting your juice on, too! You’ve got the glow 🙂

  208. shy

    -morning raw smoothie
    -vinyasa flow yoga class
    -I need a 3rd – I wish it were reading before bed, but that only happens when I am not working/not too busy…

  209. shy

    p.s. I’ve been feeling like i want to stay in bed for the past 2 1/2 years – and have spent many days getting absolutely zero done, no joke, so it is time to get a new career track! Thanks for your videos, making my way through all of them!

  210. My 3 NNT’s are:

    1. Quiet morning coffee time. No TV or computer, just coffee and silence. I may read during this time too.
    2. Cuddling my hubby for 30 minutes. We have busy and opposite schedules but we set aside time to cuddle. If we’re traveling and can’t get 30 minutes then we’ll stop and hug each other throughout the day. Physical touch keeps me going.
    3. I read fun blogs. I love the pictures, stories and inspiration. It’s not work related it’s just for my growth and enjoyment.

  211. Ooh I love this! My NNTs:

    1. Morning pages. 750 words of brain drain. A total stream of consciousness to get my mind working.

    2. Yoga. Every morning, without fail, for *at least* 15 minutes.

    3. Walking the dog. 30 minutes every night (unless the weather is truly awful).

  212. shantala

    i started practicing daily gratitude either in the morning or at night…genuinely thanking the universe for basics 😛

    if i’m struggling with a specific problem, i write the question down, put it under pillow and table it till the answer pops into my head; it always does.

    I make sure i get to yoga class at least 5 days a week

    • I love this comment ~*~ Thank you for sharing it.. OM Hari

  213. Wow! did ever hit me!
    I don’t have 3 things i do on a daily basis that are NNT.
    It would be great to get them in place.
    On a weekly basis I have some NNT but even then
    if my family needs me, I let them slide.
    I know when I take some ‘me’ time – like my running,
    lunch with my girl friends life goes better.
    I teach my clients this, need to take more time for me.
    Today I am in bed!!! My body and mind said enough is enough and am
    down with a cold, big time!

  214. Jenni

    I just had a “holy shit” moment. When you said to just go to bed, and give yourself two days. I like to think that I am quite nice to myself as far as how I talk to myself in my head and about myself out-loud.
    But THIS is something that I have always struggled with. Every time I have that feeling of wanting to curl up and zone out, I start beating myself up for being lazy and I start saying mean and untrue things like no wonder your not as awesome as Marie with your business all you want to do is, nothing! It’s really gross and I always end up having to give myself a big hug somehow after feeling like that.
    So a big thank you for giving me a breath of air on this subject I am going to start practicing this.
    My NNT is:
    1. Intention/Gratitude Journal every morning
    2. Connecting with spirit disconnecting with thought once a day
    3. Excersize (I hurt myself a lot so this is always interesting)


  215. Jenni

    opps….exercise**** Not sure where Excersize came from lol 🙂

  216. 1) 90 mins early afternoon nap with a hypnosis script playing in the background to help cure whatever issue I’m tackling;
    2) Breakfast (usually buttered toast (sometimes with Philadelphia cheese) with coffee);
    3) TBD.

    Thanks for the article. I agree with the burning out issue. In fact I intend to take a fortnight off every six weeks because I know if I don’t, I’ll be burned out, and that would be bad for my health, my professional reputation and my bank balance, amongst other things.

  217. Japa Meditation/Visualization
    Music! xxx This is NON NEGOTIABLE bay bay! Thank You Marie! its on lady..

  218. I enjoy these videos! Keep me motivated and on my toes.

    My NNT’s NEED to be:
    -healthy eating (I too green juice)
    -some sort of meditation/journaling/gratitude time to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect.

  219. Wanda Fanning

    Pray to the ture God, green juice, focus on what my body needs that day… Food, sleep, exercise….ect. Need help with who I am and what do I have to offer the world. Thank You!

  220. Laura

    My 3 non-negotiables are moving my body every morning, a nourishing breakfast, and a contemplative a.m. practice of journaling or meditation. “Certainty Anchors!”

  221. This is a great idea thank you! I quite often feel like that!
    Here’s my 3 things:
    1. Daily walks with the dogs. (I already do this but it’ll be great as NNT as I can relax more while I’m out and not worry that I’m not being productive and then be MORE productive when I get home!)
    2. Write a letter to a friend, even if it’s just a post card.
    3. Ballroom dancing lesson twice a week. Cha cha cha!

    Thanks for the great content, big thanks to Mayi Carles too as i found you through her awesome blog!

  222. I love the NNT rap! As of now, I’m taking a leaf out of your weekly NNT and switching off for one day per week. Can I get a witness?! Social media is like crack for me so it will be a real test of wills. Wish me luck!

  223. Great video Marie! Totally agree with the NNT 🙂 It’s part of what I call my Vibrant Foundation.

    Here are my top 3:
    1. Set my intention in my journal for the day – how I want to feel, what I want to enjoy, and the most important thing I want to do.
    2. Make myself a hot drink – my favorite is Earl Gray tea – YUMM!
    3. Spend a few minutes outside with my tea, engage each of my senses (pay attention to what I smell, taste, hear, feel and see), receive a deep breath, and stretch up toward the sky, feeling myself expand.

    I’m ready for any day when I do these three! 🙂

    Thanks again Marie! Love all the great content!

  224. Kristen

    My three non-negotiables:
    1. Walk to and from work. This equals ~ 60 minutes of me time :), and I make a point to smile at people I pass.
    2. Read at least one chapter of an inspiring/self-help/educational book each day
    3. Spend some time daily working on my blog, whether it’s researching, designing, or actually writing entries.

    #2 and #3 are aspirational. I love the idea of NNT, and it’s something my boyfriend already does and I’ve been trying to do. Thanks for this reminder!

  225. 1) Dance class!
    2) Snuggling with my dogs
    3) Planning

    I’ve learned planning = freedom and while it takes more time in the beginning, it’s the shorter road in the end.

  226. cooking
    making woodcrafts
    spending time with my son

  227. Laurie

    3 NNTs for me each day are: lemon water, 10 Sun Salutations and the Alexander Technique!

  228. Cristina Villalobos

    i meditate at least for 15 minutes. drink a shake, and look in the mirror and say an affirmation. thanks marie!

  229. Nancy

    Here are mine.
    1. I read for a while every night after crawling into bed.
    2. I try to have one day that I sleep in as late I as want. I shut the ringer off on the upstairs phone, and make sure there are no clocks next to the bed.
    3. I designate a “winter project” to work on each year. It is a commitment to devote a minimum of 10 hours a week until it’s done (usually two months). While it doesn’t sound like a NNT, it really is. These are projects that would never see the light of day without that commitment, and the satisfaction of finishing the project is incredible. Okay, the winter I typed 850 plus biographies from an 1899 book…maybe I felt more relief after that one, but a month later I had a pretty sassy grin inside and out on having finished it and getting them online.

  230. Hey here’s my 3 NNT’s! I do every day!

    1. wake up every morning & breath in a smile! go into my lil studio (10×9) space & stretch my body w/yoga,meditation & mantras!
    2. afternoon 15 min mandatory rest time!
    3. bed by 10!

  231. Ciara

    Hahaha I love it!!

    Just as I needed a new wheel you come along with the recipient!! Many thanks.

    My N.N.T as of this second.

    1) walking my dog while observing and having a daily chat with the big wide wonderful universe.

    2) making time every week to check out your website and stay in touch with your ideas and tools.

    3) throw myself the most perfect celebration for my birthday every year.

    Thanks so very much, you have such a amazing buzz about you!
    Ciara. Anne ox

  232. Thanks for this, Marie!

    I am currently battling burn out as I just recently lost my development partner and can’t really run my business fully without! So while I continue to move forward in all other ways while searching for the next partner of my dreams (let me know if you know a budding genius looking for a great future), remaining focused that this is an opportunity not a set-back, it’s hard not to have doubts and to be weighed down by them. And I find that it’s exactly at times like these, when I need my NNT’s most, that I tend to skimp on them. You?

    Anyway, my NNTs are: Horseback riding (if I don’t find time to commune with animals on a regular basis, I find I am not entirely human!), Yoga (must. stretch. and. strengthen. these. old. bones), and my weekly “artist’s date”, i.e., inspiration time out in the world! Unfortunately, it’s this last NNT that tends to get lost first as it’s not scheduled.

    Gros bisous (big kiss) from Paris!

  233. Lovvvee this! and totally agree!

    My 3…

    1. Workouts!
    2. Reading time
    3. once a week date with myself- shopping trip, lunch, a walk…something relaxing =)

  234. Lovvvee this! and totally agree!

    My 3…
    1. Workouts!
    2. Reading time
    3. once a week date with myself- shopping trip, lunch, a walk…something relaxing =)

  235. Beth Tessier

    Awesome video, Marie 🙂 My daily NNT’s are:

    1.) Morning prayer (daily intention) and meditation
    2.) Smoothie time (choco banana yummm)
    3.) Yoga


  236. This video was well-timed. I’ve been hitting burnout, thanks to putting so many paths in front of myself at once. My NNTs are yoga, dragonboat paddling twice a week, and dinner with my boyfriend at least once a week.
    Thanks, Marie!

  237. elinor

    I am for the one day with no computer, work and phone! Sounds very healthy and restorative.
    My nnt’s:
    1. start the day with a meditation and end with review of the day and gratitude
    2. take a walk in nature several times a week
    3. exercise 5x a week

  238. Jan

    My NNTs:
    spontaneous activities: could be a mix of spontaneous dancing followed by a bout of creativity (either art, sculpture, or writing). Right now I’m in the dance and sculpting mode. I may revert to dance and art mode. Wish I could do a bit more meditation everyday in order to ground myself.

  239. Amy

    Thank you so much, Marie. I’ve been feeling the burnout, but I feel too guilty to take NNT time then, when my husband gets home, I feel guilty not having taken my NNT time so this video really took the guilt out. I MUST do it. Have a beautiful day! Mine are a 1/2 hr active qigong (standing up) at the beginnign of the day, 1/2 inactive qigong (meditation laying down) at the end of the day, and a walk with my husband in the evening. There! I’ve now said it and staked my claim on it. Instead of fitting them in here and there, I’m going to commit to this every day! YEAY!

  240. Sooooo timely! Been in bed for two days and ready to get up and rock the world! NNT to the rescue to keep me shinning: meditation, exercise, journaling. Thanks Marie!

  241. Sarah Joy

    Love this!

    1) Illy coffee in bed and cuddles with pooch
    2) Meditation
    3) 20 minute body weight workout….

    Equals pumped for the day!



  242. Hey all – such an inspiring video and comments from everyone!

    Ok, on a good day my NNT is:

    – Drink my yummy pure raw aloe vera juice
    – 5 mins of mindfulness meditation
    – either yoga or bouncing on my trampoline to trance music.

    …and away i gooooo!

  243. 1. Green smoothies in the morning,
    2. Yoga twice a week (I’m upping it to three times now that more sessions are being offered!), and doing yogic breathing and visualization during those especially stressful moments, and
    3. Going to sleep at 10 p.m.

  244. Marie,

    I love that you refer to it as Non Negotiable. Too many women feel guilty, myself included, when we take time to do something for ourselves. As a mom of six I find I actually am a better mom when I remember me time. My three NNT’s are exercise, reading and my morning coffee, 15 mins of just me and my cup of joe!

    Thanks for the insight!


  245. Dina Anthony

    A delicious cup of organic coffee in the morning, biking through my local park at dusk, a glass of red wine with dinner, reading in bed at night, and exercising when I do fit it into my day. Thats my top five NNT for now.

  246. Lynne

    I’ve just recently started a new routine that includes:

    – Self gratitude journaling upon waking + with my daily mantra
    – Warm lemon drink
    – Meditation

  247. Edwina

    I know I need my NNT time. Here are three of my favorite things to do: go to the beach to run, relax, and read; hybernate at home and knit while I watch movies; and cook myself a fancy dinner and eat it at a formally set dinner table (it feels like such a decadent treat!).

  248. Love your videos!!

    My 3 NNT activities would be:

    1. Drawing
    2. Reading
    3. Playing Skyrim (yes I’m a secret geeking gamer girl!)


  249. Love the NNP rap! Get it girl!

    1. Spend time with the Holy Spirit or God. Whether that means listening to his Voice, worshiping, praying or just plan reading the bible. Gotta get filled up!

    2. My own form of a yoga-like exercise…that I’ve kept on from years of dancing.

    3. And this girl’s gotta have a cup of hot tea and some breakfast…I’m a little one and need to keep that metabolism going.

    Thanks Marie for all your fun, encouraging videos! You rock!

  250. opps NNT…apparently need another cup of tea :p

  251. Mary

    My NNT would definitely have to be praying in the morning and choir practice in church. Before that always used to feel burned out and one dimensional. thanks Marie great stuff.

  252. 3 NNT’S
    1. Gym sessions
    2. Food – breakfast time
    3. Watch Marie Forleo

  253. Taylor

    First off, I just found your site, and I love it! I’m definitely going to be a regular!
    Second, my three NNT’s are;
    1. taking time to have coffee by myself in the morning
    2. I play college volleyball, so getting in an extra run and lifting session in on days we only have one practice really helps my mental state.
    3. getting a pedi once a month(:

  254. Cherie

    I don’t have any daily NNT activities. But in the spirit of jumping in, I’m going to start! So I’m picking one and I’ll see how it goes: gratitude & appreciation meanderings of the mind as I wake up each morning.

  255. So true!! NNT is so necessary for keeping yourself sane. After all, you cannot build an amazing business if you don’t take care of your amazing self 🙂

    My NNT’s: meditation, yoga practice, and healthy cooking.
    Thank you Marie!!

  256. hilary

    Daily NNT: morning and evening visioning, morning and evening meditation, communication with someone I love, these haven’t been in place, but I am now declaring 3 vegan squares, and exercise (doesn’t matter what, just SOMETHING I ENJOY).

  257. This video made a lot of sense to me! But personally, I would like 3 NNT days a week. One seems a bit stingy. Okay, my 3 fave NNT activities are:
    1) Eating banana pancakes with lots of butter and maple syrup (the real kind, not that bullshit fake stuff)
    2) Reading books about conspiracy theories (anything by David Icke!)
    3) Going to see a terrible movie (think Twilight) alone.

  258. This video was so timely. I am a single parent, classical singer and I just do not have enough support to keep everything going. I OFTEN get burned out. I love the NNT. Which I am now practicing
    So here are mine
    1) Excercise, anything active
    2) Hiring a baby sitter once a month
    3) Eating better

  259. Love the idea of honoring our NNTs!

    My three dailys are:
    1. Yoga-āsana (which totally doesn’t have to be intense, or non-intense, but spontaneously designed to nourish where I’m at and what I’m working on that day/week/month.)
    2. free writing (sometimes in journal, sometimes on computer, but for at least 10 minutes)
    3. walking with my dog (who reminds me of all the little pleasures I overlook when I get stressed. like being petted and loved– now who doesn’t like that?)

  260. Fannie

    So inspiring !! Thank you Marie
    My NNT : 1. Work Out 2. Reading 3. Cooking

  261. My 3 dailies are from now on:
    1. Meditation at 9pm
    2. Take a deep breath and close my eyes for 1 minute before getting to work on my laptop.
    3. Take a little walk and get fresh air at lunch every day.

  262. Jo

    How long has it took me to get my head around this… I am getting there with my NNT!
    1. Crossfit at least 3 times a week – more if I can
    2. Daily meditation
    3. Daily writing of my gratitudes

  263. Sapna

    Daily meditation and exercise are super important. A healthy diet is too. I’ve realised lately that it’s important to start from a place of being happy, optimistic and confident before even trying to think about work, entrepreneurship, building a business, etc. But the one thing that is impeding my progress and I’d love to hear you answer this question Marie, is… How do you discover your unique skills, your purpose in the marketplace of ideas?

  264. My 3 daily NNT activities are:

    1. Daily walk
    2. Working out at home
    3. Watching or reading something funny (other than your hilarious self, Marie).

  265. Thank for addressing these very real, but not-so-talked-about subjects! It helps immensely knowing we’re not alone in these feelings, and what can help overcome them!



  266. Great piece! I couldn’t agree more. Two of my NNT activities include a morning workout (no matter how sick or hungover or discouraged I feel) and TV/unwind/zone out time before bed. I need to work on finding/making time for a third. My passion/hobby is my job so it’s hard to have leisurely hobby time without working. I think hobbies are important, something you do just for you, just for fun and not necessary for success or profit. =) Thanks for all the wisdom you share, I’m just eating it up!

  267. My 3 N.N.T. actvities are gym time, play time with my daughter, and beauty time. I do my best when I feel my best, so if that means taking the time to (fake) tan and straiten my hair, I do it!

  268. My 3 NNT activities are ..
    2.Meditation. Need to make this more non-negotiable.
    3.Allowing myself a little sweet indulgence once a week.

    It’s so great that you talk about these real issues and offer amazing advice and strategies.

  269. Totally needed to read this today! Have definitely been feeling wobbly about my biz lately.
    My three NNT”s
    (1) Meditation
    (2) Gratitude journal
    (3) Exercise!! ( Need to get back into this habit!)

  270. Kim Forman

    My three NNTs are: time for reflection, frequent massage, and time with the people I love.

  271. Lisa

    I’m loving your posts and your videos Marie!

    Here are my 3 NNTs:

    1) Un-rushed bath or shower time. Truly non-negotiable me-time. It’s a mental cleanse as well as a physical one.

    2) Sleeeeeep. And plenty of it. I prioritize sleep over everything these days. I’d much rather curl up under cozy covers than to battle with my eyelids to keep them awake to watch a little more TV, or read a bit more of a book/article/website/magazine, or check or respond to an email etc… A good amount of sleep makes everything work better – our bodies, our brains, our mood, everything.

    3) And this last one is a superficial one, but it’s NNT time that I love and which has a wonderfully meditative effect. It’s Hair Time!! Sitting in front of the mirror, hanging out with myself, armed with a curling iron, wrinkling out the crinkles in my hair and the cobwebs in my brains. Ideally with music on.

    Those 3 NNTs help me be a happier me 🙂

    • Lisa

      Correction: brain* Just the one 🙂

  272. Eileen

    loving the whole NNT concept …here are my three:

    1) enough sleep: i’m no good without at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

    2) exercise: i try to walk a minimum of 4 miles each and every day; but when the blahs hit and i want to curl up in bed it’s hard to get motivated. i need to work on getting over that hump or at least doing something else.

    3) eating right: when i eat junk, i feel like crap. but when i feel like crap, i want to eat junk … vicious little cycle! another one i am going to work on because it makes such a HUGE difference in my energy level and my attitude!

  273. Ellena

    1 hour hike every day
    glass of green juice every day

  274. NNT #1: sleep
    NNT #2: exercise
    NNT #3: nutrition
    I sound like a fitness trainer… oh wait, I am! Without these 3 I’m useless.

  275. Marie,

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve just blogged about my top NNTs on my website (I had to pick four!)

    Here are my NNT’s that I need to do everyday in order to not only stay balanced, but thrive:
    1. Meditation → at least 10 minutes per day, everyday. Adding 10 more minutes per day every month until my 10 day silent meditation in Italy this June.
    2. Yoga or exercise (running, dancing hooping) daily. No excuses → show up on the mat!
    3. Music → Blasting and uplifting
    4. Orgasm + Sex → As regularly as I brush my teeth

    Nicole Carlin

  276. McGacy

    1. Watching basketball, with the fiance, 2x a week (given the season), sipping on a margarita and eating homemade guacamole. That’s my idea of a perfect “unwind”.
    2. Listening to audio sermons daily.
    3. Taking the kids out on a “fun day” , 1-2x a week.

  277. My 3 NNTs are
    1. movement: sun salutations A & B from ashtanga yoga (takes like 20-30 minutes with a solid shivasana)
    2. spiritual brush+floss: doing a re-aligning and grounding chakra exercise / meditation
    3. positive self expression: time to paint, at least 3 X week (this one needs some more discipline! )

  278. Catherine

    1. Shoulder rehab – some quick weight lifting exercises that help keep the pain there at bay
    2. Reading – an old friend, keeps my attention span up. Right now I’m reading some history of the world overviews and self-help.
    3. Laundry – I know, this doesn’t seem like a treat at all, but I enjoy doing laundry, and never having any pile up makes me relax

  279. Trine Malene Lauridsen

    Hi Marie!
    My wonderfull 4 NNT’s are:

    JUICING: every day i make a large can of juice that I bring with me to work: rootbeet, carrot, sellery, apple, olive oil, lemon, ginger!

    WALKING: to work, to pick up my child from school, to the grocery, you name it!

    1/ Which feelings do I wanna create today? Example, today I want to create an exciting, vibrant, exhilarating, fun day or maybe the feeling of succes?
    2/ What am I looking forward to experience today, being very specific, seeing the sun, looking at my loved ones, laughing, being grateful, having great conversation, kissing, cooking, walking, dancing, meditating, drinking a lot of water, resting when I need it, eating healthy food…
    3/ Visualising myself at the end of my day and asking myself how do I want to feel then and what do I want to feel gratefull for?

    What have i learned today, be specific.
    How did I feel today, be specific.
    What am I gratefull for, be specific.

    Hope you all found my NNT’s inspiring!

    Best regards
    Trine from Oslo

    What did I learn today, and what am I gratefull for.

  280. Olga

    Hi everyone!
    My three NNTs are: exercicing, my christian tapes from church to remind me constantly about the most important things in life and go see my friends.

    That’s it!….Thank you everybody for sharing yours too!

  281. My three NNT activities are walking to the park every morning and re-energising with the trees. Meditation. I’m not sure if this one counts, but I love to watch Grand Designs at 6pm each evening…it is definitely not negotiable. I have just added my weekly NNT to my calendar…one full day off for fabulous fun!!! Thanx again Marie & Team. <3

  282. Wow, this piece of writing is fastidious, my sister is
    analyzing such things, so I am going to inform her.

  283. My NNT’s
    Drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen table
    Working out
    ending work when my husband is home

  284. Hello Marie and team!
    I’d like to ask you some references about new studies related with two month to achieved the new habits, fell free to contact me via email 🙂

    I am very happy to say since the end of December I had three nice habits when I wake up:
    1) Zaryadka, is a russian energetic routine that move lots od muscles and give me great energy
    2) Fresh fruit/green smoothie breakfast
    3) Luminosity games, they’re games for the brains

    I also continue deep relaxing techniques and eyesight improvement exercises.
    Yo! Have a nice day!

  285. Debra Thomas

    My three NNT’s are
    Working out
    Drink my Greens
    Daily devotions

  286. My three NNT’s

    1) Morning walk for 30 minutes.
    2) Drink 1/2 liter of water, first thing in the morning
    3) My daily bible reading and prayer time.

  287. Rebecca

    Pray/bible reading/meditation (alternate)
    Protein shake
    Working out

  288. My own NNT…
    1. working out
    2. picking up my kid from school (that’s our time together)
    3. 5:30 I am done for the day working.

    Over the years I let clients dictate my schedule and you know what I became bitter and didn’t produce the best work. Now, its my terms. I am happier and more relaxed. Well relaxed as I can be.

  289. Danielle

    mmmmmm, my NNTs would be snuggling my babies at bedtime, putting on my face every day, and 10 min with hubby to decompress every day

  290. Dottie

    MY NNTs are:

    1. Meditation/Prayer/or Journaling
    2. Ocean gazing time. I live on the beach and the ocean mesmerizes me and calms my spirit.
    3. Evening TV time to veg out and give my mind a break

  291. NNT for 61 days! Yikes…

    1) Yoga
    2) Drumming
    3) Writing as core dump

    • Julie

      Drumming and writing!! Awesome!

  292. Marie, my day off is Sunday, and I try to take a bit if time each day, as we’ll. My life is so full (in a wonderful, fulfilling way), and there is so much I want to do, I have to take that time because, if I don’t, there won’t be any me left. That time is to connect with not only my family and friends, but myself. It reminds me of the “why” and centres me so I can stay clear and focused.

  293. Just came across this ( I’m in B School right now..LOVE it, btw )…my 3 things are: morning quiet time (journal writing and coffee before ANYthing else),walking, and making art (visual journaling). Those things keep me sane. 🙂

  294. OMG Marie, I wanna watch every single last video that you’ve filmed bc you tooooooootally make me smile and brighten my day times a million. I thank God for sending such a bright soul as yourself to guide us the way and make the journey more FUN! I want to be on stage with you n’ Tony one day! (a day in the not so distant future)…
    Much Luv!

  295. Oh, my 3 NNT’s are:
    1- Cardio n’ Lift Weights or Hot Yoga
    2- Slim & Sassy filled veggie cap and vitamins (doTERRA Essential Oils)
    3- Starbuck’s Venti Iced Black Coffee with English Toffee Liquid Stevia. I’m working on transitioning to Iced Green Tea, but I haven’t really tried, just thought it could be a better habit. Ha!

  296. Sandra

    My 3 NNT’s (1) meditation list thing – twice a day (2) taking morning walk (3) bowl of acai. After that I’m ready to tackle my day!

  297. Absolutely love this video. Simple, clear, and to the point.
    I have found that being always “ON” with my passion as an entrepreneur it has been essential to gift myself one day per week of absolute silence. On the chosen day there is not even a moment of socializing with friends. Along with this weekly plug in, my daily juice up practices are silent meditation, integrative breath work, exercise – be it the gym or yoga along with visits to the beach. When applicable I even take my office outside in nature.

  298. Maria

    Wow, God sure does work in mysterious ways. This is knowledge for my mind and soul.

    Thanks, Marie!

  299. Elena

    Great question–how to handle *lead-foot* in the morning?
    Non-negotiables? Yes! But understand, I have not been employed except–see below!

    1. A spin-off of Dr. Oz’s green drink (at least 3 times a week)
    2. 6-7 vegetables a day
    3. Black Coffee at SB’s (one cup) in the AM
    4. Summertime: (2-3) 18 mile skates per wk
    5. 1 or 2 laps around the lake 2.? miles every other day
    6. middle of the night yoga-breathing combination

  300. Rosie

    1. Meditate 2. Exercise 3. Downtime to unplug and do whatever I want!

  301. N.N.T

    Soul Star Mantra to put me in touch with my higher self every day

    Purification ceremony

    Looks like I need some more N.N.T’S!

  302. I’m down with N.N.T!

    1. daily ritual – morning/evening meditation
    2. juicing – I make a fresh juice for myself (green, red, orange, rainbow) everyday – kicked an iced tea habit and all it’s sugar to the curb!
    3. Spontaneous Play: my kids laughter and natural joy are God manifested – playing with them, being with them – is heaven on earth 🙂

  303. C. Marie

    NNT has to be one of the hardest things in the world to establish for me & start and before I realize it “poof” where did it go. I am finding that your site has been great NNT for me (everyone thinks I working and doesn’t bother me, LOL) with so many things pulling me in all different directions my hubbies business, own business, kids, elderly relatives, all very important. There are times when there are toooooo many Drags and Wieghts and not enough Lifts and Thrusts that my poor plane gets going & seems to go back to the ground. Your sight and emails have been such a Lift & Thrust for me. Many Many Many “THANKS”, I am for sure adding more NNT with some of my other Lifts and Thrushers

  304. Ann

    I know this is something I need to do; haha, put it on my to-do list right? I just have such a hard time letting go & relaxing; so I will make it my goal to take 1 day a week (ok, maybe every 10 days or so) and just let things slide.
    I’m so happy to have found your site–I’m loving it here!

  305. Megan

    I go to daily Mass at a Roman Catholic Church. It has been helping me for the past 3 years. I love my faith and I trust in Jesus to help me through anything. I believe that He is my Rock and that I can do all things with His love and strength. These videos are really helping me get through little details in my life, as well 🙂

  306. Julie

    Snowboarding or mountain biking. Both reconnect me to my body and get me out of my head, give me confidence, and somehow inspire creativity. (and yes, I’m 47!) I also like that both require skill but feel much more like play… a release. I do have trouble giving myself “permission” to do these things. I like the green drink idea, and also the idea of taking a “screw it” day once in a while.. (Ok, that’s not what I actually call it) That would be a good question.. what would you do on that day?

  307. My daily NNT could be….
    green smoothy/juice
    Morning cup of tea/toast…listening to the news.
    I definitely feel like staying in bed at times but crazy guilt gets me up…got to overcome this need to be always busy.

  308. Dionne

    After working on a project (a publication) for ten years and spending a lot of resources to get it off, including setting up a website with no technical skills and because of not getting any links etc. etc. (I had to abandon that) and other, I was just feeling like staying in bed and that I was a complete failure. Thanks for the comfort in knowing that it happens to the best of us.

  309. Ann

    1. meditation
    2. exercise
    3. creating something

  310. Joy

    Hi Marie, I don’t know how I found you but I’m glad I did. I love your videos. Personally, you are inspiring me to be beautiful, smart and adorable. Here’s my NNT:

    1. Early morning jog every MWF.
    2. I write 3 things to be thankful of every morning.
    3. Cold beer and chips and a good TV movie every weekend.

  311. My 3 NNTs:
    daily meditation(totally non-negociable)
    am yoga class at least 3-4 days
    fresh ground french press coffee every am

    How the hell do you do push-ups while blow drying?

  312. Marie
    I found you online today when I googled ‘something missing in my life’
    You are refreshing! I am a psychologist, coach , mediator, mother, etc etc
    and enjoyed hearing your approach …..
    My NNT is morning coffee while writing and listening to Bocelli , exercise of some type ie. walking, pilates yoga and if warm, sit in the sun for 20 minutes
    This gives me a positive start
    Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm as well as your humor

  313. Doris

    I want to exercise everyday to get in a better mental shape. However:

    a) I’m already too stressed with obligations to take 2 hours of a day (1 hour of fitness/pool/sth + 1 hour of commuting)
    b) If I want to do yoga at home, I need to move furniture to have enough space and borrow a laptop with a yoga video and what not, which stresses me out too
    c) If I told myself to quickly do some push ups in between doing other stuff I’d be even more stressed to have another obligation added to all the junk

    The thing I just realized:

    There’s this one like really short sequence that I repeat that always make me happy, I don’t know why – it’s stretching the sides, mainly, which is useless for losing weight or gaining fitness, but who cares.

    Still I can’t do it in my room (because of the furniture) but as long as my parents don’t sleep, I can sneak in and do this one relaxing sequence for a couple of minutes, because it’s fun! I think everyone has a fave exercise that makes his body happy. For example, when I was a kid, I always felt tired when I was stretching my back to the front, but when I was stretching backwards it was fun, it felt like rebellion 🙂 Like it wasn’t pain of exercising but just pleasure.

    So I just decided that every time I want to exercise_but_, I’ll just go and take my pleasure exercise for a minute or two. My dad will still criticize me for not talking a 2 hour walk every day or something, but screw him, I don’t need to be oh so healthy, I’ll have my exercise done the easy way.

  314. I love your video Marie! I´m a freelance designer, and one of the not so good things about working from your home office and clients knowing it is that they assume you are available 24/7 to “move their logo” or “send another proposal at 10:00 pm”. At first I felt really guilty and even feared during an ongoing project, going to the supermarket and encountering my client instead of being glued to my desk! Fortunately, after a long path of realizing that no matter how much “extra miles, and extra hours you give a picky client” there is never going to be enough for him, it´s like having your own personal creative slave.
    So in the end my three (and maybe more) non negotiable activities are:
    1. Waking up without an alarm at least on Saturdays.
    2. Having a calm breakfast and catching up with my favorite show on netflix (on Saturday as well)
    3. Exercising at least 3 times a week for one hour, and it has to be far from a computer or other device, and at the gym (staying at home gives me the temptation of responding emails on my phone)

    I definately should try to aquire the meditation habit, and the writting 2 pages as soon as I wake up!

  315. I love your video Marie! I´m a freelance designer, and one of the not so good things about working from your home office and clients knowing it is that they assume you are available 24/7 to “move their logo” or “send another proposal at 10:00 pm”. At first I felt really guilty and even feared during an ongoing project, going to the supermarket and encountering my client instead of being glued to my desk! Fortunately, after a long path of realizing that no matter how much “extra miles, and extra hours you give a picky client” there is never going to be enough for him, it´s like having your own personal creative slave.
    So in the end my three (and maybe more) non negotiable activities are:
    1. Waking up without an alarm at least on Saturdays.
    2. Having a calm breakfast and catching up with my favorite show on netflix (on Saturday as well)
    3. Exercising at least 3 times a week for one hour, and it has to be far from a computer or other device, and at the gym (staying at home gives me the temptation of responding emails on my phone)

    I definately should try to aquire the meditation habit, and the writing 2 pages as soon as I wake up!

  316. Venu

    I like this idea. Its a kind of coincidence with me.
    Badminton 4 days a week for at least one hour per day.
    Meditation and spiritual talks (twice a week)
    No access to business emails.

  317. cc

    You are great and I want to be your student!! When will we hear your school bell?

  318. I all the time used to read paragraph in news papers but now as
    I am a user of net thus from now I am using net for articles, thanks
    to web.

  319. Love this post Marie!

    My current daily NNT’s are:

    * Morning and evening meditation
    * Green Smoothie daily
    * No work after 5pm on weekdays

    Rachel X

  320. Hi Marie

    I’m a dude so hope I can be part of the conversation on this post ha ha

    anyway my three nnt are

    1) cold shower (just totally pumps me up for the day
    2) Wheatgrass,Kale Smoothie (it’s just full of goodness and helps)
    3) HIIT training 45 mins ( re balances my hormones and mind)

    The above 3 totally has helped me to condition my self and got me a fiance too… and I find if I don’t do it I go a bit crackers …

    great post again …

  321. Hey Marie – wonderful tips, thank you.
    I’ve been doing 3 NNTs, but not daily even though I meant to do them daily.
    1. Meditations
    2. Exercise: Cindy Crawford is my exercise diva….awesome and quick working sessions.
    3. Emotional: connecting in family, self expressive stuff, journaling and reading.
    It’s wonderful to see that what I started a long time ago is good for me, now for the daily stuff… NNT rocks!!!!

  322. Lovaine

    My NNT’s
    3.writing in my journal

  323. Amanda

    Loves me my NNT’s!

    1. meditation/praying to the archangels
    2. exercise
    3. my morning cup of java!

  324. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board
    and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

  325. Hi there! MY N.N.T.’s :

    Daily meditation
    Walk in Nature (every 3rd day at least)
    listening a guided meditation for having my energies cleansed or listening to Snatam Kaur’s Music (Mantra/Sacred Music) before falling asleep…

    Thanks for your fresh & uplifting Videos!
    hugs from Italy

  326. Mila

    Amazing video! Feeling inspired!
    1) Yoga Sun Salutations followed by breathing meditations
    2) Tea time whilst watching my fav comedy shows
    3) Exercising on my home bicycle while reading
    4) Listening to my inspirational rnb playlist!!
    I never realised I had daily rituals as my NNT until I watched this video!
    Thanx Marie!

  327. Loved this video and love your site – you’ve actually managed to keep my attention thru the entire videos – love them!!!

    Okay so my 3 NNT’s: daily journal writing, green juice or smoothie and exercise. Trying to sneak meditation in there but hasn’t become a daily routine yet. I love your suggestion of taking one day a week totally tech-free; I am SO going to work on doing that…thank you!

  328. amazing advice. So my 3 NNT’s are exercise, making sure to do something fun during the week and just taking one day that I am not on the computer. I find if I do these things I seem to be in balance but if I dont then I become a grumpy unhappy person. I think going tech free for one day is great advice. I will look at doing that too.


  329. Meridian

    1. Mediation daily-20 mins min
    2. Exercise daily – even if just a 20 min walk around the neighborhood
    3. Sundays off! No work, no email, no internet! Rest. Nature. Friends. Reading. Church. Fun

    Ideally, a NNT would be to create a list every night before bed and stick with it throughout the day.

  330. Lex

    1. Morning pages journaling exercise
    2. 1 hour Reiki session or lots of spot treatments throughout the day
    3. I want to start doing tea and journaling before bed

    Weekly — Shabbat dinner on Friday night

    Monthly — Celebrate new moon & full moon

    Yearly — Retreats to A-camp in CA twice a year, one week in Maine with two best friends

  331. Donald reed

    for me it’s tai chi ,meditation and a little yoga

  332. My three NNTs are working out..there’s a huge difference between a day that I exercise and one when I don’t. Yoga (hot yoga) is a monthly NNT and it’s probably more weekly than daily at this point but I’m working on making my third NNT, meditation.

  333. Kim

    Gosh I needed to watch this today! Great video Marie.
    My NNT’s are
    1. Green drinks (juice or smoothie)
    2. 30 min walk with my 2 big ‘ol dogs while listening to music (I used to check my social media updates while doing this…errr! Not good!)
    3. Dry brushing (oh yeaahhhh…)
    4. Drink herbal tea (this is a new habit I’ve been trying so hard to work on)

  334. Santa will enjoy this 😛

    1. Daily Meditation + 5 Tibetan Rites
    2. Sedona Method exercises
    3. Write/Think about what I appreciated about the past day before I go to bed.

  335. Hi Marie!
    Great video 🙂 and I totally agree with everything you said. I created this quick and simple formula that is totally and completely in line with what you spoke about in that video and thought you might find it fun ;).

    1111 :: My secret formula to long term JOY

    Always love your work!
    Merry xmas

  336. Kat

    First of all, You rock!! I truly love all you offer. My NNT is :
    1. Morning brain dump, I literally dump everything on my mind on a list and of those million things I list what is necessary for today and today only.
    2. 20 min meditation daily
    3. 20 min writing either my blog or my journal
    Tuesdays I attend a spoken word/open mic night here in Richmond. It is not the regular club scene but more laid back and a break from the hamster wheel.
    I treat myself to a mani and pedi to keep myself feeling sexy.

  337. Hi Marie,

    I love the video. Since the new year is coming up, this is a perfect time to make my NNT part of my resolution. Here are my 3 NNT activities:

    1. Prayer/Bible Study
    2. Workout (Tracy Anderson Method)
    3. Green Smoothie for breakfast

    Here’s to the forming of new habits that will ultimately benefit my life forever in a positive way!

  338. Daily NNT
    1) Meditate/Pray
    2) Exercise
    3) Breakfast

    Weekly NNT
    1) Spiritual Study
    2) Chat w/Grandma time
    3)Late night talk in the dark with my Love

    Monthly NNT
    1) Massage
    Still working on a few more…

    Thanks for the pep talk & call to action. Been having one of those days; why am I doing this, maybe I need to get a job at Starbucks, can I really leave my clients…let me just sleep it off. Glad to know it’s not just me. I appreciate your reassurance.

  339. Marie, you seriously are one bad ass lady! Love your posts & videos!

    My 3 N.N.Ts are:
    1. Light up my favorite invents sticks in my home office (to give it good atmosphere when I start my work day)
    2. 3 minute dance break to stretch my body from sitting all day! (Usually some good old hip hop video from YouTube)
    3. Relaxing bath at the end of the day (with lots of bubbles!)

  340. greenJeannie

    1. Hot yoga three times per week
    2. Walk the dog twice a day
    3. Read inspirational stuff –printed form–30 min every day

  341. I think the concept here is the simple things, so here goes–

    write at least one scene for my novel a day (or at least 500 words)
    exercise at least three times a week
    blog at least once a week
    and veg out for half hour each day, just to keep sane with everything else. (Oh, and if I could through some chocolate in with that space of time, that’d be awesome). 😉

    Thanks Marie!

  342. when i stop trying to fix the world or myself.
    silly goofy play time – i am talking RIDICULOUS
    making fun of myself – at least once during the day
    saying i love you in the mirror
    knowing i am ‘it’ within.
    quality time with my son and good friends.

  343. Gwendolyn

    Just came to your site, and I’m so enjoying it! Thanks so much! I’ve been doing 20-30 min of yoga every morning (just following youtube videos – nothing too fancy) for two months, and I missed a day last week and felt so off! It really is amazing how good habits can become just as addictive as bad ones once you put in the time to make them habits!

  344. Great video.. I took a me day today…I am accelrating my business and last night I got hit with some major fear issues!! These really through me for a loop this morning and really work was just not an option today, so I took a long cycle and watched loads of Marie TV, briefly met a friend and just made me a yumilious, really simple dinner -> thanks for this video!! I was starting to feel guilty but I dont anymore,,,not sure if I can do 2 days though….
    My NNTs are
    *lemon & water
    Thanks for being you!! xxx

  345. Talia

    Hi Marie

    Love ur videos, you make me laugh! My NNT is my high quality super foods, my swimming practice with my swimming club and learning new things to grow as a person 🙂

  346. Corey

    My 3 NNT’s are a Daily Health smoothie, it has everything i need for the day in it. My net is my brain workout. I need my mind shapr for the nature of work that I am in. The last but not least is…
    Read 1 chapter of a Book that I am currently into.

  347. 1. swim twice a day – especially when I am brain-dead
    2. thick fruit juice drink
    3. watch tv for half an hour while having my dinner

  348. Chantel Reurink

    Love your site/you!! My 3 NNT’s Working out, Stimulating conversations, Dancing!

  349. Noelle

    Morning pages
    Glass of lemon/salt water first thing in the morning
    Trying for
    .. Meditation
    .. Yoga

  350. I definitely do not hesitate to take “rest days” but I have a hard time just enjoying it without remembering aaallll the things I need to do, which then makes me feel anxious and even a little guilty for “prolonging my progression.”

    Some of my NNT activities include reading two chapters of a current book every day, spending quality time with my four-legged child, do my nails, exchange much needed massages with my sweetheart, and also working out even if I don’t make it to the gym, I will do squats or planks or dance around to break a sweat! 😉

  351. Oakley


    side bar NNT = snuggle time. not in full effect at the moment due to absence of snuggle partner, but i’m unfazed. mamma’s gett’n her business off the ground and she is passionately alive! also, i’ve got great girlfriends to pile up with and spend time. blessed. NNT = girl time.

  352. Had to think about this! I hadn’t thought about these things as being “non-negotiable”, but now I realize they are!

    1. Sleep in each morning to at least 9 am. After 60+ years of being the first one out of bed, I’m loving the extra time in bed! I still wake at 6am, but turn over — and now I’m finding I do my best dreaming in the mornings, and remember them better!
    2. Time with hubby every day, to sit together, talk, share a meal, and watch some TV together or play a game. He is my biggest supporter, and my very best friend — we energize each other!
    3. Time to read a good book every day. Usually mid-afternoon, when my mind is getting “droopy”, I curl up with someone else’s good book, and it energizes me as a writer!
    This was a great video, and definitely helped me shift my perspective on what I do each day, to value it more!

  353. Loulou

    If we are speaking about habits:

    I still start my day by :
    -Coffee (very enjoying moment).
    -Music (to stay focus on the present).
    -Shower time: Meditation, relaxation to start the day only with positive thoughts).
    -I go to work with a big smile and music (with earphones).

    On the week-end I still have a walk, a good movie, surfing on Internet and sharing music or good advise on FB. And the most important thing (I keep one hour for doing nothing just for me !!).

    For the rest of the time ( not busy with my NNT) life happens and I am ready to feel this moment..

  354. Love this! As a podcast and self help book guzzling solopreneur mumma of twins (with chronic fatigue!) I fjnd it hard to make the time to switch off, plus I love my biz so much I dint want to!
    My NNTs are:
    ~ getting the paints out with my Minis
    – a lovely walk all by myself 🙂
    – yoga
    – awesome loose leaf tea in vintage cups and people watching from a cafe
    – meditations
    – gardening
    – a mini mooch around a market or shops
    It’s the simple things, hey!
    Good job, Marie 🙂

  355. It was so reassuring to hear you say, go ahead take the day (no 2 days) in bed to just disconnect. One of the greatest challenge of running your own business, especially from home as you said is you can work 24/7 and not even realize you are doing it. I feel like my mind never gets a break and I am thinking about so many different things, I am just stuck. Even though I give this advice to my own clients (take a breath, take time for yourself), sometimes we need to be reminded from others professionals we respect and admire to remember, “oh yeah that means me too!” Thanks Marie!

  356. Jenn

    1. pray
    2. exercise
    3. eat 🙂

  357. Kelsey

    starting now…
    my daily N.N.T

    1. breakfast (in some fashion)
    2. afternoon reach out to a friend, family, anyone (snap, smile, text, call, anything)
    3. exercise (however i can get it)

  358. Mbali

    This is great, I often let me-time rely on my motivation levels (which is weird because its me-time that drives the motivation, hmm) but here are my 3 non-negotiables from now onwards:
    1. Daily meditation first thing in the morning & last thing at night.
    2. Prayer for others & gratitude for my blessings.
    3. Preparing fresh & nutritious meals for myself (no more kfc wings for supper).

  359. This was a great post! Such a good idea to just disconnect for awhile when you feel burned out. Sometimes it’s really hard to do though because you feel like you’re giving up or somehow not being tough or diligent enough. Thanks for doing away with that myth Marie! Clearly it’s better to take some time off and come back better than ever.

  360. love this.

    my 3 (actually, i need to give some thought to this. because i dont think ive been consistent w NNT. and ive hit burn out periodically. i happen to be recharged right now, so this is the time):

    1. hot water with lemon first thing in the am. 45-60 minutes to have this, have a meditation, and wake up.
    2. exercise or yoga or dog walk
    3. green juice or a super healthy meal

    i like your one full day off NNT. that is pretty awesome. really? you are off ALL technology for a full day each week??

  361. Dana

    I. I write a Gratitude List every night before bed of 10 Things that I was grateful for during that day. It can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend, a hot shower, accomplishing a task that I had been putting off, a roof over my head, etc.
    2. I get regular massages. Used to be once every two weeks, but can’t afford it anymore. Now try to make it once a month.

    3. Am going to begin eating basically fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken starting tomorrow. I did it over the summer and felt so much better. I looked better and had more energy. Now that I wrote this, it will help me to start tomorrow.

  362. Ian

    3 NNT”s;

    1) Breakfast Omelette in a city cafe to people watch a couple of days a week.
    2) Evening cup of tea to meditate on my day.
    3) Dancing in my bedroom to some 80s jams.

  363. Watching your movies lecture some minutes
    Reflecting all yours with my life happenings
    Praying for receiving good lucks and driving out bad lucks

    I love you for your kindness and sharing knowledge to all friends.
    May God bless you always for making the world people happy and successful.

  364. Great video! My NNT’s 1: morning bible or inspirational reading 2: morning green juice 3: at least 30 minutes of quiet time (before cutting on computer/emails/social media/phone) in the morning. 4: morning/afternoon walk or some form of exercise.

  365. My NNT’s are reading the comics online or in the paper with my sweetie at breakfast; Reiki treatment and activation beginning my day and throughout; and appreciating the beauty that surrounds me and breathing that in. Rain or shine in Portland, Oregon.

  366. NNT:
    1. pelvic massage & meditating in the a.m.
    before my son gets up every day.
    2. afternoon to myself once a week, turning off the internet to draw or
    making some art.
    3. tea break in the afternoon.
    4. full body massage once a month.
    5. Green drink 3x/ week

  367. NNT—

    Rebounding while oil pulling

  368. Est-il possible de reprendre deux ou trois phrases sur un blog personnel ?

  369. Love this!! My N.N.T
    1. Walk 30 minutes 3-5 days a week
    2. Enjoy a daily glass of red wine while watching TV
    3. Meeting my husband after work a few time a week for a beer and chit chat

  370. Piet Hein Bredero

    Nice video, excellent points.

    My three daily N.N.T’s are:

    1. Yoga/exercise in the morning before breakfast.
    2. Drink 3 liters of clean/filtered water every day.
    3. Down time with my kids, oh so important 😉

    Cheers Piet Hein

  371. Thanks Marie for the reminder / permission to stay in bed if needed!
    Even though I know I need to take time out and I have NNT’s, I still really struggle with not getting on the overwhelm train, so still some letting go to do!
    My NNT’s:
    1) Morning meditation
    2) Breakfast with tonnes of greens – whether it’s a green juice, a smoothie or eggs scrambled with a tonne of kale and or parsley and or chard and or other green goodness!
    3) get in nature. Which I know I need to do even more of. Key for me.

  372. vanessa

    I do plan to change my habits and take some time for me. GREAT video!

  373. Tomas

    I swim, play the guitar and pray.

  374. My NNT’s look like this:

    Fertility smoothie or greenies juice

    checking into Marie TV!

    Go for a run and or yoga class.

    Thanks Marie, always on the mark!

  375. Totally appreciate for me in this moment. I had more NNT when I was working full-time. When I switched to full time on my business, I’m just so ON all the time. ARG…

    1. Running in the morning (slowly going up )
    2. Meditation before bed (but I’m switching to morning)
    3. Tuesday night painting class.. starts next week.

    I really enjoy your videos.


  376. Samantha

    My NNTs are: clean eating, meditation, and exercise – daily! <3

  377. Edyta

    Totally agree! We need a complete time off to recharge and be more effective. My NNT: meditation, 2 handfuls of greens or green juice (preferably wheatgrass), exercise/yoga (similarly as you Marie, I exercise while I am doing other things for example making tea and doing plie squats- it is so much fun!).

  378. My weekday NNTs

    1) Wake up at 6 am to do my spiritual practice for 90 minutes
    2) Dance or work out and stretch every morning at 1030
    3) Go to office and work on my business at specific designated times

    Weekend NNTs

    1) Get outside for a hike every weekend
    2) Practice hatha yoga for 90 minutes
    3) Spend time with friends

  379. Shakti

    My three nnt’s
    1. Exercise,Review my principles and Learn.
    2.Second wind workout.(Exercise in evening time)
    3.Reflection(Journalling) and planning.

  380. Meditation
    Raw fruits and veggies, smoothie or juice!
    I agree 100%

  381. erin

    Love this! I am a complete introvert, and being social is exhausting for me so I need lots of downtime. My N.N.T’s are:

    1) Meal time. I have forbidden myself from eating at my desk, in front of the T.V., or working through meals. The most I will do while eating is read the paper or listen to music. It really lets me relax and just BE for 30 minutes or so. I can just recharge and jump back in.

    2) On Sundays, my husband and I take a walk around a nearby lake. This has become a ritual for us. We turn off our phones and just enjoy our surroundings- sometimes talking, sometimes not. We are both so busy, we found it’s essential to block out time to spend together without friends, family, or work events. (We also try to have a monthly date night.)

    3) This advice came from my aunt, who is a highly successful and creative person: set aside 2 hours every day (before you get too tired) to do something creative that is unrelated to a project you’re working on. It could be writing, sewing, drawing, cooking, dancing, playing music (I’m learning piano right now), calligraphy, or try a new craft you found on pintrest.

    I know you asked for 3, but there are two more that I just realized I do without thinking about it:

    -Just as important as spending time with my hubby is spending time away from him. I don’t always get to have my creative time during the day, so occasionally I tell him I’m going into my “cave” (aka, my office), which means he’s not allowed to interrupt me. That’s usually when the creative juices are flowing and I can’t ignore them- I have to do something about it now before the moment is gone.

    – I’ve been doing this one for a while- try one NEW recipe every single week. Depending on how busy my week is, some are simpler than others, but my rule is that is has to be something I’ve never tried before. Nothing perpetuates burnout like the And, It helps me find go-to meals for nights I can’t spend much time cooking. Not to mention, cooking itself can be an N.N.T. (cozy pajamas, a glass of wine, good music or Netflix while cooking your new meal…it’s heaven.)

    Of course, we don’t have kids…and I have no disillusions this routine will change someday, but in the meantime it works for me.

  382. Omkar

    Hello Marie,

    I am kinda lost here. I am an Indian IT professional and planning to move Canada permanently.

    I listen to your audios in my car while traveling to the work. I truly like you. You are just superrrb!

    While I am planning to move Canada, its not really easy to make that decision for me since I already have a very good job and fairly good lifestyle.

    But I have to take this step to move ahead in my career, etc.

    I know nothing about Canada but sure its a v good country to live and make home.

    Hope I am taking right decision to move there.

    Whats your say on this, Marie? Hope my message does not get lost, as I did 😉

    Once again, you are wonderful, charming and very hot.You voice and enthu makes my mornings very coool. Even on the trafic jam roads, you sound just outstanding.

    You take care dear

    Good night.



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Omkar, thank you for your sweet message. How fun that you’ve been listening to our episodes on your way to work – what a great idea!

      Whenever I have a major decision to make in my own life, I like to use Marie’s idea of the “10 year test,” which you can check out in this MarieTV episode:

      Moving to another country is definitely a big decision, and it sounds like you’ve been carefully considering it already. Of course, the best person to answer this question is you! There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s about getting really honest with yourself about the life you want and listening to your heart – then going for it!

  383. So need to do this…It is truly amazing how us entrepreneurs are always working and always thinking about work. I am going to work on this…My first time visiting here and love it…THANK YOU!

  384. anya nicole burnett

    Wow! Yet another AMAZING MariaTV! Okay, so my NNT are reading (book and/or magazine), sleeping and watching HGTV.

  385. Amanda

    Everyone has so many excellent N.N.T’s!

    I would have to say mine are,

    1. Morning cup of coffee
    2. Meditation
    3. Exercise

  386. Ray Flor

    1. Journal writing

    Unfortunately I don’t have anything else. Will definitely work on adding a couple more

  387. Annette

    As a nutritional health coach I’ve noticed that I have to do these and a few others a week to keep me grounded. My 3 NNT’s are:

    Prayer & Exercise: I crave exercise it helps me disconnect and work through my feelings. Prayer and spirituality are huge for me. They keep me at peace and focused on what really matters in life.

    Cooking: I love to find new ways to make dish’s that fit my dietary need. This means creating new paleo versions of foods i love. This is also out of necessity as I have multiple food sensitivities.

    Bubble Bath: I look forward to my bubble bath and aromatherapy time. Once during the week and the other on the weekend. It’s a little indulgence that goes a long way.

  388. Move my body
    Fun stuff with my kids (they are kick ass adults now)
    Write Rap
    Study my Cube

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it, Laurie!

  389. Vinny

    My 3 are:

    Every day I cuddle and play with my beloved cat Felix, every day. When I get back from work I scoop him him up, kiss and cuddle to and then we walk around the garden.

    Every Thursday night I have a bathing ritual time all for myself. Bath, candles, face mask, hair mask, music, bubble bath, essential oil and that is my time in the tub for the next hour.

    Once a month I take myself off for a nice lunch, all by myself, I take a book with, it’s a no calorie meal and I order whatever I want, and just sit with myself while I enjoy my meal.

    And those three things keep me sane.

    … well, sorta …


  390. Carol Caraballo

    Great video! Got me thinking about my 3 “NNT”s…
    1. Morning coffee
    2. Daily exercise
    3. Daily cup of green tea

  391. 1. Morning Routine: Naam Yoga- 2X daily Nam Myoho Renge Kyo chanting, Morning Pages- TM mid morning
    2. Shakeology or Isagenix
    3. Watch educational videos or read-BSchool included, Khan Academy, poetry

  392. Tammy

    Hey Marie,
    Thanks for this vid – I only just noticed this section of your website (divine timing as always 😉 and this has re-inspired me to create daily NNT for myself.

    I’ve been a workoholic lately and not doing the things that make my heart sing like meditating, exercise and cooking.
    I would have to add a weekly massage to that list too because I sit on the computer for long periods of time so for me a massage is essential to my wellbeing.

    Thanks again for just being you xo

  393. Maggie Langeness

    My N.N.T’s are:

    1. Stand up paddle boarding – the calm water, peacefulness, literally can NOT check the phone, and physical movement all great to clear the mind!
    2. hot yoga – can feel my body detoxifying and the negativity leaving the body
    3. some trashy reality TV show – It totally let’s me stop thinking about my worries, stress, and next move as I am just – not thinking!

  394. Laurie

    Meditation, hike, cook.

  395. Jenna

    Enjoy music! Happy dancy music in the morning, & dance & sing & pray all best for all. Listening to beautiful chill when need to rest & rejuvenate. Share funny or encouraging vids, or great dance tracks on FB, Spend time in the sunshine, & can think of more… : )

  396. My three NNT’s:

    Eating Clean

  397. LOVED this post! NNTs are highly undervalued. You may start to feel like your work, your business, and your clients are just too important to find time for a little R&R. But you’d be surprised how much more you can do, and how much better you can do it if you just take a little time to refuel.

    In my recent article, I talk about how to turn those conversations into sales. I think having set NNTs is a sure way to lead to more successful conversations.

    When you’re centered and feeling sure of yourself, you will naturally be more successful. Taking some time to yourself each day will most likely make your business more successful overall. Don’t underestimate the power of taking good care of yourself!

    My go-to NNT’s:
    1. Morning reflection, journal ready, and steaming coffee-in-hand
    2. Exercise- if I’m short on time, even some light stretching helps get me in the right attitude.
    3. One quality conversation a day–be it a stranger or my dearest friend

  398. Faith Oglesby

    Love your energy throughout this video! You are such an inspiration to any of us viewers who find ourselves a tadbit burned out. Thanks for keeping so many viewers inspired!

    The three things that are non-negotiable for me are:

    1. Taking walks in nature (only exception is when it is pouring down rain outside).
    2. Going out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants that serve healthy meals.
    3. Setting aside at least 20 minutes everyday to meditate, pray, and/or just “be in the moment”.

  399. Robin

    Hi Marie,
    today I feel like crap. Overwhelmed, tired, no energy. Andy Shaw says when you are overwhelmed the solution is to stop and do nothing. Get a cup of coffee, sit and read a book for a couple of hours. This gives your mind time to switch off, then it will work out whats important and whats not. You do whats important and leave the rest, it will sort its self out in the future.
    NNTs, Qi Gong, meditation and walking my dogs.
    Take care, Robin.

  400. Thandi

    Hi Marie, thanks so much for your wise words and inspiring thoughts.
    I couldn’t agree more with you about NNT, something I have only just very recently discovered for myself and has made a world of difference to my life, my attitude and even physical wellbeing. My three NTT moments are: taking time to see friends at least once a week, making time to learn something new (I’m currently trying to learn Japanese – slowly but surely) and getting to a gym class also once a week. And my bonus one is a daily one and it’s making a fresh smoothy.
    You’re also right about writing things down, it makes them more real and makes you stick to them more!
    Thanks Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thandi, love this list of NNT moments. Good for you for learning Japanese — that is no small feat.

  401. Sport, yoga, meditation. 🙂

  402. Daily NNT
    1) Meditate/Pray
    2) Fresh orange juice or tea plus ginger
    3) Motivational video

  403. Sharon

    Love this NNT mentality. Will take some time to decide what mine will be and where to place them in my crazy life. Thanks Marie

  404. Juliana

    I meditate every day. But I just started doing this, so it’s not yet a habit. I’ve been doing it successfully for 2 weeks. I started out committing to 5 days per week, but because of Deepak Chopra’s 21 day program, I am doing it every day now. Such a great source of nourishment for my soul. I sometimes wish I could stay in that space all day long.

  405. Myrtle

    Marie, don’t you have a few more than 3? Or do you not count things such as, for example:
    Brushing (& flossing, mouth-washing)
    Doing your hair
    Washing up & putting on products or looks
    Any tidying that takes regular maintenance
    Packing enough or the right food/water for the day
    Walking the dog (if you have one & someone else doesn’t do that for you)

    I have swung from so busy and Tetrised out, if you will, that I burned out from self-neglect.
    On the flip side, if I am truly to treat myself well, I have the assumption that it will take way too long and I’ll be doing nothing substantial other than taking care of myself well with NNT activities.
    Clearly balance needs to be struck. Any tips on figuring out what is actually meant to be an NNT activity and what is actually better spent more directly or actively achieving dreams?

  406. I’m so grateful for that research about 66 days instead of 21 days. I feel like I’m constantly trying 21 day challenges and falling off within and after. Ugh!

    My NNTs are going to be:
    1. Meditation/reiki
    2. Washing my face/ skincare routine
    3. Speaking/sending gratitude (might take the form of journaling, but preferably directly to the person)

  407. aleshia

    My NNTs lately are:
    1) Morning Yoga stretches/meditations with my 8 year old daughter.
    2) Big glass of water in the morning and deep breaths.
    3) Write 10 min of things I’m grateful for and things I want in my day/week/life.
    4) Each Sunday I plan my week and each night prep my to do list so I’m prepared for the next day.
    5) Massages for self care-Total life saver for me. I book these as I can afford, but aim for once every 6 weeks.
    6) My daughter and I watch Little House on the Prairie episodes together. I love Michael Landon, she loves history and we get together time-win-win. 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is a beautiful and special list, Aleshia. This is a lovely mix of self-care and connection that is a gift for you and your daughter. Thank you for taking the time to watch this episode and share your take-aways with us.

  408. My Three NNTs:
    1. Physical Exercise
    2. Tap into more of the Meditation
    3. Online Chess
    Doing these activities will bring about positive enhancement.

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    from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog?

    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
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