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Big ups from Barcelona! Josh and I are here celebrating his birthday (hooray!!) and soaking up some serious Catalonian fun.

He’s been dreaming of Spain for a while and I thought an impromptu trip was a much better present than any kind of gadget or party, ya know?

Don't be afraid to sacrifice short-term revenue for long-term agains. Click To Tweet

While we didn’t plan this trip that far in advance, when it comes to your business, planning for your growth is vitally important.

In today’s video, I’ll show you one of the most important things I’ve learned about understanding the difference between short-term revenue and long-term gains.

This includes why I happily turned down over $100K in easy revenue earlier this year.

Heads up: what I’m suggesting can be a little scary, or even feel impossible when you’re first starting out, but it’s super vital to “get” the bigger picture here. Especially if you want to be in business for the long run.

If you have experience with this scenario, please share your story in the comments below. Admittedly, this can be an interesting and multi-faceted challenge.

Let’s get some good collective wisdom down to handle it.

As always, gràcies per llegir i veure or, thank you for reading and watching.

P.S.  The “reviews” being sent in right now after we requested them for the new site are beyond amazing. You seriously made my week. I appreciate your support more than you could ever know! We’ll have the brand spankin’ new website up within the next few weeks.

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  1. PITA… new favorite acronym!

    No more PITAs for me! 😉

  2. Marie- I totally agree. This is one of the strategies I teach the women I work with – my clients are women who were in the corporate world and are now wanting to run their own businesses, and this is a HUGE thing that trips them up! Awesome stuff! Silvia –

  3. Hi, Marie. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try to avoid PITAs : )

  4. Marie this was such a great video. Thank you for this – as someone who is currently experiencing massive growth I know I need to keep this growth sustainable, and do the best I can for my clients and myself… which means limiting clients and your filters are just spot on. 🙂

  5. Marie,

    Thank you for this video! Not only did it help me, but I am at my parent’s on a mini-vacation and while I was watching the video, I realized my mom was looking over my shoulder! She was asking me all about you, Marie!

    My mom is a realtor and I know she can use some help with her business at times, so I am happy she got to see this video about long term gains. I kept bragging on how smart you are and how much your videos have helped me realize things about my Internet Marketing business. I just wanted to share some love! 🙂

  6. totally!!!!

    when I take clients because of the short term money I often lose sight of my ideal client profile and end up with someone who is not ideal for me and I’m not ideal for them.

    the money will come but we have to stick to our guns when it comes to who we work with 🙂

    great video Marie!!!!! thanks 🙂

  7. As always great advice Marie!

    When I first started my business I struggled with this issue of short-term business and long term business. It was tempting to take a job just for the money but I resisted. Later, I realized that I “couldn’t afford” to take business just for the money because it: 1) drained me energetically 2) blocked me from getting business that I was more aligned with and 3) didn’t cultivate long term customer relationships.

    One of the big red flags for me is price. When someone starts with “How much does is cost?” they usually don’t end up becoming a client. You called Norstrom’s, hold on and I’ll get you the number to KMart. And that’s okay, there’s enough business for Nordstrom’s and KMart because their customers have different values and needs.

    Thank you for being such a consistent source of inspiration and information Marie!

  8. these were fantastic tips – especially the waitlist one. Thanks!

  9. Daniela Martinez

    Hey Marie!

    Do you like Barcelona? These days I’ve been reading your book (agaaaiinn, problems with my bf :S) on the metro while going to work, and I’ve dreaming to find you by chance around the city, hehehehe, in Agbar tower, for example, near from where I work 😉 When I read your book I feel so much relieve. I see you’ve learned some catalan too 😉 Well, now I’m at work and if I’m planning to follow your advices, I should be working and not writing this right now, hehehehe. I just wanted to tell you that the RH&H principle is always on my mind. Now I’m trying to figure out how to applied it in my life, specially the R thing, hehehe. Anyway, back to work (mmhh, well, before going back to work I’m watching your previous post 😉 Enjoy Barcelona!!!


  10. I was struggling to figure out my Ideal Client/Customer Avatar so I kept putting it off, but once I did I realised how much more focused I became and I was grateful I did it! .. Cheers!

    Oh, and LOVE the “P.I.T.A” — haha … classic!

    • It’s all about the Avatar, and I remember Marie mention that you could have different Avatar’s for different services or products and that was one of the biggest “a-ha” moments I had!

  11. ali

    Love the wait list idea. I am a one man band. I always thought of it as my pipeline, however i love the idea of calling this my wait list. Thanks. Your videos are really fun to watch. short and sweet.

  12. Thanks for the great advice Marie!

    When I first started my business I was tempted to take work just for the money but resisted. I realized that I “couldn’t afford” to take all the business that came my way because it: 1) drained my energy 2) blocked me from other opportunities and 3) didn’t cultivate long term customers.

    I’ve also learned that when someone starts with my “price” it’s a red flag that doing business with that person is likely to “cost” me too much.

    Thanks for being the consistent source of great information that you always are Marie!

    PS: I hope this isn’t a double post. the first one that I created didn’t seem to go through.

  13. Love this Marie! I like to say I bought my way out of my old business model. Now I happily have a wait list of people that want to hire me for retainer PR services and I always fill my ongoing coaching program with ideal clients! Sweet!

  14. Hi Marie! 🙂

    Ooohhh, very timely for me! I’ve been experiencing some awesome growth and just starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and realizing I need to focus on making this sustainable. These tips and filters are just what I need to keep it all in perspective and make sure I don’t burn myself out. 😉

    Thank you!

  15. PITA LOVE it, I always did tell peeps it wasn’t the right term to call bread from these parts – that PITA meant something else, now I can clarify!
    Thanks again giiiiirrrrrrl!
    Smooches from Dubai…xOx

  16. Love this post – it is hard to turn down opportunities, especially if you feel like you want to help everyone…but then you become Jack (or Jane!) of all Trades and master of none. I find that posting your core goals and money making activities in front of you is a good way to evaluate quickly whether or not an opportunity is worth it. It’s hard to run away from if it is printed out and staring you in the face!

  17. LOVE the “waitlist” idea! And, “PITA”?! Genius.

  18. Hi Marie,

    Love the Barcelona area, especially the Las Ramblas. Talked it up to my town when I returned from a trip about 12 years ago. Everyone out a night strolling down a car-free path. Fun!

    Have always loved the term PITA. I first heard about it from a more experienced graphic designer many years ago. Before that, I thought I had to take every design client that came my way, even if it meant me being overwhelmed. Being selective changes everything from business enjoyment to pricing.

    People want more of us when they think there’s less of us. Excellent advice. TY.


  19. Steve

    Excellent video…I learned this lesson in a slightly different format – “Learning to say ‘No’ to the great so that you can say ‘Yes’ to the great.” Keep up the great work, Marie!

  20. Fantastic advice, Marie. Knowing when to say “no” or “later” is the key to working effectively. I have certainly found myself in the quandary of too many people/companies wanting something from me and my organization. I finally realized (light bulb moment) that their priorities are not my priorities and that I have to focus on what is best for my members/clients and my company! Focus, focus, focus!

    Thanks for the reminder and useful tips!

  21. Hi Marie,

    Another great video! I can see from the comments that quite a few of us are going through this same experience – shifting or growing and realising that saying no is more important than saying yes. Totally agree – and sometimes it’s just about making space for that growth even if we don’t have it all mapped out.

    See ya next time, hasta luega as they say in Spain


  22. Love the advice and on point with my recent blog post (that involves intuition emu and johnny carson) I believe trusting your gut and taking the above advice is a marriage made in heaven. I LOVE your posts they are so damn refreshing and on point…heres the post on intution.

  23. Cam

    love P.I.T.A! I will be using that promptly!

  24. Gràcies a tú!…:))))

    Marie!…what a pity I did not know you were here in Barcelona!.
    It would have been great to meet you!…let me know if we still have time to meet!!!…was that a “yes”? hahaha…or a “yes”? :))))

    from Barcelona 😉

  25. Will definitely try the wait list idea when booking readings/signings.

    I’ve been using PITA since I had a project in high school in which I had to be responsible for an egg for a week without breaking it. All of my classmates chose traditional names for their eggs.

    Since I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the project, I named mine PITA (same abbreviation you use). Unfortunately, it was a Catholic school so I had to fib a little and tell Sister Rita that it was a traditional Italian name.

    Can you say “confessional”? 🙂

  26. Hi Marie! I love your tip about the “Wait List”…I actually have a wait list for my custom website projects that I do for women who are looking to create passive income by starting their own online business. I only work with 2 women per month. Having a “wait list” was one of the best business decisions I’ve made because it allows me to focus on quality rather than quantity.

    I will take your advice from this video and add on asking for a monetary “deposit” for those clients on the wait list, because the worst thing to happen is to save a space for someone and they don’t come through. A deposit would solve that issue. Thanks for all your great advice! Michelle Kulp, The 6-Figure Woman Coach

  27. steph

    Man Marie. Getting goodness from you all over the place. I’m in b-school and just grabbed your vid real quick and totally had an ah ha moment. AND, I hate that expression.
    A waitlist? A deposit? Kick ass. I’m just getting started, and I have people who want some of my goodies now (My RAW teaching series + more) and I keep giving them tidbits of info here and there, tell them about my website (but it’s not finished yet, so nothing to see) and I had this gut feeling that I need to Sow the SEEDS now, even before I have launched my products officially. Interesting enough…my website Booyah!
    Great stuff, and thanks for your genius!
    See you in school. Who knew summer school could be so darn fun!

  28. Hey Marie,
    My take away is “Be True to Yourself!” Being an Entrepreneur gives you the license to fire any client that brings you down faster than you can pull them up!
    I’ve realized there is always enough money to be made out there, but having your sanity and peace of mind is far more important.
    Fire all those PITA’s!
    Have fun in Spain!

  29. Excellent advice, Marie.

    In many respects, prioritizing for long-term benefits over seductive, but precarious, short-term gains is a leadership issue.

    Tony Blair is quoted as saying: “The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.”

    Peter Drucker has stated: “The pressure on leaders to do 984 different things is unbearable, so the effective ones learn how to say no and stick with it.”

    My experience with PITAs is that typically no amount of revenue is enough to offset the grief that will invariably lead to regret for having accepted them as clients in the first place.


  30. Thanks for clarifying somethin’ that’s been on my mind for….oh, a couple of years! Got the wait list going…got the deposits to hold spots…and turning things away so I can go above and beyond for my paying clients 😉

    But….what if….I’m still flying by the seat of my pants on some of these things??? hmmm…. like “the launches or announcements or whatever else I dream the details around programs. I keep changing ’em up a bit as I see what works the best.”

    Thanks Marie!

    Oh, Maire, I do have a HOT question. I started my home organization party (10 wk program) less than a week ago. I still have a few spots open and want to send out one more email to my list to catch any of those “fashionably late” peeps…but I want to send something really, really good & effective so they can get their butts inside and get into action. Any advice on putting the final nail in the coffin before I close & lock the doors on this program? (yeah, I mixed analogies! woot! woot!)

    Yep, yep…I need ya to bring it!

  31. So spot on in so many ways, Marie!

    My hubby & I have special PITA fees. It helps those clients get it together or move on down the road. New entrepreneurial endeavors have me wanting to make sure I’m not accepting it at all, though, because the time/emotional output is still higher than it’s worth. I walked away from a $100k/yr contract as a voice talent be/c the PITA factor became too high; my usual joyful self was getting buried under the pile. NOT acceptable for me at any amount of money. I felt so much freedom in that decision (& it wasn’t like I was rolling in other dough. I just knew I wouldn’t be rolling in any sweet-smellin’ stuff if I stayed in that situation!). Huge perk – the expanded space birthed my 1st novel!

    Thanks for sharing the “balance” The reminder certainly helps!

  32. Ha! At times I have to implement a wait list for some of the consulting work I do yet I never thought about taking a deposit. D’oh! You are one smart cookie, shug.

  33. Amy

    How do you always know what I need to hear, when I need to hear it!? Amazing advice as usual darling!

  34. Olga

    Marie! Go to CosmoCaixa! It’s a very cool and unusual scientific museum in Barca!

  35. This is such great advice. I’ve gotten really great at immediately saying NO to PITA’s that I know are just going to drain my time and energy and aren’t an ideal fit for me. I don’t want them getting in the way of the AMAZING clients that are going to show up! 😀

  36. Marie:
    This was a great video and I have to admit, it took me years to learn to say no to potential clients when I changed gears from custom dressmaking to designing and making handbags to sell. The dressmaking thing dragged on too long, and I feel regret big-time that I couldn’t say no to the money. I feel like I lost those four years and could’ve been successful by now instead of just starting out. So lesson learned the hard way “cut the cord to switch gears”! Thanks for your great vids, you are fun to watch–uh oh, did that sound creepy?

  37. Tom Lehner

    You just said it perfectly right: Quality goes before quantity. if you have clients and out of greed (or seeing the big bucks) you take more looking at the short term revenue and neglect the once you have you might make the big bucks in short term revenue but at the end you leave alot of unsatisfied customers behind and lose it all.
    So I totally agree with Marie. I’ve been there myself in the construction project managament business where I started out that I had to turn down clients, but because I turned them down telling them I could not give them my full attention they deserve they cam back at a later time for another project. Honesty and handshake quality still is important

    Thanks for the great video Marie you are as usual an inspiration

  38. Thank you so much ) would be nice to meet you in Barcelona!

  39. I LOVE YOU Marie! Just talking about this with a friend yesterday! This was a brilliant message and I think a lot of it has to do with self-love and feeling like one deserves the higher quality income. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  40. PITA–brilliant!

    Great advice, as always. 🙂

  41. I love Q&A Tuesdays, always great advice. But this week’s advice was epic because I’m fully booked and was wondering how to deal with it. Plus I got peeps coming left and right trying get in on doing deals with me. But I’m thankful for the opportunities and now I know how to gracefully say “No”, while focusing on the long-term. Thanks for the heads up!

  42. Love love love this video Marie! I just had an experience like this recently I had my intuition say reallyyy exciting to finally be making $$$ but only take what you can actually handle to leave room for the other beautiful more me things that are flowing in or have the space to create more beautiful business projects that I will enjoy. So I wrote down the max number of clients I would take and that helped me to feel like I was truly caring for me and what I can handle. It was luring because the $ esp. because I hadnt been, up until now making alot of it. But sooo worth it anddd then to top it off I knew I needed a month vaca to go away to puerto rico so I knew I would have to slow it down to be able to serve better. love this. love u thank u <3

  43. I have a PITA right now and you just gave me the push to get rid of that client. Thanks!

  44. Marie, this video came at the right time! It’s like you were speaking to me directly. My main business has boomed like crazy so rather than taking a break or getting to have time off, I’m inundated with clients who need me. It’s so difficult but I’m going to focus on my ideal clients e.g those who value my service and don’t try to haggle fees. I’m also going to focus on long-term goals and using my short-term situation to take my business to the next level. A big thanks!

  45. Profound- You are speaking DIRECTLY to moi!!
    Great reminder to carve that time out, as my biz explodes
    in goodness around me.. xooxxo

  46. Cayles vos

    We have recently had to do this with offers on our blog. Many people wanted to post their services but we thought the quality was unfit for our users.

  47. Such great advice, Marie. I’ve unforch learned this lesson through trial and error. I’ve taken on so many projects and clients, that I forgot to schedule important things…like sleeping and actually having a meal away from my desk. And honestly, working 80 hours a week really isn’t that cool at the end of the day. There’s no merit badge that you’ll get for that. But, you will receive a truck load of stress, a lot of uncompleted projects, and possible break outs on your face. I’ve learned that I’m just not willing to give up my complexion for anyone.

  48. So true! When I was first starting out I would take any client who was willing to pay me, and whatever they were willing to pay… Before long I realized I didn’t have the time or energy to see the clients I WANTED to work with who were willing to pay me what I was worth. It’s scary to say “No” but necessary.

  49. This arrived just at the perfect time. Thank you! Won’t forget the Pita point. Very amusing and spot on (as usual).

  50. GREAT tips. PITA!!

  51. Peg

    Amazing advice as always MF! Def a challenge but worth it! have fun on your trip! Much deserved. XO

  52. I had a client sign up and before our first session she had already emailed me about 30x. At the 31st email i decided she was a PITA and gave her her money back in full. This is the first time I’ve done this and was nervous about walking away from the payment. But after watching your video I know i did the right thing. Thanks so much for tsharing his amazing advice exactly when I needed to hear it.

    • Wow Tracey – good for you. Energetically that’s such a huge sign to the Universe that you’re ready for good quality only!

  53. This is a problem I’m sure many of us hope to experience one day!
    That said, and this even though I am not even remotely close to that scenario myself yet, I’ve still often thought ahead to “what I would do if.” Actually, make that, “what I will do when.” Yeah, that’s it!
    It’s good to have a game plan thought out before hand, and know what you will say yes to, and what you will say no to, so you can keep your integrity, and sanity, intact. : )

  54. Steph

    This is exactly where I am. I am in the middle of transitioning from my current work to entrepreneurship, and I keep getting requests and referrals that I have a hard time turning down. But the more I work, the more it squelches my creativity, so I have to find the right balance. It’s a big issue of boundaries for me.

  55. Eleanor

    great advice as always!

  56. Jen

    Filtering the PITAs is the best damn advice I’ve heard in awhile. Check.

  57. Thanks Marie… needed this today. xo

  58. Thanks Marie, needed this today, I’ve recently opened a fitness studio, the only one offering a certain type of workout in town, and I am in that fab-but-not-so-fab situation of having more clients than I can fit in and a waitlist. However I HATE saying no especially to current clients!! It’s a feeling of being SO so thankful that they have put their trust in me and this new adventure of mine, and I don’t want them to get miffed that I don’t have a spot for them! I have even underbooked classes ‘in case’ a regular might want to come along, however by doing so I’ve said no to a new client. It’s a hard thing to balance…

    Love your work. xo
    Christie, Australia

    PS – My bestie and I have a similar acronym, with an extra word included – PINTFA. 😉

  59. Becky

    Hooray for you two!! Awesome content as always Marie!! Thanx! I have a leeetle question: if you’re in Spain… aren’t you supposed to be speaking Spanish!? 🙂 just sayin’!

  60. Bless, bless, bless, Marie!

    This is spezackaly what I’m going through right now. Hittin’ my stride & really starting to generate some serious biznizz, but waking up at 4am staring at the ceiling saying, “Eegads! I need time to sit with this chicken and plan out my next big steps something serious.”

    So… gracies for the permission, the grounding wisdom, and the kick up the butt, as always. x

  61. Lindsay S

    Loved the video. Love the fact that you’re adding a tweetable comment at the end! Maybe include the tweetable under the vid so that we can just copy and paste the quote straight to twitter without worrying about getting it wrong? Just a thought…I know I’d use it.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. This is a hot idea…. check out the new addition right under the video!! You rock!

      • Hi Louise,
        Can you tell me which wordpress plugin was used to create the tweetable comment 🙂 lots of love from a RHHBschooler 😉

        • Louise

          We are now LOVING and using a link for the blog post within that tweetable. Sorry for the response delay!

  62. I learned about this the hard way, when I took on a client a few months ago who I knew would be a PITA! We did one session together and I realized that she was just not committed to doing the work, so I told her that it didn’t seem like the right time for us. The money would have been nice, but the pain was not worth it!

  63. OMG! This is exactly where I am at right now. We have gone through the process of writing up an ideal client list and then…no surprise…didn’t stick to it and voila! an awful client showed up. Won’t be doing that again!

    Setting up a waiting list is a great idea. Anyone have recommendations as to the best way to set up a waiting list for a design firm?

  64. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice short-term revenue for long-term gains? Absolutely! You gotta stay true to your authentic mission, and resist tempting opportunities that might take you off your path. In other words, “don’t be a sellout!”:-)
    Cheers, Marie, thanks!

  65. Interesting! Especially the wait list idea! I have spurts of work, so that will we be useful fro me! Thank You! Silvia

  66. Great video. Same wave length this week. 🙂
    It is so important to continue moving toward the end goal while sometimes saying no to opportunities that are within immediate reach. Love the tweet at the end!
    Thanks, Marie!

  67. Amazing. I’m starting a waiting list tomorrow.

  68. Marie as always you inspire me.

    This ooozes with integrity. I am on your “waiting list” for another day of Q&A if you decide to add another….just sayin 🙂


  69. Here are my ideas:

    Before starting to work with someone, have a brief consultation of whatever sort (phone, series of emails) where you are clear that this is an interview phase, to see what the potential is in the relationship/collaboration. It’s like setting the bar

    During this, you can be clear with the person about the PRO level you are on, and the expectation of a match on that level. Ie: they see what it takes to get over the bar.

    Of course, the person may be “below” that level and that is why they are coming to you, but they need to know what you expect them to be aiming for and the level of devotion it takes.

    At the end of the interview, the question is are we a good fit? Or, are you up to aiming for this bar with my help?

    Chances are if you have been clear with them, they will come to the same answer as you do. If they think yes, but you dont, you can let them know that that you simply realized that you dont have an opening to take them on at the time (because you dont). If they are in the stage of “developing their devotion level”, they may come back at some point when they are ready to take it to the next level.

    If you start a waiting list, I love the idea of the deposit, gives people a chance to demonstrate their commitment to you and to themselves. Also you can give them something for their deposit by providing a piece of content to the tune of “what can you do while you are on the waiting list to prime yourself”

    Thank you so much Marie for inspiring us to think this area through. It is so important! Even for someone like me who has yet to launch, it helps me prepare to set the bar for my own clients, to set it a the PRO level.

    (PRO? Hmmm…Pretty Rockin’ Optimal? I like that. Anyone got another acronym?)

    • Great contribution, Nicole. Marie gives the same advice, and I guess that’s why she does what she enjoys!
      PS I’m in her Mastermind and I’m so glad I wasn’t part of the $100K she left on the table…

  70. Hi Marie,
    I’m so happy that you’ve visited my country!
    Please next time you come to Spain go to Mallorca, that is a beautiful island. I will be your touristic guide!
    But now I have to keep learning from the B-School to become a business woman! 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Thanks for a great video. I’m at the point right now where I’m not even letting myself get enough clients, for fear of getting too many and not being able to handle them. So this post is so spot on that it’s pre-spot on, and I am bouncing around with joy now! hurrah

  72. Hi Marie,

    As always I love your videos. They are just fun and totally let’s me know it’s okay to be my goofy self 🙂 Love the waiting list idea. Never thought to implement that at this stage but it makes total sense. I feel it’s important to honor your time now and think ahead in how you want your life to be and if it means saying no to 100K then be it! I’ll leave it up to the universe to provide 😉 I’ll just claim my dream and own up to that 😉

    Inspiring Women to Be Turned On By Life

  73. Angelina

    Hi Marie,

    In this video, you mention that nothing is more important than reputation, and I agree.

    What would you recommend to, say, someone who was always seen as very reliable, always there for clients and delivering top quality, but then circumstances, such as a series of illnesses, forced that person to let some clients down to her dismay (after which some may even have walked away)?

    Afterward, is it best to proceed more or less as if starting a new business, almost as if nothing has happened and simply build a new track record, and not draw too much attention to the hiccups? Or is there actually something extra, something positive, a person can do in such a situation?

    I am very much looking forward to your response to this.

    Thanks for all the inspiration, the upbeat tone! I love it!

  74. Super duper advice as always Marie! You rock my world:) Thanks for being brave and blazing the trail for us all to follow!

  75. I love this! Keep your high standards!

  76. Thanks for this, Marie.

    I’m about to hire an assistant so that I can increase my capacity to do the work I most love – and delegate the rest!


  77. Wow Marie I was thinking about that just this morning. It takes real strength to say no to the wrong clients but it’s such a leap when you do and you avoid so many inevitable problems that show up from taking money from people that are not a match. Love the ‘pita!’ You rock thanks for the inspiration.

  78. Marie this is such a timely blog post. This weekend I was having such inner turmoil over the very issues you discuss here. I took on more than I can chew because I didn’t want to turn away income but I am finding that the quality of my work is compromised because I am juggling way to many projects at one time. I need to focus on the ideal clients and “just say no” to those pitas so I can create the kind of business that works for me. Thank you SO much for your always relevant, always right on the money insight! Much love!

  79. Thanks Marie, awesome video and great advices, and love yours style pretty much, laugh a lot with the pita’s costumers but I gonna rid them of my client list. And gonna implement the waiting list also.Thank you very much 🙂

  80. Hi Marie

    Thanks for sharing. So helpful. The video is so informative and amazing. I hope this will help me a lot.

  81. Thanks for this Marie, although I’m watching it a week later, it’s great timing as always.
    Your content always rocks!

  82. How to handle fast growth..exactly what I need for my business! Thank you for all business inspiration!

  83. Angelina

    Ha, right after I wrote my comment above, I landed over 10,000 euros worth of new business. I guess that answers my question. 😉 Marie, you’re an inspiration! Keep that (and our) mojo going!

  84. Thanks for this Marie, most of the time people try to get a lot of business their way but not sure how to handle them. I love how you made PI*TA sound so classy 🙂 I love your mindset !!!

  85. “Intact,” not “in tact.”

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. Thank you SO MUCH for the catch, we’ve made the update!

  86. As always your advice is phenomenal and to-the-point! I know I have freaked out about the “cost of success” before. Thinking how great it would be to sell out of all my product, or have a huge influx of custom orders only to be mentally paralyzed by the gravity of what that would me and how much work it would be and the fear that I would fudge it all up and it would bite me.

    I’ve chosen to deal with this by taking easy steps to streamline my processes so taking on several orders custom or pre-made is less stress (eg. pre-addressing packaging, having good solid systems in place as checklists so I can forget anything, limiting the amount of custom work I take on at one time and giving good solid timelines complete with “extra time” if I need it).

  87. I was recommended this video in my Youtube digest today and can’t believe I’m sayin this, but YT actually new exactly what I needed! Some good ol fashion tips from you Marie. I am seeing a surge of business and thankfully because its due to women finally realizing their success depends on building a solid brand not just launching a biz idea and marketing it to death with fingers crossed. SO I might need to try that sassy little waitlist tip!

    PS- love your wavy hair in this Marie…I join many others in saying I miss the brick wall and when you looked like a girl next door we all wanted to be bff with 😉

  88. Sabina claus

    You my darling CRACK ME UP
    PITA…yep using that going forward

    Thanks you for sharing such great tips that we all “know” but get to busy to put into practice…thanks for the great reminder!

  89. Bilen

    This was right on time. I’m in my sixth year of consulting, and you’re describing exactly what I’ve been experiencing this year.

    Meanwhile, my industry has been completely disrupted and I know that I need to spend resources (both time and money) to update my skills and product offerings.

    So I decided to spend 2014 working with two to three clients, and focus on working on my business instead of just in it. After spending so many years hustling to get business, it feels weird to decide to do the opposite, but I know it will pay off in the long run. Thanks for the helpful advice!

  90. WOW when you said PITA I had to laugh because immediately I knew who fits that term. I’ve been trying so hard to leave my interior design business behind to focus only on my organic fabric and eco-furniture line. Interior Design is great when you have clients who appreciate your worth – it is the pits working for “pitas” and people who don’t value you JUST for short-term income 🙂

    Thank you for this!!!

  91. I’m actually working on my ideal client and then i watch your video, a sign that’s it ‘s really necessary for me to grow my business

  92. Great information Marie!

  93. sending this video out to the universe! Bring on the “too much business” season! Such good wisdom!

  94. Robin Daas

    You must visit Mont Surrat while in Barcelona if at all possible – a great hike visiting a monastery in the mountains dating back thousands of years – truly awe inspiring – not to be missed!

  95. Great. .post. .love PITA.will execute that in my buisness..

  96. Omg! Marie..I was just having this problem. You seem to always put out the Q&A Tuesdays I need at the exact moment.


    • I totally agree – speaks to exactly what I have been going through this week – I decided to quit my part time job in order to give myself more space. And they offered me more money, which I turned down and it was really hard, but the right thing to do for the bigger picture. Thanks Marie!

  97. Hmm, i think every human being is afraid of CHANGE and ignoring short term revenue for long term gain can be disastrous for some. And yes keeping them in waiting list can be a great option but it happens only if you have already an established brand recognition. A real nice post!

  98. I soooo needed this today! Thanks Marie. Always timely.

  99. Marie, thanks again for AMAZING content and advice, in addition to jumping on the “No” train I will definitely be avoiding PITA’s. You are always such a great reminder to prioritize & strategize, which can be such a hard thing to remember when you are a creator. I really appreciate all that you do. You ROCK sista xxx

  100. Rivero

    To Marie Forleo,

    Hello Mrs. Forleo. I’ve only recently discovered your videos via the CEO Blog Nation email blast, and derive immense pleasure from learning how to change my life. I’m glad to watch you advance your life & business (with your chic decor & tech savvy tablet) and leave old raw things in the past (brick wall, *yes, you can say that* language, etc.). I’d expect nothing less from a NY woman. Oh, wait….

  101. Amy Talley

    Wait list! So important. My time is valuable, and sometimes other people can wait.

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