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I was super pumped when this question came in because wanting more often stirs up some sticky emotional obstacles like guilt.

It can also get you all twisted in a spiritual sense.

Can you be totally grateful for what you have in this moment and want more money, freedom and happiness?

But hang on because this goes even deeper.

Wanting “more” can ruffle some relationship feathers too.

As you start reaching for the stars, you may get pushback from people around you who feel like you should just chill out and be happy with what you have.

Check out this episode of MarieTV to learn how to straddle these two perspectives with success.

In this video, hear my answer to this tough question and learn an easy tactic to help you stay firmly planted in the gratitude zone while going full out on your dreams.

Heads up:  If one of your dreams includes having a profitable online business and customers you love, then sign up to get more information about my B-School program.

And remember, insight without action is worthless.

In the comments below, let me know – what’s your biggest insight, aha or take-away from this video?

Don’t forget —share as much detail as you can. Because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and the more concrete and specific your share, the more it can inspire and support someone else.

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  1. Marie, you are a great motivator! Thank you!!!

    • marie

      thank you Maria 🙂

      • Tony

        I’m kind of confused still because if you were 100% grateful for what you have, then you wouldn’t want to do anything more to change your current situation. When you’re striving for more, it means you believe what you are striving for, will make yourself become happier than your current state. Doesn’t this just mean that you’re chasing for the next best thing while making yourself believe you’re 100% grateful for what you have so far, when you’re actually not?

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Hey Tony! Being grateful doesn’t mean, in any way, that we should stay stagnant right where we are.

          As Marie shares in the episode, wanting more doesn’t always equate to materialism or the belief that more things will make you happier than you currently are. Sometimes wanting more actually means we’re hungry to learn, to improve ourselves, and striving to be the best we can and give the most to others. Having that hunger is what allows us to grow, and that’s a natural and awesome part of being human, the way I see it.

          I feel so very grateful for my experience — both in what I have and where I’m at, but it doesn’t null the striving or the growth I’m always aiming towards because that’s what allows for change, new experiences, deeper and more meaningful perspectives, greater wisdom, and an even fuller gratitude too.

          Hope that helps!

        • Angela

          You should always remain grateful for what you have and for the path that got you to where you are. This doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for something more as long as you are grateful for the ability to more forward and achieve more.

  2. Mel

    This is such a timely question! I just resigned from my job due to excessive travel and wanting to be home more with my hubby and baby. I’ve been considering different business opportunities but have been hesitant taking on something that could quite overwhelm me in turn making me feel guilty taking time away from my family. I’m stoked about the upcoming RH&H B-school to get things rolling for me! Thanks for such great info!

    • marie

      You are so welcome Mel. Congrats on your new life + excited to work with you in B-School!

  3. Get out of my head, Marie. 🙂

    This is something I think about ALL the time! Loved the complaint barometer idea. Keep the vids coming. Love your style and insights. Thank you!


  4. Not sure what I love more……Marie’s attitude, delivery, (always inspiring) message……or KUMA ~ I am also the mom to a mini aussie (and four big ones–all rescued)!
    tina in florida

  5. Marie,
    Thank you for this very inspiring video! I love how you said that this is it, where you are is where the party is. That is a really great way to look at life and to be grateful for where you are – yet still able to dream big! Great point about complaining being our barometer.

    Thanks again!

  6. Marie, I just found your website through the Rich Happy & Hot pre-launch, and am loving everything I’ve seen so far! This exact question is one that’s been buzzing around my head for several weeks now – thank you for the wonderful post and the reminder to differentiate between contentment(now)/desire(future), and complaining. Big difference, now I see! Thanks!

  7. Gettin Back into grateful mode..So I can Kick ass on my dreams…again.
    Thank you Maria.

  8. YOU ROCK! I love the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” part! I am working on that right now!!!


    Amanda Jane

  9. Ooh such juicy juicy stuff Marie! It’s one of those things a lot of people don’t talk about, since we are supposed to just be where we’re at… but I think your view and recommendations make ambitiousness a great addition to the being in the moment solution. 🙂

  10. Marie: I’ve watched a few of your videos and I have to say I liked this one the best. I try to stay positive and grateful myself and do have ambitions for business growth too…. you’re right, they don’t conflict!!


  11. Thank you for asking and answering this question. I hear all the time to be grateful for what you have when I discuss my dreams and ambitions. As if to say what I want is impossible, don’t do it you will only be disappointed. Thank you mom and all the women like you who fear living their dreams because of disappointment.

    I do talk to people in lines, the cashiers, who ever will have a converse with me. I love sharing my energy and love for laughter. Most look at me weird, others smile and engage the energy.

    I am blessed. I asked for more women like you in my life Marie who can cheer me on and I have found at least three including you. Blessings.

  12. I just found you through Mogul Mom and watched my first vid… WOW! I was laid off at Christmas and dove head first into my designs. I’ve learned a lot in the past few months and I’m looking forward to some awesome changes for my business thanks to just that one video I watched of yours… thank you!

    I’m so very thankful for what I have right now. Every morning I wake up to a “party” because I LOVE what I do! And do I want more? HELL YEAH and I don’t feel one bit bad about admitting that.

  13. Michelle

    Wanting more is never a bad thing. It is the result of being human.I feel as long as you are in the right place spiritually then the abundance is yours for the taking. Being grateful and able to share with others is one thing that makes the
    getting that much sweeter. If you feel guilty by wanting more , then you are wanting more for selfish reasons. Truly, the more you give , the more you receive !

  14. Mel

    New here and loving it. Thanks ever so much.

  15. It used to be sooo much harder to embrace the idea of wealth when the image of it was tied up with “Wall Street” types. It’s sooo much easier now that we have role models like you, Oprah, and of course, your homey, Richard Branson.

    Sure, you spend money on lovely things for yourselves – like islands! – and you also SHARE an enormous amount, too. It’s obvious you’re having fun and making a ton – all while doing MASSIVE good. What’s not to like about that model??

    You shine a BIG light in the world – and I’m inspired to play bigger because of you. And for that I can’t thank you enough.

    P.S. Remember the Top 10 Ideal Client Attributes? I created mine and read it often.

    Yesterday I was feeling less-than-grateful as I anticipated talking with one of my clients. I thought it might be because she didn’t *quite* fit with my list, and I decided I would rather let her go with love than hold on to her because she was invested in one of my high-level offerings.

    I sent her the list and said, “Let’s discuss this on our call.” We had a great talk, I believe, because I was operating from total clarity about who I can serve best, and she responded positively, too. It was an awesome “This is it!” moment.

    Thanks again, Marie, for encouraging and supporting us to make every moment the best!!

  16. So, whenever I start to complain (and I do have a teeny tiny problem with that now and then ;)). I will hit the switch to being grateful. This was the essential takeaway tip for me today.


    Leaving room for more abundance is such a challenge for a chronically deprived society… your take on doing more in the world from a ‘creativity’ stand-point is key! Don’t do something for the sake of ‘getting’, but of ‘sharing’ your (gifts/talents/biz/art) self-expression. The universe will meet you ‘in kind’ for your contribution. Cool eh?

    Marie, high five to you for turning me on to Steven Pressfield (which I’ve just blogged about).

  17. Jen

    Amen to no complaining! It is the number 1 thing I do that keeps me in the groove of staying happy.

  18. This is crazy Marie – it’s like you were in my office with me this week! I was just talking to my coach about this EXACT same thing. Love your advice as usual. And love Kuma even more – he needs to meet my Jakey Cakes, except Jake is about triple his size. 🙂

  19. Kelly

    Great message! I would encourage everyone to read/listen to ‘Live Your Best Life Now’ by Pastor Joel Osteen. Same message, guilt free!

  20. Yes, Maam! Not in gratitude but expansion. This is really comforting!!! I struggled with releasing the guilt. I found exactly what you said to be true, I wanted to truly honor this moment with gratitude while knowing that I am fluid and moving to the next level!
    And that’s it Marie you are officially my homegirl from the block and if you are ever in Lancaster pa you need to come by for some rice & beans boriqua style!!!! My doors are open!!!! Thanks for your generosity, I am digging it! Not enough people out there keepin it real like that I am glad your puttin it out there!


  21. L'Erin

    As usual, I am thoroughly inspired by your video! Although I’m just at the begining of my entreprenurial empire building, this was super helpful in reminding me to move towards my biggest, juiciest, loveliest, most magical dreams! And I KNOW it’s going to get even better at Selling Your Soul. Woop WOOP!!

    (Not to mention, I am tremendously impressed by your Ice Cube/Das-EFX reference!)

  22. Love this video. The “this is it” mentality changed my life! xo

  23. Love this video! Love what you say about complaining. Something that I invite people to think about is that a complaint is a chicken with a need. “It’s cold in here…” really means “I need it to be warm in here.”

  24. Hey Marie,

    I love what you said about making a party where ever you are at. I can totally picture being in a long line up of grouchy people at the grocery store having a party 😉 Gonna take on using complaining as my barometer. Another great tip!


  25. Loves it!
    Sometimes I feel myself falling into the Ungrateful Mode and I don’t always recognize it. Thanks for the reminder.

  26. stephanie*

    YA! Thank you, Marie, this is great 🙂 I want it all – and I love it. Stephanie.

  27. Recently, while at my local Borders, your book was just staring at me. Happy in my relationship, I never thought about buying your book ( but I am an avid follower of you!) but it just spoke to me. I went a head and purchased it and soon realized it was not just a book as the title suggested. “This is it,”mentality is what life is about and now everyday, I feel great and my personal life and business reflect that. Thanks so much!

  28. Wow…I was just having this conversation with my girlfriend because although I appreciate all that I have in my life, even the stumbling blocks that have been thrown my way, I always want more. Not in material things but in life…to do more, be more and to give more. I truly believe that is what life is all about. No guilt here but thanks for the great reminder.

  29. THIS IS IT!
    Love that….needed this today – thanks girl!
    xo, Tina

  30. Once again, great video, Marie. I need to go on a no complaining diet. I get in the habit sometimes of grumbling about customers, or deals that didn’t go my way. That’s life and it will always be a part of life. All I do when I get down about it is lose the joy of the moment for myself. I certainly don’t put a stop to challenges in my life.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  31. Love this video. Thank you for sharing the importance of being in gratitude mode. You are not only gorgeous, you are such a genius. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” is fun, light and wise! I facebooked this blog and your Complaining action items on Dancing Gratitude Facebook page. THANK YOU!

  32. Nice!! So interesting to see how womens place in business has changed, and I am very happy to be apart of this revolution! Keep Hustling!

  33. Susan

    Thanks for the awesome video…fantastic message…it’s your best yet!!!
    Love your Aussie pup…I have a red merle with blue eyes too…Toby is my main buddy boy and when we move to Costa Rica (going to live my dream!), he will be going with us.
    Thanks for rocking so many peoples worlds!!!

  34. Marie you are so juicy in this. I am REALLY digging your style. I thinks we could have some fun together. I’m actually making it to NYC in June, I might orchestrate a rendezvous to just `bump into you’ in a Rumba class….

    Keep motivating to be my best


  35. Eleanor

    Chikitee, chikitee, check yourself before you wreck yourself – I haven’t heard that tune in ages ! This is a FABULOUS video – talk about synchronicity, just what I needed today to get back on track with my dreams for better finances tied in with spreading the love!
    Who did the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” song – I need to hear it!
    xx, Eleanor

  36. Renee J. Mack

    So True….Love your energy, honesty and dog. lol.

  37. I’m a new fan of yours (From Ramit). 🙂

    The things you say in this video are an eye opener for me. I already have my business online and times are difficult… I realized that I’m complaining all the time and that I don’t enjoy life anymore. I’ll digg you site for more resources. Thanks.

  38. Hey Cheerleader!

    No complaining going on over here! Just a lot of cheering!

    Go! Go! Go!

  39. Katrina

    I am getting started. I was given an idea and figuring out how to put it into action. One of my fears is that I will break some laws by not following certain procedures. I am also terribly afraid of succeeding and in progress of overcoming this challenge or resistances of mine.

    I am also learning what type of people I need to be around me and support me out of kindness and tell me to get my butt in gear.


  40. Oh My God, This video is just want I need!
    Thanks you so much, you are so awesome Marie!!

  41. Amy

    You are too cute! I love your energy and inspiration!! Keep it up!

  42. This is SO shallow but…HOT blouse Marie! I want it!

  43. Just had this question / accusation thrown at me this morning…. am I too concerned with being ‘happy with what is’ to really chase my business up and get it out there? Perfect timing!

  44. Marc

    Marie you are definitely rich and happy. Good stuff.

  45. ♥ it!! “this is it!” is a fabulous, gracious, divine, blessed way to live. You ROCK dawling. Xo

  46. I love this. Thank you Marie! I always think about “wanting more” as a pursuit of growth and experience – not in terms of amassing. When I fall into the trap of collecting / counting successes, material stuff, whatever…. I start to feel like I’m on a wheel I can’t get off. When I return to remembering my life is about being great in each moment – growing – sharing – pursuing excellence – living joy – the wheel stops & inevitably, unexpected doors open. Maybe because I’m able to see them… Thanks again!

  47. Olga

    Thank you, Marie, you are such an enlightning person!
    It’s unbelievable how one can ealisy be turned from gray to grateful mood with just one video of yours:-)

  48. Maija Wade

    So great to start my day with this in mind. Thank YOU! A piggy back comment regarding “relationship feathers”: I get pressured by friends/family to hold back ideas, and to parcell them out. They’re argument, “You’ll use them up and then you’ll dry up.” Wuh? That’s pushback I hadn’t expected. Does giving it all away, early, often, mean I’ll run out? (because yes, I do want MORE, please)

  49. Marie-
    Last year, my friend Summer told me I had to check out your site, and I have been a HUGE fan ever since! I love your posts, your videos, and your hilarious- yet professional delivery.
    This post struck a cord with me, because as a yoga teacher who is trying to create a brand, I constantly struggle with this- so much that my last week’s post was about it!
    Last night I watched your ninja marketing video- genius- and plan on using it to fill up my yoga retreat to Italy in the fall…

    Thank you for making business “fun” instead of a drag!
    Much love and wishes for continued success…

  50. luvs it 😉

  51. samantha

    I have asked myself the question “Does Wanting MORE Mean You’re Ungrateful For What You Have?” a lot lately and am still seeking the answer but the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” part was perfect for me right now. I have been catching myself being negative and have been pushing myself to act on it. Thanks for the reminder.

  52. Katia

    Hey Marie!
    Thank-youuuuuuuuuuu! Your clarity around the WHOLE picture is so refreshing and reassuring.
    I am just about to step into an incredible new job opportunity and the question of, “does this contradict my spiritual beliefs and direction” continues to come up.
    I’m thankful you addressed this question.
    And you are just so damn fun to watch!
    So grateful for truly loving and motivated women!
    I’m going to get your book for my travelling!

  53. LOVE THIS!!!! Such an honest topic you discovered; I’ve been delving into this topic in my own life and it was delightful to hear it from you and your insight around it. Inspired!

  54. Marie!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING video …love love love it!! Great advice on the “this is it” mentality and stop complaining!! BRILLIANT!!!

  55. Nicola

    Marie – thank you! I’m in the situation of being so much happier with a simpler life and just BEING, but still restless – feeling I should be DOING more. It’s an internal stuggle between ego and spirit! Inspiring moments like this from you help a lot. x

  56. Hi, Marie!

    Here’s my little formula when it comes to complaining (and yes, I forget this from time to time): If I find myself complaining, it’s a sign that I need to a) change the situation, or b) change my attitude towards the situation. I guess that’s the serenity prayer, techwriter-style.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration!


    • Kirsten

      Hi Suzyn

      What a great formula! I’m have a VERY frustrating time at the moment, and that little formula has just lifted it off my shoulders! Amazing what the right words will do!

      Thanks Marie for your jolly chirpy videos!

      Kirsten in Zimbabwe

      • What a joy to find someone else who thikns this way.

  57. Katherine Drbal

    Is guilt not just another form of resistance?
    I think you’ve eloquently demonstrated once again, that when we’re armed with lovin, expanding, growing, movin’ an shakin’, in the present moment, guilt moves over to the wayside and gold is the prize.
    Much thanks for sharing your Muze with us!


  58. Marc

    You should call yourself “Nay-saaaay” that would be more fun.

    I still enjoyed reading your post…. nice to see a little diversity.

  59. Karina Romao

    Thank you so much for this video Marie! You are GREAT!
    I have been asking myself that same question: Is it wrong to be ambitious? Should we accept what we already have and be grateful?
    After I dove deep into my spiritual practice recently I wasn’t sure if wanting more was a spiritually healthy way of living. I was conflicted and feeling guilty. You inspired me when you said : we have an innate necessity to grow, expand and better ourselves not only financially but also on a personal level.
    Again, thank you 🙂

  60. Thanks Marie! As a yoga teacher building my business I sometimes I feel this, and I have to remind myself to enjoy the journey, where I am in each moment instead…and that growing and expanding are what life is all about. Let’s keep going for it! 🙂

  61. David Meyers

    I was researching this topic of being content with such things as you have, and was beginning to realize that this couldn`t be limited to what many think it means.

    Coming across Maria`s website confirmed what I was thinking… and she hits the nail right on the head ..when she talks about the need for expansion, personal growth, and manifesting love, as reasons we need more than we have.

    Thanks, Marie
    ( A definite LIKE on FB )

    Here is what I gathered from my study in the Bible.

    I know 3 cases in the Bible where people were not content to live with such things as they had, I mean they had nothing…and they were not content to live with nothing… they each took action, to do something about their situation, and eventually have something. Even when they didn`t even know in advance whether their actions will be successful or not, they all acted on a deliberate plan.
    CASE #1
    Luke 15:14-15, 16-20 He took decisive action; 1. he went and hired himself out to a citizen, 2. he got up and went to his father. What he didn`t do is sit there and do nothing, and be content with his situation.
    CASE #2
    Genesis 42:1-3 Again a decisive plan of action was made based on relevant information. They didn`t continue to stay and be content as they were, they did something about their situation as they became aware of an opportunity.
    CASE #3
    2 Kings 7:3-4, 5-9 Again a decisive plan of action was made to reach out for something more than what they already had. To be optimistic.

  62. This is such a great question! Many of us find ourselves in the dilemma of feeling the need to choose between being happy with what you have and wanting more. However I don’t believe that it is a question of one or the other. I agree with you Marie, it depends on what it is you want and the situation. It doesn’t have to be monetary. I believe that we came here onto this earth to create. Creating helps us express who we are. To have monetary gain from that is not wrong. Many of us fear wanting money. To me it is about the intent behind it. To want more money just for the sake of money isn’t a form creating from our soul. But when we back it with authentic intentions of creating something better for ourselves and the world, to do something we love and share it with the world then all sorts of success will come, personal and monetary. We all deserve the best that life has to offer, and to downplay that is downplaying our brilliance and our birthright as a human and spiritual being. And brilliant we all are. We just need to let the rest of the world know it too 🙂

  63. Totally fun and, oh, sooooo important video message, grrrl! Thank you… and thanks to Dawg for the cameo. 😉

  64. Kuma is flipping adorable!

  65. Just found you through A-List Bootcamp! Fun video, you’re darling!

    A few days ago my husband said he didn’t want to “live a life of complaint . . ” (intimating that I was the complainer) so he challenged me to come up with 3 positive things for every negative comment. I said, “you’re on!” He went on to brag that he was an upbeat, creative genius so this would be a breeze for him. Ya right.

    Day 5 ~ My husband is creative, thank goodness, because he’s had to cough up A LOT of positive statements to counteract his negative complaints.

    This has been an eye-opener for him (my thoughts) because he’s gone along thinking it was me that was the ‘downer’. I’m not consciously not complaining, I’ve always been an upbeat person (that’s why he fell in love with me), but I did choose gratitude some time ago.

    I had a friend who aligned with me because we both experienced frightful things in childhood and both suffered traumatic physical injuries early in life. She used to tell me that no one understood suffering life we did.

    What a bunch of BS.

    I was a seasoned victim. I now choose to purposefully NOT align myself with victims or people who gain significance by how much they feel they’ve suffered in life. There is just to damn much to be grateful for in every situation!

    Thanks for reminding us to pay attention Marie!!

  66. Monika

    This woman has answered her own question before she even asked it!
    “I’m a mum and I’m expecting my second child” 🙂
    Does wanting more children mean being ungrateful for the one you’ve got?
    Ps. Great vid 🙂

    • great point Monika! 🙂

  67. I was just like “aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww” when I saw Kuma, so ADORABLE :3 😀

  68. Betty

    Wow Marie, I could not have seen this video at a more perfect time! Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and not complain while I am still pursuing my bigger dreams. I really do appreciate what I do have but want to improve the stressors in my life. Your answer gave me a more positive perspective on the stressors. Thank you! 🙂

  69. So difficult to live in the present moment and this is all we get.
    Thank you for reminder, Marie!

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