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Oooooh child!

The last week has been an incredible whirlwind of crazy goodness for how to start a business.

From a soul’d out Selling Your Soul event, to welcoming a hot crew of new B-Schoolers, to a massively successful three day retreat including an all day session at Virgin with my Adventure Mastermind ladies here in NYC, I’ve been cooking with gas.

Now onto today’s video.

Do you have big dreams of helping others but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a tip: don’t reinvent the wheel.

Watch this video to learn how to jumpstart your plans using my favorite “high end” research assistant. You’ll also learn my life mantra when it comes to finding answers to tough questions.

Here’s a link to the article I mention in the video.

In the comments below, let me know me know the single biggest insight you gained from today’s video. Don’t hold back – let it rip!

Of course, if you have additional ideas or resources for Jennifer on her topic, share them below.

Your insights or experience might be just what she, or someone else, needs to have a breakthrough.

Thank you so much for watching.


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  1. Koryn Lloyd

    Loved this video Marie. I’ve recently taught yoga to African orphans in Uganda and I want to develop a programme to bring yoga to villages, communities and families as well as orphans there, therefore this issue you discuss is very close to my heart.

  2. ahahah Marie – “Google that shit up.” Classic.

    This is also my favorite way to teach all you hottie-preneurs out there how to find media contacts without having to plunk down thousands for an expensive database. Google is miraculous!

    • … and it helps so much as a starting point. From there, we can find everything we need on e.g. Facebook or YouTube. YouTube is one of the places I recommend to keep searching because it is the second largest search engine in the world.

  3. My favorite line? “Well then, all you need to go is Google that shit up!”
    HA! I’m going to put that on a cup!

    By the way (this is not an affiliate link or anything, this is actually a real tip), have you seen the “Let me Google that for you” link?

    You type in the question, then you get a short URL to the list of answers. You give your friend the short URL, and then it shows the computer Googling her question. It’s cool.

  4. Jen

    Marie – hella funny at the end, I bet people didn’t catch it…if you didn’t – check it out!

    And, I do hope that a TON of people respond to your latest video because most of all, it proved how giving back – like you did in this video by doing the research for the Jennifer who asked the question, made it totally relatable (is that a word? now it is.), your “everything is figure-out-able” mantra and call-to-action…so many people get stuck and it’s great that you keep it simple and funny and pointed.

  5. Ashley

    Hey Koryn,

    Check out They’re a yoga non-profit based out of DC with a mission of bringing yoga to underserved areas of the world. Very cool!

    I’m going to have to come back and watch the video – my sound isn’t working. It’s going to be one of those freaky, you’re in my head kind of videos – I can tell by the title =)

  6. Sooooooo fun!

    I love that Google is so precise, you can ask it anything, and it ALWAYS has an answer… just like you.


  7. is an organization I have done some volunteer work with in the past. They mentor women entrepreneurs in war torn countries like Afghanistan and Rwanda. I’ve met some of the women from Afghanistan who have been in the program and they are such an inspirational group–BPeace is making huge strides in these countries. As Marie said, no need to reinvent the wheel…check out the BPeace website to see how they structure their program. It’s very well done.

  8. Marie, I think of your “everything is figure-out-able” mantra literally every time I get stuck on anything. And I am counting the months till RHH Live!

  9. Maria

    Love your energy and your line: “Clarity Comes From Engagement… Not Thinking”! Made my day!

    So many people get stuck at the whole thinking part and give up, engaging is the key.


    • “Clarity Comes From Engagement… Not Thinking”

      Yes this is a great quote from an inspirational video about helping people less fortunate than yourself. Very nice to see entrepreneurs for social good.

    • YES. I love that. We have to start DOING, stop using THINKING about something as an excuse for not starting the work.

      • Agreed – that is just what I needed to hear today as I sit down to write curriculum for one of my own programs – a sweet reminder that I won’t know all the answers right away and that some material I may have to create as I go – content don’t mean crap if we don’t put it into action, right!? Thank you Marie – I so love your videos xxoo

  10. Excellent! Pointing out some great, obvious stuff in a way that makes sense and gets your butt going

  11. What did we do before we could “Google it”?

    I think that the best part of the Internet and Google is that gals like Koryn and all small biz owners and entrepreneurial wannabes can pursue their dreams and build awesome businesses easier (and for way less money) than ever before. We have it SOOOOO good!

    Many of the people with entrepreneurial aspirations three generations ago would probably give a finger or two to have the type of access and technology we have available to us.

  12. Everything is “figure-out-able!!” Ha! ha ha ha!! Love it!!

  13. Annina

    The line I definitely like best: “clarity comes through engagement not through thoughts” .

    this fully hits home … particularly with Annina, the post grad student

  14. Jennifer could also connect with Thunderbird school of global management, they were the first business school to create a code of ethics and are doing work with women entrepreneurs in Afganistan and Peru! Plenty of alum all over the world.

  15. Amy

    “Clarity comes through engagement, not through thought.” Amen, sista! Thank you for those wise words.

  16. Marie,

    You are a woman after my own heart! I so enjoyed this video. I’ll be back for more.

    Stay Sassy!
    ~ Mikita

  17. Hello Marie,
    You are absolutely right on! love the Mantra and your very casual way of explaining things that really makes people feel comfortable with you!

    I am happy to say that I am one of your newest students in the RHH-B-SCHOOL, not sure how many other guys you have in the class but I have always thought of myself as rich happy and hot! ha! teasin, well maybe not,

    But anyway one thing ive learned is not to pass up an oppertunity that you feel in your heart can truly make a difference in your life and by joining B-School im hoping some of what you got rubs off on me cuz its definately workin for you!
    thanks again!
    To Your Unending Success,
    Niko Mercuris

  18. Angel


    I just love you. You’ve really taught me that I can be myself and still be successful, actually how it will make me way more successful 😉 than this adjusting to what is appropriate and what not.

    I’ve been one of those people who reinvent the wheel, over and over and in all contexts. The I’ll do everything by myself kind of thing. In this video what I really take with me is the fact that it can be really easy to avoid it, be so much more rewarding and also safe. Thank you 🙂


  19. “Google that shit up”, I love it! I may have to start a list of Marie-isms 🙂

    Single biggest takeaway is not to re-invent the wheel. I’m going to see what has worked for me in the past, see what is working for others in my field, and do just that good shiz rather than try to think up something new every single time.

    Thanks Marie!

  20. I love the “Clarity comes from engagement” bit too. And I reeeeaaaallllly love the blooper at the end.

    When are we going to see a MarieTV Bloopers & Outtakes show? LOL. 🙂


  21. I’m gonna tag along with Laura, Annina, Amy, and Heather. My biggest “aha” was the Clarity Comes from Engagement quote. I have been outlining an article called “Take Steps to Make Steps” which urges people to move forward on faith – the path will appear as you go!

    Thanks for the generous insight, Marie.


  22. Laura

    clarity through engagement instead of thought. that is SO TRUE!!!!!!!!

  23. Prada Madonna

    Love, love your “everything is figure-out-able” mantra. You always put me in such a good mood on Tuesdays, Marie.
    Another fabulous, uplifting video….keep’em coming.

  24. Simple and smart and I love “Clarity comes from engagement…”

    Especially when you mix it with a little “imperfect implementation” to get that all important feedback.

    Thanks Marie,


  25. “google that shit up” LOVE it!!!! google has become my bbf (best business friend) and loving the quote you gave about clarity coming from engagement so freakin true!!! thanks so much marie!! xo

  26. “Clarity Comes From Engagement… Not Thought”! is my big insight – lurv it!!

  27. Great video.THanks for your sharing.
    Google is also an essencial part of our business now

  28. Great video.Thanks for your sharing.
    Google is also an important part of my business now

  29. I’ve been wondering for awhile how I can combine my health coaching career with my passion for Uganda/Tanzania and Swahili. I just recently discovered that there are already people teaching things like EFT and Yoga in these parts of the world, and I know I need to get on board with that.

    Don’t reinvent the wheel – so true! Like every else, I loved the “Clarity comes from engagement, not thinking.” Going to start implementing that one right away!

  30. Love this! Gave me clarity on how to start my own biz, research how it’s being done and figure out what is working and what is not working. Genius.

    And I am LOVING B-School, best business decision in my life so far 🙂

  31. Marie,

    I really do appreciate your contribution to humanity. You my friend and this community are a great example of why men can’t live without women.

    Regards from Florida,


  32. Shavi

    Marie, you rock!

    I’ve been following you for a while now (or rather, lurking on this blog). I live in Sri Lanka, and I wanted to develop a curriculum that teaches boundaries to women as part of an initiative to prevent gender-based violence (which is pretty common over here). This video was just what I needed to get that ball rolling- thank you so much!

  33. Such an amazing video today, Marie. Clarity comes… Google that shit… figure-out-able… You gave us all so much with this one, by giving her so much. Love that hot, high level research assistant of yours & all of ours. Google anything!

  34. Google that shit up! You funny! 🙂

  35. Martes son mis dias favoritos!

  36. ‘Kay, this was one of the BEST videos you’ve ever made, girlfriend. Jam-packed with awesome information, delivered by Creepy Southern Guy… who can resist Creepy Southern Guy? You crack me up. Love it and so agree that engagement is the key- not thinking about stuff. And Googling that shit up is my mantra! LOVE. 🙂

  37. Hi there, I’m actually working in a Spanish NGO for Animal Rights called FAADA ( in the communication department and I find this problem all the time. I’m always thinking of creative ideas for our mission. Always thinking and thinking until somehow we find a solution to try. And that’s how we lear.
    Right now we’ve just started a campaing against a huge TV channel which wants to use a chimpanzee in a program (crazy…) I’m quite nervos to see if we’r successful and because we’ve never “fought” against such a big company. If we finally are, I will let you know.
    Wish us luck 🙂

  38. Andrea

    This has definitely taught me to research what DOESN’T work. It’s so obvious to research what works, yet I never thought to research what failed. Thanks!!

  39. Okay, the little I dream of Jeannie routine at the end of the video was funny as hell!
    You used one of my favorite daily sayings. (Google that shit.) Like stated, if you want to know anything there are two places to find it. Google and Youtube.

    Thought I would share that your implementing video is a refreshing touch to your branding. Keep the great stuff coming and don’t forget to Google that shit!

  40. I loved the way you phrased it, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” That’s the insight I gained; to google resources that are already out there to help clarify my goals and allow me to hook-up with others that are familiar with what I want to accomplish.

  41. Dee

    I loved that video – short and to the point

    Three things which stick in my mind

    Anything is figure-out-able. Where there is a will there is a way.
    Clarity comes through engagement, not through thought. -That’s brilliant – a bit like Nike’s – Just do it.
    And of course google that shit up – we’re so lucky that we can actually find anything we want online. Amazing.

    Marie thanks for being so inspiring.

  42. Awsome ideas, love the ‘high-end assistant’ bit.

    For any woman who’s into delivering incredible video content through their website and social media, check out:

    Lots of love,

  43. Clarity comes from engagement and not thought. Genius. Excellent video as always, I can’t wait to find my Michelle Vargas like u!

  44. Oh! This was so good I had to pause the video to write it down, and then I immediately tumbr’ed it! “Clarity comes through engagement, not through thought.” I am the world’s champion journal-brainstormer, list-maker, dreamer, but I get stopped before I start if I can’t see the end clearly. So thank you thank you for this.

  45. Mic

    Awesome video! I’d like to use art as a platform to give hope to cities that aren’t thriving or to spotlight the horrendous consequences of poverty. This was very helpful – clarity through engagement is so true. I need to make the connections first and that’ll lead me to more clarity. Also, I love how you can still stay light & fun, but help out in a deep and meaningful way. Lots of love, Mic

  46. I agree with Mic. So love how u keep real, light, and fun.

  47. DRN

    Clarity comes from Engagment not Thought !!!Amazing and that is proving itself to me everytime I take a step and engage in something I don’t have all the answers for!! Love Love Love your videos, website, all the info you share with us. Thank you for amazing tools 🙂 I am a day spa manager evolved from a Massage Therapist via Mommie and wife 🙂 So excited about what is next even at 51! ThankUUUUUU

  48. Marie,
    I love your energy and your delivery on information. I am new to your site and I love it! Thanks for all you do, and I learn something everytime I read, watch, listen.

    Thanks for the reminder that the internet is a wealth of info already out there, no need to reinvent the wheel, just create it to fit your dream car.

    Tina from Texas

  49. Clarity comes from ENGAGEMENT not THOUGHT. Blew my thoughts away! Loved it! Thank you Marie!

  50. Hi Marie,
    I enjoyed watching your video, you’ve shared some great insight and inspiration.

    In Health and Harmony


  51. thank you marie,
    i do like it and i’ll see you at rich, happy and hot live in october! thanks for your fantastic panache and energy!

  52. Clarity comes through engagement, not through thought! Sooooo true. Great video! Thank you x

  53. Ahhhh selling your soul! I’ve gotta take this opportunity to say how much selling your soul moved me. And I’m taken action jackson! Hired a VA, finsihing website, and working on something else I can publicly post for fear my corporate colleagues will track the comment down. 😉 xoxox

    And you are right. Anything is figureoutable!

  54. Biggest insight: clarity comes through engagement, not thought. Always gotta remind myself about this one! thanks!!!!

  55. great answers Marie I often use the “high end research assistant as well.”

  56. I was stuck and this unstuck me! Awesome.

  57. Olga

    Marie, you’re amazing! Thanks for this inspiring and really helpful ( I hope for Jennifer. too) vid!!!

  58. Heather Wenrich

    Will def be checking in with the high end research assistant about my own idea. Also, yes, engagement….will do.

  59. Jenn’s idea really resonates with me. I’d love to work empowering women in Afghanistan. What I couldn’t figure out is, who would pay me for this? Who feels the problem acutely *and* has money to spend? NGOs? Govts?

  60. Cheryl

    Love the thought that anything is “Figure-out-able”. I need to recite that mantra whenever I’m getting overwhelmed kicking new ideas into gear! Thanks!

  61. i loved the clarity thru engagement quote! totally gonna add that to my quote wall. ok and on another note, I loved the shirt you were wearing today, who makes it??

  62. Woo hoo! LOVE this stellar guidance, Marie. I’ve spent the past 10 years helping people in career reinvention and renewal, and I’m reinventing myself. I have a BIG idea for what I want to do next (working with companies to help them keep their employees super-engaged…I’ve had the inside scoop on what keeps their people disengaged, and want to parlay that into positive change). I’ve been hungry for a creative way to move into this new world, without reinventing the wheel. LOVE you BIG TIME for this clever strategy that’s all about connection.

  63. Keri Lehmann

    I LOVE that you said, “Everything is figure out -able!” Love it!
    Also: Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. I have always believed that you just START somewhere! DO the thing — is what I’m hearing you say. And I love hearing you say that.

    Thank you!

  64. Gaynor Parke

    Naaaaahhh I loved the bloober the best!!! Love love love you’re info and presentation style but love the bloopers.

    I love to see the REAL aspects of people as it reminds me I’m not alone when I have to record a number of times. My tougue gets twisted sometimes when I know I’m being recorded 😉 LOVE THE BLOOPERS. I’m sure you’ll bring out a bloopers special 🙂

  65. Wow! I just realized I have been fostering some major resistance when it comes to research and networking within my field. Reinventing the wheel is exactly what I’ve been trying to do! Yikes. I’ve been so worried I will find out that someone has already created something amazing out of the same ideas I’m working with, and instead of realizing I could learn from their stuff, I assumed I would get discouraged and give up. Laaaaame.

  66. I love it! Clarity comes through engagement, not thought. Action, Action, Action! Just get moving with your idea and things will fall into place. I so needed this reminder. Thanks Marie, you are amazing!

  67. Marie, you are amazing. love your confidence! Your right, everything is “figure out able”…. The answers are out there and easier than ever to find. It’s just a matter of who wants them and what you can do with them. Your tips and advice is very helpful. I like to say, “Do you really think you can tackle the world without being in shape?, Don’t sit around and watch.”

    Carlo – Where Health, Confidence, Success and Happiness Walk Hand in Hand!

  68. Get to know this guy, Jennifer!

  69. Clarity comes through engagement not through thought! That’s so true – tx

  70. Maya

    I got a lot of value from the fact that everything is figure-out-able (great word) and that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It seems that when we want to start a business or start a social movement or whatever, we always think we HAVE to do something that’s NEVER been done before. While variety and innovation is great, many times what is simple & tried and true work just as great; they just have your unique personality tied to it and that’s what makes it stand out. Thanks for the question, Jennifer. Great video, as always, Marie 🙂

  71. You ROCK Marie! I’m so lovin’ your videos! 🙂 I have to keep telling myself every day-Don’t reinvent the wheel!! 🙂

  72. Such great advice! No need to reinvent the wheel. My research starts now!

  73. I love the “clarity comes through engagement”. Jump in head first! Hard to do sometimes, but oh so true.
    Thanks for the videos!

  74. I so want to come and work for you Marie!
    If you need another virtual assistant, please choose me 🙂

  75. Lisa

    I love the reminder of anything is figureoutable and you need to just start doing it, not just thinking it! Way to go Jennifer!!!!

  76. Heidi Green

    Hello Marie,
    You are sooo coo and awesome! Your information is just what I needed for a long time, and it is working! Thank you for what you do. Thanks for opening my eyes into realizing that I am note a loser when it comes to being my own boss. Thank you!

  77. Eleanor

    Great point about seeing what is out there already. There is so much going on in this space. She should also google “social enterprise” and the region she is looking into, and link up with people from places like Ashoka, Echoing Green and ANDE. I’m learning a lot that everything is figureout-able and the importance of reaching out as a launch a mushroom social enterprise.

  78. Ash

    The Department of State has an International Visitors Program in many cities across America. The DOS brings people from all other countries to the US (selecting the most appropriate city/cities) to teach them about how we do things here in the US — anything from special education to medical to volunteerism, you name it. Every Council for International Visitors office has areas that they specialize in. You might try to contact some of these offices (just look up “city name” Council for International Visitors) and ask if they have any entrepreneurial programs and what visitors from what countries have they worked with. Then you can get in contact with those people in those countries and discover the next steps needed to get the ball rolling.

  79. Ruzi

    Thank you, Marie.
    Thank you SOOOOOOO much!
    As the others mentioned today’s quote for me is definetely “Clarity comes from engagement”. I was thinking the whole day, wrote things down, felt a little bit “oh-no-what-shall-I-do-know-like”,and then I saw your video. Thank you so much. And thank you, Jennifer, for asking such a nice question that encouraged me to start collecting all my single pieces to a puzzle. The day before yesterday I thought about my possible contribution as a chemist scientist to “fighting” the poverty in the world. Afterwards I read an article of a company who cooporates with a company which is exactly doing what I was feeling: trying to help poor people all over the world. It’s called “IPA”,innovations for poverty action. And then your video, Marie. It’s fantastic. Magic 🙂
    All the best for all the thinkers and makers 🙂

  80. Take away – Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought! Thank you!

  81. Marie, So true, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel but we always have to add our own thoughts, advice and for sure experiences. But the bottom line is definitely that we simply need to DO it 🙂 Thanks for another great video!

  82. Ya what an uplifting vid, i like it!

  83. I love reading through an article that will make people think.

    Also, thhanks for allowing mee to comment!

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