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You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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When you’re first learning how to start a business there are loads of things you need to do.

And overwhelming amounts of information and possible actions to take – especially if you start to look for help online.

But do you know the single most important factor you need to get right before
you start a business?

And how do you move ahead and make significant headway when you’re just at the beginning?

Watch this video to find out what the best businesses on the planet all have in common.

Hint: it’s simple but massively important.

In the comments below, answer the question from the video, whether your business is new or not.



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  1. Chase

    I started a social media management company because I saw my mom struggling with it’s use… we actually have a page on our site called: “Why We’re In Business.”

    • marie

      NICE Chase! Way to go!

      • Yezi

        It’s really encouraging & inspiring! It cleared my mind. I’ve been preparing to start a business for a long time. I wasn’t clear what I should do and doubt myself. Now the “Why” is kind a right reason for me to start the business in China.
        Thank you so much Marie! I love to watch your videos. I can learn English and learn business knowledge, and understand myself more.

    • I want to start my own business because I’ve been translating for a very long time as an in-house and want to have more time and liberty to dedicate myself to clients, their needs and to establish a team of top translators, also to start my own publishing co…. so many things actually. I’m all set up!

      • Lisa

        What a coincidence, Lela! I am thinking along the same lines! What are your language combinations and specialisms? We may need to talk…

    • I have stepped into public in 2011. I love to share my knowledge about the Angels , I love to teach my knowledge and experiences with them. I love to serve as much people as possible and I love bringing them close walking one step towards there heart and body

      • Estefania

        That’s amazing Regiena, I believe in Angels too. Do you have any website you can recommend?

    • Great video’s Marie, love your style! Ever since I was a little girl, people would tell me their life stories. I was always a good listener. For some reason, people trust me and tell me way more than I would ever ask,I became a therapist to help people express themselves, be heard and feel free. I turned my old career into a Happiness movement and now mentor companies and professionals with happiness in life and freedom in business.

      • Annette

        Hi Jackie, Wow that is so inspirational! I like the idea of a Happiness movement and especially you’re taking that into the corporate world. Kudos to you!

    • Jeff

      Is that you in that video?
      The reason WHY for me is that I love to make someone’s day just a little bit better.

    • Shannon

      I have been seeing my desire to run my own biz through my passion and pain in Stepfamily living as not do-able. I have been full circle from feeling it was the right thing to do to exploring all sorts of education degrees back to me again (thank you x a million Marie!).
      My “WHY” is that I know through my gifts, experience and research, I can reduce the pain that lives in many stepfamily homes that, in fact, starts out to be their dream. My teaching messages are simple, fun and will enhance all relationships in lives of whoever I touch. So far, this lives inside of me and is alive. Once I start, there will be no stopping me… and I will make a difference 🙂

      • Mahal

        Hi Shannon, Just encouraging you to keep going with this area of teaching. I am a product of stepfamilies and I’m sure that you’re wisdom and insight will absolutely help families express their love across those lines and, in turn, build a greater society with people who have a solid foundation in their families.

    • We are talking about the WHY! I knew what I wanted and I wanted it bad, so bad that when I was told that my partners idea was better ..his was an inch wide and a mile deep and I had to give up my dream and help him !
      I cried for a week as i felt as if I had betrayed myself. For 3 years I was the “Veteran” and wrote and wrote about PTSD and a life after deployment, a really good cause. But I am Swedish for crying out loud, my Country is Neutral ! We don’t have wars 🙂 Here I was like a fish out of water. One day I decided, enough with war and veterans ( sorry ) and I went back to my dream. Secrets To Women’s Success, WHY? Because I believe in dreaming big and living even bigger is every woman’s birthright, especially if you are over 40+. So the WHY is every thing. Good luck to you all “Whyinesses” out there xoxox

      • Wow, an amazing blog which is very useful to make every single factor to be known and the factors behind the business.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for the video!
      I want to start my own Fitness Retreat and Gym Studios because I want to inspire more people to improve their health and provide more effective training for more people. I am tired of seeing so many people disappointed when they don’t see results from all of the fad fitness trends, training and supplements out there. Thank you! xox

      • liza

        Hi Charlotte,
        That is an amazing idea! I enjoy fitness as well.
        All the best!

    • Seriously! This is awesome! Boom!

    • Lois Hanson

      Hi Marie,
      I have struggled with my why for some time. Now I finally got it. I am a nurse and a health coach. I knew I wanted to teach eating healthy to those over 62. With so many baby boomers retiring my goal is to help them eat healthily within their budget. I want to make a difference in the retirement community.

      • liza

        Hi Lois,
        I love your idea.
        All the best!

    • Thank Marie for this video.

      My Why:
      I want to create more beauty in the world by honoring my Art, and inspiring others to do the same.

  2. I started my business because I know my service (music therapy) WORKS for people of all walks of life. I looked around my area and saw that is was unavailable outside of a HOSPITAL (ew) and decided to change that. Here I am 9 months in!

    • Natarsha

      I have ALWAYS Believed in the Power of Music, as well as other services, as a Healing Force. Would LOVE to find out more about Your business.


      • Chantel


        I know this is a very old post/video but I just had to coment…
        I was a music student and wanted to get into MT but in 1998/9, programs and places to work was so limited. I dreamed of providing Music Therapy to people from all walks as well, not just in a hospital. As I couldnt find a program on the west side of the country back then, I ended up with a B.A. in Music and moved on. My life has been wonderful but I’ve always wondered about that profession now. Im so far away from it now, I wouldnt have a clue! I hope your business is healthy and happy and that you are touching many with this wonderful service!!

  3. I have to admit that I’ve watched your BEP video more times than is considered healthy. 😉 I just love it, I think it gets better every time.

    Thanks for the “why” video too, I feel like it’s so important and always a great reminder.

    Can’t wait for this week-end!

    • haha Nathalie!! HOW AWESOME is it!?!?!? LOL. Only just started Marie’s BSchool and going through the exercises 🙂 LOVED this vid clip! So inspiring that ANYONE with PASSION can make something so FUN-KAY!
      Love it! 🙂 xo

    • I’m with you Nathalie; the video gets better every time becauseTHESE CHICKS ARE HOT!!!

      WHY is a great question to get to the essence of everything. My personal questions sounds like : “How do I wanna feel in my business? What is the essence & quality behind my my projects & my work?

      And my favorite: what is my higher purpose in all of this? This last question enables me to into my Inner Goddess and let her show me a much bigger dream than I could have ever imaged.

      When I act in alignment with my Inner Goddess miracles unfold.

  4. Why, that’s a great question to ask yourself when going into business!

    And I’ve watched that video way too many times yesterday! Thanks for making me watch it 1 more time;-)

    • haha Nathalie, I forgot to add my why too!

      I want women in business to have a personal home/office environment that allows them to thrive, so they can have all the fun & creative space to make the funds for their dream lifestyle!

      • What is it that you do! sounds inspiring!!

  5. Forgot to add my big why: I really want to empower women to use and rock technology and online business tools. I’ve always had a sweet spot for the “women in tech” scene, but I want to open that up even more so that more women can really benefit from the magic of the Internet.

    • I couldn’t agree more Nathalie! 🙂

  6. Cool!

    My #1 WHY: to get in front of people to inspire them to help themselves : Self Responsibility is The New RICH Baby!

    My #2 WHY: to own an authentic soulful business that is a true contribution, supportive to me and my family financially, and that allows me to be the absolute best wife and mother I can be with a flexible work schedule and location!

    • Joanne

      I love your number 2 why. So well put! Nails it!’ Putting it on my computer to inspire and focus me!!!!

  7. Love both of these videos!

    I am on the brink of signing up for RHH BSchool, and this helped reinforce WHY I want to do this and WHY I want to start my own business… many small businesses who aren’t web and design savvy can’t afford to hire an agency, and I want to help them!

    You and Laura are amazing, you two never cease to crack me up 🙂

  8. I’ve been a social media marketing consultant since ’07, prior to that I was a marketing director/designer. What I have found over and over again in the last year or so were small biz owners struggling with managing the content on their Facebook page once they were set up. “What should I post about? How often? Can I just have an intern do it?”

    So I created a product-that’s-also-a-service to meet that need. I have launched where I now offer FB posting calendars tailored to specific types of businesses as well as a specific type of business owner (one who recognizes the value of being present on social media and engaging with their customers).

    Loving all of the advice you and Laura are giving…determined to register for B-School by next week! 🙂

    • Love the ReadyClickContent name Kelsey!

    • Joanne

      Hi, I signed up for newsletter but also wanted to download the free worksheet. Where is the link?

  9. I’ll admit it: I went straight for the music video. Hilarious! You ladies are so multi-talented it ought to be a crime (might be, in some states).

    Back to business…

  10. As usual great videos and thought-provoking questions.

    The most selfish of all reasons: I started my business because it makes me feel good to help others succeed.

    I love, love, love having a client tell me that our sessions are the highlight of their week; or that I’ve helped them grow or feel better about themselves and their future. It’s really so incredibly rewarding, almost as rewarding as being a mom to my 2 lil’ girls. And sometimes more rewarding on the days when my girls are driving me crazy. haha JK!

    p.s. I am LOVING RHH B-school! The Follow-through-Formula series rocks! Can’t wait to get into the meat and potatoes of the course. Everyone else, if you haven’t registered for B-school yet, DO IT!!!! 🙂

    Blessings and success to you all,
    Rachel Luna

  11. I am starting my nutrition business because people get lost in the cast sea of information and struggle to make the best choices for themselves or their families.

  12. Oh man! I was so scared when the video started that I’d started my business for the wrong reasons.

    As it turns out, I didn’t! I’m great at teaching and I love helping others achieve their dreams. Plus, I’m good at writing. So, I went into business as a web designer cum social media specialist cum business writer. My goal? Help other folks achieve their business dreams. 🙂

  13. My WHY..?….Because “What the World needs Now is LOVE, Sweet LOVE”- Hal David (Songwriter) Great Video!!! Thanks so much;) Shelly @lovemakeover

  14. I do what I do because I love seeing the lives of others transform from the work that I share. It’s beautiful seeing someones dreams take off because of an idea I offered to them that they decided to run with and make their own.

    LOVE IT!

    Great video, Marie. XO

  15. I LOVE the “What’s your WHY?” question!!

    As a nurse-midwife I spend a tiny amount of time attending to the physical aspects of of a woman’s and her baby’s care. MOST of my time is spent talking about the hopes and dreams the women have for their lives and their families.

    Two years ago I had the epiphany, “These women need a midwife for their LIFE.” and my business was born. Now I help other women give birth to their BIG dreams and it’s so freakin’ fabulous!

    • I love this! ^
      I’m a nurse practitioner and totally get what you are saying Stacey.
      Best wishes,

    • Annette

      Hi Stacey! That is so awesome! You’re so right actually, I felt exactly the same way after having my baby, like suddenly it’s a totally different life full of hope and you don’t really have a guidebook to help you navigate this new set of dreams. Good on you, and good luck!

  16. WHY? To make people feel great, confident and beautiful in front of the camera. To convert all those that HATE having their picture taken into BELIEVERS. To help actors avoid the mistakes I made and jump start their careers from the very beginning. To inspire people to win by breaking the rules and saying F.U. to “The Man.” To be creative. To connect.

  17. My #1 reason for being in biz: It makes me CRAZY (and sad) when people obsess about food! I want to teach people how to love food again (ie, ditch the food guilt…”food” and “guilt” do NOT belong in the same sentence…ever!), eat what makes them feel good, and be healthy all at the same time.

    • Hi Lara! 🙂

      • I am more of an emotional eater than obsessing about food. It’s a work in progress! oh vey. :0

  18. Marie- I love your vids and this one really hits home!
    As a stone carving artist, I ask myself frequently if my passion can really be a business?

    I create hand carved stone art symbolizing good karma. Many of the designs are inspired by my passion for yoga and meditation. When doing a custom project, I seek to capture what is inspirational to my client. When I achieve that, my spirits soar! That is why I love what I do.

  19. That b school video was way too much fun. You must be on to something HUGE because you’re till having fun doing what you’re doing. Congratulations!

  20. Thais

    Great question. I’m in the illustration phase of developing a brand of Organic tees for women and children called Lucky Duck Living. My deal is Feel Good, Look Good. Do Good. Feel good in the organic tee. Look Good…clever, sophisticated casual with fun illustrations for our many personalities and Do Good…Organic, Fair Trade and a portion of profits goes to support local non-profits in Arizona where I live. Everybody wins! And…with a super website and top-notch marketing…I will make bank while I’m sleeping! It’s gonna be BIG ladies. Can’t wait to share the line with you!

  21. My why: to guide and inspire women to have the most energy soaring, body loving, delicious food eating, fabulously fun adventure ever!!!

  22. Hey Marie,
    Great video! And you hit it right on the head- if we’re not clear on what it is we really want, what’s the point? Running on a treadmill is hard work, but it’s not getting us anywhere. When we know where we’re going, the journey is half the fun!
    “The only reasons birds can fly and we can’t? No one ever told the birds they couldn’t!”
    Make it a great day!

    ‘Doc Seth
    ~husband, dad, full-time ‘Elevator’~

  23. Renee J. Mack

    The “Why” in business on the internet for me has to do with my relationship with Jesus. He has been guiding me in many ways I never dreamed of. What is vitally important for me is to be following Jesus’ instructions as to not only “What”, but “When”. This is a biggy for a Christian following Him. It makes all the difference in success when the “Why” is about giving Him all the glory in everything we do and say. This can be done only in a “fully committed” surrender to Jesus in our hearts by following His leading in all details. That way the devil’s not in the details, as the expression goes. It means, as the scripture says, “Pray without ceasing”. Hallelujah!!
    BTW, I love your video, you are both extraordinary multi-talented ladies. A gift from God. Hallelujah!!

  24. Thanks Marie! Whether you’re starting a new business or growing an existing business, reminding yourself why you did it in the first place can do wonders for your motivation and help you to take way more action!

    My big WHY for my new business (MultiPassionate Coaching) is…
    I’ve worked with so many coaches that want me to focus on only one business or one job – I know that they’re just trying to help me find my “one true passion”. But I don’t have just one passion! I love to dance & move, I love math & science, I love children & education, I love helping people & teaching. True, some of those things can be combined – but I am happiest (and most productive) when I have multiple businesses/jobs/hobbies going on.

    I’m starting my MultiPassionate Coaching practice because I know that there are other people & entrepreneurs out there who want to embrace their multipassionate nature and “defy conventional wisdom and achieve phenomenal success across multiple industries”, like you have, Marie!

    Oh, and I absolutely love the music video! 🙂

    • Mari

      I love this! I am exactly the same as I have multi-passionate too. Would love to hear more about your coaching practice.

  25. My #1 reason: I saw my favorite band get smashed by the music industry. Now I want to help as many artists be in charge of their own career as i possibly can, and I want to make enough money to invest in those I truly believe in.

  26. Mel

    I started this business because I don’t ever want to hear anyone EVER again say that they are not photogenic. Bullshit. Everyone is photogenic.

    That’s my why.

    • Justine

      I L.O.V.E. this why – I NEED YOU – what’s your business website?

    • This is AWESOME! I need someone to teach me how cos right now my photos I need for my site def aren’t looking too photogenic! 🙂 do you have a website?

    • love.

  27. My why for creating my children’s book series, Human Body Detectives? To empower kids to be proactive in their health and deliver it to them in an engaging entertaining way.

    I LOVE what I am doing!!! ( and what all of you are doing to!)

  28. Laura

    My why is this: I got a degree in a field I truly love. Went out to get a job with it. And then was told that I didn’t have enough experience. No, really? Who’d a thunk it? Maybe that’s why I’m trying to get a job? Anyway, after around 5 years of hearing this, plus a layoff (still not in my field, but close)… and still no prospects except jobs with no upward movement, I thought… why not my OWN firm? I can do this, I don’t need someone else to give me the experience; I’ll just get my own. Et voila! New business in the works!!

  29. Damn girls! You both just up’d your cool factor even higher. You two are awesome–and LOVE that you don’t take yourselves too seriously. Love it!

  30. Thanks Marie for all your vids…inspiring and oh so smart! The number one reason you say (believe in your product 10 thousand percent) is exactly why I started my movie biz. When I lived in California all I heard was “you can’t make a movie on your own cause that’s not the way it works…” I knew “they” were not talking about ME…so I moved to the place I wanted to make movies about and now I have groups who want to tell their stories through movies. The financial support is coming along and I’m learning how to do my job better through each new project! LOVE QnA Tuesdays!!!

  31. I started my business because I knew I could take the fear out of learning how to write well, and actually make it fun for people. I took the part of my last job that I loved the most (working with individual students to help them articulate what’s important to them–whether it’s for an application essay or a cover letter or website copy), and built a business focused on that one key principle.

    And that b-school video? Hilarious. Even made my dad watch it. (Not that he minded…)

    • Hey Olivia. I like your message and just wanted to say hi. )

  32. I love growing and watching others grow. I started my business because I realized I was really good at relaxing and healing others and empowering them. Then after the pleasurable birth of my second child, I realized I could teach what I did to others easily. So now I love helping others find their wisdom and truth inside and holding a space for women to prepare and give birth. I am so honoured to witness the transformation of others. My hope is to really get my name out there so more people know about me and the work I do and to run workshops locally and world wide. I’d love to see a world where new possibilities of inner unity and self-love grow which births into existence peace and ecstasy where before there was turmoil and pain.

  33. I want to provide valuable and experienced marketing assistance to small businesses working without a marketing director or ad agency budget.

    • How are you going about doing it? Michele, would like to see your business.

  34. I started A Beautiful Place for Beautiful Women because I had a big “Aha!” moment, fine, a few moments, and finally woke up to how amazing life can be and how incredible women are when they are unfettered and unashamed of themselves.

    Nothing feels as good to me as leading women to these same realizations and watching them open.

    And, I love creating experiences for people that blow their minds.

  35. Thank you Marie for an excellent Q & A Tuesday!!

    I started my business because I knew that every women deserved to know how fantastic men can be, and that modern day adoration exists! The second piece of my business was designed as a playground for my local women to come and embrace their sexiness & femininity. I just want to add the ‘Why’ is what keeps you going when things in your business get tedious. I can’t imagine doing all of this otherwise. Sweet Advice!

  36. God, I love your Imma Be Video. Too cute!!!

    My why is this – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help people release their blocks to success (especially around love and money) and live the genius life they came here to live.

  37. I would love to teach and to be an inspiration to others, to help creating awareness of potential.

    Through personal development I came from far, like most of us. I really want to make a difference.

  38. You guys are AMAZING!!!
    Sooo inspiring! Thank you for your genius, creativity + paving the way for so many of us!

  39. Pam

    Well Mama, I did start my business for all the wrong reasons. I am just about to launch it. I am holding back though becasue I have to write alot about my biz on Tweeter and Blogger. I am selling high quality art supplies (artist’s paints, brushes,easels, paper products, drawing materials, gifts) at discounted prices, because I love art!! Love it, love it, and love it. Any and all kinds! I want to do something special on my site. Teach something as well as maybe have an art contest of the month. My web builder has been a pain and has not helped me too much. I’m feeling scared. i know that fear is the worst imobilizer there is. So my passion for art is why i went here. I am doing this alone it has been 7 months………. I won’t be able to be at your webinar tomorrow, but i will want to see it !

    • You sound to me like you know why, Pam! And I wonder if you’re immobilized or if you’re tongue-tied. Have you tuned in to any of Marie’s “Copy Cure” videos or posts? I didn’t sign up for that course (opted for B School instead) and I gotta say that I got some great tips. These short videos and the emails helped to take my judgments off what I had already done and to strengthen my voice for what I’m on the path to do. As for your web-builder not helping much . . . they are not marketers, business strategists, or even visual designers (usually). I hope you have found a team of supportive people to keep you on your track. Looking forward to seeing your site and hearing how proud you are!

  40. I struggle with this question because depending on my mood, there can be one or several answers. (I’m guessing that’s half the problem, eh?)
    I took your advice and read the two Steven Pressfield books you recommended. That guy is just a genius. The War of Art kind of creeped me out a bit only because it felt as though he must have been listening to me talking to myself one day.
    Already re-reading.
    Thank you!

  41. I am writing a book to redeem single mothers in their own eyes and the eyes of the masses. We are the new power play-ahs raising a beautiful future! I am 100% passionate about this and so thankful to Marie Forleo for the abundance of free and meaningful guidance I’ve received through this site!!

  42. I needed to create something that fed my spirit, that was beautiful and unique. When I started making jewelry people thought I was silly, there’s so much out there, already! That wasn’t EVEN the point!!! I was inspired by a picture, 1 single picture, it was divine intervention. Though, I needed money desperately, that had NOTHING to do with it. I had to feed my soul, for my sake, my childrens sake and therefore the world’s!! Happiness and success (not necessarily wealth) is like warmth radiating from me to those around me. xoxo P.S. Kate will be so glad I’m sweatin’ your nuts and not hers!!!!!! LOL

    • Kaye- BRAVO- you put into words that which I could not- I totally realte to what you have said! On the road to being more present and alive, I began stone carving as a means to awaken joy and feed my spirit each and every day. I started it to express my love for yoga and meditation and it was so therapeutic. I never intended it to be a business when i began creating my art.

      It was only when others saw my work and expressed a connection and feeling of inspiration from my art that I decided to take it to the next level.

      • karma girl, Thank you, I was the same way, once people started noticing it and really liking it I took another baby step and then another. My business and myself are still works in progress , but I’ve come a long way, Baby!! Was named Artist of the Month for May, at one of the galleries/stores that sells my pieces. And girl… your work is stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Take care, K

  43. That was a great question.
    I am starting my business because I want to encourage self-awareness through journaling. When you are sure about who you are and clear about what you want, you can then create the life you desire and live a more satisfied and happier life. And you can accomplish all of that through journaling. I know this to be true because I experience it everyday and I want to teach others how to do the same.

    Thanks Marie, for always sharing valuable information.

  44. Brian Ford

    WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS? I came up with the following answer: My heart says I want to help people to become themselves. I am putting together a heart-centered healing practice where I can help people reach healthy solutions to overcome their life challenges. I will deliver services with passionate energy in coaching, counseling, energy healing, personal and spiritual development. and collaborate with people to achieve balance, abundance, and joyfulness in their lives.

  45. KC

    I’m crazy in love with nature, and desire more than anything for humanity to wake up from this insanity and finally take nature into consideration in actions.

    I believe that women are the key to curing us of our insanity. The more women unleash their unique voices in the world – their brilliance, wisdom and creativity -, the more sane we will become as a species and have a real shot at living in harmony and health with our environment.

    And so, it is my mission to unleash the deep brilliance of women’s voices world wide. Marie, you are such a fabulously awesome gorgeous rockin’ example and thank goodness for you!

    Here is a video of my spoken word piece/mission statement, “Spokeswoman for Planet Earth.” Hot. Bold. True. XOXO

  46. I’m in the business of making introductions, biker introductions.
    People (i.e. bikers) are missing the greatest opportunity in the nation for a good peaceful, safe, hassle-free, traffic-free ride — all of North Dakota. But what’s in North Dakota? (Stop the eyeball rolling.) I had no friggin idea until I set out to find out: towns, sites, people, hospitality, history, culture, smooth roads, no outlaws.
    And in all these towns and cities there are small town, ma and pa businesses there itching for more trade. Travelers are staying home. Too expensive. Where to get more business? I know! How about those bikers that ride by? They’ll spend $100 -$150/day on their ride. But where?
    They’ll spend it where they know they’re welcome.
    “Biker, meet business. Business, meet biker.”
    I had to find out over years of travel — how, when, where the best riding in the nation can be had. Fellow North Dakotans didn’t even know. I set out to find out. Now I know and you can too.
    I’m helping bikers. I’m helping business. I’m networking. I’m socializing. I am creating community.
    Next stop, hmmmm….lemme see. How about South Dakota? Or Montana? Or Minnesota? Or…your state.
    Lets go. Kickstands up!

  47. Truthfully when I started my business it was all about me – I had a burning need to *make* things and to unleash my creativity that had been stifled for FAR too long. Nowadays the WHY I’m still doing it is because I want the same thing for my people – for them to feel creative and expressive and true to their own style every day. I know from experience that it feels REALLY GOOD to let it out, so I want to help other women do it by discovering their personal style and figuring out how best to express it.

  48. Jen

    “Don’t chase the paper, chase the game” ? Dayumm, that’s right Marie + Diddy. I was doing that for way.too.long. It seems like a disease only we as humans with choices can heal, and I’m so excited to finally know my “why”. I am helping entrepreneurs (especially in the she category) make their lives their business NOW. It’s the motto of my company and I’m super excited about it every time I work with a client or repping someone who is making their dreams come true (my last client booked was a finalist on Project Runway! hollah!). Marie, you’ve been inspirational on this “why” journey. Seeing you at the Soul’d Out SYS this week – can’t wait to get all the juicy bits from you + LaPorte.

  49. I am still amazed at my journey. It was never my intention to have my own business leading workshops and presentations and coaching women on healthy body image. I truly just wanted to heal myself…but, the most extraordinary thing happened after that year I took transforming my relationship with myself and my body. Women started to see a huge difference in me and started approaching me asking me what I did. At first I was like, “I don’t know. I tried this and that. Cried a lot…” Then, I woke up one morning at 3am with a massive download. Coursework and curriculum followed. And, never have I been more fulfilled in my life when I see my clients transform and start to love their bodies. That is why I do it. To make a difference for women. I believe this work will change the world. When women are free to embrace and love their bodies and let go of this made-up concept of “Perfection” everyone will be better off for it. And, that is why I keep going. Thank God for that why – as building this business is the most challenging thing I have EVER EVER done in my life.

    Marie, my intention is to fully participate in B-School. I hope to see you there very soon!


  50. Why?
    Because the Goddess has been underground for far too long..
    Because Sacred movement helps to awaken kundalini
    Because Women gathering in a circle is powerful
    Because meditation chills you out, so you can remember whats important.
    Because women are the next big thing.

  51. My big why is because I want to help change the way business is done in this world. I love the shift toward more conscious, healthy, FUN lifestyles and businesses, and want to be part of making that shift a global phenomenon!

    I am currently doing that by teaching women entrepreneurs how to use Facebook to attract their ideal customers, while still being themselves and doing what they are meant to do.

  52. 4 words:
    You Deserve My Money

  53. Why?
    This is my passion – the interests that drive me and the skills that thrive me…

    Ok, I love sharing metaphysical tools, I love empowering others through teaching and coaching, and I LOVE writing. My job (currently writing a book) is my passion. I wake up early anxious to start. The stresses are just part of the roller coaster ride.

    • Kenya

      Hi Leigh,

      I enjoyed your movies on youtube. I’m a new subscriber. I know that you will have all the succes that you seek.

      Stay blessed,

  54. karen k

    I just discovered you and Laura last week, I wish I had found you earlier as everything that I have seen from you so far really resonates with me in a deep way.
    I am starting my business to share my love for the creative arts by creating online classes so that people who do not have access to the kind of training that I had can learn at home. I love my work and want to enable others to have that same feeling of creative energy.
    Signed up for B-School and can’t wait until next week!

  55. Hello again, thank you so much for the validation. I am not sure if money is going to pour out my ears but I do know that serving victims of sexual abuse and giving them a road map to not only happily surviving but victoriously thriving for the rest of their lives. Well, it is a cause and a mission and a passion which I am happy to call a business!

    Love you,

  56. Jennifer

    I believe in love, and I want to help people express their love. I know I can get up and do that every day!

  57. Love that you are busting out our Tiny Devotions mala beads in all of your videos! You shine! xx

    Your dance video is out of this world amazing. Pretty much in shock. WHOA.

  58. Kathleen Prophet

    Why? Because I MUST!!! I must for ME first! my damn calling is driving me NUTS! And… I MUST because when I die, if I don’t, IT will be lost. And that is a scary thought. All this effort, all this art, all this self… lost forever. I could be damned for eternity for it! And worse than that, others might have to go through the same damn hell I went through to find it. And thus the neverending hell never ends. Case in point = state of the world.

    Thanks for the space to name it, Marie. love you.

  59. I am inspired by an active lifestyle. I am designing for the active lifestyle. Try to keep up!

  60. danielle

    Love your Tiny Devotions Mala Beads!

  61. Wow, that video is HOT! Nice eyelashes and great costumes, too!

    My business is my passion, my passion is creating beauty, beauty has guided me onto the path of being a spiritually based artist, my art has led me to explore the wisdom in my body, my body has led to the awareness of archetypal images that arose directly from inner, spiritual body awareness and they have all come together as a set of 64 cards.

    Now it is a matter of seeing them take on a life of their own and fulfill their dreams and passions as well as my own!

  62. Great video as usual lovely lady!

    I got into my business (PR) years ago because I thought the traditional, boring way of trying to get your business into magazines and on TV was total bullshit. I found when I got creative and focused on relationship building with the media, amazing results happened. Now, I love empowering entrepreneurs to build their own relationships with the media and OWN their expertise so they can get recognition from the big glossies and the top TV news shows.

  63. Love your Confidence…. Amazing! Thanks for Q&A Tuesday and i have watched your music video more times than the original Black Eyed Peas version….. Music and Dancing Career in your Future? gotta love it! – Carlo

  64. Why? Because baby I want to help the girls “Dance on the tables in Spain” -yep, reference to Chris Karr at RHH Live 🙂 I want to spread my cheesy little goodness across the land and if someone needs a little sweetness I’ll be there to support them! And I want to franchise my cheesy-ness retail store to help other women realize their bakery dream! One day Roeder will be eating Perfect Cheesecake in L.A. and you my friend in NYC! Love you both :)xxoo

  65. “Imma Be” is one of my favorite songs…and it’s SO you! Fun video, great advice! Thank you! Love the Mala!

  66. One thing I tell people to consider when starting a new online business is to start from the end goal and then create a plan with the required steps to get there.

    The end goal and final product will determine everything you need to do to realize the business, and visualizing your dream increases your chance of attaining it.

  67. Ruth

    Well, firstly let me say that I think your video is totally fantastic and funny to boot! For twenty years, I’ve know that my dream was to make people feel really fantastic about themselves. My main arena is working with wholefood and superfoods. I love making it easy for people and fun too. I’ve been playing very small for a long time now, but am ready to play big. I would dearly love to become a student of B-School, but the finances just aren’t there to sign up. I hope you will be running it again? And I will definitely be on for doing it. Thank you for your energy, fun, wisdom and down to earth way of delivering these pearls. xx.

  68. Hi Marie,

    You crack me up! I really enjoy your videos and the music video you did with your partner (can’t remember her name right now), was just hilarious.
    Anyway, I’m in business as a professional astrologer because I believe that used correctly, astrology is an awesome healing tool and a great way to get your life in alignment with your highest purpose. Furthermore, in my opinion, it is proof that we are all one and that every single person counts in the Great Dance. Even though we don’t all dance as well as you do in your music video 🙂

  69. Excellent video! I started my new business, Art Aligned, to help reverse the trend of commoditization in the wedding and portrait photography industry. I was so tired of experts offering the same advice to everyone about how to succeed — do it my way, they’d say — when each of us really has to do it our own way and for our own reasons, just as you stated above. Photographers are artists, and I want them to be treated as such, not as commodities price-shopped to death. Who’s with me? 🙂

  70. Diane

    Love that book “Start with Why”. Signed up to b-school and so excited to get going as only just about to launch my business. There’s a couple of reasons I want to run my own business. 1) I want to do what I love & be able to work from home 2) I’ve been frustrated by seeing similar products to what I create and they’re not as good (in my ever so humble opinion) as mine in terms of quality & design – I can’t believe I just said that – I’ve only ever shared that reason with my hubby. Hey ho! I just honestly want to be able to offer something more exciting of better quality to those buying that kind of product.

  71. My hubby and I were having a discussion along these lines – just last night. Now have heard the same info TWO TIMES in 12 hours, I know its time for me to sit and pay attention to the message!

    I will clarify my ‘reason’ and get back to ya!

    Thanks again

  72. Katrina

    I am a college student who has traveled to unusual places that supplemented my schooling, provided insight into international understanding, and appreciation for others while staying under budget, having a blast, and meeting the most extraordinary people.

    Another reason for doing this is because only 5% of Americans have a passport and those Americans I did meet along the way asked how I was able to go to school, maintain a 4.0, incorporate my travels with my studies, and have the time of my life. A female traveling Europe and Asia by myself that I was not scared, intimidated, and was able to learn how to live in some of the most expensive cities in the world and spend less than being at home surprised many.

  73. You crack me up. And you make me think. Two totally awesome things. Having started a business, making and selling silver jewelry, for money and having gone nearly nowhere with it I totally hear you on that.

    For the last umpteen years I have been applying for jobs as an informal educator at parks and nature centers. I have come in first runner up so many times I have lost count. All the effort and no crown to show for it.

    I am pondering starting a business as a nature educator. The vision is fuzzy but I know if I keep my eyes on it the picture will clarify itself. I don’t know if running a business is for me but, I know that I have to do something to connect others, mostly kids, to nature because if I don’t, and I blame it on the gate keepers (the people who do all the hiring), I will be selling myself short, missing my dream, and letting myself down.

    Watching your videos and reading your book (something I’d have never done if I hadn’t watched your blog first) I have also concocted the idea of a sort of life coach in nature idea… lessons I learned from the birds or something.

    I have been working these past few years as a teacher and the proudest moments are not those where the kids get some sort of science concept but where they really learn a life lesson and take one step closer to being a fully functioning person.

    Thanks for the humor and keep up the work.
    You do rock!

  74. OMG that shizz is fantastic. Thanks so much for making biznass sexy.

    I’m called to help other creative peeps push past the boundaries of the “Starving Artist” mindset and into “Self-Sustaining Sassy Artist”.

  75. Because I am on a life mission to Save the World from Mediocre Design and Writing … and now that I have a new superhero, I think I stand a real chance to do it!

  76. I love your videos! They not only crack me up, but they inspire me, too.

    I am a writer, editor, WordPress website designer and SEO specialist who helps change agents grow their businesses through the web. I love learning, am passionate about self-development, and believe each of us–especially small business owners–can truly make a difference.

    To do so, however, we have to understand and express our story to our ideal audiences (both human and search engine) on the Internet. That’s where I come in.

  77. Wow! What a great, fun video. I just watched you and Kris Carr yesterday and then to see this. What a difference. Love it. Sassy and fun!
    Suzanne Williams

  78. Why- because I’ve seen and experienced the energy and glow that comes from taking care of yourself and eating well, and I think the world would be a much different place if everyone had access to that energy.

  79. I’ve been trying to launch a full-time healing practice for years but now I feel super inspired by your RHHB approach and I’m ready to go for it! My “WHY” for my business of Sound Healing Journeys: I want to connect people to their authentic Self and to Source through the language of sound, frequency and vibration. Thank you, Maria! You rock!

  80. 1. You’re just fricken’ great.
    2. So the story goes: my 3 month old baby girl needed a spectacular outfit to wear to her Uncle Armo’s wedding. Alas, I was not over-the-moon about anything I found in stores. SO, I made her a tutu and BAM! a biz was born. Man do I love making lil’ ladies look lovely and having my boo boo be my inspiration for every design I make.
    3. Your music vid was fabuloso!

  81. Marie,

    Why am I creating my new biz called hubster? Driving need: My desire to create a web site for women (mom’s/entrepreneurs/small biz owners) to connect with each other… to buy/sell/swap services and products with each other in a really fun, cool way, so they can work for themselves, wherever and whenever they choose to. FREELY! Making money doing what they LOVE! Allowing a place for them to promote themselves (services + products) for free.

    Why? I saw a huge gap and I really wanted to help fill it in the best way I know how. And I’m doing it! Yippee 🙂

    Great topic. You rock it.

  82. Prada Madonna

    If I can put a smile on someone’s face, bring them a laugh or two or share a new perspective on the world according to Ellen, then that is my contribution.
    I am a writer, a blogger. I write about my life in NYC and celebrity gossip.
    What a great question. Wow, heavy stuff.

  83. Why am I starting my business? Because life is way to good and there are way to many opportunities to settle for good enough or getting by – I want to spread the knowledge that feeling good is always an option.

  84. i 100% believe in my product. I know i have something amazing to offer the world and i LOVE what i do! I can’t wait until the “little brown box” and studiojewel are a household name. watch it. yo!

  85. Nicole Rowan Holt

    I am so grateful for this answer. I just got off the phone from my sister & opened this very affirming video (isn’t it beautiful when you are in the flow!!). I was explaining to her 2 new businesses that I want to set up. Why – to inspire, educate and empower women around the globe!

  86. I’ve taught myself to play an unusual instrument. I recently went to a gathering of players and found so many self-taught players were missing so much information. Since I did so much research into how to play, I wanted to share that information and spread the joy of being able to play an instrument.

  87. Hi.. I’m from Byron Bay in Australia and just discovered you 2 weeks ago. I just love your work, especially the rich, happy & hot vid. I have an education and training business and health clinic teaching women how to recover from digestive problems, stress and fatigue. The why is I struggled with these issues myself for over a decade and it was coming across Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist Psychology and living their simple, beautiful principles everyday that changed my life. Now I am passionate about helping other women in the same position…

  88. I loove the video! Imma be Imma be… Rich, Happy, & Hot!

    I discovered your site a few days ago through White Hot Truth, and I already look forward to your Q&A Tuesday’s. Thank you for your inspiration. I am so grateful to know there is a wealth of positive reinforcement for the life I desire.

    I am working on my first ebook on cultural strategy. It is a DIY how-to guide for 20 somethings in becoming a cultural icon, a creative self-help to push 20 somethings who are teetering on the fringe to plunge into realizing their potential through self-expression. It’s a guide I would have gave my younger self if I traveled back in time.

  89. Lisa

    That was 3 minutes damn well spent. I loved your music video. You guys are the best and every time I watch your videos I’m either smiling, nodding my head, dropping my jaw or saying ‘Yeeeeah’ out loud…Thanks for what you do and mostly for sharing it. And I know you ladies are for real by the way you can make fun of yourselves and be professional at the same time. Inspiring. Lisa x

  90. I love reading these posts.

    Why did I start my biz?

    Because I want to teach women how to be in control of their money so bad I could spit! I don’t want financial stress to be the #1 reason couples split anymore. I don’t want people stuck in jobs they hate or relationships that are unhealthy because they can’t afford to leave. I want women to go into relationships feeling hot, sexy, and confident because they know they have their sh*t together.



  91. Caren

    I’m a middle school and college teacher. Love your stuff. You teach.

  92. Because I know that masses of discouraged youth can become engaged and influential by learning the power of their voice and ideas — and that will change the world. That’s why . . .

    Engaging, the new generation of social action
    YouView Media, the new generation of news

    Great questions invite great results. Thanks for the post!

  93. Hi Marie!
    First of all, thank you so much for doing this video. You are so right! Here is my experience so far:
    7 years ago, I joined an MLM (yeah, one of those) although they told me I could make money and escape, we ended up going nowhere, no-one heard of the products that we were selling (and I lost a few friends over it too). So, Money + thoughts of Escape = bad
    Now, we (including hubby here) left that company and started about 4 years ago creating a Renaissance Festival that were really fundraisers (fan page is now up to 1110 people) and learning how to market that one Festival, we are now doing another one (this year) so expanding, and I created a fan page last week to help other Renaissance Performers and Merchants promote themselves. It grew so quickly, within one to two weeks, the page is already up over 330 people and growing! I found that this is my passion, my purpose.

  94. Tanya


  95. Why? Because my son is the most important person in the world and I want to be able to be there for him when he needs me not in the office for hours on end and not have the chance to see him grow up.

    Because our industry is full of men and rubbish quality. We focus on excellent customer service and top quality workmanship. Because I want my clients to really appreciate the better experience they have with us compared to our competitors.

    Hard times may be but they won’t last and if we can make it now, we’ll be rolling in it when economies of the world settle down.


  96. Sharon

    Thanks that is definitely a big part of my question, and then

    love your stuff

    why because I have a passion in my industry and keeping up with the latest is very important, want to help supply that in easy obtainable format for others so they can get on with their work, and check on my sight or by alerts direct to them for new important developments in our field,

    how do I check that my passion is the gap in the market I think it is, how do I make it just as important to others that I believe will need this service.

    is it survey??

    love your videos so much pszazzzz

  97. Frances Gollahon

    The Girls Having Fun!

    • Frances Gollahon

      This was supposed to be under the Lady GaGa video.

  98. lesley Groven

    I think my comment is more of a question. I am in business with my father, a wine selling business. My dad has had this business all my life and he is in bad health at the moment. I devoted myself to the business since it is pretty outdated, so I want to bring it to the 21st century with websales and stuff and make it a giant success before he passes away (hopefully not for at least five years, but with cancer you never know). Now, here where I am a little confused; wine is not my exact passion, it is my dads passion. But I do have a passion for business and success. My goal is to make his business a success and then sell it and move on with my own passions. The question: is this big enough of a ”why”” answer, or am I doomed since the product is not my 100percent passion??? Love, Lesley

    • Hi Lesley! My background owning restuarants and I GUARANTEE it was not my parents passion but we worked together. My passion was enough for all of us:) I would love to talk with you- email me at [email protected] I understand where you are coming from & think I can give you a perspective. Yes, get that baby running at full throttle and sell it!! very exciting 🙂

    • Can you have the passion to bring a great product to other people who are passionate about wine. Can your passion to bring a pleasure to other who do like wine. Then building the business to get the word out to all these other passionate wine people may be enough to get it and you going. Also, your passion for your father and your desire to give him a gift could be in there too.

      Just a couple of thoughts.

  99. my deepest heart’s desire and soulful passion is to teach and travel, helping women and girls heal, learn, radiate through creativity/the arts (especially movement and dance) and social justice efforts.

  100. valeria

    gostaria que estiesse traduzido

    • Oi Valéria,

      Desculpe estar me intrometendo, mas, não pude deixar de observar seu comentário. Gostaria de lhe dizer que mesmo que o vídeo estivesse traduzido para o Português e se vc quiser, eu mesma o traduzo para vc de graça. Vc dificilmente conseguiria captar a mensagem que Marie está passando na sua língua mãe. Então, garota, o que está lhe impedindo para que vc começe a estudar inglês e domine essa língua tão importante para vc e o mundo dos negócios? Think about it! Pense a respeito, ok? Me avise se puder te ajudar.

  101. I think the common consensus is that every one is PASSIONATE about their business and want to put something great into the world. I want to go into business (owning a Global Digital Empire–like Oprah Studios but online) because it’s what I LOVE to do, like would do it if no one paid me (which quite frankly they haven’t)

    All of my websites, have a women’s focus and discuss self-improvement, fashion, travel and empowerement! It’s the tie that binds. While I’m wildly radical about my blog and its future, there are times when I’m worried or fearful.

    My question then is “How, even with you are head over heels in love with your business, do you stop or get through the fear?”

    • That’s such a great question. The answer, remember not why you’re head over heals in love with your business but also what benefits does it bring to others. You are doing all those people a dis-service, if you’re not out there and delivering them the value that you do. Ask yourself, what the most useful way to behave and act so I can reach those people? Then do it! So Fajr what’s the one thing you are going to do differently to over come the fear? Can’t wait to hear?.

  102. My Why?

    Helping women feel empowered and happy after breakup or divorce.

    And the music video: AWESOME! Imma “B” signing up for B-school this week!

  103. Why? To bring couples closer together through cooking.

    Thanks for all your wisdom with sass. So sad I’m not at Sell Your Soul today. Looking forward to the digital version!

  104. Cause I just got’s ta be R&F! “Seen and Heard” is probably a more appropriate answer, but R&F is what inspires me. Yes, ego-time…perhaps a bit sad but oh so true.

    Kinda like…hmmm…You!
    I dig you honey, Kim

  105. why =

    To invoke awe and enchantment by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary!

    My art is a sort of alchemy…creating from found objects and simple materials but by reworking and transforming them they become commanding works that transcend their humble beginnings – what a metaphor for life!

    Thank you Marie & Laura – change is a happenin’ 🙂

  106. Marie,
    Would you talk a bit more about being in the moment, the stuff you talked about in your book? It is a great book, BTW. I get so caught up in my head and my long list of To Do’s.


  107. Love the style of the video and the content is way inspirational.
    I have been in the solar installation business for nearly 20 years, and now I am creating videos to help others do it for themselves. Thanks for the confirmation that “Why” is such an important place to start, rather than “what’s my take home pay”.

  108. @Karen… I agree! Marie’s book really made a big shift for me although it is hard to stay in that moment with kids, housework, entrepreneurial stuff etc. LOVE to have more tools and inspiration to stay there all the time!

  109. Razwana

    My why is to make the office a happier place. So many people are ok working in their 9-5 job – they may as well find a way of making it harmonious and fun.

    – Razwana

  110. Hawwwwt! As I downloaded the video, my husband strolls in, asks what I’m watching, I stand up and start shaking my A** and tell him, I really wanna dance and make a song/dance video, too bad I only have about three white girl moves.
    Anyway, you already rocked my boat a few weeks ago when you shared my goodies here, and don’t you worry, I’m getting my stuff together and moving along (slowly, but it’s gonna happen). Why? Cause I know I’m a complete character who is so out of the box enthusiastic about healthy stuff, like beets, and I want to help people ditch the diets, for real. That’s all for now. ;-).

  111. My why? To make people laugh. I’m a born storyteller- some people would say [email protected]#&$*r. Nothing makes me happier than turning a mundane moment into a hilarious, laugh-til-your-sides hurt ancedote. Here Comes Trouble is my small contribution to a grumpy world that needs to learn to laugh at itself more often.

  112. OK – I had to share this – I watched this video earlier today and wrote back regarding two questions you asked. The first being about Making The Decision and watching the Universe open that door for you! Well, I was just in doors for hours honing by first teleclass idea, signing up for Twitter, etc. etc. decided to take a break and walk my dog!! poor thing 🙁 anyway as soon as I step out my door there is an old friend of mine from my old business days who is a huge fan of mine and in addition to saying I looked great – she asked me how I was and what I was up to – I said I was amazing and I was about to launch my online business. She immediately whipped out her card and said you have to reach out to me – I thought how amazing that I ran in to her cuz I think she is such a great lady, and she feels the same way about me. What didn’t immediately register with me until I looked at her card when I got back home was she owns her own PR & Marketing Co.!!! hello! so I am here to testify that those doors open real wide and they just keep opening!! so you gotta believe and it will happen – no doubt!!

  113. Mama Maria – love it!
    Thanks for another great video Marie. My why:
    Giving people the experience of being surrounded by what they love every day – making their home a great place to unwind and a launch pad from which to go out into the world and be their best self.

    There are moments where I wonder if this is over over the top for an interior decorator to want to achieve… But heck yeah – it is my why.

  114. Oh I LOVE Simon Sinek.

    A girlfriend showed me his TED video a few months ago, and it changed the way I viewed & responded to everything.

    In fact, in my business now, whenever I’m feeling a little bit “meh” – as if the direction I’m going in, or the choices I’m making aren’t quite on the money, the first thing I do is come back to my big, glorious, “Why”. Oh, yeah.

    Thanks for the reminder, Marie – and for the joyous fun, too!

  115. I’ve been doing this big, beautiful dream of mine for so many years… and my WHY still sings so strong to me.

    It’s all about the moment I see another woman light up. When the lantern inside her remembers how to be lit up. When she remembers she is a Goddess.

    It gives me goosebumps and chills and a soaring feeling in my belly…

    This is the work I want to do for the rest of my life.


  116. I love receiving your newsletters MArie..
    the why for my business: it incorporates all my passions. My love for textiles, design, recycling, Asia and helping others. Not only are our handbags really different from anything else that is in the market, but the “click through” is that by buying one of our handbags you contribute to helping various groups of women who are destitute. We teach them an Asian recycling technique of folding scraps of fabric and use that to feature on all our bags, which is what makes them look so unique!


  117. Thanks for the question Marie. Why?
    Because I want to work with women to develop a new form of feminism. One which empowers women to become more than carbon copies of men, with equal rights and equal pay. One which harnesses the power of the feminine and celebrates it. One which encourages women to lead from the soul, from the heart and to not be ashamed of that.
    Because I want to live in a world where women are proud that they have to leave work early to see their kid in the school play, because it says something quite profound about the type of person they are and why the workplace should value them.
    That’s why! 🙂

  118. Olga

    I wanna transalate a book! I do wanna do this, because I liked sooo much the idea it expresses, that I wanna share it with all those who cannot read it in original language. Plus, it’s a chance to earn money. And plus, it’s quite a challenge, I’ve never ventured before – it makes me willing to try!

  119. sarah

    Why? To empower women by building strong healthy bodies, offering healthy lifestyle options, and incorporating a lil “Trojan Horse” dharma to the ladies who formerly thought yoga just isn’t for them.

  120. For Healing Boxes: I want to bring sparkle to the live of people living with chronic and serious illness. To provide resources, healing products & treats all in one gorgeous ethical and love filled package.

    For Blaze Your Own Trail (my book) I want to create a guide to blazing a trail on one’s own healing journey with chronic illness. There is so much motivation around chronic illness and empowerment in the US and none (that I can find) in Britain and this needs to change now! When people are diagnosed and go into a book store or library lost and looking for hope I want this book to be there. It is the book we needed and had to live and create ourselves. People need to be empowered and know another way is possible!

    For and Basic Missions Britain: When people are stuck and struggling, when illness is taking them down and shattering lives we want to be the holding hand to help people re-boot their lives and live in full colour. We want to send Reiki and SRT and healing to people in need of it. I am blessed to be here now and be in a position to offer this. I want to write and create and be of service to the world.

    I adore your videos, what wondeful content you are sharing, thank you. Beautiful both of you and loving all the comments from such amazing women. What a blessing to be part of such a joyous community. Lots of love. Grace Quantock xxx

  121. Por que? Because I want to help Spaniards, male and females between 30 and 50 years old to learn English in a fun,creative and FAST way. They have been trying to master the language and it’s soooo hard for them. (Because of an education system where they focus on grammar and writing not on listening and speaking skills. )I understand them because it’s my second language too, however I was fortunate enough to learn it well when I was very little. I did struggle with grammar big time, I sucked but at one point it just clicked and now it’s my passion. Therefore I want to help Spaniards learn the language quickly and without a struggle. Also if you have any hip new English word suggestions please drop me a line, love to hear from you. Besitos

  122. AHH! I love this video. And I love that Marie mentioned “escape” as part of the crappy reasons to start a business. I see this a lot and it’s not talked about as much as the “money” part.

    I also agree that successful businesses are ones that start with the heart…the ones that really matter to us.

    Yet another cool video. Big ups Maries. See you in B-School.


  123. I started my first business PartnerUp, because I saw a gap in the market and wanted to combine my skills and experience in Partnership Marketing with the power of the online environment to make it more accessible to businesses of all sizes (growing demand for Partnership Marketing) AND to become the leading authority in brokering Marketing Partnerships.

    The second business (idea) I’ve just started testing the water with via facebook (check it out was instigated by a burning desire to help the average consumer make wiser purchase decisions when voting with their consumer dollar – overcoming some of the less ethical practices of businesses who use clever marketing to manipulate consumers into supporting things they probably wouldn’t support if they knew the realities. This one really inspires me (and uses my experience in loyalty and partnership marketing)!

  124. Absolutely cute! I love it!! I was smiling throughout the entire video!


  125. omg that homage video was off the hook! had me cheesing the whole way through! you girls looked so smokin hot!!

    ok and as for why I started my biz – Closet Candy… because I wanna help ladies realize their full potential and help them look good while doing it. Everyone can look and dress like a celebrity without spending a million bux on it. We all have the potential to look hot because really it’s all about our attitudes and our inner confidence! Fashion is so accessible now it’s all about just having that “I’m going to ROCK this attitude”.

    As always, I absolutely LOVE your work!! Thanks ladies 🙂

  126. steph

    Hi Marie!

    Love your stuff and really want to sign up for b-school, but I’m tight on cash. I actually sent you a message asking you if you guys will offer it again in the near future.
    I have a question for you. I’ve been thinking about the answer to this question non-stop and dreaming about it, waking up thinking “I’ve got it!” to find out that I don’t have it. Total bummer! Anyway, I feel like I’m near the edge of my online business right now meaning I’m ready to jump off the cliff and take flight, but I’m walking very very slowly towards the edge. After 200 bucks here for a crumby website, 900 bucks there for a marketer, 600 on the stupid LLC license…and I’m still at square one with all my ideas and nothing to show.
    I see lots of peeps out there with a blog + products and they’re very successful like yourself. However, I’m wanting to write great content + blog + products. Is this a good move? Is it too much info, too distracting?
    I would love love love some feedback! Thanks so much!

    • steph

      So, I DID sign up for b-school and ended up getting the moolah together!! Just like Laura said in one of the videos. Yay! I love watching that music video, you are such a STAR. You should do a reality show, I would TOTALLY watch it! haha

  127. Love you and Laura. Great vid!! Thanks for being so superduperfantastical!!

  128. My Why:

    I have a papercrafting site and I realize there is already sooooo much out there on this topic between scrapbooking and all of the sidekicks thereof. I love beautiful paper and I love designing cards. My talent and passion lie primarily in creating artwork. And I love beautiful things. I have not really seen a truly inspirational site dedicated to the aspect of papercrafting that I would like to focus on and would like to have my site, at this stage mostly infopreneurial, have really good video how-to’s, lots more pages of text on how-to’s, lots of inspiration, and have the site be professional looking, full of good content, instruction, have a good, clean creative esthetic, and easily navigable.
    I love the beautiful presentation on, and have seen many talented crafters there, which I love, as they are an inspiration.
    I agree with you, Marie, not good enough to just wanna make beaucoup bucks, or escape…who would have the wherewithal, with those motives, to pursue it in the long term to build up the business?


    • Elizabeth, I agree that the market is crowded and I wonder if I have anything new to offer in the paper arts. *I* think I do, but I want it to have sustainability and not just be the “new trick”.
      On to B-School….

  129. I have enjoyed your videos. I look forward to more. I am excited to see how you have come along with your video tips.

  130. LOVE This! I’m new here & in the beginning stages of building a lifestyle biz for myself. My reason why: I can help people throw out all the clutter in their homes & lives to live simply and happily! I will “save the world” by doing this 😉
    check out my blog:

  131. Great question…

    Why do I do what I do? To help women not go through the same mistakes I did!! To help them love their sensitivities and believe in their strength.

    Because I believe they need to hear it from someone who’s been through what they’ve been through. Someone who knows what it’s like.


  132. My why… To use my gift of artistic talents and interest in digital design (and my up and coming Speech Language Pathology Master’s Degree) to create and sell interactive online Speech Therapy Programs of various price ranges for professionals and institutions and parents of children with various speech related disorders and handicaps… As well as my personal art and designs too! How’s that?!?!

  133. omg you guys are so freaking funny. thanks for the laugh. awesome. i loved it. xo, kerry

  134. Thanks for asking the question! I’m a dating coach and I started my business because I truly believe that no matter how happy people are in other areas of their life, if their love life isnt satisfying then they aren’t fully satisfied. I deeply want everyone to be as happy as they can possibly be.

  135. I think the more we all can connect to our real reasons of WHY we do, think, and act upon anything, the more we are able to really connect with who we are. We get the chance to create who and what we are….the why is the reason we do it.

  136. Brad

    You made me dig deeper on why I want my own business with this video because off the top you listed the 2 reasons I was thinking of.

    But truely I can say that I have not seen anyone with my idea, which in simplest terms is to revive the old carousels (take one out to) events. This includes hand carving the figures instead of slapping 2×6’s together and pinning leather ears on them. The figures I’ve already carved have proven to be a magnet for young kids and many older adults seem to drool over the idea of riding an old fashioned carousel again.

    Thank you for your blogs and videos. I always enjoy a gentle nudge to keep going, especially when things get tough as they are right now.


  137. I wanted to help women balance their already hectic lives and help to give themselves as much attention as they give their jobs, kids, husbands, boyfriends, parents and passions. I want to help every woman feel more confident and better about herself on a consistent basis and to assist in closing the gap between successful women and women who are facing hardening life circumstances.

    Closet Collection Int’l is the way I will achieve this goal!

  138. I want to accelerate the creation of Zero Carbon Buildings because it seems outrageous to me that 30% of the CO2 emmissions in the world come from buildings, the technology exists to remove them all together and we are not doing enough about it! Who wants to join me in this effort?
    Thanks Marie.Your inspiration is critical to me.Love to all this

  139. It’s my mission to heal people and work with people to help heal their wounds
    And show them tools to heal themselves and be their happier selves
    Combining psychology skills w/ alternative healing.

    The difference I want to make in the world is healing and bringing people back to self esteem and confidence and happiness and connectedness so they can be happy with themselves, and have their spirits awoken and connect to something more so they can give back and bring peace, joy, compassion+ unity to the world.
    Heal all the pains of the spirit, of the mind, of the world

    soon to launch stay tuned by signing up for free newsletter+Get Free meditation 🙂

  140. My passion is to help women heal from their emotional eating disorders, to uncover the truth about the food industry and therby set women free to claim their power and their choices for their lives.

    The lies of the food industry, the damage that has been done to the health of our country and the media & cultural images that have created self-hate among women are my 3 passions.

  141. When I first went into business my “why” was different than it is now.
    Before I knew what it would be like, I went into business because I loved old houses, love fabric, design, furniture, architectural details, and hated working nights. I also went into business because I met a wonderful man who had been self employed for years in custom furniture and I felt secure being “under his wing” so to speak.
    NOW, after I have been in business for a while, I’ve made my own place in it, where my own talents come alive. My reasons are different. I get such a bang out of serving people successfully — especially pleasing the sox off the high end client who owns only the best and who is much more particular about a project’s outcome. Thanks for this question, love all that you do.

  142. Marie,

    I’ve been loving your videos and thank you for sharing the wisdom so generously!

    The reason that I started my photography business is to share and/or bring beauty in this world through my portrait and fine art photography.

    We all go through our lives in this world once (whether we come back and in what way is a different subject), to help people live it and appreciate to the fullest is my mission.

  143. δονητές

    Amazing blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

  144. The main reason that I want to start my business is to make a positive impact in the world by mitigating climate change and generating and using electricity in an smarter way, so there are less CO2 emissions and it can even have a positive energy in the developing countries that suffer from energy poverty.
    I know that my awesome networking and matchmaking skills could help by putting together the sustainable archtects, builders and providers of renewable energies that are passionate about efficent, sustainable buildings in contact. I will gather a tribe that is jlinked by an INTENT to change the world.Together we will change the way buildings use energy today (totally infefficently).There are 100 million buildings in the US alone, so this is only the beginning!! My first “match” is a company of sustainable architecture in Malaga Spain, and some friends builders in Sydney.Together they will bring more sustainable buildings to Australia than ever before.I am sooo excited!!!

  145. I started my business because I want to build something I’m PROUD of, something BIGGER than myself, and something that will TRANSFORM the lives of thousands of people by teaching them a new language. Knowledge + application is everything!

    Thanks for the video, it’s awesome!

  146. Sonia

    I want to help people to have the relationship of their lives. Not there yet since I’m struggling on the creating content part.

  147. My why:
    Design and build a special piece of furniture for someone who wants a specific look and function, and who cannot find that on the market. They want the piece to be perfect for the place they live in now, but also to be an heirloom to last a long time and get passed down the family line.

  148. I started my business as a way to help people heal and transform their lives. My vision is to help people go from being at the hump to get passed the hump and move forward, restoring their lives!

  149. Thank you for all that you do! I absolutely love your videos and wonderful business tips!

  150. I struggle often, as a personal wardrobe stylist, that my profession isn’t profoundly making a difference in this world, that it is too frivolous. Then-it hit me the other day, when speaking with a very business savy (multi-millionaire) woman; she struggles with self image and self love. She has a hard time accepting compliments about her looks (and for the record, she looks hot and has 5 kids.)

    I got present that my gift, is offering confidence and really allowing women to accept/be with compliments. To feel and OWN their own “it.” that having self love is fabulous and not selfish! Really-be with those compliments and say thank you! (versus.. Oh well, umm, “). Offering fun, play and ease in this sometimes serious world of “fashion.”

    I truly, truly believe every human being deserves to feel their absolute best self and confidence is a major component in life. When I see a woman transform and see herself in a new way-there is no other feeling and it’s exactly WHY I began my career as a stylist.

    You rock as usual!

  151. As someone who does in home sales presentations…I never quite realized the personal danger I could be in. I visited a home that had been broken into the previous week…my potential looked at me and told me that if anyone saw my necklace…they would rip it off my neck…what??

    I knew then that there were so many people like me going into homes unprepared. From that experience I created Now I help prepare people with non-lethal self defense items to keep them safe where ever they go!!!

  152. I started my business because I love to coach! I love to see people have their aha moments and achieve their dreams! I have a lot of experience and it makes me happy to see it help someone else.


  153. hanzy florentino

    you’re so amazing marie ..
    thanks for the inspiring article .I absolutely love your videos 🙂

    god bless you 🙂

  154. I started my business because I love to help people be healthy and live better. I’ve been very overweight twice in my life and I know exactly how it feels to be trapped in your body and feel like you just want to hide, or that you can’t do what you want to do. I also know what it takes to get healthy–it’s not a quick and easy path. It takes commitment and it takes work. And it takes doing the right things that are going to get you to your goal without wasting your time or setting you back. And that’s my purpose…I’m there to guide and support people in achieving their best bodies and their best selves.

  155. HI Marie,
    I just ‘discovered’ you recently and have been so enjoying your videos. You are wonderful.
    I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for my whole professional life. So far, it’s had three ‘turns’ and I may be considering turning again (though don’t have a clue about where I’d turn to). In brief, I started in Fine Arts, drawing, painting, showing – then graphic design/illustration – and for the past 14 years web design.
    At the moment the why is unclear, which of course doesn’t feel good. Initially, it was another way to make art and communicate, and a way to teach people who (like me) didn’t grow up with computers how to think about their website, etc.
    That’s my story. I’m sticking to it, and either need to change tack or try some of green juice!

  156. I started my health & fitness business because I wanted to led a healthier life and help other women overcome the demons that have held them back in the past (including my mom).
    I KNOW this is the right business for me because I would do it whether I made a single cent or not

  157. I started my business because I believe that most people do not understand or get how to care for themselves so that they reach their hightest potential. A super healthy diet, the right amount and kind of exercise, adequate sleep and a lot of stress management can turn your life around and take you to a high level of wellness, clarity and happiness.

  158. Elloa

    Hey Marie,
    I am loving everything about you and your site right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Something has been bubbling away under the surface for years – the realisation that I want to run my own business. And looking within, there are a lot of reasons why. I want to make the biggest, most positive impact I possibly can and am realising that my own business will provide the kind of scope I am looking for. I have such a huge heart and have been on a transformational journey over the last ten years that have brought me to this point – of realising that I am amazing, and that I am here to make a huge difference in the world and that it doesn’t fit into a nice neat little job description.
    I have two or three ideas that I think have a shedload of mileage in them. Ultimately, with each idea, I want to start my business because I want to provide people with an opportunity to meet themselves, get to know who they really are and step into their full potential.

  159. Wanda Fanning

    I believe in me and starting a buisness with my talents would be a gift to God’s world, and those who live in it.

  160. What’s my why for starting my business? Well simply it’s to help women and particularly those who are single parents earn an income whilst being there to raise their children. I want to inspire them, and to teach them how they can get started, and then grow and manage their businesses. I’m really excited about this as I think you’ve just given me total clarity on this. i feel I’ve now gone full circle to where I was last July when I had the idea. Somehow it feels more solid now. Thank you Marie, and for being so straight talking and entertaining! Love your fun style!

  161. Im starting this business because I want to eventually have my own salon, but I don’t have the money to open one yet. I have decided that I can start my business by becoming a mobile hair cutting service. This way I can build a clientele and provide a service for people that are home bound and are unable to leave their homes for “just a haircut”.

  162. I run two separate and “unrelated” businesses.

    My first – Faith Works (an eclectic boutique) I started because I love creating the work I do and I want others to have the joy in handmade, and value what they buy more. Putting the humanity and heart into what you own with awareness!

    My second PhoenixFlame Healing Center (self-explanatory) my goal is to bring self-awareness and responsibility to people when it comes to their health. I have had so many people ask me medical questions (having worked in mainstream healthcare for a decade now) and to me I see it all boiling down to a lacking relationship between patient and provider and needed information not being out there.

    • So true! What you said… It can be rewritten to resound universally across professions and businesses like so: “poor buyer/seller [client/provider] relationships.” That really is what it boils down to like you said.

      And Marie is always trying to drive this bullet home in all of us.

      First impressions, irresistibly, authenticity, desire to give more than you receive… It’s all related to that needed information that you mention that people seek.

      And Well done in your business passion realities!!

      • I think another problem people have is that they work to work and not enough emphasis is put on following one’s passions. When I started my businesses it really was for a more “selfish” reason. I wanted to do what I loved, something that mattered to me. But in trying to be true to myself I have managed to find a way to help others, with awareness and purpose, by setting a good example, and just by sharing my own personal joy with all that I can.

        • Maybe that’s automatic resolution of finding your passion, and not selfish, Laney? I don’t think it is selfish, at least.

          So happy for you that you found your passions. I have found mine. It is definite relief in finding it (or them)! I pray and hope that other people find theirs and they don’t “work to work” each day, as you said. That I did for 4 years, and while it didn’t take me long to quit that job and work on my own businesses and find little side jobs (that I want to just learn to know and have fun earning extra money and helping other businesses too); I don’t want to think about people working a job they can’t stand to do for 25, 35 years. Then, retire and THEN realize their passions.

          That to me, would be a more tragic ending to the story of their life than say “Romeo and Juliet” at least they found A Passion in each other before “retiring.”

          [By the way,, this knittin’ kitten is adorable! I like your little knitted critters! ]

          • Lol Roseanne, thanks! I suffered a bit of a severe name change when I went to re-brand so I updated everything (much to my chagrin about older posts)! I love that lil guy too! It was a gift for a friend who loves cats and when I saw it I knew I had to make her one!

            I’ve been continuing to deliberate on this matter more and more too.

            The “problem” I’m trying to solve is moving towards a deeper level of awareness with the energy we bring into our space. And even better that message applies to ALL of my work! I’m all *_* (starry-eyed) just thinking about it. Not only do we want our purchases to be authentic to our needs and desires, but also how we decorate and the things we come into contact with everyday but often don’t think about. I help solve that by putting Heart into everything I make, making it from a soul-centered and sacred space, and cleansing & blessing it before I send it off to You (whoever you are).

  163. I LOOOVE what I am leaning from you, Marie!
    This video relly got me to the piont of thinking about the “Why?” question.
    Some of my reasons were not the best ones, I must admit, and when I really consider this very important question, some of the others (such as wich one of my endeavours do I pick to concentrate on?) seem to get the answer
    I could not help myself but to share this on my blog;

  164. I am actually tethering between two businesses, trying to find ways to make them one. For one I can definitely answer the why – a place for under represented artist to exhibit and gain exposure in the global arts market. For the other, I am still working out the why. I mostly created it – a travel planning service – because I was tired of people telling me they couldn’t travel for all kinds of reasons (money, family, etc.) and I knew that was a farce. So I suppose they both make a difference, but I really need to merge them somehow. Hence, my reason for enrolling in B-School!

    • Maybe you could just do them separately. Many people have several interrelated businesses like writer/consultant for writers; artist/designer; graphics/web design; etc… But there are a few non-niched business owners (Marie is one!) who have various revenue avenues with little to connect them together, aside from their passion in them, of course.

      • Thanks for your input Roseanne! I have actually widdled this down from a long list and these two are the things I am most passionate about — art & travel!

        I’ll use B-School as a tool to work on both. Thanks again. Really value your input!

        • Of course, and don’t think of them as two separate entities. They both make you thrive, spiritually and business-ly. So do it up together!

          That’s what I’m doing. I am working on a “Resume” business card with my multi-passions on it and general contact information. That way I don’t have to always carry around all my little businesses’ cards separately. 🙂

  165. Rip Phelan

    Why? When I stop thinking about the means (money, escape, etc.) and focus on how I want to contribute, it’s clear – I want to help musicians become better business minded so they can pursue their art as a profession. So many of us spend decades studying our instrument (24 years for me) but hardly any time on how to make a living.

    I want to take what I’ve learned in sales and management and apply to my music and help others do the same. The stigma musicians have is no longer tolerable. In India, the drummers are revered as much as a doctor. They both spend an incredible amount of time on their craft and are equally respected.

    It’s time to change perceptions.

    Thanks for being an inspiration. Love the sass – and the gangster diaper company.

  166. Hi Marie,
    I dreamed at LoraDesigns since I was a child…I was sewing brides dresses on my dolls :)))))…. so, my first and main reason of my small “business” (as is not really a business yet… just small profits :))))) ) … I repeat, my first and main reason is… BECAUSE I LIKE IT! I LOVE IT! I WOULD DO THIS EVERY DAY AND NIGHT IF I COULD! 🙂

    Thank you so much, sometimes we need somebody to remember this! 🙂

  167. My business is moving to plant based food coaching & producing for health and wellness. I love this food and I want others to love it too and to feel the amazing benefits both physically and spiritually (in a non hippy kind of way ;0))

    • Hey Sally-Anne – LOVE this! plant-based and natural foods are the only way to go. Most people need this coaching and education; they just don’t know how to live like this and need the guidance.
      Good Luck with your biz!

  168. I want to help alleviate the obesity epidemic and therefore our country’s debt crisis by counseling others on how to live a happy & healthy life using nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation.


  169. I am starting my business, or actually finally taking my business seriously, because I want the freedom it affords me to be a great mom, to exercise my creativity and gifts and to help others who love what they do, do it better. I have been avoiding the opportunity to start my own business for years, until now.

  170. Pam

    I started my business as a Health Coach because I love helping people get healthy, happier, and feeling great! I love sharing recipes, exercise, and life strategies of how to be healthy for individuals. I believe in the power of bio-individuality and what works for one person may not work for another. Considering all aspects around an individual we can build a healthier lifestyle together that is sustainable, flexible, and most importantly – fun!

    • Pam I love your holistic approach (especially since I’m trying to do that myself) and I adore the term “bio-individuality”! Kudos to you and your dream!

      • Pam

        Thank you Laney! All the best to you as well 🙂

  171. Lara Degenhardt

    People don’t realize how much their living environment affects their life…their sense of well being, emotions, energy, their overall inner state of being. For some reason I’ve always understood this innately and it’s what I want to bring into peoples lives. I am an organizer, artist, interior designer and coach. I want to help them clear out the clutter, figure out what is truly important to them (not society), and to learn to express themselves through their home. I want my client’s homes to support them to the very core. When you’re home is in harmony with your heart, it’s the best feeling in the world.

  172. Adrien Plavsic

    Absolutely! Once you dive a little deeper, one realizes that only by making an impact in peoples live do you get true satisfaction! I see many athletes and former teammates struggle after their sport careers are over. It is something i experienced also! I feel i have a gift in making people realize that life can be so much more if we put our soul into what we choose to accomplish and i want to communicate this message to athletes but also people who want more out of their lives. What you do is great! Thxs

  173. I love both of your videos on this page Marie!! Thank you!

    My WHY for my business is that I started Prosperity Goddess Coaching & Workshops to empower women in their relationship to money so they can be on top of their finances, feel confident when it comes money, and have a delicious and sexy relationship with money.

  174. My business exists because I am personally committed to peace on earth. I know that sound pretty huge, but really I am.

    I am passionate and committed to people who want to live their passion and live it with purpose. I believe when people live their passion with purpose many social ills are resolved because people are happy, fulfilled and doing what they were meant to do for each other. See, peace. 🙂

    And for these people, managing their money with stellar habits and having an excellent relationship to money just isn’t optional. So I have create a program called the Financial Cleanse that helps people earn, save and grow their money effectively and develop an amazing relationship to money.

    This was a great video and the Ted Talk by Simon was sooo great. Thank you Marie!

  175. Hi Marie,

    Awesome videos!
    I started my photocreators website, because I struggled when I wanted to become a photographer, so I just thinking if somebody out there need some guidance and help to make less mistakes while building their studio and photography business.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!


  176. Jessica

    I loved those videos. So amazing. And this is my first comment ever!

    I’m starting my business because I want the world to know that vegan food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. You can eat a cupcake and help save the environment. Pretty sweet trade off if you ask me. Pun intended.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and education, Marie!

  177. I loved those video ! So awesome !

    Thanks for all the sharing and inspiration, Marie !

  178. I’m starting my business to encourage humans and dogs to move and get exercise, help our environment, and be location-independent/have a flexible schedule so that I can do my best raising my (special needs) kids to be successful, independent adults by being able to spend time with them and doing things with/for them when needed.

  179. Ok and my WHY:

    Because Ive been FAT, UNFIT, full of SELF-HATE and kept myself separate from the world because of my self-consciousness. I LOVE food, HATE being hungry and have found a FUN, FULFILLING and totally sustainable way! 🙂 NO dieting, deprivation, pills, potions, rules and rigor! Just FUN all the way!

    I have founded my business upon these principles and I do amazing one on one work with incredible ladies, however I wish to EXPAND this worldwide so that ANYONE anywhere can benefit from this totally fun and fulfilling way. I am also passionate about helping young teens through their journey and helping them to find a healthy lifestyle that truly supports them to be their best- internally, externally, every way! 🙂

    So I guess my second why is to have a GLOBAL impact 🙂

    Yay! Let’s get it happening shall we? 🙂


  180. Cyd

    My business exists because I don’t believe in “Starving Artists” and I hope my services will help change that term to “Thriving Artists”.

    Thanks Marie! You’re incredible…

    oh and we appreciate you finding all these cool bonuses and resources for us! keep em comin’

  181. Pearl Klein

    I want to help women express what really matters about what they do and stop apologizing for their brilliance.

  182. This video is SO fun! Love watching them when I’m taking a break from B-School!

  183. My why for my business (re-U) is because I believe everywomen desires and deserves to live in a home she loves. No matter what her budget or style. AND that if we can learn to use and be happy with what we have instead of consuming to try to bring happiness it will make a HUGE difference in our lives and in the world around us!

  184. I started my communications company to help businesses thrive and be the very best they can be. I believe I offer my clients services that help them communicate their message effectively. Communication is everything and if you don’t have a clear message then it’s hard to win clients/customers/members.

  185. Stan Hamm

    Well put together!

    Both: The Video and the Performer too!



  186. That made my night! You got all around talent Woman!!! Good Stuff!!!

    WHY: I’m a natural born animal luveh! And I want to make a much greater impact than helping a limited few in my physical reach. I don’t want charity but instead to grasp… no, get a super-duper tight hold on using consumer power to make a remarkable impact, where one day we can all say that “We are a No-Kill Nation! … n’ proud ovit!”

  187. Summer

    It’s all about Tandem, GRANDE Victories! We are in the business of growing others’ businesses, via bespoke strategies that take the guesswork out of marketing and establish advertising formulas for success. It breaks my heart to see a business close its doors, sell off everything including its light fixtures and to see papered windows where sacrifice and passion once took-up shoppe. I can empathize with the sunken feeling that business owner must have felt when their hopes and dreams were replaced with feelings of debt, doubt and seemingly-confirmed failure. Everyone has a right to wield their passions and God given talent into how they serve up their WOWOW FACTOR to the world everyday. I want to reach my wowow factor by helping others to reach theirs. I found a way to turn my nerdy-over thinking, O.C.D tendencies into STRATEGY and my background of problem solving into identifying affordable and do-able workarounds to common obstacles that threaten to keep business owners stuck in a rut. If you’re aren’t growing, you’re dying. I want to rest my head at night KNOWING I contribute to the dreams and aspirations of others. I am what I call a “lamplighter.” Thank you, Marie, for giving us all the platform to share our “WHY’S. If anything, it has helped me reconnect with my WHY. : )

  188. I do resonate with all the wonderful women commented here, but iam still in process for achieving what I wanted to achieve from my business, iam visual designer, website consultant and social media design creation. My expertise lies in WordPress based website and I opened up my business an year back. I have in my 12 years of career span created some 250 website, including ecommerce and all other stuff, during the process of my career in job I realized I can offer more than just website, I can strategize for them, to work well for them, I remember my boss comments, I can teach anyone software but I can’t teach the uniqueness and creative sting one posed, this was for me:), my boss was happy with my skills and wanted me to venture into advertising media with him, which I eventually did nd generated revenue for him.

    For me website is just not software, I had to understand the business, I have to be. Their shoes or wear their cap to customize solutions for them, it is so Kuching high for me, iam so thankful to all the client that gave me opportunity and iam proud to say they all are with me till date, I always update them with new thongs in this website media and what I feel could help their business, they value all that so much. I don’t see my work end,once website is done, I keep in touch with my client for more updates and sharing of knowledge with them.

    This was the reason for me to get into business and iam bald that iam moving on, but still I want to reach that far of audience and help them make mind shift in thinking online presence for their business.

    Hope to reach more business owner and make the difference in their online presence. Understanding their business is key for me connecting with them:) and I love what I do.


  189. Helen De Nobrega

    Why? Best question ever. I’m a survivor. I’ve found effortless, reasonably priced and sensible ways to better my life. I’m happy, healthy, love my life and I want that for everyone who wants it – Peace of mind, contentment, fulfilment, and overcoming emotional and mental blocks to all that good stuff. I’m sooooo passionate about it, I’m bursting at the seams. I can do this, and I can help relieve so much self-perpetuated suffering. I finally found the most effective tools after 25 years of searching. That’s what I got, and I’m taking it out to the world.

  190. WHY? To inspire all women to be the woman they wish to be.. In the past I have had my dreams & wishes knocked down too many times to count, got back up and made my wishes not only come true but fly! now’s the time to give back boo-yeah!

  191. Wandadorff

    I want to help women realise that there are thousands of opportunities for health wealth and happiness beyond what they perceive to be the top end of the scale.

  192. loved reading all of the comments.
    great video.
    always dreamed of starting my own business.
    still have some work to do as i get clear on my intentions.

    thank you for the reminder! <3

  193. Olga

    Oh my gosh…I think I have the wrong answers to why do I want to start a bussiness….But thinking twice, i think a can make a contribution teaching Spanish to English speaker people out there in the world, I am Spanish from Spain (Barcelona) and I love teaching English here so I think a can be a good teacher of Spanish, I always feel a bit insecure because I tend to compare my self with native English teacher and think that I am never going to mesure up cause English is not my languange, eventhough I love it!…and that’s why I love to teach it….but you know, there are always going to be words and expresions that I don’t know so I feel as I said a bit insecure sometimes, not all of the times, but sometimes……So I thought, ok, why don’t I teach Spanish to English people??….I know English so I can communicate well with them and love to teach so, I think I can make a contribution to this teaching languages world……I am going to apply a language teaching method that works very well here in Spain with English language and I am just going to flip-flop it and do the same all the way around and see if it works backwards…….
    Since it is a proven good result method teaching English to Spanish, I think it can works the other way around….What do you think Marie??…..Do you think I can be successful?…By the way the bussiness is teaching Spanish on-line with that method..
    And by the way….I love you page!!…..It is very insparing and helps me a lot to clear all the doubts and fears I have when thinking about starting my own internet bussiness……I would be thrilled if you answer to this entry…..And by the way again….¿tu debes hablar español, no?


  194. I started my business called Into Life Inc. because for many years I wasn’t into living. In fact I was barely living, it was more like surviving my life. As I found my way out of a life I did not want, I realized that there had to be a way to move through the healing process is a much more supportive manner, using tools that were effective, and doing it in a time frame that took a lot less time than it took me to feel better.
    I realized that my experience was my education and I took that education and put together a business that would help other women and children heal from cumulative trauma in 1/10th of the time that it took me.
    That’s my why! To help others heal with all of the support, tools, and healing modalities that I wished I had when I was going through my own personal work to heal. I can see now that I was carving that path as I was healing. I asked for all of the things that we are providing at the Trauma Resource Collective, but at the time no one really knew how to pull those tools together in an effective manner. So I found myself a group of women and we are doing just that. We are putting together all of the things that work to help unthaw that frozen mid brain and get people moving forward in their lives. We are making what may seem impossible possible, and that is truly healing and then empowering these women to pay it forward and put that healing to good use in bringing their gift to the world to make a difference too. Pretty exciting!

  195. Shanna Hasert

    Hello my name is Shanna and my partner and I are starting our own business to work with youth in the inner city. We hold Empowerement groups for girls between the ages of 13 to 18 yrs. We have an interactive way we have created to keep youth interested and we hope to change and empower our youth to achieve their highest potential in their lives this is a passion of our’s I wish I had something like this when I was younger. We have found what we are doing that there really wasn’t to much out there.

  196. Yarmila Bruyevicz

    Start business is a good idea, but you need money to invest and when you don’t have it, then what ?

  197. I wanna start a bussines..but I don’t have any ideea? you can help me ?
    And when I want to start it, I do it for me, for my single life, for my dreams , for my mind, because with your mind and your heart you can do everything. I will wait to answer me ! Kiss

  198. Like as I said before, I have idea, but no money !

  199. valerie longstaff

    i am starting a children’s entertaining business because i want to sing and perform and encourage children to make kind and healthy decisions….in the process we will have a blast ! Celebrate our cultural differences and see how similar we all are …be embassadors of kindness ! Dance !

  200. I really dig that video. You are really hilarous.

    I enjoy your advice.

    Michael Ellsberg was right about you.

    I can’t wait to see what you have next.

  201. I want to provide medical writing assistance to healthcare professionals and medical research & development organizations; this is how I want to contribute to society’s wellness revolution. I shape complex information into valuable content!

  202. I want to provide medical writing assistance to healthcare professionals and medical research & development organizations; this is how I want to contribute to society’s wellness revolution.

  203. I love to travel and I have figured out a way to make it a big part of my without quitting my job, selling all of my stuff, backpacking around the world and living in hostels. While there’s nothing wrong with any of that, I want to teach people the many ways to incorporate some or more international in their lives without sacrificing comfort or abandoning everything.

  204. Wholly Smokes!!! Marie, you are a class act 🙂 Better than Lady Gaga 🙂 And I”m completely in love (pssst! don’t tell my wife — well, on the other hand, you can tell her, as I did not mention who I’m in love with – maybe it’s her 🙂 )

    Ok, now le’ me go watch the business videos too 🙂

  205. Wow, great video and so true.
    I had a internal battle for some time over exactly what by business plan was, what market to serve and how to approach it.
    I ended up going in to many different directions and found myself doing “tasks” for money instead of building a brand and reputation.
    I also learned that it’s not how much traffic you drive to your business but having a true value offering that is hard to resist.
    I settled on one business model that I enjoy and am good at and it changed everything for me.

  206. I spent a long time trying to work out what my purpose was. I knew I wanted to help others but wasn’t quite sure how. I tried a few things… ran some workshops, tried different forms of healing, wrote meditations, put together Think Beautiful… nothing was really lighting my fire. Eventually I figured out my purpose is to fill my life with good times and love… and let that ripple out into the vast expanses of the Universe. Eventually, once I stopped trying to hunt down my ideal life, it started to come to me.

    And now, I’m in the process of launching The Office Collective. Why? Well, because I’ve worked from home for the past 7 years. There has been some really lonely times, including an encounter with depression. So, I started to speak about my experience working from home and discovered I certainly wasn’t alone. Distraction and loneliness were a common theme. So I decided to create a community of business people who work alongside each other in a fun, friendly, supportive, encouraging environment. Yay! So EXCITED!

  207. I am in the midst of starting my non- profit to Provide funding for veterinary care for sick and injured stray animals and pets whose owners have financial constraints . As an emergency veterinarian I have seen many animals euthanized due to lack of finances and decided I couldn’t stand for it anymore.

  208. Tiia Lin

    Why did I start my business?
    I have passion for fashion, beauty, decor and design. I want to help people express themselves, that can buying a finished item from me or learning from my new-ish YouTube channel.

  209. I want to start my business so people can live the full abundant life God has planned for them.

  210. I’m creating this business because there are so many awesome people out there that have unique architectural elements to sell and I believe there should be a platform where you can find them all in one place! I want to create a community where folks can share ideas about their creativity and inspire us to be distinctive! I have a love & passion for people in general – I know everyone has a story and I feel that should be reflected in their personal space!

    We’re just beginning and Marie I so appreciate your energy… you truly help motivate me – especially on days when its easy to feel alone as an independent entrepreneur! Thank you!

  211. I started sharing my creations because I wanted others to understand the importance of knowing what ingredients are in their products, having the ability to take part in the process and allow all natural and organic creations to be uniquely crafted for each persons body type, personality and issues they may be experiencing.

  212. I’m becoming a Health and Wellness Coach because in 25 years of hairstyling and in my own personal-growth work I’ve seen first-hand the powerful transformation that comes when someone is really listened to. I want to help people create healthier and happier lives for themselves.

  213. Meg

    I love this, Marie. I have decided to get certified in parent coaching and then begin my own practice. When I try to think about why I have chosen this, I feel that ‘it’ has chosen me. Throughout teaching and nannying, and just being part of everyday life, I have seen the need for parents to learn better ways to interact with their children, creating more love and care in their families. So this path just seems right and it feels very congruent with my purpose and passion. I love talking about parenting! Yet, there is a part of me that is also saying, wow I may make some money doing this. And I may. But I don’t want that influence my decision at all. Something for me to consider…


  214. Congrats on the seriously awesome filming and editing crew you have!

  215. I started my business for fun, because I loved picking stones, and because it seemed like an adventure to me. I am quite passionate about it, even after 8 years. I feel like the stones have a string attached to my heart, and it’s pulling me forwards.

  216. I started my business so that I could help people through my gift of intuitive, heart-centered bodywork. My specialized training is in Visionary Craniosacral therapy, and I have seen some amazing results with my clients. Yesterday I was even told by a client that someone in a local restaurant was talking about my work! I currently work 7 days a week, at 2 jobs, so I am hoping to bring that into a more reasonable balance.

  217. Marie,
    I’m working to start my business as a Salon Coach because I think there’s a big disconnect between coaches that work only with owners and what I could offer by relating to their teams as well. It’s really been a struggle putting the website together and trying to make a leap from my J.O.B to devote enough time to marketing. I have created great training programs, I love my idea, I know I will be a success. I watch your videos for ideas and encouragement. THANK YOU!!

  218. My business is focused around empowering people to take charge of their health through the power of food. Love you Marie…

  219. I am having my new business launch party at my home this coming Sunday, October 28, 2012 in Atlanta, GA!
    I hold a level I Reiki certification, a Yoga 101 certification, have performed nationally in burlesque shows, and am a high school music teacher, holding a Masters in Music Education.
    I am a “big girl”- when people hear I teach yoga, or come see me perform burlesque (and observe the response these performances garner), they often wonder how I find the nerve to do these things in my body. The answer is simple: Doing yoga makes me feel good and limber, and doing burlesque makes me feel sexy! Combining the two aides me in mental, spiritual and emotional health, allowing for my “3-legged stool” to remain balanced!
    I am beginning this business to help women of all sizes feel great in their bodies, and to find fun ways to keep themselves moving and stretching that do not result in frustration and shame. Energy healing is the foundation of this practice, and it has saved my life- I want to share it!

  220. Every weekend i used to pay a quick visit this web page, because
    i wish for enjoyment, as this this site conations actually
    good funny stuff too.

  221. Your videos are so inspirational, love them!
    I started an online ladies fashion boutique because:
    1)it gives me flexibility in my schedule
    2)fashion is my love and i enjoy buying trips
    3)I get bored working for people and I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with being my own boss.

    I am now planning to open a physical boutique to expand the business. Wish me luck!

  222. Fashion, wearing nice clothing and dressing up friends are my passion. Prints are now being used in American fashion and I am coming from the part of the world with a long time experience in prints. We have the most beautiful prints and my dream has been always combining the prints from my country and Western fabrics. As American market is opening more and more to printed outfits I can no longer escape my dream. I need to make my dream a reality. No more excuses. Things are lined up. I see printed outfits here and I know the prints from my hometown will rock here as they are great prints. I also want to see more mainstream people to were nice thing at affordable pricing. You can wear jean ans still look stylish depend on what you pair up with the jean. I just need to go for it. No more fear of failure. How would I know if I am not going to succeed if I do not try first.
    My why to start selling my own clothing line because I can offer clothing with better and nicer prints than I see now in the market and mostly I want to dress up the mainstream people without them breaking their bank account. I have some samples of the clothing, I am going to take pictures and will be posting them on my Facebook page for starter while working on my website. I will be selling the clothing online, and at local shows.
    Anyone interested to sell my stuffs is more than welcomed. I will eventually open a physical boutique down the line.

  223. I like to speak it as if it’s already happened 🙂

    I am so happy, excited and grateful that I am able to greatly contribute to and inspire my family, friends, and millions around the world to make positive changes, heal their lives, and live a long life overflowing with happiness, great health, prosperity, gratitude, compassion and kindness so they can fulfill their purpose by being authentic and living their passions. My impact on the world is so awesome and powerful, it will continue it’s positive effect for many generations to come. I am honored and privileged to have such a great mission in this lifetime.

  224. Hi Marie,

    Found your site recently and loving it! Thank you for being so inspiring and sharing your gifts with us.

    My “why” for starting my own company is the passion I have for helping people live their great adventure! I believe that wellness encompasses many areas from exercise to finances. I understand how powerful knowledge is if you choose to use it. As the volunteer Wellness Coordinator at my previous job I realized the benefits offered by the company such as chiropractic care, were often not used due to misconceptions about certain health care practitioners or a perceived lack of time and I became determined to bust those myths wide open! I invited practitioners within walking distance to the office to provide what I called “BYOLandL” sessions (Bring Your Own Lunch and Learn) for those who wanted to attend while on break. I found that after a few of these sessions people started to understand what was available to them and how accessible these services really were. Now going to see the chiropractor down the street on their lunch was quick, enjoyable and they still had time to relax and eat before returning to work. Boo-yah!

    Super excited about the future! Working on an amazing project with an old friend that I’ve reconnected with and starting my own company. You were right, get the “why” right and everything else will take care of itself!

    Cheers, M

  225. Luz Blanca

    To express the unexpressed stories in Latin America and give a voice to those who haven’t had a voice before.

  226. Karen

    Marie, love the Tuesday question and answer. You are so right that you must be passionate about whatever business you start. Even in our career/job working and being with others we must find the passion in that job. It starts where ever we are. We can make a difference one person at a time. Start looking for a way to make a difference right where you are and you will see your dream come to reality. Go make it happen today! Thank you Marie

  227. Hey Marie, thank you so much for your videos, you rock!

    I started a community support website and video blog for expats who return to their home countries because they deserve a softer and more understanding approach to all the intangible aspects of the issue, like how to overcome reverse culture shock, in order to have an easier and successful repatriation. I want to demystify repatriation with a $2.99 guide and lots of laughs.

  228. Hi Marie!
    I’m a sex toy designer and artist and the difference I want to make in the world is this: dissolve taboos and get people talking about sex & kink in a fun way without all the hiding and shame. I want to do this by creating an online center for innovative and beautiful sex toys, along with discussion forums, how to videos, and sex education. Something fresh, smart, highly creative, carefully curated & well-designed.
    I’m committed to ending sexual frustration, and creating a fulfilled, empowered, and honest sexual culture.

  229. Love your videos Marie!!

    I started my business to help get women in shape. I am focusing solely on the female from ages 16-100 and how to get and stay in shape. I want all women to be proud of their bodies and who they are as a person. So my training business works on transforming yourself from the inside out.

  230. I am starting my new business because giving my gift, my talent, my love feels soooooooooooooooo dam good to give.

    That would be teaching people how to tap into their creativity in an authentic way.


  231. Sonja

    I’m a Social Worker and have a passion for helping people. In my current job, working for the Government I find my role can bring more harm than good to humanity which does not inspire or motivate me. I want to start my own business where I can share my passion, knowledge and skills to help people whilst being creative in doing so.

  232. When I first started my business, it was because I wanted to make money and was passionate about writing. Now, I know I serve a bigger purpose. The reason why I am in business is to help holistic practitioners and heart based entrepreneurs effectively communicate with their ideal clients so they can share their message and heal the world.

  233. Why for my first business was primarily because my husband wanted it, and I had sort of free time so couldn’t really say no. I mean, I could say no but I felt bad because he was already working so hard.
    This one is still going strong and it has proved very valuable overall. But you are right, we went into It for the wrong reasons and didn’t achieve maximum because of it.

    Second developed from a hobby when I realised people wanted to buy my art. But I never wanted it as a career. So I keep it under radar and fun but I try to make it as easy as possible for people to buy stuff if they really want to.

    My third business is really building of a new career, to replace the old one I had to give up due to health reasons. I want to be a writer, a novelist. I’ve been working on it in my free time for several years and now I am writing my first novel for publishing. I have no guarantees yet other than thatI always wanted to be a writer and a feeling that I am capable of contributing something to the world via literature. There are stories I want to tell and I think they might be if not important, then perhaps interesting.

  234. Roxanne Oripa

    I am so glad i found you Marie!!!! working on creating my youtube channel for thhis years weight loss journey. Your videos and advice is so helpful and Ah-Mazing hun. xoxo

  235. I started my production company, Vegan Vision Productions because I wanted to create comedy TV, Web, Film projects centered around the life of a vegan to inspire and entertain others.

  236. pegy

    That was a very eye opening vid caus …. i’m afraid that i start my own law office(if you call it that way in usa) FOR THE WRONG REASONS 1. because i want’d to be free and make a lot of money 🙂 Of cource i love my job and i had in my mind while i m free and making a lot of money, to help my clients but the last one i king forgott it…. and that’s why my business wasn’t going that well…
    So that vid helped my to remember the true reasons why i want to have that business!

  237. Maggie

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for this. I totally believe this to be true. My dilemma is this- I am learning my fathers business and I not super passionate about the service that we are offering. However, we are a technology company and technology promotes expression, sustainability, and globalization (along with everything that you are doing!!), which I am passionate about 🙂 So, the reason that I came to work for me dad: straight up nepotism. I feel like he needs me, but I also feel like I can use his already established business as a vehicle for change. Feeling torn. What to do? Thanks again 🙂

  238. I am presently starting an expanded and new version of The Penny This started as a women’s group four years ago on
    Now, I have so much more I want to say and do to help women 40 and over, to awaken in them to their spirituality, friendship and finding a safe haven for them to come to away from this hectic world. I am Struggling with the how’s to get started but from running this group for 4 yrs. completely know that there is a very high need for these women who have worn the scars and joys of their lives.

    Most of us are in our 50’s/60’s. I am 65yrs.old, with 3 children and 5 grandchildren and have tons of wisdom to share and help others.
    Any tips you might have to get me started outside of would be greatly appreciated. P.S. YOU were wonderful on Super Soul Sunday today!

    Funny thing is I never had Oprah’s network on my cable and just signed up for it this week. And there YOU were!. Kind of like “the book falling from the shelf” story on the show. I signed up for a reason and guess that was to see you today since it is the first show I watched on Oprah 🙂 How wonderful that all of you are sharing this great spirituality with the younger generation. Now it is my turn to share it with the baby boomer women.

  239. Holla at your Mala!!!!! Love it!

  240. I started my business after my 6th layoff (in 8 years) because I was tired of the corporate world and I had been ignoring the pull to use and my intuitive and writing gifts. Being paralyzed as a child translated into knowing how to help people identify and transform the areas of paralysis in their lives so they could move on into more joyful, abundant living. I’ve written 3 books, have more than 2 million newsletter readers and am creating the next phase of my life and business, starting today.

  241. I started my organic gardening and landscape design business because I want to change the world. I want to help people learn how to better take care of our planet by making better choices in their landscape.
    I started it so my life could be flexible and balance my business goals with the rest of my life.
    Your videos have encouraged me to reach out for more speaking and writing opportunities so I can spread my message and have more impact. I look forward to learning more from you.
    Thank you!

  242. Hey Marie, I found my way here because I am starting out online and I want to make a difference.
    Art is my passion and have seen how it changes lives… saves them even.
    My mission is to Share JOY through Art. I want to inspire women to reconnect with their creativity and use art as a tool for creating a joy-filled life.
    Thank you for the wisdom and inspiration you share. x

  243. Dawn

    Hey Marie,
    I just started checking out your site and have watched two of your free B-school vids. I’ve liked and been inspired by everything I’ve seen, but just gotta say you won me over completely with the above homage to Lady Gaga! Ha! Love a smart woman who still can get down with her freaky cheeky self! Look forward to more groovy stuff from you!

  244. Women and Men are so busy & need fresh healthy products to make their days easier to prepare and enjoy! Our daughter was diagnosed five years ago with Gluten/Casein intolerances. Yes, you might know what that word means now but all those long years ago, no one knew what it meant! Get this, her test had to be sent to FRANCE! They were ahead of America on this 8 ball. Seeing a need for a healthy nutrtitious product she could eat on the go or at home is now our mission to provide to the world! With sugars & additives on the rise, we are going to provide Farm/Country fresh lifesyle options! That is our passion. Sharing a piece of Country Love from the farm!

  245. MARIE YOU CRACK ME UP! And life needs more humor. I want to engage people toenjoy the best life they can with my business tools and inspiration. I want to offer women a place to recharge and reboot their life, Up-fashion themselves into the best they can be and offer the world. Through fun DIY videos and workshops, I aim to give women a way to start where they are today and up the anti on their desires to reach beyond their limitations and stretch to a life of abundance and prosperity. If anything, at the end of the day, I want to offer women a fun way to get back to the creativity within their heart’s desire to manifest a more fulfillign life from the inside out.

  246. Heather Martinez

    Mama Maria, I love, love, love your down to earth personality. You keep it real and offer no B.S. I am starting my YES I CAN! fitness business because being healthy and fit affect all other aspects of your life. If I can get women to become strong mentally I know that it will transform them physically. Thanks for being you Maria

  247. Hello Everyone! I started my business because I know I can make a difference in people’s lives. The reality is my business is all about others and their choices, (having the support to help them succeed, have fun with their own business, take back their time for leisure, and pursue more business.; and this is where my real passion is. I do love doing the actual administrative work, but helping other’s succeed is where my heart is.

  248. Becky

    I’m starting my own life coaching business because I want to hear people say, “I did it!”. I want to hear them tell me about the goal they achieved – the one they didn’t think they could do. I want to hear the pride in their voice, the squeal of excitement as they high-five me. I want the smile on their face to light up my whole day. I just want to be there and support people as they set up the life of their dreams.

  249. I am a Voice Over Artist, Actress, Singer, and “Real People” Talent. I have been transitioning into this/these fields over the past 2 years because I found that I get to be ME all the time. I get to play! This transition coincides with finding out that I have a serous gluten allergy. Finding this out CHANGED MY LIFE. (and in turn my career) I feel like I have been given a second chance to life. I do feel that I have something big I need to do in this world. I have just recently started to see the signs of this more clearly though I still dont exactly know what it is specifically. I do know, that by continuing to be transparent in sharing my story with others I have motivated and inspired them. I cant wait to see what transpires!

  250. Leslie

    When it came to food and kids, I’d always heard, “Don’t make a big deal out of it.” If you do, you might get a picky eater or create eating disorders. This may have worked when the majority of foods available to our kids were nutritious.

    I’m going to take a risk here and say, it is time…IT IS TIME, we make a big deal out of food with our kids. They need to know the purpose of food and how wonderful it can be, when chosen correctly! I love food and I want to share that love with as many kids as I can. This is why I want to start my business.

  251. My “why” has been brewing in my since I was a teenager; I have always had a strong, clear voice and a vision to share how developing one’s voice can change lives. Now I write, speak and coach on how each woman can create her own powerful, indivudual voice and watch how it transforms careers, businesses and families. My “why”, empowering women, has always been a driving force but after watching Marie and Simon Sinek I truly get now why that is so powerful.

  252. Isabelle

    My why ???
    As an architect, I want to inspire people, and help them realize their dream project in an eco-conscious way !! Knowing that creativity and knowledge can allow us to thread lightly on beautiful Mama Earth !

  253. Hi, my son struggled so much with allergies in his childhood. I want to help people with food and other allergies to reclaim their health and live a happier life.

  254. Tonia

    I’m in the business of empowering people to discover the true cause of their dis-ease so they can get back to the things they love and educating them to live healthfully so they can do what they love for as long as possible because I believe happy, healthy people doing what they love contributes to world peace and a happy planet.

    I’m excited! Simon is coming to my town in a few weeks and I’ve got my ticket booked! WOOOT!

  255. Hi Marie!

    Ok so i’m a recent follower of yours and i am suddenly ADDICTED! All your messages are so perfect for me right now. Quit my super stressful job (that i actually now realise i close-to-hated) because of a major health scare Jan 2012. Took some time off to work on my health (which was a HUGE decision for me after 8 years in Investment Banking/Equity Research), and in the midst of the break my mind cleared and a business idea emerged!! I’d always said to myself, i would LOVE to run my own business, but i never have any ideas!! I needed “someone creative” to give me an idea!! Isn’t that crazy, that when you take some time out, then suddenly, the ideas are coming fast and steady?!?

    An online boutique organic store (which im currently in the process of setting up). WHY? Because:

    (1) I love all things HEALTH
    (2) I love the ENVIRONMENT & the PLANET, and
    (3) I love ANIMALS!!

    Ok so how do all those things fit together?
    I realised in my time off that these three things are what i am absolutely 150% passionate about, i wanted to do something in all three areas. I looked for ages at jobs with the UN environmental units, and global animals rights organisations like WSPA and IFAW, RSPCA, but i couldn’t choose between all the many numerous animal rights and environmental causes. ARGH HOW TO CHOOSE?!?!

    THEN I realised, maybe i can set up a business, which is aligned to all those values, HELPS others to live a life that is kind to those three elements, that is ALSO super successful, and therefore is able to put part of its profits towards SUPPORTING these charities!!

    SO that’s my reason 🙂 I am so pumped right now, and can’t wait for B-SCHOOL – pumped!

    Please reply, it would make my heart do a flip.
    Much love & enthusiasm

  256. Marie! First, thanks for the super-fun music video. I LOVE to be playful and feel outrageously great, and gettin’ into the dance and tunes works for me!

    Next, my WHY: Wouldn’t the world be incredible if every kid grew up feeling fabulous about themselves? Confident. Self-aware, to have self-respect, be adventurous & have a positive outlook. To be able to understand & manage their emotions. To be able to take responsibility. Capable of self-motivation. To have the capacity to lead, to follow, and understand the value of teamwork. To be a good listener, handle conflict, cooperate, and embrace diversity. To express appreciation, and see greatness in others. And is honest, generous, playful, loving and community-minded. To give the psychotherapists of the world a new vision for the profession, because more people would enter adulthood without the “baggage”.

    Well, I want a world like this. I want to revolutionize parenthood.

    I want to inspire every parent, would-be parent, and people exploring the idea of being a parent to consider Results Parenting as important as that first car seat. I want people to no longer parent by default (by trial and error, by repeating a parenting style their parents might have used). . . but parent deliberately. To parent with a goal in mind. With proven skills and tools that will be effective in raising a child to have self-esteem, confidence, and have emotional intelligence. I call this: raising a child to be a global citizen. So, what WOULD the future be like if Results Parenting were a household word, and training would be a “given” just like childbirth classes, or pre-adoption classes!

    Does the future of our interconnected world deserve anything less?

    Marie, I am so appreciative for the opportunity to be in B-School 2013. I so much want to learn how to take Results Parenting out there. Thank you for YOUR “WHY”.

  257. . . . and thank you for your inspiration. You are doin it, Girl. Love it!


  258. Having lived with addiction, abuse and psychosis I have now turned my life around completely and am here to guide others in doing the same for themselves.

    If I could bring down the pharmaceutical companies and get everyone off medication, this would be well worth the cause and the journey I am on to get people to WAKE UP to the truth.

    So I am about awakening… awakening humanity to their light, their essence, getting real and raw, down and dirty clearing out all the old sabotaging beliefs, concepts, patterns and conditioning from eons.

    And that is what I stand for…

    Thank you so much Marie, just signed up for BSchool…. now to see if my own old self sabotaging mechanicisms don’t kick in.

    NAH… my why is too great.

  259. I have been recently reinspired to start my own cookie business, “Mama Trish’s House of Cookies”. This is going to be such fun, I do feel like I know my why and they aren’t just money or escape so I was excited to hear that from you.
    My why is really making people’s mouths happy when they have one of my cookies and to be able to contribute to organizations with cookie baskets, snacks or money to make a difference in areas that THEY, know how.
    It is a very exciting time, launch date, Sept. 1, 2013, by way of the internet and local sales.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks for your playfulness and fun that you give us a peak at, this is how I am. Was a full time youth minister for 5 years, still haven’t let go, nor will I ever let go, of playfulness, it’s just to critical to the happiness of life! Thank you, Trish

  260. Holy Hell. That was awesome. I grew up dancing, love me some hip-hop and I am an entrepreneur. I have been following you this month with your B-School marketing efforts, and I already liked you from that stuff and had been seriously considering your school. But after this I am SOLD. You had my heart at “I’m a B”.

  261. I actually did plant the seeds for my business from a place of “Aargh I hate my job!! Get me out of here!” in addition to realising that I had to do something that I love – which in this case is writing. I started doing a bit of work on the side and really enjoyed the variety, feedback and actually writing stuff. When it grew, I quit the job and haven’t looked back. I’m coming up to a year as a self employed writer. I love the fact that I ‘escaped’ and I still have the initial driver not to work in a crap job, but it comes alongside my passion for working with interesting people on interesting projects too 🙂

  262. I have created “The Golden Goddess Method” as a powerful tool to help us all to become the most powerful version of our self: to activate our inner ‘god’ or ‘goddess’, the extra-ordinary version of ourself, who does not ‘sweat the small stuff’, who has courage & integrity, who is capable of ‘greatness’, capable of overcoming great obstacles, especially our own inner obstacles to sharing Love.
    I believe that we are all gods & goddesses.
    “The Golden Goddess Method” is for those of us, who are not content with mediocrity; We want to make a positive difference in our community, by first becoming the change that we want to see in the world.

    Why do I choose to dedicate myself to promoting “The Golden Goddess Method” and sharing it with as many people as possible?

    It saddens me to see people WASTING AWAY their life, ‘drowning in a glass of water’, forever consumed with their ‘problems’, when instead they could be leading meaningful, fulfilling, useful lives.

    Who is it for?
    It is for those people who want to overcome their limiting habits & fears as soon as possible so that they can ‘get on’ with realizing their dreams.

    • Alkistis <3 Thank you for the work you are doing! I, too, want to help others rise to the occasion of their lives, to believe in themselves, quit wasting their precious time, and do their THANG! 🙂
      Are you currently in B-School too?
      PS. Your portraits on your website are awesome & beautiful!

  263. Hi Marie!
    I am so happy to finally be a part of B-School! Thank you for the “Start the Right Business” resource — after doing the “why” exercise, and getting my reasons out of my head and onto paper, I feel even more confident that I am headed in an AMAZING direction! Some of my “why”s:
    – I love supporting good causes (environmentalism & social justice) and I wanna do it up BIG!
    – I love helping women love themselves + feel sexy
    – I see my business/project as an avenue to open up the topic of sexuality, to free it from the world of taboo, to bring in a new era of responsible + loving sexuality, to help us see the beauty of sex rather than shame
    – My business brings together my passions for fun, humor, beauty, art, photography, leadership, environmentalism, and freedom.
    YAY! Feels so great to have these concepts in words, ready to share with the world!

  264. I started a photography business because I had to. My life is visual and it is the best way for me to express who I am and how I see the world. I found that capturing people and places’ essences helps businesses grow and makes people feel good. I believe that everyone is photogenic. It feels great to see a great photo of oneself. I also love creating memories that people can keep with them. I photograph life as it happens! <3

  265. I love to help women feel empowered, energetic, younger, slimmer, hotter!! I love to help them educate their family, children and friends on how to be the best version of themselves that they can be! I coach women in Raw Food and Fitness, and this came about because so many friends and acquaintances via fb were asking me ‘what I do’ to look how I do and keep up with the mayhem crazy life I do. I have endless energy, children, businesses, a large rural property with horses, cattle etc.. I love to help people feel their absolute best and it makes me feel so wonderful to help heal illnesses, mental issues and so on.!!!! yeeeaaahhhaaaaaawww!!

  266. I’ve been an successful entrepreneur for 15+ years and I’m ready to be driven by purpose instead of circumstance. I’m makin’ it my business to crack the code on fulfilling my need to be of service to others. I’m taking my desire to use my creative skills and passion balanced with my business acumen to create something that is unique and makes a difference.

    In my current business I am grateful to be able to apply these skills to companies of all sizes to create and activate their brands. I’m hopeful that I can touch people lives in a more meaningful way with my next venture.

    I love Simon’s video on the power of people who Believe!

  267. i wrote my book because i have seen firsthand how big of an impact looking great can have on a woman.

    and i know exactly how to make it soooo simple for her to look hot.

    now i’ve enrolled in b-school because i want to share the message of how to have effortlessly sexy hair so that more women feel great and at the same time i contribute to a goodlookinger world.

  268. I am really loving the theme/design of your site.
    Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems?
    A small number of my blog audience have complained about my blog not operating
    correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome.
    Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

  269. Janice

    Hi Marie,
    Just wanted to let you know I have fell in love with your videos, and they have inspired me. I have a website up, but it’s going no where, and I really want it to be successful.

  270. I loved that song video!

  271. I love to make a difference. To help. This new approach to coach with the ITC really helps people to become aware and ultimately cahanges their lives.

  272. After listening to this segment, I realized that i had to have a clearer sense of why i started my business. I learned that it is not enough to just love what you do and make that the sole reason of why you do it. I learned to dig deeper to find out what I believed in what I do and what my purpose is.

    I’m so exstatic I signed up for B-School! This is a great start to a new journey…a journey that i believe will change my life for the better! Thanks, Marie for rocking my world.

    • Bambs. Ditto 🙂 I love your comment: I learned that it is not enough to just love what you do and make that the sole reason of why you do it.

  273. I want to nurture Brides from the moment they are choosing their right gown right up to the day they tie the knot! We are not just about selling a gown and never seeing them again. We like to be involved in their special day right the way through, as much as they need or would like us to be. That’s why we offer designer gowns to suit any body & any budget, hair & makeup on the day, eyelash extensions, tanning, jewellery & accessories. We know it is a very special day for them, therefore they are very special to us!

  274. Loved the Simon Sinek video on “Why”… The ‘Why’ in his video is what my work is based on. It is the child at heart. The ‘Why’ is actually the Reptilian Brain of the infant (no capacity for language) that relies solely upon ‘Feelings’. This has been suppressed behind the illusion of the ‘What’ of the Neo Cortex (Left Brain). So you are reaching the core issues…going straight to the heart of the matter…when you invoke the ‘Why’/feelings. Love the way Simon made this so simple! My child spirit within was jumping for joy…Yes!… I’m here… and I’m finally being listened to!!!!! Thanx Marie for bringing this whole wonderful experience into my life. I love you and your team. From The Heart. Marg.

  275. Lynnette

    I want to help people bring balance into their lives. Help them get rid of their pain so they can play in the game of life. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. Right?

  276. Christy

    Just signed up for B-School and this why question put into perspective why I have been drawn to different services and products. I had not thought in this perspective. The why comes from the heart. What do I desire to create? Resources for everyone to access! 😉 business and website in the making. Still working with this idea in the How to Start a Business Course.

  277. S.O.S. Marie !
    I am confused: I want to inspire others to fulfill their greatest potential, but I don’t know who my target audience is.
    I like to inspire women.
    I like to inspire men too.
    Also I live in Greece and because of the crisis, I was ‘moved’, so I went on Greek television to offer some ‘positive skills’ ( volunteered to I appear regularly on a talk-show as a life-coach, to help ordinary people deal with the crisis better…but I don’t know if I am committed to this audience longer term…)
    I am confused about the language, gender & financial status of my target audience.
    Also, I am confused about my BRAND. On the one hand, I have a brand called “The Golden Goddess Method” on the other, I am “Coach ALKISTIS: Positive-Thinking Coach”(see on my website under “Olympism”)..
    HELP !!!

  278. My WHY is simple, to help others realize that their dreams can become a reality. My WHY was developed out of my own trials and struggles and overcoming them. I help others overcome and achieve their dreams.

  279. I have a burning passion for History. I grew up in poverty and had the poverty state of mind. It was during a history lesson in Highschool that a lightbulb went off and it touched my soul that because I was born in America I had a free invaluable gift, the gift of Freedom, to pursue a better life if I just took it. That literally changed my life. I hear the complaints, History is boring! So no one reads it and they never discover what an amazing gift we were given. I want to create a product line that is FUN/HIP exciting way to experiece and give a gift while educating at the same time…..

  280. Just became a member of B-School! So excited! Watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk and came up with my “Why”…
    I believe God created each child to be special and unique. I believe that in order for each child to see and use their true potential, their strengths have to be honored and validated. I believe that confidence comes from a place of knowing and being validated for your strengths. Confidence creates the “drive” to want to learn more. Honor strengths, build confidence, create a world of learners. This is why MI Toys is my business. ~Jen Joy

    • Anastasia Scherbakova

      Hi Jen, I’m developing my first toy for kids and I joined Bschool as well, so it will be nice to connect.

  281. Edna Ng

    Why i want to start this business?
    I had this wonderful health supplement that i simply must share it with all people. Its a health product of the 21st century.
    Most people are talking about immune system, but this product is about repairing our DNA! Its proven.
    Its an “alternative medicine” for sickness and disease. A product that may gives hope to patient with chronic disease and even people with critical illnesses.
    I am very sure its going to help many many people.

  282. I started my blog/site really as a personal journal to my journey to better health through plant-based nutrition and so on. But through my own research, discovered a wealth of important information about alternative medicines, food education (especially pertaining to our children) and the need for us women (especially moms) to take control of things regarding our health, that of our families. And for the most part, most of what I was discovering led me back to foods. Now I had always been the type of person who enjoyed imparting new found knowledge of such things to others and often found myself the “go to” person that my colleagues or good friends would go to for advice about everything and anything and I enjoyed wearing this hat. I’ve been in a job that has truly come to drain me on every level but also mostly because I feel I serve no great purpose in my capacity and for a while now, I ‘ve been searching for a way to live a purposeful and meaningful life, for myself but also as an example to follow for my children. And so, after watching many documentaries and reading tons of information on food, health and so on, and also through the influence of Kris Carr’s journey, I felt it was time for me to step up to the plate and find a way to bring change to a situation I feel needs change and that is the current state of our health as a nation. I feel as though this is a huge endeavour but it is something I am passionate about and feel my greatest impact would be as a public speaker and perhaps coach/educator. SO through my own journey and education, I am building my resource library to then be that key person that can impart knowledge, not so much as an expert but as a constant learner. I’m also hoping to focus alot of my attention on school aged children and the school systems here in Canada. I have no real idea on how to fully make this into a reality but I feel that I’ve started the ball rolling and have signed up for B-School which will certainly be the turning point, I am sure, in making my vision a reality.

  283. Stevie

    I found the Simon Sinek Ted Talk, very interesting and put across really well, with your help I have worked through my list of ideas and one is coming forward more clearly with each piece of information you give out Marie, I started with quite a long list and now feel some of these can be put on the back burner for a while, so far, I am really impressed by what I have learnt in such a short time, with thanks to you and the team.

  284. I want to inspire women over 50 to rediscover their best and reinvent the rest so that they can step up, take center stage and show the world their WOW FACTOR. We can redefine aging and lead by example and be a force to be reckoned with!

  285. I want to start my own business because I want to create beautiful things that people just can’t get enough of. I want to create those beautiful home-wares and interiors that make people feel happy and inspired every single time they look at it.

  286. Loved all the above comments.

    Need to master my own ‘why’ a bit more. I’ve scribbled lots down of thoughts here to mull over!

  287. Thank you for this video! I started my business with ITWORKS a year ago! My why for my business is ” I have a passion to help people help themselves to a healthier and happier journey in life!
    Thank you
    Debra Thomas

  288. I started my business because I believe everyone can benefit from being in a beautiful environment. That women can reach their professional AND have their lifestyle dreams. I create personalized gardens, gatherings and everyday living so you can stop worrying and start enjoying your free time and surrounding.
    Thank you Marie for reminding me of the why instead of the what.

  289. I started my business because I wanted to take control of my career and try to create a good impact in my community. It’s extremely scary, especially when one has two little children and a disabled husband. That makes it a lot riskier to take a leap, but I’d hate myself if I never gave it a try.

    • I want to empower women through organization and productive systems in their daily life so they can be ULTRA, INSANELY successful as business women, moms, wives and in all areas of life. I run a successful direct selling home based business and will continue to do so, but I’d like to impact the lives of women that have TOO much on their plate and can’t get it all done. I plan to share short 2-3 minute videos of simple changes women can make everyday to their life, their office, their business and their daily routine that add up to tons more time and income in their pocket. SIMPLE little changes. I don’t have my official website set up yet because I didn’t want to set one up to then have to change it…but videos and my training program are underway and I’m excited to share with anyone who can benefit! I’d love to hear feedback from any busy women out there on my general idea… Thanks!

    • Whoops! Dali, I meant to write to you and accidentally posted my “why” as a reply to you. Sorry about that. But I did want to tell you that YOU sound like a powerful women on a mission and your cutting boards are incredible! I was on your website looking around. Congratulations to you for being powerful and for all you do with two kids and a husband who is disabled. You are a true inspiration to many. Keep up the awesome work!! Hugs!

    • Betsey

      Very Beautiful Dali, I have felt very similarly to you about the fear and I also feel that another day of the same old thing would be putting a lot of water on a big fire!

  290. When I started my business in 2004, my only why was because people wanted to pay me to take great photos of them. Over time, my why has changed and expanded from just helping people with what they need, to creating authentic emotional archives of fleeting moments and inspiring people. A secondary reason has been to live a creatively fulfilling life full of freedom and joy by helping others. I’d love to simplify my “why” even further – and hopefully I can do that with the help of the community here. 😉

  291. I want to start/started my business because I want to people to feel BETTER! So many people are walking around living for the past, the future the NOT RIGHT NOW! They are tired and stressed and that double whopper with cheese ain’t helping their cause! I want to teach them how to eat and think to live a fulfilled and energized life EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN DAY!!

  292. Anthony

    My why is to inspire others that they too can make a difference

  293. Erica

    Oh my god, Marie.

    My respect and total love for you just skyrocketed.

    Damn girl, check dat bod out!

  294. Betsey

    I want the Light within All Beings to Shine! I want to live on a planet where everyone knows and lives their purpose. So I want to take action, to support and facilitate the transformation of men and women to live their authentic life.

  295. My goal is to educate and inspire others to take charge of their own health. I specialize in food allergies and healthy eating. I just watched Simon Sinek’s TedX talk (it’s awesome!) and it’s helped me realize that I need to make my message more personal and to put more of myself out there, not to just tell people about products and services that I provide. This is what will attract loyal customers.

  296. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help make the world a better place. I was motivated to become a singer and live a musical life through an aching desire to free myself from my own limitations. I also remember dreaming of what I called a ‘bohemian’ life, surrounded by creative, interesting people. When I started writing music I wanted to share my experiences and help inspire people through the message in my music. I’ve also translated that passion into teaching and facilitating community groups, which I find extremely rewarding. 10 or so years on, I have had amazing and challenging times doing that and now I am again aching to share the music I have created with many, many more people! I don’t yet know how to do that, but I’m going step by step. Since I came across B-school and signed up I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions. It feels scarrreeee taking things to the next level! But bring it on, woohoo! I loved the Simon Sinek video, I’m just digesting it. Thank you so much Marie for your say-it-how-it-is, grounded, practical approach. You make me laugh at the (very British) cynic in my head!

  297. Stevie

    I want to start my business because I am passionate about helping others, whenever I am busy, I always find time to put friends first and lend a helping hand or give advice, I like to motivate people to see the good in themselves and in starting this business, that you have helped me put together from your Start the Right Business module I can incorporate many things I love doing. What could be better!

  298. Meg

    Hey Marie,

    “Why?” you ask..well, because I know the road so many are traveling right now trying to get healthy and being sick of being sick. Been there done that and I am healthy sexy and fresh now and plan to help as many others get there too! My fusion is about conscious eating meeting conscious living and I am seriously passionate about it.
    Side note. When I signed up for B-School I had no idea that your approach also merged with a holistic vision.(Insert serious happy dance emoticon here.) I’ve been doing the follow through assignments, reading/watching the homework and I am off the charts excited to get started!
    You are now officially on my ” one of my hero’s” list.

    • jen

      I love your title: “Wellness Warrior, Life Artist” – that rocks!

      • Meg

        Hey Jen, thanks!

  299. Hola Marie,

    I loved both vídeos, you are amazing!

    My why is To inspire people to live healthy, happy, passionate and meaningful lives, achieving their peak potential and living their dream life. I will Help Them through my workshops, seminars, Coaching programs, lectures, vídeos and books ( Online and Live).

    I believe that if I inspire people To Live happy and fulfilling lives, I can contribute To change te World having more Loving, caring, kind, grateful and helpful people.


    Sandra Peniche

  300. I want to see dogs adopted, live a healthy, happy life with their owners. I want to see them free from neglect and abuse. I believe every dog has the right to not have to fight diseases (cancer, diabetes, lupus, etc.) and eat healthier not from a bag or can necessarily plus cost effective. Educating and being the cheerleader to the owners I see this team exercise and a movement birthed to help save vet bills or putting the dog down prematurely.

  301. Yarmila Bruyevicz

    I love the music video.
    And “How you turn your big idea into reality” ? That is a really good question !
    I have an” Invention Idea”, but I keep asking the wrong people to help me !
    I don’t have money to invest, that’s why I need some wealthy people to help me to invest, but so far w NO success ! Looks like nobody believe in my idea,
    even I do believe in it !
    Otherwise i don’t have any other business idea, except maybe the “Blog”, but even that is complicated if you don’t have any coach or helper/mentor.

  302. Richelle

    I am GOING to start my business because I think it’s a funny, but straightforward way to communicate with every person in your life, i.e., parents, friends, co-workers, etc. AND I cannot believe why something like this is not in the market! This is where I come in 😉

  303. I have been teaching people how to eat for better health for more than 25 years. As I grow older, I realize more and more that with great health comes great happiness because you are able to do all the activities that you want to do – whether you are 30 or 80 years old.
    I inspire people to make changes that will improve their lives, which lead to happiness. That makes me happy. I am so grateful that I can do this for people.

    I would like more of them to find me so that I can teach them about the joy of eating vegetables and other foods from the most fantastic mother we all have: Mother Earth.

    • carol Giambri

      Totally agree with you Jill, as a lover of eating this way, vegan, tons of raw foods, all plant eater and feeling great aging. Probably oldest in Zumba classes, but feeling stuck at 18 and loving the music and the dance. Want to include this is my dog world as they deserve health, happiness, love, no abuse, get rescued into a great home. Planning to identity more of who i am. Always loved eating this way and loving dogs plus writing so should be an area to impact others who are unaware of the how and the joy with results being saving, for us, vet and doctor bills. Hope it rubs off on others. My blog will be changing now to reflect.

      • Carol,

        I am also a dog lover. Unfortunately I don’t have a dog in the life right now and feel a bit too busy to get one.

        I can’t wait to read what you have to share.

        Love that you are feeling young-at-heart – probably because your heart truly is young due to your great care and caring of it.

        Joy is infectious. Keep spreading it.

        • carol Giambri

          Thanks for your sweet note. Now thinking about the product/service for the dog owners for their pet is the key. As Marie would say with a product/service you are in business! Got to get there! Appreciate your reply. Stay well, healthy and happy because you make that choice. Loved today’s video about courage. Will post a note in a second about that.

  304. Hi Marie,

    Awesome videos!
    The reason I’m starting a curated e-store for healthy kid snacks is bc every kid deserves to eat & enjoy snacks free of chemicals, Dyes, HFCS, GMO, etc. Kids love tasty snacks. It’s time to make snacking worry free! xo

    Nicole Alexandra

  305. Cassandra

    Love it!!!
    My why…I want to be a liason to shuttle folks from “ok” to “great” in travel and technology by translating the nuances into common sense lingo. Many business owners contend with “tech-ese” and many single women and minorities have not traveled abroad because they aren’t sure where to start or where to go to begin broadening their horizons. I can help with both.

  306. I have a quote from Billy Joel taped to my refrigerator: Do what you love and love what you do, or else, you’re just wasting your time.

    My business is fine estate jewelry. Antique, vintage and timeless contemporary.

    I love jewelry so much, it’s kind of sick, really. Diamonds, Emeralds, Turquoise… I’m not picky, except for one thing. Okay, make that two: I don’t do frumpy and I sure don’t do trendy. As Marie says, HELLS no!

    Costume jewelry makes me crazy, like my 20-yr. old style-maven daughter buys — disposable, done after one-season crap. Expensive crap, but it’s still crap. Natalie, I tell her, take that money, buy the good stuff and you’ll have it forever.

    Customers should think of pieces from my collection as their granddaughter’s jewelry, because that’s who’ll be wearing it one day. Fine jewelry is timeless.

    That’s my “Why,” I suppose.

    Natalie, I tell my daughter, take that money, buy the good stuff and you’ll have it forever. It’s never too early to start.

  307. it came to me in meditation
    I really like Rusty’s Caramelized Sweet Onions and eat them all the time
    I believe in the product and it’s potential
    it is a fabulous quality product i can get behind
    I can totally help people create great food fast that is healthy and incredibly fantastic tasting!
    I’m putting this on my website. I feel so much energy just reading what I wrote. Why…..YES! It’s the key. Thanks Marie.

    • I keep reading this in other comments and it was true for me too: it came to me suddenly, while I was drifting off to sleep. Since dreaming up Natural Birth Networks, I’ve had to pivot a couple of times but each time, the idea for the pivot comes to me out of the blue, after a period of frustrating client interactions and dead-ends. I am loving this journey of self-discovery and start-up growth!

  308. Anastasia Scherbakova

    My WHY is simple: I want to see more happy people on the planet Earth… All my projects start with this WHY. For example, now We develop a toy for kids which can help to make family time fun and enjoyable, so the whole family share positive emotions and become happier. As we get it done, I will share the results with you.

  309. My partner and I started Dream Queen Handbags because we believe in the power of women to be leaders, influencers, game-changers, motivators, jet-setters, trend-setters, and it all starts with how we present ourselves to the world. Dream Queen Nation: . Awesome video thank you for the wonderful advice!

  310. I am starting my business because I want to help people move from living just to survive to living vibrantly! I have personally experienced a turning point in my life and feel I have so much to offer people who are struggling to break out of their self imposed limits.

  311. My consuming PASSION is to work/live in DR Congo for the rest of my life. I’m a mother with no children, and Congo is a whole country of children without mothers. I’m a registered nurse who could offer tremendous clinical care and training to other caregivers. Since I volunteer..I hunted for a perfect location independent business that I could run either in the US or in Congo. I will be tremendously successful with my business because every dollar I make will make a huge difference to these children. I have set my goal to provide all the food, clothing, medical care, blankets, mattresses, clean water and love for 80 children. That is phase one. This is how I will spend the rest of my life. Thanks for asking. Hugs.

    • Carol Giambri

      Love your mission. Wow, very inspirational. I would love all people to be able to eat healthy. There are even powders, as long as water is available, to be mixed for nutrition. I believe you will be successful. Maybe there are non profits or churches who can help fund your efforts. Believing all things are possible. Stay healthy, happy and go with the vision even if you shift gears a wee bit. It all starts with a dream. Go for it! Yes you can!

    • Wow, thats gorgeous! Love that you are doing that!

  312. Emily Rosenfeld

    Why… I’ve always felt it in my gut, but had never identified it, so thanks for the video!

    I want to pass along the information about uterine health that most modern women were never told by their mothers, because their mothers didn’t know and their grandmothers didn’t know! I would like to foster a positive relationship between the generations of women, while creating a deeper bond within each individual to her own power. With a greater understanding of the uterus, and it’s functions, women are empowered to take their female health into their own hands from menses, to mommyhood, to menopause.

  313. Hi all!

    My why has just struck me so i felt compelled to write to you all and tell you as I have been reading all the updates every time everyone has told their inspirational why’s. I have just started my own label and online boutique and my why is because I believe in using your style as a way to portray yourself to the world, your outerlayer says a thousand words about how you feel about your inner self. I believe in the confidence to feel great in your own style. I believe in surrounding yourself with inspirational and beautiful things to enhance your confidence, your health, your body and your mind. My why is to help other women embrace their own style and feel a new sense of self and confidence wearing my clothes.



  314. -

    My why is to make people laugh while getting their point across – serious or not. We all got to smile.

  315. Great video Marie your always a big inspiration to me. I appreciate what you do.

  316. Laura Inman

    Thanks Marie! I’m both inspired and frustrated with what’s on the market so I am totally set to kick ass! Why am I writing A Coumadin User’s Guide to the Universe? I believe in the power of independence. I believe in the power of feeling a sense of freedom. I believe in balance. I believe in living the life you want to create. I believe every challenge is an opportunity to pull out our stepping stool and level up. I believe we as consumers of Coumadin wish to have our lives back. I believe we wish to feel more connected to our intuition. I believe we want to live healthier. I believe we want to have the choice to direct our own health and use our physicians as viable and awesome resources to our own healing process. My product was conceived from these beliefs. I’m just beginning and it feels really good 🙂

  317. In the past, had been “chasing the paper” but now “chasing the dream”. Diddy and you know it. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration. Doing it homemade and sharing those hints with others looking to do the same.

  318. OMG I think I am now even more in love with you Marie after watching that vid!!!! Just started B-School and freakin’ LOVING it. Thank you for being so awesome, and helping all of us find our awesome!!! xoxo

  319. Hi Marie…thank you for your help to gain clarity…we are literally saving lives of would be suicide victims and changing their story to one of empowerment and helping others…love what you do it is helping to get our program out there and save more lives…

  320. Natanya

    This is the missing link! Thank you, Marie, for giving me the courage to scream out loud what I believe in! This is our only life. Live it!!

  321. WHY am I an image consultant? I am one of those who saw a need to fill…women needing hands-on, practical, down-to-earth help with looking put-together, dressing for their body type, wearing their best colors, etc. from a “real life person” who cares about them and can work with them over time.

  322. I started Lori Lamb Health Coaching because I am on a mission to educate the world about what is really going on with our food. I believe in the power of food, I believe we ALL have the right to know what is in our food, I believe that we ALL deserve access to healthy wholesome, nutritious food, I believe that only WE can get to the source of our individual health issues and then work to fix them and I believe we can create a movement to force changes to happen to benefit all of our lives and health. If you believe as I do I encourage you to join me on this mission!

  323. I’m almost there. I did start my website about self esteem building because I truly wanted to help women love themselves more BUT I got away from my why and started chasing the money.

    Not a good idea. So now I am going through B-School and I am in the process of strengthening my WHY and leaving the rest for a later time.


  324. I’m totally in love with my business. I am a psychologist and thanks to skype I support Spanish-speaking expats, their partners and children worlwide. There is almost 0 research on the field, so I had also started last year my own research to find out if the latinamerican expat community matches the studies that already exist. No one is funding the research, I just do it because I want to help to increase awareness and support for all these people. I love my work, I am able to make a difference and not only help people with their lives but also have a prevent-oriented approach for their children!!!
    Your tips are truly appreciated, your videos are very inspiring and you help me become more business oriented.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  325. Wow! Brilliant advice! If you are starting a business to only make money, you are in for a long, slow, lonely slog! You need to really understand WHY!

    And there are so many inspiring comments here!

  326. Why have I had this idea for 3 years now to inspire and support women in really dropping in to their power….their connection to the earth and their sensuality? Because I love women when they are shining and full and bright. Its the best place to be… a room full of empowered, full women…who are deep and soulful. Also, because I find I naturally just gravitate to helping women, its just sort of in my cells…nothing gets me fired up more than when I see a woman undervaluing herself or not realizing how beautiful she is on all levels….I do believe we are the ones to change this world….

    • Rae

      You’re Awesome!
      I would love to connect with you about your passion for helping women!


  327. I am working on creating my new business because I realized after selling on Etsy that most small business owners don’t understand anything about branding and creating consistency in their shops. I want to help small business owners (mostly women) to understand how to brand their businesses and products and attract their perfect customers.

    • Those lessons are so very important! Great job that you are working to help up and comers get in the know about the power of image and what a big difference it can make!

      • Just saw ur comment. Thank you… My website is in the works but I hope it will allow me to help others and make things happen for me as well. Appreciate the support!

  328. Megan

    I want everyone to know Jesus and Mary and I want people to learn how to love! 🙂 I just don’t know what kind of business I can start with that goal in mind. 😉

  329. Rae

    Hi Marie,
    How does someone like me, who knows they can help people with their health and wellbeing make money at the same? I know that I already inspire people (young and old) around me to become better than they currently are, but how do I grow that respect to a level where they pay me for my services?
    I almost feel bad asking for money because most people can’t seem to afford the groceries that come with this healthy life style.
    Any advice for a 21 year old trying to make BIG difference in the world?


  330. I started my business because, I wanted to create something that makes other people happy, something that helps others help themselves. I want to share my journey with my customers and inspire people worldwide. I want to leave a legacy behind (my footprint) for my family to be proud of and most of all, my brand is something different – no matter what happens in the background of running my business, the message is clear and I will never lose that.

  331. I studied acupuncture and Chinese/Eastern medicine because I’ve seen how many people fall through the cracks in our money-hungry medical system. I opened my own clinic over a year ago and couldn’t be happier!

  332. Ann

    I’m launching “Making Art/Making Money” a guided online course for artists because I know how to do it and I want to share how artists can gain their creative freedom through business savvy.

    And the starving artist mythology is some disrespectful and unnecessarily limiting bull shit.

  333. i’m starting a photography business because i want to make beautiful images that matter, and tell amazing stories that inspire others.

  334. Marie, I hit the wrong button… so I wasn’t done.

    I LOOVE YOU!~ YOUR tools, ideas, tips and get stuff done attitude inspires me. Thank you for sharing your insight and humor. I seriously want to give you a huge hug, you make a big difference in the little voice in my head.. she is working really hard at saying good things and not being defeated anymore.

    God bless you girl! YOU ROCK!

  335. Ever since my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism in 2010 I have struggled through navigating the system of services and funding living in a rural and underserved area, and now want to help other families get through this with less stress, less out-of-pocket expense and less wasted early intervention time than we did. I went through it all again with my youngest in 2011-12 and was able to make everything go so much smoother and easier thanks to all I had learned the first time. I know that I can help other families do this without having to sacrifice and spend as much as we did. This is my WHY for ABLE Interventions (I’m still working on the website, but we have our data collection app in the testing phase and have written our how to start, staff and fund and evidence based intervention for your child with autism with the most comprehensive resource list with state funding agencies, scholarships and grants listed state by state). Soon I hope to incorporate Special Needs Life Coaching and Special Needs Trust Planning into the picture as I get certified for each. Thanks Marie for all of your help. I would never have thought to try to make this into a business if it weren’t for Bschool. I went into Bschool with another plan entirely and your course led me to this, where my real passion and heart live.

  336. Here’s a radical thought: Stop trying to get a job and do what you’re passionate about instead. The world doesn’t need another life hating employee, it needs passionate people who care about their impact.

  337. My “Why?” is because I believe women — strong, independent, creative, free-spirited women — are the key to healing our culture and our world. Self-doubt, depression, and other internal battles that strip away or coverup our radiance are insidious “indulgences” that we just don’t have time for anymore. I want to promote wholistic mental/emotional health and help folks become educated consumers in their selfcare.

  338. great video!!! “WHY” is the key to success!!

  339. I am starting my business with the hope of being able to shed light on the paradigms that have been created by the world around us, our life experiences, our fears, pains, and our joys. It is my hope as the paradigms crumble and rebuilt we will discover who we truly are and what we were created to do,as individuals, as a nation, and as a people of this earth. To use my past to help others. To give others the tools I found that have helped me

  340. Shai'

    Thank you, I started my business to make a difference (this time). Not sure of the money but sure of the purpose believing the money will follow. Thank you.

  341. Needed this reminder today!

  342. Wakax

    i want to start the business because i want to provide my customers good quality products which can prevent them to get hurt or injury in average prices. i would treat them with care and try to fill up the gap in sports industry .
    I am not jumping in the business because of the money ,even though i want to get into the business because sports is my passion , and i know that i could make my customer lives better than ever and i would understand their problems and solve them .

    As i taking action , i ll learn more and i would be able to solve more .
    Just wish me be of luck !

  343. Love the video and the bonus video was crazy – Crazy good that is!

    I started my business to help entrepreneurs like myself who wanted to be purposeful but needed help navigating the overwhelming chaos of creating a business or nonprofit. I wanted to create a calm, clear, and straight path to help them get from conception to success. My vision is to help entrepreneurs everywhere at any age feel brave enough to pursue their purpose and secure enough to know it can be done if they’re organized and willing to work hard!

  344. Andrea Kelly

    Slightly off-subject, but I wanted to let you know that my 5-year-old daughter said this after we watched this video together; “I love Marie because she makes good choices and she shares her friends … and she’s funny. Now can we watch that dancing show of her again mum?”

    I have only just discovered you, but you’re speaking my language. I need to learn to be the best version of me so I can teach my daughter to be the best version of herself, and you’re helping me do that. She’s a big part of my why. Thank you.

  345. Very nice write-up. I certainly love this website. Thanks!

  346. Virpi Tervonen

    Years ago started my business for the reason #1 (money) and #2 (escape).

    I can confirm that is the hard way to get what you want and the easy way to burn yourself.

    Today I help coaches and trainers to protect their most important personal assets, time and energy, with automated Webinars — teaching how to make webinar presentations that convert to sales and then providing Done For You service to automate their new marketing and sales system.

  347. Nice to find this video as a check for my new venture,

    Still enjoying your effervescence!


  348. Linda

    Hi Marie, just sitting here watching your videos! Too much fun!
    I am considering buying a bed and breakfast and you ask Why? Why would I want to commit to something like that? YIKES! Well, I do love to be home, I do love to cook and experiment in the kitchen….but I also want to quit my day job….hmmmm…I feel like this is conflicting…I’m not it in for the money, but will need to make some in order to make it run efficiently and to maintain the property and make it beautiful! What do you think?
    Love watching you Girl! 🙂

  349. Thank you for all of your very helpful advice but I thank you for delivering it in a way that is authentic to who you are – hip hop and cutting edge business tips and spiritual advice all rolled in to one? Who would have thought it? Or should it be “thunk” it? Ha, ha, ha . . .

    But it clearly works for you and it resonates deeply with me. Makes me happy inside. 🙂

    My why is to help people and companies tell their stories, of who they are and who they want to be, through events. That events are an authentic expression of themselves and therefore more meaningful and more powerful.

    • Caroline this sounds like a great message! Definitely something I’ve got on my “to work on” list! 😀

  350. “Find a need, fill a need” – Rodney Copperbottom

    Many people don’t realize that when a military servicemember gets orders to relocate, it’s not like they just hand jobs to the spouses after they move. After getting orders from Southern California (where we had been stationed for 16 years) to a mid-size city in NC with no job prospects, I started doing research on the internet for “remote secretaries.” That was 2005 and the VA industry was just getting started.

    I am not only a VA/OBM, but I also help train and mentor other military spouses who want a portable career so they’ll never have to dread orders ever again!

  351. I’m starting my business because I know, in the deepest of my core, that that’s what I’m meant to do. Working for someone else drains me and I get so many creative ideas and insights that I know need to be expressed in some way. I also feel that I can really help people in their personal growth, so they can better understand themselves and other people so they can create better relationships. My biggest passion and drive is to promote understanding… in all aspects of the world. 🙂

  352. I started my health coaching business because it literally gives me goosebumps to help people. 🙂 You rock Marie! Thanks for all you do to inspire!

    xoxo Christine

  353. Rebecca

    Marie you are awesome! Love the video’s and the laughs… keep ’em coming!

  354. M.G

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for been their and able to turn to someone like you in your videos. Most grateful right now.

    After 36 years of been in a negative relationship, (still in the relationship).

    I finally decided to change part of my life I can control and becoming a writer, I studied how it should be done till I felt I could give it a try and find I enjoy it.

    But now I find myself avoiding finishing the story (why?). I know I can do this but something is holding me back?

    • Hi M.G

      Maybe your negative relationship is holding you back and impacting on your ability to finish the story? I hope you can resolve things and achieve your business goals and passions.

      Janet 🙂

  355. Jennifer

    You rock it Marie! What an inspiration you are!
    I have a consulting business but it’s the thought of ‘business’ that throws me. I have positive and inspiring knowledge that motivates and inspires people to make changes, heal their mental and emotional selves, and get healthier, but people don’t always want it. It feels like a struggle sometimes.
    I had a financial set back 5 years ago and I then put one foot back in the world of an office admin, and kept the other in my healing work. I was working 24/7 to keep up. Finally, thankfully, I have quit the admin job and am going full on into my passionate work to help others, but it scares me because I don’t know if I’ll make it. I’m a single gal and rely on my own income. Yup, it scares me. But I’m doing it anyway. I just wish I had a more clear vision of how to proceed. I’m doing things the old way and feel I need to change it up big time.
    Thank you for your videos and inspirational words. You are amazing!
    Looking forward to more!

  356. Just landed in MarieLand and am very excited. A powerful and strong woman directed me. Why? To support my self, to make me a strong fulfilled woman and to teach others the importance of Reuse. I am a visual artist who works in reuse and recycled material. To much stuff, junk, waste out there. Use what is available and help by enforcing the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle!

  357. Hi Marie

    Thanks for another great video! I have always dreamed of setting up my own business for as long as I can remember. My life could have taken a very different turn and this may never have become a reality for me.
    I was meant to marry my ex fiancé last Saturday. However earlier this year, I discovered that he had been having an affair with a workmate for my entire relationship. We all worked for the same company, so the fall out was traumatic and many people didn’t treat me very well. Some would say I am escaping a toxic work environment, but most have known of my long held ambition to establish my own business and have faith in me. This affair was just the boot up the backside that I needed to redirect my life and live my passion.

    I’ve set up my business Janmac Creative so I can freelance in business writing services and combine my passion of exhibiting and selling my artwork. At first I debated at length as to whether I should combine my corporate and creative passions, as I worried they were too different, but then I realise they were complementary and I could link them with yet another passion – charity.

    I love travelling and one reason for establishing my freelance business was for flexibility to travel to third world countries and volunteer. I had an idea the other day of donating a percentage of my income to a charity that helps students in third world countries learn how to read and write. I will also donate a percentage of any art sales to local charities.

    Thanks for the inspiration
    Janet x

  358. Hi Marie and fellow readers/commenters!

    I moved to this remote arctic community in 2006. I came here to teach break dancing because I felt I could share the positive benefits that it brought to many others (including myself) to the youth here. But you can’t just walk in to this place like so many others and think you’re going to change things. You have to learn your lessons too. I took my time learning the ways of Inuit; taking the time to observe and integrate.

    I’m now working to open up a yoga and wellness space (we’re gutting/renovating) here in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada which will give people a place to tune in to their realness and work on whatever they need to on a deeply healing level. WHY DO I DO THIS? It just really feels right! I’ve always known I would be a business owner and it’s just naturally coming together and I feel it’s for all the right reasons. I feel I’m the person for the job, I feel there is a real need and a desire and that it’s time!

    Saimavik means “Place of Happiness, Calm, Serenity”!

  359. I started my health and wellness coaching business because I was always STRUGGLING with how to lose weight and keep it off without dieting! I spent years focused on how fat I was (and how skinny I wanted to be) that I was totally missing out on life. So many other women are feeling the same way…not really living life because they’re obsessing about what to eat and how much they weigh. Once I shifted my focus from my weight, I discovered my passion and purpose, which is to inspire busy women to discover a fun, healthy, non-depriving way of eating without ever having to diet again.

    I do this because I want to help other women discover their passion and purpose just like I have!

    Thanks Marie for all your inspiration!!

  360. It started as a side gig and I started that aspect of business because I love doing Intuitive Readings for people. But then I got very ill and had to quit the day job as a High School Teacher and work from home. So, not being able to walk, I started my business from bed and did everything virtually. Coaching couples in crisis and coaching singles who are seeking found me and I LOVE it. I then got hired to teach and train other Relationship Coaches am giddy about that as well. The body is still in the process of healing, but my heart is quite happy.You never know what the flow of life will bring…

  361. Why?

    I’m making a film on Tantra, Sex to Spirit, because so many people long for more intimacy and love and meaning in their lives and don’t know how to get it. I want to create an online platform for Tantra so that more people can learn tools to change their life!!!!

    Why? To share my passion!!!

  362. Thomas

    My question is even more basic than that…
    How do you know what you want to do in the first place?
    I’m at a bit of a cross roads. I know I want to change my location, and I know in my heart and soul I want to change career… but that’s all I know – what do I do?
    Please help – I’m feeling a little (a lot) lost.

  363. Excellent blog post. I absolutely appreciate this website.

    Keep it up!

  364. Lilieth

    I started wedding are a inspiration for me. I love to see couples in love I feel the needs to help them create that magic moments!

  365. I invented Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs because of my devotion to my beloved 13 year old toy poodle Muffin who went blind almost two years ago and I wanted to help him. It is the greatest thing I have ever done and my dream is to assist as many blind dogs as possible with my Muffin’s Halo. I love your videos and look forward to learning from you to make my business a huge success so I can also create a Rescue for Blind dogs.

    Silvie Bordeaux
    Guardian Angel for Blind Dogs

  366. Vince

    Great advice!
    The three Basic questions:
    Why do you want to do this?
    What are you going to do?
    Where are you going to do it?

  367. tmm

    Shocked at seeing your Lady Gaga inspired Imma Be video.

  368. Thank you for this video. I have a true passion to help people with Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease. The motivation behind me wanting this is not the potential $ it is solely based on wanting to help those in need by showing them how to live a healthy life without all the hoopla. I know that I know that I know that I have finally found exactly what I was meant to do…..which is help educate and motivate individuals about Food & Fitness. Going for it all!


  369. I started OLovesM Eco friendly bags to help re-purpose materials that were headed for landfills, they were new but needed a purpose! Once I dove into my ideas I also new I wanted to give more jobs to people who could work from home, so all our bags are made in Colorado by hme sew craftsman.
    I had NO background in any of this, it’s been a Huge education, ( I love a good challenge) and I love that it shows my two boys. If you have an idea.. go for it!


  370. Great video. Thank you.
    I started my business helping women to have FANTASTIC relationships because I feel passionately about helping every woman to fulfill the desire for a FANTASTIC, connected and loving relationship. I hated seeing women out there in pain over this, after all I used to be one of them!
    And I knew that if I could transform this area for myself so powerfully, an area that for years was my weakest and caused me the most pain, then certainly I can support other women to do the same.

  371. i started my daily painting project almost 2 years ago, inspired by the daily painting movement. i hadn’t painted in about 10 years and felt it was a shame to lose that talent. i imposed upon myself to paint a small painting (fruit, veggies, flowers, landscape) from monday to friday. this type of discipline was exactly what i needed.
    i initially auctioned on ebay for some months, then last february opened a shop on etsy.
    i am a painter, a visual artist and this is the reason i started my business. I create beautiful things.

  372. I’ve been pursuing my dream for over a year now and what this video said to me was something that I had told myself before…but for some reason it felt so much more refreshing to hear from someone else. The interesting thing about my “why” is – all I really want to do is be that universal feeling of having a friend to laugh with, be inspired by, and lean on. I want my story-telling blog and presence to really evoke that presence. My “why” has evolved into this because these are the kind of reactions and feelings I’ve been getting from my followers thus far. And I can’t get enough of it! If I can really find a way to take this to a new level so I can reach more people and help them in that way, I think I can really make my “why” blossom in an even better way. Thoughts?

  373. I want The Pit to be the “hottest” martial arts & fitness gym/culture in the world. I want to empower, help, entertain 1,000,000’s of people.

  374. Marie,

    Great Video! I wonder if the “why” of our business is also about following our purpose, or maybe, DISCOVERING our purpose? Isn’t that what wakes us in the morning and ready to jump and do our life work? I just found recently as an artist, a painter, why I do what I do……there was something more meaningful with what I do. “I help people find their sanctuary”. Yup, that is what I do; I make remarkable paintings for men and women to transform their space, so they can find their sanctuary…..

  375. Betsy

    I want to start this business because naturopathic medicine is powerful and amazing medicine and it should be accessible and available to every family (not just the ones with cash to spare!). I’m taking my medicine to the heart of your family, heal the family, heal the community, heal the world!

  376. Ron

    I started my auto repair business because 1st I enjoy what I do. 2nd. I see too much dishonesty in this field.
    Is it working for me, it is a roller coaster but the roller coaster seems on the lower point more often than upward.

  377. Karen Phebus

    I am starting my business for the wrong reason but in the end it is the right reason….I live in a rural community, not very many large employers, and Walmart seems to be where the women in my area go for a job( long driving times stops a lot of moms with children to find jobs in the surrounding area of Dc and Baltimore) I Have a college education and unless I drive for 4 hours out of my work day, I am stuck with a low earning potential…so my idea…get into what is hot, what I know, have been educated and have experience in, and drag other women into the field with me. My company, All Shore Envirotech, is an energy consumption auditing company that predominantly tests newly construction residential homes, a field that is a totally male dominated, to ensure the home is tight and the energy put into the home is used efficiently. So my idea…get women involved in the technical end of promoting, educating, and training the first line constructors of the homes to ensure energy efficiently is just as important as the structural integrity of the home. Overwhelming Yes, scary Yes, truly a fly by the seat of your pants startup… you bet! It is my hope that in the end the payoff will be earnings for me that I can convert into earnings for the ones who seem to be hopelessly trapped in a “just working to survive job”…to a job that helps them survive, thrive and lead!

  378. greenJeannie

    Why? Because I want to make the world more beautiful, one garden at a time. Because gardens are the perfect place and everyone deserves to have one. Because I am so passionate about plants and connecting people to the beauty of them and the outdoors. Because a garden is a place, not just a space. Because gardens inspire.

  379. We started our luxury yoga-adventure retreat because we LOVE, I repeat LOVE living in the mountains of Telluride. Sharing our natural surroundings to help our guests find their adventurous edge is our dream. Gazing inward on the mat and exploring the outdoors is how we find balance in life. The ultimate desire is to guide our guest in finding his/her inner yogi-adventurer!

    P.S. Awesome website Marie!! You seem so approachable and down to Earth, not to mention you are very insightful. Thank you! Really!

  380. Oh and another great rapper quote: 🙂
    “Reality is wrong, dreams are for real”-Tupac Shakur

  381. Jen

    For Biz #1 = I’m not ok with millions of cats and dogs being unseen and unloved – SO I created People Helping Pets adoptable pet slideshows and it works! We increased adoptions at one shelter in Dec by 25%!
    Everyone deserves to be seen and loved! Yeeha!
    Biz#2 = JenniferRobinArt – cleanses my soul, brings beauty, fun and inspiration to the world. AND it helps support Biz #1.

    Now- to get them financially rockin’ and self sustaining!!!!!!

  382. I’m launching The Beauty Voice because I’m passionate about helping beauty brands succeed!! I’ve been in product development & brand management for going on 3 years, but noticed a disconnect. Brands need to focus on their customers needs (even before they have customers, sometimes). The Beauty Voice connects these brands with a community, representative of their customers, for insightful, transparent feedback about their product & brand’s marketability. I LOVE THIS – The Beauty voice is a win/win for both brand & customer.


  383. Vesna

    Hello 🙂
    I’m in the process of starting my first business.
    My WHY – because I want to create jobs for women.

  384. Helen

    My aim was, or I should say is, to be a PT for women of my own age, 50 plus. I finished my PT course 2 years ago and still haven’t started. Most of the women I know of this age are overweight. I think that I could make a difference in their lives to show them that its not too late to trim down and be HAPPY and healthy. I found you, Marie, yesterday and the shift I feel mentally has given me the proverbial kick in the backside that I have needed. I feel so much stronger and trust my ability to be able to mentor these women, the next step is to DO IT! Love you!!!!! Helen
    Is to do it!

  385. You just nailed the reason I started my online business. I went to a live class sponsored by a competitor and was so frustrated with it, I decided to start my own business because I knew I could do it better.

  386. Erica

    To save women from making the same mistakes – personally and professionally – that I did!

  387. Dear Marie,
    I started my tourism business or destination management company 20 years ago (Sept 3, 1994) when I returned to my home country Samoa (a small tropical island in the South Pacific), to live after having lived in NZ, Canada, St Lucia in the Caribbean and Italy for 10 years. Because of my own travel experiences, I saw a gap in the market in Samoa because of the remoteness of our destination, it made sense to set up as an inbound tour operator business or DMC which arranged all travel arrangements, conferences, events, tours, accommodation, transfers and more for tourists/visitors from Europe, North America, NZ and Australia. It was a slow start but the business in its best year, turned over WST$8 million tala (US$3.4million) and helped fill local hotels and beach fales with tourists. It gave me a buzz to be able to help local businesses/hoteliers fill their rooms with tourists my company brought into the country. Most of our business came through travel wholesalers who contracted our services direct and then on-sell to the consumer through their travel brands/or travel agencies. However, with the fast changing landscape of new technologies and people more and more booking direct online, my business has dwindled right down to a shadow of what it used to be. Experiencing a tsunami in 2009 and a severe cyclone in 2012 didn’t help either! My question right now: how do I raise the company back to where it was or perform even better than before? I am currently exploring alternative revenue streams like a youtube channel series on InsiderInfo about the country hosted by moi etc…but not sure if this is the right way to go? Can you help please?

  388. Judy

    I want to have this multi-aspect biz where I give local garden tours plus local & online classes on how to establish an organic biblical garden. The 3 different tours (each offered at different groth stages of the garden) would circle around my entire home, showcasing edible, medicinal and general plants named in the bible as well as tell 6-10 bible stories starting w Genesis and ending in Revelation. I would change up the ‘middle’ stories with each progressive tour. At the end of the tour i will offer seed packs, plants and a couple of self published garden books and planners. There would be Bible verses everywhere… and the plan of salvation would be told. People need to know that God has a plan for their their eternal lives and that they can have options right now for healthier lives if the only knew how to get an organic garden up and running in less than 2 hours. I would market to Churches, Christian schools and garden clubs. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few!

  389. Denise LaPointe

    Hi Marie..
    WOW you’re soo inspirational and down to earth, you’re no BS..I am a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and yoga instructor and actress that has combined my two passions dance and yoga and created my own Brand of Flow called DaE-Ga Flow(R) as in dance yoga flow its a core and alignment based flow done to live music and/or recorded music created by a dancer for dancers, athletes and non dancers.There is a definite need for it as I have taught dance for 30 years ,, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, Peridance etc,and found that dancers need a core based yoga flow that utilizes strength and flexibility without sacrificing their technique (turnout)…I CAN DO THIS 🙂

  390. Diana

    I read most of the comments on this and I have to say the comments are very thought provoking. Actually you all have help me answer the question That Marie asked, “What will you regret not doing in the next 10 years from now?” I am 61 yrs old and I have tried many times to start a business in marketing and starting and signing up with varrious marketing companies. I have worked for other companies in retail, secretarial, medical field, and being fired from the medical field and end up in a job that I thought I would love, and that is taking care of the elderly people. Yes, I am a caregiver. This job and all of the others have been jobs to keep the bills paid for and fear based because I never knew if I will have a job if I didn’t do as I was told. I have learned how thankless and mean people and especially how cheap employers are. So now I am looking for another way to make a living and enjoy it. I want to do something that I love to do and do it with joy. I have been thinking about starting a coffee house business and feel excited about it, then fear stops me in my tracks and I feel that I will fail again. I feel like you all that have commented. I like how Maria is teaching that we have to find out why we feel, and how to get over the limiting thoughts and overcome them to trust in our inner feelings and step out and just do it. I would love to take the classes that Maria Forleo teaches. When I have the money to start the classes I will take them. Thank you so much for sharing all of your comments. Please leave comments to me as I will appreciate them.

  391. I want to work full time on my website because:
    I believe it will inspire people to use their creativity by recycling and reinventing old things rather than just throwing stuff in the trash and running to the mall to spend money for new things.
    This helps the planet by not filling up dumping grounds. It helps people save money. It offers an opportunity for people to fire up their creativity. It teaches us all to be more resourceful–just like our grandparents were during the depression. It is win-win for everyone.
    I love rescuing old furnishings and giving them a new lease on life. I want to share that thrill with the world.

  392. I’ve spent 15 years helping senior managers implement change in the corporate environment. I want to take all my change consultancy experience, my personal development skills (got some of those as well) and help people make their life or business vision fly! I have a system and a book. I just need to get ‘found’. And B-School will do this for me.

    • Oh my God, I just left a bunch of What and How words. Realise this after watching Simon’s TED talk. Here’s why I want to help people make their life or business vision fly:
      I’m frustrated seeing talented, creative and passionate people not living their life purpose because they don’t know how or they are scared to go for it. What a waste.
      I believe that if we all went for our dreams, the world would be a better place because the passion would show everywhere we go.
      I want everyone to have the freedom to choose.

  393. Barbara Nlelson

    I want to make a difference with my God-given intuitive talents. I want to fill joy-filled at the end of the day by using these talents, instead of being drained by working at a job that I cannot use my skills and abilities. Even having to hide who I truly am. I need to express and own my gifts.

    I have a burning desire as a professional writer to write about my spiritual experiences and opinions that would help others to Follow The Light.

  394. I JUST love this. I never thought about the “why” and how it is so important. I am definitely changing how (or should I say why) I think of things and making them come forth. Thanks Marie. You make me feel so young!!!

  395. Carisa

    Love this! I am starting my business because I am passionate about sharing a new way of looking at communication that will change lives. It helps people understand each other better and just as importantly, it helps people understand THEMSELVES. It’s too good not to share and I know I’m the one to do it! 🙂

  396. Damn girrrrl, you just flipped my s#it out! Haha:). I loved the music vid- trib! I so wanna b wanna b wanna wanna wanna b you when I grow up! Well not actually me, I’m all grown up, but my baby of a business. When it grows up, it wants to be like you: all fun, crazy and serioulsy impactful!
    For rizzle!

  397. Kat

    This is all new to me, but I love it.
    I have several “why’s” haven’t thought quite what my own business should be, as I have so many passions.
    I’m hoping B-school will help with that.
    I have everything to learn. I know nada …but I knew enough to enroll in B-school 🙂

    my main reason to start a business is to spend more time with my children, and maybe even leave a legacy for them to inherit one day,
    I would also love to make other kid’s and families live’s better..

  398. Am starting a fashion line business because i love seeing people look good and i want the world to know that looking good is not all about spending so much but loving yourself and wearing what is right for you at the most affordable price.

  399. I already have my own business as a massage therapist and there is nothing, to me, more rewarding than helping someone overcome pain or limitations. For the longest time however I have wanted to be able to help not just physical pain, but emotional yearning….that thing that drives us to self destructive behaviors………and help women find the person they were born to be.

  400. WHY am I going to business? Good question! I think I always knew in my heart that I want to make a difference in the world by helping raise the consciousness of people through self-empowerment and awareness. I would like to do this in a holistic way, focusing on total health and wellness, even integrating yoga into it.

    I love how Marie included the music video as this is obviously her avenue for all things she is passionate about!

  401. I started my healing clinic (Acupuncture and other healing work) because I want people to KNOW that they have the power within themselves to heal from ANY condition! I want to empower the world to take their power back and create the health and life they want!!! I want to extend my practice to online coaching because I then I can reach even more people, which is my purpose in this life. Mahalo for everything Marie!!!

  402. My reason for my business to exist and thrive is to help smaller businesses have the help they need to succeed in the digital space (the web). Many businesses know that they need to get in the arena, but have no way of knowing who to trust, how to choose someone to help them, and how the process works. They are looking for things they don’t know they need yet.

    I’d like to share the things I know with my clients, make them competitive in their markets, and help them grow beyond their expectations. These are coachable people, who know that they need some sort of help, but don’t know what questions to ask. My role will be to help identify business opportunities, and help them build a web experience that helps their customers find what they need, and helps them grow their business.

  403. I started my business out of frustration based on my struggles and experiences I am currently having with my 6 year old daughter. She’s a little person. Born in 2007 with Acholdroplasia Dwarfism. I started a fashion line for adult women little people w/dwarfism height 3-4’10 ladies wear. NO MORE rolling up the shirt sleeves and cutting up pants legs. Little people HATE having to shop in the kid section too. I heartly believe in this project, business, and the vision given to me and work hard everyday to see it come to path. Little people are ALL over the world and that’s why I built my business exclusively all online. For little people to shop =-)

  404. Gabriel

    I want to start my own business to apply all of the scientific knowledge I’ve invested thousands of hours over the last decade in nutrition, exercise science, psychology, emotional intelligence, leadership, and stress management to deliver Holistic wellness coaching as a body transformation expert! The world has a great need for this as we all eat food, need to maintain strong muscles, bones, and joints, and are subject to daily stressors, relationship conflict, and need to sleep well for life performance. I deeply believe in what I can provide to the public and individualize for the specific client’s needs. I believe holistic wellness coaches can reverse chronic disease and improve the financial health on a global scale if we generate sufficient momentum as an army of coaches! I feel fortunate to already have learned from top experts in the field what majority of doctors/health pros don’t know and am passionate about sharing this education in a way that gets real change/results one client at a time. my 3 big ideas: track entire wellness profile online(psychological/emotional symptoms/nutrition habits/fitness stats/sleep/wake disturbances/cycles), Emotional Stimuli App, local grocer list(location, prices, foods, nutrients obtained in the food, bodily condition related). Grocery store Delivery App. I’m getting certifications after graduation in June. Lining everything up to eventually do B-school to market online. Want to eventually get Certified Nutrition Specialist certification. Write E-book.

  405. My why is because empowering women to get a handle on their productivity in the workplace or in managing their home by creating creative visual guidance has given me so much joy in my work. I love nothing more than when somebody tells me what an impact I’ve made on their routine, and I want more of that!! <3 ~ Renee

  406. Melinda

    I’ve already written a book. It was a direct offspring of the business I have been working toward launching for 2 years now. I am both fulfilling my passion of helping people realize their perfect wedding but in tow, it is my intent to improve people’s communication skills and create better marriages leading to a lower divorce rate. Now, it’s just time to get things done, stop being afraid of success and get ‘er done……..

  407. QZ

    “why” for business?
    #, I’m interested in this field for some time, i can spent a lot of time of reading the information on this subject
    #, I consider the health is most important before doing other things and believe what i’m going to do can change our health , furthermore, i saw some result on myself or the people around me
    #, what i’m going to do is not really existing at the targeted market
    #, the concerns of health is raising at the targeted market

  408. I create self-guided retail training for micro-businesses and makers because:
    1) Facilitated, multifaceted, well-rounded and accessible merchant training doesn’t exist,
    2) My expertise in retail and my passion to train are my gifts (both given and gained) to share,
    3) I am inspired by working for and with other micro-businesses and solopreneurs,
    4) I LOVE living and shopping local – living la vida local, and
    5) Retail is a harmony of art and science. That’s where I thrive.

  409. Paul Nguyen

    The reason why I want to start a business is because I believe in doing things more effective, more efficiently, for the right reasons, AND to see those reason s have a sustainable impact. I believe that human development is the most important vehicle for good that allows us to bring us closer to what is good, true, and beautiful in the Kosmos. I want to start a business because I want to live the life of my dreams and make the best difference I can possibly make regardless of the form it takes. I believe that you can thrive at doing what you love while being able to support yourself, your loved ones, and make the difference you have the potential to make. Lastly, I want to create something new, innovative, exciting, and awesome. Something I can be proud of and joyfully create. I believe business is optimal vehicle for me to do just that.

  410. Patty Harter

    My studies became a priority in nutrition and lifestyle after many years in home health care while working with Hospice patients. I saw the real truth in what we are doing to our own bodies and how we can change our lives, take control but not by buying a diet book or looking for that magic bullet or pill but really taking control by educating ourselves and knowing what is going into our bodies. After some travel in missions as well as working with families in projects I witnessed the lifestyle of many and how bad habits became the norm which becomes diabetes, heart disease and more. There’s a better way to live and I want to be part of bringing a change, not another pill or trick but real change. My hope is that I can make enough money to not only help make changes but to open clinics.

  411. I am starting my own business because I can do it better and support food allergy customers in getting excellent customer service at restaurants. We developed a digital food allergy training service for restaurants because from my experiences (still) its not good enough for the food allergy customers.. we want awesome service and experience and I am a stand to make that happen

  412. Miranda

    I have a childhood dream of impacting the world in a way that makes it better for all. I want to inspire, empower and make a difference in the lives of the people I touch with whatever I choose to do. I want people to feel better, and BE better because I could contribute with something really valuable to them. Dreams come true, passion, the experience of peace inside, expanding into the world. A world of peace as a result.
    Not sure how it’s going to look like yet, but I think this is the core.

  413. Missy

    I want to start a business to provide a product and service that will give ongoing value to people’s lives.

  414. Shawna-Lee Harrison

    I want to save the world!
    I plan on doing this by becoming a plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach to help, motivate, and inspire others to take better care of the planet, it’s animals, their health and their minds.

  415. Karen Hanlon

    I am starting my own home based online business as I want to market and deliver a 12 month, interactive home study web-based personal development training program that illuminates a range of success principles and success strategies that help men, women and young people achieve success and gain financial independence by providing effective educational materials and events that enhance self-confidence and grow self-reliance. I believe that the individual has the ability to realise their inherent potential and live a life of personal fulfilment.

    Karen xo

  416. It’s funny what happens when you start thinking about the different business ideas you may want to pursue and then consider the “why” of each idea. I knew which business idea was the right one because the “why” made me feel good in my heart and excited too 🙂

  417. Luretia Dany

    OMG! I am so looking forward to beginning this course. (Marie, you are a hoot!…I love it)
    I worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years before getting fired and being forced to start my own business. After working as a personal trainer and massage therapist for 7 years, I went back to work last May for financial reasons. (GGRRRRHHH! At this point in my life, you have to know I hate being tied down to a desk!) For months now, I have really been looking for a “blue print” on how to get some fire under me and my business. I believe I have found that in B-School!
    My “Why”?… America has gotten TOO BUSY! We need a half-time…siesta…A NAP! lol… Some how we got so wrapped up in chasing money, we forgot how to play and enjoy life. Well, I’m going to help us! 😉

  418. My why? to Empower, Inspire others. To heal the connection between humans and animals. To help all with the journey to transitioning (crossing over). Basically, to guide people to heal with love, laughter and light 🙂

  419. Maxine

    I LOVE that this prompts me to remember the difference I want to make. There always has to be a reminder for your (mine, our) WHY.

    A few years ago I started a business called Skin Essence – which I ran from home after hours while I worked full time elsewhere. Why I started that was I had dreamed of being a Beauty Therapist, offering clients that relaxation, positive environment and certified organic skin care that really made a difference to the health of their skin. I had worked at a Day Spa after becoming qualified, that was unfortunately an incredibly negative environment, and it really made me gun shy about the industry. Then I took the leap to make my own business the way I wanted to, in my own time. Loved it! Since moving locations, I’ve been unable to set up that business to offer treatments but have decided (yesterday) that I want to launch a new business called Maximum Vitality – encompassing skin therapy plus wellness coaching and space reinvention (declutter & reorganise spaces for people). And that WHY is because: 1. all of these services make positive differences to people in REAL ways: personally, health/skin and their living space/s. Plus I just happen to LOVE all three and am pretty good at them! 🙂

  420. I started my business because my passion for my then hobby. was taking over my house and using up too much of my family time. I needed to find a creative space that was just for myself and my business, where I could focus on my clients and be the best I could be for them whilst still being the best wife and mother i could be when I was at home.

  421. Carolyn Livingston

    I started Backyard Fitness as a way to show women that they don’t HAVE to go to the gym to get a good effective workout. Now, I’m interested in starting a one-on-one coaching business to help midlife women get their groove back through fitness and healthy change. Very few gyms or trainers are addressing the hormonal changes that occur in midlife, which often require a different approach to exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, etc. … Am considering calling my business Midlife Fitness (MiLF!). 🙂

  422. I am starting a nonprofit organization that will focus on empowering the youth of the next generation with life skills that they may not be learning in school, church or home.

    I have registered for Marie’s B-School that starts tomorrow and am very excited to take what I learn from her courses and transition that into business skills for my company.

    Thank you Marie for being an inspiration!


  423. I am starting DreamMakers because I want to use all my gifts and talents to help people realize how extraordinary they are by accomplishing “the impossible” – making a personal dream and a stranger’s dream come true. One it’s just cool to be able to brag like that. Two how fun is it to help someone live an honest to goodness dream. And three, once enough people have this experience, then the “big, scary monster problems” in the world become much less scary and so etching we can tackle…together!

    • love the name dreammakers. My situation is quite similar… love it and I am so happy to meet all this great people here like you…

  424. I believe in you, all those dreams and plans and hopes you’ve given up on, the ones you’ve told yourself are too hard, or too expensive, or that you’re not worth it. It’s those that I am passionate about. You and your dreams, I believe they should come true.

    I want you to know you can do it, it is possible, and you deserve it xx
    ciao lisa x

  425. My dream is to inspire young women to go their own way. To show them a way of less pressure and that they can build their own business. They can have a life of their dreams. I always felt like stuck in a box when sitting in my employment job. It was horrible. Then I started my own business… it failed because it was for the wrong reason. I want to share this experience and to show and teach that failure is nothing to be ashamed of.

  426. I believe people have the ability to release themselves from all reactions & judgments. I believe, when we achieve this ability, we will become a society that is no longer threatened by others so we will be a society that lifts everyone up. I want to help people in their processes to release reactions and judgment from their lives.

  427. I love your videos! My “why” for my business is my desire to put to good use my accumulation of gifts, talents, skills, and knowledge to help people learn how to make healthier choices that empower others to lead healthier, happier lives. I believe that the key to vibrant health for us as well as for our beautiful planet starts with nutrient-dense whole plant-based foods. We are what we eat, and I want to use my passions for teaching, cooking, writing, and science to inform, inspire, and give tools to others to help them bring their food choices in alignment with the quality of life they desire. I believe in leading by example, and I live what I teach. I also believe that when people discover that their health is a result of their choices, they will also discover that so is their happiness. And how empowering is that?

  428. Kat

    Super Great!!!
    I do my Business because i want to expand truth, Love, Joy on this planet and the truth of sexuall Energy!!!!!!
    Live your ultimative truth.
    Live who you are!
    Live the Way you are!!!!
    Others are GREAT to get Inspiration in positive Way! And also in the Way you dont want to live. BUT ALWAYS FOLLOW ONLY YOURSELF!!! Your inside!! Your Body!!! Your pleissure!!!! Your bodyimpulse is the Connection to your truth!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free your truth!!! Through following your bodyimpulse. Try!
    Have Fun!
    Magic will Happen!!!
    Its very powerfull to Start to Listen to your bodyimpulse!!!

    I give Trainings to Learn it again. To learn to Listen to your inside!!!!
    Kat Tiger

    Ama be… Great Video. !!!!!!





  430. Great video Marie, especially the music video – crack up!

    My why – to help parents have Happier, Healthier and better behaved kids through a healthier diet and lifestyle. A win-win for the parents and the kids as this parent gig is a tough one.


  432. Desiree

    Well, I have two ideas that I keep getting torn between. I realized my reasons for doing each were interconnected – and actually synergistic of one another…

    I want to take my home studio practice online to help more people discover inner freedom, self expression, confidence and the power of their presence – through the techniques of body awareness and vocal coaching.

    I also want to expose my own talent and music to the world. I have songs to sing and sounds to make…to heal and soothe, to enliven and energize. I want to create healing experiences – whether it be through my coaching, speaking, or my own music performance. Wow…this could be merged?!?!

    Thanks for the video – me want the blue cap sleeved leotard thingy.

  433. Marie, You ROCK! I LOVE the video. I love how you just connect well with people. Anywhoo

    I started my business to help couples create their dream wedding. Not your average “cookie cutter, bridezilla, overly elaborate waste of money” wedding. Many of my couples are first generation Americans, they want a smaller affair. I help them infuse cultural and traditional elements into their weddings because it is an opportunity for them to connect with their guests and share something intimate. It is also a sentimental tribute to their ancestors and you should see the look on granny’s face after the wedding, PRICELESS…

    My ultimate goal is to create a successful business so, I can eventually start a foundation. I am passionate about homelessness and hunger causes and I talk too much so, public motivational speaking is also apart of my plan.

    Keep up the GREAT work Marie 🙂

  434. I started my Enchanted Journey business because my heart is so full of enchantment that it began to sprout little hearts in all related fields! The more I have, the more I have to give. I’m in private practice as a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and psychotherapy and wrote a book called The Enchanted Journey:Finding the Key That Unlocks You, to help others reduce stress and create enchantment in every day life. Through my online presence (which I’m growing, thanks to you and my enrollment in B-School) I have an Enchanted Blog and Enchanted Art and Enchanted Workshops that I can’t wait to share with the world! Thank you, Marie!

  435. I started my online class site to help connect artist from around the world that could not attend live classes or conferences. Plus I love the arts!

  436. You and Simon Sinek just rocked my world. My Why? As a Feature Film Editor, I believe that by empowering more talented female filmmaker personal visions, I can contribute to a more balanced on perspective on humanity and change the world for the better.

  437. I started my business because I have a burning desire to inspire, educate, encourage, and lead women into living nourished, balanced, alive, and free. I am a change agent and I must make a difference.

  438. Pamela

    I love this. I see a need that is unmet in the marketplace, or actually, it is being met poorly. I am a big believe in natural remedies and in the power of people to heal themselves. I want to help people discover that, and discover that it is not ‘woo-woo’ but it is one of our natural capabilities as human beings.

  439. Joanne

    I want to start my business for a couple of reasons. The first is personal experience. I wanted to organise my pantry, whole foods, glass jars, labels etc after purchasing a Thermomix (not in the US yet). It took me months of research, finding suppliers etc. I just know I can do this for other people. Everyone that sees my pantry wants one! I also want to contribute financially again after being a SAHM for a while. I miss the interaction with people, I love the motivation I get from my own business but also the flexibility it can give me.

  440. I want to start my business is help people look at illness as a blessing and an opportunity to heal rather than a victim!

  441. Oh Ms. MamaJamma ~ why you are inspiring me to like HipHop….whoa ~
    Awesome Bazillion Posts here!
    Why, you ask, why start my own business? I’ve started a whole bunch of other businesses and hmmmm, they didn’t really pan out…but I am Resilient!
    I just needed the right approach ~ to do more of what I Love to do.
    I love people ~ Eating real clean food ~ teaching sewing ~ making things work ~ it just makes me Happy when those around me “get it” from me for themselves. Everything builds on itself, lesson after lesson. To keep discovering, uncovering and putting into action what’s at the core of ME to share while earning what I deserve ~ Gratefully.

  442. I started my design business because I love to help others visual creative needs. I enjoy creating that very first logo design for a company that helps others feel their dream business is coming alive. It gives business owners the feeling that it’s finally ready to be officially shared with others. I’m also designing greeting cards because I believe thoughtfulness and communication are important. I enjoy creating paper products / card designs that encourage people to share their thoughts with one another, whether a family, friend, or stranger.