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Before we dive into today’s video, a quick heads up on some upcoming shizzel.

RHH Live 2011 will be held October 21 – 23rd, 2011 in NYC at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center.

We’ll open up registration in the next few weeks.

Now, onto today’s vid.

If you ever feel like you’re working your ass off and still not making any dough, this video could really help.

Watch as I get all up in this girl’s business grill and help her stop spinning her wheels and start making some cheddar from her online business.

It’s a must see, if I do say so myself!

Leave a comment below and let me know the biggest, most actionable idea you gleaned and how you’ll implement it into your business, now.  Bonus points if you can show me some before + after proof of your implementation in the comments.

Last but not least, cosmic drum roll please…

12 days ago, we opened the floodgates for scholarship applications for Selling Your Soul — the one-day business building immersion on May 12th with me + Miss Danielle LaPorte.

We are so freakin’ impressed with entries. 257 of ‘em to be precise. From naturopathic midwives to SEO strategists, career advisers to performance artists, senior relocation specialists to hula hooping megastars, the submissions were diverse, creative and heartfelt.

It sure as hell wasn’t easy, but we’ve chosen.


1. Mia DeBolt, SEO Queen.
2. Jessica Kohler, Elderly Mover.
3. Shenee Howard, Story Teller with Style.
4. Christabel Zamor, Hoola Hoopin’ Mogul.
5. Jen H, Environmental Alaskan Smarty.
6. Akilah Richards, Hot Coach.
7. Amber McCue, Boudoir Photographer.
8. Linda Rihani, Founder BabyToBe.
9. Mikki Baloy David, Shamanic Healer.
10. Margaret Romero, Gluten-Free Goddess.

HUGE thanks to every participant. You’re all amazing and we are so grateful to be connected to your entrepreneurial dreams.  Thank you so much for your heart, social media love and soul.

Scholarship winners: we’ll be emailing you within the next 24 hours, with virtual high fives + event details, so you can plan your trip to NYC.

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners:) Have an AWESOME time!!



  2. Congratulations to all the SYS winners!!! Rock ON SISTERS!!! xoxo

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations hot movin’ and shakin’ mamas! Have a great juicy time!

  4. Whooo hooo! Congratulations, Ladies! Can’t wait to meet you May 12th at Selling Your Soul! 🙂

    Marie, LOVED today’s Q&A Tuesday! Fabulous tips, as always. My action step from this video is to have a look at my products/services on my site and see how I can make them more clear and easy for people to see where they fit in and how to work with me. 🙂

  5. Great job Marie–I hope Jen realizes she just got a BOATLOAD of very valuable marketing advice for free. WOW!

    Jen, your site is adorable and Marie’s advice was spot on so it’s all about implementing now baby!! Best of luck on your blossoming biz! xo

    • Jen

      Christine! Thank YOU! That sure was a boatload of information Marie gave ME today! It just goes to show how GIVING she is! I definitely am thankful and have been working on exactly what I was told to do! I’ve been schooled!

  6. awesome vids- congrats to the winners. I’ll be seeing you all there. Super stoked!

  7. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to meet you at the event! Xo

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! Your time is now! Hope you have the best life-changing time EVER! 🙂

  9. haha Amber! You won a ticket to selling your soul!!!!

    Congrats to all of you!

  10. LOVE the personal website review you gave!

    That SO ROCKED and totally helped me out as well :))

    AND congrats to all the winners ~nicely done~

  11. Hi Marie! 1st, you’re seriously such a crack up. I love the voices. Seeing how you e mail and video market is truly inspiring, and I credit you with making it ok for me to swear in my own. I was always afraid to do so for fear of retribution but I’m a dego and I love to fn swear! I think it comes with the territory.

    2nd, here’s a question I’d love answered. I am in the same spot as the girl featured in the vid, doing everything right (I think, based on my training and coaching) and I’m still struggling. People think I’m making thousands, when the truth is I’m hustling! When I get the right clients, it’s worth it but I want more consistency. I’m not attracting my target market, ideal client, et al, who I describe as busy professionals (entreprenuers, solopreneurs, mompreneurs) who want to kick sugar and drop fat. These people are seriously stressed, and after a lengthy corporate career, I know firsthand what that stress does to you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Arg. Where do I find these folks? I’ve cold called companies with no luck, even with as many as 6-10 follow up calls (no stalking, over 6 months or so) but that’s all I could specifically think of to do. Thanks!

    • Angela, so good to see you here! Not sure why you are not making tons ‘o money because I can personally attest that your program WORKS. I have kicked my sugar cravings after only 21 days and I attribute my success to what I have learned in your program. I was a hardcore sugar addict for as long as I can remember – it’s the only real addiction that I have struggled with. And I was BAD. Frappacinos every day, tons of caramels, baked goods, bread….it’s a wonder I didn’t develop diabetes already. Now I am finally FREE! I’ve lost 5 pounds, my stomach is FLAT and my skin is luminous. And it’s all due to YOU. Thank you…..

      • Cuz I’s got to find my target girl! I do alright for only being in biz a year and half but I’m ready for the next level 🙂 I’m psyched for you with Crack the Code!!!! Could I get a testi???

        • Absolutely! How long do you want it to be?

          • A few sentences about where you were before you started the program, where you are now and what results you got w/b fantabulous! Would you send it to me at my e mail address? W/a photo? I’m also not sure where you live so include that too! Thanks T!

    • Louise

      Hey Angela,
      It’s Louise, I work with Marie and I am going to snag your question and add it in to the possible Q&A Tuesday mix. We’re always on the lookout!
      Take care,

  12. Marie,

    An easier thing for her to do (and less expensive and stressful than putting up her own wordpress install) is to just get a domain name and have it re-direct to the existing wordpress site. Monthly hosting (even at $5-7/mo) may be out of her budget if she’s not making any money, but the $10-15 for a domain name will serve her well no matter where she ends up. She can’t download and install wordpress without her own hosting account.

    Hope that helps!

    • Jen

      Hi lisa,
      I actually already own my domain name, have a host, and account, now it’s down to the details (scary for someone who’s done this all on her own). Thank You so much for your suggestions. I’m hoping I”ll easily transition my blog content to the new site. 😉

      • Jen,

        I moved my site over to the WordPress platform with the help of Warren at MWL Development. Super inexpensive, super quality, super fast AND he trained me on how to make updates myself. Check him out!

        Good luck,

        • Jen

          Hi Maria!
          Thank You so much for sharing Warren’s info! I’m all over the inexpensive part. This is so exciting and Marie lit a fire under my butt! Somebody had to! I can’t wait to share once I’ve made changes!

          • Hi Jen,
            If you still need WordPress development help, please let me know. I would be delighted to work with you to develop the website you desire.

            I look forward to hearing from you,
            [email protected]

  13. Hi Marie,

    You’ve hit a major hot-button here with the whole money thing! I’m in the same boat and I definitely learned a few things I can take away from your video and apply to my business.

    The challenge I have is that everyone I talk to mentions that I’ve given away too much value for free. What the…? I thought that was the point, to give away great value to build your list and attract fanatical fans who love you and your stuff? So, I guess I’m stuck wondering if you can point me to where I should go next?

    The content’s out there, I’ve got a blog that gets about 200-400 visits a day, I’m generating about 10-15 leads a day and I’m making little spurts of money here and there, but nothing to jump up and down about. I’ve filled my stadium so to speak and now I’m ready to rock!

    Thanks Marie! Looking forward to your upcoming b-school! Can’t wait to learn more about it!


    • Louise

      Get ready….. B-School information will be coming your way very soon! I can’t say too much or Marie would kill me but it’s going to blow the roof off the place.

  14. Congratulations winners! Have a fabulous time!

  15. Congrats! Also a shout out to Jen H – made my spine tingle. You rock.

  16. Congratulations fantastic ladies. So excited to see you at SYSOUL!

  17. Great post and big congrats to the winners!

  18. Hi Marie,

    I so love your tips and advise! You totally ROCK girl! Although I am neither a blogger or a writer by any stretch of the imagination I get a wealth of biz info from you weekly vids.
    So…question… I’m WAY too nice! I wind up doing lost of work for free because someone is a friend or family and I have ideas and opinions that turn good into great! ( usually a social event like a wedding which I do on the side but often in home decor & remodel which is my business!!) Got any tips to gracefully get out of all this free work? I gots bills to pay!!! and I’m not getting any younger so to Hell with this working for free on the weekends shit!
    Thanks in advance for all your spunky info.
    Note the real website is still under construction so this is what I have for now … please don’t judge it too harshly.


  19. Oh my goodness, Jen’s crocheted carrot is super cute! (Jen, did you do that yourself?)

    Like Marie said, I would also love to see a tag line right below that adorable crocheted carrot so I knew in a glance exactly what products and services Jen has to offer.

    I’m a nurse midwife, and although I work in a hospital and catch babies, my personal coaching business – and online persona – is Midwife for Your Life.

    I only recently realized that my website/blog banner needed an effective tag line to help distinguish my services, and I created “Strategies and Inspiration for Giving Birth to Your BIG Dreams.” I still think it needs some tweaking, so stay tuned for the “after!”

    Thanks again, Marie, for reminding us that we only have a few seconds to make an impression and it’s worth the time and effort to make sure it’s super-clear and effective!

    • Jen

      Hi Stacey!
      I’m responding to people’s kind and thoughtful comments on Marie’s blog, is that weird? Marie? Ha! (the rockstar she is). Back to that carrot, I didn’t crochet that little guy, but I think I”ll try crocheting vegetables. And I love that you catch babies! Anyway, Now I get it! I’m a girl with a carrot and that’s it! Tagline is imperative and I’m working on the website immediately cause how bad would that be to receive such ADVICE and not implement it?! Oh, and I”ll take tagline suggestions although I’ve got a few brewin…

      • Hey Jen!

        No, I don’t think it’s weird that you respond to comments: I find it as charming and endearing as that crocheted carrot! I checked out your blog and it’s obvious you have an engaged audience. With Marie on your side, I know you’ll make them into happy customers very soon! I’m excited to hear what your tag lines are and will be sure to check back in on your blog. All the best!

      • marie

        Hey Jen! I LOVE that you’re responding. I’m here – just working on a big writing deadline so keep going lady. We have an amazing community here, as you know oxox M

      • Hey Jen,
        I have to say your pictures are absolutely amazing! You could sell some of your photography to istockphoto or another stock photo company to monetize your blog. Just a thought…

        I was thinking of a tagline for you and came up with, “Where joy is rooted in healthy eating” or something to that effect. I look forward to seeing the remodel!

        • Jen

          Oh WOW Mia, what a fantastic tagline! I’m loving it! Thank you for taking a moment to think about it. I definitely considered istockphoto, also smugmug. The pressure is on! 😉 Nice to connect here!

          • Glad to contribute and connect! No pressure! We’re cheering you on!

  20. Stop! Your blog “is not a business model” <–True, but…

    Okay, while partially true. Blogging is a different type of business and is a large part of the business model. As a blogger, your income is derived from affiliate links in your blog posts or on your sidebar, etc… The other ways bloggers bring in money is by writing for other blogs or websites like Hubpages and Squidoo.

    While most bloggers don't make a lot of money from affiliate marketing until about 2-4 years – it would be helpful to add different aspects to your blogging business model – like food writing, creating recipe eBooks and recipe writing.

    I agree with Marie. @Jennifer, I would expand on your service information.

    Marie, great advice on the font, URL, etc…

  21. I learned lots. First I need to look at my site. I have a domain thats forwarded to my blog on blogger. I turned my blog on blogger into my site. DUH! How the heck do we help people? I failed to implement that on my site and make it clear. I will be taking steps to ensure that my site is up to par. That people truly know who we are and what we do. I feel a little overwhelmed but hoping to enhance by implementing!

  22. Jen

    I have just revamped my website too, I loved listening to you get all up in her business!!! I would love to hear what you say about my latest updates! I will think of a good Tuesday Q and A to entice you over!


    • Louise

      It’s Louise, I work with Marie and wanted to hop in here. Always feel free to send any possible Q&A Tuesday Qs to us! Just reply to any email Marie sends out or write [info at marieforleo dot com] and we’ll get it.

  23. Great advice Marie!

    Jen — generally it’s easier and more lucrative to fulfill a current need than it is to create a desire for your products and services. As you sit down and create programs or products around your expertise, consider what people want, then create a program or product that gives it to them.

    Keep in mind, people won’t always buy what they need but they will find the money to get things they want and in general, people want results.

    The question is: What results do people want, that you can give them through a product or program?

    • Jen

      Hi Heidi!
      I am really feeling the luv here! Those are some serious words of wisdom and I truly take your thoughts to heart. I have a few ideas of what people want but what I think they want and what they need are two different things. I’ve done some market research etc. Here’s to me helping people eat beets! That’s just one part of what I do, you get the idea. Thanks for your thoughtful response!

  24. I’m so stoked and excited to meet all you amazing “soul sistas” at the event! Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thank you so much Marie and Danielle for this amazing opportunity! Big virtual hugs and smooches to you both!

  25. Marie – I am drawn to people who are confident in their skin, and you’ve got that down! You’ve put the challenge on my plate, and I’m taking it. I’m going to implement more video on my own website. In my mind I’m still that foxy 25 year old, and a few (choke, choke) decades later, my videos remind me that I’m actually not the same on the outside as I feel on the inside. And so I’ve comne to avoid videos. But, I’m going to get over that and just let my passion for my work come through in more video postings. Thanks for reminding me the value of letting people see you live. It makes it so much easier for people to connect with you.

  26. Prada Madonna

    What laser sharp comments. Love it Marie! You’re so contagious, so thought provoking. Thank you.

  27. Bahieh K.

    This was great Marie!!

    I gleaned a few ideas for my own blog!!

    And so excited for the scholarship recipients!! Sheeneh is pure gold + and she’s up to great work!! You chose well.

    And though it might be too early for me to do the b-school training, I’m definitely on the list!!


    Bahieh K.

  28. Great web design/content tips Marie! Big questions: What are your services? What do people want to pay you for? So many people offer such great content, expertise, cool and cute combined, but are sometimes challenged to know the best way to sell their stuff! Again. Great advice. Love your vids!

    10 very lucky ladies were selected. Wish I could go! Cross fingers for RHH Live in Oct!

  29. Congrats to all the winners– have an extraordinary time!!

    xo, Lisa

  30. Great advice Marie…as always.. thanks…

    much love from Croatia…

  31. That rocked, Marie. I like these “visual lessons” – seeing the website and being able to “see” your recommendations really helps.

  32. Great advice Marie! I have a web design company and give advice on exactly what you did so couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂 You’re a legend 🙂

  33. It seems like Jen is suffering from some serious SMVP deficiency. You love what you do, but you don’t know how to make it resonate with your audience. Every business needs to look at the three C’s – company, customers & competitors – to build a rock-star SMVP (or brand or motto or whatever you want to call it)!

    Check out this “how to” article:

    • Jen

      Eye opening, that’s what I can say. Reading all these helpful comments from such great people is one step in the right direction. SMVP, yes I think I’m suffering from that. I”ll head on over to that article, thank you for sharing!

  34. Diane

    Wow! What a truly inspiring post. Thank you for sharing that insight and for Jen asking the question. Such a great critique and so very helpful. Positive and to the point. I’m at the very early stage of setting up my website, blog and online store so those comments were extremely helpful. I’ve also taken a couple of Laura Roeder’s programs re: setting up a blog/twitter etc.. and so it all just “clicked”. And I’ve signed up for more info on your upcoming b-school program.

    Inspired and motivated!

  35. Hi Marie,

    Great information!!

  36. Wow. Such amazing feedback. Clearly a hot topic. I just launched my website and I totally get how nerve-racking it can be while you try to build a following and, yes, get some actual clients. I would be interested to know how long it took those of you who are actually making money. I’ve heard some people say they’re website was a success right from the start, and others who have said it took up to 2 years to start seeing the payoff. I certainly don’t want to wait 2 years.

  37. Jen

    Forleo – you are the epitome of a true giver of Art! Way to get into someone’s business and teach us all at the same time. Best cheddar: making it crystal clear why, as a visitor, I want to know about your biz and buy yo stuff. I will be using this simple yet powerful tip to launch my new web site in May! Thanks mucho for that!

    I also love the new trailer for RHH Live. My hair looks fabulous in the set, I will have to send it to my hair dresser to get it cut that way again. LOL. Can we re-tweet the link to it?

    See you and the rest of the hotties next month at SYS and congrats to all of the winners – you and Danielle are making a lot of ladies’ dreams come true!

    • marie

      Thanks Jen 🙂 I love doing what I do. YES please tweet your butt off about RHH Live, we’re getting all geared up for it! xox M

  38. Holy goodness!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! So excited to be going to selling your soul. Waahooooooo! Now to watch Q&A Tuesday. Much love, Amber

  39. * Akua *

    Excellent as always. Lookin’ forward to seeing you in Oct. Muah!

  40. Thank you for giving, very nice feedback on Carrot Girl’s website. I loved how you can just zero in on the common mistakes and give a direction to go.

  41. Hey Marie!
    I´ve admired you since 2007 when I found you online, and I love that you are an amazing SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, so good at so many ventures!! I love that about you, how you sold fitness videos, love advice books, life coaching, now entrepreneurial advice for women… Definitely rich, happy & hot: the way to go!!
    Where do I post the questions I would like answered when U can:
    1) When you are doing Corporate Fitness & Wellness, how to integrate it with your Network & internet marketing without losing your credibility in the corporate world.
    2) When you are sharing some learning experience online, and people are super harsh… In my case, I am doing it on purpose, so that people understand that, as Brian Tracy says, I am getting out of my comfort zone of getting flattery & taking a risk of a LEARNING EXPERIENCE ONLINE…

    Let me know if you need me to expand or explain this further.
    Thank you so much in advance,
    Monica Sancio

    • Louise

      I’ve grabbed your Qs and I’ll add them into the possible mix for Marie. Thanks so much!


    Thank you so much! Thank you thank you!!!!

    Marie, you are so fun and I can’t wait for us to break it down together in MAY! Holla!

    This video was so awesome! Lucky Jen! : ) I am gonna take some of these tips for my own rebrand and rock it out! Also, Jen! I design services and write copy stuff so if I can help you in any way, let me know!


    • Jen

      Hi Shenee!
      Congrats on being one of the scholarship winners! Thank you for your offer to help, I am taking loads of iPhone notes today!

  43. Oh my Goddess!! Yay!!! Thank you Marie and Danielle!! Can’t wait to get down and dirty in May!!


  44. Marie!!
    OMG first of all laughing out loud about the potty mouth comment haha! 2ndly love your comments I am changing some things around on my website pronto! 3rdly can’t wait for the RHH training videos & info!!!
    Congrats to all of the SYS winners woo to the hoo!!!
    Kelly Lynn

  45. Hi Marie
    Really enjoyed this video and think it was an incredibly generous gift to Carrot Girl to do the consultation!
    Much to learn – now I have to go get up in my own business so that I can fit the profile for the next Selling your Soul. After I have quit ma 9-5 (10-7) and built my recovering pessimist empire, done a Tour of Tohoku.
    Big congratulations to the winners this year – next year or the year after IT WILL BE ME bwahahahaha bwahahaha
    Thanks mate

  46. Great post and learnt a lot from your analysis…I love what you do and I hope I will meet you in October at the RHH event in October 2011.
    To you keeping on doing what you do….inspiring and uplifting women!

  47. I would also suggest that on Jen’s Facebook Page she add the application “Welcome” and create a landing page for the page which can also serve as creating a clear message right away on what her business is about.


  48. Pat

    Congrats to all the winners ! YAY!

  49. Loved this video! “State offer to achieve a specific result” hit me like a ton of bricks. Thanks, Marie, for getting right to the point!

  50. Awesome video Marie! I also second your recommendation for B-School – it really is an amazing program! xo

  51. Great video Marie!

    Watching someone actually go through your site to see how they use it is a great way to find out what needs improvement! Thanks for all your knowledge 🙂

    Congrats to the winners…you ladies definitely deserve it! Hoping to make it to RHH Live in October!

    • IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thngis like that?

  52. YES! One critical website mistake is not putting your business plan into action on your website. I like to create a visual business plan to see how it all fits together.

    Take a piece of paper and write “my website” in the center. Use arrows to map out the flow from marketing activities to lead generation to the eventual sale of products and services. Once you know what you want people to DO when they come to your website, you can create a series of small actions that people can take that moves them towards working with you or shopping at your store. Be ware of website clutter that distracts people from following the path that helps them reach their goals (and yours!).

    Great video Marie!

  53. This was so helpful! I have a list of notes and ideas to implement on my site. Plus, so much helpful stuff in the comments! Reading your site, newsletter, tweets, etc. has really helped me to get comfortable with the idea that it’s OK to sell. Can’t wait to check out the bschool.

  54. Congratulations to all the winners!! You’re going to have a fabulous time!!

  55. Congratulations to the winners! Hope to meet you all in RHH Live.

  56. Huge congratulations to all the wonderful winners! Lovely video great tips many thanks xxx

  57. marie,
    your videos crack me up!

    your feedback was RIGHT on…. loved it! i think many people can take away your advice and apply it to their own website…. it really should grab your target audience in 2 seconds.

    congrats to the winners! xo

  58. Well Marie I am doing all of those things are business is starting to pick up. Sometimes I find certain things a time suck like facebook, twitter, plurk, digg and reading 40+ blogs a week. I really only try to do those things about 1 hour a day broke down into 3 short sessions. Any other advice for someone who is working it but also has to work the other side of the biz. My farm produces my product.

  59. Loved the video! thanks for the awesome advice Marie and I can’t tell you how excited I am for B-school!!!

  60. You´re incredible, woman!!!! i´m totally in love with the program, your books and you are a happy, pretty and charming person! Love you! xo

  61. Eleanor

    Loved this video! Great advice & great fun from Marie – I totally look forward to receiving these vids on Tuesdays, thank you!!

  62. that was really helpful Marie. I too have built my own site (using getting my art work out there and of course, trying to make some readies from it in the process. From watching this vid today, i think what i seriously need to do is to create my own shop on the site, at the moment i sell my work through 2 separate places and have links to them but i think my own shopping cart on there would be helpful and may attract more buyers, i am also going to fatten up my ABOUT page and put it out there as to what i can do for others, after watching your vid i can’t believe that i haven’t really done that. Anyway, this was an immense help. Thanks so much. Steph XX

  63. V&A

    Wow! That video was crazy helpful for a beginning Internet entrpeneur. The first point you make can’t be repeated enough – lease your own domain and pay for your own hosting. Those free blog hosts are lovely but we give up so much power in trade.

  64. I love critiques like this!

    I need to figure out how I can get my PC to do that cool Mac thingie where your pic is in the corner while you’re doing screen capture.

    That personalizes it sooo much more. Especially if you have an awesome personality like you do Marie!

    If you know or anyone else knows what software enables this on the PC I’d very much appreciate the pointing to the resource.

  65. Fabulous critique Marie!

    This is similar to what I do for my clients and they (mostly) love it as a lot of people just don’t know where to start or what to do to have a ‘real’ business as opposed to just a blog.

    Looking forward to the videos for RHHBSchool

  66. I have to say, Marie, I am very impressed with the feedback you gave!
    I often watch your Q&A Tuesdays, but this one was particularly intriguing because I am a web designer and strategist. Thank you for educating your viewers with really smart and simple tips! (makes my job easier when people “get it”!)

    • Can I just say how much I adore your website? Lovely. Fantastic sense of presence. (I’m a usability researcher, amongst other things).

  67. What a great video. I loved what you said about a blog by itself not being a business model. I think so many people think that if they do a blog, they will make money. It’s a business, and like any other business, there’s more involved.

    On the other hand, so many people go the other way and make it too complicated and do too much that draws them away from just delivering good content and doing the simple things to get paid and make a living.

    It’s a balancing act for sure.

    Thanks for the great info, Marie.

  68. Cheryl

    This is the best feedback video i’ve ever seen – great job, Marie !

    And the most important learning point for me ? Finally (!) I understand the difference (and importance) between and

    Thank you !

  69. Thanks for a great video. I am about to launch in on changing my site to have a header, free offer and more online business. Love your style.

  70. It’s remarkable in support of me to have a web site, which is good in support of my experience. thanks admin

  71. SEO

    Hey! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info

  72. Thanks………………Terry Crowe

  73. just ‘downed’ video number 2…this feels like binge-watching ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Orange is the New Black’…

    hooked—i think—as i’m in 2011 and how much shit can hit the fan in 5 years…i’ve got 6 in mine and i still can’t wear my psychic ‘rubber barn boots’ and burka…either to keep the crap OUT or as protective gear if i implode via meltdown…

    so…moving on to 2014…

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