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I know that’s a pretty big claim, but I totally stand behind it.

If you ever struggle to get things done, or wrestle with your doubtful chattering brain, this book is your cure.

For real.

Watch as I interview the author and pay special attention around the 5:01 minute mark.

If you ever get twisted trying to figure out which project or idea you should pursue, listen to what goes down about your “…soul’s evolution.”

Deep stuff.

And it’s coming from a guy who’s penned eight novels, a slew of bestsellers and 34 screenplays.

In the comments below, tell me the single most powerful insight you gleaned from this interview and how you’ll implement it in your business or life.


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  1. Hands down it was the part about doing what scares you most FIRST! I always leave that those tasks for end. I’ve been scared shitless about doing this particular webinar. It will now be my #1 priority so I can hold the webinar in the 2nd week of May!!

    • marie

      Go for it Elsa!! 😉

  2. Pat

    Hey Marie,
    Thanks for the book recommendation, I feel like I learn all my best stuff from books and like you say I can always go back and revisit them.
    I always struggle with what to do next in my biz, the most powerful insight I have captured from this interview is that I need to go with that I FEEL I should do next. Shut down all those other voices and listen to my own.
    Thanks again you are a rockstar!

    • marie

      You are so welcome – glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Hey pretty pretty to you! Looking gorgeous and what a hot outfit! I loved what he said… take the one that scares you the most. YES. And “oh man…” because I got some things scaring the sh*t out of me!!! But that’s GREAT and AWESOME and I’m ready for it all thanks to you! xo

    • marie

      Go girl go!

  4. Marie, you’re such a gem in the world..thank you so much for the amazing content you supply us with each week. I can’t wait to read these books!

  5. Love, love, love this interview with Steven Pressfield!! I’m also a huge fan!

    Whereas The War of Art explained what “Resistance” is and how it stops you from doing your great work, Do the Work is THE How-To manual for how to work with Resistance—how to face it, harness it, and use it. (And thanks to GE and Seth Godin for making this a FREE download! But I agree, buy multiple copies and give them to your friends!)

    I loved the suggestion to do the thing you fear the most. What I learned from Pressfield is the antidote to fear is to know your WHY.

    We all struggle with doubts about whether we should do some challenging thing and whether or not it has value or if anyone will care (don’t we? or is that just me??). For me, the fear melts away when I can answer one question: Why am I doing this?

    When we can really get clear about our why, when we take the time to think about who will be affected—perhaps in a profound way—by our great work, the fear just melts away.

    Because then it’s no longer about you—it’s about getting your great work into the hands of those who need it.

    Thanks again, Marie AND Steven for this awesome interview!!

  6. Gracie Macie


    Love your style! Love your humility and creative juice imagination. Great CNBC show aired today called “Crackberry.” You should see it if you haven’t already. It’s about this crazy over stimulated society we live in and how people are really about ready to crack with all the information they consume and how ideas (both creative and informative) lead to the inability for anyone to focus (crossing all age demographics) on anything for any length of time.

    Aaah…Just heard on Financial News silver is going down in price! See what I mean?

  7. Marie–I remember when I told you about this book. This is so damned cool! Right on!

    • marie

      Yes!!! I so miss you woman. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we’re still in touch 🙂

  8. My brother LOVES this guy.
    I sent him the link.
    Thanks, Marie!!


  9. I just read about this book on Jonathan Fields blog on Friday and straight away ordered both the War of Art and Do the Work (I’m a print girl). So this is great reinforcement!

    What struck me was the gyroscope image. Last June the idea of a gyroscope model for life came to me – finding the still point within while the world is going crazy around me. So I had to go out and buy one to put on my desk as a reminder. Hearing Stephen Pressfield describe the same idea gave me chills. My gyroscope has gotten kind of dusty (literally and metaphorically), so again that reinforcement. I’m going to dust off my gyroscope and plop it right in front of me.

    Now I’m really dying to get my hands on these books.
    Thanks Marie – this was so needed!

  10. Ahhh nice! My take away was when he said “when you have 1 idea, take the one that scares you the most”. I am a ball buster and I have always been a risk taker once I realized my life didn’t go as planned (or as I planned it) so I figured, I have this 1 life to live, lets try anything! My biggest idea that I am scared of the most is moving to my fave city in the world – NYC. I have dreamed about this my whole life – I belong in that city and I won’t be satisfied until I do. So how I will implement this into my business life is working on transitioning my business (i own) to build my network in NYC, start pitching and winning US based clients to help with the Visa paperwork and just go for it. I think once the momentum starts (and it has…..) it will get easier and I will no longer be scared of such a move when it does happen:)

  11. Laurel

    A million THANK-YOU’s Marie- this was exactly what I needed to read to get my butt in gear. You’re an inspiration!! Keep on keepin’ on!! <3

  12. GREAT case studies—

    Very motivating and encouraging… thank you!

    • marie

      Thanks Lance! 😉

  13. Kathleen Prophet

    CRAZZZZyyyyyyy! Life is sooooooooooo PSYCHEDELIC and you are in my trip, Marie! haha!

    Just ONE minute or even 30 seconds before I got your email on this video, I had just put out this very question to for a group coach session: hey… I have all of these projects bubbling and boiling in my cauldron… all of which have RICH potential… which do I do first??? Hahaha! ZingZapZowieeeeeeee! Lightning bolt from the Universe with your name on it, Marie… strikes me down! pinpointing the exact answer to the question. LOVE IT! and YOU!

    SHIT! now… to face it!!

  14. Tracey

    Thanks for the video. You hit the jackpot with 5:01 of the video. It was an “I’m not alone!” moment. I feel the same passion-to-the-point-of-sick about my ideas and goals. I vow to face my scariest project head on. Thank you for that!

  15. MJ

    Awesome interview…Especially interesting is the idea that the more important a project is for your soul’s education, the more resistance and self-doubt you’ll feel. It’s a little confusing; apparently in making big choices in life, just doing ‘what feels good’ is not the best guideline.
    What a deception though that the free copy doesn’t seem to be free at all. You need to buy a kindle with it, $ 139… Since when are you suddenly trying to sell us reading devices and necklaces which have nothing to do with your message? The necklaces are beautiful but too many things like this give me the feeling you’re just trying to make people buy something (and make some money). I know you are not; so watch out with these commercial ‘tricks’

    • marie

      Hey MJ! Thank you so much for your note. Just so you know (as Sandra has said) Amazon has 100% free downloadable versions of Kindle, for Macs, PCs and most mobile devices. So it is indeed a free offer.

      Also we receive emails from readers asking about what I wear, about make-up, clothes, etc. So me sharing what I’m excited about – whether it’s clothes, books, ideas, strategies, marketing advice, make-up or anything else for that matter, is very much a part of my message.

      Just to keep it straight I don’t “make money” from Tiny Devotions. If I’m an affiliate of a product, I’ll tell you.

      With love!


  16. I loved how Steven talked about staying true to our own compass of our path and how we can be distracted by the project du jour or the next shiny object but that if it does not fit the higher path of what we are creating for ourselves we need to have the guts and faith to step away and KNOW that what is right for our path will show up. I had only mildly heard of The War of Art, and now it has moved to the top of my list to read (a very long list I might add). Now I have TWO to jump the list. Thank you Marie and Steven for speading the ‘juicy love’ with us all in such an engaging way. All the best to you both. Laura English

  17. Lindsley

    Hi Marie,
    Wow, I’m really looking forward to reading these books. I had so many “aha’s” from the interview… I guess my favorite is the idea to create something small and tangible that offers a “full meal” message.
    I haven’t officially started my business yet, but this helps me get focused on how I want to deliver my message.
    Loved the idea of the “trojan horse” too!

  18. Heads up peeps: the freebie book is the Kindle version but you don’t have to have a Kindle to get it! Look near the click-to-buy tabs on Amazon and there’s an option to download it to your PC. I’m looking at the book on my screen right now! Woot-Woot!

    Ooo, Miss Marie- I have never loved you more! How have I never heard about these books? I’m SO excited to get reading and get busy Doing The Work! I loved your question about which project to tackle first. A lot of what Steven said aligns with what Martha Beck talks about in her books “Finding Your Own North Star” and “Steering by Starlight.” YOU are a shining example of what life looks like when you follow your own personal True North! Shine on, Sista!

    p.s. I totally bought your Free People jeans! I shall resist buying the necklace you show in this video lest you fear I am Single White Female-ing you, but you do have some damn good fashions.

  19. MJ

    Thanks for the hint, Sandra; i’m going to try!

  20. Alison Leipzig

    Marie, thank you for this. I have been meaning to order the War of Art for a while now and you just kicked me in the butt, thank you 😉

    The most powerful insight for me was when you and Steven talked about choosing to do the thing that you are most afraid of. The reason why the fear is there is because doing it is most beneficial to your soul’s work. This is rad and totally helps me look at fear in a different way!! It’s not something I need to shove under my bed but something to look and ask “hmm why is that there?”

    I am a design specializing in branding for coaches, healers, wellness warriors and spiritual gurus and I am putting together my site right now. In that process, I have been shuffling around the way I do things and I realized that my key strength is guiding my clients towards clarity in whatever they are pursuing. I had the thought of offering Clarity Sessions and holy mofo fear kicked in like nobody’s business. Now after this video I know why! I did a practice Clarity Session with a friend today and I helped her think of the name of her blog and we cut to the core of her intention behind the blog. Clarity Sessions here we come.

    Thank you!

  21. Paola Mendoza

    I am amazed by you Marie!

    You found the universe, you get its essence and you share it. That is love and I thank you.

    Once I wrote to you a question on what I should do because I did not know whether to stay in my job or what to do. (I explained my circumstances in that time)

    You suggested me to stay and do my best. I did so and it worked great for me. Now I am in the same job confronting myself to take a step to get a better position and gain more experience before I take my own way. I know I have to send an email asking for what I want. I am frightened to do it.
    I need that book that you talked about in the video, I feel empowered by your video interview.

    I have other two projects, one is to set up an organiztion with a new friend but it feels that setting that organization with her is somehow making her dream true,, instead of mine. However my gut feeling is to make it because it is a huge project that goes even beyond her idea, since I have added my ideas too and it looks like something big, she was got very strong contacts and I have some others that are strong too. If we succed with this project it will contribute to transform the world into a more sustainable place. Something burns inside myself when thinking of this project.

    And yet, I feel that a I have a strong call from the world or the universe to create my own thing. But I cannot see it now. Somehow the big project mentioned above covers part of my call. Why do I want to do something by myself? my own thing? my own project or my own organization where I am the only head? I cannot feel -see clear if this is a call from my soul or a call from a social construction that tells me that it is better to have my own stuff. Any comment Marie?

    However, I trust you Marie. I am developing with you. I want to join the HHR B school other programmes.

    And I know I will meet you one day, and do some big stuff with you Marie, in a way or another.

    And, I listend so many times “make every man want you”, I put what I got from it in practice and today about two years after I first got your audiobook I am now married with a wonderful man (he is human, yes!) and with a wonderful one year old baby. Thank you for your book Marie, YOU help me awake and there is much more to bring our from me!

    See you then and blessings, keep hot, fun, strong and rich.

    Paola Mendoza

  22. Do what scares you the most first? I usually do the “easiest” crap first. Time to rethink that strategy….


  23. WOW I have read Art of War like a bible and still it eluded me that I am in the midst of a big resistance. I am in the middle of raising fund for a project on kickstarter. I want this so badly and when it started with a bang I froze in my tracks. Looking at actually getting to do this big amazing thing woke up the beast. Now I must do double time to catch up, but at least I caught myself!

  24. I bought “the war of art” when I graduated college, little did I know how true it would be. Gonna go buy his new one stat. Thanks Marie. Stop by the blog sometime.

  25. Great Post, Marie!! I am also a big fan of Steven Pressfield so I commend you for creating and sharing this video. you are such a talent! This is such a great reminder, I am about to start a new project and I am terrified, I guess that’s a good sign?… 😉

  26. Marie, that was soooo much fun to watch! Thanks for getting that interview!!!!! & for the free book. You’re way too cool for your own good;-))

    • Don’t have a kindle? There’s a free kindle for PC or Mac that you can download on computer & still get the book! Once the app is on your computer, a registration screen will pop up. Fill in the info. THEN you can “purchase the book” and download it. SWEET.

      thanks again Marie!

  27. Definitely the best nugget was “When you have more than one idea take the one that scares you the most.” Resistance will always point to what you should be doing … brilliant! Not sure which link to hit to get the free book though.

  28. GIRL! You are ON FIRE! So crazy bc I literally starting reading The War of Art 3 days ago! I love it and thought of you. Great interview. Super fun and informative. Now onto that fab RHH BSchool vid…you and Ms. Roeder look HOT HOT HOT! I’m so proud of my fashionista clients. Love you guys!

    PS – I launched a new “5 Ways To Wear It” music video on my blog today…would love your input 🙂

    • marie

      Left you a comment – GREAT job. You’re seriously getting better and better each time you do these. xoxo M

  29. This book was recommended to me last year and I think I got the wrong copy because mine looks nothing like yours Marie! Mine has some Medieval dude on the front and it’s boring as hell! Off to Borders!!!

  30. Barbie Wozniak

    Hi there dear Marie! I love your sassy and direct style! Thank you for sharing these enlightening thoughts. Your perspective is refreshing, and ever so true, and loved the interview with that author. (not sure what his name is, but caught the titles, and would love to get a free copy….didn’t see where to sign up!) I am most grateful for this introduction, and want to learn more. I can easily relate to self-sabotage and ‘resistance’….which many of us have. I suspect much of this comes from childhood when much was pounded into us, and ‘out’ of us! In any case, our lives seem to not be working! As I approach my late 50’s, I find that time’s a passing, and life is passing me by. It took me all this time to get here, and I am more than ready to produce my life’s work! I know I came here to do something important, and to serve the earth with my special gifts. I think many ‘know this’ deep within. May our creative juices flow! No time for ‘messin’ around’ anymore!

  31. Lu

    What he said about resistance amping up to another level when you are heading in the right direction was a huge epiphany for me. I’ve been praying about a decision I want to make to take my business forward and hearing this was the message I have been looking for. What I am going to do is step into the resistance. Lean into it hard and use it as fuel to continue moving forward.

  32. Jen

    Holy shaz nat, Steven Pressfield? Are you kidding me? I keep the War of Art by my bedside and I’m super excited to get my hands on his next great work. Great interview – “The more important a project is to your soul’s evolution, the more resistant you’ll be to it – that’s how you know you have to do it!” and “if you have multiple ideas, take the one that’s the most scary”. Two incredible, juicy, actionable quotes from a master.

    Thanks for scoring a top-notch interview with him, super grateful that you shared that with us. But I always expect top-notch from you Forleo!

  33. I love how he said do the thing that you’re feeling most resistant to – that *THAT* is what will help stretch you and transform your soul the most.


    Thanks, Marie!

  34. Marie, thanks for recommending this book! just downloaded it from amazon and it’s an amazing resource. definitely puts things in perspective.

  35. Leigh

    Just downloaded Kindle to my Mac. Thanks Marie and Steven!

  36. Denise

    Stay true to what it is that my heart is telling me to do…don’t become distracted…

  37. Great interview. must be exciting to get to talk one-on-one with one of your idols (hint, hint) LOL.
    I’m scared sh*tless of doing a lot of things for my business. Friends and family make it sound so easy to get out there and just do it. They don’t have their own businesses and just think of what they would do. Not saying they would do it the right way… but maybe they are right – i should just do SOMETHING and stop waiting for the ‘right’ time.

    So i was bummed to see the book was only free for a kindle. then i saw that they have a Kindle app for a mac. Sooooo excited, i have a mac so i was able to get it for free (was gonna purchase it anyway) huge bonus.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful exiting information =)

  38. YES!!! LOVE Mr. Pressfield – just finished reading the WAR OF ART ~ his words echo with so much truth. And have been meaning to download his latest – thanks for the reminder mama!
    So excited that you got to interview him – how cool to pick the brain of someone you’ve admired for so long!
    Thanks for always inspiring, delighting & for your seriously smokin’ fashion choices! Big love & hugs to you!

  39. I loved this book when I first read it, but your love of it and great appreciation has made me appreciate it so much more and I’m going to go back to read it again and get the new book too! Great interview, Marie! I also found the best nugget to be that we should do what scares us the most. But, YIKES, I almost wish I didn’t see that because now I have to do it!

    I also love your concept of creating in a Trojan horse!!

    thank you!

  40. Bonnie

    Marie ,
    I can’t wait to read this book I love when you do reviews you are an awesome interviewer as well.
    My fav part of this interview was “that i’m not alone in my creative fears and he reenforced my beliefs of staying focused on my intention in this ADD world ! LOL!
    Gorgeous 🙂

  41. Anne

    Just downloaded the book to my kindle, can’t wait to read it. Thanks for gift Marie and Steven.

  42. “Whatever you’re most afraid of; that’s the one to do.” It sends a chill through me. Making beautiful jewelry makes little financial sense in the grand scheme of things but it’s something that I cannot NOT do! If you check out my page please be patient, I have loads to post tonight and tomorrow.

  43. I just did something that scares the hell our of me this morning. I actually had chest pains following. They subsided after some deep breathing : ) When I got home this evening I had this in my inbox. I love the synchronicity the universe provides. Also, congrats to you for being able to interview one of your favorite authors.

    AND! thanks for the book! I look forward to devouring it this evening

  44. Louise

    Hello all,
    It’s Louise and I work with Marie. To alley-oop on what Melody & Sandra mentioned, here are the links to the free Kindle app downloads.

    FOR PC-
    FOR MAC-

    After you download the app onto your computer, you can “purchase the book” (

  45. The path of MOST resistance… a ‘lil flip on that old adage, but so painfully true. (And totally barf-worthy, ha.) So on the dawn of some “shit-or-get-off-the –pot” decisions for my business and professional/personal development, I’ll be clinging to the porcelain bowl soon enough! (Thanks for holding my hair back, Marie.)

  46. Once again Marie, you’ve taken us straight to the heart of the matter. I really needed this review this afternoon, divinely delivered and I thank you.

  47. AHHHHHHHHHHH its so fun meeting a mentor! (I interviewed mine- Marianne Williamson last year after reading all her books and studying The Course in Miracles and just LOVING her for over 2 decades! ((Did that just make me sound really OLD?? LOL))
    I am a fan of being SCARED; it’s great fuel for the journey!
    I love living on the edge! and I loved the twinkle in his eyes.
    I enjoyed this interview (you’re so cool, woman!) and what he said about following our own Star…this is the new paradgm in business- creating a business that is an authentic expression and extension of our life. YOU are a great model of this, Marie. Keep going, no brakes on xo

  48. That was definitely well timed as the conversation today between Sally Hope and I was literally about having a ton of ideas and which direction do you start walking in?? We came up with baby steps in the direction of the idea you are most juiced up about. But running towards what scares you gets the heart pumping and feels right in terms of the big picture! Thanks Marie for sharing that interview … what an awesome, insightful guy! We plan to pick that book up for sure.

  49. Thanks so much for this valuable nugget today Marie…You’re the BEST!!!

    I am currently living out exactly what you mentioned about subconsciously bringing on headaches and other illness when you are dealing with resistance….except mine is not in the form of a headache….It’s like 100X worse….but that is ok, because I know it has to manifest itself physically in order for me to work through the block.

    Funny, how “blocks” can attach themselves like Barnacles that stay with us for a long time…mine in childhood….and how they can dictate life if you don’t break through them.

    Now that I am pushing myself against my biggest dragons, the years of fear and stress are manifesting physically(wish it were just a headache) but something bigger has manifested…They say, “Our biggest talents are guarded by our biggest demons/dragons”

    While some people might have a negative attitude about this sort of thing…I am actually so relieved, because I know that the area of my body that has been affected will now be able to heal and no more stress can build in this obviously weak area of my body.

    I guess the best and most powerful nugget I took from this is that I am here up against some challenges that are going to contribute greatly to my evolution(yes, as you said the kind that make you feel like you want to throw up) and the accumulative effect of stress/fear leading to this whole situation/medical condition, and the fact that it manifested itself physically and profoundly actually now gives me freedom from it and that is a beautiful thing.

    while I hope most of your audience will not experience something as serious as what I have going on, I hope that any physical manifestations that come about in their life can be seen just as that…as a type of FREEDOM!

    You always have that decision to make in terms of how you want to look at it…A gift of freedom and amazing potential for evolution or a tragic fate……I feel Kris Carr is a great example of someone who chose the right frame of mind and I plan to continue learning from her as I move through my own health issues, while at the same time kickin’ butt and accomplishing my biggest goals and dreams! (My health issue is not as severe as hers btw)

    Thanks so much Marie! I know as I move through my fears with life and business the health issues will dissipate or at least be reduced greatly. There really is a connection between the two!

  50. OOPs Sorry I wrote a book in that last passage…..

    Go to B-School! Go to B-School….It ROCKS! If you are on the fence…let me tell you right now…JUST DO IT! It will rock your world and your business and you will be soooooooo glad you did it.

    It cost NOTHING, because it is an INVESTMENT…

  51. most powerful insight: stop questioning WHY new opportunities scare me when they should / also excite me! this is freedom…knowing that that feeling comes from a place of GROWTH. soul’s evolution? that’s all i needed to hear! i’m going to use this new knowledge to LEAN IN to the fear…i used to think it was doubt, and now i know it’s just the opposite, confirmation that I’m right on track…

  52. Fantastic, I just read this book and loved it. I seem not to be stuck, but last week I felt the resistance of going for it even when you are scared. I am so loving all your content and thanks again for the kick in the butt. It is all about the moment.
    Oh and I love the the way you go about things. Antiqua

  53. Kari Cunningham

    That a high powered, sure of herself woman WITH the track record of life and accomplishments that you do…still get’s “doubty and afraid” on the path of creation and completion. Now you did not say those words, but you said you can create headaches and other barriers when you’re feeling max resistance or even strong resistance I’m guessing. And what do you do with that?…You just acknowledge the feelings and kick it up a notch ANYWAY! I’ve looked at you on the internet for 2 months and been completely intimidated. Hey, thanks for being real. (…and I did get a lot of other springboard inspirations on moving forward.) Thanks for your dedication.

  54. L-o-v-e it : ) Loved when Steven talked about how he chooses a project – so fitting.

    My greatest fear? Speaking from the stage. And by NO coinky-dink, it’s in my life purpose… (The kid in drama school puking in the trash can on the wing of the stage…yeah, that was me.)

    Well, I was havin’ NO MORE of the FEAR. Just hosted my first live event *Empowered Brilliant Sexy* a few weeks ago and it was ah-mazing!

    So many great things have come from it – but the best part? No more puking from stagefright ; )

    Yeah, baby!

  55. Amy

    I think we’re often tempted to do the “easiest” first not because it’s what we really want, but because we don’t have to do the really hardcore, amazing-results-producing work of facing our resistance and fully opening up our own potential. I love what he had to say about our internal meter! Our bodies are amazing teachers. I love learning to be more in tune with mine.
    Also, thanks for the heads up on the free book. Sa-WEET! Downloaded and reading. Now.

  56. Maria what a great interview!

    I love that “do what scares you the most” freakin’ brilliant when you put it that way-:)

    I just read that 2 nights ago-and gobbled it up myself, love it and will def re-read.

    Deborah Skye

  57. Ahhh…Marie…my best bitch. This post is amazing. I loved the video and all the amazing insights and loved seeing you so giggly. I think definitely one the things that resonated with me the most was the “doing the thing that scares you” concept. This idea has been in my universe for awhile and I’m living it right now (while living/working in Costa Rica) and the funny thing that happens is once you do the scary thing, it’s not scary anymore. So then you just keep upping the ante of scary things to jump into. And you do WAY more than you ever thought you would or could. Ah life. It’s so amazing. Thank you for more amazing info. You rock. Def.

    Love you long time.

  58. Ironically, I was having a pow-wow with the hubby today about where I wanted to take my business and what business model I wanted to follow. When we finished, I felt like the two ladies who sent you questions. What I got from this video is that I have to take the bull by the horns and create a product already.

    I have been talking and working on this idea that procrastination is a tool and not a flaw. It is our intuitive way of knowing that something is not a priority for some reason that we don’t want to deal with at the moment. And I wrote an e-book about it and planned to write an expanded version of the book for sale and create a series and that is where I stopped. I, the woman who is always talking about facing fears and going for it, am procrastinating on creating this product. And during our conversation today, I realized that I am paralyzed with the fear that nobody will like it.

    So far, not many people read my blog, and every week I add content to it for my own amusement. If that does not bother me, why should developing the entire concept scare me? When I heard you guys talking about taking on the project that scares you the most, it clicked.

    I even told my husband that even though we are facing some challenges right now, I have every intention of being in New York in October for the RHH. I don’t know how I’m pulling that off, I know where there is a will there is a way and hopefully by the time I get there, the entire Procrastinate Tomorrow concept will be fully develop.

    I want to thank you Marie. Every time I am feeling like throwing the towel, you send something really inspirational. Keep up the good work you are doing. We need more women helping other women.

  59. Resistence=growth.
    I know that doing difficult things=growth.
    So maybe that means that difficult things =resistence.
    Sometimes it does for me, sometimes not. But instead of ducking out on them (which I don’t often do, but sometimes I do), I need to charge right in.
    Now I just need to remember that.

  60. Cara moulds

    This was just what I needed today. I loved the insight that we build up the most resistance to the projects that are most important for our souls. I needed to hear this today after just discussing with a fellow writer earlier today why we procrastinated. I also loved the comments about our ADD society and technology use, because we had just discussed that as well. I’m forwarding him this link to see the interview and get the book, which I can’t wait to read. Thank you so much for doing this!

  61. tara

    The tip to go after the things you are most scared of is brilliant. It’s also super encouraging for me to hear, because I realize I do this–pursue my fears–a lot, and have of course given myself a lot of shit for this (why have I put myself in this stupid stupid situation where I’m stumbling around stuttering:) Hearing from a successful “elder” that this is actually a good thing makes me realize that a lot of my growth has come from this daredevil tendency, and will make me even more likely to go after the scary in the future. For instance, right now I’m planning to sit down with my boss/mentor and go over my plan for my business with her, scary cause my business plan is my baby and it’s hard to let the harsh eyes of others in to judge. At any rate, thanks for the video, say thank you to Mr. Pressfield too (and that I love his eyebrows:). I think both of you are right and that this is a tremendously exciting time to be an author and a creative person. Keep changing the world!!!!Xo

  62. YES! go for the hardest ‘thang’. What you resist persists darlings! all love, joy and peace. xoxo

  63. Okay so I cried at b-school and now this makes my eyes fill up again. You know that feeling that you know you can do “That”! It burns in my veins, sharing my gift. The biggest and I mean mind blowingly big is when he said, “How long is a letter” Here I am with books in me and I mean that!!! And one of the largest obstacles was a belief that it needed to be lengthy and I don’t know what else. And the earth shattered when he said and then you mentioned your book only being a hundred and somethin. OMG, I wanna ball. Somehow I am going to find out how to create an ebook ( still don’t know that practical steps of that, like format, software, IBN etc) But I am gonna find out and just spill, how ever long my letter wants to be. Thank you soooooooo much for this and the free book, I am off to read it!!

  64. Really liked listening to the interview with Steven Pressfield. I had to laugh at his comment about us living in “ADD times.” So true on so many levels. My brain is constantly chattering away-one minuted totally psyched about a new creative idea-the next minute convincing me that I will end up penniless because I just can’t get out of my own way. Oh yes, then there is the part where I chastise myself about not focusing on the last ten “great ideas” I’ve had. Anyhoo, I thought what Mr. Pressfield said about doing the thing that scares you most is pure gold! I never thought about it that way. Currently, I’m scared of at least 3 ideas, so , by his logic, I must be on a roll!
    Thanks, you are adorable. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  65. I love you for interviewing Steven Pressfield! I was reading his book last night, and it totally blew me away. I’m in the process of writing my own book, and the questions you asked were like a message just for me… you know, a stars are aligned kinda of thing… ; ) So thankful for you Marie.

  66. For several months I have been avoiding an opportunity because it scared me to death. Usually I am not afraid to try anything but for some reason this new project was bringing up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. I knew this was exactly why I needed to do it but still I avoided it. I was happy to hear this was a completely natural reaction. Thanks for the insight. It will help me embrace the terror and overcome the self-doubt.
    And I can’t wait to get my hands on those two books!

  67. Gillian F

    The single most powerful insight (inspirational snippet, I’d say) is the expression he used for a style of book! It says so succinctly and snappily the thing I like in most of my favourite blogs: that ability on the writer’s part to hit a note somewhere between authentic storytelling and short-hand pop-whop-get-you-between-the-eyes awakening insight that then gets me off the sofa and into action. That cuts through the BS and my resistance with pizzaz.
    I will implement it by editing for that more in my writing and by recognizing when that is what I want to do versus long form fiction.
    Thank You Miss Marie….again!

    • Gillian F

      Somehow part of my comment was erased – at the beginning I wrote his name for the style – Kick-in-the-ass books 🙂

  68. “Each project will dictate the length it wants to be”. Message! That’s extremely helpful. I have several books floating around in my head and I’ve been using books that are already published as guides BUT my material doesn’t want to be drastically long like some of the other books in my field. I think it’s important to follow my soul’s evolution and write what will be written….literally. Thanks for the insight.

  69. Oh Gosh!! that was great…downloaded it already onto my Mac…thanks Marie!! XX

  70. Oh what a relief! I’m working on a book and have been worrying that I have to pad it out to make it look bigger so people will pay the price I want to market it at. Now I can write what I want and make it as long as I want – woohoo!
    (BTW – what a lovely guy, great interview Marie!)

  71. I think all of this is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  72. Always so greatful for your fresh input. It´s like a breeze on my sail. Bought both books you recommended on the spot! Love. A

  73. Sridevi

    I always did believe in listening to my body’s reactions to steps I am about to take…but the amazing thing is when it screamed fear I thought I had to honour that & take baby steps! I LOVE this video because it erased and obliterated that misconception I had. NYC! Here I come!

  74. Great conversation with Steven – I already looked have his new book but didn’t dive in yet – now I know what I’m doing this weekend!

    Thanks Marie 🙂

  75. I LOVED the comment about doing the project that scares you the most – what a great beacon to the work you should be doing, everything else can go suck it.

    I know EXACTLY what that is for me – a fabulous book that has the potential to change millions of people’s lives and what they view as possible to create their ideal life.

  76. Holly Haupt

    it was so true that what I resist is what I need to go forward and do no matter how difficult it is for me that is learning how to update with computers and video and getting my website and a a web presence
    love you Marie!!! holly Hummingbird

  77. Great description of resistence Marie.
    There is a stage in giving birth ‘transition’ ; when I was taking birthing classes ‘transition’ was described as the point where the pain is the most acute, your legs shake, you want to (or do) throw up. It signifies the baby is about 5 minutes away, if, you didn’t know that one piece of info, before, labor, you might cave on the natural birth process. Perfect reminder for me this morning.

  78. I so love the fact that he isn’t swanky or super suave – he was just a really really clever, nice, funny fella who so knows about the world! my biggest ‘learn’ from the video was that important things don’t have to be big. I keep thinking that I need to create something massive for it to be of use to anyone, but that soooo isn’t the case!!!!

    hurrah and love from England!


    • Jen

      Claire, I am so right there with you! I tend to have feelings of creating something “massive” and “perfect” before I can launch it, which is obviously holding me back. Marie’s timing is always perfect! Now I need to take action, so I’ve decided to write and create that E-book I’ve been talking about for months! There ya have it, a product! Woot!

  79. This is so true…. I’m smiling because before I clicked onto your Tuesday Q&A. I just sent out an invoice to a project that I had resistance to. I knew it was going to test my skills. There were nights I would lay awake and say what am I doing in this project. ALAS! I did it and the customer is thrilled.

  80. SUCH great information and insight! Thank you Marie! And it always seems to come and THE perfect time!

    What sticks with me most is the needle in the haystack analogy. LOVE that!!! Makes it so simple to decipher what exactly IS the highest choice/action for our soul evolution. I am excited to start looking at fear/resistance in this new refreshing way!


  81. Yas

    My most powerful insight: being consciously aware of projects that come into my mind that scare me, versus pushing them away and storing them in the depths of my mind! Thankyou Marie and Steven

  82. “How long is a letter?” and “following your own gyroscope”, two gems in a treasure of an interview. It is hard to cut through the noise and clutter to find our form, our path in a fast changing landscape. Thanks to a crashed hard drive, I ‘ve had a week offline to examine the writing I have resisted for months. Finding its large form. I came upon the idea of maybe a series of letters.. just to get something moving …kind of a sneaky way to overcome resisitance…maybe it’s a bridge step? Maybe the real form will come from just following the process. The desire to do this thing won’t go away…so…”Do the work”, is exactly what it takes in studio practice…maybe in writing as well. One sentence, one paragraph at a time..all crafted around that thing that won’t leave me in peace. 🙂

  83. Awesome interview Marie. Thank you for taking the time to arrange it.

    Tell me about your ideas for a new book. I’m very interested to hear about it. : )

  84. Loved watching you interview him – looks like you were so psyched! I definitely love the advice to do what scares you the most – it helped me realize that the BEST stuff I’ve done so far made me feel anxious/cranky/nauseous right before I did it. Next time I feel that way I will remember it’s a good thing!

  85. wow. thank you for sharing this interview with us. i am so inspired and excited for my future!

    and thank you for for the link!

    xo, lisa

  86. I am a big believer in the Universe delivers what you need when you need it…and I found this video today (and your site!). What an amazing interview with two, amazing creative minds. As someone who works with creative people, this is a powerful concept to “do the thing that scares you” because there is so much value in facing your fears, pushing through, and finding what is really meaningful in the work. Thank you for such a poignant video and post! I’m so happy to be a new subscriber to your list!

  87. I loved what you both discussed about the distractions we all face as creatives. It’s a paradox in a way, because to feed ‘consumers’ with a full meal that’s quick and easy to eat actually forces creatives (‘procucers’) to be super-focused.

    Kinda like making french quisine to go. That takes tremendous focus….

    phew I’m exhausted from just typing this comment in 4 sentences.

  88. Eleni

    Thank you so much for this post and interview. I read “Do the work” and its obvious why you’re such a big fan of Steven’s. His book is amazing. I finally understand why I keep getting in my own way – and can see a way to move forward. Another revelation from the book “Fear saps passion.” Great stuff.

  89. Amanda Larrinaga

    Such great advice! Choose to do what scares you most… I’m so inspired to keep pursuing the growth and future of my small business while swallowing my fear to move forward into the life of my dreams! Thanks for being such a rockstar Marie!

  90. Kerstin

    Hi, I was unable to get your free kindle book as it’s not released in uk amazon kindle
    Shop for free Sorry to have missed it.

  91. Betty Hygrell

    Hi Marie,

    So good!!! I enjoyed it very much….the interview and the book!!!
    Thank you for sharing it!!


  92. Thank you so much for the interview and the free book. Will go and get “The War Of Art” as well.. Love Seth Godin’s description of it being “the best book you’ve never read” 🙂

  93. Hi Marie! 🙂

    GREAT interview! I absolutely LOVED The War of Art, as well, so it was great to see the man himself and hear a bit more from him. I downloaded Do the Work and can’t wait to check it out! 😉

    My biggest insight from the interview was the part about doing the thing that scares you the most. That was a big aha for me, and something I’m going to keep front and center to help me decide what to work on. 🙂

    Thanks for another great video!

  94. This is the 2nd time that I’ve heard about the War of Art so I know that I need to check it out! Thank you so much for this book recommendation too! I finally got the kindle app for my ipod so that I can read the book.

    I like the point that he makes about resistance pointing us toward what’s the most important. I will now look at resistance as a tool in that way.


  95. Wow I am buying, I am buying, buying, buying this book. I just told my husband the other day, I am a situational dreamer. I have three kids working from the corner of my coach. I have a novel that the beta readers are not even giving me comments. I want the best to help people build their self-esteem and I am SCAARRED no one will buy and how will people know me.

    I am growing and growing.
    Thanks Marie

  96. Kelly

    Uh, I’ve been calling up sweaty palms and a tense neck/body…which yo-yo’s back and forth with excitement!! The timing on this was…dare I say…providential. This last week everything is pointing to me taking the leap from my day job, which I know is holding me back from what I want to do, and then I watched this!
    It was such a relief to hear your comments about wanting to throw up or calling up physical pains when you need to proceed. I think most of us usually try to avoid those feelings!!! I know I do…”Oh I can’t handle the stress….” but now after everything I’ve learned this last year I can tell the difference between legitimate practical baby steps and knowing when to just go for it.
    Now that I’ve voiced my decision I’m super excited! Thanks for the extra push off the diving board! 🙂

  97. Reminds me of a poem by Piet Hein that I used to have on one of my journals:

    Problems worthy
    of attack
    prove their worth
    by hitting back.

    Business-wise, I suppose that means I can’t let up on the getting out and talking to people. It’s easy to sit by my lonesome and create. but that’s only part of my business. I’m about to take my first true, all work stays behind vacation in… 18 months? I think. But after that, it’s time to kick it up a notch.

  98. loved this. just the fact that he’s so down-to-earth and still has doubts and questions himself! really diggin the advice to tune in and follow the RESISTANCE. mind-blowing. thank you!!

  99. Just bought both books! He seems like a very kind genius :). Truthfully, I have 2 big problems: Focus & Discipline. a. Hard to focus on the most important thing to do and work from there. b. I’ve never been disciplined to ‘follow through’ on the things I ‘have to do’. Yuck. Like… my biz plan (aka: Tactics, Planning + Strategy Report – a leaner meaner doc). Yuck! But, without it, I’m f*cked. Love you and loved your earlier interview with (the rise to the top) David Siteman Garland. You inspired me… again (shocking) ;).

  100. Eleanor

    I love this guy & have been listening to his e-book the War of Art almost like a mantra – Thank you Marie for bringing him to us & the new book!!!
    Xx, Eleanor

  101. Susan

    Thanks for all you are sharing Marie! I can’t wait to read Steven’s book!

  102. Anne

    Cool beans!

  103. “We live in the ADD age.” It’s important to focus on your own world, follow your own star.

    A few bests:

    1) hearing what Make Every Man Want You is REALLY about
    2) use resistance as an internal compass to soul growth

    Thank you for putting it all together, Marie.

  104. Just downloaded it to my phone, I am going out of town this weekend and will read it on the road! Thank you for sharing!

  105. Eleanor

    A HUGE shout out to Marie for getting out the word on this book. Marie, you’re wonderful!
    xx, Eleanor

  106. Stephen’s first book – the War of Art completely changed my life and helped me to write my first ebook. I can’t wait to read this next one.

    And how cool Marie, that you interviewed him – girl, you get around!


  107. Hi Marie,
    I picked up the “The War of Art:……”, I read it one quick afternoon, it is an easy read, unless of course you take time to really ponder each section, which I recommend. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I am ready to pick the “Do The Work” for this weekend. The part that spoke to me the most was to see myself as a seperate entity as a business and then as a person. It really helped me clarify how choose to show up in all business vs. personal situations. It freed me to be more aggresive in business without having to feel like I m compromising my soft, nurturing self.

    Thank you!!!

  108. I love this man! Thank you Marie for giving me a new guru to follow! Resistance – it’s so true!

  109. Melissa

    Late to listen to this video….but great insight! I will need to take a look at these books!
    Thanks as always for sharing inspiration:)

  110. Loved this interview and I am TOTALLY getting both books!!

  111. The biggie for me was that the project I need to do is the one that scares me the most. I am going to brainstorm some more and combine that with my previous ideas to see what makes my gut wrench the most and then start working on it! Deciding what project to do now that I don’t want to sell things I sell has been my roadblock to moving forward.

    Also, I am so glad to know what your book is really about. I can’t wait to read it now.

  112. Wow Marie thank you so much. As a new author and a creator who experiences floods of ideas and lots of resistance this is just what I need! (Loved your comment about the puking up!)

    I’ve pinged it out all over the place. 🙂

  113. Mel

    Holy Moly, and the book is FREE for the KINDLE edition? Hey, this is meant to be. Thanks a lot.

  114. meresa

    Great to hear about Pressfeld, have read War of Art. It would be great if you would speak english without trying to sound cool.

  115. Thank you for this recomendation!! This is probably the single most underlying problem people face in their business! Actually getting past the limiting beliefs and doubting self talk! Myself included!
    Great interview also!
    To your unlimmited unending and uninterupted Success!!

  116. Marie, you are amazing! Thanks for helping me find Steven Pressfield. I love his secret for witers….
    “There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t and the secret is this: it’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” The same can be applied to so many things in life. I have 100 % success rate using the ‘strategy’ of putting on my exercise/gym clothes while putting my kids to bed. So ask yourself, are you strong enough to put on your gym clothes? It just works. Keep up the Great Work!


  117. Margie

    Clicked the “free” link, but saw that it costs $7.88 on Kindle…where’s the Free version?

    • Hi Margie! That was a limited time offer that expired – sorry about that!

  118. Helena

    Hi Marie,
    I want to thank you for all your posts, I love them all, and particularly for talking about resistance and The War of Art, I loved it and it helped me to start getting things done when I was feeling like I always had something preventing me from doing my work… It really was resistance!!!!
    I’m going to buy “Do The Work” now!!! ;))))
    Thanks so much

  119. Robin Holland

    Just ordered the book. Missed this the first time it was posted! I love Steven Pressfield and like you, I read and re-read The War of Art – and recently read Turning Pro. So encouraging to hear you talk together, and love that the thing you fear most is the most important to do. Thanks to you and Steven for doing your work!

  120. I know about this gentleman whenever a certain post is advertised, he reads a book on that particular subject. No doubt he is so “experienced” when he goes for the interview that he gets the job. He ended being a CEO of a huge Company. It pays to read the book.

  121. Elsa

    it’s amazing how just by watching your videos I’m getting stronger and stronger. I love it! I’m having aha moment after aha moment and it’s giving me energy I thought I didn’t have in me anymore.
    thank you for all you do <3
    (I really want to be able to enroll in b-school, but if I don't make it this time I will def make it next year)
    big hug! xx

  122. Hi Marie, I’ve been watching this youtube playlist (How To Create Killer Content) over and over and I bought the Pressfield’s books on Resistance. I knew something about it beforehand, but now I know they are **GREAT** books by my own experience of reading them. I’m really thankful you shared this information, because now I am able to identify it in a better way and fight it each and single day. So hopefully I will finally start doing instead of preparing to do…
    Thank you and KEEP doing your thing because we need it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear you’ve been watching our YouTube playlist and it led you to Steven Pressfield. We’re such big fans of his books, and we’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading them too. Cheers to digging in and turning pro!

  123. antigone

    “Whatever you ‘re most afraid of is the one to do” – GREAT AND SOOO TRUE!!! thank you very much <3

  124. it’s all about my “why” I’m working on the compelling part! Thank you for sharing such valuable content‼️ ordering several copies of box too

  125. Kristen DiOrio

    Hi Marie!! I cannot tell you how much your talk on “Why You Lost Your Business Passion” as well as the interview with Steven Pressfield was so synchronous and exactly what I needed to hear from the universe! I have been going full force for months on my website and business and so passionate about what I am becoming. As soon as I am actually about to begin, I have been losing that fire burning inside. I have been suffering from self doubt and really putting myself out there. I have been freezing up. I do have Steven Pressfield’s book by my bedside, but will make it a priority now!! Thank you ….you have helped me countless times and I am very grateful! Kristen

  126. Elaya Walker

    The “for FREE” link is not working… 🙁

    • Kristin Team Forleo

      Elaya, so sorry about that. The offer was for a limited time and is no longer active!

  127. Hi there!
    so how do we get the “do the work” free download? 🙂 loved the video and I’m excited to do what scares me most….yikessssss….

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Roxann! The “Do The Work” free download is no longer available as it was time-sensitive just like today’s is. However, you’re welcome to buy the paperback copy on Amazon! Hope you enjoy today’s free download from Steven too.

  128. Karine

    Marie!!!!! You rock!!! Thank you so so much!!!! You made my day! A happy MF-Insider from Côte d’Ivoire, Africa.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Karine!!

  129. Thanks for this awesome interview with Steven, really enjoyed it! You did mention that we could download his free book “Do The Work”? but I only see the like for the book “NO body wants to read your Shi*t”.
    Am I confused with the book ?
    Thanks Marie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Julie! Great question. This is an older episode from 2011, so the link to Do The Work has since expired. You can still find it at his publisher, Black Irish Books, though. His most recent offer was for his newest book, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t. It’s really great, too! We definitely recommend it. 🙂

  130. “A great title helps a lot!” – in some sense, it is an advice that you and he give to your listeners/readers, i.e., make your project to stand out and be interesting for yourself and others!
    I am working on my own book and facing issues you brought up before and in this interview. You (now him as well) are an inspiration for me! Thank you, Marie.

  131. What a beautiful smile he has! Lovely man! Thank you, Marie!

  132. Keith Lim

    Hi Marie, have you written any books that I can purchase?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Keith! Marie has indeed written a book several years ago, and you’re welcome to check out more info about the book and the audio version here:

      You can also check it out on Amazon or your local bookstore or library if you’d prefer a Kindle or physical copy.

      We’re also hoping she’ll have a new book available in the next couple years too, so feel free to stay tuned for more info about that!

  133. For me, I think the thing that hit me is in doing the thing I have the most resistance in. I’ve never thought of it as the thing I needed to do most. I ‘ve always had this idea that I needed to work up to the things that terrified me. I guess I had this thought that I must not be ready for it, and now that I think about it it’s just fear. Fear of the unknown and I’ve let it stop me so many times. So this is huge for me going forward. Thank you for helping me see this in me.

  134. What will stretch you the most? and If you want to throw up then do it! I am in a time where I want to throw up every day!! So I must be stretching those muscles.

    LOVE Steven Pressfield. I have read War of Art and Turning Pro. Need to get Do the Work immediately.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO true, Sarah! That’s a very good sign indeed – keep on stretching those muscles and following your fear, you’re growing big time!

  135. Oh thank you for these book recommendations Marie! I love the idea of doing the thing you feel most resistance too and how you said, you feel it physically as well. I have a little sign in front of me, on the windowsill that says “do one thing every day that scares you.” I haven’t been doing this, and I need this extra push right now, and can’t wait to read the books. So excited to be part of this! Thank you!

  136. Shaun

    Absolutely motivated by the ‘what ever scares you the most – go do that!’ mentality. The idea that if you are feeling resistance to something you MUST go do it.

    I know that I have gone down the easy route in the past and its just that. You don’t feel connected. You don’t grow. I can totally see the sense in this wisdom. Like we all knew it to be true, it was sat there the whole time and he just had the clarity of mind to articulate it so well. Thank you so much for sharing!


  137. Life is all about growing and that can feel uncomfortable but you have to commit and do the work. You can create anything you want ♡

  138. When writing a book, the length doesn’t matter short is ok. Read it while awaiting a flight. that’s cool. (I know publishers think differently.) But who wants to be run of the mill, right?

  139. Melissa

    Do the one thing first that scares you the most. – This is where growth happens as you are challenged and usually outside of your comfort zone.

  140. Elyse

    I’ve been going back and forth on a couple of different ideas for my business and wondering which avenue to take, so the thought of choosing the idea that scares me the most really stuck out to me. It’s easy to take the easier route especially when I have two good options, but I think the one that scares me more will take me further!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Elyse, we’re so excited for you to lean into this, and take on a challenge that feels both a bit scary, and mostly exciting!

  141. Wow! My favourite & most illuminating part was at that 5.01 minute mark “Do what gives toy the most resistance”. Now I know why I have been stalking on 2 projects; they both really scare the bejesus out of me! Great info! Love it!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this helped provide some clarity for you, Betty! We’ll be cheering you on as you take the next steps toward your dreams. You’ve totally got this!

  142. Love this idea of a trojan horse when writing- I find myself drawn to writing about two things: my ridiculous relationships/disasters and the hilarity that comes with that OR mental health as a spiritual practice. Why not both? I always seem to separate the two and I’m inspired by you, Marie, to combine them and create something even more relatable and even more cohesive FOR MYSELF because it truly is one thing that feeds and inspired the other and they are actually intricately linked- not separate at all! I no longer have the fear of being self indulgent (talking about dating) or of being preachy (talking about mental health and spirituality.) Thank you!

  143. Jacki

    Definitely gotta be the part about doing the part you fear first! The story I’m working on is visual, and I want to be able to animate it, but I have not done animation before. I can draw what it is I’m trying to convey, but beyond that, no dice. Guess I better work on that!
    Thank you Marie and Steven!

  144. Sophie

    You have to go for what you fear the most. It’s so true. I have experience it in many ways in my life either is moving out of a relationship, a house, a country, a job but when it comes to start a business from the ideas I cherish with all my heart , I feel like THAT its the ultimate test against fear. I felt this resistance against my inspirations for so many years and it ain’t bring me nothing good. Now it is the time to face it and to go for it! By putting myself into action it is easier to let me embraces by the movement and release resistance.

    I am so glad to ear him say that everyone feel resistance and that we should learn how to deal with it. It releases some pressure and make us understand that resistance is not there because your not good enough to do the work or any other excuses but actually its a guide to our soul ! It’s a mental game and we can win it. We all need to stay strong and bring our dreams to life ! Thank you for this inspiring Interview ! Im so grateful.

    With Love !


  145. Diane Miller

    I was so excited because I already had both The War of Art and Do The Work! But, I hadn’t read Do The Work all the way through. I will now though like a starving man who gets to consume a great meal! Yay and thanks so much Marie for being YOU and sharing YOU with all of us!

  146. Nicole Salas

    “Keep guided by your own star” and “do what you fear the most” I love that! I do always feel better when I conquer the things that I resist doing and most of the time the process is usually better and not as painful as I thought it would be. Growing with new challenges I think is a great exercise for the mind and soul. I am picking up both of these books!
    Thanks, Marie and Steven!

  147. Would love a copy of the book. I cannot find the information for that. Thank you.

  148. I am so excited to break open this book Marie! I’m counting down the days until it arrives on my doorstep- gotta love that pre-order option!

    Your advice has been pure gold as I’ve built my business thus far and I can’t wait to see what more you have to say (or, more to the point, the WAY you’re going to say it, because that’s the real art I’m here for)!

    Thanks for taking the time to bring this awesome creation into the world- I’m so ready.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YAY, Jessica! We’re so excited for the book to arrive for you soon 🙂 So happy to hear that Marie’s work has been supportive for you as you grow your business. Enjoy the book!

  149. “That resistance always points you to what you should be doing…what will stretch you the most.” Sooooo true!! I’ve been in the throes of doubt and resistance re a new business I just started and THANKFULLY, my experience as a mindset coach kicked in. I joined B-School today (via Melissa Cassera) and I’m loving diving in! Great interview. Thanks, Marie!!

  150. Cassie Sandino

    Honestly what spoke to me most was the question of “How long is a letter?” Reason being everyone’s story is different and unique. Everyone’s letter would be different lengths and would say different things. We should all write our own letters from our own hearts. Can’t wait for this journey with all of you! -Cassie

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So true, Cassie, thank you for sharing your insights!

  151. I am laughing because he also wrote/said, “Nobody wants to read your book.” Which prompted me to not self-publish for awhile and then that resistance dragon was slayed. I always love it when Ms. Forleo says I have to read, X, Y or Z book and then I smile that I have already done so! : ) Good thing I am a voracious reader too! Yep, yep to the migraines & nausea from the butterfly storm in the stomach signals that we are on the right, highest priority path. Will be out of my comfort zone asking people to review my latest self-publishing and build my platform of readers AND seize the noxious moment ; ) Million merci & grazie!

  152. Kristin

    The thing that’s sticking with me is to think about resistance – what is it and why and then what to do about it! First thought is kick it in the as* out the door! But then, I throw that idea out and get curious. Why do I have this resistance? What is it “protecting” me from? Why does it /feel/ bigger than the “WHYs” of my passions! I’ve heard of the War of Art from at least three people now, probably more, so I just downloaded it on kindle for a morning read before I start my “day job”. Thank you for the book recommendations AND the check-in with Steven Pressfield!!

  153. I am excited to read the book.
    I loved the bit where you both talk about it not being long and it is a quick read and make it work for the modern world by getting straight to the point! 🙂 I loved that and I have a long healthy “to read” list – this book, and any book that is a quick read, goes to the top of the list because I know I am going to do it.
    Thank you Marie!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      It’s such a quick and powerful read, Tanya, we hope that you enjoy it!

  154. vincent Benghabrit

    i have been ‘writing” my book already 4 years…..start …stop…re-start….stop again….re-start…stop again ……
    that little voice inside keeps telling me ” no one will read it, stop wasting your time, do something better with your life”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Vincent! The book wouldn’t be in you if the world didn’t need to read it. The world needs your words.

  155. Louise Malcolm

    I read every comment above and have so many of the feelings mentioned. I already had Steven Pressfield’s book on my list of books to read.

    So excited to sign up for your weekly motivation.

    Thank you,

  156. Kay

    Hello! Heads up! The video / link in this post is no longer there. Could you amend so those of us wanting to see, can? Thank you!!

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Hi Kay! Hm, the video is showing up okay on our end – please try the direct youtube link and see if that does the trick ?

      • Veronica Byers

        Thanks Sarah! I was having the same problem but the link works.

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