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Before we dive into today’s video, here’s an opportunity to be more generous and awesome than you already are.

As you likely know, our friends in Christchurch, New Zealand are struggling without running water, electricity, plumbing, food, their homes, and for many – their loved ones. While thoughts, prayers, and energetic support are fantastic, what they really need is cash.

Make a donation, in any amount to New Zealand | Red Cross. Then forward a copy of your contribution email to info at marieforleo dot com (with your personal / billing details removed, of course).

To honor your generosity, we’ll send you a complimentary copy of my bestselling Make Every Man Want You audio book. It’s really, really good and read by yours truly. I’d love to be downloaded to your iPod and hang out with you on runs, flights and subway rides.

If you already own the audio book, keep your generosity going and gift it to a friend. (The book rocks for women who are single, attached and everything in between!)

Big ups to my friend Alexandra Frazen for catalyzing this idea.

Now, onto simple juicy tricks to approach and land dream clients…

In this video you’ll learn how to approach anyone you want to work with so that they practically throw money at you. Really. Like, happily throw money at you, and even thank you for the experience.

Pretty cool, right? Someone did it to me recently (details in the video) and it works like a charm.

If you have other tips, strategies, or experiences to share on this topic, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the NZ earthquake cause. I am a kiwi and we really appreciate all the international support. Our hearts are broken with this tragedy and we welcome your love and thoughts right now.

    • You are so welcome Shelley! Here’s to both love + cash coming your way.

      • I agree, as a fellow Kiwi this is a great initiative and you’ve inspired me to do the same on my blog

  2. great post and what a way to inspire giving and making a difference in the world. we all want to help and this is the real way of doing it. love ya 🙂

  3. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for your amazing offer! I just went on the NZ Red Cross website but it would not accept my donation because it is a blocked country for my debit card. Would it be OK if I donated on the US Red Cross website and choose the “Where the Need is Greatest” option?

    Thanks- I LOVE what you’re doing!

    • Louise

      My name is Louise and I work with Marie. Yes, yes, yes! We will absolutely honor your donation through the US Red Cross. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get you the audio book. Thank you so much for jumping in to help.
      Take care,

  4. Mer

    Hi Marie,
    Great video, as always!
    Question for you: what’s the NEXT step to take you from giving it out for free to actually getting paid, especially when the potential client doesn’t take the hint? We feel like we’re always giving free advice and sometimes even work product, but we also find that as long as it’s free, people aren’t eager to stop you and offer to pay.
    How do we take it to the next level without scaring people away?

    • Louise

      Oh, great question Mer. Marie keeps a list of possible Q&A Tuesday Qs so I will add this one to the list.

      • Mer

        Thanks, Louise!

    • Ashley

      Hey Mer,

      I think one way to make sure you don’t get stuck on the free mobile for too long is to set the terms clearly up front. You could say something like — “I would really like to help you (some type of benefit) by doing x for you. Because I’m really into your biz and what your doing I want to waive my regular $50 hourly rate and do this free of charge for the first month.”

      You can phrase this however best fits your situation. This way when the agreed time frame or specific project comes to a close, you can approach them without catching them off guard since you told them your normal fee up front. Make sense?

      • Mer

        I like that. Thanks, Ashley!

        • Ashley, that’s great advice! To add to that, if the business sells a product or service that you could actually use, you could also offer to do some work for them in exchange for some free goods. I have done this with a local yoga studio, and it’s a great win-win situation. Not sure what kind of work you do, Mer, but this could be a good option.

  5. Marie, totally loved your generosity incentivizing…

    Also, promoting due diligence is right on. I’m often amazed how little due diligence people do, and how easy it is to stand out when you do it. Rock it with the research!

  6. And ps, I’m from New Jersey! 😉

  7. This was SO juicy. You know how many times I think about this on a daily basis? Thanks Marie, discovering your site has been like having a big sister in business that always knows the right answer.

  8. Good advice, as usual, Marie. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to give anyone unsolicited advice. However, I’m always wary about giving my services away for free. Maybe I’ve just never met anyone I wanted as a client that badly.

    My question is, if I went ahead and — for example — tweaked somebody’s sales page, what assurance do I have that that person would actually use what I did? Or is this simply a gamble I have to make?

  9. Tuesdays becoming my favorite day of the week because of these Q&A’s!

    Love what you said about “jumping in”….
    In my business I’ve found that jumping in and fixing problems for prospective clients is the cheapest, easiest, most effective (and most fun) marketing strategy.

    I think most of us biz owners are sick of companies making big promises and then not delivering, so we are leery when we are approached by new vendors. Showing prospective clients that you CAN and WILL deliver for them is a sure fire way to get a new client.

    Biz owners are just looking for results and if you can give them results for a price that makes sense (that will yield them a good ROI), they’ll be your client for life and refer everyone they know who needs your services.

  10. I love the suggestion: Start doing it!!!!
    One of mottos in Life: Always give more than you receive!

  11. So many people skip the research part! Even software sales reps who sell million dollar solutions can often try to get around this one. You have to show you put some effort into getting to know their business and customer base. It doesn’t take too long, and can really set you apart. I hate when vendors appraoch me and then start the conversatio with, “So, what do you do?” I assume if I’m spending time talking to them, they should know that already, at a minimum – and have at least read my work history or bio!

    Thanks Marie for sharing the insight….

  12. Great video Marie! Makes sense to give them what they want, when they don’t even know they want it! LOL

  13. Great video as usual!

    Oh yea! Looking forward to hearing more about the NYC event. Hope you’ll send out an email to notify us as soon as you are ready to share the details. I’m so coming to that 🙂

  14. Another great video full of EXTREMELY useful information! Thanks Marie!

  15. Marie, you are such a giver. I love that you started out with the reminder to help those in need. That is definitely the top of the priority list – or at least it should be! And I also love how you got to the Q&A moment by sharing a great process to give results up front. SO important. Again, it’s all about GIVING!

    Another thing that is important for those who are building their client list is to keep a list of people who you have connected with in the past but who for whatever reason didn’t hire you. Sometimes clients aren’t ready to work with us, but they may be ready 3-6 months down the road. So, it’s important to input follow up dates into your calendar (with phone number and email) for 3-6 months after the first touch point to follow up and see if they are finally ready to use your services.

    Just thought I’d add a little more to your fabulosity! 😉 Thanks for your wisdom today, gorgeous! xo

  16. Anne

    Putting this approach into three distinct steps is a winning formula. Thanks Marie.

  17. YEAH, Forleo! Thanks for your powerful NZ Red Cross offer. So thrilling to see the donations rolling in, from around the globe. There’s NEVER a bad time for focused generosity, eh?


  18. This is so awesome. Hannah, who came up with this question, is one of my best mates and I’m proud to say I introduced her to Marie! Great stuff.

  19. Once again, great post. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for a few days. I need to be more proactive in getting new customers, but I tend to drag my feet and feel like I need to get more clout behind me to go after the big ones I really want to do work for.

    I just need to get off my butt and do it. I like the research their company thing.

    Thanks for the advice, Marie.

  20. big thumbs for supporting the kiwi’s! love it that there are caring sharing friends all around the world supporting the earthquake rebuild.

  21. Kathleen

    Thank you Marie for bringing awareness to NZ and our situation. We are all trying to take care of each other here, and it’s so humbling to know that our international friends are thinking of us also. Thanks for making our is-ness your business!!!
    Love and authentic irresistibility x

  22. If you can give a little, give a little and if you can give alot, give alot!

    Love this site and really look forward to hearing how the efforts in NZ go. I am a proud contributor and will spread the word.

    Thanks again!
    xx- Bridget

  23. Robyn Corujo

    As someone who just recently started up their own business as well, I have to say this was a huge help! As always, your videos are inspiring and fun and are always coincidentally relevant to what is going on my life. Thank you! 🙂

  24. Hi Marie – First off, thank for what you’re doing for NZ! Secondly, I love this video. The idea of presenting what you can do, before ever getting paid for it is bold – and I like it! Thanks for the great ideas.

  25. Ok, you’re freakin me out… every stinkin week your vids hit an issue that I’m either mulling over or struggling with! Currently, I’m weighing out a few “big pants” companies to do a jv partnership with, and I needed a confidence boost and some strategy … and here you are with both – just for me 😉 Thanks as always, Marie!

  26. Prada Madonna

    You always put a skip in my step Marie! Thanks for these fabulous videos.

  27. Thank YOU M! Love the Tuesday treats. This weeks vid is right on time. Have a lunch meeting with the President of the local University and will most def use your beautiful as evah wisdom.


  28. Marie, many thanks for another fantastic video! Btw, you look RHH in that colour, girl.

  29. Some really simple advice, which I am definitely going to follow and always look forward to Tuesdays to see what is coming up next. :- ) MM

  30. Marie, this is awesome stuff – I’ve actually done this (minus the social media part), I simply conected them and I told them I love what they are doing and I’d like to help them if they are in for some experimenting.

    At the same time I realised that even though we see someone really needs what we do, they don’t always want it. So after a while I changed the direction of the flow: I put out what I do and then people/companies who feel they need it come to me.

    It’s been painful sometimes to try to help someone who wants no help… If you know what I mean :). So my succesful action was: do some work for free or less money for those who you looooove to work with, then show it off and let the rest of them come to you.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and wisdom you share in your videos!

    • Jen

      This is so interesting. I love your response to the video Szilvi. I recently offered and somewhat asked a client I wanted to work with if I could do some work for them, for FREE! When they made up a few excuses and said they already had someone, I realized 1) My approach might not have been the best, 2)The timing might’ve been off and 3)I have a lot to offer and I’m now thinking ,”What was the reason I wanted to work with them in the first place?” Oh yeah, I can’t remember. On to bigger and better FISH who appreciate my enthusiasm and talents!

      Love it as always Marie!!!!!

  31. That was great Marie. As an artist i’ve done the ‘for free’ thing a few times for others, sometimes it’s worked in getting some of the green stuff in my sky rocket, other times zilch but i still believe it’s a good way forward. X

  32. This is great Marie! This was the exact method I used when I started my PR business years ago and I can say it definitely 100% works. I still have loyal clients today that I got from using this strategy years ago.

    Can’t wait to learn more about your live event! xo

  33. OMG this was AWESEOME and just want I needed to hear this morning!! I am in exactly the same boat right now with my new business, and am grateful for these tips and words of advice! It has changed my strategy of approach already!


  34. Thank you for the nudge to donate. 🙂

  35. I just want to send my heartfelt thanks for encouraging your readers to donate to earthquake relief in NZ. As a former Christchurch resident, it breaks my heart to see the devastation there–I know your efforts will help.

    Thanks for being a positive force in the world! xo

  36. Hey Marie! 🙂

    Wow, these are AWESOME tips! And thanks so much for breaking it down into such easy-to-do steps. Never would have thought to tackle it quite that way myself. I’ll be using this for sure! 🙂

  37. Hi Maria!

    Grrrreat tips!

    I will keep it in mind when I’m going after new clients.

    I love your Q&A Tuesdays.

    You inspired me to come up with NYC Healthy Chick APPROVED!!! videos.
    Check’em out on YouTube….they are a work in progress!
    This is Bare Burger NYC ~ NYC Healthy Chick APPROVED!!!

  38. Useful + helpful + too serious I’d love to see you rapping Marie!! hehe (just kidding). Thanks forever!! your job inspire me a lot!. I’ll try to go to NYC to see you in New York City on May 12th, 2011. I’m not in USA now but my birthday is on may 26th and I’m sure it’ll be a very great gift to myself.
    so… I gave you already thanks right?, so.. bye bye!
    @beamena from Venezuela

  39. Alexandra Cattoni

    Awesome stuff Marie! This email popped into my inbox at the PERFECT time! 🙂 Love the last point and TOTALLY agree. It’s all about acting in genuine service first. Love your stuff!

  40. I have actually don’t the last tip. I just went ahead and redid a logo for a local company and because I may get the future business of the company. Which works for me because I am a result based person, don’t just talk. Do. So I can vouch that the last tip works.

  41. I had this experience, I did all the steps that you mentioned six months ago. After all the work done, that company liked my work and asked me to send the invoice. I was so glad. It’s only $150 to design a gift voucher for them. (The actual work and time that I put the effort was worth more than that.) But I never get paid !!! I tried to contact them via emails and phone calls. The answer was they were shot of money!!! and will pay me soon. After 3 months I gave up and didn’t bother them anymore. I don’t think I should do business with this kind of people.
    So what would you suggest for this case? What would you do?

  42. “Wow their pants off!” and “walk the talk”: LOVE IT!

  43. I know I’m ALLL KINDS of late with this video, but I LOVEEEEE it! Thanks Marie 🙂

  44. I just started a white label online marketing business and I am on the process of looking for these “big clients”. I agree to all the things that you’ve said specially the “wow their pants off”. Since, most of our prospect clients are SEO, online marketing, and web design companies, it really takes a lot of effort to land a very good deal.

    Research, is indeed the secret sauce on having a very good engagement with the prospect clients. It took me two years to find this page and I added it now to my fave bookmarks folder.

    More power to Marie and the team!

  45. RV

    This is why I love Marie, just stumbled on this going through your archives and I just kept smiling because I COMPLETELY agree and understand .
    I’ve been trying to figure out why I kept getting drained on all levels which is hard for a creative mind, love this post!
    Marie you Absulotely are the best life coach ,you have helped me become a better version of me in my business and personal life! Thankyou thankyou thankyou !

  46. Great article.

  47. Awesome, I can do this for my clients, even if they’re not companies. I was already doing it, but now I’m clear that it’s a good strategy and I’ll do it with more gusto.
    Thanks, Marie! xo

  48. Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason seemed
    to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I
    certainly get irked while people think about worries that they plainly
    do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect
    , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more.


  49. Wannida Kasiwong

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    It’s year 2020 and this episode just helped me gain insights on planning my proposals for my dream client. I feel so much more confident to work on this! Thank you for great tips x

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