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I wasn’t sure if I was going to tackle this question for Q&A Tuesday.

But the eternal 4th grader in me loves the phrase sh*t sandwich, so I couldn’t resist.

In this video, you’ll learn simple and practical ways to use perspective + gratitude to regain clarity whenever you find yourself in a spiral of self-pity.

You’ll also learn about one of my favorite books on the planet, which is perfect for yourself (or a gift) for today, International Women’s Day.


We didn’t bleep out the 20 or so times I say “sh*t sandwich”, so wear headphones if you have kiddies or people who are easily offended around.

Leave a comment below the video and let me know what YOU do when life hands you a sh*t sandwich.

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  1. love, love, love this!
    The first life coach I had in 2009 used to say “your worst day is somebody else’s best day.” Holler at putting down the sh*t sandwich. Life is good 🙂

    • marie

      Hollla Liz! And, you freakin’ crack me up.

    • Deborah

      Awesome advice!

  2. Perspective is GRAND.

    • marie

      Yes. Yes. Yes. We all need it (myself included!)

  3. Loved this Marie, thanks for giving us all some perspective! Hadn’t ever heard the term shit sandwich, so thanks for the definition while you were at it. 😉

    • marie

      See that? All kinds of education from MarieTV 😉

  4. Pat

    Thank you So much Marie, for putting it like this.. Even I who come from an “3rd world country” and know how it is to be scared for “your life” and to not have the freedom to do what I want with my life; without this video I would not have caught myself I have been complaining about the shit sandwich that were showing up all ova.. but I forgot that I DO what I want with my life RIGHT NOW. I am FREE, I have running water and electricity , I have a roof over my freakin’ head and best of all My family is safe and happy 🙂

    • marie

      Thank YOU for weighing in Pat. I really appreciate you sharing your perspective as you’ve had experiences that I (and many of us) have not. xoxo

    • catherine

      Hi Maria,
      You have come into my life through spiritual prayer, I am so glad to have met you and look forward to all the things that you can enlighten my personal and business life.
      I am ready to turn that s——- sandwich upside down girlfriend in 2014!

      • Kim

        Love this!

  5. Great post, Marie! Half the Sky is my fav book also…always on my nightstand to remind me of how freakin’ good I have it. Your message came in the nick of time for me…was getting into the “shit sandwich” thoughts with all I have to do with my biz, family, life…Love, love, love you!

    • marie

      Love love love you too! I think Half The Sky should be required reading. For everyone.

  6. you should have used rubber poo as a prop for the video

  7. WOW, just what I needed to hear today. Thanks Maria!

  8. A-freakin’-men. Marie, love the radical gratitude. Thanks for always, always keeping it real. Can’t wait for MAY 12th!

  9. Great Post Marie, as always you always crack me up. Love your sense of humor. I would also suggest starting a Gratitude journal. Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are and blessed. We all have something to be grateful for everyday.

    • Yvonne

      That’s so true! I wasn’t expecting her response at all but she’s right!

  10. Hi Marie,

    This was very powerful. I’ve been in a fearful/empowered place for the last week or so and so much of the fear was feeling like I was eating a little bit of that shit sandwich. Thanks for the reminder that kind of thinking is the real “shit sandwich.”

    You rock!

  11. Suset

    This post had me in stitches (was I allowed to laugh because it was hilaaaariiiiiooous). I have started a practice I got from Martha Beck of writing 5 things I am grateful for every single day (no repeats allowed) precisely because I don’t want to find myself eatin’ sh*t sandwiches but delicious Nutella covered baguettes.

    • Deborah


  12. When I saw this in my inbox I thought HOW PERFECT – I scheduled my first workshop ever in my house today and did a ton of marketing and an hour and a half away from the event I STILL have no RSVPs other than my mom and my roommate. What I thought qualified as a shit sandwich is actually just a funny story in the journey of my business. Thanks for the perspective!

    • Katie,
      I had to laugh at your comment because I can totally relate!! I can’t tell you how many workshops or bootcamps I’ve invested time and marketing into just to have a couple of my friends (sometimes not even that) register to participate. It can feel so frustrating and overwhelming. But I have to remind myself that as long as I keep pushing forward and refuse to give up I will get there. So I want to say the same to you. Keep pressing forward and it will begin to get better. 🙂

  13. Hi Marie! 🙂

    Ahh, such a good reminder of all the good stuff I do have going on in my life. It’s so easy to get caught up in complaining and see what we don’t like – and forget that sooo many other people have it way harder. I love what Liz said above about “your worst day is someone else’s best day”. That sure helps to put things in perspective! 🙂

  14. Awesome Q&A, Marie! My accupuncturist said something similar to this when I showed up at an appointment and whined about my Colitis, how tired I was, how overwhelmed I was with my thesis for grad school. She shifted my perspective FAST by pointing out how lucky I was to have a loving, wonderful husband, food to eat, a car to drive, a dog to love, etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own shit and forget that there’s more to be thankful for than not.

  15. You can’t emphasize this point enough. Not to judge…because I’m sure I do it too, but there’s far too much complaining about every day life from the masses. In the last few years, I’ve tried to be ultra cognizant about being thankful, not complaining, and recognizing all the amazing gifts and opportunities around me. After all, I’m a blonde, female entrepreneur living in the United States. What’s not to love about that?!

  16. Laura

    Bravo Marie, just what I needed to hear today…no coincidences in life 🙂

  17. Elisha

    YES! Great post, as always. There are ALWAYS things to be grateful for, always.

    If I find myself face to face with a sh*t sandwich these days, I usually have enough perspective to thank it, and look for the ways in which it can actually serve me, make me a better person, help me grow, etc. Suddenly, what I thought was a sh*t sandwich morphs into a tasty hoagie! With veggies. And Special Sauce. 🙂

    So even though not all sh*t sandwiches are created equal (all kidding aside, I cannot fathom experiencing what so many people endure around the world, it breaks my heart!), it IS possible to be grateful for them as well as the more obvious blessings.

  18. I really needed to hear this today. Feeling mopey for no darn reason at all. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  19. Once again you bring it back to REAL. Thanks, Marie. I am feeling very grateful and humbled.


  20. Well said, Marie. Whoever feels sorry for themselves should try sleeping in a slum area (sidewalk or garbage dump) in a developing country. I grew up in the Philippines, surrounded by poverty and my parents always reminded us, when we complained about not liking our food or something like that, that plenty of people are starting all around us.

    In university, I spent a week with a rural family who didn’t have indoor plumbing, electricity or a lot of food. I experienced for the first time going to sleep with my stomach growling with hunger.

    Seeing the poverty around us, whether material, emotional or spiritual, is a real eye opener.

    • Ooops, I meant to say “… plenty of people are STARVING all around us.”

  21. As usual, Marie, you are amazing.

    I remember being at a support group meeting, and overheard two guys mildly complaining about how hard it was to get their pools *just* the right shade of blue. The chemicals! The balance! The water!

    And then Guy 1 stopped Guy 2, and held up his hand.

    Guy 1: “Hey. This is a nice problem to have.”

    Guy 2. “Yeah. This is nice problem to have.”

    And they laughed, as only two guys who had once *not* had pools could laugh.
    So whenever I get too angsty, I ask myself, “Is this a ‘my pool is too blue’ problem?”

    Usually it is.

  22. Marie, you rock!! this is an awesome lesson. One I try to think about every time I see that sh*t sandwich sitting on a plate beside me. Xo Tracy

  23. Whenever I’m bummed about something in my life, I think of all the awful things that could happen to make me wish to god I had my life back the way it was when I thought it sucked. And then I’m so glad to have it the way it is.

    Imagining a devastating earthquake or a severed limb might be a twisted way to find gratitude, but it works for me.

  24. Such a GREAT reminder for us all to get our of our heads and into our hearts. I find that when I truly have gratitude and appreciation for my life (the good & the bad), I can put that stinky sammich down much quicker! Thanks for keepin’ it real Marie! xoxo

  25. Amy is my weekly perspective on Shit Sandwiches. I have a turkey breast on whole wheat compared to those people! And they don’t complain about it!

  26. Erin Ashley


    Thank you SO MUCH for this video today! It was more timely than anything else of yours I’ve read or watched. Four days ago my fiancée took me out to breakfast, sat me down and told me that he was leaving me. Then I found out the following day he had cheated and was leaving me for that woman, who he had only met a month prior. He moved out the next day.

    I watched this video after talking to my friend about launching my business on the principles I use to get through this with grace and class, including *not* trash talking either of them. This was exactly what I needed to hear, and has only strengthened my resolve to make this a fantastic experience that will help others to grow.

    • Just reading this now in June 2012 and wondering how this woman is doing over a year later with her love life and with her business. I AM so proud of you for opting for grace and class!! Not always an easy choice but worth it.

  27. perfect timing as usual! i have a tendency to get my sh*t sandwiches during PMS. today i woke up feeling yucky and down…feeling sorry for myself and exhausted. moody. (hormones suck) but guess what? i have my health, my family, my fabulous friends (includ YOU), a great place to live and a wonderful man…i have nothing to be down about. putting my sh*t sandwich DOWN! xo

    • And you create babies with those hormones! I AM post menopausal now and don’t have the monthly ups & downs anymore, but I remember them well. The best thing to do when you are feeling “yucky and down…feeling sorry for [your]self and exhausted, moody” is first, take some time to be ALONE. In nature if you can, but even in your room in your bed works. Give yourself some time without stimulation and just BE. Become the Silent Witness and notice your feelings and thoughts without becoming attached to them. Don’t do anything until you feel ready. You don’t have to get SICK to give yourself some time away from everyone and everything else! When you are ready, start a list of your Favorite Things. It’s like a Gratitude Journal, I guess, but a little different. Blessed be, Lotus

  28. Hi Marie…wow, I came here to check out how you do your videos on your site and got a lovely message that I didn’t realize I needed to hear! Thank you for reminding me to stop focusing on the shit and open my eyes, ears and heart to all the good things I have in my life: a husband who doesn’t watch sports, a daughter who loves spiders, a friend whose Southern accent feels like home, work that lets me take a hike in the middle of the day if I want. I’m so lucky. Again, thank you for helping me remember that.

    • Sara

      I LOVE that you listed a husband who doesn’t watch sports as something you’re grateful for, Laura! I have felt that way about sports watching for years (decades?) and it usually seems like I am alone, even among women.

  29. Heather Wilds

    Wise words as ever!
    Xxx 🙂

  30. Boy, I’ve eaten some shit sandwiches over my lifetime. Just add lots of really good stuff on that baby & it’s actually pretty damn good;-)

  31. Michaela

    Well I needed THIS today. Helping me to focus on what I am/have vs not. Thank you 🙂

  32. Jen

    That’s the way to throw down the perspective, Forleo! We got it good in the free world. With that in mind, there’s no reason to continue driving forward and making it work for you. The world is better for it, right? So, let’s look at it as life will send you sh*t pebble sandwiches instead. Those aren’t as bad as the full sh*tload, a la Nutella type of sandwich. Again, perspective.

  33. erin

    i started doing 10 gratitudes a night whether i feel like it or not, right after I brush and floss. When I started doing this a year ago, my life changed for the better.

  34. Hey Marie:) Loved your video…yes, gratitude + perspective = momentum

  35. I’m breaking with the pack here, girls, because I believe the first thing to do when you are handed a s*** sandwich is to fully INDULGE in how absolutely right you are to feel the way you feel. Give yourself time–whether it’s five minutes or five hours or even five days, to honor your feelings. THEN shift your perspective from you-you-you to counting your blessings, taking action and noticing the wonders of life. By the way, talking with good friends can help SOOO much when you’re feeling down.

    • I agree, Marie, I think it’s important to honor those feelings, but don’t wallow in them too long. Good friends and laughter always help, too! It doesn’t matter how much you have or don’t have when you lose someone you love – it hurts the same way for all of us!

      • Exactly, Lynn! Material resources are immaterial when it comes to our feelings. Our growth and happiness (or lack thereof) come from within.

  36. I loved this video – it is so easy to get caught up and lose perspective about all the great things in our lives…kind of reminds me of the John Mayer lyric from Say “take all of your so-called problems, better put ’em in quotations…”

  37. * Akua Auset *

    🙂 ♡☀

  38. OMG! I so ♥ you right now, Marie! Yes, I am the one who asked the whole “shit sandwich” question. You are so right about perspective – thanks for giving me that bitch slap! When I asked that question, I was having major money woes and was still in shock over finding my mother dead on Thanksgiving. But, yeah, I do have it pretty good and even though I’m not rolling in the dough (I got laid off from a job THAT I HATED), I traded the moolah for freedom and the opportunity to have my own biz. I’m so glad I gave you a reason to say “shit sandwich” over 20 times!

  39. Sandy

    Thank you Marie! That was REFRESHING!!!

  40. Awesome video and awesome message! When I’m feeling whiny and low-down, I remind myself of just how good I gots it! Seriously — I have a roof over my head, a car, a job, money in the bank ($14 in my checking account after paying the bills, but hey — paid bills), friends and family who love and support me, and, most important of all, the freedom to create exactly the life I want. Which so many people do not have. It is a thing worth more than millions.

  41. Finally someone tells it like it is! Well said, Marie. My husband is from Nicaragua and we have traveled there many times, so I have a very clear picture of what “poverty” actually is, which is why it pisses me off when I hear that worn-out phrase “Americans are just trying to put food on the table”…puhleeeeze! Americans spend 3 times their paychecks on electronics and technology than they do on food, so if “feeding their families” is such a burden, why not get rid of that ipod, cell phone, 3 TVs, new SUV, Xbox, and on and on and on.
    People in this country (for the most part) lack the perspective to realize how lucky we are…clean running water? Check. indoor toilets? Check. Heat/AC? Check. And here’s the beauty of all this: Whenever I travel to Nicaragua I am amazed at the level of HAPPINESS of the poorest people, and I have been in homes (dirt floors, no windows) where the occupants have offered us whatever little food they had, even if they would go without.

    Thanks a bunch, Marie, for gifting everyone a big ol’ bag of perspective!

    • Lynn

      Suzanna: I had to respond to your insensitive comment. I’d like to live in the world you live in. Just because we were born in America, that doesn’t make all of us the materialist A-holes you describe. Some of us never had cable, drive 16-year-old cars, lost our jobs, health insurance, lost family members suddenly, had all of our utilities turned off, and yes, we are just trying to put food on the table. And you’re saying we have no right to feel sad about that? Because we don’t live in Nicaragua? I say “puhleeeeze” back at you! How can you compare my life to someone there? As Americans, we have all the pressure of living in a modern society – sometimes I think we would be happier without all the trappings that come with that – but, just as someone who was born in Nicaragua – we don’t have much choice in that.

      I don’t think because we’re Americans that we don’t have the same rights, AS HUMAN BEINGS, to have feelings when there is loss in our lives! Maybe you should develop a little more compassion for your fellow Americans.

  42. Lori Hepp

    Thanks Marie! Absolutey agree!!!!! It’s only human nature to want everything to go perfectely and elegantly…however, life DOES throw us “shit sandwiches” from time to time. I too, choose gratitude! It really does make a world of difference! Just like you…!

  43. Mary

    Right on, Marie… best-ever vid (and you’ve got lots of awesome ones!)

  44. Tell it like it is, Marie — and you’re right that HALF THE SKY was one of the most powerful books I’ve read in years. Went straight to my wallet and joined a few of those organizations that support women in unimaginable situations. Thanks for sharing that important message.

  45. Jen

    This was ironically something I need to hear. LOL The s*it sandwich is not what I ordered!!! I have been in and out of work for over 4 years and have been blessed to have the opportunity to drive across country by myself took, my first trip out of the U.S. to Panama and well caught up on a whole lot of sleep and writing. This time “off” I am learning how to take care of myself and not feel sorry for myself. I am building an Intuitive Life Coaching business but its not quite paying the bills yet. Thank you so much for the the perspective that I am not a failure but a dare I say Charlie Sheen “WINNER” if I have to get “any ole job” to help take care of my financial well being. This you opened my eyes that I am not giving up on my dream but will be helping my dream become reality cause I won’t be worried if I can pay for the blessings of food and shelter!

    Thanks again Marie..You are amazing and I am trilled I found you in cyber space!!!

    Have an awesome day!

  46. Hi Marie! I couldn’t agree more. Having been raised by immigrant parents, I was blessed with a worldview perspective from a young age. It still grounds me to this day and stops me from ever feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for the video!

  47. I’m going to bookmark this and watch it on the days I throw myself a pity party (which fortunately isn’t to often, but does happen on occasion).

    When I’m having a day that I am dealing with problem after problem I tell myself: You get to solve high-class problems today. How cool is your life!

  48. Hey Marie!

    I looove this video, I too believe it’s important to be greatful for what we have even when we fill like life has given us a shit sandwhich :-). You inspire me, keep the videos coming!!!

  49. Wow, thanks for the perspective! Shit sandwiches tend to turn up here and there, but next time one does, I will ‘put it down’ and feel blessed!

    Thanks, Marie!

  50. Mary

    Must be a white thing…..i’m in awe over you women, I mean everyday waking up is a blessing, the rest is gravy!!!! Keep up the great inspirations ladies.

    • What do you mean a white thing? I hear people of every colour complain about their own personal sh*t sandwiches. Its not just a white thing…

      • Lady K

        haha true!

  51. Great video Marie! I think everyone as FELT like they’ve eaten a shit sandwich or two in their time, I know I have. But you’re right, perspective puts everything in its place, and gratitude lifts us back up to a place where we gratefully can carry on from!!

    You cut such great videos, I’m becoming a big fan!! 🙂

    • Perspective really helps out. Sometimes people get into a position where they don’t feel like they could change their perspective. It is a great idea to start paying attention to what you have. Some things that work for me are having a nice hot shower and taking a little time to listen to my favorite music and have a nice cup of tea. This really changes my mood into a more positive one and that makes changing my perspective by focusing on the good way easier.

      Great video.

  52. SP

    Awesome!! We take so much for granted and get caught up in our own world of four walls that sometimes we completely forget how other people have some serious issues to deal with on a daily basis!

    Thanks so much!

  53. An excellent reminder, Marie! I’ve never forgotten a story I saw on a documentary type interview show here in Canada several years ago. A Canadian Olympic athlete who was the favorite to win his cycling event had mechanical failure just before the finish line.

    When asked during the interview how he felt about losing after so many years of training and the expectations of him to win so high he said (not ad verbatim, but I’m recalling as best I can :)) with a big smile and ever so cheerfully, “I put it all in perspective. I live in the greatest country in the world, I’m healthy…and the fact is, I even got to go to the Olympics.” He then mentioned that his dad had always taught him about the importance of perspective.

    I’ve never forgotten that interview and even during my “darkest moments,” I remember who I am, where I come from, what I have and what I can dream and create. If only others in this world were so fortunate.

    Wonderful video!
    ~ Ann-Michele

  54. “Put DOWN the shit sandwich!” I guess you don’t have to eat it.

    I loved that you researched her before you did the video, that’s hilarious – I’m going to think really carefully about my question if I ever send one in Marie!

    As always – brilliant video!

  55. Great video! You really put things into perspective. I’ve been taking your advice and putting it work from your book and my children and the hubs who is only able to communicate with me over the phone and computer have noticed. Thanks so much!

  56. Amy

    Great video. And what a great way to start off the WISH Summit 40 days and nights 🙂
    One of the most important ways that I deal with a shit sandwich is recognizing that there is something for me to learn from the experience. What can this teach me?
    As you pointed out, no matter how bad things seem, there is always something to be grateful for. I don’t want to reject my feelings and only stuff them, but what can I do to feel a little better? A little reframing and the world [my life] can look a lot different. Focus on what I do have to be grateful for. Find the love in my life. Find even a good moment to focus on. Gratitude really can turn things around. It builds momentum in positive ways.

    Thanks again.

  57. Kristen

    Woman, I was not ready for the jelly today. Thank you for keeping it really real. For reals. Now lemme pick my jaw up and get back to business.

  58. Claire

    I loved this video. I struggle with having a grateful mindset even though I have blessings all around me 24/7!! Thank you for this great reality check.

  59. Juli

    Thanks, Marie. I love your videos…humor, smarts, beauty, class, fun, inspiration…and honesty.

  60. Marissa

    Time to list the panini maker on Ebay.

  61. Just now I had looked at how much this month was not going as I had planned and I decided between feeling like a loser or looking around and being thankful. I am thankful for my kids and my life and the fact that I am alive and i have a chance a great one to achive my dreams. Not to give up.If I give up now next year I will be in a worse place than where I am now. I say asante( thanks in Swahili) and do what I can do for today.

  62. Right on sister! Loved this video!

  63. Laura

    Love your brand of fecal-free lunch Marie and I couldn’t agree with you more! The practice of gratitude truly honors the abundance and grace of love and completely wipes away any negative thoughts of lack. PUT DOWN THE SH*T SANDWICH, lol!!!

  64. I always look for the lesson or opportunity. Recent example: I’m a very busy, self-employed massage therapist & reiki master. I broke my leg in early Feb. which meant NO massages for a while. Turned out to be 4 weeks of NO work with NO pay (& now almost 6 weeks on, I can only work a couple hours/ day a couple days a week) 🙁 Sh*t sandwich, right? Nope. Turns out I am also an aromatherapist, but thus far have only used my knowledge in massages and reiki sessions. I’ve been wanting to create my own line of aromatherapy bath salts for quite some time, but never felt as if I had the time. Well, I suddenly had LOTS of time. I also had all the raw ingredients as well. So, I developed a line of aromatherapy bath salts, marketed them on Facebook to my friends, who happily bought them and I was able to pay my bills. Then I started all the paperwork, online, to get a sales tax license in my state and a biz permit in my city to do this out of my home. This week I will be able to start legally selling them on Ebay, Etsy, as well as other online venues and at local stores that specialize in locally produced products. If I hadn’t broken my leg, my dream may have stayed relegated to the “when I have time” folder of my life.

    • Thanks for sharing. That is so inspirational for many I am sure.

  65. Great reality check Marie. Thank you X

  66. Olga

    Thank you, Marie!

  67. Olga

    as always, you keep it REAL, in real time and space, in the moment – like asking “what is REALLY happening to you now?” without comparing yourself to what you could have or should have done, or what other people have already created in their lives and you haven’t by now. All that stuff that has nothing to do with our own life, really.
    Thank you Marie, you are such an inspiration! Thank you so much for being who you are!

  68. brigitte weber

    gratitude for the reminders of how fantastic my life REALLY IS!!! xbrigittexx

  69. Dea

    I love this! It keeps us in check that we are still the lucky ones!

  70. this was for me! thank you so much. bought the book on the spot & loved your point of view.

  71. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  72. It is SO TRUE what you say. When I feel bad, my “therapy” is to clean something, and at my house, there’s always something to clean and working with my hands and my belongings helps bring me back to how amazingly fortunate we are.

    • My mom always said to scrub a pan or dig in the garden when you are angry and both work great. Also, remember “this too shall pass.” Pearls of Wisdom from Gramma Jean, may she R.I.P.

  73. Erika

    Just when I was about to eat my shit sandwich, I watched this video and am now grateful that I have any food at all! 😉

  74. Well thank you for this. Ive been getting served some heavy shit sandwichs for breakfast lunch dinner and dessert this past week – and this is what I needed to hear in order to just PUT THE SHIT SANDWICH DOWN.

    My ex husband might be able to serve them up but that doesnt mean I have to eat them !

    Thanks !

    • Love it! I always say, “Just because he is trying to give me a guilt trip, doesn’t mean I have to accept it.” I never heard of a Shit Sandwich before.

  75. OMG! It’s so true! Eating the Sh*t Sandwich is a CHOICE! Not exactly the easiest concept to accept when I was struggling. All I saw around me was the sh*t, the past due notices, the possible eviction, the negative account statement … blah, blah, blah.

    Yes, they were real circumstances, BUT my choice to focus on them was spiraling me downward and I reached a point where I knew either I had to change or I felt like I would literally spontaneously combust! Changing my mindset and perspective has been the single most important thing in saving my sanity.

    My favorite exercise is to wake up every day and choose a word and infuse it into what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and who I’m being while doing it. It is the simplest thing ever, but it has literally changed my life. Today I am “powerful” yesterday I was “purposeful” and maybe tomorrow I will be “cheerful.” Just knowing that everyday, I get to choose who I am and how I am being is the most powerful source of inspiration and motivation!

    Love you Marie for all your insights and gifts!


    • Hana

      LOL ….this video was so hilarious and upbeat, i love it. And Christy, what a great idea, I can already think of a bunch of good words. Today I will be “goofy”, “focused”, or “patient”…etc. So simple but I bet it works.

      • I’m going to add “goofy” and “patient” to my list – those are wonderful Hana! My day of “focused” was AMAZING, I literally felt like a positive magnetic force that good things were being drawn to … so cool 🙂

    • Love that! I have been using the word “COMPASSION” lately. On the in-breath, I breath it in for myself, and on the out breath, I breathe it out for a weary world. Sometimes that “weary world” is a particular person or situation, sometimes more global. I have used “LOVE” before, in the same way. I like your idea of using a different word every day.

  76. I do a daily page of thank you’s every morning to keep me in gratitude. Life can be so outrageously thrilling when you thank the fingers and pen you’re writing with.

  77. RIGHT ON MARIE! Thank you for speaking out like this and putting things in perspective. We get a little too spoiled and your video is perfect for people who need some inspiration. I’ve lived in and traveled to third world countries and I’ve seen exactly what you are talking about. We forget that other people are surviving on $1. Gratitude is the best medicine if you ate a shit sandwich.

  78. Marie you are completely hilarious…I absolutely love your videos and your down to earth advice. You are so real and inspiring by just being yourself. Thanks so much keep em’ coming

  79. Way to hit another nail on the head, Marie! … plus, as always, you make it so much fun. Seriously, though, taking time to be grateful, whether on paper, out loud or in my ongoing inner rambles … the practice of gratitude has had a major positive impact on my life. It’s a free, no-bad-side-effects upper every time!

  80. LOVING this vlog so much you are sing my song Marie!!!! Time to put the sh*t sandwich down! Amen sista…..woo hooo!

  81. I love this “fresh” look at keeping perspective. We definitely all have our own “cross to bear”, so to speak, but maintaining gratitude for the constant gifts you have in your life allows you see your co-creative ability to avoid eating the Sh#t Sandwich!
    Great post, really loved it. Some good references and resources as well.

  82. THE Best Video Ever Marie! Thank you!

    This is definitely something we need to watch out for – “the pity parties”. I’ve lived in Brazil for 6 years and saw poverty and hunger Very Close and definitely know what it means to live with little. We have now moved to Sweden (where I am from) and I often think that people probably have no Real idea of how blessed they are. The everyday possibilities we have here is a dream come true for many. If there is anything life has taught me it is that we have to make the most out of it and look on the bright side. Thanks again for a wonderful video! 🙂

  83. Hey Marie– Thanks for the love and laughter! (which I put it in my gratitudes list for the day. 😀 ) The other thing to remember is this translates to success in your relationships, too. You truly can find a way to like everyone you meet by looking for even one small admirable quality and compliment about it (tho sometimes you’ve got to quickly exit stage left after you do, before their doo-doo rubs off on you, too.) Find the gratitude and be generous and pay it forward and you’ll have a double bump upwards and away from the sh*t sandwich mentality!
    Really lovely answer. I wish we could send all of our youth overseas like you went (and I did in my 20s)… what a different approach we might have in our country! Kudos!

  84. Ha! Bravo Marie! PERSPECTIVE. Thank you for yet another awesome video! Growing up in the different part of the world and moving to the US is a huge benefit. But for the lucky/unlucky ones who don’t know any better, I bet the overall life in the USA can feel rather dull. 🙂
    Perhaps, a new startup is in order? Sh*t Sandwich Travel? Get perspective, tan lines AND loose weight? …

  85. Eleanor

    a HUGE shout-out for Marie on this Tuesday Q&A – Gratefulness & Sh*t sandwiches!

    Sharing with people and working together for benefits for other less fortunate folks is a great way to get your groove going. I find that when I dive into “sh*t sandwich” or what I’ll call “entitlement issues” mode it’s usually after spending time with people who have “entitlement problems” – it’s very contagious.

    Check out an uplifting movie, do sports & don’t give the whiner an instant more of your time.

    Here’s to you Marie!

  86. Laree

    Loved this one…so true!

  87. Tom Lehner

    Marie, I have watched this Video three times and promoted it on Facebook in order to say something smart and inteligent to you but I cant and you know why? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY SAID IT ALL, Thank you – Thank you for telling it as it is, if I could I’d crawl through the computer and give you a super hug.

    That woman sure has no clue how blessed she is. OK YOu were in safe south africa, try to put yourself in my shoes: I have been as a UN Peace Enforcement Soldier in Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, and other countries where people REALLY have a Sh**t Sandwich, we have people in our country, beaten and battered woman, orphanes, single momes with no food on the plate or anything that really suffer (I am writing a blog on that right now) that really have a sh**t sandwich. Please dont be mad but that woman has nothing but self-pity and on that is only one to say:

    Optimism and self-pity are the positive and negative poles of modern cowardice.
    – Cyril Connolly

    Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.
    – Helen Keller

    The opposite of having faith is having self-pity.
    – Og Guinness

    Thank you Marie, like I said, if I could I’d crawl through the computer and hug you for your emazing inspiring and wonderful words. God bless you

    • Lynn

      Here’s some quotes for YOU Tom:
      “Have compassion for ALL beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.”
      – Buddha
      “It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.”
      -Lawrence G. Lovasik (Slovak Priest, b.1913)

  88. I like what you said: “Put Down Your Sh*t Sandwich that your eating”.

    Us living in ‘the land of plenty’ yet we still have high suicides and cases of depression.

    I cried when I saw a video my friend taped while living with a tribe in Africa – because the little children were dancing joyfully! I cried in total AMAZEment of PURE JOY (albeit, fleeting) from poverty stricken children in a war torn country.

    It left me full of gratitude for my own life – but also VERY confused at why we all (myself included) act as we do.

    My clarity: Be JOYful yourself. Plus, put your time(volunteering) or money(if you lack time) where your heart is. I have supported invisible children since the beginning and I’ve been a bigtime fundraiser for SaveTheChildren.

    : ) B JOYfull ~RCherie

  89. Cynthia

    Love this week’s Q & A! We are so lucky to be women living in the United States. Despite of our hardships, we do live in a country where we are free to pick more for our lives than what is just handed or not handed to you.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  90. Wow, you have a lotta comments!

    Action usually makes the sh*t sandwich better. Or cleaning out a closet 😉

  91. Thanks so much Marie! I love your videos and always get a lot out of them. It’s amazing how a shift in perspective makes such a huge difference. Contentment is key. To quote Abraham-Hicks: All things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, “Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going. Content where I am, and eager for more,” that is the perfect vibrational stance.

  92. Indeed putting things into perspective is really important. I find that traveling and getting out of our own “little” world helps a lot. Thanks Marie. And F**K the Sh*t Sandwich! 🙂

  93. Petra

    Who would have thought that this is so incredibly newsworthy (in a brutal way) when we see what’s happening in Japan.

    Love you Marie, keep on going

    Petra vom Germany

  94. Donations from Americans for the Japan relief effort LAG behind other disasters. Experts say this is because many Americans think Japan can “handle” this on its own because it is world’s third-largest economy.

    In other words, some people believe Japan is too rich to need our help.

    Every single human on this earth is precious, no matter if they live in a country that is poor or wealthy. We all need help at times.

    Please show compassion for the people of Japan. Help with your thoughts, prayers and donations.

  95. Um, just want to say that HALF THE SKY is a book that should be read by every single woman who lives in the free world. As well as every single man. Powerful, life-changing book.

  96. Working as a Spanish Medical interpreter, I work with patients EVERY DAY who have stories I could not imagine living through. Sometimes it seems that some of my patients have been handed nothing but sh*t sandwiches. It’s definitely changed my perspective on my life and taught me to be more grateful for the amazing blessings that I have been given.

  97. Thanks, Marie. I’ve been “between jobs” since July and as an over 50 yo woman I tend to feel a bit disadvantaged in the job search; however, I am so grateful for this time when I’ve been able to focus in on my creative side, get a shop up on Etsy and meet other creative women. And I heard some great wisdom yesterday, i.e., when it seems like things aren’t going your way and that makes you think God’s not paying attention, in fact, your situation proves God’s grace. This is an opportunity to readjust your priorities and beautiful things can come out of that.

  98. everyday we have to count our blessings! Had an email mention a childs view of the 7 wonders of the world… to see, to touch, to hear, to smell, to talk, to laugh, to love!! OH YEAH!

  99. Thank you for the awesome work you do, Marie!
    I have been following your advice since 2008, and you are a great inspiration as an Entrepreneur who has no excuses!
    About this post in particular,
    I couldn´t agree with you more…
    My happiness is my gratefulness… And I just wish I could do more to help those people who do have a sh*t sandwich for sure…

  100. Marie, you nailed it again. Absolutely we here in North America need a reality check now and then. The attitude of gratitude was mentioned to me as I grew up, and it’s the cornerstone of my apparently unsinkable upbeat personality. I am grateful every day when my limbs work; when I can read (give or take bifocals), when I can walk, laugh, sing. I’m even grateful that I have so many talents, even though I am suffering through this recession. I look at it this way: this recession has hit most people; it’s simply ‘my turn’ at the no income wicket. Oh, I’m hustling, and I’ll be back at it somehow, very shortly. Because failure ain’t no option! I will succeed a) because I always do, b) because I must, and c) I love to travel, and feed my awesome kids. So ta da. You’re so right. Again.

  101. I love your videos! This Sh*t Sandwich Q&A was awesome! So many people simply need a little perspective (myself included sometimes) and this video is a wonderful reminder of that. Thank you so much for all of your videos, I LOVE them. Keep it up.

  102. Ana

    I just stumled upon this video and loved it! Great reminder how lucky we all are,

  103. Hey Marie, just watched ur sh’t sandwich video, it was great, and right on. I want to acknowledge you for the great inspiration you are to all of us, they say attitude determines altitude and ur way up there in my book! Thanks

  104. aa

    weird, my friend was just telling me about “Half the Sky” last night – sounds amazing, now on my Must Read list with 2 trustworthy recs!

    and I agree – I have been struggling with finding my career path for several years, feeling like a loser compared to my more successful friends, but travel often to South America and that really keeps me in perspective to not get so down on myself.

    although, to a degree, seeing how hard so many others have it can also make me feel even worse, if I am not careful to notice my smaller yearly accomplishments, for not getting myself together more, since I know I have so much to build on…

  105. Hi Marie,
    I finally got around to reading this post & watching your video.
    Even though I have always been convinced that amazing things happened for me each time I was served, what I initially regarded as a sh*t sandwich…..I sometimes forget all the things I should be grateful for. TY for the reminder.
    Julie 🙂

  106. I’ve seen this video a few times, and just wanted to comment that it is one of my favorites. Of. All. Time. Thanks Marie!

  107. Belinda

    i did love your unique way of sharing a change in perspective to ease the nasty taste of a Sh*t sandwich.
    hopefully people take notice of the place someone is coming from first however before they judge them to be lacking n gratitude & being spoilt or weak minded. We all can suffer Depression at times.. little clouds of it.. alot is just a perspective situation.. i totaly agree. But major Depression means you cant find the switch to change angles. your broken being alive therefore is an amazing thing. Yet at times it feels it isnt. location dosnt mean you are better off then others mentally, it simply means you have a differnt challange to over come. i read once were world war 2 POW’s got rescued skeletons with skin, they were fed soup and bread. for the first couple of days they eagerly ate what they were given. a week into their recovery they were complaing about the choice of soup varity!

    Raise your face to the sun & enjoy the beauty around you.. but keep an eye out for those Sh*t Sandwiches cause they r slippery suckers 🙂

  108. Magdalena

    That was very emotional msg for me. We dont appreciate what we have and how lucky we are. Love.

  109. Jean Craft


    Thank you for your empowering “No Shit” message!

    For the past three years, I have been experiencing some stress in my life, and it has gotten me down. I have been trying to overcome my sorrow and close the door on my pity party.

    Your video has completely helped me get over myself. You helped me realize that my “problems” would be someone else’s blessings. I am fortunate to live in the USA, have good health, a good education, a great Mom, wonderful friends, and many opportunities. If I am not living life to the fullest, it is all on me!

    I love you and appreciate you! Keep smiling!


  110. I started exploring the different videos on your site and today I found some that really hit home.

    This one (s**t sandwich) really hit me. I’ve been feeling lost and wondering what I want in particular what direction I’m heading in. When you start to count your blessings and realize that you have a lot to be thankful for suddenly everything seems to fall into perspective.

    What’s really important is how you handle the down time and the step(s) you take to get you where you want to go. It’s up to me to turn things around and get myself to where I want to be.

  111. Joy

    So good. So needed. Suffering from debilitating migraines and other health issues and I fell into “the hole” today. After watching this video I am out of the hole and have a better taste in my mouth 🙂

  112. Sharon

    Best part about the “shit sandwich” is I don’t have to EAT it.

  113. Marie, I enjoy your videos every Tuesday. Not sure how I missed this one. Most of our problems in the developed world are what I call “champagne problems.” That means they are problems of luxury.
    Keep up the great work! You are rocking it Sista!

  114. Not eating the “sh*t sandwich” I was served when I was diagnosed with a rare stage IV cancer at 31, during my two, back-to-back bone marrow transplants, hysterectomy so I can’t ever had chick lets of my own or when my little sis died saved my life. Happier and healthier than ever before & rockin’ it in the free world. No, it’s not always easy (and sometimes horrendous) but it’s worth it. It’s all meant to teach us to reach beyond it boys & girls. Xo, Alyssa

  115. I had an old boss who used the phrase “Sh*t Storm”. It was a great way to describe when all kinds of bad stuff is flying at you at once. I’ve been blown over by this storm a few times, like a job loss, a break-up, and an illness all at the same time. I like your idea of perspective. Things are never quite so bad as they might seem. I want to add that having friends who simply don’t allow me to whine or “vent”. I can tell them whats happening but not without also saying what I’m actually doing to bring on a future I’ve designed. Sh*t happens. The toilet won’t flush itself. Thank god for friends who hold me to a higher level of myself!

  116. erin annesley

    Grateful living in what it’s all about. Feel your feelings, but choose to find see the joy. I’ve had some hefty shit sandwiches flying at me for 2 years now and choosing to be grateful has been what’s kept me sane. Still dealing with shit sandwiches but still choosing to focus on all the blessings in my life. I know that there will be a shift and at some point and that when that happens, I will understand why I had to go through these things…and that I will be better and stronger and wiser for it.
    I’m thankful to have come across this today…it was no accident.

    • Paula

      Erin, I appreciate reading your comment! YES, there will be a shift 🙂 my hope is there too… day at a time, feeling feelings is a dozy!!!! Paula~

  117. Paula

    Hey Marie, I just viewed this video, and truly would like to hear more about hustling 2 & 3 jobs way of thinking….as I am a single Mom with a Masters degree in education. I have been unemployed since September, 2011. this has been a very trying experience as I am in a new state now for two years and one friend to say I can call every so often. I’ve applied myself in meeting people. This state is pretty rural, though I live in a more developed area, it is a transient population since it’s the state capitol. As I process this huge challenge, I decided to seek professional development to address “skill gaps” and volunteer work, as I didnt’ want to work for the local McDonalds making minimum wage when unemployment pays more. As a 48 yr old Mom, I couldn’t see myself juggling three jobs and lose sight of the 7 years I earned my degrees.

    I am in a bit of a funk as this economy is challenging. I have participated in a workshop through a women’s organization which covered “how to startup your own business”. Now I’m waiting to what opportunities turn up as I continue to pursue connections that come my way. It’s been grueling and tiresome. My budget has been pinched so much that it’s paying a bill or buying groceries, literally speaking. On a gluten free diet due to digestive needs limits me on making use of food pantries to supplement my weekly groceries.

    Anyway, I think I’ve painted a decent enough picture of where I’m at. Sh*t Sandwhichs….being grateful for what I do have….realizing being an American is a privileged life considering other countries….can I be honest and say some days I really struggle. I’m pretty optimistic and gosh, this season has been trying beyond belief as I’ve been so isolated on many satisfying levels. I’ve not been able to participate in the gym for spin classes and yoga as physical health stress relievers due to budget constraints. I use to go for walks but then quite frankly, it was getting so lonely to be constantly alone. I can totally appreciate my own space and down time…I really lost incentive and want find life to be more fulfilling….

    any words of advice?

    • I hear your pain. I understand it well. I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and I can’t even walk 5 blocks without being exhausted and ending up in bed all of the next day.

      On the other hand, I know of other people with ME who find getting bathed by a nurse twice a month to be an excruciating ordeal. My case is considered “moderate”.

      Instead of looking at what I can’t do, I look at what I CAN do. I can stand in the kitchen for a few hours and cook for my family. I can sit and make jewelry. I can lift my arms to hug my daughter. I have a husband who is patient and kind.

      There is no cure for ME, and it only gets worse over time. Today, I choose to appreciate what I have. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

  118. A-freakin’-men! Count those blessings! Thanks for the reminder!

  119. Marie, hello and thank you .
    I was given a really big S**Tsandwich this morning.I Was frustrated and and felt an incredible injustice had been done. I decided to click on to Marie TV for inspiration .
    I was looking at an episode of Marie TV when a different episode caught my eye. So how great that I could click on to THAT sandwich episode. Thank you! Thank you for giving me a reality check. I am now back on track with the task I had set myself today which is writing an article about women’s health in pregnancy and it’s effect on Early Childhood development. I was inspired by your words and I have been blessed with many things ,one of which is education which many women around the world are denied.My passion is sharing the knowledge I have gained with women and helping to support and teach women about their health ,both physical and mental health in relation to pregnancy and the health of their children. The maternal health directly relates to child health.I am rejuvenated and inspired!!!!

  120. Everyone needs to watch your video. We sometimes forget how well of we are and to quit complaining…about anything.

  121. Love all your videos!
    In Jan 2011 I lost my home and all my possessions in a flood. I didn’t know I was going to flood so I didn’t save anything…this is what I returned home to -

    For the first 8 weeks I lived in 9 places (crashing at friends places)…so once I could start the rebuild I moved back into the garage with my sister (who lived/owned next door). We only had one power point which we could plug a fridge and TV (In winter we could plug a heater in but only on low settings and only for a few minutes so it didn’t overload the powerboard). We would shower using a camp shower hung in the rafters above the bath tub- we did this until it got too cold in winter and we were lucky that a couple up the road offered us to go up to their place for showers and meals. We would spend every weekend rebuilding (we weren’t cover by insurance so we had to do most of the rebuild ourselves)…

    It was funny the things we had taken for granted like running hot water, a kitchen, electricity, having a shower, being able to plug in an iron without blowing up the powerboard etc…

    It puts everything into perspective .. and you work out what is really important in life… … so once we finally got to move back into our place I vowed I wouldn’t complain or take anything for granted and it would be my chance to live the life I wanted – so in Sept last year I left my full time job so I could finish fixing my place. It allowed me to do a bit of contract work while working on starting up my art business… so I am sooo glad I have found your site! Thanks for inspiring me!
    x B

  122. Lina Casio

    You’re super cool. Going through a break- ups are hard, this really helped me keep my shit sandwich into perspective.

  123. The message of gratitude is perfect – I do this myself, on my own worst day, “shit sandwich” I disconnect from cyberspace and I go outside, with my camera and take pics of everything that’s naturally beautiful and available to me that other people less fortunate don’t see. I go into our inner city community and I walk and talk to the people there, I buy someone who’s not doing so hot a meal and I sit with them and talk about their life… want to get your shit sandwich in check? Get out of your bubble and go experience someone else’s life for just a day… if that doesn’t put it in perspective for you nothing will.

    Thank Marie, love your style!

    • Hi, Marie.

      Great message! Love the gratitude. I make a gratitude list every day and it DOES, indeed, keep things in perspective. Can I just say that I Love, Love, Love that you mentioned HALF THE SKY?! Read it at the beginning of summer and felt insanely inspired. I did each of the four things you can do at the end of the book in the next 10 minutes!

      I am just launching into a new career and I found your site, newsletter, and videos after reading MAKE EVERY MAN WANT YOU. Thanks so much for your energy, humor, and generosity.

      Nicky Pitman

  124. Marie,

    What a fabulous reminder. As women, especially in the USA, we are blessed to have endless opportunities and many of us are making history with new business models that have NEVER been seen before. Practicing gratitude is critical to success even on the most challenging days.

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  125. I’m watching this a little late but I needed something like this to stop making sh*t sandwiches for breakfast, lunch & dinner! I left my job after 8 years and am in an odd place right now. But I have a wonderful and supportive husband and beautiful, healthy daughter. I need to put the sandwich down and fight for them!!! Keep it coming, Marie!

  126. I’m watching this a little late but I needed something like this to stop making sh*t sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, sneak one into the movies, dinner & midnight snack! I left my job after 8 years and am in an odd place right now. But I have a wonderful and supportive husband and beautiful, healthy daughter. I need to put the sandwich down and fight for them!!! Keep it coming, Marie!

  127. I agree that it’s easy to delve into self-pity and yes, there are lots of people who’d trade places with most of us on our worst day of the year. I recently talked to someone who was complaining because of childhood events that kept him from succeeding … and he was 38. But if someone’s really out of work and in need of money, I wouldn’t suggest reading the want ads and working at McDonalds. When I had jobs I got just about every job through want ads, but nowadays many of these ads are for jobs that don’t exist: a company chooses an internal hire and HR makes them place an ad to comply with EEO, or they’re just testing the waters. Jobs at McDonalds aren’t that easy to get or hold. This job market is especially cruel to people over 40 and 50 who are unexpectedly thrown out of work. That doesn’t mean we give them a license for self-pity but we suggest tools. And if you haven’t been in that position yourself (I haven’t either) it’s all too easy to judge their resistance to action (which I used to do before I learned the realities these people are facing).

  128. pam

    I love what you said about making a shift in perspective and looking around at what there is to be grateful for. No matter what, we always have something we can be grateful for and use that to pull ourselves out of the ditch. Thanks so much for an honest perspective!

  129. just a *small* typo in the right hand navigation- it should read “Sandwich” as it does above, but on the home page it says “SandwHich” (take out the “H”) – look above, to the right hand navigation – love your stuff!

  130. It is so nice to have my bit of the world put into perspective. And after reading some of the comments above, it’s so obvious that life can be difficult and shit does happen. The thing is to remember “thats just life” it’s the way it is. Simple really. But we don’t have to wallow in it, just because its there. As it is said when times are tough “chop wood and carry water”. Get on with it and try if possible to change how you see things. Listen to these wonderful uplifting vidoes – read the great books filled with other peoples wisdom. Cheers and many thanks xxooxx

  131. julie

    thankyou..gave me a real wake up call this morning to hear you say these things and also lead me to the wish website too! fabulous!

  132. Olga

    Thanks for that video!
    to that girl with sh*t sandwiches I can offer to take a trip to any development country like India for example (but not in expensive touristic paradice like Goa but just go to Dehli suberb) and spend a week where and see people with they problem like lack of clean water and lack of enough food ect.
    I leave in Russian Federation, Moscow and actually some of ” serious problems” of americans seem to me like ” I do not have real problem in life so I can make a serious problem from little obstacle because i do not know how to fill in my idle day”. Sorry if that is sounds rude.

  133. I love this episode of Marie TV. I start off each day with gratitude. And I find that it shifts my perspective. I am so grateful. Recently I lost my business and my job because the company through which I had both unexpectedly closed. It was a shock. But I have so much to be grateful for: a roof over my head, friends, family, whole and healthy body, my cat, my retirement income, my neighbors, my church, my garden, my books, my computer, my clothes and so much more!! It really turns things around when I think that I could be in a place where I would have none of those things. Thank you, Marie! You’re awesome!

  134. Helen

    This is a “golden oldie”. Such good advice and uplifting too.
    Moreover it works. Sadly, we need to be reminded how lucky we are, especially when we have a day with blues.

    Thank you,


  135. Sociologist

    Having lived in Nicaragua and Peru and worked directly with some of the poorest people in those countries and then having come back to the U.S. after being outside of the country for 3 years and seeing all of the homeless people who are literally living on the streets and sleeping under bridges, I was actually quite dismayed to listen to all of the Americans who have expensive homes, expensive cars and were out at coffee shops having expensive drinks (sorry, lattes are a luxury, if they even exist, in many other places in the world) complaining about their shitty lives. Do you have running water? Do you have electricity? Do you have food on the table? Then you are better off than millions of people in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. And you are better off than that homeless man who is sleeping under the bench down the street wondering where his next meal is going to come from. I am very grateful for my life and what I have. And even when I’m staring down my bank account as it goes down to my last dollar, I still know that I have more than a large percentage of the world. Gratitude and perspective. Very true! Thanks for the post.

  136. Thank you for this. It is really all about perspective and gratitude. 🙂

  137. Hello Mariiiiiiiiie!!!!

    I am a new comer and I am pleased I bumped onto your website, searching for dealing with 2 passions. Then the more I lurke the more I want to know your take on this or thi ssubject… ANY WAY lol

    To answer the question, I decided recently to have a sort of “award book” I write ALL the things I have done. My diplomas, conquering my biggest fear, what are the things I do daily to reach a daily goal wether it is at work or for administrative paper! Guess what ? When I feel like having this “shit sandwich” depression I just read what I have been through, what I could despite difficulties achieve etc And I am like “Woaw Laurian you have done ALL of this??

    If it can help others…


  138. Brad Roberts

    Your comment about an attitude of gratitude reminds me of the book and dvd called THE SECRET. 2012 was a total shit sandwich for me and I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep watching that video, just so I didn’t spiral into a total self pity party. They firmly believe in what you are saying.

    Thanks for your messages!


  139. emtz

    It is often said that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, with that being said, I would argue that “One man’s shit sandwich is another man’s filet mignon”. The magnitude of our challenges in relation to others can often feel less overwhelmingly if we are willing to shift our perspective as Marie suggested. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  140. Renee

    I too recently have been delt a few sh*t sandwiches, but I definitely chose to put them down, stomp on them, throw them in the bit and never eat one or be given one again. Flip it, I say, look at what you do have, and most of us have a lot, some too much. I was driving in my car today after watching Sucdess V Freedom, and I said to myself “Life is pretty fricken good”. Definitely have Gratitude every day, has changed my life. I am loving your site!! Cheers Ren

  141. Love the perspective and agree. It might also help Lynn to side step depression spiders and express gratitude by redefining HERSELF. What if we each realized we are INNATELY Creative, Resilient, Empowered, Whole & Worthy. Sh*t sandwiches only matter when we forget that we are INNATELY equipped with what we need to successfully navigate any and every storm. Realizing our INNATE power and worth naturally leads us to profound gratitude, don’t you think? Miss Marie Girl you are TOTALLY AWESOME. THANKS FOR BEING!

  142. Hi Marie,
    Great video. I think it is so easy to feel bad for ourselves when things aren’t going are way at the moment. I have had my share of bad days, but I write down 3 things in my journals that I am grateful for or made me happy during the day. That gives me over 20 things a week. When ever I am down I start flipping through my journal and realize that life is pretty good!

  143. Joe Fontanetta

    Amen to all that, Marie. About a week before Christmas I walked into a Wal-Mart and I was immediately struck by all of the fully stocked shelves in the food section, and I thought of how many people in the poor countries have so little of what we have so much of. When I think of going to my kitchen faucet anytime I want to for ice water, I think of the children in the poverty-striken countries who pull water out of a polluted river or pick through a garbage dump or landfill. Yeah, that’s a “shit sandwich.” God bless.

  144. What a beautiful reminder to focus on gratitude. Too often we get caught up in our own dramas, making things sound much worse than they truly are. Appreciate the words of wisdom Marie. I’m munching on a happy sandwich (vegan and gluten free of course – lol).

  145. Thanks Maria, that was the best sh*t sandwich yet 😉

  146. Amy

    When I wake up, I think of 10 things for which I’m grateful. It could be as simple as the fact that I can stay in bed for 1 more minute for a good stretch. When I finish my mental list, I am filled with gratitude, joy, and peace, even on the craziness of days.

  147. Barb

    Loved your perspective. I guess something that helps me when I feel like life is giving me a sh*t sandwich, as you say- is pray. I find saying Hail Mary’s help me slow down my anxiety & regain composure & awareness that life could be far worse. It’s hard to remember to be grateful!

  148. Marie – LOVE you!! Google delivered me a gigantic sh*t sandwich last year. I got caught up in the Panda or Penguin update and went from Page One where I’d been for 7 years to page 60. Let’s just say, work no longer came from organic searches.

    UGH!! I’m still digging my way out. You’re fantastic inspiration ’cause I actually do have a side thing that I would love to see take off. But nothing that’s good is fast and easy, right?

    I’ll keep comin’ back for more. You rock.

  149. Julie

    I understand the gratitude solution, as I am always extremely grateful. Although I haven’t looked at things I am dealing with as “sh*t sandwhiches*, I actually came to your video for a little more inspiration than that! I am disappointed. I am always counting my blessings, looking for the positive light etc. but what can be done when Im at the mercy of another!?

  150. Char

    Hell ya Marie! My shit sandwich was a double-decker, but it made me realize I’ve got a lot and a lot to offer. I never would have been inspired to start my biz if it hadn’t happened. 🙂

  151. I thoroughly enjoyed your video, and while I’ve heard a lot of what you talk about before it’s good to get a refresher – particularly if you feel like there’s nothing in the fridge but sh*t sandwiches. Many of us, like you mentioned, are eating really expensive sh*t sandwiches – the Kopi Luwak of sh*t sandwiches – but that doesn’t necessarily mean our problems don’t count. I don’t think it works to tell ourselves our problems aren’t problems because we have a roof over our head and running water. I mean, if a member of your family dies, or you lose your house, or you’re suddenly unemployed, or your sibling is battling drug addiction, or your husband in unfaithful, or someone is stealing from you etc. – these are problems that need attention, regardless of where we live. For me, when things like that are going on in my life and are driving focus away from my goals and daily obligations, I take on a strategy that has worked for me without fail (and it relates to your idea of getting perspective): it’s to go be of service to someone who’s eating much bigger, badder, smellier sh*t sandwiches than me. It’s a “just do it” (to quote you :)) way of getting perspective without so much thinking and obsessing about the sh*t sandwiches directly. Doing this always pulls humility, compassion and connection out of me – qualities which get overwhelmed and lost when I’m up against things in life. And when I get back to my life I find that I’m much more resilient, compassionate and humble – my problems are all still there (hey, sometimes the fridge is chocker-block full of sh*t sandwiches) but I’m less reactionary and less focused on the negative about them.

  152. Hello Marie,

    My name is Mahara and I am a new big fan of yours I heard of you from my sister, I am also an artist as I believe you to be at heart.

    Ok, here we go:
    I have been looking for representation AKA management and agent because It seems I am not gifted in marketing myself and making money in general. but my gifts lay in being creative even when I have innovative ideas, I write mission statements at home on how I will get started and I try implementing the plan and it seems the many agencies like CAA and William Morris Endeavor and the many other agencies don’t respond to unconnected small artist in-less there making millions or well connected to someone that works in the agency already. Yet you cant connect or meet with anyone to connect with because I cant even get a meeting to connect with anyone enough to assimilate if there might be some interest in representing me as a new artist because there not even interested in representing me or looking at me in-less I am already already a star and its impossible for me to be that or get there if I have no artistic support or business behind what I am doing. Now I have been rejected from the art world or industry for 5yrs going on to a strong 7 yrs and I’m still very young but as old as dirt to the art world I’m starting to give up on my career of choice an think I should just give up…

    Now here’s the question… Should I give up???
    because I think 5 to 7 yrs of trying means I probably royally suck and that I am a failure that will probably not get what I want because I’m just not cool and I probably have social anxiety problems.
    My websites that I build with my friend is is with a “Z” instead of “S”…

    On another note: I Love you Marie.


    • Mary Shabestari

      Maha, I looked at your websites and you are very talented. While you have many great talents, maybe you should focus on one at a time. Find someone who can help you market yourself through internet channels (YouTube, Vimeo), and set up a FB page (a fan page, not personal page) to connect with people. Good luck and don’t give up!

  153. Marie, I love your content, advice and style and wanted to thank you for being incredibly inspirational. Your motivation keeps me going and makes the road of a new entrepreneur easier!

  154. Perspective is THE key! I look at perspective as a photo lense; say I am looking at a forest through my camera lense and I zoom my lens into one thing, say a snake. I effing HATE snakes. My entire experience of the forest would be completely disrupted. And, now, all I am thinking about is the association this forest has to bad feelings created by the snake. However, if I pan out I will see the entire forest and its beauty. I then have new, positive feelings associated with the forest and its beauty and complexity. I can choose to zoom in and refocus on something else, say a rare and lovely flower or towering and mighty tree. It is my choice to focus on whatever I want and I get to choose my perspective. It is certainly easier said than done. And, I do my best to revisit whatever it is that helps me to regain my positive perspective as fast as I reasonably can; books, quotes, victory logs, talks with friends. I say reasonably, because I think that embrasing the situation and my feelings is important. Venting a bad day and wollowing in self-pitty are two different things. Everone needs to vent sometimes. So, vent and get back to what it is that you do that brings positive energy and contribution to the world.

  155. Oh my typos… I had to repost without the massive typos that I had in my last post.

    Perspective is THE key! I look at perspective as a photo lens; say I am looking at a forest through my camera lens and I zoom my lens into one thing, say a snake. I effing HATE snakes. My entire experience of the forest would be completely disrupted. And, now, all I am thinking about is the association this forest has to bad feelings created by the snake. However, if I pan out I will see the entire forest and its beauty. I then have new, positive feelings associated with the forest and its beauty and complexity. I can choose to zoom in and refocus on something else, say a rare and lovely flower or towering and mighty tree. It is my choice to focus on whatever I want and I get to choose my perspective. It is certainly easier said than done. And, I do my best to revisit whatever it is that helps me to regain my positive perspective as fast as I reasonably can; books, quotes, victory logs, talks with friends. I say reasonably, because I think that embracing the situation and my feelings is important. Venting a bad day and wallowing in self-pity are two different things. everyone needs to vent sometimes. So, vent and get back to what it is that you do that brings positive energy and contribution to the world.

    • Well said Chrissy. I love that you did mention the difference between venting and wallowing because there is a huge difference.

  156. Laura

    I’m 61 and my position for a job I adored was recently eliminated in a company buy-out. Been pouting. Thank you for reminding me of some perspective. Ever onward!

  157. GiGi

    great perspective! thanks ! one of your peeps smilin

  158. Life just handed me a shit sandwich but I was mentally and physically prepared. How? By doing just what Marie talks about – read inspirational and motivational books, surround yourself with uplifting and positive people, laugh, smile, look around and see what you DO have to be grateful for.

    I personally have LOTS to be grateful for and this shit sandwich I was just handed can take a number because I have too much great and wonderful things going on in my life right now to make time for that.


  159. THANK. YOU!!!!!!

    My business/life’s passions/goals have been moving almost at hyper speed these days. I love what I do and have been so, so fulfilled doing it.

    Then suddenly, I threw my back out…and I am having one heckuva time getting better. I have been in excruciating pain day and night, and unable to do so much as walk to the bathroom with out some pretty major assistance, and even then, I am blacking out 50% of the time while doing it and waking up on the floor in the arms of my husband. My son has a hiphop/breakdancing competition this weekend, and I have NO IDEA as to how I am going to survive the trip. On top of that, all of my business goals have come to a screeching halt.

    It has literally been all I can do not to panic or cry 90% of each day away. Then, lo and behold…I clicked on this video. Hello! Total perspective. I have a beautiful little family. I have a job doing something that I love so much that I would do it for free, and I have a husband who has shown me exactly what kind of gentle, amazing care-giving I have to look forward to in our golden years together. My back may not work, and I am in a constant state of pain and thumb-twiddling, but EVERYTHING else in my life is mind-blowingly beautiful.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  160. Rosa

    Loved the post, I saw it in the right moment when I was thinking about my sh*t sandwich and I was missing all the great things that I have around me!!!
    Thank you.

  161. I ALWAYS come back to this video. This is a grand reminder and the HUMOR in the idea makes it stick. I even share this with others!

  162. Guada

    I ‘m glad I open your video, I needed the lift! Thanks

  163. moni

    Yes Marie, my daily saying appreciation for what the things i have and for what i don’t have. thank you for a wonderful video.

  164. Ann

    Read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

    We are free women. We not only have the opportunity to pursue happiness and success, we have the responsibility.

    Gratitude is a practice, just like exercise and brushing your teeth. One that I had to learn. If I can do it, anyone can.

  165. mm

    just wanted to say….I had a great conversation with a friend last night about this topic…..I had a tough childhood, learning issues, neglect etc. married and had an opportunity to start build and sell my own business…I took on a challenge for my family…one in an area of work I love, helping people who maybe can’t advocate for themselves as effectively as I could….in any event I grew it (sole income provider for my family…and wanted so much better for my family than I had)…built it from me in my basement to 27 staff. After a marital break up, i sold it….paid of my spouse and have subsequently gone thru some emotions related to all of the above. Last night, my friend joked about winning the lottery….I said I already had…he thought I meant, I had achieved success and was planning my next business venture…honestly I meant…my family was stable, kids had what they needed and more…my ex was taken care of and I was in a very stable financial position and with opportunities ahead to look forward to. Very few people remember that success has different definitions….so some may have said my life has served a few shit sandwiches……I really see myself as a very fortunate lady…with lots of skills learned and opportunities for happiness and success in the future.

  166. HAHA!!! Not meant for children below 18…

  167. Kathleen

    Have not watched in a while but everytime I do I am uplifted!! Not what I thought I would hear but just what I needed! Thank you for your wise perspective, Marie!
    My husband has the same perspective and reminds me when I need it but it is good to hear from another source!
    Thanks and I ‘ll need to check in more regularly!

  168. Jill

    I’ve got MS. My doctor told me I’ll never be hireable so I should go on welfare. On a good day, I’ve got a shit croissant.
    So I’ve started my own business and hired myself. It’s a struggle, but it’s worth it. It’s hard to keep things in perspective (at least I can still see, at least my hands still work), but I try. I’m always trying.
    And every day I still don’t need a wheelchair is a good one.
    Someday, I’m hoping for an almond croissant.

  169. Whoa! a serious eye opener I was having a sh*t sandwich kind of day until I saw this.

    Thanks 🙂

  170. Ter

    I’m a little late getting to this, Marie, but thank you SO MUCH for this video… I tossed the shit sandwiches in the trash – no longer part of my eating habits!!!!

  171. Freaking inspiring! Thanks Marie, we need more people like you in our world.

  172. You are so very right on. It’s not only the content of your message but it’s the way you deliver it that makes it so powerful.You have a very special personality…very special. Thanks for the reminder.

  173. Can I be straight and in love with you? ‘Cause that’s where I’m at.

    I’m very excited to watch the rest of your flicks and apply them to my company. You’re a true inspiration and have already given me new tools to apply to my growing small business. Thank you!

  174. OK, so the Sh*t sandwich stayed with me in the best way into my meditation today, so I just had to share my 2 cents, so I can get back to my meditation. I work in PT and have seen a few shit sandwiches in my day, as well as some crap petit fours. I agree that perspective is the essence of how we assess what is truly a shit sandwich versus a need for a pity party time-in – 20 seconds allocated to take a whif, be grateful that we have an intact sense of smell, and realize its not true shit, wipe whatever remnants of our false shit sandwich out of our minds, after being grateful that it is also intact (to some degree…maybe), and flush, acknowledging the value of running water. Gratitude brings Grace in. THANK YOU MF!

  175. Thank you so much for this video!! I’m the one who made my shit sandwich and I’m sitting here complaining about having to eat it. I’m trading it for some gratefulness and a cookie and I’m moving on. Thank you again!!!!!

  176. My father and mother raised me believing there is a solution to everything in life; you just have to stay strong and focus on the solution, not the problem.

    I see people oftentimes dwelling on their misery when happiness and the answer to their problem is standing right in front of them; if only they continued forward and not backwards!

    I have had more shit sandwiches than I can remember, especially as a young twenty-something trying to make it on my own. I went through hell and back a few times but always made it through because I have always focused on a plan to get me out of that mess!

  177. loved this video! also reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown right now — opening my eyes to all kinds of goodness! 😉

  178. My favorite saying (when I start to feel sorry for myself) is the saying, “I GET to have this problem”. It came from my dad’s joke he would say when someone started complaining about taxes. “Wanna know how not to pay taxes?” ….. “Don’t earn any money!”

    So, telling myself, I get to have this or that problem immediately turns it around. Hey kids: Don’t wanna pick up your toys? Let’s donate them!

    Thanks for another great post!

  179. Wendy Meyer

    YES! I love the idea of a change in perspective. I think it was Marianne Williamson who said “A miracle is a change in perspective”. When life gives me a “shit sandwich”, I ask the universe for just that. There are hundreds of ways we can see any one situation, and if you asked 10 people, they may all have a different take on it… but sometimes we need to find the one that resonates in our hearts for it to be fully embraced. For that, I need to go inside. Sometimes I find a part of me has been shut down or told to shut up, straighten up, get it together, etc… It is often a part that has been triggered by fear. When I can pay some kind attention to that part of me, and give her a big hug… Things start to shift. First inside, then around me.

    Thanks for all the amazing, inspiring stuff you are putting in the world!

  180. Sherri

    Thank you for the “attitude adjustment” – my coach always tells me perspective is important. We are truly blessed & when the “sh*t sandwich” gets delivered for my lunch I’m going to make sure I enjoy the bread that’s on the outside!

  181. Mayan

    … Nobody will hit you as strong as life can… It is not about life knocking you down it is about you finding will to to get yourself up and keep moving forward. … Paraphrasing – Rocky Balboa
    … Some people are facing the finincial obstacles while they still have a cell phone to see the videos of this web side .. Yet they know that in one month they won’t have not only the phone service but also food on their loved once table.. And sometimes doors are closed to other jobs including McDonalds…
    Yet I do believe that most Americans can get a wake up call just via expiriencing undeveloped countries hardships( I came from one)

  182. Meliss

    I am seriously trying to choke down this s*it sandwich. No joke. It’s like the big “S” turd that Oprah says is a sign of health, yet I am freaking swallowing so many times that it’s eliminated the oxygen from my life. I put that nasty a$$ sandwich down. Then, it finds me!!! WTH!?! This is so new to me. I am blessed. I thank God daily for what I do have. But screw these “haters” and negative people. Really. Focus on yourself and get off others’ backs. Nice post Marie (again). Helping me to stay motivated to piss everyone off even more by achieving goals while they’ve shoved me and my two MINOR children to our lowest point. “Can I getta what what?” And, yes I’m waving my middle finger as I sing that.

  183. Manikandan

    Hello Marie,
    I love all the insights you have and say but feeling a little uneasy when you use the word sh*t etc., during explaining a very important insight for life. Try to avoid such things. Sorry if it was too harsh.

  184. Thanks for your honesty, Marie. I really appreciated your fresh and very real perspective!

  185. Thanks for what you do Marie. This video really spoke to me because that is exactly how the idea for my business was born.

    Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer at the age of 34. While this is a terrible situation that creates a daily struggle for our family, it also brought about big changes in our lives that were positive.

    We always thought that we were a healthy family, but as I began researching this disease, I realized that we were off track with our lifestyle and now we are full tilt holistic in our home. We eat traditional foods, have given processed foods the boot and have eliminated toxins to the greatest extent possible. I’m able to teach my daughter the things that I never knew, providing her with a solid foundation of knowing how to eat real foods to achieve real health. My husband’s quality of life has also improved since these changes were made and we feel blessed to have whatever time with him that we can get.

    This has become a passion for me that I started out sharing with friends, then I was asked to do some public speaking and from that, I was offered an opportunity to start a blog. I am driven by the desire to help others to benefit from what I have learned in my own personal hardship. My business is in its infancy stages and there is a long way to go, but it truly inspires me.

    All of this from being handed a sh*t sandwich and refusing to eat it.

  186. Great Advice! May I recommend the Happiness Advantage from Shawn Achor- A great way to put down that shit sandwich. Thanks Marie!

  187. delia burdeyney

    Marie you nailed it. From your book recommendation, to your own experiences in Africa, on having to hustle to make it happen, I really feel your heart. I’d rate your answer a 13 out of 10!

  188. Lex

    Hi Marie! Loved this one. Our business is going under after 25+ years and it’s been a difficult time for both my husband and I – we are in the process of redirecting our lives and trying out new paths. One day I worked myself into a tizzy of self-pity and my teenage son (who is a very well-read, amazing and thoughtful young man) snapped me out of it with this pithy comment, “Muummmm – First World Problem” Ever since that day every time I find myself getting worked up over something this little saying runs through my head and snaps me right out of it!

  189. Rachel

    Last year handed me a buffet of shit sandwiches…my marriage had ended and the house was going up for sale. My now ex was incredibly manipulative and one of the ways he tried to hang on to me when I finally wised up was to try and convince me I was going insane, when this failed miserably he planted the seeds of doubt regarding my finances – after all I’d never gone it alone before, and I was now going to have financial independence for the first time in my life. I was elated at moving into my own place, but terrified at the thought of handling everything alone…as the year went on things went bad, I had to have a lot of time off work because of stress related illness, once I got over that I was involved in a car accident, shortly after which I was attacked in the street, I then had 4 people close to me die across 4 months, one of which was a violent death I had the misfortune of discovering. But you know what through all that/because of all that money ended up being one of the last things on my mind – even when I had to have 6 weeks off work unpaid. I found myself saying frequently “My God I can’t believe the thing I was most worried about was money” (My original shit sandwich). And at the end of 2013 I was able to look back and not only say I handled my finances, but I handled a HELL of a lot of other shit too, and I don’t think any one bit of that strength could’ve come without actually being thrown in the deep end and seeing I could deal with it. Not only that but I managed to take the first steps to creating my own business, and a holiday to Italy I’ve wanted for a long time, by budgeting, massively stream-lining the people I called friends, confronting my fears head on…and taking those days where you just can’t face getting out of bed on the chin.

  190. diane gordon

    So true! A little trip to the Third World can turn your mind around. For example -come home, turn on the faucet and you can drink the water! If you live in the US, probably nobody is bombing your house. Etc.etc. etc., We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s easy to forget. If you’re safe, warm, fed and loved, that’s a lot more than many people in the world have.

  191. rebecca

    Well said. Made my seemingly shit sandwich really not so bad at all. Perspective is a great thing

  192. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after looking at a few of the articles I realized it’s
    new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  193. Always grateful for another reminder to be grateful! The quickest way to recover from challenges is to count your blessings and get busy helping someone else get past their own challenges. I knew this was good living; I only recently learned it’s also a really great business strategy! Yeah!

  194. Pat

    Skillfully put, even poetic. You provide Business advice entretainment, are good looking and play with your sexapeal. You are ALSO wise with shit sandwiches. What can I say: I like you

  195. Brad

    Life gave me one because I broke up with my girlfriend that I had a fitness business with and I lost most everything I had. I did get my cat though. Anyway, after two years, I work three jobs and hustle and work my way through the week. This has made me so grateful of what I have now. A great new girl who believes in me, a great house that we live in. A family of animals and complete trust in each other. She has just signed up for B school and on April 1st I am quitting one of my day jobs to follow my fitness passion and get my new business up and running ( hope she gives me some tips on list building). So yes I am coming back and really want this to work for us because we deserve it and there are so many people I need to help get healthy. Looking forward to all of you future postings!


  196. Thank you for the lesson on Perspective!
    So easy to forget that our cups are WAY more than half full in the big picture!

  197. I was feeling a spirit of the blues start to come over me so I thought, let me go to Marie’s page and watch a video to inspire me this morning. WOW!! When i saw the title of this one I had to click it and man was it JUST what I needed. There is no situation that an attitude of gratitude can’t change. Thanks for this valuable reminder. I’m feeling MUCH better and ready to have a productive and blessed day!! 🙂

  198. Hi Marie
    I know this is an older video, BUT, I loved this one. Well, actually I love them all, but this one is great. I am in a less-than-great position after my divorce, but I try to remind myself to be grateful anyway. And as you say, just the fact that I have a computer is reason to be hugely grateful. xxxx.

  199. OMG, you are so absolutely right, Marie. I’m from Republic of Georgia and I lived through the transitional period of my country when there was no power for weeks, no heat and not even water and I had to walk for 2 hours in snow to go to the university. and that was just 18 or so years ago. I live in USA for 4 years now and when I hear people, who have everything, complaining about simple things, I want to tell them to appreciate every little moment of their life, enjoy and be happy and stop F…ing complaning, think about how other part of the world lives. thank you for the great video <3

  200. Robin


    I turn to your videos everyday and find ones that suit my mood, fears and outlook. This video here has been a mindset of mine for years now. I used to live in situations where I was in survival mode, and yes here in the US especially in a well to do state like CT, I used to find myself going without for several things (usually material or conveniences) so my kids had what they need. However, even without my ass busting, chances are they’d be fine because our culture takes care of humans unlike in other societies that are far beyond my understanding. If something happened to me, they’d go without my love or nurturing but most likely their basic needs would be met.

    So my point is, I’ve always always kept in mind in even the darkest of my days that are now becoming lighter, I was grateful for the most natural things such as getting up to turn off my lights, able to get to the bathroom and go without any physical problems, capable of cooking my own dinners and sending my kids to school for free every day of the week.

    Thanks for your amazing work and posts. I wish I had you when I was a younger lady, not that I am that old now! But many reasons I have not moved forward with my aspirations is because of many emotional hang ups. With your strong messages, I am feeling the freedom!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      We’re so honored to have you here with us and to be connected with you, Robin!!

  201. Amazingly, I fell into a state of sleep depletion when I could not sleep at night, the prolonged state made me terrified . After watching this video, I felt better and happier. Thank you for sharing.

  202. Woah. Thank you for this so much information. Keep on posting.

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