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Less than a year ago, I saw a new cute face in my twitter stream. She tweeted something about ‘cutting this amazing mini-documentary about @marieforleo that’s changed my life.’

I clicked through and was blown away.

Not by “me” of course, but by the editing, the flow and the story that was weaved together in such a short amount of time. Supaah classy. Supaah pro.

You see, I’ve done a lot of video work in the past (I’m a Nike Athlete and dance fitness video queen, remember?) and I instantly knew that the chic who created this mini-doc was someone I wanted to work with. A lot.

And within a few weeks of meeting her in person, she came on board to run everything video related for my business. Best. move. ever.

Since we’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about how we’re creating these amazing videos for MarieTV , my music videos, and our newest video creation for Selling Your Soul, I thought you’d like to go behind the scenes in my business and meet the uber talented woman responsible for it all.

Michelle shares some pretty important lessons on creativity, dealing with criticism and making things happen when you’re first starting out, before you have the budget or expertise to match your ambitious dreams. Enjoy.

Isn’t she the best? I’m so grateful to have Vargas in my life. If you’re feeling it, leave a comment and share the love. Till next time…


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  1. Gina

    OKAY…1st time here, and that was a KICK-ASS video! Loved the easy flow of good information. “I’ll be back…” (said in my best Arnold voice!)

  2. Love this video ladies:)
    Follow your bliss. ~ Joseph Campbell

  3. Michelle, nice to meet you! Congrats on your fab gig with Goddess Marie… Will check out your creativity channels.

    Luv, Kristin | la hubster originale

    • Thanks, Kristin! I feel very blessed to have found Marie 🙂

  4. Making a video about someone is such a creative and effective way to stalk. I just lurk outside peoples’ windows. Going to step up my game. Brilliant, Michelle!
    I am a huge fan of both of you and want to get between you in that bed. Maybe I’ll just stalk you from under it.


  5. Jen

    Awwwwsome! Stuck in the comfort zone, huh? Man you always tell it like it is! Maybe if I had you girls and Laura Belgray talking about bloggers who are blogging about how to blog who at the same time are overeating sour cream I might achieve a mastermind video! HA! Was that confusing? Love the videos, addictive!

  6. Michelle – you are the bomb!! Great videos. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes, Marie. Love that peak. xoxo

  7. Wow, Michelle is seriously talented. Video is definitely a strategy on my list and I feel so uninspired doing webcam video or having my husband randomly film me giving PR tips (and my dog running in the frame constantly). So important to have a “Michelle” on your team. 🙂

  8. YAY MICHELLE! I told Michelle this, but I already was a subscriber of Marie’s and then one day I noticed all Marie’s talk of the lady she was working with and a very familiar wall in some of the videos. Michelle inspires me with her SHIPPING too, and speakin her mind (heart)!

    • Love u, Blue! You’ve been inspiring my comedy since the first time I saw you on stage. You’re a fireball <3

  9. Michelle, you are a gem! And Marie….well, you are a Jaguar woman on a prawl. I am game coming to your Garden of Eden in May. Thank you much ladies! Check you on the flip side 🙂

  10. Love the “yeAH” at the end, very cheeky!

    I really enjoyed this video (and all the other amazing vids you put together) because I love peeking under the hood. 😉 Or in this case it’s looking under the covers hehe.

    Keep on rocking the videos Michelle and Marie!

  11. Miss Vargas has been very inspirational and kind to me over the short time that I’ve known her. I wish you two massive success.

  12. I love this video Marie.

    So agree that “progress not perfection” is the way to go. Especially when you are following your passion…even if the end/payment is not clear.

    Great to see the gorgeous gal behind the camera at last!

  13. Way to go Michelle! I’m a video producer too and now a newly inspired one! You’ve given me an instant business plan. Thanks to you and thanks to Marie for tooting your horn for you!

    • SO glad to hear it, thank you!!!

  14. You hooked me, Marie, with your erotica fiction video a few days ago, and I’m loving your content.

    I want a Michelle too! But for now, I’ll have to put myself out there and keep kicking it until I can have my own Michelle! 🙂


  15. Synchronicity yet again. Marie. Always awesome and genius.

    I just sent a message to my community this morning that NO MATTER WHAT! – today I’m going to do something I’ve been afraid of for years. Enough of the perfectionism already! There are hidden jewels to share.
    Thank you for sharin’ so generously. You are a true inspiration.
    Keep shinin’ si”star!”

  16. So inspired ladies and truly need this type of energy…
    Working from little ol’ home office, trying to break out as an artist on a bigger playing field takes confidence and this video kind of filled me up on what I need more of. Thanks YOU!
    Will be following along for more of the same,

  17. AH you guys crack me up! YES YES YES free your awesome… I love that! Keep up the awesome peeps! 😉

  18. Hey Ladies,
    Love today’s info-:)
    Was reflecting this morning about getting one’self out there and feeling comfortable when you really aren’t but ya do it anyways!

    When you give up your ‘idea’ about how other people will see you,
    your fully able to step into your own space and own it.
    You got that going on Maria enabling other ladies to shine it

    Keep On Keeping On…


  19. Finding awesome people to work with is the best part networking. You are both amazing. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  20. Magdalene May

    Loved the video ! How very creative and clever . Marie I have to tell you somthing . I used to date a man for about 5 years whose every sentence contained several 4 letter words . I was’nt raised with that kind of language and I was embarrased around my friends etc. One day we talked about it and his answer was : “well you better get used to it because I am from New Jersey and thats how we talk in New Jersey. ” I had to chuckle when I first heard you talk on Wish summit ( which I enjoyed greatly !)and you said that you were from NJ ! I don’t mind your language ,it is very tolerable ! Thank you for sharing your wisdom . I’m learning !

  21. LOL! Hi Marie and Michelle, you both have personality PLUS!

    I especially adore how FUN your vids make businessy stuff. Infusing everything in fun + love= BLISS= delicious – overwhelm! I call it ‘sharing the puppy’- enthusiasm/passion is contagious! YAE! Loved the part about being with doubts and negativity…ya, lots of scary crazy silly stuff to contend with INSIDE and out…
    ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’ Helen Keller

    Keep rawkin’ out the vids for the siStars xo

  22. Thanks for keeping it real, ladies!

  23. You two are so stinkin’ cute. Great insights and reminders in here. Love you mamas for always being a shining example of balls (wait… BOOBS) to the wall. XO


  24. The riddle has been solved. I’ve loved your vids all along so now I know who the mastermind is behind it all! I just need the decked background now to make them look as professional 🙂

  25. These videos are well done – thanks for sharing. And “fartwithheadphones”? BEST URL EVER! OMG

  26. Michelle, you are absolutely kick-ass! Marie, love you lots, lady! I always look forward to the vids and the creativity, fun, and art. Michelle, you are extremely talented and it is so good to meet the girl behind the camera. xx

  27. Marie! I was just thinking that after looking over some of your videos on You Tube last night. Thanks for answering my question about who was the talented person doing your videos. Thanks for continuing to share your supportive outlook.

  28. You girls are sooo cheeky!!! Love it. Michelle, I went to your Youtube channel. You are an amazing singer. Wow! Super talented.

    Fun stuff. xo Kimberly

  29. Love you guys a ton!!! So blessed to have you both in my life 🙂

  30. m

    Marie is great Many thanks

  31. WoW! Love the energy ladies! This is what I need to hear today. Its time that I tap into my AWESOMENESS! Thanks Marie & Michelle!

  32. oh love. Michelle. Marie. Kick-ass women. Joy. Passion. Inspiration.

  33. Liz

    Ahh! I rolled up on Michelle’s youtube channel months ago and totally thought she was AWESOME. Then I thought recently, I really like Marie’s videos, let me direct some of my clients over there to see good examples of great vlogging….and surprise! Michelle was behind the scenes. I love it when talented people I find online end up working together 🙂

  34. You two are awesome!

  35. Awesome video! Love Michelle. Great advice at the end! xo

  36. Another fantastic video – and so great to “meet” Michelle! 🙂

    Loved the saucy, cheekiness in this one – soooooo fun! 😀

  37. Mer

    Could you guys be MORE perfect for each other? SERIOUSLY! Great video.

  38. This was just super awesome!
    Two of the prettiest girls ever in bed together – what more could you as for! 😉

    I’ve already subscribed to Michele’s channel because I LOVE Marie’s videos!! You do an amazing job Michelle.

    Thanks SO much for getting to this Marie, because I asked you about it a little while back, it’s nice to know who’s behind all your videos.


  39. I did mean ‘ask’ for 😉

  40. Prada Madonna

    Always amazing, Marie! Michelle, you are so inspiring. Keep up the fabulous work you two!

  41. Marie, Wonderful Marie!
    Amazing idea to introduce us Michelle. Great team you have Marie!
    If it’s possible, I really would like to know a little bit off how to edit videos( or a lot of it if I can 🙂 I loved Michelle’s work! Any software, any workshop or recommendation for a beginner ? Maybe this is going to be also a new strategy and great idea to incorporate somehow on this wonderful business. Let me know!
    Have a wonderful day Marie and Michelle!
    Vitoria Castro

  42. so cute! loved it. can’t think of anything insightful to say. this is probably good. my cup is empty. fill it up universe!

  43. Thanks for sharing Michelle with us!

    Tuesday’s my new favorite day. 🙂

  44. Hey Michelle! Nice to meet you 😉 Great doc video. nice move. lol

    Hey Marie! Have fun in bed!


  45. I’d been wondering who was behind your videos, Marie 🙂

    Go Michelle, love your fire and passion, and your LOVE for what you do. You too Marie!

    Tricia x

  46. Cynthia Englett

    You ladies are AWESOME!!!!

  47. i am feelin it!! headed over to check out vargas’ shiz ASAP!

  48. Thanks ladies, I too am working on getting some kicking video’s up and working on streamlining my projects, talents and where I can make it all work together.
    Keep on keeping!

  49. Vonny

    Hi Marie
    thanks for the interview with Michelle Vargas. It was very interesting and informative. I will try to check out her clips.

  50. blimey – so impressive. I love how marie shares her success with everyone – there’s no ‘I’m the big super genius all on my own’ with her. And thanks to Michelle for doing all that great stuff. I keep on thinking that one day, maybe one day, I will try to do a video. At the moment though, I am chuffed enough when I get my newsletter, and maybe even a blog done each week!

  51. Vasso

    Hi ladies!

    Just loved your video!! I really needed to hear something like that today!

  52. my new fav thing to do every morning is to watch Forleo videos. I have some catching up to do! This vid is super cool. If we all supported each others efforts we would be a way more successful planet. thanks for sharing your souls.. yummy 😉

  53. Very coolio and inspiring. Indeed waaaaaaaay more pleasurable to work with fun creative people and constipated boring ones.


  54. Ah I’d been wondering who made your super-beautiful videos. Nice work, Michelle! Want to clone yourself and send yourself over the pond to this UK solopreneur? 🙂

  55. Ah that was an awesome video. To be honest, I often come to Marie for inspiration, motivation, and a kick in the ass. I am very driven but I left myself get very easily down on awful weather days like today (snow in spring, what?????) but after watching the video Michelle cut of Marie instantly brought me back to reality, and a better reality at that, one where I can’t not let my imagination run wild about all the fabulous things I want to be doing (I am 20 and in school but long to be doing somethinggg I love) there is always something more to the videos Marie makes or does, there is passion. What you are doing is amazing!

    I am off to do something, because its going to be fun and interesting I will let you know.
    Thank youu!

  56. This is one of my favorite videos!

  57. How is it that your vids get better and better – now I know! This one was awesome. I’m definitely heading over to fartwithheadphoneson! Thanks for putting it all out there you naughty girls!

  58. So inspirational – way to go Michelle! Never give up 🙂

  59. Great Twitter success story. Thanks for sharing!

  60. You two are freaking funny…and smart…and awesome. Tremendous combination of things. Well done xo

  61. Robin Holland

    Liked it. Thanks always for down to earth real stuff and fun too.

  62. Love it! Way to go Michelle! I love seeing people prosper doing work they love. I bet you ladies have KUH-RAZY fun. That’s what I’m talking about! 🙂

  63. This one was awesome. I’m definitely heading over to fartwithheadphoneson! Thanks for putting it all out there you naughty girls . google

  64. Wonderful! Going to check her channels.

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