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Do you ever feel stuck in your business because you think everyone knows you as ONE thing?

For example, you’ve established yourself as a fitness expert but your passion has shifted and you really want to be known as a small business expert. What the heck do you do?

After all, perception is reality. How others perceive you, as well as how you perceive yourself, greatly impacts the results you can create in your business and life.

I speak from experience on this one as I’ve reinvented myself looooads of times. From Wall Street pro to hip-hop dancer/choreographer/fitness personality/relationship author to business and marketing expert, I’m quite intimate with the art of reinvention.

In this video, I’ll show you three easy steps to reinvent yourself so the world begins to see you as you want to be seen. These steps also ensure you’re walking your talk too.

Got a reinvention story of your own? More tips and experiences to share?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. ooohhh, I wanna be a writer, too. Not just a professional organizer! Thanks Marie (& Christina for such as awesome question!)

    Better go tweak my sh*t!

    • marie

      Do you want to write about organizing or another topic Mel?

      • Great Question Marie! I’d love write entertaining How-To books with a twist on organizing like…

        “Keepin’ Up Without Freakin’ Out”
        “More Freakin’ Laundry?”
        “WTFreak? I Just Cleaned That, Like 5 Minutes Ago!”

        for women with children in the house;-)

        I’m starting an e-book course next Wednesday, started mindmapping my thoughts, and am at outline stage for the first one.

        • Jen

          Cracking up. I love the “Did ya do it? Did ya do it?” Nope. I am in LIMBO land for a few items regarding my business, but your words of wisdom always help. Oh, and what a great question to have answered because I am in a position of having 2 job titles, perhaps 3. I think I’ll start tellin people that I can “Cut the Crap outta your diet” and “Create the Good Stuff you will start Eating” OH, and “Make it look pretty.” Cause I’m snap happy.

        • Jen

          Whoops. Melody, I meant to write….I’d probably buy one of those books!

          • Thanks Jen! I’d love to hear what frustrates you within those topics!!!

  2. Great vid Maire! Love these!! :))

    • marie

      Thank you Laz!

  3. Marie I think this is probably the single most “talking straight to me” video you’ve ever done. Even though it’s for a totally different field, it’s exactly what I’ve been struggling with as I transition to be more of a business writer and consultant than a health consultant.

    • marie

      Nice. Glad to know this one spoke straight to you Nat!

  4. Juzdooet!! LOVE it and i’m going to use that all day!!

  5. Hi Marie!

    You make this so damn simple: just say it, write it, be it. Funny how we tend to complicate things and think that it should be more difficult – “Gosh, it can’t be THAT easy to reinvent myself! There must be all kinds of hoops I’ll have to jump through!” 😉

    Thank you for breaking this down into such simple, do-able steps! I know I’ll be reinventing myself eventually – probably sooner than later – and this will be super helpful when the time comes. 🙂

  6. Awesome question and great answer Marie!

  7. Jen

    Love how simple is to reinvent yourself. Why do we always make it so hard? Just say it. doit, doit. doit!

  8. So simple, yet so right on the money 😉

    Thanks Marie

  9. Nice job Marie. I particularly like the part of “be it.” I noticed that when I started writing a book it made all the difference in the world. I finally felt confidant calling myself a writer, regardless of were I was at in the writing process.

    And yes, words have such incredible power!

  10. One of the scariest things I ever did was to put writer first in my signature. Here I am a coach but the writer wanted to so badly be first, acknowledge and loved up. Once I did that, it transformed me.

    Also being a coach rather than a “something” coach has left the door open for me to shift a little bit in my coaching.

    All of a sudden I’m being asked for consults doing something other than what I do and I am thinking, “um, jusssssdoooit?”

    You are my reality goddess!

    • Seconded! For me, it’s putting “dance teacher” out there first. I have this way of constantly reinventing myself that makes a label feel limiting.

      But now that I think about it, a label can speak so much more than a first glance reveals. Especially with a good reputation.

  11. Sue

    LOVE your simple process….so powerful. say, write and be (what you want) and things start to line up.


  12. The timing on this was awesome as I’ve always been known as a web designer and I’m trying to move away from that and do more business/marketing coaching.

    I’ll definitely work on your tips and see how that goes for my “transformation”!

  13. Mónica Utrilla de Neira

    Dear Marie,

    you’re smart and funny, you always make me feel brave about my myself.
    muchas gracias gracias gracias.


    • Monica,

      I love how you phrased this: “…you always make me feel brave about myself.” That is exactly how I feel about Marie, too, but I’ve never been able to quite find the words. Usually I think of the word empowered, but that never feels like it actually captures the full feeling.

  14. Thank you, as always. Inspirational.
    x Claire
    business owner (yes, I am saying it out loud!)
    business owner (did you see that?)
    business owner (yes…)

  15. You know this hit me…You know that I’ve been slowly evolving to a different place this year…the slow part has been not because that is my natural way, but because of the fear that it would be too jarring for the outside world.

    So many of our internal changes do happen over time and I think it’s easy to get caught up in whether you make sense to the world witnessing the change. Over the past year (in big part thanks to your coaching), I am less concerned with how my change “looks” to other people. The people who are close to me and connected to me on a deeper level know exactly what I’m doing…and that’s all I really need!

    That said…my evolution away from being a pilates teacher is one that I’m finally really excited about sharing because it shows other people that it’s possible–even people don’t expect or understand it!

    Great video Marie!

  16. Ashley


    Thanks for making everything seem so easy-peezy =) When you stop and realize how complicated we sometimes make things, it’s downright hilarious! I think on some level we know what we need to do; we’re just scared that people won’t accept us in the way we want to be perceived.

    @Hannah thanks for letting everyone know this worked for you with coaching and writing! Very inspiring.

  17. This video reminds me of transitioning from introducing myself as “Just a stay-at-home Mom” to “a Mom who works at home as a copywriter.”

    Words carry a lot of energy in them. The words we choose reflect how we feel about ourselves and the world. However, sometimes, the words have to come first before the feeling.

    Grazie, Marie!

  18. Thanks for these tidbits, I have been thinking of gettting my website “more involved” and I will also now go and make sure on my signatures on all emails I say that I am an Independent Consultant, District Manager for Arbonne…keep on giving those great tips…

  19. I am a pro at reinventing myself, however, managed to get stuck this last time because I forgot those three simple tips. Thanks Marie!

  20. Awesome! I am In the middle of this process now- amazing timing! Thank you- thank you. A little reassurance of the simplicity is so great! And reminders to walk the talk- always huge!

  21. Me liking it 🙂


  22. Like you, Marie, I’m like the online version of Madonna – always reinventing myself. I went from software project mananger to empowerment diva to coach to podcasting expert to virtual event expert to leadership expert.

    As Jessilicious said, these tips are just so darn simple. One thing I do is I kill the phone number and email address of my “old life” and just start communicating with the people I want to through my “new life”. It’s the digital equivalent of getting a new, diva haircut.

  23. Such simple, great advice. Love it! xo

  24. Anne

    Straight advice as always. Thanks.

  25. Colette Morris

    Love your vibez and the answer was concise and easy to follow. looking forward to other posts.

    Colette aka workfmhomediva

  26. Hey Marie-
    Love your q to the a’s! Totally agree to all this, and wondering…

    Dontcha think you first gotta OWN it? I’m working with this one too, and catching myself in how I see myself first. Love it in how you represent yourself to others.
    Thoughts on this?

  27. blige. always spot on. I’m just starting to actually get into work now, rather than looking after my girls every day. And even though I LOVE being a mum (even thought I never thought I would!) I really want to work now. And, surprise surprise, I’ve been so struggling with not knowing who I am, that I have been struggling getting the work -but now I shall be the nutritionist I really am! Such an inspiration! thank you!!!!!
    And I love how soooo many other people find your vids spot on too!

  28. claire

    Loved it. Great tips. Thanks Marie. Practical steps for being what you want to be! I serious love this one. LEGEND.

  29. Your energy is infectious! Love watching you. You are always real and give great info. You are a wonderful role model. Thanks for always putting amazing content out there…and staying true to all aspects of the beautiful person you are, inside + out!

  30. Lori Hepp

    OMGoddess! This couldn’t have come at a better time! I am deep in the throngs of reinventing myself…AGAIN!!! In the dictionary, under reinvention…you will find my picture! Hee hee!! However, this is the big one! This is the reinvention that will put me on the map! Yay! Thanks for all your down to earth tips, and fun videos Marie! Rock on!!

    Lori Hepp
    Womens Empowerment High Priestess

  31. talk it, do it, be it. a great mantra. i’m happy to say that writer is
    going to be in my profile as I embark on getting my book done is 90 days.

    xo Hillary

  32. Love this! I always felt crazy for constantly reinventing from Acting to PR to Sales to Marketing to Spokesperson to TV Host back to PR/fledgling actress/aspiring home shopping host.

    Several people have told me to just fucking pick something already. But, tough noogies, I love having a multi-passionate life!

  33. bahiehk

    hi there!!

    that was such a useful post as I am going through such a transition at the moment… thanks.

    And, is that a gigantic laptop or what??


    • marie

      Ha Ha! It’s a 17 inch MacBook Pro, but since I’m not a super huge person, it does look a little big. What can I say? I like big gadgets 🙂

  34. thanks Marie!! simple and straight to the point advice. I’m doin it! X

  35. Thanks Marie for your words of wisdom. You always have a way for making simple things stand out.

  36. ever since i met M and worked with her my life took a turn for the better. go figure. from class a asshole to a sweet and compassionate dude. ahh the joys of transition and reinvention.

    once again, home run M.

    now to ponder my email sig.



    • marie

      Jonathan! thank you so much. Though I would NEVER say u were a class a a hole! Sending u and your gorgeous family so much love xo M

      • Well i appreciate that M. But when I looked in the mirror back then thats what i saw more often than not. Just thinking of how you helped soo many people gets me all verklempt.



  37. Marie,
    I love how you make things simple and real. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the most profound things are simple.

    I am a singer-songwriter and music is my highest passion, however since I’m not performing or writing anything at the moment it doesn’t seem quite authentic to present myself that way. I need to get over it, right?

    I’m also a healer and I have an idea to write an article about how everything can be healed, yet for some reason the ideas and inspiration have not started flowing yet. I do believe they will when the time is right and I appreciate your being in the world, dear Marie.

    • marie

      Why thank you Sharon – I’m really touched! I would say that rather than get over it, per se – start singing and writing. Don’t overthink it, just start where you are. Sing in your kitchen. Write a little song just for fun. That’ll get the flow moving again without a need to get over anything. xo

  38. love what you are doin’ here with this weekly column Marie … and love your book title .Melody! Aren’t most women multiple personalities, BTW? I know I am!

  39. Tom Lehner

    Hi Marie,
    As usual a great Video blog with some amazing advice because this is what I tell people who ask me how I did it: First I give them your website and second I tell them always: dont complain go out and do it. Just do it. Dont put yourself down or find excuses just 2 things that matter: Be it and do it. This your new blog reminds me a little when I was in Los Angeles. Every waitress when asked says first she is an actress but has to make a living until she gets the first job having her portfolio always behind the bar.
    People tend to make fun or laugh about it but it is admirable because they really “Do it” until they either fail and have to give up (that happens) or get discovered.

    As usual awsome advice Marie you did a great job here.

    • marie

      Thanks Tom! I can relate to actors/waiters/etc. I did a lot of restaurant work while I was building my business. There’s no shame in honest work that pays the bills and keeps you out there!

      • Tom Lehner

        That is so true Marie,
        and so many people should use you as example. I, like you, have worked so many jobs on my way up never losing the focus of the real goal, I digged sewer lines, built homes, chopped woods, worked as sales clerk in a gas station or bouncer in a bar all next to my job. YOu are a true inspiration and a rolemodel to many.

  40. As always Marie, thanks! Perfect timing and simple!

  41. Three easy peasy steps.

    Made me think of the old saying ‘fake it ’til you make it’


    Djanira xx

  42. Simple, but oh so true! Thanks for the wisdom nuggets Marie!! xo

  43. So simple, yet so profound. (And HILARious the way you delivered it too ;-))

    Loves it! xo

  44. Several years ago I worked with a woman who was a children’s book illustrator and writer reinventing herself as a nonprofit executive. It was a gradual process. Since she already had several books, one thing that she did was pass the book out everywhere we went. It’s the best way to get in front of people. It’s like a big business card you can’t throw away!

    And then I used her model, and I totally reinvented myself into a writer and a speaker! You can do it Christina! Check out my blog:

    If you can self publish your first children’s book, I guarantee you’ll become more memorable to people that you meet as a writer.

    I warn you, this bookwriting stuff is addictive. Just published my first book last November, and I’m writing my second book already! This one’s about social media.



  45. Eleanor

    Love this – great stuff! xx Eleanor

  46. Great post. I have changed the focus of my business recently and have found it a bit awkward when trying to let people know about our change – especially people that that have known us for a while.

    From now on, I’m going to just let people know what we do. I’m going to speak it, write it, and be it.

    This definitely helps.

  47. I am about to make a change in career I think…. Depending on how it goes, it will require transformation. I will keep you posted if it turns in to a story.

  48. As usual, great advice Marie! I always love your Q&A Tuesdays! My favorite is the first one, SPEAK IT. Our words have so much power, not just from others hearing them but from you hearing yourself proclaim something.

  49. I had an insight after watching this episode. Thank you!

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