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A few nights ago, I caught a few minutes of the Biggest Loser TV show.

The segment talked about childhood obesity and showed kids working out and trying to get in shape. I cried. These young kids were beyond huge. It was shocking and heartbreaking.

I had to turn it off because I couldn’t handle seeing beautiful little souls trapped in bodies that were so outrageously big, they could hardly breathe.

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 children is obese, and childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last three decades. That is just freaking insane.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of entrepreneurship and even a BIGGER fan of using massive creativity, in entrepreneurship, to create powerful social change.

Watch this video now and meet my friend Miki, who is not only a badass multi-passionate entrepreneur and athlete, but along with her twin sister Rahda, has launched one of the coolest businesses to empower kids and their parents, to be healthy for life.

The sooner we can get kids (and parents) hooked on health, the more happy and successful we’ll be as a global society.

Here’s what I want you to do now.

1. Share with every parent you know. I truly believe that there’s enormous power in leveraging entertainment, creativity and fun to create lasting change in both kids, and their parents, when it comes to health.

2. Comment below and let me know what you think about this childhood obesity issue, and this video! is still brand new so we’re thrilled to hear feedback and keep producing segments that inspire you and move you powerfully ahead.

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  1. The Biggest Loser breaks my heart too. But Super Sproutz cracked me up 🙂 definitely sharing

  2. Wooo! I love Miki’s story, and I remember walking by Slice when I was at RHH Live. The Super Sprowtz idea and execution is fabulous, and I so agree – I want more healthy happy veggie-eating kids. 😀

  3. Ok, Shut up this is beyond fabulous. Miki you are awesome. AWE-Some!!!!!!!

    Marie, Is it possible to love you any more? Thank you for sharing this topic, thank you for your tears, thank you for your passion.

    This day is just getting better and better.

  4. OMG! What a great concept and talk about doing something you are passionate about and helping that helps others. Miki is such a cute, talented, and creative gal!
    Thx for sharing this.
    Jill Juneja

  5. I LOVE this Marie!! When you are trusting your instincts this is EXACTLY what happens – synchronized friendships and connections! Whoo hoo! Thank you for posting such an inspiring video and giving insight and hope to all of us passionate women entrepreneurs. Sharing this with my Facebook peeps!

  6. LOVED the video of the singing veggies! I have been passionately fighting the childhood obesity crisis for years now: I am a mother of 3 and our family of 5 has become the minority in this country since not one of us suffers from ill health or being overweight. The only way to treat the current crisis is to teach MOMS how to set up healthy lifestyles for their kids, because a kid at McDonald’s is certainly never going to say “You know, Mom, instead of a Happy Meal could you saute me a nice salmon filet at home instead?” My new book “Why My Kids Don’t Get Fat” gets right to the heart of the issue: A mother’s grocery cart and MIND. In my book I address all the causes of childhood obesity – fast food, inactivity, television, etc – and teach moms how to set up healthy lifestyles without adding hours to the day, getting a second job, or force-feeding rice cakes for dinner. I share my secrets for raising healthy & HAPPY kids, and break all the myths regarding “healthy eating”. Marie: You would LOVE my book, and I would be more than happy to send you a complimentary copy. I hope to hear from you! And I love receiving all your videos and newsletters:) You absolutely ROCK!

  7. Wow– LOVE this… I was just talking to another Entrepreneur about the need to “figure out what problems there are in the marketplace” and then find a way to solve them— And this is SUCH a great example of this… wow!

    btw… SuperSprowtz totally ROCKS!!!!

  8. Love the Sprowtz!

    Childhood obesity is a huge issue and we need to be informing children AND parents about healthy food choices. We also have to get kids up off their butts in front of computer and TC screens and get them outside.

  9. Tammi

    Brilliant! Hilarious! Well done.
    Thank you for showing this and doing such a fantastic job of being interesting, fun, smart, and real.

  10. I love this whole story. Talk about superpowers: your witchy abilities are insane. I’m so glad you’re using them for good. It’s like that show the Dead Zone, where he touches strangers and gets a flash of some horrific event in the past or future. Except instead, when you touch them, you get a flash of partnership possibilities.
    Oh, nice headline. One of your best! xoxo

  11. Marie!

    So so SO SO SOOOO friggin inspired that you spotlighted this today. This is my PASSION…though I take it from the “Mom” angle. I teach stressed out, tired, overwhelmed, stuck in health rut moms and give them a way back to knowing their body’s, connecting with nourishing foods, getting off the stress-exhaustion-sugar rollercoaster, and offer strategies for staying well, centered and healthy in a busy world SO THAT they can have a MASSIVE and powerful impact on their own lives, which then has a massive and powerful impact on their families…and then their communities….and the world.
    The work I do is my absolute passion – it is what I was meant to be doing PRECISELY because it is the change I wanted so badly to see in my life- as a new mom myself.
    I can not tell you the incredible international community of women who come together through my courses and are absolutely transforming our children’s worlds through transforming their own…because, Marie– children learn by SEEING…and a healthy, energetic, vibrant, centered, whole mom is the very best beacon for these children to know how to live healthy whole passionate lives.
    My goodness. I’m sorry for the total commercial comment…I just can’t wait to connect with Miki to encourage her and get to know more of what she does.
    I would LOVE to pass this on to my readership!

    Thanks Marie!!

  12. I LOVE it!! How super BADASS creative was that? I’m sharing it right now!! I have to interview her and her sister about this. Thanks for sharing this Marie.

    Btw – I’m in West Palm Beach, Fl. 30 minutes from Boca, let me take you to lunch you crazy lady : )

  13. Amanda Larrinaga

    I LOVED this! It really spoke to me – both the concept for the restaurant and the Super Sprowtz materials. As a recently diagnosed gluten-intolerant foodie, I’ve found myself amazed at how little resources there are for those with food allergies or diet restrictions. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing this Marie… LOVE IT! I love how you asked her how long it took to really make things happen. Often times in this day and age people assume if I can’t make my business work in 1-3 months, it just isn’t working. She stayed with her passion and joy and got the rest of the pieces in place with other people. What an inspirational story. I will definitely be sharing this.

  15. That was awesome! And I love how you followed up with the intuitive hit and this is what happened. Good thing to remember.

    I’ve watched Biggest Loser before, and it’s amazing to see the people work through the issues that led them to being on the show in the first place. It breaks my heart, but I think it does inspire other people to see what’s possible.

    And I’ll definitely pass on the Super Sprowtz site to people I know with kids.

  16. Pat

    OMG!!! I love the super veggies, I am trying to get my kiddos into more greens and this is GREAT!! I love you Marie for showing this 🙂 and continue using your awesome superpowers for the good of your RHH tribe.

  17. Lynne Kirshon

    As a Personal Chef who has been promoting healthy eating for many years, this is a wonderful inspiration and resource for both me and my clients (some of whom have several food allergies!)! Thank you so much for sharing , Marie, and for all your amazing creative work, Miki!
    Chef Lynne

  18. Dana

    I LOVE Supersprowtz and have just forwarded the link to all my mommy friends. Looking forward to jazzing up my kids’ view on vegetables tonight!

  19. Awe! That video was so freakin’ cute! I am soo buying that book for my son who refuses to eat veggies. Great concept and can’t wait to check out Slice.


  20. Yum yum yum…yum yum yum! Haha! That was great


  21. MARIE!

    I LOVE this! So funky, so fresh…so powerful!

    As a mom of 3 kids (ages 4, 7 & 10), I try to teach my children the importance of having healthy bodies. It’s up to *parents* to show them the way.

    My husband and I teach our kiddos to make healthy food choices by leading by example – we buy, cook and eat good things – and now, they’re awesomely healthy eaters. 🙂

    My 7yo daughter and I were *just* munching on some celery yesterday, cracking up about what people would think if we told them how *yummy* we think celery is. LOL. When we go to restaurants, my kids are the ones who seriously choose veggies for their side instead of fries. Even our dog, The Dude, loves veggies – especially cruciferous ones. We call him The Cruciferous Canine. LOL.

    Last year, my 10yo daughter witnessed her best friend being bullied and called “fat”. My husband and I used this as a teaching opportunity – we re-emphasized how important it is to be at your healthiest weight and that it’s not about looking skinny, it’s about being healthy.

    Since then, our daughter has lost 20 pounds by making healthier food choices and by walking, playing basketball and doing Wii Fit. She looks – and more importantly, feels amazing.

    Thank you for sharing Super Sprowtz – please let me know how *I* can help Miki and Rahda spread the word. 🙂


  22. Such an inspiring woman Mikki is!! Thank you for sharing her story with us, and thank you for sharing Super Sprowtz too! As a mother of two I am so excited about this! It breaks my heart that we are hurting our children through food and a tool like Super Sqroutz provides a fun opportunity to educate them in healthy eating. I will be sharing their site(which is so super fun!) with all of the parents I know. The bigger the wave we can create the bigger the impact we can have on our children. 🙂

  23. Oh what passes for “food” given to children nowadays. Horrific. I love Mikki’s dilemma- Tasty or Healthy…I’m thinking we can have both. 🙂

  24. I’ve been a fan of Slice for sometime now. I love this new project Super Sprowtz. Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  25. Thanks for sharing this store Marie! This is AWESOME!! It’s so inspirational. I can’t wait to visit Miki’s restaurant. And the whole characterization of the vegetables – GENIUS!!! I work with kids as well and I KNOW they love this kind of stuff. Shoot, I LOVE this stuff. Marie, you rock 🙂


  26. Marie, Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to post it all around. Fun and great stuff. When my kids were younger I would tell them that we don’t buy food with cartoon characters on the packages, because it’s usually *fake* food. I LOVE that *real* food now has super heros!

    In addition to the obesity stats you shared, this is the first generation that has a lower predicted life expectancy then it’s parents – due to diet related diseases and obesity. This is serious stuff. As a parent, it kind of sucks sometimes. I feel like the NO police. We eat healthy, and I am cool with my kids having treats at times, but the **it that they are bombarded with – school food, parties, advertising… high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, preservatives, processed food. It’s crazy. It’s quite a journey navigating feeding my kids. I love you for posting this.

    And Heather, awesome work with your daughter. I respect the care and love that goes into raising daughters with a healthy body image.


  27. Thank you for finding and sharing this! I own grocery stores in Western Pennsylvania and volunteer as well with children in our area. I will definitely pass on the info and see if I can sell them in my stores. Yay for you!

  28. Great story Marie. I love how you are addressing the critical point of our children’s health. It is so important to actually witness women creating new businesses that are solving national problems. I think too many still doubt that they can make a difference and still be successful. Miki as are you, is a Linchin at work. Health and achieving wealth do not have to repel each other. Peace.

  29. I ate at Slice for lunch during RHHLive! Loved my veggie pizza slices! AND love the Sprowtz, too. Mika, you are truly inspirational with your mission and dedication for educating kids and parents on how to create a healthy lifestyle. I am totally sick about the obesity crisis in America…just sick. I know if we just get the education in the hands of parents and kids, we can turn this around. Marie, thanks so much for sharing Mika’s story. Totally awesome. xo

  30. Thank you for featuring the amazing Mikki and Slice (which I tried while at RHH Live…soooo delish!). I totally resonated with Mikki’s story (as a film producer and multi-passionate, half-Japanese entrepreneur)! Way to follow your heart girl and also do good in the world! Very inspirational.
    Great post Marie ~ thank you!! Have fun in Flo’rida! xo

  31. So rad! I love stories of women following their heart! I love the fun way to teach kids about veggies! Forwarding to the moms in my life asap!

  32. Awesome Awesome.
    Great job Ri and Mickey.
    Love the veggies!

  33. Marie, Miki, Rhada
    Keep on doing EXACTLY what you are doing, PLEASE. Its so great, so important, so freaking HOT. I’m off to lead my babies in a dance round the kitchen now..

    • Maria, thank you SO much for posting our videos and spreading this message. I am so thankful for all these notes and comments they literally brought tears to my eyes! Thank you thank you thank you! All this work is worth something when people care. I’m truly moved.

      Love, Radha – Super Sprowtz

  34. Hey Marie,

    Love your You Tube channel, your Fun~Sexy~Sassy~Creative~Rock Star personality and business knowledge, and SO GRATEFUL FOR WOMEN LIKE YOU ON THE PLANET! Keep the videos and blogs and workshops and teachings coming. I am SO enjoying it all and continue to share your work with my students, friends, community here in Southern CA and beyond.

    Mikki is truly an inspiration and I want her to open a “Slice” restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA. Bring Slice to the West Coast, baby!!! I’ll also be sharing with all the groovy mamas I know! Thank you for your brilliance!

    Can’t wait for more videos and inspiration! Love love LOVE….


    • Hi Lisa!
      Let’s open up a Slice in Santa Barbara, it will do incredibly well there. I visited last year and it’s a perfect place for it. Email me if you know anyone interested. We have everything in place now to expand. xo

  35. the videos are great….

    thanks for sharing and can’t wait to try slice and share supersprowtz with my nieces and nephews.


  36. stephanie*

    Love this! Everything about it!
    How you too met! That YOU, Marie, made this clip! And of course: the great ideas for the restaurant AND the supa sprowtz!
    Thanks for SHARING the love and passion!

  37. Yay Marie – this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

    I love the new world of business, purpose driven to change the world. Love it and of course health is my passion so this was especially fun for me.

  38. It is SO essential for good, healthful, flavorful, ethical food to be infused back into the ‘convenient dining’ industry.
    I can’t wait for more restaurants like Slice to pop up here in the Midwest!
    Not only am I sharing SuperSprowtz with my sister and nephew, but also with my friends who teach in preschools. I’m just thankful to have creative, quality media like this to use with the kids I know.

    Marie, thank you so much for keeping a YouTube channel.
    Love what you’ve done with it! Keep it up.
    It’s really a convenient and cost-effective way for me to share your energy with folks.

  39. Marie, you are an inspiration! Thank you for the work you do and for your creative, authentic voice.

    And ALL THE VEGGIE LADIES is INCREDIBLE! My kids and I were just dancing to it; and my daughter asked me to bring it to show her whole class when we do a little segment on healthy eating…Mikki, the work you are doing is fantastic and I cant’ wait to stop by next time I’m in NYC.

    You know, although we have a big obesity crisis, we also have huge rates of eating disorders and even huger rates of “disordered eating” (girls who chronically diet and hate their bodies). I love the positive spin on healthy eating (like you are promoting, Mikki)…I think when we focus on how “bad” fat is, we contribute to some of the self-hatred and “dying” (literally) to be thin that so many girls experience. I just taught a workshop to 80 Sophomore girls and it was shocking to see how many average -sized girls HATED their bodies and were on and off diets. This breaks my heart.

    And I agree with what so many women already said on here: That when we parents are able to nourish ourselves with healthy foods, we are truly teaching our children what it means to live a healthy (delicious!) life.

    Thanks again, Marie and Mikki!

  40. If more attention had been paid to childhood obesity when we were kids, a lot of us would not be struggling with weight issues throughout our lives, even if we’re not technically obese. I think not only of the health issues but the psychological mindshare and energy that could be freed up in these young people’s futures for other, more positive things. I wish I had the time back that that I’ve spent thinking about and dealing with weight. And it all starts in childhood. Thanks for bringing up this important topic.

  41. Justyna

    Thank you for sharing. I love it. Next time I am in New York I am heading to Slice. A restaurant that caters to people with food allergies. There should be more of these in Calgary.

  42. Great segment Maria. I am so hungry for broccoli now! Can’t wait to head to Slice. I love your activism jet-packed with love and passion. xoS

  43. Freakin’ Awesome! I played the veggie music video to my 11 month old twins and they LOVED it. Sharing with all my mama friends. All entrepreneurs should be doing things like this that give back!

  44. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard. I LOVE the Super Sprowtz!!! What an amazing idea. I love this so much and will share with everyone I can.

    And Marie, I LOVED this:
    I’m a huge fan of entrepreneurship and even a BIGGER fan of using massive creativity, in entrepreneurship, to create powerful social change.

    I feel the same way and I truly believe that every product, service, program or idea out there has the ability to make a difference in the world through simple, small shifts in a positive direction. Thanks for sharing this one!

  45. Marie, thank you so so much for posting this. All these comments and your support truly brought tears to my eyes. I can’t thank you enough. Makes all this work worth it when you and others care. So thank you thank you thank you!

    With love,

    Radha Agrawal
    Creator, Super Sprowtz
    [email protected]

  46. Marie and every amazing person who has commented,
    Thank you, you have NO idea how much these notes meant to both Rads and I.
    I look forward to meeting each of you!

  47. If you want to email me, my email is [email protected] xo Miki

  48. Jen

    Love this post. It was so cool to “meet” the owner of Slice on your blog…on my long trip from Hawaii to the Big Apple to attend Rich Happy & Hot Live, I was famished. Figuring I better show up early so I could grab a bite on the first night (and since you hinted there would be a lot of ‘body movement’), I wandered around the West Village trying to decide what to eat. When I saw Slice and read their “definition” on the wall, I knew I had to eat there. What I got served up was a perfect non-pizza pizza. Chock full of delicious veggies, goat cheese, and a little bit of sausage because this girl loves a sausage. Salad is great there too. I was pleasantly full and made a mental note to return there every time I’m in NYC. (So, Miki – huge props on the food quality and vibe of your restaurant)

    Besides loving my moment with Slice, it’s really awesome to see what Miki and her sis Radha came up with to make kids have fun with nutrition. In Hawaii, we have the highest rate of diabetes in the U.S., and in my family (which is predominantly Filipino) gout and high blood pressure all stem from diet. We need restaurants like this to give choices, and most of all satiating experiences to those looking for a delicious, healthy, and most of all, freakin’ cool place to hang out option.

    So gurrrls – have you ever thought of franchising? Just sayin’.

    Much love,

  49. If i lived in NY i’d be there in a jiffy!! Mikki comes across as a really down to earth lovely girl, what an inspiration she is. Loved the post, have to share! XX

  50. What a great and inspiring story! I am definitely going to stop by Slice during my next trip in the city. And will be sharing the book with my kids 🙂 thanks for all your awesome videos!

  51. This addresses such an important all encompassing topic. Childhood obesity could very well be the ruin of our country if we do not get it under control. Extreme, sure. But obesity in all its forms (adult and child) creates a huge burden on our health system which in turn puts a huge burden on businesses which in turn places a huge burden on our government. Not to mention the fact that a population of unhealthy citizens will not thrive. It is critical that we support people like Miki and her sister who are dedicated to educating our children about what is good and healthy to eat.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you so much Darcie! As a thank you to Marie’s amazing blog, I would like to offer her enlightened readers 20% off on all our Super Sprowtz books that we have available so your kids can read about the adventures of the Super Sprowtz and get excited about eating veggies. Enter Coupon Code: MARIESPROWTZ20 to redeem your 20 percent discount. Thank you so much for your support and with my sincerest appreciation for women supporting women, Radha

  52. Kaori Nishiyama

    Thank you for the video. It inspires me to be more ambitious about embody my business ideas. I am not a big pizza eater, but that pizza looks great to eat.

  53. Amen to what Darcie shared! Thanks Darci and Marie! I am a huge supporter of local, healthy, organic food and I am sort of spoiled because I live in a region of the country where it is plentiful, here in the S.F. Bay Area. I am from the Midwest, and shocked when I go back to visit, at the largeness of people there and at the lack of healthful food choices. There is such a need in those places for people to educate and build more business around the healthful food movement. Thank you Mikki and your sister, may you prosper!

  54. Love this!! My kids loved watching the videos too!

  55. This is amazing. I’m creating a proposal to help solve an issue my school district is facing. A lot of food and money is being wasted because students do not want to eat the healthy foods the school is buying. I propose a community garden to raise awareness and increase chances of students eating healthy.

    I would love to talk to the ladies of Super Sprowtz and learn some of their convincing arguments and testimonials!

    The childhood obesity is a serious issue because it leads to diseases that are totally preventable. Childhood obesity sets kids in the HABIT of eating what’s bad for them and getting used to just living in a body that is not healthy. When they get older and the companies they work for are saying “Hey, eat healthy or your insurance is going to go through the roof…” it will be hard for them.

  56. Woohooo!!!!
    I need all the support I can get to get my 3 year old on the veggie bandwagon and she is constantly requesting Single Ladies and demanding I put a ring on it. That video just solved a lot of my personal dilemmas. That’s some seriously powerful work in the world sisters.

  57. Marie, this is great! I love Miki’s passion and her drive, and what a cool story about how you both connected.
    Totally digging Super Sprowtz! I’m going to test it on my 3 year old tomorrow who is pretty hard-headed about eating his veggies. The more positive anchors the better! My wife is also a personal trainer who runs fitness boot-camps for teachers and we are both really passionate about kids being healthy and fit. I look forward to passing to the people we know.

    BTW I’m going to live my life vicariously through Zach Zucchini….. uber cool, get’s all the babes… I might have the first case of zucchini envy.

  58. How wonderful, such a brilliant idea..Go Miki. Love your passion. Wish “Slice” was around the corner from us…any chance of setting up in Sydney, Australia. Thanks for the great story Marie, I have already passed on the Super Spowzt link to my girlfriends with younger child.

  59. Kristin Morris

    Love her story (been there – couldn’t eat without some health issue), love her concept, love her twin sister’s spin-off Super Sprowtz and love the synchronicity of life – which goes to show you, that when you’re in your zone (fully present and doin’ what you love), the universe meets you half way!

    Nxt time I’m in NYC I will be visiting SLICE Perfect (isn’t this a fab name)!

  60. Tricia Hurtubise

    Miki is such an inspiration. Super Sprowtz is such an inspiring idea. I love their stories and they motivate me to continue on my journey of doing my “thang” and getting my message out into the world.

    If I may put forward an idea Marie; I would really love to see a segment or two done about older women leaving behind the corporate job and going out on their own to follow their passion. It just seems to me lately that all the inspiring stuff I see is being done on the 20-somethin’ and 30-somethin’ crowd and that’s great, but I am a 40-somethin’ and starting from scratch and would like to see others a little later in life doing the same thing. 🙂

  61. I really like the idea of Super Sprowtz. I’m a primary teacher in London (the equivalent to your elementary teachers I think) and I’m going to put a link to the Super Sprowtz website on my school’s virtual learning environment (VLE) so the children in my class can access it.

  62. All I can think of is… why didn’t I come up with this grand idea for a business first!? 🙂

    Kudos to these fab (and adorable!) entrepreneurs who are putting their energies and their souls in a place so in need of their greatness.

    Cheers, Jenny Foss

  63. Ashley Gwilliam

    Great video Marie! I really enjoyed this one as the subject matter relates to a project idea I had been marinating on. Thanks so much for unknowingly reconnecting me to it!

  64. Oh my goodness, those Super Sprowtz are BRILLIANT! “If you’d like to eat healthy put a veggie on it!” Hahahaha!

    Thank you so much for sharing that!

  65. Rachel

    I LOVE this. My stepson is built like his Daddy – long and lean with an enviable metabolism. SO, while obesity isn’t on the radar in our house, healthy choices are still a bit of a challenge. We try to ration the treats a bit, and he’s OK with that, but as someone who has gone through cycles of deprivation followed by binging, I’d hate to set him up to eat junk for his first few years out of the house when he’s older. I think managing health in kids is about more than just saying, “no, you really can’t have that 5th piece of chocolate from your Christmas,” but also about getting kids to appreciate healthy food. We eat pretty well here, but I think it’s also important that he understands why, and that he comes to that understanding in some way that’s really engaging and interesting to him. As a lover of comics, he’s sure to get into Super Sprowtz. Thanks so much for sharing!

  66. Eleanor

    Great post & what an amazingly creative business! Loved this for the New Year,
    Thanks Marie!!
    XX Eleanor

  67. Fabulosososososososossoooooo! I am a nutritionist and a mum, and I love it when veggies just start dancing and singing like that. Everyone needs a singing sprout and a crumping carrot in their lives! brilliant!

  68. Love anything that involves veggies for kids! Thanks for sharing.

  69. Love this – Love the concept! Not to mention – what a great story on how your two met!

  70. Follow my blog if you want to see what progress we are making! xo Miki

  71. Serendipity has always been a huge factor in my life. People think I’m the luckiest person ever. And I am! But anyway, muy grandson who is five is not obese but his mother had problems from emotional eating when in her teens and took the bull by the horns, turned it all around and replaced that eating with working out and today and for some fifteen years now is just a great beauty with body to match. I won’t drop names but she dates men that are the cream of the crop. She has a philosophy degree and is brialiantly witty and smart and basically the whole package but having suffered through her heavy stage she wants to be sure her son understands about food and eating well and make sure he doesn’t go off the rails. His father was an Olympic athelte, 6’4″ and long and lean so we’re hoping to get some encouragement from him about the fact that it’s his resposibility to eat well for himself for the right reasons.
    Thanks for all of this!

  72. Miki I love that you serve vegan pizza! My 3-yr-old daughter is totally digging the Super Sprowtz video!!

  73. Hi Marie and Miki!

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I will spread the word about these funny veggies!

    And what is really amazing is that I’m Erica, the SO super smart eggplant!!!
    My favorite color is purple and I wear glasses!!!


    Have a wonderful day!

    Btw, isn’t Miki SO beautiful??! WOW!!

    Erica xox

  74. I like Supper Sprowtz!!! really an innovative way of encouraging kids to eat more veggies and healthy food. I shared it:)

  75. This is a beautiful clip. Everything is figure-outable ~*~ I love that these sisters are helping the kids! Our children need us now. I’m reminded of this every single day in NY. Thank you for sharing.. x

  76. Shani

    What a fantastic idea!!! I love, love love it. I also am starting a program that helps families combat obesity and eating vegetables is a major component.

  77. Wow! Very inspirational story! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  78. I like cooking very much, and I really focus on cooking. I am very strict in diet, because healthy health is my top priority. Thank you very much for sharing, Marie, and for all your wonderful creative work, Miki!

  79. StanleyNep

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