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Oprah swears by it. Richard Branson touts it as his life philosophy. And me? I’m a full-blown pimp when it comes to the power of living in the now.

As you know, I don’t preach about something unless it’s daaauuumn good.

And I can say, unequivocally, no single set of tools, ideas, strategies and practices has made a bigger impact on my happiness and financial success than learning to live in the moment.

That’s why it’s the foundation of everything I do and teach. That’s why I created an entire program about it in the past.

Trust me when I say that nothing will make a bigger difference in your overall success and fulfillment, than your ability to be here and now, consistently.

In this video, you’ll learn a simple technique to instantly train yourself and others, to live in the moment. Watch and now and see for yourself.

Your full presence is the greatest gift you can give.

It doesn’t cost you anything, you can access it at any time, and it produces miracles beyond belief.

Give this technique a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

And if you found this useful, go ahead share it with your team, family and friends. They’ll thank you for it.

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  1. I LOVE it. You two are frickin adorable!

    • marie

      ha ha – thanks Jacqueline!

  2. Presence is absolutely the secret to accessing the full potential of every moment. I first discovered this a performer – on stage you’re either “there” or you’re inside your head (which is not a great place to be in the middle of a show!) – but when I discovered how to apply the same principle to the rest of my life, it was a no-brainer. Be here now, ladies! Thanks, Marie and Josh!

    • marie

      Yes guurrrrl! So great to hear from you Nat 😉

  3. Hi Marie and Josh,
    I’m baaaaaack! Love the whole idea of living in the moment – we all need to get in the MINDSET of playing in the game of life, stopping and smelling the roses…
    Thanks for an entertaining video,

  4. BECCA

    SO AWESOME! I love it! Your relationship is an inspiration! Thank you both!

  5. Hilarious!! Also, I needed to hear this today. Thank you for an awesome blog post and video!

  6. Hey Marie (& Josh),
    LOVIN’ your new videos – fun, fresh, and totally engaging! 😉
    “Party with exactly how it is” – my new MO, sweet!
    I’m back! =)

    • marie

      What up Joe! Send your lady and your girls a HUGE hello from me. Thank you so much on the vid kudos. I appreciate it.

  7. Awesome stuff. I just love the “I’m back” technique – it’s brilliant. 🙂 And great to see Josh there with you – very cute video! 😀

  8. You guys are so cute. I LOVE “In Bed with Marie”. Both of you have taught me so much about engaging in life and I’m really grateful. Big love to both of you!

  9. Tia

    Too cute. When I got your email blast about this, I seriously was like, what the heck is this going to be? I half did want to see what might be on the video, lol.

    That’s awesome information and I SO needed this today. I was getting down thinking about ADD and lack of iron and all kinds of things related to having difficulty focusing – which definitely led to, “I suck.” I’ll try this approach.


    • marie

      That’s RIGHT Tia. And sorry for the dramatics, but I’m glad you watched it.

  10. Love it! Love the technique, the playfulness in the conversation and shoot! I have some really big pitch meetings coming up and will be using both those techniques.
    Thanks so much!

  11. Andrea

    What an awesome idea Marie! Love it!
    You rock, girl. I need to get myself to one of your seminars 🙂

  12. After RHH Live, “partying” with whatever feeling arises whether it be anxiety, fear, or nervousness is something I now try to practice in my own life. The video was a great reminder of what we all learned in November. Loved it!

  13. Fascinating lesson. I really appreciate the take on self confidence and Natalie P’s (see comment #2) definition of “presence.” You know, Marie, your commenters’ comments are always such an incredible value-add to whatever it is you’re writing or saying. Just sayin’. 😉

    • marie

      Amen, Amen, Amen Laura. I’m with you on that one. I SO adore and appreciate every single comment – including yours so thanks for that.

  14. Thank you so much for this! I love it!

    When I go off on a tangent in my head lately I’ve been using Dr. Junger’s tell your brain….’thank you for sharing’ and be done with it.

    ‘I’m back’ …..though it’s so metaphysical…I love it!

  15. LOVE IT 🙂 You guys are great AND this is marketing at its cutting edge finest!
    What an awesome intro too!

    • Cynthia Englett

      You two are frickin’ adorable! Great lesson in the power and freedom of just being in the moment, something we all need to remember on a daily basis. I’ve already “I’m Backed” myself 3 times today!

  16. Love these videos, Marie.

    Josh – thank you! I hear a lot of “I’m back” in my future. 😉


  17. Thanks for the fun video! The newsletter definitely had me curious! 🙂 Great information!

    Just being aware of how we are feeling is a great place to start. It’s a way to step out of the negative or anxious feelings and put them into perspective!

  18. Great video, thanks for the reminder of what we learned at RHH Live!

  19. Hey that was so fun watching you two “in bed”. I’m off to check out the tools you speak of.

    have a great night (in bed~ )


  20. Marie, I am absolutely filled with delight, joy, and creative inspiration every time I you open your mouth!

    And to meet Josh today…well, beyond priceless!

    The Creative Impulse “work” really resonates for me. I’m also going to share with all of my friends—and it’s odd that a significant number of them are improv teachers here in the San Francisco bay area. They’ll love it!!!

    Thank you for not holding back one ounce of your astonishing life force!


  21. Gry

    It was so lovely to be in bed with you guys 😉
    You amaze me with your heart and creativity Marie.
    I am back is my favorite tool and have been practice it every day for 2 years now. Getting pretty good and not wasting time on building self-confidence 🙂
    Thank you for an amazing post!
    Bisous, Gry
    PS Love your new vids!

  22. That was delightful! I’m back. Such a simple trick, I love it.

  23. Wow, it’s like Josh is there with me in the shower! I also often take a mental trip around the world of regrets, what ifs and “I suck” while in the shower and interestingly my phrase of awareness about this is “come back…”, very similiar to yours. But I like yours better because it seems stronger, mine seems more like pleading. I’m also going to start trying to sing in the shower more to stay in the moment. Thanks for the video!

  24. So crazy, so cool, so fun watching you two!

    Love the “I’m back” technique – I’m going to send my daughter over here to hang out with the two of you in bed. She is wanting to build her career as an actor and suddenly, out of the blue, started suffering from anxiety when attending auditions. I’m sure this will help. Thanks guys 🙂

  25. 2 thumbs up! I for one will def be checking out more on CI very soon. Hugs!

  26. Robyn C

    I’m back. This is amazing and I’ve already shared it with 2 people I love. Thank you!

  27. Holy shit- I love the I Suck line. I share this with my clients all of the time and they honestly think that they are the only ones that wanders down that path!

  28. Ooh yeah I love this technique and the video is just pure awesomeness! Every time I learn this technique from you two I am reminded of the simplicity and how much it has impacted me and in my business.

    I’m baaaack! 🙂

  29. Jen

    Super love the “I’m Back” tool for living in the present. And luckily for me, I got my training on directly with Josh at Marie’s Rich Happy & Hot Live event this past November. Fabu-lous!

    I’m on my way to a meeting right now, and am partying with the pit in my stomach. Not bad, not bad…I’m back!

    P.S. You two are just super duper cutey patootie. I don’t say that very often.

  30. Daniela

    That’s Awesome Marie!
    I love the video and the relationship between you and Josh.
    Happy 2011! The Year of Awesomeness!

  31. OMG! I was living in that nervous energy yesterday, when I met and took a photo with Ali Brown at the LTD Expo.

    I was so nervous, even until 10 minutes after. And I fumbled to find grace in meeting her. Ya, Not! But she was great working me through it. 😀

  32. love the video. i say ‘im back’ all the time.

  33. HELL YEAH! Love this series! I so want to get in bed with you Marie!!! Seriously. Super pumped for committed impulse in LA starting TONIGHT. IM BACK baby! xo

  34. Yes!
    Cannot see enough of it and I’ll be in Josh’s Committed Impulse class in March!

  35. Great video Marie! I love the non-nonsense, no jargon approach to getting grounded in the present. I’m back!

  36. Kraig

    Marie and Josh- Hey hey hey… 🙂

    A) I freaking love the radical creativity behind this “series” (In Bed). I says to Kris you’s a Smart Cookie 🙂 Can’t wait for whomever is your next guest.

    B) Such a succinct way of summarizing Committed Impulse.

    K2 loves you guys!!!


  37. I teach I’M BACK to every person I meet who gives a shit about living a great life. Loved this video! Thanks you two. XOXO

  38. I forgot about this! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  39. Martha

    I love the connection I see with you and Josh. 🙂
    I personally believe it doesn’t get much more IN THE MOMENT as you say…than it does in bed!! Fantastic idea.
    And it IS a party. And the party is here. And the party is NOW!! 🙂

  40. Tammi

    You’ve got an adorable way to share a very important technique. Thank you so much!

  41. Hey Marie! Love this segment – love all your little clips. You’re inspiring me to get rolling with the lil’ vids for my own coaching business. Kris Ward introduced the “I’m Back” exercise to me and I LOVE IT. So easy and powerful. Keep it comin’!


  42. Sometimes I stop by just to read the comments… they tend to be inspiring!

  43. Marie, you crack me up. Great advice and I love your style, girl! Was wondering how you do all your fab video work? Are you using a Flip camera? Are you editing yourself and adding your own titles, music (love to smooth jazz grooves, by the way!), etc? Would love some insight into how you manage to crank out such cool stuff.

    Thanks! Maria
    PS Hope you got the book I sent to you! Ciao….

  44. Dana

    Marie & Josh – too cute =) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was NOT disappointed =)

    The thing about self-confidence and no need to build it up was quite ironic for me…. i was looking around today on how to build it up, because my brain is always telling me I suck and I can’t do this or that! I’m glad to hear others do this too – now I can say “I’m back”!
    I might need an extra slap in the face once in a while too =)

    Thanks for the great advice, as always. Love your videos and kudos on your MarieTV =)
    Keep up the awesome work,

  45. Kaori Nishiyama

    Hi, Marie. Thank you for the great technique. Your sleeping condition looks confortable.

  46. Slide over Josh, I’m next!

    How to feel present with your 5 core feelings. Stay tuned folks! 🙂

  47. Tanya

    Great video Marie, and perfect timing :)) Thank you! I’M BACK! X

  48. Thanks Marie and Josh! I love to keep it simple.

  49. Jennifer Bailey

    You Rock! I love “I’m Back” I am in Real Estate sales where I have to present presentations, speak in front of people all day long as well as maintain my relationship at home with my man. The “I’m Back” is a great party pal, keeps my head from going away from the moment and I get to be right where I am. I still need alot of work but I GET this..

  50. This was a great reminder that I need to get my ass back to booty camp. Thanks Marie! I love your new segment in bed with Marie. Love it.

  51. Lisa

    Awesome tool! I was in an extremely abusive marriage and suffered PTSD symptoms because of it (living with that brought alot of my own previous stuff to the surface)…and I would get inundated with it mostly when I was in the shower! lol. Anyhoo…my technique to stop the mind babble was similar to your honey’s. I named my “head in my voice” CHIP (chip on the shoulder…lol…get it?”) and would tell him to shup up pretty frequently during the course of my day…and you know what? He eventually did! : )

    • I love it Lisa! I’ve also named my voice. Winnie the wet blanket 🙂 I find it really gives me power to separate myself from that voice and know that it’s not truly me speaking, but my fears, anxieties and insecurities trying to take over.

  52. Ginger

    Very useful and as always entertaining. Keep it coming!

  53. Great video, every time I see Josh on camera I can’t help but flash back to the Sex & the City modelizer episode 🙂

  54. Yes! Anxiety is one of the main contributors to clutter. Thanks for dealing with this scary and super common experience in a pragmatic and compassionate way.

  55. Jennifer Rohner

    A wonderful refresher for such a simple and effective technique! I appreciate it and continue to appreciate you both so much!

  56. Great advice! One thing I do to snap myself out of any kind of negative thinking — stay with me now, this is going to sound a little kooky — is pretend that the person doing the negativizing is the “other me,” i.e. the one that’s comfortable not leaving the comfort zone and wants to keep things “as is” for now and forever, because it’s so much safer there. So I say to that “other me” — “hey, thanks, I know you have our best interests at heart, and just want to keep us where we are comfortable and know what to expect, but I am going to bust out and be fearless and fabulous and do great things. So thanks for trying to keep me safe, but I don’t need you right now/in this particular situation/anymore.” The conversation varies, but essentially I’m treating the negative, fearful, self-doubting version of myself as a good friend who cares about me, but who is no longer needed in my life.
    Nutty as it may seem, it’s been working, so there ya go! : )

  57. Dixie

    I was a quiet student in Marie’s B-School (loved it) and subscribe to her emails-
    My son is a recent Atlantic graduate so I emailed him to find out if he had heard of Josh and here is what he replied –
    “Oh, he’s great! How’d you hear about him? He was by far the best acting teacher/best class & training method that I had… ”
    That says a lot!
    Small world, great technique!

  58. One of the most enduring and amazing lessons learned from RHH Live last year was from our first evening together doing committed impulse work. “I’m Back” is something concrete I took away and that I use ALL the time and it TOTALLY WORKS!!
    Thanks Marie for doing this video ~ now I can share this great bit ‘o wisdom with everyone…WOOT!!

  59. aneta

    loved it, as always!

  60. Vasso

    Beautiful video, Marie & Josh!!! You know what? I had to watch quite a few times because I loved it and because my mind started wondering and I thought “that’s a nice way to practice the ‘I’m back’ technique”. So each time my mind started storytelling, I stopped the video and started it over again!! I stopped after I had watched it 3 times in the row without my mind escaping the “here and now” moment!!

    Thanks for the share!


  61. Hey Marie,

    Awesome video with Josh! This is my first time visiting your site and I have to say you’ve got a killer vibe (and josh isn’t too bad either 😉 ). Love the video, super entertaining and the concepts of bringing yourself back after shopping at Bloomingdales are awesome. haha

  62. Marie and Josh, I LOVE this technique! It works EVERY time I use it. I’ve passed it along to others who strive to live in the moment and be connected to their greater/higher selves and they love it, too. Thanks for this…you’re always so much fun and you have such a creative way of getting your messages across in an entertaining way. Thanks for all you do!

    xo Laural

  63. Elena

    Dear Marie! I live in Russia, we here know and greatly enjoy your super-useful-bringing-to-life book “Make Every Man Want You”. It was the one for me, I keep re-reading bits out of it almost every day! Thank you so much! The Secrets from the book work all over the world, not only in the US 🙂 And this ‘I’m back’ technique is a great thing too, I love it `cause it WORKS! Using it I stop chewing my thoughts and become MYSELF again! WOW!

  64. Wow. I love the idea of just living with whatever moment you’re in. Don’t spend a bunch of time and energy trying to change the moment, just live with it, own it, and do your best inside that moment.

    Great way to live.

  65. Marie, your website is a fabulous smörgåsbord of riches. You have a lot of spiritual wisdom that you manage to present in a very practical way. I love the idea of using the phrase “I’m back” as a way of reminding us to be here now.

  66. bk

    Is is it me or do you guys really look like Ben Stiller and Anne Hathaway?


    oh and yes, the video was awesome!!!!


  67. Kristen

    OH SNAP! Marie, you are on to something with this one.
    LOVE this format.
    My voyeur’s dream team for you:
    Marie in bed with Lady Gaga (on creativity and shameless self-promotion)
    Marie in bed with Debbie Ford (on the ugly truth about confidence)
    Marie in bed with Bryan Franklin (on entrepreneurship as a spiritual practice)
    Marie in bed with Russell Simmons (on staying power)
    Marie in bed with Tim Gunn (on of course, making it work)
    Marie in a voyeur-invite-only threesome with Ellen DeGeneres and Andre 3000 (on being yo’ freaky self)

  68. Really great advice and love your in bed concept for interviewing! Thanks.

  69. You never cease to amaze and amuse me. I just could not believe that you went to bed with your guest and guess what ? This is just so French, I just love it!

  70. Clara Gabrielle

    What a fun segment! I LOVE “In Bed With” so creative!

    I’ve been working on Mindfulness on and off for a couple years now, but I love the “I’m back” tool to instantly get out of your head and into the moment

    Thanks for sharing, Marie!


  71. Love this video! Firstly you two are so adorable together you must have a whole lotta laughter in your home <3. Thanks Marie & Josh such a simple but powerful tool! Definitely gonna use this 😉

  72. WOW! As a mompreneur being in the moment is so HUGE. If I am with my kids and am thinking about what I have to get done with work when they go to bed and when I am working I am feeling guilt for not being with my kids.

    It’s going to be a huge shift but I am up for the challenge. I’M BACK is going to be my new mantra. I am starting today. Kids are out of the house and I have a good 4 hours and I am going to foucs and If I find myself slipping away…..I’M BACK baby!

    THanks Marie 🙂

  73. This is me! I am so bad at being “away with the fairies” and not always in a negative way. I can be dreaming, flying, planning, plotting but it’s often frustrating for those around me. My worst trait according to those close to me. I’m back. I am going to do it from now on. 🙂 Thanks Marie and Josh. x

  74. Josh – Been practicing your I’m back technique since Marie told me to this week… WOW, it works wonders! Huge fan of your work and subscribed to your Committed Impulse website too – love it. Thank you!!

    All the best from London,

  75. OMG ! My mind always wandering – I need to try this.. I’m Back – I’m Back !!
    Thanks again Marie and Josh

  76. I believe that if people followed being more mindful, there would be less depression in the world. The greatest cause of the depression is when people live in the past and the future. When you have no control of a situation these thoughts play like a loop of tape in your head. Be in the present and be in control.

  77. I discovered your youtube video(overcome fear with Josh) yesterday and i cant stop watching! It feels like my mind just expanded. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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