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Mistakes. Loss of judgment. Insensitivity. Diarrhea mouth.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all screwed up and consequently hurt someone we care about.

This can be really challenging to navigate – and a sticky situation that can filter into every part of your relationship.

Of course, an authentic apology can go a long way towards making things right.

But unless we get this simple act of saying “I’m sorry” just right, we’re likely to add insult to injury.

In this video, you’ll learn how to apologize using a simple two-letter word that can destroy your chances to repair your relationship when things go wrong and how to avoid it.

Got any more I’m sorry wisdom to share?

Lay it out here in the comments, baby.

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  1. Laurel

    Hey Maria, Great Video!!
    Taking accountability for your mistake is huge!
    Also, where did you get the Bullshit button????
    I so want one!

  2. marie

    Hey Laurel – here’s the button baby 😉

  3. Awesome! You found a Bullshit Buzzer too! How much do you love it?!

    • marie

      LOVE – it’s on my desk right now. Thank YOU for the inspiration. Golden.

  4. Lori in Indy

    Nice video – I know now that we are on the same wavelength as I could predict the 2-letter word.
    BTW (and this is a compliment!) whenever I watch your videos, these Seal lyrics come to mind: “….we’re never gonna survive unless…we get a little crazy….” 😀
    Please tell me where I can get the Bullshit button?
    Lori in Indy

    • marie

      Hi Lori! The link is above. And, I love that song so thanks for the compliment.

  5. Hey there Marie! I am a recent and huge fan! xoxo

    Fantastic advice re the little “if” word. I’ve also observed how sometimes the if word morphs into “I’m sorry YOU feel that way” or “I’m sorry YOU think I offended you.” You replaces the if yet does the same dirty job.

    Thanks for your sparkle and brilliance!

    • marie

      ooh. Good one Carrie!

  6. Maria,

    I learned about apologies as a small business owner. I love your presentation, much better than the source I learned it from! You are so funny and entertaining! Thank you!

  7. Chantal

    Great advice! I also like the comments from Carrie adding the word YOU. I think this personalizes it more and makes it seem more sincere.

    Thanks gals.

    P.S. I’m gonna get one of those bullshit buttons….awesome! 🙂

  8. Yup, yup. Great advice as usual, Marie.

    The toughest part is when they are not cool right away and need some time. That’s when you both find out if you were really sorry or just saying it. Still being sorry after they don’t forgive you right away is hard – but that’s when it really matters.

    • marie

      Yeah. That cool off period can be tough, but often, we all need it!

  9. I’ve really been working at getting my apology words right! And even teaching my children the correct way to do it… the art of doing it sincerely.

    • marie

      Yes. It’s definitely an art worth mastering.

  10. Greg Pizzari

    Outstanding and profound advice, Marie! I am a serial offender when it comes to the “IF” word. It has been something of a struggle to remove it from my apologies, but I am making progress. Thanks for your insight.

    • marie

      Thanks Greg. We all do from time to time. That awareness is really the first step.

  11. Awesome! An honest apology goes a long way.

  12. Thanks Marie for doing what you do, great video!

  13. Lori

    Hi Marie,
    I like this video. I wanted to add the word “but” as another unforgiving word. “If”, “You” and “but” totally shifts personal responsibility and can feel like personal attack words to another person. Thanks for the great and fun video.

  14. Thanks Marie! Boy did I learn this lesson the hard way! I think the word “YOU” is just as bad. Great reminder!

  15. Eye rolling, that would be my daughter! Oh she’s so good at it!

    Marie, you are gorgeous! I miss you and need another Marie weekend!!!!!

  16. Heather

    This is such an important life skill. I thought I was good at apologising but the ‘if’ definitely slipped my watch. Thank you for pointing it out. Another word (which I though you were going to say) is BUT. Oh, man…why bother apologising if you’re going to immediately follow it with something defensive? That’s not an apology that’s an excuse wrapped up to look like an apology and that is worse than just hoping the problem will go away.

    On the occasions where I have upset someone I can usually work out what it was that I said or did and so, I will usually start with that – acknowledging that my comment was thoughtless etc. I have found that on certain people that this approach seems to make it worse. Why is this? Is it the confrontation?

  17. Thats genius Marie! Thanks – I will give the ‘if’ a miss next time!

  18. Marie…excellent advice and counsel. I knew the word was “if” and was screaming my answer to your video (obviously to no avail).

    It is one of the most annoying things to hear anyone say (be it politicians, lovers, friends or foe)…”If I have offended you in any way…blah, blah…”

    Have a great time in South Africa. If my memory serves me well, your “Junior Partner in Crime,” Laura Roeder will be participating in the Sir Richard Branson experience as well.

    May you both gain many valuable insights that you may share.
    Kindest regards,
    John A. Fallone
    President, Biz Dev Consultant & CEO

  19. Hey Marie!

    Ahhh yes… I heard this from you sometime back when I first started following and it has STUCK with me. I am very aware of it every time I am tempted to use that dirty two-letter word in an apology. 😉

  20. Loved it- been passing your link to all of my friends- great reminder for apologies … BTW I spent last week walking around the house blurting out “I’m here” after your last video LOL

  21. Marie,
    Love your spiritual “stuff” and love your saucy, sexy self!

  22. Fabulous. That tiny word makes such an impact in all the wrong ways.
    Your vid style is really inspiring for how natural you make it seem…and how much of you seems to shine through…thank you

  23. As always, great reminders & advice! LOVE, LOVE the BS button! xoxo

  24. Althea Green

    Marie, another inspiring video just when I need it. Thank you so much. I love how natural and easy your videos are. What are the three books behind you? (One I already recognize as Make Every Man Want You <3)

  25. Andrea Hare

    Awesome Marie, this was so tough for me until I really started to love myself. I couldn’t really even go there because it would feel so bad to apologize because underneath I was judging and hating myself for making a mistake. My apologies were those fake ones (Gosh, sorreeee, with the get over it tone of voice). Whew now I can be really sincere because I don’t beat myself up when I make a mistake. It’s so amazing because not only can I say sorry and mean it, but I can really go into what I did and how it affected them and really be there for them while they express their feelings and it feels kinda good. I feel love and compassion for me and them. And the amazing thing is…this kind of deep apology helps them get over it faster! Thanks for letting me share… Love you!

  26. You just keep finding all these fabulous ways to make us happier Marie!

    Thank you so much 🙂

  27. When you’re on the receiving end of a sincere appology, it can mean the difference between mending a relationship (any kind – partner/work/etc) and holding a grudge. Thanks for the reminder that when I hand them out they need to be heart felt and meant. I like your view on taking it further and asking if there is anything you can do. Very cool.

  28. Love this! And I agree completely. Now I think I need to show it to my hubby. 🙂

  29. Marie, I am loving this new segment. It feels soooo right.

    Big fan of how you’re bringing the ‘whole’ into holistic biz (but keeping it real at the same time.

    You’re inspiring, Lady: your work makes my life (and my business) so much better.

  30. Nelia

    Marie your advice is so powerful and so honest. Such a small word can destroy a lot of things. Keep up the good work.

  31. Hi Marie! Fan of yours (via Laura Roeder) for some time.
    Right on– words are powerful! Watching out for certain words (if, and as others have said, but or you) is a good strategy to remember when you’ve just got to apologize.
    I believe refocusing for a moment on how someone outside the situation would see it is another tool to help you remember to boot the “if” out of it. And refocusing also helps you see the good to commend them on, too!
    Thanks for being so authentic for all of us!

  32. Great post…enjoyed it, learned something useful, & feeling inspired. Thank you.

  33. This makes me realise how hard it can be when I know I’ve pissed someone off- because I want them to like me, so I’ll say anything to make it “okay”, but not really a genuine apology. Thanks Marie.

  34. It’s hard to say I’m sorry and to give good apology is not easy.So we should learn both so that we don’t hurt any one.

  35. It’s along the same line as I love you…BUT….
    Let’s get the conditionals out people and accept responsibility for our mistakes. Nothing feels as good as giving and getting a sincere apology.

  36. Lisa M. Kalafut

    Hi Marie! This is awesome! I said sorry…. she’s pissed. So with that I’m giving the space needed! BUT what about the rest of them that think I’m an idiot?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! You did the bigger thing by apologizing so major kudos to you. While we can’t control other’s behavior towards us, we can choose how we react to it. At the end of the day, you can only try to act with compassion, honesty, and integrity and hope others do the same, though it can be hard when we don’t get the support that we’re hoping for. Your message reminded me of another episode of MarieTV that may provide an extra bit of insight and inspiration for you:

  37. Ryan

    Ive relized its all about taking responsibility even if you dont believe it YET. Bite the bullet. Suck it up. Taking it and being a strong person is better then alone and a grieving person. I feel this, and lost my soul mate. Because of “that” horrile stupid thing/trigger that slipped out shoukd never. Its like working out. You have to push pain to see results and your happy and content, you procrastinate your workout youll feel lazy, miss opportunities (like your beach bod), and feel regret… nobody likes regret. Our ancestor perservered thrpugh much worse then a tinder swipe or a stolen car. We should be able to handle a little pain for a stronger and more resistant future. Strive for happiness, but dont let it consume you, its the meth of our brain, an addictive sin. Assume the very best, expect the worst.

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