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Ahh. A brand new, shiny fresh year with loads of possibilities and excitement.

It gets me all fired up.

The world needs the special gift that only you have. Click To Tweet

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a down-n-dirty desire to kick some major ass like never before.

In this video, I’ll tell you exactly what I do to make sure I’m getting started on the right foot and share my unorthodox view on New Year’s resolutions.

It might not be what you expect!

(You’ll also see the weird thing I like to do on my couch.)

Heads up: this is also your first look at our brand new YouTube channel called MarieTV (yippee!!)

This year, more than ever before, is all about doing what I love.

And one of my favorite things to do in business is to create killer content to share with YOU.

So I could not be more thrilled to kick off 2011 with our new video channel!

If you dig it, be sure to like it, share it and subscribe on the YouTube channel too so you never miss an episode.

But for now, leave a comment below and let me know what you’re doing to get the New Year kicked off with a bang.

Any insights on resolutions? Thoughts on our new vids? Let it rip, baby.

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  1. Already subscribed to your channel. Have really been enjoying the new videos. It’s great because your enthusiasm is so infectious it’s catching and that really comes across in the videos! Love the jingle/opening credit thing too, very cool!

  2. LOVE the YouTube channel and so excited for the video content!! It’s also a great way for us to further share your brilliance with the people who need it!

    This video definitely made me LOL! I stopped doing resolutions for the same reason. For this year, I’m choosing to focus on living true to my mission statement. I broke that down into some different areas and goals so now I just need to clear myself some white space, do a little planning and get to it! xo

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about the couch thing! Hilarious! Just LOVING the vids, Marie! 🙂

    And thanks again for answering my question… 😉

  4. Love the video! The picture wasn’t smooth above – I had to go to youtube to see it properly.

    I boiled all my resolutions down to one word this year: action. This is my year to take action. I’m interpreting that widely – from submitting writing to my favorite publication to cleaning out closets. A lot of it is just ploughing through many many ideas, and dropping the ones that don’t work.

  5. Very nice YouTube channel! Thanks for sharing your tips on creating lots of white space and your 2 lens filter when selecting your next project. Dulcita Love @dulcitalove

  6. Love it girl!! You did and said it all perfectly.. as usual. = ) Thank you for your insightful, honest, in-your-face inspirational videos and posts. Your fun sassy “wild thing” nature totally resonates with me. Keep on rockin’!!
    ..just tweeted about you..
    Best wishes in 2011 Marie!!
    Kimi in Santa Barbara

  7. Love the video! and the Q&A Tuesdays- hope you keep that up! Your New Years Resolution tips are right on- setting goals regularly and putting dates to them is key 🙂

  8. Wow! i LOVE all the cool effects your videos have…. I just had to watch this again b/c it put a smile on my face 🙂 Thanks and Happy New Year to you!!

  9. Just loved your vid, Marie! It made me smile.:) I, too, do not do the resolution thing, but I did choose a word as a theme for my year~SIMPLIFY. AND clearing away the clutter is a big first step. I’ve been going at it in all rooms of my home and I am still working on it. I really like the YouTube channel, it is vibrant and super cool. Just like you. xo

  10. Kelsea

    Marie the video (as always) was great and I am psyched to be able to visit your youtube page whenever I need inspiration!!
    Some topics I would love you to speak on would be (as a new entrepreneur) how to schedule your day.. and what to do, when you don’t know what to do.

    Thanks so much!!

  11. Hi Marie. What I really love is your authenticity. You are very natural and call it like it is, with no apologies. This is very refreshing. It’s sits really well well with what I call building a “higher purpose business”. Keep up the great work 🙂

  12. Great post, Marie. I am so excited to start the new year!

    I love your casual, sit on the couch and answer questions style. This is a great way to build connections and share insights.

    Way to involve your community, too.


  13. Jerseylicious

    Marie I love, love love the video. You are so inspirational! Keepem coming!

  14. Mer

    Love, love, love the videos! (Really got a kick out of the Business Nugget, especially). Please keep these coming, and let us know when a new one posts. I don’t want to miss one! Where’s that book for women in business? I think you once said you were thinking about it. Can we look forward to that? I’ll be the first in line!

  15. Susan

    where did you get that fabulous “Marie TV” youtube channel page?

  16. Mona

    Loved the new vid Marie and your dancing reminded me of the good ol’ college days at the Hall 😉 I couldn’t agree more with your tips. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions either. I just try to do better and be better every day. Sometimes I’m super productive and creative and sometimes I’m not. But that’s the ying and yang of life!

  17. Crystal Piper

    I thought your New Years video was great. I loved the added sounds and effects in it. Well Done! Keep up the fantastic work 🙂

    Crystal xx

  18. Monique

    Absolutly efficient! Great to see you informally. I’ll stay connected. Happy 2011.

  19. Ginny

    LOVED the video and channel Marie – perfect timing too! Perfect, thank you!!

  20. Hillary

    Loved the jumping on the couch. Seriously brilliant! Just found this site and hope to be sticking around and reaping some wisdom.

  21. Marie! I was so excited that I watched every video on the channel, one right after the other. Great stuff! {I almost started crying when you said you lost Kuma…no joke…} For the New Year, I am going to continue what I’ve been doing. Each morning when I wonder where to start I have a code I live by: People first. I’ve heard people say to start with the things that will bring in money first, but I can’t live that way. I start the day responding to people, connecting, reaching out, whatever I need to do. I don’t ever want to leave people hanging, whether in business or personally.

  22. Woo Hoo Marie – totally loved it – it was great. The messages, the content, the look & feel was so you and it came across beautifully – felt like you and I were having a chat. Keep going – and teach me how to do something similar! 🙂

  23. HAHA!!! Girl, you crack my shit up! Love the new video post (Happy New Year!) and congrats on the launch of your channel. Can’t wait to see the kick ass content you produce in 2011. Rock ‘n roll! xoxo

  24. Dana

    Like you have with Kris Carr, I have a total girl crush on you! I love, love, love everything. You are once of the most dynamic online presences in the world and everything you do/say/talk about it totally fun, captivating, real, smart, from the heart, super cool. You’re a total IT girl without being all about the “it.”

    You rock, lady! You totally freakin’ rock. I gobble up all of your content and can’t wait to see everything else that you put out there.

  25. Hey there! Loved the vid… always do! Funny enough, I actually was saying my blog for New Year’s how much I dislike resolutions! Two weeks and most of them are gone. I’d rather plan, be smart about it, be successful and NOT make myself feel like crap.
    Love how honest, real and authentic you are. It’s refreshing and makes your blog a must-read for me!

  26. Can we say.. Fire!!! I love love love your bg.. love your energy and I simply love you!! So unique, refreshing and inviting!

    Keep up the great work!

  27. Love the video and watched some others while I was at it. I have subscribed to your channel too. Great work…keep it up lady! 🙂

  28. Hey Marie!!!

    I loved your Youtube channel! I like when people personalize things like that to make it your own, the personalized background gives it that little extra Marie 🙂 Also loved the video (especially the beginning!!) I have also sworn off New Years resolutions! It’s too hype-y for me and most people don’t stick to them. I still have goals for myself but they aren’t ties to the New Year…

    Anyway, loved the video and subscribed to your channel 🙂


  29. Love the video, loving you more and more, and I have a question for you!! You always look so great in the videos, the pictures, everything. It made me wonder. (Okay, this is a little off the wall and not DIRECTLY business related)…. Do you get ready and look glam everyday? Even the days when you are working at home in your rockin’ NYC apt or at the place on the beach and won’t see a soul? <3

  30. I LOVE your Channel branding and your vids are so natural! well, I do have a New Years resolution…I do want to make ton of fun, informational vid in spanish and spanglish! 🙂 LOL! I believe that your channel will inspire me.
    Muchas Gracias!

  31. Hey Marie! Your Channel looks great, already watched several vids & subscribed 🙂

    I like your advice in the New Years vid. I was just thinking earlier today that I need to make a list of all the projects I’ve half-finished and not-quite-started so that I can schedule time to chip away at them. They’re not getting done just sitting there waiting for me to remember them 😉

  32. Congratulations to your new channel!
    Looking forward to getting to know you more through these vids, Marie.
    I’ve subscribed 🙂

  33. LOL!! You really are hilarious, loved the vid and love you Marie!! Keep shinin Sister X

  34. Marie ~ OMG haha that video was great!! You read my mind I am so sick of hearing about New Year’s and making “resolutions”. I am so excited to check out your channel!! Woo Hoo rock it out girl….thank you for sharing your knowledge and brilliance to the masses!! xoxo

  35. I watched many of the videos after linking to the newest one…which gave me just the inspiration I needed after coming out of the holiday fog and acclimating back to regular routine, which was feeling slow and dismal until your vids!

    Two questions on my mind that I would love to hear about on Marie TV…

    1. What is the best wisdom you can offer from your own experience, and the experiences of other successful small business owners around you…for getting over the hump with transitioning from your day job to doing what you love full time. My challenge with this is finding the time, while working full time, to really launch my business to the level I know it could go, if only I HAD more time. I live in the only part of the country where the cost of living is as high as where you live. Marin County in Northern California. My rent is astronomical. I am a workaholic working 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week with both my business and my day job combined currently. It’s beginning to feel insane, but I hold on to hope everyday.

    Because of the cost of living where I am at, giving up more day job hours hurts me financially and I don’t have extra money to hire out help yet to take some of the load off because it all goes to rent.

    I love where I live, but should I just move? My day job pays more in the county I live in so moving means making less money.

    2. I am interested in creating webinars for my business but have not been impressed with gotowebinars pricing arrangement. I feel the jump in cost once you go over 100 people per webinar is a huge discrepancy.

    What are your thoughts on creating webinars? I love the idea and I am more comfortable with that format than video although I do a few vids here and there. Do you typically need to fill more than 100 spots when doing webinars and for how long would a 100 cap sustain most small business’ before needing to take the leap to the next package to accommodate more peps? The jump in price just makes my eyes cross. I work to “think big”, but I want to do what is right financially and not over extend myself. It seems like you could outgrow a 100 cap webinar quickly and that juncture may not put you in a place where that huge price jump is feasible.

    Are there other better options for creating webinars that make better financial sense for a small business?

  36. Hi Marie,

    You Go girl. Loved your video. Entertaining, insightful and wonderfully authentic 🙂
    Look forward to more videos on your YouTube channel as your business and profile grows and grows.
    You are a true online gem – keep all that wisdom comin’ 🙂

  37. Love the ring of “MarieTV!” Thanks as always for your great inspiration. One can never do enough decluttering! 😉 Happy New Year gorgeous! xo

  38. Marie, I loved the vid. Watched it twice, took notes, shared it on facebook. It´s totally inspiring and I will start with walking through the corners. Thank´s so much for sharing your love, your fun, your passion and your skills. Have a great 2011.

  39. Kaori Nishiyama

    Hi, Marie. Thanks for the video. It is funny to know that you do not have new year’s resoluation this year, because I cannot think of new year’s resolution this year either. But I understand I should have something to achieve this year at least vaguely so that I can make it detailed later in this year. I would say I start to use a sawing machine and get familiar to creating clothes by machine.

  40. Cynthia Englett

    I LOVE your videos Marie! Just subscribed to the YouTube channel as well

    You rock it!


  41. aneta

    Thank you very much for actually answering the question. I have to say that I absolutely agree with you and if I had any resolutions (!) I would resolve to apply your advice and put it into practice this year;) But, just like you, I don’t make any resolutions. I was not doing anything of this sort apart maybe from writing down what I would like to do this year without giving it too much thought or breaking it into life-spheres…
    This year I will try to plan, as you suggest, schedule- instead of making resolutions that are too vague for them to happen.
    Once again Marie, thank you for bothering and HAPPY NEW YEAR:)

  42. White Space Rocks!!!!!! At least, I’m pretty sure it does..I can see it all over your vids..I have a sister goddess coming over today to help make some in my home office!
    I’m sure the cream-ideas can rise to the top when all that other shit is out of the way..
    XO for being so awesome, Maria

  43. Naitore

    Great work marie, you have helped me alot. Thank you so much.

  44. Nancy Vincent

    Great idea to do the You Tube videos!! Love the look & content &, as usual, you’re on to a good thing! Thanks for your inspiration to keep moving ahead by clearing out the crap, and making it REAL by scheduling it! That’s MY challenge!


  45. Marianna

    Thanks Marie! You’re so motivating!!! Loved the video!!! = D

  46. Thanks for the video Marie. Enjoy this auspicious year of 2011, the planets are aligning to make this year tops for clearing away old patterns & manifest true authenticity.

    Be Well! Marian

  47. Romke

    Hey Marie, I love the video’s and how real and casual they are. I just started 6 months ago with my veggie catering business (in Holland) and I’m all the classic beginners mistakes :-). You make me laugh at the things I do and 2011 is for getting it (more) right!!! xxR

  48. I love the videos Marie! You have such an infectious spunk. I think it is fantastic that you take time to share yourself with all of us. Keep up the good work beautiful!

  49. Youtube channel looks great! Excited to see more of your videos. I love that you don’t have New Year’s Resolutions – I think they are a waste of time too! 🙂

  50. Hey Girl! Appreciate the ROCKING video!!! I am always down for creating “white space”… I really loved the strategies for what to choose your focus on. I always have so many ideas and that definitely helped!

    Thanks again for the awesome tips! 🙂

  51. I absolutely loved your video. I thought it was hilarious and I think I may have to try that out for my Q&A’s. Keep them coming.

  52. Justyna

    I LOVED IT ! Can’t wait to see more.I am curious… Are you planning to come out with a new workout video?

  53. denise marie

    Well, I LOVED it, too!!! Trying to be original here, but what can I say? Your energy bounced off the screen and landed on everything within a mile range, leaving light and laughs in its wake. Thank you so much for sharing your humor and wisdom. And for the record, you couch jump way better than Tom Cruise!!! Happy 2011 indeed!! Keep sparkling and sharing!!! xx

  54. Marie! You are absolutely hilarious! Love your energy and attitude – fantastic. Danielle Laporte ( intro’d your site and you to me. Love you both – inspiring and entertaining – does it get better. Thanks for all that you are and all that you do. I look forward to hopefully a face to face one day:)

    Happy New Year! (haha, couldn’t resist)

  55. love love love… and so with you on the NY Ressis – they don’t work….

  56. This is so true, problem with new years resolutions is that alot of them are really unrealistic. For me new year is what I always do; I go through my laptop and check on my projects I had the past year, I go through my outlook and see how much % of my time I have given to my personal and family life and what do i need to change. And than I make the project plan for the next year. I like to use a project software (Ok that comes for me with the territory being a professional project manager) I take a look what will be my priority.

    You give some amazing advices here, everybody should listen too.

    Keep it going you are amazing

  57. Great post Marie! I feel the same about setting goals and I am Life Coach as well. I know that I already do the best I can every day and just keep in mind that I want to grow and will be open to all all possibilities and opportunities that always tent to be there. I like choosing my attitudes for the next year. This year, for me it’s Simplifying and being Clear and Bold. Another intention is to put my self out-there and attract ways how to let people know about my business and my Coaching services. Aaaaand its working ( it always does 😉 I have already received 2 offer to do public speaking at 2 amazing events. That’s the kind of manifesting I like. easy and fun!

    I ll be sharing this video on my Blog. Your New site looks amazing! So inspiring. Happy New Year and Thank you for all the inspiration and advice so far.

    Love and light,


  58. Marie, you are so inspirational to me. And, I might add, so darling.
    This is coming from an older, 72, forever young amazing women.
    Thank You,
    Feminine Energy Clearing

  59. I love everything you do! You are an amazing teacher! Thank you, Marie!

  60. Marie thanks for your videos and good vibes. I have a question for you, how I can decide the correct language to develop my business and communication? I am a Spanish native speaker living in Switzerland, I am cristal clear that German language won’t be the official language of my business, but since one year I am struggling between English and Spanish. My heart says english, my fears says Spanish (confort zone). How to became more clear and confident about it?
    With appreciation, Greta

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