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Do you ever feel like everyone in your industry is doing the same thing?

Everyone’s newsletters look the same. Everyone’s websites are starting to look the same. Everybody’s business name has the same “flare.”

Nothing will kill your business faster than being lost in a crowd of sameys. Click To Tweet

Same. Same. Same.

Which leads to a big fat dose of  BORING.

And bored people rarely buy.

They also don’t run out and tell their friends and family about how wonderfully you bored them.

In this video I’ll show you how to market your business with two easy ways make your business stand out from the crowd.

In this video I talk about not looking at your competition.

Just to clarify, in business, it’s really important to know your competitive landscape. You want to know the other players in your industry, their price points, their marketing messages, and how they position themselves.

But the primary reason you want to know all of that stuff is so that you can do things differently.

Whether we realize it or not, many of us unconsciously “copy” things from our competitors if we spend too much time trolling around on their sites.

So while it’s important to know the competition — you also need to stop looking at them at a certain point and go your own way.

Create your own branding.

Strengthen your own voice.

Come up with your own unique ideas.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

What businesses or brands stand out from the crowd in your eyes? Why do they stand out? What exactly do they do differently? How do you market your business?

The more specific you can be, the better. The reason why is this exercise will train you to approach your own marketing in a more strategic and intelligent way.

As always, thank you so much for watching and sharing!

P.S.  If you found this video helpful — please send it on to a friend. After all — it’s free!


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  1. Mer

    Awesome Q&A video today, Marie! Great, down-to-earth advice. Thanks for sharing, and keep it coming!

  2. Great stuff Marie! Thanks for the reinforcing message about “being true to your SELF” …. one can never hear that song too many times.

    • “being true to yourself” is conflicting because it creates a feeling of empowerment..and at the same time vulnerability.

      But honestly, we must take the risk if we want to stand out from the crowd.. and be heard.

      There is only one you.. so be it. 🙂

      darlene 🙂

  3. Linda

    Thank you for this, Marie, it is very inspiring!

    Now that my wheels are turning … I’d best get to work!

    Much love and appreciation for all you do,

  4. I love this! And not just for your challenging dual role as innovator and copycat (Oscar!) but because it’s so true.
    All art is copy.
    There’s nothing wrong with copying and stealing ideas as long as you make them YOURS. And a great way to do that, just like you say, is by going outside your industry/ genre/ incestuous little market. For pete’s sake, if you’re a marketer, don’t use the word “guru” – because everyone else already has. But if you’re a Smurf expert who coaches Smurfs to be better Smurfs, then by all means, call yourself a “The Smurf Guru.” That’s taking it and making it yours.

  5. Great video as usual. You never fail to impress. I always feel like I am swimming in an estrogen ocean here but that’s OK. Hope it’s OK for a “redneck dude” to read and comment.

    • Definitely lots of estrogen flowing around here, but a redneck from North Texas should have no problem handlin’ it!!!

      Great suggestions Marie!!!! (& Laura!!!)

  6. Why does it remind me of Leaves of Grass? LOL. Great vid, thanks a lot!

  7. Hmm how about being witchy? 😉 I’ve brought that fun, playful aspect of myself into my business and it definitely helped me stand out from the crowd.

    I also really like Laura Hollick (just finished watching your interview there!) because she takes her spirituality and artwork and just blows everyone away with it.

    • Marie, Nathalie, Sukie, Alexis, Liz… off the top of my head those are all of you that I know is being interviewed for Soul Art by Laura Hollick! I’m really looking forward to seeing ALL of you sharing.

      Keep these videos coming Marie! Loving ’em.

  8. Erin Ashley

    Loving it!

  9. Awesome advice Marie. Knowing exactly who you are as a person and allowing your most authentic, alive, whole self to shine is a surefire way to be successful not only in business but in life.
    Thanks for always being a rockin’ bad ass example of REAL BEAUTY!

  10. Action Studio from Natalie Peluso & Ashley Sinclair is one of a kind as far as I know. Great content, support & feedback for people needing help coming up with an info product. I’d highly recommend it.

  11. Lidija

    Great video… I put my life values into my business… We can copy but with our special touch and then we can separate from the mass… Love your videos and blogs… xo xo

  12. Brilliant Marie! Great topic, I’ve already seen people “copying” my website, kinda freaked me out a bit. That’s why I follow people like you that guide me to do things my own way. Thank you so much!

  13. Jen

    Ummm, you’re the person who stands out! You, Laura Belgray and Laura Roeder! I adore you all. Thanks again for such great words of inspiration. I know I should just put myself out there (not in a perverted way) but be myself, which includes music, food, my love of cupcakes and any foods that are oddly small in size and cute (like okra), oh and how I’m a complete clutz. I’ve fallen down a flight of stairs in public at a movie theatre (more then once). You gals interested in what I do now? I’m going to start paying more attention to the music biz. Thanks!

  14. I’m loving these Q&A Tuesdays, keep ’em coming!

  15. Thanks for the Fun video, Marie.

    Right you are. I just mixed together my love of food, nutrition, poetry, dorothy of oz, my own healing journey to create Ruby Slipper Health Journeys & Body Poetry Sessions. Thank you, thank you for your truly authentic inspiration at B-School & RHHLive! Blessings! Marian

  16. I am such a newbie to the wild world of marketing…but i saw myself copycatting and I had to stop and say to myself, “Alison….u r not a cheesy cheese ball website person….get it together girl! Pull itself together ma’am!” and then I decided to create my own litmus test: if I wouldn’t frame it and hang it in my home, it will not go on my website. Oh snap! Which means: it better be snazzy. Bc in like pretty things. Phew…what a relief. Now I don’t have really bad photoshop on my website. That was too embarrassing.

  17. Marie-
    Thank you for this perspective. I have been really doing the “modeling” thing for some time, and really looking to my mentor for advice in my own business development. As I become more bold, and more confident in my own services, my sales, and my marketing, I feel that YES- I have so much juice to offer that is uniquely my own. I can take my love for dance into my coaching business! I can unite my sensual nature and tantra tendencies with my business.. may the blending begin!

  18. Robyn C

    Awesome advice

  19. Simple. Effective.

    I helpo clients build brand stories and convey it to the world. It often starts – no matter how big your business is – with what makes you unique, special, have personality? Just like you talked about, bring your personality into it and make it relevant to the value you offer. Just finished reading Linchpin by Seth Godin where it talks about the “dehumanization” of industry and how its now human connections that people crave. So go out there and create a brand, an offering, a personality, a story, that is uniquely you and that helps customers connect to you. That’s the way to stand out and build an irresistible brand – ESPECIALLY for solopreneurs and small businesses – as I talk about in my book, Branding Basics for Small Business.

    Right on!

  20. This is my favorite video so far! I love your copycatting self and your annoyed self who is being copied. I never thought of putting it the way you did in looking outside your industry but it makes great sense. It is also authentic, because you didn’t look to some random industry; you looked to an industry that you are a part of and that means something to you. And that always helps people connect.

  21. Hi Marie,

    Enjoy the tuesday tips. Yes, many people are copying each other! Selling blueprints then preaching about authenticity. I don’t believe any two businesses should do things the same way. It means one of the folks isn’t being true to his or herself. My web site and logo were designed by me. It’s not a canned theme.

    We are taught to conform from an early age – all institutions teach this as their underlying mission. I almost went crazy until I stopped doing that.

    Thanks! Giulietta

  22. Thanks for another great video Marie. I love your style, its an inspiration for all us multi-passionates out there 🙂

    @Alison I love your litmus test!

  23. Timely advice Marie. There are way to many boring ‘sameys’ out there. We all need to bring in more passion and personality – more of ourselves into our business.

  24. Hey Marie!

    Another great Q&A Tuesday! What a great topic. I, too, enjoyed your tips today. 😉

    One person that comes to mind that does this brilliantly (besides YOU, of course… ;)) is Kendall SummerHawk, who I’ve been following for a while now. She runs her business in a way that is so feminine and graceful, which is obviously just how SHE is, as well.

  25. Thank you so much for answering my question Marie!!! Great advice that I will definitely be using in my business!!! xoxo

  26. Hi Marie
    The more I dig deep into this- the being me bit- the better results I get. I’m not all there yet, but thank you for being an inspiration…xxx

  27. Great advice abt. looking to other industries. I was so happy that The King’s Speech came out so beautifully b/c I found it incredibly inspiring as a public speaking coach. When’s your full-length feature coming out? xoxo Laura

  28. Love me some Marie 🙂
    Thanks fab fab Girly!

  29. Great answer Marie! It seems like this is kind of similar to branding, right? You brand your business with something, it could be something personal, but you carry it through to all areas of your business. That way people know you and what you’re about. Anyway, great video!

  30. Loving your Q&A Tuesday videos, Marie … short, sassy, helpful and FUN! Thanks!

  31. Thank you SO much for this video Marie, I absolutely loved and needed it. I’ve been trying to figure out for myself how to blend what seem to be my main areas of focus and passions into my own personal brand and a new business. Just being reminded how well you blend your love for dance, hip hop, business, personal development and marketing into such an amazing experience and brand is so inspiring and helps me to see how I can do that with my own things! I was beginning to feel as if certain pieces and parts were disconnected, but now I see how they can all flow and work together. I’m so inspired and I’m off to infuse that into all that I’m doing!!!

    So much love for you! xo

  32. Thank you for pointing out a very important point Marie. I think it is critical for people to go outside of their discipline for inspiration. Fresh perspective is great. I have had some of the best ideas come from sitting on the back of my husband’s motorcycle riding for hours across Ontario in 2010.
    This is one of my favorite PSA’s for children. I love the boy with the bow! We all have our thing!

  33. Damn girl, who’s doing you’re video editing – hot!?! You’re on FIRE!! 😉
    You know my Goddess Shari is trailblazing in our industry! Her LIVE weekly web TV show is off the hook and moms are logging in from every state (and overseas too!). We have the support of over a dozen amazing national sponsors, too!! No blueprint to follow, just infusing different concepts, thinking out of the box, and figuring it all out as we go… Our community of viewers ROCKS, and they look forward each week to engage with Shari and each other live – it is SO much fun!!! =) It is a POWERFUL way to engage live with your peeps, check it out –

  34. Pat

    Oh Yes Marie, this is actually one of my goals to actually blend my personal faves with my biz, so being a mom, a lover of start treck and hip hop and a goof is probably not a bad thing 🙂 Thanks again for the inspiration.

  35. couldn’t be a more perfect time for me to hear this advice! i’m new to you & totally loving your words of wisdom. Someone going above the bar is my dear gal pal Angela of
    Thanks Marie!!

  36. Cynthia Englett

    Great reminder to bring YOURSELF into your business. It truely is the only way to set yourself apart! You are a perfect example of of how to stand out!


  37. Another great video m’dear. Something that I’ve been practicing is not over-saturating myself with other peoples’ information from the same “space” I play in. I remember when my mom wrote her mother/daughter book people kept sending her books on mothers and daughters and she refused to read them because she wanted to make sure that her material was fresh, original, and uniquely her own. I think there’s tremendous wisdom in this. It also is a great affirmation that each of us is unique, talented, and enough just as we are without needing to do it like anyone else!

    • Oooh Kate! I love this advice…and completely agree– I get shut down quickly when I am too involved in other people who also serve my niche…my creative juices start to get shadowed by comparison and self-doubt.

      But I love immersing myself in other disciplines to get growing, developing and seeing cross connections.

    • Kate!!! I feel better about not reading other organizer’s stuff!!! Your mother is genius! Thanks for sharing that tidbit.

  38. Thanks for the inspiration Marie! You just made me realize that when I cut down on looking at what everyone else is up to I feel so much more creative and clear! But now Laura has kind of made me want to become a Holistic Smurf Coach…

  39. This is great advice Marie! Just wrote about this myself. As long as you are being true to you and letting yourself shine through your business, there is no way that anyone else can match that!

  40. “The worst crime is to be boring.” – Ricky Gervais

    The thing about being outrageous and authentic, is that it challenges people who don’t operate that way. It irks them because it poses the question: where are you disowning your truth? Where are you toning down your voice to make others more comfortable?

    Case in point: Ricky Gervais the other night. I never watch those award shows–because they are boring–but heard about Gervais’ coup so I watched his segment. I’m even more in love with him now.

    Self-actualization in this life is about becoming more of who are are, and expressing our truth in every moment. Since my truth and my essence looks different than everyone else’s, it’s going to be revolutionary, especially if it’s unadulterated.

    It takes guts to go against the grain by being yourself, but there is no greater pleasure. And yes, it attracts your “true fans” and true friends in the process.

  41. Tricia Hurtubise

    Thanks Marie! Enlilghtening as usual!

  42. Marie,

    I love how you mention to bring in your other interests or trainings…I teach online classes to moms who want to lead vibrant, impactful, generous, joyful lives and I pulled from EVERYTHING that I’ve done in the past…my travels, my research, my education, my public speaking…even my training as a trauma counselor…everything can be used to create your unique gift and offering in your life!

    I have also been really well served by Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions in refining for me the essence of what I want my work to “feel” like– She encourages that you identify a handful of words that define how you want to FEEL in your work…and to use those words to help make choices on which direction you should go…

    Mine? Divinely guided, useful, extraordinary, prosperous, and generous…

    Marie– what words would define and encapsulate how you want your work to feel to YOU?

    Love love love your work, always…thanks for giving your gifts to the world!

  43. SUPER love this! Health and fitness can get REALLY samey…and what’s funny is I get people making “suggestions” all the time and they’re usually “I saw this fitness website do this, you should try that.” No gracias.
    Borrowing from other industries and sprinkling some Liz on it though, that’s way more fun (and apparently people like it b/c my newsletters are getting way more opens, clicks and subscribers) HOLLA!

  44. Marie, please publish videos daily! No matter what I am doing, I stop in my tracks when I get an email from you.

    I agree completely with your advice to look for inspiration outside the industry. And the terrific thing is that what works in one industry is usually uber-effective in a new industry, simply because it’s fresh and different. I came from the architecture/engineering/construction industry, and achieved a lot of results for the firm that I worked with simply by using a content marketing and SEO strategy that I learned by studying marketing practices in other industries.

    And I love “Evil Marie’s” faintly British accent!:)

  45. I was just talking to a friend about competition in the life coaching industry. I’m a student life coach and he didn’t want to hurt my feelings or discourage me but he relayed some negative things about life coaching his daughter had said as far as it being “the new thing” and that there was accordingly a lot of competition. I answered that I didn’t look at it as competition:

    It’s more about the relationship you have with the person you’re working with. If you’re fine with just any old service/product provider then it doesn’t matter if you like them, only if they have high quality and low prices. But in a profession like coaching it’s all about the people, I’d say as equally or even more than their skill. Skill can be built; if you don’t like who someone is then that’s that.

    I intend to “stand out” by being unapologetically myself – I learned that from Marie. 🙂

  46. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video Marie!! So spot-on and speaks to some specific points about being unique + authentic in your biz.
    And P.S. thank you for the Prius copycat reference…I totally remember saying the exact same thing the first time I saw the other car…great example!

  47. Brilliant tips Marie I love that you are using more video this year the camera loves you and your connection and message is always awesome. Loved it!
    Cheers Pam

  48. Hey Marie,
    This is so awesome, and you’re awesome. Thanks for making this video.
    This would probably seem like an obvious example (duh) but Frank Kern does and AMAZING job of standing out in the wayyyy over-saturated market of internet marketing.
    He’s totally cooll and totally laid-back and has that ‘lazy-persona’ with all his shenanigans, etc….
    I totally adore Frank and have learned a lot from him. And you. It’s even better to learn from a woman 🙂
    Thanks again Marie!

  49. Jen

    You are a freakin’ hip hop online MOGUL! Love how you bring those two loves of yours together. And you help people too? That’s the shiznat, baby! Thanks for another super relevant answer to our burning questions, Marie. You jam. jen

  50. Samey’s suck! I hope I’m not 1? I do check out what other people are doing but I try to maintain my individuality. I like to think I do a good job!

    Your videos are hilarious btw 🙂

  51. Maree

    Thanks Marie, as always very to the point and relevant. This is just the topic i have been pondering for a few weeks – i am about to launch my first on-line business and it is not like what my market is doing so I have been concerned that it may be too different!! thanks for reminding me to stand out and take the market in a new direction.

  52. THE best tip I’ve received in a looonnnng time Ms. Marie. Seriously. I’ve been considering adding videos to my site for awhile now but have hesitated because I don’t want to be boring.

    Look outside my field for inspiration–bring in my other passions. Yup. Got it.

    Stay tuned.

  53. LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for all you do Marie!!

  54. Great video Marie … I was just thinking about this topic this week while creating my new website – I had to REEEEEAAAALLLLYYY hold myself back from creating the same kind of fluffy/nice website like everyone else in my industry, but from some research that i’ve done, people are resonating with me and I kinda stick out from the crowd — THANX for reaffirming that!!!! You Rock Girl!

  55. Thanks for this Marie! I have had many a samey looking over my shoulder.

  56. You certainly do stand out! Thanks for this video. Great advice!

  57. Kaori

    Hi, Marie. I think Ms. Suzie Orman is a financial advisor who stand out way ahead from her rivals. She priorize customers’ satisfaction over the rest, and always sincere and vibrant. But the reason why I think she stand out is that she let the people know her philosophy “People first, then money, then things” and she uses the philosophy in every aspect of her business. I think that she says who she is and make sure that she practices what she think she should do always. This ensures great quality of her service for customers who like her philosophy.

  58. Tanya

    Love it! Thank you for sharing, Marie. I was just thinking about this today and I found it overwhelming and disheartening to think that I could be just one of the many people trying to do the same thing. Thanks for the tips!

  59. Great message Marie and so important! I was very conscious of injecting my personality into my brand in my health and detox coaching business from the beginning. I used my love of growth, beauty in Nature and dramatic colours, particularly red to inspire the design for my brand< My coaching style is also totally me. I got the qualifications etc but my style is uniquely me and that's why my clients love the way I work…they get me 100% and without bullsh*t!

    Thanks again!

  60. Marco

    Oh, so thaaaaaat’s “why you’re hot”, eh?? You are like the Swami of business advise. I’ve been pondering that question for quite some time now. Thanks a bunch for imparting those pearls of wisdom on me. Great clip, very informative… appreciate that.

  61. Standing out from the crowd is obviously very important. What I find is just as important is connecting to the people that are our potential clients. The people that we WANT to work with and connect with. And I really think that what you said about bringing parts of yourself into your business and websites and marketing is one of the most important ways to help you connect with the right kind of people that you want to work with. You want them to be drawn to you because of who you are, how you work and what you can offer them. Not because of a bunch of smoke and mirrors. And thank god that we’ve all got something unique about us that we can use to not make us a “same-y”. Be inspired by all of life around you, not just your industry. Add to that a healthy helping of who you be and the things that make you fabulous! Great ideas as always Marie! Thank you!

  62. Hi, Marie!

    Really liked this video, although at first it kinda hit me)) and I had no idea what to think about it. I’ve been digesting it for a while and I think I know now)

    It’s really a little intimidating – bringing your personal preferences and interests into your business, ’cause it feels like you get more exposed. But I guess, it’s worth it!

    Thank you, that was really valuable)

    Olga T.

  63. Marie,
    Thanks for another great tip! I launched my website and want to know how to drive traffic to my site so more people share their stories!! any future tips would be greatly appreciated.

  64. Totally loved the video! It’s important that folks not be a knock-off of someone else. Personally I don’t want the fake Rolex being sold on the street corner—I want the real thing. My thinking is the same when I am looking at a coach or some other professional. Copying someone else doesn’t allow you to showcase your own talents, sklls, viewpoints and sheer uniqueness. Bottomline: “Do You.”

  65. Hi Maria

    Great ‘A’ to the ‘Q’.

    My feeling is that a lot of us don’t have the confidence to be ourselves – it takes guts to show the world part of ourselves. You are absolutely right though – being authentic will always top copying someone else!

    Yours in Vitality

  66. Hi Marie! I recently discovered you thru the “Savor the Success” video logs with the sweet Angela and I became your fan instantly. I have been enjoying your posts very much, you are awesome!

    I love today’s post, it’s so important and essential to be unique in this saturated market. I’m in the luxury lingerie business and there are thousands of websites out there selling lingerie. So to keep Bella Bella standing out in the crowd for the past 4 years I have been focused on bringing exclusive lingerie designers from all over the world that you cannot find in department stores. This year we added a new category: Made to Order and Bespoke lingerie. This is a huge trend in Europe and little know yet here in USA. What I’ve learned to success is that the more you offer exclusivity (thru your product or service), the more you are coveted helping you to keep standing out in the crowd. 🙂

    If you have a chance, visite the website:

    Once again keep up the fantastic work you are doing!


  67. matt ellul

    Hey Marie, hey guys. Like it and it makes sense. I am intuitive with this type of thing lately, but thanks for setting it up in my concious attention. I have been plaing Monopoly City with a friend and all he does is take what I figure out to work and plays off big with it, I have a feeling I will kick his butt in the near future all the way 🙂 I also consider people in business who have the mindset to create new things dont illicit peoples trust in thier battle to win, and end up with flocks of people to them and wait for the next improvement.

    Cheers and all the best

  68. Great video. This is the one of the many things I’ve learned in RHH Virtual Mastery. Be yourself. I think sometimes we forget to incorporate ourselves in our biz because we’re scared of being vulnerable. I’ve found that until I actually put myself out there in all of my Shay glory, no one would find me. There are people who need what I have and by not being myself (i.e., bringing what I love into my biz) keeps those people feeling powerless.

    Keep doing whatcha doin’, girlie. 🙂

  69. Love the video and question. Starting out I find it helps to see what I like and what options are out there then finding what brings more of me into the mix. Love how Liz Dennery does it –

    Love this Q&A tuesday it’s super helpful.

  70. Loved it as usual Marie! 🙂 It’s also a lot more rewarding in the long term when you bring your uniqueness to the table and don’t follow the herd. XOXO

  71. Thanks Marie for all you do.
    You so stand out…I’m actually pretty biased now on your behalf.
    I’m amazed at how many “coaches”, massage therapists, makeup artists, etc are out there. The beautiful thing is that when you are really good at what you do, there is no competition really.

    Here’s one of my favorite quotes:
    “The value of a diamond is derived from it’s rarity.
    When you imitate another you murder yourself and thus dead, powerless.”
    – Gerry Spence

  72. Your post/video couldn’t be more timely. We just put this together for our small biz Proud to say I’m a RHHB-school grad.

  73. Marie, I <3 ed this video!!!

    I definitely feel the pain of feeling like you're in an oversaturated market! I took one of your points of advice and have been applying it (and thinking of more ways to apply it) by infusing ME into my business more. After all I'm the one in charge!

    For me I work in that broad huge "handmade" industry, more specifically I crochet, knit, make jewelry, and do some other fine art mediums (like painting and stained glass) so I concentrate on certain styles or color palettes that I really enjoy working with. I also integrate my healing work that falls under my huge big mission of "awareness of the energy you bring into your life" into my art with mindful creation.

  74. Hi Marie, great vid…since I’m relatively new here, it’s nice to have you shine light on some of your earlier stuff.

    Don’t want to be a samey! So, I tried to build my site to reflect a story/theme and not have it look like a typical blog about money behavior transformation. I’m not sure how well that is working in my favor, but I like it!


  75. I advise clients to look at their own personal story going all the way back to their childhood. What did you love doing before you started kindergarten? Did you absolutely adore visiting the flamingos at the zoo, drawing Grimm’s characters for hours and hours, collecting all kinds of colored leaves and stones in the garden, spending time exploring your mother’s make-up and trying on her pumps? This exercise can often trigger emotional q’s that can transfer to images, colors, fonts you can use to create your own personal branding. Also, try listening to some of your favorite songs of all time (going back in history again) and put together your own inspiration board pulling from different eras and cutting up old new and vintage magazines, pulling quotes from your favorite books and poems, or just spending 30 minutes each day pulling images from Pinterest in your own “secret” vision board. And look to your family’s history and heritage. There is so much rich imagery to pull from your own family’s culture that can add to details and inspiration in the look and feel of your online and print presence.

    • I so agree, Laura! I once read that we are our authentic self at the age of 10 or there about, right before we make that leap to the next developmental stage of abstract thinking. Going back and thinking about who I was made me stop and look at my life and make some changes. I love your recommendations for getting in touch with that in ourselves! 🙂

    • Kristin

      What a little gem of a tool! So helpful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  76. Very timely message. I have just recently started marketing and promoting my retail telecom business online and through social media. This discussion is one I have frequently with my employee (who was the former owner). He wants to do the same as the competition, bundle, offer all services. I hold out to focus on one product only, calling overseas, where we have a competitive advantage and not worry what others are doing. I’m going to try to incorporate your advice to see how I can blend in my other passions like tennis (and wine !) Thanks, Marie

    • Awesome Timo and let us know how it goes. Remember, the best marketing comes down to making an EMOTIONAL connection. It’s about bringing more humanity into what we do. Keep it up!

  77. I swear it sounded like you said my name. It freaked me out for a quick second.

    I’ve actually been trying to find ways to create a strong brand for myself and stand out from the crowd. I’m in a rather saturated field where not only are there a lot of really good people, but there are also a crapload of hobbyists and outsourcing companies that will work for nothing. It can be challenging to not only differentiate yourself, but to attract the kinds of people that you actually want to work with, instead of people who think that you’re going to work for peanuts all because they have some million-dollar idea and promise you “more work in the future.”

    I thought that maybe I should “step up my game” and position myself like some bigwig developer, but then I not only feel like a fraud, but I end up attracting projects that are extremely boring and tedious.

    So maybe the “injecting your passions” advice will work for me. Although, I think I unconsciously did this just yesterday. We’ll see how it works out.

  78. Great Advice Thanks !

  79. Marian Knowles

    Hi Marie,
    Your advice works very well. For example, I have worked in a manufacturing industry for most of my work life and I’m now using that experience to bring change to the food industry. It also ties to my passion around the issue of food insecurity in the US. So by looking at analogs from other industries one can really breakthrough.

    Noted your call out for good vibes today; here’s wishing you the best possible outcome in your latest project!

    • Hi Marian — thanks for your good vibes and awesome to hear how you transferred manufacturing experience to the food industry!

  80. Great advice, great timing. I really needed to hear this today as I am working on the copy for my soon to be launched (new all B-Schooled up) web site.
    Thanks Marie.

  81. Good vibes coming your way!

  82. Thanks for the reminder to look OUTSIDE my industry for inspiration. It’s so easy to get stuck looking only at direct “competitors.”

    Oh, and sending you lots of good vibes for manifesting that “little thing.” 🙂

  83. Thanks for the great video today! It’s so easy to do what everyone else is doing, and not so easy to be original, but obviously important. Thanks for the encouragement to keep my work full of my own passion and vision! And good vibes for sure! Can’t wait to hear what’s happening!

  84. Woohoo!! Always happy to send love and intention. Schhhooooop. There it is. Did you get it? 😉 Hope all your dreams come true!

  85. Marie,

    Oh yeah I know just what you mean. Finding your own unique voice and incorporating that into business is sooo easy, in concept.

    I am happy to see the older version video of you because it still shows how you incorporate yourself or show your voice without the “makeup” so to speak.

    I myself am still finding that voice, but trying different things and keeping those that work. Thanks

    • You are so welcome Steve — keep it up and it WILL come together!

  86. This is one of my favorites, probably because it touches on something very relevant to me. I had an epiphany about fear last week that was sparked by my fear to be considered a copycat – just because I found out about someone (a great lady!) launching something very similar to what I’m creating.
    So I decided, to not get sidetracked and scared, to look away and continue working on my project with blinders on 😉

    I also LOVE the advice on putting in what you obsess about. I recently threw in some Ugly Betty references in a post, something that I got GREAT respons on. Suddenly there was a much faster & stronger connection with people who’d read it, because they happened to be big Betty fans as well!

    You rock Marie and inspire me to take on the world! 😉

    • Hey Lina. I’m a big believer that there’s MORE than enough to go around (money, clients, love, happiness).

      Love your Ugly Betty example — sharing a bit more about ourselves allows our audience to find more “connection points” both with us — and folks in our community. It’s a win-win!

  87. Hi Marie,

    Very cute video and absolutely true! I definitely try to stay true to myself from creating and developing my own website, my own customized services and 100% my own experiences to become an expert in my field.

    Thanks for this video!

    • You are so welcome Leslie — thanks for watching 🙂

  88. kristen foster

    i like “copying” acting – made me laugh out loud:)

  89. Thanks for the advice!

    I want to makeover my website and you just gave me a great idea of how I can blend my passions into my business. Of course, I have two strong contenders and will brainstorm and choose the best *one*.

  90. Hi Marie,

    Perfect timing. I’m launching in October and really wanted it to be unique.

    What did I do?
    1-RESEARCH: I looked at companies/businesses I liked and figured out “WHY” I liked them. For example: Lululemon who stand behind their message, their clothes, and people. They are certainly not my competition, but rather a business who sticks to their values and as they grow maintain and preserve their original message. SO, I sat down to figure out my message, a message I want to preserve as I grow.

    2-DEVELOPMENT: I know my strengths therefore I look to exercise those muscles, use them, and stay in shape for the sake of my business. My strengths revolve around leadership, giving, planning, relating, knitting, and playing 😉 SO, I look for other women who can serve as mentors, those who I feel are a great example. I learn FROM them rather than copy them. (I PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES) I take what works for me and continue on my expedition.


  91. A- to the -MEN. I remember seeing this vid a few months ago when I was watching a bunch of stuff on your youtube channel. It still rings true for me and further reinforces my need to be myself in business, and that there really is enough business for everyone. When I first watched it I allowed myself to let my personality come out more in social media and blog posts and I’ve had really positive results. I attract the people who like my style and the people who don’t like me go and find someone else who is more their style- to me that is a win win. 🙂 Authenticity is the new black.

  92. Oldies but goodies! lovely to see how you have evolved but also maintained your essence <3

  93. Marie your awesome! And Hilarious! Love it! Renée

  94. Brilliant Marie~ Thanks for unearthing this one. I needed to hear this today 🙂 I also love how short, too the point and PACKED FULL OF VALUE this video was and is 🙂

    Love, Sarah

  95. Just love, love your stuff 🙂

  96. Awesome tips! Thanks for making this video! I’m just starting out, so while I’ve definitely made some parts unique trying to figure out that full unique vision and making it a reality is just coming bits at a time. 🙂

  97. Melanie

    Side note: Love the casualness of the video. It reminds us that you are not super human (well, maybe a little) and that you also live in a real, unscripted world. An occasional “um” helps us relate to you even a little more than usual. As always, thanks for giving first.

  98. This video is very helpful. I am in the interview process for a management position. I found out that I know people going for the same position which was really discouraging to me at first. From watching the video I now realize I am lucky to know my competition because I can take things a step further so I can stand out. Thanks Marie!

  99. I’ve watched this video several times haha! Can’t get tired of it. I’ve recently revamped my website with more of my personality — brighter pops of color, more joyful copy, super convenient and easy to use. I think my niche is very unique in itself, so already I stand out from the crowd.

  100. Hiya Marie, and thanks for revisiting this topic! I found it super helpful bc, so true, you’d think an industry of artists (bellydancers) would have similarly diverse and unique brands, but there’s a lot of sameyin’ goin’ on!! Even down to the same website copy!! And especially since so much of what I’m about as a dancer & instructor is honoring what makes each of my students radiantly unique – this was great to hear. ‘Cause sometimes I’m scared that I’m too different from what the other ladies got goin’ on… Taking courage and plungiiiiiing!!

  101. Great Timing, as I am creating my brand and uniqueness. At 56, I’m finally figuring out what I want to be when I grow up!! Funny thing is I resonate with your style (maybe it’s a new York thing) so lately, I’m only watching your vids and not your writing because it was clouding my brains own creativity! Aiyiyi it was hard to pull away, but your right, I’m better for it. Ironically, it was my authenticity in the 80’s that helped me break the “boys club” on Wall St. So, thanks for the guidance. My passions are fitness, sports and dancing, so wish me luck.
    Oh, and lots of Great Energy flowing your way for your new projects!
    luv ya, Roe

  102. Thanks Marie, just starting out in my copy writing biz and it’s so stinkin saturated already. Now I know I can put my love of writing plus my love of art together and really have a unique message out of that. Thanks so much, the timing couldn’t have been better! (Ok a little but I know you’re here for me every Tuesday!) thanks Marie 🙂

  103. Thanks, Marie, for this reminder!

    It’s like the blue ocean concept, I definitely want to know what my competition does, but make it so that they can’t compete with me.

    Cool 🙂

  104. Awesome and well-timed, as always!

  105. TinaTheVA

    Nice Marie!….Was I the only one waiting for a Smurf to come out?? 🙂

  106. Love it Marie!

    While I realize that in my niche I’m not exactly reinventing the wheel, I do want to do things differently and find that (exactly as you said) if I spend too much time looking at my competitors I have this nagging urge to copy or follow. I see competitors more as potential partners so I definitely don’t want to be exactly the same!


  107. Thank Marie! Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how can I use my personality and who I am as a person to really make my health/wellness/life coaching business stand out. The more I am ‘me’ the more I attract those that need my services. Whenever I am trying to be someone else it’s almost like a bug repellent and I hear crickets from all the quiet 😉
    Just be yourself, find what you love and figure out how you can do more of that in your business and you will have a totally authentic biz.

  108. I LOVE TO DANCE! At night I move my furniture and rock out for an hour on my canvas rug! So I’m seeing dancers, music, maybe my feet? Thinking of something fun, thing is not many people do what I do and so it’s hard to stand out from the tiny crowd but I DO stand out, maybe dance out! Thanks for the fun and the inspiration, Tuesdays are such fun days because of YOU! Love, laurel

  109. Nikko

    I am a visual artist and I am always looking at other people’s art and their different styles. To be a great artist even being ostracized from society at varying intervals, you have to eventually receive an emotional catharsis from going to see the art of others. Even writers will go to a cafe and use a gorilla style writing techniques to expand and innovate their writing. The reality is that when your a change agent, it is a compliment to have a copycat. I’m not saying to be okay with it, but it happens to me all the time. There’s a multitude of special things that you will bring to the table.

    You will think of something different in a different way or even realize that your style is too cliche.`

  110. I TOTALLY think we need to bring our own spin to everything that we do. I left everything in corporate America to live on a rural farm in Arkansas – crazy! It was the BEST thing that happened to me – Hello Simplicity Meets Kick Ass Business Consulting for Small Biz/Small Town

    As for who is doing it right: Andrea Scher from and Leo Babauta from

    Good stuff!

  111. Ah !!! Finally somebody who has understood everything !! :-))
    I appreciate this big permission to be fully ourselves in our business ! it is THE key !!!
    Marie you helped me today to remember that I was not smurf-addict but Dragonball-Z addict when I was young 🙂 I am sure i can find the way to add that in my website 🙂
    And also I was crazy about about the series “Out of this world” with Maureen Flannigan who had the magical power to stop time !
    I will find a way to reconnect with these parts of myself via my business for sure 🙂 and will look for some other of my specificities…
    Much Love divine women
    Amandine from Paris 🙂

  112. Sheena

    I love it! You are always on point and inspire many. Also, I like that you always add some humor to your videos. You make me laugh! Thank you for always sharing a piece of you and your natural wisdom. You go girl!

  113. Ms Tui

    Classic Marie Forleo! I gained a lot from this short msg, and I’ve already identified ways in which I can meld my passions with my business easily in order to stand out from the crowd. One of my services in Aotearoa/NZ is to assess computer users on how to work more ergonomically correct in a way to alleviate any stress while at the workstation. I also love styling (my friends/family) and assisting my peeps to look good and I think it’s actually another service I can add to what I already do. A quick 10min styling talk could enhance my clients look and their workspace. I’m excited, thanks a bunch.

  114. I have to say Marie, that one of my favorite things about this ‘retro August’ you have done is seeing your past looks, your past sets and so forth…and recognizing how far you’ve come. It’s just about as fun as watching you dance at the end of the videos nowadays.

  115. Amazing video. As a nutrition and soon to be fitness coach Its so great to know I can infuse some other things in my business that don’t necessarily have to scream food and working out. There are so many other industries that inspire me! Thanks Marie. What an aha moment!

  116. Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks for the advice and please never stop doing what you’re doing. It’s too awesome not to share it with the rest of the world 🙂

  117. This was a good one. Thanks for dusting off the archives~ I really enjoyed this episode.

  118. Great Great Q&A!! I’m so glad you featured this in the Summertime Special. Being a photographer I am in a huge copy-cat industry! I have definitely been guilty of trying to be someone else, but I have learned with time that I am enough.

  119. Connezer

    Marie, all I have to say is….”You are Da Bomb Girl”. I am completely addicted to MarieTV. The tools you provide are tremendously valuable & just what this girl needs to move forward with my business and personal growth. Keep doin’ whatcha doin’!!

  120. Thank you for this one, Marie
    You’re spot on of course.
    I’m finding it’s a somewhat long journey to be able to communicate what it is that makes me stand out.
    But it’s a very interesting and well worth it journey.
    One you starting me on when I joined b-school last year.
    Thank you!

  121. Ash Ambirge is THE stand out girl in my eyes. She gives me full permission (someone who doesn’t often need permission) to be all out ME in my business… and it has served me well! Most of my clients come because they say something about me stood out… maybe the neon green on my website? haha who knows 🙂 But it seems to be working!

  122. Love these early videos, Marie. So good to see your trajectory.

    Who stands out from the crowd? You, obviously! Kris Carr is another who springs to mind. And Byron Katie. What are you all doing right? Of course you are authentic. You are all obviously enlivened by your work, and passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

    You also each have refined messages, which are profound and compelling in their clarity. I think it takes a lot of careful consideration, experience, practical application, experimenting, and re-working to come up with this kind of message. And when someone copycats, they just skim the surface layer. Ultimately, people can tell.

  123. I am a psychic psychotherapist specializing in break-ups and dating & relationship 101. These are paradoxical modalities that when blended together create massive transformation for my clients. But some people are turned off by the psychic thing. So how do I blend & not offend???

  124. Marie you always know what to say, even in your earlier videos. When I first created my website, and was trying to figure out my niche, all I did was look at everyone’s else’s website. I was worried about doing it all wrong, but the reality is if I put my own personality into it, I will attract the right customers. I want customers that will get along with myself and my style, so being myself is highly important.

  125. Great topic and an invaluable message. Thanks Marie, you are adorably authentic!!

    A clear example of a brand that stands our from the crowd is Apple. What distinguishes them is not WHAT they do but WHY they do it. They weren’t the only smart guys in the business nor was it their ability to think differently about personal computers. What has made Apple special is that they’ve been able to repeat the pattern over and over and over. Unlike any of their competitors, Apple has successfully challenged conventional thinking within the computer industry, the small electronics industry, the music industry, the mobile phone industry and the broader entertainment industry. Their products give life to their cause and everything they do works to demonstrate their WHY, to challenge the status quo.

    Knowing your “WHY” will help refine your strategy, branding, marketing, products and services. It will help you to differentiate your business and rise above the competition.

  126. Loved the Kris Carr interview. Would love more clarity on what she meant by “I can only metabolize three things a day” re: her scheduling and not getting spread too thin. – Sandy

  127. This was Sooooooo useful! My daughter has been saying to me, “Mom stop looking at what everyone else is doing!? BE YOU!

    So true! Thanks Marie. Loved this.


  128. Originality is harder and more challenging but it does make you stand out. Thanks for the post.

  129. Marketing Ideas
    1. Buy the book Guerrilla Marketing
    2. Visit 10 Hair styles places and give then samples to share with customers
    3. Talk with 10 Taxis drivers of your area and give then samples for their customers with your info

  130. Loving the latest “love your branding” segment. Did a search for more and it seems as though this post is missing your video embed. Would love to be able to see this episode – based on the comments it was really helpful to people!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Alaina, thank you for stopping by and checking out some of our other posts! I double checked this episode and it looks like the video is embedded properly on our end and it’s playing for me (yay!), so you might like to refresh the page or try checking it out in another browser in case your browser is being finicky.

      If you’re still running into any trouble, feel free to drop us a line at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to help!

  131. Amazing advice! Thank you, Marie!

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