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Oooooh wee!

Choosing a winner for this contest was harder than I could have EVER imagined.

I’ve watched every video and read every comment.

Bottom line?  You rock rock rock my socks off.  Your creativity, heart and courage has inspired me more than you’ll ever know.

I can not thank you enough.

Click on the video below to see our Rich Happy & Hot LIVE grand prize winner.

Make sure you watch till the end – there’s a little celebrity guest appearance (two actually).

Again, while EVERY entry was awesome, below is the list of women I mention in the video ;).

Andrea AyersCaitlin PadgettApril BowelsGenna McWhinnieAlison HummelAlicia RittenhouseSally HopeStephanize ZamoraLiz LongacreHannah MarcottiDjanira CortesaoNichole Kellerman.

And for everyone who entered, watch your email over the next few days for that other thing I mentioned in the video.

Anything you want to share about something you took away from participating? A hell yeah or two?  Leave a comment and give a shout out to yourself and our winner!

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  1. Pat

    THis is great congrats ladies!

  2. Pat

    Marie you are so freakin’ awesome! I did not win but I will surely be there, can’t wait to meet you all and have a blast!

  3. OMG….I am all teary for these women. Thanks Marie for all your generosity:)

    See you all in NYC!!!


  4. Congrats Natalie! Awesome job!
    AND to ALL you aawesome courageous get-it-on women!!
    Inspiring and motivating for sure

  5. Totally awesome, ladies!!! CONGRATS! 😀

  6. Way to go Natalie! Awesome dancin’ btw…have fun and be sure to take your dancin’ shoes… 🙂

  7. wow! that is super cool and generous! congrats ladies! excited to meet you all!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Kettle Cuisine Winners! =-.

  8. Whoot Whoot Whoot!!!!!!! I am OVER the FRICKIN moon at this news! Marie, you rock the party!!

    I’m booking flights+hotel today!!!!

    I may just squeeeeeee for the rest of the day!!!

    Marie, your generosity is just marvelous, so looking forward to meeting you in person!
    Genna xxx
    .-= Genna´s last blog ..Art work still available for auction =-.

  9. Cynthia


    Too Cute!

    Have the best rockin’ time at the conference!

  10. Hoooooooooolllllyyy ************….I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS, THIS IS SOOO AMAZING!!! My heart is beating out of my chest, this is so …….oh, i already said that! LOL. WOW, thanks so much Marie, I am MORE then grateful for this opportunity. SEE YOU IN NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NEEEEEEWWWWW YOOOOORK! AAHHHHHHHHHH, dance party time!

  11. YAY Nathalie – great dancing !!!

    And congrats to EVERYONE who entered – you’re all winners 😉


  12. OMG! This is SO incredible, thank you SO much!!!

    Funny story… I was introduced to someone who was coming to Toronto the same week-end as RHH Live who wanted to meet up… but I told her I wouldn’t be in town that week-end. It’s like I knew I was going to be at RHH Live one way or another. 😉

    Thank you thank you thank you! *squeel*

    • Yes, Natalie- you so deserve it. I am SOOOO happy for you.

    • Congratulations Nathalie!!! Great work, great job 🙂 Rock it sister!

    • CONGRATS! Can’t wait to meet you in NYC at the event.

    • Congrats Nathalie!!! So hope to meet you at RHH!! I’m also a ‘veggin’ biz owner (I’m vegan!)! Would love to hear more about how you got into raw foods!

      • CONGRATS NATHALIE!!! Same as Liz, I’m also vegan and very interested in learning more about raw foods. Can’t wait to meet you!!

        • Nathalie, so so happy for you and just delighted that we will be able to meet. Enjoy the limo!

  13. Linda Allen

    Wow! Congrats Natalie and all the participants. I just came across this website a few hours before contest expired. I can’t wait to hear and see more! I am a hip hop junkie and love this! I will be putting dance and hip hop music into my videos too! It’s just too inspiring to me! yah!

  14. WOO HOO! Congratulations women! Thank you, Marie, for this amazing contest, I loved watching everyone’s videos and seeing all the good that is being created in this world. Such inspiration!

  15. Having trouble breathing….

    sorta hyperventilating…..

    deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths….

    Thank you so much Marie….this is an amazing opportunity and I’m so excited to be a part of it 🙂

    I can’t wait to meet you in New York!!!! I can’t believe I just said that!!!!

    deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths….
    .-= April Bowles´s last blog ..50 Art Journal Prompts =-.

    • I AM WITH YA GIRL!!!! Add crying to that too. So happy.

    • Exactly how I felt!!! Was totally flipping out. Thank goodness my only office mate is my dog 😉 Can’t wait to meet you ladies!!!

  16. congratulations everyone!

  17. CONGRATS to everyone. We are ALL winners!! And BIG congrats to Natalie.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this opportunity!! You were so right about stepping up our game, I know I have already.

    XOXOXO Congrats again everyone. I can’t wait to meet everyone in NYC!!! Especially you Marie!

  18. Alma Ines

    SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!! I’m totally stoked for NATALIE and my buddy NICHOLE!!! WOOT WOOT!! OMG, and the part with the fam busting out some moves at the end, divine! Can’t wait for NEW YORK and another place to put some exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to ya’ll and congrats to everyone that entered and stretched themselves.


  19. Congrats all you lucky fab winners! It was fun to just participate!

  20. Nadene

    How awesome is this! Congrats to Natalie & the 12! Have a great time in NYC!
    We are ALL winners as we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and realized what truly makes us tick! Thanks Marie for giving us the opportunity and for the “book’! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!

  21. You and Josh are too fucking cute. I can’t get over it.

    Congrats to all the ladies! You rock SO HARD.

  22. Congrats to all the Winners! Inspiration overload!!


  23. You are beyond amazing, Marie! Congrats to the winners and everyone that entered the contest!!
    .-= Vickie´s last blog ..The Courage to Jump =-.

  24. Wow, you all rock! So happy for everyone who participated in this fun contest, and thrilled for all of us winners 😉 !!!!

    Good stuff Marie!
    ~ Tina

  25. Marie- You win! Your video was awesome- suspense, funny commentary along the bottom and family hiphop moment. Right on. I am so excited for everyone!!

  26. Natalie, Congratulations for the grand prize win and congrats to the 12 other lovely ladies who won free tix! Awesome job, all of you!

    Enjoy your trip, I know you’ll get so much out of RHH Live, wish I could be there with you.
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..To the abyss- never to be heard from… =-.

  27. Natalie, Congrats! Enjoy the VIP treatment. And great job everyone for sharing! Keep rocking and doing what you love! xoxo


  28. Cristy N

    Congrats to everyone!! Wow what an inspiring group of women – have fun in NY!!

  29. This was all so fun and exciting! I am thrilled for the winners and for the rest of us who, like Marie said, now have a little fire lit under our butts to keep up moving eagerly and fearlessly in the right direction.

    Can’t wait to have you on my iPod Marie. Thank you! And if I am able to will ticket money for the event to come into my life, I’ll see y’all there!


  30. WOW Marie,

    Really thanks for that generosity!!! :D… And thanks for being such an inspiration for everyone!

    Everyone rocks here!

  31. Congrats winners & Thank you Marie!!! I ‘m feelin the love all the way from here!!!

  32. Marie – I am such a fan of you and B School! You are over the moon generous and the fact that you invited all the women is just amazing. Congratulations you winners! I love this.

  33. I loved watching the contest unfold, Marie–it was so exciting seeing what people created for their entries. I was tempted to enter even though I’m already committed elsewhere for those dates just because I wanted to participate…. Or, so I thought–hearing you talk about your ulterior motives in creating the contest I realized that *that* was why I was so tempted. Because, even though I can’t be in New York for RHH Live, that being seen and being creative and getting in and staying in motion are such powerful and alluring parts of business. Thank you!

  34. Congrats Nathalie! I tried to comment on your youtube vid a few times, no dice. Have a fantastic time at RHH!

  35. Natalie, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Marie, thanks so much for this. I am so excited to see you in NYC! OMG, it’s gonna be an amazing time. Looking forward to meeting all of you ladies!

  36. Melody

    Nathalie!!! Congrats. I had you at the top two!!!!!

    I can’t actually view the video from my phone, but can’t wait to get to a computer to see it.

    From the other comments it sounds like a party is going on in NY!!!

    Marie, have a fabulous day!

  37. And HUGE congrats to everyone else too, just got to that part in the video 😀 That’s totally fantastic of you, Marie!

  38. Congratulations to everyone and Natalie!

    I can’t see the video from my computer at work or my blackberry :(, but it’s the first thing I’m going to watch when I get back home!

    All Love,


  39. ElusiveRick

    Howdy Marie, blokes are learning from you too, even old farters like me !

  40. SOO exciting! Congrats, everyone! Loved the celeb dancers at the end. 🙂

  41. stephanie*


  42. This has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had with online community and business. It has taught me so many lessons about myself I can’t even begin to express them.

    It forced me to engage in so many different different levels that I was not used to working within. I absolutely agree Marie, if we stepped into our businesses or even our lives with this great big desire, holy cow! World shifting!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! Those of you that received the RHH Live gifts, but really to all the INCREDIBLE women that offered the best of themselves. That was the big winner, at least for me, getting to vibe with tons of passionate like hearted like minded individuals. I’ve shifted just stepping into it 🙂

    Thank you Marie for lighting the fire under our bums 😉 and thanks for sharing your book! I’m so psyched to have it in audio! My most favorite way to consume media 🙂

    LOVE to you ALL! and congratulations again to the winners, you SO deserve it!

  43. Merryn Ironmonger

    Congratulations to all!!!! It was such a great experience to participate, and yes, to feel others support for my business plans – can’t make it to NY this time, but perhaps Marie, you would consider RH&H Live in LONDON????
    (secretly very pleased that someone else ‘raw’ won!!!)

  44. Thank you so much Marie – I am SO EXCITED! I’ve been dancing around the room with my bewildered cat 🙂

    I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful gals that I know will be there 🙂


    Djanira xx
    PS also incredibly inspired to do more videos – this was my first attempt and seems to have come out okay…


    I have been anxiously awaiting news – it’s 11pm over here and I couldn’t get online, so I trekked to the nearest place with internet and then had to wait for the video to download for what felt like an eternity! I saw my name but didn’t know what it meant…
    Thank you thank you thank you!! Ahkun JRARN (thank you so much in Khmer).
    I will be traveling from Cambodia to NYC for RHH LIVE!!
    Congrats Nathalie and to the other winners, and yes, to all the women who courageously put themselves out there – I can’t wait till I’m somewhere with a better internet connection so I can actually download all the videos!! I’ve read through all the written submissions – powerful stuff.
    As one of my friends and mentors says “Emotionally brilliant women will change the world!” (dara mckinley, These submissions examples of this emotionality in action.
    See you soon!!

    • OH – Now that my pounding heart has calmed a bit – now onto the practicalities.
      I would love to stay close to the event so that I can be close to the action and not spend too much of my precious time in taxis. I am also on a super budget. I am willing to share a hotel room with another RHH participant, sleep on someone’s spare bed/sofa/yoga mat/floor or any other suggestions?

      • Freea

        There is a website directory I believe it is. Usually quality people, who are offering a room or couch for guest and world travelers… my friends have done it who travel a lot without an weird experiences. It might be worth looking into. but do be cautious.

  46. Congrats everyone!! In turn for Marie totally torturing us with anticipation, we managed to completely knock her socks off. 🙂

  47. PUMPED! thank you Marie for the F-R-E-E book! and one big holla to all the lucky ladies

  48. YAY!!! Congratulations to all the winners! That is so exciting! Now I’m slapping myself for not sending in an entry because I would love to have Marie in my ears reading her book : )

    Absolutely LOVE the dance break at the end — what a precious puppy! Marie, you are too cute! I love that you’re spreading all this goodness in the world. You’re right up there with Oprah in my book.


    P.S. I am getting SO much out of B-school and I’m sad that next week is the last week, but I’m so unbelievably excited to use everything you and Laura have taught me and make you both proud! Seriously, I have been in school most of my life, and B-School was the best course I’ve ever taken. Hands down.

  49. Sally Hope

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! (Me jumping up and down). I am SO thankful and so appreciative. Marie, fellow participants, supporters, you guys ROCK MY WORLD! I feel lucky to be in a group with such inspiring and supportive women (all ya’ll) and I just can’t wait to meet some of you. THANK YOU for this opportunity!


  50. Freea

    WOW…How AMAZING and INSPIRING! I am teary eyed too watching all of these rad gals put themselves out there in such a BIG BIG way. So touching I just can’t tell you!

    Thank you Marie for putting such greatness out into the community and the world at large…You are amazing…and such a GREAT coach and cheerleader for ALL of us! I LOVE YOU!

    I LOVE all the women of this incredible community! Here’s to melting away fear and living Rich, Hot and Happy! Go tell it on the Mountain girls! Kick some booty and take some names!

    I am currently doing Rich, Hot and Happy B-School online with Marie and Laura Roeder and if it is offered again, jump on board ladies. It is the BEST of the best. Very comprehensive and of course Marie and Laura deliver it all with such style!

  51. YAY! Congrats, everybody!!!

  52. I’M IN SHOCK. 12 is my lucky number as as sidenote.

    HELLO! marie….and everyone else who is a part of this…im crying. i know i know im a sap…but i just am so freaking happy. you are inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. To the winners, have a wonderful time in NYC!

    .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog ..It’s okay =-.

  54. Hi Marie,

    Just wanted to say You Rock and you made me laugh today! Being a hip-hop girl myself, I absolutely love your videos- so much fun! I won’t be attending RHH Live, not the right timing for me. I’ve been rolling with Ali Brown MPC crowd and finished up working with a few biz coaches, now it’s time to implement all that good stuff as I’ve recently launched a new business. I do hope that one day our paths cross. I feel like it’s bound to happen, you just keep popping up in the same circles. From Ali Brown, to Kate Northrup (I’m a Team Northrup member), to Rodney Yee (never met him but am a fan and devoted to his AM yoga DVD), to Mama Gena fan, to Hip-Hop to living in NYC to using Jamie Varon for website customizations-it’s craziness! Well, here’s hoping that my current business brings in the cash and that you will continue business coaching for the next few years. Wishing you much success at your event!
    .-= Annette Varoli´s last blog ..Resource- Clothing That’s Sassy- Stylish AND Age-Appropriate for Tweens! =-.

  55. SOooooo excited congrats everyone! I am sooo going to try to be there! I loveee this contest and you are sooo right its the fear I gave myself a kick in the culito challenge to start doing videos and making vlogs and spreading my love to ignite others, I have been holding back that part of me for too long and this sooo reminded me that we all are waiting for everyone to shine their light it just helps us to shine our own. I love love love what you have done such an inspiration!

    <3thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Oh and big congrats to all the inspiring winners!
    And to the grand prize winner, you work it girl! Love your moves 🙂
    .-= Annette Varoli´s last blog ..Resource- Clothing That’s Sassy- Stylish AND Age-Appropriate for Tweens! =-.

  57. Congrats to all the winners! So excited to meet y’all in NYC next month!!!

  58. Cynthia Englett

    OMG, congrats to all the WINNERS! Thank you Marie for always being such an awesome inspiration!



    Everyone is a WINNER ~ keep the love flowin’, and thanks Marie for supporting all of us!!!

    More soon!

  60. Andrea

    Congratulations to Natalie and ALL the contest winners and ALL the “WINNERS” who participated (that’s ev-er-y-bo-day!) and thank you Marie for how much fun this was. Grrrreat time. And… thank you Marie for the audio book. What a gift! – Andrea

  61. Karen Armstrong

    CONGRATS NATHALIE!!! And to the lucky 12!!

    Marie, *love* the celeb appearances at the end…

  62. Oh, as a side note 😉 if for any reason one of the twelve cannot make it, I live just outside the city, and could fill their spot – if you agree, Marie 😉

    I am sure many would like to do the same 😉

  63. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously clicked on my name like five times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things!!!

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! I WILL make this happen. I can’t wait to be there!!!! 😀

    Alison, I am pretty sure I will be crying too once I stop DANCING AROUND IN EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  64. Yay!!! I knew it, knew it, knew it. Loved Nathalie’s video. I kept telling my hubby she was going to win 🙂 I’ve followed her work for a while and think she’s great.

    I’m beyond SUPER excited for my client Djanira Cortesao. She does amazing work, has such a strong desire to help people, and she totally deserves this!

    And I was really inspired by Caitlin Padgett’s video. She’s doing important work in the world. Can’t wait to watch her consulting career develop.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Love you all ((hugs))

    I’m not just being sappy when I say I don’t feel like I lost. Recording and posting that crazy video is something I “never” would have done, but I’m glad I did it. (boooo to myself for not playing the game full out w/social media)

    Oh… and WOO HOO about getting a copy of your book! I was just explaining to a friend last night that it’s supposed to be about more than dating and I was thinking about getting it. THANK YOU 🙂

  65. I’m so happy I’m not sure how I’m going to focus on anything today!! THANK YOU THANK YOU MARIE – a hundred times over!!!! I actually happy cried today!! Can’t remember the last time I did that!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to meet all of you amazing women!!!

  66. Congratulations, beautiful winners! And to you, Marie, for your generosity and your AWESOME moves! 😉

    xoxo to y’all!

  67. Jenn Morgan

    Congratulations ladies!

    I admire you! Thank you for your consistent encouragement.


  68. Olga

    I love it!

  69. Congrats everyone!!! Those were phenomenal entries!!
    .-= Corinne´s last blog ..Meditation time what is stopping you =-.

  70. Big Congrats to all the wonderful ladies! Also keep up the great work to all those of us who paricipated:)

    It’s only the beginnning!

    xo Amanda

  71. America Montanez

    Congrats to all! What an awesome contest 😀 Have a wonderful time in NYC!

  72. Sally Hope

    P.s. In my video I said that if I won I’d be offering one FREE month of coaching to someone, and in light on Marie’s generous offer, I will now be offering a FREE month of coaching to THREE people (YAYYY!). So all you ladies out there…if you want it, write me an email stating why you’d love to get coaching and I’ll pick my three peeps within a week. Write me at [email protected].


  73. Congrats everyone… love this video and the abundance of giving. See you all there. 🙂

  74. You ROCK Marie. the generosity is astounding and beautiful. And watching you and Josh and Kuma dancing at the end made my night. Love it!

  75. Julie Downey

    Yay! I finally got to watch the video! So excited for everyone who got a ticket, you guys are AWESOME!

    And thank you Marie, for your generosity and the wonderful audio book, I can’t wait!


  76. So full of gratitude and appreciation and joy and awe and manifesting and pure excitement of moving forward into this challenge.

    The contest has already been a gift in itself to me as it offered me a chance to get very clear on my dreams, where I am, what is holding me back.

    Most of all, the connection with all of YOU.AMAZING.WOMEN.
    I wanted to open my heart and drink in every bit of inspiration and motivation that you all gave, and I received more than I could have imagined. This is the beginning of an amazing journey.

    For all of you that I have been able to connect with, your passion is beautiful and I am so excited to share our businesses together.

    Thank you Marie, thank you Universe, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  77. Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

    First of all, congratulations to ALL the winners! You all deserve it immensely!!!! Muah! XOXOXOXOX!

    Second, I have something I want to share with all of you. Before this contest was even offered, I put out into the universe that it would be awesome if Marie would see fit to offer a very well discounted or free trip to RHH Live. As we all know, that wish came true shortly thereafter.

    Once I posted my video, I then began viewing all the entries and I was absolutely ASTOUNDED!!! I was completely overwhelmed at how phenomenal and creative all them were. I immediate put another wish out into the universe. Because there sooooooo many absolutely superb contest entries, I said out loud to God, “Please put it in Marie’s heart to extend this invitation to more than just one contestant.”

    And low and behold, I see that wish was granted!!!

    Although I wasn’t chosen, I’m soooo full of gratitude that you all have been selected to take advantage of such an extraordinary experience. I would love more than anything to be able to join you but since I was laid off recently, my current financial situation won’t allow me to purchase a ticket. However, I haven’t given up! Anything can happen between now and November 12. When I first heard of this contest I called and booked a plane ticket to NYC using some frequent flier miles that I forgot I had. I booked the ticket b/c there is limited availability with frequent flier programs, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose out. If all else fails I can always pay a $75 fee to change the ticket. However, I’m putting out there once again that I won’t have to. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies. I love you guys dearly!!!!


    • Nozipo, I think the fact that you booked your ticket already is a sign! I’m sending you good vibes that somehow it will happen! I know I told you already but I LOVED your video!!! It was awesome!!

    • Hey Nozipo,

      I am so inspired by your initiative. Although I didn’t win either (or at least win a ticket – we are all winners) I would love to support you in going. I think it is amazing that you bought a ticket and held that kind of faith. If a whole bunch of us contributed some money to your going you could be there.

      I would give you $30. It may not seem like a lot but it’s what I can afford right now.

      Anyone else?
      .-= Daphne´s last blog ..Why Am I Losing More Joy Than Weight =-.

  78. Yay! Congratulations to all of the winners!!!! So many inspiring, powerful women! I loved being apart of this process and this community of such powerhouses! Woo-hooo!!!!!

    I have to admit that I was a little sad this morning not to be one of the official winners–but probably for only 30 minutes or so. I actually LOVE the words and images that I associate with being “rich, happy, and hot” and I know that THAT is my true vision, and in expanded definitions of the terms, my beautiful present life.

    I loved this opportunity of putting myself out there even more than I already do–and to see some of my mental clutter/fear/stories that are ready to be shed to allow myself to teach and shine even more brightly! Thanks for the beautiful words of inspiration in your video Marie! You are so beautiful!

    And Caitlin–I can’t find your post you wrote this morning…but can you do/be/have both?

    Sending you all so much love!!!! Theresa

  79. MARIE!!

    I LOVE YOU!! That’s AWESOME that you gave thirteen FREE tix away!! Remembering what my experience was like last year at RHH Live (truly life changing!!), I am BEYOND stoked for these thirteen gals to attend and see ya in all your glory.

    Can’t wait to meet all the WINNERS!!

    Major CONGRATS to everyone!!


  80. Congrats to everyone being a winner! It was definitely a growing experience and finding a wonderful community. Especially congrats to Natalie and the 12! Wow how awesome an audio book! Love it! You are truly awesome Marie! I LOVE the hip hopping cute.
    Have fun in NY everyone. I won’t be able to make it this time.

  81. Nathalie!!!! Yah!!!!! Wow! I’m so happy for you!!! Congrats, girlie! Awesome work to all the ladies that participated!
    .-= Shay´s last blog ..The Devil made me do it and other reasons why you do very bad things =-.

  82. Jen

    Congrats to all the winners for awesome entries and all the risk taking kick butt ladies who even bothered to enter this contest. Marie, your inspiration and love for us all really rocks!
    Love the way you pulled our turtle heads outta the shells!

  83. Congrats to all of the winners!! So excited for you guys!!

    Marie thanks for such an amazing contest and being so generous you are amazing!! And especially loved the end of the video so awesome!! xoxo

  84. The dog in the video.

    Marie, you are so generous. Look at how much love it (deservedly) brings you.

  85. Awesome!! Congrats Nat and congrats everyone! You guys all did awesme work with your entries! Have fun!

  86. Angela Smith


    Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! Natalie, well done sister!! Your creativity and dance moves were awesome!!! And all you other gals, headed to NYC, big congrats to you as well. Have such an incredible time with this amazing opportunity.

    And, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all of your amazing selves… your ideas, your business ventures, your lives- so inspiring. All of the support and encouragement was so wonderful to see and feel– and so very appreciated. This whole experience has made me so gung-ho, to get this biz up and running, successful, and hopefully, inspiring to others too.

    Finally, Marie, thank you so much for bringing this opportunity to us along with this wonderful community of fantastic women. Many thanks to you….

    Much love,
    Angela Smith

    • Angela, that was beautiful. I understand and feel the same way about the inspiration and the support and feeling part of an amazing group of women changing the world.

      I feel blessed to have connected.

  87. Tiu

    Congrats to the women who won. And take 5 marie for your brilliance!!

  88. Great job ladies! And thanks for the e-book Marie, that’s totally cool

  89. Congratulations to the winners! Wish you all a fantastic time in NYC and RHH Live. Thank you Marie for a great contest.

  90. Congrats to all the fabulous lady winners! All very deserving 🙂

  91. Taty

    Congratulations!!!! I think the event will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could go.

  92. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks, Marie, for being so generous – I’m excited to get my copy of “Make Every Man Want You.” And also…thank you for pushing us to be more of who we truly are! Even though I didn’t win a ticket, I feel like I won for stepping outside of my comfort zone. And now I’m determined to figure out a way that I can pay for my own ticket so I can be there, too.
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Comment on Life is too short by Kathleen Crick =-.

  93. Marie – thank you for modeling generosity. Congrats to all the winners! I think B-School is the BEST single program that I have taken (outside The Institute of The Work;). You two are amazing teachers and leaders. I love this experience and want more!
    .-= Sherold Barr´s last blog ..Vlog 1- Learn Byron Katie’s Thought Model To Empower Your Thinking =-.

  94. Congrats to all the winners. Seriously amazing stuff!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog .. =-.

  95. Hi Ladies!

    Just checking to see if anyone who hasn’t already booked a room would be interested in sharing one to keep costs down? I can be the one who showers extra early 🙂 Just trying to find the most affordable option.

    Can’t wait to see you all!

  96. Julia

    Is it just me, or does Marie keep changing her accent in this video?

    I know that Marie is a New Yorker, and the first time I heard her speak was a few years ago, when she was a guest speaker for Christian Carter. And she sounded like a New Yorker.

    But in this video, she starts out sounding like an African American, and then ends up sounding like a Texan.


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