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Last week I got an email from my friend Elizabeth Gore about an event she was hosting in at MTV for a UN Foundation initiative called GirlUp.

In a flash, I realized I had earmarked 5% of net profits from our Rich Happy & Hot Virtual Mastery coaching program for women-focused philanthropy, and I’d been waiting for the right organization to give it to. This felt perfect.

I figured if we’re gonna do this, let’s do this thang right.

So I called up one of those novelty check companies to get a big check printed up with our logo and the Girl Up/Un Foundation logo on it. (Be honest – haven’t you fantasized about either giving or getting one of these big mondo checks?  Me too!)

Within 48 hours, we had a check designed, printed and shipped in time for the event.

Check it out on this short little video of me and Elizabeth at the GirlUp launch.

WARNING: I’m being a total mush head here and could barely put together two sentences.

Truth is I lost it after hearing the stats about the over 600 million adolescent girls getting married by age 12 to much older men, who not only give them HIV, but an average of 4 kids by age 20 with zero healthcare, no education or hope for any kind of normal life.

And this totally killed me.

When a girl in a developing country gets a hold of a pencil – you wanna know the first thing she does?  She breaks it in two and gives half away to her friend so they can both have something to write with. (click the play button to see the video)

If women’s rights means anything to you, please check out these resources and take action.  Share it on social media, donate money, give time – whatever.

This is the most moving video I’ve seen yet.

Half The Sky is an incredible book that every woman should read, and if you have young women in your life (daughters, nieces, granddaughters, students, neighbors) – please connect them with

Giving a “high five” goes a hell of a long way.

How This Relates to YOU and Your Business

Look, all of us get scared and overwhelmed when we start or grow a business.

We all have thoughts like “I can’t do this,” “I don’t have enough money,” “This isn’t for me,” “Who am I to charge this much, write a book,” blah blah blah.

I’ll be totally transparent here, giving away 5% of my net profits kicked up all my BS thoughts too (“Do I really have enough to give that much away, etc.”)

Listen up.  Those are WUSSIE little bullshit thoughts!  Seriously.  They’re pansy-ass, weak and total FICTION.

Wanna know the fastest way to silence the self-doubt and self-sabotage in your head that kills your business dreams?

Go make a difference for someone else.

1. Give five bucks (or more) to a cause you care about.  Girlup is awesome. Charity water is another favorite. Women for Women is amazing too.

2. Microlend to another entrepreneur.

3. Create something awesomely valuable and give it away for free to your market.

Giving to others when you feel scared is hands down the best way to train your abundance muscles and keep you in a state of gratitude, humbleness and creation. It keeps your heart open and soft.

And when you’re in this state, GENIUS business ideas are born.  Magic happens.  The perfect partners show up.  Overwhelm and exhaustion disappear and you get a surge of can-do energy.

Here’s the truth: The most financially and spiritually successful people I know always GIVE first.

Giving first is also the cornerstone of brilliant marketing!

Remember, great marketing is about becoming a pillar of goodwill in your marketplace and helping your market get where they want to go – way before you ask for anything in return.


This whole experience really shifted me in ways that I could not have predicted.  And, it’s inspired even more giving.

Please keep your eye on this blog (and subscribe to my newsletter if you’re not already on it) because in a few days I’m going to be giving away something BIG that I will help you create whatever you want in business and life.

For now, leave a comment and let me know how giving makes YOU feel. What impact does giving have on your state of mind?  On how you run your business?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook too.

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  1. Whoa. Were you in my head today? I’ve thought about quit all day long. Even started looking at want ads. Hmm. Maybe this is the message from the Universe I asked for.

    • marie

      Hi Angela! I’m SO happy you read this – and very excited to meet you in November at Rich Happy & Hot LIVE. Please go ahead and take action ($5 to GirlUp or any org of your choice) and come back and report how you feel. I promise it will make a HUGE difference.

  2. One word Marie–ROCK.

    Wow, I’m teary! Seriously, wise words…because YES we all get anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, who-do-I-think-I-am–ALL of it. And it’s so refreshing to hear it being talked about because a lot of (women especially) entrepreneurs are thinking their alone in that headspace, that they’re supposed to be superwoman, that fears and doubts must mean they are a FREAK or something! Or worse–that it must be TRUE.

    Nope, happens to everyone and it’s OK. Really it is.

    Your advice about getting out there and giving first is such a great way to get over those humps we all go through (and that will continue to come up on our journeys)….so THANKS for the reminder girl!!
    .-= Christine Gallagher´s last blog ..Free Teleseminar 10-14- How to Grow Your LIST and Grow Your INCOME! =-.

    • marie

      Thank you Christine. One of my biggest lessons this year is how much better everything is (especially in business) when you don’t go at it alone. xo M

  3. Marie! Way to choke me up! When we started Rich, Happy, and Hot this year, I could not forsee that I too would start giving … you encouraged that and it felt very scary for some reason. But I did it and keep doing it now. Instead of feeling drained & depleted, I feel filled up and rejuvinated.

    I feel like it’s a huge honor to help another person in need– and the idea that about the girl breaking the pencil in two to give to another girl…that’s just inspiring enough to give even more.

    Thank you.
    .-= Anne Samoilov´s last blog ..The Secret To Finding Clarity Without Speaking A Word =-.

    • marie

      YES Anne! I know – I can’t get that image of the pencils out of my head either. It makes me want to slap myself for ever complaining about anything. Love you woman and thanks for swinging by.

  4. This is perhaps my favorite post of yours EVER. I got very teary reading it and watching the vid. You are, hands down, one of THE most compassionate people I’ve ever met. You REALLY walk yo’ talk. It’s no wonder you attract such amazing peeps and opportunities. Thanks for spreading the love. Literally. xox

    • marie

      Aw thanks Collins. Excited to have you back in NYC when it happens 😉 xoM

  5. Marie, it was great being with you at the event and I can totally attest to the fact that you were DEFINITELY a ‘mush head’! 🙂 (But warranted. Those little girls before you were very inspiring.)

    Beyond proud of what you gave! And the response from the crowd and all of the other U.N. dignitaries there was outstanding. Great moment!

    Keep it up.
    .-= Todd Herman´s last blog ..The Glass =-.

    • marie

      Thanks for being there Todd – it meant the world to have you and Val there! Excited for our next Corsino brainstorm!!

  6. summer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE who you are. what you do. how you do it. you are inspiring, entertaining, and just so damn lovable. thank you for YOU. xx

    • marie

      is this summer summer? I love you to lady. Need to have a date soon. thanks for coming by!

  7. Marie,
    Congratulations on being able to support such a worthy cause and thanks for the links to the latest Girl Effect video and other resources. I write about raising girls for BabyCenter’s MOMformation blog and will definitely be sharing these important causes with our readers.
    Rock on!
    .-= Suddenly Jamie´s last blog ..Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips- Make Hay While the Sun Shines =-.

    • marie

      Awesome Jamie! Thank you so much for helping spread the word!!!

  8. Hey Marie…
    Luv the check!!
    It’s funny that you are talking about this very thing…just recently I was emotionally down in the dumps and I had a little chat with myself about shifting my focus from “me, me,me, poor me” to how I could use the crappy exerience I just had as insight into how I could possibly cheer up other people in my community. I reached out in several simple ways to help people and actually enjoyed doing it. There was a feeling of great satisfaction. And I’ve seen little blessings now come my way… it makes you wonder if it is all related. Even if it isn’t, the satisfaction alone and the way out of self pity was worth the effort.

    btw, very cute dress! : )
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Kettle Cuisine Winners! =-.

    • marie

      Love that you reached out to help your community Kelly and yes, I do think it’s all related. And thank ya on the dress – local little shop here on Bleecker street!

  9. it is so ironic that you should be writing about this today. For some reason the girl who was on the cover of Time Magazine a few months ago who had her nose and ears hacked off because she fled her abusive in-laws, kept coming into my mind today. The sadness and and fear that these women live in must be overwhelming….you had me at the broken pencil story. I haven’t watched the video YET. I am waiting for a client and can’t be a mush-pile. I will watch it later.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    • marie

      Laura – you rock. We are certainly all connected. Def. watch all the videos (my one and the Girl Effect – all links in post). Thanks for stopping by woman. xo M

  10. Wow, Marie… Thank you.

    Once again you have educated me about contribution. It was through you that I finally heard about Kiva! I had been wanting to learn more, but hadn’t gotten there quite yet… And then I was very proud to join your team. 🙂

    Perhaps it is somewhat sad that I am getting my education about contribution from entrepreneurial newsletters… teeheee. And, at the same time, it is all completely Divine.

    Just so you know the effects you’re having, Woman!

    Already went and donated to GirlUp… Thank you for the inspiration.
    .-= Christina Morassi´s last blog ..Behind the Scenes Shoot with Laura Brown! =-.

    • marie

      WOW right back Christina! Nice on taking action both on Kiva and GirlUP. Hey – wherever education comes from is a good thing, right? Thanks again for stepping up. You’re making a huge difference!

  11. Brilliant, Marie. Congratulations on creating a powerful business that not only helps so many women create the businesses and lives of their dreams, in more ways than one.

    I love giving. When I was a little girl, every year at Christmas, I would hand-sew stockings for my mom and dad (my brother and I had beautiful stockings that my mom made for us when we were babies). I would spend months filling them with all kinds of handmade crafts and I would write a note to each of them telling them what great parents they are. And then on Christmas Eve, I would set my alarm for midnight and quietly sneak down the stairs with a flashlight to place the stockings on the hearth, from “Santa.”

    This, and not all the presents I received, was always the highlight of the Christmas holiday for me.

    Thanks for the reminder to connect to that little girl inside me who loves to share her gifts!

    • marie

      This is the sweetest thing ever Sukie. How beautiful to honor your parents that way. Love that story.

  12. I felt like crying for you, too Marie. What an amazing organization and act of generosity. Since I’m a social worker, I really couldn’t watch the other videos…I really have to limit my traumatic lens. I was happy to give $5.00, though.

    Thanks for the reminder that charity really begins at home.
    You rock 😀

    • marie

      Yeah Linda!!!! Thank you so much for contributing AND for the work you do. You rock!

  13. Marie-

    Thanks for this amazing reminder! I’ve been having these discussions in my head lately & need to get over it & do what feels right 🙂


    • marie

      Go Tara go!

  14. Aaaaaw Marie from one mush ball to the next. Yep, you guessed it! Watching you get weepy on the video made me weepy! I LOVE this post and it’s so true. Stepping outside of ourselves to give to someone else turns the volume way down on the bull shit that keeps us small in our heads and allows us to actually make lasting, important change on the planet. I’m working on a project right now having to do with giving back to NYC in a big way and it’s getting me so much more jazzed for all of my other projects. Rock on girl. Thanks for sharing this!

    • marie

      I think we need to have a mushy fest (which will likely happen on Thursday). I’m VERY excited for your project and your upcoming adventures Kate 😉

  15. Marie;
    I’m a mom of a 15 year old girl. We have so much to be thankful for in this country, don’t we?
    You inspired me get on the High Five donation program for girlup.
    Thanks for reminding everyone that it’s in giving that we gain.

    Ya kinda been an inspiration this whole day, girlfriend… DANG

    • marie

      Aw thanks Cathy! We do have a LOT. And THANK YOU for jumping in for a High Five. Send your daughter a hello from me 🙂

  16. Wow. That was quite a post! Well done! I think it seriously rocks that you did that!
    A while ago on a forum on Crazy Sexy Life a couple requested something special for a young girl struggling with canser. Her birthday was coming up and they wondered if anyone on the site could maybe send a birthday card or wish to cheer her up…she wasn’t doing very well. As soon as I read the post I requested the address and made an archival print of one of my paintings and signed it to send her in time for her birthday. It was of a heart.

    I remember being at the post office and wishing I had something more festive packaging-wise since I literally ran out of the house with this in my hands and luckily the postal worker found some boxes with balloons on it that could fit the print with it’s matting! It was perfect!

    As soon as I sent it I felt such a wonderful rush! It’s great to get stuff in the mail…and I wanted her to smile. I did find out that she was doing better and was absolutely so overwhelmed with responses that it took her days to open all her gifts! That put a HUGE smile on my face! 🙂
    Thanks for this post. Now I’m gonna go put some more smiles on peoples faces!

    • marie

      Aw Laz – that is AMAZING. I love love love what you and the Crazy Sexy community did. Incredible stuff – what an awesome story! Thank you for the ideas 😉

  17. giving makes me feel alive.

    giving makes me feel that the cycle of generosity, abundance, and opportunity that has graced my life will continue through me for others.

    giving strengthens my intrinsic interconnection with the web of life.

    giving frees up the energy to create more completely from the source of creativity.

    business-wise it’s interesting. I barter with those who can’t pay – creating an exchange opportunity for energy to flow (instead of just using cash for exchange). I like the 5% idea and think it’s time for me to implement it. Thanks.

    • marie

      beeyoutiful Cate! Thanks for sharing so gorgeously 🙂

  18. Just yesterday…. I decided to launch “The Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative” – with a mission of increasing women’s voices & life choices through affordable, fun financial education. Stage 1 of the initiative will have two parts – (paid) online classes to teach women about personal finance 101 and a (free) listing of other websites, organizations, books & resources devoted to putting women on the path to Financial Nirvana.

    AND… I decided I wanted to give a chunky portion of all profits from The Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative to THE GIRL EFFECT – [WARNING: seriously moving video]

    THEN… I. Got. Scared. Froze. Overwhelmed. And, Marie, your beautiful post is like hot water on ice cubes. Thanks to you sharing your experience, my fear has melted. I’m moving forward. Here’s to women helping women globally, step-by-step, however we each can. Giving to others is one investment that never fails.
    .-= Manisha Thakor´s last blog ..Generation Earn- a chat with Kimberly Palmer =-.

    • marie

      Hey Manisha!! I LOVE that this post was like hot water on ice water and your idea is utterly fantastic. Please keep going and keep us posted. xox

  19. Trish

    Touched by the whole things. Thanks.

  20. Hey Marie,

    Funny I was just thinking about you today and then you popped into my inbox with so much goodness. Yea YOU!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Write on!~


  21. This reminds me of doing big, cross state bike rides to raise money for people living with HIV a few years ago. I remember hitting a low and thinking I couldn’t make it up another hill. It was hot, I had forgotten why I was riding and wanted to get off my bike and walk. Just then I would notice someone ahead who was struggling even more than I was, who was 30 years older than me and less fit; she had a t-shirt on with a picture of her son who had passed away. Suddenly. POW! I had all this energy to ride up next to her and cheer her on, get her singing up that hill, both of us laughing and crying the whole way. I forgot my own pain through helping someone else. It was like I’d found a secret that day. Thanks for reminding me of that secret today, just as I am facing some new challenges.

  22. Marie, I love your spunk. i love your generosity, and your transparency. It’s so F*-ing hot. And, I have something totally contrarian to say. I give A LOT away in my business, and the one person who seems to get the most forgotten — is me. That’s right. I could turn my insides out, deplete my reserves, all in service. But, guess what, ladies, if we don’t take care of ourselves first, then what will we have to give? I find being in business for myself this cosmical (yes, cosmos and comical together) dance, that I sometimes don’t know which end is up. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is And take some time just for me.

    So, thanks Marie for all you do, for sparking us all to live our lives to the fullest! And keep on rockin’ on!

  23. That was beautiful Marie, thank you, I’m so touched!

    I had look at the Girlup site, and really impressed with what they’re doing, so I donated.

    Wouldn’t have know about it if not for you…

  24. I am gushing tears over here.
    Thank you for the perspective and inspiration to keep going.
    B-School is incredible (I highly recommend it) and I am definitely in the self-doubt mode. Thank you for the reminder, as I didn’t know I could do some of the other things I have done until I did them! And giving is always a great place to start.

  25. Jenna

    Hi Marie,
    The other day I was approached by a young women in front of the local grocery store, she was wanting me to sign up to give back to an organization, to be honest I was about ready to turn her down, when I looked at her hand and realized she had a ring on her married finger. I asked her if she was in fact married?? (looked about 18) she said yes with a smile. After probing more, I asked her if this is how she makes her money? She said yes. I said to her, I dont have any extra money to give to you.. but what I do have is advise.. I told her to NEVER forget about her dreams, goals, ideas, and just simply herself, she teared up and said that hit home for her… I wont go into anymore details about the conversation… But when I left that young girl, I felt great!!!!
    Thank you for sharing.. Im totally with you about giving back!!

  26. Pat

    This is the best post ever Marie! I come from a country where there is not much and poverty is all around but I have always been very fortunate to be able to live a priviledge life. After the earthquake back home, I have been telling myself that I need to do something, my whole family is okay, my girls (who were vacationing there then ) are okay, I have received so much that I need to give back; but there is always a little voice telling me what can lil’ ol’ me give to anyone.. Now you give me a kick in my butt to actually get out there and do what I can, even if its just a little mini size check.

  27. Vrunda

    Hi Marie,

    This really moved my heart. Thank you for giving back and caring so much for others. We need more entrepreneurs like you.


  28. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for introducing me to GirlUp. I have supported Women for Women for a couple of years. This is a great way to get girls educated which I think is one of the most important things to do to fight poverty.

    Best, Wendy
    .-= Wendy Maynard´s last blog ..Old Spice Guy Brings 107 Increase in Sales =-.

  29. Jen

    Marie – love to see you’re such a Giver! Thanks for giving worthy advice and for paying it forward! That’s why I knew you and your programs were an ideal investment for me! I’m looking forward to meeting you at RHHL…I know how you feel, been donating my marketing skills to my local non-profits lately..I already knew how good it feels, but a nice side impact is it’s opened my world to a whole bunch of new peeps. Totally win-win in the most authentic way possible. lerrve!

  30. Thanks Marie. You always inspire me and your timing is always right on the money! Congratulations to you. What a fantastic achievement.

  31. Thank you Marie! I’ve been looking for an awesome charity that helps young women and now I’ve found one. Just had to get my intention out there in the universe -thanks for being the one to provide the answer 😉
    I hope your post inspires tons of people to open their hearts to giving with the intention of creating a better place for everyone.

  32. Marie
    Thank you for what you are doing. Here’s another suggestion sometimes giving of yourself makes the big impact. Because of my expertise helping businesses with their foundational infrastructure, I speak at various groups teaching high school kids how to stay in school and be an entrepreneur to adults who have been laid off and need a fresh start. The more wisdom we share the more we learn ourselves. Mentoring others is a very fulfilling gift in that it helps more than just the individual. We all have gifts we can share, even just giving our time to listen to someone who feels lost. Thank you

  33. Karen Armstrong

    Thank you, Marie… for sharing this powerful video, for being an inspiration of entrepreneurship with social consciousness, and for reminding us that – in the end – what’s most important in life is making a positive difference in the world.

  34. I love this post! Whenever I give, I always feel that I am contributing to someone’s higher good. It’s the best feeling in the world. Being able to share – even if only a small amount – is a privilege and an honor. And it is really important to do if you have a scarcity mindset.

    “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” ~ Mother Theresa


  35. Awesome lesson today Marie!!

    Giving truly does open our minds and our hearts to empower ourselves and our friends and family. Even when you think that things are too tight, that feeling of lack is probably the very thing that is holding you back from receiving abundance.
    Nothing feels as good as giving, especially when you help to improve the quality of someone’s life. Keep inspiring us!

  36. Kudos to you Marie putting your money where your mouth is!
    My vision for creating a brand new boudoir photography business was to incorporate social entrepreneurism, a la Toms Shoes. What we came up with was Lola & Eve Boudoir Freedom Sessions (, where a portion of every boudoir session goes directly to the freeing women caught in sex slavery. For me, business is SO MUCH MORE motivating when it is tied to helping others.
    Just imagine a world where every small business and entrepreneur made giving “business as usual”!

  37. Hi Marie!

    Wow, this is POWERFUL stuff, and could not have come at a better time for me! Holy shit!!! Just today I was starting to worry about money again and getting afraid that I wasn’t going to have enough for the bills and other things coming up – this was an excellent reminder to GIVE and practice abundance instead of letting the worry and fear gnaw at me.

    THANK YOU! I am checking out those various causes you mentioned and am going to GIVE something right now!

  38. Hi Marie, I just came to your blog recently through Christa Meola.
    I have to say about this post, that I have been giving back this year since April thru Oct. 10 to a little boy with Leukemia. I have offered beach portraits and half of the session fee has gone to Danny’s medical expenses!
    It really made me see what a diff I was making when grandma told me that because of my donations they had paid for one of Danny’s procedures! I was in tears when she told me this it was so moving I felt so good about what i had done, it was amazing!
    So the last day will be Oct 10 and I have a few families signed up for beach portraits at the Jersey Shore all for Danny!

    thanks for this post Marie!

  39. Monika Pekala

    Beautiful work! I was moved and deeply touched. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Breathtaking!
    I am the mother of a 13 year old girl. It gives me goosebumps and a pit in my stomac to think that she is the same age as these girls around the world.
    There is NO reason for this to continue if all woman stood together, put up our hands and said ENOUGH!
    Thank you for sharing this. I have shared this with my daughter and she is going to be using this as a focus in a project at school…..spread the word….Thank you again

  41. Way to go Marie! I am with you on giving and the power to transform our lives and the profound effect it has on both the people we give it to and us as well.

    My husband and I have been big supporters of our local Boys and Girls club for years. Not only to we love the feeling of giving, but it has truly brought us many wonderful gifts as well.

    All the best,
    .-= Nicole Mangina´s last blog ..Ninja Mom’s Meeting Notes- September 2010 =-.

  42. Very moving, Marie.

    Thanks for sharing what you’re up to and for your generous contribution … not just to GirlUp, but to the lives of many other women as well. Emotional and inspiring!
    Great job!


  43. This is a great post, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing about GirlUP and for sharing about your donation ( I loved that you got choked up!).

  44. Marie, what a great post!

    It really IS all about gratitude, isn’t it? Being thankful, paying it forward, acts of kindness….they ALL come back to us in much grander ways. If we listen to our hearts, this is what it is telling us to do….

    Lovin’ ya girl, and so glad I bumped into you in August…you have been an inspiration in more ways than you know!

    Tina (Marie!)

  45. Awesome post. Whenever I feel down, I do something for someone else – even if it’s just asking if anyone else in the office wants something from the Starbucks before I go there and then picking up their tab. It takes the focus off how crappy I’m feeling and their surprised smile makes my day. Random acts of kindness are totally worth the effort.

    I’d also like to add the URL for Donors Choose ( a website where teacher’s post their needs and you can directly help kids by supplying exactly what their teacher knows will do the most good.

  46. Christy

    Hi Marie, I love the fact that you promote microlending. I fell in love with this concept when Mohammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Microlending is a grass-roots effort to decrease poverty by empowering small businesses to get the funding they need. The vast majority of recipients have historically been women. I would enoucrage everyone to Google to learn more.

  47. Thank you so much for your generousity and spirit. I so wanted to just give up my business and get a job. But I am inspired that if I keep pressing forward, I too can make a contribution.


  48. Aurelia

    I’ve been thinking about quitting my job for about a year now. I was walking through the street today on my way to work and I’m talking to the lord and said, “Lord, I am tired. I can’t do this anymore. Don’t want to do it anymore. I’m realllly unhappy at this place”. Funny thing is, whilst saying that out loud in the street, in my mind I was scared because my subconscious already knew I was about to take a huge plunge.

    I walked in my office this morning and as my 3 other co-workers, {all male}
    {boss, manager and co-worker} and I just said, you know _______. I am really tired of being here. I have been very unhappy for a very long time. This job is draining me. My heart is not in it anymore.

    He said that I will not find another job as fun as the one I have, and that a lot of people were out of a job. I said that may be so, but when am I ever going to make up my mind and take the plunge of what I really want to do?

    He said well you know once I put the word out there I will get a lot of offers. Are you ready to leave in two weeks? I said, you do what you have to do. I will be OK!

    Yes, its scary because I want to pursue my real estate business. Oh how my heart desires it so. I don’t have any other finances to fall back on, and yes I have young teenage daughters. But I believe that all will be well. I don’t believe the lord will allow me to reach this far only to send me back from whence I came.

    So two thumbs up to all those who took the plunge.

  49. The reason that I got involved in network marketing was simply to make a difference. I have struggled with a health issue for almost two decades and when I was given a gift that not only gave me back hope of a better quality of life, but enabled me to participate in life again … I had to make it my purpose to share that gift with others who are suffering on a daily basis and losing hope for a brighter future.

    Giving in any way you can (like in all of the examples you mentioned above), no matter how small, makes a difference. If everyone gave $5.00, it may seem like a drop in the bucket but, when you start to add all of those $5.00 up, it makes a big difference.

    I’ve been unemployed for a year now and have just started my home business, but I have $5.00 that I can give to GirlUp. I have $25.00 I can give to GirlUp … and I won’t suffer any lack for it. Yet, it could make an incredible difference in the hands of GirlUp.

    Thank you for sharing your moment with GirlUp with us and for sharing an uplifting and inspiring post.

    Many blessings,

    .-= Wendy Hewlett´s last blog ..Self-Discovery Through Social Media =-.

  50. Marie,
    I made a post that you can see below on my link called “Girl Effect” the video is educational, shocking and urged me to take immediate action. I have created a StarPower* Women Collective to bring together Female Entrepreneurs to assist by financially enabling another women or child in a 3rd world country to be empowered, educated and informed of her rights.

    The injustice of females globally which plagues our Earth must stop now.
    Thank you Marie for posting this, collectively we can help unite our Sisters from around the world.


  51. That’s it Marie. You have inspired me!

    I have to admit that I have been watching what you are doing from a distance. Trying little things here and there. Finally going to launch a marketing campaign that implements some of your insights. And… I am excited about putting it together, and partnering with a friend who is expanding her Nutritional Counseling Business.

    Now, my dream is pressing in on me. My story is that I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 19. After 20 years of battling Doctors, a wheelchair, not even being able to read a magazine or drive and all that goes with health craziness… I now have a story. From a wheelchair to biking 53 miles in a week… and now I walk 3 miles a day.

    People tell me all of the time that my story needs to be told, mostly they encourage me to share my story with Michael J. Fox. But what do I do? Tell Marie Forleo. Also, I am starting small sharing with Parkinson’s support groups to inspire hope, share about alteratives, & how extreme nutritional interventions changed my life. There is hope!

    My dream is to be a Life Coach, partner with my friend’s Nutritional Counseling, and inspire hope to change people’s lives as God has changed mine. Not sure where this will lead, but I am dreaming of attending your RHH B School to learn the strategies that I need. But, honestly that would be a ‘Miracle’ in more ways than one. Yet…

    Thanks for what you do Marie!!!


  52. OMG Marie, this is so amazing and divine and inspiring. Congrats on your huge beautiful philanthropic moment here – the video is so fabulous – You are a rockstar – xoxoxo

  53. When I give, I feel the openess of my heart and my mind. And when I give, the flow in my life is perfect and more things actually come TO me, when I give away (things/money/help). When I don’t give, I cramp up and the flow is GONE.

    I love the way you describe it: “It keeps your heart open and soft.”.
    That is so true.

    Thanks for an inspiring blog and for giving.

  54. Marie, thanks for sharing this and being such an inspiration! xo

  55. bella bella bella.

  56. Pen

    Marie – once again you impress with your class, smarts, and wit (plus a great site too) Keep up the good work!

  57. Congratulations Marie

    It’s a really moving video. I love how you share your emotions on this blog and in your videos (and I guess in real life, though I’ve never met you!).

    I was touched to see you (someone who I admire and think has it so sorted) so emotional. Very inspiring

    Thank you

  58. Wow. Marie, you ROCK!
    Glad to have recently found out about you. You are one fiesty, fearless, and inspiring chica!

  59. Claire

    I think what you said was great, Marie. Very heartfelt and honest and genuine.

    What a great thing to have done.


  60. leyla

    Hi Marie,
    I am living in a country where the girls are going to marry very young instead of studying… and it makes me very sad. I wish I could do lot of things for them but I have very hard life and stucked in somewhere I can not moveL I like your stories and comments it makes me to think about “move on” and start to think what valuable thing can I share with the people around me… for now, I am very good listener and commander… I just can give to my friends and the people around me my emotional and deep love who is needy for a friendship and need to trust someone… but will try to do some more… thank you…

  61. Gry

    Dear Marie. Thank you so much for this ûberimportant sharing! You got me right back on track again. Put things in perspective and start giving are exactly what I could do for my self and my business today. I am so your C Avatar. Thank you for sharing and caring. Love, Gry

  62. Such a humbling video – well done for your bravery, and generosity. It really is beautiful to give selflessly, with no expectations.

    Thank you for this reminder.


  63. Vibeke

    Thank you, Marie. Having a little babygirl and reading/seeing this have really put my struggling and frustration on my businessplan into perspective – first and foremost because we really owe it to those 12 year old girls living in poverty to make the most out of our lucrative situation and second because it could just as easily be me and my daughters situation. So thank you for bringing your heart in to your business and inspire women all over. Vibeke

  64. Marie
    Thank you so much for sharing this dose of inspiration and for stepping up for girls. I love the collective power of women, together we really can be the change we want to see in the world.

  65. I’m very inspired, thank you Marie. I’ve donated here and there through my business but want to turn tithing into a more formalized and consistent practice.

    It helps me remember that the service we offer comes through us and, in parallel, we are a vehicle for the money that we receive – some of it to nourish us, some to help others.

    When you say “ear-marked net profits”, when do you do this? Any additional specifics around this practice would be gratefully received.

    With gratitude

    • marie

      Hi Corrina! When we first launched that year-long coaching program (back in Feb/March 2010) we said we’d give 5% of our net profits to women focused philanthropy. My bookkeeper has been tracking that money so I knew what we had to give away. Super simple 🙂

  66. Thea

    I love this! My dream job…giving! Nothing makes me feel better!!

  67. Fantastic Marie !!
    Glad to have contributed to this in a small way 🙂

  68. Maria

    Marie, that’s so lovely I cried just watching you present the cheque! Keep up the great work.
    Maria x

  69. Beautiful, Marie. Giver’s Gain is definitely the philosophy by which I try to live my life…and it’s great to get reminders from genius hot women. Yeah!

  70. Congrats Marie. Corporate philanthropy can go the way of small biz too!

  71. Marie,

    That was beautiful!
    Giving is where the heart is…To give feels great…if we can help
    others we should…it always comes back in so many ways 🙂

    .-= Alice´s last blog ..How To Show Your Top Friends On Your FB Profile =-.

  72. Olga

    Dear Marie,
    this video made me believe you’re very generous and compassionate person. I wish you all good in all your beginnings!))

  73. One thing that always bugs me is the thought, “I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now if it weren’t for___” and that blank can be filled in with numerous things. I was lucky. Some people aren’t. They will never get the chances I get. So I made a deal. Every thing that allows me to be where I am, whether it be education, luck,meeting the right person, I will always pay it forward to someone less fortunate, less lucky, less privileged, whatever, so they have the same opportunities I had.

  74. Well done woman. I have 4 little girls from 8 down & that video about the 12 year old really choked me up. when I think of all the opportunities they have, and the positive expectations I have as to how their lives will turn out… heartbreaking. Brilliant that with 1 action you are able to simultaneously empower many women.

  75. Wow Marie – just today someone was talking to me about ‘doing things for the angels’ – exactly what you have just done. Talk about serendipity – I am already signed up to become a role model to 8 girls, aged 15, on the Anstee Bridge Programme here in London. I am flattered and honoured that someone thinks I can make a difference to someone elses life.

  76. Incredible and LOVE the big check… That was so cool I am sure to give them their biggest donation and support such a great cause. Congrats Marie you are living your dream and thanks for showing us it is possible.


  77. stephanie*

    thank you, marie, for sharing. this is moving; as your speech and seeing you moved as the story about these girls. and i am looking forward to your news 🙂 loving to keep the abundance muscle well trained. as my richness for the moment is more immaterial -besides of donating money- sometimes the most little but caring gesture can be such a gift. i could not live without it anymore 🙂 did i say, i love your posts? 🙂 🙂 all best for you, marie! xoxo stephanie.

  78. Marie, that was awesome. The video was pretty hard for me, too as I have two daughters ages 14 and 16.

    I feel great when I give. Thanks for reminding me! The idea of the abundance muscle getting trained when we feel scared is super empowering.


  79. I’ve always thought that one of the big perks of “making it” would be the ability to help others. This post has inspired me to be more creative in the ways I can give now while in still in the process of making my own dreams a reality.

  80. This is exactly what I’m trying to do with my own foundation. We’re in the formative stages of it, but the idea is that we’ll be helping entrepreneurial women to get a leg up in the world. I’ve been there, seen what poverty is like and it sucks. When you step out of that hole, you have to remember that there are people back there, maybe just like you, still trying to figure it out. We hope to launch the program in the next few years, and help a LOT of mompreneurs along the way. Thanks for opening people’s eyes to this, Marie!
    .-= Lisa Robbin Young´s last blog ..Do You Deliver Wow =-.

  81. Wow! That’s awesome, Marie. It is inspiring to see you moving forward in your career, being successful in so many different things you try and giving big to a great cause. It is about time I tackle the things I am putting off because I feel stuck and just do it already! Keep making a difference.

  82. Really! Yeah, my entrepreneur giving message is hitting home! Thank you Maria for sharing this and what my message and business model has been. Got my GirlUp bracelet made by Ivanka Trump, Ambassador to GirlUp Fdn.

    Maggie Keenan
    Cause Marketing and Brand Philanthropy boutique!

  83. I love it!! Thanks for being an inspiration to us socially conscious women entrepreneurs who are sure to change the world!! 🙂 Let’s keep on giving!!

  84. Lisa Gillispie

    Thanks for the beautiful and moving reminder Marie – I would imagine a common “why” behind most, if not all, of our businesses is to contribute to creating positive change in the world in some form. Thank you for touching my heart with this.


  85. Sweet Marie,
    Thanks for sharing your spirit of giving. Part of my reason for being involved in B-school is to expand my capacity for philanthropy. Philanthropy studies show that giving/lending to girls and women is highly leveraged as they do share and help those around them. Another great book “The Blue Sweater” written by the founder of the Acumen Fund. Blessings to you!
    Sue from Fargo

  86. WOW! Super awesomely great! You rock, hun!
    .-= Shay´s last blog ..Why boring is good for you in the long run =-.

  87. Hey Marie,

    Great foundation to choose to represent us RHH women! I definitely approve and am excited to have helped make that happen. Especially since my girls are aged 13 and 11. PUUURRRFECT

    Heading off to enjoy some bea-u-ti-ful weather here in South Louisiana! Enjoy your day, too!

  88. Truly a powerful video Marie! And how awesome and empowering it feels to help others!

  89. I am sitting in a coffee shop bawling. You got me all fired-up. I am creating an apparel item and I am donating a percentage of the sale – you just gave me the organization. Thank you.

  90. Jen

    Marie – so inspirational and heartfelt….your ability and commitment to help women whether it is in bschool or Girlup is totally awesome, you ROCK!

  91. Power of giving: My son turned 9 years old today and I gave him the gift of inviting all his friends who gave their love and the adults could relax as it was a drop-off. And then a big client renews. It’s no coincidence. Thank you for the reminder ! x0x0

  92. I have to say that during yet another crisis moment in my life giving has made me feel that I have more than enough. When I can help somebody else it empowers me to help myself.

  93. Thank you for sharing Ghilup url and giving me the opportunity to help. I am going to share this organization url with my community and inspire other women to help these girls. Thank you, Marie.

  94. I recently learned about an organization called Little Dresses for Africa, and I was so moved and deeply touched by all the work they do. As the owner of a tiny company, I wanted to do something to contribute to this beautiful charity. I was told by a SCORE mentor that while that is a very nice thought that I should focus on my bottom line right now. I create bow ties and wanted to use my extra fabrics to sew little dresses for this organization, and use some of my profits to make a donation toward shipping the dresses to the places they are most needed. She suggested selling the fabrics in order to try and recover some of my money, because charitable causes don’t make people buy more. I found this blog and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It’s exactly what I needed to read! Thinking about sewing the dresses and creating awareness of this organization through my business had me excited and invigorated, and then my heart sank when I was made to think I would be simply sabotaging myself. I have to go with my heart and contribute in any way I can. Thank you for all you do, and for this post. xoxo

  95. It’s great for your actions. Marie, I love you. I wish you a very touching video. As well as thereby raising my daughter’s sense of health care early on. Thank you

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