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Last week, I clocked some pretty long hours writing a sales letter for this year’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE Event.  (Which is now open for registration. Get your ticket.  Now.  Really.   I’ll wait.)

But here’s the kicker.

As soon as the sales letter was done I realized I didn’t want to use it.  GULP.

Let’s be clear.  The copy was fine (honest, direct, etc.), but something inside me kept saying Nooooooo to that long-ass format.

Oh boy,”  I thought.  “I just slaved over every word on this page and now I don’t want to use the friggin’ thing!  But I DO need to communicate all this information and, a long-ass video doesn’t feel right either . . .


Re-invention. Innovation. Master-mix time, baby.

I said to Amanda, “Let’s ditch the sales letter thing and put up a simple, easy-to-understand website that communicates exactly what Rich Happy & Hot LIVE is, who it’s for, what participants will get out of it, where it is, who is speaking, the guarantee and of course, make it easy and straight forward to register.

The result?  Well, you can be the judge of that.  Check out my non-long-ass-sales letter creation.


Was it the right choice?  Time will tell.

All I know is that the moment I moved in this new direction, I got super happy.  My heart opened up; I began working faster, my words and ideas flowed easier and I was having a hell of a lot more fun.

Go figure.

Which brings me to my point.

Often times, entrepreneurs can get stuck wondering whether or not they should move in a certain direction.

For example, they feel paralyzed trying to decide who they should work with; what price they should set for their offerings; whether or not they should combine multiple businesses on one website; should they send text or HTML emails, should they write a book or launch another product; should they sign-up for a program or go at it alone, should they stay married, go for the Brazilian wax, drink more wine or switch to beer.  You get the idea.

In my experience, clarity never comes from thinking about any of those things.

Clarity emerges from putting one foot in front of the other, rolling up your sleeves and just doing the damn thing.

You know, taking action. In a full-out, balls-to-the-wall kind of way.  Why?

Because you will never find clarity in your head.  You will never “figure out” the right way to do anything, by thinking about it.

You must feel your way to clarity.  It’s a visceral experience.  It’s a byproduct of engagement and experimentation.

And while talking with advisers and close friends can help, the fastest route to clarity comes from YOU diving in and making a go of it.

One important note.

Patience is key.  Don’t expect the clouds to part and shine the clarity light on your dilemma three seconds after you take some kind of action.

Often, you have to keep at it for a bit.  As Edison says, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Like me, you may wind-up going pretty far down one path before the fog lifts and you have your eureka moment.

So next time you find yourself frozen trying to “figure something out in your head” start moving on the idea and pay attention to how you feel as you go.

What say you on this clarity topic?

Do you ever feel paralyzed by thinking and find certainty from taking action? Any strategies you want to share?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Liz

    I’ve found that the only way to truly reach clarity is to walk away. Often, we sit there thinking & thinking with our minds going in circles & feeling very little….and the answer is always to walk away. New setting, new vibe…everything becomes crystal clear after that. And then full steam ahead.

    • marie

      Nice Liz! Breaks work well for me too – especially outside walks, etc.

  2. This is great and sometimes you just have to go for it. I love your videos so that fact that you ditched it is so in tune with who you are. So thanks for doing that one and leading the way.

    I find mixing it up is a great way to see what people want and the long sales letter I am not sure is still needed these days.

    Thanks for writing this and see you at the event.


    • marie

      Aww thanks a million Hillary! Those long sales letters do work in some cases -it’s a very interesting topic for sure. Can’t wait to meet you in person! YAY 🙂

  3. Hey Marie,

    I am paralyzed all the time by overthinking things. Depending on the situation, it is hard not to…but what I do know is that almost every time I say, “Fuck it, just do something…anything…even if it is super scary, I get that much closer to my answer. I may not find the right answer but I can definitely rule out the wrong ones. This has been super huge for my personal life lately. Looking forward to meeting new hotties and seeing what is out there. Thanks a bunch!

    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..The Art of Bathing Naked =-.

    • marie

      Kimberly!! Yeah girl. Seriously – that whole not thinking too much thing def. gets better with practice. (I live with Josh who is an incredible Yoda like master on the subject so I get a regular ass kickin’ 🙂 Let’s round up those hotties for ya. xoxo M

  4. Good for you! I gotta be honest, I hardly ever read those things anyway. Who has time? I scan and scroll and can usually tell pretty quickly if something is right for me!

    Yes, clarity does often emerge from taking action. And a four mile walk to clear the head helps too!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

    • marie

      Ha Ha Jackie!! I’ve heard “I hardly ever read those things anyway” from so many people. Love it on the four mile walk.

  5. “You must feel your way to clarity. It’s a visceral experience. It’s a byproduct of engagement and experimentation.” Brilliant! And so true.

    Plus, I think our minds panic when we try to force them to figure something out. Taking action lets our minds wander off and sort things out on their own while our consciousness focusses on the task at hand.

  6. Marie!

    I’ve read your blog for years, always thinking “I should leave a comment.” And then I don’t because I’m thinking about what I want to say. I’ve been a huge victim of analysis paralysis. I see it will my clients all the time as well.

    Finally, I’ve kicked it in the butt. I think what you’ve said here is truly the best and only solution. Take action. “Because you will never find clarity in your head.” So true!

    Now, when I feel myself waiver and choking up on decisions. I stop myself. See how I feel and ask, what can I DO right now that gets me one step closer to where I want to be. It’s about both taking action be in the moment (not in your head).

    Enjoy the sunshine!
    .-= Marlee´s last blog ..Female Entrepreneurship- The Danger in “Following” Your Internet Idols Too Closely =-.

    • Peggy

      The long ass sales letter is such a turn off, the friends and business associates I know who get them, think they are annoying and so typical of all the other “take my class” pitches, we don’t even read them anymore. Once we see that format, we know they are part of the “formula” that has been overused. Bravo for you for taking this new direction. I will now read all your emails! 🙂 Plus as a stage four blood cancer survivor I love you hooked up Kris Carr. 🙂

  7. When I feel ” feel paralyzed by thinking” and need the certainty of “taking action” my strategy is to get out into nature and run! Never fails.  

  8. Marie, LOVED LOVED LOVED the video – so real & authentic… and that’s what you are all about so it was like clarity on steroids!

    The only question I had after watching the video (and you look SO FINE in that chic, hip dress 🙂 & reviewing the website is exactly what time does the event start on Nov 12th & end on Nov 14th (key info for us out-of-towners booking flights & making travel plans).

    Way to embody what clarity & progress is all about! Warm regards, Manisha
    .-= Manisha Thakor´s last blog ..3 Reasons To Take Your Online Banking Relationship To The Next Level =-.

    • marie

      Hey Manisha! Thanks for the heads up. We JUST fixed that on the site: Friday night from 7-10PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9 – 7PM 😉

  9. everything becomes so much clearer as I take action. it’s truly a magical thing…and the secret to getting it done!! just doing it!! pretty darn simple really.

    brilliant post and i love that you ditched your long a*$ sales page….. FANTASTIC MOVE… of course.

    here’s to you…and the brilliant inspiration you share!


  10. Marie – sooo true on this clarity thing! I tend to get so stuck up in my head thinking things through, but I learned this lesson about taking action a bit ago and have found it to work amazingly! 🙂 I still get stuck up in my head, but at least now I know what to do to get out of it! 😉

    Loved your story about the sales letter, too – so cool to see how YOU put this stuff into action! I just love how you teach us what you are learning.

  11. Rachel

    YES. Is the answer. I absolutely feel paralyzed at moments. AND what I’ve come to realize, (although not gotten “over it” quite yet), is that MY THOUGHTS are the friggin’ issue that causes me to have fear, which prevents me from making a move. Yes, those tricky little things that sneak up on us in the morning and often don’t leave until bed time or even for a few days until we have a brief reprieve. I just finished a day-long retreat over the weekend learning to inquire about my thoughts rather than believe them… As Kaite Byron said, “Oh, you think your thoughts are YOU, huh? Well than answer this simple question: Then WHO is the one listening to them?” Point taken. Bottom line is that when I disprove my own thoughts and let that innate, quiet, intuitive part of me have even a half SECOND to shine through my actions are calmer, more free, joyful, and FUN! Because really, what the h-e double L are we doing if we’re not in touch with our innate beautiful way of doing things as women AND having FUN!?

  12. Andrea K

    I notice that right around the time that I am getting wound up and finger-sore from typing my marketing copy is about the time when I need to stop and hit delete!
    I love that you go with your gut instinct, and it is so inspirational that you share your real struggles and real solutions. Not what the marketing profs tell you. Not what all the (gazillion!) how-to books preach as the ‘right’ strategy. But what is true to you, and a reflection of your spirit in your business and your life. Authenticity shines through… sales copy is icky!

  13. Nothing makes me happier than some game-changing paradigm-shifting Genius. Brilliant!!! Thank you so much for always following your own true path, Marie… And for taking us along for the ride. 🙂

    I am inspired to think outside the box for my next big offer now too… Thank you for the inspiration! (It actually just feels like permission, right? Gotta love that.)

    Way to rock my LA morning.

  14. Marie — even if you had gone with the “long ass long” letter, it still would have worked, b/c you are the real deal — you have smart message and something to teach that can change women’s business’s. So bottom line,(in my mind at least) the format is second to what is actually being sold — ’cause it’s one more place where we’ll get ourselves all gummed up (short, long, video, no video…just get it going!)

    love following and learning from you.


    PS That said, I love that ditching the long page led to your sales website for RHHB Live with the tabs and great video. It is super clear and lovely to spend time at (plus as an ex-west villager, I love the NYC feel to it).
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Creativity and Success =-.

  15. Marie!

    I freakin LOVED this OMG! So funny because I was dealing with this exact situation this weekend when I was putting some finishing touches on my new website! I totally went with what felt good! Thanks so much for sharing your truth!!! Absolutely love ya!!!!!

  16. Brilliant. I’ve known for awhile–a little while, anyway!–that less-than-perfect action was better than no action at all. At least you’re moving. But your letter has really opened up my understanding of this process. It’s about feeling your way along, and how can you feel the path unless your feet are moving along it? Love it.

  17. I used to have a quote that I wrote on a piece of paper on my desk that said something along the lines of ‘ The mind cannot create something completely original by thinking alone.’ It was by Eckhart Tolle. I just ran around my house trying to find it as I was reading your post!

    Great post, I love convergence!

  18. Oh good! Now I don’t have to write long sales letters either. I mean, I think I’ll try that out too.

    Thanks Marie.


  19. Sladja

    Hi Marie,
    I just started reading your book” Make Every Man Want You” couple days ago. I LOVE it! It’s great! I already feel effects of it. I was in a long (8 years) relationship that was just, you know, ok. I wasn’t happy, but i m very insecure so I just kept on with it. But, at 29 I think i still have a lot going on for me and I feel I deserve better and I can offer more. So, after reading your book for just couple of days, I already start feeling more confidante and I had guys telling me I look great, super-hot and attractive, I just can’t believe it yet.
    I think you are right to ditch the letter and try something new; just shows how strong and confident you are and reflects on your video. You are glowing. I love it.

  20. Hey Marie,

    Good for you for ditching that letter and doing what you feel is right for you! I run my own business and many times I see people struggling to change directions because they think that they have to stay on the path that they are on. The reality is that sometimes you just have to do what appears to be right…even if it may be different than what you expected.

    So you go, girl!
    .-= Nadia Ballas-Ruta´s last blog ..Branding It’s An Art =-.

  21. Marie – I think you are spot on when it comes to clarity…we all want it and sometimes we just over-think things to point of doing nothing. I do believe my best creations have come from just taking action and being open to course correcting along the way. When I have felt stuck is when I begin to over-think and over-analyze what to do next.

    Thanks for sharing…You rock!

  22. Also, I gotta say that whenever my mind gets cluttered ….I just paint. It brings my focus back to the present moment and that’s always where my clarity comes from. Being present.

  23. Thank you, Marie! I have known for a long long time I wanted to write a book and in talking to a client yesterday, I got the angle for what I want to write. Still, I was thinking I should have more clarity, more signs or something, before sitting down to write the damn thing. Now I know what to do. Besos!
    .-= Laura Camacho´s last blog ..Practical Ways to Care for the Goose that Lays Your Golden Eggs =-.

  24. Brava, Marie!

    I especially like what you said “feel your way to clarity” — FEEL your way toward everything you desire!

    XO, Katherine
    Life Blossoming Systems.

  25. Hi Marie

    I HATE those long sales letters. I am very ADHD and prefer to get right down to the point. Your site for the event was clever and got my attention – and my moola. See you in November.


  26. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for the post here! Taking action, hmmm what a great idea, yet, I have been paralyzed with inaction on so many things. Great reminder to just do something, and I can always change later, if needed.
    Thanks Maria,

  27. The minute I posted a video in lieu of a sales page, two things happened:
    People bought faster AND they paid more for it.

    It’s not going to work for everyone, you’ve got to test, but like Marie said, you’ve got to do what resonates with you – even if it only brings you a half a mil instead of the whole mil.
    .-= Lisa Robbin Young´s last blog ..Direct Sales Success- Google’s Priority Inbox =-.

  28. Awesome post. Inspiration to just get to it! 🙂
    .-= Mara´s last blog ..popgloss- Awesome x2 My hood rocks ☺ http-plixicom-p-45104993 =-.

  29. Marie,
    Loved the letter!!!!! I can’t tell you how often both in little ways and bigs ways I have be paralyzed by fear(especially around my business). I agree, just do it. If it sucks, so what, at least you did something. My experience has been that doing something, anything will often crack open our creative juices. I have to admit, it is both awesome and humbling to learn from someone my junior. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher and inspiration!
    I love Kris Carr. I recommend her website to many of my clients who struggle with health issues . Kris led me to you! Thanks Kris.
    You’re the BEST, Marie

  30. Actually, your sales letters are among the few I can get through without feeling like my intelligence is being insulted. I have to agree with what Heather said.

    I love that even though you knew what you were “supposed” to do and you know what works, you stepped out there and did what felt right to you anyway.

    I recently got an inquiry from someone I REALLY want to work with. I’m a huge fan of her work and what she’s accomplished. I responded in the way I thought I was “supposed” to, but it felt so artificial considering I’ve been admiring her work for so long. The minute I clicked send, I wanted to send a follow-up email and say, “Never mind my lame packages. Let me know what she’s looking for, and we’ll work something out.”

    I’ve always been so good at following my intuition, and it’s always worked well for me. Only in the past year and a half, as I’ve transitioned from freelancing to having a “real business,” that I’ve started questioning myself and doing silly things like this. Hopefully it will still work out, but it definitely taught me a lesson about doing what feels right so I don’t have to question myself later.

  31. “You will never find clarity in your head.” I love it. So true. I find that when I connect with the energy of what I’m trying to achieve or who I’m trying to reach, the rest just flows naturally.

  32. Charles

    You hit the nail on the head with this post! The greatest breakthroughs in the world have come when a person has laid down their problem to STOP dwelling over it for a while.

    You know the saying,”Can’t see the forest for the trees”.

  33. You’re so right Marie! My problem is that I sometimes act too fast, and then I think about all the things I want to change about what I just did! Often I do something without it “feeling” right and then don’t listen to my instinct.

    I have to say B-School has been game-changing in this respect. It encourages us to take time to work on things like this. My best ideas come while running or when I’m the shower – usually days after I complete a B-School exercise! Then I go back and refine with something that feels better and gets me excited!

    Kudos to you for bringing this issue to light!

  34. Marie – this post is SO spot-on! I often am plagued by doubts, questions and uncertainty about my next move. It becomes so serious and takes the creativity out of any possible “decision”. Your words remind me to take space, breathe, have some freakin’ FUN, and let go. And above all – just do it already!!!
    Thank you for being 100% you. It’s refreshing and I love reading your thoughts.
    And P.S. – so happy you decided to scrap the letter and do the site, ’cause it rocks – and now I’m seriously thinking of trekking to NYC to do this event with you. Kudos!


  35. Kelsea

    Marie this was so helpful not just for business but for life! thank you for all your posts they always put things in perspective and make takes chances a little less scary!

  36. Yes, you just have to do it! Sometimes my clients will want or expect me to give them an organizing system that will just work. But even a great system won’t work for everyone. So I say, we’ll talk and then we’ll try some stuff and we’ll see what works. If it doesn’t, we’ll try something else until we find the combo that’s right for you.

    It may seem time consuming, but it’s actually a faster way to find a solution than staying on that hamster wheel in your head.

  37. OMG! Your posts lately have been scaring me because they are so on point with what I was just thinking a day or two beforehand OR it was something I was in the midst of experiencing. I learned last week, if my heart ain’t singin’ when I do it, I ain’t doin’ it…or I’m gonna find a more awesome way to do it. It’s a win-win!

    As always, thanks for sharing!
    .-= Shay´s last blog ..5 ways to get over yourself and share your gifts =-.

  38. Way to go girl! I for one am so sick of the long a$$ sales letters – in fact, hate them – and have to say my favourite sales offer ever was for your B-School with not a single long-winded sales letter in sight. When I witnessed that launch I was thrilled to see someone finally do it differently! When it comes to experiences we need to feel a bit of the experience in your marketing. And you did that brilliantly! I mean it might make sense for selling something where the nitty gritty specs are part of the buying decision but for what you do, it has to appeal more to the emotions than the mind and the typical sales letters on squeeze pages are mind-numbing and boring which is just plain irritating. So high five! Trusting your heart on this one was once again, brilliant!

  39. Yea to breaking the tradition of the horrible, long sales letter!

  40. Jen

    Marie, as usual you blow me with your direct, no-BS advice and I absolutely LOVE it. I’m so excited to meet you in person at the Live event because you are a chica after my own heart – authentic, caring and just plain unapologetically FIERCE! I personally believe that the reign of the long-ass sales letter is actually meeting it’s proverbial end-of-life anyway…so you’re just blazing a trail! 🙂 Your heart and intuition never lie.

  41. Kaci

    Hi Marie, I’m new to your site, but when I read this post I had to comment…I had the same exact revelation while I was working yesterday! It dawned on me that thinking about what to do is not the way to go; feeling what to do is. I’ve been listening to my body lately (the gut) and it’s been guiding me toward a huge career change. I’m going for it and it *feels* terrific!
    Thank you for your insight and your inspiration!

  42. I loved your easy to navigate sleek sales website. Another one out of the park for Force. Muah.

  43. Kristin Planinz

    This is exactly what I needed to read right now! I’ve been over thinking about my business plan, to the point where I”m stuck on what services to offer (which should not be a hard thing!). The problem I have is feeling overwhelmed…..thinking (there’s that bad word again) instead of doing, and then I procrastinate. I’m going to switch to taking action right away. Thanks for the tip. It’s the clarity I needed!

  44. joan

    Once you start then you will find your direction. As you move along you get clearer as to what you want. This approach works. I like the site and it covers just what one needs to know. Are any of the hotels close to the venue?

  45. Intellect is important, but overrated. Listening to your body/feelings/intuition – underrated.

    Nice post. Reminds me of a Turkish proverb I learned from Eben Pagan: No matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone, turn back.
    .-= Marla´s last blog ..Making Better Decisions =-.

  46. Justyna

    Good for you. Just do it. Good advice.

  47. Loving your video – and I wanna know when you’re bringing ‘Rich Happy Hot’ to London? I will BE there! 🙂
    .-= Corrina Gordon-Barnes´s last blog ..The Biggest Mistake I Made In Business =-.

  48. stephanie*

    Thank you, Marie for your post – I love the heart – opening moments – they are wonderful. Sometimes, it helps me to just do something else, anything, like washing the dishes, watering plants, just care about something else – and then the movement for the new direction comes from inside and we can go on surfin’ –
    Love to you, Stephanie.

  49. Nice. Might be just what I needed. I feel like I am always trying to avoid wasting time and effort on doing the wrong thing, when I am actually wasting more time and effort by overthinking EVERYTHING! I think I really to get out of my head, and into more of a feeling place. Thanks, Marie.

  50. Oh, and P.S…. I detest long sales letters, I love your approach for the live event!

  51. Laura

    Hi Marie,
    I’ve been receiving your e-mails for some time now and even have your Make Every Man Want you e-book . I read this post today and its just what I needed to hear. Although its about your business, I’m in a situation with my boyfriend and need clarity, I’ve been one to think to much and struggle with things. I know to live in the moment, for me not always easy but getting there. So now, I know what I need to do is dive in and make a go for it , with patience . thanks keep going people read these posts

  52. Ooooooh, baby, you have nailed one of my most persistent demons. During my mentor time with Laura Roeder, her gentle but persistent “Don’t overthink this, Elizabeth” was often what cleared the cobwebs and helped me step back and then forward. We can be our own worst enemy, but awareness if the place to start. Thanks for the important reminder.
    .-= Elizabeth Cottrell´s last blog ..“Come- my beloved water!” =-.

  53. This is where I need to be, now I’m going to figure out a way to make it so.

  54. personally, I dont recall ever reading thru a long sales copy letter.
    Ive sent them out because the so-called experts say this is what to do.

  55. The timing on this is perfect my friend…thanks for articulating exactly what I am going through!!
    I got to a sticky place in my book, and I was thinking thinking thinking about what direction to go.
    And through my NON-thinking effort, I launched my new wedding workshop, Rich Girl Wedding on a Real Girl Budget! The genius ideas just flowed and kept flowing the less I THOUGHT. And the writing that i have done for the book thus far HAS FED THIS PROJECT.
    Well, guess what? Now, this project will feed the book. BOO-yah!!!
    So, I’m just going to keep DOING, as I jump the puddles of fear and doubt, and continue to not THINK…
    Thanks Marie…

  56. Karie

    I’m all signed up for RH&H Live in New York!!! I am extremely excited and look so forward to the experience.

  57. I’m in!!! Just signed up for the RH&H Live in NYC! Can’t wait to experience this awesome weekend.

  58. Hi Marie – thanks for this post. What hit home for me is patience! Oooh boy do I have trouble with that one! I got in action with a special event I put together last night and immediately afterward the thought “OK, so where’s the pay-off?” popped into my head. In the past I would dwell in that, and let it paralyze me with questions of failure and “did I do something wrong?”, “what should I do next”? This time (while paralysis is tempting me, I admit) I’m choosing to just keep taking action, trusting that I’m heading in the right direction, and remaining open to clarity.

    I love this: “Clarity emerges from putting one foot in front of the other, rolling up your sleeves and just doing the damn thing.”

    Also reminds me of “Just keep swimming… just keep swimming”. I recently watched Finding Nemo again with my little nephew and Dorie’s (the awesome Ellen DeGeneres’) song keeps going through my head. Just keep swimming. Great advice any way you put it! 🙂

    Be awesome,
    .-= Heather Cottrell´s last blog ..Take action now- because now is all there is =-.

  59. Pen

    Thanks Marie for another great post! I just have to start “doing the damn thing” – I overthink things way way too much and then wonder why Im too tired and frustrated to not take any action….time for a change!

  60. As a copywriter who KNOWS that sales copy can feel fabulous AND convert, I have to extend a huge congratulations to you for deciding to do the sales copy YOUR way.

    Rock on, Marie!

    The long copy format (at least as most of us here know it) is going to be “old school” in the not too distant future. Nice to see another entrepreneur pioneering the alternatives … they can work and that’s being proven slowly but surely.

    Quick question: let me know how your mini site performs?

    Keep rockin’ the web you way. Please!
    I’m watchin’ 😉
    .-= Karri Flatla´s last blog ..My Copywriting Credo And Why I Refuse to Write “Killer” Anything =-.

  61. Good for you Marie – I love having you as a role model – you always go the fun and authentic route instead of just following what everyone else is doing… just because.

    Love it – it’s really made me think about how I’m doing my own marketing and how I can just be more authentic. I hate those long cheesy sales letters.

  62. Love it! I soooo wish I wasn’t so far away here in Australia or I’d definitely attend your event! It’s actually sparking a desire to get in and make that money I’ve been dreaming of so I could one day (soon!) take up such an opportunity, even if it’s in another country!

  63. Abi

    That is a great confession Marie. I am a writer too and often times I find myself writing something and at the end of which I go in the destroy it and recreate mode and I will be honest about it – the end result is always better.

    I believe one of the main reasons why we feel that way is especially when our commitment for doing excellent work is far more important than ourselves or our creation. Putting the customer into perspective and being able to say – “Well if I was the one being sent that long sales letter I won’t read it myself so why should my customer ! ” that is a true deal and brings us inches closer to our customers who don’t just read our work but rather connect with our work and (unknowingly) us as well !

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Abi! The customer perspective is so important to keep front and center 🙂

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