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Last night, I was sitting at my computer about to close up shop and an email with this subject line pops in.

“OMFG!! This is un-BLEEEPIN-believable!!!”

It was from Adrienne, one of my incredibly awesome high-level adventure mastermind members. She owns a classy intimate apparel store outside of Chicago and at our last Mastery retreat, Adrienne needed a simple way to increase revenues fast.


Now, keep in mind when you read this, she’s only had this marketing strategy in place for 4 short weeks. Adrienne wrote:

“I’m so excited I can barely contain myself! June was INCREDIBLE!

It was our biggest month in the last 18 months AND it was 45% over our average month YTD!! Also, we’ve been getting calls to schedule fit appointments. We NEVER get calls and this week we have FIVE fit appointments booked!”

So are you curious what powerful marketing strategy we told Adrienne to use to produce such big, fast results?

Here it is. The #1 marketing strategy almost everyone overlooks…

It was the marketing strategy she was already using. She just wasn’t using it enough.

Here’s what I mean. During our mastermind retreat, we asked Adrienne what she’s done in the past that has produced foot traffic and sales in the store. Her response?

She sent out an email promotion. She said, “…anytime I send out an email about a new panty brand we have in stock or even if we just announce new store hours, we get an increase in sales.”

BOO-yah bitches! She had a marketing strategy that worked, she simply needed to use it more. Like, a lot more. Turns out, Adrienne was mailing out to her list less than once a month.

She had an unfounded fear that she’d be “annoying” her subscribers if she mailed out more frequently. And Adrienne, like many of us women entrepreneurs, was also grossly underestimating how much her clients loooove to hear from her.

We crafted a plan for Adrienne to send short, fun and valuable emails to her list on a weekly basis. While she was a little nervous, she agreed and took immediate action. Because we’d kick her sweet little ass if she didn’t! 😉

The results, well . . .they speak for themselves.

As entrepreneurs, most of us are addicted to novelty. This is a blessing and a curse. We love new strategies; charting new courses but often, wind up making things waaay more complicated than we need to.

We make the mistake of searching “out there” for the some secret ninja marketing tactic that all the big shots must be using. Something we don’t know about. Something we must not be aware of yet.

But here’s the kicker. More times than not, this constant searching “out there” means that we overlook the gold that’s RIGHT in front of us. (Kind of like we do with life . . . but I digress.)

Here’s the reality. When it comes to quickly bringing money into your business, what’s simple and proven is often best.

So now it’s time to look at YOUR business. What marketing strategy has worked for you like gangbusters in the past?

What is proven to bring money in the door in your business?

Do you make calls? Ask current clients for referrals? Guest post on blogs? Do interviews on radio, TV or on webinars? Speak live? Send email promotions with straight up, irresistible offers?

Now ask yourself, can you increase the frequency? Can you find more places to roll that strategy out?

Whatever your proven marketing strategy is, it’s time to rock on, more, with your bad self.

This doesn’t mean you won’t add new marketing tricks to your money-making tool box. Of course you will!

But don’t make the mistake of overlooking something magically delicious just because it’s sitting under your nose.

Remember, often the fastest and most profitable marketing strategy is to simply do more of what already works.

So what’s your take on this one? Do you have a simple, proven marketing strategy that works? Are you addicted to marketing novelty and overlook deeper implementation of what already works?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Excited to hear your thoughts on this one.

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  1. Wow! I’ve been one of those folks trying to figure out how to make one social media platform after another work for me, when in truth, what brings in almost all of my business is good ol’ fashioned referrals and networking.

    Thanks for waking me up. I need to re-write my to-do list today!
    .-= Melanie O´s last blog ..Interview with Sam Bennett- Creativity- organization- and the job search =-.

    • marie

      Hey Melanie! Love what you shared! I’d also recommend that once you get your referrals and networking humming along, choose ONE of the Social Media platforms (whichever feels juiciest 🙂 to use. Rather than spread yourself too thin, it will allow you to build steady momentum!

      • Hi Marie

        I love your insights, tips and sharing. I feel we are a few light years away here in Australia and I am keen to catch up.

        Thanks a million!

  2. Damn straight. Boosting sales isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be – we just have to be making offers on a regular basis so it seems natural, not sudden.

    Keep it rockin’, Marie –

    .-= Dave Navarro´s last blog ..Pre-Launch Lessons Learned with Steve Haase of The Influencer Project =-.

  3. It’s so true. I’ve tried before to ‘reinvent’ myself or my strategies only to find out what I already knew. You can always look for new things to try, but if you’re not using the knowledge you already have, what do you think is going to happen with the new knowledge you gain? Same thing…you’ll neglect to use it when something shinier comes along. Great post!

    • marie

      Hey Samantha! Amen on using the knowledge you already have. Thanks so much for stoppin’ by 😉

  4. Hi Marie,

    Super post! kinda like the wizard of oz — Dorothy was wearing the the ruby slippers the entire time … (if only she’d looked down.)

    What works for me every time is enthusiasm. i can fill up a room with the love I have for being an Inspirational Rebel! It’s contagious …

    If the dates work, I’ll see you at RHH in NYC.

    Giulietta, Massachusetts gal
    .-= Giulietta´s last blog ..What the hell … =-.

    • marie

      Love it Guilietta! Enthusiasm is quite contagious. Hope to see you in NYC 🙂

  5. This is a great idea. Instead of looking for new ways to market your stuff, go with the tried and true methods that have shown you they work.

    I can totally understand the feeling of not wanting to annoying the subscriber with constant email blasts. There is definitely a balancing act needed to send out good information along with your promotions without being overbearing.

    Really glad to have found this article, I am definitely going to look at my own methods and see where I can boost some conversions.
    .-= Bret Phillips´s last blog ..Speaking- Connecting WordPress with the Business Community =-.

    • marie

      Hey Bret! Thanks for stopping by. I like content, content, content, promo guideline.

      And honestly, the more you have the intention to HELP, serve and inspire – even in your promotions, people feel it. Stop back and let us know how everything goes!

      • Trying to get things off the ground, so far it’s just been content, content, content, and more content.

        Now that I have a bit of a foundation built though I feel like I can start throwing in the promo stuff a little more.

        This month I will start and I will be back with some results 🙂

  6. Nanci

    Marie, you should love this one. I teach pole dance part time and I haven’t taken any new students lately. I was planning on starting up again and was working on a business plan while my family child care children were napping. (they still are!) Then I came up to my computer and read this! And I remember what worked last time. It was word of mouth more than any other strategy I tried. The business plan in my back pocket now was based on word of mouth, but a lot more of it. Since I’m almost through listening to your “booty camp” series, your influence must have reached me a few minutes earlier than I actually read it! That’s so cool!

    • marie

      Nanci – I LOVE this story. So awesome. And so happy you’re enjoying Booty Camp 🙂 Where do you teach pole? I’ve been getting back into it here in NYC!

  7. AWESOME post Marie! Thanks for sharing this incredible and simple piece of genius!

    • marie

      Thanks so much Krisna!

  8. Natalie Jones

    First of all, Marie you are amazing: your book and “Live in the Moment Booty Camp” together are transforming my life right before my eyes.

    About this article, while I am not an entrepreneur I feel like I can totally apply this thoughts to almost every other area of my life. Yes, it is good to be innovative, but most of the time, our brains get in the way by thinking too much, and we overlook the most simple of concepts.

    Again, I think you’re awesome, and by the way, love getting your emails! 🙂

    • marie

      Yay Yay Yay Natalie! That is so great to hear. Yes, most of this stuff applies outside the biz world too. Great to know you like the emails, we’re going to be sending out a lot more free content, videos, etc. 😉

  9. Marie, That is so true! I’m constantly trying to think up new ideas to drive more traffic to my “store”. The reality is that getting in front of people whether in person or through videos or blogs is where it’s at! Our fans love to hear from us and those that aren’t our fans can opt out…
    Thanks for sharing!

    • marie

      Ain’t that the truth Kelly (“…those that aren’t can opt-out..”

  10. Marie, thank you!! I’m LOVING getting your sage pointers in my inbox!

    What’s worked for me in the past is teaching free workshops on nutrition–a great way to put myself in front of my target market and sign people up for a health coaching consultation. I’m teaching my next workshop on August 3rd!

    Thanks again. Stay cool in this NYC heat!

    • marie

      Awesome Hilary! So look at the all the ways you can boost those numbers to your free workshop. Let us know how it goes.

  11. Great info, Marie!

    You are so right in that we often search for the latest super-secret marketing strategy or the next big thing to bring more customers and increase sales, when what we need to do is let our customers tell us how to market to them.

    Every market is different and responds to different strategies. Thanks for the reminder!

    • marie

      You’re welcome Melissa. Absolutely on all markets being different. Part of the joy and fun of getting to know YOUR people well and taking really good care of them 🙂

  12. I had been sending out my newsletters on a regular basis when all of a sudden I was launching 2 new programs and I went against all that I knew to promote them. Spent two days not writing what the newsletter needed to say. Finally my husband looked at me and said, “you need to sell the hell out of your program. You know it is awesome, you know people need it. Stop worrying about the fact that you are selling something and sell it.”

    He was right of course. I am so worried about people me annoying to realize all the great info I deliver for free in the newsletters all the time.

    Allowing ourselves as women to be fully in our own power….that’s the key!

    • marie

      Hey Hannah! Isn’t it funny how we can feel bad about offering solutions that will truly HELP people? SO glad you listened to your husbands advice 🙂

    • Jennifer Slater

      Hannah, your husband’s comment to you was just what I needed to hear – stop worrying about the fact that you are selling something and sell it!!! My fear of rejection and worrying about whether I’m using the smartest strategy has prevented me from taking any steps at all. Apparently I just needed someone to tell me (even if it was second-hand) that I need to just jump! I know you didn’t intend it, but you have inspired me, and for that I thank you!

  13. Hi Marie,

    You can’t be anymore right than you already are. Like Adrienne, my biggest fear was coming off as “annoying” to my subscribers. But the reality is that they subscribed to be because they liked something about me.. or else they wouldn’t have.

    I also want to add that the thing that worked best for me would be, “give them 2-3 free materials” and suggest a product that can help them relating to the material my emails were about 🙂

    Speaking of loving to hear from people, I really, really enjoy your site, hope to see more of you thou’ !

    • marie

      Hey Parker! YES. Love your guideline. Suggesting/offering solutions that truly help move folks along to where they want to go is what we’re all looking for. Someone we can trust who will honestly share with us the best they’ve got. THANK YOU for what you’ve shared on seeing “more of me”. This first half of the year has been the busiest I’ve been (all good stuff and I’m super grateful!) I’m now in place to have MUCH more regular content (within the next few weeks) and I’m really honored to do it! Make sure you’re on our list so you can get the goods 😉

  14. I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to come up with some “new thing” to try to stimulate my business….thanks for reminding me that what worked once, worked before, will work again….oh those Ruby Slippers!

    Love your emails and your energy…thanks!!!

    • marie

      Hello Jayne! Yeah baby – go get’m and let us know how it goes. Thank you for the props as well. Truly appreciate it.

  15. Maria, this hits home for me! My marketing efforts nearly stalled completely because I keep focusing on the new “tips and tricks” that floos my inbox every day from “marketing gurus.” At the end of the day, what works for me are face-to-face connections – speaking, networking, etc. Thank you for getting me back on track!
    .-= Monique E.´s last blog ..Summer Dayz =-.

    • Oops, I meant Marie!!!
      .-= Monique E.´s last blog ..Summer Dayz =-.

    • marie

      Ha ha! We’ve all been there with the new tips and tricks – so glad this ushered you back on your track 🙂

  16. Hey Marie, When I ask people how they found out about me, the majority of them tell me they were searching online. Guess I need to make sure I’m plastered on the internet so more women that need me, can find me!

    Thanks a million for putting this in my face.


    • marie

      Helloooo Melody! AWESOME and YES you do re: online. Talk to your clients and find out **exactly** what they searched for; what SOLUTION the were looking for. You’ll get awesome clues that can help you expand what you’re already doing that works!!!

  17. I love this – I recently had a lot of success in the PR end of my business by packaging my services. Apparently it’s much stronger to do a specific package for an audience rather than just generically offer monthly services! Now I need to take this advice and continue the strategies that work! Thanks, as always, Marie 🙂

    • marie

      Awesome Melissa – I love to hear of your success. BTW – Kuma is doing great . . . really fun and loving little guy!

      • Melissa Cassera

        Great to hear Marie! 🙂 We’ll have to have an Aussie date one day for Kuma and Jake!

  18. I take a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening and read blogs that relate to improving business. I love it! It’s such an abundance and it’s all free! I offer more of a service of jewelry assembly and offering jewelry outsource in the USA than products so it’s difficult for me to really “advertise” a product. I’m in my studio all day so I don’t get too much face to face. I follow jewelry designers and I started a blog (Jewelry Assembly Chicks) that really helped explain my situation more to put at ease designers looking for help. I really love to write and sometimes, just writing about events in my life tie into some sort of jewelry eureka moment that I try to offer in the blog. Right now, I’m in the middle of a beer garden tour so sometimes it’s just fun to write about what’s going on in your life without it being all work related and that in turn will open ideas relating to your work. Thanks for the great insight!

    • marie

      Hey! Love this!! An idea for you: Create a beautiful guide (PDF) for jewelry designers helping educate them on how to choose the BEST outsourcer for their business. (Top 5 Things To Ask Any Jewelry Assembler Before You Hire Them) Positions you as an expert/advocate; gives them delicious, free advice and will work great for helping build your list!

  19. Marie –
    Thanks for the insightful post. The message of doing more of what is working really hit home. I too fall into the trap of not wanting to annoy, bore, or bother customers. Taking a different mindset is a must to succeed.

    • marie

      Thanks for stopping by Melanie! When you really focus on HELPING and inspiring your list, it’s never a bother 🙂 Excited to hear how it goes!

  20. Hey Marie,
    This is an excellent article! As a matter of fact, what you’ve said here is dead on! “Right under your nose”…”Old fashioned networking”…”going back to what works”…just more often. It is genius and it definitely WORKS!
    There is another great tool that is catching on again…good old fashioned “snail mail“. It is a relatively (old concept) new “appreciation marketing” tool, that is soon to become a household word. A way to create & send professional postcards & two or three panel cards for 70% less than wholesale. You can prearrange mailings & send directly to your customers inserting your own graphics and wording. Send something throughout the year for any or no occasion at all just to let them know you care about them and appreciate their business. When it is sent directly to your customer with their name on it, they can’t just delete it unread…they just HAVE to open it! People won’t remember what you did or what you said…they will however, remember how you make them feel…

    • marie

      Hey Becky! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So funny, I JUST had a meeting w/someone on our team about this. Great suggestion – thank you so much!

  21. Thanks for the reminder, Marie!!! Ahhh, your timing was perfect – just what I needed to hear. Sometimes, I sure do make things much more difficult than they need to be. Now, it’s back to the tried-and-true basics, b-a-b-y! Thanks again! 😉

    • marie

      Hey Kristina! You are so so so welcome.

  22. SG Veronica Ambar

    Hey Marie! A fan of yours from Mama Gena’s here. Writing to say


    for your awesome marketing presentation that Friday night. Totally life changing. I also want to say


    to your blog comment about focusing on really repeating what works OFTEN, & to making it “short, fun & valuable.” I love that trio! And love your work. Ridiculous. OH! Here’s my own trio: You Inspire Me!

    Dancing in Miami, SG Veronica

    • marie

      Hey SG Veronica! Rock on lady. Thanks for stopping by and thank you so very much for the showers of love and affection. I feel the energy and it’s soo good.

      Dancing right back in NYC!

  23. Amy

    I was at this session when we talked with Adrienne about her marketing strategy and all I have to say is this: I AM SO FRICKIN EXCITED FOR HER! She has worked her tail off to make sure she stuck to the plan Marie and the group worked on with her.

    Marie, you are so right–what’s simple and proven is often best. So true–love it! Thanks for the reminder!

    • marie

      Yeah Porterfield!!! Love ya woman 😉

  24. I am always looking for the next best thing to get the word out. My mind moves at warp speed, if something doesn’t work in two days, I’m already moving forward 😉 I must learn more patience! You nailed it with this, though. I’ve started picking up some of the older strategies that have brought in clients in the past, like offering package discounts and reminding people to refer clients. It’s working.

    • marie

      SWEET!!!! Love to hear that Sukie xo M

  25. Hi Marie!
    Happy to see the comments are working – I read this yesterday, but wasn’t able to leave a comment at that time…. 😉

    Loved this post – was a very good reminder to keep doing what’s working. I have a tendency to get distracted by bright and shiny objects… So I’m learning to keep focused, keep doing what’s working, and put the time and effort long term into making my business awesome. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your awesome training! 🙂

    • marie

      Hey Jess! Yes – we had that little comment hiccup that we got to as fast as we could. Thank you so much for swinging back and sharing your thoughts. You are SO welcome! xo M

  26. Hi, Marie!

    Thanks for this great and simple post, I really liked it a lot. Though I want to make a point, that IT IS IMPORTANT not to overdo the frequency of sending out the e-mails. From my own experience, there are cases when I am interested in someone’s products and everything, but they send me updates every day or even (God…) TWICE a day, and sorry, I unsubscribe, because that’s simply overwhelming.


    • marie

      Hi Olga! ABSOLUTELY on not overdoing it with emails. I think it’s hugely important to always send VALUABLE, helpful emails. I’ve found it interesting in my own life – some marketers mail more often and because what they share in their content is SO high value, I don’t mind the high frequency.

      Others, I can feel the “take” and “sell” energy and I unsubscribe fast.

  27. Marie –
    This is my first time actually visiting but I have been on your list for awhile now (& of course–it was your e-mail this morning that drove me here!) I was half expecting you to disclose some FABULOUS, NEW, UNHEARD OF marketing strategy that would completely WOW me. And you did (minus being new!) It’s definitely a wonderful idea to take a look at what you’re already doing & maximize it. I don’t sell products, but I am a writer & if I can drive more people to my site, the more writing opportunities I believe will open up for me. Thanks for this–it’s def got me thinking!

    • marie

      Hey Erica! PARTY for you for visiting and commenting – YAY 🙂 I absolutely believe that this can work for you as a writer. Looking at the ways you attract/convert business and seeing if there are ways to do MORE of that or roll out in new areas!

      So happy to have you here.

  28. I was *just* writing about this. And my first big marketing teacher Robert Middleton was telling me about this the other day- and we were both shaking our heads. Randomness in marketing is the biggest killer- we just need to show up consistently and it seems to work…

    crazy- thanks for putting it out there in a way that’s so easy for people to get. Like get. Like act on it already. 🙂
    .-= Mark Silver´s last blog ..The Three Challenges with Going Into Business Once You’re Older =-.

    • marie

      Howdy Mark! Yes – that consistency thing is key! Love it when you swing on by . . thanks so much 🙂

  29. Heh, this is so smart and yet you’re right, we all forget to do it.

    “Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn’t.” You’d think we’d have figured that out by now, but I know I still have to remind myself. Good to remember for a quick power boost for coaching clients, too.
    .-= Sonia Simone´s last blog ..The Force that Powers Persuasive Content And 3 Ways to Intensify It =-.

    • marie

      SONIA!!! What up woman?! So honored to have you here (I’m a big fan 😉 Yes on a quick power boost for coaching clients!!

      • Aw, likewise! I love the stuff you do. 🙂 (I caught the Tony Robbins interview too, how cool was that?)
        .-= Sonia Simone´s last blog ..The Force that Powers Persuasive Content And 3 Ways to Intensify It =-.

        • marie

          LOVE mutual admiration societies!!! TR is totally awesome. Huge honor. I told him he was my “gateway drug” into the world of personal development. He said that was the first time he’d heard that one. 🙂

  30. I just got introduced to you by reading Dave Navarro’s blog and I’m so glad I stopped by. You lady, rock! I love your approach to business. I have the same problem as Adrienne. I have the fear of annoying my list with emails but find that the moment a new post comes out, comments flow in and interaction increases tremendously. I will take your advice and do what works more often and finally accept that my audience is reading my blog for a reason. They enjoy the content! Keep helping us see the light!

    • marie

      Hellloooo Boni! Thank you so much for swingin’ by 🙂 LOVE to have you here and yes, we LOVE Dave Navarro too! Def. create more juicy, awesome brilliance for your people…sounds like they luuuv it. Let us know how it goes!

  31. Great post, Marie!
    As usual, you got me thinkin’ and realizing that it isn’t all about the new best thing…or that I’m doing/being something wrong or that I need to FIX something. It’s about identifying what DOES work and for me that means reaching out to my clients for referrals – past and present. So, thanks for being an angel…AGAIN.
    .-= Anne Samoilov´s last blog ..Tell Me What You Want To Know About Getting In Shape =-.

    • marie

      Rock on Anne! And….takes one to know one 🙂 xo M

  32. This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks Marie. Mine is email too. Like Melanie way up at the top of your comments here, I have overlooked some proven techniques for time on a lot of social media sites. I’m whittling it down to 2: Twitter and Facebook. And setting up a weekly email plan.
    .-= Bob Donohue´s last blog ..Vain Attempt to Die =-.

  33. Kadriya

    Oh, Marie..your stragedy…It’s simple and it’s worth doing!
    I think it’s such a pleasure to pay attention to everything in our business ’cause when we become responsible and take control we feel more satisfied of good and excelent results)

    I am from Moscow, Russia so my English isn’t perfect. But it’s a great honor for me to talk to you =)
    Thank you so musc for your light, Marie, rock on!!


  34. joan

    Marie the strategy you outlined above is priceless. Referrals is the lifeblood of my business. I am in the educational savings plan industry. In every instance that i get a new client i ask for referrals. Sometimes i get 1 at other times i get as much as 15. My business is face to face and phone mostly, with a small amount online. This is a very important strategy as it is one that works. In our business we send out birthday cards to all our clients and we attach a small questionaire asking them to rate the service of the representative and also for referrals. We also give random prizes from time to time.They love that.

  35. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for this post. You hit the nail on the head for me when you said entrepreneurs can get addicted to novelty. I haven’t been doing basic, basic marketing things because I keep stressing about video and other fancier stuff.
    My newest workshop is taking off because of the most basic, BASIC actions: emailing, and saying thanks to people. Hooray for simplicity!

  36. This is genius. Because I work primarily in the network marketing industry my success is almost 100% dependent on me duplicating my efforts. That means keeping it simple and teaching other people to do a few simple things that have been successful for me and then teaching them how to teach other people to do the same simple things. And you know what, when I do that, it works! But most of the time I’m so caught up in my need for creativity and being some sort of innovative genius that I forget that I already know what works and I just have to repeat it…over and over again. Thanks for the reminder on this. (And in order to give me an outlet for all that creativity and innovation so I don’t spontaneously combust I blog and have my online TV talk show. That way I can make the $ with duplication and make sh*t up for fun on my site 🙂

  37. Monica

    Hey — what if you are just starting out, are transitioning from “real” work, to this entrepreneurship thing, and don’t know which best thing is going to work – where do you decide to start and how decide when to implement the next thing?
    Love all the love and enthusiasm here!

  38. HI Marie
    I’m glad I found you – I’m just starting off and dont know where to begin. I have no doubt I will be gleaning plenty of good stuff from you and everyone here. Glad to know I wont be ‘annoying’ my customers, and am already using some very easy social platforms to begin with.
    Your sassy approach suits my burlesque dance classes too the T – I am inspired!

  39. Andressa A. Souza

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for all your joy and support. Every woman in the world should be awesome as you!
    You have a really nice way to “wake up” people. You’re a very smart woman! Congratulations.
    I admire you a lot. It’s very beautiful what you do. You’re an example.
    Recently, I learned about sharing what we know, and learning what we teach. It’s exactly what you do. It’s awesome. Keep it up, girl.
    I read your book “make every man want you” and it helped me A LOT to be myself again. I ever borrow it to a friend.
    I’m only 18, but I was loosing the best part of me: my heart on the present. You made me remember the times (of my childhood) I was really happy when I enjoyed the moment and didn’t care about what people would think/say. Now I can say my life’s extraordinary!
    Your words were very meaningful to me. Thank you, gorgeous!


  40. YES, YES – I always tell my clients to start blogging more to send out newsletters – it’s literally the way I have built my business!

  41. Coming back in for a re-read and thinking to myself what has worked – what has made a sale. I think the simplest thing that has worked for me has been my personal enthusiasm about what I’m making. When I’m innovating something, whether its the first time or a fourth or fifth time and I just share the journey from beginning to end, on my blog, on Facebook via album updates and sneak peeks that’s what catches attention. You get to see the heart I put in it every step of the way and see the transformation from raw materials to finished awesome-ness!

    As far as social media, Facebook does it for me because of how I use it. Being able to share an album and just put more up about it in text has me using it a lot more.

  42. Love, love, love this Marie! I totally fall into that trap or constantly searching. This article help me see the difference from staying up to date and educated vs. being inundated and not taking action on already marketing strategies that just need to be implemented more! Thank you! 🙂

  43. Hi Marie,

    LOVE this advice, thanks! My question for you is:

    How to approach having a few different client types? Do we offer three different newsletters? We are thinking of a portal type site – imagine a site for teachers, parents, and students, for example. We’d send different content to each of those groups. Any suggestions?

  44. I’m so glad I didn’t do that, I’m still just beginning but I can see how valuable having more stitch options is going to be and I’ve already started using some of them.

  45. Hey Marie!
    I started cyber stalking all your material! (lol) Your information is so valuable and I have become your student. I wish I would’ve known about you 2 years ago when I opened my dance studio. Here is the deal.. I opened a studio in a mall that will be demolished soon. ( in a dying area) It has a great way to get in, test run , and get my name out there. One vendor once said, ” oh wow your studio is a glimpse of hope in a shitty mall” Now I’m moving to a new location (downtown Dallas) which will put the company in front of more people and not be judge by the location. My question to you is, what can I do to revamp the business to fit this new high end trendy area. I have learned on what not to do, but now I want to make sure that I market this studio to the fullest potential . Help thanks Gilda

  46. Hi Marie,

    I received today an email from your team with some very helpful answers to my Q. I am so happy for that. I am in business since 2012 and I really needed your advice. I`ll go out there and catch what is dreamed.
    Thank you and your team.

    Love, Kisi

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