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In today’s video lesson, I’ll show you the super secret tool I used to answer Dr. Laura’s question on how to connect with more of her local “peeps.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Dr. Laura, I didn’t stop there.

What started out as simple Q&A turned into a full-on coaching session.  You’ll learn easy ways to make sure your blog or website is set up for success.

After all, why go through the work of showering, putting on underwear and going outside to meet real people if your website isn’t as impressive as your fresh, clean scent?


So even if you don’t want a booming local business, I think you’ll really enjoy today’s video.


As always, I’d love to hear what you think.  Got more ideas for Laura?  Feedback on the video?

Random questions about how to get that fresh, clean scent?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. As one of those 3 Lauras, I have to comment.
    1) Lauras rule!
    2) That bouncy thing is called a Hippity Hop. I had Donald Duck and Goofy Hippity Hops.
    3) Laura, I’d do everything Marie said. She gave you killer advice. I’d also – I don’t think she mentioned this – get a custom header graphic. You don’t have to invest too much. Just something that’s you, and not as generic as those flowers. Look around for blogs you like, and bookmark the ones with headers that inspire you. If you’re going pro, that will help a lot.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Just making conversation. =-.

    • marie

      BELGRAY! I totally agree on Lauras rule 🙂 YES on the Hippity Hop…maybe that’s where the whole thing started. YES on the header too. See? I told you Lauras rule.

  2. OMG!!! Thank you so much, Marie! I appreciate your overdelivery on my questions. I do want to go pro with my blog and I will implement those tips. I will let you know how the Dining Divas works out. Also, I loved that you mentioned global market. I don’t know if you saw this but I speak Spanish and one of my goals is to coach high-achieving women in South American one day.

    (my mom doesn’t know I’m writing this, but my name is Christina and I am 11 years old NOW but my birthday is on THURSDAY!!!!! I thank you soooo much for what you said on your Q&A. I watched it with my mom, and I think you REALLY helped her!!!(not that that is a shock or anything) Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU (x10000) for all your help, and I really admire you.

    Best wishes,
    Christina 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 : )
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..You Can Bounce Back Faster Than Ever! =-.

    • marie

      OMG, I just had a super surreal kind of moment. Still trying to figure this one out. Was that reply from both YOU Laura and your 11 year old – soon to be 12 year old daughter Christina? Now I’m totally blown away and that may be the coolest comment ever. xxo M

      • Yes, the comment was from both of us. We were sitting on my bed watching your video and she took the computer and started writing her own comment. I’m so KNOWING what I need to do now that I can’t sleep.
        .-= Laura´s last blog ..You Can Bounce Back Faster Than Ever! =-.

        • marie

          AWESOME Laura. Please give your daughter a big hug from me. Her six smilely faces totally made my night!! Rock on woman…

  3. Marie,

    Great points on “going pro” on the testimonials. Pictures, videos, names, links to sites, location… makes the testimonials come to life and delivers kick-ass social proof.

    Sausage-free sauce? Not so sure that will work… Sounds way too healthy,

    .-= Walt Goshert´s last blog ..WHO.. Who are You? =-.

    • marie

      Hey Walt! Thanks so much. “Going Pro” is one of my FAVORITE concepts of all time. More on that soon. YES on sausage-free sauce. I know, I know it doesn’t seem possible that it would be good at all – but my boys beg to differ. (They both had TWO plates tonight!) Seriously. Kind of shocked me too 🙂

  4. Great video Marie. You rock. And I added to my blog roll 😉 Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! LOL
    .-= Britt´s last blog ..Mompreneur Spotlight:: Alicia Dunams =-.

    • marie

      Ha ha!! thank you for that Britt!!

  5. Yes! Laura’s are taking over the world

    Thanks Marie

    • marie

      seriously. I may do a Rich, Happy & Hot LAURA only program. It seems like it would fill up fast. 🙂

  6. Christine Laborie

    Hey Marie,

    Awesome ideas on how to connecting locally and even more about the blog. Looking forward to the going pro!

    I’m a veggie…..its all about the seasoning!


    • marie

      YES Christine! It is all about the seasoning. It was totally a hit. Went for a full 12 hours. KILLER stuff.

  7. Sue

    Thanks Marie!
    Excellent post! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on going pro. I am ready to step it up a notch!

    In health and happiness,

    • marie

      Thanks Sue! Going Pro is seriously like one of my FAVORITE topics in the world. Stay tuned…that’s coming later this week.

  8. Kim

    Wow! This was a good one & I definitely need to step it up. Thanks for asking Laura. And thanks for answering Marie.
    p.s. can’t wait for your 12 hour sauce recipe & go pro video!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Wachovia And World Savings Mortgages, Is This You? =-.

    • marie

      Thank YOU Kim. 12 hour sauce recipe is a ancient family secret 🙂 – but going PRO is all coming later this week! xoxo

  9. Great vid Marie–your tips for her about the opt-in and Meetup were spot on.

    Also, about the possibilities for her to have a global business–W00t for that!!

    Laura, listen to the wise gal… 😉
    .-= Christine Gallagher´s last blog ..My 6 Steps to Social Media Success =-.

    • marie

      Thanks Christine! I think Dr. Laura’s already on it AND has her daughter supporting her too – how great is that?? xo M

  10. Richard

    Hey Marie,
    First time i visited your site – LOVE the tag line 🙂
    Great advice – pity i’m testosterone fuelled otherwise i’d be following avidly

    • marie

      HA Richard! Thank you for stopping by. (Psst – guys are TOTALLY welcome here too and I happen to know a few very cool men that ALSO live Rich, Happy & Hot – testosterone and all 🙂 We’d be honored to have you back.

  11. Loved it Marie. I can’t wait to talk to you this week about all of this and more. I’m going pro with the help of, what is that person’s name again…..oh yeah, LAURA!!! Just watched her Zero to WordPress Blog, hangin’ with the two of you on this topic is like watching the Dynamic Duo in action. So freaking excited I found you this year.
    .-= Alma Ines´s last blog ..My Recent Dose of Vitamin See =-.

    • marie

      You are amazing woman and I am SO GRATEFUL we found each other (thank Google Alerts and Tony Robbins!) Just wait ….you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  12. Justyna

    I loved it. Peace out Marie. Hi Kuma 🙂

    • marie

      Awesome Justyna!! Kuma says hi back.

  13. ivy joeva

    Your videos are so fun to watch, I’m learning stuff I never thought I could get interested in. You’re just fun to hang with 🙂 Question: would you consider sharing that 12 hour sauce recipe (the vegetarian version)? It sounds revolutionary, and epic.

    • marie

      Thank you Ivy! I’ve considered sharing it, but then I’d have to kill you. Secret family recipe. You know how those things go. 🙂

  14. Marie – this is amazing! My mother-in-law just began working with a local yoga studio and I sent her this link because it’s great insight. I always found the “local” marketing to be more challenging (I live in South Jersey – but all of my clients are NYC or CA based!) Great tips as usual – keep up the great work 🙂

    • marie

      SWEET! Thanks for sharing with your mother-in-law hope it helps.

  15. Bee

    Love, love, love your Q&A sessions, Marie!

    BTW, what program do you use that allows you to have yourself in the little box and also show what’s on your computer screen? Very cool.

    • marie

      Hey Bee – I use software called Screenflow 🙂 It’s awesome!

  16. “Laura” is one of my favorite names of all time. If I was not named “Leanne”, I would call myself “Laura”. 😀

    • marie

      see – I knew there was something up with this name!

  17. I’m jonesing to get to a real computer so I can watch vid (on the iPhone now). One thing I know is Marie gives great advice and I’m eager to hear her suggestions on connecting locally. In the mean time I’m enjoying reading all the comments! Looks like I need more friends named Laura 🙂 you are all so great!

    • marie

      Stick around Morgan. I really seem to be a Laura magnet 🙂

  18. Perfectly stated… I would add that another really great way to immerse yourself into your community is to volunteer for something that moves you… there is no better way to make connections than to roll up your sleeves with a bunch of strangers! As far as the website, your comments are always pertinent and relevant. I am a Realtor with an obviously local business but most of my buyers come from out of state because I treat my blog with local intent and Pro-attention. Can’t wait to hear more about your Going Pro program!
    .-= Stacy Nelson´s last blog ..Rancho Panoramic Views of Temecula =-.

    • marie

      Thank you Stacy!! So great to have you here and I LOVE your idea of volunteering. Super great way to connect with like-minded people in your community. SWEET – Going pro is going to be awesome. I can tell 😉

  19. Hi Marie, are guys allowed to post here? I want to be rich, happy and hot too! And so does my wife who happens to be named Laura. Just wanted to say I have been enjoying your videos and learning a lot from you. I hadn’t thought to check out Meetups before for networking but I will now. Though I do agree with you that using a blog for self-promotion opens you up to a much wider audience.

    The biggest point you make that I cannot agree with more is the necessity to go pro with your blog. Any marketing tool you use to promote your personal brand needs to convey exactly who “you” are when the actual “you” isn’t there to do it in person. Take care.
    .-= Bob Donohue´s last blog ..5 Steps to Personal Economic Recovery =-.

    • marie

      Hey Bob! Guys are TOTALLY welcome here 🙂 And since your wife is named Laura, she MUST be genius 🙂 Thanks for your comment and I think you’ll love the materials about going “pro” we’re releasing soon.

  20. For all the Laura’s, in case you didn’t know, our name comes from the Latin word for the laurel that was used to crown ancient Greek olympic winners. So our name means “winner” so maybe that’s why Marie attracts us. Happy day and I’ve enjoyed all the comments and I already have someone to do a logo and header, working on the opt-in next.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..You Can Bounce Back Faster Than Ever! =-.

    • marie

      oooooh. juicy word origins to further confirm the awesomeness of Laura. 🙂 keep us posted on the developments!

  21. Marie,

    I love love love the advice you gave her. I did the whole shabang before Chamber of Commerce, Networking groups etc. What I found throughout the years is that I really do enjoy the niched and intimate groups. Just as you suggested to Laura. For about 2 years I have been attending “Yes Group” It’s basically a group of people that gets together after a “Tony Robbins’ seminar to keep the relationship going etc.. I have found it helpful. Not only have I been able to do business with these people but they also became my dearest friends. So your right on the money. Love your Q & A. I’m starting to look forward to them.
    Thank You again for everything 😉
    Therese Miu
    .-= Therese Miu´s last blog ..Living Your Passion with Iman Rizky =-.

  22. marie

    I love love love that you’re enjoying the vids and looking forward to them. I agree that it’s SO helpful to have a community to support you. I’m of course, a huge fan of virtual communities and ALSO using them to build IRL (in real life) connections too 🙂 xo M

  23. Hi Marie,

    I love the constructive criticism that you gave Laura on her website. It is exactly what I am ready for and it is hard to find with both – honesty and appreciation . You have a great YES AND … voice. (yes this is GREAT AND do this differently) That is an empowered skill that I am learning and I sure appreciate it in others. Getting direct feedback on what is working and what is not from outside of one’s inner circle is hard to find. Thank you for serving women in this way.

    muchas gracias

  24. stephanie*

    Dear Marie,

    this was super useful-I like you talking a lot like this 🙂 !!
    Can you say more about the energetical level you meant??!

    Thanks! And lots of love,


  25. Nice response, Marie! My husband was here while I was watching & he got a major kick out of the dog poo comment 🙂

  26. Hey Marie,

    I am signed up for your B School next week and I am completely stoked! I loved your website clean up tips immensely… Question, what if your testimonials prefer to not use a pic because the smaller community we live in and the nature of the service you provide for them?

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