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The whole concept of going pro could be one of the most valuable, profitable and actionable concepts I’ve ever come across.

Seriously.  If I could get you to adopt just one idea – this would be it.

You’ll also learn four other killer mindset shifts that will help you kick some serious ass in your business and enjoy your life along the way.

5 Essential Mindset Shifts for Entrepreneurs

These 5 key shifts (including going pro) are essential for us to not only grow our businesses, but to make the difference we are here to make as human beings.

Download your free training here

5 Essential Mindset Shifts (MP3)

Transcript (PDF)

As promised, a link to the book EVERY person who creates anything must have.

I highly recommend you listen and read the training materials on going pro because they’ll help you make more money, be happier and have a lot more fun.

Cool? Good.

As always, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

I really want to hear what you think of all this “going pro” stuff!

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  1. Hi Marie & all,

    Wow Marie! Of all the calls from RHH Virtual Mastery ’09 I’d agree this was the biggie (at least for me!). This concept of “Go Pro” was exactly the catalyst I needed to completely shift the results that were showing up in my life.

    This “Go Pro” approach to all that I do has made such a difference in my business – and my life – that I shared it as my favorite lesson of 2009 on my blog at the end of the year…with special thanks to Marie of course 😉

    Thanks Marie!
    .-= Gina Bell´s last blog ..Want to take it up a notch (or ten) on Twitter? Do what good tweeters do… =-.

    • marie

      Thanks YOU Gina! I really do think this is one of the classic lessons. xoxo M

  2. I love this call! Such amazing material – and it’s applicable no matter what your profession is. Thanks, Marie, for always delivering great info.

    • marie

      Me too woman 🙂 Thanks for CONTINUING to raise the bar for us!! xo

  3. Getting ready to listen — The War of Art is one of my favorite books, as a screenwriter and someone who coaches creative people it’s at the top of my own reading list and the books I recommend to others. Looking forward to your take on “Going Pro”.
    .-= Lisa Rothstein´s last blog ..Do you have more talents than time? =-.

    • marie

      SWEET Lisa! Can’t wait to hear what you think…really good stuff 😉

      • If time is money you’ve made me a welathier woman.

  4. Marie,

    I love this information. I refer back to it often and have applied it in my business and my personal life!

    You rock and provide the VERY best information.


    • marie

      SWEET Sharon! So glad you keep going back (as do I) and yes, it’s very applicable to both. xxoxo M

  5. great post marie, mindset is key to success, everyone should check this out! locspoc

    • marie

      Many many thanks!!

  6. Jessica

    Wow, thank you for this post, Marie! I loved learning about the distinction between engagement and enduring. I have been enduring for far too long and look forward to taking on engagement!
    Thanks again,
    🙂 Jessica

    • marie

      Awesome Jessica! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Let us know 🙂

  7. Thanks Marie, Very enlightening. As I “listened” I started thinking about a client I worked with this week. Acknowledged that I wasn’t listening to you anymore and came back from lala land. Your definition of listening actually worked for me – I found myself truly listening to you for the majority of the call. I REALLY like the “going pro” assignment. Thanks again! Melody
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Client Success Stories =-.

    • marie

      AWESOME Melody. That whole listening thing is simple – yet hugely powerful. Can’t wait to hear how it goes with “going pro” 🙂

  8. God bless you Marie for the beautiful reminders of how to conduct oneself in life! How often that becomes a moment by moment, breath by breath adventure in reminding!

    XO, Patrice

  9. Marie,

    Let me share this with you… it is so sweet. I am listening to your call and my son comes up and takes an earpiece out of my ear and starts listening with me. “mom is that you?” “no honey that is Marie Forleo” (We were listening to the crappy thoughts that stop you from living your brilliance section) “Mom that is what you tell me! I like listening to this!” I said “mee too, honey”

    He is seven. I am 40 and we both thank you. Thank you especially for saying it in such a way that the kid in me and the kid in him can resonate completely with! No more crappy little limiting thoughts!


  10. stephanie*

    Dear Marie,
    Thanks for this! Inspiring, true and full of live! Thank you for sharing! I’m happy and excited, that I probably found a solution how to pay the Rich Happy and Hot* Virtual Programm! Yeeeh! So I can be part of it! Since I decided, that I want to do it, there is like a well sparkling in me and I’m completing things around me and something is just opening up…my heart probably too 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you in the Programm! 🙂
    Hug from Switzerland!

  11. Hi Marie

    That was an amazing call. Listen to it all the time, along with a post it, right in front of my face Going Pro Be Engaged. Being a part of the group has wrought so many changes in my personal and business life.

    .-= Tricia Dycka´s last blog ..Work Life Balance…Is There Such a Thing??? =-.

  12. The concepts you present in the call are such clear, real reminders that improve how you interact with the world around you — like almost immediately. I was listening to my clients, engaging much more in their sessions with me and felt like the pro that I really am already. So funny because I was having one of those, “I feel like a fraud” days… I am going to listen again tonight.

    I can’t believe I just found you now! Thank you to @lkr for that.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Do You Need a Pick Me Up? =-.

  13. Stephanie

    Interested in Virtual Mastery. Look forward to hearing from you!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this! This really made me look into myself and I believe with a little work I can change the way I think, which will in turn increase the success of my business. I look forward to future posts.

  15. Ana

    Awesome call, thanks for sharing.
    If I were to distill the every piece of what you presented into one word
    it would be “presence”.
    If you are truly present with what you are doing, who you are will, etc.,
    you are practicing real listening, being a pro, engaging . . .
    love it!
    Thank you.
    .-= Ana ´s last blog ..Sugar Free Challenge =-.

  16. Laura Williams

    The call is AMAZING! The mindset shifts left me focused and helped me kick some of the fear that’s been paralyzing me and blocking my creativity. Thanks, Marie! You are truly fabulous 🙂

  17. Marie… you’re target market is obviously women, but your advice holds a lot of wisdom for everyone and I love your stuff.

    We’ll see, but this post might just change my life. I bought and finished “War of Art” at your suggestion and the chapter on “Resistance” really woke me up to some new habits I need to adopt (and some old ones I need to drop like a bag of friggin’ bricks). Time to fully commit, to cut off all other options and burn my ships on the shore, time to decide and go pro.

    Thank You. Seriously.
    .-= Jason R. Ayers´s last blog ..I Just Got My Butt Kicked…And I Loved It =-.

  18. Taty

    i liked this so much. I´ll try to do the homework. I think (for me sure) the most difficult is the true listening. :-/ I´m always thinking in another things. And I´ll try to find this book here in Brazil.


  19. Kari Lane

    Wow Marie, you have no idea how much I needed a “shot in the ARM”…
    I wrote a quote that sums it all up for me…
    “You don’t have to be a Doctor to want to know the answers,
    And you DON’T have to be a Doctor to FIND THEM.”
    Thanks Again…
    -Kari Lane

  20. I can see that I am going to be spending a lot of time on your site! Thanks for this!

  21. I know this is old, but I get it. I finally get you, Marie. You live each and every moment like it is the grand opening of an awesome, sexy, fun theme park and you give a shit… That’s how you did this. I will do my best.

  22. Thank you very much, Marie!

  23. Kanwal

    my wildest ocean dream is to ~ temple dancer and channelling sacred sounds ~ how dare to dream such whilst I manage some arthritis. how does one earn a living to breathe in embodiment & song?!

  24. You are such a amazing personality. This is first time I have watched your videos. You have changed my evening. The way I am feeling now is completely different. I love you

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