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Five days ago I brought home the most adorable, loving and ridiculously smart little four-legged creature on the planet.

His name is Kuma and he’s a 12 week old Toy Aussie Shepherd.


“Puppies are a ton of work.”

You always hear that, but you never know exactly how much work until your knee deep in wee-pads, chew toys, treats and the overwhelming desire not to fuck up this highly impressionable little being with bad habits because you’re too busy running an online business.

(Note:  Dog training books are NOT written for people who live in NYC.  There’s a million dollar niche waiting for a smart infomarketer who can whip up something that’s downloadable and tailored for urban puppies that need paper training prior to being street legal.)

We’re also getting ready for the RHH Virtual Mastery Program opening up in two weeks or so.  If you don’t what that is, it’s my year long coaching program that’s crazy affordable, fun and guarantees you’ll get results or I pay you your money back.  Sweet, right?

Anyway, between prep for Virtual Mastery, my Mastery Gals (you ladies freaking rock), normal goofing off with Josh and my new little man Kuma, I have even less time than usual.

Rather than stressing myself out to come up with killer content for the blog, I’d rather give YOU free business/marketing/life advice right here in the form of Q & A.

Why?  Because I want to help you kill it in every sense of the word.

I want you to have more happiness.  More money.  More freedom.  More fame, adoration and pleasure.

And, I’m pretty darn good at Q&A.   It’s my favorite part of the whole coaching/teaching gig.

Plus, if this goes well my puppy gets more time with his mamma.  You get free business advice.   We all learn something along the way.

Here’s How It Works

1.   Grab your favorite beverage and dream up the juiciest, most important question you have about growing your business or moving your life ahead now.

Ask me anything you want about how to grow your business, how to market and sell more stuff, and anything that could fall into the get-your-head-out-of-your-ass-and-get-shit-done category.   General happiness and productivity questions are awesome too.

2.  Realize there are no stupid questions.

Whether you’re a beginner and have a “how to get started” type question or you’ve been in the game awhile and you want a fresh set of eyes on your marketing, your idea for a service, product or program or something specific about your life that you think I can help with, ask away.

EXTRA POINTS if you have your Gravatar set up when you ask your question.  Just helps me put a name to the face and is way more interesting to look at than the standard icon.

3. Write your direct and to-the-point question in the comments section below.

Remember, I’m likely chasing a puppy around house with treats flying out of my pockets trying to help him do his business on the wee-wee pad.  So no novellas or crazy-ass questions that I’ll need the Rosetta Stone to decipher, okay?

Provide relevant links to your site, products or services if you have them.  And whatever necessary background information I need to give a proper answer.

If this little experiment goes well, it’ll become a regular feature here.  If it sucks, let’s both pretend it never happened.

(Kind of like what I do when Kuma misses the mark.  Out comes Nature’s Miracle and we pretend the wee-wee off the pad never happened.)

“But Wait Marie, I’m Embarrassed To Ask My Question In the Comment Section!”

To that I say, get over it.

If you want to make it in business, and life, you’ve got to be willing to put your sh*t out there.   I’m here to help.  And in case you haven’t noticed, the people who hang around me happen to be very cool, positive minded and smart.

We’re all here to learn and grow together so toss your apprehension out the door and let’s get on with it, shall we?  Leave me your question (or comment) below.

***After-I-Hit-Publish-Just-To-Be-Clear-Note:  I’m SUPER happy about the responses so far!  To clarify, I’m collecting questions here to answer in upcoming blogs and video blogs over the next few weeks and months.  So thanks again for your qs.  I’m excited to dive in.

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  1. Ok, well, guess that’s makes me first 😀

    My question is this. I love helping small businesses and service professionals see how to market themselves better, and increasingly how to break out of the ‘time for money’ trap by creating info products.

    However, I love this so much that I’m always offering loads of detailed advice for free – how do I draw the line between helping and giving away the farm?
    .-= Gordon Mullan´s last blog ..Michael Knight Mortgages =-.

  2. Hey honey – re your new baby. Congratulations! And this is going to sound weird, but I used the best trainer in the world and never met him in person. He coached me to work with my dog OVER THE PHONE. I swear. I hired another guy first who came to my house for five sessions and didn’t make even close to the impact that the remote guy did. Here’s the guy who coached me by phone: Call him asap and get rid of those doggie treats!

    Ok, so now for my question:

    I’m pretty sure I am not cut out to run a team. I’m good at it, sure. But, it is my least favorite thing to do and is currently causing me a LOT of discomfort. And I really can’t stand it. My dream? To be the talent and have other peeps fully in charge of production with me just having veto power/final edit. But, that is not my current reality (although I did get a taste of it last week when I was hired to shoot video for a website and it was awesome!). So, what is your best advice for living in the moment where I am (which is a really great place overall, but not somewhere I want to be forever) while still holding out hope that I can eventually really just be the talent like I want to be.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Big hug and kiss for your generosity.
    .-= Alexis Martin Neely´s last blog ..What Do You Do When You Are Unhappy? =-.

  3. Joe Intoci

    Marie! I’m a dog behaviorist and would like to offer you my services for free. Let me know if you ever have any issues with that new pup of yours. I hope you’re not to high up in an apartment in NYC. I would hate to see you use wee wee pads… You’re basically allowing the dog to pee in the house which becomes the dogs territory and no good things can ever come from that. I can teach you how to be a leader! I know you would be perfect at it! Get in touch with me if you’re interested…


    • marie

      Hey Joe! Let’s talk man and thank you. I am on the ground floor in NYC (we have a sweet private entrance). We’re getting him his final shots next week (the vet said we’re not allowed to take him outside till then – could be dangerous for my little pup until he’s got all the right vacs.) Send an email to info at marieforleo and we’ll hook up 😉

  4. Hi Marie
    Congrats on the puppy he is so freaking cute.

    My question here goes…..I am rolling out a group program as well as involved in a telesummit this month. I am looking for people to help me market and I will give their awesome freebie as a bonus for all those that sign up. Can I ask people to be involved in both or do I have to split it and ask some for my program and others to help market the tele summit?

    Feeling the shift again and feel the need to say Hold on Lady cause we going for a ride!!!!

    .-= Tricia Dycka´s last blog ..The Moment Of Truth =-.

  5. Thanks, Marie, for the incredible opportunity. Here’s my quesiton:

    I recently moved to Charleston, SC, a city I adore. I’m a prof at a local university and I have my coaching business, which gets its mojo and clients from my blog. However, I want to build my business and presence locally, but don’t want to do the Chamber of Commerce thing. I’m meeting folks through work and my kids, but not my peeps. I do belong to a Toastmasters.

    How can I connect better with people locally?

    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Passion Fruit Writing: The Introduction =-.

    • Laura,

      I might be able to help you with the the “local” angle. I just recently launched my website and it’s all about giving home business entrepreneurs a place to both share what makes them passionate about their business as a way to market their business, but there is also a SEARCH functionality involved as well that will allow you to search for other home business entrepreneurs that happen to be in your “local” area. You can search by city or state, or business category – or a combination of those.

      The idea is that anything you want or need for your home, kids, business or lifestyle you can probably find a home business entrepreneur to help you out, and that way we spend our dollars with each other and we all win!! Some people will search locally, others nationally or internationally is fine.

      I just kicked of the website a few weeks ago in North Texas, so most of the members are from there, but I am working hard to grow the business, so if you’d like to help us kick start South Carolina that would be awesome and as it grows, your business will benefit as one of the first one in SC.

      Right now I’m offering 1/2 price memberships (regularly $98 but with promo code BETA100 they are $49 for an entire year membership!). Check it out and let me know if this was what you were looking for.

      Take care, Yvonne Padgett

  6. Erin Ashley

    I’m a new business owner, and as such I’m in direct sales. My problem is that I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what I should do next, and then end up doing nothing because I never make a decision! How do I get my ass in gear and manage to bump myself out of this self defeating circle?! It’s basic, but it’s driving me crazy, and keeping me from making the money and feeling fulfilled. >:-(

  7. Ivy Joeva

    Hi Marie!

    Wow. Having a puppy in a NY apt sounds like more work than having a toddler! (At least you can put diapers on a kid ;). Thank you for offering your advice. I loooove your advice because it is always 1-painfully truthful and 2- you are living it.

    I’m living in LA and want to grow my massage / private yoga business. Right now I do massage at two different spas, teach yoga classes in a gym, and have a few of my own clients I see privately. My goal is to increase my private clients to the point that I no longer have to work for the spas/ health club.

    I’m also working to finish up my certification as a Birth Doula, and want to attend more births. That’s been difficult to do when I’m on call for the spas and can’t arrange my own schedule. Last but definitely not least, I’d like to start putting myself out there again in the acting world.

    I took a time out to get my finances in order, so my vision is to get my private practice strong enough that I can devote time and resources to acting without running myself down as I have in the past.

    Hopefully that’s not TMI, just wanted to give you some background for context. My main question is what would be a good way for me to bring in clients (hopefully regulars who would see me 1 or more x’s a week), without “stealing” from the spas where I work (which could cost me my job).

    Thanks Marie!


    • Hi Ivy,

      I can relate to your question. When I was first doing my massage training, every possible direction was SO interesting that I wanted to follow it. Being a Doula was one of those directions. I did the training and attended a few births. What I discovered that it’s VERY challenging to be a Doula and have a job that requires your presence.

      My suggestion. Choose ONE or two places to focus your talents. Are you a massage therapist or a yoga teacher or an actress or a doula??? That’s a LOT of hats to wear! Exhausting just to think about it.

      For me, I decided to focus on my private massage practice (what brought in the most $$) I can still be a Doula….later on or when a close friend asks. Attending births takes an extreme amount of energy and you never know when you’ll get that call. It could be at 11pm after you’ve been up since 5 and “Hello 30 hour labor!”. Moms will need you to be completely present, not on your phone trying to reschedule all of your clients for the next morning.

      Sit with what you REALLY want your life to look like and spend just a few minutes a day focusing and more importantly FEELING what that life feels like. Where do you live? Who do you live with?

      Your question. How to create more private clients without “stealing” them from your job. Make sure everyone you see has a way to get ahold of you, phone number, social media, etc. Then quit the spa job. I would let people know this is your last week and if they ask where you are going, tell them. No client or customer “belongs” to a spa or salon. Clients are coming back because of YOUR skills and talents. Believe in yourself and your gifts, have a desire to share them and let people know. Some people will seek you out, others might stay where they are used to going. Trust that the right people will show up for your business and do the work.

      Another tip I learned many years ago. Always send a thank you note after a clients first visit. (VERY impressive since no one sends and ACTUAL card anymore.) If your goal is doing x amount of sessions per week. Make sure you DO that amount of sessions each week. Oh, you don’t have that many clients? Google what appreciation day it is. Teacher appreciation day? Ask everyone who they know that’s a teacher and GIFT them a session that week. The positive energy pays forward in several ways. They may come back. They may send you a referral (which you will ask for at a later date), and you’ve made someone’s day.

      How does it get better than that???

      Best of Luck!!!

  8. Ana

    Hi Marie!
    Kuma is too cute for words – I want one ;)~

    Here’s my question:
    What can I do to get to a place where I’m earning more money & not always wondering why others are making bucks while I’m making tiddly winks?
    Situation: I’m creating a film festival & work with 2 peeps. Now we’re fundraising & alturistically I thought we’d share the benefits however the 2 peeps want 10% of whatever they can bring in + salaries. I’ve got other activities that I do, and even though I don’t really enjoy fundraising, it burned me up so much that these 2 would get more cash than me after I’d spent 1 1/2 years putting together the festival that I’m fundraising too.


  9. Hey Marie! This is funny, my husband is a dog trainer. I think you just have us a million dollar idea to create that eBook! 🙂 You should definitely hire a NYC-based dog behaviorist. It’s all about establishing leadership now and of course checking with your vet to find a safe way to start exercising your puppy 🙂

    Speaking of eBooks – I have a few of my own and haven’t had the sales I’ve hoped for. I feel like I’ve tapped my own list and now want to reach out to a broader audience. What do you think about affiliate programs?


  10. Luetta

    What is a way to locate inexpensive hourly office space in Anchorage, Alaska? I am an EFT Practitioner. I only require two chairs to work and I don’t need a full office or full day hours. Maybe three hours, three days a week. Thank you!!

  11. My boys have been BEGGIN me to get a puppy since they wrote their letters to Santa in late October;0 So thanks for the reminder that I made the absolute right decision! Ahhh puppies are ALOT of work-but boy is Kuma adorable.

    My question. Starting to live the expansion of my vision as it continues to grow almost quicker then I can keep up with it. Most days I feel empowered ready and alive to take it all on and then there are those other days when I wonder if I am kidding myself
    Can I really write a book, launch an international group coaching program and a tv show? Really? Me? And the money as it starts to come in, everything I have always wanted, seems a bit sureal. How do I continue to step into my power and live in the reality I have created while the dream still seems so fucking unbelievable?
    PS. I agree with Alexis on the doggie treats, it’s like following a toddler around with a lollypop;)

  12. Hi Marie,
    I can’t help you with the dog, I have cats and basically you show them where to go and they do it. If everything in life was that easy!!
    Ok, to the question:
    I am a jewelry designer and I have great stuff, or so my customers say. I have been doing craft shows and fundraisers all over NY, long Island, the Hamptons, Sag Harbor too (you should come by)… They have been profitable but its a grind. I feel like a carni.. running around hauling my stuff. Besides the cost of doing business is eating most of my profits up. I know I have much more in me. I thought about creating an online product to teach people how to do what I do but I am not sure this will satisfy my creative needs or be that profitable in the long run. My husband runs an online business and wants me to help him but again the same issue. Do I give up my passion for building a potentially a much bigger business? I would love to own a store but again in this economy probably not the right time nor do I have the capital. Too risky!! Whats a girl to do. My jewelry rocks and I am great at sales and not shy to put myself out there but which way to go? I know there is much more money to be made and I am tired of all the running around. I appreciate any advice.

    • Nada

      My advice is outsource. Get your business working for you rather than the other way around. Maybe you are amazing at making jewelry but are not so good at being on the road. Somewhere out there is someone you can trust who is waiting for you to hire them to do your sales for you. You can then maximise your time at home making great stuff. It will take some investment time and capital but really what do you have to lose other than an opportunity to see your business grow?

      I learnt this lesson from a guy who found his strengths and knew how to work them by surrounding himself with people who complement his business. It’s a neat trick if you have the confidence in yourself to do it and believe in your idea, which I think you do.

      Good luck and it would be interesting to know if Marie agrees

    • Hi Alane;
      I also wanted to respond to your comment as I had an idea that might interest you, along similar lines as Nada’s reply. A couple of thoughts here actually… Why not sell your jewelry online? You could set up an online store, learn how to promote it and get into the internet marketing stuff (which is fascinating!) and then you could grow from there to include digital products AS WELL (like teaching people how to do what you do) if you wanted.

      Or, if you are not interested in running an online store, you could hire someone to do it for you, or make a drop-ship arrangement with someone – they sell your stuff online, you ship it to the customer and they essentially get a commission. (And by the way, if you are interested in doing something like this, I would be interested in selling your product online!)

      I’m also interested to hear Marie’s take on it as well, just wanted to throw a couple thoughts out there, as your question grabbed my attention. 🙂

      • Thanks Jess,
        I do have a website. I am currently working on putting more jewelry on it and starting to market it. It really is hard to do everything. I have come to the same conclusions. If you would like to chat on the side my email is [email protected]. I am open to ideas.

  13. LOVE it, Marie!
    So, I’ve decided to start doing social media for people as a business (which I’ve been doing behind the scenes for a number of amazing people for awhile). I loved your blog post about letting things take their time, however I’d love to build my business as quickly as possible! The question: what I really rock at is strategy and getting hot leads for people through SM however a lot of people want me to start by doing set up and automation of their stuff. How do I get an audience of folks who really want to make the big bucks and would hire me for the whole kit and caboodle?
    Happy puppy to you!

  14. Katy

    Hola Marie,

    How to get my focus and inspiration going on my business when the man I desire to share my life with has decided to be with someoneelse. How to move on, do I throw away 4.5 yrs of things that link him to my memory?



    • Nada

      Hi Katy

      It’s tough when relationships end, but people grow and change and your time to move on has come. It sounds like you have some good business ideas brewing too.

      If you have spent four and a half years with someone, they become part of your history and they take some credit for helping make you the person you are.

      Take stock of thode four years, think of the happy times you had and think of all that you learned, and take that away with you to move on to better things for yourself. Those four years were learning years and not wasted. There is nothing to throw away other than the idea that your goal was to capture the man rather than make yourself truly happy!

      I hope you understand what I mean and no doubt Marie will paint a clearer picture. Measure your own value by believing in yourelf and don’t let otherds bring you down if they don’t know or understand your true potential. I found this a very hard lesson but it paid dividends once I learned it.

      Best of luck


    • Ivy Joeva

      Beautiful Katy. I can’t see you, but I can feel your beautiful heart. I know Marie will have some wise and powerful guidance for you. She may not even remember but she helped me through a very painful breakup over three years ago!

      but your question speaks to me so I wanted to respond also.

      First, it may not feel like it right now, but NOTHING is wasted. You have grown so much in these last four years, and learned lessons from this experience that will continue to reveal themselves to you as you move forward.

      Sometimes the experience we gain from the people we must release, leads us to the person who’s truly good for us in the long run.

      As far as letting go of this man, go easy on yourself. Allow yourself to feel anything and everything that comes up: pain, rage, despair, grief, nostalgia for the good times you shared….all of it. See if you can tune into the sensations that are triggored in your body from these emotions, and let go of any commentary your mind might be making, such as “I’ll never find a love that great,” “he was wrong to do that,” “I should have xyz,” etc. Most of the stuff your mind will come up with at this point is caca and will flush your energy down the toilet. Notice those thoughts, but let them go and bring yourself back into your own being.

      You deserve to be with someone who chooses you. Rest in that awareness, and don’t sell yourself short for an instant. When we feel scared and weak, that’s when we have to really take a nice deep juicy breath and show up for ourselves. It is not always easy, but the alternative is no fun.

      You have a business! That tells me that you have drive, you have skills, and you have the power to put it all in motion. Be good to yourself—better than you even think you deserve—-comfort yourself like you would your own sister, encourage youself like you would a little girl, and show up for your one precious life!

      I’m rootin for ya.


  15. Nada

    Hi Marie

    I am reading this on the train home from a great party and I am trying out your touch it once philosophy ; )

    I am a female lawyer and work in a firm that is uncharacteristically male dominated compared to other firms in my sector.

    There are other women in the office but these are mainly the secretaries and support staff and there are not to many women lawyers coming up the ranks and certainly no senior female role models I can look up to.

    I consider myself an up and coming star in my team but I seem to encounter endless resistance from the women in my team who I feel would rather see me fail than make the team (and them) look good.

    I really don’t understand this and feel like there are masses of lost potential for us women at work to be really successful by working together and being a team rather than competing against each other and perpuating the mens’ belief in the office that us women cannot work together without being bitchy.

    How do I break this cycle? Is my behaviour part of the problem? I am just one person in a big organisation – do I have any chance in making a change to empower these women and make them see their potential?

    I feel like if I can solve this conundrum my potential has no bounds.

    Looking forward to your advice and thanks in advance.


    • Hi Nada,
      Your question is sooo juicy to me. It makes me want to launch into an entire philosophical, historical, anthropological and gender studied debate on why I think it is so with women. I won’t 😉

      I am going to talk off the top of my head so take what you like and leave the rest.

      I believe that YES you can make a difference in their lives and change the culture in the organization in your spare time 😉 . The effort will come from restraining your ego as you suffer continual attacks. 🙂

      Try this. Take the next week or month and implement an experiment. Each time you have an encounter with a woman in your office focus intensely on finding something beautiful about her (look right through her scowl). Can be physical – little mole above her collar bone (that reminds you of your sister) or a personality trait – her FIERCE DETERMINATION (to continue to this attitude toward you).

      We are women and for so long the expectation placed upon us collectively as a gender has been that we must be beautiful. Making them “look good” (your words) is exactly what needs to happen. Find and exalt their BEAUTY inside and out. They deserve it and you are in a position to do it.

      Like it or not it sounds like you are in an alpha role and it is in your best interest to inventory all of the assets of those working around and with you. Slowly and consistently bring these authentic assets into the work environment and use them to the advantage of the whole organization. Bring the assets of these women to the attention of everyone by utilizing them.

      In beauty and for the mutual empowerment of women,

  16. Amy

    Hi Marie,

    Your book is awesome and it made me think about mindfulness in a whole new way. Thank you for your generous offer of advice today. I’m an educational researcher and a doctoral student who loves envisioning and testing new ideas with others for courses, programs, parties, products, and services…You will see on my website that I have a hip-hop and beats yoga class I created, a Relaxation Day at a battered women’s shelter, a research project about having friends and family teach their strengths and skills to each other at “kitchen-table style” classes and more.

    My question is this: I constantly find myself in entrepreneurial atmospheres but I do not like or have the marketing, management or business skills to take these ideas from the incubator to the real world. I want to stay in the incubator but don’t know how to market and tailor what I do or partner with the right folks to make this skill into a functional career.

    Thanks so much for any thoughts!

    Best regards,

  17. Ginny

    Thank you for offering this to us for free, I really appreciate it. My question is if you are just starting a business, I’m an energy therapist, working with two modalities that most people are not familiar with, where do I start? I have business cards, but can’t decide between a blog or a website (I guess there’s not much difference), and I’m going to order a sign for the back window of my car, and that’s about it.

  18. Ginny

    Oops, I hit the submit button before I finished. I appreciate any words of advice and look forward to your help.



  19. Justyna

    I love your puppy he’s so adorable. Awwww……

    So here’s my question/dilema:

    I want to get my business started but the problem is I don’t know where to start. I love marketing, I want to become a coach, I want to write a book but I have very little money and a fair credit rating. Where and how do I start ? How do I find my inner voice and change my inner game so that I can attract clients like crazy ?


  20. Melanie D.

    Hi Marie, this “juiciest” question will be about moving my life ahead. I’m in the “new to starting my own business” category.

    I have some ideas for various business endeavors, but at this point they are still just that ~ ideas. I’ve spent a lot of time, even years, arriving at this set of ideas alone. I believe that each one in itself is good & worthy, & I’m facing down a year that’s wide open with potential. I have a flexible work schedule, & few other demands on my time. What’s the best strategy for feeling out which of my several ideas to focus on?

    Thanks Marie – you’re great! 🙂 I look forward to your generous response.

  21. Hi Marie–

    Aren’t you bold, taking on another little man– with such captivating baby blues!

    As you know, having just successfully completed my Healing Journey last year, I’m hosting my Inaugural Wellbeing Weekend, THE RENEWAL EXPERIENCE, in conjunction with a top resort, Old Edwards Inn and Spa, in Highlands, NC, April 9-11, 2010. It’s exciting to have such a high caliber group co-generating marketing & PR with me!

    Of course I realize it’s my efforts that will get people to commit and register. Here’s the question– how to get more of their high-end clientele (whom they’re blasting with 2-3 E-flyers about the event) to register for the series of “get-acquainted teleseminars” I’m hosting before the event so they’ll feel comfortable coming to The Renewal Experience?

    XO, Patrice Dickey
    (one of your biggest fans from Atlanta!)

  22. A good portion of my keynote business is my “From the Dog” series – Leadership From the Dog, Management From the Dog, Teamwork From the Dog, Financial Lessons from the Dog – you get the idea. Dogs understand leadership, how to work togther, and they totally know who the boss and is not.

    So I LOVE your new Man!
    My question is:
    Even though the From the Dog aspect makes the sessions sound fun (and they are!), my business focus is very serious and very effective. I am afraid that the canine aspect makes it sound furrier and fluffier than the solid content it is. But I don’t want to abandon my “hook” that differentiates me from other consultants.

    And yes, I have brought my dogs (one at a time) to keynote speeches (when requested.)

    You are awesome!!
    Warmly, Mary Kelly
    Author “Leadership Lessons From the Dog”

  23. Cindy Maddocks

    What is the best and most economical way to attract customers? I want to start my interior design business up again after a recent lay-off and need to be able to support myself. I live in Orange County, CA.
    Thank you!

  24. Hi Marie!

    Congrats on the new addition of your family! Kuma is soooooo adorable! I so want a puppy but it’s taking some time to convince my husband to agree. LoL

    Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to ask you business questions! I just started a fashion blog for women (around the world) in their 20’s and 30’s. I’m showing them how to dress for their shape, for less and look super chic. How can I generate income from this venture?

    So far, I was thinking about Skype video chat as a way to connect with my clients…and also adding an instant messaging feature to my blog to allow prospective clients to IM me with questions on clothing, etc.

    As a fashion stylist, I want to be different and do more than just take my client’s to a retail store and pick out outfits. I want to eduate them on their assests and train their eye to purchase fashionable and flattering clothes.

    Thank you x a million for your advice!! <3

    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..The Pencil Skirt =-.

    • Hi Amanda,

      “As a fashion stylist, I want to be different and do more than just take my client’s to a retail store and pick out outfits. I want to eduate them on their assests” there is so much power in that statement. AND there is incredible power in styling that reaches deep down below the surface. “Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become” Maxwell Maltz

      If you can elicit from your client the qualities she wants in her life and educate her on how to manifest those qualities in her personal style she will be empowered AND she will be creating a positive visual affirmation for herself and others to see BECAUSE her image will be connected to her core values.

      I accomplish this by doing an image analysis, getting her history and then asking her to give me two adjectives that describe the essence of what she wants to embody in her LIFE: Examples: Sexy & Professional or Romantic & Strong. I have found that it is important to get 2 words. Then when we set out to choose hair style, clothes etc. we make sure everything is within the parameters of our 2 design principles.

      Image becomes less about creating an image of perfection and more about fashioning a living breathing testimonial to the inner radiant beauty of the client. As a matter of fact, I break a fair number of rules about face, body shape etc. because I have found that when outer style is aligned with inner beauty the results transcend all attempts to mimic perfection.

      By the way, I am currently skyping with clients and I LOVE IT! It works wonders for weekly coaching sessions.
      in beauty,

      • Wow! Shannon, thank you for sharing such profound ideas. I see how two adjectives make all the difference in the world in terms of establishing a solid objective and direction, meeting your client’s needs and measuring your success. Again, thank you for opening up another world for me!

        <3 Amanda
        .-= Amanda Roquemore´s last blog ..The Pencil Skirt =-.

  25. Hey Marie,

    LOVE that dog! Joe is right – you don’t need the doggie treats and as long as you are the leader all will be good – based on what I know of you (ie direct, take no shit) you’ll be fine. Training him to go outside will be a piece of cake once he is allowed to venture out! I’m also very happy to help, having had up to 15 pups at a time, and low stress ways of working with animals where everything is smooth and easy – kids too!

    I see you have plenty of great questions so I’ll save mine for next time.

    PS – one question – how do I get my gravatar?

  26. Hi Marie,

    No questions but I was intrigued with the breed of your new baby. I am Australian and have never heard of that breed (and I grew up on a farm where we used Kelpies for sheep work). SO I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this:

    “The Australian Shepherd’s history is vague, as is the reason for its misleading name. It is believed by some the breed has Basque origins in Spain and was used there by shepherds[8]. What is known is that it developed in western North America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.[9]”

    V.funny. Anyway, enjoy your new baby. He is very cute.

    Sam xx

  27. Justine Kazan

    Hi Marie,

    Ok my question is probably like everyone else, where do I start…The thing is I love fashion & would love to open a retail shop. I came to New York in September/October & noticed the vast variety of retail shops & I thought Sydney was huge anyway there was a particular shop called Urban outfitters which i thought suited Sydney alot so i did a little research when i got back to Sydney & noticed no where in Australia we have an Urban outfitters here, i only searched the website & contact details but that is as far as i went, now i don’t know where to go from here?

    I would love to hear your inspirational thoughts on this! 🙂

    Warm Regards

    • Nada

      Hi Justine

      UO started in London on high street ken and now it’s gone global. Yeap that was someone’s dream once upona time, now a big business.

      Have you decided if:
      A) you want an UO in Sydney so you can shop there
      B) you want to open up your own branch of the UO franchise
      C) you want to start your oen business inspired by the UO model

      I only ask because B and C probably sound the same, but they’re not. If you go for option B you will earn money for UO, not for yourself, as you will have to pay them a fee for using their brand. However it could be good experience and a way to learn the industry. C of course takes gusto but means you eill be your own boss and all the stresses that come with that!

      Look forward to hearing more about your venture!


      • Justine Kazan

        Hi Nada,

        Thanks for your thoughts on this, much appreciated. 🙂

        I was thinking more along the lines of B) opening a branch of Urban outfitters franchise as we don’t have any here & it would be a big thing being the 1st to bring it here & knowing the style of clothes are suited here.

        I have had this desire to open up a retail store for quite some time & now that i have broken up with my partner even though my heart is still broken i feel its time for me to look out for myself & continue with my dreams.

        So it where to from here & where to begin with it all is the dilemma.

  28. Hi Marie! Love your little guy, reminds me of my dog Enzo when he was a puppy, so much fun 🙂
    Anyway, my question is:
    I am a holistic health counselor but I have a full time job doing something completely unrelated (and mind numbing might I add!). I want to leave my crappy 9 to 5 job and do health counseling full time but basically don’t know where to begin. I feel like I waste a lot of valuable time doing things that keep me planted exactly where I have been since July when I graduated. I have no clients or potential clients, my newsletters are read by my list but no one is interested in signing up with me. What’s a great starting point for me? I want to fill my schedule with health counseling clients by Dec. 2010!!!

  29. Roberta

    I am about to enter into what might become a rather challenging situation. The first of May after my wedding (we were just engaged on 1/19) I will be moving to Denver where I will be working for my previous “boss” . . .long but really great story there. My question is I will now be working with a woman who is in her mid thirties who has a real bull dog personality and I am so not a Bull Dog type person yet I have a great passion for the work we do. How can I help us work together?. We have had the same job title even though I have 10 – 15 years of experience with her only due to the structure of the company. In reality I am senior in the office next to the partner/fiancé. To top it off she has been working with/for my fiancé for the past 16 years. Over the past 4 years we have worked together fine, most of the time, with me in the Scottsdale office and she in the Denver office. Now that is all about to change. How do I deal with her bull dog personality when she has this attitude of get it done fast – get it out the door – so no one can review her work and what is going out is not good!? How do I exert leadership while recognizing that TEAM is most important in our small office of planners and landscape architects? Help!

  30. Becky

    Hey Marie! Thanks so much for doing this! You’re a legend!

    Okay, so heres my situation. I just turned 23 and for the past four years I have been searching for what I want to do. The thing is, I already knew what I wanted to do, from the age of 15- 19, I was doing extremely well as a professional athlete and gaining popularity and respect from all promoters. I had travelled Europe, Japan, Canada, and America before getting freaked out by all the expectations and allowed myself sink into depression, and a body image crisis. I felt that the only way I was going to make it was if I looked a certain way…I dieted and lost all energy and passion for anything and shut myself off from the world and cancelled shows and hid from all my friends. I just couldnt face them. Over the past few years I have been battling to over come any issues relating to that, and thankfully, everything is coming back, (with help from you I might add) my energy, health, positivity…however I now regret more then anything what I have done, and feel like I have unfinished business in my sport that I need to complete or chance. The only thing is, I know I have let people down and Im sure they think Im nuts or a flake (which, I guess I was!). My question is, how can I move forward from here? And have I ruined my chances???

    Thanks so much !!

  31. Hi Marie,

    Great idea!

    There are two aspects to my business, they are related in the big picture but when I meet new people I find it confusing how to approach this. I am a soul artist (which is about my personal expression) and I am the founder of Soul Art studio (which is about other people’s expression, I teach people how to connect with their spirit through art).

    My question:
    When there are multiple aspects to my business, how can I clearly explain what I do?

    I know that you also have many aspects to your business (including coaching, and fitness/ dancing) so I would love to know how you go about explaining what you do, when there are multiple aspects to what you do.


    with joy

  32. Marie,

    I want in on this offer. My question is this. Will you give me a rain check on this offer for a time when:
    1. I have distilled my perfect question and
    2. You don’t have 34 mini novellas to read?

    In Beauty,
    Shannon Iris

    • I am so embarrassed! I hit send before I read the last print…

      ***After-I-Hit-Publish-Just-To-Be-Clear-Note: I’m SUPER happy about the responses so far! To clarify, I’m collecting questions here to answer in upcoming blogs and video blogs over the next few weeks and months.

      taking foot out of mouth.

      I thought you were going to try and answer all questions right now and I couldn’t imagine you reading all those questions and still having steam when you got to mine.
      oh well
      it rarely pays to be a smart ass.

  33. Hi Marie

    Thanks for the Q&A, brilliant idea. I am waiting oh so patiently for virtual RHH, looking forward to it.

    My questions relates to my blog. It started very basically and now I think it’s purpose has changed and it’s name does not really suit it anymore. I wondered about having a more generic name that relates to business and learning or do I simply create the blog under my own name? My product website does not really suit some of my blog posts either. Maybe I just actually need to do more work on my purpose and what I want to achieve? Did I just answer my own question? Hmmm not sure, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks
    Your soon to be new RHH participant

    .-= Alycia Edgar´s last blog ..Networking for your dinner =-.

    • I’m with you on waiting oh so patiently for Virtual RHH!!!! 🙂 (I think she said just a couple more weeks?????) 😉

  34. Congrats on your pup – I can’t wait to meet him! I’m gestating a new brand right now and I don’t know what it is yet though I have tons of great ideas that are still in crystallization mode. My question is, is it ok to start a blog if I have no idea yet what I’m talking about and what my brand identity is and what my platform or point is? I sort of feel like just starting would be a good idea, but then I’m afraid of flailing about in public. What do you think?

  35. Angela

    Hi Marie,

    Your new furry friend is more cute than should be legal. Seriously, people will be stopping you guys on the street.

    Okay, here’s the question most won’t admit to… I got canned once and while it actually saved my mother’s life (I’m not kidding!), and while I bounced back to have the best year of gigs ever (I’m a freelance writer), and while I learned so much about knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em, there’s still this nagging part of me that, 2 years later, still feels bitter and bruised and wanting to prove myself right.

    The thing is I KNOW it’s just my ego and that it was a huge favor getting released from a job where I was miserable, but it still from time to time smarts probably because I’d already been waging battle with my inner fraud police.

    How would you suggest I mine this experience so that I really release all that negative limiting belief stuff, so I can own it even more, and send that big bad witch packing?

    With much gratitude and lots of treats for you and Kuma,


    • Angela,
      I couldn’t resist responding, because I just faced a wicked situation myself and was asking the very same questions. HOW DO I LET GO OF THIS AND MOVE ON! Like you, I knew it was for my own good… and yet it burned.

      My step dad is a Buddhist and after I told him my whole wretched story he sent me this:

      “The Buddhist Shakespear…

      “To mourn a mischief that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mischief on”

      I thought holy crap. I don’t need more of that in my life. It worked to break me free. I hope it breaks something lose for you.

      in beautitude,

  36. Hey Marie!
    how are you? congrats on the new puppy!It’s funny to have known you for quite some time and to see what you are doing now:) It is awesome and I’m so happy for you!!…. and now I want some help from you!!!!:)
    I am still trying to do the “music thing”. I am treating it like it is my own business, which I guess it is, (or rather a personal brand), and I find myself just getting so stressed out and then not enjoying it, and then getting stressed out about not enjoying it! I have a website that is just ok(which I spend time worrying about-how important is it, how much do I have to spend, should I learn wordpress by msyelf?) I play out once in a while but I’d really love to have a band (the guys that I play with are in other bands and are not so reliable), I write music, I am recording a full length album (hopefully-i’m meeting with the producer this week), I have to market my stuff, and I just feel like I have to do everything and I have no idea what to focus on and/or how to not feel stressed. I’ve looked at tons of blogs and entrepreneurial websites with tips on how to do this and that and I just feel overwhelmed. I don’t feel comfortable with twitter although I do it, and I have fans on facebook but now I don’t really know what to do with them! do I give free music, make videos, tell stories?
    Of course, I’d love to make a living out of my music but I know competition is high. somedays I feel like I can totally do it, and other days I feel less sure. I work in a bar which I would love to stop doing but it’s good money and flexible hours and so I keep doing it. I tell myself that it’s for the music-to afford the recording and the new guitar that i need etc. etc. which is all true, but I’d love to be able to stop because I don’t want to work in a bar forever. It feels like a vicious cycle.
    I guess my question is, how do you know what is important in your goals? what to focus on and how to NOT get stressed, because lately it has been immobilizing me. I feel that I have so much potential and even if I don’t manage to make a living from my music, I don’t see myself in any kind of office or anything like that. I do want to make an impact on others around me and feel like I can, but I can also be so hard on myself when I don’t feel like I’m doing anything. I know this is all over the place but it feels good just to write it down.
    I guess any advice or strategies or whatever you got, would be awesome!I don’t want to be stressed about anything! Thanks and looking forward to hearing what you have to say!:)

    much love,

  37. I am a life coach who focuses on the niche of women/moms who are considering or have recently moved out of the city to live in the suburbs. I help these women get to know themselves prior to the move and while settling in so the transition doesn’t hit them like a ton of bricks and they wake up one day wondering how they turned into their mom, why they resent the hell out of their hubbies and obsessed with their children’t every thought. So i want to take my coaching business in a more fun direction where I create a school for suburban happyness in which i and experts i find teach things that are relevant for this life stage. I also want to have a rich and plentiful blog where i shine a light on things that are going on in the burbs from mean moms to cheating spouses to great new kitchen must have gadgets. the problem … I have 3 kids, a house, a hubby all of which i love and want to spend lots of time with and feel overwelmed with all my big dreams. I don’t know how to think big and structure myself and afford the support i need to run the site and create the content … HELP! Busy Busy Happy in the Burbs …

  38. I’ve been an artist all my life- I’m a full time artist-photographer-workshop instructor.
    My question :
    I’m an experienced artist and business owner, why do I find it so difficult to ‘sell myself and my art ?’ I promote a lot, mostly my workshops and I do ok, but, not many paintings walk out of my studio, like I would hope.
    Galleries are not doing so well now – Should I look for an art rep ? Know anyone who does that ?
    Thanks for any input…

  39. Hey Marie!

    I’m a indie singer-songwriter-pianist a la Regina Spektor meets Norah Jones, with Tori, Bjork, and Tom Waits at the same party spicing it up!

    My big question: How can I play phenomenal, highly lucrative shows to packed theaters now?

    (and many, many more)

    Would LOVE input!

    Tons of love and appreciation,

  40. Okey Doke.

    For the past 2 years I have lived the transformational lifestyle. Big ups M.

    Things are rocking and I now there are tons of sweet ass events on the horizon. Looking forward to the next level and know its gonna show up.

    My Q be this: Whats your 411 when the dreaded plateau bangs on the door, breaks through and says “Here’s Johnny!”.



  41. Marie!

    One of the quickest ways to happiness is having a dog! They instantly put you in a state of joy which is why i would not be able to live without my dog ZEKE! Yes, they are the closest thing to heaven here on earth! Enjoy!

    As a Personal Trainer for 16yrs ( getting a little burned out) im realizing one of the biggest challenges people face in trying to lose weight is food planning! I would like to start my own buisness and provide a service where you shop/chop/stalk their fridge and set them up to succeed! Imagine your fridge stocked with water bottles, all your veggies chopped, salad in a spinner ready to go! (call me crazy)
    I know i would love to have someone do this for me! How would you appeal to the market and what would you call this service?
    Would love to hear your opinion!

    Many Thanks,
    Marty Curtis

    • Tanis

      Marty, you have NO IDEA how many times I have wished there was someone who could do this for me! LOL! I am a crazy-busy professional (veterinarian) with an active life and, honestly, there are just not enough hours in the day to shop and chop like I know I am supposed to do, just like you said!

      Any chance you are anywhere near Delaware? LOL I’m betting no… 😉


  42. Dear Marie,

    This is such a lovely idea. I appreciate that you are setting this Q & A up. =)
    I have multiple projects that I’m working on including a documentary. Here is my first question and biggest concern. I wrote a book The Lipstick Nomad Living Your Designer Life and I have been pushing it through the publishing process for quite some time now. There were many delays on their part. Well, this week I found a Writer’s Beware Blog with the name of the publishing company and literary agency, book marketing websites, etc. that I used. I’m very concerned. I will copy it here:
    There’s a fuller report on Writer Beware’s blog.
    Writers’ Literary Agency (WLA — formerly The Literary Agency Group) / Global Book Agency / Strategic Book Publishing / Eloquent Books / AEG Publishing Group / Strategic Book Group

    As a result of a public consumer-related investigation, the Florida Attorney General has filed suit for fraud against Robert Fletcher, Writers’ Literary Agency, and the associated businesses. More at Writer Beware’s blog.

    This is going on the Documentary and the next T.V. Interview, etc. that I receive. They need to be exposed. Other writers should be warned so they don’t get deceived and fall into the same trap that I did. I really can’t believe how sophisticated some scams are. I may or may not need a lawyer/legal advice. (Am I being hasty? Should I give them the benefit of the doubt???) – Do I REALLY need to start over and find a new publisher?????

    I stopped reading because I couldn’t stop crying. When I’m totally prepared to handle it , I will continue my research.
    Second issue:
    I don’t know if promoting the Book Fair will bring lots of money. I just hope that if I do my best, my efforts will be rewarded. But I can’t remember the last time my efforts were fully rewarded…

    Thank you for your response.

    Live Your Designer Life,
    Jenne- Lauren
    The Lipstick Nomad

    • Hi Jenne – I too have written a book and have been researching publishers. Getting something published can take years, so I think patience is key, and always believing in your work. It’s probably a good thing that you found out this information now, rather than later down the road. If you decide to start over and find another publisher (which I probably would if I was in your shoes) it might be worth it, because I think it is important that you work with a company/person that you can trust, as they will be a very important part of building your career as a writer and it will be a relationship that will last for years. Best of luck in your endeavors!
      .-= Lia Ceccherini´s last blog ..Texas Cedarwood Handmade Soap, all natural and organic =-.

  43. Tatiani

    Hey Marie!
    I live in São Paulo/Brazil and I´m publicity. I work in the major retail company of Brazil but I´d like to have some extra money. How can I found something to do in my free time to get this??

    (Sorry for some mistake in english)


  44. Elijah


    YOU ARE SO OFF THE HOOK AWESOME! Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

    Okay, here’s the deal: I am VP of Sales for a CA winery. May sound glamorous to some and in many ways it is such a wonderful job (the owner of my winery is a superb human being who is so good to me and I feel incredibly blessed to work for and with him) however I travel over six months of the year (OVER IT–it is hard on my physically and I am sick to my stomach about the environmental degradation I contribute to. Also I simply don’t want to be away from my husband and step kids. Also, trying to have a child of my own and all this stress is not helpful)…and 2) Selling wine simply does not float my boat anymore. I love wine but it simply doesn’t ignite my soul to sell it.

    I am a victim of my success…I am very good at my job and have become indispensable to my boss. There is currently no end in sight to the travel (in fact he thinks I should be doing more) and there is no where to go in the company (there are only eight employees as it is and any move would mean dramatically less pay and since I’m not happy working in wine why would I do that?)…

    Here’s my question-sorry it took me so long to get here-WHAT DO I DO???!!! LOL, okay, I want to make a major shift but I am so exhausted from travel and work in general that I am feeling majorly depleted. I am away so much that I feel as though I don’t know where to begin when I’m home. I live in San Francisco and have no community there and maybe that needs to be my starting point–how do I get involved in my community? What are different organizations I should look into in order to network and learn about opportunities? Or maybe you have another suggestion entirely. I’m actually feeling quite lost and overwhelmed, hence the vagueness of this question.

    Thanks for listening! I can’t wait to hear about your virtual program you’re putting together!

    Love and abundance,


  45. Hi Marie! I am a new subscriber to your blog, and first of all, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome workout videos. I’m addicted to the Wedding Workout, which is by far one of the absolute best workout videos I’ve ever tried! I love the extras at the end, and your great attitude.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! My German Shepherd is now a year old, and training her and watching her grow has been such an amazing experience! Puppies are like your children- and you can learn so much from them!

    I appreciate the opportunity to ask a question.

    I make all natural and organic soaps and bath and beauty products that I’m currently selling on Etsy. While I like to stay connected, I’m not exactly keen on the idea of starting a Facebook account, or Twitter. I’m more of a hands-on person, and can’t wait to get out to the farmer’s markets once they start in the spring. In the meantime though, do you have any tips on spreading the word of my website? Is online “social-networking” really the only way to go? I really believe in the quality of my products, and do everything as “green” as possible. I also donate 10% of all my profit to charity.

    You can check out what I have to offer at:

    I’m in the process of adding products, as I want to have a well-rounded shop, and wondered if you had any suggestions.

    Thank you sooo much!


  46. Anne Jessen

    Gee Marie : ] Cute doggie : ]
    If you’re not too busy, can you help me sell my CD?

  47. Maryse

    Hi Marie,

    I’m a recently graduated vet and I thought your idea about a book on how to train the urban dog was great! I gotta say though, I have never read a single book on how to train a dog: I have only ever followed courses on the subject. If you can send me your more specific comments on how your book is not appropriate to your situation and your ideas on how it would be, I could start a little project from there!

    Thank you for your continuous inspiration!


  48. I am in network marketing and have several people who are interested in signing up and say they will, and yet they never quite get to that point. This has happened several times for me. My question is, how can I really close my leads? How can I attract people who will actually take action?
    .-= Rose Goddess´s last blog ..“To Thine Own Self Be True” ~ The Power of Journaling =-.

  49. Hi Marie,

    Cutie dog! Congrats!

    My current situation is that I work as an Academic Coach at a school 40+ hours per week, drive 17 hours per week commuting, have 6 coaching clients as a leadership coach… which leads me little to no time to work on all of the fabulous projects, workshops, writings, etc. that I know are in my future. I am taking small steps every day to build my business… yet need a prioritized plan.

    How do you break it down step by step? Who/ how do I delegate and enroll partnership in doing the items you cannot do?

    I would love to enroll in RHH, yet have a job that I cannot take off during the school year, and am concerned about being successful in the time windows I have and being able to create the income to pay for it… Good news is I do have all summer… Want to do a summer intensive?

    Don’t know how to do an Avatar here. My picture is on my bio on my website.
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  50. Hi Marie,

    I’ve been trying to “make it on-line” for about a year and a half now. I’m a former “sub-prime” mortgage broker and helping people with bad credit was my specialty, so when I stopped doing loans, I wrote a e-book on Credit Repair and Education. ( I put together the sales page myself and I’ve made about 9 sales so far which is exciting, but no where near what I want to accomplish in income. I need help learning how to track where my sales are coming from, advice on how to make the sales page better, what I can do for cheap or free that doesn’t take tons of time to get more traffic and how I can monotize my blog better ( to get more sales.

    Once I can accomplish this and pay my bills with the income it provides, I really want to get out there and do something to teach high school kids about finances and credit so they can start out on the right foot. I’m really passionate about getting this up and running, but I have to “float my own boat” before I can begin that.

    Right now I’m helping my residential appraiser husband with data input, and it SUCKS! There is no light at the end of the tunnel in that business and it’s pretty much a 24/7 job. I WANT OUT!!!! On a better note, at least we have the opportunity to make income while working from home, so I’m really not complaining….very grateful as a matter of fact, but it’s certainly not what I want to do for the rest of my life….or even for the rest of this year for that matter!

    Anything you can suggest to help would be awesome!

    Thanks so much for offering this Q&A Marie. That is really, really nice of you and will bring you good karma!

  51. Marie,

    I was in your RHH Virtual Mastery Program last year (IT ROCKS, PEOPLE!) and had two big ideas, especially after I was laid off from my regular job. I’ve always worked in education, outreach and training for other people’s institutes. So,

    1 – I set myself up as a consultant – and
    2 – I started my own institute, FemCentral, The Virtual Institute for Women –

    And, they’re up and running. I add content to the FemCentral site daily, I tweet; I’m on Facebook…I don’t know where I’m going from here, and am scared I’m never going to make any money (I have no consulting clients yet either.)

    I want the online content of the virtual institute to remain free but eventually would like to set up workshops and organize conferences and have an additional fee-based program. I have this *feeling* that my consulting site and institute are going to dovetail but can’t put my finger on it, and am not quite sure where to go next. Currently, they are two separate projects. (One more thing, I have a list for the virtual institute…of thirteen. I started two weeks ago.)

    Congrats on the new addition and thanks for this offer!


  52. Hi Marie,
    I’ve been a casual blogger for a couple of years and I’m wandering about the smartest way to make the transition from a blog that doesn’t sell anything to a blog that does. I have built a small list and love and honor the relationship that has developed between my readers and myself. I’ve always done blogging as a hobby, but now my purpose and clarity has honed in on blogging as a career and lifestlye. Any pointers how to successful cross over? 😉

  53. Kate

    Hey Marie! Your new puppy is adorable! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask a question. I have had an idea that I wanted to start my own business for some time now so that I can have fun doing creative stuff in my free time and create an extra income. I have read that taking the first step even if you don’t know what is going to follow is always a good place to start so I set up 2 blogs on my favorite subjects interior design and personal development. I have really enjoed getting involved with blogging and also with twitter but now I’m not sure what the next step should be. Any advice you have would be great! My 2 blogs are and Thanks, kate

  54. Marie, have you heard about the dog training book by the Monks of New Skete?
    How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners
    .-= Judy Ransom´s last blog ..Welcome To The World, Little John! =-.

  55. Julie

    A super quickie question.. I found your website and all of your “wonderfulness” through buying your book at a bookstore. You offer so much online and yet I never see you on Google AdWords or on a web banner. I’m part of your newsletter which of course is fabulous for marketing to people who have already found you. My question: Is there a better way to advertise online than Google AdWords or Banner ads? It seems that putting up a site and hoping someone will find a facebook or twitter account would be less proactive than going to the target audience…(like AdWords) What do you suggest? Obviously you’re doing something right!
    Best to you always,

  56. Hello Marie, your puppy is sooooo cute!!!! I am in the military and I absolutely love my job. I have been in Iraq and I love serving my country but I now have a bigger love. I am the mother of three wonderful children and I am always trying all these direct selling business ventures hoping to find one that would give me the opportunity to leave the military so that I can be here for my children. I have wasted so much money in these ventures and I always end up just giving up. I am now super excited about this new opportunity with Dove Chocolate Discoveries because I see it as a jumpstart to open up my own pastry business. My problem is that working full time, being a full time mom and going to college online doesn’t leave me much time to socialize and really make my business grow through networking. Do you have any suggestions?

  57. Kirin

    Hey Beautiful!

    Here’s the question: Everyone and their grandmother offers high priced services/packages/masterminds, etc. That’s great….it just doesn’t resonate for me to do that. I just have this gut feeling, burning desire, NEED to offer great things at a ridiculously low price. Like $1 a month kind of low. Am I crazy? Can I really be financially successful while offering my gifts for such a low price?

    You rock Marie. Thank you in advance for your help.



    • Kirin

      PS- not sure why the little photo thing isn’t working. Maybe it will work now?

  58. Okay, I set up a gravatar…will it automatically pop up???? We’ll see : )

    Here I am in a little town…making a splash, but I KNOW there is more. I’ve checked out Ali and have attended an event of Kendall’s (love her charge what your worth and get it info). Ali and Kendall are singing to a choir of coaches. (I know they work in the 1-on-1 service people, but…)

    I provide private organizing services for couples whose children have moved off to college (and often the couple’s widowed parent.) Also, I’ve created some “home-made” info products that I use as door prizes at speaking gigs or I sell them at expo events. I’m just no good at converting these products:( Oh wait, I include them in my 1-on-1 phone coaching sessions as part of their package. I really don’t know what my question is… All the questions I have boil down to how much money I can turn around and invest in other people to do the technical and copy writing end of things for me. Like a darn blog!!! Can you tell me how to add a blog to my wordpress website?

    My money speedometer (and current single income situation) is not high enough to dole out the cash, but damn it! damn it! damn it! I am so freaking determined because I have something to share – and people’s lives change when I work with them.

    What can you bring to the table that Ali or Kendall haven’t already brought? I just haven’t clicked with the right mentor, but I believe I am on the right track.

  59. joan

    I think this is a good idea, don’t have a question at the moment.

  60. I am having a problem choosing niches. I always back out of them before I even get started, so I feel somewhat paralyzed. I am trying to base these choices on what I enjoy, personally, but I guess it just feels like I am giving everything else but that up. How do I become unstuck and actually get myself to commit to a niche for long enough to see results?
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Yummy Homemade Natural Deodorant =-.

  61. I make jewellery, but not the conventional, everyday type stuff, my work is high end and I have been establishing myself as a designer/maker for the past 2/3 years. My problem is cash flow….. I constantly want to keep my work fresh and moving yet….. while I am still establishing myself my turnover makes it difficult for me to invest and make new things, material costs and my making costs are very high…… I make everything myself and I don’t want to give my work to outworkers to do as all my pieces are ‘one off’
    My aim this year is to get my work into more galleries, rather than direct selling through specialist shows which are very expensive but necessary to build my reputation & publicise myself. Can you offer any advice to create a good balance and how I can sustain myself in meantime of building up, as this year I am unable to invest in a high profile show….? Help!!

    • Hello Kathryn, does your comment show this message:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation

      or is it just on mine?

  62. Jennifer

    Hi Marie,

    I need help bringing back the fun! I’m working full time and taking night classes to get my pre-requisites for chiropractic college. I’ve been working on my ‘being in the moment’ muscles and it’s really helping with my enjoyment of my job and ability to study. However, I’ve been so busy that I find that I’m not having any fun time. I live on my own and am not in a relationship. I’ve been working and studying for a year now and I find that I’m being to lose my drive because I’ve been sacrificing time with friends and potential opportunities to meet men because I have to study.

    My career goal is very important to me, but I know that the imbalance I’m having with other areas of my life is affecting my drive and possibly success. Any suggestions that you have to bring back balance while doing what I need to do are very welcome.

    Best of luck with the new pooch and thanks so much for the work you do.


  63. Hello Marie, your puppy is sooooo cute!!!! I am in the military and I absolutely love my job. I have been in Iraq and I love serving my country but I now have a bigger love. I am the mother of three wonderful children and I am always trying all these direct selling business ventures hoping to find one that would give me the opportunity to leave the military so that I can be here for my children. I have wasted so much money in these ventures and I always end up just giving up. I am now super excited about this new opportunity with Dove Chocolate Discoveries because I see it as a jumpstart to open up my own pastry business. My problem is that working full time, being a full time mom and going to college online doesn’t leave me much time to socialize and really make my business grow through networking. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I apologize, I had to post my question twice because I placed the wrong link to my website on the first one.

  64. Niveditha

    Hey Marie!!
    This is a wonderful idea!! Thank you:)

    OK, so I’ve just finished my 10th grade, taken a gap year(4 months left), planning to take up psychology, marketing and stuff like that next year cos I want to become a Life Coach too. My passion is to keep discovering ways to live even more effortlessly each day and help others do so too and also later I want to form a community and experiment with the ‘best way to live’ – experiment with being free, being intimate and being in harmony.
    I am really good at writing(working on a book right now), managing stuff, very intelligent, learn fast, love nature, adventure sports, ‘counseling’, and discovering.

    I have 2 questions.
    1. I am still trying to fully get out of my inertia which I have settled in since my 5th std cos of various reasons. I am not lazy. Couldn’t have come This far if I was. Why do I stay in inertia? Because it’s a stupid habit that is refusing to go away!! And also fear of people sometimes. I want to get out there and *properly* get to having a blast working my ass off for my passion!! help?
    2. I’ll be studying next year but I want to make Rs. 5000 every month. I know it’s possible but I’m just not getting ideas!! Which is why I told you a bit about my interests and plus points. Any ideas? Like, start a blog? Or can you give me some pointers on how I can look at this in a different way to set my imagination working??
    Oh, ya, I’m from India btw.

    Thanks Marie!! Love you:):)

  65. Martha

    I remember you saying you found an ad in the paper for life coaching and that you just thought to yourself “That’s what I want to do!” I’m SO envious of that moment! I know I have talent, drive, and love for people–but I don’t know exactly what I want to do. Was there a build up to that moment for you that lead to your decision? Did you do a lot of career “soul-searching” or was it just this epiphany moment sent from the heavens? (OK, too dramatic.) Any advice for those still searching? LOVE your message and your spirit. And your new pup is absolutely adorable! XOXO Martha

  66. Phoebe

    Hey Marie!
    A while ago you wrote about a trick to stop oneself getting bogged down in other people’s energy.
    I’d love to know how to do that!

  67. Hi Marie,
    First things first, your availability and style of connection are an inspiration.

    I thought of my question.

    I am new to twitter and I currently have 26 followers. that doesn’t quite seem like it is serving any purpose. How do I boost my numbers and engage in conversations? What is the real gift that twitter has to offer?

    thank you,

  68. Monic

    Hi Marie:

    It’s me – Monica…remember… I miss our talks…Jeff still recalls our couples session with you… That relationship is still a work in progress… I think I’m trying way too hard…

    My question….

    (I think I am going to write that puppy book – funny we just got a puppy too!!!)

    “How do I write and promote an eBook on puppy training/raising”


    Monica H. from NJ

  69. First, the dog is adorable. Enjoy it in good health.
    Second, I read some of the questions and some people asked some of the stuff I want to know more about, like, taking the blog from cash less to cash flow.
    My thing is, how do you stay positive and motivated, even when the inevitable test of your beliefs comes in the form of a month full of NO’s. In my case, it sapped all my energy and I spent the month without one original idea to write about. I am working on the angle of being the ghost writer for other coaches while I get my education and certification, which means if I don’t write, I can’t advertise and I can’t eat. Tell me more.

  70. Jessie

    Hi Marie, I recently got a temporary promotion at work, which I’m really excited about and keen to do well over the next 3 months. I have been working hard and long hours, and using some hints from your programs an blog (most of all TIO to keep on top of all my responsibilities) which is great. However I have noticed over the past week that I’m becoming at little…how can I say it…addicted/obsessed with work! That’s fine so long as I’m productive, but last night I awoke at 2am and could not stop thinking about tasks to do next week (my job is such that there is infinite work I could be doing in theory, so I set my own priorities and will never actually finish the to do list….). Lying awake in the wee hours is not only unproductive in itself, but I suspect will lead to quick burn out and ultimately not doing the best job I can. My question is, how can I stay on top of work (and not fall into procrastination which I am also prone to if I’m not careful!) but without becoming and unhealthy stressed-out workaholic?? thanks in advance for any guidance xo

  71. Marie, if I may make another comment, I can so relate to all the happy…and trying…changes you’re going through with your new pup. Training is a lot of work, but it sure pays off. There’s nothing worse than the embarrassment and added workload of an untrained dog. On the other hand, a well-trained dog makes you proud. 🙂 You’re present learning adventure inspired me to post an incident about Pudgy, a dog we unfortunately never trained. May you never feel such shame…in fact, I’m confident you won’t.
    .-= Judy Ransom´s last blog ..Pudgy =-.

  72. Marie,

    Congratulations on your newest addition, Kuma is GORGEOUS!

    I am writing to you for help in pricing my coaching services. It seems that many potential clients get turned off when they see my prices. What is the best way to price your services?

    Your blog is awesome and thanks in advance for your time answering my quesiton, Tracey

  73. Okay, I am a professional therapist doing well who has not figured out how to use my coaching experience to the max. I am presently part of an amazing network company, sharing an amazing health product and business opportunity- one of a kind – no competition. I could use some guidance on how to tie it all together. I felt inspired after hearing you on Tony Robbins Money Masters Program.

  74. Whats a good way of keeping track of all my customers ? also was it a smart idea to give my special customers ( 3 x or more in a year ) a gift certifcate for 2 free days of work. I’m a petsitter been in business 5 years

  75. Just looking for some really great internally/externally based ideas of how to stay motivated…


  76. Hi Marie — Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity! I met you at Mama Gena’s last spring. I have a very small business with my partner (no employees) making custom furniture – for about four years, with the two of us. You’ll notice that our website is under construction. In our business, we have found it not necessary to recruit customers online until very recently. Previously we have gotten by semi-okay, picking up jobs exclusively via word of mouth, and the word of mouth, personal relationship / human trust thing is very much alive and well in the business we’re in. But– right now we find ourselves struggling. Actually, we’ve been struggling to pay our bills all along. And it’s NOT because work doesn’t come to us. We seem to have plenty of work coming our way, recession or not. We have many delighted customers. It’s because we cannot seem to get the work completed in a timely fashion. (Too much month at the end of the money). Hmmm… Do you have any insights on how we can change what we do so that our rates per hour start to increase?
    Thank you

  77. Audrey

    Hey Marie – brace yourself for wading through this one.

    I’m a college junior, but I already know where I want to go. I want to start a wilderness school. But not just any wilderness school. One that helps people find a connection between nature, spirituality, and community in the changing world. The nature part, and the spirituality part, I can handle fairly well. Its the community part that I can’t seem to find a diving board for. There isn’t exactly a community building major at college. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions.

  78. Denise

    Hi Marie!

    I see i’ve arrived rather late to your generous offering. I will post my question though just in case you are still answering questions as I see you answered one recently.

    My problem is that I am not currently in business and have no website/blog. I know I have a budding entrepreneur inside of me (something which I would never have guessed a couple of years ago or so!) and keep coming up with ideas of what I could do to start a business. I just don’t know if any of them are good ideas. I am completely on my own because all of my family and friends are just a tad too negative – there’s no encouragement and I feel myself left with doubts if I mention my ideas.

    I do know that I want to serve women, helping them to live incredible lives (a mix of image coaching and business coaching I guess. In fact, yes, that IS what I want). Unfortunately, i’m not quite there myself yet, I have all of my training to do for both. I feel that if i’m to help women live fantastic lives, then I must have done something to be living an incredible life myself so that I can share my experiences while continuing to grow as well as having completed training of course.

    I was considering (while I am getting money together for my course) starting up some kind of group where women who feel unsupported or who have little support can come together to lift each other up, share ideas and just give lots of encouragement to one another. More specifically, women who want to get in to business or who have recently started up in business and want to improve their lives overall . It would be kind of like a social networking site but not just anyone would be allowed in. It would have to be women who are serious about receiving and offering support. What is your opinion on this idea. I am so ready to do something NOW but am just confused and lost. I was never expecting to become an entrepreneur. It’s scary and exciting but right now, I just need help. I’m all over the place as you can most probably tell.

    I’ve rambled for so long. It’s just nice to share my ideas with someone that will understand.

    Ok, i’m done, mouth is shut and lips are sealed…..

    Thanks Marie

  79. Andreea

    Hi Marie,

    Glad you be able to catch up with you this way!

    My question is this: what do you think the best way to handle jealousy in business and in life is and what is your thinking around this subject generally?

    Thanks Marie

  80. Hey Marie, just looked you up from hearing an interview with Tony Robbins, Money Masters Series…was awesome, so genuine, strong information and inspiring. A lot of content resonating.

    I would like to hire you as a business coach. How would I do that?

    Will great to connect with you,

    P.S. The web is a blog….just learning the ropes…. 🙂

  81. Marie! Here’s my to-the-point question:

    As we discussed last night (that sounds kinky – it’s not. Or is it?), I specialize in social media for authors and publishers. I love social media. I get it. I’m good at it. But the whole point of what I do is that so many people in publishing are not only resistant to change, but have no idea where to start when it comes to using Facebook/Twitter/WordPress. So how do I reach them?

    I hate networking events, but I’ll do them if I have to. I like being in small groups of people, I love meeting new people — this is why I love what I do. But is traditional networking the only way to go? How to I reach authors that AREN’T online and do you, in your infinite wisdom, have any thoughts on how I should expand? I feel like giving private lessons to authors is just the tip of iceberg.

    A now avid follower,
    Marian Schembari

  82. Hi Marie;
    I’ve been watching the Q&A videos you’ve been doing and thinking about what question I really wanted to ask. So here it is:

    My main website project is a site with romantic games and sexy tips for couples. I have the main site with static pages, and I have a blog that I’m just getting going. My monetization model is to sell products as an affiliate – with the main ones being ebooks. I am also looking at adding a small online store to sell some games and accessories.

    The site does not make much money at all and I am trying to figure out how to change that. Do you have some tips on how to get a website to convert better, or maybe some thoughts on where to start with figuring this out?

    I have traffic – about 200/day – and an email list of about 300. I know people enjoy the information and do return to my site – I just haven’t figured out how to sell effectively.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of improving conversion! 🙂

    .-= Jess´s last blog ..3 Sextastic Bedroom Games for Couples =-.

  83. Zoe

    Hi Marie,
    Love your work, hope you might be able to help.
    I have spent the past couple of years on a personal quest, increasing my consciousness, educating my soul and really getting back to being my authentic self. I am currently studying to qualify as a Life/Personal Performance Coach, and I feel like I have the potential to offer something of great positive impact to the world. To really make a difference in a big way, and leave a lasting legacy. I truly believe that we are all capable of living lives of our own perfect design, in a sustainable and sharing way in congruence with our own true values, beliefs, and principles. I would like to help people to find the courage to live their lives based on these values.

    My questions are:
    1. How do I find the courage to take the leap and put myself out there, to share my message with the world without being crippled by the fear of not being enough – i.e. good enough, experienced enough, expert enough (who am I to tell the world whats right or wrong?); as well as dealing with the inevitable criticism and judgement?

    2. How do I get completely clear on what exactly my ‘unique’ philosophy is so that I can communicate it more effectively and impactfully for the benefit of others? So much so that others will want to stand up and listen, completely ‘get’ my message and see clearly how it can be of massive value in thier own lives?

    I these two things are really the most challenging blocks to me puruing my potential. I know I might be asking a big ‘ask’ but I think you might be up for a challenge!!

    Living the ‘Goode’ life with Passion, Purpose and Possibility.
    Zoe Goode
    http://[email protected]

  84. Hi! I’m not trying to be overly critical or a buzz-kill, but having people ask a bunch of questions and not answering them in the comments kinda makes this whole post seem a little disingenuous, you know? It’s not that I don’t think these questions will be answered, it just seemed like you were going to answer them here when I read & responded the post, which was clearly a misunderstanding on my part. I am just curious as to whether others had this same misunderstanding, and I suspect they did.

    Either way, I love what you do and admire your work!

    • marie

      Hi Sami! Thanks for your note. Did you read the last part of the post? (copied here)

      “I’m SUPER happy about the responses so far! To clarify, I’m collecting questions here to answer in upcoming blogs and video blogs over the next few weeks and months. So thanks again for your qs. I’m excited to dive in.”

      Hope that helps to clear it up! xo M

  85. Katrin F.S.

    Hi Marie!

    I’m a student at a secondary school and I would really like to ask you a question about how to balance between friends, family and studies. In addition to my own progress and development (without missing anything in my life..). I really want to subsist as a musician one time in the future. So, therefore I’ve chosen to spend most of my time on practicing and studying the last year. Btw, I’ve just bought myself a little home studio to learn and ease the progress of songwriting. And it’s amazingly fun! Of course, when I’m using a lot time on practicing and development, there’s not always much time left to friends. Lately I’ve begin to noticed that I’m not invited out by them so much anymore. I’ve seen it coming, though. I got a fantastic boyfriend that’s also a musician. We’ve been together for a half year. But sometimes (without a really reason) I often feel lonely. Then I wonder if I should add more time and energy to my friends. Or just come to rest that I cannot have this big social life, if I really want to become a musician. You can’t get everything, right? I feel that I’m going somewhere, but this creeping sense of loneliness and restlessness is in the way of me fully progressing. I don’t feel like I’m having the peace and harmoni inside, that is so important to have.
    I love music and it takes time to develop my own expression. You know, just to make the goodies. My teachers say I’m promising (because of talent and work will). They encourage me to keep up the good work. I’ve been playing in a band, and got a couple of projects coming up. + I’m going to do vocals for a studio this spring. Got a feeling it’s going somewhere.

    Still, it would be nice if you had some tip on how an 18 year old girl should balance between friends, studies and family. And finally; how do I get rid of this lonely feeling? That feeling is definitely not helping ANYTHING!

    (..just want to thank you for your blog and your book “Make every man want you”. It’s fantastic, and it changed my life. :-))

  86. Hi Marie-

    Could really use some fresh perspective on this nagging issue in my business. I help women “break the spell of overeating”- it’s my passion and my gift. My clients are a tough niche. There’s lots of denial, the wish that the journey was easier, cheaper, and people tend to fall for the things that look like quick fixes.

    How do I market to this group- they’re in pain, my clients get amazing results, but it takes time, costs money, and is not an easy journey. I would love your sense of this.

    Love and blessings-

    Breaking The Spell of Overeating: Results You CRAVE
    .-= Lisa Claudia Briggs´s last blog ..The Myth of Waiting For The Right Time (to end overeating) =-.

  87. Jocelyn Hairston

    I love your informative and creative blog responses. I have a question for you. I am a fitness instructor and desire to start a wellness company that focuses on nutrition and fitness coaching, online information products, and other related projects. I am still in the process of determining my target market. I do know that as part of the company I would love to develop a series of exercise dvds and fitness products that are focused toward the Christian and faith-based market. I believe this market is in dire need of getting healthy and in shape. I know that you have had a successful career in fitness and have been a part of several well known projects. Do you have any advice on how to really make this happen (the dvds) and penetrating this particular market? I know that there are a ton of vids in the market, but not a whole lot of professional videos that target the christian/faith-based market. I welcome any advice you have. I don’t have a website right now. I appreciate you. Thanks in advance.

  88. Olga

    Dear Marie,
    I’ve just finished reading your wonderful work of love, wisdom and persistence – the book “How Make Every Man Want You”. I am now inspired and willing to continue self-development in order to make my life more and more abundant.
    I really love the concept “this is it”, and find it a universal way to LIVE the life. I really want LIVE. I am young, beatiful, smart, full of energy and very appealing. I can easily attract what I want, I CAN feel inspiration and some driving force inside to automatically push me up and forward. By the way, I also master foreign languages miraculously – English is not my mother language either but I managed to learn it so that now I don’t have to think about smth in English before I say or write it. All these means – I am satisfied wit myself. I am exactly what I am – and this is it.
    And still there is an enigma, I’d like to ask help to solve. I have a husband. He is a good man and I know he wants to live with me. Still I feel I am restricted and my life is contracted near him. It means I can’t always do what I want, can’t engage in those wonderful things, which grip and fit me. Just because he resists it, or this simply doesn’t fit the status of a married woman…. So my question is the following. If I accept “this is it” approach and still feel that in my present life and do not realize my energy and potential fully – how combine the present state of affairs with my wish to get more? I mean doesn’t “this is it” approach contradicts the wish and intention to go forward, to get smth else, to get more?
    Thank you so much for reading my message. That is what I really feel, and it was quite a challenge for me to open my intimate stuff to someone. But I feel I can do it with regard to you. I am grateful to you for your attention and look forward to getting a reply to my question, if possible.
    Thank you, Marie.
    May love reside with you, joy stay with and energy abund in you.

  89. Ella

    Hi Marie,

    I run a business, have a nice home, and money in the bank. Iam not rich, but can afford whatever I want or need. Iam happy with my finances and my career position. At 36, Iam at the top of my game.
    My personal life is a mess and even with all I have, Iam unhappy.
    I havent dated in a long time, I feel like there is no-one out there for me. I am totally lost for companionship. I have lots of friends, and am not a bad looking woman – I just cant seem to meet anyone “date worthy”.
    I knew I wanted to be a Mother, so I had a child on my own, there was no hope in sight otherwise. A quote from a movie I saw rings true “I AM the man I want to marry”.
    It is a real problem for me, Iam really stuck.
    Any insight?

  90. CONGRATS! You’ve made it! You are a woman living the life she desires! I call women such as yourself WOmen! (whoa!-men) Thank you for celebrating your talents! Women like you inspire people around the world.
    My boyfriend has pushed me to create ideas that I once blabbed about endlessly. Now I am currently working on 3 projects. The more research I do the more I feel like I’m getting lost in a sea of sites. Am I on the right track?


  91. Bex

    Hi Marie!
    I’ve just discovered you & it’s love at first sight!
    Quick question. I’ve been kicking around a blog idea for ages that I think could really work. Until you, I didn’t think it would be an earner. I now know it can be.
    Thing is it doesn’t exist yet & it will rely on people adding posts themselves. So it’ll be about like minded people communicating ideas through the blog.
    My question is…Do I charge a membership price from the get go or do I invite a select few to join for free to get the ball rolling? You know, so there are posts to read before I approach others to join for a fee?
    I’d love to know what your thoughts are & thanks so much for sharing you! XXxx

  92. Hi Marie,
    I am very proud of the life & wellness website/blog ( I have built and receive great feedback from the people who have been exposed to it, but I am just not getting the traffic that I think it deserves. I am really interested in reaching and helping more people, as well as turning visitors into coaching client,s but feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I use facebook and twitter but I think it would be more effective if I could engage my audience more. Do you have any advice as to how I can expand and engage my viewership? You are fantastic at creating personal conversation so perhaps you can offer some tips.
    Many thanks for all you do; you are a real miracle 🙂
    All my best,

  93. Hi! I’ve started my own business, and love the creative portion of doing so (a book and going to be subsequent workshops etc), and love contact with people etc. I do NOT, however, enjoy the business side, the marketing, etc. I am slowly learning social media and everything, but often find myself not sure what to do there. Is social media really the best way to go? How else does one get herself out there these days? My subject matter is a touchy one – healing after pregnancy loss, so I don’t exactly want to force it down anyone’s throats… Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks so much and cheers to you!

  94. I’d like to clarify my question– I understand your new busy work with your puppy- I have two dogs, and two kiddos – a 2 year old, and a 12 week old. Not tons of time. What are the most efficient ways to spread the word?!

  95. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for all your great content, especially letting us know about your ordinary home life as we all have. We can identify with you then!

    Anyhow, my question is this:
    I am a professionally trained artist who absolsutely loves to draw and paint. I live in a place where people are not so culturally sophisticated if you know what I mean and I don’t sell any work (I don ‘t even put it up actually.) Because of this, I have started to blog in the format of free tutorials on an unusual way to approach creativity. This is targeting established artists , photographers, writers etc. It is early days with only one tutorial on my worsdpress site so far.

    My dilemma is that I am now spending hours on the computer building a tribe, posting blogs, keeping up with my FB page, researching etc. I also spend a lot of time networking at events, checking out art galleries etc. This is keeping me away from what I love to do most – drawing and painting!

    What shoud I do as my purse is empty, I believe I have talent yet no where to go with it! Help!

    Christine in Australia

  96. Hi Marie,

    First, some tips to toilet train your pup to wee on the pad in your apartment from my hubby, Pablo Ramirez, professional dog trainer in Australia. He has lived half of his life with two dogs in a small apartment in the busy city of Lima, Peru, so hope these tips help you:

    1) Wet a part of the pad with his own wee first. I am sure there are accidents around the house to clean up, so ‘clean it’ with the wee pad.
    2) Let him drink some water, wait a few minutes.
    3) Make it smell the wet pad.
    4) If he doesn’t wee immediately, you can stimulate your little man to pee by rubbing a wet cotton around his penis (ice cubes also work).
    5) Once he wees, praise him profusely with ‘Good boy’ and pats on the chest and if you like, a treat (treat has to come at the most 3 seconds after the ‘good boy’).
    6) Repeat 100+ times, he will get it!!!
    7) Once he can get out and about town, after a few minutes of food, drink or a sleep, take with you a cloth or small pad wet with his own wee (doesn’t need to be fresh) and make him smell where you want him to pee. Repeat steps 4 -6.

    Now my most burning question:

    Hubby and I would love to have an income stream that does not require our physical presence. We would love to collect a book with tips and dog training advice for different environments, for example 1) crowded city, house and apartment living, 2) Suburb living.

    There is a lot of material out there, free and paid, sometimes with confusing/contradicting information, so my question is:

    How you get people to pay for advice that many times is free on the internet and second, how do you recruit a graphics person to help you out with visuals while protecting your IP?

    Gracias Marie, you rock!!!
    Check us out:

  97. Good Morning,

    ha ha ha so cool, everyone is working here 🙂

  98. My brother recommended I may like this blog.
    He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day.
    You can not imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this information!
    Thank you!

  99. Very nice! From the way where did you get that picture?

  100. Mirjam

    Dear Marie,

    You’re absolutely making sense here.
    Thank you so much for helping out.
    I’ve got a burning question regarding standing up as a leader.
    I know a lot about my business, but also like to be vulnerable about not being perfect.
    I think it connects with my clients. How can I stand up as a leader, though still be honest about how I do things myself.

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