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I’m declaring last week’s post offering free business advice a success!  (if you missed it, go here and get in on the action.)

I’m stoked about your amazing questions and even more stoked that you’re jumping in and offering each other ideas and solutions.

Yes, I’m super kumbaya like that.

In fact, I’m increasing the kumbaya by having my smarty pants friends answer your questions too.

So look out for some killer guest posting from some of the best, brightest and coolest cats I know.

But right now, I’ll kick this party off.

In the video below, I talk about the common mistake of trying to make money online so you can then do the thing you REALLY want to do.  Click play to see how I handled this question and leave a comment if you agree, disagree or just want to gush on my rad video skills.

(Speaking of which, if nothing else, let me know what you think of this video format.  I’ll be answering loads of your questions and I want to make this as valuable and enjoyable as possible.)

Be sure to watch till the end.  A super cute surprise awaits you.

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  1. I love how you emphasized to do what you love to do and what you are passionate about and then the money will come. Thank you for your upfront honesty and telling it “like it is”. Beautiful post!
    Mahalo (thank you),
    Kellie :0)
    .-= Kellie Hosaka´s last blog ..THE LAW OF ATTRACTION & QUANTUM PHYSICS =-.

    • marie

      Kellie – Mahalo to YOU! I miss your beautiful island (have been several times) thanks for reminding me of the delicious warm weather and sun!

  2. Ohmigosh Kuma’s so cute! 🙂

    And your advice Marie is so spot on! I love the new style of video posts, very insightful and fun too. 🙂

    • marie

      You know you’re like minutes away from getting your pup, right? I’ve been watching you woman.. 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing your great advice, Marie! Very insightful. Definitely something I can apply to my own business. 🙂 P.S. Give Kuma a little squeeze for me! 🙂
    .-= Amanda Roquemore´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day Special: Love Everyday! =-.

    • marie

      Squeeze given (and he thanks you 🙂

  4. HI Marie,

    That was a great Q & A. There were select portions of it that fit my scenario, too. Thanks for the reminder to do what I love. My problem is adding too much to my plate in order to bring in the money, then I don’t have any energy or time or money left over. Crazy. Back on track thanks to your video.

    .-= Lisa Hines´s last blog ..The World of Now =-.

    • marie

      Awesome Lisa!! Thanks for your comment too – this is new format so great to hear it’s working.

  5. jane

    Your video audio was not clear and therefore difficult to understand.
    Interested on your opinion of online businesses.


    • marie

      Hi Jane! Sorry on the audio trouble – it’s the first we’ve heard of it. Any chance it was your internet connection or your audio levels not being all the way up? I’m committed to making great vids with great audio so do let us know!

  6. Yes. Thank you again Marie – Will keep this one for my library. Been reading up a bit on ENTP – it fits me. I love inspiring people, being interested in their projects, and seeing them succeed doing what they love. Moving towards it – like in the quote you gave in an earlier post.
    .-= Linda Eaves´s last blog ..Please help me rename my dog. =-.

    • marie

      Awesome Linda!! 🙂

  7. This is fantastic, Marie! First of all, the world seriously needs more video from you. The Q&A format is great.
    I think your response is right on! Just thinking back on every time I’ve tried to take a shortcut, and it ended up being a super-long-and-torturous-cut. That’s exactly what creating and selling a product you weren’t into so you could make some “quick money” would be: anything but quick, and so not fun.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..How to be success on wheels. =-.

    • marie

      Well HUGE thanks to YOU that this video happened. Super big appreciation for kicking my ass and staying on me to do it. Love you woman.

  8. Yuppers. Good vid and good vibe. Like the techno use. And the advice…straight, simple and easy to digest. I absolutely love your message.



    • marie

      Awwww….thanks Mr. Rider!!! Means the world. Please give a big hug to your gorgeous family from me!

  9. Kim

    It’s so simple but so right on. Love your take on this. Applicable to so many things such as dating too.

    • marie

      NICE Kim. I didn’t see that connection but very cool!

  10. Justyna

    Awwww…Kuma is so cute. Can I babysit ? If not I just might steal him from you. Great post Marie. I was thinking about starting an on-line business just to make some extra cash but you are right it’s not that easy. I tried to sell for E-bay using Doba. I made $0. I was so frustrated. Then I bought some other programs but my gut was telling me to return the products. One of my goals for this year is to release my inner roar and find my inner voice. Can’t wait for your next post. Hi Kuma 🙂



    • marie

      Awesome Justyna!

  11. Lori Latimer

    OMG – Kuma is too freaking adorable!!

    I love the video format! More, please 🙂

    Your advice is fabulous. Because I still have to work my full time job, I know that the only way I’ll be successful in starting my business is by lasering in and doing exactly what I want to do do for that business without getting sidetracked, which is very easy to do with all the bright shiny objects floating around out there.

    Hugs to you and & Josh!



    • marie

      A big hug right back to you and THANK you for the feedback on video. I’m very excited to do more (and thank Belgray, Roeder & Wilder especially for pushing more vids)


      • Oh yeah. Those ladies in the Hall of Awesomeness.

  12. Hi Marie,

    You have no idea how excited I was after I clicked on your email link only to find that your Q&A for today was on my comment! It must be my lucky day!

    That said, I have NO idea how I’m going to start the “Kids & Credit” project, but you’re right…..I should focus on that and the rest will just come because I’m passionate about it. I have some really great ideas, but not sure how to implement them. Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet someone who can help me get the ball rolling. It’s always easier and more productive to work with someone else so you can hold each other accountable.

    There is so much to learn about trying to make it in an on-line business. I feel like I’ve taken great leaps in the last year and a half, but still have so much to learn. I’ve gravitated to you because of your inner spirit and honesty that just seem to shine through you. Will your encouragement, I hope to continue to learn something new each day and put it to good use doing something that makes me happy.

    Thank you so much for your time and you sure have a keeper there with Kuma. He’s precious!

    Wishing you all the best,

    • Hey Taylor!

      I LOVE your idea for a “Kids and Credit” project. I’ve always believed that our high schools ought to be teaching courses like that and that they ought to be a requirement to graduate. 😉

      It’s so important to educate our kids about credit but it’s a challenge for most parents simply because teens tend not to want to hear it from Mom or Dad. There’s such a need for the info, that I have no doubt you can make it crazy-successful.

      I have two grown sons, 19 & 23…my oldest is all but drowning in debt despite my best efforts to “guide” him about how to handle credit, and the youngest is right at that crucial stage where he’s getting hit with every outrageous credit offer out there. If you already had the product available I’d be first in line to slap my credit card down (lol) to grab it for both of them.

      But I digress….

      The first thing you need to do is get really clear on who your market is. For you, that’s a two-fold process. You need to get clear on two markets – who the book is for, and who you’ll be marketing it to. (Typically they’re one and the same, but not so in your case.)

      This is true for a couple of reasons…obviously it has to appeal to the teens/young adults you’re creating it for, but since the teen/young adult market doesn’t tend to be a really affluent bunch, nor do they tend to even recognize a need for the information…it’ll be important to market it to the parents (who totally get the need, and will be more than happy to pay for it).

      In order to create a really compelling product and to market it effectively, you’ve got to get SUPER clear about both of these markets…who they are, what they need, how you can help, and the benefits they’ll see as a result of what you have to offer.

      Take your time with this step. So many entrepreneurs rush through or skip over this step and create unnecessary struggle for themselves in the process. Getting clear on your markets will make your next steps SO much easier.

      (Warning: straight-talk and shameless plug to follow 😉 )

      Taylor, you have GOT to get your butt into the Rich, Happy & Hot Virtual Mastery program. It’ll provide all the support, resources, and information you could ever hope to have to get your project out of your head and into the market.

      And selfishly, I’d just love to have the opportunity to help you do just that (I co-facilitate the program w/ Marie) and to hear all the exciting updates as it comes together.

      Granted, I’m a bit biased but I can honestly say that there’s no better way to insure you learn something new each day and put it into action and there’s simply nothing better (IMHO) than making great money doing something that you love and that makes you happy.

      We’re putting the final finishing touches on things and we’ll be launching the program very soon so keep an eye on the blog and on your inbox for more info. 😉

      Lisa Wilder

    • marie

      Hey Taylor!! SWEET. And I, too, think you would freaking LOVE our Virtual Mastery Program. So it feel right, get your butt in when we open up next week.

      Thanks again for a great question and for swinging back to let us know how it landed!

  13. Marie, great video. After 50 years of living on this great planet I discovered something I’m passionate about. I thought I wanted to continue to do taxes/finance and accounting work. I do, but only in the capacity to help others in a probono way.

    My passion is recycling, dumpster diving and scavenging items to either give away (which I’ve been doing for over a year). I continue to see tons and tons of waste (perfectly good items that could be resold or given away) and other things. I also see a lot of business and retail stores throwing away cans, plastic and glass bottles (that are recycable in CA for money) that are going in the landfill.

    You said something in your video that made me think. What do you like to do until your eyes pop out? I’ve found it – just what I’ve doing as chronicled on my blog.

    I just don’t know where to start. How to find the businesses that want to part with their recyclables and how to approach them.

    • marie

      Awesome Janet. I would take WHATEVER action you can take right now. I’m a fan of figuring it out as you go (and the best insights are born from action – not from THINKING about taking action.) Keep us posted!

  14. LOVE THIS POST! Great advice Marie…makes so much sense! Doing what you love is so much more fun than doing something “just make money.”
    As for the video format…I love being able to navigate through the websites with you. Is there any way to make your video window bigger? I would like to see more Marie if possible. Also bc it looks different when I initially went to your page I thought “Where’s the video?” The still looks like a screen shot…don’t think that’s too big a deal though but wanted to let you know. Finally, OMG!!! I freaking can’t wait to meet KUMA! Please bring him to LA for March CI…he needs to play at the Hollywood sign hillside dog park with his BFF Hayden. xoxo Love ya!

    • marie

      Hey Grasie!! You can make the entire video bigger by going full screen by clicking that little box on the bottom right hand corner of the video.

      And yes, I can certainly make “me” bigger in future episodes and we can play with the background so it’s super clear where the video is. Awesome feedback – thank you. YES on meeting Kuma in March – going to a puppy training party tonight (can you believe it??) Love you too!

  15. Thanks for the very practical and informative video Marie. The message about taking time to build your business doesn’t get articulated enough when it comes to online businesses. I appreciate your candor.

    • marie

      Thank you Maryellen! And thank my mom for the candor (she passed down that lack of filter 🙂

  16. (just posted this on FB but realized it’s better here) No only was it a great format, I JUST realized I can help her out with her dream of going into the schools! One part of my consulting biz ( is helping content experts to develop standards-based (national academic standards) curriculum for use in schools. It’s really hard to get in the schools otherwise. Anyway, I’ll email her with some advice for getting started!

    • marie

      Sweet!! 🙂

  17. Hi Kuma-Cutie! Marie, I love, love, love this format. Fresh, powerful … and fun! I’ve never seen anything like it.

    This PRACTICAL advice is so needed. A HUGE (&time-saving) piece, HUGE. And likely can make the very difference between success and giving up.

    Thank you for so generously providing this opportunity.

    Good Karma


    • marie

      YAY!! Thank you soo much for the feedback on the video Sheri. It’s really fun for me to create so I’m thrilled it’s working from your end. xoxo M

  18. Marie;
    Wow, talk about spot-on for what has been going on with me – thank you so much for doing this Q&A! I hadn’t decided what question to ask yet, but this was perfect and so so so relevant for me! I sent it off to my b/f as well and I think it will really speak to him too. 🙂

    Thanks for the timely reminder to do what I LOVE and am PASSIONATE about! 🙂

    .-= Jess´s last blog ..rollercoaster weekends and breaking bad habits =-.

    • marie

      Excellent Jess! Thank you for passing it along…and for the feedback. Super excited to know this is helpful, I’m very excited to do more!

  19. Loved the video!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Stretches for Runners =-.

    • marie

      Thanks a mill Steph!! I appreciate it.

  20. Karen Armstrong Quartarone

    Marie… Love the format of the video and your advice for Taylor. (Oh yes, and Kuma too 🙂

    Taylor… Love your “Kids & Credit” project idea. To get it started maybe you could give a complimentary presentation to a group of public school administrators and see what kind of funding they might have to provide workshops for their high school students?

  21. Karin

    I usually hate video blogs but I love yours! I learned a lot from this. Many vlogs seem to exist for the ego of the vlogger and take forever to get to the point – thank you for making this so informative. Your voice and positive attitude made this better than a blog entry, which is usually what I prefer. Nice work. 🙂

  22. Great Stuff Marie.

  23. Hi Marie! It’s so nice to see a video of you! For me, I sometimes skip posts that are too wordy, because I only devote a certain amount of time to reading blogs. However, this one jumped right out at me! I was excited to see you, and the video in the screen was so cool! I hope you do more of these!

  24. Marie, Fantastic! You’re preaching to the choir here. Love your authenticity talking about how much work business really takes!

    What tool are you using for this video? It’s a fantastic resource!

  25. Carie Lawrence

    Thank you Marie,

    I think that was a really, really good response to that email. Thanks for the free advice and opportunity to ask questions.

    I liked the format, too. Worked for me!

    I have been getting your newsletter for several months now, and I find that I really look forward to hearing what you have to say. You have been such a gift! I think you have a very special talent for taking what at first seem like lofty ideals and making them so tangible and accessible here and now. You have been so great at making things very clear and simple and actionable.

    I have read the Power of Now and A New Earth and have recently started reading the book you recommended by Ariel and Shya Kane. Thanks for pointing me to it.

    All the best to you and yours,

  26. This really hit home for me. I love learning, so I have gotten way more education than necessary (and paid dearly for it) in online marketing just so I could fall into the trap you describe. I must own 50 domain names, each of which could be a great idea for an online business I really couldn’t care less about! Trying to get myself excited about stuff I don’t love is exhausting, and on top of that it makes me feel guilty–and for what?

    Last week, I followed my heart and drove to Sedona for a week all alone to do what I love (and actually moved to LA to pursue) and worked on my latest screenplay. 76 pages later I’m excited to keep going and do what it takes to make it great and get it in front of the right people. If I’m any good (and I must be, or I wouldn’t have won screenwriitng contests and my agent wouldn’t have signed me, she’s not a social worker) this project will make me money either through a sale or through getting me rewrite or script doctor work. And I feel better than I have in months. Coaching creative people and copywriting is paying the bills just fine for now.

    So amen to all you said and brava for picking out the crux of Taylor’s real challenge.

    Taylor, I can think of loads of ways you could market your idea as a book, a course, etc. You just need to work with someone with an outside perspective and a marketing sensibility. Good luck, and contact me if you need help brainstorming ideas. or

    .-= Lisa Rothstein´s last blog ..Do you have more talents than time? =-.

  27. Too funny you’re posting this now! I’m doing exactly that as I type! 🙂

    What I want to know is, HOW did you do the video w/your desktop & all that?! Freakin’ awesome! 🙂 This is SUCH a truth & something that so needs to be stated. 🙂
    .-= Sunshine´s last blog ..A Call to Action, A Call to Help =-.

  28. Thanks for the great advice, we do forget what’s really important. I’m working on my blog and can use all the helpful hints I can get!!
    Thanks beautiful lady! Your dog is adorable too!

    Peace, Pam

  29. Great advice, as usual! I LOVE the video format! I think putting yourself in the corner of your blog and checking out the questioning poster’s website is PURE GENIUS! Kudos to you for coming up with that idea! 😀

    Cute puppy. 😉

  30. Luetta

    Hi Marie,

    Great answer!!! Life is to short and unpredictable to plan happiness for tomorrow. We have today and we need to use the good china, buy flowers, and wear that great dress for us. Just because. Thank you!!

  31. Laura Williams

    Hey Marie,
    Great video – LOVE the format! Thanks for the no bs advice on the fact that it takes a lot of work to launch and run a business and that true success comes from doing what you love.

    Kuma is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  32. Wowza. You struck a cord with this one, eh? Some much love here cuz you’re getting right to the heart of the mattah! (True to Marie form) And as always tellin’ it like it is.

    Dig the interactive format. Is it screenflow?
    Lil Kuma is ridiculously adorable. Excited to see you in Sedona soon!!

    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Get The Support You Need… Plus: Free Interview For “Enlightened Entrepreneurs” =-.

    • marie

      Yes! Screenflow and YES Sedona!!

  33. Justine

    Hi Marie,

    Ohhh my…your Kuma is adorable! 🙂

    I love the format of your video & showing everyone what your reading & looking at is even better as we are on track to what exactly your talking about.

    I so agree with you about being happy with do what you LOVE doing & not just focusing only on money side of things.

    Love your work Marie, look forward to more…your an inspiration! 🙂

  34. Milla

    Extremely impressive and inspiring, Marie. I couldn’t agree with you more. Skip the middleman. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors.

    The video format was brilliant. If at all possible, though, I suggest you make the upper right screen just slightly bigger, in case you intend to use this format again. You’re so fun to watch. 🙂

  35. Sabrina

    Hi Marie
    Loved the format and the dog! Feel like I’m really living what you’re suggesting and am thrilled by how much energy and how many synchronicities show up when we’re doing what we love and are passionate about. Of course it’s not entirely effortless but it’s a much easier sort of effort!! My website should be finished in a month – will keep you posted. Hugs from London, Sabrina x

  36. Marie,
    Thanks for the great advice and fabulous video. Loved how you focused on the root of the problem. I’m getting online and it is a lot of freaking work!!! Gotta have passion to be the wind in your sail. Looking forward to more fabulous video and your wisdom.
    Peace to you, Donna

  37. Marie – first I LOVE Kuma!

    This is a great video and really spoke to me this morning. I have two very distinct yet different areas of expertise – one I feel a bit more passionate about than the other – but the one I feel less passionate about is the one that pays the bills so I focus my time and energies there. Your video encouraged me to start planning to pour more heart and soul into my real passion. Thank you for your insightful video and thank you for always trying to help us!

  38. Marie, you answered that question beautifully! Thank you for taking the time to answer questions from the community, you totally rock! 🙂 And Kuma is absolutely adorable!!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..How To Easily Create *MAGNETIC* Blog Posts And Videos =-.

  39. Ben

    Niiice technical skillz Marie!
    *very much in awe*
    And Kuma is so cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  40. Margaret

    Love the info….LOVE the hair 🙂

  41. I love the format and offering help to business owners in this format is a great idea!

    So many people on-line only want to charge for the help they are giving and if more people would just help others in need, and get the mojo flowing then we’d all learn from great info and lessons and be better off. Bravo to you for doing something new!

    I plan to do similar things for home business entrepreneurs as my business grows. Sometimes people have a simple but burning question and if they could get that answered – or have someone gently point out some helpful info as you did with Taylor – they’d be able to get on to realizing their dream that much sooner. We all have so much wisdom to share with each other!

    I’ll be adding this video to my other ones at because I’m excited about offering people as many free resources as they can because they do have so many questions on where to start and what to do first, second and third.

    Keep ’em coming!
    .-= Yvonne Padgett´s last blog ..Steps =-.

  42. Great advice Marie, that is what I love about your very direct approach to life!

  43. Great post, Marie. I really liked the format, however the text to the left could be a little bigger (or my screen is just too small maybe ;-). Is it possible to put a feed on your blog (posts and also answers?) That would be great!
    Keep up the great energy. I love it!

  44. Wow, Marie, it’s almost like watching you do a presentation live. Awesome technology.

    As one of your Virtual Mastery students, I can safely say that you’re the best example of everything you teach. Here you are, spending gobs of time acknowledging people’s comments, and teaching them the truth about how much time it takes to work an online business. Love the honesty and passion. And love how focused you are in following your passions! It definitely communicates in everything you do. 🙂

    If there was someone like Taylor in my town teaching young people about credit, my 18-year-old daughter would be there in a heartbeat. (And we would gladly pay for it.) She’s a Junior in college, taking full-time classes, working two part-time jobs, and designing spreadsheets for how she can make a down payment on her first house in three years. We taught her the importance of paying off credit card balances each month, and she wants to know which card to get, to begin establishing good credit.

    Taylor, if you want to get to know your target market, maybe you should start by communicating with young people who are like our daughter. Your passion might be to develop a book, a DVD class, or a live program that will eventually bring in students from all across the nation for seminars or conferences. (Lot of teachers travel to do seminars also.) Or, you might want to start out teaching students live locally, to build your experience and wisdom in the best ways to help young people.

    But Marie is spot-on. Go with your passion. I’m following mine–writing–and I’m having a blast!
    .-= Judy Ransom´s last blog ..Pudgy =-.

  45. This is so true! I learned a powerful formula once which is “if A=B then B=A” If being abundant means you do what you love, then doing what you love equals being abundant!!
    .-= Rose Goddess´s last blog ..“To Thine Own Self Be True” ~ The Power of Journaling =-.

  46. Great Advice Marie!!! I’m still working at getting to spending 100% of my time only doing what I love, but at least I feel like I’m at 70% – 80% now, which is pretty freakin’ awesome.

    I love the video format, how the heck did you do that? I haven’t seen that done before and it was so cool.

    And yes, your puppy is adorable 🙂 I remember when my Maltese and Shih Tzu were just puppies and it was crazy, my whole life stopped to revolve around them! For the first year I don’t think I took a single picture that wasn’t about the dogs – but in my defense, they are arguably the cutest creatures on this planet. If you don’t believe me, check out their pics on facebook!/album.php?aid=48319&id=713927700

    Thanks again for the great video!

  47. As always, love your advice, Marie & LOVE Kuma!

  48. Katalina

    You are such a Rock Star Marie! GREAT advice (as always) ~ thanks!


  49. Lia

    Thanks for this video post Marie, really hit home. Reminded me of what should be obvious– that I’ve been creating a lot of unnecessary middle steps for myself, that come in between me and following my real passion. Thank you.
    .-= Lia´s last blog ..Handmade Lime Castile Soap =-.

  50. Lia

    p.s. Kuma is adorable
    .-= Lia´s last blog ..Handmade Lime Castile Soap =-.

  51. Alright Marie,

    It’s time for me to give it up whoop whoop for your fabulous, amazing, funny, “gives me chills all over”, awesome videos…advice…personality…YOU. This is hilarious because you bring out this playful side of me that makes me want to get silly and funky right there wi’cha!

    Your videos are inspiring Marie. I started my online business 3 years ago and I’m still loving it. Problem is that I LOVE so many different things that I want to start more businesses (at least 5).

    I am an English as a Second Lanugage teacher and I live in Huelva Spain. I’ll give you a second to look up Huelva…it ain’t no Madrid or Sevilla but with the beach 15 minutes away I ain’t complaining. No sir’ree!

    I LOVE helping people USE English. I hate grammar. I know that may seem a bit strange as I have to teach it almost everyday but I will admit it here and now. I hate grammar. Grammar is boring (for me). I like helping people understand and use REAL English.

    Anyways…I am babbling…and pouring my heart out here. WOW…you really do have an effect on people Maria.

    Anyways, getting to the point…Question! What happens if your LOVE is divided into more than one niche? I LOVE helping people learn English…but I also LOVE teaching English online and would love to share my experience with other teachers. So many teachers are stuck in the “face to face” classroom when they could be busting out the English (and grammar…booo…) via webcam from their homes.

    So my question (ok ok…this is more than one I guess haha)…

    When is the right time to incorporate a NEW love into your life? I have my one business and I love working on it and it is doing well. It pays for itself and covers some of my bills but I feel this huge urge to focus my energy on a new business.

    What do you think? Should I hold out and make sure that this website is “complete” (which will never really happen because there is always something to do) or should I put my current site on “auto pilot” or back to basics (answering questions and doing my monthly newsletter) and dive head first into my new business idea?

    I found you on YouTube yesterday and I can’t stop watching! Looking forward to next Tuesday!

    Love & respect,

  52. I have to snicker and also cringe a little bit as you hash out this topic – but I love it! I love that Taylor asked and I love that you addressed the real issue, rather than what appeared to be the issue! I see this mentality a lot when it comes to my own industry. Hobbyists who enjoy knit or crochet, or some other craft, and just want to “make quick cash” with no real effort. Setting yourself up aside, marketing is its own animal and not something you should neglect. I will definitely be passing this post along for when I meet people who have this query! Thanks for sharing, <3 you and your little (now bigger) dog too!

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