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I had a really entertaining and enlivening talk today with my friend Scott Stratten. Earlier this year, Scott shared a few nuggets of Twitter wisdom with me that really made an impact and for that, I’m truly grateful. Especially, because at the time, I was a total Twitter newbie and doing it all freaking wrong.

So today Scott says, “Hey Marie, how’d your Rich, Happy & Hot Live event go last week? I saw some pictures online and it looked awesome. Totally different than anything else out there…”

I told Scott that my event felt like an un-seminar.  It was honestly one of the best things I’ve done in my life and turned out far better than I could have hoped.

Here’s the deal. Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been to more business seminars and live events then you could imagine.  And for the most part, I’ve seen the same “kinds of things” done over and over again.

Meaning? The business seminars are not really seminars at all. They’re pitch fests.

You get a big plastic binder and pay a bunch of money to learn about how to grow your business (which is really important stuff to know, by the way) and at the end of each presentation, an order form is handed out and you have the opportunity, should you so choose, to buy that person’s product or program.

And sometimes, there’s a big ticket item (like a high-end mastermind, retreat or coaching program) being sold as well.

And that’s usually when the pressure in the room gets cranked up.

Like if you don’t “go for” the big ticket item, you’re not really serious about your business, will likely fail and are headed to hell in a hand-basket.  (not a great feeling after you just threw down a few grand to attend the event in the first place.)

Now let’s be clear.

I’ve spoken and sold at events and the folks who have had me on their stage have been awesome.

Anytime I’m invited to speak to a crowd I’m humbled and grateful – both to the event presenters and to the audience.  But more and more these days, when asked to speak I say yes, but I have no desire to “sell.”   I just want to teach.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years, both as a presenter and as an attendee.  And to be fair, no one holds a gun to your head to make you buy anything. It’s all your choice. (and yes, I’ve purchased stuff at events too, and most of it was good.)

But when it came time to create my own seminar,  I wanted to do things differently.

My vision for this event was to create a small, intimate and powerful experience where each participant felt truly taken care of and left feeling like she got at least 10X the value of what she paid.

I wanted each person to leave so freakin’ educated and inspired that even if she never bought another thing from me again, she would take away tools that would not only put money in her pocket, but positively impact the rest of her life.

So here’s how we rolled at the first ever RHH Live seminar.

1.  No plastic binders.  We had gorgous, eco-friendly watermelon colored journals for notes, inspiration and ideas.

2.  No powerpoint or laptops. We took a total technology break. Super good for the soul and incredibly powerful for deep learning and transformation.

3.  Music, dancing & physical activity. Hip-hop is my thang so we had special “themed songs” to anchor in ideas and have regular dance breaks.  We also had a 3 hour, totally killer physical segment on Friday night.

4.  Expert, generous, heart-felt teachers who didn’t sell. Josh Pais, Lisa Wilder, Laura Roeder and Laura Belgray all taught RIDICULOUSLY genius content sans the order forms.

5.  A crazy cool and different location. Rather than a typical hotel ballroom, we had the honor of being in a boutique and chic “living room” type setting.

6.   Lots of time for Q&A and discussion. Some of the most brilliant insights come out of real-time coaching and Q&A.  There’s also a ton of wisdom in the room from smart and insightful participants that often gets lost unless there’s enough time allotted  for everyone to share.

7.  No big-ticket item to buy. Here’s the deal.  Typical seminar wisdom says to sell your big ticket item when you have everyone in the room and they’re all caught up in the high of the experience and sense of possibility.  Yeah, I get it.

But after looking within my heart and checking in with my team, we collectively said, “Screw that.”

My high-end,  year long Rich, Happy & Hot Mastery program is fu*king incredible.   And it’s not cheap.

We only want people joining who are 1000% clear they want in and 1000% clear they can handle it.  (in case you haven’t guessed, working with me is not always a walk in the park.  I don’t let anything slide and I don’t let people quit.)

We’re opening up the program again for 2010 and shared about what it was, but we did not have registration forms at the event.

I mean, is it really that crazy to trust that the people who are meant to work with us will do it, without pressuring them to make a huge investment of time and money on the spot?  I sure as hell hope not.

(Of course, there needs to be a deadline for enrollment in any program, but that’s more for logistics and planning purposes than anything else.)

So what’s the bottom line here?  Am I saying it’s wrong to sell stuff at events?  Of course not.

It would be just as silly to make a new rule about “not selling” at business events as it’s been for everyone to follow the “sell the crap out of them” rule that much of the industry currently seems to be caught up in.

Sometimes selling in person, at the event, is the most practical and beneficial-for-the-participant thing an event leader can do.  But not always.

And let’s face it.

As my as my own events grow in size, it may make the most sense to offer registration for further programs right there on the spot.

We’ll see.  But you can bet that I’ll always put my customer’s best interest first and be transparent as hell about exactly what I’m offering and why.

As a whole, I think the entire coaching/teaching community needs to step away from blueprints, roadmaps and modeling and innovate what we do and most importantly, how we do it.

We need to put the focus back on taking care of people.  On serving, not selling.  Even (and especially) if really taking care of people means we miss out on some “instant” sales.

Why?  Because I really, really love the sh*t out of what I do.

And for those of us who were born to teach, speak and mentor, we have incredible value to share with those we are meant to serve.

I don’t want the whole seminar coaching/teaching/speaking industry going down the toilet simply because many people stuck in old models may give an otherwise amazing industry a bad name.

Got thoughts or personal experience on this whole seminar thing?  Let me know. I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Shannon Cherry

    Great post! I am so glad you took
    a stand and the lead in this.

    These pitchfests are crazy and unfair to
    attendees who already paid good money to be there.

    And let me add one more of my pet peeves with these so-called business building events… I can’t stand the fact that many of these biz pros/gurus decide they are celebrities and refuse to talk to the people who paid to see them. Often the excuse is that they ‘need’ to rest.

    Ugh! I get the sales strategy here. But the inaccessibility treatment is just rude!
    .-= Shannon Cherry´s last blog ..Quick Tips For Creating A Great List =-.

  2. As a customer, binders suck. Especially binders you pay 2 grand for that are full of blank note pages and powerpoint slides. DOn’t get me wrong, I like powerpoint slides, but you could email me that crap. Seriously.

    When I did my first Live event in August, I planned on 20, but only had 5 register. I did it anyway because I knew the content would be mind-blowingly amazing and it gave me the opportunity to really work with each client – I even paid for their room and board as part of the registration for the event.

    I didn’t make a killing (I didn’t go broke either!). I made a difference. And I have clients that LOVE me for it.

    I decided I like the smalller events, so that’s where I’m staying. I’d much rather KNOW my clients are getting results before they walk out the door than to upsell/pitch every three hours.

    I’m not averse to modeling either, but so much of what we’re being taught to model ISN’T WORKING. Why duplicate failure?

    I’ve heard at least one “guru” talk about how they’ve actually watered down their events to provide even less content because their guests were so overwhelmed with the content. Maybe I’m a bit out there, but for $3000 (plus room, board and travel), I’d rather be overwhelmed than underwhelmed.

    Great post, Marie. Thanks for speaking the truth in love.
    .-= Lisa Young´s last blog ..Promote Yourself Without Being Pushy =-.

  3. I SO agree! I co-hosted a conference on entrepreneurship for families a few years ago and I’ve been to many Internet Marketing “conferences”. I’ve said to event planners for several years that “there must be a better way!”…that there’s a need for a new model to evolve to replace the ones we currently have.

    The response I’ve always had is that, in order to cover the event planner’s costs, it simply had to be 1. conference/pitch fest where event planner gets about 50% cut on back-of-the-room sales (the way things are usually done) or 2. conference price so high it would be out of reach, and out of interest, of most potential customers.

    So for someone like me looking for new ways to accomplish better goals, I’m thrilled to read your post. It would be great to know more about the economics of the event you did and the other financials you kept in mind in addition to your customer-centered philosophy!


    Stevie Knight (@stevieknight)
    .-= Stevie Knight´s last blog ..Google SideWiki: Crashing the Social Media Party? =-.

  4. marie

    OMG Shannon! You just nailed another one. I like to call that the difference between barriers and boundaries. Barriers are these pseudo walls being put up that feel terrible and icky. Boundaries are normal and healthy and quite honestly, most ideal clients never even think of doing anything in appropriate anyway so it’s a non-issue. Thanks for your comments on this one!

  5. Marie, your event was so awesometastic I can’t even put words to how wonderful it was. I of course knew that your live event was going to be different, but this really is a paradigm shift in the industry, and gave me the inspiration for my 2010 event (which will be binder free, pitch free and even meeting room free in Las Vegas, woo hoo!).

    And you know how I feel about the whole pitching the six-figure/five-figure high end coaching program, high pressure selling people into stuff that is NOT in their best interest. Augh!! Well, I will eventually make a video on that rant. Ahem.

    And like Shannon said, accessibility is another thing. I *want* to be accessible to my peeps. I love them! I don’t want to be separated from them! That’s the whole freaking point! I’m not just hear to make money *off* of people, I want to help them & hang out with them, because my peeps are freaking awesome! (okay, there’s another video rant.)

    I’m so excited we are on this new journey together!

    ~ ElizabethPW

  6. marie

    @lisa congratulations to you for following your heart and for making a difference. I like to take the idea of modeling and go way deeper. I call it “looking under the hood” to see what are the timeless principles that are the underpinning of success. Much more effective. Can’t wait to hear more about your events!

    @steve I’m so excited to hear there are more people looking to evolve the model. On economics. My price point was $997 (and for people who are already in my programs there was a discounted price.) Here’s the big places to save: 1) I did my event in NYC so people could go out and enjoy lunch on their own. This keeps them refreshed and alive (fresh air helps when u are learning – even though a lot of sales training tells u to keep them in the room, I think that sucks.) and most venues charge a LOT to cater food.
    2) because I was not turning this into a product, my A/V costs were low. I had a videographer to capture the event for my own purposes, but did not have a multi-camera shoot. 3) People choose their own hotel based on their budget and style. So I had no “room block” to fill. 4) I spent money on my people (my team) venue location (that’s important for me) and for nice details (amazing eco journals, coffee/tea/water -etc.) Hope this helps give u ideas!

  7. oh, i want one of those “gorgeous, eco-friendly watermelon-colored journals for notes, inspiration and ideas.”

    I hope join in on the fun next year. RHH is amazing, Marie.

  8. Katie Borchardt

    Hi Marie!!

    Great article!! I love that you’ve built your business around serving people. I can think of nothing less gratifying than sitting in a seminar where you’ve paid lots of money to attend and getting super-excited about what the speaker is telling you they have to offer and then having to open up your checkbook again to get your hands on the information. It feels like a rip-off even if they’re selling a good product. Funny thing is, I’d be more inclined to buy if it wasn’t being pushed down my throat. Thanks for being different and teaching us where true satisfaction comes from. I never feel better than when I’m serving others.


  9. Marie, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the no-pitch atmosphere — it makes for a much more enjoyable experience, when I am not worried about whether I should invest in the 1st speaker, or hold out until the end, because the last speaker of day could be out-of-this-world-fantastic and I would saddly be out of money to invest and potentially “up a creek w/out a caddle” … so I am so HAPPY to hear that you too are embracing the Pitch-free environment … I HOPE there will be a movement to “protest” ALL of the pitch events! … would that be FUN or what?! … YOU ROCK! … Thanks for EVERYTHING you share! 🙂

  10. Julie

    Marie, thank you for this blog – I really appreciate your take on this. For me, if I’ve been at an event and the pitch starts being subtly sneaked in, I find it’s hard for me to keep actually hearing the content — even if it’s good and juicy! My own head noise about feeling irritated at a sneak-pitch gets in the way of being open to the message. (My own trip, I recognize.)

    If I ruled the world, or were at least giving seminars, I would have a table in the corner with a sign that read, “Stuff We’re Selling” or something equally straightforward, staffed by a helpful, smiling, non-pressuring friend there to answer questions. That would indicate the kind of forthrightness and humor with which I would want to be associated. The table would get a mention, participants could check it out or not, as they chose, and we would dig into the meat of why we were there. (Sounds like you’re of a like mind on this! And you’ve got the humor working too – dig that.)

  11. Hey Marie,

    Great post! Just love what you are saying. Am into the comfy living room scene too. Teach all my “smaller” life shops in such settings. The problem with blueprints is that you’re no longer doing your own thing, you’re doing someone else’s thing. If you’re going to do someone else’s thing you might as well go back to the corporate gulag. Thx.

    Giulietta, inspirational rebel
    .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog ..What happened to your sense of wonder? =-.

  12. marie

    @elizabeth thank YOU so much for you support and for all your amazing insight at the event and beyond. I’m really, really excited to hear about your 2010 event!!! (and if you want a gal to speak and not sell, you know I’ve got your back 😉
    @sheri – I’m so grateful to have you in the RHH program. thank you so much (and I’ve got scoop for you on the watermelon 😉
    @katie – I agree 100%. The model needs to change. OR just be 100% transparent from the get go. love having u in RHH woman.
    @cutressa you are SOO welcome! Yes. No pitch atmosphere is great AND I truly believe that there’s a way to have further offerings that does not feel like a parade of sales pitches. Requires more thought and creativity than we’ve had so far. I truly believe you’ll be seeing more pitch free events (watch!). thanks so much for ur comments 😉

  13. marie

    @julie! I love that idea! “Stuff We’re Selling”. It gets a mention so people know what’s available and can buy whatever they want, should they so want. excellent. (yes – i hear you on the hard to pay attention when the pitch comes on.)

    @guilietta – HA! well said on ‘you might as well go back to the corporate gulag.’ 😉

  14. Marie! Not only do your emails not “sell” (LOVE that, and it’s why I always open them first even after being on your list for about 2 years) but now you’re blazing a trail with live events- I would expect nothing less from the brilliant and talented Marie Forleo! Would have loved to attend RHH Live but… “this is it” and this year, “it” was missing the event! 😉 So excited to hear that it was as fabulous as I knew it would be, and definitely looking forward to next time. Love you tons! xoxo

  15. this looks sooooo amazing. i am new to this wild world of internet insanity. and i find it fast-paced, exciting and fun. i haven’t been to a live event as of yet….but i think you make a whole HECK of a lot of sense.

    i consider myself young, hip, stylish and very “savvy” when it comes to being marketed to. i mean let’s face it, we live in vanilla sky. (a year ago when i got in a cab in new york and there was a woman walking around on a tv in the cab telling me what restaurants i might want to go to…i had an out of body experience. now that is “the norm”).

    but i digress…what i am saying is this: i love this new and fresh take on leveraging the internet to grow a solo-biz. your approach is very NOW. and it is so critical to keep in mind that just bc we are all internet geeks to an extent…we are still pretty cool out there in the real world.

    and furthermore, with the rise of younger generations becoming consumers (i.e. buying things for themselves) they are not “internet geeks.” they ALL grew up with a computer. and so the “cheese factor” needs to be kept in check with this new generation that we will essentially be marketing to. heck i’ve been on a mac since i was 8.

    thanks for taking the cool-factor up like ten notches.


    p.s. i’m in sales…and speaking to sell is a lot like “hard selling.” some people use a hard sell. but there are a MILLION ways to sell. hard selling is very dude-ly and the last time i checked…i was a girl. not a boy ; )

  16. Awesome post, Marie! As usual you are on the cutting edge of an important shift! Intimacy, let’s get real, break free of the convention center atmosphere, think outside the box and have fun — does it get any more fantastic than that? Love the facts you shared re: structure and pricing to make it work. Of course there are other steps and ways people can work with you, and I agree that often those pitches that are designed to build the massive table rush feel so off. So, I’m totally inspired and congrats on what sounds like a wonderful event!
    .-= Carolyn Ellis´s last blog ..The Brilliance of Women: How Women Can Solve Even the Biggest of Problems =-.

  17. Lori Latimer

    Marie, RHH Live was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. As someone just starting her own business, I needed the info without all the hype and b.s. If anyone is skeptical about the things Marie wrote in her blog, she is 100% the real deal. She is entertaining, captivating, and teaches in a way that inspires you. The entire weekend was like being with a group of sorority sisters (with a few great guys thrown in!), so it was more about sharing ideas and experiences rather than just being “talked to.”

    And accessible? Wow. I’d heard Marie on some teleseminars and other things, but never had any interaction with her personally before that weekend. She made me feel comfortable and like we’d known each other forever – but not in a phony, self-serving way. She, Lisa and her team truly CARE and BELIEVE IN what they are doing, and it shines through.

    If more people held “seminars” in this way, there would be a lot more positive vibes at them and about them. I think Marie has turned seminars into a whole new experience, one that I will glady repeat!

    xoxo, Lori

  18. Marie – Your approachability and how you take care of me as a clients is why I keep coming back to your events again and again. You make sure that we are totally taken care of, down to the smallest detail. This makes me enjoy your events even more. You are so devoted about bringing us new, cutting edge and useful material – that I’ve been able to unsubscribe from a lot of useless e-zines. Thank you – for the entertaining education. I never look at the clock or want to hurry up and break for lunch at your events. More please.

  19. Sabrina

    Love the new website. And so pleased i haven’t had to go to a whole bunch of seminars with binders and sales pitches and can just get straight to the good stuff with you 🙂
    Thanks so much and congrats,
    Sabrina x

  20. Sabine

    Hi Marie,
    Your post and all the comments sound so wonderful, I am really jealous of all of you!!! I wish I had been at your event! You have a great, very genuine and inspiring style, I like it!
    Can you tell us a little bit more about your RHH 2010 program? I cannot find it on your website yet, or should I try

  21. marie

    @Helen. thank u soooo much. I truly appreciate it. I’ve been thinking alot about u lately – can’t wait to catch up in RHH VM. u submitting a video this month?

    @allison! SWEET – so excited you’re here and excited to learn more about what you’re up to and creating. I agree 10,000% with what you’re saying and really appreciate the props.

    @carolyn – thank you so much. yes. it’s time for innovation, creativity and GOOD TIMES when it comes to learning.

    @lori, i’m doing the hustla dance in my seat for you. words can’t express how humbled and grateful I am for what you shared. I’ll GLADLY create more seminars and experiences for you to come to! xoxo

  22. Maria

    Marie –

    I have so much respect for you and this position.
    I am glad I’m not the only one out here refusing to do it too!

    My experience is that the un-seminar is much more engaging and interesting for people. They have an experience rather than being sold to over and over again with little lasting impact. Lots of hype and almost no content. Hint: customers are wise to this strategy and they are showing there lack of interest by showing up in smaller numbers.

    Two experiences …..
    1) After paying a large ticket price for an event I was sitting through pitch number 197. The gal next to me leaned over and said “I paid for them to sell to me for 4 days straight? Really? Where’s the beef?”
    2) In an effort to consolidate my haul in and out of a seminar early last year – I took the binder to my room and started taking out all the filler paper, all the ads and dividers. I ended up with about 50 pages of content and about 200 that purely killed trees.

    I want to encourage everyone to show up in the world and show what you’ve got! It’s so much more than a fat binder full of paper or a powerpoint presentation. People want YOU….good old Y-O-U. They want your wisdom, your content and authentic self.

    Thanks Marie!
    Rock on!


  23. Marie,
    I just recently discovered you and love what you have to say. It’s refreshing and inspiring! Thank you for thinking outside the box and setting a great example for us all. I hope to make it to one of your events soon!


  24. Erin Ashley

    I love it! The workshops I’ve done in the past have always had lots of discussion time, and the element of soul searching in business is one that just makes sense to me. Do what works and helps you connect. You’re an inspiration, as usual!

  25. marie

    @linda it’s an honor to have you as a client! and you have my word that I’ll do my best to bring you the best of the best 😉

    @sabrina ha! super glad for you too and THX for the congrats!

    @sabine – thank you so much! 2010 programs will all be revealed soon. We have a year-long RHH Mastery Program (for high-level hustlas includes live retreats, group & one-on-one coaching and an RHH Virtual Mastery program that includes webinars/teleseminars/amazing global community and monthly Q&A) if you’re on my list, you’ll be the first to know!

    @maria! you’ve crossed my mind so many times lately 😉 thank you so much for writing here. YES. We need to get rid of the binders, move to as little paper as possible and go as green as we can – from a spiritual and environmental growth perspective! sending u a HUGE hug my friend!

  26. Ypadgett

    I agree that smaller is better! I’m the kind of person that has several questions that I really want to ask them, but do not want to do it an an inappropriate time. If I’m in a large room with tons of other people and the speaker is on stage then there might be a time for Q&A, but the questions have to be of a certain “sort” so I think people sift through their real questions for one that will be okay for the entire group.

    The other questions they have they might not ever get a chance to ask because after the conference when the speakers are talking (which is no more than “Hi, how are you, nice to meet you”) and taking pictures that is not the right time either. So it can be frustrating to walk away with some really burning questions…and yet again not really ever being able to get them answered or get to the root of a frustration/challenge you are having in your business. And you just paid HOW MUCH ??? to walk away with questions and unfulfilled expectations…

    So congrats on coming up with a new way to run your program, that’ll attract the perfect people for you and I hope next year that I’m one of them!

  27. I had been to a “self help” type of seminar before, but other than that this was my first real business type seminar. Actually before I attending RHH I was thinking about whether I should invest in any of the programs, because that’s what I had seen at the other seminar I went. I wanted to make up my mind before I went, I even planned out my responses and checked my bank accounts to see what I could afford. (Wonderful, right?!)

    But I felt so much better knowing that RHH was a pitch free event and that you couldn’t actually sign up for anything even if you wanted to. Talk about no pressure, I loved it!

    Plus all the content, the people, the masterminding and in the moment-ness was just awesome! 🙂

  28. Shannon and Marie, I really liked what you had to say about accessibility! One of things I teach all of my business clients (and even takes up a whole chapter in my book that’s soon to be published) is the importance of being accessible to people; clients, customers, colleagues, others in the industry, and so-on. Now, obviously you do have to take care of yourself and have time to rest or you won’t be able to help anyone, but you can schedule, you can plan and you can make time for people. And, at events we are hosting, we darn sure should be up close and personal with our attendees!!! Anything less is simply ridiculous! I mean, why else are we there in person, if not to work directly with the people who want to work with us in person???!!!!

    And, as for models…. teach the basics, that’s great! A lot of people do need that structure and that kind of help. But, you know what, use your intuition too! Work with that person further to provide personal insights that can help them break through that barrier and burst out that mold once they have their basics down pat.

    Thanks for the post! Really enjoyed it. The comments too 🙂 Your passion really shines through in all you do and I would love to have speak to my group considering it’s ALL ABOUT THE PASSION!

    xxoo Keep being you!

  29. marie

    @michele welcome! so glad your here and would LUV to meet you at an event soon (your biz looks awesome)
    @erin thank you 😉
    @ypadgett I agree totally. It’s SO important to get those q’s answered!
    @nat – you are SUCH a hot tamale and I love that you came and felt totally unpressured! so great to hang w/you and share the moment-ness.
    @deanna sweet on your book and EXCELLENT points! please keep us posted on all the developments

  30. Marie, you are such an inspiration and I say Go Girl! for “breaking the rules.” I met you at Gina Ratliffe’s even in LA and it was obvious that you are all about giving and teaching! And who wouldn’t work to work with you after hearing you speak live?? I think experts who are authentic on stage don’t need the hard sell.

    Thanks for the refreshing perspective!

  31. Marie, I was so honored to be a part of your event – to attend, and to teach. It was incredible. I’ve never been to these multi-binder seminars, and I’m thankful. I have enough crap in my junk drawer already.
    Everything I took home from RHH is all up here in my head. Except the hot pink notebook, which I keep in my bag, and the urge to put on music and groove, which is in my bootay.
    Love ya. L

  32. Marie:
    Great to read this post!!! I too was getting sick of the type of events you mention here, even though I too have benefitted from the knowledge gained and networking and friends I have met along the way. I also believe we deserve and our clients deserve a different model these days!

    I decided this year to do my Cinderella System event this past June and choose to do it my way (despite a bit of discomfort that I was choosing a different model then my fellow master-minders and peers). I chose to do my event for only 1 day, at a lower price point and be fully accessible with very little selling (only my book). I did provide binders, however they were really cute pink ones that could be repurposed.

    I choose to do my event the way that felt most comfortable financially and health wise and the way I felt was most me. I wanted to get my feet wet and have it be a sell out and have people feeling that they got more than they paid for. I have seen too many friends lately loose their sanity, their relationships and their shirts holding events. I didn’t want that to be me.

    Thanks for your sharing and for taking a stand for this new model! I support you sister! Love your new website! You go girl!

  33. YES YES YES!
    I want to play in your pool! I’ve been to a few ptich events and my palms started sweating. I don’t like being patronised to! yay! THANK YOU so much for sharing your approach. You rock :0)

  34. this was my favorite line:
    “I think the entire coaching/teaching community needs to step away from blueprints, roadmaps and modeling and innovate what we do and most importantly, how we do it. We need to put the focus back on taking care of people. On serving, not selling.”

    Hell yes! Keep shakin it up, baby.
    .-= Sandy Grason´s last blog ..You’ve Got to Want It, Baby! =-.

  35. I can’t thank you enough for posting this! I loved rteading the comments as well, I’m so happy that more and more women are realizing that pitch fests and blueprints are so “before the crisis, when everyone had money”.

    We’re entering a new era, for some years to come people will be more discriminating about where to allocate their money. The easy sell is gone. I know this because I’ve lived through a similar crisis in my country some years ago.

    Living abroad, I don’t get the chance to go to business seminars, I went to only 2 in 2008: one was small and intimate, with lots of interaction with the host (that’s where I also met you in person) who was super accesible and who taught valuable info, and then I went to one of those mega events with the celebrity host and I was so pissed off that I had paid a lot of money to be told the exact same information I was getting for free in her ezine. There was no value whatsoever other than networking (and I didn’t have a full biz yet so I couldn’t profit of that either).

    What I’ve done is to unsubscribe from many of the women internet marketes newsletter and started following bloggers: they’re more transparent. There’s A LOT less hype.

    I’m so excited after reading your post that I’ll start planning my own intimate event. I love that!!

    Will the next event be held in NYC as well? Because I’d like to reserve some time of my vacations to join you in 2010.
    .-= Claudia Juarez´s last blog ..Learning to be happy at work: myth or reality? =-.

  36. marie

    @lana – it was AWESOME to meet you at Gina’s and yes, I believe the same with no need for hard sell!
    @laura – your non-sucky copy lesson was not only hysterically funny, but whip smart and useful!! thank YOU for ur bootay, brains and wit. (and happy bday 🙂
    @cindy – YAY you! thank you for sharing another example for us all to ponder (the one day, intimate, price-accessible version!)
    @zoe -LOL on the palms sweating! jump on in woman – the water is VERY fine in this pool.
    @sandy – we’ve had maaany-o-talks on this one, huh? thank you SO MUCH for your hell yes baby!! 😉 xoxo M

  37. This seminar changed the way I looked at myself and my business, and they way I feel about my business. I have a clothing line and right after the weekend with Marie I called a store I always wanted to get in but was too nervous to call. What I learned with her gave me the confidence and the clear head to make a scary sales call, convince them to see my collection, and they placed a nice sized order for spring. There is no way I would have been able to do this before. I already made back the money I spent on the course.

  38. Marie…I love your new website it is gorgeous!

    Of all the material I have read in my life, yours has brought the most sunshine and peace, thank you so much for everything!
    .-= Laree’´s last blog ..The little restaurant that could =-.

  39. Hey Marie– thanks for this– the hyper-frenzy sell-a-thons are a HUGE turnoff and I’m so glad you’ve de-constructed and de-fragged the whole model to make it cozy, friendly and FUN– just like you! (And I’m sure the information provided by ALL of your peeps was outstanding).

    BTW, studies have demonstrated that peoples’ brains can’t wrap around powerpoints — one reason I’ve never used them (besides the fact that they’re cold/clinical & corporate). The left brain (reading/writing) can’t cogitate on what the right brain (speaking/listening) is hearing at the same time. That is, unless you’re an alien with special powers! Hence the “lizard looks” in the audience when people crank up the powerpoints.

    So glad your RHH was a BIG SUCCESS. Keep on making it all Marie. You da bomb!

    XO, Patrice

  40. stephanie

    dear marie* i love, that you share, with thinking first of sharing and being of service and then about money. it feels like it goes quite throughout your work and this is wonderful. i m not very rich(moneywise-in other senses, i AM 🙂 )at the moment and sometimes it can be a distress, but it is so good to see, that there are people who really care about the humans first like you. and i see friends around me, who do not have a lot either just starting in their lives, but their hearts are big, there is always something to eat and something to celebrate, if it is just life itself. love your new website, you are an inspiration and i hope to meet you someday in person and give you a big hug 🙂 have a wonderful weekend, stephanie.*

  41. stephanie

    nb. when and how will your rich happy and hot 2010 start? 🙂

  42. marie

    @claudia: thank you and YAY for your own event! Pls keep me posted. I’m sure we’ll have another RHH event in NYC (and perhaps one in LA too!
    @raina: SO happy for you and thanks again for coming to RHH Live! I can’t wait to here what unfolds next in your business 🙂
    @laree’ wow – thank YOU for that. it’s an honor to do it.
    @patrice: LOL on the lizard looks thing. YEAH baby! thank you soo much can’t wait to catch up next week.
    @stephanie: THANK You! and being rich on the inside is PRICELESS (i also believe it’s the underpinnings for true and lasting financial success too) 2010 RHH programs are all being launched over the next 4 weeks (what, how, when, etc) It would be an honor to meet you in person too!

  43. I loved the RHH seminar and got even more out of it than I bargained for.
    The best thing by far I will save for last….I put it under the category of “What I got out of the seminar that I didn’t go there for”.

    But first, the more obvious.

    I learned that I am already doing many things right. I am authentic with people (almost to a fault), I treasure my customers, I am there to serve and not to just make money. I put my best stuff out there and give them results in advance (I always bring my Scampi Appetizer in a Lobster Cream sauce to every charity event). It felt good to know that although my techniques do not follow conventional wisdom, they are working for a reason! It was incredibly validating.

    The seminar also gave me a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings that have already come my way, specifically: knowing already what I want to do and also, having the means to make that happen.

    I so appreciated the honesty from you Marie about acknowledging that it takes a lot of hard work and you cannot “will” things to happen just by wishing for them. Every time I hit a new brick wall (all the time), I just keep going forward. I believe that my hard work will pay off in the end and something good, whether monetary or not, will come of it. That makes even the most difficult tasks easier to stomach.

    And now, the best thing of all that I got from RHH and I cannot even explain WHY this is happening: I am slowly but surely clearing out a huge backlog of “stuff” I could never get to… know, the piles of papers on the dining room table, the pile of papers on each side of the computer, the what-do-I-do-with-this-thing-should-I-throw-it-away-or-keep-it stuff, the stuff that would only take 10 minutes but I never think I have time, etc. Everyday I spend about 30 minutes on some task that I absolutely do not want to do….and slowly, they are getting done! It is so freeing, you can’t imagine. And that freedom allows me to move forward on my real work (plus I’m not losing as much stuff)…☺

    So whatever magic you worked on me Marie, I am truly grateful!

    xoxoxox Lisa in California

  44. Swain McCaughrin

    RHH was such an incredible experience for me! I am still sizzling in delight with all of the things I learned, felt, and saw … not to mention all of the incredible people I met!

    I don’t event think money can buy what I got out of the weekend! I did not feel like an anonymous face in the crowd, and I absolutely felt 100% taken care of! You, Josh, and Lisa are such a solid group of leaders … each on the same page, but each able to offer a different perspective or angle on things.

    I have often felt in other workshops, when registration forms are passed out at the end, that the entire workshop was taken away from me. As though the sole purpose of that workshop was to sell me on the next … meaning they held back or didn’t give 100%. You and Lisa and Josh and Laura and Laura gave it like it was your last waking hours, and you simply let us have it for that.

    The most incredible discovery I had was realizing that what I like and desire actually matters. As simple as that sounds, I had always considered my likes and desires frivolous and unimportant … putting only my needs first, or accepting “well, that’s just the way it is.”

    I saw how much my reasonable mind talks me out of things I want or like … if it’s not one reason, it’s another. But by actually letting myself have or even feel things I like, I have ignited excitement about myself and my life!

    Now I know it’s possible to build a career around my passions and to have the kind of life that I want!

    I walked out of there feeling so confident and excited to be me!

    Thanks again! You are all truly an inspiration!!

    Lots of Love,

  45. I’m almost speechless, and let me tell you, that’s tough to do to me (I love to talk!)

    It’s like you said everything I’ve wanted to say for a while, but was afraid to. I’m so tired of being sold to, and then buying stuff I don’t really need. There needs to be more authenticity in this whole marketing scheme, and what I want to stand for — being more authentic. I too want to be part of the change that your leading!

    I’m also tired of those who have taken a sip from (or drunk the whole freakin’ bottle) of the “celebrity juice.” If I’ve used my hard-earned money to invest in your event, truck myself cross country to be there, pay for a hotel that is outrageously expensive, and shelling out even more cash for restaurants and food which is also overly priced — could you talk with me for 1 minute or at least give me the time of day?

    I get the whole need to be “seen” as a celebrity, and I know you need your rest….but did you forget who helped you get there in the first place people?

    Okay, off my soap box. And here’s some good news….

    I was recently at a big event, and one of the hosts “Diamond” clients was introduced to me. She looked me in the eyes, shook my hand, and was truly interested in ME, my life and my business…as opposed to how wonderful SHE was. This was completely new to me. This ‘guru’ and millionaire had a genuine interest in me, and I could tell it was truly authentic and from the heart. We only spoke for a few minutes but it was all about me and nothing about her and how wonderful she is. Blew my mind away and left such a positive impact on me. Reminded me how to be when I’m “big” and to always stay true to myself and remember the “little people.”

    This is seriously one of the best posts I’ve EVER read — yes, ever — on marketing and being a entrepreneur.

    Thank you for truly walking your talk and changing the way this industry is run! Definitely and inspiration and model for me.
    .-= Dinneen Diette´s last blog ..9 Tricks To Make Halloween A Treat =-.

  46. Kirin

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Marie!

    This was EXACTLY my experience recently.

    Honestly, if all the sales fluff was taken out, and we were just given super useful content, it would’ve taken 1 day. And as a busy mom with a big business to run, that would’ve been better for me.

    The hosts of the seminars are amazing individuals, and I adore them! But I felt as though they didn’t want to even hang out with me (and I’m fun!) unless I was going to purchase one of their masterminds. The other attendees were amazing women too, and they too voiced the same frustrations.

    Geez I felt “dirty” and slimey just having to listen to it. My husband came with to the last event and he said he’s NEVER been to a seminar where he paid so much $, to be given so little information, and still be pitched so hard. (He is required to attend 2 conferences a year to stay current with his medical licensure, and he speaks at several other events).

    I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks doll for sharing your thoughts! Thought I was the only one who felt that way!

  47. Protect me from even knowing that there are things to know that I don’t know

  48. LOVE this – so refreshing to think of an event that is truly about the experience, not the hard sell. Curious, is Marie doing live events or programs still?

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Chloe! Thanks so much for stopping by. We don’t have any live events or programs scheduled at this time, but be sure to join our MF Insider list to be amongst the first to know if any are added in the future. Marie sometimes shares details about upcoming speaking events over on Instagram so you can follow along there, too!

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