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Last night I went to the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. I had a ridiculously good time.

The opening tribute to Michael Jackson was stunning.

Listening to Madonna talk about her personal relationship with Michael brought tears to my eyes.

Janet Jackson danced like nobody’s business.

Beyonce performing “Single Ladies” live was beyond inspiring. Her power, strength and engagement on stage is breathtaking.

Lady Gaga was totally out there… and Kanye West acting like an A hole was another story into itself.

While I’m still riding high on the energy buzz from last night, here are two key business lessons I learned at the VMAs.

Stay Sober

If you haven’t heard, Kanye West behaved like a royal idiot last night when he jumped on stage and stole the mic from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech.

It was one of the biggest WTF moments I’ve ever witnessed.

Reports say that Kanye had been partying hard way before the VMAs began, gulping down an open bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet.

Not a smart move.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll inevitably find yourself at a networking event, business seminar, or some other kind of public outing where alcohol is freely flowing.

Please do yourself and your brand a favor: keep the drinks to a minimum.

Long gone are the days when ‘no one will know’ the stupid drunk crap you’ve said or done.

Apparently there were over a million Tweets sent out during the live VMA show.

My guess is many of those Tweets were about what a dick Kanye is. (I know mine were.)

In today’s world, you never know who has their Flip Camera or iPhone ready to broadcast your sloppy moments out to the Universe; immortalizing your bad judgment on the Internet for generations to come.

Your business, brand and life are all quickly becoming one.

Wanna be a ‘true playa’ in your industry? Be smart and lay off the sauce.

Take Big Risks and Put Your Ass Out There

The most memorable performances of the night were risky and “out there.”

I have to hand it to Lady Gaga for being expressive and totally unique. The blood, meat suit and gore was spectacular.

I was thoroughly wowed by Pink’s performance.

She dangled and elegantly flipped from a swinging trapeze… while singing her heart out.

Unexpected. Risky. Utterly captivating.

And straight up hot if you ask me.

If you want to be a star in your own industry you need to stop playing it safe and get your crazy ass out there.

Do what feels exciting in your heart, even if it scares the living crap out of you.

Do what feels expansive to your soul, even if it defies logic or reason.

Don’t believe me? Take a look back in your own life.

What moments stand out as spectacular? When have you experienced breakthroughs?

What moments have you felt the most alive? The most unstoppable? The most confident?

For me, it’s certainly not when I’ve been glued to the couch watching Lost.

My most powerful moments are when I’ve been scared shitless and had the courage to keep going.

Breakthroughs happen when I’ve had the intuition to go against the grain; to try something new; to risk embarrassment, failure and loss.

It’s when I’ve stepped away from the crowd to create something utterly new.

Those are the moments that have made my life rich in every sense of the word.

The VMAs drove home the fact that true stars in every industry always take risks and stretch out of their comfort zone.

And as entrepreneurs in a new economy, the way to win is to keep pushing the evolutionary envelope.

That means we stop playing it safe and become artists in business; creating unique products and services that defy conventional wisdom and push the edges of what’s possible.

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  1. Marguerite Crespillo

    Hey Marie,

    I soooooo 100% agree with what you said. Luckily I learned the “not to Drink” thing early on in my career after watching many friends make very poor choices at business functions and events. It seems that when you go “out of town” on business that people think that is a license to act stupid… as if the business people that you met out of town are not gonna talk….

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder! Love ya sister!

  2. Marie, you’re the best. I am so so so loving your blog and you’re talking from my heart!!! You are so spot on about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

    I have created some stuff lately that scares the crap out of me (got to use your words there because they nail the point) and previously I would have been too scared to publish it and send it off to anyone – especially not include it in a job application. Thanks to RHH, you and the amazing people on there I became more confident and allow myself to take risks. Another big AHA for me was to follow my heart. I am just creating a little video for a job I’m applying and the video itself is very risky. A lot risky because it could go either way and people might find it too offensive and off putting. However my heart tells me to do it, regardless of the risk. I never knew how to listen to my heart until I read Men, Money & Chocolate from Menna where she explains on how to listen to your heart. Like to become still and ask a question. Now I am doing this with each and everything in my life and I won’t let fear get in between my actions anymore.

    Also I realised the more busier you become the less time you have to think about fear and the more you just do stuff and create the life of your dreams.

    Thanks so much for your blog, what an inspiration. It sounds like the artists there were pretty amazing and you had heaps of fun….apart from Mr. K 😉

    Lots of love and thanks for your ongoing wisdom.


  3. Thank you Daniela! I LOVE everything you wrote here. I’m so honored to work with you in RHH…really.

    And you know what? Keep creating and keep going forward. Take in the feedback, listen to your heart and above all – never stop creating.

    “See you” on the RHH Virtual Mastery Call soon!


  4. Wow!! So true! I made the drink mistake in public before – it takes a long time to live down and the shame is unbearable. Did you see how upset Kanye was when Jay Leno asked what his mother would have said? We all want our Mamas to be proud!

    I appreciate you just saying it like it is Marie. Not many people would include “Don’t drink” under Two Business Lessons.” We all know not to go overboard, and yet many do and it’s better just to address it. This was a great reminder of how it can affect your life and your career.

    And the scary stuff – point on! This year I’ve done alot of risky and unexpected business moves. I’ve never felt so alive! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out…… Thank you for your support…..!

  5. Marie,

    I absolutely love your blog! I came across your upcoming class on FB and am really looking forward to it!

    I too love to ‘keep it real’ and find your writing extreamly refreshing!

    I’m a creative entrepreneur at heart and love your quote: “That means we stop playing it safe and become artists in business; creating unique products and services that defy conventional wisdom and push the edges of what’s possible.”

    This year I’ve definately taken steps out of my comfort zone with my business and it has taken me in directions that I absolutely am loving!

    I will definately be following your blog from now on. Please stop by and say hello on mine 🙂 I’d love to hear your feedback on it!

    Keep rockin!


  6. I think it is important to take the “no alcohol” advice a little further, and include “count to 10 whenever your emotions are getting the best of you”. The reason why I say this is because apparently, this is not the first time Kanye makes a “statement”. Maybe when we are younger, we can get away with certain things. When we get older, we need to be smart about the statements we make, in the public eye or out of the spotlight.
    On your second advice, I do believe that Lady Gaga and Pink made great presentations. I actually like Lady Gaga’s songs, however, I had never heard that “Paparazzi” song and immediately googled it. It confused me enough to find out more about it. The song was inspired by Lady Di and the video is even weirder than the show on the VMA’s. The point is, two days later,I still remember it and the Pink performance. I do believe it worked from a marketing standpoint.
    It is always interesting to see the lessons we can get from every day occurences.

  7. LISA! thx for your thoughts..and feel free to come back and post a link to your calendar online! LOVE what you are up to.

    AMY: great to meet you. Saw your site – fantastic! Congratulations and keep it up. Another multi-passionate entrepreneur 😉

    ROXANA: excellent point on counting to ten. And NICE insight on the Lady Di/Lady Gaga standpoint.

    Yes, if we’re talking about it – good marketing indeed (even Kanye fits into that because we’re talking about him too. LOL.)

  8. Lisa

    Just a note on Pink; I am in Australia, and she recently toured here and sold out 58 concerts. The tickets sold equated to 1 out of every 30 Australians seeing her. She broke just about every touring record we have. Why? It was a great show, with unbeleivable energy and personality which is rare to see these days. What I loved the most is that she obviously focuses so much on making her music and her show the biggest celebration of what she is good at, not what everyone else is doing. I reccomend you go and see her if you get a chance.

  9. Aka

    Hi Marie:

    I completely agree. I’ve never quite had a problem with the first point, but the second one was something that I learned after getting through a very difficult period in my life. Now I feel better than ever and am ready to take on the world. Life rocks! And doing what feels right makes it even better!

  10. Lisa – what a great endorsement. I will definitely look into seeing her live.

    Aka – congratulations on your win and yes – life does rock!

  11. Hey Marie,

    GREAT post. As someone who started her professional career on Madison Avenue in the ’80s, I can tell you right now that a LOT of people would not have kept their careers (or their marriages)had Flip video and YouTube been around during some of those Scotch-marinated agency Christmas parties.
    You’ve also inspired me to quit some fruitless and frustrating navel-gazing I’ve been doing lately trying to define my niche… and just GO for it, do SOMETHING, learn as I go and be willing to f*@k up a little before I get it 100% right.
    No one likes perfect people anyway.
    Thanks for your thoughts. Love reading this blog.
    aka @davincidiva

  12. Marie,
    Love this! Such great insights and as always yo’ sassy ass keeps me totally sucked in. Some serious copywritin’ skillz mamma!

    Excited for RHH Live and also hope to connect with you in LA when you’re there for that event Gina Ratliffe is doing. I’ll be in LA at another event but totally gonna come find you on Friday the 2nd if you’re in town by then. Mmuah!

  13. LISA: LOL. Yes, Flip cams in the 80s would have been cccrrrrazy!

    And a big hallelujah for taking action and learning as you go. Action beats the pants off meditation every day of the week.

    KRIS: Thank you thank you 🙂

    OMG – I am SOO freaking excited you’re coming to RHH live!! Yes – would love to connect with you then. I need to get my tickets, etc. What event will u be at?

  14. Hi Marie,
    I Really enjoyed what you said here! Great performances are able to move me like nothing else and are so inspiring.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Marie,

    The second part of your post really stuck out for me. I struggled with writing a book on overcoming bad habits and addictions because my take on it was different. I was scared that it wouldn’t be as valid and that people would hate me. I published it anyway. People who have been reading Numb No More actually appreciate the things that I wrote.

    Now its just a matter of stepping into my inner attitude and claiming my greatness. Thanks so much for showing me what it looks like!

    Just met you, but I love you already!
    Kim ~ aka @janecares

  16. Thank you Marie. Perfect timing as always. I am loving the Marie TV oracle – it found the perfect post that I needed as I prepare to go bigger than I ever have in my business. Thank you.

  17. Great reminder. Thank you for writing this.

  18. Yes, love that. I’m not a fan of most magicians, they’re not who I want to be. Reading thi has encouraged me to play my best game and shine bright in my own way, to create my own magic and ignore the others in my field that aren’t an example of what I want to be. As an example of shining brightly, sassy, generous, smart and plain REAL, forget magicians, I’ve got Marie as a role model!

  19. Beth

    I needed a boost.
    I was feeling low. Had just got done with a tirade of frustrating emails from my ex as we seek to finish separating things…including getting him legally out of my business.
    It’s so draining and makes me question my capabilities.
    I almost decided to NOT attend an event that I had been looking forward and that could even provide some contacts as potential clients in the future.
    I sat down. The couch and blanket calling. Tears in my eyes.
    Opening up, I sought wisdom and frankly just some kick in the pants encouragement.
    I found this article. I got my boots back on, stepped out the door and had a fantastic time at the event, including people to possible work with in the future.
    Thank you. Everything is Figureoutable.

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