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This started out as a quick, Happy 4th shout out (and a fab excuse to say hey to my non-US friends) but I realized there’s more to talk about.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever felt like you were going through some kind of transition?

Like the “old you” is done.

But the “new you” isn’t fully cooked yet?

That’s a bit how I feel right now.

Like there’s some alchemy happening inside me and whether I like it or not, the finished picture is not ready to be revealed.

And here’s the really wild part.

It’s exciting and terrifying all at once.

If you’re going through anything similar, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

And thankfully, there are some really simple strategies you can use to manage the ever changing mix of excitement and fear that come along with every transition – no matter what the size.

1.  Stay connected to your heart.

When you’re in a transition, it’s tempting to close off your heart and put up a protective shell.

This is especially true for women.  When we find ourselves in a vulnerable space, it’s tempting to “tighten up” and get hard.

Don’t do this! Trust me on this one. I’ve done it before and it’s not cute, or useful.

Your heart is your place of strength and wisdom.  When you close off, you disconnect with your true source of power.

2.  Never be afraid alone.

There’s a big myth that exists in our minds that admitting our fear somehow makes us weak or unsuccessful.  That’s total baloney.

I feel fear regularly…especially when I’m in the midst of creating a lot of new stuff.

When you step outside of the norms in business and life, expect some fear.  Just don’t let it stop you.

The best thing thing to do is to gently call yourself out on it and more importantly, call a friend.

The secret is to share your fear from a neutral place (meaning: don’t freak out and believe your fearful thoughts) and allow your friend to “talk you back from the ledge.”

3.  Put your excitement into action.

With every transition, there comes bursts of excitement and inspiration.

When you have one, get into immediate action.

Here’s what I mean.

Last weekend in LA, I was bubbling with excitement about new Rich, Happy & Hot programs. They are so different than anything that’s been done before, it’s beyond cool.

Rather than just luxuriating in my excitement, I sat down with a with a good and brilliant friend and took action.

We mapped out a game plan, organized a time line, created content and then celebrated with cocktails on the beach.

Transitions spur creativity urging to be brought to life.  Strike while the iron is hot.


There’s a lot of action happening downstairs so I gotta run.

(My brother, his girlfriend and their huge English Bulldog “Bently” are here at the beach house for the holiday!)

Thanks, as always, for reading and I’m excited to share more about my transition with you as it unfolds.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    Great Post! I check your site because I love your “Make Every Man” book, and your website has such terrific and motivating posts.

    Thanks – your message is always so fantastic and positive!

    – AnnQ

  2. good good…this publish deserves nothing 🙁 …hahaha simply joking 😛 …nice post 😛

  3. Claire

    Hi Marie,

    This post did not speak to me the way some of the others did. Why? When you make good point? Probably because I rarely give fear the time to sync in. If I am listening to my heart, and making my excitement into action (which is how I live my life), it is rare that I have to sit and wait with fear. There has been times, when I was admitted to the ER while pregnant, and the doctor with the horrible bed side manner kept telling me all the miscarriage signs he was looking for, or when I have applied for the next step to get my dream, and now I have to wait to find out which of two courses I will be on. But in those cases, the fear cannot paralyze me because I’ve already done the action I need to do. At the ER, I told the nurse my fear, and she took me in hand. She didn’t need to really, as it changed nothing except my comfort. For lesser things, I simply try to find something to put my energy in. It works for me.

    As I am reading all your posts, I would say that this one is the first I’ve read where I can see the contrast between what you write today and what you wrote years ago. Given I am hoping to learn not just from your message, but from how you learned, I find this encouraging.


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