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Can you really turn happiness into money?

Absolutely, if you do what you love.

Money and happiness are most definitely related. 

Of course, there are boatloads of unhappy rich folks out there, but I’m hoping you don’t plan to be one of them.

Working on the assumption that you want both inner and outer wealth, here are three simple ways to take your happiness straight to the bank.

1.  Do What You Love.

At least once a week, Josh and I eat at a little Thai restaurant in the West Village called Toons.  Yes, the food is fresh and amazingly delicious. But what pulls us in like bees to honey is how much the owner, Mrs. Toon, LOVES what she does.

We get kisses and hugs upon arrival and each dish is cooked to order with mega amounts of TLC.

Not only are we regular customers, but we’re constantly taking friends and colleagues there too.

While this idea may sound simple, it’s one of the most predictable ways to turn happiness into money.

Whether it’s sending an email, writing marketing copy, or delivering a service – train yourself to do it with so much darn passion that people get turned on by the mere mention of your name.

2.  Make Doing Business With You Fun.

Okay.  Tell the truth.  If you had to choose between two equally competent service providers, except one was fun with a capital F and the other was as enjoyable as watching paint dry, which would you choose?

The fun one, right?  No contest there.

Here’s the deal:  Happiness = a fun business = a lot more money.

Fun is a grossly underrated business success tool.

Having a good time in business is so rare these days that if you did nothing else but ensured doing business with you was fun, you could charge a healthy premium for your services and have folks lined up around the corner with Visa cards in hands.

3.  Help People With No Strings Attached.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re happy, you’re naturally more generous and helpful?  Yeah, me too.

Parlay your happiness into money by writing excellent articles, sharing useful resources and posting cool stuff via your blog, Facebook and Twitter that can help folks get what they want with no strings attached.

The only aim:  Help. Be of service.  Make a difference.

This is an excellent way to become the go-to expert in your field(s) of expertise and create mega amounts of good karma and warm fuzzies to further fuel your creativity.

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  1. Katie B.

    I love this! Recently I started work with a firm where I get to do the type of work I LOVE with a major plus…everybody here has a sense of humor! Everyday I leave work with a big smile on my face and feel 100x richer. Thanks for the great article Marie.

  2. Bonnie

    What an inspirational blog! My business partner gave it to me to read and I vow to do these three things every day. Thanks for making me remember.

  3. KATIE: Congrats!! I’m so happy for you. And you’re welcome 🙂

    BONNIE: Thank you so much for stopping by. I envision an amazing world where we can all do these things and have fun providing our products and services to one another. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Sounds great but I’m not sure it would work for every kind of business… I used to be a lawyer (until I lost my job and decided I was never going back), and clients expect you to be serious, if you weren’t I think they’d turn away in droves.

    Probably wouldn’t work for funeral directors either.

  5. Your tips and ideas are so inspiring!!!

  6. MARIE: Thank ya.

    SARAH: Thanks for you comment. And, I respectfully disagree. I’ve worked with several lawyers who are very good at what they do (serious when they need to be) AND they bring great humor and personality to what they do.

    As far as funeral directors go: Working with heart and passion and making the process fun (even if it’s just for the internal staff) would support their clients tremendously in having the services go smoothly and with excellence.

  7. Precious Knudsen

    Love this!

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  9. I think it’s good idea to do it

  10. Marie, great article as always. I usually comment on your Q&A videos but this time decided to stop by the blog. I am a little surprise the comments on your site aren’t filtering out all the spam 🙁

    – Alex

  11. Love it :o)

  12. Relationships! This one word is what it’s all about.

    In business it can be called Customer Service. This is the only thing that distinguishes me from my competitors. On my Facebook fan page, I thank every person who ‘likes’ Bitchin ‘Ol’ Boomer Babe.

    Why take the time? Because without my readers BOBB is just a stream of electrons flying around the net.

    THANK YOU Marie for giving to all of us … we will make you proud.

  13. Nancy

    Great article Marie! Am so looking forward to B-school on Monday!

  14. alexandra

    Great blog post Marie!
    Actually all that you mention are some of the “rules” we have set for our company 🙂 If it’s no fun we don’t do it, and we always add more value. We love the surprised looks on the faces of our customers when we tell them we did something on top they were not expecting 🙂 Love your stuff, hope to meet you soon at one of your events!

  15. Marie, you’re wonderful. Thank you for continually pouring your love and wisdom into our lives.

    You’re an inspiration and you drive me to continue to connect with my authentic self within. You have already helped me to change my life and be who am I, with great passion, no matter what.

    I’m blessed to do what I do and to support my patients on their healing path. You are my support and I’m grateful.

    Much love and respect,

  16. Nadine

    Love it!!
    Thanx for sharing xox

  17. I tell my children all the time, do what you do with passion, make those around you feel appreciated and cared for, and give to give not to receive…by doing so you’ll be richer than you could ever dream.

    Applying these principles to my newly created business has helped me tremendously. I love your insight! Can’t wait for B-School to start.

  18. As always, thanks for the reminder Marie! I love what you do and what I do. Win win!

  19. Lovely advice! I’m keeping my focus on the positive and loving what I do!

  20. fun IS an underrated tool…..i couldn’t agree more!!

  21. Claire

    Hi Marie,

    I wonder how long you have been writing when you wrote this? It seems like you have good writing skills down already, so I am thinking I did not really start at the beginning of your journey by starting with your first blog posts.

    I also noticed that you have gotten big enough by this post to get spam comments. Is this something that concerns you, or do you figure this is just part of the internet today?

    On the topic, I have been incredibly lucky to do something I love for most of my career, and now that I am starting my own thing, I am bringing that with me. You have t love what you do for the best results, even (or especially) if you are serious about it. Once again, thanks for the insightful post.

  22. MAI

    your are lovely marie

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