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If you’ve ever created anything at all, or ever plan to create anything (so yes, this includes YOU), park yourself for the next 19 minutes to watch this video.

Trust me.

It’s THAT good.

And I just knew that I had to share it with you. Every creative soul needs to see this NOW!

Let me know what you think about all this stuff below.

I’m really interested!

(And a time travel from a more recent episode, I get to sit down with Liz and dive into a conversation about all things creative!)



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  1. Great video, I love that she somehow takes the pressure off and opens the door to possibility at the same time!

  2. Laree

    Wonderful Video, Elizabeth Gilbert is a very amazing woman.

  3. WOW, love this video! I know exactly what she is saying about the inspiration coming to you at times when you feel you cannot catch it! Amazing!

  4. Yes this is awesome! tnx for finding all these inspirational vids AND for creating them;) This is great and centering and exiting. Virtual mastery sound terific!! heres another great article by her that I just love

  5. Wow Marie – thanks for sharing that! It’s comforting to hear that other people get “stuck” too – more comforting to hear that there’s a solution and a new way of looking at creativity – and creativity blocks!

  6. It isn’t often that another can so inspire and move you….to show you that you have been “showing up” and that you have been doing your part. Thank you Elizabeth for the ease you have brought into my creativity this day as I sit at my keyboard waiting for inspiration I will now ask for the daemon to help.

  7. Marie, thanks for posting this one! I hadn’t seen it yet, it was so helpful. Been in the middle of writing a book (lol!)not finished but the idea behind this video might just get me through it.

  8. Sherri

    Great video!! A nice way to view the creative process and let the self not hold you back from creating, by being too concerned with how it reflects on you. I love the idea of just letting the process run on it’s own, without me mothering it too much. 🙂

  9. Anne

    Thanks for sharing this, Marie!
    Knowing that Elizabeth Gilbert had moments of doubt when writing Eat, Pray, Love really gives one perspective. It is so easy to assume other people’s talent just effortlessly rolls!
    It does take the pressure off if one feels like a “channel” rather than making it personal.

  10. Maria

    Brilliant Piece! Well timed! Thank you for sharing this with us. BTW, I also saw Gates presentation from this event. Also very inspirational.

  11. Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for your comments. Isn’t it a beautiful gift (and a relief) to know that the best of the best feel as vulnerable as we do?

    Here’s a big OLE to Liz Gilbert and us all ;)xoxo Marie

  12. Jennifer

    You write about the Universe giving us everything we need, at exactly the right time, if we just live in the moment and become aware. Your email, and this video, is a manifestation of exactly that. I’m sitting here in awe at how precise the timing of viewing this is for me and how this message was exactly what I needed to hear at this present moment. Thank you for sharing (and to Elizabeth for allowing this message to flow through her)!

  13. Thank you Marie for directing my attention to such a wonderful talk. This Divine truth brought tears to my eyes. We are all so supported and loved. Faith is the magical glue that makes it all come alive.
    “Let the talent in the room come through us!”

  14. I don’t get it. Maybe its a chick thing.

  15. Joan

    THANK YOU!I really loved her book, her process & style…peeking behind the curtain of anothers juicy process is a gift. A great reminder today…as we remain passionately focused, just being/doing our practice each day, suddennly what we yearn for discovers us…and in that moment of grace, a grin surfaces…a big YES!…opptys partnering with dreams…gems for a new project effortlessly arrive… a line here, a line there…floating down like a feather… THANK YOU special delivery!!…all righty then…now, where’s my penicl? Thank You Marie for inviting and allowing me to share in these same moments of discovery.

  16. Helena

    Thanks again.
    What a wonderful example, yes this kind of peoples lifes stories are fascinating. Just to think that as long as you have guts you will be able to do great things in life. I just love it. Thanks Marie.

  17. Laura

    I loved this video – thanks Marie! Another great resource on this topic is Steven Pressfield’s book “The War of Art”. It has helped me tremendously in my own creative process to realize that all that is required of me is that I show up and make an effort. When I do this, magic happens (that really doesn’t come from me).

  18. Kathryn

    Elizabeth’s video was an interesting look into the creative process from an angle I hadn’t thought of! I’ve been sitting on creative ideas for months and now suddenly I have a new way of “playing” with the responsibility of the work that has relaxed the mind and allowed my fear based thoughts to soften their “hold” on me. We all know these things intellectually however finding the way through is the trick! Thank you for your courage to speak!

  19. Arti

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video. Im a huge fan of elizabeth gilbert and this video was amazing in so many levels. The idea that creativity flows through you is so liberating. Often times when i have a creative idea – i talk myself out of it- always thinking “there’s no way i’m going to succeed in that, I’M not creative.” this concept that perhaps it’s not all me is actually truly allows me to view it at doing something, “showing up” but being DETACHED from its outcome. Funny how everything always comes back to that one piece of truth!

    Ps also my boyfriend who first was reluctant to read “eat, pray, love” because he thought it was a “chic thing” now has the biggest crush and admiration for elizabeth gilbert. So… Its definately not a girl thing barrett. We can all guys n gals, be inspired by others.

  20. Hi Marie!

    I could definately relate – I had that crazy genuise knocking on my door just last night when I was asleep. 3:30 in the morning to be exact. Luckily my office is next to my bedroom!

    Looking forward to interviewing you on the 10th march!

  21. Fabulous, thank you! Ole ole ole. I regularly benefit from Philosophers Notes, Noetic Sciences, John Rensch but her ability to sink it in, to deliver it so that my cells absorb it and deliver it into my bloodstream is stellar. Thank you again.

  22. Alisa

    Thank you Marie for sharing this video! An amazing women with such an amazing view-I love it!

  23. Claire

    Hi Marie,

    I love TED videos, and this is a fun one. While I agree that the ideas of a fairy over ones shoulder is, well, a bit crazy, this hits on a theme you have talked about before. There is something greater than you in what you do, and you need to trust it. I don’t think this is limited to traditional creative outlets, but to the sciences as well. All the great scientist I have known had a deep rooted, though non traditional, belief in a god of some kind.

    Thanks for sharing the TED video.

  24. Av

    Another must see vid, thanks alot for sharing Marie

  25. Amazing. Loved that. Thank you for sharing Marie!!

  26. Bree

    Hi all – I can’t seem to load this video. It just comes up as a blank section after the comments. Any suggestions?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Bree,

      It looks like all is working just fine on our end. If you’re still not seeing the video, I’d suggest clearing your browser history and cache and reloading the page. Updating your Adobe Flash player might also help remedy the issue as well. If you’re still having trouble watching our videos, you can email us over at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom. And thanks for stopping by!

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