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3 Simple Steps To Wow Your Customers

October 2, 2009

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Last week I was in Playa Mujeres, Mexico running my RHH Mastermind group.

I have to admit, part of me was nervous about bringing my gals into a foreign country to a hotel that I had never been to before.

But the truth is I had done my research.

And my intuition, which runs 80% of my business and life, said this place was a total go.

Hot damm, I was right.

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty.

Rather than standing at a registration desk, we were whisked over to a beautiful table and seated in plush, white high-back chairs.

Carlos, the bellman, brought over an elegant sliver platter with cool, moistened white mini-towels for us to freshen our face and hands and then offered us each a glass of champagne while we waited for our room keys.

And then over the next 5 days…

Surprise after surprise after surprise unfolded until they had me intoxicated in a glorious odyssey of business creativity and customer service far beyond anything I’ve experienced.

It got me thinking…

How the heck did they accomplish this?

What did this hotel do that was so incredibly different than 90% of other fancy hotels I’ve stayed at?

Because you have to understand, it wasn’t just about the details, it was the feeling of care and attention that was infused into the experience.

Rather than speculate on my own, I asked Jean Francios Girault, the hotel’s GM that question.

Where did I ask him?   Not at his office.  Not from behind a desk.

I asked him at the complimentary outdoor cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception they offered…with a live 3-piece band, under the stars, where everything was avocado themed.

Avocado cocktails, avocado inspired canapés, and complimentary massages using essential oils from yep, you guessed it, avocados.

It was all ridiculously good.

The heads of the hotels major departments, including the Executive Head Chef, Spa Director and GM, were there to talk about the hotel and mingle with guests.

I said to Jean, “I’m beyond impressed.  I absolutely love it here.  It feels different than any resort I’ve stayed at.  It’s perfect for what I’m teaching my entrepreneurs on this retreat.  What’s your secret?”

Jean responded, “Every single person who works here loves the product. Creativity is encouraged at all levels.  We’re constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new ways to take care of our guests.  We honestly love what we do. We love to serve and truly believe in the product.”

Bottom line?

It doesn’t take that much extra effort to wow the sh*t out of your customers.

It requires heart.  And creativity.  And a willingness to do that extra 5% that many business owners are too lazy or unaware to consider.

And of course, it requires honest, heartfelt attention and a true desire to serve.

Content, products and services (whether it’s books, courses, videos, coaching, food, clothes, widgets, hotel rooms, whatever it is that we sell) are a dime a dozen.

That trend will continue.  The market will become more and more saturated with “stuff.”

What makes the difference now is whether or not you actually CARE about your customers.

Thinking you care or saying you care are not the same as actually caring.

You need to demonstrate it.

You need to do the creative work behind the scenes.

You need to take the risk to be different in your business.

Here’s the coolest part.

It’s not as though my stay at the glorious La Amada was without a hiccup.

None of our businesses are perfect.

But any slight “challenge” in service was handled with such elegance, patience and understanding that it made me love them even more.

Here are three easy takeaways from the retreat that can help us all create a wow experience.

1.  Love your product.

If you don’t love your product, change it.

Quit offering things that are mediocre. Make it a non-negotiable standard in your business to only offer products and services you fully believe in.

On the flip side, remember that in any given moment, if you cannot change what you’re doing, you can change how you’re doing it.

2.  Innovate.

Do things differently.

Look outside of your industry for inspiration.  I often get my best ideas from places that have nothing to do with coaching or online marketing. Think about restaurants, clothing stores, yoga class, airports, travel magazines, museums, etc.

3.  Engage.

Have real interactions with your prospects and customers.

Talk with them on Twitter and Facebook.   Take time in person to really listen and find out who they are, what they are struggling with, and what they dream of.  Do it because you are genuinely interested, not to collect “data.”

Remember, all of us can smell fake engagement.

The point of this is that I returned from the trip with a fire lit under my butt to serve my clients at a whole new level, and my hope is that these insights will inspire the same in you.

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