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Value What You Do: A Must Watch for Artists & Creatives

September 17, 2013

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When you think about getting your work out there in a bigger way, do you ever get caught by thoughts that say…

“But what if the thing I love to do doesn’t directly change the world or solve a problem?”

“But what if my business model is all about me? I’m having a really difficult time seeing how my products will really help anyone, besides me following my dreams!”

Most of us have a hard time valuing what we do, especially if the thing we do comes so naturally to us.

It’s can be even tougher if our work falls into buckets that can be considered “creative” or “artistic.”

Marketing can seem easier to get behind (and execute) when what you offer the world clearly solves some kind of pain point or problem.

But what if that’s not what you sell? And if you’re a creative or artistic person, can you still feel like your business makes a significant, positive impact on others?

If you’re an artist or creative who’s questioned the value of the work you bring to the world, watch this now.

Today’s challenge is super important and should take you less than 15 seconds. I really want to see you take action on this one.

In the comments below, name at least 3 specific ways your work makes a positive impact on others. If you’ve got more than that, keep going.

Now it doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your business or life — or what you do for a living.

Because even if you think you’ve got this “valuing what you do” thing handled, I’d bet that there’s a next level waiting for you.

And really owning your worth and its positive impact on others, especially if you’re an artist or creative, is a key part of that equation.

Most importantly, owning the value you offer the world creates a powerful ripple effect around you.

You do better work, earn more, have more resources to take care of the people and things you care about, and become a living demonstration of what’s possible for all of us.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and adding your genius to the conversation!

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